Big Brother 12: Rachel Reilly Interview

Now that the evicted HGs are sequestered to the jury house, the interviews are being done via email.  I was really hoping to talk to Rachel Reilly on the phone but unfortunately I didn’t get that chance.  Here’s what she had to say about her time in the Big Brother 12 house.

AR:  You always said that the men were the real threat, but you sent home two women both times as HoH, why is that?

RR: I sent people home based on strategy. Monet had won the money and I didn’t want to make any enemies in the house at that time so she was an easy target. Kristen I maybe should have kept in the game longer. I know she would have turned on me eventually, but keeping her possibly would have kept me around a little longer.

AR: Who has let you down most in the game?

RR:  Ragan or Kathy. I thought we were friends in the beginning.

AR:  Did your showmance cause you to lose focus on the game?

RR:  No – it was great to have someone that I could trust. Brendon was my strongest ally.

AR:  Do you honestly think you and Brendon will stay together outside of the house considering the struggles you went through while in the house?

RR:  Yes, I think we have a strong and bright future. He is getting his PHD in physics and I want to continue my education. We have similar goals and will help each other achieve them.

AR:   Why did you get so upset when Kathy beat you in the POV competition after you basically did the same thing with your “floaters get a life vest” comment after you won HoH? What is the difference?

RR:  My comment was funny. I thought Kathy and I were friends. I let her sleep in my room for a week. Then she made fun of me when I was at my lowest low. It hurt.

AR:  Do you regret voting out Kristen and putting her and Hayden in the same situation Matt put you and Brendon in?

RR:  It is hard to play the Big Brother what if game.

AR:   Now that you’re in the jury, who would you like to see sitting with Brendon in the final 2?

RR:  I think Enzo. He needs to step up and start competing a little more. But, he is funny.

AR:   Who from this cast do you think is worthy to be on an all star season?

RR:   Me!

So there you have it.  What do you think about Rachel’s answers?  Do you think she is the only one from this season worthy to be on the next Big Brother All-Stars?




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  1. Good interview! I know Rachel is the most hated this season, but I would love to see her in the All Stars. I would love it even more if they brought her back into the house this season! Otherwise if Brendon leaves within the next couple weeks, this season will just be too predictable and boring to watch anymore.

  2. Just hope that Rachel and Brendon will stay together after Big Brother is over with. On jury night i think she will be able to choose who she think will be the winner of Big Brother.

  3. Rachel needs to grow up. When you love someone the way she says she does then you dont sit in the Diary room and say he diden’t fight hard enough.

  4. i hate to admit it..but ur right. If she played with her tongue in check she d still be there. She made too many enemies too early and hurt is remembered more than anything. the past 2 winners of BB are proof of that. SOrry, i dont think they have a chance outside of bb after seeing the comments from brendons ex. Rachel is too much a self made woman to change too much for a man.
    FUn time? the diamond power completely throws out his noms and puts 2 up and really watch out how nuts it would be in the house then

  5. Rachel is too full of herself. I hated it when Brendon tried to kiss her and she pulled away. She thinks she is hot stuff.

  6. @ERIC: Matt can only change one nomination, not two – it isn’t the Coup d’État.

    Rachel was bipolar and whinning, but I do respect her game a hell of a lot more than most of the HGs left in the house. She only became mean-spirited after weeks and weeks of people dumping on her and talking behind her back – I would have gone berseked way earlier than she did!

    In an extremely all-around annoying cast, she was the most interesting character… she’ll be miss, that’s for sure.

    BTW: Julie’s comment is about Rachel going to the jury house and being one of the votes for the winner, period. I don’t get why so many people think she could come back in the house…

  7. Most of the HG this season have been running a very timid “don’t piss anyone off” game. It isn’t interesting at all. I won’t say that I exactly liked Rachael, but she played the heck out of the game. It will be vey boring with her gone.

  8. RACHEL REILLY, i fully enjoyed you this season <3. You were awesome and played a fierce game. I think you just got cast during a bad season, any other season you woulda been a fan fave! BB producers fluctuated a lot on how they wanted to portray you and Brendan, booo to them. I love both of yall!

  9. this sounds more like the real Rachel. She is right when she says you can’t play the what if game. I still say, put any of us in the same situation and I am sure there would things we would not be proud of either.

  10. who ever hate her for playing the game is stupid she can play thats way she made it in big brother

  11. Great job A-Rae. Hope to never see or hear from you again but I doubt it, cuz Evel Dick will need a punching bag on the allstar season.

  12. Please don’t bring Rachel back, lets sent Brandan to the jury house with her. Those two are made for each other.

  13. Why would the producers go to Brendon’s x-fiance? I believe they just don’t like him. You interview family members and or current wives,boyfriends and girl friends not exes. I think that was totally whacked. Any x dislikes the person they split up with. I hope Brendon goes with ragan and Matt. Then Matt uses the veto on himself and puts up Britney and she goes home!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. @Sarah
    why do you hate for? Im not surprised only girl hate her. but seriously why the hate? She dosent deserve the money for fighting that hard?

  15. I think Rachel seems a lot better outside the house than in.
    Her interview seems more like her and not who she acts like.

    I would disagree and say that I think Matt should be in the all stars as well and maybe, Britney. I loveee her!

  16. Great job Ashli! I especially liked the question about whether she regrets putting Kristen and Hayden in the same position she was in with Brendon. What the hell kind of answer was that?….”Its hard to play the BB what if game”. No its not…not if you dont lie to yourself. She just wanted to be the only showmance…Kristen and Hayden were stealing her thunder.

  17. Rachel is the only real “player” this season. It will be very boring with her gone, and if Big Brother wants the ratings they will surprise the HG’s and put her back in the game. And for all of you “haters” keep it up, the more drama you cause, the better to get her back on the show. Go girl!! You deserve to win!

  18. @ # 15 judy ! There’s two judy’s. I,m the one that hates Rachel, hands down. I have no respect for that so called woman. She is a whore -& she has no respect for her family or friends, for the way she acted in the bb house. they should ” LOCK-UP ” woman like her! All she cared about was ” Me-ME-ME ” had excuses for everything if it didn’t go her way, boo-who-who.She was the worst house guest ever in the bb house period & they have had a few. I would get her in rehab if I was her friend or mother & father. She is a head case & she should know better, but she has no common sence. She bsaby’s herself because she has no one.

  19. face it.


  20. It would have been almost interesting if Boobzilla had said something new. All she did was repeat the same crap she’s been saying for the last month.

    Sarah #6 said it all. There is nothing more to say.

  21. P.S, I meant to say baby’s herself, sorry my yorkie was digging my arm to go pee-pee out doors. Buttttt,won’t matter a year from now !!!!

  22. I bELIEVE that Rachel should be on all-star’s…Rach might of been annoying at time’s, but she was a player..and I like when the houseguest’s play the game..and not just slide by like..maggie..and jordon.. if u r so lucky to get into the house PLEASE PLAY HARD…

  23. I loved Rachel. Sometimes her behavior was questionable. No doubt.It was a power move she didn’t do it to get rid of the other showmance couple. Put yourself in her shoes. First week your on the block. Then you have a connection with another house guest. Now you are a target for that. People constantly talked shit to her face then would go lie about what she really said. (Bratney) So that would piss everybody else off. She couldn’t win. Bratney and Regan were the worst. Plus being locked up and you don’t know who to trust. I could never handle all that. Vegas is everything she said it was and more. Being a VIP waitress is no big deal there. In Vegas it’s a great job. The rest of the country is just way to up type that’s why the other house guests called her a hooker or whore. I cannot figure out who I don’t like more Nat the rat from last season or Ragan or Bratney. I think the stress of the whole thing made her come off bad. She has major balls if she moved to Vegas at 22, you have to give her that! Good luck Rachel and Brendon!!!!!!!!!

  24. Judy, yoiu are a prime example of why Rachel should not only be put back in the house, but be an all star as well. I have a yorkie as well, so from one yorkie lover to another, keep the drama flowing!!

  25. One question for ol’ Rachel. ” What happen to ” No one is coming between ” ME ” & my man ?Everything that she say’s it has Me,I, Myself,What about me,I have worked harder then anybody. { YUP, that’s true } you did a lot of hard work keeping the cover’s over you & brandan’s hinny’s, & your BIG MOUTH that you worked so hard useing. The woman is a sick person.&, I think bb, found her in a back alley in Vagas & wanted to give her a free place to stay for three months thinking maybe she could or might learn something, like manner,s, repect, self control, being a ” lady ” dressing like a lady, table manner’s, keeping your pantie’s on & your leg’s together, & your mouth to use to eat with.I have to call her a woman, but I can’t call her a lady. A lady is a sweet person, a Woman is bully. I worked for years in nursing & there was a difference between a sweet little ol’ lady & an old woman.

  26. Ha ha ha Keep it coming Judy… Rachel is so over people that are jealous. Play the game Rachel, play the game. Big Brother, I hope you are seeing all this. Want the ratings? Put Rachel back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahaha

  27. # 28 getMATTout, Sorry , no reason for me to be jealous of Racheal, my wedding Anv. is the 23ed, & i have been married 47 years to the same man. And YUP I CAN BE A BITCH @ TIMES. Just like a ” PIT-BULL’ .

  28. Judy, where is your husband of 26 years while you are on the computer at 11:00 pm? Now if you were more like Rachel, your man would be keeping you busy…..

  29. Susie, I am only saying what you would like to say but don’t. Judy may have a husband for 26 years, but she certainly doesn’t have a “lover” as Rachel will always have

  30. Well, that ol’ next life is just around the corner, I have nothing to lose, to dang old to care, but in the next life i;ll still have moral’s & respect for myself.

  31. Yes you will, but being a passionate person can only enhance your life, not destroy your morals. Do you sleep with a bible between you and old hubby of 26 years? If so, I guarantee he isn’t wasting his time waiting for you to change your ways….

  32. Marcie, my husband is right here next to me watching the history ch. & it’s 47 years my dear ! He has had a bad ” heart attack ” so we enjoy what we can out of whats left of us. So my dear one day you’ll walk in my shoes, & i’ll be in heaven praying for you to be nice to the elderly.

  33. Show your husband some passion and change your life. I guarantee you will be a much happier person. Sweet Dreams….. I am on my way to show my hubby of 39 years some passion….

  34. I loved Rachel. Too bad she left. If she comes back for All Stars it would be amazing! Now Brennan just needs to kick ass.

  35. All of you people who hate rachel are not smart at all. what did she do week 1 to be nominated nothing. she got nomed for jeff and jordan running the house last season. so she fought the only way you can in bb winning comps. and battle of words. she was at least true to her alliance. unlike ragen, britt, and kathy who float week to week by hoh.

  36. Rachel was a good player …but glad she gone and for having the sexiest guy in the house YOUR SO WRONG…..i would rent Lane anytime …..i would love to see Rachel go up with Dick would be a good season don’t ya think?????

  37. Melissa and bigs, BOO YAH! Rachel is the only fighter that I have seen this season, and I was worried about Brendon until tonight. is showing that he just migh kick some booty. He stepped aside and let Rachel take charge while she was doing great, but now that she is gone, I do believe that he is showing some game. Let’s bring Rachel back to BB and put some fun and drama back to the show. Rachel is smart and knew how to play the game, the others not so much. I totally expect the other houseguests to put their life jackets on and just float to the end, how boring.

  38. Ohiolady, I disagree. Give me a man that is strong, smart, and knows how to treat a lady all the while being a bad boy behind the scenes any day. Brendon has mystery and a wildness that the others don’t. What you see is what you ge with Enzo, Lane and Hayden. No spark with those three. Rachel and Brendon, get together, show us some sparks and at the same time, find a cure for cancer. Love you both!

  39. A WHORE goes from one man or woman to another and can’t ever be satisfied with one man or woman.Rachel isn’t a whore, she was with one man in BB house and fell in love!The HOTTEST MAN at that!How many people do you think wait for marraige to have sex. I bet that percentage is low! Why don’t you Rachel Haters call Kristin a whore, she was in bed with Hayden. The 2 showmance’s should’ve teamed up,but I think Hayden was just using Kristin.Hayden figured he have two alignances but Andrew blew that one for him. Rachel & Brendan I hope you make the ALL STARS COUPLES, WOW, that should make alot of Drama or BABIES, lol. Rachel I WISH BB puts you back in the game thru a comp some how cause WE MISS YOU!!!

  40. Marice, I,m a very happy lady, very happy, but i,m not going to “kill” my husband because of some stupid passion. We go by what St. Joesph Dr.s tell us. Go rock the boat, enjoy. I,m happy for you, maybe when they take all the ” tubes out of ” THE LOVE OF MY LIFE “& he can breath 100%, maybe we can too. And I don’t have to change my life, it’s just fine. Maybe soon I can have SWEET DREAMS my dear, when I know he’ll be alive & breathing every morning & the fear of finding him dead has left, & he’s doing great. The passion I have right now is loving him & caring & taking care of him. So really why would I be jealous of Racheal having a lover ? had the same one from high school.Nope, don’t sleep with a Bible, I take God everywhere I go !

  41. For those of you who think Rachel is gone, stay tuned. Julie said Rachel might not have seen the last of the big brother house!!!

    Hey Ragan say goodbye to the $20 gs: you’re on the block.

    Maybe Ragan can make SAB messages to himself in the jury house. LMAO

  42. judy not to bag on you too. but you hate rachel for standing up for herself and bredon. who never changed sides unlike ragan britt and kathy. and one other thing she said what as on her mind and didnt cowar from it like others did

  43. I don’t hate Rachel for standing up for herself. I stand up for myself. Not the problem. The problem is She is a ” WHORE ” & she played it on BBAD, & CBS I,m sure had to cut tape because of her action’s. I don’t like a woman that act’s like that. Kristen , got into bed with Kayden “YES’ but she no way did or acted like Rachel. Everything that came out of her mouth was all about Vagas & her! Now I was not shit out on a hot rock & hit my head @ birth to think this one out ! You can fall in love with her, take her home to mommy, don’t care, she showed Amercia what she is. As far as playing the game, they all are. Everyone has there own way of doing it. But i,m not sorry one bit for feeling the way I do about a person that acts like that on TV & yes there has been others in years passed, but nothing like that ——woman.

  44. @ Debe, hi”immature” Rake was the inventor of immature! I wasn’t going to even give this site a 2nd look but then I saw it only had 56 comments. OOPS, I know why it is about our “wonderful little rake girl!” OUTTA HERE!

  45. @ Macie, no disrespect to you, but rake and brenda,”find a cure for cancer?” like, well, that would “come between me and my man, besides I’m a V.I.P. cocktail waitress who happens to be an unemployed chemist!”

  46. i didnt like her at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!how can she be in all stars if all she does is cry if she doesnt get her way.

  47. Hi Summer! It would be great to see her in the all-stars! I would give her a week!! Is that too optimistic? Tee hee

  48. @ Nora, I so agree! A lot of peeps can not stand her but yeah to the class act!! That will get some eyes bulging out out of their brains when they read this!!

  49. Rachel’s butchering of the English language drove me nuts. She’d say “Brendon and I” when she should have said “Brendon and me.” And she’d constantly whine about “me and my man”. Rachel may be a member of Mensa when it comes to chemistry, but she needs to go back to school and learn third grade English. Seriously, it was worth evicting her just so we don’t have to listen to her misuse of grammar any more.

  50. AR: Did your showmance cause you to lose focus on the game?

    RR: No – it was great to have someone that I could trust. Brendon was my strongest ally.

    And the winner of the Miss Perception award, Rachel Reilly!

    Rachel: “I was given Miss Perception because of my amazing self awareness!”

  51. @ A3K, FUNNY STUFF! You forgot one small detail
    AR “What will you do now?”
    RR ” Continue to be an unemployed chemist and wait for my man,but, I will continue to do what I do best!”

  52. This program is suppose to entertain us, and Rachel was the only one worth watching, so I do hope she’ll be entering the house again.

  53. I would love to see Rachel in an All-Star cast with Evil Dick, I think they would be a great alliance to watch. It would be a lot more interesting than this cast!

  54. @ Lynn,rake and evil pencil dick. Hmmm, interesting, BBN, we are talking pretty big ratings here! Lynn has a ching-cha-ching idea!! $$$!! Nough said bout that!

    producers need to realise that unless brendan wins
    pov or hoh in every game, no ones going to watch.
    there should be a twist to bring rachel back into the game because otherwise the game would be completely predictable from then on. if rachel doesn’t come back and brendan leaves… producers better say byebye to their ratings.

  56. They will watch because everyone wants to see how the brigade is going to vote against each other.

  57. @BRENCHELFAN #72 – You’re on the wrong site, Big Brother is just beginning anew.

    I have no idea what show you’re talking about, but it sure as heck isn’t BB.

    If Boobzilla were to come back into the BBH, *then* the show would be over for sure because the only people watching would be those of low intelligence.

  58. LayneeL,if Brendon leave and they do not bring Rachel back I will not watch anymore. I will just read the spoilers and I am sure many others will do that too.

  59. Rachel played a good game and I would love to have seen her gone farther, but her downfall was Brendon or I should say the relationship with him. I also think if Evil Dick were in the game he would be laughing at all of them because they need to play the game.

  60. if you brought her back i would not be the only one who would stop watching the show. you all need to stop glorifying dumb ugly whores.

  61. no way Brendan is the hottest guy in the house!!!! his personality ruins whatever looks he might have!!! gag!

  62. the only way I would watch an all-star show with Rachel in it if Evil Dick was in that show too! Now that would be AWESOME TV!!!!!!!!

  63. #67 I don’t like Rachel either…but I hate to tell you this…it is “Brendan and I” but the me and Brendan was too wrong. And for the fact that she didn’t know what Mensa is was hilarious! Makes me question her education period! Not that smart in my eyes!

  64. For the Judy#52 – YOU ROCK! I’ll pray for you and your husband! and Yes, that woman gives real women a bad name- but besides that…I do feel bad for her because she obviously has some of lowest self-esteem I have ever seen in a person! She showed that on the show! I guess she needs our prayers too!

  65. If Rachel is so educated, why is her grammar always incorrect? Such as ME and Brendon (correct version is Brenden and me). There’s no way she is a scientist!! No way!

  66. all you haters look in the mirror and you ll see the whore u been talking about. she was the only personality of the season cause she was not afraid to speak her mind like all the other hamster in the house. you all are retarded if u think otherwise. dumb *****es

  67. I just love how Boobzilla haters are “stupid” “retarded” “idiots” “morons” etc.

    Keep on loving her – she’s out of the house.

  68. I live in Vegas and most VIP cocktail waitresses are washed up, foul mouth, drunk skanks who can’t make it at a regular job so they use their boobs a butts for work like hookers… now go get me a drink…

  69. I would only like to see Rachael in this game again if its without Brendon. I’m enjoying Brendon much more using his head to play the game.

  70. thats the problem, all you ugly whores think we’re jealous of you when really you are just annoying and not at all worthwhile people. rachel was a greasy beak nosed rat with nasty hair. and just because she had an awful personality doesnt make her better than the people who know how to play the game.

  71. Please!!!! Before you start correcting others…educate yourselves… It is: Brendon and “I” not “me”

  72. @ 87 bigs, Well my friend I just looked into the mirror & I like who I saw. Rachel had no “personality” & when she thought she was specking her mind, nothing came out that made any sence. All she new was that { SHE WAS A VAGAS GIRL } OMG. & for you to use the word retarted, put’s your I,Q at question. So if you want to hang with her , fine. Your known by the company you keep. Did you get up on the wrong side of the bed today or no nookie last night for you because your scum-bag !! Go get a life , she’s a WHORE, with a botox face & enough miles on her like the space shuttle. So go get her & be proud & & take her home to your family.!! I,m very proud that I was born with a brain. Dose your Mother know you were born without one ? I like my dumb ass, & I thank you !

  73. I was always team Brenchel. Rachel is a smart cookie when it comes to trusting her own instincts. There isn’t a ‘correct’ way to play it, she had her own style of doing so, like everyone else. At times she was a bit arrogant (who isnt?), but overall a good person who never wanted to piss off anyone in the first place, unless they spoke out, threatening her. You can comment on her hair extensions, but you can also comment on ANY aspect of everyone in that house and in the world. Perhaps plausible points can be: Monet prejudged and is rude, Brit is a typical highschool girl who makes fun of everyone, Lane is a simple minded redneck, matt is conniving, kristin is a hypocrit, etc etc.

  74. Natasha, You left out her best part !!! She’s a whore & she was proud of it & wanted the world to know. So now we know. You can say she was a smart ” cookie ” that’s blows me away. How smart is being a whore & her action’s in the house under the covers the first night make one smart ? Above anything in that house the other girl’s are ” LADY’S”. yup, you can be a hypocit,act like a high school girl, & be rude, but to act like a show girl & a whore is way different. Racheal is shamless & that’s why some of us know that respect for ” yourself ” & not think what’s between your leg’s is gonna feed you for life. There’s a big reason why she has nothing to do with her family. She said herself she has not spoke to har family for a long time. HUM, wonder-why ???

  75. I too am a Rachel fan! She is forward, honest and a bitch how can you not like her? She takes insult with confidence and doesn’t care if people make fun of her. Rather than bitches like Britney who are fake!!!! Or Kathy who only pretends to be sweet or the men who are going to take everyone out! They need to be stopped and she needs to come back for good not just 24 hours wtf???

  76. This may be posted twice but I used the F word in the first one and think that they may not post it…To Judy you must have never been in a situation where there was someone in your life and someone better came along. If you paid attention to her character you would notice that he was her weakness and though she felt bad for the other guy screw him she met someone better! I wouldn’t be happy and about to marry an amazing man if I hadn’t met someone better. Its not like shes trying to keep both. She is in love with him and it may or may not work but she is taking a chance! Judy and others get over yourselves…life is twisted just live it to the fullest!!! Maybe your just jealous!

  77. I am among the Brenchel haters. They are really annoying. That being said I think that Brendon is much more tolerable with Rachel gone. Rachel, in spite of being dead set on being a total b***h while back in the house, is also more tolerable without her man. I hate her supporters who say Rachel has played a good game. She has played the worst game ever and got voted out unanimously. She would have been gone weeks ago had it not been for Annie’s stupidity. The comps. she won were only luck even hitting the wrong button which was

  78. OOPS wrong key! …The competitions that she won were only luck even hitting the wrong button which turned out to be correct in the second HOH. She had a lucky guess on the tiebreaker in the first one

  79. I liked Enzo to start with but he is no longer funny. He has a fowl mouth and annoys the crap out of me.He formed the brigade and now has deserted it in favor of Brendon. I really hope it comes back and bites him in the butt. I noticed he has dropped like a rock in the polls to near last. He is even below the evicted houseguests.I hate how when he talks to the others he just agrees with them, often repeating their exact words.If he got to final two he could win it but he will never get there because he can’t win any competitions.

  80. Oh yeah one more thing. Great interview Ashley! You were a little too nice to her though. You should have asked her if you could get Brendon’s phone number to give to your single friend just so she would blow her top!

  81. I wish I could say that Rachel is an interesting person, but she’s not. It’s not saying much, but she’s probably the least worthy on BB12 of being considered a BB all-star. Her so called “strategy” was just dumber than dirt and it made this season the most boring in BB history to this point. I feel sorry for the producers in trying to get any drama out of this lazy and uncreative bunch. I hope this season doesn’t kill BB…

  82. what is the live long friends two people know of each other. was that a lie by the sabpator?

  83. life long friends ?
    what is that about does 2 people konw each other or was that a lie?

  84. I Think the life long friends thing was not for real. It had me guessing all through the show. If thier had been life long friends they would have announced it at the end and they didn’t

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