Big Brother 12: Week 7 Tuesday Live Feed Highlights

My gosh can the HGs go over some more Big Brother 12 stats and numbers and sequence of events?  I think I could play for HoH and beat them all because I’ve had to listen to it for the past 2 or more days!  Geez!  How about this?  You all know I’ve pulled for Matt all season but I can’t take another lie.  He’s told so many he has to be a diabolical super genius just to keep track of them all.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 24, 2010:

9:30 AM BBT –  Brendon is up and talking to the camera’s.  Says he is more compassionate towards Britney and needs to take her to final 2 because he can beat her.  He continues his talk with himself for a long time and finally wonders if Rachel is missing him and having fun in the jh.

 12:30 PM BBT – Ragan tries to tell Matt that it’s the 3 boys that want him out and talking to Brit, not Brendon and that he (Matt) is in denial.  Matt says he’s going to fight to stay but Ragan wants to be left out of it and doesn’t want his name brought up in any way.

1:25 PM BBT –  Matt tries to tell Lane that he’s still part of the brigade and that Brit and Enzo have a side alliance.  So Matt is grasping for straws now.  Meanwhile Enzo takes off the penguin suit and screams at BB for giving his clothes to charity as he puts on someone else’s shorts.   

2:30 PM BBT – Brit and the 3 boys compare notes on what Matt has told them and find out he’s been lying to everyone.  They say Ragan is trying to stir up trouble as well because he told Brit they really didn’t want to get Brendon out. 

3:25 PM BBT –  Lane grill burgers for everyone except the have nots.  Matt’s drinking beer and says that Ragan wants to get out Lane and Hayden but not Brendon.  Ragan just told them he was getting Brendon out for Matt.  WTH is wrong with Matt?  The lies are really getting on my nerves today.

3:40 PM BBT –  Lane and Hayden want to get Ragan out before Brendon and Brit now.  They think he knows too much.  What is there to know besides the brigade alliance can’t win crap?   They haven’t done ANYTHING!

4:06 PM BBT – Matt’s been talking to Lane and Hayden pledging his loyalty to the brigade.  He said he’ll continue to tell them what Ragan says.  To be a diabolical super genius this guy can be really stupid. 

4:34 PM BBT – Lane goes to change and oops, he shows off his manly parts. There you go ladies, something to start balancing out all the Rachel nudity from earlier.

5:00 PM BBT –  The hg’s are either sleeping or studying for the upcoming quiz.  It’s pretty boring right now.

6:17 PM BBT –  Matt comes out of the DR and Ragan tells him the three boys were whispering the whole time.  Ragan tries to get Matt to realize they have a final four deal with Brit and doesn’t see how Brendon can’t see that.

6:31 PM BBT – Hayden says he seriously thinks Matt is a gay relationship with Ragan.  lololololol 

6:52 PM BBT – Enzo thinks this season’s DR’s have been the best ever.  You’ve got to be freaking kidding me!

8:30 PM BBT – The hg’s get a badminton set.

12:37 AM BBT – Matt tells Ragan that if he is so sure the three guys are going to make it to the final 3 then why not put two of them up if he wins HoH and throw a kink in their plans.  Sounds like Matty is starting to wise up a little.

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I’m hoping Matt will come to his senses and out the brigade sometime today but with all his running back and forth from them to Ragan I just don’t know if he will do it.  It’s coming down to who has played the best game and that’s who I want to see win.  That person was Matt but with him leaving Thursday I’d rather see anyone win but the three stooges.

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  1. Uhhhhggggg!!!!!!! Matt really needs to leave all he does is lie, and cant win anyway cuz once ppl realize that he lied about his wife they wont vote for him, he is disgusting GO LANE!!!!!!!

    • If you can’t tell lies, you don’t belong in the house. Give me a break – look at all he lies that EVERYONE has told. I will really hate to see Matt go, and still hope he can pull out a miracle.

      • Thank you summer! Finally someone agrees with me! Matt definately has a shot at staying in the house.
        1. Since Enzo broke the have not rule, he will recurve a penalty vote. He might have another one, because he takes off his penguin suit sometimes and he is still eating.
        2. Matt seems to rebuild the bridge with ragan, so there’s one vote, now it’s 3-2. If he can get Brendon, then he is in, and he has one day to pull him over. Brendon needs to realize that he has a better chance of making it to f4 with the stronger Matt, brittany, and ragan.

      • If only everyone could think like this.

        I am disappointed that Matt is willing to destroy the game of Ragan, who has always been compassionate, understanding, willing to listen and loyal. Ragan has CAMPAIGNED for Matt. I know it’s just a game, but it’s pathetic.

      • @Survivor – really don’t think that Brendon will vote to save Matt. Not if Hayden and Lane are voting to keep Enzo, because Bren owes Matt nothing after he called him a big dummy when he used the DPOV. Seriously, what was that? An excuse to be catty because Brendon was “dumb” enough to assume he could have gotten you out of the house because he had no clue you had the DPOV? Doesn’t make sense!

        However, I do agree that perhaps Lane could swing his vote, and that Enzo COULD have up to two penalty votes cast against him for breaking the rules.

      • you do not want to! LOL! I just watched the archived feeds and I am so grossed out! LOL! I am so team Lane, but am still in shock! LOL! I did not find it on you tube like someone said it was on. You can just google lane in shower bb12 and good luck!

    • How can anyone cheer for someone who has done nothing. Lane, Haydon and Enzo are all useless, they can’t win competitions, they barely cook, they don’t clean, they don’t do laundry, all they do is talk behind brendan’s back, what good are they.

      They should never have been picked for big brother. They are a disgrace to this game.

      If one of them win, they will go down as the worst big brother winner.

  2. Matt is really a compulsive lier!!! he’s getting on my nerves too. He needs to go now!!!
    I hope he goes now and then Enzo in the double elimination because he has such a huge mouth and with his meow meow hasn’t won crap!

    • NOBODY in the Brigade has done anything except ride Matt’s coattails. Biggest bunch of losers ever. Not one of them deserves to win as far as I am concerned.Next season, if there is one, I hope they bring in some PLAYERS, not the typical flamboyant gay guy, blond bimbo, and good looking, but DUMB hunks. That stuff is getting very, very old.

      • Summer…Agree totally…I also do not understand anyones support of Lane…He has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING..from the moment he stepped into that house..

      • and yet he will most likely outlast everyone and make it to the finales for that fact alone. He goes up against enzo, hayden or ragan he probobly has a good chance at getting teh votes. Honestly i doubt anyone would be taht stupid enough to bring brendon to the finals and it looks like britney might be going in the double eviction so really, his floateing style will get him farther then most people ever did.

  3. I have no doubt that Matty will leave this week but he should out the brigade to Ragan before he leaves. Dont tell Britt sh*t cuz she is acting stupidly lately, maybe Lane is really Nick. Wise up Matt and do some damage to the brigade before you leave.

    • I doubt there’s anything he could do at this point to really hurt the three stooges. They’ve been accidentally bumbling thru this season with nothing but luck and the the other hg’s stupidity so far.

      I liked Matt too for awhile (especially when he defeated the dragon) but this past week he’s been playing with blinders on. There’s no excuse for his sense of loyalty to the three stooges.

      Right now our only chance for a non-brigade final is Ragan winning HOH on Thursday.

      Anyone else wins and I’m afraid we’re going to see Hayden or Enzo in the final two…or god forbid both.

      • if Matt goes but he reveals the Bro-gade and Ragan or Bren wins we’ll see Enzo/Hayden/Lane (2 of 3) put up for sure.

        Pretend Matt’s gone, who’s left to win HoH, only those two… one of the stooges would have to luck into winning.

        Since they are prepping for a HoH quizzing; Hayden might be the only one that can retain that info for maybe 24 hrs. i know that’s being generous.

        Enzo is Enzo, is he even concerned about it and Lane is an old country boy, if the answers doesn’t contain possums or raccoons he’s lost.

        But you know what they say “expect the unexpected”.

    • What’s really pathetic is that they all think they are going to become famous. (Maybe in their dreams) In reality, they will be remembered until this season is over, and they will then be forgotten and can go back to their deary little lives. I can’t wait for the weasel to go. I have watched very little of BBAD this season cause I can’t stand Ragan. He is a poor excuse for a human being. I hope he gets some serious therapy. I hope that Matt exposes eveybody before he leaves, and once he does leave, I am through with BB for this year. What a waste it has been!!!!

      • Remember when Andrew left and the HG’s were giving their DR votes. I’ll never forget quote, unquote, Ragan when he cast his vote, he said: Julie I vote to institionalize and evict Andrew. What’s he smoking ?? lol He is way beyond how Andrew acted and IMO should be taken out of the BB house in a straight jacket and stretcher for all his dramatic crying, pouting, etc, etc, etc. !!!

      • Summer…I agree again…There is absolutely NO reason for Matt NOT to out the Brigade…At this point it would ony confirm what everyone is already suspecting..

      • Matt will, if anything, become famous for his lie about his wife and that will be long-remembered.

      • have to agree on the therapy part… but would add that this GROUP of Hg’s have more candidates as a whole for therapy then any group previously… and there have been some sickos in the past.

      • Ragan has ruined after dark for me as well, with all of his pouting, whining,and crying, who can stand that! I also hate the way him and Matt talk about being so famous when they leave. I hope Matt leaves 1st thursday with his little showmance partner Ragan right behind!

      • summer u r being really stupid and getting on everones nerves. Yes a bit of lying is fine in the game. but matt… show wat moral u have if youre rooting for him nd dont even bother replying to this cuz im not gonna bother reading it!

  4. This season is the worst. It’s like these people have never seen this show/game before. No body wants to win comps. Everyone is worried instead of just playing. There has not once been that big house split on an eviction. It’s like everyone wants to just be friends and have a cook out, instead of getting serious about the game.
    Matt is going to regret throwing that last hoh comp, but I think he did it to go against Brendon next week for hoh. Too bad his buddies are going to move along without him.
    At this point Brit and Brendon are going to be the ones I cheer for because they have played hard and won comps.

      • How dare peolple not hate eachother and scream at eachother non stop for our entertainment?!! what jerks!! who gave them the right to be friendly and decent?!!!

      • There’s no question that Matt threw the most recent HoH comp. He intentionally picked the wrong answer on an easy question, smiled as Julie announced he was eliminated, and gave a thumbs up to the camera before walking away to the bench.

      • Okay I watched the HOH comp again and noticed what Matt did. I was so distracted by Enzo being a slow poke that I didn’t look at what Matt was doing.

  5. I am so mad if Matt doesn’t out the brigade he is a fool. I cannot stand the personal attacks that brit bren and enzo do on the house that is not game play…..

  6. If Regan win HOH he should really put up 2 of the brigades (hyden and Lane)now he knows it’s not so much Brandon that wants Matt out as to the 3 stooges so stratigicly he should If one wins POV (do pigs fly????) that he still has penguin boy so one of them will go home

  7. Don’t like Matt– he tells one lie after the other, it’s ridiculous! Why lie abt things that are truly indifferent to the game!

    I use to love Britney but she is undoubtably from Arkansas bc she is stupid as dirt!! “I feel bad for Enzo bc he hasn’t seen his daughter in 60 days!!” HE SIGNED UP FOR THIS SHOW KNOWING THIS WOULD HAPPEN!! The 2 people who have saved you, who had your back last week are suddenly on your priority list to vote out?? She’s a joke…I want her to walk out right after Matt just so she knows what it’s like to be backstabbed!

    This season sucks!! Nobody is playing the game, nobody is making any power moves. Production has run out of things to build suspense. Matt gets an amazing power & puts up Kathy! 3 people left in the game have won nothing & deserve nothing. I’m in awe at the level of stupidity– last week was Lanes first week on the block, this week is Enzos yet these guys have never won anything…can people not see they’re being punk’d???

    Hayden wants to go to final 2 with Lane which I think will be the best!! Nothings gonna piss Enzo off more thn making it that far & not winning!!!

    • What are you implying Dominique, that all people from Arkansas are stupid? That’s some stereotypical bull$hit coming from someone who can’t even spell. Like the correct way to spell undoubtably is undoubtedly.

      • I have been following the post all season, and this is the first time I am putting up a comment. My husband is from Arkansas, and while I do harass him about his potential DNA make-up, I can’t tell him nothing about being stupid. He scores in the 95 percentile on most standardized test.

      • So…Dominique.. Everyone from Arkansas is stupid? Hmmm..
        That is an interesting analysis. I would be curious to see how you attribute such a generalization? There are “stupid” people all over, as indicated in this very blog comment section. In addition, I would be willing to bet some “greens and hamhocks” that they are not all from my great state.
        If we scrutinize this theory, according to proper grammar, correct spelling, and general clarity in form and punctuation, I believe anyone on this blog can determine with fairly specific accuracy, who is or is not, stupid.
        Proud Arkansan…

      • Thanks A-R Admin, that comment was crazy imposive, no need to bash ppls from other states or countries, completely inappropriate! i can’t stand brittney either, but it has NOTHING to do with where she’s from .

      • Good for you Janet from Arkansas…go girl!!! I am a Canadian, consider myself fairly intelligent within the human race…and I don’t always say “eh” or “ain’t”…but sometimes, I will. No one is perfect. Obviously, Dominique is a little over indulgent with remarks about people from Arkansas. Bi fer nooow Dominique! (spoo…or I mean oops…just a little grammatical sarcastic humor…get over it Dominique…we are all good people!). Janet has a right to defend herself, since she wasn’t the one to bring up Arkansas in the first place. Everyone enjoy the BB12 this evening!

      • NO rmeimee, That’s not true, He did’t walk, He ran as fast as he could, Dominique when you jump into a Sanke Pit, you are going to get bit. Besides we all know that Texas is the best.

    • in Dominique’s DEFENSE – there’s a huge difference between intelligence & stupidity.

      some of the most academically intelligent people i know are stupid as hell when it comes to common sense situations.

      i think this is what dominique meant.

      (i hope i never misspell a word around here… dam – you guys are BRUTAL)!!

    • Who then????
      Cry baby or the foul mouth bitchy girl??
      At Least Brendon is playing the game with all is got

      • Just remember, if Brendon wins, he will split the money with the red-headed trickster. That should be enough for no one to vote for him.

      • he cant the money is his to keep beside I dont think that relationship will last once the show is over

      • If Brenda wins the money of course skanky is going to stick around. If he doesnt win then thats another story.

      • If there was no Rachel I would be totally on the Brendon team… And if he does win I can see him handing her the check at the end of the game and saying, here rach I only got this because of you and you deserve it more than I do lol. Wait and see.

      • I do fear that Brendon won’t win in the final 2 UNLESS he has Enzo with him (telling himself Brit is the one he should take is going to be his LAST mistake…) and all because of Rachel potentially getting her hands on that money. She would deserve some of it for helping Brendon along in the early game.

  8. Bonjour BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Alas the day is upon us (FINALLY) where we get to see the Veto Comp! Now we shall really know who won which hot prizes! FYI, I don’t care who hates Bren but he look so hot with out hair, who’d a figured?
    Sorry that was my hottie sideebar moment! ;) (trish oh my word of mylanta, he IS fine!)

    Ragan will HOH? Let’s hope not since I’m hoping he leaves pronto! Course it would be interesting to see him vs. Hayden in the quiz comp since acc to the feeds, these two recall the most details and in correct order!

    P.S I’m really glad that ridonkulous show is done in the bb joint (the tip or whatever, talk about moronic)

  9. Matt has never been the one playing the best game. He squandered his weeks as hoh, then didn’t play to win hoh last Thursday. Mensa? Really?

  10. The moves Matt has made up until trying to get the house to turn on each other now made sense, guys.

    Think about it, from the houseguests viewpoint just like Hayden said Matt was in the best position. He’s got both sides of the house covered while one side was failing (the brigade side). He put up Kathy insead of Hayden/Enzo for the fact that he felt he had to show his loyalty so they’d believe he’s not in an side alliance with anyone.

    Matt’s moves made sense from the houseguests perspective. From our perspective, there were things going on Matt had little clue about so he could not act on them.

    The whole DPOV speech IMO made Matt the target for the house. I’m rooting for Matt, btw. For some reason the other incredibly stupid houseguests figured “if he could lie about the DPOV, he could lie about everything der der!”. Maybe because he had to lie about the DPOV you KNEE-ANDER-TAHLS

    What a bunch of stupid houseguests besides Matt and sort of Ragan.

    Brendon is a whiny little pansy who feels like he is better than everybody “It’s what a knight does”

    Brittney is just clueless “I feel bad for Enzo he hasn’t seen his daughter in so long der der!”

    Hayden “I start a secret showmance but make out with Kristen while Andrew is clearly sleeping in the room”

    Enzo “Yo yo, they cast me because of Jersey Shore even though i’m just some loser from New Jersey. If you punish me for eatin food i’ll whack you yo”

    • Enzo deserves to get whacked but things are not looking good for Matt… it’s called a backdoor for a reason.

      And it’s going to take a miracle that it doesn’t hit Matt’s arse on the way out.

    • Matt made a huge miscalculation. He was completely aware of the fact that the Brigade had very loose loyalty to him. He wanted to express his loyalty to them by nominating Kathy and vocalizing his intentions to get rid of Brendon. However, this was a play to both sides, which is exactly why the Brigade doesn’t trust him. It isn’t so much about the fact that he had to keep the DPOV a secret, but that he is overstretched in the house.

      This game is all about giving people reasons to let you stay. People want Enzo to stay because he has little chance of getting the top prize if he goes to the end. Why should people keep Matt? So he can win HoH? No one really knows who he would put up because they can’t trust him. At this point, Enzo and Hayden would rather use Brendon and coerce him into getting rid of Britney and Ragan than to keep Matt. What Hayden doesn’t realize is that if he’s in the final 3 with Enzo and Brendon, he needs to win because neither of them would take him. Enzo would hope for the anti-Brenchel vote and Brendon would hope for the anti-floater vote.

      House guests have “value” in the house. Enzo has the highest value in this house; he doesn’t win competitions and he won’t get votes. If Matt goes this week, that’s a huge hit to Ragan’s value, as Matt will likely vote for Ragan. Britney has medium value; people know that she is targeting Brendon, but she has survivability. Different factors affect value depending on how they all come together and what the current climate is like in the house.

      • If this was true than explain why Kathy is gone?

        Or Andrew, Annie, Kristen, or Monet? All floaters and voted out right away, nobody would vote for them in the final 2.

        At this point if people want to make it to the final 2 they still have to be thinking who stands in their way.

        Brendon- Hayden, Enzo, and Lane WILL vote him or Ragan out next week if he doesn’t align himself with Brittney, Ragan, and Matt to evict Enzo. Those three have the numbers and will blame Brittney for getting rid of Brendon (they were just “doing” what she wanted, RIGHT).

        Hayden- Matt, obviously has broken trust with Hayden. He has a better shot making it farther in the game with Matt than Lane and Enzo combined though.

        Lane- I think Matt has back. Could be the outcast if Hayden, Enzo, and himself make it the final three. Hayden wouldn’t pick Lane and Enzo wouldn’t pick Lane. He would have to win in the final three to go to the finals.

        Ragan- Enzo, for obvious reasons. His only hope lies with Matt or Brittney, who he can’t really trust. If Matt goes, Ragan has possibly 2 evictions to stay in the house if he plays his cards right.

        Brittney- Matt, but Matt is still playing the card like he’s loyal to Brittney just in case. Brittney doesn’t know it but if Matt escaped this week and the four person possible alliance of Brendon, Ragan, Matt, and Brittney go to the final four Brittney has a good shot of going home. If Ragan would win he would also evict Brittney, because if it’s the three guys he knows whoever wins will take him.

      • simple Brad… Matty’s an idiot. he had the power to turn the game upside down and didn’t do it… Enzo instead of Kathy… but he’ll get his now.

  11. If Bren said that about Brit and why wouldn’t i believe the sweet Ashli… i’d have to say he has his head in this game more than i was giving credit.

    Here’s the key – is he believing Enzo/Hayden? if so he won’t vote Enzo out and that could be a big mistake.

    Getting rid of the head of the Bro-gade snake would help him more than not… that voting bloc has to be knocked down.

    Though his strategy could be, me & Brit can win out on the comps, too risky in case something goes wrong and chances are slim, include Lane or Ragan would improve your chances.

      • By any other name, sounds like the final three; the final two will be dumb and dumber… I keep waiting for someone to make a smart strategic move… Maybe Production is saving it for tonight’s show… (That’s the delusional optimist in me speaking…)

  12. When Andrew and Annie were evicted they left speechs that were true. What’s with Matt telling Hayden everything Regan tells him, is he still trying to be loyal? Knowing that they wants him out. If Britt feels sorry for Enzo and his daughter send him home to be with his baby. Hayden is acting like a spoil brat breaking things, Lane is going around yelling at DR ppl,Regan crying,Britt playng with her split ends or picking her lips,Matt is clueless, and Brandon wanting to be with Rachel talking to himself.Britt put up Matt to make a mend to Brandon for putting him up.When are the penalty points given?

    • If Enzo breaks another rule today he is guaranteed an extra vote against him or possible eviction.

      So if nothing happens by the end of today or before live eviction (he could eat before Live and break the rules still) look for him to be punished with either:

      1 extra day of slop
      1 extra week of slop
      1 vote against him

  13. What Matt doesn’t know is that Enzo and Hayden made a deal with Brendon. If he exposed the Brigade now, that would force Brendon to reconsider keeping Enzo. Brendon, now aware of Enzo’s deception and the imbalance of power in the house, could broker a deal with Matt to save him. The smartest thing Matt could do would be to say that he will throw the next HoH competition so that Brendon can win it, or promise that he will put up Britney. Exposing Lane’s allegiance to the Brigade would prompt Britney to send Enzo packing, if only to strengthen her own influence on Lane.

    Still, the eviction is tomorrow. If Matt waits to expose the Brigade until tomorrow, he won’t be able to garner the support. He needs calculated, well delivered diplomacy to win support.

    • I like this idea and I think Brendon would fall for the throwing the competition thing. Brendon has been talking to himself though and he wants to keep Brittney apparently. No way would Matt throw the competition but it would be awesome seeing my boy Matty stay at least another week.

      Matt and Ragan


      Hayden and Lane



      • ???? Does Matt need to expose the entire Brigade or just Enzo and possibly Hayden?? If he exposes all 3 then his involvement will come to lite..Confusing at best..How does he tell their secret without telling his??

      • Matt has to expose the entire brigade. Say that he was in an alliance with them and he made other friends and they got “jealous”. Say that if you trust any of them they’ll backstab you just like they did to him

        and get this, Rachel. If Brendon could actually believe this (partially true really, they do backstab. Maybe not the reason for Rachel going though) than he could probably sway Brittney into thinking that.

    • I “think” he is gonna expose them..but WHAT IS HE WAITING ON?? I don’t see any other options he has unless he can get a vote from B/H/L wich is a major longshot..He did ask Regan last nite about his vote Regan told him that he was going with the house unless Matt could find a way to stay..Matt asked him “what if I could find a way to stay??” Regan then ask “Do u have something in mind or a plan?” (not exact words) Matt said “possibly”..if he waits till giving his speech that is toooo late of course..He has options in making deals with a couple of people but his best bet is to out the Brigade ..but when???

  14. I like Matt’s lying. It’s not real life people!!! It’s a game. We all have bad stuff within… yours would come out too in unusual circumstances as this game called Big Brother

    • It’s just like poker. You wouldn’t expect someone to shout out after the flop, “oh hey everyone, I have a pair of Kings, just so you all know”. At least, you wouldn’t expect them to be telling the truth.

      Enzo’s eating is cheating, though. Keeping with the same analogy, his eating is like slipping extra chips into his pile. There are set rules in both poker and Big Brother, and you are free to act within those rules. But once you break them, you ruin the integrity of the game. If I caught someone slipping chips in their pile, I would make them place a sizable ante and sit out a few hands. Enzo needs to be punished.

  15. Can Matt B (Big brother network) send an email/twitter to the official Big Brother under BBN to bring this up?

    I think 400 comments of all saying he needs to be punished deserves a punishment.

    • While Matt BBN is at it perhaps he could take into consideration:
      Forum, BB12 Scandal ; page 2,post# 31

  16. People you are forgetting Hayden did win the first hoh and he also won 5K and the Hawaii vacation. I think hayden is alot like Daniel was in his season remember he did not start trying to win anything til about the last 3 weeks and he won!!! I did not like Brandon while Rachael was in the bb house but I do think he is playing good and could win.

  17. Who cares if Matt lies! Thats all Chill Town did and they are the best to ever play the game! lol

    • I was a Matt supporter and I didn’t care about the lies but he’s not being smart about it now. He’s telling each member of the brigade something different. For example to Lane he said Enzo and Brit had a final 2 deal and to Hayden that Enzo and Lane have a final two deal and so on. He’s not playing smart with his lies anymore because they have all talked about the different things he has told everyone.

      • Or maybe he’s trying to figure out who he should trust by seeing which lie comes out… If he’s keeping track of who got told what, he can figure i anybody has his back… Trouble for him is NOBODY does at this point… Just a theory as to why he is being so dumb… OUT THE BRIGADE, Matt, or pack your bags!

  18. I am finding it difficult to even comment on the game play or lack there of at present. There is no one to endorse to win. The ones left are not normal people, its sand box kids playing as being an adult how can I enjoy this for any length of time. I finally agree, selection of players this time was not the best, nor this season. Bad one.

  19. What I don’t understand is why is bb showing all the stupid crap they are talking about and not anyone talking game. maybe bb has something in store for the viewers tonight or thursday that could upset the entire game. Perhaps Matt did tell brendan brittney and Ragan about the Brigade and they are not saying anything until thurs. and then all hell will break out when double eviction comes and hayden, lane, go out the door. Enzo goes home next, and brendon matt Britt and ragan are the final 4 fighting it out. With Brendon and ragan going to the final 2 and Brendon wins it all since he fought the hardest and won the most competions in the game. Because last nights bbad was so stupid.

  20. No doubt this post will get me alot of flack but crap happens….I do not believe that Brendon is in any hurry to get rid of BRITTNEY. I think he actually likes and admires her as a person and a player. He has had chances to get her out.. 3 times (I think) but she is still there..I believe her game play and efforts to win are things he admires about Brittney. I’m guessing that what he says about her behind her back is not his true feelings which for good reason he can’t share with anybody else..Maybe I am wrong but we just have to keep watching..

  21. so matt has a glimmer of hope and the door is open just a crack sorry for the cleches(clee-shays). it can become open if matt gets waaandon to get his vote and then the tie brit would cast the vote to evict enzo and and i guess if that happens good and evil worked together just for this one time i hope that happens.

  22. Just a thought from last week. Does anyone remimber how happy everyone was when Matt came off the block? Why? What did it accomplish? If they were so happy to keep him why backdoor him 4 days later? It will take a miracle for Matt to stay. Maybe a miracle such as Enzo deciding that rules do not apply to him. who knows what production is gonna do if anything. Yes this season sucks but after last season everyone thinks foating will guarntee a win, and apparently it does. Matt has to shake things up to stay but he won’t.

    • Maybe Production could suggest a game of “TRUTH or DARE” to the HG’s.. if nothing else it would relieve some of the boredom..Don’t u think??

      • Oh no, no, no… I’m going to be in therapy for years trying to get Lane’s “Australian” story washed out of my head as well as Enzo’s hands-in-his-pants stuff… If they try a Truth or Dare session someone’s going to have to put me in an induced coma!

  23. Ragan keeps telling Matt he is in denial, that the boys have an alliance and they don’t want Brendon out, they want Matt out, and they are huddling up with Britney, NOT Brendon. Ragan also told Britney that the boys want to keep Brendon to take out him/her, that the boys are gunning for her. She rolled her eyes and told the boys what Ragan said. She is loving laying in the hammock surrounded by the boys, talking game, how Matt is lying to everyone.

    I think Bren may be receptive to working with Brit (not Ra so much) but if he is “sway-able” (ha ha) and Ra is on to the guys, if they could bury their hatchet between them and somehow reel Brit in, those 3 could do some damage. Unfortunately, young Brit is crushing too hard on Lane AND Hayden (and herself) right now. She’s is shotgunning the KoolAid, feeling superior to the boys after watching them “study” – her “army” as she calls them. And she was telling Hayden how after the show, she wants to go places just to be recognized and then leave, telling her “fans” she doesn’t have time to talk to them…and she wants to go to her brother’s school to make all his friends jealous and all of them will want to be his friend and she’s going to tell him to come along and tell the kids that he doesn’t like them anyway, never did and to get away! Obnoxious Britney is back. (sigh) Girl makes it so hard to pull for her. She also told Hayden – while they were making their Final 3 deal (with Lane) that if Hay/Lane go to Final 2, she’s not sure who she will vote for. When Hay said Lane of course, she said maybe not. She loves Lane to death but he doesn’t need it. She said when Lane’s brother was arrested, his family paid his bail that night and it was $100K! Hay agreed, saying Lane had a new house, new Tahoe, a Lincoln, a new gym…and Hay has a piece of crap car he paid a few hundred dollars for and needed to pay off student loans and help his mom.

    Unfortunately, Brit is planning her post-game celeb and who to vote for in F2. She’s a smart girl but isn’t using her noodle and her head isn’t in the current game. She’s standing in the middle of the tracks, flanked by the boys, in her tiara, listening to the intoxicating sounds of the boys whooping and cheering for her, as the light at the end of the tunnel grows brighter, she thinks it’s a spotlight and she’s doing the Miss America/”changing lightbulb” wave…BOOM!

    Wonder if she will still want to be recognized after she learns that Lane & Co totally played her all along? Girl better wise up.

    • bitchney is too young too immature too self centered and way too full of herself.

      that tunnel light is getter brighter and closer by the minute.

    • @ Angie: Brilliant.

      I was in Britney’s corner up until she nominated Matt for eviction. I kept thinking, ‘how could she do that to Ragan?’ Like him or not, Ragan IS loyal. And he is smart. He spelled out for her EXACTLY what was going on w/ the guys and how they were playing her. She made a HUGE mistake and may be walking out the door right behind Matt. Ragan has figured this game out all by himself. He is now spelling it out for Matt, who is running back and telling Hayden & Lane everything he says, and Ragan’s insight is making them nervous. Ragan (like Brendon) really is playing this game alone. The only difference is Ragan KNOWS he can only count on himself while Brendon still thinks he has support from the guys.

      • The HOH room has deluded her into a sensation of power… Once she’s out of the room, she may come to her senses, though I doubt it, and it will probably be too late for her anyway…

  24. I think Matt should wait until Thursday before he approaches Brenden and rat the Brigade out. With all the details he would be able to give, there’s a good chance Brenden would believe him. Brenden seems keen on taking Britney far and respects those that compete. So I think Brenden voting to keep Matt is very do-able. Then get britney in on it and rat the brigade out to her and then you sell the final 4 of Brit/Bren/Matt/Ragan and try to pick off the remaining Brigade. If matt starts this before Thursday, you leave too much time before live eviction for a lot of crap to happen.

    • brendon loves competition.

      getting rid of matt is a competitive win.

      brendon 1

      matt 0

    • I agree, That could work, But Matt would have to have ragan with him, and ragan is on brendon’s hit list and at the top, So ragan would have to go to brendon first and say he’s sorry for everything he said too or about rachel, then it would be Matts turn, then britney’s, Then Matt might have a chance, Because if brendon went to the three amigos they would say, Not us it was Matt and ragan, Matt better get off his but and get moving.

  25. there is no upside for matt to expose the flaoating brigade.

    it only verifies that he’s a lying sack of s%@*

  26. I don’t agree that Matt’s big mistake was putting up Kathy. Had he put up Brit (who would have left and not been around to win HoH) or a BG – he would still have been Target Numero Uno (and he knew the BG was offering him up at that point). I think his mistake was throwing the HoH comp. At least when Ra threw comps, Matt was the only person left so Ra knew Matt would win and Matt was his partner. Matt bailed on the HoH comp early because he was so self-assured that he was safe with any outcome (since Brend couldn’t play). Had Matt competed, he likely would have beat Enzo (let’s hope so) and, yes, Brendon won POV, but at least Matt would live to fight for the next POV. He would have to worry about the 2nd eviction, of course, since he suspected it was coming, but he would have had this whole week to forge alliances/campaign/cause mischief to keep off the block. If he was put up, he competes for POV.

  27. @ashli rae, You for got to say, right with the pictures of Kristen, If you look at the picture you will see that Kristen has shown more of herself that rachel has.

  28. Matt may not be gay, but he def has gay tendencies. LOL. Especially after the whole shirtless Hayden dream. I like Matt. I’d like him to stay and see him duke it out with Ragan (his boyfriend) at the end. Im not sure how Im feeling about Brit right now and for some reason I like Brendon again. Go figure.

  29. Please ppl let it go. Matt the Ratt needs to go. He is a smug little liar. I believe he is on the down low. He said he was in a homosexual showmance, and that he was dreaming of Hayden or Lane with his shirt off. He also told his wife that he loved her but was sorry, he is just confused right now. What’s that? Yeah, it’s a game and they all lie, but his lies has caught up with him now he just needs to go lay down on someone couch.

    • I’m pretty sure he’s not gay.The whole “cuddle buddies” thing is just poking fun at how Ragan is sometimes.

      Same with shirtless Hayden. Basically poking fun at how Hayden never wears a shirt for some reason. If anything, I’d say Enzo is gayer than Matt. Always has his hands in his pants around other guys (if your family it’s okay) and if I had to guess anyone in the house was gay besides Ragan it would be him.

  30. I’d rather see Enzo go but I don’t think Matt will be able to pull that off. If he does pull it off then he deserves to win the game. Hopefully Ragan will be the second evictee of the night!!!

  31. We have been rooting against Matt from the beginning because of the despicable lie regarding his wife’s non-illness. Anyone who thought that was a smart move going in is so morally bankrupt, they need saving from themselves.

    But, no, he has proven himself to be such an abject idiot it seems like that is the least of his problems.

    He knew prior to playing the DPOV that the Brigade was going to throw him under the bus. He knew then he was odd man out. Yet, he persisted in spite of Ragan’s warning, to believe that he had a chance of staying, to believe he could win against Enzo, the biggest waste of skin in the game (pouty, whiny, worst competitor ever).

    It’s like Matt is a little insecure boy who so wants to be part of the boy’s club that he’s become delusional. Instead of putting Kathy up, he should have put Hayden up. He then may have made it past Thursday.

    Yet, he was so keen on remaining a member of the ridiculous “brigade”, who will go down in history as the most self-absorbed, delusional, ineffectual group in BB history, that he gave up his shot at winning to be their sacrificial lamb, over and over again. Amazing.

    • Taking out 1 BG member with the DPOV alone would just paint the target on his back with Indi-Glo paint. He would have to have won the subsequent HoH and “finish the job” (as he said to Kathy) and take out Lane (after Hay left during the DPOV), leaving only Enzo who isn’t a big threat to win anything and doesn’t have the charm to elicit allies (except Brendon who will be upset when Hay goes). Lane/Enzo push for Brit to put up Matt for taking out Hay (plus Brit likes Hay ALOT) and Bren/Enz conspire same for taking “their” boy, Hay. Brit still puts up Matt. Matt had to win the HoH instead of Brit, in order to stay. At that point, Matt would have to continue to decimate the BG – not be drawn into them again. When he (as HoH) took out Lane, Brit will be mad again. But that would leave only Enzo, Ra, Brit & Bren in the game. He’d be a big target but he could fight for POV the next week which Bren would prob win (so Enzo would be safe) and Ra or Brit would leave. Matt would prob get out the “other” one (Ra or Brit) since Bren won’t vote out Enzo. Like they say, can’t play the “What if” game in BB.

    • If I was in the Brigade I would have been concerned on Day 1 whentheir first order of business was coming up with secret nicknames for each other. Sheesh. When Matt decided to “free lance” and made HoH selections without consulting them, it was clear this alliance was doomed. Are there any four people alliances that make it in this game, though?

  32. I really don’t get whats up with the brigade hate. sure enzo is truly awful at comps but there has not been anything the BG needed to win to stick around. there strategy has just been to lean back. this week they’ll lose the member whom they dnt trust anymore (matt). After this week i predict they’ll take control. hayden and lane can’t really be that bad at comps they just havent needed to win. Tell me y after hayden and matt have won HOH’s y u would want another one not nominate them and then risk exposing the alliance or jsut sit back and watch other people around you get out.

    They have played it well to this point but if u dnt win at the end u lose. we’ll find out whether the brigade is really that weak at comps or if they’ll step up and take the game over from here on out. look at Dan season 10 (i didnt watch 2 or 7 so i can’t compare him to Will) dan threw all the begining comps past as a weak player then dominated the game from just before the double eviction to the end

    As for me im cheering for Breadon as it would b awesome if he could make a run the whole way. But if someone else made a big power move i would appauld that it’s time someone does it this season.

    • You know – that has bothered me this season. I guess it’s different if you’re in the house but…. Lane – Hayden – Enzo – – – So they don’t win EVERY comp…Little bitty Matt & Ragan win physical comps – right along with Brendon. How is it possible – believable – that Lane & Hayden & even Enzo can’t win SOMETHING???? Seems you have to know something’s up. You have to be suspicious of young, healthy jocks who can’t win phys comps. I don’t see them writing off the jocks. You have to be suspicious they’re laying in wait.

  33. I AM A BRENDON FAN AND I TOTALLY HOPE HE WIN BECAUSE HE IS REALLY THE ONLY ONE AT THIS POINT PLAYING THE GAME AND WINNING COMPS NO MATTER WHO HE BAD MOUTHS OR HAS BAD MOUTHED EVERYONE TALKS S*** SO WHAT AND FAR AS HIM NOT WINNING because he’s in love with rachel so whats thats the dumbest reason to be againgst someone if it wasn’t for rachel the game would have never got started everyone would still be cuddled up under each other being so boring she began the entertainment she was not afraid to make moves and force people to choose between the house and their friends she won the comps she was a game player so wat if she ran off at the mouth she stood her ground and played against the house when everyone else was scared to think for theirself.

  34. Matt and Ragan are obviously morons. There best chance is to make a final four with Brendon but Ragan is too blinded by his hate and Matt is in denial regarding his “Brigade” alliance. If Matt where the diabolical genius he thinks he is, he would bring Brendon and Ragan together. Brendon is dumb too because he ought to be wooing Matty and mending bridges with Ragan.

    Brittney will then be the floater but she may find she’s got a better chance with Ragan/Matt and Brendon because a) they win competitions and she may be the “#3” in the relationship since Ragan and Matt will gun for Brendon when/if they reach final four.

  35. When you are thinking the game is going one way,the DR calls someone in.Then there is a change. If the production feel that Matt and not Enzo will bring up the ratings they will find a way to keep Matt.In following this game you have to expect, the unexpected.

  36. Has Enzo been relieved of the penguin costume? If not, he’s flaunting the rules yet again. This guy is unbelievable.

    • Maybe I spoke too soon. He now has the costume on but has been called to the DR.

      I don’t dislike floaters, it appears to be a valid game strategy. What I do dislike are people whose only strategy was to ride the coattails of others while professing who they will nominate when they win the next HOH, only to fail miserably at comps time and time and time again.

      My college sophomore daughter just told me that is the longest runon sentence she ever read! LOLOLOLOL!

  37. OMG will this season never end. Ever think about replacing the producer. Ok. I know just stop watching. Keep your job lady but try and get some action next season if you have any fans left. Not sure. These people are creeps. Usually you have a few good eggs and then the bad seeds. This time it is justy plain weary. Have not been on computer all week due to bordom. Are you going to let the jokers just waste this season or are you going to do something. Are you going to leave the lazy boys alone and not make just one earn the money? Are you going to just give it away?

  38. Matt can be saved if he outs the brigade to Brenden, Regan , & Brit. He tells them everything from day one and tells them they should go to the final 4. They would have 7 POVs and 4 HOHs between them. The other 3 has 1 HOH and it was a team comp. Matt should then offer to throw the first final 4 HOH comp. They might take that deal.

    • No F4 deal with Brit – She blabbed to Lane & Co that Brendon approached her about F3 with him/Ragan. Then she trashed BOTH of them.

      • Wow, really? She must really hate Brendon. I hope they have the camera on her face when all this treachery is revealed to her and how honorably Brendon played (compared to Lane) and maybe she will feel ashamed of her actions.

  39. Just lost trying to catch up, as I have missed it and won’t subscribe due to $$$ issues, Is there a double eviction Thursday? How does that work? Like I keep saying Brendon needs to turn in his tiara for big boy pants, It’s a win/lose situation for him as if he does win the $$$ Rachel (or as I like to call her the drag queen) will be doing all she can to get 1/2 (even if it means a quickie marriage in Vegas). Britney is the only female left she plays and yes she is caddy she is female lol but use your femininity to your advantage , Regan from one gay male to another you are a disgrace, you whine more than my 5 year old niece. Matt- Karma will kick you in the head for lying about your wife, Lane although you are great eye candy, you must be a redneck if you have muscles and don’t put them to use what the hell are they for then..Enzo the Disney channel called and wants you to take over for Mickey Mouse, Meow Meow says the Penguin, Hayden your hair products are seeping into your brain.

    My guess for final 2 is Brendon and Britney

  40. Matt will not be believed like the boy who cried “wolf!” he has told so many lies that the HGs know about that even if he ” outed the brigade” he wouldn’t be believed. What you sow…

    • Maybe so, but Lane is starting to needle Matt on BBAD in the backyard, sorta like a schoolyard bully. Lane didn’t want to leave Brit alone with Matt & Ragan and inserted himself between them. Maybe she will wise up if she pays attention.

  41. i think that MAtt is the mosty stupid person to play this game. More than Jordan last season, which she WON??? dnt get it. Brendon and Brittaney should be final 2. Heres how it should play off:
    Ragan should go home tonight at double eviction with matt
    Lane should leave next week.
    Enzo is next.
    Then Hayden. Hope this plan works.

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