Big Brother 12: Brendon Villegas Interview

Hey there everyone!  I got to ask Brendon a few questions after his eviction on Thursday about life in the Big Brother 12 house.  Check it out! 

Ashli Rae: How shocked are you to be going to the jury house with Matt especially after you tried so hard to get him out?

Brendon Villegas:  It was a bitter sweet victory – I helped get him out but I’m following close behind.

AR: You always said you didn’t like floaters in the house, what do you think about the hg’s left who have floated their way to the final 5?

BV:  I think you have 3 floaters and 2 people who have competed remaining in the game.  I saw it coming in the way that everyone was gunning for Rachel and I right off the bat.

AR: Why did you align yourself with Enzo after Rachel left instead of going with Matt or Britney who were winning comps?

BV:   No matter what – I never felt that I could trust Matt or Britney.  After Rachel left, I had to evaluate the lesser of all evils in the house and that was Enzo.

 AR:   Do you think you and Rachel will start where you left off when she went to the jury house?

BV:   Absolutely, I think since we have been away from each other we’ve been thinking about each other a lot.  Being without her helped me realize how much she means to me…

AR: Do you think your mom will be happy with Rachel?

 BV:  I think my mom will be happy as long as I am happy.

AR: Do you think you put too much energy into the comps and not enough on your social game?

BV:  Yes and no…I think I could have probably played a better social game, but I was at a bit of a disadvantage being pegged as a competitor during week 1 – only so much you can do when you are pegged a target in the game early on.

AR: Do you think it was because of Rachel that the house came after you right from the start and continued to come after you until you left?

BV:  No, I think the house viewed me as a threat – and Rachel and me together – they viewed us as a bigger threat.

AR: What was your biggest mistake in the game?

BV:  Probably trying to get Matt out vs. back-dooring Britney.  Oh, the what-if game.

So there you have it Brendon fans.  What do you think of his answers?


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    • It doesn’t truly matter whose in the final 2 if all of the brigade is out, then the 4 brigade members choose who the winner is, they have the number their 4 votes against rachel, kathy, brendon, if the two left are brit and ragan so the brigade still does what they want, the brigade was what made the house what it is not rachel and brendon cheerleading each other not kathy not doing nothing or crybaby ragan go figure it out yourself the brigade rules.

    • With Brendon gone, I am really not that interested anymore. He was my pick for the winner. I got showtime only to watch BBAD but cancelled it today since the rest of the season won’t have anyone I think is worthy of the win.

      • I do agree with you after Brendon left it got to boring .and it is really boring !!!!!!!!!!!!!. I turn on the tv to watch it but there is nothing going on at all.So I just turn it off .I think this year had a bad cast.

  1. I liked Brendan – he played very hard and competitively. He made a few errors but it is so easy to say that when you are a Monday morning quarterback. I might have made the exact same decisions had I been inside the house as well. Unlike Enzo, who coasted the whole game, Brendan was willing to do whatever was needed to win.

    • Agree J C u r right on. now we got 3 floater’s on the house Enzo has floated so much he didnt need to win trip to Hawaii he should be there..hope he goes this week..then Lane next hayde..and then Britt..hope Ragan takes it not that I’m a fan but I don’t care for the 4 left with him..go Ragan go..

      • I’m kinda hoping for Ragan as well and have ambiguous feeling about him also, Porky – he has been studying alot and is really playing the game. Brit is playing hard as well but I don’t care for her – she has no honour. Pretty funny about Enzo floating to Hawaii – lol

    • Really?!! haaaaaaaa! He didnt play hard to get and he sure the heck didnt play hard or competitively until the past 2weeks! Did you miss the first episodes or what?!! He is as much as a floater as all the rest in the house! Brit or Ragen deserve to win becuase their the only 2 in there that actually won/done something! The rest are bumps on logs….boring! Enzo….NOTTA! Hayden…NOTTA! Lane…NOTTA(oh well he finally got HOH)) Atleast Britney and Regan can say they have won and done something in the house, it may have not been something major but it was atleast something!

      • true dat! the only reason lane finally won the hoh is there were so few competitors left and enzo is so weak i don’t know how he won pov… it must have been a quiz about new jersey for a comp!

      • Didn’t Regan only win one veto comp? Isn’t that the same as Enzo and Hayden and Lane have one one hoh so Brit has won more hoh and a few vetos so if you look at stats everyone else is on the same feild well tech Hayden won two hoh if you count the first one in the team comp! So if you go on that it would be Brit and Hayden NOT Brit and Regan!! I hope Regan goes home this week I don’t like hearing his voices he makes to be funny!

  2. OMG! Absolutely love the question “Do you think your mom will be happy with Rachel?” Priceless, lol.

    • I didn’t care for Rachel and I don’t think Brendan’s mom will be very fond of her either. Rachel was power-hungry and her decisions were based on emotions and revenge. That was when she was HOH; when she wasn’t she cried all the time, was whiny and annoying. She would accuse people of doing things that she herself did (when in power). And she didn’t see the difference. Her laugh grated my nerves. Had Brendan not hooked up with her, he would have gone further in the game.

      • Does anyone really think Rachel is going to stay with him especially since he has no chance of winning the 500g’s now? Rachel needs to be the center of attention she will not find it moving to Calif. with him.

      • I think Ragan can fall into that category to. He says he doesn’t play for emotion and used logic. But I have yet to see that, he just cried for Matt and and made himself a bigger target doing so. Still he’s the 3rd strongest competetor now. Anyway, I’m thinking it might not work out also, Rachel will probably break up with him during a time a lot of press is after them so she can get attention.

      • Q:Does anyone really think Rachel is going to stay with him especially since he has no chance of winning the 500g’s now?
        A: That would be a great big NO

      • Jerome, Ragan has played logical. Being emotional and playing emotional are 2 different things, Rachel couldn’t tell the difference. He didn’t give sympathy votes to Matt or Kristen. That and clutch POV wins are why he’s still here.

      • I would move to be with him without the money! Money isn’t everything and he seems like a really nice guy. I wish he would have made the final two but when you have the not so nice people running together I guess it is true that nice guys finish last! I don’t know if him and Rachel will stay together it will be interesting since she is “Vegas” in her words. But if it were me I would move to LA!!!

      • summertoo I agree, he will probably never make it to his moms..She wants to be a movie star and that is unlikely..

      • i think she will leave him once they try to do it and she realizes he really has a vagina…

      • I suspect Rachael isn’t the same in the classroom as she was as an HG. The lady has more between the ears than she portrayed in the house.
        I have dated female DI’s and many of them hate the image they must present to the young troops as a hard-core, bad ass, no nonsense troop.
        After a few days away from the post, they are wonderful, fun loving ladies who are no different than the civilian females we meet everyday on the street.
        In reality, no woman is ever going to be good enough for Brendon’s mom; but she will accept anyone who makes her son happy.

      • Why not move to LA with Brendon?
        The trip to Vegas on any weekend is a common event for many Angelians.
        The benefit to Rachael is that if she is accepted into UCLA’s graduate program, she will be challenged more than any scenario BB can ever present.

  3. this dude was a complete douche. i mean he played the game hard which matters the most, but the reason why he crippled and the reason why he had the big target on his back was because he aligned himself with a bitch.

    then he became someone who had an AWFUL social game. im not saying float like enzo, but enzo had no side alliances and look where he is.

    brit had monet, monet went out week 2. she won and played a good social game.

    brendon would have been completely dominate IF he would have had a social game. a social game where could actually make deals that wouldnt be broken.

    the way his gameplay was one sided and the fact that he was still playing the game off the thought process of “who would rachel want out” are the reasons he deserves to be sent home.

    if he knew enzo and lane were floaters, why did he not target them? he didnt know what he was doing after week 3.

    • if they spent less time trying to evict the floaters, which was almost everyone, and tried to align themselves with them, they might have lasted longer. thank god they didnt do that…

    • He made me so greatful to have a man as a son and not a pathetic skank chasing wuss like him…Rachel and Brendon are both losers and I hope that the press doesn’t give them the time of day….I’ve seen and heard enough of these two Losers!!!

      • Lisa, why are you so bitter? And so unreasonably angry and malicious? You sound totally out of control. What’s going on in your life to make you such a meserable shrew? Do you think that you are a loser yourself? Calm down.

      • lol….so true…calm down lisa, it was just a show..dont be so judgemental…let ur son be on a reality show then we will revisit this topic…

  4. i think everyone should just chill about rachel and brendon’s relationship….we may not understand it ever or even think it makes sense, but its their lives…also whether she cost him the game or not is really debatable esp since she also played a good game!

      • No she did not.. I agree on its there lives but I’m pretty sure they knew everyone would be talking about them for a while, that’s probably what they wanted.. I don’t think she really had any game play all she did right away is talk bad about everyone.. even brendon in the diary room cuz he wouldn’t do what she wanted…and then would cry… And when she came back for the 24 hours she walked in right away acting like a jerk…She is very rude …. Brendon should’ve never got with her if he didn’t he would’ve been in the brigade and would’ve had way better chances… I think Ragan has played the best game especially since he was the sabatour and was not suspected once.! I love you Ragan and Brittany I hope you two are in the final 2!!

      • @Autumn: Well said, I couldnt agree more!! She is a bag of trash!! ughh, thinking about her gives me the creeps! Brendon would have deff. stood a better chance being with the brigade, even tho they did really nothing…but atleast he would have had some votes and most likely a littler target on his back!! anyways Gooo Britt & Ragan!!! =)

    • She played a good game in terms of the competitions but her social game-play was arguably the worst out of all the people in the house. People will say, “But Brit is such a b*tch, Ragan is xxx, Matt was so bad for blah blah blah” but look at how far these players got with their social game play compared to Rachel. Hell, Brendon probably wouldn’t have been such a target if Rachel had not shot her mouth off every time she was HOH.

    • Relationship…how about sex night after night after knowing each other less than a month. That’s not what I call a relationship. Rachel probably looked on the dresser every monning for her pay that she is used to fo having sex with strangers. Brendon is to naive to even know what she is all about!!!

      • dont be so mean Lisa…i am not encouraging the sex (if they even had sex) but they are adults, you did not have to watch it if u didnt want too…

    • @NikkiG, so what’s the problem? Just don’t think about her and you’d have no creeps. But maybe you give yourself the creeps?

  5. I was sorry to see Brendon leave…I think he is much smarter than anyone ever gave him credit for. His answers were good ones. I wish he could have gotten Britney out, but if he had gone to the final 2 with another of the nit-wits (“Brigade”), the brigade members probably wouldn’t have voted for him anyway. Too bad it is down to the 4 that are remaining.

    • I’m really missing Brenden..he played hard and should be the 3 stooges are left with the 2 idiots..Britt really thinks she’s one of the 3 stooges..Lane used her so much..wait til she see’s the tapes, would love to see her face..Ragan I hope win’s it all..but after Brenden left I really dont care..I’d rather Matt stayed than Enzo..hed’s done nothing and his home town is probobly ashamed of him..I mean this guy has done nothing but chew with his mouth open..pass gas..and talk crap..just hope he goes cause if he goes to final 2..he’ll probobly win..

    • Brendon has a degree in Physics and is a Ph.D candidate. Degree in Physics is solid. And yes, to each his own, but there is so much hatred here for him, it’s beyond comprehension. But then, usualy lesser people envy and hate those who are better and smarter than they are. Do me and others here a big favour and LET HIM BE! You may even feel good about yourselves after…

      • Svetlana:
        You nailed that totally. Simple people critize. Intelligent people analyze. Envy is blinding.
        Rachael is analytical.

      • No, he is NOT a PhD candidate. He is just starting his PhD program this Fall; a candidate has completed his coursework and ready to defend his thesis.

      • Brendon has absolutely NO common sense…I don’t care how many degrees he gets he doesn’t have a clue about real life…his choice of Rachel made that obvious!!!

      • @Nick, thank you for clarifying this for me. let me see now, he has a BS and an MSc and has been accepted in the PhD program. No matter how I look at it, this is very nuch an accomplishment of a superior intellect.

      • @Lisa, how many of us can say that we have always fallen in love with what everybody else says is the very wrong person? Very few. And that’s not because we have no clue about real life or because we are dumb or stupid or incompetent but because this person is what we want and love. Rachel may not be to yout liking, but Brendon
        loves her and who can argue with that?

      • @Lisa, that should be: How many of us can say that we have never fallen in love… (sorry)

      • gotta love ur reasoning…let them be!!!!!!! if they say they are in love, who cares!!!!! to each their own!!!

    • Please, tanesha lee – no shouting (Comments left in ALL-CAPS will be deleted regardless of content.)

  6. It was sad to see Brendon being evicted from the house. He was really the one and only true fighter there. Wishing both him and Rachel the best of luck and happiness!

    • I second that.
      I hope they can make their relationship work. If not, they will always have the memories of a great summer they had and how they bonded together. It will be tough because of him going for his PHD but you never know. I would love it so all the people that have hated Rachel and say she will dump him after this are all wrong.

      • How would you know!!! I don’t know for sure if everyone is right about them staying together or not.. Cuz you just don’t know…. I mean Brendon could leave her cuz he was just using her for the money.. It wasn’t just one of them playing the game keeping the other in. They kept each other afloat… and all they payed attention to is them. the only time they would fight to stay is when someone else was HOH.. And when they were HOH they would have attitudes and act like there better than everyone that’s what also got them eliminated….

      • brendon a fighter, if it wasn’t for rachel he would have been gone three weeks ago, the true fighter this season was Matt and thats it, except for the last 2 weeks, if Ragan goes then it will probable be Lane, Hayden, and Brit for final three showdown like always, and Brit can’t last longer than Hayden in an endurance challenge. Go Brigade.

  7. Good questions Ashli and good answers from Brendon. He shows his intelligence. Love is a strange thing and I agree he and Rachel did find each other. Hopefully for both of them it will work out. I am sorry Brendon didn’t make it further but as he said to Julie it is 1000 times harder than you think it is gonna be. I don’t really have a favorite but Britney has done most everything she can to stay in the game. I wouldn’t mind her winning. Ragan is just too much of a drama queen. The others I don’t feel deserve it. Just my opinion. We shall see. Waiting for today’s POV comp.

  8. I like Brendon after Rachel left the house. He was such a jerk when she was around. You have to have a social game and you don’t let your showmance be known. Have they never watched the game before?
    I don’t think the 2 of them will last. All Rachel has to do is treat his family like she did the people in the house and Rach is gone.

  9. @ All the I don’t like Brendon and Rachel fans.

    It makes me wonder just what kind of people you are? To talk about people you don’t know in the way that you do, goes beyond just an opinion, Brendon’s mom would Hang herself if he had brought rachel home, It’s ok not to like them, but the name calling just shows how little mined you really are. Instead of trashing B/R, Here’s an ideal, lets talk about the 5 HG’s that are left, I know there’s not much to talk about but give it a try.

    • bravo,…. I think the one thing that people forget is that, these people are in front of a camera 24/7 and the person we see on the shows is not the person in reall life,.. maybe being a B or a d-bag is a bi product of trying to get yourself further in the game.

    • Exactly, like why start trying your hardest to make a HG look bad to everyone on the ineternet. The internet big brother community probably makes up less then 1% of all the people who actually watch big brother.

    • Hurray someone has had enough of the bad mouth trashing lets get on with the game. Does anyon know if they played for the pov and who got it? thanks

    • Well people shouldn’t act like idiots when there being watched by millions of people…

      • @neena, I agree… For example, I think that people who are fixated no Brendon and Rachel are idiots and should just seek professional help so that they can conquer this unhealthy fixation and go on with their lives…

    • hey chris… rachel WOULD NOT approve of you NOT wanting people to talk about her.. she LOVES the attention ya know – good or BAD! :)

      • @CT hey girl. I didn’t say they couldn’t talk about rachel, just not at the level that they have been. haha

    • when a person is so shallow that you dont need to know them to know everything there needs to be known about them then you are aloud to judge what little character they have

      • @emilie, Can you say that, three times real fast, You can’t really beieve what you just said.

      • @”chris the great” i can honestly say that i believe that there is so little substance to both brendon and rachel that i can judge, because they are one sided people who only care about themselves, and i dont need to ever meet them to know that.

      • it was a how emilie, dont be so shallow even though you may be right…benefit of the doubt…

    • I agree Chris the great! There are of course things that Rachel said that made me cringe, but they have all said things that are pathetic. They both were 100 percent there to play to the fullest to win. They did get lucky sometimes but we aee that every season, some players just get a little lucky. It annoys me tp listen to the remaining brigade members talk about how they controlled the game all season when technically they owe that to Matt.

  10. 99.9% of the public thinks Brendon is a douchebag. His .1% might be found at this website. What kind of adult acts like that after knowing a women for a few days. “This is for your Rach”. Everyone, please dont be so quick to forget about his past behavior.

      • Last I checked he was winning the poll for favorite house guest looks like u are the entire 99.9%. Read the feeds since Brendon left everyone has been trying to get CBS to listen and bring him back in. Also why do you say no one likes him everyone has their favorite hg dont put words in my mouth I like Brendon he played the hardest and deserved to win this game he’s gone to the jury and I have my fingers crossed he gets Americas favorite player. Who care’s if he fell in love with Rachael or if they will stay together or not. You have to give it to him he was treated like crap in this game and he had to fight back from all the nasty comments that were thrown his and Rachaels way.I’m sure if you fell in love with someone you would defend that person to. Gotta be the 1% who doesnt like him so vote for who u like and stop worrying about counting for who does want him back in the game. I would rather have an update of who got the pov thank u very much Love you Brendon as a player wish you the best with Rachael. Just like I did for Jordan and Jeff, may it last forever.

      • right on joann i love brenden..he was a great player..and I agree with all u said..u go girl..

      • Excellent! I totally agree with you. Now brace yourself and NO, it’s not a joke: The idiot Enzo got the POV. I wish it was a joke. What kind of a POV competion was it that this he could win it?

      • Just because some people say they like Brendon better without the stripper girlfriend doesnt mean that he’s liked. And you guys defending Brendon really are the .1% Im even willing to bet most of his fans are women who feel sad for his poor broken heart. My wife even feels a little sad for the guy. Guaranteed he will not win any money. Just to make a point, there are other people in the house that I like less than Brendon. He was just the biggest retard.

    • I did end up liking Brendon much better once Rachel was gone. I think he is a lost man out there searching for love. He has said he is not close with his family except for his niece. He does not have good social skills and I am guessing that is true outside the show too. I do believe there is a good guy inside of him though. I hope he will not end up with Rachel I think he deserves better.

    • where in the world did you get that idiotic stat? Did you just make it up and spout it out like it’s gospel?

      Brendon won virtually every popularity poll across the net that I saw (and my job is to peruse TV and entertainment websites).

    • I am not saying I am a Brandon fan, but you are very wrong. Did you see the popularity polls on this site and others? He is probably the most popular of the house guests right now.

    • Completley disagree, he’s just an emotional guy. People act on things without knowing if they feel a certain way. They had a few things in common so he left it was right. Not a big deal, he turned out to be a better guy when Rachel left. No doubt he’s going to win the favourite player award, he basically turned into a Jeff who could win contests after Rachel left.

    • I am not quite sure why but so many people here seem to think that the way they feel about a house guest, absolutely has to be the way everyone feels about that house guest. There is a saying “different strokes, for different folks” Thankfully we don’t all like the same things.

    • thank you jim, just because you all on this website like him does not mean everyone does. nobody in their right mind could argue that brendon is a good person

    • gotta agree joanne, this is not the bachelor/ette…who cars about his relationship with rachel and hw long it lasts….or whether they had sex or not…bfd!! he played the game as best he could, he made a few mistakes but we know that because we watch it all but w/e..the personal bashing is just getting old…and somehow people seem to forget rachel is a chemist, that should count for something

  11. I bet all the Ragan fans are thinking that Brendon meant Ragan was one of those two people that tried, when he probably meant Hayden and Brit. Anyway, sucks that he’s going thinking back to the first week and to the day until he left just makes me think of how much better it could have been if he didn’t hook up with Rachel.

      • Yeah me too. But makes sense for it to be Hayden right? He basically addmited to Brit being a good competetor when he got evicted and Hayden was the one who took him out after winning HOH.

  12. @ Jim and the rest.

    OMG brendon got a little on BB, The world just might come to and end, So they had sex, big deal, You must think taht they were the only ones, MG you see worse than that in the movie, TV, Games,
    So please stop useing B/R to excuse your little mines, People are what they are, and people will use any excuse to covcer up what they do or say, No-body should ever be talked too, or about like B/R have been, So keep useing those excuses, and maybe one day you can look at yourself in the mirror.

    • apparently brendon needs to head to the ‘naughty’ corner, and have a time-out b/c he had ‘relations’ with rachel! oh my word! :P lol, dont’ see the big deal, this is reality tv not treehouse!

      • its not that they had sex, its that someone was willing to touch that vulture! brendon really should get himself tested, i bet theres more jerms in her vag than a city bus. and yes i can look at myself in the mirror after saying this, i can look in the mirrior and see a self respecting girl who does not hide behind saggy fake books, ratty fake hair extentions, and pounds and ponds of shiny foundation.

  13. He is a perfect example of the Munchausen Syndrome. I hope he watches the show and gets some help. Hell, he has already been suspended before as a teacher for inappropriate behavior. Probably the worst contestant I have seen in the last 4 seasons. It’s too bad BB rigged a lot of those competitions in his favor. You think any of the girls, enzo or ragan could of won the rope comp? He made for good tv but it’s good that he is finally gone.

    • Oh good lord. So Brendon is a Rope Untangling Specialist? Where did he get that training? And how on Earth can someone who won HOH and POV more than once be one of the worst contestants in the last 4 seasons? He won as much on his own as the three stooges combined. You people with your conspiracy theories are laughable in your lame claims.

      • I am amazed that you think that any of the weaker people could even finish that comp let alone win. That is truly laughable.

        I also didn’t realize that winning contests was what made a good contestant. Considering the people who won the most contestants are all in the jury house confuses me. I thought the point was to win? I really don’t remember them crowning two winners. “Here is the winner of big brother and here is the best contestant.” I am sure every one of the players would rather be the winner than your best contestant.

  14. Ashli – two great interviews with both Brendon and Matt! Thanks for bringing them to us! Brendon never should have started a showmance – it really hurt his game IMO. As for Matt, well, maybe he’ll win something on his third try at reality!

  15. Does anyone know who won pov. It has got to be over by now.Summer have you got live feed?

    • No I am watching another site that tells you what happens on the show when it happens. It is still on bubbles.

  16. “Do you think your mom will be happy with Rachel”
    -I think my mom will be happy as long as I am happy

    hahaha thats not a yes… lmao what a tool

    • i agree, britney better think this one through, she could convince lane to put up hayden.

  17. so… will enzo USE it or leave the noms alone since ragan is the target?

    btw – enzo doesn’t need to be such an ass to ragan.

    • Regan has distanced himself from all the remaining HG’s..He is not being socialable at to no interaction unless it is during meal times..

    • maybe they were actually strong competitors and they really were throwing comps. this sort of makes me rethink the 3 left. except enzo… i think he is all talk and won by luck

  18. Did he cheat???
    Because if he did they have to do something about it.
    The have not punished him for breaking several rules already

    • remember at the last hoh when brendon was standing on the false step right before julie said true, he should have been out right then for that but bb didnt say anything

  19. Soooo..Now is where it gets interesting..Lane is HOH and he names the replacement..Lane knows that he cannot take Enzo or Hayden to the final 2 and win..His option is to put Hayden with Regan and make deal with Britney and Enzo to evict Hayden..He needs to convince Enzo ( which may not be to much of a problem) that Hayden will be tough to beat in an endurance challenge..Enzo will be strutting around tonite running that mouth as to who he is gonna evict in his usual loud and vulgar manner..BUT Lane has to work it so that ENZO will take the credit for evicting Hayden….hmmmm… anything is possible..

  20. I love you Brendon!!!! If things don’t work out with Rachel…give this sista a call!!!!

    wink wink

    • This is funny..cause the plan was to get rid of Enzo..But Enzo won POV..Both Hayden and Lane actually plan on taking Brittney to the final 2 (in secret) or last choice Regan ..Nobody is gonna vote to give Brittney or Regan votes..gonna be interesting..cause I odn’t think Lane will put Brittney up..

      • how could lane cheat?.only because he was up emotional he must be cryin a river now.

  21. How did penquin take the pov out of cry babys hand can he do that? Someone please let me know if he can get away with that, cause he has been getting away with to much in this game. Send the cry baby home and then the bitchney. Can’t wait to see who goes home next.

  22. The final 5 are boring as hell. Now that brendon and Matt are gone, I think I’m done with this.

  23. well considering that none of us has played the game, calling someone a good player is relative and too me she was a good player and she definitely helped brendon’s game whether he admits it or not…

    also its a tv show, as much as i do not condone most of her actions, i dont really think we have enough to go by to call her a bag of trash, we only saw her for a week..considering how much she loves the spotlight it may all have been a show, which bte i an grateful for because this season is worse than 9 and 11….again my opinion!!

  24. also, on whether her relationship will continue is also a question that no 1 even brenchel can answer definitively because as much as we saw rachel’s quintessential vegas side we also saw her very vulnerable side that CRAVED brendon’s attention…so again it is one of those things time will tell…but to me, i hope but i also know its a long shot!!

  25. this game ended for me when brendon left. i h0pe enzo does win. anyone but brittney or ragon

    • Shirley, you will not be readin’ this!! Your game has ended??
      2nd choice,enzo?? okay, kiss the boy, um is he still lookin’ like a penguin??
      Why do peeps not see the fact, brenda was whipped!!
      He was a player,after the (poor excuse for a woman left!!)
      This boy may have won it all!!
      Why do little women do this to a man??
      I know, cuz they let it happen!!

  26. Brendon Dump Rachel !!!when you where both in the house you where a class jerk ..But when she left Thank -God! you seem a sweet guy and fun to be around …she is not worth it !!

  27. Yea Enzo. Can’t wait to see how he won the POV. Yes, this game has become boring, but at this stage of the game it’s normal with only 5 in the house. Brendon was a great player and he was physical and tried to fit in. Pretty hard with high school Ragan and the Princess ragging on Rach and the other players all the time. Let’s face it – at least Enzo has personality and doesn’t say hateful things to people. Go Enzo it’s your time to shine. Hayden (who continues to try-out for a tv job)- has done an okay job but why are everyone on Lane’s bandwagon. He just now finally won something – a true floater.

  28. With Brendon gone, I honestly have no desire to watch the show anymore. Not only are the rest of the HGs incredibly boring and insufferable, but I don’t think any of them deserves to win. If CBS was really smart, they’d put live feed on the jury house instead and just let us know when the final 2 are ready for the vote. As a BB fan, I’m totally disappointed now and couldn’t care less about who’s evicted anymore. Anyone know when BB13 starts???

    • i would love to watch the jury house big brother….not the big brother house…i think rachel and brendan maake a cute couple

      • gotta agree…i will even pay more for jury feeds….these cast suck…i watched the live feeds, like they dont have to bash people all day, i freaking watched it myself!!!

  29. If I was Enzo’s wife and family I would be so embarrassed with his play. He has done absolutely
    nothing and yet brags about how great he is. Whoa, I hope everybody from Jersey isn’t like him. What a loser. He thinks he is God’s gift to
    women, yuk. Now that he won the veto, he is worse than ever. Glad when he’s gone.

  30. i agree with the 2nd comment.
    i have no desire to watch BB12 anymore
    the rest are floaters and i only watched this show because of rachel and brendon. mine as well put cameras in the jury house. more drama there then the house -_-

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