Big Brother 12: Week 8 Live Eviction Episode Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll have our eighth live eviction show of the BB12 season as another HG will be evicted and head off to the Jury House for the next few weeks until the Wednesday, September 15th finale show.

The live eviction will be followed by a HoH competition which may or may not be an endurance comp. I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast show so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 12 spoilers all night.

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Share your thoughts and tell us which HG you want to see go to the Jury House. Be sure to vote in our Eviction poll too. Don’t forget to join us tonight in the Big Brother Chat Room during the live eviction show at 8PM EST!

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  1. I can’t wait it comes on late here due to football! I hope it is posted here early so I don’t have to wait!

    • I’m in New England and I usually watch it on channel 4, but these last couple of weeks I’ve been watching it on channel 12. And it will come on at 8 o’clock the usual time. Football has been on last week and this week so I switched to channel 12 because channel 4 has football.

      • yep! happens once at least every year, whoopy doo pre season football, not like the kc chiefs are even worth watching, thanks CBS hahaha

    • Enzo didn’t cheat in the veto compitetion. Are you serious? That’s the game. If you can’t physically elbow, run over, push pounce on your opponent then you shouldn’t even be playing. Both Enzo and Ragan knew where the disk was it was just a matter of who wants it more, who was willing to push, pounce on, or just knock the other one out of the way inorder to stay in the house. That vile little Britney has to go.

      • you didn’t see all of it heyden was telling him what to do and where that cd was they didn’t show it last night

      • Danny – sorry to disagree, but did you watch the feeds. He cheated by having Hayden shout out answers to him. And he also was a BULLY. I really don’t like any of them that are left. But Enzo is the worst….if it doesn’t go his way he pouts just like Ragan did!

  2. I hope Regan goes!! I am tired of his crying talks off drugs and stupid voice talking about Rachel. And his that’s what she said comments! Talk about a bad sport throwing the cd!

    • He was a bad sport because they let Enzo cheat. I would be mad too if I was leaving the house because someone else cheated and beat me. Everytime Enzo lost he went on about it for days.

      • I know. I saw him practically bouncing on Regan. Pushing him out of the way. He’s a bully. And when he loses he’s a baby, too. I still don’t know why they want Regan out so bad. Everybody hates him in the jury house. Isn’t that who you want to take with you?

      • i was lookin’ for the part where hayden told enzo where the CD was but they edited it out! looks like enzo & raggity knew where the CD was and went for it the same time! enzo just wanted it more!

      • Enzo didn’t cheat he just fought harder! I mean baby Regan was complaing about Brendon throwing the bowling ball when he knew hevlost and he did the same thing and it hit Enzo in the head. I didn’t even hear him say he was sorry! Hello black hello kettle!!!

      • There may have been some minor incidental contact, but it was caused mtually by both competitors. As they say in the NBA, “No harm, no foul”. :) I think Ragan had grown accustommed to having these comps tailored to little people like him & Matt, and so he was frustrated with this comp where there was a level playing field for all.

      • Lee… that’s right & Enzo should have know to expect the unexpected.

        i think Ragan was lucky it didn’t cut Enzo and he should have said he was SORRY right then.

        you know why he didn’t, William? he didn’t think it was “minor incidental contact”.

        i can’t vote for everyone… my vote is Enzo cheated b/c Ragan had position, Enzo was behind, why would Ragan go off-line to the left if he wasn’t pushed? And then b/c Enzo cleared the way he went ahead.

        that’s why Enzo was acting the “out of control” guy to cover his actions.

        @Matt (BBN)… have you thought maybe to do a vote on “Did Enzo cheat on the PoV”?

      • @Williams Z: Where you watching the same BB that I was; What Enzo did was more than just MINOR INCIDENTAL CONTACT: Enzo thru himself because ragan had beaten him to the disk and the only way to win was to get physical, Also the way that enzo was acting after the comp. Is how people act when they have done sonmthing wrong and are trying to get people to believe that they didn’t. And like Jadelle said The LF shows a different comp. from start to finish.

      • Sure William Z the rope competition was geared toward little people. LOL Only 3 people could have possibly won that competition. Enzo not included.

      • I wished that cd would have hit Enzo in the mouth to shut him up. The one I would take to the final 2 would be Reagan also. No one likes him in the jury house. To bad Enzo won the veto com. I would have loved to see him and Hayden go home.

    • Enzo didnt cheat. it was legit. Ragan complained like a girl about nothing. if hayden told him the answer thats different but that didnt seem like it happened

      • guess that makes it different, edited out… huh, RJ.

        i really watched that part over a few times b/c i heard the LF ppl saying Hayden told Enzo. someone said well they both probably heard it. so all we saw on Wed’s episode was both them going for the same cd.

      • I thought during competitions of any kind the live feeds cut off, and all you really get is what the houseguests say after the competition?

      • wait a minute! what is everyone talkin about the pov on the live feeds? how did you get this info about all this stuff that got cut out! was it on the feeds? tell me the time so i can look at it on flashback

      • Ragen had the distinct advantage because unlike Bratney….Ragan is used to KY jelly. Enzo strikes me as a two pump chump. They are all a pack of loosers. Big Brother take heed…I won’t be watching next year.

      • Come on everybody. Enzo and Lane didn’t start winning any comps until everyone else got voted out. Now they are winning comps(including Hayden) and they think it’s something great. They weren’t that great at winning comps before. Give it to the ones that fought all through the game not just at the end. Brittany and Reagan should be the final 2. They fought all through this game unlike the brigade so I think those 2 deserve to go to final 2.

    • I wish BB would throw in a BIG surprise tonight and make it more interesting. Ragan should def be staying and ENZO should go e cheats and gets by with breaking house rules .. what gives with that?

    • Janna, Enzo did not cheat,That’s the game. If your not big enough to push knock over or just run over your opponent then you loose. The vile little Britney needs to go.

      • What people are commenting on were the numerous times that Enzo ate while a Have Not, (last year Jeff ws penalized for a few sips of Gatorade. Another year, a HG was nearly kicked out of the game, got a penalty vote… People watching the feeds see and hear more. BB is just letting Enzo break any rule he wants, and Enzo threw the CD after which Ragan did too

  3. I’m guessing it’s an endurance comp, because I don’t think production wants Britney to win. I think they are all for the brigade. Enzo is always breaking the rules and getting away with it. He should be a have-not for the rest of the show. Doesn’t the morph faces comp happen during a veto comp? It did last year. Jeff was mad because he didn’t get it and he was on the block with Jordan. With the house being so empty doesn’t these hg’s overhear any of the conversations? I would be so paranoid, I’d be hiding with a glass to the wall trying to hear what people are planning.

    • I wish I had stock in “Crying towels” and “kleenex”. Ragan needs to play the game!
      Enzo wanted the Veto more than Ragan and a am glad he won it. I can’t stand all the tears it sickens me. Come on Lane win the game.

      • Well, rule out all the ‘He-Men’ who don’t have enough feelings to cry when they are broken by the literal torture of being in that house,as well as the women, and of course all the gays, cause any sane person would cry in that place. Love to see all these, “Hate crybaby” people in that house for even a couple of weeks….they would probably hit the ‘red’ button in a panic attack….It has turned into a game for male psychopaths (all WASP of course) and a boring hatefest. That will only get worse. Even Janelle on the Missy show said as much….

      • It’s one thing to get frustrated or emotional, it’s another to whine, complain, cry and annoy all the HGs cause you’re a complete baby. Then turn around and make fun of, call names and be totally cruel to the other HGs when things are going your way, like he does with Brendon and Rachel. Regan needs to go!!!!

      • Hayden told Enzo the answer, which of course they did not show us and he pretty much throw Rag out of the way. Even Brit and Hay and Lane, who wanted Enzo to win said that he cheated.

      • If Hayden told Enzo the answer that means Regan heard it too. Why are you so sure Regan knew the answer. If Hayden called it out they both heard it. Enzo was doing fine in that comp. He was getting the answers to all the others so why is it so hard to think that he would not know that one also. you all dislike him soo much you are not even thinking stright. Enzo won if the answer was called out they both heard it. If Regan had got to it first none of you would care if anything had been called out. I am so over you all going on about it. Get over it…

      • @oogiet: Good answer only problem is That BB doesn’t allow physical contact or rugby style play during competitions.

      • “they went after it rugby style! needs to read “Enzo went after it…”.

        Ragan was in front of Enzo, then as Enzo got up to Ragan legs (going downhill head first stretched out) it became a one-sided rugby match.

      • So there never were live feeds you are just going by what was said afterwards and editing by CBS, sounds fishy to me, seems like a mute point to me.

    • which time? there have been so many.

      every way he lives his life is a cheat to someone… open a cabinet get a glass, leave cabinet open, drink from glass, put glass on counter, walk away. someone is cheated that closes the door & puts his glass in the dishwasher.

      he’s a pathetic, lazy human being.

      otherwise, a nice guy. LOL!!!

    • BB12 controls the game, if BB12 doesn’t think anyone cheated then no one cheated, regardless of what anyone else thinks. So no one cheated.

      • sounds logical to me… NOT!!!

        you did use the operative phrase when you said “…regardless of what anyone else thinks”, i’ll add “or what REALLY happened”.

    • I don’t think Enzo cheated; he’s just a bully. What’s surprising is that he hasn’t bullied his way through this entire game – he just let others do his dirty work for him. Lane should go to F2 – and, if he was smart, he’d take Ragan with him. Whoever said everyone in the JH hates Ragan is right; you don’t want someone everyone likes sitting next to you in F2.

  4. I heard it was an edited shot and right before Enzo took the DIVE for the CD he actually pushed Ragan out of the way and Ragan bumped into the clam and then he went after it!! Rag and Brit were talking about it for hours too and they NEVER showed it!!! Last year Kevin cheated in the last POV because there was a misunderstanding and he got to take off the cover and see all the questions like 30 seconds before Michele and Jordan so he had more time to think and won.

  5. I can’t believe they are going to evict Ragan with the “golden boy” Hayden in a prime spot to be blindsided. Hayden is a strong competitor and has a jury in which everyone likes him. If they don’t get rid of him tonight, I predict he’s gonna win this whole thing.

    Hayden has by far played the best social game.

    • There are four people in the jury house now, three of which Hayden was pivotal in getting them evicted. If Hayden makes it to the final, I am not so sure he is a lock to win. It depends on if they hold it against him for getting evicted.

    • I agree with you. Everyone seems to think it’s a given that Ragan goes to the JH tonight, but I’m not betting on it. If Hayden goes tonight that may change the end results quite a bit. As much as I’m tired of listening to Ragan whine, he may not be as “out” as he thinks.

  6. i really respect the way ragan went out. true champ… with out the champ part.

    like he played a great game, lasted long (thats what she said) and at the end of the day, when he knows he is going down (pun intended) he does ti with grace.

    then u have the piece of shet enzo who says will be so effin pissed and maybe start something with ragan if he outs the brigade which is dumb because to him and hayden they were gonna do it anyway.

    but damn can we see this jury house already? like its ben 4 evictions already i wanna see rachel being a horrible person, kathy being stupid, brendon being pussy whipped, and matt telling it like it is.

  7. I just can’t find myself rooting for any of the hg’s left. This is a very vanilla final five.

    When the highlite of the show is Enzo getting out of his penguin suit you know that the season is in the toilet.

    Production needs to do something drastic because the dancing, and the drama of Enzo “pushing” Ragan out of the way is lame-o. I would be curious to see the ratings over the last week.

    • They should show the jury house, considering how little is going on in the BB12 house the jury house might be more interesting. Oh wait, I take that back if all they show is Brendon and Rachel sucking face.

  8. Good question. They use to show clips of the new jury house guests arriving and getting razzed by everyone…and then sticking a dvd in the machine and showing them stuff. I can’t remember any of that being done this season.

    Maybe that’s because the jury house is far more interesting than the hacks still stuck in the BB house.

    • Or the jury house is all lovey dovey and nothing to see but them hanging around and being nice to each other. May be some sex with brachel but they can not show that !!

    • i know and for some reason they are NOT, how many are in dat house now? 3? and NO pics? that’s crazy, i mean rachel arriving 1st alone is worthy of an edit or two?

    • i really hope each HG comes with a DVD esp for the jury voting at the end they need to know what’s goin’ down in the BBhouse, it’s only fair they have all that info! not sure what BB & AGR are up to this time!

      • Well, CBS has to make some changes and surprises this season, so this might be the big shake up….. No Jury House footage……. PATHETIC SEASON!!!! Ok, it will probably be shown tonight, now that I’m saying this. Maybe it’s because these people are so lame and uninteresting in the BB house that the Jury house must be like watching paint dry???

  9. The ratings was high going against football but not against reruns also they beat out other reality shows

    • they have a rough patch next week, goin’ up against season premieres on wed night (top model) and thurs night (nikita)…only CW network has new epi’s i think. plus it’s mtv music awards next sun, and then on finale night up against CSI:NY, goin’ up against ANY CSI franchise is not fun!

  10. after rachel and brendon left im sure the rating went down.

    i mean c’mon when they were still in the house this site would have between 500 to almost 1000 comments.

    now that they are out of the house the these spoilers wont even reached 300 comments lol

    • true j.j when rachel left we had like 1300 ocmments! now even with the filtering of comments (b/c you can reply to them) it’s very low!

    • Actually, the ratings have continued to climb since Brenchel’s departure. Last night’s episode won all demographics.

      I think the online community is losing interest because we know more about what’s really going on in the game. Meanwhile, the TV-only audience is tuning in with higher ratings than ever.

      • Matt, (BBN)
        I do not have the live feeds – only know what I read here and IMO this season is too controlled. I will watch this until the end – but it will hurt Big Brother next year – because if I see what I am seeing this year – I will not watch. I am angry at production – for the poor casting and the controlling. They have just ruined Big Brother! Yes I did read here last season and it was very interesting. Also I don’t understand why this site has pictures of thong covered butts of people that have left and of a secne with Rachel and Brendon that looks like something shall I say “really personal” is going on. Will the porn pictures make BB better??

      • the ‘thong’ pictures are there cause its porn. If there were pictures of men with their genitals hanging out, at least it wouldn’t be sexist porn…HATE it regardless. Going to go into BB rehab to make sure I don’t watch this junk next year…

      • I have lost some interest in coming here because of the amount of complaining here, it is such a downer reading complaint after complaint, and yes I know I am now complaining too. I guess that is human nature to want to complain.

  11. cant stand ragan so i dont care if he or hayden go, it will be fun to watch either way, i just want a clip of ragan meeting rachel, in fact rachel should be waiting tonite to pick ragan up.

  12. Why do I not have the live feeds??? I totally missed Lane’s shower scene. I was beginning to think that he had his clothes sewn on. He has not shown nearly enough of himself!

    • The shower scene is out there on the internet, it can be found, but you really don’t see anything except him playing with his ear a lot.

    • It is a line from a song .I think written in French..I cannot recall the name of the band that sings the song or the title..but it has been mentioned in here..


    Tonight Hayden is evicted by Lane because Lane thinks Hayden has a better shot at winning than him and it’s time to break up the Brigade.

    Britney wins the HOH and puts Ragan and Enzo on the block because she wants to stay loyal to Lane who she will take to final 2 and he will take her to final 2.

    Either Ragan or Brit win final veto and evict Enzo immediatley and send him and his dirty whiskers to Jury.

    Ragan, Lane, and Brit final 2.

    Lane overpowers Ragan and Brit and wins part 1 of the final HOH. Part 2 is mental and Ragan against Brit, it will be great because both are so smart and good at these games, but Brit wins. Lane and Brit in final HOH, the “Jury Says” comp which they have every year, and Brit wins and evicts Ragan.

    Everyone votes for Britney because she deserves to be there the most, she won 3 HOH and 3 Vetoes, no one in the Brigade votes for Lane because he backstabbed Hayden.


    Really, just fire Allison Grodner and hire me already, or at least straigten Allisons hair!

    • Nah – I think it’s pretty much the worst case scenario. Because Britney and Regan need to go!! It would be the worst season if either of them won. Not that the Brigade is so great, but they don’t spend all their time crying and calling other HGs mean names, then complain about their treatment. They are total losers. I wouldn’t mine Lane in the final 2 or even winning. I would like it to be Lane and Hayden (since it can’t be Brendon!)

  14. Since the live eviction show is preempted in NYC by an American football game, is it being shown anywhere else? This is just typical of U.S. TV greed (football gets better ratings).

    • If football gets better ratings then doesn’t that mean more people want to watch it? Sounds like a populist issue, not a greed one.

      I’ll look for an online means to watch the broadcast tonight and will post the link if available.

    • oh is it? thank god we get bb on 2 diff networks here in toronto. :), u’ll likely have to watch it on a timeshift channel (cbs digital station in a later timezone? – do y’all have that?)…OR just wait online, they post pretty fast (9:15pm last week on megavideo) or ch.131 site

    • Sure If any of the hg’s had any brains, They all think that everyong the the JH like enzo, But ifd lane is smart he will take britney to the final 2, he would win.

  15. Buenos Dias BB Post-ers, Poets & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Goin’ to be a lovely day! Lane will evict Ragan and tell his boys it’s all good b/c they’re final 4.

    Hopefully Enzo/Hay win HOH and put up the Britt da twit chit and Lusty Loafer Lane on da block, let da couple sweat it out and try to throw the other under da BB greyhound bus! lol. hee* love it! ya gotta win it you 2 boys! Make that POWER move!

    • Well Jadelle, I have to say, even though I would not want Enzo to win in finale, that I agree with you only because I can’t stand Brit and lost all respect for Lane since he is not thinking with his head (or maybe he is).

  16. ok….Here in TENNESSEE THE GAME WILL BE ON CHANNEL 2 (ABC) Big Brother will air @ 7:00 pm as usual..YES!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Bye bye Reagan!!! U have lost ur marbles…
    Drinking like crazzy and talking to ur self all
    The time u need mental help!!!

    • Danielle, the winner of one season, said that it took months of therapy to get ‘normal’ again and be able to relate to her family. There have been How many HGs in court or jail now? Most admit that it takes months to recover, usually with therapy. What they do to the HGs is the DEFINITION of torture by sensory deprivation. But in this unfortunate day and age, torture is what people want to see apparently. In the Thirties depression, people would kill themselves in ‘marathons’ (see They Shoot Horses Don’t They – which America is literally doing now) anyway, its a sick sign of the times….worse to come I’ll bet

  18. Again, Reagen is a pig who wants to b Brenden and look like Racherl. I lost all respect fo the guy for bashing my hometown Vegas and his abortion comment! He makes me sik!

    • I agree with you! Then him smiling and laughing about getting wasted and drunk driving. How it’s going to be so good to smell pot again. Then he was talking about mushrooms and getting high on bbad. And how he can’t wait to get wasted and he misses waking up hung over. I know where those 20 g’s are going!!

  19. Enzo, Ragan & Britney all eat with their mouths open, I mute the channel when they are eating, it drives me nuts.

    My wish is Enzo wins but, as long as the self righteous, no morals Britney doesn’t win I will be happy.

  20. How can Big Brother’s ratings be in touble because of the new season of CSI NY when both shows are on CBS?

  21. What are the odds that the HOH comp tonight will be the slippery board comp? The one where have to go from one end of the slippery board to the other trying to fill a bowl or jug or tank with some kind of liquid. Doesn’t that endurance comp happen sometime around final 5 or final 4?

  22. They will not do the slippery board comp because it’s been really overdone lately and also Brit does not have a chance against Enzo and Hayden so they will do something mental which Brit will win easily!

    They love Britney, look at the way they edit her in the DR to make her look cute and hilarious and all the air time shes gotten since day 1!!!

    • That is true I know on bbad sometimes when she is being really really rude they change the camera to someone else. Or when she starts to say something bad that she has done they go to commercial. All a little strange but I have noticed it!

    • ABBYLICIOUS I think you got it right on that comp being overdone. It probably will be a mental comp most likely, but I can’t help thinking there’s possibility it will be a mental/physical comp for HOH. I think that give all 3 an equal shot at HOH. I wouldn’t mind seeing them break out a endurance comp like they had in BB9 with the hanging clear boxes with no bottoms that Sheila won cause Natalie was to trusting. It would be interesting what deals could be struck during that type of HOH endurance comp.

  23. FYI: I live in the NY/NJ area and BB will be on at 1:37am on CBS (channel 2) obviously not live.
    I can’t stand any of the remaining house guests. I loved Brendon and they evicted him. He really tried and played a great game. Won an HOH and 3 POVs. Even though I cannot stand Britney, she deserves to win. All the others are lazy slackers! Ragen stabbed Rachel in the back even though he was her friend at the beginning. Not a big fan of Rachel’s but loved Brendon.

  24. Reagan talking aboout smoking pot on tues. night. last night on bbad he talked about mushrooms and all the different colors. what are mushrooms?

    • Something not as bad as alcohol…HOW many people die alcohol related deaths every year??
      But in America, anything other than alcohol seems to be a ‘Demon Drug’…and NOBODY remembers the terrible effects of alcohol Prohibition…

    • Shroom- a mushroom grown on cow patties (poop) and you eat them and halucinate. It is what teenagers do for drugs!! But I guess 30 something year old college professors like them to!! Lol

      • Melissa, why would you say that? now everyone’s going to be out there eating anything that’s growing on cow dung. LOL!!!

  25. If they loved her they would buy her some medication for that scabbed filled head, I’ve never seen anybody scratch their head so much, The scab at the front of her head has bleed a few times…

  26. Ragan really needs to go. He gives Gays a bad name. I am soooo sick of his comments regarding Rachael, hope she kicks him in the butt…forget it, he would love that. This is the worst HG’s ever. I will continue to watch BB becuz I truly love this show, but this season truly SUCKS. Please let us know when we can vote for our favorite HG..really want Brendon to win…

    • Brendon is gone, get over it.
      Im glade hes gone, hes wayy to annoying, if i met him in person i would hate him!!
      Go Lane :) <3

    • “He gives Gays a bad name.” Funny you never hear anyone saying “he gives straights a bad name”, if you are going to judge people, how about judging everyone as an individual not as a whole group. Thank you.

  27. Wow, I think I agree with all of the above. Ragan is a pig, Brittnay tries to act so great, but she has been acting like a slut and I am so tired of her picking at her lips, hair and legs – ugh! Lane is a liar. I am not crazy with Hayden or Enzo either – they seem really lazy. I think the only one who deserved to win was Branden.
    I wonder – do they see our comments? Maybe they would stop being so stupid if they knew they weren’t so great.


    Nick: We, the undersigned, observing the relationship between Britney Haynes and Lane Elenburg on the CBS Television Show “Big Brother 12,” and seeking to spare you any further psychological pains and damages, hereby issue to you the following “Terms of Surrender” of Ms. Haynes:

    You are to:

    1. Publicly forfeit all further claims to engagements and relationships with Ms. Haynes

    2. Neatly and methodically place Ms. Haynes’ personal effects in standard moving boxes, and submit for pick-up at a time to be notified to you.

    3. Consent to a restraining order barring you from approaching Ms. Haynes at a distance of 100 feet or less.

    4. Publicly endorse Ms. Haynes’ relationship with Mr. Elenburg.

    Upon fulfillment of these terms:

    The engagement ring you gave to Ms. Haynes will be returned to you in its existing good conditions.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    • I listened to part of a radio interview with Matt’s wife last night. She was saying that her and Nick (and a few others) talk all the time and really help out each other. They sometimes call each other at anytime of the day or night and they are all very close. She also said she has got some really mean phone calls about Matt and it scares her. I wish I had heard all of it but I had to take a phone call and missed a lot of it. She seemed really nice.

      • Thanks, SummerToo. I know we have disagreed sharply on this Britney-Lane-Nick issue. For my part, I am primarily trying to be funny, while getting my point of view across. We should all keep our views to these chat rooms and other healthy avenues, and the phone calls and other more personal mechanisms are way out of bounds and I empathize with Matt’s wife.

        I am sure you know my view by now, that Nick is likely getting a lot of strange questions and stares from his co-workers about Brit’s dalliance with Lane on the show, but Nick deserves his privacy and I sure hope is ok and doing well. No one I know has any ill will toward him. That said, my view, as I know you are aware, is that he has basically lost Ms. Haynes, psychologically, to Lane. all the best.

      • We are good : ). I just don’t see Britney and Lanes friendship as other people do. Britney has never crossed the line even though Lane would like to, lol. She is close to her brothers and probably used to getting a lot of attention. Nick knew there would be some flirting and I really think Britney knows Lane is not the type of man for her. My daughter has always had more male friends than girl friends and I see the same type of so called flirting-playing around that really does not mean anything. I feel Britney and Nick will be just fine at least I hope so.
        I admit it I flirted with the lesbian girl at Subway to get free extra meat and I am not Gay, lol.

      • I take your points, SummerToo, but I think that since we last had this exchange about a week ago, things have happened in the house between the two that have put your more innocent view of their relationship in the very distinct minority in this chat room.

        Even if we stipulate that indeed this is just playful flirting, the fact that it is happening on national television has put a very dark cloud over Brit and Nick’s relationship. It is going to be very difficult for Nick to explain to people – his family, his friends, his co-workers – that this is all innocent play, even if that is in fact what it was.

        This said, I concur with you that there is not absolutely definitive evidence for my/the majority position – such as an actual make-out session between the two.

    • Britney needs Lane’s help to stay in the game and win the half million if her fiance can’t see this or anybody else for that matter they’re not looking or are uncapable of seeing the big picture.Go Britney do what you gota do kid…

  29. Go ENZO you are the man and i love your personality you make me laugh my a$$ off.For the record everyone on hear, ENZO for sure did not cheat watch the show we all have eyes its real simple ok.I think the guy is smarter then you all give him credit for he is so liked in the house thats what got him to this point,and now he knows he has to win the next 2 comps and he will i repeat will win bb12.Thats right float for 8 weeks make everyone love you and win at the end how can anyone hate someone for doing that i call that genius GO GET-EM ENZO YOU THE MAN YOOOOOOOOOOOOO

    • so you love Bozo… for sure he’s cheated throughout the game… you’re right about given him credit, he’ll get NONE from me.

      you know why… b/c he’s PATHETIC.


      actually his parents intended to name him ZERO and they misspelled it ENZO.

  30. Can someone tell me why they have not shown the Jury House this year? They showed it every other year and this year they didn’t show it at all!!!

  31. I cant wait for Ragan to leave!!
    I want Lane to win this!! If not him then Hayden or Brit.
    Enzo needs to go after ragan!!!
    Number one fan since day one for Lane!! <3 :)

  32. Hayden should go tonight if Lane is smart! Of course I hope Britney votes to keep Regan and Enzo ( the nasty clown) will vote to keep Kayen…then it will all be up to Lane. Does he have the nerve to do this and be a HeRo?

    • Noo, they need to get rid of Ragan,
      He’getting annoying and crying alot, Not even talking to any of the HOH because he’s mad that he is put up. If Ragan stays It’s hard to say who would win, Probly Ragan. I just hope Lane doesnt do anything stupid and get the brigade mad at him because If Lane is in the final two with Brit, he might not get alot of votes cause they will all be mad at him.

  33. Can Regan make it one more week?
    I say maybe.Britt has two moves left if she does not trust Lane 100%.
    What do you people think?

    • But: Brit does trust Lane 100% because:

      1. He has over the past few weeks seen that he has, to an extent, betrayed his own allies Hayden and Enzo to keep her in the game.

      2. She has gotten to know Lane better over the past week by living with him in the HoH room.

      3. She is in love with him.

      4. She knows he is in love with her.

    • I agree with Karzai … Britney does trust Lane 100%. He wants to take her to F2 because he thinks he has a better chance with her beside him than another Brigade member. And tonnight she’ll vote the way he asks her to, so we’ll see.

  34. I was voting for Lane from the start.Now i want Enzo to take it. I hope BB puts a box of kittens and turtles in the Pandoras box. GO ENZO!

    • They should have some pets in the BB12 house, at least one dog and one cat from a shelter. Then at the end of the season those pets could be adopted by the highest (approved by the shelter) bidder with the proceeds going to the shelter.

  35. This season has been so predictable with mostly unanimous votes. Kathy was the only one who voted her conscience, against the house.

    Tonight, to really stir it up…
    Enzo votes to evict Ragan–
    Britney votes to evict Hayden–
    Then, Lane has to make a huge decision,
    Ragan or Hayden?

    But, it will probably be a snoozer with Enzo and Britney evicting Ragan. (yawn)

    • Check your local listings for CBS, it is a local decision whether or not BB12 is preempted, not CBS. Since you didn’t say where in Florida no one could tell you anyway.

      • I have AT&T U-Verse and we will still see it live. My neighbor has Hot-Wire and they will see it too. We are in Boca Raton if that helps.

    • Yes – If Lane wants a better shot at winning half a miliion then dump Hayden.If Lane’s worried about losing a friend that same friend will probably evict him next week.

  36. More predictions… okay I am SURE Britney will win HOH tonight, she is studying a lot and she is smart and she remembers a lot of stuff!!! She will remember all the little details and stuff so if it is a mental HOH she will win for SURE. Part 1 of the final HOH is endurance so she might loose unless it is something like holding on the longest and she is smaller so it is easier sometimes… but yeah she needs to pull through and win tonights HOH, if she doesn’t win that she needs to win the Veto because if Enzo or Hayden win POV/HOH she is GONE!!!! Her winning HOH and Veto would be the best case scenario and Rachel would vote for her over Lane 100% becuase it would show Britney is a strong female! GO BITCHNEY!!!

  37. How come enzo has not been punished for eating 3 bites of food when he was on slop?enzo was a cry baby when he was on the block,look who is calling the kettle black when he is complaining about ragan.What happened to the segment on EVIL DICK?

  38. Okay so I hate to be off topic but… WHERE IS QUIRKY DUDE’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL?!?
    I think youtube may of deleted it, I am freaking out.

  39. I think BB has to change things around. Everyone ones know what going to happen. That SUCKS.
    I love Enzo.

  40. Oh golly, I hope it’s Ragan – but if it’s Hayden, then we finally get to see Lane’s true colors, because both Britney and Enzo will vote the way Lane wants them to. And since Lane has already said he wants to take Britney to the final two (because he thinks taking her is his best chance at winning), then we’ll see Hayden go tonight. But Lane has to be careful – because if that’s what happens, then both Hayden (and probably Enzo) might vote for Britney at the end to get back at Lane. They all know Lane doesn’t need the money …

  41. I’m in Arizona and tonight’s game (if you have Cox) is on Channel 8, not on CBS. BB is on CBS at 7 p.m. as usual. If you have Dish or DirecTV, check around; the game’s not blacked-out here.

    • My local CBS affiliate has a “sister” station which will be airing BB tonight… Check your local listings if you find someone other than Brit and Hayden tossing things back and forth…

  42. If I’m Britney I go to Ragan and tell him I’m going to vote to keep you in the game.
    This should split the vote 1-1. I also tell Ragan I’m going to ask Lane to break the tie and remove
    Hayden because I (Britney) feel I have a better chance to win HOH against Ragan and Enzo with Hayden gone and the fact that Lane can’t play for HOH.
    Ragan needs to promise her if it works and he wins HOH he will not put her up. So if the vote comes back 1-1, Ragan will know she tried. Maybe good enough for a jury vote if she makes it that far.
    Then again I’m not Britney and in love.

    • …and hope it’s a quiz, or Enzo will mow you down! He’s out for blood now… Watch your backs, houseguests!

  43. Regan goes home tonight…britney wins hoh..meow meow goes next week..and britney and lane r final 2 lane wins bb

  44. I so want brittney gone i have never seen anyone that picks more than her its sickening. she picks her lips the skin around her nails and her face all the time seriously i think she is part monkey

  45. Did we ever see Lane get his call? I’m not sure if I missed it, or if they are just not going to show it?

    • He did get his call but they did not air it on TV. I remember him talking about it on the episode this past Sunday.

  46. I find it so funny how they all talk about the fame and fortune waiting them outside of the house. Yeah…ok. 2 weeks from now no one will remember BB 12 and will have moved on to the Fall premieres lol.

    • I agree. They are so in to themselves instead of the game so I usually will change the channel or fast forward if I DVR it when they start that famous crap.

  47. Just read that the finale is on Sept 15th…..isn’t that the first night of Survivor? Are they both on CBS?

    • I had heard that the Survivor premiere episode would follow the BB finale (on the 15th)… But last night there was some chatter about BB being extended a week… Haven’t seen anything beyond the chatter to verify…

  48. FYI-To anyone in the Silicon Valley area. Big Brother’s Thursday night episode is being preempted for FOOTBALL! It will be on around 1:30 amish PST!!!

  49. why is it that we have not seen the HG go into the jury house and watch dvd’s like on the other seasons?Could it be that america will be voting for the winner like in the 1st season.Well it seems to me that in the end of things big brother is the only true saboteur.

  50. watching the live eviction ceremony episode… does anyone NOW see what all of us felt about Matt’s wife-lie?

    i Kathy a standing O when she reamed Matt and i also have respect for Rachel & Brendon for standing up to Matt and letting him know how low he was doing that.

  51. Didn’t anyone except Brittany and I notice how physically violent Enzo was to Regan in the 9/1 episode when each was going for the POV? Regan was in front of Enzo as they reached the finishing line and Enzo wrestled Regan out of the way. I’m assuming that your program doesn’t promote volence as a tactic to be used to win the game. I think Enzo should have at least lost his POV and at best been thrown off the show. Thank you

  52. Well, the football game was on so I haven’t seen the show yet so thank god for this site. I hated that Ragan left and I feel Britany is a week away from adios, that leave the “Brigade.” My reaction – AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH CRUD. People may like them and individually they are all alright but they lucked into this maily because the target was on Brachel and Matt. None of them really deserve it in my opinion but that’s life. Thank god Survivor is just around the block.

  53. OK, got to see at at 1:35 in the morning cause it was bumped due to footbal game *that sucked.” Everything basically went as I thought it would but the whole Jury House and Matt thing was a bit overplayed. I do not condone what Matt did and I do think there are lines you should not cross but this is a game and if you watch any of these shows you should know to be leery of any comments about illnesses or deaths of family members. Matt was WRONG so please don’t blast me on this but Kathy (I know she was sick) and especially Brendon and Rachel went “TV Camera is on” on this one. Should they forgive him, well that is up to them but their comments and holier than thou attitudes were a bit over the top. He didn’t have to come clean then. He could have waited until after the show was over but he wanted to clear the air. I applaud him for that because he knew they would be mad. To Kathy and Brachel I say it is a game and not everyone has your same moral code, remember “sticks and stones” they were just words, poorly chosen ones yes, but just words by a guy who could have won this thing and didn’t even need to use that scam. Also, before those guys get all “holier than thou'” maybe they need to look into one of the mirrors in the house and see if they did anything regrettable first. I think maybe only Kathy comes out unscathed there. JMHO

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