Big Brother 12: Week 7 Live Eviction Episode Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll have our seventh live eviction show of the BB12 season as two HGs will be evicted and head off to the Jury House for the next month to hang out with Rachel and Kathy. Oh boy, what lucky HGs!

The live eviction will be followed by an immediate sudden death round of HoH, Veto Comp, Veto Ceremony, a second eviction, and another HoH comp all within one hour! I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast show so keep checking back for the latest Big Brother 12 spoilers all night.

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Share your thoughts and tell us which HGs you want to see go to the Jury House. Be sure to vote in our Eviction poll too. Don’t forget to join us tonight in the Big Brother Chat Room during the live eviction show at 8PM EST!

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      • Since I am convinced BB is now scripted I wonder if they really want only men in the game for now.

      • It’s not scripted against women, it’s the Bro-gade wants it to be the Big Bro House + Brittney.

        Yes, Enzo should also be punished or I will personally be very pissed off at the production. They let Pretzel-Gate slip and now possibly this.

      • I didn’t think it was against the rules for the pretzel thing? I mean it wasn’t like info from someone watching the game it was Rachel who was in the house for 24 hours I think it was smart if her to think about it. I really don’t see anything wrong with the message! I do think if you are a have not you should not be having other food that is something against the rules! Does anyone remember when Casey wad in the banana suit did he have to wear the top of it? If so the Enzo should have been made to wear the top. Christain did have to wear the wig!

      • Didn’t Enzo sign a contract to obey the rules of BB? How can he get away with eating and taking the penguin suit off in pretense of swimming? All the other BB housemates kept to the rules of the Have Not rules. Shame on BB if he gets away with this. Oh! But he can put that in that movie he thinks is going to be made with him in it because he’s a SUPERSTAR!!!!! lolololol.
        What an arrogant, self-indulgent, narcissistic, self-righteous, immature bully he is!!

  1. Matt is going home, as muh as I hate him, he is a strong competitor and this may be the only chance to get him out. I think Regan will be the next to go, with the whole backdooring of Matt, Lane is going to protect Britney so that it when she is sent to the jury house, it won’t weigh so heavily so Regan, bye bye.

  2. 1. Matt is evicted
    2. Brenden wins HOH
    3. Ragen and Brit nominated
    4. Ragen wins POV
    5. Lane goes in his place
    6. Brit joins the jury house

    • The one thing you may have to look at is on his way out Matt telk everyone about his old group

      • True. If Matt outs the brigade before the vote he could have a chance to stay. He could blame the whole Rachel thing on the brigade and they could not defend themself. He could also tell Brittney Lane is using her, making Brittney use her HOH vote in case of a tie on Enzo.

        If Brendon will stop being so stubborn for five seconds and vote out Enzo, which he should do anyways, and Brittney is pissed at Enzo/Lane/Hayden for using her Enzo will go home. If there is a extra vote, Brendon just has to vote with Ragan to evict Enzo and he’s gone.

        If there is two, Ragan has to vote Matt and there will be a tie. It isn’t likely there will be two but if it does happen Brittney will hold the deciding vote.

      • @ BradD, it’s not brendon, it’s Matt, All matt has to do is go talk to brendon and tell him the truth, All mat has to say is I’m sorry for the way I have talked and treated you and rachel, Then lay it out for him about the ber-egg, Then with brendon on board, they along with ragan go talk to britney, But he hasn’t, So If matt going home to night it’s all on him

      • @Brad D – I personally think that it’s in Bren’s best interest to vote out Matt. Not least because Matt’s been after him since day one, and would be more likely to turn around and vote him out than Enzo would…especially since Enzo winning HOH is unlikely. I do believe that no matter who goes, though, Brendon will need to win HOH to continue because a quick and easy double eviction would spell the end for the guy who can save himself with the POV better than anyone in the house but Britney.

      • No. If Brendon saves Matt, Matt will not aim to vote him out until the Brigade is out of the house.

        You can count on it. He’s not going to keep someone who is going after him over someone who was but voted to keep him. That’s just stupid to think that.

      • Am I stupid to think that, really? Because based on Matt’s gameplay, unless we see him make a deal with Bren, he’s evicting the “big dummy” next chance he gets, whether Brendon votes to keep him or not.

    • @ Brad D… perhaps, but that’ll probably get Matt voted out by unanimous vote, just like Andrew’s crazy before vote speech did him….There needs to be dicussion. he needs to burst NOW…it will then be a tie vote with Brit being the tie breaker…

  3. Yea, we won’t have to see the same scene from the house three & four times in one hour. How many times must we see someone get nominated, play the pov, etc. CBS, you have 24/7 worth of these HG’s adventures. I want Matt and Enzo to leave; post haste!

  4. I was curious did Matt backdoor Regan or was he blindly trying to keep the brigade together? I hope he does expose the brigade tonight, so at least Britney will know that Lane was lying when he told her that there was not another alliance, she did not know about.

    • I hadn’t thought of that, but Lane definitely did assure Britney that he was not in a secret alliance.

      • Why o why isn’t Matt telling about the Brigade? He should tell Reagan, Brendon and Britney, Bren and Regan vote to get Enzo out, Britney is the tie breaker and she votes Enzo out! Matt stays!! What a fabulous move!

      • @Roz – that WOULD be the logical move, but we’ve all been shown by now that logic is lacking in his “diabolical supergenious” mind.

        Being told, straight up, that you’re being betrayed by your alliance BY a member of your alliance who will be voting you out, and you do nothing…? Hopefully he has something up his sleeve a la Andrew but is keeping it close to his chest for now in order to prevent anyone from ruining his plan.

  5. Come on CBS compensate your loyal BB viewers with a winter BB. Make the live feeds free cuz we were ROBBED. Worst HGs in BB history.

    • I’d go for a winter BB, live feeds I could care less about. Just a bunch of people eating, “talking game”, and breaking stuff aka Hayden.

      I’d watch if they were free but paying any more than a couple bucks for it the whole season doesn’t make sense. If all this money helps a winter BB though so be it.

  6. Well, if I were to guess the targets for each player if they win HoH:

    Brendon: Britney
    Enzo: Britney
    Hayden: Britney
    Ragan: any of the guys
    Lane: Ragan or Brendon

    Brendon wants to get back at Britney for breaking her promise. Enzo and Hayden want to ensure that Lane is loyal to them, and will likely throw the competition to Brendon to make him get rid of her. If she wins veto, Ragan and Lane will be up and Ragan will probably go home. If Ragan wins, he will likely be informed about the Brigade and will put up Brendon with Hayden or Lane, and Brendon will go home unless he wins POV. As for Lane, he will probably want to take out Brendon, but will be persuaded by the Brigade to go for Britney or Ragan, so he will nominate Ragan beside Brendon.

      • Last night on BBAD Lane and Enzo were talking to each other about how much they want to beat Brandon up and fight him. They have spoke of this in the past and they were all calling him needle dick all night. There were some strange whispering conversations going in the cabana last night between Enzo ,Hayden , and Lane. Approx. 12:35 est Hayden told Enzo the DR wanted Brandon to vote for Enzo to evict for television purposes. Enzo said I don’t care if he votes me out he will be next, popping his jaw in that enzo way. Enzo was acting real weird and pissed most of the three hour show and he continued making derogatory remarks about Brandon, eating what he wants and going to the jury house. Not trying to start a controversy or suggest that it’s all rigged but there was some weird comments and behavior last night. Can anyone confirm or did anyone tivo BBAD?? have anything to add?

      • @ Broham, I did watch BBAD last night and I saw the same thing and think the same way as you.

      • Many things are said on the show and the live feeds. But unless you see the actual footage, it’s all “He said, she said”

        Did anybody see actual DR footage with Production instructing Bren to vote for Enzo?

        Anybody ever hear the term Hearsay Evidence…?

    • Lane was pissed off that Brendon put him up. Lane wouldn’t put up Brittney or any part of the Brigade, so it would have to be Brendon or Ragan.

      A bigger threat to Lane is Brendon. So he’d go after him

    • Ragan would go after Brendon. Lane would go after Brendon, especially if he was forced to try to smooth things over with Britney if and when Matt reveals the Brigade during the live show tonight.

    • Also, keep in mind that on the feeds the other day, Brendon was telling himself that if he took Britney to the end, he could beat her. Whether or not that’s true (it’s probably not, she’d get ‘girl power’ votes and in general is better liked that Bren), he will likely target Ragan.

  7. Does Lane know something that even Big Brother doesn’t know, he tells people ah you’re not going home. And Hayden his showromance was blown and yet they were in denial.He sat there and let them excuse Matt of prizes he got. Then he goes and tell Enzo what Matt said and at the end he says I am staying with The Amazing Enzo.They give Enzo too much credit for nothing. I guess if he did do something then he would have earn those credits.I am knocking anyone but Lane, Hayden, Enzo say they rule the house, one HOH doesn’t make you a ruler. It just wasn’t their time to go on the block. The house had better players to deal with.

    • Matt carried the brigade.

      The fact is the three group of guys have earned 0 competition wins, except for the one HOH that was given to Hayden by Matt I believe.

      • yes matt did and the others suck in it however what got matt was karma over his wife and throwing ragan under the bus

  8. I was just home watching BBAD and I don’t get why they are not making Enzo wear the penguin suit correctly. He is wearing a hat instead of the penguin head. You can clearly see the outfit has a hoodie style top with eyes, but he always has it off and a hat on his head.
    Add to it that he has now, not once, but twice eaten food clearly on camera as a have not and you have to wonder why isn’t he getting in trouble.
    Someone said earlier they are predicting a 2-2 tie with Brit making the choice. If that happens they have to give Enzo a penelty vote for eating and Matt will get to stay.
    There is no question the game will be more exciting if Matt stays than Enzo, all that guy does is nap and complain.

  9. I think matt will go but hate to say matt. Is playing the game. Regon has to go cannot stand him. Remember in the beginning saying there are 2 people in the house that know each other well it is going to be Lane and Brittany….but it would be funny if it is Ragen and Matt , Matt did lie about a sick wife so he may be Ragens partner…..but wait Racheal and Brendon got to close to fast. It is going to be 1 of those 3.

    • Lori I think that was just talk about 2 people knowing each other.We saw Matt’s wife, she was interviewed, remember???

    • Lori, it has been proven a LONG TIME AGO… the ‘lifelong friends’ nonsense was created by saboteur-Annie… THERE’S NO FRIENDS IN THIS HOUSE!

      Boy… that was pointless! :(

  10. I so wanted matt to win but the last week he’s been acting like a jerk. For someone so smart how did he not see the brigade turned on him?? he kept saying the mood of the house has changed, DUH, first hint Matt!!! And to turn on Reagan??!!! That really made me dislike him. But up until then i was routing for him all the way. So matt is leaving and i hope ENzo the turncoat leaves too!! he’s a floater and takes a lot of trash. if not the penguin then Britney for turning her back on Matt. let her see how the boys used her and lane just doesn’t care.

  11. Just read on the forums that:

    Hayden has broken 4 pool sticks and other things, if he breaks anything else he will be evicted from the house. Think he said so on live feeds.

    The rules Enzo has broken are as followed. Enzo ate pizza as a have not, shoved food into his mouth as a have not multiple times, stuck his head into the fridge and used the door so the cameras couldnt see what he was eating, took his penguin suit off multiple times like he was going to get into the pool but then walked away, and they are now calling him “Fridge Face”.

    The other houseguests aren’t happy. The people on the official Big Brother forums aren’t happy. They’ve warned this goon enough.

    Put down the hammer BB. 1/2 penalty votes is in order after learning about the fridge incident, it not an ejection. If Hayden is going to get ejected for breaking another item, Enzo should at least get punished for breaking the rules 4+ times.

    • i thought they said last night he could wear whatever clothes he had on his back so does that count whatever was under the suit or a hat? i know they let him keep a few pieces but i was not sure on if it had to be just that the entire time or what

      • Not sure what you mean. He has to wear the penguin suit up until the end of eviction and under the suit he is allowed to wear the clothes he had on at the time I believe. That or he can wear any clothes under it but has to wear the suit.

        Either way, he is allowed to take it off inside the pool. Yet he’ll go by the pool, take it off, act like he’s going to get into the pool, and change his mind and walk away. The most disgusting thing he’s doing IMO is sticking his head into the fridge and using the door to block the cameras.

        This should automatically be a punishment/ejection since he’s broken the rules so many times. Whether he was eating bean dip inside the fridge (yeah, right) or something else he was allowed to eat, you can’t use the door to block the cameras.

        That’s attempting to block cameras and is against the rules, aka Chima from last season.

  12. Good point about Enzo wearing his penguin suit!! he doesn’t , and he has been caught eating and he’s a have not!!! BB has to enforce laws it has. That is why Enzo walks around the house like he owns it. anything he does wrong he’s allowed to!! Big Brother better penalize him for many infractions.

  13. thadeouscrnholio, if it’s not too much trouble could you read my reply in post#7 and check it out if you have it tivo’d? if not no biggie we will know in a few hours anyway.

    • I am back at work now. I work early so I DVR BBAD and watch during lunch and while I’m fixing dinner. I did see them talking but most of what I saw was them practicing the game they have, oh and Regan telling everyone it is a single elimination.

      • Rite on, if you get the chance, check out the whispering about 25-35 minutes into the program when you get home BTW thanks for the reply and gr8 user name lmfao (I need tp for my @#&%*)

  14. go brendon go!!! i feel bad for the guy from being gone after since week 1 and he has fought hard to stay around. i think he deserves at least final 2. i dislike matt alot but he has played the game and so has brittney. i want 2 of those 3 in the final just for the fact that nobody else has won anything. hayden won 1st hoh and ragan 1 pov and that is all right? or am i mistaken?

  15. OMG if BB has a vote for everytime Enzo broke a rule Matt will stay and the game would be So Much Better!!

    • I just hope they punish him at all. That and I hope Hayden breaks another thing. It’d be hilarious if he accidentally runs into something and it breaks and they say “Hayden has been ejected from the game”.

      I will lol myself to sleep.

  16. this should be final two Matt vs Brandon what a show down though i would love Regan in it too!!

    • i would like to see brendon, matt, and britt even though i dont care of matt or britt. i dont think brendon is as bad as he was made out to be

      • I will still hate Brendon for thinking he’s actually in love and for being a douchebag (stop acting like your the only one who wants to be here) but if he can help Matt escape I will be hoping he does.

        He is extremely stubborn though. If Matt reveals the brigade he could be the only one who doesn’t believe it.

      • @Brad – how do you figure that Brendon is too stubborn to believe a desperate man on his way out the door when he outs his own backstabbing alliance?

  17. I now believe Matt was trying to keep brigade together, that’s why he said to put Regan up.

    • If you continue with this type of idiocy very soon you will make Matt a veritable saint! He offered Ragan to save HIMSELF and nobody else. He saw Ragan as being very nuch disposable in this case.

  18. oh yeah, isn’t branden a have not? why is he sleeping in the HOH room??? thought they had to sleep in the have not room. Someone else is sleeping on floor too but don’t know who, enzo?

    • They are usually locked down in the HoH room on eviction days. Production forces this. Everyone sits there and sleeps to pass the time.

      • Hey Matt BBN,

        Isn’t Enzo blocking the cameras with the fridge door against the rules? Same as blocking the cameras like Chima did? Why is this not getting adressed?

        I’d make an article of some of these rules being broken. Hayden will get ejected if he breaks another one and Enzo has already broken 4+

  19. Enzo being allowed to break these rules is a slap in the face. The HG’s this season are bad enough then to also get special treatment. At least when Chima went nuts it was good TV.

    • If Hayden breaks anything else he will be ejected.

      If Enzo breaks another rule I have a feeling he will be. Would be interesting for two ejections in this season.

      • Ghost votes would be better this week for Enzo walking around all cocky, then to get voted out. the look on his face would be priceless.

      • I missed this—what has haden broken???? Has Enzo been warned???? When was Haden warned????info please!!!

      • Hayden has broken 4 pool sticks, a vase, and I think something else maybe.

        He’s been warned and the most recent was when he broke a vase. If he does it again he will be ejected.

        Enzo has been warned multiple times for eating food and the fridge incident (the latter i’m pretty sure he was warned, definitley know he was about the sneaking food). He might already have a vote against him and they are waiting to announce it before eviction.

  20. Hello blackgirl chell is mad at me . Man i can’t untell they say by Matt and then by Britny or Ragon go

  21. and as for ragen he gives us gay/lesbians a bad rep. sorry im gay and i am in no way that dramatic or a cryer. i have never in my life which then again im from a small town so maybe we just dont act that way here but i cant stand to see him act that way

  22. I was so happy when the guys were having a party an Britny had to suffer hearing stuck up Jessie talk about himself LOL!

  23. There is just no way for them to run everything live tonight. They have way too much stuff to accomplish.
    With a live show, anything could go wrong and then they would not have time.
    Plus Julie will want to interview the evicted house guest, there is the story time where they talk to the family of the nominations, there is the part where the hoh and Julie talk, plus all the events of a week compiled into one hour??
    I just don’t see all this fitting into 40 minutes of air time.

    • And of course we have to see Kathy going into the jury house and them watching the dvd from the week.
      I think we at home are going to get ripped off, and probably the live feeders will be cut as well.

      • they should have made tonight a 2 hr show if they were going to do all that, heck bach pad is on 2 hrs every mon and its not even worthy of that

    • It’s not the first Double Eviction day on BB… they’ve done it before, so I don’t know why they couldn’t pull it off again.

  24. Hmm…Ok, thinking strategically this is who should go and who should stay. Matt is a given, so I won’t count the first eviction.
    Of the remainders I’d say next person who needs to go is Brendon (he should be winning right now with rachel in jury voting for him and Matt prob voting for him based on gamepley, followed by brit/ragan once they find out about the brigade)
    Next should be Ragan since he has what it takes to win an endurance and has no enemies in the house outside of Rachel.
    Then I’d say Lane. He has less enemies than Ragan and that late in the game you have to think who’s gonna win jury votes. Between Brit and Hayden, they’d both need to take Enzo to the end (Enzo won’t win cause noone thinks he deserves it because he hasn’t done anything in the game but ride coat tails.
    If Enzo has the final HoH he needs to chose Brit because she may have less support from Jury (Rachel would vote for Enzo over Brit).

    • but why would you want someone in the finals who cant even with anything..that is such a waste. this season has not been the best but i would at least like to see 2 people who have really played be in the final instead of the ones who did nothing

  25. Well only wat Matt will stay if everbody found out Haydan won all tyhe good prizes. I like to see britney win (lane if can play well) Brendon has shown that he wants to win I dont care for him but I like people who try. Regan has not done much he migth be the person leaving

    • Julie should call out Haydon before the eviction vote and ask him who he is going to take on his Hawaiian vacation and the $5000 will come in handy.

      • It’s never gonna happen – I don’t see Julie being able to call out the ‘secret’ winners of the POV.

  26. Brandon never wins anything… What is he still doing there? He’s as bad as Enzo. Honestly it’ll be funny when Lane turns on Brit, since he’s Brigade all the way.

    • Dude are you even watching the same show??Brendon while I dislike him, has kicked butt. He has won an HOH and several vetos. How can you say he of all players has not won anything?

      • Enzo:

        “Lane is brigade all way, yo. Stay loyal to the brigade and do our dirty work, bro.

        Hey Lane once we done withcha we gonna send you packin, yo. Use you just like Matt, bro. Better not get close to Brittney or you’ll go home sooner, yo. ”

        Note: this is a joke, he didn’t actually say this. He might as well have though.

    • “Brandon never wins anything…”


      I truly doubt it…

  27. steph Ragon is not that bad i think he is funny and he is playing the game not like Renso talking bad about people behind there backs and kissing there butts

    • you dont think so? all i see is him constantly crying. and dont get me wrong i hated rachel but when she came back and said im back bit&^% he tried to make it out like she was directing it towards him bc he was gay which was so not true

      • He didn’t say that at all.

        She flat out said “are you being a bitch because your gay?”. How can you not realize that? She came into the house with the intention of being a bitch and Ragan shut her down.

        She got owned, basically.

      • she said im back bitches and he said oh so im a bitch bc im gay and she said no you are a bitch bc… it was not directed at him until he went there. and i cant stand rachel and she did come into the house wanting to fuss and he did shut her up. i just think he tried to play the gay card there

      • I don’t recall him ever saying that.

        There has been some “gay bashing” from contestants in the past (like last season) so it wouldn’t surprise me if he did say that.

        The point is, Rachel said “are you just being a bitch because he’s gay?” which is like offending millions of people. Even people who aren’t gay, like myself. That’s kind of like saying

        “Do you just lie in the house because your black?”

        It’s incredibly rude on her part. She got owned for it too.

      • @Steph
        thats not how it was said. Go back and watch the incident.

        She asks him point blank: “Ragan, are you being a b*tch because you’re gay?”

        Thats a direct quote from the argument.

  28. If Matt somehow escapes this week by outing the Brigade, an extra vote or two for Enzo, etc.

    I think he will win the next HOH. There will definitley be no throwing of the competition and I think if Matt escapes this week he’ll win HOH. That being said, I think Hayden and Lane will go up. Whoever goes home depends on POV. Brittney may push Matt if someone gets taken off the block for Matt to backdoor Brendon.

    I really hope Matt outs the brigade, escapes, wins HOH and gets rid of any of the remaining guys besides Ragan. They all need to go, whether your a fan of Brendon or not if you leave him in the game there is a possibility of the production influencing him winning a bunch of competitions and going to the finals. If Enzo is evicted, there is still no telling if Brendon is really “on better terms with Matt” or if he is still gunning for Matt.

    Who knows, can’t wait for the live eviction tonight. Don’t ruin it BB by having Enzo not be punished at all or you’ll get a criticism firestorm on you all. It would be a bad move on BBs part.

    • agreed on the gay bashing lol i have seen so much of it between this show and the real world this year. in addition to it at work where im calling the cross dressing huzzy bc i wear t shirts or a polo. they just hate bc i get hit on more than them lmao jk

    • now i have to agree there…that would be comical if matt escaped and won hoh and voted out either lane hayden or enzo

    • Enzo is the new Kathy…. Fuh-loater! Id love to see matt go…he and Enzo in the dble elimination would be awesome. I don’t like brendon, but at least he’s playing to win. Brittney. Has shown she can play as tuff as the boys (and by that I mean the bro-gade). Ragin will go next week then Britney. Final 3 will be brendon hayden & lane. Hayden will ride under the radar and rack up prizes and brendon & lane will go to the final 2. It could happen! Lol!

      • I think your wrong about some stuff. Matt may not go home this week if he outs the Brigade, but it’s likely he is.

        I think Ragan won’t go until Brendon is gone. If Matt is evicted first I think it could be Enzo next though. I can definitley see Lane making the final 2 only if Hayden/Enzo leave before the final four. If the final four is somehow Hayden, Enzo, Lane, and Brittney Lane will be evicted first.

        He’s just being used exactly like Matt is but for different reasons. If Hayden and Enzo do make it to the final 2 they will be remembered as “the two clowns who didn’t do anything but used everybody else to get what they wanted. They backstabbed them when they felt they were not necessary”.

    • hold on hold on… “whether your a fan of Brendon or not” there is a chance the producers will manipulate his way to the finals, so they have to get him out when they can.

      IF they want to do this, they’re already doing it. So how could the HGs get him out, if CBS has a fix on?

      Matt may escape but I doubt it. It would certainly be interesting as hell if he pulled it off, because so far it doesn’t seem like he’s got a plan to do anything. We’ll see. Deep down, I believe that Matt thinks that IF he survives this week, he can’t out the Brigade because it would still be 3 against 1. I believe that Matt believes the whole house still feels that the one who needs to leave the most is Brendon, and if he survives he has to get right back on the group bandwagon to evict the guy.

    • If he manages to stay in the house and then win HoH, Matt will put up Brendon, no doubt about it… ‘cuz he’s an idiot.

      I mean, the guy still seen himself as a Brigade member, for chrissake… he’s hopeless.

    • Your not a douchebag at all. “Gay Boy Ragan”, your just as bad as Rachel.

      This is coming from someone who is 100% straight.

      • Or Matt will out the Brigade and then it’s bye bye Enzo.Then Hayden goes and Ragan wins HOH …could happen..

  29. EVERYTHING CAN FIT IN 1 HOUR!!!! Basically they will do the intro in like 2 mins and then they will show what happened after POV and Kathy at Jury w/ Rachel in like 5 minutes, then evict the first person right away and go and do HOH right away, and the new HOH will pick 2 nominees on the spot and they will go and do another quicky Veto, trust me, these comps are FAST! They will have the veto ceremony in like 15 seconds LITERALLY, and another houseguest will be evicted on the spot and Julie speaks to each houseguest for a few minutes. The HOH comp will either begin at the end of the show if it is a long endurance one or if it is a quicky it will be hosted by a houseguest later that night.

    Watch the Big Brother 10 double eviction and u will understand!!

    • I think the best thing all year will be when they crown the winner of this clown posse…and hopefully soon, before I end up slitting my wrists

      this season has been boring and sucked azz

  30. :Question:

    Has Matt ONCE asked whose idea it was to put him on the block??

    I don’t think he has. I think he just assumes Britney put him up there on her own accord.
    Why not try to dig for answers?

      • Britney told Regan that Matt suggested putting Regan up, but that everyone else was in her ear to put up Matt. I wonder if Regan told him that?

      • Its so weird. I don’t know, it seems like one would want to know how they got to be put up on the block over other possible HGs, especially when you were on the same page with getting Brendon out as priority #1.

    • I think he’s assuming it originated with Brendon. But in the end, all that matters is the Brigade has turned and all want him out. Though I’ll bet he still thinks he could sway Lane if he had the opportunity.

  31. if Matt swears on his dyiny wife:

    and exposes Hayden winning the $$ & vacation….that might get Btit tye-breaker vote

    and he exposes the Brigage…that might get Brendon vote

  32. I think that Matt is staying tonight because is very intelligent and he will tell about the group ( brigade) .

    • If they give him enough time to speak. They are really going to rush this along. I think that while everyone is locked down in HOH he should of exposed the brigade. Noone can go anywhere and he should dig to find out who won all the prizes. Tell them when he won 2nd HOH Enzo was pushing to put Rachel and Brendon up, pretty much threatening him to or they would kick him out of the brigade. Explain to them that if he goes home the numbers are going to against them because the brigade has all the votes for eviction. I’d love to see them all squirming in that room.

  33. This has to be the most blatantly “influenced” dare to say “fixed” season of BB yet. Production needs to keep their grubby, rating grabbing hands out of the competitions and DR.

    After watching last nights POV comp, I am turning off BB and canceling my feeds. Can you honeslty tell me Brendon buzzed in first on all the answers to beat out Enzo. Come on! Bu-bye BB

    • I agree. We were not allowed to see who won what. That’s very suspicious. If Hayden didn’t tell Enzo he took the prizes and Lane didn’t tell Britney he took the phone call none of us would know what the heck went on. Why did they choose to keep the viewers in the dark as well?

      • They said in the DR what they won. The light also lit up in their cage when they got the prize/punishment in the veto.

        It is really suspicious Brendon got every single punishment except for the suit and the clothes one. Very ironic how Enzo got the suit too.

        Seems too influenced.

      • Add to that the live feed was cut for 5 hours, when the contest only took a few minutes.
        They would not let Regan stay outside and ask questions.
        The TV showed everyone hitting their buttons, but it was unclear who was winning. I know it showed a running total in each cage.
        Then when they show if something was taken or not, they should have showed who got each one.
        Very suspicious for sure.
        But come-on, did anyone not think Brendon was going to win the veto??

  34. You never know with This BB house.Why hasn’t Matt said anything? When he had the DPOV he did everything but dangle it in their face.If he waits until the eviction he will have to talk fast. I am here due to my cockyness oh and my alliance with LANE, Enzo and Hayden known as The Brigrade.

  35. To Mary
    “gay Boy Regan” ????? you should be locked up with rachoid, you’re just as prejudice as her. Shame on you!!!

  36. Here’s hoping Lane and Hayden go up tonight and one of them is sent packing… both guys are too comfortable …hopefully Ragan wins HOH since he’s seems to be onto the Brigade and is pissed.

  37. I just want someone to “OUT” the brigade!!! Then maybe Brendon and Britney will play for themselves and not for others.

  38. I really want Enzo and Britney gone, or Enzo and Matt, meaning the brigade is cut in half and thus harder for them to compete.

  39. Only 4 more hours.
    What do you like to snack on while watching?
    for me it’s ice cream

  40. i will pissed along with prolly matt but dont be surprised if the brigade tosses the competition to brendon. they’ll let brendon win, put up brit and ragan, one of them will go home.

    thats how the brigade works. they will talk u to death about how tight and tough they are and then throw comps like 3 bitches.

    however hopefully ragan can win this HOH, but up brendon and enzo (again) brendon goes home, then britney wins HOH and sends that punk hayden home. i like him caz he is a cardinals fan and everything but what he did during that POV and then acted like a bitch about it rele dropped him
    in my book.

    britney should sense that lane is playing her like a deck of cards and ragan sees (because it really is so clear) that hayden, lane, and enzo have an alliance and are trying to keep brendon here for a moment.

    this is gunna be a great show. DOUBLE EVICTION!!!!! lets just hope the right ppl get evicted. anyone buy britney and ragan will be find by me.

  41. Maybe tonight’s double eviction will have a twist, the regular, scheduled eviction, and then BB will announce that Enzo is being evicted for (1) failure to follow rules and (2) continuously fondling himself on camera.

    I’m missing most BBAD dialog, because I’m fast-forwarding past Enzo’s obsessive, compulsive, disorder with his private parts.

    • That would be cool ! Have they verbally warned Enzo or said anything to him ? I don’t think they would just evict but maybe give him a couple of ghost votes. Who does he think he is, he is the ultimate floater with a big lousy attitude.

  42. Sadly I won’t be able to watch the live show, but I’ll try to control myself and not come to the site before I watch it. I’m actually excited in hopes that some serious stuff will go down tonight! Have fun tonight guys and gals!

  43. Enzo will reveal the Platinum Power of Veto (which was hidden in the penguin suit) and he will use it to evict EVERYONE. The remainder of the season will be all-Enzo all the time. GRENADE!

  44. I have read with much interest all of the complaints concerning production’s interference with the game. What else would you expect? The term “Big Brother” was the nickname given by George Orwell to a totalitarian government in his book titled “1984”(published in 1949). Big Brother saw, heard, contolled and manipulated everything! Very good book.

      • Ask that question again, only this time, ask how it doesn’t. It’s huge and in depth to even think about, but sponsorship controls the government (or in this case, CBS) therefore that’s how it fits. Jessie was a manipulation tactic for ratings purposes, and fits squarely into daveteran’s Orwell reference.

  45. What Would Be Smart For Houseguests:
    1. Enzo Evicted
    2. Brendon Wins HoH
    3. Brendon Nominates Matt and Britney
    4. Ragan Wins Veto and Saves Britney
    5. Brendon Puts Uo Hayden
    6. Hayden Evicted

    What Will Probably Happen:
    1. Matt Evicted
    2. Lane Wins HoH
    3. Lane Puts Up Ragan and Brendon
    4. Britney Wins Veto and Saves Ragan
    5. Enzo Goes Up
    6. Brendon Evicted

    What I Hope Happens:
    1. Matt Evicted
    2. Ragan Wins HoH
    3. Ragan Nominates Brendon and Enzo
    4. Britney Wins Veto, Doesn’t Use It
    5. Brendon Evicted

    • My turn (leaving out ‘what would be smart’ because to me it’s too vague. ‘what would be smart’ changes every second of the game as new knowledge comes to light, as things happen):

      What Will Probably Happen:
      1. Matt Evicted
      2. Double Eviction Announced
      3. Anyone But Brendon Wins HoH (6-1 odds)
      4. Anyone But Brendon Wins POV (again, 6-1 odds)
      5. Brendon Evicted

      What I Hope Happens:
      1. Matt Evicted
      2. Brendon Wins HoH
      3. Britney and Ragan Nominated
      4. Britney/Ragan Wins Veto, Replaced with Lane
      5. Britney/Ragan Evicted

  46. Matt needs to get his lips off of the Brigade’s A** and wise up! Come on man, go down Guns-A-Blazin’! Create a path of destruction on you’re way out.

    • I agree! They have all turned on him and I am sooo disappointed that he doesn’t see it. One thing I can still give him is that he is loyal. unfortunately to his demise!

      Sorry to see you go Matt. Too bad you didn’t turn on Enzo faster than he did you.

  47. I’ve said this before (sorry) but I think it needs to be said again:

    Can’t imagine why Matt has made the colossal blunder of NOT outing the brigade. To those of us looking on, that was the last card he had to play. So out he goes. As for Enzo’s punishment: wouldn’t it be interesting if the punishment was that he became an automatic nominee for the second eviction? Giving him one ghost vote seems inadequate since he broke two different rules. Two ghost votes would make everyone cry “Foul!” and we’d have to plow through a hundred tiresome posts saying in who knows how many different ways that the game is rigged. Punishment needs to be tough enough to convince future HGs that rules must be followed. MAKE HIM GO ON THE BLOCK AGAIN FOR THE SECOND EVICTION. In the penguin suit, please.

    • oh that is such a good idea for a punishment! its so dumb that they let him get away with this stuff. yes everyone knows this game is rigged but they’re so light on the rules this year. plus if they add that foul itd make these housguests a little more exciting!

    • Matt likes to do his “yo yo yo” speeches at voting time, so he’ll probably make a last ditch effort at that point. I think even the slimeball that he is, he knows that he’s proven himself so untrustworthy that to try and sway votes early will do no good.

      • I am sure Matt will try to gain sympathy with his wife’s make believe illness. But, I don’t think anyone really cares that much, I mean they sympathize but they don’t really know her and she is not there. I don’t think anyone cares about Matt outing the brigade. Britt will be mad because of Lane’s alliance but I think everyone knows that Hayden, Enzo, and Lane are tight. I think Matt outing the brigade will have no real significance on his being evicted. I think the odds are in Brendon’s favor to win HOH. Britt won’t be playing and Hayden, Enzo, and Lane are lazy. Ragan could be a challenge to Brendon winning depending on the type of comp. I’ll be very glad to see Matt go. I just hope that Brendon is still in the game. I don’t care who else goes really.

    • did you notice, those of you with the live feeds, Enzo is wearing the WHOLE costume today, top and all. No more mafia hat!

    • Except that Andrew did not know about Matt’s wife until Julie told him after he was evicted.

  48. WTH? Just went to trivia… not bubbles. guess like they are off to an early start??? it is only 2:11 bbt????

    • “Houseguests are playing a game right now that will …” etc… so it looks like taping has begun! Let the best be standing at the end of the night! My picks, Brenden (he is growing on me now that hooka is gone), Matt, Britt and Ragean.

  49. You guys are all nuts – Enzo needs to GTFO tonight! I think Matt is HILARIOUS…he really is a little gremlin, and he can take this all the way to the final 2! I don’t know if jury would vote for him if it is between him and say, Lane or Hayden. I think Hayden or Lane could win this whole thing, Hayden solely for being a giant shmuck and Lane for avoiding pissing everybody off.

    MATT NEEDS TO STAY! Although trying to throw your best friend in the house under the bus…karma will getcha Matt…not to mention the cloud of karma that is coming your way for lying about your wife having a disease. Although, the truth is, he shoulda just told the truth.

    He needs the money to fix his wife’s crooked hideous teeth…LEMME SEE YA GRILL!

      • I used to think that, but Matt is just accepting defeat and not doing anything now. It was stupid to throw Ragan under the bus and it was stupid to throw the HOH competition. If he has not outted the Brigade by now, it does not look like he is going to unless it is on his way out the door. He may have a high IQ, but if he trusts the Brigade, he is an idiot!
        At least Matt, Ragan, Britney, and Lane are entertaining in the diary room. Enzo, Hayden, and Brendon are boring! Enzo and Hayden are useless, but they have apparently outsmarted Matt.

      • I agree…
        But his downfall is that he has
        been true to the Brigade till the end…people need to get over the wife lie thing..she probably knows about it before the game started..Lne is a big liar as well as
        Hayden and Enzo…I hate all three of them….

    • i’m with ya on this one – i also want MATT TO STAY.

      and yes – throwing ragan under the bus was a sh*tty thing to do, but when he was confronted about it by ragan, he OWNED UP TO IT instead of denying it and making matters worse.

      i give matt kudos for the way he handled a very uncomfortable situation – i think he is genuinely sorry he ever did it.

      • Yeah, he probably is genuinely sorry…but I think mainly because it ruined his game. I just hope it’s not a unanimous vote out for him.

        Sorry Matty…hopefully the stipend BB has been paying you will cover your wifey’s new teeth, because DAMN DUDE….JUST DAMN.

    • shorter version would be what rules he did not break!

      not wearing costume, eating whatever he wants whenever he wants while being a have not.

      getting multiple warnings etc…

      • Thanks for the reply. He should be punished. Big brother should evict him and say that the house does not need to vote which would save matt. He is the only one who has the ability to win against Brendon in a competition.

  50. How would outing the Brigade help Matt out? There are 4 of them in it, 2 of them are on the block. Who do you vote out? The one who wins or the one who has been lazy all season? The only thing it would do is expose them but they still have the numbers. They just wouldnt have to be a secret anymore.

    • Sarah….Maybe..Just would force Britney, Ragan, and Brendon to wake up and smell the coffee..

    • how could this help Matt as he was part of this group. However, it could show a strong alliance between those left standing and Brit might rethink Lane’s advice. I do not think Brit, Ragan and Brendon have much to worry about as the other 3 have done nothing in this game.

    • if matt would out the brigade NOW – before the votes – i think aoyam is right.. he MIGHT just save himself.

      ragan is already voting for matt to stay – so if brendon would do the same, it would be a 2/2 tie (being that hayden & lane will give enzo their vote).

      THEN it would be up to britney to break the tie – and IF matt would judt out the brigade? – brit would vote ENZO OUT.

      for the life of me, i can’t figure out why matt is keeping his mouth shut…
      it makes NO SENSE.

      • outing the brigade would hurt matt to he would be admitting that he was playing everyone and show that he can’t be trusted to out them would just be a spitful move and show a lack of character so he will probably out them

      • I think Matt is thinking that the Bro-gayed would vote for him if he makes it to the finals. However, I personally think that is a big assumption.

      • if he outs the brigade = he may have a small chance of staying in the house.

        if he doesn’t = he’s out for sure.


      • I don’t think Brendon will ever vote for Matt to stay. Matt put him and Rachel up for eviction. Brendon has no reason to see Enzo leave but he sure does have many reasons for Matt to leave. How do you know Matt has Ragan’s vote to stay? Ragan now knows that Matt threw him under the bus. And, Brittany has said that Matt throwing Ragan under the bus showed her he can’t be trusted. Of course, she changes with the wind. I think at this point, no matter what Matt says will not matter enough to help him stay in the house.

  51. I don’t think production cares who wins Big Brother so long as it’s dramatic.So i think they’ll coach Matt in the DR to out the Brigade…

  52. I am guessing Matt won’t out the brigade because
    1. no one would probably believe him, then the brigade denies it and it is his word against theirs. He threw his buddy Ragan under the bus to save himself. They would think this is just another lie to save himself.
    2. Even if they believe Matt about the brigade, Lane and Hayden are voting against him no matter what, Brenden knows Matt is the strongest player other than maybe Brenden himself, he isn’t going to lose this opportunity to get him out, by voting against Enzo

    • I don’t think Brendan’s afraid of Matt …however he might be pissed that he’s being played by Enzo and Hayden so much so that he changes his vote…also if Matt outs the Brigade it’ll affect the next HOH which is huge .

      • I think RickDD is right. The only person that would be affected by Matt doing a big purge would be Brit since Lane has told her that there are no secret alliances. But as we saw last night, all Lane has to do is talk a little cutesy with her and she caves.

        Plus with this double elimination thing, nobody’s gonna have enough time to really think things over or do any schmoozing, so I don’t think anyone would change their vote last second.

        I don’t think Brendon cares … Matt’s a target just like everybody else, and Matt’s the strongest. So get him out now.

      • Dcoop,

        If Brendon and Britney votes out Enzo, they destroy part of the Brigade alliance. The rest of the remaining brigade alliance will target Matt. Brendon and Brittney are almost guaranteed another week (really an extra hour since double eviction) in the house if Hayden/Lane wins HOH unless Matt wins the veto.

        If they vote out Matt, the targets will soley be on their back. If any of the three brigade members win HOH they will put up Brittney and Brendon. If one of the nominees win veto, Ragan will go up.

        If they keep Matt one of those three have a very good chance of staying next week. If they don’t, they have an awful chance of one of them leaving if they don’t win HOH.

    • Lol?? He’s definitley going out the brigade sooner or later.

      It could only help him before eviction, so that will be wise to do so. If he is evicted still he should say “I wasn’t lying either”.

    • I think Hayden has a good chance of winning HOH this week. During the practice last night, he was playing well. Just depends on what the additional trappings will be and how much it changes it. I predict either Hayden or Brendon winning this HOH.

      • that game could be a veto comp remember there will be three comps tonight did you notice bb gave them five balls subtle clue for double elimination since there will be five left after tonight

  53. Hopefully the last 2 will be Lane and Britney, and they can become another Jeff and Jordon

    • No.

      They aren’t even in love. Lane likes Brittney, but she is ultimately engaged. They wouldn’t last a minute outside of the house unless they are the secret pair and Lane is actually her fiance.

      • engaged to Lane’s TWIN! Sorry the other night when they did the cross-screen, and Lane didn’t see the comparison, I saw it. He does look a LOT like Brit’s fiancee, which is why it creeps me out when she does flirty pouty faces to him.

    • Lane is a snake. An entertaining snake though. He has used Britney so badly that they will not become another Jeff and Jordan. She will hate him. Of course that is, unless Lane is really her fiancee and they have a double secret alliance and have been acting the whole time. Doubt it.

      • bb…Lane and Brit are not engaged…Brit’s biggest mistake by far to this point in the game is in becoming much to comfortable with the Brigade..Hopefully one of them leaves tonight..I do not even consider Matt to be a contestant any longer..He is without a doubt gone tonight..Britney’s only chance at final 2 is to align with Ragan and convince Brendon to do likewise…

      • bb28…OMG you took the words out of my mouth..Great minds think alike…
        Lane is a big ogor…..

  54. I dont like him but i hope brendon wins hoh and the dumb blonde goes home she messed up putting matt on the block bye bye

    • The dumb blonde is smarter than Matt at the moment and I think she has a higher IQ than Enzo and Hayden combined.

      • I was just wondering it there had been any indication.

        I don’t know why he would be loyal either, but he seems to be pretty doggoned smitten with Matt.

        Ragan will most likely want to go into hiding when he watches this season back and sees what a silly little school girl he’s been.

    • Has Brendon even won an HOH? Granted, he has saved himself with the POV. I would not care if he wins, but I do not want to have to deal with seeing he and Rachel all over each other at the finale. I actually want Ragan, Britney or Brendon to win. In that order.

      • Brenda won HOH last week when he put up Ragan. Remember, he did it “for Rachel” Yuck!

      • Oh yeah! I had desperately tried to block that from my mind. The worst yet was this week when he had the sleep mask on and he was talking to Rachel. “You and me against the world…blah, blah”

    • I would say Matt, Ragan and Britney were also worthly of winning the grand prize, they made some bad decisions which will probably be their downfall.

  55. maybe that should be a new thing on bb…when they give us the casts info like their, age, occupation and all that they should start telling us their iq as well. then maybe some of their choices will make more sense lol

    • I think being around some of the others has dumbed Matt down. I think he should retake the I.Q. test when he leaves. He probably is not even a genius anymore. Stupidity is contagious.

      • I do agree that for some reason, Matt and Ragan were viciously attacked by the stupid stick.

      • why does everyone think matt is a genius just because he says he is what trivia challanges has he won alot of stupid people have claimed that they are the smartest player ever not pointing any fingers but i see you over there enzo

      • Didn’t you know? Smart people with high IQ’s have no common sense! Thus explains Matt!!!!

  56. i still can’t believe Ragan was okay with Matt throwing him under the bus…i guess that means more tears tonight from Ragan.

  57. IQ and street smarts aren’t necessarily inclusive.

    matt is just a punk. a smart punk, but a punk no less.

    I mean, look at him. friggin tats, lame-o metal band.

    not real signs of having brains to me.

    • When he was on “Average Joe”, he was just as dweeby as he is now. I think he got cut the first night.

      • You probably didn’t even watch the show.

        You just wikipedia’d it and saw he was kicked out in the first episode. Plus, that was 9 years ago so people change. Put your big boy panties on and get out.

        Don’t see the relation to how “Average Joe” (even if he was “dweeby”) makes him a bad competitor in the BB house. He still is the most dominant player in the house, that is why he is on the block this week.

        Even the houseguests made that clear. They wanted Matt out because he set himself up with the best spot in the house, but unfortunately for Matt he showed too much of his cards.

      • Brad D … I give up. You don’t get what this posting was all about.

        And yes, I did watch that show.

    • And who in the house has demonstrated that they have any brains?? Sadly, Matt looks smart compared to the others. If Jeff had been in this house, he would have seemed like Einstein. Maybe even Jordan would have seemed like Einstein??

      There really have not been challenges involving brain power. He has been playing the game badly for the past week. He will throw Ragan under the bus, lie about his wife, but he will remain loyal to the Brigade. I don’t think so, prepare for some drama.

    • Except for the fact, you know, he’s in Mensa.

      And also smarter than every single other houseguest this season. Most of his moves have made sense from his viewpoint inside the house, maybe not to us because we see everything that goes on in the house.

      • You missed the point of this post. Book smarts are many times not common sense or street smarts. He’s made a HUGE mistake – that is just plain dumb – by playing too many sides.

        That can only get you so far before it catches up with you. It’s pretty much an impossible plan to carry out.

        Therefore he doesn’t have good “strategery”… :-)

      • I hate to upset any Matt fans, but, I am a mensa member, with access to all members. Matt, (maybe sadly ?)is not listed.

    • what???? my feeds have been down for the past 2 plus hours. Says they are playing a game.. blah blah blah.. however I would TOTALLY LOVE IT if you are right and that is the reason the feeds are off. When they went down, Enzo was sleping, in full penguin suit, head covered and all.

  58. Brit should make it to the final two. She has played the game and succeeded in winning POV and HOH. She’s the only girl left and is still liked by everyone except Brendon. OMG and Matt, plz send him packing. Anyone that tells a lie about their wife having a serious illness is obviously sick themself. U want to win the game, but please. Oh and my man Ragan!!

    • i just did a google searh and nothing turned up. guessing it is speculation at this point. :)

  59. Enzo and Hayden have been very vocal about keeping Brendon around to do their dirty work for them (such as getting rid of Ragan and Britney). I suspect they’ll influence Lane to keep Brendon around until they are ready to ditch him.

    • The problem with that it could backfire and Brandon could win it all and he would have enough jury votes.
      The jury usually votes for who played the best game. Even Russel last year voted for Jordan.
      However this people play without logic
      Their hatred and dislike for Brendon is visceral.The’ll try to get him out as soon as possible > I hope Brendon will win anyhow Im for the underdog

  60. Also, it’d be hilarious if Matt exposes The Brigade during the eviction ceremony. Then one of the other Brigade members flips out and gets into a physical altercation with Matt, eliminating two houseguests with one swing of the fist! Hehe.

  61. ABBYLICIOUS’ PREDICTIONS! *correct 99.99% of the time*

    1. Matt will be evicted
    2. Ragan will win HOH
    3. Ragan will nominate Enzo and Brendon
    4. Brendon will win the POV and Hayden will be the replacement
    5. Enzo will be evicted from the Big Brother house
    6. Brendon will win the new HOH

    … and… Brendon wins Big Brother 12! And gets married to Rachel and they move together in LA and have kids! <3

  62. Matt should come clean and explain that he went after Ragan as a last resort because the Brigade, his earliest alliance on the first day of BB, didn’t trust him. they thought he was more dedicated to Regan than to the Brigade. That will do several things. It outs the Brigade, it explains to Ragan and the rest why he did what he did. This might get Ragan’s vote back, will tell Britany that Lane, et al were not honest with her. If there is a tie vote and Britany breaks the tie, Matt stays. If the disclosure doesn’t work, at least he will affect the outcome.

  63. Already 250 comments… AND THE TV SHOW HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED YET!

    Folks, I don’t want to judge or anything, but AM I THE ONLY ONE AROUND HERE WHO GOT A JOB?! :)

  64. Matt has got to go! What a lieing and backstabing bastard he is. And Ragan, I thought he was going to be a nice guy, but not anymore.. he’s got to go too. I wouldn’t mind see Brendon,Hayden,Lane and Enzo in the final four…but I’m routing for Brendon to win. He deserves it, the other 3 haven’t done anything….

    • I know that Matt lied and backstabbed, but he is not the only liar or backstabber in the house. Is everyone forgetting that. I really dislike Brendan but I guess you could say he hasn’t backstabbed anyone yet. Only cuz no one is his friend.

    • Yes! Can’t wait to see if BB says anything to Enzo about eating as a have-not and not wearing his penguin suit as instructed. Should be interesting. Can’t wait to see who the new HOH will be. Looks to be a good night!

      • Enzo better get punished or this season loses most credibility.

        If he goes onto win it, loses 100% of credibility this season

        If Brendon wins, 80%. Veto competition seemed too fishy. Pretzel-gate, too

        If Hayden wins, 60% (he is breaking everything in the house)

        If Matt wins, 45%. Just because of the DPOV which isn’t even a big deal. It’s not like they just got some random thing put together and waited for Matt to win HOH

        Everyone else is under 40% for the most part. They have not cheated like Enzo, got questionable help like Brendon, or broke things ike Hayden. If Hayden does break something else, it will go up figuring they said they’d eject him.

        Too many rules being broke this season.

      • Brad D. says:
        August 26, 2010 at 7:46 pm

        (blah blah .. crap nobody cares about blah blah)

        Too many rules being broke this season.

        man, talk about controlling personality with mass issues about ‘rules’.

        get a life, brad

    • Yes I am Torch, I haven’t been excited all season to see a episode, pretty sad. So much could go down this episode, I’m sure It will be bittersweet for me. I really hope Brendon doesn’t end up gone tonight.

  65. I’m sure most of the house is as sick of ragyna as most of us are.

    he won’t win jack from this point on, but will do what he does best: play the victim

  66. and just think they all believe they are gonna be famous movie stars when they get out. The only thing they are gonna be is a have not lmfao. Cause who wants the likes of them on t.v. anymore playing with their selfs all day. Hope Brendon is the big winner of bbg, hes the only one worth watching

  67. Erika, I agree with you. BTW, I LOVED you in your seasons! My fear with Ragan is that he gets to emotional and tense and then blows it. I so hope he wins HOH. What is your feeling about BOZO breaking the rules and no penalty? I would value your in put. Other years they have been much stricter

  68. Im in canada but it looks like ur american station has a football game going on
    BB might start later for u

    • Yea, that was pretty good. Maybe had he been focused on those type of things from the beginning instead of being focused on a one person alliance, he would be in a better position.

  69. OK, if Ragan truly wants to bring the Brigade down, why doesn’t he bring Britney and Brendon on it?

  70. Will there be a moment in this game that Brendon WON’T do something solely for Rachel? Will this EVER HAPPEN?!

  71. Restarting to like Matt solely because of his exit interview with Julie – he admitted his mistakes, acknowledged his arrogance, and slammed Britney before leaving.

    Basically, A PERFECT EXIT!

  72. i love the sucubitch comment only decent thing he did tonight but he should have gone out in a blaze a glory and outed all 3 before he left.

    • Yeah, that was stupid, wasn’t it?

      Good news is that Ragan is targeting them now… hopefully he can do something about it tonight.

    • If Brandon is going home i dont think i want to watcht the rest of this season
      How many ways can u spell boring
      Penguin boy
      Cry baby
      britchy Ill stub u in the back when ur not looking
      I did nt know it was so easy as to do nothing in order to win hakf a mill

  73. they’re gonna betray brendan if he doesnt win pov its a wrap, dont trust those boys brendan.

  74. brendan they are gonna laugh at u forever for this u cannot live this down unless u get them to backdoor britney.

  75. Brendan is done too bad wow I want to go on this game do nothing and win half a million dollars

  76. Hayden just blew it… he should have nominated Enzo in place of Regan and that may have thrown Regan off the Brigade theory. The nominee was a throw-away because everyone is going to vote Brendon off. Gotta say, the Brigade is NOT known for it’s brains!

  77. YES!!!!!! i am extatic first hayden wins hoh puts up hayden and ragan. ragan wins pov takes himself off puts up brit waaandon and brit waaandon goes to jury house.

  78. Understand Brendan is gone, no reaason to watch any more. I just couldn’t stand to see any of the remaining idiots win. Can’t stand Bitchney but if one of the idiots are going to win I hope it’s her.

    • I will watch tonights show just so I can do a happy dance when Matt the boy leaves. Hope they give him a door prize, step stool and booster seat Haaa Haaa.

      • ok that’s fine. so matt’s gone but so is waaandon and boobzilla in the jury house. so it’s a win-win for the both of us.

  79. the brigade messed up they had a chance to backdoor britney and they missed it, dumb move on enzo and haydens part cause lane still has his insurance. hell probably win.

  80. well no reason to watch anymore. brendon is gone and he was the only one that deserved it! i hope britnasty leaves next week…since brendon cant win then i guess i’ll go with lane cuz i dont care for any of the others…thank goodness matt went though…especially before brendon…(yeah, better luck next time u big dummy…stupid matt…idiot!) his hometown is gonna shun his skanky a**! nobody left deserves the half a mil so Big Brother lost another viewer! if they have another season with this many skankbots, i’m never gonna watch it again. it’s a compliment to brendon cuz they all knew they would never win against him cuz he’s the only fighter!

  81. WOOOOOOOOOOO! to sweeeet it couldnt’ve gone down any better yes losing matt was a loss but it was redemption when it was announced that waaandon was gone and to the jury house and to whore up the house but that’s ok because wretchel will not win the 1/2 mil too bad so sad not

    • wooo hooo!! My thoughts exactly about being over the moon happy with Brendon gone that Rachel wont be enjoying any of the money! Soooo glad the diabolical supergenius is gone although it was entertaining to listen to him spew one lie after another…but ohhhh lawdy…Enzo is still there….gag..gag…gag….

  82. Well okay, if that is the way ya all feel!! The only thing keeping me going, are the BBN sites. I haven’t been able to watch a show in a week!! The posters, they are the ones keeping me interested!! Yea!

  83. I am sorry to say but Regan and Britney have nothing else to do but bad mouth people not in the house anymore. Too bad they don’t have anything better to do. They are so boring and I have no respect for them at all.

  84. The only person left that would deserve to win is Lane unless he starts acting like the rest then I think no one should win. They are all losers.

  85. I actually think that brittney might pull it off. Lane says that he has brittney controled but thats not true. I think lane likes brittney too much

  86. It would be so good to see ragan and racheal together in the same house again…Enzo has never won anything and he is still there. Maybe cause he is playing the game. If ragan wins veto Lane will not put up Brittney cause that is who she is engaged to if you listen good. He said to her were gonna make it. You people just want people u like start thinking who plays the game right. It was Matt and Racheal they played it.

  87. Big Brother u have lost me on this Season……don’t like anybody dats still in the house…..can’t stand Bitchney and the lil FRaLL guys dats left! Big Brother this season SUCKS!

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