Big Brother 12: Week 7 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

After what could possibly be the longest pov comp in Big Brother history Saturday, Sunday came with everyone wanting to talk game with Brit.  It’s quite obvious she is wrestling with her decision and seems to change her mind when someone new walks into the HoH.  Be sure to check in later today for the spoilers from the ceremony.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 22, 2010:

8:49 AM BBT – The bell goes off and wakes up Bren and Brit who are asleep on the lounger outside so Bren takes another dip in the chum. (LOL)

 11:46 AM BBT – The bell goes off for Brendon’s last dip in the chum.  He and Brit got along very well being chained together.

12:23 PM BBT – Brendon asks Brit if they plus Ragan have a chance and she says Ragan will be pissed if she puts up Matt.  Brit doesn’t want to make an enemy out of a friend and Bren says its coming down to that now because the end is drawing near.

1:00 PM BBT – Bren and Brit are now out of handcuffs and she is going to eat and go to bed while he takes a shower.  I’m sure they’re both relieved to be away from each other for a few.

1:55 PM BBT – The guys are checking on the fish and one of them is dying.  They are watching it take its final breaths and Hayden tried to get it turned back over cause its floating on its back. 

2:30 PM BBT – Hayden, Bren and Enzo in the have not room. Hayden saying that he’s glad he and Bren are on the same page.  Hayden saying he wish he hadn’t won all that stuff.  I wish Matt knew about that so he could tell Brit.  Enzo saying Brit has to go because he’s on the block and sweating it.  Talking about how they should have kept Rachel and its all Matt’s fault.  I don’t see how it’s Matt’s fault that Enzo can’t win anything.  He’s the worst at running his mouth and not backing up what he says.

4:35 PM BBT – Matt is talking to Brit in the HoH.  He’s trying to persuade her to keep him and to put up Hayden.  He wants to make a final four deal with her, lane and Ragan.  She keeps saying that her mind isn’t made up and that she doesn’t know what to do. 

5:00 PM BBT – Ragan is now in the HoH with Brit trying to break it all down for her and showing her why it is more beneficial to keep Matt or Enzo.  Brit is pissed that she picked Matt to play in the pov and he didn’t play hard.  He didn’t get any punishments. She has got to find out what Hayden won.  Brit saying she can’t beat Matt in the final HoH and he would take Ragan over her. Ragan says she is being fed stuff by the guys and can see Brendon befriending them.  They see her as the biggest threat after Matt and she needs Matt to stay in the game.

6:40 PM BBT – Hayden tells Lane he’s nervous about going up because Enzo will throw him under the bus about the prizes he won.  So if they know how Enzo is then why won’t they get him out now while they’ve got the chance?

7:20 PM BBT –  Brit tells Lane she is putting up Hayden and wants Enzo to go but he is trying to talk her out of it and it looks like he’s doing a good job of it.  I swear this girl can’t think for herself.  It’s really pissing me off that she buys into EVERYTHING!

8:30 PM BBT – Lane has Britney convinced that she can trust them (the brigade minus Matt) so it is pretty certain she will now put up Matt as a replacement.  Stupid girl if she does this I hope she goes as the second eviction.

12:35 AM BBT – Enzo has been talking crap about Ragan for a while saying he wants to smash his face and that he likes Brendon over him, how much he hates him blah blah blah.

1:00 AM BBT – Enzo and Brit talk in the HoH and make a final four deal so it looks like Matt is going up. 

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It is so obvious that whomever is the last person to talk to Britney will get there way.  Matt’s telling the brigade boys that he is working her to put up Ragan but I haven’t seen this at all.  Britney needs to figure out what is best for HER and quit worrying about Lane cause he for sure doesn’t have her best interest in mind.

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  1. Yeah Brit does not have her head on for this game. She’d be in a far tighter alliance with Lane, Ragan, and Matt. But then I guess without Matt, “the Brigade” needs someone on their side who can actually win challenges.

    If Hayden or Enzo makes it to final two, then the rest of the houseguests (along with production) should be lined up and shot for allowing it to happen.


    • I agree!!! I really hope she makes a good decision with the replacement and puts up Hayden. She needs to keep people who can actually win a comp on her side. It’s time for the “brigade” to get busted up.

      • It seems all of this years HOH’s have made their decision based on who they like more. I still can’t believe most of them don’t realize the summer will come to an end and someone has to go home every week. If they like a fellow housemate they can make nice after the show, but during the show play the game!! Rachael always putting up people because she hated them. Briteny worrying about that they are all her friends. It makes me to tired to watch them all.

    • I am a huge fan of Britany, but if she puts up Matt then she really does deserve what she gets because she just cut her own throat.

      • I hate Brit and hope she does listen to Lane- it would be the smartest move to get Matt and his cry baby buddy out of the house. They are pathetic. Bye Bye Matt – you big dummy!

      • I agree with you Sara. I can’t understand why people like Brittany, she drives me NUTS. Lets keep our fingers crossed that Matt and Brittany go home this week.

  2. I am really getting tired of production trying to influence this game. Brittney basically was told in the DR not to put Matt on the block…It doesn’t surprise me at all but c’mon BB just let them play!!!

      • The feeds were blacked out for a while last night, I didn’t get to see it but from what I understand Lane and Brit were discussing what production said. Kinda sad if true, but they’re just after the ratings.

      • When Lane was in the HOH yesterday, Brittney told him that “they” told her in the DR that putting Matt up was not a good idea…then feeds cut…Later Lane comes down and tells Hayden BB doesn’t like us…feeds cut again…Yet later while Lane and Brittney were next to pool table, Britt tells Lane she got in trouble because of him and feeds go off again…It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what’s going on.

    • Ugh. I would hate to think that BB twinks the game to that degree. It really loses it’s luster if that’s the case.

      But you’re certainly not the first observer to point it out.

      Damn you BB…get some interesting hg’s and you don’t have to meddle.

      • Why don’r BB let the HG play there own game..I hope they don’t meddle, but I fill they do..starting back with Janelle in season6..this is crap..Enzo and Hayden..Lane what a bunch of loosers, Ragan done nothing either but I do think he threw a few comps Matt’s way..Matt is weird dreaming of Hayden shirtless..mmmmhmm Hayden better watch out or Matt might back door him…LOL

    • Man, if that is true…that is BS

      I am sure they don’t want the world to know that they are trying to control the HG’s decisions…

      Put Matt up Britney!! Ragan and Matt aren’t going to win crap for you…just as easily it is for Matt to throw Ragan under the bus right now, you don’t think he’ll do it in a heartbeat to you??

      Get that POS out of the house, NOW!!

  3. I think many of these house guests are only looking at how Jordon won last year and think that is the way to go. Over the years I think there have been more winners who actually played the game and took chances, than ones who coasted along.

  4. If she puts up Matt, then I want to see her go right behind him on Thurs. That would be hilarious.

    • Agreed. I would love to see Brit go in the double eviction….and, I’d like to see Brendon be the one to send her packing. Personally, I think Brendon is playing the best game, considering he is the only one that has really been playing……everyone else is relying on other people. I’d like to see Brendon and Enzo in the final two, with Brendon winning!

  5. I agree. She isn’t thinking for herself. I don’t think any of them have up until this point. I still think she will put up Hayden. I don’t like Brit but I think she will be safer with Matt for a little while because he will not stop gunning for Brendon. Hopefully Brit and Bren used this time to see that they both have equal chances of going home. I still think they would be better off forming an alliance in spite of their hate for each other (well really Brit’s hate for him). She knows deep down that Lane will pick Hayden or Enzo over her and the Matt will pick Ragan over her. She should play all her cards. I like Enzo because I think he is funny but really he is disposable in the game. He brings nothing to the table. So, in everybody’s best interest if Matt doesn’t get back doored then Enzo should go. If she is smart she would use this time to call a truce with Brendon because he can’t win this alone. I don’t think he will go after her if she does a little damage control. At this point, I wouldn’t mind Brendon, Brit, Lane, and Hayden in the final four. I would say Matt but I still can’t get passed the unnecessary lie he told about his wife. (that’s my feelings)

      • I dont care about the lie….that was his best game play

        his acting tough speech and talking down to Brendon like he is some bully is what annoyed me

        I am not a Brendon lover..but this lil wimp plays the tough role and backs it up by ousting Kathy??

        lol…so you get rid of Kathy, Kosher Man and Rachel….1 for 3 not bad

    • Brendon will never treat with Britney after her betrayal of him. IF he wins HoH, she’s going up along with Matt and so long as he keeps Ragan out of the POV, he can solidify his alliance, however lousy that it is, with Enzo or Haydn (whomever is left after Thursday). Right now the most powerful guy in the house is Lane since he straddles both alliances. He’s also in the most precarious position for the double eviction as he needs to pick a side and the optimal time to do that is AFTER the next eviction. He won’t have any time to do that, though, so he’ll need to keep off the block or get “floated” out of there.

      • Yeah, Lane is playing both sides, but I really think his loyalty lies with the stupid “brigade”. I think if he had to choose between Brit and the guys, he would definately pick the guys.( although I have no idea why)

  6. Wow!! I hope she puts Matt up cause I can’t stand that guy. If she put Reagan up it would be even better.

    How crazy would it bee if Lane flipped and made a ‘final’ 4 with those guys. Whooow! Nutso!!

    It’s hillarious that BB has incorporated Pandora’s box with every HOH since Rachael left. Trying to keep the house exciting cause these HG’s without all that and the luxury POV, are ‘L’ to the ‘A’ to the ‘M’ to the ‘E’…LAME!!

    • agreed not a fan of this punk for his tough guy speech the other night

      then backs it up by lowballing the Sheriff

      that is NOT a power play

    • We all know Bren won POV–go Bren! Now, if Britt can just put up Matt, he will be blindsided and get evicted. The only person who will not vote for him will be Queen Ragana. I’m sorry, but I can’t stand Ragan and Matt is a slime. Matt accused Bren of not having his own mind, yet he was more than happy to have Britt come to him for advice and guidance on who should go on the block against Bren. Also, Britt went back on her word to Bren. Then she gave a lame excuse that Bren was gunning for her when he honored his word and didn’t put her on the block last week. These people are actually becoming out of touch with reality because Bren has shown he can keep his word and he really isn’t nasty and is trying to get along. I think the Rachel dust covering Bren has still not settled. Anyhow, I do like Rachel so there. I think Matt is losing his mind. How about what he said about his homosexual showmance! If I was his wife, I would be really upset. I also am not crazy about Enzo, but I think Lane and Hayden have more of an allegiance to him and I would like to see that cocky, cruel Matt get blindsided and then Britt go right after him. Please Bren, win HOH!!!!!

      • TJ, you are right on point. Matt needs to go so that the smirk will be wiped right off his puny little face. I hope he goes up, no dpov to save his a$$ this time.

  7. Hello Britney? Has Hayden and Enzo ever won anything? Stay with Matt! Britney should have trusted Brendon!

    • I agree. She could have set herself up to have both Matt and Brendon if she were smart. They are really the only other people winning besides her. Hayden, Lane, and Enzo come close but they never follow through and Ragan will fall apart completely once Matt is gone. I don’t see him winning anymore competitions for some reason.

    • yep..well said..but most of the robots pick off the weaklings and then wonder why the strong players beat them

      she needs get Matt canned NOW

      • I hope Matt goes home first on Thursday and Brit goes home second. Could you imagine the sea of tears Ragan would produce being in the house by himself with 3 real men? hahahaha

  8. so it kinda seems like matt will stay and i’m all for that please let that happens i would love to see brit and matt in the final two and by a narrow margin brit beats matt and she wins the 500k second place gets a nice cut too and matt will be ok with that

  9. I understand everyone being upset with Matt for his lie about his wife, but can you really picture this game with Enzo, Hayden, Lane, and Brendon….REALLY?

  10. The romantic in me wants to see Brit and Lane – who clearly love each other, her engagement notwithstanding – systematically eliminating the rest of the house to make final two. Then, they realize they belong together and they win the money and each other. CBS can then pay for their lavish wedding.

    • I agree!! It was to funny last nite when they had a pic of nick and lane side by side they could be twins. That didn’t seem to make Lane happy at all. I love how cute Brit and him are together.

      • I feel sorry for this guy, Nick. If he goes ahead with marrying her, he will be the most emasculated man in the United States, maybe the world. A national laughing stock. After watching his fiance revel in climbing all over another contestant for thirteen weeks on national television – how can he possible go through with this marriage? It is not Brit’s fault for falling for Lane, but: instead of maintaining this phony “engaged woman act” she should abrogate her engagement formally, on the show, and declare herself for Lane,rather than putting poor Nick to ever deepening shame. I can’t wait to see Nick and Lane meet at the finale show – a WBC-sanctioned twelve rounder might break out.

    • Oh its so cute isn’t it??

      It was also cute when he was desperately trying to bang Annie first…and then Monet second!
      Brit is his third pick…..after all, they are gone now. How romantic indeed.


    Britney has gone to the DR and accused Ragina of wearing her clothes and using her cosmetics and make up….

    waiting to see BB Intervention

  12. is it true that BB went to fish in the house this year in lieu of live animals because they were worried what Lane might do “after dark”????

    Lane and hamsters….hmmmmmmmm

  13. I forgot to mention: It was reported that Brit and Lane were in the hot tub and Lane admitted he had feelings for her, confessed this to Big Brother in the diary room, and then started crying in front of her. Can someone find this from the Livefeed and post it on youtube? that would be great.

      • no I don’t. I saw it reported on If this were my fiance, when she got home from the show, the conversation would go something like this:
        What were you thinking out there?
        What were you doing climbing all over that other contestant all summer?
        Are you still into this [marriage] or what? How can I trust you? You have made a laughing stock out of me.
        Give me my ring back and enjoy the rest of your life with Lane or whatever dingbat you end up with – I am GONE.

    • Lane is desperate. So I wouldn’t be surprised.

      Here’s an idea Lane! Go to the bar knock out the bartender buy Brittney a drink, bend over and moon the rest of the bar, give her a boyfriend a noogie, and hug the girl! (looks around embarrassed as nobody laughs)

  14. Cant believe that Britt is falling for Hairden and Lane’s trick. She will be so disappointed if she puts up Matt cuz she will be out the door next.

    • I totally agree…but I’m still not convinced she’s going along with the bro’s. I’m SURE she’ll put up Hayden. She’s been a smart player up until now…I truely feel like she already knows she’s going to put Hayden up, and is playing with emotions… I really hope so, anyway!

  15. Lane – YOU ARE NOT FUNNY!

    What is with this guy? He hasn’t said something funny at all, yet he thinks he’s a barrel of laughs. Go look in the mirror Lane and run your fingers through your thinning hair again big guy.

    I love Brittney’s nomination speech “Brendon we have had our differences but putting that aside I am nominating you because of our differences” DERP DERP DERP

  16. If Brit puts up Matt….her game is completely over…Matt was with them from the beginning and they threw him under the bus which I don’t understand getting rid of the only winner of your alliance before the final 4….Brit has to know that it will be “Bros b4 Hos” and that if they are teaming up with Brendon that it makes no sense to have put him on the block in the 1st place….if she was going to keep him in the house why not have taken deal from Brendon in the 1st place….Houseguests are pretty dumb this year!

    • It is not clear to me that Brit later gets thrown out if she puts up Matt and he is ousted. Because of that “love connection” that I referred to in an earlier post, Lane will stick with Brit over Hayden and Enzo, and would work with her and Ragan and even Brendon to oust those brigade guys. It seems to me that, the way the chessboard is lined up now, Lane and Brit have a clear shot to the final two if they stick together and don’t screw it up.

  17. Bratney needs to put up Matt and she seems to want to but PRODUCTION won’t let her. This sucks — the game should play out the way the houseguests want to play it out. It is so clear. And the way they cut off the live feeds is a clear and obvious confirmation. Let her play her game and send the mental MENSA case out!

    • If that’s the case, then I suspect that BB told Matt not to put up Brenchel the first time he was HoH. That seemed way too suspicious that he didn’t put them up. Now that this crap is coming out about productions stinking their noses in, it makes sense that Matt didn’t put up Brenchel.

      IS that the way this game is turning out? I just started watching this game a few seasons ago for its genuine feel and raw reality. Please don’t ruin another reality show for me BB.

  18. What’s with all you Matt apologists saying if Brittany puts up Matt her game is over? Wasn’t Matt and Ragan in the HoH room with Brendon last week telling him to put up Brittany? lol I swear sometimes you people don’t see the bias that comes out of your mouths. If Matt is your fave, fine great, but don’t try and make it logical for Brittany to keep him, that is insane.

    She needs to bounce Matt this week. Matt will still keep Ragan over her if it comes down to it. Her best bet is to have Brendon around because as long as he’s around, she is not the biggest target in the house. Also, if she bounces Matt, than all the remaining guys have been vocal about how bad they want Ragan out basically giving her an extra week to play and another shot at HoH.

    So please stop saying she needs to keep Matt. It would be a horrible game play. If she keeps Matt she will have Hayden, Lane, and Brendon gunning for her. And god forbid it’s a physical HoH next time around, she is outta here.

    Wake up people! Talk from the brain not the hart.

      • Oh my god, the grammar police are here. Can I get a “dot” for my i Sarah? Would that be ok?

    • Brendon is gunning for her REGARDLESS because we all know that Rachel is priority #1 in his life….so wouldn’t it make sense to team up with a team that at least has beat Brendon in something….Britt isn’t even on Matt’s radar…If you are best friends with someone and you guys have a mutual friend…of course you would take your BF over a mutual friend anyday of the week…so it wasn’t like last week Britt was a target of there’s….there is no logical explanation one can give that makes any sense whatsoever why she should kick out an ally to join a team who can’t win with the head being someone who wants all of you on that side of the house gone….AND I HATE MATT BUT FACTS ARE FACTS AND FACT IS IF SHE GOES TO BRENDON’S SIDE SHE IS NEXT TO GO!!!! SHE JUST BACK STABBED HIM REMEMBER??!!

      • Brendon is not solely going after who threw Rachel out. The whole house did it so that theory isn’t relevant. He knows he can’t win this by himself. If she were to do some damage control and boot out Matt and then Ragan later, all would be forgiven with Brendon. She has a better chance of taking out Enzo and Hayden with Brendon around. At least she doesn’t have to worry about whether or not Brendon will pick someone over her. He has no obligation or feelings for anyone in the house unlike everybody else.

      • No, Brendon will be going after Brittany because she went back on her word to him. He is not doing everything to avenge Rachel!

    • Yeah, she should be a little worried about Brendon coming for her, but Hayden and Lane, I don’t think so. They can’t win a competition to save their own lives. Brendon will be gunning for her regardless. She needs to keep someone in the house who is strong enough to take him out.( matt)

  19. Do you honestly think….From Brit’s point of view only….That it’s her best gameplay to put up Matt….If she keeps Matt he could turn on her and put her up…maybe maybe not….if she goes to the side with the other guys she will DEFINITELY be going home….I’ve never seen a season of BB where the house guests are so scared of each other like they are on here….Brit talk all of that stuff and now she is letting…2 people who can’t win anything promise her things we know they can’t deliver…ENZO IS IN A DAMN PENGUIN SUIT!!!! AND STILL DIDN’T WIN THE VETO…..HAYDEN AND ENZO ARE THROWING MATT UNDER THE BUS FROM THE VETO COMP BUT GUESS WHAT BRITT….THEY DIDN’T WIN THE VETO EITHER….IF SHE NOMS MATT….GAME OVER….AND IT SUCKS THAT CBS WANTS TO RUIN HER ENGAGEMENT AND SHE WILL GO HOME WITH NOTHING TO NO ONE!!!!

    • CBS is not ruining her engagement, if there was one to begin with. She has been all over Lane from the get go, wrestling with him, lying in bed next to him, leaning her leg on his, grabbing him from behind, standing on his back, etc etc. If this were my fiance, I would by now have gone on television and said I’m outta this thing. She had to know Nick would see this stuff and it is way beyond what pure friendship would entail. If Nick goes ahead with this thing, he is a wuss.

      • If you have watched the Live Feeds then you have seen that every single time that Lane has made a sexual advance in anyway she has shot him down completely…Just because she hangs with him doesn’t mean that she wants him like that….he wants her but hasn’t even gotten a small kiss…while on the other hand CBS has totally showed the disrespect for her fiance….They interviewed her Mom and made it look like she wants Lane as a Son….they interviewed Lane’s people and they want him to be with Britt…then they show Lane just going in about how lame her fiance is and that he would beat him up and Britt has never said anything close to those things in the DR….we wouldn’t have seen any of those interviews or DR’s if CBS didn’t think ruining her engagement was good TV!

    • if she goes home..I will be happy

      she always has a career in stand up comedy, the way she makes fun of people

      see how she likes it

      • Hold on, Metro Dee. Yes, Brit has held back when Lane has made open advances, but she is trying to at least maintain the pretense that she is engaged. But CBS did not make her grab him from behind. CBS did not make her lay in bed with him. CBS did not make her climb on his back when he does push-ups. CBS did not make her tease him about making him “horny.” Excuse me. If her engagement is ruined, it is she that ruined it, not CBS. And that’s ok, if she likes Lane, she should admit it and stop holding him off under this “engagement” pretense.

  20. Say what u want about Hayden, Enzo, and Lane being floaters, I see them playing this game well. they ve already realized that whoever talks to Brit last will sway her, I see that as solid gameplay. Dr Will was great at what he did cause he knew the last person to talk to HOH before the POV, and nomination ceremonies had the best chance to sway the HOH

      • You have to be joking!! They are the worst pool players I have ever seen! Can’t stop laughing at their games with Enzo spraining his tongue with every shot!

    • They funny thing about people who totally float through the game like them is….unless there 2 floaters in the final 2 no one will vote for a floater unless they are forced to….Nobody is giving $500,000 to someone who lost EVERY SINGLE COMP!!!

      • If you have watched the Live Feeds then you have seen that every single time that Lane has made a sexual advance in anyway she has shot him down completely…Just because she hangs with him doesn’t mean that she wants him like that….he wants her but hasn’t even gotten a small kiss…while on the other hand CBS has totally showed the disrespect for her fiance….They interviewed her Mom and made it look like she wants Lane as a Son….they interviewed Lane’s people and they want him to be with Britt…then they show Lane just going in about how lame her fiance is and that he would beat him up and Britt has never said anything close to those things in the DR….we wouldn’t have seen any of those interviews or DR’s if CBS didn’t think ruining her engagement was good TV!

      • seems to me, they did the same thing to Danielle and her bf with Nick

        and didn’t they do it with Natalie and Jessie-Roid?

        Ratings people…all about the dollar

        wake up already

  21. Get some balls Brit, better off, use Enzo’s… Because he is always wacking them anyway. I am so sick of him. I used to love the “meow-meow”, now I just think he is a *uss. Get rid of him. Matt is an OK guy. Just because he made friends with others, he never devulged the “Brigade”…can’t you be friends with anyone. I think the guys are homophobes and they don’t like Ragan. He is a crybaby, but he has indurance. We shall see, and won’t they be scrambling on Thrusday, at the double eviction, who will they HATE then. I love Lane, he is funny & cute. Just my opinion.

  22. Brit needs to put Hayden next to Enzo to cancel both their votes. Then she, Matt, Ragan and Brendon decide which one to dump.

    After that, Matt decides to team up with Brendon, feeling sure that if he takes Brendon to the F2, he will be a slam dunk winner.

    His lie is exposed while he and Brandon are F2. Everyone – especially Ragan – is ticked, and they all vote Brendon the winner.

  23. This is the first season there is no HG I want to win….just HG’s that I don’t want to win. Sad.

      • agree..this is one of the most boring seasons..I do hope Brendon stay’s I just think he want’s to take one of the best to the end..and i think that’s Britt, I think he’s loyal he never put her up..but she back stabbed him so now I hope she goes..and as for Ragan he is all drama..he made me sick last night all that crying..where in the world did bb get some os these people..useless..enzo..lazy lane..hayden just dumb he better watch out matt likes his shirtless body..LOL

  24. Enzo is so disgusting, my least BB player ever. I wish Ragan, Matt, and Brit would have a more solid alliance. Please Brit put up Hayden, and then we will have Enzo go home, and in the double eviction, Hayden!! I want Lane gone as well. I’m sick of those dudes.

  25. Ok. If Matt is a good competitor why not get rid of him? Make a deal with Bren, Lane, Hayden. Cause she thinks she can beat Lane n Hayden n Enzo so she does not have to worry about them. And she if she thinks if Matt is gone They will b going after Bren or Ragan. Then she can play her ass off n fight for herself or keep Bren on her side n tell him that who is left is after him. That way he would think she is right.

    • That strategy could work if it wasn’t for the fact that those guys have lost EVERYTHING….and now they are like well since we can’t beat Brendon let’s join him….I hate Brendon for not playing for his self but he doesnt lose with his back against the wall…and the “Guys” haven’t proved that they can get rid of Brendon or he would be gone this week!!

  26. I vote to evict the Chen Bot

    geezus…can we get someone out there with a lil more personality and not a robot

    Ellen maybe..or Chelsea lately…they will call it like it is

      • and that make up she wears….it looks like someone stomped all over her grill with golf shoes, then they just used spackle to cover it up

  27. cant wait to see who will be replaced on the block when brendan comes off. hope its matt or ragan that would be a big move in the game. then whos the big dummy now.cant stand the two of them cry baby and nasty man that thinks he has it in the bag. always trying to look like hes the hardest working bb player. Brendan has had to fight every single day since they entered the bbh. he deserves a medal for what he has to endure around all these backstabbers. he is trying so hard to keep his composure, and they give him no choice what soever in doing so. so hope he wins it all at the end.

    • he deserves a medal for having to wake up beside that stripper ho, and not have to gnaw his arm off to escape the bed and her clutches

      I don’t think I have ever been that drunk to bag something like that

      • Bren is a cry baby. He was a good gamer once, but lost it with the showmance. He doesn’t stand a chance to win now. It’s too late for him. Otherwise, I would root for him. I have no fav with this bunch of losers!

  28. Brit doesn’t have the votes to win, and never will. She needs to put up LANE. He will win if they don’t get him out ASAP. Matt should come next. Brit is not a gamer. She’s stupid, listens to everyone else, can’t decide for herself, and is disliked. They will throw her under the bus. I would like Bren, but he’s a cry baby too, and played the game, but lost too much focus with his showmance with Rachel. I don’t have a fav even now. I dislike Ragan the most! He’s a sniffling cry baby that is just so over the top it’s pathetic to watch.

    • Joey –
      I dont see Brit putting Lane up, 1. there is that secret crush thing happening. 2 She knows she would surely have 3 votes against her Matt, Hayden and Enzo. Right now regardless of his floating he is her only for sure thing for NOW, he wont turn on her YET. Brenden MIGHT be good to his word but she has broken hers to him more then once, and Ragan and Matt will infact stick together Im not sure why ( yes I am) so sadly Brit is not going to be making it to the end of this game. Not unless that little girl wins every POV and HOH she can from here on. I hate to say it, but she was the stronger girl player this season she lasted but the boys outnumbered it. I’ll just wait and see what she does this afternoon my excitment over there being in major game changers left a long time ago. (sigh)

      • Brit is not a STRONG PLAYER! She can’t make decisions and has no strategy. Whoever can, should get Lane out. I bet even Matt knows that. He just wants to save himself for now. I bet it he survives this week, he’ll figure out Lane should go before Enzo. If he doesn’t figure it out, he’s not a good gamer either. Whoever wins HOH next should target Lane ASAP. Even get him on the double eviction if they can.

      • Read that whole sentence again. I did not say she was a strong player, I said she was the stronger girl player this season ( hence she is the only girl still there.) Stronger does not mean smart nor did I say she was a smart player. Personally at this point Im not excited about who wins, Brit has won comps Bren, and Matt so they should be there to play. The rest can go the sooner the better in fact. Thanks for being a spectator in the house this year is what Id say to them on the way out.

  29. I want Brit to put up hayden and send Enzo home.. We won’t have to hear him meow or chomp is food which the sound of him chewing makes me sick I have to fast forward BBAD just to not hear him ewww!!!! Brit really is being totally manipulated by Lane her so called ally I wish she would know what he says behind her back!!

    However Enzo doesn’t ever win so she would beat him in a comp She needs to get out Bigger competitors that won’t help her in the end!!

  30. Matt is telling everyone he is going to talk to Brit about putting up Ragan. They are all agreeing to do the same.

    • That is so stupid. Ragan isn’t a threat. Altough it will be fun to put him over in the JH with Rachel. Otherwise, he’d not be my target. Matt needs to focus. Get Land OUT NOW.

  31. I like Ragen, and he’s a vote with Brit and Matt which is good. But I really don’t think Enzo would get any votes from the jury…so perhaps putting up Ragen and sending him home and keeping Enzo will help both Brit AND Matt’s game later on…all they need to do is replace Ragen’s vote with Brendon’s for a week or two.

  32. Enzo again not to dirty his hands along with Hayden sent Lane to talk Britt about getting rid of Mattand Britt told him no.In listening to Evil Dick last night he said that production edit things out. But this production of BB acts like they are the puppet master.And they are pulling the strings as to who goes and who stays. They give a new meaning to Diary Room.

  33. Enzo needs to go ASAP. Everytime I watch Big Brother After Dark, Enzo has his hand in his pants and is playing with himself. What’s even more disguisting is the BB cameras zooming in on Enzo while he’s touching himself. Sickening!

  34. Ashli Rae, what live feed were you watching? The convo between Lane and Britney did not play out the way you portray it. It was more like, Lane tries to convince Brit why she should take out Matt, Brit explains to him that it’s totally useless to her to do that and she would probably go next week, Lane is speechless and all “Oh well I haven’t thought of this plan”

    • I really hope so. Then no more of that silly azz grin and him and Ragan thinking they are all that. The one who has fought the hardest is Brendon and should win it all. Love ya Brendon.

  35. Good Day BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew!

    Matt needs to be backdoored! Nuff said!
    Bren won POV yahhhhhhhhh! Now he needs to keep a cool head and strategize not personalize!

    • Brit now talking to Hayden. Sounds like she will be putting up Matt or Ragan. Brit says she completely trusts Hayden, Enzo, and Lane. She is such an idiot.

  36. Send Matt and Enzo home on Thursday, and bring Rachel back as a surprise twist. That would bring up the ratings!

  37. Hey people, don’t forget about the life long friends in the house.
    Note: What if Lane & Brit are them, which would mean they would be or not be engaged. Remember Brit’s pic with Nick, he could be related to Lane, far fetched, maybe, buting something to think about.

    • For the billionth time, it was a lie. America gave both saboteurs the suggestions on what to do. Everything they said and did was BS to the 1000th degree

  38. Let’s keep in mind that if Matt gets put up he has said he will blow up the Brigade’s spot. If he does this, that could turn out well for Brendan….he could end up winning this whole show…not to mention Matt & Hayden were notes as saying that if Brendan made it to the final 2 it would be hard for them not to vote him as the winner because he had to overcome so much

  39. Brit’s only chance of survival is getting Matt out. The Brigade wants her out and by keeping an alliance with Brendon, she has at least one person on her sorry ass side.

    Lane and Hayden will turn on Enzo if he doesn’t win HOH. Ragan will cling to Brit when Matt is gone. Matt is too good of a competitor and he will seal her fate if she keeps him around thinking he will help her stay in longer. If she was smart she’d throw Lane up, but she isn’t playing with her head well enough to realize she is just his puppet.

    Maybe Lane is actually the criminal mastermind.

    • Any way you slice it, Brit and Lane, if they stick together, are in the catbird seat because there are a number of different moves they can make to get to final two.

      They can boot out Matt and then align with Ragan and Brendon against Enzo and Hayden. Or they can boot out Enzo tonight and align with Hayden and Brendon against Matt (and Ragan). They can later work against any remaining people standing in their way to the final two.

      The other remaining “pairs” in the house do not have as many alternative moves because they do not have as many ties to as many different people as Lane and Brit do. Lane can control what’s left of the Brigade, while Brit can control Ragan and have influence over Matt. The other pairs are basically on their own.

      This leaves Brit and Lane (the lovebirds)able to win the game, share the proceeds of the one and two finishers, get married and live happily ever after.

  40. When Brandon and Rachel were in their room Britt was outside listening to the door. Now is the time for her be nosey. Because she is not going get the truth.Break up the alliance as we know are the Brigade.

  41. Growing up in a state that borderies Ark. I can tell you that Brit was not just raised by a family,but rather a village. I grew up with 4 big brothers and 4 nephews so I have had men around me all my life. She is not flirting with lane, she is just reacting to him as a friend in her world. She isn’t desperate for male attn. she got enough of it at home. She has so much more class than so many house guest before her even if she does talk about the other h/g. Listen to all of them and find me one other than Brendon who does not make fun of every one who is gone. I am not fond of him but he and lane do less trash talk than any of the others. I think we all should e-mail BB and tell them if they don’t stop editing to promote bugger picking, crouch scratching,and talking about banging girls that we will just watch reruns (LOL) all summer. what is all this thinking they are gonna be movie stars after the show? Who told them that. The way they are all so aware of the cameras and playing to America makes me ill. No one has became famous. Has anyone seen anybody except J&J on any other show? I don’t want to see a movie with Enzo in it. LOL

    • LOU – I can say I agree totally but I do hope at this point to see Brit and Brenden in Final 2 and just see where the votes fall, I know Brenden may not have them to win but hey 250k is better then nothing. I am not a fan of neither of them but after Matt walks they will be the 2 left that have actually fought an won to be in the house so I would like to see them put the difference aside and see that they can take the rest of the house out. WE shall see what transpires Thursday geeezzz it never gets here fast enough..

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