Big Brother 12: Week 6 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

After an explosive Saturday thanks to the return of Rachel in the Big Brother 12 house things seemed to settle down Sunday as Rachel left a few hours early around noon BBT.  Game talk resumed without interference from former players and the Brigade look to get rid of their first member. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 15, 2010:

8:55 AM BBT – Rachel is up and making breakfast. 

9:11 AM BBT – Rachel and Kathy talking.  Kathy is going to give Brendon a message from Rachel and that is to get Matt out.  Please put Matt up as a replacement so he can play the dpv.

9:52 AM BBT – Lane and Rachel in the HoH.  Rach giving him a hard time about not being her friend.  A lot of game talk going on and Lane says he is not throwing comps, throws Brit under the bus some and says Brenchel are smart players.  Not sure why all the ass kissing to Rachel since she’s technically not even part of the game anymore. Lane says Matt is the head of the snake (of Brit and Ragan) and the head needs to be cut off.

11:44 AM BBT – Brit says that Perez Hilton is having a hay day with Rachel.  (lol)

12:11 PM BBT – The Brigade minus Matt are in the kitchen and vote him out of the Brigade.  This is all led by Enzo who is a paranoid train wreck.  Rach is gone as per Matt, Thank God!

12:27 PM BBT – Brendon is back and starts to explain about opening pandora’s box but the live feeds cut off dang it.

12:50 PM BBT – Enzo and Hayden run up to the HoH to the run their mouths to Brendon.  Geez, Enzo is such a floater, he gets on my last nerve.

1:19 PM BBT – Bren and now Brit in the HoH.  She tells him about the drama between her and Rach Saturday night about Enzo being the sab.  Bren tells her everyone wanted either her or Ragan out and that he doesn’t trust Ragan and Matt.

4:21 PM BBT – Enzo and Hayden talk to Matt and Lane who want to work on getting Brendon out but once Matt leaves they discuss how to get Matt out.  Please back stab Matt so he can use the dpv and send one of you to Rachel lol. They wonder why Matt doesn’t seem worried at all lol.

8:34 PM BBT – Bren calls Ragan Mopey McMoperson lol.

2:49 AM BBT – The Sab is back and tells the hg’s to wake up. Another Sab message at 3:10 AM saying expect the unexpected.  At 3:15 there is one asking if the hg’s missed the Sab.  There are messages like these until 5:30 BBT and the live feeds cut off and are still off, possible competition?

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The Saboteur has kept the hg’s up all night and there is something going on in the house right now!  Jump on your feeds to see what’s been up the last couple of hours.  The POV ceremony will be held this afternoon so check back to see what happens and who is on the block.

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  1. i just don’t know what brendon is going to do…

    in a perfect world he will put up britney as replacement…

    in a perfect world ragan. brit. matt will not win HOH…

    but in BB world most likely kathy will go home and ragan will win HOH :(

  2. Enzo and Hayden are horrible players. Enzo does nothing but lose every competition very badly. Hayden has not done anything since he lucked into HOH week one.Now they want to get rid of Matt the only one winning everything and keeping them there. I hope they do try and put Matt up and he finds out they went against him. Then forms with Ragan Brit and Lane to get the losers out! Should be easy since Brendon can’t play for HOH and the other two can win their way out of a wet paper bag!

  3. the sab has left about 8 msg.
    what has been said might be inportant
    you should post what each msg has said on here ; for those without live feeds :P

  4. Best case scenario– Brendon puts Matt up with Lane. Rather thn taking both himself & Lane down, he only takes down himself & throws Kathy up against him. Obviously sending Kathy home!! I’m praying this happens bc I know it will send all of the brigade against him completely then he can focus on actually including himself in an alliance with people who win or at least TRY to win [i.e. Ragan & Britney]

    & my favorite part of BBAD last night was Enzo saying “Brit ain’t getting the money, she’s 22….she’s too young, I’ll make sure she don’t get this $$” GREAT another older, sub par successful player who doesn’t want to see anyone at the start of their adult life win this kind of money bc it’s not “right” He’s gross, made me not like him more!

  5. @Dot

    LOL. It’s like you’re reading my mind.

    Hopefully Matt will use that gigantic brain of his for a change and figure out what’s going on. He’s in a great position to win this thing if he just gets his head on straight.

    I have no idea why any of the HG’s are seriously trying to make an alliance with Brendon (I can understand lying to save themselves for now)…he has a guaranteed vote sitting in the jury house. He should be anyone’s last choice to take to final two.

    Silly HG’s!!!

    Go Team Matt!!!

  6. If Brendon does put Matt up later today, it gives Matt a few days to scope out who Hayden and Enzo would rather keep – him or Lane. We may just see a complete turnaround if Matt chooses to put up one of them up next to Lane.

  7. I don’t know about you but if I was paying for the live feeds and they cut offf I would FREAK OUT and request a credit!

  8. I’m really hoping Matt figures out Enzo is leading the campaign against him and puts him on the block instead of Kathy. The look on Enzo’s face will be priceless and make for GREAT tv.

  9. I hope Matt uses the DPV no matter who goes up in replace of Ragan. I think he will too. Matt plays smart in a stupid kind of way. I LOVE IT!

  10. As long as Matt gets winds of the mutiny from the brigade before he plays the POV the best case scenario would to be upping Enzo or Hayden, then that ensures that one of the three stooges goes home.

  11. ash thanks for the great post! i e’d u yesterday. so are they still on blackout? ash who is your fav or like me do you still not have 1

  12. @ Mobelso

    ROFL I love that name for “the Brigade” minus Matt…. “The Three Stooges”


  13. i personally dont think age has a thing to do with the fact of winning the $. if you are 21 and win that means either you floated your way to the end or you had the best game.

  14. id hold my head in shame that rachel has been able to beat me in the comps and i am a young, atheletic, strong man. tisk tisk stooges

  15. RAGAN HAS A BIG SET OF BRASS B#$%S! He calls brendon a coward, yet all that little wimp can do as the sabatour is send messages from the DR. What a gutless coward he is. CBS should be ashamed of themselves by not making this wimp do SOMETHING IN THE HOUSE FOR GOD’S SAKE!!!!

  16. Hey Nanny, no the live feeds are back and the hg’s are thinking they are having a comp today, possibly an hoh but I for one am thinking not. I’ll update if anything major happens. I got your email and will write back in a few.

  17. @Nanny

    Exactly! Jordan last year, was 24, so was Natalie.
    Danielle won 2nd next to her dad and she was 21 in S8. And we know she didn’t float.


    Haha! Thanks! I think its superbly fitting, but if one of them goes this week *crossing my fingers* then this is the only opportunity to call them that. – Oh wait no, BRENDA will fill the spot! :D

  18. yeah 1 ? did the sab suggest there would be a comp. i heard brit say something about keeping them up all am. why would they think there would be any comp beside luxury…and paranoia.hoh has already been done, pov done. duh hg all necessary comps have been accomplished for the wk.

  19. Can someone PLEASE fill me in on why Enzo, Hayden, and Lane might be targeting/thinking about targetting Matt? He’s the one that’s been letting them float through the game while he wins comps!

  20. they have to turn on each other sooner or later so i guess being they are down to the wire he’ll go 1st if they have a choice. plus he has sided with ragan and brit lately

  21. enzo is all over the map. 1st he believed rach then after hearing brit’s version of the story he turned on rach to brit again. he doesnt know his butt from a hole in the ground

  22. Haha, so I guess they are just looking for another host to leech off of.. I hope Matt wins this thing. He deserves it, and a lot of it comes from his low-key personality and not like a diva.. cough BRENDA!

  23. rarely do matt and enzo mention their wife and kids. i find that odd. i did see enzo crying the other night though

  24. I don’t think so nanny #21, I think Matt’s in a perfect position but he has to use the dpv wisely and take down a threat and not Kathy.

  25. hum i will have to disagree with you on matt aaron. he’s a bouncer not a floater he has bounced from hoh to hoh kissing tail

  26. if he uses the dpov they will have proof that he lied about pandoras box and it will be his demise

  27. if he uses it for the brigade he will be ok but if he uses it to save his own butt i see trouble in his future….my opinion

  28. I didn’t mean to make him sound like a floater.. I meant to direct it toward his attitude. I think Matt’s in a perfect position but he has to use the DPOV wisely and take down a threat and not Kathy.

  29. I don’t think so because Matt couldn’t tell them about the dpv or he would have lost it. I think it will bring the brigade boys back to his side but that’s just my opinion.

  30. @Ashli Rae #30 I 100% agree. He can bring them to the final 4 and knock them out in comps. It seems we agree 100% on the subject. :)

  31. Brendon was all but out, then mysteriously wins HOH with nobody watching at parts of the event. ??? Did CBS give him less knots and make it easier for him to win?? Ratings over fail play.

    Then with Regan nominated he somehow wins a POV?? has he won anything these season?? NO!
    BUT CBS did not want to loose another Sabatour, so they rigged another event.

    This is the worse year of this show ever. No real players. No real division of the house. Just CBS saying who stays and who goes.

    Scripted reality TV!

  32. @Ashli Rae IF Matt uses the DV on himself and names a replacement will he be able to vote in the eviction??? I have not seen this question posted.


    she said she was going to go to bed early, because the sab told them about a competition today (monday). she said she would go to bed early, because by the time the sab strikes, he will try to wake everyone up during the night.

    im pulling for britney to come out of this week.

    THE ONLY WAY matt will use the DPOV if he gets up, is it brendon flat out tells him that his buddies ratted him out. if not, it wont even matter, matt will be oblivious and put up britney, and BRIGADE will roll on, well stumbling on.

  34. @ Fly on the wall
    Yes Matt will be able to vote in any eviction, unless he is HOH then only if a tie. Just like anyone who uses the normal POV gets to vote in the corresponding eviction. Matt is no different, he just gets to pick the replacement that’s all.

  35. Not sure if anyone knows, but with the DPOV can Matt put anyone up? That would even me HOH, right? Not sure if I got that str8

  36. Just wondered the rules do not say that he can’t vote in the eviction.
    I don’t believe that the double eviction will be this week either cause Matt has the DV and (usually) the norm is when there is something like that in play that is the only twist..I believe double eviction next week but u never know

  37. Normally when Pandora’s Box is open, something good and something bad happens. We all know that the something bad was bringing Rachel back but does any know what the something good was?

  38. Best case scenario… Brenden puts Matt up and then Matt uses the dvp and puts Enzo up on his place. Then, regardless of who get’s voted out, say bye bye to the brigade. Then the games begin as the last remaining hg scurry to form new alliances and actually play hard in the competitions.

  39. all things said if he uses it will get hairy in the house and i will finally not be bored. i honestly dont think that they rigged the hoh. he had an awful big knot in his rope and he had just as much rope as everyone else. now i am ?ing the fact that enzo and kats rope went from the 4th set of boxes and then doubled back to the 2nd one and no one else said anything about it but it could be that everyone else was concentrating on getting to the end.

  40. Is it possible, this week will finally bring about a true division of the house??
    If matt gets wind of the problems with the brigade or if the brigade start to give Matt reason to question, would he then team up with Regan, Brittany, Lane and Kathy. Then go after Enzo, Hayden, and Brendon.

  41. ok there may not be a double eviction this yr due to the player who dropped out before show started

  42. ENZO IS SOOO PEA BRAINED…Does he think that Lane or Hayden won’t out him in a minute to get ahead in the game..Enzo is lazy and all mouth which is gonna be his downfall..bigtime..

  43. The HOH competition is setup with the house on lock down. Even the live feeds don’t get to watch the set up. Unless there was someone in each line with a rope and someone saying ok, everyone make a knot, ok everyone flip the rope over the other. You see, unless all lanes have the identical pattern it is not an even race. However CBS makes sure there is no way to see exactly how the course is set.
    I mean with the paint can and the wall, there was no real way to give someone an advantage, even a little more footing or stick glue under someones foot, it would not have changed the event as much as giving someone 1/3 fewer knots to untie.

  44. matt has had several alliances each wk so unless he goes up and doesnt have a pov he’s in trouble. if everyone gets their heads together and listens to rach’s warning they will figure it out. but she is being accussed of being a liar and trying to stir trouble. but they dont know she isn’t lying so he may sneak under the wire. i just dont like the fact he lied about his wife having this horrible disease so i haven’t been his or fairplay’s fans

  45. Regardless of how Matt uses this DPoV, he most likely won’t win the game. If he keeps his word and takes the other Brigade members to the final 4 and then the final 2, the jury will vote for Hayden, Enzo, or Lane over him. If he betrays the Brigade and sends them to the jury house that’s 3 votes against him right there.

  46. i do think enzo is trying in the comps and just suxs at everything. his ego is taking a huge blow and he is worried that his wife sees how bad he suxs

  47. NO you cannot nominate the HOH with the DPOV.
    There has never been a twist, ever, that would allow the HOH to be nominated for eviction.

  48. Nice to see there are some Matt fans emerging! He playes a good game, I hope he gets wind of floater/no-win/stooge Enzo’s plan. As much as I did like him, the HOH a** kissing from him is getting old.

  49. There was a “trick” to the way the rope was Knotted..Brendon said in a DR session that he finally figured it out..He was maybe 5 blocks from the end when he realized what he needed to do..

  50. vector i see it your way too. i think he is in a sinking ship and just waiting for that life vest. he has played it too many ways

  51. nadine, chapstick will offer matt a contract when he gets out. butt kissing is his forte too. he bounces up to the hoh everytime rach has been hoh and lies and promises the moon.btw i am nobodys fan

  52. Hi, I’ve gotten everything right so far in this game so I say Brit will go up after Ragan uses the POV and she will be voted out. Watch me be right again

  53. @42 Heather – I think that Rach coming back was the good (for Brendon) and was bad (for the house) all in one!

  54. Worst season ending>>>> ENZO and KATHY final 2..That will be one show I won’t be watching..

  55. i agree with you except her coming back into the house did brenden no good besides info to the other hg. how did brenden benefit from it nadine? i may have missed something

  56. @nanny – u maybe right about that, seems like all the HG are on the HOH boat regardless of who’s driving!

  57. OMG! How much I hate Enzo and Hayden? They are not head of snakes, they are head of fox. Enzo is looser guy, he don’t do his best for BB12, he just look for his own opportunity. He is always leader. He is the most dirty person in BB12. While I am watching BB12, he is the person who should kick out
    About Hayden, he thought he has “nice shape” to impress everyone. He need to wake up to realize the truth.
    Brendon is seriously dumb to listen those guys who can evict Brendon next episode.
    Idk why ppl hate Britney but surely, she is nice and honest girl (Also Kathy) but because she had to play bitchy and dirty. Why? It’s easy. WHO IS THE PERSON THAT UNDERSTAND HER FEELING RIGHT NOW? Monet, cm’on, she is gone. Lane, he know her feeling but he is a man. How can he understand her deep feeling?.
    About Ragan, he is really smart and honest. He is not good at game, but he still has brain than Brendon and Rachel.

    If I am Brendon, I will vote Enzo and Hayden.

  58. Lane was put up because he almost beat Brendan and Brendan sees how close he is with Brit, This way Brit can be back doored because she doesn’t have a chance to win POV…which she has SEVERAL other times

  59. The good for him was Rachel getting back in the house.
    The bad was him not being able to see her.
    They also said he was on a mini vacation, so maybe his good was a day spa treatment or some break from the game like that.

  60. nooo don’t think so..LANE was put up cause Brendon thinks he may be SAB..Regan was put up cayse Brendon does not like him..other reason which is lame is that neither have won a comp…DUH!!! KATHY AND ENZO 2 worst comp players..go figure..

  61. bless his heart i bet he thought he’d get alone time with her or didn’t know they would escort him out. haha im sorry but the irony is too good. wonder how they phrased it to him? bren if you open the box rach will be allowed back in the house for 24 hrs? not telling him youre out for 24 hehe. as for brit i have heard her lie in the house to people like saying enzo is the sab. if rach would have pressed it with her it would have outted her for saying it. she didnt know what to say or do. she isnt a good liar so she shouldnt do it

  62. Brendon saying he wants competitors in the game and then does not nominate Kathy or Enzo. They are the 2 worst at comps.
    Hayden is no better, the main reason he won the first HOH was because once they figured how to work the game, he was the last man waiting to get across. Someone had to jump on that bag and he was the best remaining option for his team.

  63. ok who is with me on this one? kat is a cop in your town. do you feel safe at night to lay down and go to sleep? she is the cop on duty when you go to work each day for 8-12 hrs do you feel safe? do you think all your belongings will be there when you get home. cops have to pass physical endurance tests and strenght and fitness tests. i’d be deadlocking all my doors and nailing the windows shut at my house. she is weak, she isn’t the brightest light bulb in the box, and she has no drive no motivation. i’d move before she gets home

  64. yea thad ragan of all peeps gave him the comp. again id be embarrassed if i were the meat in the bb sandwich

  65. all these hunks say they played college football. im beginning to think they were cheerleaders not players

  66. @Nanny, someone on the previous thread said Kathy was a desk jockey and her hometown paper said her Captain had “no comment” on her being on BB. Hmmmm…”no comment”. Says alot doesn’t it?

  67. I 100% agree with Nanny

    I myself, am a physically fit cop and am ashamed of Kathy

    new meaning to the slang “pig”

  68. Suze that info helps because I was wondering myself how she could be soooo weak. All she has ever said is that she wanted to make it to the jury house and she would be happy.

    I will say I was super proud about her standing up to Rachel and refusing to apologize! She was right not to. Miss “Floaters grab a life vest” had no right to be such a hypocrite!

  69. I honestly believe that Kathy can do better in the comps… I think she is purposely throwing comps (obviously not all of them but some). I think she wants everybody to think she is weak and keep her around…. I bet Kathy could woop all of em @ an endurance comp!! And I think when the time comes that Kathy NEEDS to win, we will finally see her compete and knock the socks off of all the other HGs!!

  70. I really think she (Kathy) is highly underestimated….. I could be wrong but look forward to finding out :)

  71. There is a difference in the words discussion” and “convince”..Brendon and Brittney had a “discussion” about who the SAB might be..ENZO’s name came up but so did Lane and Matt..I believe that Brittney also told Brendon that at one point she thought Rachel was the SAB..Brittney and Brendon were having a “discussion” ,,Now you see Enzo in the DR talking with Brendon and telling him how big a threat Matt is.. Brittney is.. Lane is..Regan is..(whoever his person of choice is at the moment) and throwing them under the bus that is trying to “convince” Brendon as to what he should do….(Hope that makes sense)
    THESE HOUSE GUEST ARE NOT USING COMMON SENSE TO SOLVE ARGUMENTS AND GET THE STORY TOLD STRAIGHT. Reagan would be the only one to date that has shown any “common sense” on all that has happened..

  72. I have to agree with FLY – I am always a little surprised at the discussions the the BS the people buy off each other. And I will catch a little flack and I am in NO way saying he is even close to the same level, but Enzo is reminding me a little bit of Dr Will he has done nothing won nothing and let everyone else in the house do the work and yet they manage to some how listen to him and he has convinced then the choices were their own. Makes me a little worried he will end up in a final 2 with WHOEVER makes it. hmmmmm

  73. When Kathy told Brendan that the message on her nails said I Love you Matt she thinks Rachel wants Matt put up as a replacement. Will Brendan take Rachels Advice.

  74. I still think that the SAB should use the following message>>> “One of the HG’s has 2 birds in one hand and 2 stones in the other. Does he keep the 2 birds who can take flight or does he keep the stones as they are solid??

    Meaning Enzo and Hayden are the birds..while Lane and the DV are the stones .

  75. The perfect sabateur move would be to announce that someone in the house has a “fake” power. This would make Matt think abut using it and shake up the house even more…..whatever you do, PLEASE give Ragan some better moves as a sabateur cause his leave alot to be desired….

  76. Q; If Kathy is a cop, and her forte is case solving, then why she can’t figure out who the saboteur is?

    Not like it is a murder case or something…

  77. After reading BBN-Matt’s report of Sunday in the house before the she-devil left, which btw dispells any and all claims of Rachel being the greatest or near-greatest player in BB History or even this Season – proof: Rachel want Kathy to give “MY MAN” a msg – get rid of Matt.

    My only concern at this point is the setup is almost TOO PERFECT for Matt to blow-up the Brigade, maybe BB has another twist or something in the house changes between the hg’s.

    I can not wait for Thurs… I wish I could sleep until then and wake up and watch the Eviction show. LOL!!!

  78. 9-1-1 What’s your Emergency? Yes, tyhis is so and so at the Big Brother House..we have a saboteur in the house..plz send a cop over….10-4, we will dispatch Officer Kathy right over….ummm, that’s ok, never mind, we will solve it ourselves…we asked for a cop,,,not a chain smoking, fish out of water, donut eating, unfit hosebeest.

  79. In hindsight, seeing Kathy floundering around in that carmel goo, reminded me of those fly traps that you hang up to catch annoying flies or one of those glue traps that u use to catch mice on…..

    I bet if that carmel was on a hot fudge sundae or a donut topping, she would have conquered it….

  80. TOOO FUNNY…Picture this..Final HOH..Kathy Hayden & Enzo..Kathy wins final HOH comp and sends ENZO out the door..Totally a comedy show for real..

  81. I am going to throw this out because I do not know the answer. If Matt uses the DPV can Brendon play for HOH. I know there was one season and I do not remember why, but the HOH was allowed to play because someone changed the nominations.

  82. nope, I stand corrected on #90..the mice and flies exert MORE effort to escape than she did from their sticky situation…she looked like beached beluga whale just rolling around in it….it was actually sad, that someone can be so worthless….she had more fun frolicking in that goo than most pigs do in a pen full of mud

  83. I believe that Matt will find out that the Brigade is trying to boot him out. I think he will over hear it for himself when they think that he is not around. That would be priceless. I would most definitely put Enzo up as a replacement after using the DPOV. It is time for the Brigade to be exposed. The ‘Brains’ should know that if you are the smartess in the group, then its time to find another group. Enzo and Hayden are just riding on Matt’s wins. Or maybe Lane will tell Matt…not sure that he would though.

  84. NEC- did you have coffee yet? Tell me how you realyl feel? LOL @ all that she is a pretty bad case of the cluelessness, I think even inspector Kluso could do a better job and sniffing out the bad guys in the house. Or even finding a doughnut in there for that matter.

    Im thinking Bren did a good thing with the Noms I wasnt so sure but I loved Matt and Brit UHH WTH just happened looked when they were safe doesnt take much to confuse these ppl. I am looking forward to Wednesday to see what I missed while Rach was in the house, and couldnt see Bren that had to be hilarious I am sure there are tons of post but have not time to read through a thousand plus..

  85. Don’t think soo Matt is the holder of the DV Brendon is HOH which will not change..He cannot play in the next game..

  86. I sure hope Lane tells Matt. I think it would be the right thing to do. I would luv to see a four pers alliance as Ragan, Britt, Matt and Lane. All my favs. =)

  87. If Matt goes up and uses the DPOV does the person sitting next to him automatically go to the JH?

  88. yeah Kristy..I had my coffee and

    this cop just annoys me..she is a disgrace to any badge…

    and Lane….this hick worries me..I bet all the barnyard animals sleep with one eye open with him around…he is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but then again…this whole season is a bunch of drones.

  89. SNOW- I dont think that would allow Bren to play for HOH again, but we never know what BB has up their sleeves. I remember the season your talking about but I think there was another twist that allowed it the HOH to play for HOH again since the noms were changed. We shall see Thursday.

  90. @yoyo; He is to use it and put up his own replacement, then the HG vote between those two.

  91. Nice one NEC! It would have been great to watch him mull over the screen begging and wishing to speak to Rach like the needy wimpy baby he is.

    Talk about disgrace, He is a disgrace to good looks. I even think Rach got sick of the whining and is deciding it’s not worth his Eye Candy! lol

  92. well, there ain’t no eye candy this year…Brit looks like 25 miles of bad road and Rach looks like 50 lbs of sh*t in a 10 lb bag….

    and Kathy…not sure if that is her face, or if her neck threw up

  93. I am SO sick of Brit. She acts so clueless when anything negative happens to her. She eggs Brendon on, attacks him, mimics him and then is shocked she’s a have not?

    This is the WORST BB cast EVER! Four players that can actually win? Matt (2 HOH), Rachel (2 HOH), Brit (3 POV) and Brenden (2 POV, 1 HOH).

    So not a good season.

  94. Too Cute.. live feeds..Regan (advising) telling Matt what he should tell Brendon inorder to not be put on the

  95. i’m staying true to what i said i’m just reading what went on until thursday because i HATE brendon and i’ll be a loyal fan when he’s gone like next week when someone else is hoh and that person puts up brendon and someone else up and brendon will be gone.

  96. no yoyo they will take matt off then replace the nom with someone else. now i am not sure if ragan can go back up…i dont think so. what do u think ash?

  97. and now that it has been mentioned WHY OH WHY AM I A HAVE NOT? I have already been one 3 times thats too much. wah wah wah….becuz u pi$$ed off bren and was mean to his woman hehe.thats why. its revenge. ok greg i havent heard anyone but brenchel speak of rach being the best in bb history. heck boogie was better than she is…nakomis was better ok ronny was better. oh that hurt to say that…kem kat is just lazy i believe. i am glad she isn’t a cop in my lil town. she’d have to get up off her lazy behind to even answer the phone for a 911 call. she is there because she wanted to make some easy cash, knows she isn’t a trouble maker unless pushed to be one and figured she could float her way to the bank. nec you make me laugh keep it up, and finally kristy… oh dr will was so pleasant to look at and his mean sense of humor was funny to me. he was def eye candy. and still is arrogence or nonarrogence hes purdy!

  98. @Fly #92… yeah, that’s funny alright. only problem is it would only happen in a comic strip not in reality. You were joking, right?

    at the point, where anyone says “Kathy wins… ” it becomes fantasy. if she is laying down and NOW starts winning I for one with bow at her feet. LOL!!!

  99. Oh!!! (Feeds) Reference made to Enzo & Hayden “NOT VOTING” for Matt if he gets nominated..Sooo now we know that Matt is paying attention and

  100. ok eye candy do you like cougars lol i am a great cook and would adore you forever and longer. love your sense of humor and your bedroom eyes lol

  101. @noeyecan- yes these HG’s are drone worthy which is why the whole Bren & Rach show took off the way it did! Rach is a celeb after this way more than anyone else, she’ll be gettin’ VIP treatment, she’s the most notorious HG ever, no doubt, I’m sure she’ll be on talk shows.

    @Matt (BBN) I sure hope so (that Bren replaces Ragan with Matt)
    The ONLY way that secret will come out is if Bren does that, otherwise another secret goes unknown (Ragan already has his Sab prize pretty much in his pocket…the ONLY way he can lose the $20K now is if he’s found out, and that’s NOT likely! :(

    @Kristy with #’s – That would be interesting, since the HOH power pretty much gets taken over by the D-POV! That does make for one exciting Wed night! (Well Mon night on the LF lol). We’ll have to wait 48 hours to see how CBS showcases what went down!

    @sick of britt – nuff said – ditto ditto ditto!

    @nanny – Ragan can’t go back up, but I mean Matt wouldn’t put him up anyways, Matt’s the one who gets to choose the replacement not Brendon. Ragan comes off, Brendon choose Matt (we hope!!!!***) and then Julie/CBS will announce there’s a new hidden power and then
    Matt will show his D-POV and then put up his replacement!

  102. lmaooooooooooooooo@ cougar hmmmmmmm isn’t there a song about older women make beautiful lovers? I can cook and clean..I am pretty domesticated…the bedroom eyes I dunno…they are as baby blue in the am as they are at night

  103. in my professional bb watching experience dr will and janel are the best of all players. i loved it this yr when someone said its all just janelousy. too funny!

  104. Why did CBS bring that red-headed piece of crap back for even a minute? They should have all ignored her. I also think Enzo is the biggest floater of all. He sucks at comps,kisses ass with the HOH, and talks about everyone including his precious Brigade. I would get him out before Matt. At least Matt has won some comps.

  105. I hope Brendan!!, No it’s pronounced Brendon!!! goes home next week because he has a melt down when he finds out rachel hooked up with one of the producers!!! lol..Don’t know if it happened, but wouldn’t that be classic!!!

  106. I would tend to disagree Jadelle with Rach being most notorious hg ever

    Evil Dick

    to name a few

  107. LMAO @ NEC- I am not EVEN going to comment on that one.
    NANNY- I have to say to each their own I cant say he was eye candy but we all have our own taste I have to say the hottest Male HG in my eyes was and is JEFF Schoder (dang that Jordan) LOL but Dr Will is with out a doubt the most devious master mind to have played this game. but hey girly he is a dr to boot LOL Go get him girl.

    I am just waiting to see if Matt flips on the Bro Gade or if they push him under the bus first I cant beleive no one in the house hasnt realized the BIGGEST 4 way SHOWMANCE of the season is right there. Whole new meaning to BRO MANCE .. (shaking my head)

  108. I never expected Enzo or Hay to vote for Matt if he’s put up anyways if not for the DPOV, Matt would be gone should Bren put him up as replacement for Ragan. Enzo/Hay/Lane are 2gether so Lane has the votes (he also has Britt, Bren so he’s golden, not sure who Kath would vote for Ragan would be OBVI.

    If only we could throw a message in the bottle for the BB whirlpool for Bren put up Matt! That is who Rach said she wanted to go up but apparently the new Brigade + Kath think Britt’s a bigger target! What a house shift! Now there’s 5 vs 3 (Raggity Rag, Mad Matt & Botchy Britt) except they don’t even know it!
    Mad Matt is unbelievably cocky right now, hands own his pants or not, he doesn’t seem to realize he’s giving off vibes! lol, awesome! I want those 3 gone!

  109. Yeah I don’t understand Enzo, Matt carried the brigade all alone and now he is set on getting him out. I hope Matt finds out about his buddies plan to get him out. As I said before Matts lie about his wife is disgusting but he is playing an awesome game imo

  110. @nanny #14. I have read thousands of comments on this board and you would not believe what some of these “Rachel Lovers” have said about her. It’s like they are watching a different version of BB.

    I was talking to my sister and her explanation is that those ppl are like Rachel in real life and do not see the flaws because those flaws are their’s also.

    That’s actually made sense to me, because the majority sees her actions as despicable and disgusting but those like her don’t because that what they would have done or said also.

    Meanwhile, Rachel makes us puke and we just want to see her go away. Speaking for myself I don’t want anything bad to happen to her… just GO AWAY, I promise I will NEVER go to Vegas.

  111. @no eye candy – I’ll rephrase, she’ll be the most FAMOUS! Meaning celeb famous! I heard on TMZ alot of celebs are sayin’ their guilty pleasure this summer is BB and how crazy that Rach girl is, she’s getting noticed in a way those guys NEVER have been! U’re right, Evil Dick, Janelle & Dr. Will are BB royalty but Rachel um diff kind of BB royalty….:P

  112. oh kristy you brought me back to reality. jeff is sooo hot he’d blister ya lips kissing him. woooo i am a nc girl too and jordan is right down the rd today starting her first day back at cpcc so she’s close enough i better leave her hotty alone lol he is fine as wine too. i loved when they said jeff led them to believe labron went to the bulls hehe good 1 jeff. loved it so now until sept they think james is a bull…thats bull he’s going to love the sun in florida

  113. ok Nanny we have our first domestic issue…I don’t like Carolina Blue…I am Duke blue….Go Devils!!!!

    and we won’t be making any baby cougars..that assembly line has been snipped, clipped and shut down

  114. I would love to see anyone who has not been HOH already win this week. Someone who will change the game up. I’m getting tired of the brenchel/matt power switch.

  115. @gregH – um u should go, vegas is awesome! it’s so huge there it’s not likely you’ll run into her unless you LOOK for the gyal! how many hotels are there on the strip? and club? nuff!

    *Oooh I almost forgot how could I?

    Buenos Dias BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

  116. the only celeb famous that Rachel will have is being on a nasty stained mattress on a vacant dirt lot in Van Nuys, California making the next low budget porno flick for Ron Jeremy

  117. I’m with Formerly IHR (I Hate Rachel) about Rachel.

    Has anyone heard the “if you could have dinner with 3 people who are alive or dead, who would they be?”

    I’d say “Hitler, Babe Ruth and Jesus”. Bet you thought I’d say “and Rachel Reilly”.. Got’Cha. LOL!!!

  118. @kristi w/#’s – yup indeedy a WHOLE new type of BRO-mance on this version of BB! I still can’t believe it either! Wait til they find out in the Jury House, they’ll be slapping their foreheads, we’ll be thwackin’ dem too!
    When I read the feeds for Matt & Rach’s convo he said he wasn’t the *sab*, was only friends with Ragan & Britt, and doesn’t mind Kath. um HELLO! Wake up ppls, the guys he didn’t mention were the ones he’s aligned with (well was anyways). Aye yaye yoye! Dios mios!
    Geez Louise, Crackers & Cheese! HG’s need to play the game CLUE to get one! IF only!

  119. yea some people thought jesse walked on water. haha but in reality he didn’t but he must have said his prayers out loud. rach is like someone who didnt get much attention from the boys in high school and went buck wild when she went off to college. now i personally know wcu and it is in the sticks. and dry as a bone so if she drank in collge like she does now she traveled to get her booze becuz wcu is dry to the bone. i think she was midsmall town girl…not from charlotte maybe a suburb and she decided she’d get as far away from being a country bumkin as possible and vegas is the place. bren hasnt had a girl throw it on him like that before. i figure he stumbled to get the boy girl relationship to work with his last and failed.she seemed pretty bitter in her interview. bitter table for 1. rach is very good at knowing the game and knowing what has happened in the past unlike enzo who wants a pool tourney or a card game for hoh. so i have to give her kudos where needed. she knows the game she just doesn’t know how to keep herself in the game without pissing off the entire house

  120. LOL @ Jadelle go figure I have said all along I dont even think Rach was there to win the money she is trying to get discovered so I guess applaud her for doing so. So it would seem anyways

    GregH_ your sister waa dead on I think.

    BG- I am with you I am not a Matt fan myself but he is playing the game and I think will be the one to discover the boys are flipping on him. Hurry up an wait UUGHGGG

    Houston we have a problem here, LOL NANNY im coming to your house I am a DIE HARD CAROLINA PANTHERS girl. So Carolina blue is the best blue there is LOL. We can go see Jordo haha. NEC- we are gonna have to have a little chat my friend DUKE ???? Really??? tsk tsk…

  121. Duke rules…..North Carolina Turd Heels

    didn’t the NFL relocate the Carolina Panthers? not like theyw ould be ummmmm missed

  122. My thoughts were IF Matt uses the DPV, cant he put up the HOH?? Could Brendan not be the one to walk out the door behind his fiery redhead??? Seems like the DPV allows MATT to make the choice as to who goes up….I am not sure though…should be a very interesting Wednesday night though!

  123. I used to live in Charlotte..back when I was a Federal Air Marshal…down near that back road that runs into the airport…the highway number eludes me with old age…

    I am in VA now…near the District

  124. Ashli Rae, I completely agree with you italicized opinions. As a big fan of Britney, Ragan, and Matt, I’ve wanted Matt to leave the Brigade for a long time now. Hopefully Brendon nominates him as the replacement, and hopefully Matt will then realize that the Brigade has disowned him. Then he can use the DPOV and replace himself with either Enzo or Hayden. That would be the best case scenario.

  125. This Enzo gets on my nerve. I would really want Brendon to nominate Matt and he uses his DPOV and put either Britney or Kathy up. I would want to see Enzo’s face when that happens. He’s such an ungrateful pathetic game player. I feel bad for Matt who carries the heavy weight of all these lazy ass pathetic Brigades.

    If Matt finds out what Enzo is trying to do, which I hope he does, Id want him to nominate Enzo however I doubt it.

    I also want to voice my opinion about Brendon’s speech at nomination’s ceremony saying that the nominations are floaters in the game that they havent done anything to compete. Well In that sense, standing applause to Kathy, who I thought was missing from the table somehow, really. If Lane and Ragan were the biggest floaters ever, what is Kathy?. What a waste of space.

    Generally Id want to ask who put all these worthless lazy asses into the house. With the exception of Matt, every single person in the cast really dont worth to be game players. They sucked big time. And I got a feeling the producers regret their cast. ugh.

  126. im tarheel born and tarheel bred when i die ill be tarheel dead….my dad seriously wants that on his tombstone no joking.

  127. Torch- It seems all is well behaved today and yes shouts to the nifty ones ;).. I am with you on the lets get a Brigade Member out, waiting to see how this will play out I was thinking that Matt would of course use it to save Lane, but we shall see. Interesting littel turn of events in the last few hours it seems. I am so far behind on things still..

    And ever so distraught over the Carolina comments LOL…

  128. ADMIN MATT— whay can i not see more than 100 comments?? Whenver I click older/newer comments it will only display 1-20 something and then click again and i can see to 1-100 but never beyond that even though there are 150+ comments??

  129. ok any NON North Carolina hot ladies or cougars let me know….lmaooooooooooo j/k

    sigh I think I spewed soda on the work computer screen

  130. no eye panthers r still rocking it out in clt. we did loose the hornets to new orleans but now have the bobcats owned by mikey jordan….as for the 3 people i’d like to dine with…hum my first pick would be michael jordan, i will eat a bite of lunch and come up with the other 2. it was going to dr eye candy but he slammed my heels so now im dumping him lmbo

  131. The messages are all delivered by Saboteur Video in the Living Room. They start at 2:40am, and they go as follows:

    * 2:40am 1st Video – “Wake up, houseguests! Wake up!”
    * 3:10am 2nd Video – “Houseguests, remember to expect the unexpected.”
    * 3:15am 3rd Video – “Houseguests, did you miss me?”
    * 3:57am 4th Video – “Houseguests, I hope you said your prayers tonight.”
    * 5th: “Could someone be leaving tomorrow?”
    * 6th: “Houseguests, whats wrong? Am I keeping you up?”
    * 7th: “Houseguests, your time is running out.”
    * 8th: “Houseguests, being evicted is not that bad.”
    * 9th: “Houseguests, are you having nightmares about me?”
    * 10th: “Houseguests, is insomnia really that bad?”
    * 11th: “Housegusts, I suggest you say goodbye tonight.”
    * 12th: “Houseguests, who do you trust in tomorrow’s competitio?”

  132. Torch/Kristi- if I am correct I beleive most of what the Sab kept the HG’s saying was expect the unexpected. That doesnt sound to inventive I read the other post about telling him to leak there is a secret power HAHAH that would create even more paranoria cant wait to see how it plays out.

  133. sigh@ ditched by Nanny already …oh well

    evicted from the house already..with no veto comp//lol

  134. @ Nanny and NO eye cany..Im a NC girl too. I am a UNC fan all the way!!!

    I dont 100% like Rachel but i do believe she has made this season. I hope that Brendon does not put Matt up bc that will be disastrous. I want Brit gone!! Im tired of watching her pick at her dead ends

  135. #2 is ash…weve been friends for a while now and i’d add her to my list next as for my lunch buddy

  136. well, I have managed to “Rachel” the North Carolina contingent here today

    what can I destroy next??

    I should be the saboteur

  137. My # 1 choice of 3 people to meet and greet has Kathy as # 1

    I am sure it would be at the local Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kreme

    a healthy nutritious law enforcement meal!!!

  138. brendon and enzo’s comments on “brintey is not middle class, she doesnt deserve the money” is pure horseshet.

    in its finest form. brendon from week 2-3 has been jealous of her because she got to go places as a kid, and he struggled. so immature.

    he keeps preaching “oh i want ppl who play the game, i dont want floaters” then he makes an alliance with floaters, and is going to put up matt or brintey….. between them ppl who have 5 things.

    and enzo’s punkass, is just that. he better not win this game. i dont care how funny he is. he throws everyone under the bus, and kisses butt tremendously. AND HE IS IN THE BRIGADE.

    he said britney doesnt deserve the money cuz she is 22 years old and isnt middle class.

    NEITHER IS HE. he said his wife is the rbead-winner and makes over 100,000 dollars a year. enzo works, so in turn their prolly pulling in 175,000? umm thats not middle class.

    however with all that said, i think u can pretty much assure yourselves that britney will be leaving the house.

    with matt’s DPOV, the brigade’s votes, ragan’s POV, and how brendon is not EVEN CONSIDERING putting up kathy, well will see britney leave. :(

  139. been a duke fan ever since I first graced Jacksonville, NC in June 1986 ain’t gonna change colors now

  140. Does anyone know when the POV ceremony will take place? Can Matt use the DPOV in this one or does he wait till eviction night? I thought I just read on one of the comments that Matt overheard Enzo and Hayden saying they will vote for Lane and not Matt. Did anyone else hear that?

  141. no maam I currently reside North of you in the Commonwealth of VA

    and yes

    baby blues indeed :)

  142. This is my two cents, or maybe one cent, I don’t know. Ragan will use his POV, Bren will put up Matt, then Matt will use the DPOV on himself and put up either Kathy or Brittany. With Lane having the most votes, he will not be the one going home. Personally, either Kathy or Brittany could leave as far as I care, but at least Brittany has won some contests. Kathy sits and smokes. Once Enzo, Lane, and Hayden find out what Matt really got from Pandora’s box, they’ll kick him to the curb. I’m not a Brendon fan, but please, Enzo and Lane have both been floating down that creek for too long. They need to be made to step up to the plate.

  143. enzo is funny? dang i know my job has made me conk out early this season so i have missed him being funny. see what happens when you sleep?

  144. eye va is as pretty as nc is. were cleaner though lol. i love va and wva. my family skis so im in wva often if snow is on the ground. after skiing wva they would rather ride up the rd 2 hrs than half hr. i live near hickory nc about 30 min from charlotte

  145. OMG Kristi w/#’s, I’m from Can, but I’ve always loved Carolina Blue (Tarheels that is, like 15 yrs, I fell in love with them in H.S, lol, and I’ve been a rabid supporter ever since! (basketball only tho’ – tobacco road! :) Duke, that’s an evil name don’t type it! lol.

    @torch – hollaz! yes we are well behaved, let’s get a brigade member out!

    @mario – oh MY if Matt EVER found out that Hay & Enzo were after him now he could FLIP da switch and put one of dem up! Enzo goin’ up there would be PRICELESS! Lane would stay, OBVI! Enzo would be gangsta mad I’d love it! So many exciting possibilties! C’mon Bren put up MATT! Put up MATT!

  146. BCHRIS- Great insight there that would be interesting to watch play out. That would also force Matt to out the Brigade and I say if he is privy to that BEFORE all this goes down maybe he should consider putting up Enzo or Hayden then he would have the votes to get one Brigade member out possibly saving himself another week and causing the house to realign an even out a little bit more… hmmmmm

  147. lol

    I think Nanny wants to date me

    poor girl

    UGH @ ANOTHER Carolina fan from North of the Border even

    what is wrong with people..that color blue only looks good on newborn babies (even better right after they puke on it)

  148. ok princess dianna is my final dinner partner. ash we will be in the co. of famous peeps. so my 3 dinner partners will be ash, michael jordan and princess dianna.

  149. @marcus – true point, i mean for someone who claims to NOT want to align with floaters, he is goin’ on with da best of dem (enzo, hay & kath) but he can’t bond with matt & britt (the real players) b/c of what they did to Rach when she was nominated and how they treated them in the house..gotta admit while odd his NOMS were SPOT-on! I loved seeing Ragan quiver & squirm and Lane on da hot seat! These guys need a fire BUSh under their butts!

  150. jadell i love canada and my cannuck friends you keep loving my heels. some people just dont know the right way to go lol dr will/aka eye candy will learn the finer things in life some day

  151. bren is a floater too. or a coat tailer may be better. what has he done besides smooch on rach, rub on rach, whine on and to rach while riding her coat tails. i actually hope he lasts more than a wk so i can see if the boy has game in him

  152. ok too many NC hens in this hen house …lol I am gonna surf for a bit ..maybe if anyone misses me intellect..try vaffanculo_stunahd @ yahoo dot com

    go Duke

  153. @jadelle

    and thats another thing. i dont know what britney did to rachel over what matt did lol u know? i mean he sent her packing.

    after listening to ragan, that makes it official. EVERYONE has thrown her under the bus HARD. like ragan, kathy (bitch), enzo, lane (that should be telling), hayden.

    i mean imagine being in the house, and ur fighting and stuff and on the week u least need it, EVERYONE is throwing u under the bus to save themselves, some of which are not even in danger.

    i just an not get over the face brendon has not thought for a single second to put up kathy. i dont get it. ragan was like telling him about how u need to get out the ppl who havent done a single thing, and then brendon’s next sentence turns to putting matt of britney up. like QUE? haha

  154. ok got to step up to my office for a little bit be back in a few. i think i hear eye candy knocking on my office door

  155. Does anyone else notice that Bratney’s eyes look like a fricken pugs??? One eye lookin’ this way, one eye lookin’ that way…

  156. @Jadelle… Thats what I want too… I am tired of Enzo always trying to be mastermind of everything when he doesnt even compete in every single challenge.. Talk much zero action is what he is..

    Anyway Id like for Matt and Brendon to form a secret alliance or something. Well, first of all theyd have to bury the hatchet, and itd be hilarious if Brendon apologizes to Matt for calling him midget but dont think it’ll happen but yeah. If these two are smart, which I really think Matt is, theyd form secret alliance in order to kick these dummies out of the game one by one.

    However. Id want Kathy to go home this week more than any other. Its one thing to have a strategy to lay low in the game and to not be perceived as a target, but for heavens sake, its very rare of her to even speak. She reminds me of a mannequin.

    As for Lane, i dunno why but really, I still have high hopes for him in the game, But Gosh, physical competition is his only shot to win, and the fact that he lost, its all settled. He deserves to go home. By the way after that POV competition, the counting competition, which Brendon won,I realize this guy may never win any competition that requires brain operation.

  157. @nanny I don’t understand. If Matt uses DPOV he goes nowhere how? Is he really talking about using this on Lane and putting Kathy or Britany up? He should save himself.

  158. I assume Big Brother will make Matt use the DPOV at the eviction ceremony, as they did with the coup d’etat, in order to increase the excitement at the live show.

    The person in the best position in the house is Hayden. The only time he has had a target in this house was when he was with Kristen on the block, and he worked hard to distance himself from her in that regard. Now, he’s riding shotgun to Enzo, who is overstretching himself a bit too much. When Enzo gets targeted, Hayden will be the secondary target and can likely avoid aviction. Hayden still has the support of Lane and Matt, and the other houseguests are preoccupied targeting each other. On top of it all, he appears to be well liked in the house and doesn’t get involved in the drama. Barring any significant changes in the atmosphere of the house, he will make it to the Final Four. He definitely does not want to win HoH for another couple weeks to keep the target off.

  159. i dont approve of kats lazy game play but these people dont have a clue what goes on in this show. have they not noticed that most of the winners are floaters? so if they allow her to slide under the radar then its their fault if she is in the final 2. who would u vote for if she got to the top 2 her or ragan or her and matt? tough decision for me. id give it to brit first if they were on the final block together otherwise shes getting my vote if shes up against ragan or matt. ragan is so shinney and matt is smarmey so lazy wins n nc

  160. i mean it should ring a bell that kathy is always the first person to talk to HOH and is ALWAYS throwing everyone under the bus, … when she is never in a position to make a move.

    like honestly it comes down to the “trim the fat” logic. u cant make a deal with her, u cant even put her in fires way because she wouldnt even accomplish that.

    so kathy is here for another week. brendon or matt is out next week. the leftovers from that will be out another week, ragan is gone i mean when does somebody look at last place and be like;

    “ummm why is she here?”

    that really bothers me. i cant stand rachel. i hate her to death, but even she should have stayed longer than kathy.

    hell kathy, andrew, monet, and annie should have.

    the fact enzo keeps preaching how he wants kathy here should say alot about his motives.

  161. thats what i mean if matt uses dpov he stays in house and so does whoever he saves if he doesnt have to use it on himself. he chooses who goes up not brenden

  162. lol MARCUS..Enzo is always first in the HOH .. Only cause he can “crawl” faster than Kathy

  163. matt b i dont think bb can make him use it. they didnt make jeff use it he chose to use it. but bb production has had its nose in a lot of choices it seems this yr. which isn’t right. if they keep it up bb may as well be scripted from now on and we will call it a sit com instead of reality

  164. I would laugh if Matt took Lane off the block only to replace him with Enzo and the big mouth was voted out. Then he could spend a week with Rachel, Oh boy

  165. Kathy isn’t even a reliable vote.

    She reminds me of Kent from S2. Lots of talk about integrity and “not letting the game change you”, but she’s the first to go into the HoH room and say whatever needs to be said to slide through another week.

    She’s almost like an observer that gets to enter the competition later in the game. She sits back and watches while actual competitors go head to head, and then once the numbers dwindle down, she comes onto the scene and people remember that she can actually win some money.

  166. Something will happen so that Matt will be “forced” to use guess????

  167. lol and because kat has to find a reason to get her toad butt off that log before she can crawl to hoh. lazy lazy lady from what im seeing. another thing is she rarey mentions her son too. its like these folks dont care to get hoh. this season should have been called the yr of supposeably throwing comps. which i dont think they are doing as much as they admit they are. now i have seen brit jump off early ie paint can comp but ive never seen people supposeably throw comps like this yr.

  168. “matt b i dont think bb can make him use it. they didnt make jeff use it he chose to use it.”

    I never said such thing. I said that he would have to use it on eviction night, rather than at any other time. Someone inquired as to what time he uses it, and I was responding to that.

  169. I hope Matt does use it, but I fear it will mean Brittany is going home. I mean what’s with Brenden saying he’s going after floaters? The biggest floater in the house is ENZO!!! Brenden is thinking with the wrong head.

  170. and these folks have forgotten they have an angry red head dyed or not in the jury house fuming that someone may be coming between her and her ragan next on the messing with my man list…oh a customer bb asap

  171. @nanny – Yahhhhhhhhhhh! Carolina Blue Carolina Blue! :)

    @Marcus I know eh? Seriously! I totally agree with all of #93!

    @no eye candy – awwhhh c’est dommage! It’s all good!
    NC is one hot ball state, no diggity no doubt! One luv! ;)

    @marcus – que? ha ha! Lol, love it! yeah Britt has like NO idea she wa sent under the greyhound MULTIPLE times and fantastically so! :P..Course she will say anything to stay in the house lies aside! Yeah I’m not sure what this fascination with keepin’ kathy is save going ot final 2 and knowing she’ll lose, but will she? lol. Can u imagine? The TRAVESTY!

    @super mario – enzo is ALL talk, I’ve never heard so much yapp from any jersey boy!
    lol. It’s funny how he thinks he’s some kind of BB narrator and that he’s pulling the strings!
    N Sync you are NOT jersey boy! lol. It would be marvellous if somehow Matt found out that Meow Man Mix nuked him from the bro-gade and then put HIM up!
    Mastercard moment peoples – pricess baby! :)

    @Matt B- well you are right, Matt can use it at the eviction ceremony and CBS may make him use it esp. if Bren puts up Britt! (ugh!)….by then tho’ he may know that he’s OUT of a brigade and an alliance short! hee*

    @marcus – trim the fat with kathy never seems to happen!
    what ‘diet’ are they on over there? she’s the nutrient that does NOT keep on givin’!
    it’s like furniture fixtures, wouldn’t it be hilarious though if SHE won HOH this week?
    That would throw off everyone’s game! lol.

  172. Ok was never a fan of brendan but he might be able to do some damage on the “brigaid” if he would stop with the rachel talk! He’s not as dumb as he seemed when she was there! I would love to see hayden enzo and lane all be the next three out!

  173. thanks Matt & Ashli Rae for filtering the older comments upwards! No more long up scrolling! :) thumbs up!

  174. Wow, people need to work on reading comprehension.

    I never said he is being forced to use it. I said that if he decides to use it, Big Brother will make him do it on eviction night. As in, he can’t tell anyone about it until eviction night.

  175. i thought everyone from jersey had big hair. when enzo sees the back of his head matt will die

  176. The only people that Rachel could and would be able to spend a week with are ENZO, KATHY, or HAYDEN…(BRENDON DOES NOT COUNT ..HE IS HOH) I will say that if I was in that house I would play my dam as off to get HOH or POV either would mean not getting evicted so I would not have to spend any time alone with Rachel..I would think along those lines and beat the crap out of all of them to avoid that..

  177. MattB..IF UR TALKING ABOUT ME I WAS NOT MAKING ANY STATEMENT AS TO WHAT “U” WROTE. “I” think BB will come up with something to force Matt to use the DV..I did not say that “U” said that.
    SS if my post was misunderstood

  178. it pizzes me off they way they have played this season. if i were in the house id fight til i collapsed to get hoh and any $$$ they offered. the object of the game is to win not throw comps. i’d want to see my hubby, son and parents pics. and to get my chocolate from home and my bath and body works. so i guess i’d be like rach and out asap but i’d put up the biggest fight in the house to win something. id rather swim than float. the reason enzo and kat are floaters is becuz they cant swim. we ought to call them the dog paddlers lol

  179. fly i think im the reason for the post i thought he said bb would make matt use it. my misunderstanding

  180. why in bb do people float? in survivor and amazing race there are no floaters. bb needs to find a way to punish those who apply for the game and then do nothing. after a few wks on sloppy slop either u go home from malnourishment or play the game and give it all you got. if you “accidently” jump off u get penalty pts. or you loose clean clothes and hot showers for a wk and no pool time or swimming pool time or lock down in have not room for a wk punish them bb make them play the game or choose people who will. it ought to be immediate discharge if u throw a comp or u loose a wks pay for every comp u throw

  181. a married cougar and a milf


    if only she wasn’t NC blue lol

    goooooooooo Enzo

  182. I got a tech question.

    Is the DPOV used at the pov cerimony, or on thurs live eviction show?


  183. Yikes, this is a show about living in a house, a show based on all those in the world who are 24/7 couch potatoes…
    Couch potatoes do nothing but float from one day to the next, ever dreaming bigger drems and doing nothing until something somewhere gives.
    That why the art of Floating is so essential to Big Brother.
    Now I despise the host, the producers the network and the suits, especially the top suit, moonves, a failed actor, and their unending manipulation and their love affair with Rachel slut and Brendon nut.
    But that does not detract from the fact that floating is what homies do best and that makes the game true to life

  184. DPOV is at live eviction,
    Brendon get ready for a surprise!!!!! Yo, u 2 Enzo, meow meow goes bye bye.
    If ya played it straight wid matty, it’s like the god father

  185. Uh ho..Not sure on the double eviction was refering to Thursday and MATT using the DV

  186. @yoyohuh
    Why would anyone automatically go to the jury house. There will always be a vote and there will always be an eviction. The only time this will verry is when there are only 4 people left and the one lone voter gets to tell Julie live on TV who they want to go. Still there is no automatic.

  187. Double eviction, no hint, they would prepared the tv audience. the double eviction is just another mind screw for the houseguests.

    It is insulting that the tv producers think america is so brain dead. Truth is america is very intelligent about what it cares about and brain dead about what it does not care about.
    There are a lot of people who know everything about hiar extensions and have no idea where Iran is on a map

  188. re: bb1…It is somebody that knows all about hair extentions but did not know that u should not put metal objects in the microwave…

  189. so we think if Matt is put up today he will use the DPoV on wednesday live eviction then Julie asks him/matt who he wants to replace him? Will he say Brit ot turn on the brigade and put up say enzo? In other words is he more loyal to brigade or brat pack?

  190. krysto this is as close as a double as i personally think we will have being this yr started 1 hg short before the show even started but expect the unexpected. who knows? julie always tells us first

  191. eye i cook have a full time job and would fight for my life to stay in the house and pull for unc. im a good girl lol

  192. @ 36… in a perfect world his choices would be Enzo Kathy or Hayden..but BB is not a perfect world so I can’t even guess..But he did indicate earlier today in a conversation with Regan that he does not think that Enzo or Hayden would vote to keep he is aware of the backstabbing..Lane have told not sure.

  193. Matt is gonna be the bad guy cause he lied about Pandoras Box and he has to use the DPV! Ha Ha Matt wwants enzo OUT..Enzo is a pretty cool cat and Haydon as well.. breandon, Enzo, and Hatdon r my favs in the BB house and the others can go flost a boat as far as I am concerned. I like Tach as well, so the others are nothing but S___ in my book…. I do not care if any1 write a nasty respose to what i just wrote…does not bother me so go ahead LMAO! Peace (I want Brittany OUT) She is a mean Big Human of “dust” as Lane would call it..She is nothing but trouble and any1 who is with her in “real ‘ life I feel so sorry for! Kathy too she is an HOH follower

  194. let me rephrase that i am a mean cook…i manage a jewelry store. im not a professional cook or a line cook at mickey d’s lol. i have a 19 yr old son and have been married to a floater for 25 yrs lmao

  195. well speak your mind susie lmbo this bb site believes in the constitution and freedom of speech so lay in out gf

  196. uhoh eye we have a problem. my dad worked for d.o.c. for 30 yrs so im a good girl didnt want to go to work with daddy.

  197. lol if youre dr will i will reconsider my vows lmbo and get a boob job and get the girls back up where they used to be when i was 22

  198. Where’s proof that the DVeto is used on eviction night? That’s b.s., it’s way more likely to happen at the veto ceremony.

    For one, the nominees both need time to pack their bags, secondly they need time to prepare a speech, and thirdly the blindsided person would have no time to campaign for themselves. The rest of the HGs would have no idea who to vote for either!

    In this case it looks like speculation has turned into fact.

  199. stay on topic nanny

    that stuff should be addressed at the outside contact I gave you posts back lmao

  200. Accept for the replacement NOM I don’t think “if” Matt does use the DV that it will be a major issue (maybe to Brendon) to the remaining players cause they gonna go straight to HOH comp to try to win. I am sure that he will get questioned on it by “somebody” But whoever does not get evicted this week is just gonna feel sooooo dam lucky that they can play another week..

  201. was just comparing to coup d’etat and how bb handled that but the way cbs has screwed with things anybodies guess is as good as mine as far as packing et all all the houseguests have been made to pack at certain times in previous seasons, and thats the point to time to campaign as in a double eviction also re: vote

  202. andy just to answer your post they will pack the unsuspecting hg evicted bags for them.thats what they have done in the past. and eye i will return i need to order the bands for my customers before i forget or gold goes higher. bb asap

  203. Production made everybody pack their bags last week on eviction night in case Matt used the DPOV on anyone. Remember?

  204. Hey, when does America get a chance to tell people in the house what’s up? Someone get a plane with a message floating from behind it. Wait, that was done, right? Can we email them? Have an online contest? Does one lucky winner get to go the house and tell who is alligned with who and stir the pot? Why not CBS? Think of the ratings…. Sell your soul Ok, I’ve purged and feel better now.

  205. this was pointed out to me yesterday on this board..last year when Jeff used the coup it was on live eviction night and Julie asked him immediately who he wanted to replace himself with after he took himself off etc.

  206. That’s the beauty of the dpov, it is such a surprise thst they have to vote on the spot without thinking.
    You see they all have the scenarios all planned out. They are not rocket science, Matt puts enzo up and enzo goes, ragan, britney and Lane will all follow matt’s choice. brendon does not vote and matt votes as dpov holder, that is what makes it powerful, you really don’t have to worry about campaigning. the minds are made up.

  207. Jeff was NOT on the block.. Russell and Lydia were on the block..Jeff took Lydia off and replaced her with Jessee who was evicted. HENCE THE CHIMA MELT DOWN..she was furious at Jeff and BB as she wanted Russell evicted ..That is the way I remember it..Please correct me if I am in error

  208. i am from nc….raleigh area and love me some tarheels!! and baby blues are right on the money. its how i stole my chick lol

  209. yes @Fly I remember it that way as well chima felt her power as HoH was totally negated …I was only speculating and since this is not the coup but the DPoV it “should” be a bit diff but as stated before as far as CBS is concerned they can do whatever the Hell they want and as we’ve seen they do just that. Just thought they would drag dpov out as long as possible

  210. The way Matt is talking, it appears he may be the replacement nominee … diamond veto will be used!

  211. now matt is talking about some power that someone has that may save the brigade…

    telling hay and enzo not to lose hope…

    lol what a joke..i hope when he uses it, he puts up britney

  212. If Matt gets put up as a replacement, can he use the diamond veto on himself and nominate the HOH, or is the HOH safe from the DPOV?

  213. Just in case it has not been mentioned yet, MATT is on the block and working it! He keeps saying he is no giving up yet, ot until he walks out the door, that there has to be a special power in play that america voted on, that there was a week that america did not vote on anything, so that is where he is leading everyone.

  214. Could be Britney, probably will be. If Matt knew how Enzo was talking about him, he would used the diamond veto, putt up Enzo and align himself with Brit, Ragan & possibly Lane.

  215. Brendon, look out because Matts’ coming after you. Can’t wait till Thursday to see his face and find out who Matt will puts up. I hope he knows the brigade is not true to him and he doesn’t depend on them for anything. I wish Enzo would go. He’s lazy and always talking big, but never wins anything. I can’t believe the HOH comp and he was neck and neck with Kathy. Him saying he hates to get his hands dirty. If that’s the case why did he apply for the show? Does he think the jury is just going to give him the money? He is nuts.

  216. Tell us general is it party time and if it is can we all come Matt will spend a week “fake” campaigning, watching everyone state theri true feelings to him and boom out the door.
    Right now without dpov, Enzo, votes matt, britney votes matt, kathy votes matt, Hayden votes Matt
    Ragan votes lane
    Then DPOV
    Enzo on block
    everyone but hayden votes enzo.
    hayden on block everyone votes hayden.

    It is sad the brigade ended this way, that brendon got in good with them.
    Result is that Brendon will have ABSOLUTELY no safety next week,
    Not so much that they hate him, but he is an easy target and the longer u stay the better the chance is you get the jury vote

  217. Matt will put up Kathy…. no question about it.

    He won’t have any time to talk to anyone about votes after he uses the DPOV. So, Kathy is his only no-risk choice. If he puts up Brit, he risks Lane being upset with him, causing a rift in the Brigade. Not really a huge problem, but putting up Kathy is no risk at all.

  218. Hi Rico, I agree Kathy is the best safe choice. Plus, she’s really gettin’ on my nerves. One can only hope … ya’ll … and um … ya know …

  219. I REALLY hope Enzo goes home and if he does I hope Hayden/Brit/Lane don’t form an alliance because I want Lane and Brit to be with Matt and Ragan in the final 4!

  220. That was interesting what Hayden was starting to say about production when they went to bubbles… hummm….

  221. Enzo is an idiot. Why would he let go of the ONLY brigade member that has actually done something? Matt has done all the dirty work for them (evicting Rachael specifically) in addition to winning two HOHs. I hope Matt uses the DPOV on Enzo. Bye bye, Meow Meow!

  222. ya rico I agree it will be Kathy, unless enzo and hayden or lane let it slip that they want him gone.

  223. Am I the only one that thinks Brendon didn’t really get a spa day? I mean he might have, but he might also be making that up because he really got something better. He’s smart enough to know that the HG’s would expect him to get something good out of unleashing Rachel on the house, so maybe he fabricated the spa thing.

    Also, I cannot wait to see what unfolds Thursday! I was so hoping Brendon would nominate Matt, and Matt would use the DPOV and piss the Brigade off even more. How great if the Brigade would just openly shut him out once they realise they’ve been lied to.

  224. This season’s cast SUCKS compared to the other seasons. They are the MOST catty people ever

  225. I guess Brendan is still listening to Rachel. She wanted Brendan to put up Matt. Matt can’t put up HOH or VOP winner. I can’t wait until Thursday.

  226. It sounds like Matt needs to be careful about what he says, if he lets it slip he has the DPOV he’ll loose the power before he can use it.

  227. For anyone hoping Enzo will be gone, I totally understand where you’re coming from. But, it just can’t happen unless someone tells Matt the Brigade (specifically Enzo) is out to get him.

    Pretend you’re Matt for a second…
    Ok… first, put on some oversized kid’s pajamas. Then, go get on your couch and lay back. Now, put your hand down your pants and start thinking how much of a genius you are…..

    Now, in your contemplations, you really have no idea any of the Brigade is turning against you. So, none of them are an option to put up on the block. After all, why would you do that and then TRY to allign yourself with Brit, Ragan, Kathy, etc. when there’s no guarantee they will want to? You can’t put up Brendon or Ragan, so your only choice is Brit or Kathy.

    Putting up Brit could cause you a problem with the Brigade (Lane), so the only choice is Kathy.

  228. Possible solution to rid BB of “floaters” or as Kathy seems to say “flutters”.

    *Future Seasons* if there are any…

    Have a comp every other week (run after HoH sometime b4 noms), maybe from week 4 to week ?, where only non-comp (HoH/PoV) winners have to compete. The loser goes on the block with either 1 or 2 hg’s nominated by the HoH, so you could keep it to 2 or make it 3 on the block on the “Get the Floater” week.

    Viewers like comps, right? I’m a viewer I like comps and don’t like “floaters”.

    Damn, I should be hired by BB to boost the ratings in this Show… I’d want more than $25,000, if it’s that or less I can do like Ragan and do basically nothing and still get paid. LOL!!!

    So you guys are my witnesses if BB steals my idea. Plus this is without fine tuning the details.

  229. I just figured out MattBBN must have enhanced the thread to have pages thus:


    DUH??? I was like the numbers are changing, the sky is falling, I’m so confused and it doesn’t take much.

    Probably to fix the Max 999 comments problem that cropped up with “Rachel Returns” thread.

    That’s my guess and I’m sticking with it.

  230. Everyone must realize…. “floaters” are an integral part of this game.

    This game was never designed or intended to be a pure competition or sport. If it was, they should just get a bunch of atheletes as the cast and make it a bunch of competitions. But then all they would have is the 1970’s show “Superstars”.

    This game is part competition, part social, and part deception. It is designed for anyone to have a chance to win. You must be good with at least a couple of parts of the game. That is why Rachel is gone. Great competitor, lousy at the deception and social aspects.

    It is not all about comps, and was never designed to be.

  231. anyone with live feeds…what just happened where did Brenden get a tape recorder who was he tapinng a msg to and was there a hidden meaning in the white face or just a cameraman trying to be artsy…man I went to the other room and came back and????

  232. oh wait i think i read too much into it….on retrospect i think he was just talking into his mic…what i though was a recorder was for his HoH cd…..

  233. feeds..Brendon was talking to the camera about Rachel and the game..he is in HOH alone..strange dude..really

  234. Matt’s risking losing his DPOV again…. walking a fine line and talking about a “special power” being out there…

  235. I can’t decide which would be more fun to see … Matt using DPOV or losing it because of what he’s saying. I mean, he is a genius after all LOL

  236. Matt just got called to the D.R…… they must either be warning him about his conversations, or taking the power away…

  237. lmao so Enzo VOTED Matt out of the Brigade did he??? Isn’t he the only one who has actually won??? O wait Hayden won HOH week 1- but since then i’ve seen nobody but Matt pull through for that lame alliance!!! lol This is some Destiny’s Child drama!!!

    As for Britney – i do hope she goes…Matt has teh dpov and ragen has the reg pov- so we shall see wat happens!!! EXCITEMENT!!!

    OHHHH AND THAT FIGHT BETWEEN RACHEL AND RAGEN- I love Rachel but he LAID INTO HER!!!!! I mean…all she could do was just stand there for like 2 min w/o even moving. I felt bad for her-

  238. HE IS PROBABLY GETTING A LECTURE RIGHT NOW…but Matt MIGHT NOT CARE TO LOSE IT..He may think he has the votes without it. but I would not take a chance like that..

  239. What show?? I see the other HG’s muttering to themselves or talking to the mirror on occassion but Brendon has these “long conversations” with “nobody”…WHERE’S THE SHOW??

  240. Wow Fly I didn’t think of that! Matt doing this on purpose to hot have to use the power, but that seems like such a dumb move.

  241. @eye. Kathy would be an excellent choice if you’re going to a Donut store… she’d definitely advise you on the what’s “best”. She might even have coupons… buy 3 get 1 free.

  242. What has Enzo done to think that he “eviction proof”??? That is what pissses me off about him.. He’s a mouthy jerk with big ideas but his small mind can’t follow through with em..Making plans for the final 2..seriously ENZO?? Enzo’s lies and backdooring is gonna catch up with him..very soon now.. very soon

  243. fly on the wall, I feel the same way about Enzo. He is all talk and no game. If Brendon really wanted to get out floaters, he should have put up the two biggest in the game and that’s Enzo and Kathy.

  244. @AshliRae: do you think Matt is close to losing the dpov the way he is running his mouth.

  245. @MattBN with each page of comments now going to max 100 then to the next page we need page # + comment # to refer to a particular comment – Is that True? Yes, Greg it is.

    Any chance to use display Page#’s?

  246. @bb12cp. the flaw in your logic about floaters is that BB is profit oriented, profit is generated with ratings, you get ratings with lots of viewers, you get viewers with a interesting and dramatic program and floaters produce a boring program.

    You can have 1 or 2 and get away with it but this season… IMO we started with maybe 6 or 7 out of 12, not counting Annie. That’s too many.

    The game itself has promoted this as the best strategy, that’s BB’s failing… they need a way to combat this strategy but not eliminate it.

    Btw… the drama might even be disgusting or it can be great to see someone who takes risk or change the course of the game. Players like Janelle, Dr Will or Boogie. That’s why BB provides “twist”, problem is some work and some don’t.

  247. @eye candy. Hey, just caught your Dr Will admission, so if you’re Will, I’m Boogie. LOL!!!

    ‘Ring’, ‘Ring’….

    ‘Hello, Doc’


    ‘What’s your take on BB12 and these Hg’s?’

    ‘Lame… no game.’

    ‘Yeah, remember the old days? We had game’

    ‘I miss those old days’

    ‘Tell me, wha’cha think of Rach? Would ya?’

    ‘I’d play her like a drum for 500 Grand.’

    ‘Me too, you could double bag yourself and gag & bag her.’

    ‘We so smart, these hg’s would be like playing with babies.’

    ‘Gotta, run’

    ‘Later, gator’

  248. @MattBn… ignore last comment from idiot GregH, instead of Page#, could the comment # continue to increment? So page 2 starts with 101 and page 3 with 201… and so forth and so on as each key is drawn.. whoa, wait a minute I got off track!!!

  249. Hi every body. I know I am behind. Can someone tell me is Brendon and Rash had time together alone. And has anyone told Brendon about the yelling matach between Rash and Ragan. Watched the after dark last nite, very boring.

  250. #17, spikesmom, Spike is an unusual name but I have to son with the same name (real name Spero). So hello to you.

  251. Just because brendon is talking to himself, doesn’t make him strange, If I have a big problem it helps we think better if I talk to myself, It is also a good way to relieve stress, you can’t tell you have never said to yourself “way to “F” up” out loud?

  252. I’d put Enzo on the block if I were Matt when he uses the DPOV! Enzo has a trash mouth! I totally agree with fly on the wall.

  253. This season BB 12 continues to “pull at straws” trying to think of ways to boost the ratings, not caring about the intergity of the game. Rachel should have never returned to BB house once she was evicted! What the hell???? It was so unfair for the remaining players to once again stomach this crazy female and to endure the sound of her voice for another 24 hours. She was even allowed to leave a clue for Brendon warning him about Matt. I think this is called “Cheating”!!!!

    • I have to agree with you. This has not been a good BB season for sure, and the producers really are grasping at straws. But I keep watching lol.

  254. i love this season i think it is really good:) i like brendon now that rachel is gone but the only think i dont like is some of the ideas for regan are kinda boring :(

  255. I can not believe Matt has been able to keep his DPOV. He was not suppose to let anyone know anything about it, and yet he was the first person to mention a “special power,” and keeps talking about it. He should lose the power.

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