Big Brother 12: Week 6 Thursday Live Feed Highlights

Rachel is the first member of in the jury house for Big Brother 12.  I wish we had live feeds in there because I’m sure she’ll be going crazy by herself and especially without her man.  I’ll have her interview up later on today so be sure to check back and of course we’ll know the nominations tonight by the new HoH and will get that updated as soon as we know.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 12, 2010:

9:10 AM BBT –  It’s wake up time and guess where Ragan is?  In the HoH room with Matt again talking game.    

10:43 AM BBT – HoH lockdown. 

11:33 AM BBT – Rach and Bren in HoH bathroom.  Rach is crying in Bren’s lap. 

12:17 PM BBT – Rach and Bren discuss getting married in a year.  yeah right.

1:15 PM BBT – Enzo and Hayden in the Cabana Room talking about puting up Ragan and Britney if they win.

3:41 PM BBT – The hg’s getting ready for the live feeds. 

6:10 PM BBT – The feeds return and Brendon is the lead for HoH lol.  Lane and Hayden are second and third but Brendon is way out in the lead.  He is on a mission to avenge his love.

6:29 PM BBT – Brendon is the new HoH.  He says that’s what happens when you evict someone.  What a fun week for the hg’s lol.

6:48 PM BBT – Matt, Brit and Ragan are the have nots.  Lane tells Brit she is going up with Ragan and she starts crying.  Really?  Oh my gosh!  Did she think she’d make it the whole time without being on the block? 

6:58 PM BBT – Ragan tells Matt and Brit that Brendon is picking on them because they are the smaller players and appear weak.  LOL this is so awesome!  Matt says he will chew Bren out if he gets in his face this week.  Oh please chew him out!!

7:33 PM BBT – Ragan is now crying in the have not room.  Give me a freaking break!

12:50 AM BBT –  Brendon’s HoH room is ready and he got a picture of Rachel.

1:13 AM BBT – Hayden and Enzo are not on board with the plan to get Brendon out next week cause they say he protects them and they’re starting to like him lol.  Possible brigade falling apart?

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With Brendon as the new HoH, I think we can expect some major drama this week especially if Britney is on the block.  After the crying scenes with her and Ragan last night I’m expecting some major back stabbing to go on.  Now Hayden and Enzo are turning on Matt and Lane and being pulled over to Brendon lol.  What a difference a few hours make.

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  1. The tapes the “SAB” are doing, are bull#$%!.
    do something physical like Annie did.

    get rid of the pool sticks!!

  2. They should have the Sab change the nominations. After the HOH puts the keys in, have production call the HOH to the DR. This would give the Sab an opening to go up to the HOH room and replace a key with someone else’s name (with the understanding that he cannot remove himself from the nomination). That would be a real Sab move, not like all these lies that they have the Sab say on the screen. Actually DO something with a chance of getting caught.

  3. I find it laughable that ragan is proud that he’s gone one week as the sabatour and completed his tasks without going unnoticed.All he has done is send messages from the DR room. WOW HE IS SO BRAVE! as long as he gets to pick what to do of course he is always going to choose to send a meesage and not do anything in the house. BB is giftwrapping 20k for ragan.

  4. It’s great that everyone wants Rachel back in the game. All of the Rachel haters didn’t like her for acting EXACTLY like Brit is acting now. I did like how competitive Rachel was, but I’m excited to see how this week pans out without her & with Brendon being the HOH!

  5. Rachel is not coming back…But when the all stars is announced “YOU AMERICA WILL BE ABLE TO CHOOSE YOU WANT TO SEE RETURN TO THE bb HOUSE!!!!!!” It is then u guys can vote for the return of Rachel..

  6. Rach- bye bye. Brendon is a WIMP. He has nothing between his legs. Brit will whip his a?? off in the POV if she is nominated. Lane, Enzo, Hayden are all LAZY LITTLE BOYS who like Brendon have no skills to win this game, no HOH no POV, nada! Brigade this!

  7. with julie telling rachel she “may” be back in the house and then brendon’s hoh win, it’s obvious that brenchel are the STARS this season.

    not to worry… i have no doubt that CBS/production will see to it that brendon and/or rachel remain in this game till the end – just like they did with jeff & jordan last year. the network will always do what’s necessary to maintain ratings.

  8. Brenda is a puppet HOH this week and he doesnt even know it. All the power is with Matt and the Brigade. This is all going according to the brigade’s plan with Enzo and Hayden playing Brenda for a fool Again.

  9. This week’s HOH is meaningless just like what happened with Chima’s reign as HOH last year. I hope that Brendon puts two of the following three up for eviction, Britney, Ragan or Kathy and let’s see Britney possibly win her 4th POV and takes herself off and then Brendon backdoors Matt and then Matt uses his DPOV at the live eviction and puts Kathy up. Matt will then save Ragan with a vote to evict Kathy.

  10. Exactly #35….it couldnt have worked out any better for the brigade…now he cant play for the HOH next week…and matt has the DPOV for this week…Brendon has zero power this week and hes clueless…lol…as far as rachel coming back…she LOST!!! why bring her back???…she got voted out she done…the house has spoken…good bye raunchy rachel….

  11. LOL I think all the “bring back Rachel”-ers are either living in the same house or are the same person.

    Nice job Troll(s).

    Too bad so sad…she’s gone gone gone. And good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Team ABR is triumphant!!!

  12. What does ABR stand for??

    I think it would br complete crap if they brought back Rachel just for ratings. Faith in CBS would be completely lost by me. She’s gone, let her cry, whine, and sulk in the jury house.

    I believe that is “Anyone But Rachel” – Matt

  13. Not sure bout that BG..on BBAD Hayden & Enzo were talking about keeping Brendon..If they did help BRENDON stay in the game it would look good to Rachel (a vote) …But during her exit interview and the look of “disinterest” on her face when Brendon gave his good-bye message Rachel is ready to move on….UNLESS Brendon can pull a $500,000 out of Enzo’s hat…

  14. Could you imagine had Brendon not won the HOH competition we’d have to listen to him going around whinning about the fact that the competition was geared for midgets to crawl through the squares and untangled the ropes, blah, blah, blah.

  15. @ Bigbrotherbob

    Yeah they’re giving that 20k to Ragan. At least he is causing some drama but nowhere near the potential. How about throwing out Kathy’s cigs, snatching Matt’s dpov, or outing Matt and his wife being sick lie? They should have offered him a thousand for each material item he affected in the house as opposed to just spreading rumors as he’s doing atm.

  16. How does Brendon not have power this week? He will be able to get either Britney, Ragan or Matt off. I hope he puts up Britney and Ragan…

    Britney can only hope she wins POV again…

    If Matt uses his DPOV, the brigade is going to vote against him and get Ragan out…

    Too funny to see Brit and Ragan crying…:D

  17. Im glad that brendon won…it was perfect timing for the brigade…brendon has zero game…it wouldnt surprize me if her put up matt this week…an even better play for the brigade…that way the nom would be a brigade choice…matt is ruling this game…like it or not…his game has been better than rachel…he still in the house and shes not…

    go team ABR!!!

  18. What about Julie’s comment that Rachael may not have seen the last of the BB house??? Also why did BB tell all the HGs to pack their bags???????

  19. SABATOUR MESSAGE There is an HG that has 2 birds in one hand and a stone in the other..The birds may take flight but the stone is solid..Which does he keep at his side??

  20. Really smart of Hayden and Enzo not following along in overtly bashing Brendon.

    Hayden is playing a solid social game right now.

  21. Best would be exchange Rachel for Brendon (bring back Rachel). Brendon goes home and leaves the witch by herself for the rest of the game.

  22. Wow, is it all of but five Rachel supporters spamming the thread with “Bring Rachel Back!” under different names? Wow, talk about lame. Glad she’s gone. I’m surprised NO ONE voted for Brendon, but I’m glad to see his little plan did not work.

  23. I am just watching BBAD from last night and I just have to laugh at Britney and Ragan crying and saying that the competition was geared for the guys. They are doing exactly what they complained abut last week with Brendon and Rachel. What hypocrites!!

  24. I think Brendon may put Matt & Brit on the block but with Matt holding the diamond POV, he’ll make a change to the nomination to remove himself from the block. The drama will unfold when the HGs find out that he lied about prize for opening Pandora’s Box and by opening the Box, Rachel will return to the house. Remember, there are pros/cons for opening the Box and what a way for Rachel to return.

  25. And how amazing that Brendon now has so many best friends! His comments are now funny and he actually has people talking to him. So did everyone go to his HOH room when it opened?

  26. I like reagan because he feels for people. I did’nt like Rachel and Brendan calling him a girl. I hope he gets the $20,000.

  27. You knew he would win, now they are scrambling. The “Brigade” will stay strong, and Ragan or Brit will go home. But if she wins HOH again, and they put up one of the “Brigade”, will Matt use his POV ? Hummm, one to think about. Glad the witch is gone & her poor grammar. Now we will see everyone, except Enzo, start playing the game. I love him, but he doesn’t really do anything at all. What’s up with that? Just my opinion.

  28. It does’t surprise me about hey & Enzo. They have been working both sides well & covering there tracks. Both I think have been ready to jump the brigade ship whenever need be.

  29. The weird thing is that Brendan actually seemed to be a normal, sociable person on BBAD last night with Rachel out of the house. It could be just a ploy…

  30. The comp last night was probably geared more to the smaller people…and the tallest guy in the house wins…hmmmm….I can remember a few words out of someones mouth about the comp being set up for midgets…and he won a comp…makes me think he was throwing the comps…to bad its too late for the puppet…a week of fun for the Brigade!!! If rachel comes back the house guests should walk out of the show…its a relief that I dont have to see her fake cry or hear her terrrible voice anymore…now the show can start…

  31. Brendon better put Brit and Rag on the block. What has Rag done as the sabator nothing. All he does is pick the easy stuff. Come on do something real. BRING BACK RACHEL she was the only person playing the game..Brendon should have left he was just a distraction for her and that got her voted out. He is a wimp. Lets see if he is a man this week or just a puppet on a string…..

  32. What did everybody think about Brendans ex-girlfriend. She likes Rachel but is afraid of how Bredon will treat her if things don’t go his way.

  33. Brenda will have a lot of fake friends this week cuz that is the BB game. Suck up to the power until its gone, someone should of told Rachel that winning HOH is just part of the game.

  34. I can’t believe that Hayden & Enzo are starting to like brendon and thinking about breaking up the brigade…it’s obvious these boys have no loyalty! Enzo has done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this entire competition – I hope (after matt, ragan) that enzo gets kicked off…he is good for nothing. Hayden hasn’t done anything either! (except winning the first hoh)…these two just want everyone else to do the ‘work’ and they want to coast to the end…LAME! They both need to grow a pair!

  35. @61 there is no way the comp last night was geared toward smaller people…the weight of the rope alone would be too heavy for a smaller built person to carry….let alone the other physical elements of the game. Thank God it wasn’t another “big feet small ledge challenge!” lol

  36. I think everyones got brendon underestimated…if he makes some power moves in the next week and eludes eviction hes gonna be a hard one to get rid of…Id say if he doesnt get evicted with the next HOH he will be in the house until the final 4…Who know who was puppeting who…lol…rach may have been a victom…yeah right…its prety hard to be the best player in the house and not be there…come on people she got evicted…let it go…hahahaha…the witch is gone…thank GD!!

  37. AND… the brigade probably ‘let’ him win (to a certain point) b/c now Bren is not able to play for hoh next week – AND the brigade want brit/ragan gone just as much as brendon – so 2 birds with one stone. they will let bren do the dirty work w/ the nominations & evictions AND he can’t compete next week!

  38. I’m glad rachel is gone! If brendon makes it to the finals do you think the jury house (minus rachel obviously ;) would vote for him to win the money?? Depending on who he is up against – they might vote for the other just so he CAN’T win the money…. we all know ragan, matt, brit won’t vote for him to win overall .

  39. It is kinda nice not hearing all of the slamming that was going on last week. Britney and Ragan were the queen and queen of maliciousness!! Everything they said was personally directed at
    Brendon and Rachel.

  40. I hope Rachel gets put back in the BB house somehow. She brings drama and she is a fighter. The others are so boring and weak. That stupid show (tips, tits of the day what ever they call it)made up by Regan and Brittney bashing people they don’t like is so ridiculous. I ff through it. Regan and Brittney are the mean girls from hs. I love it that they are squarming now. Wish cocky Mat didn’t get the dv. He and Regan are way too close. I think they might have a crush on each other. I’m just saying………….

  41. I am not a huge Rachel fan either but she is a great competitor! I really do like Brendon and hope he makes it to the finals.

  42. so it was okay for Brenchel to slam the other HG’s but the others can’t bad talk them. thats a bit one sided thinking now isn’t it.

  43. Rachel sure is a fighter…lol…she can fight all she wants in the jury house…she faught her way right out of the house…right where she needs to be…just wish it was a week earlier…so I wouldnt have to see her again…all she did in the house was make enemies…you cant win like that…no one…I mean no one would have voted for her to win the money at the end…

  44. I don’t like rachel and I do think that brit and ragan say some mean things about her … but rachel & brendon are NOT innocent. they said hateful things about the others as well…just not AS MUCH… brendon talking smack about ragans sexuality…calling matt a midget – that is offensive! Especially to little people! They have said some hurtful things about the others behind their backs as well. I get tired of people defending them as if they are saints and have not said anything terrible.

  45. Torch: just read your comments and I agree.

    When I am in the other chat rooms everyone is rushing to brenchel’s defense – as if they have never spoken an ill word about anyone! I can’t stand it anymore. Rachel is gone! now everyone has to deal with it! I PRAY she doesn’t come back!

  46. rachel is coming back did you hear julie omg this is going to be exciting This week or when she comes back

  47. How can you defend anyone like rachel…remember in all the DR interviews she bashes everyone…even Brendon…who she supposedly “Loves”…come on shes no better than anyone in the house…

  48. It is not OK for anyone to bash anyone else, especially not personally. My opinion is that Britney and Ragan were incessant and really malicious about it. And then they are hypocritical about it! B & R’s ridiculous Just the Tip is a great example. Will they continue to have that talk show now??

  49. Thats so sad when i watched Rachel leave the BB house. I actually cried but like julie said “she will be seeing more of the BB house” so thats like trouble when these words came out of Julie’s mouth. I was kinna happy un sad @ de time. LET’s see how BRENDON’s gonna leave without her and nobody on his side. Im feeling it. Brendon & Rachel to de world no matter, they deserve to remain in house and make it to the final four. We should do something DeBragans some on. Nobody not cing dat. Choops. Brendon all the best.

  50. @84 – good point! i completely forgot that rach was basically talking bad about Brendon b/c he couldn’t pull a win out etc… you’re absolutely right. I think one of the best phrases would apply: they can dish it but they can’t take it.

  51. Shes not coming anywhere…lol…shes bound to be a VIP Waitress the rest of her life…if they brought her back the HGs would protest…how fair would that be to everyone else…give me a break…PIPE DREAMS!!

  52. Looking back, I have to say that Rachel is one of the most polarizing HGs to ever play the game. Having read the posts over the last few weeks, it is obvious that many people were vehemently pro Rachel and many were likewise anti Rachel. I can’t help but wonder what it is about her that affected the many fans of BB this way? Also, she seemed to think that everyone in America would love her once she was in the house. This was obviously not the case. Why is it that she thought this? Just some items for discussion folks…

  53. Sunny: I agree the game is stupid , but it keeps them occupied. The biggest hypocrite in the entire house was rachel HANDS DOWN! from how she said she never talked bad about anyoe (floaters … get a life vest…KRSITEN!) etc… to the fact that she gloated when she won anything & expected an apology from Kathy when she won something (finally!) the list goes on…..

  54. Rachel better not come back! I think it is unfair if they bring anyone back…the jig is up! if america gets to choose who gets voted back in or something like that I will be beyond mad! BUT in the end I don’t think the jury will vote for her to get the money….

  55. At most I could see her making a comp appearance…as a host…fits her I think…CBS just said that so they wouldnt lose viewers…keep there hopes up that there might be more kissy face to come…lol…

  56. Interesting situation. Since the beginning I thought Brenden was fake and this was all part of his game, but over the weeks I kept doubting myself and was begining to believe that he was actually the incompetnent, love-sick, whiny, spineless cry-baby of a boy.

    And then he wins this HoH with a very strong lead. And this was a competition where I thought a smaller person (aka Britney) or someone strong who should be more familiar with ropes (Lane) would fare better.

    it would be a good plan if it was true.
    1. Fake a showmance to have a solid visible ally forcing them to work with you (Rachel and could have been Annnie)
    2. Have a secret alliance with someone who really has nobody (Andrew)
    3. Win early at a competition to stay in the game long enough for the game to develop and other targets emerge (winning the 1st PoV)
    4. Perform really bad at other competitions forcing your allies to have to work even more and get larger targets (Rachel)
    5. Be at least someone liked by the house enough to form possible temporary allies later on (Enzo and Hayden)
    6. Knowing when your ally is definately going home that you do whatever it takes to shwo them you are loyal to them, making yourself look so bad that people will actually keep you around longer thinking you burned too many bridges (most recent Pov)
    7. And basically riding your allies as fas as it will take you and then finally going out and winning when you have no other choice (Brings us up to date)

    It’s not a hard concept to understand and shouldn’t be too hard to implement if you have followed Big Brother at all…..and seems like it could be a good strategy.

    Now this is all giving Brenden a LOT of credit here since he really has convinced everybody (HGs and viewers) that he a whiny crybaby

  57. DaF: You’re right – it’s like you love her, you hate her, or you hate to lover her! lol. I think just b/c she had such a BIG (fake) personality she got everyone talking. She was smart to skank it up and get a showmance going b/c it gave her more face time – so … more time for us to see her being fake, and telling her slutty drunken tales. my personal fav. was when she basically admitted to being a paid escort. Cl-ass-y! ;-)

  58. @94 – That’s a lot of thinking! ;-) I don’t know if Bren could plan that up …I think he really is a whiny cry baby (did you hear what his ex fiance had to say?! lol) i think that is just his personality… he let rachel ‘dominate’ him… when she was walking out the door he said I love you! and she just walked out! lol… i don’t know but I don’t like his smug attitude…calling ragan out for pronouncing Neanderthal a certain way…but it was just a week or two ago when Bren was talking and wanted to use the work “Consummate” but used a completely different word!! (and he barely got called out for it….)lol! so he tries to be something else… fail!

  59. I agree Kim, I don’t like the way rachel behaved in the house either. I am just thankful that I don’t have to hear about the “the skank,the whore, etc. any longer. I hope that she and Brendon do not end up together. Brendon seems like a very nice guy.

  60. Sunny: I dont think they will end up together… I mean…Rachel IS Vegas! (not the Wynn, not the casinos, not the nightlife, not the world famous golf courses….) and brendon is comfortable in LA…it would never work ;-) lol…

  61. Sunny: I thought that too at first, but when i was watching the feeds last night he was ‘normal’ for a bit… but then he was saying some nasty things here and there… which just pushed me over the edge…i just don’t like him – you know?

    But he IS much more watchable w/o her!! but he’s being VERY cocky now… I don’t know why these HG don’t realize that the power of hoh only lasts for one week! LOL!

  62. Yes, Rachel has bashed as well in DR’s, as they are supposed to (or vent). I do believe she is heart felt though. She genuinly liked BRITTNEY. The girl that is so paper thin you can see through her. She did say some things about Brendon in DR because they were true. He should of won bowling pov. She was counting on him to back her up as do the rest of the alliances (ie, Enzo droping in previous comps due to a BRA-gade member left standing). If Brendon was sent home instead of Rachel, Heyden or Lane would be HOH and Rachel would be going this week. There was a devine intervention (BBP) :) And yes, I do believe the HOH game was made for a physicaly strong person to win.

  63. They will probably end up together at least until she can drain him dry on cash, or until she finds another sugar daddy…

  64. Rachel is about as heartfelt as a Lion is right after he catchs his dinner…shes a cold hearted paper chaser…please!!!

  65. Just to let everyone know Brendons ex broke up with him via email
    She’s snobbing and she was the one that tried to change him by only having him hang out with her friends her family

  66. @105, I must have overlooked that statement b/c I agree. she is very fake in that aspect and very “wannabe manipulative” with HOW she ‘speaks’ her words…et …

    TruNuca21: are you related to him or something? how do you know that?

  67. julie’s exact words to Rachel where (this may not be the last time yo’ve seen of the big brother house)if she was possibly going back to play she would go to sequester, but Julie said she is going to the jury house.

  68. Okay, now I don’t know about the other folks commenting but HELL YES I want Rachel to come back. She PLAYS the game unlike the others who sit around, talk smack about better competitors and lie like rugs. And, as a Big Brother fan since the beginning, they BRING PEOPLE BACK ALL THE TIME. Usually they let America vote. But stop being haters people. This is a game, not a social fun house. What’s wrong with being happy you won HOH? Are you supposed to feel shame?? The other houseguests do the EXACT SAME THING as Brendan and Rachel and they get vilified for it. Pure BS. They’re just hating cause they’re a couple and the only folks getting laid in the BB House is my guess. PLEASE BRING BACK RACHEL CBS!! Otherwise, this drivel will be unwatchable.

  69. I cant believe CBS went and talked to Brendon Ex…thats pretty low…and was a painful part of his life…what did people expect her to say about him…we new that it wasnt going to be anything nice…he does seem nice on some levels and may have just ended up with rachel like women…who knows…but im sure there more to there breakup than what his ex was saying….she seemed defensive…

  70. no kim we haven’t said the theyhad never spoken an ill word, what we have said was that level of the trash talk was differant, that matt, britney, and ragan the worse, along with the rest of the HG’s was mean and cruel, brendon only called matt and ragan not the whole world the short guy and ragan the gay guy, OMG the worlds going to end, but let see about the other HG’s how about thier so called talk show, no-thing but trashing B/R and the commets coming out of matts, ragan, and britney’s mouths aren’t even on the same level as B/R, So if you don’t really like B/R and I’m not thier greatest fan, I just don’t bring myself down other peoples level

  71. I love it! Brit and Ragan crying…boohooo…who cares!

    I used to like Ragan until last week, he is a gullible fool who will believe anything. And Brit is a brat, just like Brendon said. She acts worse than my four year old with her imitating crap. Not funny. I want Brit, Ragan, Matt, and Kathy out then I don’t care who wins the game.

  72. Ding Dong the Witch is DEAD!!! shes not returning so deal with it…the house will continue to grow and new drama will unfold…and my attention will not be lost…I cant wait to see the Brigade emplode on each other…great stuff!!

  73. lol… this is great, I haven’t seen this much debate in a while. I think what Kim has been saying is pretty on target… what everyone else is responding is just talking circles. Chris, you basically just reiterated everything that she said…so…not sure what your comment was there for. BigBrotherLover, you must have missed what everyone else has been saying! brendon and rachel are NOT innocent! they have talked shit too! Everyone has already said that regan, britney, and matt have talked MORE shit, but nonetheless, rachel and brendon are “not innocent”… get over it.

  74. I agree with whoever said that Brit and Ragan are the mean girls. Lol!

    So true…

    And Matt is the dork that thinks he is cool but really just annoys everyone.

  75. I hope Hayden and Enzo team up with Brendon and kick Matt’s butt out of the house. I can’t stand his cocky butt. And why is Kathy in the house? Such a waste of space. I would put Chima in her place if I had the chance and I couldn’t stand her…lol

  76. Amen Torch….Once they get in the jury house they are in a position to get info than would give them an advantage in the house…ie secret alliances…not going to happen…

  77. OMFG! Enough with the “bring rachel back” posts.

    Boobzilla is out of the house. Deal with it.

  78. Whenever Rachel speaks I have to mute the tv. I do like watching brendon say how in love he is with rachel. He’s known her for a month and he’s in love? on a game/show that is built on deceit and power plays?? Isn’t there a song called “I’m in love with a stripper”? Or “Foolish Heart”? Rachel is in the jury house getting tripple teamed by the production crew as brendon pines away for her. Brendon is a bitch.

  79. @119…we knew they were going to come with the bring back rach crap…lol…its kinda funny with all the false hope they have…nothing makes me happier than the lack of that shreking voice in the house….awwwwww you hear that?….hahaha i dont either…and its great…

  80. I guess they are as annoying as hearing I hate Rachel every five seconds. That drove me to the point where I didn’t even check this site anymore. Y’all over did it. That’s the only good thing about her not being in the house not having to hear people here talk smack about her. As if the rest of the house are some outstanding citizens….smh

  81. @121 LOL funny stuff…you know its happening too…DVDA all the way…remember “orgasmo” the movie

  82. Lol! And people are still talking about her voice. She is not even around! People say they hate her but they love to talk about her. Isn’t there a house full of idiots to talk about. Britney the brat, Kathy and Ragan the flunkies, etc…

  83. Were just raving at the point shes finally gone and we dont have to see or hear from her again…once the new drama starts she will be far from our convo’s…but for now SHE GONE YEAH!!!!

  84. You people disgust me. How anyone can actually like Rachel and want her to come back into the house makes me not to even want to watch the show.

    Brendon is a little crybaby, poor sport and what not. Their “love” isn’t real. The brigade won’t split up either. It’s going to be the brigade and Ragan in the final 5. Nice try though.

  85. i have to disagree. i dont think we will see any drama. there is nothing ragan, or britney or even matt for that matter can say.

    i doubt britney nor ragan will even campaign to brendon.

    and matt, i dont think ragan and britney were crying because they were shocked they would be going up. its that it just twisted around so fast, the one person they hate is large and in charge, their have nots, and the reality of going up on the block, and for britney, again against someone she likes.


    mark my words, as much as i love britney, she will be leaving the house next thursday. she HAS to win POV, and even though she is ms. POV, she wont win it 3 times in a row.

    how great is it gunna be, when she walks through that door, after leaving possibly the BEST goodbye message to the vixen bitch?

  86. YAYYYYY!!! “boobzilla” is finally gone hopefully for good PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t let her back into the house because if that does happen i like a lot of viewers and ratings will go down and bb will have to jump the shark and speaking for a lot of fans i wouldn’t want to see this happen. as for brendon i’m just going to read about it on the live feed highlights until probably the second half of thursday’s show for the hoh comp because i can’t stand brendon and hope he gets put back up on the block doesn’t win pov and gets evicted and he’s only a school swim instructor i mean really?

  87. i ment it would be great when she walks through the jury house door to see rachel.

    she clowned her.

  88. I can’t wait for Rachel to laugh in Britney or Ragan’s face when they bring their sorry butts in the house. I hope its Brit though. That hag gotta go quick.

  89. i think hoh was rigged and wouldn’t be suprised because brendon was having the easiest time with his rope and that’s not right make it a fair competition for all competitors.

  90. While there is room for someone to come back to the house (from one HG dropping off at the last minute) I do hope it us up to viwer choice and I can only pray that Rachel is not voted in.

    She rbought in drama, but honestly, at this point you will start seeing more gaming, more strategy and that will in itself bring some drama. We can alredy see how The brigade is not all on the same page, and they are aware that they can’t rely on the Brigade to get them to final 2. There will be attempts of betrayal in that group before final 4 (my guess is Lane being one to do it).

    I think the game is getting better, but CBS definately needs to step up their part with the Sab…Ragan really needs to do SOMETHING other than some lame ass DR videos. He didn’t split up Brenchel, he didn’t convince anybody that any of the ones on the Block were staying which was proven wrong anyway).

  91. It probably was rigged when Matt won Hoh twice and Brit won 3 vetoes too. Then why are we watching the game if we truly believe everything is fake?

  92. I cannot believe theres even one human being on this earth that likes Rachel. I despise Brendon and Rachel. Someone get rid of them please. I bet Rachel came on here and wrote all those comments, that dumb bimbo bitch.

  93. really…i mean really sreiously i don’t think so that was the two s’s and p strength, stamina and preserverance.

  94. Stay gone rachel! Enzo and hayden need to get caught! Enzo only game play is putting his hand down his pants and smelling his fingers! Yuck! Britney keeps us entertained! Get rid of brendan! They have all the houseguests in a sequester house. Hopefully they don’t bring back rachel! Brenden’s a dork!

  95. if im britney or ragan im not even speaking to that punk bitch brendon. (rolls off the tongue doesnt it?)

    i would be like, “im not gunna campaign to u. i know ur gunna put me up. it is what it is. i effin hate u. i hate u and ur girl and im glad she is gone, and im glad u two were up on the block. so in that regards, eff u. secondly, u had enzo and hayden in ur ear last night.

    let me ask u something. when do u think ur going to get them out? u dont have any saftey next week. are u seriously going to let it come down to all of u agile men?

    thats what burned rachel, her pathetic, personally game. if ur going to let a night of enzo and hayden agreeing with anything u say, and throwing everyone under the bus for the votes w/ rachel, when they were guilty of it then it proves to me how stupid u rele are.

    just think about this; when do u think the boys, aka lane, enzo, matt, and hayden are going to get out?”

    i swear i would say that. and i would go right back down stairs.

    ragan is sorry enough to go talk to him even though he knows he is going up. hopefully britney wont, their is honestly no point

  96. Kathys going home this week. Matt uses his diamond POV to take himself or Regan off the block, and he gets to pick the replacement, Kathy. Next week, the bergade is still safe as Brit and Regan are targeting Brenden…

  97. Ragan has become the new Rachel! Britney and Ragan consoling each other…its about time! All Ragans vile name calling and demeaning conversation has come back to bite him in the a$$. Ragan and Britney should both go up Brendon and Enzo and Hayden should cross over to the other side and get Matt out too! How awesome would that be!!!

  98. If the Birgade sticks together they have it made because Brendon can not play for HOH next week so they have enough votes to protect each other and then next week they can get Brendon out. They know he already has one Jury vote….Hayden don’t cross to the dark side come back to the light.

  99. Bring Rachel BACK!!! F all the Rachel haters! Oh please please: Would love to see all their jaws drop in the BB house! Oh and all the Rachel haters at work :)

  100. there playing Brendon…just like the master Matt wants them too…they are all menions to Matt…I see it playing out just how Matt wants it too…everyone underestimates him…he has thought past next week in the house…its obvious…and thats why rachel gone voted out this week…and brendon in 2 weeks…lol…BRIGADE F4!!!

  101. I couldn’t stand Brenchel together. Brendon by himself is a lot easier to watch. Who knew he could hold a conversation without whining or kissing?

    It kills me that Enzo and Hayden are wanting to get rid of Matt or Lane because of their side alliances, but they’re doing the same thing with Brendon!!! What started out being a ‘fake’ alliance has turned into a real one, where they’re going to break up their original alliance to build another one with Brendon. Hypocrites, have they forgotten how an alliance works? Dumbasses

  102. “F all the Rachel haters”?

    Not if you were the last living thing on earth.

  103. everyone, rachel will come back because julie said that thing which bascially said it and brendon got a picture of her… hint that he will bring her back and also if there is a double eviction, the season will be too short so she will come back… COME ON RACHEL come and get the brigade out :D

  104. @ILoveRachel

    I have no idea why everyone is so convinced that there will be a double eviction. There won’t be. They were one cast-member short this year so they won’t have a double eviction. If they were bringing somebody back it would have happened already. If Rachel is back in the house it will be to host a veto competition or do one of those ghost in the walls segments like they’ve done on previous seasons.


    someone explain that to me

    she got evicted fair and square. she could won veto, she didnt.

    her and brendon’s plan failed.

    somebody had to go. she deserved it. plus she treated ppl so low when she wasnt didnt have the insurance. she is a crazy ass delusional bitch.


  106. why do the first 20 posts, and many others throughout say to bring rachel back? no one liked her when she was in the house, so why start now?

  107. The rope comp wasn’t geared to any specific body stature, in my opinion. If one is large or tall it made the crawling etc. more difficult of course. But the smaller players had almost no chance of schlepping that long, heavy, rope (especially wet) along and keep up any speed at all.

    Although, I don’t know what Enzo’s excuse is.

  108. The Brigade let Brendon win hoh? What a joke. The Brigade hasn’t really won anything themselves except ratty a$$ Matt. Determination helped Brendon win hoh. Now, if he would just do something smart with it. At least he’s safe for another week. I liked Brittany a little at first, but I don’t anymore. This girl has issues.

  109. YouPeopleAreIdiots – you are an IDIOT. How are you gonna wish people the worst in life, just because of their opinions. In that case you will be the one to have the worst in life. Enjoy.

  110. Although I like Rachel as a great competitor, I don’t think she should come bacek to the house. Her mouth and her attitude wrote a check that her behind could not cash. If Brendon is smart he would put up maybe Lane and Brit and if one wins the POV replace with Matt. I don’t know if anyone has noticed but there is another showmance and it’s Lane and Britney. Just pay attention. Especially since when Rach talked about puttting him up Britney opted not use the POV. I’m just sayin.

  111. they are going to bring someone back.because they said last night this may not be the last time you see the house

  112. i agree with you wholehartedly tammy it’s just too bad that she has to entertain herself for a couple of weeks because brendon won’t be walking to the jury house next thursday because he’s hoh but come thursday he won’t be able to play because he’s outgoing hoh then the new hoh can put him up and hope that he DOES NOT win pov then and only then will he and “boobzilla” will be reunited and it’ll be too bad so sad for the school swim instructor.

  113. becky-

    like someone else said she’ll be back to be a host for pov or play a role like a ghost figure in an episode or something like that but she WILL NOT move back into the house i know they did it before but that happened earlier in the game.

  114. I agree with Marcus, Rachel was evicted fair and square, just like Monet, Andrew and Kristin. I don’t see the fairness or the point in bringing her back into the house. It would add a stench to the game that I don’t think is necessary. Even if “ratings” were used as a reason, I don’t see how that would help. Because if that is the way it’s going to be played, myself and I’m sure many others would lose interest in “rigged” games…I’m old enough to remember the debacle of rigged quiz shows in the late 50’s…folks didn’t take kindly to it.

  115. you know what, im sick of all the people calling rachel a slut and whore and everything and saying get hit by a truck. she has a family and has feelings and they would be hurt if they saw this or maybe they have read this so just shut up and have a life. she will come back as julie has only said to her and no other hg from this or previous seasons so screw you haters and bring rachel back. come on cbs.

  116. I have always stuck by the motto “if you dont want people to call you a slut then dont act like one”

  117. Good Day BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Brendon’s HOH! Yahhhhhh! Have nots deserve it including *sab* Ragan!
    Hope he puts up Matt & Ragan & Britt lol, that’s right the 3 of them! lol, but well (sigH) we need to ruin Ragan’s game so he won’t win the $20K, so Matt & Ragan, and win the Veto and backdoor Britt that would be AWESOME!!!

  118. Brit asked Brenden if she is his target to put her straight up on the block so that she could fight to stay in the game in the pov comp.

  119. and she must use a putty knife to put her makeup on with and paint thinner to take it off with, I would never take someone like rachel home to meet my parents, they would tell me to take her back to her street corner .

  120. wowwwww reet, your not absouletly horrible. what if people thought that of you guys eh? you wouldnt like that and if she anyone reads this, they will be disgraced :)

  121. Did any one think that Ragan may be crying because he may loose the $20K if he is voted out. If he and Brit are put up, maybe his good friend Matt will use his diamond POV. ahaaaaa NO

  122. he is probably so happy right now because he knows that he will put on the block this week. But it won’t save him next week. :)

  123. Ellenparker, I agree with you. That would be the end…let the brigade fight it out with Brendon. Enzo and Hayden are playing a good game. THey will find out everything Brendon is thinking and be able to protect themselves first and if it works for the brigade, well OK

  124. I kinda feel bad for Brenden. He’s a lot less douchey when Rachel isn’t around….and the guy’s a man with no home right now.
    I mean, he spend most of last night just sitting in solitude in the HOH room….listenning to Weezer.
    How sad was that?

  125. I once dated a girl who treated me like crap for 5 years. Brendon reminds me of myself back then. It’s a love sick “sucker for punishment” condition. If I could say one thing to Brendon, it would be this (based on my mistakes)… RUN!!!! You can do Better!!!!!!!!!

  126. JOHN, I agree with you. But Brendon appears to be very needy. As well as Rachel.
    Did anyone see Brendon’s ex-fiance. The fact that he lived with her family for 9 months. It appears that he is looking for a family. Since does not have a relationship with his family.

  127. My TV will go black if slut Rachel comes back. Lets have a game & contest not tweeked by CBS for ratings. These remaining HG’s will have plenty of crap hitting the fan. Look at just in a few hours what happened. I vote no more Rachel, its just too sickening a thought.

  128. Can someone tell me what was in Brendon’s HOH room. I read there was a picture of Rachel. Did he have a letter from anyone. Did he have any pictures of his family. How did the other HG’s respond to his room, while in it and after they left.

    Thanks for the information.

  129. Could it be possible that when Julie said that its not the last Rachel will see of the BB house she meant the rest of theevicted guests will be bringing videos of the BB house to the Jury house?

  130. I guess with that motto, you could say “if you don’t want to think your stupid then don’t say stupid thing, or try them”.

  131. kim… you talk about rachel’s story, have you listen to some of lane’s story’s, If you are going to call out one you need to call out all, And know I’m not a fan of B/R, Just don’t like when people find fault in one person but can’t seem to find it in others, that are far worse

  132. bring back Rachel just to say it one more time…”NOBODY GETS BETWEEN ME AND MY MAN!!!” LMAO :)

  133. hi big brother,can you send one of the big brother a trip like hayden / or you can send one of the loser surprise brendon ex-girlfriend to see the re-action now /because we watch it last-night say lot of bad words while the camera is moving around just send the girlfriend now to surprises the loser ?…please i’ll pay you when a go on vacation.

  134. Buenos Noches BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Wow it’s only been a night and you’ve got ppls wanting Rachel back! Amazing! well some of you anyways, do you really tink dat all of dem threw that HOH to have Bren win? Why on earth would these slothful HG’s DO such a thing at week 5 1/2way pt of a game? Maketh no sense at ALL! Let’s hope he puts up Britt & Matt and backdoor Ragan, I dont’ care as long as Ragan does NOT get his $20K!

  135. I hope britnay is the one that goes to the jury house with Rachel first. That should be the longest week of there lives. Hehe

  136. @ Chris, have you seen the T-shirt duo of “I’m with stupid” and the other T-shirt says “I’m stupid?” Pretty funny sights!! That is our rake and whip boy! Now that they are gone, it will be Matt and enzo!!

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