Big Brother 12: Week 7 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

After watching last night’s POV episode I’d say Matt’s days in Big Brother 12 are coming to an end.  The diabolical super genius has been played by the Three Stooges and he still doesn’t realize they are responsible for his situation.  Hopefully he’ll let Ragan know about the Brigade today before he leaves.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 25, 2010:

12:12 PM BBT – Wake up call for the hg’s.  Wow they got to sleep in late today! 

 12:17 PM BBT – Ragan’s pretending to be the zingbot and mocking Lane, pretty funny stuff.

1:32 PM BBT –  Hayden and Enzo talking about who to get rid of between Brendon and Britney.  Enzo thinks they’ve got it made for the next week if Brendon wins HoH, that he’ll put up Brit and Ragan.  If Brendon can’t see there’s a 3 person alliance with the three stooges then he is not nearly as smart as he thinks he is.     

1:43 PM BBT – Britney’s HoH picture time.

2:44 PM BBT – Matt and Ragan talking and Ragan asks Matt if he’ll be blinded by Julie’s beauty when he leaves tomorrow night and Matt says he’s more worried about what his family is going to think about his eviction.  Still trying to play the sympathy card for his wife’s fake illness. Ragan has now moved onto Rachel bashing saying she isn’t smart enough to play this game.

3:40 PM BBT –  Brit is saying what she wrote in her blog today.  She talked about how funny Enzo is and what a great dad he is and said something nice about Lane.  She apologized to her mom for crying so much on the show and ends with Go Hogs! 

5:27 PM BBT – Study time. The three stooges and Brendon are going over the foods the have nots have been given to eat.  They go over dates again.  Lane says Ragan and Matt are going over before and after questions.  There is building going on in the backyard and the hg’s are on lockdown.

6:30 PM BBT – Brit tells Lane that she has been so mean about Brendon and Rachel in the DR that their families probably have a hit out on her.  So now it sounds like she’s regretting some of her actions. 

7:07 PM BBT – The lockdown is over and they walk outside to see a new “toy” for the comp tonight.  Basically they have to roll a ball down a lever and flip it into a box.  The same one as last year.  They all start practicing.

8:45 PM BBT – Enzo tells Brit that he has Brendon and Matt figured out.  He thinks it will come down to a 2-2 tie and Brit will have to evict Matt.  Enzo says HE got Matt voted out after the dpov.  Geez this guy tries to take credit for EVERYTHING.  I can’t stand him! 

1:13 AM BBT – Hayden tells Matt he will be the one voted out tonight. 

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Get ready for the double eviction tonight and find out who will be walking out the door after Matt.  I’m hoping Ragan can step it up and win HoH so he can get Enzo out of the house!  I really want Enzo gone next.  The guy is by far one of the worst players ever!  Who do you want to see leave the house tonight?

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  1. Matt, why all the animosity toward Enzo in the daily recap? Have you been jilted by a Jersey guy at some time in your life? :)

    • Ashli Rae wrote this. She provides all the Daily Recap Monday to Friday posts.

      But I’d agree that I’m ready for Enzo to roll on out the door. The guy talks nonstop and has yet to produce. He can’t even do his punishments right!

      • I agree, Enzo is a do nothing punk who has floated all season. Matt carried this fool and now all he does is run his mouth. Nice recap A-Rae.

      • Thanks BG!

        William Z, no I haven’t been jilted by a jersey guy. Enzo talks so much smack and walks around like he’s ‘the man’ when he hasn’t done anything. He can’t back up what he says and has no game whatsoever.

      • hahaha jilted by a jersey guy whats even funnier is he thought matt had been jilted by a jersey guy. face the facts enzo is a mouthy punk who thinks he knows it all. im still giggling here picturing a jersey guy out doing ash…it aint gonna happen. we southern girls stand out ground

      • I agree – Enzo needs to go! Matt deserves to be there over Enzo! At least Matt’s been playing the game! All Enzo does is complain and his accent is the WORST! I hope that some miracle happens tonight and Enzo goes home! The Brigade is not a brigade without Matt…after all he was the one winning all the competitions for them! If Matt goes, I’m rootin for Britney!

    • Im wondering if maybe Enzos punishment will come tonight for all the things that he has done wrong this week like breaking all the rules… Maybe he will be evicted or get an extra vote to evict??????

      • I sure hope Enzo gets in some sort of trouble! He sucks! I think that may be my only chance in saving Matt. I’m really pushing for Matt to stay because i’m in a pool and I have Matty boy to win:) hahahaha! Oh I love BB!

    • how is it that lane,hayden,and enzo are the three stooges? that haven’t one anything but they have managed to manipulate everyone. they deserve more credit then they get because they don’t have to win competitions and still stay in because they manipulate. if they were stupid and didn’t have any good strategic moves then matt wouldn’t be walking out the door tonight.

      • As much as I wanna see Enzo gone, I have to agree with you Yo. These 3 are very good at geeting what they want without getting their hands dirty..they’re making the big competitors do it for them and they just sit pretty with no enemies

  2. LOL Ash, as usual your comments are hysterical. I am at a crossroads now I want Matt and Enzo both gone NOW, followed by Hayden, Lane, and Ragan. Yes that leaves Britney, and Brenden as the last 2 I dont even know who the house would vote for I THINK would be a hard choice if they looked at it in the sense Brit won and fought to make plays in the house didnt have the help she needed when needed and made some bad choices but they all do.

    Brenden was targeted from week one and managaed to stay with out help. Thats the jist of it. He deserves to be in the final 2.
    Guess we will see, I cant wait till tonight myself.
    The rest of these people have done nothing but talk and its just really sad in thier own little minds they think they did SOMETHING

    • I agree with you, I didn’t care for either Brendon or Britney but they are deserving of final 2. Played the game and fought hard.
      I feel bad for Britney when she finds out how much she was played in this game.
      Enzo has gotten on my last nerve, he is just so arrogant.

      • You shouldn’t feel bad for Britney. It could not be more obvious that Lane is playing her. Everytime she needs him to win he fails and he has done nothing in the game to help her. She doesn’t trust Matt but at least he didn’t put her on the block with the DPOV. And she complains that people took prizes in the POV yet she doesn’t hold it against Lane. I understand that you have to trust people in BB but

      • You shouldn’t feel bad for Britney. It could not be more obvious that Lane is playing her. Everytime she needs him to win he fails and he has done nothing in the game to help her. She says she doesn’t trust Matt but at least he didn’t put her on the block with the DPOV.

        And last night she’s upset that people took prizes in the POV yet she doesn’t hold it against Lane and 5 minutes later says “I’m so glad you’re here”. I understand that you have to trust people in BB but at least make them earn it. Just plain dumb.

      • robert the prize he took was only for like 5 or 10 points annnnd he at least was honest with her.

      • Do not feel bad for Britney, she is very mean person and lies, now to Matt to Rachel and Brendon. She is pretending to be Rachel and Brendon’s friend but every time she has a chance she bashes them especially now to Brendon. I just cannot see why Brendon cannot see this. She lied and still wanted to be with her in the final 2. Brendon please wake up. If he wins HOH and do not get rid of Brit and believe her again that she will not put him up he might not make the finals. Brendon is the only one that have played this game with honesty and kindness. I remember when Rachel was being mean when she won the HOH and Brendon stated she cannot understand why Rachel has to be mean, Hope Brendon wins.

  3. Why did they have Regan host the veto from inside?? So production would not have to deal with him saying one person buzzed in before the one they gave the item to.
    With only 7 people left in the house, Brittany still does not know who won the vacation and money?? Really Brit? What happened to all those house meetings they were having a few weeks ago?? Call a house meeting and demand to know who won, someone will have to claim it. Of course if Regan had been allowed to stay outside, then he could tell her who won the prize.
    Lastly, if they do think it will be 2-2 vote (please, please, please) then they need to give Enzo a penelty vote for eating and send him home. That would be the best move yet. I say keep the players and get rid of the drifters. If they don’t punish Enzo for eating, clearly more food as a have not than any other player in the past, then again I say production is calling the shots.
    I thought this was a reality show, but with production making all the moves, it’s just loose scripted improvisation.

    • If Production was going to give Enzo a Penalty Vote they would have done it by now. Looks like the folks in charge are a bunch of “meow meows” this year.

    • it seems like it would be a waste of their energy. this hasnt been the best yr for bb in my opinion. so why bother following the rules when it seems production has had their hands in the kitty all season.

    • You’re right. He was 100% honest that he didn’t try to win…again. Yet she still trusts him and expects him to try for HOH this week and get rid of Brendon. Not smart.

  4. If BB has a memory competition for HOH, my bet is on Brendon and Ragan. Their minds are the best trained for recalling past activities. One doesn’t spend that many years in school and not have developed mental prowess. Ragan is a PhD and Brendon is a PhD candidate.

  5. Well I want Bren and Brit as final 2. But that’s if Brit comes to the realization that Lane or Hayden will take her to the final 2. I want Ragan and Enzo gone right after Matt.

    • Ok, I take that back I want Lane out before Enzo, just for Brendon’s sake. Lane can persuade Brit when she is HOH which means if Ragan gets HOH,they will have some sort of control over him through Brit. I think Lane is sitting too pretty to have not won anything. Enzo is disposable at any point. He can’t win anything and has only came close once. He is not a bigger threat than Lane at this point. Hopefully if Brendon wins he will put Lane and Ragan or Lane and Enzo.

      • My vote would be put up Lane and Enzo. They haven’t done anything. I liked both of them in the beginning but game wise they have none. Floating around with no game, disappointed in both.

      • Agreed….Lane needs to go immediately..He is pathetic..And Britney is looking more and more like an idiot every day..

      • Agreed Marie. But if Ragan takes his self off the block then they won’t have a choice but to put Enzo up. Then Hayden will have to pick which one he wants more. Lane would have Brit’s vote unless she figures out he is using her. I don’t know who Enzo would vote out between the two.

        But then again, if he doesn’t put Ragan on the block, it might take start a semi truce between him and Ragan. IDK…its a hard game.

  6. Has CBS thought about what the ratings will be if there are only guys left in the house after tonight’s double eviction if Britney goes home?

    • I think Brit will be safe tonight. I think they will go after Bren or Ragan if they don’t win. If they win, I hope they would put up one of the Brigade members and split up that 3 man alliance.

    • my gut tells me tonite’s double eviction hoh belongs to RAGAN – then LOOK OUT BRIGADE! – ragan is onto you :)

      the only question will be which two will he nominate??

      • From what I understand from the hg’s practicing on the comp, that Hayden was getting the ball in everytime. If he wins HOH he will not put Enzo up. More than likely he’ll put up Regan and Brendon possibly to backdoor Britney.

      • I heard Ragan tell Matt 2 days ago that he would go after the 3 guys if he won HOH. The guys are running interference with Bren, Brit, Matt & Ragan, making sure they are never alone with each other. Hayd figured out the comp real quick but made sure not to tell Brendon. I wonder if he or Lane feel any guilt or shame about using these people; maybe not; isn’t that what they were taught (baseball & football) – win at any cost!

  7. It would be sweet to see Enzo walk out the door after Matt.. I agree with that statement about him being one of the worse players in this game. He’s won nothing so far and can’t see that changing tonight, and yet he tries to take credit for everything. He’s just a lot of talk IMO. Keeping my fingers crossed he will follow Matt.

    • He’ll find out fast that Matt was the one who took them this far. They can’t do it on their own. I hope they all leave one right after the other.

    • I totally agree with you. I even liked Enzo in the beginning but he is a foul-mouthed jerk who can’t shut up. He’s always talking about what he’s gonna do but does Nothing. At least Matt played the game.

  8. in hopes of the other hgs getting caught ‘off-guard’ tonite, ragan was very cool and collected last nite as he assured them this week IS NOT a double eviction – even though he KNOWS it is!

    i LOLed when everyone kept asking him if he thought it was going to be a DE and he remained totally composed as he explained to the hgs the ball launch game takes too long to set up to be used in a double eviction!!

    WTG ragan… keep ’em guessing :)

      • he (and britney) have “ran the numbers” – there are too mnay hgs left in the house for the show to end on the date it’s supposed to.

        and secondly – ragan’s knowledge of past shows places the double eviction as being “due” this week.

        he’s a smart guy :)

    • I’m with you about Ragan. Hayden goes to ppl and pumps them for info like a spy – too funny. I heard Matt say the same thing as Ragan about double evict in the yard last nite (don’t remember who was present).

  9. I think that Enzo might be leaving in his penguin suit I still believe in the costume curse and if production got a hand in it they will want that to uphold
    I also think if there is a secret friendship in the house is Brendan and Matt.
    Call me crazy or delusional but the 2 of them seem to always escape eviction

    • I personally liked the Casey banana suit better….

      I think Brendon looks much better and with that cut, he is ready for some Marine Corps boot camp…Semper Fi Bren Man

      being handcuffed to Briteny for 24 hrs…good gawd..what sheer hell

      • LMAO @ there being a problem with handcuffs. Im thinking he took the best of the choices given HAHAHA.

    • The secret relationship is either Andrew and Brendon or Lane and Brittney.

      Brendons middle name is Hebrew so him and Andrew could be the long life friends. This explains why Brendon wanted to keep Andrew and how he trusted him.

      Lane could be Brittneys fiance and “Nick” could be her brother. You never know, even if it is made up by the saboteur.

      As far as Enzo leaving, the one in the suit always leaves. It’s like Big Brother tradition. If Matt exposes the Brigade at all than Enzo could have a good chance of leaving the house.

      • Sigh.

        People. Come on. It was a saboteur lie. There is no secret friendship.

        You need to remember that the majority of BB viewers only watch the episodes and don’t pay much attention. If BB had a twist, like a secret friendship, they would be playing it up.

    • For the love of God, haven’t you figured out yet there is no secret relation. That was a made-up lie by Annie! Why would BB give unfair, advantageous information to the saboteur? The saboteur can still win the final prize so there is no way they would help him with extra secret information about the other contestants. Wow you are really quite dense!

      • if there is a “relationship” i think it’s the fish…remember a few years ago when they said the same thing; and it turned out to be the hampsters or whatever those furry things were called.

  10. I feel cheated!! I wait all year for BB and these people are so boring!!! What a waste!!! Last nights CBS show WAS fun watching. It was things not shown on live feeds and BBAD.

    @Matt(BBN)- Thanks for the live feeds highlights. Don’t think I would have lf this season if not for your hl. Love this site!!

  11. Evictions matter not, lol, Border Wars Part 2 (my employer) starts Sunday night…so I have some good viewing..since these ‘clowns” are boring

    now, that’s a GRENADE

  12. I really want Brendon to win this game because he is the only person that is deserving of it. With that said… as much as I hate Enzo, I feel like if its him and Brendon in the final 2 it will be an easy win for Brendon. If someone doesn’t break up the rest of the Brigade alliance immediately then they are going to coast to the end. Britany doesn’t deserve to win. Her best bet would have been to honour her deal with Brendon, but she wasn’t thinking long term. She is playing too much on an emotional game. After Matt goes I would like to see Lane, then Hayden, then Britany and Ragan.

    • if you want people who deserve to be in the final 2, it’s Britney and Brendon. both played hard and at some point have had no one in the game, I would’ve said Matt but it looks like he is leaving tonight…sucks ;(

  13. Brit: for the record…I agree with the Texas Redneck…

    You’re fiance is homely to say the least….so the choice is being with the “Chin man” or the drunk, bar brawling, Texas Redneck. choices, choices

  14. and I don’t care what CBS or AG or anyone offered me to say it, if they wanted me to say “I am in a gay shomance”, I would wanna be escorted right out of the DR aka Chima style….

    500K is not enough…sorry grasshopper

  15. i hope it comes to a tie and brit does the right thing and vote to evict enzo. because brit needs to keep matt i know if it would come down to it brit couldn’t beat matt but she need matt in to get rid of waaandon then it will be everybody for themselves. also we haven’t had a tie in a eviction night in a long time.

    • Yes!! I hope so too. I don’t think the HG’s see that they need Matt in order to win. Britt just won and the “Brigade” can’t win crap.

    • theres no way we get a tie!!!! Bren will not vote enzo out,bren has no idea how to be or have a friend!! Cant wait to hear enzos bs when they vote bren out on the 2nd evic tonight.

      • I agree. There is no way Brendon will ever vote Enzo out. He will vote for Matt. This tie vote business is not going to happen.

      • Me 3 agree. Unless someone can open his eyes and lay it out in front of him and go over it and over it until it sinks in – ‘Bren, they are using you big dummy, wake up’! – it has to be Matt &or Ragan. If Matt goes, he could tell Brit, Bren & Ragan as a favor on his way out.

  16. do we really need to see jesse every season!!! my wife&i hate him. he is a dumb muscle head!!!!!

  17. How does Enzo ge next – Brendon, Hayden, Lane will not nominate him – If any of these three win HOH they will nominate ragan and Britney – not sure if Lane will nominate Britney – he might nominate Brendon.

    ragan will nominate Brendon and Enzo – but Enzo will stay unless Brendon wins POV

    Which combo of Noms gets Enzo voted out. Enzo is the perfect HG for the final 2 – no one in teh JH will vote for him

    • Lane will turn on Enzo and Hayden in a heart beat. I think everyone is misunderstanding what Lane is playing for. He is playing for “the Girl, the Gold Watch, and Everything.” Meaning: He is playing to win both the $500,000 AND Britney as well. The idea that Lane is still with the Brigade is pure nonsense – he is playing for himself and Britney and she is playing for herself and Lane.

      • Lane will do as the Brigade asks him to do, for now – he still can get rid of Brendon and ragan before he needs to turn on the Brigade.

        Lane feels safe because he still has the brigade – I think he along with Hayden will blow off the HOH – they want Brendon to win because they know he will put of Ragan and ragan goes.

        This is when the game gets interesting – does Brendon go with Enzo and Hayden or Lane and Brendon – this is Brendons great defense – both sides need him – both sides need to target the other two

        I hope ragan goes next – I will love watching Hayden, Enzo, Lane and Britney begging Brendon for support

      • Really karzai? HE just said on the show last night that his #1 alliance is with the Brigade. He has said numerous times “Bros before hoes”.

      • Rose, please, I am a guy, ok. Other guys on this chat room I think agree with me. He is constantly hitting on her and “thinking about her in the shower” (to be diplomatic) and trying to figure out ways to move their relationship to “a new level.” In his mind, the best way to “win her” is to help her win either top or second prize on the show. Stop falling for this “bros before hoes” BS he sometimes spouts to entertain viewers and keep his options open.

        Of the Brigade, he will stick with Hayden (via the Texas connection to hayden’s mother) and Hayden, Lane, and Britney will work to form a “Texarkana” final three. Enzo is a complete outlier in this scenario, as is Brendon, and H-L-B will work together. After that, it is Lane and Britney against Hayden to get to the final two.

      • I neglected to mention in my response to Rose that I read that Lane had asked Brit if she wins top prize to come open a restaurant in Texas (using advice from Hayden’s mother). Obviously he is trying to get her out of Arkansas and into Texas. Isn’t it obvious what Lane is after??
        Come on, wake up and smell the coffee??

        In addition, it is clear that Brit wants to use her time on the show to build some sort of show business/celebrity career. Even her mother said as much when she showed pix of her playing piano on stage and the beauty pageants and all that stuff. In the mind of the American public, her future, her fate is inexorably now linked to Lane, not Nick for the rest of her life. She will make much much more money as a celebrity by being with Lane than with Nick, who America does not know or care about.

      • Well I guess we can agree to disagree. BUt I see Lane doing the same thing that Hayden did to Kristen. Its a crush but I don’t see him picking her over Hayden. Its no guarantee that she will choose him over her fiance.

      • Lane will choose the one he thinks will not get more jury votes than him. Hayden beats him hands down with the jury, especially after Lane taunted & bullied Matt in the yard last night (threw him a ‘pass’ and hit him in the chest, making ‘gay’ comments); he won’t get Matt’s vote. He knows R&B will go against Brit (2 votes for him), so he takes Brit with him, not out of ‘love’, just cause that’s the ‘way I play.’

      • I remain in disagreement with Rose and now with Cynmatty. I maintain that in Lane’s mind, he envisions ending up with the “whole ball of wax” – which means the grand prize and the beautiful Ms. Haynes as well. I realize that it is hard for devotees of BB to separate their opinion of her looks from their opinion of her game play, but most guys I have consulted who do not watch BB have agreed with me that she is very very attractive.

        He has not played the game purely to win money; he is out for the experience and maybe to get famous as well. He would not, in the end, take Hayden to the final two over Britney. If that is his only choice, he will take Ms. Haynes.

        Incidentally, say what you will about Lane, but he seems to be the only one who has never raised his voice at anyone or even gotten into a mild spat with anyone in the house. He seems like a truly, genuinely nice guy, his talk of bar fights notwithstanding.

      • I have been reading these boards all day…have only commented a couple of times but i have to say i totally agree with rose and cynmatty…true – lane may have a little crush on britt but that has nothing to do with the crush he has on that $500,000…i really dont think she should trust that lane has her back..i sure hope matt & enzo (just typing his name makes me nauseated) are on there way to the jury house tonight!

  18. The other day when they actually had the Veto comp, people were saying the live feed was off for 5 hours. I watched the show and it only took a few minutes to run the comp, so what was the 5 hours for?? Again why won’t they let you see the veto comp live with the paid for live feed? because they want to have complete control over who wins the veto. This should have been more visable as to who really buzzed in first and who won what. What is the big deal about not letting people know what each player actually did out there.
    And again after watching Brit have a melt down after the veto comp, and really have that much emotion. Then not to demand to know who won the vacation and money, I mean come on already. Have a house meeting and make them claim there prizes. I think this is the reason Matt got nominated, she would have put up Hayden if she really knew, and it’s her fault for not finding out.
    I wonder what they told her in the DR?

    • Could not agree more…Britneys actions are beginning to make less and less sense..Also, the upset act after POV was 100% staged..Her and Lane were laughing about it when they hugged..

  19. If Matt gets voted out tonight I’m done watching BB. I can’t stand anyone else in the House, but Ragan. Enzo, Lane and Hayden, Brittney and Brendon are nothing but floaters. The “Brigade” minus Matt were the ultimate ones. Brittney relied on Lane the whole time and Brendon relied on Little Miss Pimples. Matt and Ragan at least semi played this game. They did win competitions or were the last 2 standing. Matt needs to out the Brigade. Enzo needs to get penalty votes because of the Penguin costume and the “Have Not” eating.

    • right….ragan has to win if when they bounce matty.I hope mattys speech outs the bg and that he accepted no prizes .He must know it was w/trash hayden?

      • as far as penalty for the bayone bore….1 vote for each offense,thus allowing britt a chance to keep matt?Our only hope!!


    • Ya how are Britany and Brendon floaters? I’m not sure what show you’re watching either. Thats absolutely delusional. Brendon has been fighting non stop on a 2 person, and now now a 1 person team. So i don’t know what you’re talking about Ana.

  20. I pray Matt goes out the door this week. He played his hand wrong and got too cocky. Matt will have a imaginary alliance with the Brigade to the end thus endangering both Brit and Ragan’s game because he is naive. He needs to go the JH and I’m pretty sure he will unless a miracle happens and Brendon decides to change his vote. I doubt it though.

    • LOL!! I think some people are just as delusional as Matt. People are really grasping for straws with the whole voting and penalty thing. Matt is going home. The most they will do is give him another week of slop or a penalty point BUT that will not save Matt. And why would Brit trust Matt? He threw the closest person he had under the bus, she would be no different.

      • concur Rose…

        it’s over for Matteo…

        Hasta L Vista Baby

        diabolical super genius is owned

  21. All I gotta say is that if Matt is as stupid as he is coming across then he needs to go…He even believes that Brittney acted alone in putting him on the block..Matt truly lost the sharp edge mind that he had a one point..Or maybe it is an act..I’m not sure..He’s not talking to the right people or asking the right questions..But he was hinting to Regan last nite about the 3 man alliance..He told Regan several times that he needed to break them up..But Regan did not catch his drift as to which 3 guys ..Matt owes Ragan for his attempt at stabbing him in the back..Regan needs to know so that he will have a fighting chance..He had an opportunity to question Brittney last nite but did not..I know that he does not want to be evicted but he’s not helping himself to I don’t get it maybe somebody else got a better idea of how his mind is working..

      • NO he has to do it before the vote cause B/B/R needs time to process the info..Matt has to have time to convince those 3 that they are being used..especially B & B….It will take more than a 2 minute speech..

      • Well that didn’t work for Andrew so I doubt it will work for him. His only chance would be to get Lane and Hayden to change their vote. If he has a speech, that will just put the nail in the coffin. As far as Brendon, Matt has been the #1 person coming after him so whatever he says doesn’t matter. Why chance it?

      • Andrew spoke up “at” the eviction ceremony..which was tooo late to help him..I said Matt needs to SPEAK UP BEFORE THE CEREMONY!!!!!!!!!!!! It may or may not make a difference in his status but it will usefull info to Regan Brittney and Brendon

    • graves…IMO Matt would have to be brain dead to not realize he is on his way out tonight and I do not believe he is..Ragan has already told him he’s going..Therefore..Matt has ABSOLUTELY NO REASON NOT TO EXPOSE THE BRIGADE unless Production has told him not to..

      • While I think ur post was supposed too make sense it didn’t..Maybe u just wrote it in a hurry..I know Matt has no reason to protect the Brigade as he is (supposed TO BE)leaving..and in this case Production would influence (if they do) Matt to tell all he knows not keep quiet..

      • Can’t wait for tonight. Matt knows he’s leaving. He said I’m sorry to his wife. Regan has been true to him and I believe Regan when he said he would fall on his sword for him. Well, not literally. But he had his back. He owes it to Regan to tell him about the brigade and not to trust any of them. That he carried them this far and they will just use him to go further and then kick him out. Maybe Regan will relay that to Britney and her and Regan and Britney can get them out.

    • ofcourse he needed to speak to all of this yesterday,but hes way to docile a person.I think the sleep meds he takes have numbed him to the obvious.As of bbad wed he said nuttin,maybe hes doing it as we speak? Hope so,cause those idiots in the bg dont deserve to get away w dis yo(enzo voice).

  22. 1st Eviction – MATT
    2nd Eviction – ENZO

    I heard that tonights episode will not be live and its pre-recorded but Julie Chen will lie and say its live!!!

    • Where did you hear that. If it is not live CBS would have to inform those that bought advertising time for tonights show. So far that has not happened. I would know…..HD

  23. So bummed that I have to work and miss the show tonight! I so want to see Matty boy walk out and Enzo the clown right behind him. Wish I could afford the live feeds but alas I just have to depend on what you folks write tonight to stay in the loop. Can’t wait for the BRAT to be gone! I despise the little twit. To think, at the beginning she was the one I was routing for.

    • not to be the typo police, God knows I make plenty, but I think you were “rooting” for her, not routing Sir….

      • Y’all are such smartasses — suck the joy out of this “for fun” site. Heard of them but unfortunately dire straits preclude me from having either. I’m lucky to splurge for internet. BTW my spell-check auto corrected and I didn’t catch the typo — good grief. But, I know YOU KNOW what was meant. Lighten up and enjoy the fun here people!

        BB Rocks!

      • No worries — I’m calm. Just wanna have fun here. Again just wanted to apologize for auto-correct — but seriously this isn’t english 101. I think what got me was more letmeslapragan’s elitism — of course with a name like that and that kind of condescending remark — well, forget it. It just is such BRATTNEY-type behavior/attitude! LOL! Go BB!

      • Richard~ I love this site as well. I’ve learned some of the names of the post-ers that leave rude, uneducated-sounding remarks, and I just skip over their comments.
        I used to attempt defending myself, too. Then I remembered that online there is NO way of telling who I’m arguing with, OR their age.
        Doz not mater howe yo spel stuf. We undrstaind it all ennyway ;o)

  24. Id like to see Brendon go all the way. I think if Matt does expose the Brigade tonight, it might take some of the focus off of Brendon. I think the HOH comp will come down to Brendon and Ragan. Hopefully Brendon will win, put up Ragan and Britney, and one of them follows Matt out. I hope its Ragan, that way he could go with Matt to the jury house and try to cozy up to him there LOL. Can you imagine if both Matt and Ragan were to join Rachel in the jury house? I think the jury house may become more entertaining than the actual BB house LOL. Too bad we dont have 1 night of the week dedicated to watching just the jury house.

  25. Showtime, BB After Dark at the end of the show Brittany stated that they have told them that this will be a single eviction week….my opinion & wishes are that Enzo will be sent home…not the JH for the eating violations, then they will just do a regular HOH competition. They will be 1 juror short & America’s Vote will be the 7th jury vote!!! Matt will be safe this week!!!!

    • Continue to dream, Connie. The only ejections in BB history have been for initiating violence against another house guest and for vandalizing BB property.

      • Yes, I agree that it has been under dire circumstances…but, from what I am reading on all of the boards that Enzo has been sneaking food everytime that he has been on slop & BB12 has not stopped him. From what I am seeing, reading & hearing CBS.COM is getting the where-to on this!!!! Yes, I can only dream, but it would definitely up the ante for the remaining house guests!!!

  26. I predict- Matt for the first one, Brenden wins HOH, puts up Britney and Ragen, Ragen wins HOH, Lane goes up- Britney joins the jury house

  27. After watching last night’s episode, the only conclusion I can come to is that Matt is a moron. Last Thursday he was totally aware of the loose loyalty the Brigade had to him. And then last night, all he’s talking about is helping the Brigade and ensuring the Brigade’s safety. Really Matt? I mean, they told you that they were going to send you home. At this point, I’m more disappointed than anything. His entire game blew up in his face in about a week and a half’s time.

  28. I’m still pretty certain that if anyone other than Brendon wins HoH tonight, and the actual HoH realizes that this is a clean eviction, no POV or anything, they’re evicting Brendon with it. It’s a smart move since Brendon CAN win challenges.

    So Brendon’s only chance is winning tonight, but Ragan is probably the best at a memory game based on feeds from the past few days. There’s no doubt in my mind that Ragan would evict Brendon, unless Matt convinces him to avenge his eviction by getting rid of the rest of the Brigade.

    Hope that, with Hayden telling Matt straight up that the Brigade will be the ones to evict him tonight, he will throw them under the bus before he goes. Eye for an eye, after all.

    • Ra knows the guys are in an alliance & that they’ve got Brit on board. Ra also knows that Brit is not trustworthy. Matt could confirm the BG with Ra and thoroughly convince him that his best bet is to align himself with Brendon, whom Ra has said is likeable, sans Rachel. And Ra also advised Matt recently to “make a deal with the devil” and align with Brendon. So Matt can secretly out the BG to Ra and suggest that Ra keep it quiet or risk the BG working their mojo to counterattack, and Ra will. I think Ra would align with Brendon to get out the “backstabbers” and compete head:head with Brendon in the end. The trick is convincing Brendon of the BG. Brendon knows Ragan keeps his word and Ra offered him a deal before so he knows he can trust Ra if he aligns with him. Maybe if Matt gives Brendon enough “secret conversations” between him/Enzo/Hayden, the “psycho” music will play as the reality of it all is illuminated for Brendon. Brendon tends to wear his heart on his sleeve but the guy has adjusted his gameplay to his advantage so he is “teachable”. Ra & Matt have to convince him that the BG exists, with hat in hand (Brendon loves humility in others) and that he has to side with Ra on the down low for now. Raden shakes on it and Matt smiles at the camera for getting the last laugh on the BG who thought they were safe with Matt’s blood on Brit’s hands and Matt’s vote in the JH.

      • And if Matt does this with Raden – it might redeem him to some & who knows, with this cast (?) – it could net him the $25K AFP prize.

      • I love it, love it, love it! Somebody has got to get to Brendon. I hate the way the guys are playing him for a fool! I’ll be glued to the tv tonite for sure. I’m kinda hoping Bren is ‘playing’ dumb and will turn the tables on them when they least expect it – one can only dream.

    • from what I can tell from all of the different boards…he has been sneaking food constantly each time he has been on slop. People with the “Live Feeds” have stated that he actually sticks his head completely in the refrigerator & eats something straight out of the fridge & he bends down in the kitchen & has food hidden & eats it out of the cameras complete range. He has his hands in his pants & goes in the house & touches everything without washing his hands. At least, Matt is a clean freak & he washes his hands after each bathroom visit & before he touches food, utensils, pans, etc.

  29. There is a POV. Its a quick HOH, quick POV, quick eviction. Everything else remains the same…They just don’t have time to discuss with each other who they want to evict.

    • Oh, the BB Joint will be jumping tonite. We’ll finally get to the hamsters scurry for their lives! Here’s to Bren & Ragan for HOH & POV, & may Brit come to her senses, if she has any.

  30. Please get Enzo out of there. He’s never won anything, he complains too much, and he thinks he is running the house. And that “meow-meow” thing is getting on my nerves. Cant stand looking at him.

  31. Could there be anything to Brendon and Andrew being brothers? Also, did anyone else think that Matt looked like the Unibomber in his hoody? He certainly looked evil.

    • No — Brendon is not brothers with Andrew. While I do not know Brendon I am familiar with his family, particularly his grandparents and Andrew is definitely not a member of their familia. I know there has been a lot of speculation about Brendon and his family life and lots of snide remarks about his family but I can vouch for at least the patriarch and matriach (paternal) they are a very nice, respectable and loving bunch.

      • And very humble, I might add. I will tell you that Grandpa was not impressed with Ms. Rachel, either and even made a remark quite a few weeks ago (the only time I conversed with him about the show)that he hoped it was just part of Brendon’s gameplay, LOL!

  32. Enzo may not have won but he has played a good behind the scenes game . He tells hayden and lane what to do . Plus Enzo is sooo entertaining!. I want Brendon or Enzo to win…anyone except the 3 little Rats : Ragan , Matt and Britney !

  33. Can’t imagine why Matt has made the colossal blunder of NOT outing the brigade. To those of us looking on, that was the last card he had to play. So out he goes. As for Enzo’s punishment: wouldn’t it be interesting if the punishment was that he became an automatic nominee for the second eviction? Giving him one ghost vote seems inadequate since he broke two different rules. Two ghost votes would make everyone cry “Foul!” and we’d have to plow through a hundred tiresome posts saying in who knows how many different ways that the game is rigged. Punishment needs to be tough enough to convince future HGs that rules must be followed. MAKE HIM GO ON THE BLOCK AGAIN FOR THE SECOND EVICTION. In the penguin suit, please.

    • That’s an idea! Quiz: Ra wins & puts up Lane; Bren/Hay’s votes send Lane out since those 2 doodleheads won’t win POV. Bren wins 2nd phys comp HoH & puts up Brit & Hay; Enz/Ra keep Hay or if tie, Bren happily sends Brit out. F4: Hay/Enz vs Bren-Ra.

      • If you are not an Enzo/BG fan, just think how angry Lane will be that the poser in the penguin suit outlasted him? You know, the JH will just have to sweat it out, knowing that Hay/Enz are no match for Bren-Ra. It’s possible but not likely; in other words: Lane will be stewing big time & Britney will be working him over, blaming him for the “disaster” (still not knowing he/Hay betrayed her & were never taking her to F3.

      • I Love this scenario! Brilliant idea! Wish BB would listen to the fans when planning their little surprises!

  34. I want ENZO gone, he is on my last nurve, he can’t win crap, he can’t even lose good. mr penguin with no other clothes (rotflmao). them Matt, then lane, then hayden or britney. i want brenden to win, at least he wins games, not like the others.

    • Brend offered to give Enzo some of his clothes for keeps after the suit comes off. Bren said his clothes were Target clothes, not expensive, but Enz was welcome to them. (Enzo had talked about how expensive his clothes are.) I didn’t see Hay/Lane offering theirs. Yet Enzo trashes Bren with a passion. It’s one thing to not particularly care for someone or think they’re a dork but c’mon – someone treats you decent, you have to trash them that hard? I know – Enzo’s all talk. He’ll apologize at the end of the show.

      • I saw Hayden give Enzo a pair of jeans to wear. I dont know if he was given them too him or not and even offered to wash the ones he had on to let Enzo wear them since they were a little bigger (the first pair Enzo said was a little tight)

  35. No — Brendon is not brothers with Andrew. While I do not know Brendon I am familiar with his family, particularly his grandparents and Andrew is definitely not a member of their familia. I know there has been a lot of speculation about Brendon and his family life and lots of snide remarks about his family but I can vouch for at least the paternal patriarch (and matriarch, though she has passed on) are a very nice, respectable and loving bunch. And very humble, I might add.
    I will tell you that Grandpa was not at all impressed with Ms. Rachel, either and even made a remark quite a few weeks ago (the only time I conversed with him about the show) that he hoped it was just part of Brendon’s game-play, LOL! She was clearly just too outrageous for Gramps. It seems he wanted reassurance that the relationship couldn’t be real, He said some times nice guys are vulnerable to bad choices where women are concerned. LMAO!!!!!!!!

    • Richard – thanks for the insight into Brendon’s background. I’m with his Gramps – I hope the way he played is part of his game plan!

  36. Do any of you guys think that if Matt is evicted tonight (I hope……SNAKE), BB will reveal to the house guests as well as the evicted house guests that Matt is just a lying schemer & has been dishonest about his wife’s situation this whole time for votes?

  37. I know most people don’t like Brendon but come on…Nobody has had as big of a target on their back and still escape week after week than him.

    • Matt is evicted Hayden HOH. Nominates Ragan & Britt. Ragan wins POV. Hayden nominates Britt and Brendon. Brendon evicted.

  38. Well, stick a fork in me, I’m done. Not interested in which idiot wins it all; they are interchangeable. All the tension & suspense just left the house.

  39. I think the life long friends are Matt and Ragan. They communicate as if they have all the same friends…

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