Big Brother 12: Week 7 Eviction Predictions

The seventh and eighth evictions of the Big Brother 12 season are upon us so let’s get to our eviction prediction! This season I’ll continue to offer up not only my prediction but also the thoughts from a few of my other favorite Big Brother websites. So check out our Big Brother predictions and share your thoughts.

Of course this week is unlike any previous in the season with the double eviction tonight. Considering we have limited factors to draw on for the second round we’re just going to stick to predicting round 1 of tonight’s two-part elimination.

Ashli Rae will be once again interviewing whichever two HGs are evicted tonight so let us know what questions you’d like them to answer. Post your questions below in the comments section and we might use it in the interview!

Big Brother 12 Week 7 Eviction Predictions:

Who do you want to be evicted in Round 1? What about in the sudden death Round 2? Share your thoughts in the poll below!



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  1. I’m hoping that somehow Matt can pull it out. Hayden, who I used to like, is now at the top of my black list. He is a greedy worthless piece of crap, and lies and says that the stuff he won, Matt won. It was the worse Veto comp ever, and I believe it was fixed. If Matt leaves, there will be no reason for me to watch anymore this season, cause I don’t like any of the guests. I did like the session with Britney and Jessie. Just what she deserved. Wait unil she finds out that her good buddy Lane is throwing her under the bus with his lies. She did have every reason to be mad at the way her “boys” did in the veto, but she didn’t get the message that she is backing the wrong people. Didn’t like the weasel’s comment about Matt being a child molestor. That really was a low blow. Hope that if Matt does leave, he goes out with a bang and exposes the Brigade.

    • Another whiner saying they won’t watch it if there guy goes out.

      Let me guess if any other hg would have won the pov besides bren then it wouldn’t be fixed.

      Know one cares if you don’t watch it, you don’t need to cry about it and tell us.

      Go cry to your mommy.

      • I agree with the both of you too! I will keep watching…always have for 12 years. I always like the psychological aspect of it…and also the prediction part. A good way to keep the senses going…in a recreational way.

      • Hayden lying about his prizes is nothing compared to Matt’s lie about his wife….as soon as he said that lie I have been wanting him out. What a loser! Can’t wait for him to leave!

      • its kinda silly,so i thought to think bb fixes comps.But why have a light go on for the taker of the said punishment or prize?Why not do a non electronic way of determinating winner?It looked like enzo was pressing that button quicker than bren on those ?’s,but brens light would go on…..just sayin>

    • Me too *fingers crossed* hoping Matt can somehow pull through. Penalty vote for Enzo maybe????

      • If by chance Mini Boy manages to over come he (hopeful demise) will leave either in the dbl elemination or next week. So all you Mini Boy lovers might as well stop watching now. BOO Hoo worthless Matt is on his way out the door. Enzo Jersey Jerk is next.

    • Me too, hoping Matt can somehow pull through. Penalty vote for Enzo maybe?? *fingers crossed*

    • My prediction is Matt then Reagan tonight. Bren wins hoh nominates Reagan and Britt and the boys vote out Reagan.

      • The boys will get rid of Brit over Ragan. Enzo and Hayden see Britney as a threat with her relationship to Lane. Brendan will definitely get rid of Britney if he has the opportunity.

    • I dont like Matt. I hope his stupid lie about his wife is all for not. Hayden is definitely the most useless player in the house. Brendan needs to grow a pair and quit whining to his memory of Rachel. Right now, I want Enzo to win it all. Also, Lane shouldnt give a crap about what Brit thinks. Sure, they are buds in the house, but she’s engaged and her relationship with him outside of the house will be relegated to facebook posts.

      • I disagree, Bozo is by far the most useless player in the house. He hasn’t done anything except talk and complain. Not to mention cheating by eating while being a have not. At least Hayden did win an HOH

    • I agree Summer, although this whiner will still watch cuz I kinda like Britt and Ragan. All the others can go to hell(jury house with skanky) for all I care.

    • I really hope he exposes the brigade before he leaves the house too but not sure if that would change anything.

      • I mean that I hope he exposes the Brigade. Joe Bayham’s post snuck in before mine. Matt’ll be leaving tonight with a 4-0 vote.

      • Ehh

        If he exposes the brigade he’ll at least have a vote from Ragan. Either way I think he has Ragan’s vote.

        Ragan understands Matt is just playing the game. If Brendon also sees Enzo has a threat than he’ll vote for him. If there is a penalty vote Enzo goes home in this situation, if not it’s Brittney’s decision.

        If there isn’t any punishment i’m going to not be very happy.

      • Hmmmm, I forgot about Enzo eating as a Have-Not. Has *anything* been officially said about a penalty vote?? That could change the whole game.

      • Brad~ They are ALL playing the game…something EVERYONE seems to forget. Some just better than others. This is a type of game that depends on lies and psychological games…and, just plain BS. I hate it when, 5 minutes into a house, a certain group ‘zones in’ on certain people that they have decided they want out for whatever STUPID reason…and, begins the house sway. I am disgusted at how certain people have thrown competitions in order to not have a target on their back. If I was playing…those would be the very people I target…the floaters! JMHO

      • They will cast their votes for eviction of either Matt or Enzo. Right after, they hold another HOH comp. That HOH nominates 2. Then they do the POV comp and ceremony. Finally cast their votes for the second eviction. Oh, and then do another HOH comp. All this will happen in the hour.

  2. They’ll have the eviction vote at the start of the show. They go from that to an HoH comp, then nominations, veto comp, veto ceremony, eviction, and another HoH. All before the hour is up, but the 2nd HoH comp probably won’t be over by then.

    Matt doesn’t have a chance in hell of staying. It’ll be a 4-0 vote.

    The 2nd eviction will be either Brit or Ragan unless Ragan wins HoH AND Brit wins veto.

  3. See ya ratt boy! So glad to see you go! Don’t let the door kit you in the @ss on the way out genius! LMAO!!! Now, if we could only tether rag-on and bratney to you, that would make the perfect night

  4. Matt’s biggest mistake was actually believing that he was running the house. After he used the DPoV, he thought he could cruise through until the end, with the house thinking he had gotten rid of the saboteur, and with Brendon having the biggest target. He never should have allowed the brigade to coast through the game, and it is about to cost him half a million dollars. Surely even the nitwits in the brigade would be able to compare BB resumes and see that Matt would win no matter who he was sitting next to. Hate the lie, hate what he did to Ragan, but kind of like the guy. See ya Skippy.

  5. I agree with you joe the only people who deserve to stay are matt, brenden and hayden. Everyone else are boring. There the only ones playing the game without being whiners.

    • How is Hayden playing the game he has done NOTHING but follow Enzo and Lane around. He complans too he complaned when up against Kristen and when he became a have not for the first time this week. I don’t think if you whine you don’t deserve to win Brit deserves it over Hayden she has played a much better game.

      • I sooooooo totally agree. Hayden has done absolutely nothing but lie about taking prizes. Jerk!! What a scum bucket!!I’d be ashamed if he was a relative of mine. And ENZO. What a douche bag. He deserves to be there??? Over Matt??? What has Enzo done to deserve to be there? Oh well, never mind. If there was a prize for bitching, He’d win hands down. I hope Britt finds out today what the 3 in the Brigade are doing and Enzo is punished and Britt votes for Matt to stay. Matt is a fool if he doesn’t blab about the Brigade. What does he owe them? He’s gotten them all as far as they’ve gotten. And they thank him by voting him out not one but two weeks in a row.

    • Why does haydon deserve to stay. He has done nothing, he throws competitions the most, the guy is to lazy to even wash his ugly looking mop.

      Only one that deserves to win is bren. He’s the only one that hasn’t floated in this game, he knows he’s the only target while the rest feel safe week after week.

      Nobody has faught like bren has.

      Bren will also get my vote for americas player.

  6. I like Matt, but hes made poor decisions, if he doesn’t expose the alliance, hope he at least tells Ragan, and he can tell Brit.

  7. I hope someone outs haydon for his lies of the prizes! I hope hayden goes then Enzo!

      • You can’t leave lane off that list of weakest players of all time,

        Can someone tell me if Lane lied about playing for texas tech in football, I looked up there roster from 2005 to 2009 and Lane was not on any of those teams.

  8. ahhhh!! this is very frustrating. I dunno what Matt was thinking when he did that to Ragan. I thought he was gone from the brigade, how could he not realize that these guys (remaining brigade) where really loyal to him. He should of just stayed loyal to Ragan (in a game way of course) and forget about those 3 guys…he could of made it. I think there is more to this that is really known. Maybe he is a target of being made fun of because he is close to Ragan (people are mean and don’t give up) Maybe he feels that he has to get all macho and go with the brigade so it does not look suspiscious. Whatever is is, i truly believe he is somewhat conflicted with his decision to backdoor Ragan. I don’t think i can watch the eviction tonight…Matt will go and that will make me super sad.

    • I think Matt just wanted to be in the “in crowd” not realizing they were using him and throwinghim under the bus..all season matt had been trying to “prove” his loyalty to the brigade and it is getting him evicted, he should have been loyal to Ragan….and poor Brit, just doing what a man tells her and not using her head…

  9. Matt you played well but hung aroun Ragon to much. You will be missed mybe! LOL! Matt like Jeff said You got got!!!!! Gooooo Brenden

  10. I CANT WAIT FOR MATT TO GO HOME! i hate ragan but y would he do that to him hes so stupid I hope matt goes home and Rachel beats the crap out of him at Jury and Ragan goes to jury right after and they dont talk to each other.

    Rachel probably runs jury and her and Kathy and prolly having fun!!!

  11. I hope Britny or Haden leve with Matt not Ragon Wow iwant to see Rachals face if Matt and Britny walk through that door LOL!

    • I think Rachel would definately be pleased to see Ragan walk into the jury house. If that becomes the case, let the excitement in there begin!!!!!

  12. poor matt. he did all the work. carried the BRIGADE and because enzo was a slouch and i guess is the leader, they kick him out. they dont even realize he is getting all the blood on his hands if they let him keep winning.

    and damnitt matt forget about the “loyalty” OUT THE BIG before L-E-A-V-E

    • I still don’t think he realizes it was the three of them that wanted him put up.
      It should be obvious.

      I think he wanted to fit in so badly that it clouded his thinking.

  13. Summer #1 you always your not going watch but you always do girl LOL how you doing and how is Barnie?

  14. matt will be going home first. Then in the HOH Comp, I think Hayden or Lane will win and put up Regan and Brendon up. Then Brendon will will POV (again), and Ezzo will go up (as a pawn). Then Ragen will be sent home. Then Brendon will win the endurance HOH, cause no one else will be left that can do the endurance comps.

    • I hope so bc I’d like to see Bren make thefinals. He seems like a genuine guy and has worked his ass off to get this far.

  15. I really don’t understand why people are so in love with this Matt guy. He opened Pandora’s box, the production gave him DPOV. So now he’s a diabolical genius?? And let’s not even forget how he failed to eliminate Brendon and Rachel, nailing Andrew instead.

  16. Although not my fav, Matt needs to spill the beans about the Brigade to Brit, Brenden and Ragan and convince them that they have all been duped. If they were to believe him (which is doubtful) they could form a very strong alliance and eliminate those other 3 meatheads. Hayden, Enzo and Lane can’t win competitions and if they could blindside Enzo they would only have to deal with the remaining 2. On a personal note, Enzo’s constant negative comments and dreams of becoming a “star” are making me sick. And if he says it’s time for him to step up and win a comp one more time, I’ll shoot myself.

    • Agreed! Matt is far from my favorite as well, but he has absolutely nothing to lose and potentially everything to gain by outing the Brigade. Even if he does not succeed and ends up going home, he will have helped the others see that they’ve been used. I’m so over Enzo … how he has such a huge ego, I’ll never know … what a total loser.

  17. I will be more than happy to see Matt go this week. That being said the only remaining houseguests worthy of winning in order are Britney, Brendon, and Ragan. The other houseguests won nothing competition wise and don’t deserve to win even if they start winning crap now. Hayden needs to be booted for taking the prizes but I have to admit I would do the same thing myself.

  18. Why hasn’t Enzo be penalized for breaking the rules?? He has done it many different times this season with zero consequences!! Just wondering why BB is NOT following previous shows in the past where players who broke the rules did get punished??

  19. Matt so needs to stay in the house!! He is the only one who can get the true floaters out which are Hayden, Lane and Enzo!! Those three are the most useless players in the history of the game! Keep in the people who actually know how to play the game and will actully compete in comps to win like Ragan, britney and Brenden!! They at least are worthy to be in the house!

  20. All I know is that Enzo needs to go. Floaters suck.

    I didn’t care for Brendon when Rachel was in the house but he’s played his @ss off since she was evicted…he’s become my new fave.

    Brit is a loudmouth whiner. Ragan is playing his “gay” card WAY too much. Lane is a stereo typical “dumb” cowboy. Hayden, just STFU already. You yell too much in the DR. Enzo is lazy and Matt just isn’t as smart as he thinks he is…

    • On the topic of Enzo’s laziness, last night they were sitting around on one of the beds and Enzo was saying “f*** working out yo.” He’s such a peice of work that guy.

  21. Matt has got to go in Round 1, and in the second round Brittany! …. Brendon is the hardest working person in BIG BROTHER history! … he deserves to wi this competition! Plus he keeps this game interesting :)

    • Matt should get gone 1st…he is a real piece of work. Throwin friends under the bus is acceptable (only b/c its a game!!! hello ppl)…but bold face lying about his wife having an illness…completely unforgivable. It’s not even good strategy- even his wife was shocked by what he did! Ragen needs to hit the road- so sick of his whining and crying…As far as Brenden goes…he ONLY started PLAYING the game after he could no longer hang on his womans skirt tail!!! SHE PLAYED for him up until that point…he just talked crap!

      • I don’t understand you, did you not see Brendon win POV’s when he needed to. He wasn’t hanging on her shirttails, anyway not on my tv.

  22. Matti is a snake cause anytime you cross your suppose to be friend that is mess up.And he is saying his wife is sick.How can a people be that damn crazy.BUT that is Matti for you.Everythings agame to him.

  23. Hope matt goes home the first round and Ragan go home the second roundand I hope Brandon get the hoh and puts Regan and Brintly up
    Can not stand Matt, Brintley oand especial Reganl

  24. HOW matti play the game like that cross his best friend out.But that matti for you.I’m glad they put matti on the block he is not right.Now he will go home hopeful. REGAN WAS TRYING TO SAVE HIM.PUT like RACHEL was saying it is a game and she play it well.THAT is why they got her out of the house

  25. I hope they have a crowbar on hand so they can separate matty from his gay showmance Ragan…..

  26. I want Matt to go, Brendon to win and put up Ragan and Britney. She back stabbed him and she should see what it is like. Then Ragan should go.

  27. brit better wake up quick. hope enzo and lane are evicted if t-night is DE. Matt needs to tell all,
    and have perfect timing.
    brendan, hayden, and ragan all attended ASU same time. my guess two of them life long friends! food for thought?

    • Wouldn’t it be crazy cool if Brenden and Hayden were the life-long friends??!!!? They have come back full circle to support one another…it’s not unthinkable.

      Then again…that could have just been a lie told by Annie (the 1st sabateur).

  28. I do have to give Brenden credit though…he has kicked major butt since Rach got put out. That was his motivation. Imagine if he had played harder when she was in the house…maybe she would still be there!!!!

  29. I think the POV comp was completely FIXED!!! I used to watch live feeds and BB after dark daily until Matt went on the block. Enzo or Hayden need to go. BB after Matt leaves = BORING!!! Get the hint CBS

  30. Matt needs to go – I can’t stand that he lied about his wife being ill – that goes to far. Then Enzo because he hasn’t played the game and whines.

  31. I want Matt out of the house and even Enzo…
    I would like the final two to be Britany and Brenden…..

  32. Matt,
    Do you feel any remorse about making up the lie regarding your wife’s illness? I hope it does not come back to haunt you.

    • Matt has to go home first, then two faced Britney, Brendon has to win cause he is the only one who truly played the game. The others dont manner cause they are useless on the game.

  33. I would love to see either Brendon or Ragan gone in the second eviction tonight. Anyone but Brittney!

    • why? she even flubbed it as HOH, WHY GET RID OF BRENDEN….

      its the worst move you can make other than oh I dont know, using a DPOV on kathy over brit.

  34. I agree hand’s down Brendon is the hardest working HG and deserves to winand has kept the game interesting even when was going down hill. I think brenrach are right and only HG who are working at it should win or stay in the game.

  35. we need matt to stay in the game, so we dont all kill ourselves of bordem with the 3 stooges

  36. Matt’s going home with a 3-1 vote if Regan gives him a vote but i truely believe its a 4-0.

    Regan could win the double eviction HOH. If he does, he’ll put up Brendon and Enzo or Brendon and Hyden.

    Brendon wins HOH he puts up Brittney and Regan, but who goes?

  37. I am a 63 year old grammy and have watched the show since it began. I want Brendon to win. He has had his back against the wall since day 1, has worked the hardest and has really relied on Rach for a short time but himself throughout the entire game. He has been given little to no respect from “houseguest bashing” and no person deserves to be treated in that way. I know iti is a game, but many of the players should be ashamed of themselves for their behavior. I have taught middle school for 38 years and my worst students do not compare to these HG”S. Whatever happended to being humane?

    • hahaha….hey teach u musta loved evil dick!!!! its part of the game to be-little hg’s.Brendans a self-absorbed tool!!!!

      • thats not the point though

        who cares if hes a tool

        he cant win the game…so you dont keep targeting a guy that A. cant win, and B. can control 2 votes. you keep him around as LONG as you can…

        otherwise, you are playing on emotion, and that makes you brenden.

  38. Can someone tell me if Lane lied about playing for texas tech in football, I looked up there roster from 2005 to 2009 and Lane was not on any of those teams.

  39. Winner of the 2nd HOH tonight will get to bring an evicted player back from jury house…..but will suffer some kind of penalty for doing so.

  40. I would like to see both go home,Enzo is worthless,he hasn’t done anything,but RUN his mouth,hope it all comes out tonight about the Bridcade,if you want to call it that,WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!Brendon deserves to Win,he’s a good player and a honest person.As far as the other people.I don’t care for any of them,they are all a bunch of winning babies and back-stabbers.

  41. im looking for matt to go obviously

    then brenden wins HOH, if he doesnt(ill be sad for the future of the game) I hope Hayden steps up, and wins, puts up ragen/brit…Bren wins POV, doesnt use it, one of them goes.

    the next week brenden wins HOH if Hayden won before, puts up whoever wasnt evicted w/ Lane

  42. I hope matt goes tonight and then brit or ragan i don’t like any of them. matt should be ashamed of himself for what he said about his wife and brit is a brit brat and regan is just a baby. i don’t like the lain, enzo or hayden the only two that i did like was rachel and brenden. i think there game would have been different it the whole house would not have been against them so that said i want brenden to win

  43. I want Matt to go but HE WILL OUT BRIGADE…which will cause a havoc!

    Ragan and Britney will be floored!!!!! and pissed off for Lane, Hayden and such…oooh boy.

    and then Hayden (will be scared enough to win HOH) and will put up Bren/Rag…in which Lane will win POV…and keep it as such and Bren will go!

  44. matt will out the brigade BEFORE eviction so the house gets rid of enzo and matt will win hoh get brendon out andthen one of the brigade members will win hoh and send matt packing

  45. matt will out the brigade BEFORE eviction so the house gets rid of enzo and matt will win hoh get brendon out and then one of the brigade members will win hoh and send matt packing…

    • How is this possible? Matt has had two opportunities as HOH and another with Brittney as the HOH to evict Brendon and it has not happened. So how is this self-proclaimed diabolical genius, Matt, going to evict Brendon?

  46. Why did not you all try to figure out who have a life-long relationship .. AND, why did you not try secret alliance with Brendon/Rachel or later with Brendon?

  47. Oh this is so how I wish it comes down yes enzo gets penalty vote, matt outs the brogade brit has the bigs breakdown losing it on lane & hay. Brendon having the bigs smile

  48. I want matt gone first and then enzo. I hate the both of them. I hope matt talks about the brigade so then after he leaves they have three to choose from. Brittney will want lane out, ragen will mae sure the ret are put up. I just hope brenden gets to stay longer.

  49. Matt – Why would a diabolical super genius throw the HOH comp that eventually got himself evicted from the BB house?

  50. none of the brigade has done anything . they dont even man up to be hoh because either the can’t win or won’t so i hope Matt tells everyone about the brigade when he makes his plea…brendan deserves it he works his tail off every tim

    • I agree with you 100% kay… and those that think the 3 stooges can win anything, guessing only time will tell. All i see them doing is tooting their own horn up the others back side. Only one player has played with heart and soul, and kept it clean.

  51. I think the life long friends are Brendan and Rachel. They fell in bed waaaay too quickly.

    • If you have Feeds you should watch the Happy Hour with chelcia.

      It has been said so many times People get over it there is no Life Long Friends it was a Sab statement thats all

  52. Have you all noticed the remaining brogade will not let matt get a chance to be alone with Brendon or Brit it seems they are taking turns baby sitting them two.

    I so hope BB causes a problem that makes it possable to elim enzo for cheating all the time with eating and not wearing the suit. Enzo is a smuck and so needs to be back doored by Big Brother. big Brother has given him lots of warnings but has not followed through.

    So I am crossing every finger and toe in hopes the brogade is revield big time and Brit has the bigs melt down

    • I am hoping the same cyndie; On one of the sites i did read that one was evicted because of doing just that. Fare is fare and Enzo is not even doing that right. Heads up to Brenden tho. Out of all this guy is showin so much class. How can Americans or Canadians not like or want him to win this season. My prayers and wishes are being sent Brendens way.

  53. Hope Matt gets the boot, then Britney or Ragan. Keeping my fingers/toes/eyes crossed that the only HG worthy of winning does, and that is Brendon. After taking all that horrible punishment, it must prove to all that he is serious about winning, and he willing to do whatever it takes…no one else would do that. Go Brendon….

  54. I hope Brendan wins it all. He has worked his butt off in this game, and he has stayed true to his word. Just becuase he had a show mance in the house doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve a shot at the money. I would like to see Brittany go right behind Matt. She is two faced, blond bimbo that I can’t deal with watching on television anymore. Yet, she’s got nerve to comment on Rachel…hope Rachel gives her what she deserves in the Jury house. Final two I’d like to see Enzo and Brendan..hoping Brendan sweeps it!!!!

  55. I’m pretty sure matt’s going home because the brigade turned there back on him and ragan is pissed off at him.

    I hate matt !!!!!!!!!! hes a liar and a manipulator

    • matts the ultimate competitor he’ll do anything to win and the brigade is nothing but a bunch of weak turncoats. matts mistake was turning on ragan that was a bad move.

      • I think Enzo should have to leave the house tonight. He isn’t following the rules. Matt is atleast following rules. I think Matt should also oust the brigade then he may have a chance to stay in the house. Enzo to me is just dirty…Matt is playing the game to win..and sorry to say it looks like he lost..=(

  56. I wanted matt to win but he’s making too many mistakes and why cant anyone get brendon out I hate that guy would he just grow a pair already an get off of rachel

    • Carol, that really leaves a boring finish, especially once they oust Brendon. though the Bro-gade may have trouble with that one, who’s left to do the work?

  57. Brendon needs to go. If Hayden, Lane, and Enzo want to be in the final three then they need to rid of there greatest competitor which is Brendon. Dumb move getting rid of Raechel instead of Brendon when they had the chance. Brendon already knows that everyone is against him in the house but Hayden and Enzo think they have him fooled, well guess what, YOU DONT!

  58. I hope matt can some how pull it out everybody else is just boring so what he tells all sorts of lies its a competition the whole house is telling lies in order to win. I wish someone can get brendan out that guy needs to just grow a pair already

  59. I am a huge BB fan and never posted but I had to this time. I agree that Brendan is playing the hardest, but… lets face it, he wins, he will hand it over to his skanky girlfriend who will most likely break his heart the minute she gets it. I really do not want to see that happen. I love Ragen, as a person he has a huge heart. But I am sorry, but for selfish reasons I really want to see Lane win.Not for his game play but for the eyecandy he has given me this season.. I know I am shallow…

    • agreed, you’re shallow. LOL!!!

      if he give her the money and she GOES AWAY, i’m fine with that… here’s the problem, her in everyone’s face “See I told you bitches WE would win, told you I was a smart strong player. Don’t EVER doubt what I say in the future”. BARRRRRFFF.

      Please God, make this thing go away.

    • I totally agree with you about Enzo. Hope he goes tonight. He is disgusting and distrubing.

  60. I would like to see Enzo go to the jh.Not to fun of Matt, the lie about his wife is totally unacceptable, however he has played the game. Enzo is lazy,has won HOH or POV and disregard the Have not rules. He needs to go!!!

  61. surprised at the vote 85% Matt… Matt has no chance and that’s exactly why he will finally out the Bro-gade b4 the ceremony to get the votes to stay, he has no other options and throwing Ragan under the bus may have screwed him from using even that to turn the tide.

    expect the unexpected… Enzo leaves the house then either Brendon/Ragan/Matt wins HoH puts up Hayden/Lane and one of them is evicted.

    seeing the faces of these 3 stooges will be a sight to see, i will be laughing my ass off during the whole 2 eviction process. OMGosh, it’s starting already.

    • I agree and I hope it turns out this way;the brogade has had an easy ride so far all because of Matt who won HOH twice and had the power of veto; Matt has been protecting the brogade so far and even, stupidly, messed things up with Ragan.

    • How could Matt stay even though he oust the Brigade? Hayden and Lane would still vote for him and I am sure Brendon would still vote to evict him, too. I don’t see how that would enable him to stay.

      • simple… here’s how… Matt exposes the Bro-gade to Ragan & Bren; explains he’s jumping off the ship and Bren tells Bren to wake up the Bro’s want him out too.

        then Ragan & Bren talk to Brit to get her tiebreaker vote and this is discounting any penalty vote Enzo may incur.

        now the Bro-gade is two – Hayden & Lane. then in the 2nd eviction one of them is evicted and Bro-gade is one.

  62. Matt is starting to believe his own lies about him running the game and pulling the strings. Hope Julie asks him why he threw the HOH comp…I just hope Brendon is safe and makes it to the end, and win the big $$$$. Brit and Ragan has to be next to go…

  63. I think Matt will be first, and Im hoping that Britany will be next. I think she is playing everyone like Matt did and is doing. Thank you

  64. I definitely want to see Matt leave. The question I would ask him is “Who do you think is the nicest person in the house?” I, for one, think it is Lane and I’d like to see him win the entire contest.

  65. I hope Enzo gets evicted tonight. He’s done nothing in this game, aside from losing his clothes and does not deserve to stay. Matt messed up by throwing his friend, Ragan under the bus. Hopfully, he does some damage control and saves himself. Hopfully, Hayden and Lane leaves next. I would like to see Brendan, Britney, Ragan and Matt fight it to the end and may the best one win. These four played the game best and either one of them deserve the prize.

  66. i really wish that Matt would out the Brigade & get Brenden, Britt, & Ragan to vote to keep him. I would love to see Enzo go, he is truly pathetic to watch in his penguin suit.I do live in reality so I know that this house full of cowards is going to evict Matt & give the game to Brenden/Rachel.DISGUSTING!

  67. Am I the only one who has noticed all the racial comments Brendan makes? I’ve read alot of post here and haven’t seen anyone mention this fact. He has made remarks about Julie’s ethnicity, people from the mountains, Canada, etc… For being as smart as he says he is he is very very ignorant.

  68. Feeds are off. I’m wondering whether an earlier post about this evening’s show not being live are true. They could already be evicting, then HOH, Veto, etc. for the double eviction episode. Either that, or possibly Matt has called a house meeting to out the brigade.

  69. I feel Matt should be evicted. He is diabolical and devious…not a genius. His cockiness has cost him the game.
    In regards to Enzo, he was not wise in violating the Have-not code. He is lucky there was not a chance of a split vote??
    I really like Brendon. He isn’t a stupid as the other HGs think. Their constant bashing is getting tiresome. He has fought for everything. He took chum bath and shaved head punishments with real honor. I hope he does not get evicted tonight.

    • Amen to that He is really the only onw who has played the game and with out having to lie, and stab, the resh of the house would not wet on ya if you were on fire, NONE of them and I mean NOT ONE of them could you trust. I know it is a game but really come onn the constant bashing if Brendon is sick and exausting to listen to , what is their problem he is nice to ALL of them even tho he knows they don’t like him, he is kind, respectful, and helps out where ever he can, I can’t wait till they all get out and see themselve and all their Morals,diginity, and ohhhh yeah integrity, give me a break. If one of them were my friend or family I sure would re-check my relationship.

      GO BREND WIN IT ALL, you are the only one who is worthy and responsible enough to have 500,0000g’s







  70. I want Matt out and then BRITTNEY!!! I hate her hair playing, finger pickin, lickin lip dumb blond ACT GONE GONE GONE!!! She is shallow and cannot make a decision on her own and above all that she is a tease!!!

  71. Send Brittany or Ragan! Want Brendon all the way since Rachel is out he has truly played the game and deserves it.

  72. i hope enzo goes. i love matty <3 then i hope ragan wins HOH and puts up brendon and matt. then brendon will go home <3 i love matt and ragan and britney. i hope britany wins it all!!!! :)

    • I agree I want Enzo to go. He is the real “mean girl” of the season. He has said some nasty things about almost everyone. And please tell me why everyone likes Brendan sooo much. If you only watch cbs I can see it because they sure favor him. I noticed on last nights episode they didn’t show Brendon sobbing in the have-not room


  73. i hope matt goes tonite along with brendon, that way brendon can deliver matt to rachel in person. i also hope enzo wins, i know he hasen’t won any comps, but at least he puts more effert in the comps the hayden or lane.

  74. I was on Matt’s side but he didn’t play the game well. He should have told Britney the truth about the brigade and then, Matt, Ragan and Britney should have joined forces. I believe Matt is going home for throwing Ragan under the bus and the brigade wants him out….Matt and Britney sabotaged themselves. I didn’t see Matt tell Brit that he didn’t win any prizes, which may have helped his case to stay in the house.

  75. DiD ENZO get a penalty or is that wishful thinking? I havn’t seen any of the other HG talking about it on BBAD!

  76. I do not want Matt voted out. He and reagan,Bren. are the only ones playing the game. The rest are horrible!!!! They think the game is weight lifting and looking at themselves in the mirror. Britt. is too busy making eyes at Lane and I think she really is not engaged. Matt is being evicted for keeping his commitment to the Brigade. What a Joke!!! While he was busy winning and keeping Reagan off his back they were weightlifting and throwing him under the bus.

  77. dudes…the whole “life long friends thing” was a hoax. A lie. Do you guys really think karma just stopped what it was doing to killers and what not and was like” hmm this guy on big brother lied about his wife, “ill get him back and get him off the show”. You believe that..but think its crazy for people to say the game is rigged?…yeah…right.

  78. I can’t wait to see who goes home. After tonights show then we will all be able to make better predictions on how the season continues, because I think shit is going to hit the fan big time tonight and tables will be turned. heeheehee
    CAN’T WAIT:)

  79. “What you talking about Willis!!!…” There are no life long friends…that was only what the sabatour told the HG to cause havoc ..No such thing!

  80. I’m new to this site and still looking through it, and this may have been answered…but, what are your polls saying about who the ‘before Big Brother couple’ is? As the group gets smaller and smaller with only one female (Lady Britt) left, I’ve got to wonder, that if they both have been evicted, wouldn’t we’ve been told???????? At the very first week, I thought for sure it was Britany and Cathy(mom & daughter?)…then they said it was a male and female. Then I had no idea!

    As to tonight’s double eviction, let’s all hope Matt’s…gone…gone…gone, Brandon wins HOH or at least POV, and bye-bye Lady Britt.

    • I really doubt there is a couple. CBS or Julie has never mentioned it just the sabatour. So my thought is that it is BS.

  81. here is my take on the houseguests…
    Matt-told a bad lie about his wife, but played a good game up until last week when he put up Kathy, should have put up a brigade member when he found out that they were going to vote him out,should not have thrown Ragan under the bus, instead should have outed the brigade tpo all the other hgs
    Ragan- some very unbecoming remarks to people, not the best character, but has played the game without trying to throw others under the bus
    Brit- very unbecoming mouth on that girl, was funny early on but then she just became foul,will
    throw any one under the bus and think it is ok, but will condemn others that do the same
    Enzo- talks a big game while sitting back doing absolutely nothing, only played hard in one comp. because that was the one and only time he was on the block, has cheated and was not given any penalties(why not BB?)will throw anyone under the bus but like Brit he will condemn anyone else that does
    Lane- very disrespectful about women and really has shown quite a disgusting mind of his..he is not worried because he is not on anyones radar, because he acts like the good ole boy lie and smile
    like nothing is wrong
    Hayden- oh boy best liar of them all lies to everyone except for Lane, everyone thinks he is a stand up guy lmao always throws comps i thought athletes like a good game, wouldnt want him on my team EVER
    Brendon- pretty sappy guy when Rach was there, and has played the game better since she left, not sure if he is just stupid or just playing stupid when it comes to teaming up with guys, hope I find out that he is just playing them……….

  82. I’m hoping for some miracle that things are twisted and Enzo goes home the first round. The second round should go to Hayden/Lane. The game needs to get going and those three stooges need to go. I like Matt and Brendon is playing the game well without Rachel. Sorry, Brit you let those three stooges run your HOH and you need to go too.

  83. lets try this again does anyone know if something happened to Enzo for breakinf the have nots?

  84. Its sad that Matt kept the Brigade safe for a long time and he is the one who was actually winning competitions, but now they are all turning on him…

  85. In the past, BB has not told the HG about the second evection UNTIL after the HOH comp.Half the fun is watching everyone scramble!!!

  86. My bet is Matt is the first to go…Brenden wins HOH and puts up Reagen and Brit. Then the guys go after Brenden next week….. could happen…..

    • He has been eating food that is not on the Have Not list. Plus, many posts refer to the fact he is not really totally wearing the penguin suit part of the time.

      • If any hg isn’t playing by the rules, it’s up to the BB bigwigs to make them play by the rules or warn/eliminate the player.

      • Florida Carol…They won’t penalize Rnzo for dumb things like that, just consider the source and walk like a penguin. ha

  87. I know matt will go, but it should be enzo,he runs back and forth with all the gossip, i know it is to save himself.He should have been working harder to be the hoh,instead of letting every one else,matt,do the dirty work,he takes credit for alot of things and does not do anything but dig in his pants.

  88. big brother is awesome i watch everyone of the episodes i hope matt gets evicted off hes been telling everyone lies lately i am very happy that um rachel left she was taking over brendon hayden is Hott!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! well thats what i heard lately

  89. Enzo=idiot spaz stupid lazy loud mouth cheating liar floater. Lane =lazy floater think your tough your not. Hayden=idiot and get a haircut you are not hot Brittney=snotty brat 2 faced back stabbing brat. Reagan=rude ,crude and such a lame sab. There I said it

    • Margaret….What do u yhink of Brandon leaving. That was dirty pool, but the others had it planned so it turned out that way. None of them should win. I agree w/u.

  90. Dang the eviction episode was pimp, Ragan is by far the smartest player in the game, i mean, his deduction skillz are killer, and Britney and Ragan are definently going at least to the top 3.

    • Not if we can help it. The 5 left r losers. Get Ragan and back stabbing Brit out. How would you likr a friend like Brit??? Anyone???? Are u afraid to comment?? Hope not. DO IT.

    • ragan is less smart than you think smart he fell hook line sinker for every matt lie and tale he told his best freind is using him or did and he actually spent 2 days crying for him before campaigning for him, more like his deductions were sadly very late and and nearly went with his buddy,matt hope your wife thinks you still like girls, since she’s dying and all i guess your lining up some body to help you with the hand in you pants what are you 5 years old or something

  91. Well BB, how does it feel to lose your best and most popular player and leave losers behind?? i know america/Canada doesn’t like it. I usually watch BBAD, but not after I heard them baad mouthing Brendon. Why don’t you BRING Brendon back for the remainder of the show and let him fight it out with the mishaps. You brought Rachel back and all Ragan did was use his big mouth to mock her. Not fair at all. Now the show isn’t the same and won’t be. Bring Brandon back….

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