Big Brother 12: Week 7 Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll see what happened in the latest PoV competition and have confirmed to us who won the Power of Veto. If you’ve been following the spoilers then you already know who won!

It’s been an insane few days in the house and everything has been tossed upside down. Noms have been made, Veto events have destroyed everything, and there’s even been some flagrant rule violation thanks to Enzo eating anything he can get his Have-Not hands on. Double eviction will be all we need come Thursday.

If you haven’t been watching the feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on the live feeds new Flashback feature which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome so go ahead and try it for free and you’ll get $10 of free mp3s. Seriously!

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  1. ..c’mon now Enzo, really, eating everything and anything you can get your hands on and with a penguin suit on (no doubt) — has BB imposed any sort of probation on Enzo yet?

    • They cast an extra vote on Jen for eviction for eating when she wasnt suppose to, if you remember….. Maybe Matt ISNT the first to leave tonight….

      • Some kind of penalty should face Enzo. If they don’t then anyone could break rules and if they try to enforce penalties people could sue CBS, because they allowed it before and it’s discrimination. They should give him a top hat and cigar (Batman) and kick him out the door. He thinks he is so cool. I don’t like the way he says we have to put a hit out on Matty. I really don’t like anyone, but this gang talk and all his codes is sickening.

    • I have a question- if I remember right does Julie hug or shake hands with the evicted hg’s? If so whenever Enzo goes I hope they not only make him was his hands but take a shower! I mean if he isn’t having his hands down his pants scratching/playing etc then he is smelling his hands which is totally gross to or touching everything in the house others have to touch to. And Matt with his hands down his pants all the time not as much as Enzo I do hope that is a question for BB13 interviews I mean that is something I am tired of watching!!!

  2. Brendon — even with your shaved head — you’re still a bag full of eye candy — yum

      • I think he looks cute go Brendon, hold your head up high u fought really hard for pov thats more then the others besides britt did. it was a no brainer and the ones without the brains proved it by going with the prizes instead of fighting to stay in the house.daaaaaaaaa And as for Hayden for someone who keeps crying poor, why would u take a trip and $5k half that money goes for taxes daaaa again you will still be poor at the end of bb, when everyone finds out from Lane and Enzo u took the prizes

      • Brendon the stalker, he is just nasty the way he would follow Rachel around the house BRENDON THE STALKER!!!!!

    • i just threw up all over everything… he’s good looking i admit but he’s oblivious a man-whore, here’s hoping he always uses protection, else it might fall off one day.

      get in line, Sexxy Mum.

  3. Nope.

    Hayden has gotten probation for breaking a vase and he’s gotten probation other times. Enzo has broken 3/4 rules, which other houseguests have gotten

    Kevin ate one grape: 1 extra day of slop
    Jen bit into an apple: 1 vote against her

  4. Enzo knows the rules but yet chose to ignore or think they don’t apply to him. Should be interesting what BB plans as punishment, maybe extra week of slop….1 or 2 ghost votes…we shall see !!!

      • Yes please give him penalty votes
        and send penquin home…he is the most
        rotten player in the game……….
        and the laziest…………

      • Enzo is all talk and no action. Typical BS artist. He’s a con-man, that’s about it.

      • Enzo should be punished for eating..he should not be able to play in next challenge. not that he’s gonna win anyway..and he should have to eat slop til the end of the season, even in the jury house..if he refuses then send his AZZ home i’m so sick of’s not fair everyone else is eating crap so WHY NOT ENZO..not fair BB..

    • looks here’s the fair thing to do… he gets a penalty vote for every time he broke the eating rule… previously jenn got one for an apple, he needs to get a vote for each infraction.

      and if they tell him look you can just volunteer for eviction that way you can eat whatever & whenever you want in the jury house… com-pren-day, goomba. go sell your penguin suit on ebay. now meow-meow out of here.

      • I don’t think anyone would want to buy a dirty penguin suit on e-bay he said he isn’t going to wash it and it has shit stains on it! He said that last night on bbad!

      • If he gets an extra ghost vote for every single thing he ate, wont he end up with more votes than people left in the house? (Assuming no one would vote for him)By a vote of 14 to 7.. Enzo you are evicted from the Big Brother house!

    • Meow Meaw – Lets get a dog in there to get rid of that darn cat! Need someone with the gonads to push NJ Trash out the door back to the dump!

  5. I think they will eject him from the game. Someone said it was removed from the CBS website that it is a double eviction week. Of coure I have not checked it out, so I am not sure if that is true or not.

    BUT He could be the first eviction, just for breaking the rules. Straight to the jury house, I do not think they can afford to lose anyne else. Because they are shorrt one person as it is, that is prob why none of them have been sent home.

    I wonder if he would stay or go home and leave the game if he is evicted?

    • THERE WAS NO DOUBLE EVICTION MESSAGE ON THE CBS WEBSITE LAST NITE..I checked cause of so much “yes and no” concerning it

      • At the end of last Thursday’s show, Julie said there will be double eviction this week.

      • What Julie said is not being disputed..It is not on the CBS website (as of last nite) and commercials at this point are not announcing it..

    • If he gets “ejected” he goes home..if he gets “evicted” he goes to jury house ( or should)

      • Thanks graves for the clarification. I get the ejected / evicted messed up all of the time! :)

    • Hope he goes home..he’s so lazy thinking he’s running the show he’s ruuning of the bowels..that’s about it..what a Goober..even Goober could pump gas and work so Enzo is just a dumb AZZ..gooooo hoooome EEEEEnnnnnZZZZZoooo…not fair bb..he need’s punished…

      • all that bayone bore talks about is going home,or how it sucks in here yo! R u kiddin me !!! Ungratful stiff.Win something or stfu!!!!

  6. here’s an important question… lets say Enzo is getting a penalty vote for eating what he shouldn’t have.

    can anyone remember the timing of Jenn’s penalty vote being revealed in previous BB, she was on the block? was it before the hg’s plea to stay in the house or right after & before the vote?

    i believe this could make a difference and would be something Matt could use in his plea to stay.

    that penalty vote would also forego Brit having to be a tie-breaker and that would be a break for her as far as a jury vote goes.

    • The penalty vote was announced at the beginning of the eviction meeting..(Jen) I DON’T RECALL IF SHE WAS INFORMED BEFOREHAND OR NOT…But Brittney was telling MATT (when she was on slop)that she considered sneaking food but she was too afraid of getting caught,,Matt told her to do like Enzo and just go for it..Brittney said yeah I know he does it all the time..he would hide his head in the fridge and stuff his face if he wanted too. (not word for word but is close) So it is not a secret that Enzo has broke the eating rule..Now the costume thing is another matter..He should have to wear the head as well as the feet 24 /7..I have yet to see him with the face or the head of the suit on..Other players have been in his place and did not break the rules so why should his disrespect of game rules not apply??

      • he will prob lose some stipend $$$$.But it would be awesome if they took 2 votes from him thursday.All he talks about is going home, so F em,give him his wish……

    • jen was on the block. she got called into dr and informed that she would be penalized a point for eating. she ate a turkey burger and an apple…she was in her unitard when she ate it also. so she and enzo are in the same boat pretty much

      • Except he’s done it multiple times AND Jen never stopped wearing the unitard, not even in the pool. She made a swim suit out of the dang thing for goodness sakes.

        There’s A LOT of slacking from production this year. From the HG’s to the flexable rules – I mean come on. It’s not JUST slop anymore either. They can even have protein shakes and iced tea with no peaches – Wow!

  7. don’t know if it’s been discussed, it probably has… did anyone notice Matty with painted nails in Sunday’s episode, i think it was during noms?

    was there a message there? he is one strange dude and i’m wondering if his wife is wondering about him too.

  8. Matt considers himself to be a “PUNK ROCKSTAR” He is a member of a band called “Shooting Blanks” I would guess that the nail polish is just a prop..

  9. Look giving Enzo a veto penalty won’t hurt him, But taking brendon and hayden off Have Nots, and putting Enzo in the Have Nots room and lock the door until tommorow night with a (Porta Potty) and then after the vote, Then julie tells Enzo that He’s on slop for the week by himself, and if he breaks the rules again He’s gone. Now that would drive the point home to Enzo.

  10. I noticed the nail polish, black and silver, I am doubting he has a wife, I think him and Ragan are lovers. He is lil too weird, and Ragan was too emotional about him leaving, it’s a games, everyone has to leave eventually except 2. I can’t remember in his HOH was there a picture of his wife?

      • I am hoping Matt goes over Enzo. I don’t like Enzo, but I like Matt less. Matt’s wife was a real weirdo. She had strange teeth and stilted speech. I can’t stand Matt or Ragan the most so I hope at least Matt gets out of the house. It sounds from the comments that Ragan is wising up about Matt as is everyone else. I think they will all vote him out maybe even Ragan at this point.

  11. Matt needs to out the Brigade today or tomorrow live. That would be fun to watch. He must know he doesn’t have the votes, but its not too late for him to affect the game in a big way.

    • knowing matt, he will probably out them during his eviction speech. Confused why he has not outed them yet. I don’t get it. Doesn’t he realize his membership has been revoked, since last week. I cannot believe Enzo told him, you want a Brigade member to win when Matt was on the block. Funny

      • shawnee….Further evidence in my mind of BB Production manipulation, because there is absolutely NO reason whatsoever for Matt NOT to out Brigade unless Production wants Brigade in the house to the end..

  12. THE DOUBLE EVICTION IS NOT CANCELED GUYS!!! It will happened no matter what this Thursday last year it was canceled because of Chima.

    I heard the HOH for Double Eviction is also connected with the VETO so like in the HOH they need to answer questions then for the VETO they need to answer questions too so its easy/

    • I “hear” “read” and “guess” alot of things that will happen during BB..but know nothing for sure..I just have to keep watching..

  13. I have watched Big brother from the first season. I have the late nit feeds and watched them and read the boards. This season is so disgusting and between Hayden shaking his shake drink and looking at himself in the mirror.Lane chewing ice and Enzo’s disgusting habits and Brit. is like a monkey chewing on her hands and picking on her body. It just seems like cbs could talk to them about personal habits instead of manipulating the game. They are all so feeble and the way Brit. and the gang make fun of people yet they are scared to death when they are up. They think playing pool and and cashing in after the game is why they are in the house. A big disappointment!!!!

      • Agree George..where did they get these people..BB is really went down this season..very boring but I still watch..WHY i don’t know..

    • I agree, but we have that every year. Last year it was Natalie picking her nose all the time and smacking twizzlers late at night. And it was Michelle with the constant shaking of the protein drink. ( annoying) LOL

  14. Here’s an idea to shake up the boredom and predictability of the house: Bring Evel Dick back to stir shit up for a week or 2. Have him bully and annoy the houseguests. They are all really smug, self-righteous and boring, and will be even more boring and predictable when Matt goes. I want to see Dick call out the brigade for the free-riding chumps they are.


    u will stop him from sneaking food, and he is more uncomfortable and looks more stupid.

    • After Matt’s attempt to cut Enzo’s hair and the way he half sheared and half shaved Enzo’s head it is not possible to make ENZO LOOK ANY DUMBER THAN HE PORTRAYS HIMSELF TO BE. He does not need help to look stupid .he does a fine job in that respect all on his own..

    • and also…We are talking about a man that got a note from the “S”abatour”…”I know ur secret” “S” ..Enzo deduces that the “S” stands for “sheriff”..( not sabatour) sooo go figure where this man stands in the smarts dept…

      • graves wasnt that hilarious thinking on Enzo’s part! “S” is for “Sheriff” .. Are you sure it was not “S” for mis-spelled “Enso” or “S” for Sabatour, or “S” for soap, showtime, sorry but no eating food? LOL

  16. You all are missing the point, BB has a problem.

    !. BB doesn’t know what it was that Enzo put in his mouth.

    2. BB has let other house guess break runles.

    3. I know you are going to ask who, Matt (wifes letter) ( hayden , The vase and pool sticks)

    4. I saw Matt one night when he was a Have Not, put his head in the refeg. and come out eating something, don’t know what.

    5. BB needs to come up with new ways, to inforce the simple rules,
    a. for eating something when you are a Have not. two days in HN roon with (porta potty)
    b. Any one else that’s a HN come off.

    6. BB I know the show is about ratings, So put Enzo in the HN romm for two days and an extra week of slop, I would watch to see that.

    • Matt’s letter wasn’t breaking rules. Hayden breaking stuff and Enzo eating food as a Have Not is though.

      There is nothing in the rules about lying about an illness or something. You can say you have the illness, it’s not against the rules.

      • Brad D, so you actually beleive that eating a couple peanuts (that didn’t hurt anyone else but was breaking the rules is a punishable crime in the bb house ,however starting the game with a premeditated lie (which should also be a rule that cannot be done) that affected eveyone in the bb house should be allowed and you don’t think it is a cheat… thats the only reason the Ratt used it is because he knew that there was no rule against it yet!! Whatever

      • Dam..throw the whole bunch out..cause ain’t one of em in there that has not lied about something..

      • The lie is obviously less “morally correct” but it is NOT against the rules.

        Most of the houseguests lie about their profession and alot of things about themselves when they first come into the house.

      • Andrew told them he was a shoe salesman but was a doctor..Regan did not tell them in the beginning that he was a teacher..I thnk Brendon did not tell them he was a physicist (cause he did not want to intimidate anybody cause he was smart) sooo lets go back over previous seasons and see who lied about anything..I should not be in this discussion as it is I will bow

      • Once again , lying is part of this game however a player should not be able to start the game by devastating the entire field with this magnitude of a lie. that’s all everyone was talking about for the first two weeks was Matt’s poor wife. If you don’t think he was given a bye from that manipulation you are nucking futz @graves lol lol. This senario reminds me of baseball, there was no rule against steroids or hgh until they found out that guys were smashing records and were posibly using the sustances. Baseball is just a game too but how many people did the cheating or the lies hurt before they decided to change the rules. And yes , you see where this is going , Matt is quite possibly the Barry Bonds or Roger Clemins of Big Brother LMFAO LOL LOL!!!

      • Brad D yes it was, As a hg you can’t recieve any help from the outside, Matts wife said that she wrote the letter to help Matts with the lie, So how is that not breaking a BB rule?

      • Wow, your spelling is atrocious dude.




        Please, if you want to be taken seriously at least try and spell correctly. Not sure why your giving me a baseball reference to BB, but okay. There isn’t and will never be a rule against the kind of lie Matt told.

        That being said, when the HGs find out at the end of the season nobody will tell a lie like that again unless they are trying to get caught.

        The point is:

        1. Matt knows it’s wrong. He apologized for it and will offer money to the foundation

        2. The rule won’t be changed, so get over it

        3. His wife doesn’t have a problem with it, why do you?

      • Oh yeah and it’s also a thing called a GAME. The “morally correct” rarely win the prize. The point of the game is to fight to survive in the house using any means necessary.

        I really hope Matt does come out of this though, but even if he does and ends up winning than you’ll all say “it was just because he lied, he doesn’t deserve the money”.

      • That’s not against the rules Chris the great. By “not helping the person in the house” it means dont:

        Send stupid flyover planes with messages over the house (it has happened)

        Give hints or clues to the houseguest through the letters

        The production also checks the letters before they are sent, obviously. If there was an issue with Matt’s letter they would’ve told his wife to fix it or have someone else write it.

      • I’m not defending it from a moral standpoint, but it is a game and it’s not against the rules.

      • Thanks Brad D. about time someone put the hammer down on Broham. I’m just glad he hasn’t called you or anyone else a Nazi as well… yet.

      • Sorry about the spelling Dude , I didn’t realize that was a prerequisite to being taken seriously,my bad lol. I was trying to expose that there is varying levels of cheating and lying. It appeared to me that you and graves wanted Enzo severely punished or ousted for his peanut popping incident I believe if you are going to get rid of someone for that ,then Matt should be held accountable for the lie (cheat) he brought into the game. and graves your point is well taken on the other HG’s lies they brought into the house However i don’t think that several of those lies kicked people in the stomach with the possible reality of a terminal illness. Listen gents , just trying to have a little fun with some comic relief and a little thought provocation, didn’t mean to step on your toes or piss in your cheerios so mellow out and have some fun with this!!!
        P.S. I remembered to run my spell check for you that time Brad D , I hope you took me more seriously. Oh yeah and I hope that rule does get changed , I know a similar one that changed baseball for the better!!

      • Oh Jordan , are you still sulking about the attempted comic relief the other day , you know the one that I apologised to you for as well. The one that I shouldn’t have because you were trying to control poster’s thoughts and feelings and if I’m not mistaken I think I had some support from spikesmom and some others as well on your control lmfao

      • yes Bro you still have my support. Haven’t been posting “cuz” its seemed so serious lately and I will say a bit angry and mean maybe watching the HG’s a wee bit too much don’t like any of them much but still think Matt’s lie trumps everything…since Enzo got caught eating he should receive some sort of punishment but comparing scarfing some food as a have not to Matt’s hurtful gamechanging lie is ludicrous and no I didn’t use spell check so shoot me.

      • Hey Brad D., the spelling errors may be annoying, but check your punctuation….(Please, if you want to be taken seriously at least try and spell correctly. Not sure why your giving me a baseball reference to BB, but okay.)… It is you’re, not your in this case. Sorry, could not resist the temptation…lol

    • For all we know Hayden may have received penalty points and we won’t know it till he is put up for eviction..We just have to wait and see..

      • I thought hayden was on probation for breaking those things. I thought he had his penalty? or was I wrong? Enzo is just a big ol baby. All he has done since being on the block is cry and attack everyone. He was going to punch ragens lights out the other night. All because of what ragen being a cry baby? Enzo knows he is not americas player nor will he get our votes. He thinks that being non compliant to the rules makes him that much bigger of a person. when really it does not. And about matt lying. Oh well people lie on a day to day basis to get farther ahead. But once it comes down to it he will not win the jury votes when the lie comes out. WHich I hope it does before they vote.

    • @ Graves, I wasn’t talking about lis, I was talking about BB enforcing the rules, Yes all the House guess lie, and that is part of the game. I have never been against Matt telling the lie about his wife, But I have always been against BB letting Matts wife help him with it.

      • Well it will start another war but tit for tat..Rachel did leave Brendon a message.. Rachel was evicted.. “Rachel was a visitor to the house..she was no longer competing in the games”.. Matt’s wife was trying to help Matt stay in the game while Rachel’s message was to get him out..Both messages were from “outside” sources..BUT BOTH WERE ALLOWED..

        Jeff Jordan and Jesse have all visited the house and they were restricted in their comments to the HG’s..If viewers are not happy about the letter or Rachel’s message take it up with Production..

      • Goo try, but Rachel is not an outside sources, She is in the jh and can’t see whats going on, also she was brought back and was once again in the BB house, J/J and Jesse were not part of BB12, they were guests, close but no candy bar, But point I was trying to make was “BB HAS TO GET CONTROL AND ENFORCE THE RULES”

    • I really don’t see how my post, went from breaking rules to lying, The post was also about how easy it would be to enforce the rules. So please if your goingto reply, do it about the rules and not telling lies.

      • It is not right for Enzo to be eating regular food. Regan was on slop for weeks and everyone could see that he lost weight. Why should this idiot get away with it? If I were Regan (God forbid) I would go right to the diary room and complain and if they don’t do anything about it then the next time I’m on slop I’ll tell them to kiss my behind and eat what I want.

      • @Mary , If you were Ragen(God forbid) and I was in the diary room and you told me to kiss your behind , EEEEWWWW that dude is a gas refinery and there has been 200 + up-in there NOOOOOthanks!!!

    • They need to put a little hidden camera in the fridge. One that turns on when they open the door. Catch Enzo in the act.

    • LOL, it would be awesome if they locked Enzo in the Have Not room for 3/4 hours with Jessie talking to him through the speakers.

      • Tooo easy..Jessee and Enzo are on the same of brain power ..very low wattage..they would do very well together..

      • I beg to differ. Enzo would probably think he is extremely full of himself, when in fact they both are.

      • lol@andrew..hope production reads this…but one thing I think I’d rather hear that mind numbing music to Jesse’s if we had to listen it would be our punishment as well maybe mos is a possibility

      • btw before someone asks mos is production term meaning Mit Out Sound…coined by some German a long long time ago still widely used

  17. Matt go’s first…. then Reagan or Brittany # 2 leaves tonight I hate all 3 of them and Brendan can bet any of the other lazy bums!!!! Go Brendan

  18. OMFG! I used to LOVE Layne – However, curiousity killed the meow meow and I just archived the feeds and OMG.. after watching him j*rk off in the shower.. creeeepy!! lmfao!

    • Whatever, don’t hide the freak inside of you. You watched the whole thing and liked it. You probably heard about it first and then went to look for it. Don’t play…

      • You are right, I read it on a previous post and went looking for it I never denied that! If there was some soft music in the background and in slow motion, maybe it would be hot.. However, he was playing with his ear the whole time and then stood after looking at the hand in question (lol) like he was silently thanking it! LOL!

      • LOL at the last line

        Lane is just so wierd it’s entertaining. I’m pissed that he turned on Matt but he is entertaining in the house.

      • haha….oh, he was probably just making sure he didn’t have any residuals left on his hand.

        The ear thing….not too sure about that one. Maybe just a distraction in case someone walked in I guess.

      • Wow Brad D, you misspelled weird. It’s wEIrd not wIErd. Just thought I would point that out. LOL

    • Hey Jennifer, do you think Lane should be penalised for cheating because he didn’t use a partner? LMAO LMFAO!!!

      • well if you watch it, and i dont gross anyone out too much, who is to say that there was not someone else either in there with him or on the other side of the wall in the other shower.. glory what..??? LMFAO!Brenden will do anything to stay in the house right?

    • We all know who Lane was imagining himself with when he committed that act in the shower. Her initials are B.H. Does anyone doubt this?

  19. Someone who has live feeds.. look now at camera 1.. doesnt it look spooky, whoever is sitting on the floor, close to the wall…

  20. You all know Enzo isn’t going any where. Evil Dick was talking about cheating through a letter nothign happened to him. Enzo would probably get 1 vote on him if anything, wasn’t even that bad the amount of food he ate. Also it’s funny how people are saying that Enzo is worthless when in face he’s doing all right as a floater, he’s conducting so much plans and munipulating people into doing what he wants, last time I checked thats a pretty good startagey. He’s also slowly creeping his way up in becoming in HOH, or winning the Veto. Anyway, hope Brendon wins this shit he deserves to.

      • o.O you being Sarcastic? Lol, if you are and it looked as if I was riding Enzo naw, he has a smart stratagey, but Brendon is to good.

      • Brandon is a pimp, and with any luck he will get the money and the redhead!! Ya the whole thing is sick!!ooowwww!!! lmfao lol

    • (enzo) he’s conducting so much plans and munipulating people into doing what he ”

      hardly. he’s simply the butt of jokes.

      • That same butt of jokes that made an alliance which evntually was the majority of the house votes, the same guy who knew it would be smart to take out Brendon. Now look at the house in fear of Brendon and failing to take him out, they should have known if Rachel leaves Brendon would have done anything to win, but they lack logic and now Ragan is trying his best to suck matt off before he leaves and Britney is in fear of her life. All in all the Bridage is going to start winning now as Matt leaves and Brendon joins them.

  21. Post 17…I have discussed and debated what possible punishment that Enzo might receive and discussed the rules pertaining to the matter..and have said that if he did break the rules he should be punished..But I never said cut his head off..chop his hand off..lock him in a room..throw his ass out or suggested anything that could be described as “severe punishment”..(unless BEING LOCKED IN A ROOM WITH JESSE is severe which I did comment on)..Just wanted to clear that up..Cause it is Production’s job to enforce the rules..not the viewers..All we can do is voice or complaints and opinions..

  22. Alls fair in love ,war and Big Brother… If you aren’t cheating you aren’t trying

    • Not sure if you meant to respond to the other post or not, this whole thing on here can be confusing sometimes.

      Obviously he will have to out the Brigade at some point, I just think he should rather do it today and let it seep in than do it tommorow right before eviction.

      • How would outing the brigade help in any way. You people need to think better, BB isn’t going to give Enzo 2 or 3 penalty votes, you all know that it would be lucky if he even gets one. How the fk is it going to make a difference anyway? Lane, Hayden, and Brendon all vote out Matt nuff said nothign changing that CAUSE 2 of those people will be part of the alliance that Matt would expose, and Brendon is going to vote out Matt for gettign Rachel out. The only person who’s going to vote for Matt is his boyfriend Ragan who lacks all the logic which he says he has and plays for more personal reasons then Brendon does. Good bye Matt it was fun to have you in the big brother house but now go to the jury house and hang with people that you got evicted.

      • How would it not help?

        Ask yourself these questions:

        1. Why did Brittney put up Matt?

        A: Because Lane wanted her to

        2. What happens if she finds out she was used by Lane?

        A: She will push for Enzo to go home

        3. Why does Brendon want Matt out?

        A: He thinks he is the sole reason Rachel is gone

        4. What if he finds out it was more the rest of the brigade that did it?

        A: He will have to rethink his decision

        If Brendon or Lane sways their vote, it will be a tie. If Ragan votes Enzo, Brendon/Lane votes Enzo, and Enzo gets an automatic vote against him he goes home.

        It can definitley impact the game.

      • 1. Britney was always wanting to backdoor Matt for the whole time if Brendon saved himself from the block. Ragan wanting to suck off Matt some more talked to Britney once and started to think that she would listen to him, what the so called college professor(what a joke) realised was that Britney was mad that Matt didn’t try into the veto comp and expected him and Ragan to be safe. Not trying to start a fight but Britney was already planning to back door him.

        2. “Lie” people still don’t beleive that Hayden and Kristen were actually making out, he says they just cuddeled a little and thats it they beleive him, not hard to lie if someone exposes somethign as they are onthe block.

        3. Brendon wouldn’t change it no matter what happens, in the end it was all Matts idea to put them on the block, and they can easily lie. Also, Enzo said take out Brendon if Brendon wants Rachel to stay over them, did they listen to them “NOOOOO”.

        4. Pretty much ties into number 3.

        Btw, this isn’t to make anyone here mad, I’m just 100% sure Matt’s times up in the big brother house, no matter how much I like him as a competetor. I’m not going to waste my time denying what is meant to happen.

      • Jerome….You did not answer the question..What harm could it possibly do to Matt to out the Brigade immediately?..

      • Oh, shit I’m so stupid lol, sorry I was trying to say that even if he outs the brigade it won’t help him on not being evicted. But even if he imemediatley outs them they can always lie as I stated before, you have to realize it is hard to beleive people up on the block. Could be a wake up call to other house guests when he leaves, but at this point I’m assuming that it won’t help him at all. No offense to Matt fans, I like him too.

    • If I were in Matts place in the Big Brother house i’d probably do it in the next hour or so. Let people have a night to think it over and get rid of Enzo.

      Enzo also could get more pissed off and continue to break rules. That could be an option too, temptation maybe?

      • well tomorrow would be better. if he does it too soon, that will give enzo time to react and start making deals. if he does it tomorrow and blindsides him, then time is limited for enzo to save himself.

      • I agree. He needs to do it before eviction night. We have all seen in the past how well it worked when they drop that bomb right before voting. (example- Andrew)

  23. Enzo better get that extra vote against him or I will really believe that BB is playing the game to help certaing HG

  24. enzo shouldnt get teh penalty vote he should be banned from competing in the next HOH. In fact julie should put it just that way enzo you are getting a penalty vote and if u stay u cant compete n the next HOH

  25. among the people wathing the live feed – how is matt taking the news he may be going home – is he trashing Enzo? Is Brendon campaigning against him?

    • the houseguests did not wake up until almost 12pm bbt this afternoon. so far it has been a sllloowwww day on the live feeds.

    • It seems like he’s accepting his fate, although he is telling the brigade pretty much everything Ragan says (and embellishing a bit along the way). He has to make a big move if he has any hopes of staying. People in other posts say that it won’t help to expose the brigade, but at this point, he’s assured to be gone anyway. Why not give it one last try, and if it doesn’t work, he’ll at least stir up the house, ala Andrew.


  26. If Matt leaves…I hope Britney leaves right after as the second evicted on Thursday. She’ll deserve it for turning on her alliance. Lane is controlling her! It’s annoying to watch her flirt/fight with him all the time.

    I will hate to see the Brigade take over the house but it seems that’s where this is going. Enzo can’t win a competition to save his life and he constantly talks about how he ALMOST won!

    Just wait…they will have Brendon to compete with next week – it will be fun to watch them scramble. That Brigade alliance is about to disintegrate even more!

    • Moni….I would have to agree…Thought Britney was a lot smarter than she is turning out to be..What a joke this Lane thing is..been in the house almost 60 days and done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING..

    • I agree, I thought Britney was brighter than she is turning out to be. Thought she had a mind of her own, but instead turns out to be a Lane puppet.

      • Florida Lynn….Great great town..My best friend from college is down there..Born and raised there..Almost unheard of these days huh..

      • Bratney is nothing but a spoiled brat…lived in Spain traveled to Italy for 10 days…”$50,000 would just pay off my car” GAG let someone wins that needs it

      • To aoyam, you’re right, it’s truly rare to be born and raised here. Mostly transplants (like me) … originally from Michigan but been in Florida for quite a few years.

    • Where do you guys come off thinking Lane is controlling Brit? She is controlling him, because she knows what we all know, that Lane is thinking with his putz rather than his head. He is putty in her hands and she knows she can turn Lane against his other Brigade allies at well. All that’s left of the Brigade is Enzo and Hayden, and neither of them has won jack s..t.

      • Britney is being controlled by Lane. Although we know Matt isn’t to be trusted…neither is anyone else left in the game. What would have been smarter of her would have been to keep with the alliance she knew – Matt and Ragan. Now, she’s in unfamiliar territory and if she thinks that any of them will keep her rather than continue their final 4, 3 or 2 deals…she’s absolutely crazy.

  27. yawza,

    What is the point of not allowing Enzo to participate in the HoH competition? It is not like he is going to win even if there were three Enzo’s in the competition.

    • we know hes most likely not going to win, but it would still be a great punishment and diminishes the odds of any of those meatheads winning the competitions. Remember he almost won last week anyways, bb loves to find a way to shake things up so i wouldnt be surprised if the meatheads win this week.

    • Another point for not competing for HOH – it makes Enzo eligible to go up on the block again. And like the rest of the HG’s, better him than me!

  28. post 23..Brad D. Makes sense to short it would turn the whole house upside down..Just imagine how irrate Britney Brendon and Regan would be…Wow excitement..something we all want to see..

  29. Ragan got what he deserved, for thinking that Matt was his friend..and the way he talked down to Rachel about her pimples..I mean that was a low blow..and very hurtful even for me..I’m not taking up for Rach she run her mouth too..but Ragan was just a smart azz that day..

    • Yeah, he was hitting her with some pretty low blows, but she also came into the house with that nasty a$$ attitude. He stood up for himself and I thought it was hilarious. She deserved that. She also made some nasty comments about him being gay, unloved by his family, etc. I think her comment walking in the house was ” look who’s back bitches” “Ragan” She was trying to get under his skin and he turned it around on her.

      • and i am sure production told her to do that too…. that was the whole reason that she was the “evil” unleashed onto the house…

    • she deserved it. she asked for it he was sitting in the backyard and she heard he was a have not. so she went out there full blown and asked if he wanted some yummy oooey gooey cookies.. wth was he supposed to do, he flpped out. she asked for it.

  30. once again: what will matt gain by outing the floating brigade, other thatn the fact he (matt) has been lying about it the whole game?

    I really don’t think bit or brenden will give a shit

  31. once again: what will matt gain by outing the floating brigade, other thatn the fact he (matt) has been lying about it the whole game?
    I really don’t think bit or brenden will give a hoot

      • When Ragan found out about Matt’s betrayal of him, he finally figured out it was a game. Brit and Brendon are being fooled by these guys. Like aoyam says, they might start thinking for themselves and make better decisions. Nobody has their backs … the brigade is only about protecting themselves. None of these side alliances are worth the lies they were made with.

    • I agree. I don’t think it really matters at this point. And it would make me, if I were Brendon, think… “cool… by voting for you, Matt, I’m knocking one out of the alliance. See ya.”

  32. Brad D. says:
    August 25, 2010 at 4:51 pm
    How would it not help?
    Ask yourself these questions:
    1. Why did Brittney put up Matt?
    cuz he is a strong competitor and a real threat to her game
    A: Because Lane wanted her to
    not true. it just fits into your theory

    2. What happens if she finds out she was used by Lane?
    moot point cuz she wasn’t.
    A: She will push for Enzo to go home
    no, enzo will be gone in due time as he is not threat

    3. Why does Brendon want Matt out?
    same reason brit does .. it’s all about competition
    A: He thinks he is the sole reason Rachel is gone
    no, he realizes rachel pissed EVERYBODY off and was unanimously voted out

    4. What if he finds out it was more the rest of the brigade that did it?
    this statement makes no sense
    A: He will have to rethink his decision
    if you’re refereing to brendon, he knows everyone is a threat, but some more than others.

    ya’ll have got too caught up in this being solely personal.

    • You really are blind sometimes.

      Brittney was convinced Matt was a threat to her by Lane. If she finds out Lane was playing her, she’ll push for Enzo to go home.

      Brendon wants Matt gone because he made some crazy promise to Rachel to “avenge her” or something. Matt put her on the block, so he is going after him. He’s said this multiple times. If Matt can tell Brendon that the brigade were the ones pushing it Brendon would have a hard time making up his mind.

      And boom, if everything goes Matt’s way in this scenario it is a 2-2 vote (possibly 3-2 with 1 vote against Enzo for rules) and Brittney sends Enzo packing. Good job.

      • You poor thing. You’ve been selling Matt day and and day out and nobody ever buys. Got to hand it to you, you stick to your guns!

      • blind I guess is better than dumb and stupid LOL!

        you are a joke.

        what you forget, brad, is that time heals all wounds on this show and bendon’s ‘white knight schtick’ is history and now he knows he can win HoH and PoV’s to stay in the game.

        and brit didn’t really need a lot of coaxing to nom matt. she’s been playing lane too and prolly is leting him think that he (lane) coaxed he to nom matt.

        but, yeah, keep beating your dead horse and I’ll have a good laugh at you thursday night LOL!

    • Sole reason everyone wants Matt to go is he can beat everyone in the final 2 right now. He is the main competition. Doesn’t matter who throws who under the bus, he is the main competiton right now. I spelled everything correctly right? I don’t want anyone coming after me! LOL! ;)

      • don’t think he can beat in F2, but he could beat in HoH & PoV …. that is why he si a threat, a competitive threat.

        the fact that he has been throwing evryone under the bus pretty much sealed his fate about not winning the fame if it came down to jury votes.

  33. I like Hayden but lately he is so full of gossip, it’s not even game it’s just nonsense. Anybody else notice that ?

    • Marie…No doubt..And Lane..Talks more bullshit than anyone in the game and WINS NOTHING..What a joke..

    • Yup, and that he’s paranoid big time – you can see it in his eyes, even about Enzo & Lane. If 1 goes to talk to Matt, another follows soon after so they don’t get left out. It’s really kinda funny to watch them scurry after each other, just like rats on a sinking ship!

  34. Is it just me or does the Bro-Gay thinks everyone outside the BB house wants to get to know anymore about them

      • The problem is, there are people out there who will want to know more. During Lane’s phone call, his mom told him that a restaurant was making meals named after him. Britney’s talking about how popular her brother will be when she accompanies him places. The egos on these people are out of control.

      • FL…You’re right..But my guess would be within 90 days of final episode 90% of us will not even remember these peoples names..

    • So no ticker tape parade and key to the city for Rachel when she gets back to Vegas.

      • Nope to my knowledge all the HG’s have decided to skip the Vegas gig..(it is not mandatory) So I guess that BRENDON if he decides to show will be there with Rachel if she decides to show..and thats all folks..

      • Hey Aoyam I am from ATL too…. GO BRAVES…I hope Matt sees that he is NOT a diabotical genius, cuz he can’t even catch on that he’s not in the bro-gay any more. I wAnt to say “hey stupid, did you not understand the words coming ouuta their mouths last week.” you putz. Oh and Enzo ur not worthy of being a penquin…they are cute and ur NOT!

  35. Enzo and Haydon need to go (boring floaters that are weezels , BB need to come up with something to kick both of them out of the house, and Brendan is disgusting, only desperate women find that that weak example of a man appealing!!! Matt should be allowd to stay just because, of the BB cheating to keep Brendan

    • Ahunt says:
      August 25, 2010 at 5:46 pm
      … ”because, of the BB cheating to keep Brendan”

      got any facts to back that up?

      didn’t think so

  36. Brittany is about as stupid as all the women who ever played the game, she believes that lane wants her and she can trust him I would love to see her crying if BB come up with a challenge to keep Matt and Hayden and Enzo leave!! Priceless, it will teach all new players to play the game and that there are penalties for never winning an HOH!!

    • About that cheatin’…. are you fer it or agin’ it? I can’t tell… one post yer agin’ it, the next one yer fer it… makes me wanna slap my donkey … or maybe ragan …

    • i agree that winning any comp should be rewarded in the game as to promote winning comps and that would be 1 way… this floating thru is plain boring… come on you’ve got to stir it up and piss other hg’s off, where’s the fun just staying under the radar.

  37. That is an incentive for people to play the game, HOH count for something and although you can’t play the next week if on the block you can get atleast one vote!!

    • Ahunt says:
      August 25, 2010 at 5:53 pm
      … HOH count for something

      yeah, I guess having the power to evict people doesn’t count.

      I hear your village calling

      • letmeslapragan you crack me up BAHAHAHA I am rollin around on the floor, my ribs hurt , stop,stop lmfao,lmfao, keepum coming.
        just don’t forget about the spelling and intellectual aptitude police, they are on the beat today and trying to fill their quota!!!lmfao

    • Could not agree more…possibly Brit(3 or 4 wins) but she is probably blowing it as we speak

      • letmeslapragan….I’ve seen every episode of Big Brother (including After Dark) ever broadcast on television…How about you?

      • I’ve seen enough episodes to know when some peeps here really don’t have any idea what they are talking about

  38. Doesn’t it all depend on who u want to win on who goes to jh Thursday. So if Enzo gets penalty vote and bcuz of that vote he goes to jury h which makes the person ( let’s say Brendon) less likely to win. So if without that vote Matt goes instead, which is better for Brendon, is it possible Enzo (knowing he does not stand a chance of winning) is throwing the vote in order for a brigade member to win. He has to know he is screwing up. Maybe he not as dumb as he appears

    • I really doubt at this point whether any floating brigade member cares if a ‘member’ wins or not, afterall they are pretty much now fighting individually to remain in the game.

  39. hey BBN Matt, how come i cannot see all of the messages here? it says there are close to 200 but you can’t see some of them?

    • Ragan’s tat is from a Liz Phair song.

      It’s in french: “Quelquefois, un rêve est ce qui vous fait un esclave.”

      It translates to, “Sometimes a dream is what makes you a slave.”

      • thank you. I need to ask, did you spell your name correctly? We were given a spelling lesson earlier and your spelling is not correct according to the exam! ;)

  40. Hey Britts man nick has a gambling addiction!!! Near the end of bbad she spurted out how he has apps on his cell for up to date braves scores,he has online sports betting acc,he even bets tennis? Vegas should be a hoot britt!!!Maybe Lane will punch him out!!!

  41. I cant wait for Matt to be evicted hopefully Ragan is evicted right after and then Bren wins HOH and makes it to the final 4!!! Then he wins BB and him and Rachel move to LA and have kids!!! <3

    • Penalty votes are revealed before eviction. At least that is how it was done in the past.

  42. Regan is soooo annoying on the live feeds this afternoon. He’s pretending he’s zingbot and trying hard to come up with funny oneliners in zingbot speak but none are funny! Matt just sitting around looking trollish. He should just push the red button and leave he’s so sad! He needs to get back under his bridge the little troll!

  43. I certainly hope that Bozo gets some kind of punishment for his actions. He is just acting like a spoiled little brat this week. He so needs to go. He thinks he is some kind of macho stud, but he is just a dumb wannabe jock. Good ridance BOZO!!!

  44. Hey Hayden, Please put a shirt on! So tired of watching you walk around thinking you are God’s gift to women, (in this case, Britney) These houseguests are so boring, I feel as though I have wasted my money for the feeds this season.
    Matt better out the fools in the brigade before he leaves tomorrow. But, as stupid as these HG’s are, none of them would believe him anyway. Britney was elated last week when Matt got to stay, what the hell happened, stupid Lane? I will be glad to see this season come to an end. Please do not bring any of these HG’s back for all-stars.

      • i was wondering that too Trish but BB just asked rags to go in and change his mic or batteries or whatever so i guess not.

      • Yeah, that’s why I wasn’t horribly surprised that Matt had a dream about shirtless Hayden. It would have taken a little imagination to NOT dream about Hayden sans shirt, since he’s rarely wearing one.

  45. I never cared about Matt’s lie keeping him in the house, people have done much worse for $500,000. For some reason, though, the idea of him making final two and ONLY winning the money because of sympathy garnered for his sick wife does make me throw up a little in my mouth.

    So, I’m definitely hoping to watch him walk out the door this week. Besides, it’s Big Brother and anytime you utter “I’m controlling this house” it just means you’re on your way out soon. Remember Brian in week one of season 10? Hahaha.

    I hope he does out the brigade because it might make things in the house exciting for oh say, 10 minutes until we go back to watching Enzo sleep, fake pool tournaments and high school gossip at it’s finest. I’m so disappointed this season!

  46. We need to have a Big Brother Network party in Atlanta….I’ll rent the place if enough of you guys can come…

  47. Just lost trying to catch up, as I have missed it and won’t subscribe due to $$$ issues, Is there a double eviction Thursday? How does that work? Like I keep saying Brendon needs to turn in his tiara for big boy pants, It’s a win/lose situation for him as if he does win the $$$ Rachel (or as I like to call her the drag queen) will be doing all she can to get 1/2 (even if it means a quickie marriage in Vegas). Britney is the only female left she plays and yes she is caddy she is female lol but use your femininity to your advantage , Regan from one gay male to another you are a disgrace, you whine more than my 5 year old niece. Matt- Karma will kick you in the head for lying about your wife, Lane although you are great eye candy, you must be a redneck if you have muscles and don’t put them to use what the hell are they for then..Enzo the Disney channel called and wants you to take over for Mickey Mouse, Meow Meow says the Penguin, Hayden your hair products are seeping into your brain.

    My guess for final 2 is Brendon and Britney

    • Just curious – what did you think of Brit’s performance tonite on CBS? Gives you a glimpse to her nature, I think. Heaven help her friends, if this is the way she is, if they have human flaws like the rest of us!

      • I am on the fence with her, Hopefully this isn’t how she is in real life. But it’s all a game I just don’t like the boowhooing and her getting so upset that prizes were taken, She should listen to her own gut that’s all.

    • I doubt they will show the house guests. That wouldn’t really be fair, considering BB promised it would be a secret.

    • He looked like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar! Nobody knew until he spilled his guts to Lane with Enzo in room that he had them, & Lane told him to keep his mouth shut and he’d convince Brit that Matt had them. Looks like she took it hook, line & sinker!

  48. These are stupid HG’s! Lane should go. He’s the real danger. OMG not Brit crying to Ragan LOL She is stupid!!! “Boo hoo everyone took prizes” Duh!!

    • What can Britney possibly see in Lane….He is a total NOTHING….I do not understand it..

  49. Brit is immature and a lousy player. The only players are Matt and Bren, and Bren is playing for Rachel revenge. Lane is not loyal to the Brigade What a joke! Him saying that in the DR. Lane is out for Lane. He should be enemy 1 of everyone including the Brigade.

      • I’ve been sayin that for the past 2 weeks. Lane is public enemy #1 in my book; that’s why Hayd hangs onto him so much. Hope the others figure it out before it’s too late; okay maybe after he boots Brit out, after the bald-faced lies he tells her, and she can get a taste of her own medicine. Did you see her with Bren (mouthing ‘help me’, shooting herself in the head, making faces at him, which she thinks he doesn’t see) in the DR. She & Lane deserve each other!

      • No Doubt….Would someone please explain to me exactly WHAT has Lane DONE in this game…The answer is NOTHING..

      • Well, he used Matt to manipulate Brit and put himself at the top of the Brigade. He was the 1st to betray the Brigade, with Hayden, & Enzo riding their coat tails. He shows no remorse about his lies, he will use anybody to further HIS game (Bren), & Matt’s only hope is to out Lane.

  50. Let’s make a Los Angeles BB12 support group. “Hi, my name is Gonzo and I’m a BB-holic!”

  51. Just lost trying to catch up, as I have missed it and won’t subscribe due to $$$ issues, Is there a double eviction Thursday? How does that work? Like I keep saying Brendon needs to turn in his tiara for big boy pants, It’s a win/lose situation for him as if he does win the $$$ Rachel (or as I like to call her the drag queen) will be doing all she can to get 1/2 (even if it means a quickie marriage in Vegas)He may be playing the game now but ultimately it is to please Rachel to make her happy.Still not 100% for himself. Britney is the only female left she plays and yes she is caddy she is female lol but use your femininity to your advantage , Regan from one gay male to another you are a disgrace, you whine more than my 5 year old niece. But have simmered down considering Matt wanted to throw you under the bus (ouch) Matt- Karma will kick you in the head for lying about your wife and being the big duface that you are. Lane although you are great eye candy, you must be a redneck if you have muscles and don’t put them to use what the hell are they for then, reminding me of Jesse just in the way he flaunted his muscles and seeing him again made me throw up in my mouth a little, poor Brit. Enzo the Disney channel called and wants you to take over for Mickey Mouse, Meow Meow says the Penguin, Hayden your hair products are seeping into your brain, You are lazy surfer dude.

    My guess for final 2 is Brendon and Britney
    I am sure they worked out something while being handcuffed in between the bathing.
    Enzo, Hayden and Matt need to be send a packing…

    • This BB is the worst of all times.
      I don’t even care to miss an episode.
      Although Matt did not go for any prizes…I would have went for prizes to if I knew I was safe after all IT is A Game!!
      Brendon still talking to himself…Like Rachel will stay true to you sucker…

  52. If what they are doing on the live feeds right now is the HOH competition, pretty lame. Where are all of the quiz comps this season? They are standing on a platform putting a ball in rolling it down and trying to get ball into a square. I guess with all of these dumbasses in the house this year, well, the majority (Hayden, Lane and Enzo) they have to cater the comps to their mentalities. Next season, smart people need not apply!!

    • I agree…too much whining even for me…Lane is playing for Lane, OK so no one is truthful and they all back stab…It’s a game!

      • I guess I should agree with Lane, He should be playing for himself, Brendon is still 50% playing for Rachel, and so what Lane has an alliance but when it comes down to it you protect you. There’s only 1 first place winner…

  53. i think brit has changed her mind about brendon after being handcuffed to him it gave her a chance to see a different side to him. to little to late she realizes he is willing to fight to stay in the game makes her wonder about the other three bozos. lets see if matt has the balls to out the brigade to regan and try to turn the game around.if for no other reason enzo should be kicked out the game for breaking the rules. again brit you are trusting the wrong guy(lane)he plans to throw you under the bus providing he or the other two can win a competition.

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