Big Brother 12: Week 7 Power of Veto Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 episode! There’s no mystery now for who’s on the block after this week’s Veto Competition. Brendon saved his butt making Matt’s thumbs-up during a thrown HoH comp turned into a sad-face. Either Matt or Enzo will be evicted on Thursday and we get to sit back and watch it all play out.

Fire up your Big Brother uncensored cams right now and watch the live feeds to see the noms fight to stay in the house. It looks like Matt is in some serious danger unless he exposes everything about the Brigade, and I don’t mean Lane’s wang again, or Big Brother intends to actually start enforcing its rules and punishing Enzo with a Penalty Vote, but that’d just be crazy, right?

Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show and who you think is in the most danger of being the evicted from Big Brother 12!



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  1. that was absolutely rediculous. everyone was pushing the friggen button and BB decided who it would go to. what a setup. amazing how brendon and enzo got all the punishments even though everyone else was trying for them (except for useless hayden). they definately wanted one of them off the block so matt would get put up. wow. so fixed, so disappointing

    • you’re absolutely right. this is pretty disappointing and disgusting in regards to CBS and BB production. oh well.

      • Definitely rigged. Did you notice they made you think that Brendon and Britney really did 24 hour chum dips when they really only did 16? ( was it 16 or 18?)
        Next year it will be called BB Hills, another scripted reality show.

  2. Why is that when Brendon wins something it’s fake by production?? Why can’t it be because he won fair and square??

    • with matt and brit jamming on the button the whole time for the punishments and they all go to enzo and brendon thats not fixed? seriously?

      • He has them. On this site alone he got 40% of the popularity vote this week. the other 60% was split among the other 6.

      • Matt & Britney paused to think & Brendon didn’t, he pressed all the bad things right after Ragan completed the question! He sai he knew he ha to choose the bad things quickly! Go BRENDEN :) Hang in there Matt Fans maybe he might save his self.

      • I agree, while the other house guests were possibly thinking about how bad it would be, Brendon was already hitting his button.

    • I def agree just because no 1 likes Brendon, they come up w/ this shit, Brit said it he def deserved it get over you people

  3. LOL @ britney crying about not having votes and Brendon coming after her. All she had to do was not go back on her word.

  4. Oh Britney… are gonna be so sad when you’ve learned that your big-brother-teddy bear-bestest friend ever was playing you.

    Whoooopsie Daisy!

      • Somehow I think that Britney gets played a lot in real life. She ain’t too bright. I did love the session with Jessie. Just what she deserved.

      • LMAO TO BRITNEY :) A few minutes of BULL SH*T from that oversized MIDGET GORILLA JESSIE HA HA HA !! She should’ve realized that something bad was coming next to the HOH !

      • Yes, she may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but she is the by far the best looking girl to ever do BB and would probably be the most fun to date.

  5. Matt messed up big time. What an idiot. He says that he gain an advantage with the diamond power of veto but he did not take advantage of it by getting Enzo or Hayden out. Diabolical super idiot. Matt is going to jury.

    • Matt – big mistake going after Weasel, even tho I can’t stand him. You trying to save the Brigade – your other big mistake. I really want Hayden out – he is a greedy, little back stabber, and needs to go. I will have to say that Enzo really tried, and I give him credit. Britney, you are one stupitd broad. Lane is playing you like a fiddle. Hayden was the biggest liar of all tonight, and Matt turns out getting the short end of the stick, cause everybody thinks he won, what Hayden took.

  6. I’m getting tierd of Big Brother. This season is so boring and BB letting Enzo break rules just shows that this “GAME” is fixed!

    • i really dont like Matt, but i feel bad for him because of how the brigade screwed him. He was completeley loyal to them and threw Regan under the bus, for them.

      • I kind of agree the you Willy. He was loyal to the brigade but..he was playing the other side with Brit/Ragan and Hayden, Lane, and Enzo figured it out before Matt realized how badly he screwed himself.

      • !!!

        It’s Ragan. How many times do people have to incorrectly spell a houseguests name?

        Matt didn’t backstab anyone. He became friends with Ragan/Brittney and this is considered “playing both sides”? So is he not supposed to talk to them or something.

      • Yup, Matt was screwed. He was loyal to the Brigade of Idiots, and they used him for everything they could, and then threw him away. I really hate BB this year, and if Matt goes home, this will be the last episode I watch, and I will head over to the Survivor Site.

      • Although I knew it from this site, I almost felt sorry for Matt after seeing it live. Wee, like I said Almost!!!!

      • @BRAD D.

        It’s Britney, not Brittney. You shouldn’t call out other people without checking yourself. lol

    • What rules did he break or are you overreacting. You need to realize it’s a game and stop with your hate posts

  7. Anybody else fed up with Ragan? I mean he talks about all this integrity he has but all he does is bash Rachael who is long gone from the house. THE BIGGEST HYPOCRITE ON THE PLANET! Can you beileve he had the nervve to call matt a child molester. Damn i hate this guy, and it has nothing to do with his gayness, though he is a crybaby bitch! Im glad he isnt my professor, or id …………….

    • Agree 100%. I think that Ragan MAY be a college professor because he probably teaches home economics. No college would ever let him teach anything else.

    • I can’t stand Ragan. Remember in the beginning he was real nice to Brendon and Rachel? He suddenly decided that he was going after Brendon and Rachel and can’t hate on them enough. I am not sure what started his hate on them. When I saw him in the confrontation with Rachel when she came back for 24 hours, I thought, Ragan is one sicko.

      • YEA that was CRAZY when he went off on Rachael & Brendon . The only two HG that went into the HAVE-NOT room to comfort Ragan the 1st time, and he hates them? If Ragan wants to stay in the game he better use the SMARTs he has and figure out the BROGADE. I think he has but has been keeping it to himself. Maybe Matt will tell him tonight about the BROGADE :)

      • Reagan jumped on the band wagon of hating Rachel and Brendon because they were a couple. It’s funny how people can change when they can be part of the IN crowd. How can a gay man in America attack another couple for liking one another in a fake world when in the real world he is probably on the other side of the attacks. Hope he reads this so he can think about that.

    • I liked Ragan at the beginning, but after watching him week after week, I think he’s a real jerk. And a lot of people agree or his popularity wouldn’t have dropped like it did.

    • okay im just gonna say it, rachel got what she deserved when she came abck for 24 hours. She went after ragan and he stood his ground. Dont pick a fight if your not ready to get hit back.

  8. as much as I dislike Brendon after tonight show I rather he win this BB all the other players really disappointed me tonight this will be the last time I watch this season

    • Agreed. Brendon’s fighting. Hate him, but he’s the only left that should win.

      I already know how this plays out: Matt leaves tomorrow. Brigade throws the comp to Brendon who eliminates Britney. Then finally one of the Losers wins HOH to get out Brendon or Regan. This season can’t end soon enough. The producers need to pick competitive people.

      • If Bren deserves to win then why doesn’t Brit? He has gone back on his word a lot more than she has and they have won the same amount of comps. Oh ya and Bren is not going after Brit he wants to be in the final two with her.

    • its like if it was just Brendon and Rachel didn’t benefit from his win I would have been pro Brendon from the start just when he hooked up with Rachel that made him look like a fool

      • Okay, you guys sicken me. I hate people who say “OH I’m not going to watch Big brother anymore because my favorite player didn’t win, or my least favorite player isn’t evicted oh noooooo!!!” Boohoo, get over it, it’s a fvcking game, so go b!tch about it somewhere where someone fvcking cares. We all know ur going to keep watching Big Brother, and production won’t rig it for you just because that a few people “CLAIM” to stop watching. Okay, so shut the fvck up and go grow a pair of fvcking b@lls, m0therfvcking h0mo sh!t pvssy bl0wers

      • I bet stupid wouldn’t be spewing such “v” laden expletives on the street like he is here…I understand stupid’s frustration though

      • @stupid – Your name explains your comment ! Sounds like you have anger problems that need to be dealt with.

  9. I got a stupid q thursday matt or enzo walks outtta the hosue than does another walk out or just get nomin..

  10. Dammit!!! Sucks for Matt!!!! He def needs to out the brigade!!!! Matt trusts way too much his traitors!!!

  11. Wow…a lot to talk about this episode

    1. I’m glad Brendon won. He deserved it (whether you think it was rigged our not…) and Brittany shouldn’t be so spoiled about it. It’s called Karma, if she would’ve never nominated Brendon this week, she would be sittin pretty for the double eviction.

    2. Again, karma works magic on Matt. I believe if he wasn’t campaigning against Ragan, he wouldn’t of been nominated. Sure Lane had a huge say in nominating Matt, but Brittany had the overall decision.

    3. Um, why are Enzo and Hayden still here? “The Brigade” talks a big game, but haven’t done anything, they’ve been lucky the entire time.

    • they think it is skill to sit back and let everyone else do the dirty work! just floating along!

  12. Enzo had the nerve to say matts not loyal. And hes a snake. ENZo hayden and lane know there not good enough to beat matt one on one. Man to man. So the 4 biggest guys in the house team up to get him out. Pathetic.

    • Your right they cant go one on one they have to team up or Matt would whip they little floater buns all over BB

    • Agreed. For Matt to campaign against Ragan shows a lot. I mean he was part of the Brigade first, so it’s not a real shocker he would go against his best friend in the house. That just shows loyalty.

      For Hayden and Enzo, it shows them being cowards. As soon as someone starts doing better than them, they want them out. Even if they were part of the same alliance since day 1.

      • I disagree. He was closer to Ragan in the last week then he was the guys. He Still promised him security.

  13. When Britt watches this she will be soo mad over lane and enzo playing her but hey thats the name of the Game…..What fails to thrill me is people who float always and I mean ALWAYS end up in the final 4 Congrats to you loosers who float to the end and win everything brenden i hope you or Britt wins enzo lane and hayden you need to get a job!!!

    • If floating means making it to a win for 50 or 500K, then I can’t hate them. If it could work for me, I would float like Rose in Titanic. Let the Jack-asses do the work and watch them sink in the end.

  14. Awww, look at all the Matt fans coming here saying Brendon won cause it was fixed. He calls himself a diabolical genius, yet his brain doesn’t even have fast enough reactions to actually press a button. Good job Brendon is off the block and the gremlin is going home. Also, pretty smart of Hayden and Lane to take the prizes for those of you who call them worthless, they wanted Matt out so they took the prizes and pinned the blame on him for taking them.

      • Yup, if he has just put up the right people in the first HOH he had Brendon probably wouldn’t even be here right now. Matt isn’t even close to a genius the rest of the brigade are probably smarter then him in all ways.

  15. This was such bull this proved how fixed BB is with them all jamming the buttons but brendon and enzo getting them all. Also I cannot wait till the Brigade realises that Matt was not a member of the Brigade He was the Brigade only reason the 3 stooges made it to the jur. Also atleast Lane is the honest one. when he is talking to Britney ” Do you think I have brain p[ower to do that? No you dont lane no you dont

    • You do know that this is a TV show right? Why would the network spend the time to show everyone’s button being pushed?

      And, Matt was a member of the brigade. Him campaigning to put Ragan up shows his royalty to the brigade. It was the brigade that turned their backs on him, just because he was friends with other people in the house.

      And how was Lane the only honest one when he said RIGHT after that “if I have to throw Brittany under the bus to get what I want, then I will?”

      I don’t think were watching the same show…sorry.

      • Matt carried the brigade, the brigade can’t win jack. Matt is the only brigade member to win a competition besides Hayden if I can remember correctly, while Matt has won TWO HOHs and sent Rachel packing.

        Lane also said that he would use Brittney if he had to and will be tossed aside by Hayden and Enzo before the final four. He’s being used just like Matt is and he doesn’t even realize it, except for the fact he is being used as a persuayer and not an actual competitor.

        The fact is, Matt made friends with the other houseguests and was automatically considered playing the whole house. The only people he hasn’t been talking to the season was Annie, Kristen, and Monet. Basically everybody else he’s talked to in the house.

        I don’t see how that makes him “playing the whole house” he’s just letting all of the houseguests they can know he can trust them. The only reason Matt goes after someone is if they are targeting him or suspected of being, aka Kathy and Rachel.

      • I see it differently. Matt is a smart player. He only threw Ragan under the bus because there is more votes with the other guys. He was thinking of himself ( respectfully so) Matt would of thrown any one if the brigades under the bus if he had the chance. So if let’s say Matt was telling Britney to put Hayden up then Matt is putting a bigger target on his back because the brigade would of been pissed as opposed to Ragen is only 1 vote. Make sense? Matt is smart and it’s smart to get him out. IMO he is the biggest threat in the house

      • I said Lane is the only one who is b being honest about his inteligence level by saying he doesnt have enough brains. I do kno its a tv show and I know ratings make money so yea fixing a comp to make someone win who will stir things up Big Brother is a major money making business so I bet they would do that to make some money.

  16. I knew what was going to happen that Brendon won
    POV and Matt took his place I don’t like Matt anymore because he wanted to throw Ragan under the
    bus. How do I know I read the spoilers. I wanted
    Brendon to go home I hope he goes home next.

  17. Brendon, Britney, and Ragan deserve to be the final three. Hayden, Enzo and Lane some of the worst players in the last ten years of BB.

    • Agreed, only by the process of elimination on whose left. Hayden, Enzo, and Lane have done NOTHING to be this far in the game, except have numbers. Brittany and Brendon deserve final two, but I’m not sure about Ragan.

      They don’t win, they go against anyone who is better at the game, and they think they are the best players.

  18. matt should do the same thing as andrew and exposes somethinmg important (THE BRIGADE) hopefully everyone would believe and be going after them. britiney’s a 3 foot nothing idiot for putting matt up
    i hope she gets out next week

    • How is she a idiot for putting Matt up? She can’t trust him. He is trying to throw Ragan under the bus if he would do it to him of course he would do it to her next week when she wasn’t HOH.

      • Janna, almost everybody throws each other under the bus.

        Brittney will throw Lane under the bus sooner or later if Matt reveals the Brigade. Lane could do the same to Brittney.

        Hayden and Enzo will throw Lane under the bus to save themselves if Brendon/Ragan is HOH

        If Brendon and Ragan team up if Matt is gone and they evict Lane, Brendon would throw Ragan under the bus and say it was his idea.

        And so on. It’s part of the game. Ragan said it best “i’m glad you did, it reminds me people are playing a game”.

    • It’s a bad idea to do it at eviction time. He’ll end up with a 4-0 or 3-1 vote if he does it like Andrew did it. Ragan won’t vote against Enzo if he knows Matt is going home 100%, to blend in with the other houseguests.

    • I think Lane is just as bad. When he was talking with Brittany and said “come on, do you think I’m smart enough to do that?” and then had the confessional saying “If I had to throw Brittany under the bus to get what I want, then I will.”

      That statement alone proved he is dirt. Sure its a game, but play with integrity.

      • ….. Shawn he didn’t say that. He said if I have to munipulate her, totally differnt…..

      • I agree I don’t think he would throw her under the bus. I think he wants to take her to the final two.

      • Enzo is funny as hell. “We gotta whack Mattie.”… lol classic line. What an f-ing wiseguy…

        Me: You’re funny, Enzo. Really funny.

        Enzo: Funny how? Like a clown? Do you amuse you? Funny how? lol

  19. That does it. Matt will vote for Brendon, along with Rachel, Britney and Ragan after all the evicting is done. Game over. (Of course there will be another well timed rigged POV for Brendon to stay in the game til the end).

    • I’m not convinced that Brit or Ragan would vote for Brendon. I think that you have to consider final 2 pairings, but I do think that Hayden would vote Brendon regardless, unless he chooses to hold a grudge for Kristin, I also think that Enzo would vote for Brendon over Brit/Ragan but not over Hayden or probably Lane.

      There’s so many possibilities at this point – but I agree that, in the end, if Brendon is there, and he continues to play his own game and get himself to the end BY HIMSELF, he’ll have a decent shot at getting the most votes. He also has to keep his head down and not create any personal problems with anyone until the last day.

  20. I think the brigade screwd Matt but I believe Brendon should win cuz everyone else are riding coat tails and brendons been fighting since week one and effort score points… Although I like lane.. Big ol country boy lol… And this season is pretty boring.. Now the season with evil dick that was entertainment.. They should do a big brother all stars one with all the winners and that would be entertainment

  21. Brendon won fair and square, he pushed the BUTTON faster than the other HG! He didn’t hesitate 1 second, thats why he won!!!!! GO BRENDON :)

    • How do you know all you saw was what production wanted you to see. Even the hg’s including Bren think it was rigged.

      • Brendon said a couple days before the VETO COMP that it might be “How Bad do you want IT” He had made up his mind to buzz in all the bad things!

    • Yes Claire your right! Just because these people don’t like Brendon they saying its rigged! No its not! GOoooooo Brendon!

  22. Two things that have to happen by tommorow night eviction:

    1. Enzo has to be punished, preferably with extra vote against him. He’s broken enough rules.

    2. Matt has to out the brigade and hope Brittney realizes she’s been played. He has to hope Brendon votes for Enzo or Lane sides with Brittney and votes Enzo out. That or Enzo gets 2 votes against him/evicted if he even breaks the rules once again, getting tired of this bum.

    • If he doesnt out the brigade…he’s an idiot! For somebody who’s a diabolical genius why hasnt he figured out yet tht these guys dnt give a crap about him?

    • Agree. Until tonight I thought Matt realized that the Brigade had turned on him (he had stated as much prior to using the DPOV) and was simply biding his time so that he could “out” them at the appropriate moment… Tonight’s episode showed him participating in his own destruction by keeping himself and Ragan away from Brit so the B members could one at a time talk Brit into doing their dirty work. I thought there were only three intellectually challenged members in the Brigade… Et tu, Matt? instead of THE THREE STOOGES it’s THE FOUR FLUNKIES…

    • I have faith that he’ll out the Brigade, but unfortunately he’ll have to think of that on his own since not even Ragan knows about that alliance (unless that changed and I missed it like a total tool). If Ragan knew, he would be smart enough to tell him to out the troop, but relying on Matt to come up with it on his own – he said himself early in the season that logic is NOT his specialty even though he’s a “diabolical supergenious.”

      Enzo could have 2 votes cast against him, but likely will only have one due to the fact that when he does take off the penguin suit and take a while before getting in the pool, he still gets in the pool…he should get a vote against him for eating food.

      Still, only Ragan’s vote for Matt seems certain. I think that Lane, Hayden, and Brendon all feel that Matt’s the bigger threat and will not keep him, and 3-2 won’t do it.

      Unless he can swing Lane tomorrow (his only real hope), Matt’s gone.

      • I think, and I hope that Brendon really does actually know that the only way he can win this is doing it himself, regardless of what he says in the Diary Room about Britney going back on her word. From the look on his face I feel like I see in his eyes he knew she was putting him up anyway.

    • don’t be dieappointed if nothing is done to Enzo. Remember last year when Nat the Rat had a cheat sheet towards the end and they did nothing to her? She pulled it out on camera and they did nothing.

    • Agree! Matt IS the brigade. I can’t believe those 3 jackasses have the nerve to backdoor him when he has been the one doing all the work for them. If Matt leaves, I don’t even care who wins this year.

  23. I want Enzo and Hayden out what have they done in this game unless.. Coniving and screwing people count… What happened to fighting for yourself

  24. Scene: Hayden in DR, talking about how he weaseled his way through POV competition with anonymous prizes, while genius Enzo figured out it was Matt…

    Hayden: “Hmm, do really I want POV?
    Or, DUH! A trip to Hawaii!
    Just gimme Five K,
    And I’m on my way,
    I just won’t tell Britney.

    Brigade all think it was Matt,
    Britney’s convinced of that–
    Gremlin made a big fuss,
    Threw Ragan under the bus,
    Then he got stabbed in the back.”

    • No the Brigade knows it was Hayden he told them they are just saying it was Matt so Brit would put him up.

      • @Brad – I did spell it RAGAN. Never said he wasen’t friends with RAGAN and Brit, so what does that have to do with playing both sides of the house. You just contracted yourself !!

  25. OMG, If Matt leaves will he make enough money on endorsements to pay for his wife’s medical bills?
    Will he have a chance to at least win the favorite player money?

    • If Brendon doesn’t win he’ll probably win the favorite player’s money.

      Just because he is eye candy and he thinks Big Brother is a love story or something.

    • I have to believe you’re joking. And yes, regardless he’ll have a chance to win the favourite player money but based on popularity polls it’ll go to Brendon.

      • You are right that I was just kidding.
        On a live feed Rag was actually the one who was telling another HG that Matt would win the fave player; there fore the money would be helpful to Matt’s wife’s health expenses.
        But I did not know a player could win both. Thanks for that information!

  26. If Matt ends up going to the JH and doesn’t out the brigade, he will regret it, because everytime someone goes to the JH they get the watch the last week of BB for each member… he’ll be pissed! xD

  27. Britney is so gullable its sad. “this was a big power move for me, & i think a good decision” WRONG! You were right when you were balling your eyes out– they are using you & rather thn making a decision for yourself, you let Lane manipulate you. Stupid, her days are numbered.

      • for me, i’d much rather play with someone who i know is a backstabber[i.e. Matt] over somebody who tells me they have my back whn its clear they dont[i.e. Lane, Enzo, Hayden] Idc who wins as long as its not one of those 3. And i hope Brendon wins HOH just so he can be the one to send Britney home on double eviction night.

      • Brendon seems motivated enough to win. With Matt and Possibly Britt going to the jury house, I want to see the Jury house now.

      • They are telling her the truth they wanted to get rid of Matt and take her to final four instead. I think she did make the right move. Like she said in the final she can’t beat Matt in endourence but she knows (cause she has) beat the rest of them in any kind of comp so she has a better chance to win. Keeping Matt would have been better for her short term. She is thinking long term.

      • It doesn’t matter about the final bc she won’t make it there!!! These guys don’t care, they have ONE competition winner between the 3 of them & I wouldn’t necessarily include Haydens HOH win as one tht he tried hard to win so scratch that they have NONE!! And to think that she will make it to final 2 with ANY of those guys & win is stupid! Rachel. Brendon. Kathy are all gonna vote one of those guys over her! But it doesn’t matter bc she’ll realize it soon that she made the wrong choice

  28. Even though she was manipulated towards her choice – Britney was smart to put up Matt cause he was such a back stabber to his ‘friend’ Funny cause she stabbed Brendon in the back by going against her word

    • You wouldn’t throw your friend in the house under the bus if it meant having a chance at 500k?

      That’s some BS right there. Ragan has caused Matt more harm than good either way. This is coming from a Matt fan that if Matt gets evicted will probably root for Ragan.

      I would’ve rooted for Lane but he is being used exactly like Matt and will backstab any houseguests besides the Brigade.

      • I agree “Brad D” obviously Matt would throw Ragan under the bus, he was trying to save his butt, and stick with the Brigade. But the Brigade are too scared to tell Matt that hes out of the Brigade. But overall Ragan will forgive Matt, and if Matt goes home this week i too will be cheering on Ragan.

      • I don’t think that Ragan will forgive Matt when he finds out his wife is not really sick.

    • Eventually everyone will have to lie and backstab. It’s a game. They are players. They are not there to be friends. You will have to turn on someone sooner or later

    • Oh i doubt that Janna. I really truly believe Ragan is in love with Matt. lol :-)Ragan’s face :-( Matt’s face

  29. For the record, once and for all – all reality TV is scripted on some level. This isn’t new, and probably hasn’t been new in the entire history of Big Brother, Survivor, American Idol, etc.

    Reality TV needs to strive to entertain, also. With everyone complaining about how boring this season is, perhaps a dose of faux reality is welcome.

  30. I don’t get why some think the others were ‘fighting’ in the POV and that the comp was fixed. The only ones truly fighting for the punishments were Brendon & Meow Meow. I think some have missed the point that the others weren’t on the block and nobody knows who earned the prizes so of course they would rather get prizes than punishments!!! I think the problem was the game choice, not button pushing!! If the others knew who won what, they would know who needs to go! Anybody else notice that Brit wasn’t fighting that hard for punishments either? The only thing she tried for was to dye her hair pink!! Big deal!!

    • I agree with you – don’t understand why some are saying that Britney and Hayden kept pushing the punishment button when they most certainly didn’t.

      Britney was mad at the guys for going for prizes instead of punishments. Because they went for prizes instead of punishments. I don’t know, maybe their cable cut out… ;)

      • LOL – yeah, cable cut out, button not working, I’m sure it will all be said!

        I agree SisterJ, she should have been smart enough to figure them out by now – same gameplay by the ‘floaters’, different day!! LOL

    • Brit didn’t think she had to fight… She was so sure that “her army” had her back… She gives new meaning to the expression “brainless twit”… No matter, at least she still has her delusions of the fame that awaits her…

  31. After watching tonight’s show and the pov comp. there is no doubt in my mind the producers let Brendon win. Talk about a competition that was rigged with the buzzer. It was very easy for the producers to make sure Brendon won. Remember it is albout the tv ratings. If Brendon left, then what? These people are already boring. Matt has to go because of his lie about his wife. I just never realized how much producers manipulate this game. That is why you always here: Your not allowed to talk about production. Very disappointing.

    • I didnt see any of them push the button to have their HAIR SHAVED OFF, even Enzo who is HALF BALD, hesitated to push the button. Enzo said that in the have -not room after the COMP didn’t he?

      • There were more than one punishments. The producers made sure the punishments that Brendon got made him have more points than Enzo. Everytime Brendon needs to be saved he gets one. I really feel sorry for Brendon, maybe the producers will work it so he wins the whole thing.

  32. If enzo isnt punished for eating then why even have these rules if nothings done everyone will start breaking rules and I think Lane should win he has played fair and never cried like these other babies.

      • They probably gave him a warning about it. Remember how many warnings they gave that violent guy with the knife on an earlier season that they had to kick out and Chima got a lot of warnings, too, before they finally kicked her out for breaking rules. I don’t think eating is that big of a deal, especially when those people are practically starving for a week or more, I give him a pass. They probably warned him, but it was no big deal.

  33. Also, have the people complaining here are idiots, if you don’t watch BBAD or the live feed stfu about it being fixed. On BBAD everyone was saying that they hesitated to press the button, so BB porbably just took the scence of them rapidly clicking once someone has already taken then punishment.

  34. I don’t think it was necessarily rigged. Brendon and Enzo were the only two who felt they had to win. They could have been hitting the button as soon as they knew it was a punishment, not even worried about what it was. The others except for Hayden may have wanted to win but not near as bad, so they might have waited to know what the punishment they were agreeing to was exactly, and if they really wanted to commit to it. The time that it took for them to make that decision could have been what made them lose.

    I think it was a competition the BB could have rigged if they wanted to, but I don’t think that means they did.

    And even if they did rig the competition this week, I have to admit that this has been one of the most exciting weeks all season.

  35. I dont know how those complaining about the comp have anything to say because,these houseguuests dont even try to win BB doesnt have to rig them they all jump off and throw it away.if you saw other seasons those houseguests stayed in it for hours and hours thats when there were real competetors

  36. Matt is not that sneaky. In this episode he proved he was staying true to the Brigade, even willing to throw Ragan under the bus to stay with his first alliance. I think that’s not fair, Matt and Brendan have been the only ones actually playing this game, and fighting in the competitions, unless they have their only plan and which they would throw a competition for their own advantage.

    Also if anyone is sneaky in the house its Hayden. Hello, he was the one who took the 5,000 and the trip to Hawaii. But of course Hayden let everyone believe it was Matt, to get his “buddy” Matt evicted. But in this episode i was also surprised at how the Brigade used Brittney.. her and Matt got played and they’re probably going to be going home very soon.

    • That was well played on Hayden’s part. If you don’t win comps you have to find other ways to get ahead. Hayden’s plan worked Matt’s did not.

    • He may have stayed true to the brigade, but I think most people are saying he is sneaky because he lied about his wife.

      • yes i can see how hes sneaky about lieing about his wife, but when you think about it at the beginning Andrew wouldn’t tell anyone hes a doctor, and Ragan never told anyone he was a professor.

      • Yeah i’m pretty sick of people using that excuse for Matt. His wife wasen’t even upset about. People, get over it already.

    • Hayden wasn’t gonna SHAVE his HAIR OFF cause if you notice he HIDES his FACIAL reactions by covering his EYES with his hair! ALL the TIME ! I call him SNAKE-EYES !

    • He’s not staying true to the Brigade, he went to them because they have the votes. It’s survival.

  37. britneys a fool; do not desrever to win bb12; stupid woman listening to those men. I really believe that CBS big brother wants all females out. I am one of them; i am totally out….sorry Matt

  38. Even with the producers trying to create drama through pov comp. a third pandora’s box, rigging competions, talking to houseguests, etc. it is still borrrrrring. I have stopped watching BBAD.

  39. Matt might as well be wearing Brendon’s blindfold.

    My god its amazing how in the dark he is.

  40. You cry that its rigged because Brendon won. all yuou saw was the edited footage .. who’s to say what order the buttons were pressed??? maybe it was and maybe it wasn’t but the utter convenience of Matt gettig DPOV while HOH doesn’t bother anyone ??? lets face we are all going to cry foul when our HG isn’t doing well. now back to the point.. how many of those floaters were really trying to get punishments. you know matt wasn’t. I think Brendon paid a heavy price for this Veto and IMO earned it

    • It’s alot different. The DPOV was used in past seasons and nobody complained about it (Coup de Tat, basically).

      The fact that this competition was so for one, not even entertaining of a competition, but that the entire point of it was to buzz in the fastest? If it wasn’t rigged for Brendon to win the competition was still blatantly one of the worst competitions they’ve had in a very long time in the BB house.

      • PLEASE that SISSY Brogade won all the GOOD Prizes! Enzo took the lesser evil of the bad Choices!! Brendon got the WORST ! HE is the only one to fight the hardest to stay! MEOW MEOW! to the rest of those PUSSY——- CATS! :)

      • Agreed !!! horrible comp!! but I was referring to the fact he got DPOV while being the sitting HOH. I do believe Jeff was not HOH when he got the “coup de ta” it was Chima . it just seem redundant to give power to the person in power…JMO

  41. cyndie

    I totally agree; i will be vtcing it from now on……….lost me had haden; what a snake………will someone please tell the rest???oh right the rest are snakes tooooooo!

      • I believe the rough translation is something along the lines of, “Where did CBS put my Vicodin and vodka? Haters, I’m done!”

      • Trolling, I’m just stating that I don’t understand WTF Deb is saying. Also I’ve been bashed so many times for supporting Brendon and Enzo, so I just don’t care anymore, I’m actually using my brain unlike some of the people her(No, I don’t mean you) People have to face the fact that Matt’s gone cause the brigade used him to thier advantage and are now getting rid of him. Sorry, if this is offending you, just the only way people here truly understand.

  42. and on another note … am I the only one that really enjoyed watching Brit eating that big ole piece of “In yo face Pie” It was really funny when she got mad as if forgetting that she had just went back on her word a few days before. but Kudos to brit and brendon on how they handled the handkuff and chum situation.. very grown up

    • On BBAD you got a completely different view of how Brit handled the handcuff thing… They both seemed to make the best of an uncomfortable situation. Brit actually was seen to be a good sport about it, the most grown up she has acted this season. All you saw tonight were clips of her making faces and mouthing “Help me” to the camera…

    • If you watched BBAD Britney really made it nicer for Brendon. She really hung in there and helped him. They both helped each other.

      • Yeah, is seemed to be the only thing I have seen this season that shoes she is a person! I watch bbad and I am tired of hearing her bad mouth everyones apperance etc. Like she is better than everyone I hope she and Regan get voted out next. I think Brendon should win! Anyone think tommorrow might be some sort or bingo or connect four challenge? Just by what’s in the backyard tonight makes me think of something like that!

    • Oh yeah ..I meant that sincerely, I do watch BBAD and was shocked how nice they were together. I was expecting a cat and dog in a bag type situation

      • I thought so, too, until they showed Brit in the dR with Bren, mouthing ‘help me’ & shooting herself in the head with her finger when Bren was talking & making faces at him to the camera and then griped to anyone who would listen how terrible it was. She hates him with a passion, and the guys used that against her to backdoor Matt if Bren won POV. She has no loyalty to anyone but herseld, and just maybe Lainey.

  43. The Brigade needs to be outed and Hayden and Enzo need to go. They have not done anything to earn the money. I would rather see Brendon or Britney win the money.

    • Enzo is a total piece of shit! I want Enzo, lane and Hayden to leave. Mart was the only won HOH to saw their asses and they throw him under the bus!!!!! Hate them all. Want to see Regan and Matt get to final two!!!!

    • I agree with ya !! Matt needs to out the brigade in his speech.. he knows he is goin…. so what does he have to lose… it was a huge mistake for him to throw Regan under the bus.. he should have disclosed the Brigade alliance to Brit..

      • It’s sad to see Matt go, considering he’s worked so hard to be where he is,everyone else is floating.

  44. Looks like Matt will go unless Enzo gets punished for eating real food. Next to go should be Enzo and Hayden. I like to see Brendon, Lane, Ragan, and Britney in final four. Brendon has been so much easier to tolerate without Rachel there, don’e you think?

      • LOL, I agree, I’d be awesome if Brendon won. I think he was used by Rachel & guilty by association w/a crazy person. It seemed he put his heart out there & was strung along & now he’s basically alone in there fighting for himself & it hasn’t been an easy thing to do, but w/Rachel gone, he has accomplished much & I think the others may be seeing him for the ‘real’ person & not the puppet he was..

      • Yall did take notice tonite that Brendon did not use Rachel and $500,000.00 in the same sentence..hmmmm kinda funny

      • Now that Rachel is gone, I actually like Brendon. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to win the game.

  45. wtf????? nobody deserves to win more than Brendon. he is a MUCH better player without Rachel. She got exactly what she deserved and I hope Brendon wins it all. He has no chance against Britney if they go to final two.

    • Brendon does seem more likeable without Rachel, but don’t forget, she won a lot of competitions and helped him in competitions when she could. She helped get him through the first part of the game.

  46. people here are asking why the game was rigged! I’ll tell you why! there was no point of hiding everyone in boxes, its obvious big brother did it for production to choose the winner which is Brendon… don’t get me wrong I am a Brendon fan and happy he won, but c’mon! I agree with the others that the game was rigged for him ONE HUNDRED PERCENT.

    • How? He did not hesitate to buzz in for the punishments. The others thought they were safe and just were not motivated to buzz in faster. Look at the punishments he got, who would really want to do those if they really didn’t need to. Come on!!!

      • 100% agree with you….
        Never noticed how BB fixes things
        for ratings as much as they have this year…Look at them bringing back Rachel!!

      • Britney was genuinely pissed. Enzo, Britney and Matt all claimed to be buzzing as quick as possible.

        I’m not saying it was rigged, but if they wanted to, this would be the best challenge to do so.

      • Would YOU want a chump bath every hour? NO! Would YOU want to be a half-not for 3 weeks? NO! Would you want to shave your head? NO! There was no way in hell this was rigged for Brendon. He just wanted it more. Notice he didn’t go for any of the prizes like Land and Hayden. So anyone who says this was rigged needs to step back and just watch the damn show and stop your bitching!

    • not sure about this being rigged for brendon…enzo had a chance but he hesitated when it comes to shaving is head? why? he’s practically bald anyways….:)

      hayden is scum….

      that is all.

    • Don’t be ridiculous. They were put into boxes so that no one could see who claimed the prizes.

      • only showing the single view camera angles, instead of a widespread shot of everyone hitting the buzzers, yeah total fix! It is disgusting to see the amount of fixing going on this season.

  47. Can you believe these a@@ holes sitting up in the HOH room talking trash about Brendan… Who the hell do these ya hoo’s think they are. Pukes!!! All they do is talk trash and make fun of Brendan and Ragen. Enzo thinks he’s so flippin funny when hes so annoying. Wait till they get out and read how America really felt about them. Would love to be a fly on the wall when that happens.

    • Yes America totally do not vote for Enzo, lane or Hayden to win Americas choice..They think that at least one of them will win it..

      • Enzo, Lane or Hayden for America’s choice…certainly the American people who watch this show are not that stupid. These three are so full of themselves it is disgusting to watch. They all three think they are going to be superstars when they get out of the BB house. Are you kidding me? Worthless losers. Not even trying, having everyone else in the house do their dirty work for them. I have no respect for none on them, Enzo has the filthiest mouth of anyone I have ever heard, Lane and Hayden my version of “Dumb and Dumber.”

      • Would rather see Lane if it had to be one of the three… Hayden and Enzo do not deserve it.. Enzo sneakin food and Hayden not copping to taking the prizes… ; ) Kinda funny cuz he looked like a shamed little kid everytime they were talking about it…

    • I agree with you Donna. What makes me laugh is Enzo is using intimidation to win this damn thing. He hasn’t won one damn thing. Oh he came close in 2. Big deal. He needs to keep his mouth shut and play the freaking game if he wants to stay there. It is sad tonight watching him trash talk Brendon in the HOH room when Brendon has all week trying to make him feel better. The idiot! Go back to Jersey and STFU!

    • I feel the same but I want them all together when they watch this season and I would love to be there to see their reactions

  48. @ Brad D , Dude you fn know everything plus your the spelling and intellectual aptitude police. How do you fit your big giant head into cyberspace? On top of that it appears you love Matt the Ratt more than Ragina and Stacey. Quit bullying people and telling them how stupid and dumb they are and how right you are and go pound some sand . You have an opinion fine but you don’t need to be such a douche!!! LMFAO repeatedly!!!

    • Well Brad D, I wouldn’t take it personally what Broham says. He still has yet to call you or anyone else a Nazi.

      The only person claiming that people are being bullied is you. You claimed this when I first made a post and spoke my mind, and clearly whenever people speak their mind as well. Making things personal on a sharing site like this is completely uncalled for. Way to take the high road. I’m sure most of the community would appreciate more posts about the show rather than read your personal attacks to people.

      Grow up.

      Oh, and the first “your” in your attack is supposed to be “you’re”. At least you used it right the second time, but I’m still going to have to write you a ticket.

      • Nadroj the Narcissistic Nazi or jordaN the comedian alcoholic, i wish you could go back and read your posts when your pettiness started,remember when you were trying to impose jordaN’s world on this shared site. It wasn’t about you’re opinion , it was about your way or the highway. Ignorance is bliss and your wallowing in it!! In the infamous words of graves I’m going to bow out because trying to get you to look into the cracked mirror is like wiping your ass with a hula-hoop , there ain’t no end to it!!! lol lol lmfao

  49. Enzo is so full of himself. He actually thinks he is running things. At this point I think Brendon is the only one who deserves to win. A couple weeks ago I thought Brendon was the most annoying person in the house, but now he deserves it more than any of them. Enzo, Lane and Hayden deserve nothing. At least Lane and Hayden know they are losers. Enzo is totally deluded.

      • I agree Stoker…. wouldnt really have to look at Rachel’s reaction if he won, but he does deserve it… Hayden and certainly Enzo do NOT deserve it…

      • Wow Stoker! I totally agreee with you about Enzo the meow meow penguin! That brigade deserves nothing. After tonight I would like to see those 3 go before Ragan and Britney!!!

  50. just to make it known…The announcer said at the end of BB show tonight that there will be a special double eviction so tune in tomorrow nite..

  51. I somehow doubt these players are going to take the time to read our drivel

    Matt is gone – even Ragan made clear he felt betrayed –

    Who are these players – did Ragan thing matt was all of a sudden going to become a g-man and leave his wife and let him win the 500k?

    This guy teaches at the university – cannot be a very good university.

    At least based on the editing part, I think Brendon was a good sport when Matt was nominated – teh same cannot be said for how matt acted last week when he was taken off of the block

    • Ragan and Matt made up eventually, but Matt’s out unless Brendon can be persuaded along with the ‘Rule Breaking Vote’ and Ragan.

  52. The Only reason matt the genious, was throwing ragan under the bus, was to save his own butt. not
    to save the brigade, to save himself from being put
    up. He said a while ago that he was in it for him-
    self first, then the brigade. he was playing every-body. to carry himself this far. Does anyone agree
    with me.

      • I do…..
        Wish he knew that they have thrown him under the bus…He has carried those losers all season….Wish he could go and tell Brit everything and wish Hayden would be exposed for getting the rewards…Matt is taking all the blame…thanks to Lane and his love for Brit…

    • BUT…he also didn’t want Hayden to go up. Remember, he thinks he’s still in the Brigade at this point. He never pushed for Hayden.

      • And that was his big mistake!! He should have busted the whole Brigade thing wide open before he threw Regan under the bus…especially to Britney!!!

  53. I stopped watching the show as of last week. I can’t take any of the players anymore plus I believe the game is fixed!!!!
    I’ve watch this show for 10 seasons and this year
    has been very disgusting to me…I don’t think any
    of the remaining players deserves to win.etc….

  54. Once Hayden and Lane tell Matt how its going down tomorrow, then he’ll out the Brigade on Live TV. At least he should.
    It will make them really uncomfortable for the upcoming competitions and ceremonies.

    PLEASE MATT! Its the least you can do.

    If he does that, he’ll score BIG points with the viewing audience and possibly help him with America’s vote. Possibly. Its worth a shot anyway.

    • I really hope Matt does “out” the brigade, Enzo had everyone against Matt even before the POV competion began and had Britney do the dirty work and put him up. I’m not a fan of either but WHY are they listening to Enzo..he is just a big mouth with an attitude.

      • y’all should remember it was tickle me enzo that tried the hardest to win POV. I am not a fan of the guy but at least he deserves credit for trying and not going for one prize. Yeah he was on the block but he thought he was gonna win and then bren wouldve been gone so he deserves a modicom of credit

      • Hayden & Lane would be fool’s to let Matt know how they are going to vote!! last time has to be in the back of their minds. They told him last week they had to vote him out, only for Matt to use the DPOV making Hayden & Enzo very nervous for having told Matt how they were voting.

        I HOPE Hayden & Lane keep their votes to themselves, or lie to Matt (like Matt has done them) and tell Matt –Oh yeah we got you—They will tell Enzo they did that because of last week and the DPOV just IN Case..Enzo would understand he was on the other end of that stab last week.

  55. For some reason I really wanted Matt to get further in this game because he worked the hardest out of the Bregade…BUT throwing Ragan under the bus was the ultimate low forme(more than the unbelieveable story bout his wife).BYE Matt…I only wish he would make my dreams come true and “out”the Bregade..they are a bunch of nobodys that are laying low but flying to the top at other people expenses!!!

    • Outing the brigade would at least give Matt some dignity from me when he leaves the house. I’d say the real snakes aren’t Brenchel, or B/M/R but Da Boorgade, who are probably the most passive and pathetic players in BB history.

      • Why would he keep that a secret? What advantage would that give him..none he is on his way to the jury house and a vote for the one standing. He schemed all through the show now is his time to really expose all he knows and not lie…

  56. Like I keep saying Brendon needs to turn in his tiara for big boy pants, It’s a win/lose situation for him as if he does win the $$$ Rachel (or as I like to call her the drag queen) will be doing all she can to get 1/2 (even if it means a quickie marriage in Vegas)He may be playing the game now but ultimately it is to please Rachel to make her happy.Still not 100% for himself. Britney is the only female left she plays and yes she is caddy she is female lol but use your femininity to your advantage , Regan from one gay male to another you are a disgrace, you whine more than my 5 year old niece. But have simmered down considering Matt wanted to throw you under the bus (ouch) Matt- Karma will kick you in the head for lying about your wife and being the big duface that you are. Lane although you are great eye candy, you must be a redneck if you have muscles and don’t put them to use what the hell are they for then, reminding me of Jesse just in the way he flaunted his muscles and seeing him again made me throw up in my mouth a little, poor Brit. Enzo the Disney channel called and wants you to take over for Mickey Mouse, Meow Meow says the Penguin, Hayden your hair products are seeping into your brain, You are lazy surfer dude.

    My guess for final 2 is Brendon and Britney
    I am sure they worked out something while being handcuffed in between the bathing.
    Enzo, Hayden and Matt need to be send a packing…

    Chimps can play better game then these chumps

    I guess I should agree with Lane, He should be playing for himself, Brendon is still 50% playing for Rachel, and so what Lane has an alliance but when it comes down to it you protect you. There’s only 1 first place winner…

    • JAZ..NOT BEING A SMART ASS BUT HOW many times are u gonna repeat the same post today?? I am sorry if u take this as rude message (cause it actually it is)..but come up with something new…dam we been reading the same stuff from u all day…it’s old news and dribble..move on to something else..

      • This is funny since I posted this message on another thread 2 days I have moved on but apparently something is wrong on my end.

      • I apologize if there is a glitch in the system and the message keeps repeating I am sorry for my post..But goodness knows how many times can u say big boys pants and tiara n a day..goodness it can get
        So please if there is a system error please accept my apology..

      • Graves apology accepted I know The saying is old but I have used that saying my whole life LOL and yes tomorrow I am bringing my computer in, I have borrowed my roomates laptop so this won’t happen with the repeated messages :)

    • I know I keep looking for a delete button, My computer has been acting up I sent 8 emails today to the same office. Sorry Bud

  57. Britney trusts Lane way too much and will be shocked when she finds out the truth how he runs to the brigade and repeats everything she says. She would be in a good position to allign with Brendon and Ragan but she doesn’t see it because she trusts Lane way too much.

    • They all trust each other way too much, I still don’t trust my Grampa and I have known him for 41 years LOL, these people are too easily persuaded, no minds of their own.
      This is a game and if they have to lie cheat and fight to the end so be it…and that’s what BB is all about.

    • Lane is play a game that will bite him in the butt, Lane will lose Britney’s vote when he stabs in the back, also if he can get away with it, and stabs brendon in the back he stands to lose three votes as for ragan’s and Matt’s I make it 60/40 that he wont get thier’s either. Six lose votes out of seven, Not good

  58. I hated Brendon at first because of the whole Rachel thing but once Matt and Britney go tomorrow he’ll be the only one deserving it. I can’t even stand thinking of me rooting or him because I can picture him winning and being like “this is for you Rachel” and I’ll vomit. BUT at least someone who deserves it will win. All-Stars: Matt/Brendon maybe Brit or Rachel (just for ratings) but I dunno. This season went down the drain tonight.

    • I throw up in my mouth everytime he whines or says her name.
      Defiantly the worst BB of all time.
      I rather watch The bold and the beautiful or Rosie reruns Blahhh

    • Yeah, the DR with him and the Veto medal was just unbearable. He’s not in love, he’s infatuated.

      • That’s a border line stalker…There is something seriously wrong with him, His ex was pretty then you look @ Rachel and she is nothing but a drag queen..I must check for an atoms apple…

      • The guy who replies to his own reply about the same person is borderline stalker. That is Arizona southern border line stalker Jaz. That is serious!

    • Matt should not be an all star just for the fact that he lied about his wife. Yes, it is a game, but that is lower than low.
      I hope Bratney doesnt win…sounds like she doesnt need the money after living in Spain and spending 10 days in Italy. Oh and her saying “$50,000 would at least payoff my car”
      I am rootong for Brendon….he has fought since day 1!

      • i spent myu whole summer in italy and traveling europe that doesnt mean sh*t she a good game player

      • Agree that Brendon should get to final two and win the money! What a survivor.. even if he is kind of a putz…. he is not as bad when he is not with her…

      • I didn’t know this about Britney…however, now hearing it I have to wonder…I read somewhere, on a post, that Lane is from a wealthy family and is doing this show just for the the experience/fun of it…it sounds like Brit comes from the same type of privledged background…they do seem very familiar with one another…so I was thinking…maybe they really do know each other from outside the BB house..running in the same social circles..just my opinion

  59. Britney’s part of the Pandora’s Box was kind of lame. Does CBS have grade school kids dreaming this stuff up.

    • To bring back Jesse Really that guy needs anymore tv spotlight. He is such a loser.
      This time the HG’s got something good from pandoras box well and Brit had to stomache Jesse for a whole hour I rather be a have not and eat bugs

      • I dunno but why must he tear off his shirt really…Glad you have $$$ to replace them, why wear clothes at all…I think the sparkles may have came from the box and attached themselves to his sweaty chest ewww

      • I wonder if Jesse was in on the joke that he was the booby prize? He’s so vain, he probably thought this show was about him… Oops is that BB saying “STOP ZINGING”?

    • totally she got ripped off bad in the previews i though it was going to be nick the way she screamed lol

      • Britney’s reign as HOH as sucked big time. Wait until she gets out of the house and sees how Lane and all of the other dumbasses had her wrapped around their little fingers.

  60. ok, after Wed night showing of the PoV comp if anyone has the nerve to claim anything positive about Surfer Dude Hayden you will be laughed off this board.

    can a person look any MORE STUPID with their mouth open almost all the time.

    Hayden: “heck, i’m going for the prizes that will probably get me to the F2 and look at me, how can i lose?”

    what a strategy, this guy is a total loser with totally no strategy. it’s hard to believe that he could be stupider then he looks but Wed night confirmed it.

    this guy is in for a rude awakening when he has to provide for himself in real life… his only calling in life has to be a gigolo, here’s hoping he finds a rich old bitch.

    Enzo/Hayden, these two are so dumb, they have to remind each other to breath.

    i really never liked Bren, but he’s the ONLY ONE showing that he wants to win… i applaud his effort in the PoV comp.

    • Enzo was trying too but Brendon got the crappy end of the deal with his bath, being handcuffed and well his hair will grow, Hayden and cut my hair no way, that boy is just that a boy…

    • I think that this comp was to show who the real players are..who really wants to win the $500,000.00…Brendon of course..Britney (like it or not) did try..This comp required no brain useage or strenous activity so Enzo did give it a shot..Matt was trying but got nothing..Now the phone call was a nice prize (non expensive) glad Lane got it..But the trip and the cash were greed offerings which Hayden jumped in watching the comp viewers should get real idea of who in the house is going for the win..which would be Brittney and there u have it or not.. Just my opinion..And I do believe that it will be announced tomorrow nite that Hayden won the big prizes..

      • It should be announced that Hayden won the big prizes, then he goes and sets Matt up by sending Lane to tell Britney that Matt won the vaca and money. I liked hayden when he first came into the house, now, I cannot stand him. He is the biggest liar in the whole house. Everyone knows about all of the other prizes, why should Hayden being greedy and obviously not giving a damn about the 500,000, not have to reveal that he was the one who took them. I really believe that he thinks he has this game in the bag.
        He is one cocky, arrogant, jerk.

  61. If Enzo was so sad about not being with his daughter, then why didn’t he buzz in for a phone call. Why don’t eveybody come clean because Britt told Lane if he is in an alliance she will kill him. He lied and told her he wasn’t.

    • Matt should now expose them all on the way out the door he has no reason not to lie he has no reason why he should keep secrets they just backed doored him (assuming they do tomorrow)
      Spill it all Matty!! Then watch them all squirm!

      • I hope he does spill it too about the Brigade… in his speech would be nice.. he will know by then if he is going or not….

      • Yeah I hope he does that b/c that will definitely make Brendon think hard about aligning himself w/ the brigade and if he has an ounce of smart cells in his brain left he will try to form an alliance with the only other ppl who have ever won something which is Brit and Hayden. If he makes it to the final two with either Hayden or Brit, he will prob. win.

        And it would definitely make the house even more divided than it already is and I would love to see the look on Brit’s face when she finds out that Lane has been playing her all along. Can you say Priceless!

      • Jaz….If Matt DOES NOT tell all tomorrow it will be completely clear the game is being scripted by Production..

      • actually, i think he is saving it for his last minute speech…although it will be hard to believe him since he told so many lies this week….he probably already knows the votes he can sway by breaking up the brigade is brendon, ragan, and brittney as the tie breaker. if there is a penalty for enzo and it is announced before voting that he cheated, that could piss off half the house and coincide that with matt’s last minute outing the brigade….things “might” get interesting and good tv drama….take some pointers here Big Brother, it’s already fixed, so why not fix it this way for at least exciting drama tomorrow.

    • @Mary, in the fish room on BBAD when Hayden told Enzo & Lane what we won, Enzo said he did buzz in for the phone call…I missed tonights show so I am a bit upset. I wanted to see for myself Exactly how the POV Comp & the Ceremony went down. I even missed last Thursday’s show….ok, let me be clear I missed the first half. I tuned in AFTER the DPOV and the voting. I came in at the voting results. WHY do I keep missing the best shows.

      I have been watching BB for 12 Seasons, only missed the first. I found BB by accident channel surfing. Caught it one night,and was hooked.

      CBS/BB Producers REALLY need to let Jesse GOOOO. If it was a booby prize for bratney they could have brought back a terrible person from a past season…..WHY is it Always Jesse…ugh

      • It looked to me like Britney, Matt, Enzo and Brendon were the ones who were really trying to buzz in. “Dumb and Dumber” aka, Hayden and Lane, just stood there, until vacation, money and phone call came up, then no one else buzzed for those, so they had no trouble buzzing in. In my opinion, this was more of a luxury comp not a POV. So, once again, Hayden and Lane being the lazy jerks they are, received nice prizes and another week in the house.

  62. Once Matt is gone Im out. This cast sucks. At least Rachel was a fun train wreck to watch. Uggh!

  63. britany is my favorite, she plays the game fairly well if she didnt trust lane so much she could def win she should team up with brendon for sure

  64. Okay unless a miracle happens, we know that Matt is going home first (sigh). Not that I was rooting for Matt but I was hoping that he and Brendon would be in the final two since they’re the only ones left in the house that actually deserve to win (strategically speaking).

    My prediction for the next eviction is if Brendon wins HOH, he’s prob. going to do whatever Hayden and Enzo say and put up Brit and Ragan and since Brendon’s HOH, he’s prob. not going to work as hard on the POV, so let’s say Brit wins. She takes herself off and i would think Brendon would put up either Lane or Hayden as a pawn and send Ragan home.

    But if Hayden or Ragan wins HOH, they’re def. going to put up Brendon and Hayden would prob. put up Brit as a pawn. Ragan would prob. put up Lane or Enzo. (I won’t even consider the lazy Enzo or Lane winning an HOH)

    Hopefully my first prediction comes true b/c I really don’t want Brendon to go home. He’s the only one left that I would respect as a BB winner. The rest are two-faced cowards that need to get the fvck out the house!

    • With Brendon and Brit clueless, in spite of the fact that they should have figured out that something seemed fishier than the chum, I’m afraid BBBF#1 is pretty well predicting what will sadly come to pass… The smart ones have been played, and the idiots have gotten more dumb luck than they deserved…

    • I want to see either Hayden or Enzo go tomorrow night, so what needs to happen is Regan needs to win HOH, put Brendan and Hayden/Enzo on the block (Don’t get me wrong,I dont want him to put Brendon on the block, but he most likely will) See Brendon win HOH and Regan replace him with Hayden/Enzo… That is what I am hopin happens. Then Enzo/meow meow or Hayden would see their way to the jury house!!

  65. I think there’s going to be more than one surprise tomorrow…it’s going to be the biggest surprise for all the HG when Julie tells Enzo he has two votes for cheating
    And find himself out of the door …..penguin suit et all. Good bye to bad rubbage..

    The second eviction could be anyone ..depending on the HOHWinner…..I can see
    Brendon off to see his tranny lover..Brachel. Another good riddance…..

    • That would be great if he did the the 2 vote punishment but I doubt it will happen. This is the new scripted BB so who knows what will happen.

    • Wasn’t it only 1 vote when Jen broke the rules? I don’t know why it would be two…

      I think Matt is def going home. But based off who wins HOH, it could be anyone.

      I think if Hayden, Ragan, or Lane win, then Brendon will be going home. If Brendon or Enzo wins, then I think Brittany will be going home. If only didn’t break her promise with Brendon, then I think she would be safe.

      • But Jen got a penalty vote for eating just one apple. Enzo, meanwhile, has eaten a lot of food he’s not supposed to as well as being very lax on wearing the penguin costume. He definitely broke the rules way more than Jen did, so if BB is fair they’d give him a harsher punishment. Or maybe that’s just my wishful thinking.

      • @ Alex, I’m sorry to say but I think it’s just wishful thinking,

        1. BB saw Enzo put something in his mouth, but don’t know what it was.

        2. BB said that he could take his penguin suite off to go into the pool, But he walks around for awhile before he goes in, BB has not told him to get in the pool or put his suite back on.

        3. BB has let a lot of rules slide the year.

        Sorry but the most I see is maybe 1 veto penality point.

        As for britney and brendon, am I the only one that see’s a change in britney, I think more happen during the 24 hours that the other HG’s know, tomorrow will tell.

    • You are wrong on so very many levels.
      How genius of you to educate us that the second evicted house guest could be anyone. Smart, smart, smart. Are you a white collar professional with all those smarts?BTW – What does bad rubbage mean, gifted one? Enlighten my weak, weak mind.
      I thought Brendon was awesome. He is becoming more personable and gracious with each episode. I love that he chose Britney. Even she thought he’d be looking to hang her, but he took the moral high ground instead. Good for him. He’s also able to pull off the shaved head – tough to do unless you have chiseled features (bone structure) and a fantastic smile. Luckily, he has both!!!

      • @ Nicky, I agree with you on the second half of your post, But first half was uncalled for, You didn’t need to go there

      • Nicky, I believe RoseyPink was politely referring to where Enzo’s hands have been during most of the BBAD/live feed sessions… I’d still like to see the house supplied with hand sanitizer, and Brendon may be better off when he’s the only one on slop…

  66. Matt needs to go,
    If not he’s going far.
    Personaly i would love to see Lane win this game!
    He’s cool, calm , nice and to be honest i think lane and Hayden are the two long life friends. I hope it’s the two of them who wins it. Enzo makes the show good . Come on!! Big Brother would suck without the Brigadethis season.
    Brendon needs to go too, im so sick of hearing him talk about Racheal , There both messed.
    Go Lane ! :) <3

    • Yeah Lane is sooo nice and honest…”Brittany, do you think I’m that smart to pull that off?” (talking about another alliance). Confessional…”If I had to backdoor Brittany to benefit me in the game, then I will.”

      Hayden is all talk and doesn’t compete. He’s throwing people under the bus to benefit his game. And same with Enzo, except he did absolutely nothing besides targeting people who did better than him.

      I hope Matt, Brendon, or Brittany win the game. Matt because he played well; the brigade turned on him because he was doing TOO well. Brendon because he’s the underdog and has been fighting since day one to stay in the game. Brittany because she’s the only one left playing the game. She’s a snot, but she’s doing what she can.

      Ragan hasn’t done nothing but finish off being a horrible saboteur. Who did I miss??

      • Well It’s a game, you would have to be stupid to think everyones going to be honest to you. There all cometeing for the same thing!! there all going to back stab eachother soon enough, that’s how the game goes.Brendon is stupid, first because he came into this game not to win but to have a love afair knowing thats not good to have on ur back for the game.It’s not all about who’s good at what. It’s how you play the game . I dont really care who deservs to win .Cause the game doesnt work that way. so ill root for who i like :)

    • Also, I think Lane and Hayden came into this game ‘saying’ “hey you find one guy and ill find a guy and we will team up and try to get to the final four, the its me and you”. good game play if you ask me :)

    • Even though I do like Lane a bit and he can be funny at times he doesn’t deserve to win b/c he hasn’t done sh!t in the house other than play w/ Brit and play pool.

      If anybody deserves to win its Brendon. Yes he is annoying but the man shaved his head for crying out loud. Now if that’s not playing the game then I don’t know what is.

      Brit, even though I think she is the slimest most whiniest b-tch that ever lived in the BB house, comes as a close third after Matt.

    • can’t say that I agree with any of that…the Brogade have not made the show…the show has not been much of a BB production this year, compared to past BB’s. Enzo is an ass who thinks that he will walk out famous and become “somebody” because he has been on BB, Lane may be good looking but he is NOT what he seems and Hayden is just a young pup following everyone around trying to figure out what to do. Just my opinion.

  67. hey enzo, welcome to the game of big brother. you didnt prove yourself as a competitor once in this game other than naming an alliance, congrats.

    • THANK YOU! I couldn’t agree with you more. You know what’s going to be worse then hearing Brendon talk about Rachel? Is MEOWMEOW talking about being the greatest alliance in BB history…

  68. Good Night BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Phew, what a week eh? Let’s hope anyone BUT Ragan & Brit the twit win HOH! Bren go win POV yo, ya need to be final 4! :) As for the bro-gade i have nothing to say! Matt, great knowin’ ya gremlin! (how’d that name come about anyways?) what an insult to grems! :P…..where are the night peeps…sterling, tishe, rico, chrisdagr8, Q? i need some poetry to get me thru the night! lol

    • Hi Jadelle, just got off work!! Wasn’t able to tape tonights show, darn!! Ah well, you folks will fill me in! Yes?? Haven’t heard from Rico? Sterling has also been MIA Chris and Q gad some pretty dang good poetry rap last night, also a few others!! Trish should be out there somewhere!! Etc. I have been trying to catch up! Pretty decent posts tonight!! Thanks ya all!!

      • hey it’s on megavideo right now and sidereel, you can watch it on them sites! i know i saw q’s poetry late last night it was sick as usual! yeah i do like the posts, am sure they’ll be well over 1000 of dem tm, with the double eviction!

  69. As much as I would like to see Enzo go…I want Matt to go! Manipulating the house with lies is not the best way to play BB nor is coasting through the best way either. I could see Britany go too, however, she has shown me that she has her own mind and that at the very least, she give some thought to what she is doing…backdooring Brendon was not a smart move. I would also like to see Ragan go, he is a bit wishy-washing and too over the top.

    • Yah. I like what you think.
      It’s not that i dont think brendon or matt or brit deserve to win. .I just dont like listening to them. I go for personality, who i like to watch. Cant say why i like lane but i do. But brendon , i dont care how good he is at winning, hes so annoying and to creepy, if you can come on a show and fall inlove with someone who you havent even known a week then yah your f*d lol.
      But then again there all competeing for the same thing. i would go crazy to if i was playing a game with a house pull of people that i didnt know . of course people are going to lie, There playing for Money!! haha

    • Her own mind, Not She let Lane convince her to put up Matt instead of Hayden so he can further himself and Hayden, when obviously her better choice was to stick with Matt and Ragan. Now, they will be the next 3 going home. Duhhh Britney, Lane is using her until he dosen’t need her anymore. It’s a shame b/c Matt carried their sorry asses(Mighty Moe and Jack) the entire game.

  70. Enzo should have at least 4 penalty votes, and that’s if BB let’s a couple of them slide. He ate pizza, peanuts, candy, pickles, and who knows what he had in his pinguin suit that he pulled out and ate the other night. Plus, the crap with the pinguin suit. BB needs to evict Enzo for all his violations. Fair is fair.

    • Eh, I kinda hope he gets voted out the right way. He should be penalized, but not by 4 votes haha. Otherwise we’re going to hear “MEOWMEOW WOULDA WON IF BB DIDN’T CHEAT HIM OUT. THE BRIGADE THE BEST ALLIANCE IN HISTORY. YO YO YO MEOWMEOW MEOWMEOW” (add your own jersey accent)

      Give him one penalty vote, let Matt scheme is way to safety, and let Enzo in the jury house. That’s what I’m hoping for.

      • As I recall, last season on BB11 Jeff accidently drank some gatorade and he was given an extra day of slop.

  71. I can’t help but notice this thing going on with Lane and Brittni. I believe that they are the secret couple. Nick was photo shopped in that photo. When she was talking to him about her being the oxen and pulling him on her shoulder and that she was doing all the work..then she went up and gave him a big hug and they both had these smiles on their faces. Something is up!!!!!!

    • Omg, lol that kinda makes since.
      When Brits family talked on the show, they never showed her man!

      • I think it’s Matt the spokesman on here who said in a post to me, that their is no secret “couple” and that CBS hopes we forget about it being mentioned. Last year someone said they tricked everyone that it turned out the pet hamesters “knew” each other before the show. When BB was saying two HG’s “knew each other before the show”.

      • i know cat, i was wondering the SAME thing! the mom practically endorsed her & lane! and no letter from this NICK either? just a pic? i find that very ODD! makes me wonder if she’s really engaged!

    • lyn, mattie has no plays left!! The dude has played himself to the death! tee-hee, I didn’t word that quite right, ah well, you get the jist of it??

  72. anybody know where I can watch tonights episode cant get it on u tube stops with sundays episode thanks

  73. I see some people believe the Comps are rigged for Brendon. I didn’t get to watch tonight so I can’t form an opinion. However can anyone answer this….

    Has Lane EVER been on Slop??

    I believe the other day Lane said he is the only one who’s hasn’t been on slop…or he said he has went the longest between being on slop. I thought I heard him say he has went 40+ days and no slop. He was proud that he is holding the record for the longest without slop. Would anyone consider that rigged? Or it just happened? I am just wondering

  74. gettin ready to watch bbad……pleeeez matt out the brigade and tell em you didnt accept the cash or the trip.Haydens a major tool!!!Matt threw rag under the bus to protect the bg,and those losers dont fight for him?

    • I hope he does too. That’s the only way he could save himself. But then again, would anyone believe him? Brit is HOH and can’t vote, as long as the target isn’t on Brendon he’s hoping for Matt to go. So Hayden, Ragan, Brendon and Lane vote. Unless Brendon votes off Matt, then its game over for Matt.

      • ragan hasn’t forgiven matt according to da feeds and even if by some miracle, he gets ONE vote, or even a TIE, britt will still send his sorry a** home!
        bren hates matt for evicting rach, and lane + hay will not vote AGAINST enzo, so that’s 3 easily, matt’s as good as gone! they can’t bend da rules b/c enzo broke them…he gets punished on his own….eviction still stands!

  75. Hope Matt goes 1st tommorrow night then Enzo right behind him. Then Hayden and Lane need to go they are floating and doing nothing! Brendon deserves to win it all! GO Brendon!

  76. It was funny that everyone says Matt threw Ragan under the bus. He was looking out for the Brigade. Lane should go, then Enzo. If Matt can engineer it. I also thought Brit came off again as a stupid player with no stategy. Crying that “Everyone wanted prizes. boo hoo” Lane said he’d get rid of her. She’s just stupid. Did you notice they didn’t have much of Ragan in this episode? Hayden is a young foolish guy who can’t play the game either. Only Matt and Bren have played, and stupid Bren plays the Rachel revenge thing. I don’t like Matt, but I’m begining to think he should be the winner of BB 12. The others are completely a waste as far as “gamers” on BB.

  77. what i learned from tonite’s show is that lane is a TOTAL ASSHOLE that i don’t like him so much any more, which tells me that he is playing the best game right now!

    tonite he openly admitted that even though he “thinks the world of britney”, he will manipulate her in any way he can to further the brigade – and he is doing EXACTLY that.

    enzo & hayden have lane to thank for matt being on the block. it’s sad really that britney has NO IDEA that she got TOTALLY played by the ONE PERSON she has been close to throughout this entire game. she’s going to be heart broken when she finds out. :(

    i would love to see matt stay – and he, britney & ragan hook up with brendon and CLEAN HOUSE all the way to final 4. THAT would be awesome.

    • But as you can see Lane is playing the game right if hes able to do what hes doin. if the brigade suck so much then why arnt any of them gone yet?? and the one person that aint the brigade no more is going to leave, so really there playing the game good so far.

      • Sucking so much is precisely why none of them are gone yet… It’s the precise amount of suck that’s got them this far. Take it too far and you get a rep as a loser like Kathy… These boys have perfected the art of mild incompetence.

        Better BB players have been evicted much earlier. Janelle, for one.

      • Brittany has won more competitions then the combined total of all of the Brigade (well, if you still count Matt apart of the Brigade still)

        The reason why they are still here? This is the season of floaters. Every one of them is considered a floater because nobody knows about the brigade. Is that strategy? Sure, but how interesting is that?

        They have not played a good competitive game at all. The only reason they are still here is because someone else was more of a threat to them. The brigade is floating along without actually doing anything. It’s because this season’s of houseguests are too dumb to realize anything.

      • Lol, well that is true, the brigade dose suck at playing games. Funny watch how bad they suck but yet there still all there. I dont mind tho. I think there all pretty cool.

    • I’ve been posting for over a week, the one who should be HG enemy number 1, is Lane. If they don’t get him out of the BB house he’s gonna win. He should go next, then Enzo. Then I would get Hayden, Ragan that leave Brit, Bren and Matt and they get rid of Brit. They are the final 2. If Matt can get outta of being evicted, that’s what he should do. I’d be forming an alliance with Bren and Brit and “out” the Brigade. That way he can maybe win back Ragan’s “favor” LOL and then throw him under the bus later.

    • you called it on da dot CT, britt will be so hurt when she hears lane say that….it’s like a backhanded slap compliment (i adore her but i am going to manipulate her to get what i want! ouch! :S) oh well all that backbiting she did is now goin’ to bite her BACK! :)

    • Haha, CT ? are you hearing yourself,
      why is it, if you dont like someone you can call out all of the stuff they do, buttt when its someone you like , you just ignore what they do, like brit, . . I do recall her two faceing Brendon last week “I dont care what i have to say to him as along as im save i will do whatever i have to , to make him beleave i have his back’, then what does she do ?? put him up. so really there all in it for eachother, when will anyone relize that? hahah

  78. I’ve been rooting for Matt since week 1 but the guy has completely cracked. How can one guy be so dishonest and sneaky and expect the Brigade to know that their alliance is the one thing he HAS stayed loyal to? They see him as a lying manipulator, and they don’t even know about his biggest lie yet.

    He’s totally oblivious to the Brigade turning on him, it’s sad. Even Ragan knows it and HE DOESN’T EVEN KNOW ABOUT THE BRIGADE. Matt, you’re an idiot. I hope he realizes how dumb he’s been after he gets home and watches the show and the live feed flashback.

    • matt doesn’t have to see the shows to know what an idiot he’s been – he ALREADY realizes it!

      on bbad, he has talked about his “many mistakes” in this game, with the most recent being him throwing ragan under the bus – before that continuing to trust the brigade to protect him & “throwing” the last hoh comp – before that was how he “wasted” the dpov nomination on kathy and so…

      he KNOWS he screwed up!

    • Lane and Hayden. Two of the dumbsest BB HG’s in history. I hope they don’t win. “I’m the beast” Give me a break!! And Hayden is a dumb kid who wants prizes over game strategy. At least Enzo was trying to win for once.

      • Agreed. Hayden and Lane are the worst HG’s. Didn’t win anything, brag about how awesome they are, but just floated by. They aligned themselves early in the game, but that doesn’t deserve the win.

  79. The only way Matt can pull of this eviction is by outing the Brigade. But will Ragan, Brendon and Brittany believe him? But then think of this…Matt outs the brigade and stays. He makes it to the final 2. None of them will vote for him, so essentially Matt is done in the BB house. Maybe he shouldn’t of played the game so well (besides the sick wife).

    I loved this season, but I’m very disappointed with the HG’s. As soon as someone made a good move or won something, they were the immediate target the next week. Which leaves us a bunch of floaters in the end. I don’t think this is how BB should be played, and it really hasn’t been played like this in some seasons.

    • From the live feeds, Ragan already knows that Matt thinks he has an alliance with Enzo, Hayden, and Lane, and that they turned on him as early as last week. If Matt goes and reveals this, Ragan will just have his theory confirmed. Brendon already knows the whole house is against him so he wouldn’t care either way. It would affect Britney but there’s no way she believes a thing Matt says. He’s spent the past week telling lies and making up fake alliances. He’s completely cracked.

      • Ohhh I don’t have the live feeds so I’m clueless about that. But yeah Matt dug himself a hole and can’t get out of it. I don’t think he’ll be staying, but I wish he was.

        This is the intense part about BB! What we know and what the HG’s know are totally different.

      • The only ones who deserve to win at this point are Matt and Brendon. Brendon is playing the Rachel Revenge Game. That is stupid, so I rank Matt ahead of him. Matt is a snake, he lies, but he was true to the Brigade as much as he could be. The Brigade is a bunch of do nothing dopes. The lies, etc, are all the attributes that any BB winner has!

    • Shawn, 2nd place pays… i think Matt should talk to Ragan & Brendon like you said then go with them and let Rag/Bren convince Brit about the Bro-gade & the consequences.

      biggest bump in the road, convincing her Lane will pitch her aside for the Bro-gade… but the carrot is F4.

      i think at least Matt & Ragan suspect a Dbl Eviction; they could use that also to sway her by saying her & Brendon on going on the block if the Bro-gage has anything to say about it.

      the 4 team up and if 1 of 3 (Brit can’t play) wins HoH then Enzo & Hayden go right up on the block. tell her or don’t tell her if one comes off the block Lane goes up and any case the Bro-gade is no more.

  80. Now i just feel stupid for talking so much about Big Brother, its a show, noone knows whos gunna win, and the person who deserves to win never does anyways, Guess will see what happens, just like every year. : )

  81. I agree with those who have said that Enzo tried to win the veto, but he didn’t win it. Also, Enzo talks like he is running everything when he is doing absolutely nothing. He is still in the game so he is doing something right, however, his tough talk is ridiculous. He is just riding coattails.

    • seems he REALLY wanted to win since he jumped all over getting chummed, his hair all cut off (which would not have been much) and being handcuffed to someone.

      actually i’m being unfair b/c he might have just been late buzzing (NOT!!!). too back BB didn’t have the foresight to show the order of buzzing in and the not buzzing in.

  82. Game is startin’ to get sticky
    Boring, lame and yes, icky!
    H.G’s are becoming a bore ,
    just watchin’ them, yep, yup, a chore!
    The fine posters on the site,
    are starting to chew gnaw and bite!!
    Oh BB, you have next season,
    Why? It’s called ratings for a reason!!
    We’ll be here, that’s for sure
    but have another lame show, we’ll call it the CURE!

    • Ohhh creative.

      If it’s that boring to you than don’t watch it? But since you’re posting on a forum then it obviously has some kind of effect on you to find it interesting.

      Unless your posting just to say it’s boring…but that would be just lame.

      • Cute shawn, cute. I love the show and this site! Some of the posters have a “poet, rap thing going” a lot of them are wicked cool!! Mine, as you so tactfully put it, are not! You should show us “creative” simple rules, it must be about the game! Give it a shot!

    • yeah shawn guess you’re not on much haven’t seen your name much on the posts, we’ve been on here daily from day 1 and if you’ve seen the late night posts, lots of poetry and limericks on da bb house! dont’ hate appreciate! :) we’re all BB fans here!

    • yeah Shawn, take that. LOL!!!

      maybe Tishe get her kicks out-the-board rather than the out-the-show… it’s really her choice not yours.

      plus we do have LOTS to choose from to complain about this season, you have to admit.

    • Nobody is ever too sure until it happens. But, in previous seasons…

      The eviction this week will happen on Thursday between Enzo and Matt. Whoever gets evicted, will be evicted. Immediately after that eviction, then HG’s are put into an HOH competition (usually a short one). After that, the new HOH nominated 2 houseguests in the living room without the ceremony. Those houseguests sit in the nomination seats, and then they go right into voting. No strategies amongst each other, no talking, no nothing.

      So long story short. It goes eviction, HOH comp, HOH nominations, votes for eviction, then the eviction. This all happens in the hour.

      • ur right, joey – they do play for pov – it’s only fair that the noms have a chance to save themselves.

      • Yes there is a POV, so it goes Eviction (3rd member of jury); HOH comp, HOH noms, Veto Comp, Eviction (4th member of jury) and new HOH comp (likely endurance and won’t end til tomorrow) it’s goin’ to be a jampacked hour!

      • he just missed the PoV and i wasn’t sure about that myself… glad i’ve got you guys to set me straight.


      1. either matt or enzo are evicted = eviction #1.

      2. hgs IMMEDIATELY play hoh comp (something quick – probably a quiz) – britney cannot play. winner of this DOES NOT get their time in the hoh room. IMMEDIATE nominations are made – 2 people go on block.

      3. hgs IMMEDIATELY play pov comp. ceremony takes place – winner IMMEDIATELY either uses it or not.

      4. hgs vote IMMEDIATELY = eviction #2.

      5. show will end with NEXT hoh comp taking place – as always, winner of last hoh cannot play.

      • I thought they said something about a “double show tommorrow night” they didn’t mean it would be two hours did they? Just two evictions?

      • Thursday nights show is going to be a doozy. One of the HG’s might have a nervous breakdown before it’s over.

      • CT… i tend to think the quickie HoH winner can compete for HoH after the 2nd eviction. but what do i know.

        you’re correct that Brit cannot compete… that’s why Matty (maybe Ragan too) threw the last HoH; too bad Matty that was the fatal stab to your heart after receiving a slightly off the mark stab evicting Kathy instead of Enzo.

        unless the unexpected happens tonite and Enzo goes in 1st eviction, it could happen… there could be even more excitement tonite with a penalty vote for Enzo.

  83. Britney has such a BIG mouth: Brendon offers to form an alliance with her and Ragan, and she goes blabbing to Lane seconds after? She’s a decent competitor, but fails at the social aspect of the game.

      • No, Brendon def. needs help. Ragan and Britney need to shop with the cattiness and think about the game!

      • oh trish, i wish bren could play by himself but he needs SOMEone to lend a hand….it’s such a hard road and it would be heartbreaking for him not to bond with ANYone left in the BB house and lose the $ in the final 2.

      • Poor Brit… Hopefully she’ll gain a bit of wisdom and not be too bitter, but with her love of mean-girl-two-faced-snickering I rather doubt it. Hope Brendon still has options left after tomorrow night. It all depends on how that double eviction goes Thursday night. He seems to be too trusting. PUH-LEEZE someone OUT DUH BOOR-GADE!

      • Rico is on next page, Jadelle, that is if he is still here!! Geez, you folks are hard to keep up with!ss

      • Hi Trish, it’s tishe, I really do agree!! Bren need to win by himself, for himself!! I know we agreed to disagree. I still want mu boy Lane to win!! Tell Jadelle, found Rico, Stoker too!!

      • Bren sure is chummed up (get it) with the Bro-gade, can’t tell if Bren is believing their bull-crap or not.

        Enzo make me sick and Hayden makes me sicker.

        Since last PoV i actually have some respect for Brendon… he’s gone from Brenchel to Brenda to Bren to Brendon with me.

        Seems the further away from that THING he gets, the better he is… can you see what you women do to us?

        And no, i’m not throwing ALL of you in that box, just a small percentage, but those gals give the rest of you a really bad name. LOL!!!

        And i call her a woman only b/c she has the essential equipment, though some of that is man-made.

    • britney… a SOCIAL failure???

      are we watching the same show DD?

      she has been a social butterfly in this game!

      her downfall is the TRUST she has in LANE.

      • Not only trusting Lane, she can not make a decision. She’s immature too. That is her downfall.

      • bingo, that IS her downfall and she believes the complete opp, wait til she sees da show! ohhhh boyyyyyyyy

      • @DD

        looks like you and i have a different definition of “social”…

        socializing in the bb house to me is hanging out with the other hgs – playing pool – having non game chats – telling funny stories – asking other hgs about their family/friends – NOT saying things just to piss people off (RACHEL) doing FUN STUFF! britney has done this with EVERYONE in the house – even initiating it alot of the time. so yes – in my book – she IS a social bufferfly.

        talking GAME in the house is more about TRUST & STRATEGY.

      • CT, Brit’s definitely social and if someone says she’s not then they’re just plain wrong.

        Have to agree though too much of her social has been with Lane.

        Brit: I’ll kill you if I find out later you set me up.

        Lane: Do you really think I’m that smart to do that, I can barely talk to you and lift at the same time.

        i had to back it up numerous times and i think he said “lift”, as in weights. could be wrong.

        bottom-line… dead man walking. he’s deceived her, doesn’t mean they won’t take her to F4. Guess we’ll know tonight.

  84. DD, I think britches is a puppet. Every chance she gets to be her own player, she runs to someone and does the “tell all” I do think she is a hoot to watch tho!!

    • I really want to see her get far but that’s not going to happen if you believe everyone has a reason to keep you in the house.

    • Rico! A lot of folks have been wonderin where you are?? I’m not sure what you have missed, I missed the show to night, so… I have reading the posts etc.. Good night for catching up!!

      • I think Brit should ask Ragan to help her dye her natural blond hair! You can see the roots for those who posted she’s a “natural blond” LOL. She should say, “Hey Ragan, get up here and help me dye my hair. You can see me nude cause I know you won’t look” LOL

      • britt is a brunette if you look at all the pics from her childhood, i remem that creepy prom pageant pic, it was mastercard *moment* priceless! lol. yowzah! dem evil eyes yo!

  85. if somehow matt stays and aligns with brendon ragan & britt that would be AMAZING! course i want matt & britt & ragan to all leave, so ya know, not bloody likely! i do hope bren & britt align secretly! i mean on one would expect it! likely to work, tho’ in final 2 the $ is so going to britt. which would suck! i just think for ALL bren’s done to STAY in da game all dem bro-gade WUSSES WEASELS WRASTRELS took prizes like the goats they are, dont’ deserve to win the 1/2 mil!

      • DD, it comes down to “do you want to win” or “do you want revenge”?

        sorry meant to put this here!!!

    • I don’t know about Brit winning. I think if Brit and Bren were in the final2, Bren might win cause the JH will hate both of them LOL Matt I think would vote for Bren because he would respect the game play. Bren has played the Rachel revenge thing too long though. But he might pull it off.

      • Good night! Maybe I’ll dream of Hayden coming to visit my family without a shirt! Wasn’t Matt telling about his dream funny? Then Lane saying in the DR “In Texas we wouldn’t tell anyone about a dream like that” LOL

      • yeah i really HOPE he zips da lip about that rachel revenge vibe and just go on his gameplay and strategy! using true blue 100% Villegas Brain Cells! ;) he’s so adorable w/bald head, who knew (sorry hottie sidebar comment!)

    • No, tishe said it all in comment #1… If she didn’t run and tell, she might be able to save herself. I see a major blindside coming for Brit. The question is when… Hope Matt will have enough sense to out DUH BOOR-GADE in the jury house, since he seems to be determined to self-destruct by not outing them now… Or maybe he’s working on making an epic goodbye speech to try to be invited back to a BB All-Stars…

  86. Ok, Jadelle….. here are a couple of weak “warm-ups” for ya…..

    Matt is on his way out.
    His claims to genius seem to carry no clout.
    Enzo should go,
    He’s such a bozo,
    He’ll float one more week, no doubt.

    To Britney and Ragan’s chagrin,
    Brendon looks to survive once again.
    He wins like no other,
    Games are fixed by Big Brother,
    Double eviction will make the house spin.

    • Rico Rico, were did you go
      Been looking for ya, didn’t you know
      I have a question, asnwer post haste
      Can Matt use the DPOV on the HOH

      • rofl, that is pure jokes CTGR8!
        lovin’ it! :) that q drove me postal, everyone kept asking it! even tho’ matt from bbn site said it a million times! he even had a POLL of the options and STILL they asked! lol….

    • Ohhhhh I like the 2nd part da best! chagrin way to drop the college dime words on da bbn boards! ;) (emoticon checkmark!) he DOES win like no other, i mean seriously who in bb history has been on da block 3x and taken himself off every time! those bro-gade goats showed their TRUE colours at that prize veto game! lol. it’s clear they plan to let britt/matt/bren do all da work! now that matt’s gone, b&b. which is why they should ALIGN and kick the others out!

  87. Did anyone watching BBAD see the spot at approximately 12:35 Eastern when Hayden was telling Enzo that the DR had requested Brandon to vote for Enzo tomorrow? Enzo replied and said it was for television purposes.

    • I’d have to see an actual DR session to believe anything any of these Bozos say, but then again, Hayden isn’t smart enough to say something in order to get into Enzo’s head, so who knows?

    • Wow! Who do you believe? The house guests or production? Man, I don’t know Bro, what did you make of it???

      • Prior to that Enzo was whispering to Hayden “I hope he does switch his vote he’ll be the next one out.” when Brandon came in the room Hayden and lane left and Enzo was telling Brandon he didn’t know who took the comp prises, so they (the brigade) are still plotting against Brandon hardcore.

      • Well Bro, I hope they don’t count their eggs before their chickens hatch! Do you want brendone out? tee-hee

  88. I think Matt will be evicted. If Brittany would have paired up with Brendon (like she pretended to do) they would be a force to be reconned with. They are both playing to win the game. Those in the Brigade just sit around talking about how they’ll win the next competition…then never win. The Brigade is more worried about what stars they’ll be after the game is over. I want Brendon to win. Go Brendon!

    • I heartily endorse and concur with your post Andi! :) All dat chat the bro-gade’s put down has amounted to NADA! I mean how many languages can you say nothing? :P…at any rate, hope springs eternal for Raggity/Hay/Lane to go out in the 2nd eviction! One floater has GOT to go! (Matt excluded, b/c while i can’t stand him he DOES play to win, was upset he threw the last HOH!!! what a STUPID mistake! never leave your fate in someone else’s hands let alone britt the twit, she had no zit but tons of wit and even tho she had the hoh kit, it doesn’t mean she’s the s-h-*-t!

    • They’ll be stars for sure. In their own minds. 15 minutes of fame goes by pretty quick. In about 15 minutes.

  89. Enzo’s really bugging me (even more than before, which I didn’t think was possible), so here’s a quick one for him…..

    Enzo won’t follow ANY rule…
    No penguin – fake trip to the pool.
    Have-Not? It’s no worry.
    Just eat in a hurry.
    Production – get rid of the fool.

  90. there i rhymed words with britt tishe! lol…or at least i tried..sorry but britt really is everything that rhymes with “it”. :P as for enzo well i agree rico, he is a fool and that penguin visit was not fair, b/c i distinctly remem kristen in that hippie-tard 24/7 the whole time she was to wear it!

    • Jadelle, yes!! You tried and were GREAT! Enzo is skating along!!A poster last night had mentioned some of the same observations! We decided, we are smelling a double standard??

  91. Matt is an idiot why didn’t he nominate brendon? He knew Brit wouldn’t go for Lane and should have never considered his sure vote Ragan.

    There is no way matt won’t be going home. Brigade has 2 votes against him. Brendon will vote against him and thats it. Even if he somehow convinced Brit and Ragan to return to him.

  92. In the Jury House Matt will soon land
    Time with Rachel and Kat will be grand
    If he plays his cards right
    With Bendon he’ll fight
    As Rachel gives his pants a third hand

    (gotta throw a sick one in every now and then…)

    • rico rico on the wall
      whose the smartest ryhmer of them all
      you are you are the big brother house calls
      but sadly rico can’t not call

      he runs towards them with a shout
      yelling i rhyme words with no doubt
      then what rico says suddenly comes true

      rico rico where are you

  93. Big Brother, I read what was up above and I believe that Enzo should be either eliminated or have at least 2 penalty votes against him because of his boycott of slop. He is breaking the rule of a have not.

  94. There once was 4 men called the brigade
    They yammed and yawed and drank gatorate
    If only they could win one comp
    All they do is stare, stammer & stomp!

    Let’s not forget about our twit.
    Bright as a rainbow that’s our Britt
    If only she could see Lane now
    Me thinks she’d punch him in the ka-POW!

    Rockin’ the hammock is our raggity ann.
    K, let’s be nice it’s Ragan the MAN!
    Crying a river for mad man matt
    who thinks he’s a genius, what’ up with DAT?

    Next there’s Brendon our King POV!
    He’s bald, he’s bold, he’s back with a “V”
    Hay’s the shaggy frat boy always on da scene!
    He likes his swagger ya know what I mean?
    But still I digress, these boys are so lame.
    I’m sure if one of us was there, we’d put them to shame! :)

    • Aw, Oh, Ya,!! Jadelle ya all put me to shame!! This is one of the few times, it’s cool!! Very impressed!! I love coming on here, catching up on the game show and then smiling and laughing after a hards day work!! THANK YOU!!

  95. I apologize for my last post
    Not a limerick of which I can boast
    I’ll do better next time
    With a more clever rhyme
    And hopefully please those I care about most

    • Rico we love ya no matta what! hey you inspired me to post a poem, and i thot i’d never do that! lol. go figure thank goodness it’s late now!

  96. omg, can u believe dis, i saw on ebay that kristen’s hippietard is now running at $1200.00 USD!
    that is NOT a typo! who on earth would pay SO much $? that’s like a mortgage payment!

    • A mortgage payment?? Heck, I could live off that for two months!! I miss the girl, she was the only one that stood up to rake!! So, if she gets a couple grand out of her funky leotards, power too her!! (in my humble opinion)

      • Hee-heeh-Hee!! Sister J , do you come up with these one liners by yourself?? Hilarious!! I have been reading your posts now for awhile!! Good, very good!! Have you met everyone else?

      • Niko, it will be the penguin suit,the big red bomb and the guy with his hands down his shorts! That will be a tough one cuz, actually there is more than one!! Question? On Halloween night, how would you wear a penguin suit and keep your hand down your shorts at the same time??

      • Yup, Tishe… It’s just me an’ my trusty laptop… I look forward to our nightly cyber-get-together, too…

      • Maybe, big pockets in the Penguin suit for Halloween?

        Glad Enzo hasn’t thought of that…

      • oui sis j you are funny fa real! hope you’re on da rest of da bb season! i am most sure enzo will have his penguin suit up there on auction! he can likely get a cool thou for it too!

  97. Enzo said they gave my cloths away, I no not wear
    I need to change my undies, But don’t have a pair
    I fell like Goldie Locks in that nersery rhyme
    Would like to wait, but don’t have the time

    I tried on lanes, but they were to big
    Felt like I was trying to hide a twig
    I tried on britney’s, but they were to small
    No-thing would fit, no-thing at all

    I tried on haydens, they were just right
    Everything fit, all snug and tight
    I remember a stroy, late one night
    About a man and a women, who got into a fight

    She yelled and thru her panties at him
    Try to get into them, she said with a grin
    He tried and he tried and tried all night
    Finally he said, I can’t because there to tight

    She gave him a smile, and the air was so still
    Keep up your crap, and you never will
    So listen to me, and remember what you hear
    The answer will always be, “what ever you say DEAR

  98. I gotta thow Brendon a bone
    (in Spanish, they’d call him “Pelón”)
    He’s lasted quite long
    To deny that is wrong
    But to win, he must do it alone

  99. Sister, say it any way you want it!! You are funny! You know the game show! Give it a try! No one will give you a hard time. They save that one for me! (i’m still learning how to type!)

      • yeah, Sister J, stay far far away!! tee-hee!
        Scenario: (production) ” house guests, step away from the pickles, enzo, to the manipulation room!!

      • @tishe Yes Enzo is still a Have Not…they also looked like dill pickles to me…He finished off the jar and then was asking if he could drink choc milk with being a have not….he said he didn’t need to risk it with being on the block so he made a protein shake instead…..

        Makes me wonder if BB said something to him about eating since he is now concerned about breaking rules and a ‘Ghost Vote’

  100. People say that brendon, is as dumb as a rock
    Then why is he always, getting off the block
    Britney say’s lane oh lane, you I do trust
    Just wait until he throws you under da bus

    I’ll kill you lane, if you are lying to me
    I’ll bury your body under a tree
    Lane just smile and touched his heart
    Would I do that you, do I look that smart

    Now me are back in texas, with people all around
    people are crying, as they put lane in the ground
    You ask with a smile, Did youy look that smart
    The answer to that, Is I guess Not

    • Chris-that-was-great! You have a future in creative writing, have you been up against Q??

      • oh SNAP! there ya go Lane, talk about payback! (the asphalt kind) britt will anhiliate him when she sees this show still, he’s makin’ a fool outta her now!

        i fail to understand why ppls are sayin’ bren doesn’t deserve to be in da house, i mean he’s playing to win, what more can we ask for when your a** is on da line? and he’s a champ for doin’ them chum baths, i would SO not be doin’ that, he really wants to win, and it shows! gotta respect dat still!

      • Q is missin’ the gr8 nite of poetry yo! (sigh) too bad he’s not around 2nite, it would be pure jokes, i’m sure he’ll be back tm night tho’ everyone will be on these darn boards tm night! lol. i’ll have to sift through the fields to find y’all! :)

      • Okay Jadelle!! You most certainly have passion!! I’m worried your boy is going to lose his money to the whip-monster! I agree, he has been thru the the wringer!! Do you want him to lose it to rake?? Do you think he will??

      • I will be here!! I would not miss it unless I had too! @ Rico!! You are making me snort beer out of my mouth!!
        @ all, geez, give an old hippie a a few moments to herself!! (as I walk off losing it!!)

  101. Enzo, don’t play with your thing
    Nausea to your viewers you bring
    Can’t produce what you brag
    Last in comps you will lag
    Even the robot said you suck, then said “Ziiiiing!”

    Britney, quit picking your fleas
    All day long pick your arms, legs, and knees
    You make me laugh quite a lot
    As a barmaid, you’re hot
    But the simian grooming? Oh, please!

    The eating is such a disgrace
    Smacking while stuffing their face
    I often hit “mute”
    When I see “penguin suit”
    Start consuming anytime, anyplace.

  102. @ SisterJ, Here you are

    I’m from new jersey, I think it’s great
    People ask, Are you sure it’s a state
    Enzo is from jersey, oh what a sap
    But I guess that he put, New Jersey on the map

    People say Enzo, All you do is skate
    Because of you, I had to move out of the state
    So Enzo, When you get back to jersey, do your best
    Just pack up your car, and start driving west

    • D’oh! Hee* Zing* what else can i type? can we see ‘meow man mix’ makin’ it in seattle?

    • OK, here goes:

      Enzo came to make it look easy
      But the fool is a tool
      No P suit in the pool,
      He just comes off as sleazy…
      And the way that he eats makes me queasy…

      (This is dedicated to all of you better poets out there…)

      • oooh way to join da club in style sis j! :) das rite tishe the poets are on point! so apparently all the feed sites are STALKING matt b/c they are convinced he’s goin’ to pull something out of his rabbit hat…er um pants…anyways lol…there’s a honeycomb comp outside in the BY, and surprise Matt’s practising like crazy! Go figure….well he has Rag’s vote but def not Bren’s…nor Hay’s nor Lane’s so hmm…wonder what he’s goin’ to PULL?

      • Production made me fine tune it…

        Enzo came to make BB look easy
        But not tryin’ made him look sleazy
        So the fool was a tool
        No P suit in the pool
        And the way that he ate made us queasy…

        Final answer!

      • Sister J! How does it feel? Weird huh? That was greeaatt!! Some of these posters rhyme it down to a perfect show!! Well you are officially there!! p.s. who are you for in the game??

      • Trying to reply to Tishe, but am not sure this will land in the right place… I’ve been all over the place, but tonight I’m for the Underdog Brendon… I respect that like that old song “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna knock me down…” Also, he has taken his punishments like a gentleman, while the rest moan and groan… But who knows? There’s still another couple of weeks…. Hope this message reaches you… We’re nuts for being up this late!

  103. Ragan: Are you gonna be blinded by Julie Chen’s beauty.
    Matt: Maybe she’ll be blinded by mine.

    Ragan: I think that you played a good game.
    Matt: (deeeeeep exhale) I tried too hard when I shouldn’t have and didn’t try hard enough when I should have. I was definitely too overconfident with this last HoH… I did exactly what I accused everyone else of all season.

    Ah yes moments of introspection and reflection…
    guess they made up after all, Raggity looks like he’s goin’ to own that quiz comp he’s droppin names & #’s like a census scan!

  104. Tishe, Sis, Jadelle – good night!
    It is time to put out the light
    You will laugh reading Chris
    In your pants you will p*ss
    Tho’ you try not to, with all your might!

  105. Jesse returned?! (Gack! Barf!!) He’s the worst closet queen ever! As negatively, stereotypical as Ragan’s “gayness” appears, at least he’s honest about his sexuality. Jesse is and has always been disgusting. He’s over steroided to hide himself. (And y’all refer to Rachel as “boobzilla!”) It’s sad, really.

    • Puddin’Tain is he really bigger than boobzilla?? Wow, that is big! Jesse was not very memorable for me. Remind me, who was he?? NOT!! I wonder if we “little ones” will see it on the t.v.?

  106. Buenos noches Rico! Hasta luego! :) I’m off too mon amies! lataz! til thurs nite! we shall meet again!

  107. The game they are practicing in the back yard is for tomorrows Comp. I am thinking each one will contain something like….HoH—Have Not–etc. BB gives them something to practice with, but it is always a bit different for the real comp.

    I believe on the season with the “school crowd’ (plus other cliches ….this game looks like it was played before. I remember Jesse was tied with someone (maybe Russel) and they had to redo it a few times to decide the winner

    Anyone else remember that Comp?

    • Breezin, still kind of thinkin’ back, they will be doing a re-make of it!! Interesting, especially with this group, should be fun to watch!!

  108. When I was a young man, and in my prime
    I played football all of the time
    I played tightend, and did my best
    My last year, I was voted all west

    I made it thru High school in only two year
    Life was so sweet and full of good cheer
    At seventeen, life was a bore
    I got stupid and joined the marine corps

    Boot camp was, as hard as can be
    but they finally made a marine out of me
    At nineteen they sent me to a far away land
    A place I will remember, It was called Vietnam

    I wake up at nights, I can see that one face
    Of my best friend, that I lose in that far away place
    Here to my friends that I had to watch die
    Some night I wake up in bed, and set there and cry

    Heres to my best friend, who I held so tight
    But died anyway, later that night
    I remember today, The last words that he said
    I wish me were boys again, and then he was dead

    Yes we were friends, when we were just kids
    We joined the marines, and did what we did
    WE were both sent to that far away land
    But I’m the only one, that came back from vietman

  109. AHH Sister J and Chris-the-great!!
    Went scouring on other sites
    could not find any one with the fight!!
    It’s late and die-hards are still here!
    Have no fear, they’ll be back
    I think their first talent is to hack!!

    Okay, I give up, way outta my league! You folks take it easy and any way ya all can get it!! I’m working manana!

      • Hey Sister J, pretty cool huh? Good Night ya all! I have to go to sleep!! Take care, it was enlightening!! (i love that word) Chris-the-great, you better keep us informed of the double evict. manana! I have to work and my dvd is not recording!

  110. Thanks

    well it 2 in the moring and I got to go
    Got to get my beauty sleep you know
    But tomorrow night I’ll back in a flash
    Typing away and talking my trash

    So good night to Jadelle,sister j, Rico and tishe
    I’ll leave you to night, with this one wish
    Have sweet dreams and please stay safe
    I’ll see you all tomorrow, same time same place

  111. I think it was kind of useless. It was so obvious that Matt was throwing the competition.He thinks his mind games are going to get him to stay. But the endurance tests that Brendon is going thru and never complaining, is amazing. He is a true competitor. Lane couldn’t win one if you let him. I am really disappointed this year.

    • Still watching?? BB should have a contest for a season for “BB Posters only” This would truly be a great “Game Show” don’t ya think??

    • Lane couldn’t win one, you might add Enzo & Hayden to that list.

      If Brenchel had not hooked can anyone see what a different BB this would have been?

      Rachel acts all “I’m a strong woman”… i wonder how strong she would have been w/o Brendon to hide behind?

      Rachel: “I fought so hard everyday and I deserve to be there and that laugh… and if I was back in there I’d be showing all of them how smart and what a tough competitor I am” I, I, I – anyone see a common thread here?

      Sorry just watched an interview of her that took place after she was evicted and b4 she did the 24 hour thing in the house.

      She is so full of it… it’s coming out of her ears. Could she please just go away forever?

      Why did she make the jury… we’ll have to listen to that thing at the finale and any of the stuff they show us from the j-house.

      speaking of the j-house, when do we get some of that footage? maybe when Matt or Enzo and another evicted hg’s goes, huh?

  112. How is Matt throwing Ragan under the bus any different than when Britney did it last week? I’m surprised she doesn’t see that. The biggest sleezeballs in the house are Hayden, Enzo and Lane. Knowing Matt wanted Ragan nominated, never suggested hayden and stayed loyal to the brigade, they still threw him under the bus even after all he did for them. Matt never had an alliance with Ragan – they were just friends. It’s funny that brit will tell everyone but matt who is in her ear to put someone up but she doesn’t tell matt that the rest of the brigade is in her ear to put him up. Does she really think she can trust any of the rest of the house other than Lane more than Matt? It would be nice if Matt found out what the brigade did and exposed them before he leaves. I don’t see any other way he stays.

    • John, britches is a puppet! All of the house guests have “thrown each other under the bus” it is for money and fame! I love this game-show!! Mattie is a liar and a wanna be!! Brenda does not know his head from his ass!! He is starting to look up! Rachael had him sooo far down, it wasn’t even funny! He may pull it off! enzo is NADA! Hayboy is eye candy, he’ll go far!! Ragyna, well IDK! Our little britches, ah yes, she will live in a house with a white picket fence and 2.1 kids!! Lane will be the winner!! Floater, maybe, but still there!!

      • Tishe – I read an earlier post of yours about the POV Comp prizes$. Did you see Enzo in Psuit & Hayd in cabana sulking, complaining about not winning, Enzo “somebody got the ffff $$$ & all I got was this FFFF psuit, Hayd looking guilty as sin the whole time, and then Lane walks in and Hayd spills his guts, and then LANE tells him to keep his mouth shut and they can blame it on Matt. Then and only then does Enzo know the truth; makes me think Lane is leading this posse of idiots, who are going further than they should because of the crap they’ve created in the house.

    • John, I’m with you. I want all the old lies outed and laid on the table for all to see and then we get a whole new game as the remaining HGs see where they stand. Then the second HOH and POV and we get to see who wins and the game begins again. Here’s to Thursday; it’s anybody’s game to win.

  113. I agree with John. Matt would be an idiot if he does not expose the Brigade during the eviction tonight. In fact, he should tell the HGs hours before the eviction, then maybe the votes will change in his favor. Without Matt, the Brigade is the biggest joke in BB history.

    • how is it that Matt is the ONLY ONE that doesn’t know he’s NOT in the Bro-gade?

      Enzo: “Sorry dude, i voting to keep Lane but i can still count on your jury vote, right?” OMG Matty, mensa??? you’re dreaming.

      i think even Bren & Ragan even know. LOL!!!

  114. holy moley, tishe, jadelle, rico and chris, form your own brigade, and vote each other off

    • james, your social game is lacking and you do know who gets voted out first, right? shape up or ship out.

  115. brendan should take brit to the final two, i think the jury house might just vote for him, he played the game smart, hard, and he didnt really back stab anyone, hey this isnt the tishe, chris, rico, jadelle show, go form your own party

    • I agree Bren deserves to go far, but he is being played for a sucker by everyone in the House. Brit truly despises him, & the others play him for a fool. My only hope is that he, too, is playing the fool & uses it to his advantage. Was it just me, or did Brendon present himself as more intelligent when in the Diary Room speaking to the camera, than when he is trying to talk to the other HGs? Geez, I hope so!

  116. After last night, I can’t believe Matt still doesn’t know he is out of the brigade. Enzo can’t trust Matt and all Matt’s is doing is saving the brigade. Enzo is a loser. When you are in an alliance you can’t hang around together, that was what Matt was doing hanging around Regan. I feel it’s too late now to keep Matt. He’s out. I wished that Matt would devise a huge lie like with Nat and Kevin last year. Maybe like tell them that when Kathy hugged him goodbye she whispered to him that she was not the sabo and to watch out for Enzo. Who else would have access to his pillow? That they must have offered him alot of money to become the sabo.

    • Mary, i thought you quit watching? who cares about the SAB now? that’s a useless strategy.

      don’t give up on Enzo walking… Matty’s last chance (and i don’t even like him) is now, talk to Ragan/Brendon about Bro-gade, let them convince Brit. Vote Enzo out: Ragan + Brendon + tiebreaker Brit.

      • But what if Lane has secretly made a pact with Brit (because he needs her trivia brain) to take her to the final 2, cause he knows Hayd would win the most jury votes. I agree with your strategy, but that’s 2 big ifs – Brendon & Brit.

      • i don’t doubt Brit has something with Lane, at least a friendship… but if she’s convinced that Lane will ditch her for the Bro’s then she doesn’t have much choice.

        i doubt Lane would fess up if confronted with “him having another alliance with a priority over her”.

        it comes down to – does she want a chance to win the $500T or have a chance to leave in the 2nd eviction.

        a 2nd eviction that Matty/Ragan would need to convince her has a good chance to happen TONITE.

        hell, the game’s all about “what ifs”.

        what’s the sense of worry about jury votes if you’re not going to make the F2?

      • True, true, but that’s the way Lane thinks. He acts like he has it all sewn up no matter what happens tonite. Did you catch BBAD last nite – he was really sticking it to Matt in the yard. And Matt still didn’t speak up!

      • no, can’t waste my time watching that… all they do is eat and have forced conversation.

  117. After last nights show, I again proclaim the production staff is running this show. Each player was in a box so the others could not see who did what. Every scene showed a player pushing their button but no immediate idea of if they won the item up, good or bad. Then we all gather together to see if the items were bid on or not. At the end, of course Brendon won POV because he is a catalyst for people to watch. AND with only 7 people in the house, Brit cannot seem to find out who won the vacation and money she is so upset about. I mean everyone is telling her Matt won, except Matt, all the while Hayden is keeping his head down and is very quiet. These people could not find their way out of a paper bag. I’m ready to start chearing for Brendon, because he is the only one there really playing to win. Of course this just means everyone will target him. But again I say the production staff has played these HGs like puppets.

  118. If production is telling Brandon to vote for penguin boy that might explain why Matt is not fighting so much to stay and his not outing the brigade if he know he has a slim chance at staying then outing them would not be a good idea because he still be target number one
    I think the penguin will also get a penalty vote and the shock of Matt staying will make good BB ratings

    • it could happen. don’t know about the production part, i’m not that paranoid.

      won’t matter if he outs the Brigade b/c Enzo would be gone and the Brigade at most would be Hayden/Lane.

      and the two of them will be running around with their heads cut-off. ah, huh, they won’t know what to say and Lane’s cover w/Brit will be blown.

      look out Lane, she said “I will kill you”, i’m a witness.

  119. I absolutely hope they get Enzo out. He will be the first HG to get stuck with a bad outfit, either unitard or banana/penguin suit that did not leave the same weekif not.
    I think Matt is still thinking the BG has his back, however he has already forgotten that last week they told him they were keeping Lane of the 2. What makes him think it will be different with Enzo next to him on the block?

    • COME ON… Matty can’t be that dumb, he’s up against Enzo, the ring-leader of the Bro-gade and a complete bust of a threat in the game.

      the only thing that can save Matt – 3 votes against Enzo: Ragan + Bren + Brit (tie-breaker).

      • that why i put tie-breaker in parens.

        it’s a tie if Hayden/Lane vote Matty & Bren/Ragan vote Enzo out.

        let see 1+1=2 and 1+1=2, that’s a tie. yeah, w/o penalty Brit is the tiebreaker; w/penalty penalty vote is the tiebreaker.

        oh wait, no tie… Julie: “Enzo, with a 3 to 2 vote you have been evicted from the House. Please get your bag & ass & meow-meow out of the House”.

        this is based on Matty convincing Ragan & Bren and them convincing Brit… Matt has not really done anything smart up to this point so who knows if he’s aware of what’s going on.

  120. lol@ production conspiracy theories

    does anyone really think these reality shows are not rigged????

  121. Ok, so I just watched last night’s show. I thought Brit earned her nickname Brat with that tantrum…lol. I thought it was funny how Lane didn’t participate in her cry fest like Ragan would have done. It doesn’t surprise that Hayden and Lane took prizes because they are really not there to play the game, they just want to coast and play every HG. I cracked up @ the scene with Jessie, what a meat head. He is a monster…lol. Being that I lift weights I would have loved to have worked out with him. The guys looked like they enjoyed themselves, even though they all hate each other. I think Brit has probably had the worse HOH so far, but I guess she probably earned that too since she went back on her word, so I don’t feel sorry for her but it was funny to watch. And what’s with Matt’s delusional loyalty to the Brigade? Is he in denial? I mean I can’t stand Ragan but that was just wrong to stab him in the back like that. But not too surprising. Well, at least we won’t have to see or hear Ragan sobbing because he finally sees the light…lol. Good show overall.

    • Enzo had that feast and still couldn’t refrain from cheating as a Have-Not after they were allowed that for 1 hr… he, he, he, he makes me so mad, what a leech this guy is on life, you know he has these same traits in real life, right?

      what is he an insurance adjuster? if he’s getting extra money for ripping you off i’m sure he’s doing it.

      and he’s such the detective, “Kathy’s the SAB, i’m sure of it”.

      has anyone said “Kathy must have been SAB b/c she’s gone & the SAB’s gone?”

      • Yeah, I don’t like Enzo being there. He is a big waste in the BB house. I thought they announced that the SAB was gone before the DPOV announcement.

      • They did announce the SAB was gone. I thought that would influence Matt picking Kathy. Maybe he didn’t hear it, or else it happened so fast that he wasing thinking about another HG to put on the block.

      • i missed that announcement or conveniently have forgotten it. but that had no bearing on Enzo insisting it was Kathy.

        i wish it had been him instead of Ragan.

        i wonder if he could have read the suggestions or if BB would have read them to him… Julie: “Enzo, I need your answer NOW”,

      • Kathy was not the sab. Ragan the sab, had it for 2 weeks. It just happened to end the same day Kathy was evicted. You are behind a few weeks….Maybe you missed the part that Ragan only had to be the sab for 2 weeks and he will win the $20K.

  122. The pov game didnt look like it was a fair game. Seems Brendans light was always lighting uo first?

      • I don’t know if it was “fixed” or not. The best thing BB could do, and maybe they did, was let the HG’s select their OWN booth (cage) to play in. If BB Procuction picked the cages, it could have been fixed with a faster button for Bren. I heard before that BB “influence” the HG’s in the DR (I call the DR the “Manipulation Room”

  123. My wish for tonights show is that BB does the right thing and gives Enzo the penalty votes he deserves. I believe it is at least two. I liked him in the beginning, but he has turned out to be all mouth and no action with no respect for the rules of BB. I am more disappointed in BB for letting the rules be broken in front of veiwers and not showing us the respect of holding house guest accountable for the rules they break. BB needs to get their act together and let the houseguest play their own game. If it is true that the DR is giving advise or hints to HG on anything going on in the house, I would just like to know if this has gone on every season since the lst.

  124. LOL POV fixed for Brenden- funny stuff. I sure do hope they hold Enzo accountable- that foo needs to meet the consequences of breaking the house rules

  125. I think Matt blew it big time when he could have sent Enzo packing. he also will be facing a major blow-back from Ragan after the show…Matt’s wife lie.
    I hope Enzo is a continuing dud & gets voted out 2nd.

  126. BB that is not OK. Matt is a terrible person to use his wife for such an awful thing.
    As for Enzo. Those are the two more gassy foods that any one can eat. Have you ever had GAS. It can be extremely painful. No penalty. This is crazy to penalize Enzo because you, BB want Matt to stay…

  127. I’m so upset that Bratney is still in the house, along with Enzo. What are these people? I think Hayden should have got rid of Enzo or Bratney. I really do not care who wins now, in fact the show is not worth watching anymore. Come bb lacking on the twist and just such a boring season. Not a very good cast this time. Brittany should not win, only because she talked bad about everyone in the house, she is a cold fish. Her personality made her ugly. I believe she is like that in her regular life as well. Evil person Bratney is:(

  128. Haha!
    I know alot of people arnt going to like what i have to say but i LOVE that Hayden won HOH! I did not think any of the brigade was going to win but Hayden pulled it off. Im Glade to see Brendon gone . Im worried Ragans going to go far, Brit and Rag have the game right now, I know there is 3 of the brigade but they all suck at comps so if Brit goes along with what Lane has to say then Lane should be safe. I want to see Lane win this!! I dont know why but i just like him.
    All i can rally say is im happy that Racheal nor Brendon will win . haha
    I have a feeling Ragan might win HOH on sunday and put up Lane and Hayden, i do not want that to happen. I hope One of the brigade win ( probly wont happen) Or if brit wins she wont put up Lane. so as long as Lane is safe im still happy lol.

    • Oh butt I really dont like Enzo no more. He’s an idiot that pretty much called out on the brigade,Now Ragans going to be up there as$

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