Big Brother 12: Week 6 Nominations Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 nominations episode!

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Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show. Did Brendon make the right noms? Who do you think is in the most danger of being evicted from BB 12 this week?

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  1. Brendon is disgusting!!!!!!!! He kept badmouthing all the people against Rachel and how they should have never voted her out, etc etc. Barf!!!!!!!!!
    Rachel was the biggest b*tch to all the other houseguests and tried to split up every alliance possible (yet that was ok right!!?????????)
    Brendon is being a hypocrite! Hayden never acted like that when he lost kristen

    Brendon leave already!!!!!!!!!!one more week!

    • if tonights episode proved anything it’s how boring and bland the house is without rachel. I can’t wait for wednesday to see her come back and cause all kinds of trouble.

  2. I really wish I could comment on tonight’s episode, but I HAVEN’T seen it. Cbs really messed up. First golf and now 60 minutes. This really sucks

  3. I think all women would be so lucky to have a man like Brendon…AHHH I think Brendon is playing smart with a back door plan.

  4. Brenchel never did understand that all the rules, or lack thereof, apply to all BB contestants. That is why I am not a supporter Brenda and the queen bee.

  5. @kelly123

    Im having the same problem we wont be able to see until after 10 or even later because sometimes 60 minutes runs over also.

  6. When are they giving Big Brother? They’re playing 60 minutes.

    Also, I hope Brendon starts getting rid of the Cockroach Crew aka Bratney, Ragan and Matt.

  7. BB isn’t on yet….CBS is behind on their shows..

    At 8:30pm EST “60 Minutes” Just started, so many after that I will be able to watch the BB Nom ceremony

  8. Good thing we know whats happening since golf ran over. Messes up my Sunday evening viewing, the best night for TV, the cable channels. After BB, but tonite or Weds its back to the mute button, when the B _tch runs her mouth, its mute. Ahh tape and FF.

  9. @desperate we probably wont get bb until after 9 or 10 depending on when 60 minutes goes off their quite a bit running behind

  10. geez…I think the brenden smear campaign should be over CBS

    first his ex, now you reaaaaly make him look worse than he should…yes he made bad decisions, but people LIKED him as HOH, the edit is BS, same as Brit’s “nice girl” edit…

  11. So let me get this right u cant watch bb right now ?? go online and go on global tv and i think u can see it on there..

  12. @ kelly123 yeah i agree…i was all ready for some BB and damn golf was on! uhggg i hope there still going to air it tonite…it’s almost 9 o’clock here and 60 mins is still on

  13. Hey morons PGA ran late so everything else is late, exexpt this post does not know we have not seen BB yet.

  14. Yeah Im watching it Brit is telling to Brendon straight to his face saying if she gets hoh she will not put him up.

  15. @19- Just heard the commercial promo and it said an “all new big brother is next.” so fingers crossed that it really plays, lol

  16. @27 Erin 25- Lucky you. I’m going to have to check out this global tv. Never tried that before.

  17. I cant wait to see tonights episode! I cant wait to see everyones reaction when Rachel returns to the house. Thank God no one said anything about any secret aliances.. Because then Rachel would know. I dont like how they let her return because she went out of the house.. and also got to see her good bye messages. Oh well.. Guess they will do anything to keep the ratings up.

  18. If any of you are watching live feeds and can tell me why these young adults need to nap at 6 PM, I’d love to know. Stressful day by the pool? What the …?

  19. thanks kelly123! does anyone know if Enzo and Rachel called a lil house meeting lastnite to confront Britt on her saying Enzo was the Sabt…fell asleep during BBAD!

  20. I must admit brendons speech at the nomination ceremony was credible

    Yet if he wanted two ppl that need to fight to be here that should of included enzo (even tho I like him)

  21. What a man Brendon just told every one he wants every one to fight to win!!! The lol B***h Brit still talking shit that she is going after Brendon like she was crying to him begging him not to put her up then she goes in the dr after he doesn’t put her up and she starts saying she is going after him she isn’t thankful at all.. She makes me want to scream she so greasy.

  22. Isn’t tonight’s episode the rest of the HOH comp and nominations ceremony? I wonder if they’ll even show Rachel on tonight’s episode

  23. I agree. I was so excited to see who won HOH. I can’t stand 60mins. How come CBS can’t keep shows in their time slot starting on time. It happens a lot on Sunday. Maybe they need someone new to organize the time slots. Frustrating when you make plans and then told it is running late. Their slot organizer must of been an MD since it is always behind schedule.

  24. my hubby says the golf tournament went into “sudden death”…
    kind of like “overtime” in a football game, i think..? lol

    not really CBS’s fault this time.

    fans who might be away from home and think they recorded bb to watch later are REALLY going to pissed though.. yikes.

  25. #37 kelly

    yes – rest of hoh comp & noms tonight.

    i don’t expect to see anything about rachel until after wed. pov ceremony.
    there was too much mentioned about ragan winning the pov for them to air it tonight.

  26. Definitely not happy with Brendan being HOH. I have Live feeds, and I still dont like him. I actually had some liking for Rachel, but Brendan is vanilla (which is generous enough.) I always wondered if the HGs saw as little personality as I did, but Lane’s DR today confirmed it.

    I’m Team Britney, so this week is not good for me. I think I’ll start rooting for Lane/Enzo over ‘The Fondler/Sleazebag,’ ‘The Bitchy Saviour of Underdogs,’ ‘Brenda,’ or Hayden, who must have an ear infection to be yelling so much.

  27. @CT #47: you meant before the Veto ceremony? I mean, it haven’t happen yet, so you think the Rachel tornado will happen before the Veto… right?

  28. Just a heads up to whoever put up the spoiler updates for this site…you put Britney & Ragan as the Nominees. It’s actually Lane & Ragan. Just thought I’d let ya know!

  29. 4:16 PM Lane, Enzo, and Matt discuss pushing to work on Brendon to put Britney up. Matt giving Enzo advice on how to approach Brendon.

    4:21 PM Enzo goes to the bathroom, and Hayden joins Matt and Lane and they have a convo about getting Brendon out next week. After Matt leavesthe convo between Lane and Hayden shifts to getting Matt out and going over strategy.

    4:24 PM Convo between Lane and Hayden breaks up. Lane goes to use the bathroom and Hayden goes to the BY to hang out by the pool table with Enzo and Matt.

    4:26 PM Hayden wants to get all the smart people out so that the final 3 are him, Lane, and Kathy

    4:28 PM Hayden and Enzo don’t understand why Matt isn’t worried about going up on the block at all

    4:28 PM Enzo, Lane Hay talking about how matt is not worried about being nominated

    4:30 PM Paranoid H/L/E think Matt thinks he has 3 votes to stay K/R/B and that’s why he’s not worried about going up.

    4:31 PM Hayden and Enzo go back inside. They want to talk with Brenden and they decide that it would be best if they go together. The convo switches to how Matt seems so calm. They talk about Rachel leaving a message for Brendon [with stick pretzels] to put Matt up. Lane joins the two and Enzo points out how calm Matt is. Lane says that Britney told him that she thinks Matt has her vote if he gets put up. Enzo wondering if Matt has ratted on them. Lane points out that Matt worked to get Hayden evicted over Kristen. The three discuss Enzo and Hayden going up to talk to Brendon late tonight when the others are in bed.

    4:32 PM Enzo says he talks to K everyday and doesn’t understand why M thinks he’ll get the vote over Lane. Lane says B won’t vote for Matteven though B said she would vote for L to stay and doesn’t understand why M thinks he has her vote.

    4:34 PM E/L/H keep going over who wins HOH and who puts up who – over and over again. E wants R/Brit up no matter what.

    4:43 PM B/L/M/R on couch in BY matt starts talking about saboteur

    4:46 PM LN has an idea that they should all play dodge ball

    5:20 PM Ragan is talking game with Hayden in the Cabana Room. Hayden is pretending to still want Brendon out next week when he really wants Ragan or Britney out next week. At least per his conversstations with Lane/Enzo/ alone.

    5:44 PM Kathy went to the Taj to talk to Hayden/Enzo alone about what she talked with Brendon, Kathy thinks she has an alliance with Brendon/Enzo/Hayden/ Herself now. Enzo/Hayden have secured kathy’s vote against whoever Brendon puts up against Lane. Kathy says she will put up whoever is left of Ragan/Matt/Britney if she wins the next hoh. That is what Hayden/Enzo are pushing for her to do and she agrees.

    5:55 PM Sleeping Hgs on all feeds.

  30. hey MightyMad! do you know if Enzo confronted Britt lastnite about saying he was the sabt? i was watching BBAD and fell asleep while Enzo and Rachel were discussing if they wanted to call a house meeting and call Britt out in front of everyone!

  31. @CT 44. Really! Sudden death in a game of golf. Doesn’t it move slow enough already! I mean really, if golf were any slower the players would be moving backwards!

    Kimba . . . . . not a golf fan especially when it preempts my BB and I am not at home to change the DVR.

  32. Brendan should do as much damage as possible, because he knows he’s gone next week…Does anybody else think that the two that know eachother is Kathy and Bratney. I think they are mother and daughter…same accent’s..look simular…hmm

  33. @mommah #59: yeah, got it from the great CT herself – Enzo’s pushing hardcore to get Brendon to put up Brintey. But someone else say that Brendon promises Britney that he wasn’t putting her up… ‘Really hoping it’s a BB promise!

  34. Rachel was annoying as is Brendan…but you kind of have to root for th underdog..The brigade is corny. 4 grown men picking on woman like Rachel and ragan…

  35. @59- there was a confrontation between brit, rachel and enzo. A few of the bb spoiler sites have it posted

  36. #50 MM

    i suppose it depends how production edits rachel’s visit…

    i would think production has to wait till AFTER the pov comp if they use the footage of rachel & ragan because he had already won the pov right before rachel got there. his pov win was a part of their first fight.

    maybe they will air it BETWEEN the pov comp & the pov ceremony.. ?

  37. @PhillyPhan #63: don’t really want to give spoilers, but that whole “friends in the house” nonsense always bothered me, so here goes:

    It’s confirmed by Ragan on this Sunday show: he made it up. So it’s official: THERE’S NO SECRET ALLIANCE IN THE HOUSE THIS SEASON.

    Done. Now please tell EVERYBODY, so we can all move on to bigger and better things… like True Blood, so instead! :D

  38. @mommah #66: the Veto ceremony’s tomorrow… and frankly, I have absolutely no idea what Brendon’s going to do.

  39. Big Brother Network, could you put up another popularity poll? I’m wondering if Britney’s as popular as she was two weeks ago.

  40. @MM 77, I thought Annie mad up the 2 life long friends in the house rumor. I never did believe it. Since, once Annie left it just seemed to die.

    BTW Tru Blood is AWESOME!

  41. @ Mighty Mad – hell yea True Blood!!! I’m recording bb now….an hour and a half later….

  42. @Dylan 76. I would like to see a popularity rating also. I suspect that Britney and Ragan’s rating going down. I think Enzo and Brenda are up. The rest probably the same.

  43. ATTN: Moderator
    At the top of the site where it says who is HOH, Veto winner, and nominees, you have pictured the wrong nominees.

  44. @MightyMad Just out of curiosity are you a Twilight fan too?? Isn’t true blood the same idea??

  45. @ erin – i know this wasn’t directed to me but in True Bloods defense, its NOTHING like Twilight!!! NOTHING at all!!!

  46. I love how awful Britney looked in the hoh comp she didn’t stand a chance Brendon was like the Hulk…Brendon is sum yummy eye candy!! :)

  47. I like Ragan but as the saboteur He his not as good as Annie and that is because America is the one giving him the suggestion and they aren’t good. Brendon needs to take a chill pill.I don’t like Rachel. I am angry a little bit that he won….because he played hard and he knew he was in danger of going home if he did not win. Where was all this passion to win when Rachel was there. It felt like Rachel was the one doing all the dirty work while he just sits back and relax. I do want to see this fight between Rachel and Ragan… this should be a good week..

  48. @ Amy none taken girl I have never seen TB so I was just wondering cause that would be kinda gay to copy Twilight..U feel me what I mean.

  49. I hope that Brittany gos up in Regan’s place and hope Matt takes off lane and puts Reagan back up so that Brittany and Reagan can have a cry baby party in have not room too drive Kathy nuts!!! Reagan gets voted out looses his 20k he was no sabator

  50. I would hate to see Brendon go farther. He’s always spouting about how everyone was a bunch of devils last week. I enjoyed watching Rachel (especially her last few days), but he’s just annoying. He knew he was worse than Rachel, so he decided to anger everybody into voting him out.

    Not to be one-sided, Ragan’s I am the one who stops that bully from hurting us act is getting annoying.

  51. @Erin25: girlfriend, NOOOOOOOOOO.

    The True Blood crew literally KILLS those Twilight cry-babies, RAPES THEIR CORPSES and FEED THEM TO THEIR BADASS WEREWOLVES.

    … So no, not at all the same! ;)

  52. @ erin – yes it would be pretty ame to cover twilight…you’ll have to watch true blood sometime its amazing…and as much of a douchebag that brendon is (in my opinion) i agree, he is beyond lovely to look at.

  53. Hey sorry i noticed that this site posted brittany and ragan as nominations but it is acctually Ragan and Lane just to clarify

  54. I dont see Brendon as a bully the house has been against B/R since day one and Brendon has just done nothing but try to stay in the game I find Brendon to have so much empathy for others he is far from a bully.

  55. The mean girls (Brit and Ragan) are just getting a taste of their own nasty medicine. Play nice? Why should he play nice with your backstabbing tail Brit?! They disgust me.

  56. It’s shocking to me that more women are not outraged by Brendan. He physically intimidated Britney by bumping her in the hallway and got in her face. What a coward. Most guys see right through him. He’s definitely not a guy’s guy. With his temper and the way he treated Britney, he seems to have potential to be a wife beater/abuser. I truly dislike that guy. He and Rachel deserve each other.

  57. @Ali #94: since the days of Eric as America’s Player, it was proven that most of the public suggestions suck, so sadly the tradition continues…

    Thanks for nothing, Nathan from Facebook.

  58. @Stoker #97: I don’t think it actually happenend – I mean, I don’t see Lane going not stepping up to Brendon if he’s actually physically pushing Brit around. Hell, Lane kinda makes a joke at the start of the show on how UNTHREATENING Brendon really is, so I don’t know…

  59. @connaddy #101:

    Can he? Nobody knows for sure, actually, but so far, the overall consensus is that, yes, the DPOV can override the Veto winner. But, again, nobody knows…

    Will he? Very doubtful. Matt and Ragan are very tight, so unless Ragan do something major against Matt…

  60. @102 This wasn’t meant for me, but I’m pretty sure DPOV cant put up the Veto Winner.

  61. I wish Enzo was the sabo instead. Ragan is such gullible wimp. He believes everything….and is always ready to jump on the band wagon instead of thinking for his self.

  62. @MightyMad Sorry bout that I guess I will have to check out TB…U seem to have good taste so I will definitely check it out k hon…

  63. the saboteur saying one of the lifelong friends was male and the other female sure took the spotlight off of ragan and matty

  64. @Erin25 #105: believe me – IT’S REALLY GOOD, especially this season!
    But it’s not for everyone’s taste, so you should check out season 1 first to see if it is your thing.

  65. @rose awe thanks…
    @Connaddy I doubt that would be allowed he earned his pov so i don’t think that could or should happen.

  66. lmao @ lane being mad that enzo might put him on the block:

    “it makes me want to go to a bar… find the hottest girl there… and FIGHT HER BOYFRIEND”

    too funny :)

  67. @RickDD #106: what’s more shocking is that the HGs still want to believe the saboteur(s) said. When did she/he ever told the truth for them to believe anything they’re telling them?

  68. @connaddy 101 – I don’t think, but not 100% on this, Brenda will not be able to put Ragan back on the block. That would defeat the purpose of having the veto competition. But you never know. . . expect the unexpected!

  69. Sorry MM, but I think Brendan is a punk. His “I do everything for Rachel” bs is wearing thin. His knight in shining armor act is apparently working with the women viewers, but if he was such a “man”, he would not try to intimidate women — he would go after the other alpha males in the house (and no, I’m not talking about Enzo :) It’s getting fun.

  70. FYI I have never believed in the lifelong friends thing but the house guests do believe it and about half the people in here. Allowing ragan to say one was male and the other female takes the heat off him.

  71. @CT #109: it’s the line of the night in my book!

    Just him saying that made Lane my favorite player this season! :D

  72. I don’t see how that takes the heat off him. He still is a man and close to both Brit and Kathy. Its just something to keep people thinking.

  73. Y do rich ppl eat snails???Did any one see Matts face when he saw what he had to look forward too for the next week. That s**t is gross I am glad to be middle class and eat my KD!!!lol

  74. @123 Ken, Brandon not looking to put up Matt because he said he and Rachel were wanting to get out floaters, that is a lousy plan but that is his reason.

  75. MightyMad Lol I just like how enthusiastic you are when it comes to question about the sab…I can picture you punching ur computer saying profanities every time some one asks about it…hhaha

  76. Oh Brenda remember you will not be able to compete in the next HOH, and your best bud Hayden called you a neanderthaaal in the DR. You are being played by everyone in the house.

  77. @Erin25 – 120 Snails(escargot) is French quisine. I was going to try one once and almost barfed before I got it to my mouth!

  78. @Erin25 #120: I ate snails once without knowing it was escargot… didn’t taste bad at all. But it was well buttered – I guess that’s the only way you could eat such a thing.

    @RickDD #121: well, Brendon, Rachel, Matt and Ragan are college graduates too. And, well, you know… even the genius ain’t that sharp.

  79. IMO- Brenda is afraid of the guys(except Ragan). B thinks he can bully Ragan b/c he is gay. I wouldn’t be surprised if Brenda puts up Kathy.

  80. Matt cant go home even tho i would love for him to he has the dpov so I think Britt maybe kathy will be sent to the jury.

  81. @Erin25 #127: lol. That was definitely me yesterday, girl, but today, I’m just chilling.

    No worry, be happy, that’s what I’m all about this evening! :)

  82. @Kimba and @MightyMad I guess I just cant put things that look gross in my mouth…I am scared to try new things when it comes to food!!

  83. ok so I don’t get it. I looked at the nom pics at it shows Britney and Ragan. This has to be a mistake since Ragan wins the veto this week and he’s obviously not going to pull a Marcellas and not use it on himself, especially to save Lane, so whoever is in charge of this site needs to change the nom pics to make them accurate

  84. @ #42 becuase sports are more profitable than BB is, 60 minutes is also a cash cow for CBS, on Sundays, BB will always be 4th fiddle on the network lineup…. there is a reason it is a “summer” show

  85. @Erin25 #139: hey, I get that – if I knew it was snails, I wouldn’t have put it in my mouth!

  86. Matt just have to win HoH on Thursday. So he can finish the job of breaking up the homance.

  87. Rose #125. You are funny. Lane is a crack up. I don’t think Lane is dumb, but I think he is in a testoserone fog. LOL. Just a litle slow :)

  88. @MightyMad Good for you that is good to hear, chilling is cool..At least u didn’t fall on a dance floor packed with ppl, cuz dude that is how my night ended next time I will take off my heels and dance bare foot lol…

  89. @Blackgirl I think Matt will win hoh he is so confident at this point and that can take him along way fo sho. Not saying that is what i want cuz i dont like Matt at all.

  90. @blackgirl – 144 I have a feeling that Britney will win HOH on Thursday, if she is not evicted.

  91. So Brendon nominated Lane and Ragan because he wanted the ‘floaters’ and ‘non-competitors’ out? PLEASE. If he really wanted to do that, he would’ve put Kathy up for one, but also Enzo or Hayden, despite their stupid deal.

    Now I’m sure Britney is going to go home this week. D=

  92. #118 MM

    yeah – me too! i bet lane would be a hoot to party with!

    btw – saw ur earlier post about the life long friends… looks like that’s one thing we can finally put to rest, huh.
    kinda too bad though.. it would have been an interesting reveal.

  93. @MightyMad Some things are just not meant to be lol oh well I am kinda glad it happened cuz I was not feeling my date at all…

  94. Erin25 you say matt is confident, I say he is a bit cocky and I luv it. He is my my fave right now.

  95. Enzo needs 2 GO!!!.. He is sick… he hasnt won anything and he hasnt even come close….HE Sucks!!!! big time!!!

  96. I kinda think Brendons noms where not as they seem I think that was just part of a bigger plan to back door Britt.

  97. @ Blackgirl I just dont like what he said about his wife..I cant get over that. Had Matt not said that He would be on top and everyone would love him but that was his down fall shame on Matt! No disrespect to u its cool he is ur fav and he will prolly win this whole thing..

  98. Why do you show a picture of Ragan and Bratney as the two nom’s, it should be Ragan and Lane.

  99. Yeah Kimba, I also think Britt will be leaving cuz if Brendan doesn’t put her up then Matt will as the replacement nom. If she doesn’t leave she has a good chance of winning HOH.

  100. Okay…Lane is hilarious! I enjoy watching him and listening to his DR sessions! He cracks me up…go to a bar, find the hottest girl there and hit her boyfriend! Haha…I’d have thought that he would have said he wanted to go to the HOH room and punch Brendon! SO funny!

  101. I find the brigade members too comfortable hence why they are considered floaters
    I’m sure enzo would be totally different if he didn’t have the confidence he has because of the brigade. Too bad we don’t see this

    Still loooove the brigade!

    Hope brit lasts till the end. She really wants to be there.

  102. check this out…
    brendon went to Malibu?
    IF that’s true, it’s sooooooo unfair to the other hgs.
    do you think maybe brendon is just f**cking with everyone?

    7:02 PM Brendon saying how great it was to write a letter, read a book, etc.

    7:03 PM Brendon offers to wash all the dishes that are used at dinner, bc he likes to keep it fair.

    Brendon saying how soft the bed was in Malibu.

  103. Erin I don’t like the lie either and I kinda didn’t like him initially for that reason. I like his game play so I got pass the lie, definitely not condoning it.

  104. At this point, Lane’s my favorite player – he’s definitely funny and genuinely nice. He haven’t done much, but I can see him picking up his game in the next comp. As for his relationship with Britney, I know what he’s seeing in her (how awful she is in the inside doesn’t change the fact that she’s gorgeous on the surface), but he should stay away from that she-devil – trust me, bro: IT AIN’T WORTH IT! A strong contender for America’s Player.

    But it seems like Matt is going to win it all, unless his cockiness gets the better of him. With his uber-lie, he got the sympathy vote locked down already, so all he has to do until the end is hide the pretty big target he put on his back. I’m still wondering if him using the DPOV will ultimately help or hurt his game, so we will…

  105. He’s probably just being catty to his least favourite HGs who happen to be Have-Nots.

    Also, I thought Lane said Raisin Bran?

    And if Matt uses the DPOV, is it him or Brendan that puts two more up?

  106. Good Eveniin’ All, I am not getting BB Pre-Season football!! I guess I’ll watch kick the Bengals butt!! Please, any more updates??

  107. Chase..#153. Why are you so sure that Brit will go home this week..Who knows what will happen with Bren and what Matt will do except we do know Matt will have his hands in his pants and have his pjs own

  108. When do you think Matt will be able to use (or not use) his DPOV? Will it be tomorrow right after the regular POV ceremony?

  109. @jamie #163: a lot of feed watchers commented how paranoid Enzo was acting sometimes, so yeah, if he didn’t built the Brigade, he would be totally off the wall!

  110. I think Matt’s lie about his wife will end up hurting him. Who would want to go to the finals against a guy who wants to win to help pay medical bills for his sick wife. No one wants to go up against that.

  111. Anytime a sport is shown on network tv on Sunday the schedule gets pushed back on a network level. This is nothing they have contol over because the sport normally is live.

  112. @CT #164: could it be that Brendon is smart enough to mess with people’s heads? Oh, tell me it isn’t so! That would be a facet of this man I wouldn’t have seen coming!

  113. @MightyMad I like Lane to I want Lane or Brendon to win,, but like you said Lane has to start winning comps!!You did say that right?

  114. I don’t care if Brendan went to Malibu or Hawaii as long as he didn’t get a Dveto or some special power. That would suck for Matt.

  115. @tishe #168: so how good do the new All-reality team look like? How T.O. and Ocho play together?

  116. @ Erin25, it shows he is not a real butthead the way everybody keeps trying to make him out to be. He is actually one of the only ones I would trust in there. They feel the same way too. They can barely trust each other but they know that they can trust him because he is straight up. That’s what I like about him. He is not two-faced like Brit/Brat.

    I hope Hayden or Enzo gets HOH. I want Matt out next week. I can’t stand his cockiness and that nasty lie.

    After that, if they can get out Kathy and Ragan, I don’t even care who wins. I would love to see Brendon final two though. He is one of the only ones who deserve to be there.

  117. Aww, crap. That means I have to wait a long time. Any last minute change-up could really catch the HGs off-guard, which could cause some interesting voting results. Hmm….

    But Britney better not being going home. That’s all I care about.

  118. @Dylan (Canada) #167: if Matt uses the DPOV, he picks the replacement nomine.

    See Erin? I’m just chilling! ;)

  119. @Alex #170: everybody thinks it’s going to be on Thursday, before the voting for the life eviction. Makes sense – way better ratings for CBS if it is the case.

  120. #175 MM

    lol.. i suppose ur right – i didn’t think about that!

    i still find it interesting that he hasn’t said ANYTHING about being kept away from rachel while she was in the house…

    she actually left earlier than expected today… i think they met somewhere!?

  121. @rose Yeah just the point having some who hasnt really been in the spotlight to get hoh would be interesting..PS Brendon is my hero lol he is amazing!!

  122. @Dawn The POV ceremony hasn’t happened yet. It’ll probably be sometime tomorrow afternoon.

  123. @tishe #185: oh c’mon! You just told us you were watching the football game!
    Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco – stars receivers for the Bengals. Are those two even playing tonight?

  124. Well, now that Brendon and the “love of his life” (aka that girl he’s known for a month) are split, his game is starting to come out a bit. What boggles me is how one-dimensional his perspective of the BB game is: that only those who win competitions should make it to the end.

    …you’re in a house with a group of strangers that you’re forced to interact with on a daily basis and who have the power to remove you from the game (albeit not this week). How do you NOT realize there is a social aspect to this game?!

    That being said, if he were to go with those who haven’t been “competing” as he perceives it, he should have put up any combination of Kathy, Enzo, Hayden, and Lane with the main target being Kathy. Even with Rachel gone, he’s still playing too emotionally and it will be his downfall unless he strengthens his potential alliance with Enzo and Hayden.

    What I want to see this week is the formation of a Matt, Ragan, and Britney alliance. It would be interesting to see where Lane goes if the Hayden, Enzo, and Brendon deal holds up. However, it probably won’t get that far since most of the HGs are afraid to do anything really strategic.

  125. I really think Ragen has the biggest crush on Matt and thats why he spent hours crying about him leaving. Doesn’t he know Matt is straight? Or is he?

  126. @CT #186: more and more, I’m having huge doubts about that trip. It’s more likely he got some type of power… which one exactly, I don’t know.

    But, if production actually gave him something like the Coup d’Etat, I really hope he had to earn it – they should NEVER give something like that away without the HG working for it.

  127. #182 Alex

    it will depend on WHO brendon replaces ragan with.

    matt appears to be the target and the dpov will be used.

    but then – WHO will matt put up?

    i WISH it could be brendon – but everyone here says that’s not an option – HOH is safe.

    soooooo – will matt turn this game upside down and nominate enzo – breaking up the brigade??

    or will he play it safe and put britney up – she will lose against lane. (sorry)

    thursday could definitely be interesting.

  128. hey alex who does it look like, that will be put up. i dont have live feed but i do watch after dark.

  129. So no one knows what happened with Brendon for those 24 hours cuz if y’all do know please tell??

  130. I think Ragan definitely has a crush on Matt. Lol! He gave up HOH twice for the man. Meanwhile he mimics Brendon and Rachel. Knowing if he could, he would be slobbing Matt down in the HOH room. He would definitely avenge Matt if he were outed.

  131. #188 Dawn

    pov ceremony is tomorrow – we will know who brendon chooses then.
    EXCEPT the dpov that matt has – that’s live on thursday if he chooses to use it.

  132. @Erin25 #202: Steelers, baby, and yeah, even after the whole Big Ben fiasco.
    ‘Was a fan before that moron was part of the team, so…

  133. Brendon isn’t a very smart player. He threw a strong alliance propsition with Regan out the window and instead went with Britney, who will throw him under the bus at first chance. He also said the thinner/shorter people are “weaker” even though they have done better than him in most physical and mental challenges. He may be tall and works out, but he doesn’t appear to be particulaily agile or coordinated.I used to want him and Rachel to win but now I think him, and therfore her, are discusting, nautious and narcassitic pigs. Brendon is the kind of person you wouldn’t want to be friends with because he is stupid and boring. He’ll never win.

  134. Brenda doesn’t deserve to be on the house or to win a dime. He was willing to sabotage his game he signed up to play in order for “the luv of his live” to stay. This is not the bachelor Brendan its Big Brother.

  135. @CT #206: we should start a pool on who would smear first on national television if Matt uses the DPOV…

    Obviously, the sure money would be on Enzo!

  136. #199 MM

    if brendon got some kind of power, i will be PISSED! production has “given” him enough already.

    do you think he was in pandora’s box the whole time??

  137. If Matt wins HOH next time he deserves Final 2 despite the heinous lie. He comes through when he needs to.

    Erin: Brendon? C’mon now. Are you serious? Just wait a day or two when he has another meltdown. He’s an emotional wimp. I just don’t understand women. Men are from Venus, women are from Mars … I guess that’s what makes life interesting :)

  138. bb matt, is the home page correct? brit and regan are pictured as being on the block? did i miss something!

  139. @CT #213: if he was in that room the whole time, watching the other HGs interact with Rachel, it wouldn’t surprise me one bit!

    And I’m with you: no special power to Brendon, please. Actually, no other powers whatsoever to ANYONE left in the game!

  140. @ Might Mad, sorry I don’t get to watch it! It’s why I am on the sites, reading all the comments and updates!! I think Matt is a loose cannon! Who knows whar he will do with the power! He will use it to make sure he gets as far in the game as he can. I don’t think he is that smart! I personally think he is an idiot! Ewww, ouch!

  141. @John Awe u r making me cry Brendon is a great guy and those are some harsh words about him…I dunno maybe Brendon is more of a girl thing…
    Come on

    MightyMad u got my back don’t you??

  142. @CT – Lane’s DR scenes are great ! I agree, best line of the night :-) Finally getting to c what he’s all about. Much, much funnier than some people think Brit’s are(not even close) @Stoker – i’m a woman and i think Brendon is pathetic, a bigger wuss than i originally thought and the lines in sprewing don’t impress me at all. Actually they make me want to puke more. I also think he has anger problems, revengeful, and proves how off the wall he is to be in love with a bimbo he knows for a couple of weeks. I bet his Mommy’s really proud. Huh

  143. @Stoker #214: I already told the ladies around here, man – it’s nearly impossible for a man to respect another dude that he saw crying, especially over something like BB.

  144. MightyMad..How about them Tennessee Titans.Do not think the brig will break up..They will go to final4

  145. #202 MM

    OMG! – i can hear enzo now:

    “MOTHER F**CKER”!!!!

    then julie would have a heart attack :)

  146. @Stoker lmfao K I know Brendon is emotional and a bit of a wimp but its all in the name of LOVE..I want a movie to be made about Brendon and Rachel and it should be called Brenchel!!!

  147. Jamie u r so Wrong Rach is not the b__ch…. Rittany is.. she is a Liar and bad mouths Rach when Rach has a heart and brittany does not, nor does Regan! U need to get a ife. U must be reaklted to Brittany or someone else to say bad things about Breadon. You nad mouthed Breadon so u r no Better. You S–K!

  148. @ CT…Lol..hey, just my opinion. If he wanted to keep a target off his back, he wouldn’t have started his lil shenanigans last week. If he really threw HOH then that was all for nothing because he still has one. Its not far fetched that he would have a crush, he is already Matt’s lil flunky…lol

  149. @Erin25 #220: I don’t hate Brendon per say, but I do get where a lot of the dislike come from – not the ones who got more to do with Brenchel than Brendon, though. I mean… him crying on television… very uncool.

  150. Tishe you didn’t know who Tebow or T.O. were? Wow….I am a football fanatic is the only reason I know…..

  151. @MightyMad Ok yeah that would be gay for u to have my back on Brendon, but on any thing else u gotta have my back k…Sorry for that I wasnt thinking:(

  152. @connaddy #225: the Titans are a crapshoot – I mean, yeah, with Chris Johnson, they pretty much have the best running game in the league, in my book… but what else do they have going for them? And, knock on wood for Tennessee fans, but what the hell will happen if Johnson get injure?
    Not rooting for your team, and I ain’t wishing such calamity on you guys, I’m just saying… it’s NFL football. Crap like that happen all the time… at least none of your players don’t arrest for sexual assaults, though! :(

  153. Exactly Kayla….thats why i can’t stand them. I hate backstabbing phonies. I respect people who can say whats on their mind in your face instead of talking behind your back and smiling in your face. You can’t trust folks like that. Which is why they need to go.

  154. rmneimee, smart woman. You gotta love a woman who calls a guy a “wuss”. LOL. Erin, no disrespect to you. I understand how women would like men standing up for them. I guess other women think Brendon is “hot”. My wife thinks he’s handsome, too. I just can’t get past his bullying of Britney (not that I’m totally enamored with Britney). It was just hard for a guy to see that.

  155. @Erin25 #235: I don’t know about gay… but he shouldn’t have cried, that’s all I’m saying!

  156. Britney and Lane outside playing pool talking about childhood stories, talking about living in oklahoma and where lane lived.

    7:58 PM As a kid, Lane moved from OK to TX without any advance notice from parents …Lane said he was in school one day & an announce over intercom said, Lane your parents are here to pick you up. He didn’t know what it was about but got his stuff & went down to see his parents. They went home & packed up and moved that day. He didn’t even get to say by to his friends. Had no idea they were leaving. Apparently it was because his dad was on the school board & didn’t like what was going on with the athletics, so they moved to Texas where Lane would have a better chance of football scholarship.

    7:59 PM during convo w/brit, lane mentions “I was wearing a sweater like Nick would wear” (hmmm!)

    uh-oh… how does lane what kind of sweater nick would wear??

    maybe the friends thing isn’t a lie after all!

  157. @rose for Brendon #237: as I said before, I truly feel sorry for Britney’s fiance, ‘cuz that girl’s a master hypocrite – lying to your face, then making fun of you in your back.
    That’s not the type of woman any man should want to marry – that’s actually the type of woman that makes most men think twice about marriage altogether!

  158. @Stoker yeah that was just pathetic for him to go after Brit like that I dont like her at all but He should let Rachel handel the girls and him the guys!
    @ MightyMad do u know if Brendon really tried to get with Annie? Or is that just made up Annie talk

  159. Brendon is hot, that is all he has going for him….
    Go Titans!!! I’m a fan, but MM is right, without Chris Johnson, we are a sad excuse for an NFL team.

  160. 8:10 PM Bren’s getaway house was about 3/4 mi from beach up on a hill; nicest home he’s ever seen

    8:14 PM Bren telling Kathy about his gourmet meal

    8:17 PM Bubbles

    8:19 PM Brit telling Ragan what Bren told her …got bubbles mid-convo, so didn’t hear all, but made it sound like apparently someone at bren’s get-a-way said something to him about America not wanting to see his toe! (lol) Took all Brit had to keep a straight face.

  161. Erin, from what I recall, Annie said she was Lesbian. Poor judgement by Brendon :) I thought Annie was kinda cute, too, so I guess I can’t totally blame Brendon.

  162. And Britney confuses me….such a pretty beautiful girl who is really ugly and insecure on the inside, that is why she acts the way she does.

  163. Stoker, Annie said she was bi…not sure about how far brendon and annie got before the brenchel show began though…

  164. @Erin25 #243: yeah, I think about her ‘slopping second’ comment all the time too. I think Brendon did kinda test the water, but not as seriously as Annie made it sound like. I’m pretty sure that, in the beginning, Bren was flirting with most of the girls in the house – remember, that was his strategy from the get-go.

  165. @ MightyMad…exactly. I don’t think Rachel has the best personality and she definitely had some nasty moments but you knew where you stood with her at any given moment. Brittany is so two-faced. You don’t have to play that way in order to win. She rubbed me the wrong way when she sat around with Monet talking about Rachel every five seconds and then the next week she was in the tub with Rachel trying to save her butt. Kristen wasn’t even as phony as that evil chick.

  166. Annie was Bi? Bad hg’s! You should’ve kept Annie. Maybe a 3some in the hoh room? Would’ve been a BB first.

  167. I hope rach gets that ProActive commercial to hopefully rid herself of those buoyant acne pock marks

  168. Sab just gave another message. Since it was not in LF I got that it related to a un-expected occurrance on Monday related to the Veto.

  169. CBS you are horrible why would you advertise this and play with me like that come on and what about the people that DVRed the show like me? What do we do we are all screwed your loyal veiwers are tossed aside like trash just so the PGA tour could put more old people to sleep put that stuff on ESPN or ABC we know they are much better for golf this is a very poor excuse in upper management you are making everybody miss really good tv that we cant see twice the PGA will reair on espn all night and annoy me more but CBS still hasnt put the episode online you are horrible makes me want to stop watching other than Big Brother your not stealing my precious ratings im taking them to a real network!

  170. @Stoker #247: she said she’s bi, but in a long-term relationship with a girl back home.

  171. LOL @ Stoker and a 3some…. that would have been an alliance for the ages

    @255, she could have proactiv and Brendon can have an Abreva commercial…anyone see those cold sores going on?

  172. i haven’t seen Enzo do much game playing….or Hayden either. While I think Matt stinks for using his wife for a fake illness, at least he tries. I don’t like Kathy or Brendon. Britney and Ragan are getting on my nerves, but they are kinda funny. And Lane is a good representative for Texas….his story of shooting things when they were bored was hilarious!
    So whose feelings do I hurt by saying all this?

  173. When I pick someone to root for, it’s either someone who is amazingly good at every aspect (think Parvati from Survivor) or someone who’s entertaining. No one fits the first group, so I’m going for Brittany, Lane and Enzo.

    That’s the problem with Brendan. He has no personality, he’s not ‘the good guy’ and he’s not a villain either. He’s plain yogurt. Vanilla > Plain.

  174. MightyMad Thanks babe cuz that was never clarified. I remember Brendon did cry when he had to go against her and help Rachel that was pretty strange.LOL I knew I could count on for the down low!!

  175. @257 the PGA championship earns 6 times the advertising revenue than BB12 does. Even by delaying it, CBS showed that even 60 minutes is more valuable a commodity to the network than BB is. There is a reason this show is on in the summer and not a Fall season upper echelon show.

  176. What the flying firetruck is going on? Is this now fornicating football chat?


  177. @CT #249: even on the DR on the show, Lane didn’t act as if he truly was Nick. So, if it turns out that he really was Britney’s fiance… people, please give this man an Oscar!

  178. Why does everyone think, just because you are emotional it makes you a wimp. I would really like to know, So please tell me.

  179. Hey Trish, it’s tishe! I like watching football,I don’t follow all details close tho. I know we have Tebow from the draft and there is some sort of contraversy {sp?} over him. So,everyone just shoot me now!! @ Stoker, Annie was the sab, so I find it hard to believe anything she said. She did tell, I think ragan, she was a lesbian, tho right?

  180. TeacherLady, Lane is just being Lane. He’s just a guy who doesn’t know how to be anything else. He probably should tap into his feminine side to get some perspective, but I don’t think he thinks he has a feminine side. He’s a guy’s guy, but not the model BB player. LOL.

  181. @The Poster Formerly Known as IHR #267: don’t you know already?


  182. This is overall a terrible group of people. I don’t think I’d associate with ANYONE -maybe Lane, but hes so much of a good ole boy.

    Kathy and Enzo are killing me right now. I don;t know who to root for anymore.

  183. Ok…so I’m sitting here watching in canada right now & I can’t believe nobody has the slightest clue that Ragan is the Sabteur, based on the amount he’s called into the DR,that should be a red flag for the house guests. I know they all get called in, but the fact the he gets called in that much more should tip someone off, or at least you think it would.

    And that message about the life long friends, they’re all sitting there staring at brittany & Kathy & I can’t believe no sees the resemblence? AM I they only one that sees the resemblence between the the two? That & the fact that they’re both from Arkansa(sp). So honestly I think there is truth to the message;
    1. Kathy/brittany are related
    2. Lane/brittany are a couple- they’re very affectionate lately…lane hugging her waist in the bathroom after rachel left ect..

  184. SAB message stated that another game will be played that will effect the outcome of the game. So far the Sab messages have been faked.

  185. stoker:
    you are right – lane’s a guy’s guy. And Texas is proud to claim him. Wish more men were like this – seems like the kind of guy anyone would like to be friends with.

  186. CBS needs to put the episode online or do I have to suffer for no reason I gave you my ratings and I didnt get my show what a rip off I want my ratings back you stole from me this is America and since your a theif and steal from people I think you should have to pay me back maybe get a real sitcom outside of the Big Bang Theory thats another poor excuse on CBS what shows do you have other than Big Brother thats not such a smart move CBS you might lose the rest of your veiwers

  187. Another sab message..said something about tomorrow comp going to change the game..did anyone else hear this

  188. @Chris #269: I don’t know, man… it’s just weird seeing a dude cry or lose his cool like that when he’s not physically hurt and/or when nobody died. There should be reasons for tears more important than maybe leaving BB or losing friends or girlfriends from the show!

  189. Yep yep its a game the Big Brother 12 Game and the prize can be love, $$$ and other things like a 3D tv and s**t like that.

  190. #267 Who lit a firecracker underneath your butt? Geez, lighten up, we are talking BB with a little football on the side! So Poster child, take a pill! You are usually a hoot to read!!

  191. I am so sick of the Ragan haters!!! I know him personally. He is a kind hearted and genuine person. He is a tremendous educator. You only have a parasocial relationship (if you don’t know this term – look it up) with the people you are watching on television. In general, cut people some slack. You are not walking in their shoes.

  192. @Nic #273: hey, welcome to my nightmare – I’ve been stuck in there for weeks already!

  193. stoker –
    who are you rooting for at this point in the week? Not overall to win, but just to stay and play.

  194. Chris, easy does it there, Sparky. Nothing wrong with being emotional, however, when your emotions take control of you and you lose control of your behavior, it can cause a lack of trust from people. That’s all I meant.

  195. @ 269 Chris, I wouldn’t say being emotion = wimp for a man…it can be a major turn on, just sayin…however a man being emotional for a woman (regardess of her looks/occupation/spiritual status/fill in the black here) whom you have known for a month on a national TV show while trying your damndest to get out of the running for 500k so she can stay another week = large bag of massengil/wimp to me.

  196. @ LEB, America wanted ragan to out the alliance, but all he did was add on to the story of the two people who are friends. all he’s doing is playing it safe and doing no-thing were someone might catch hime.

  197. @Chris – because it’s a freaking game. Most guys would suck it up, epecially on t.v. But Brendon crying about losing the love of his life. You got to be kidding me ? The guys like what 25,and he needed to find her on BB. He should have went on the Bacholor. Now that I think of it, from what I hear, most of the guys on their sound like Brendon.

  198. chris at 279=
    being emotional doesn’t make you a wimp. Some of those other guys on BB tear up and are emotional at times too, but they are not wimps. Wimps allow people to run all over them.

  199. @jennlt #282: well, if such is your feeling, then I guess you also like Brendon and Rachel, right?

  200. CBS you made my friend Hank angry good going all you had to do to make everyone happy is cancel 60 minutes I mean that show definatly has been flushed down the pooper

  201. Since the SAB message are coming from the American voters we know the message is fake. It just freaks the HG. At this point we need some energy from them as w/o Rachel today’s LF wassss BORING!!! :(

  202. @ teacherlady Lane is not a good represenative for Texas at all because not everyone in Texas is like him at all because the things he talks about I have never heard a day in my life and is Matt gay Im confused when it comes to him I knw he has a wife but could he be in a open marriage

  203. Kathy is sneaking up on Annie its going to be a good week because Annie thinks Kathy is the sabetuer and I think Matt will probibly need to form an allience outside of Brendon I really dont think Brenchel is going to make it to the end dont you agree?

  204. @Gerald #294:… where did you get that Matt is gay? His thing with Ragan is a friendship, not anything else!

  205. TeacherLady, I really don’t know exactly who I want to win it all. For some strange reason, I’ve always liked Kathy (maybe because she is absolutely gorgeous IMO). The only person I do not want to win is Brendon. I don’t dislike anyone else besides Brendon. I think Matt has been the strongest player, but sometimes the people under the radar deserve it, too. I’ll have to see how this week plays out before I can proclaim my absolute favoriteto win.

  206. @Gerald – Matt is definitely not gay. He’s in love with his wife and he talks about her all the time. He just pretends to flirt with Ragan playfully. He’s friends with Ragan and they like to joke around, but they are NOT in a relationship at all.

  207. @Randall #295:… Annie got voted out since week 1, so I don’t have a clue of what…

    Am I getting punked here?

  208. @ #294, I think Matt is just taking advantage of the power he has over Ragan. He can tell Ragan anything and he will believe it.

  209. @Amy in Brendons case its ok that he is emotional cuz i think if need be he can kick a**.What do u think of his ex popping up talking all about there personal life? I found that to be trashy for real like the girl is just looking for fame I could see if he was a women beater or a cheater but emotional like get lost and get a life and stop trying to rain on Brendons parade.

  210. gerald at 294
    then i guess you haven’t lived in Texas as long as I have! he’s funny and cute and friendly…..

  211. @Stoker #297: Whoa! You want Britney or Kathy to win more than Brendon?
    Hey, I don’t like the guy, but I really don’t want either one of those two to get near the money!

  212. This week Matt will be up against Lane and Matt will take himself off to put Kathy on and it will be interesting to see if the Brigade pulls a power move over Lane to get him out Enzo and Hayden want one of the 4 eliminated for some reason, and want Brendon so with this scenerio Matt could team up with Britney and Ragan and it would be an advantage to Enzo Kathy Hayden but likely it would be Kathy going home and the Brigade would keep their mouths closed for another week and try to get Matt out this could change the game a lot if Brendon puts Matt up after Ragan uses the POV on himself

  213. Big Brother Network has the wrong faces in the nominated section..they have pics of Britney and Ragan instead of Lane and Ragan. If I have to hear Brendon say one more time, “For the woman I love,” I am going to throw up. I hope he puts up Matt, Matt uses the DPOV, he gets to pick re-nom, puts up Kathy, she goes home, not sure what sab message was tonight, turned on feeds after HG’s had already listened to it. I think that two people will be going home this week. Enzo and Hayden are just bullshitting themselves right to the end of this game, Lane too, and one of them will probably win the money.

  214. @Erin25 #302: yeah, the ex and her mother laughing at him on national TV… definitely not cool, CBS.

  215. @ Stoker, NOOOO,not Matt, stay far far away from that boy! I know this is just a game,but,this boy is luggin’ some real bad Karma!!

  216. stoker at 297
    With noms being Lane and Ragan for now, who knows who will end the week in the BB house, right? (DPOV and POV and backdooring, etc.)
    From the first episode, I have liked Lane and Kathy and Britney and Ragan, so who knows? I guess I will hold off a little longer before cementing in my favorite player!

  217. @MightyMad I Know deep down u know Brendon deserves more then the others to win and IF there is someone else please do tell I would like to hear this!!!

  218. LOL @ Randall, my browser locked up after I read that, no joke…it blew my mind AND my computers mind.

    I agree that Brendons ex being on the show and airing their laundry was questionable judgement of her and her family’s part. It reeks of ‘not over him’….with that being said, I still think Brendon is the hottest douchebag I’ve ever witnessed…lol

  219. lMAO @ #169 Connaddy! so true…what is the deal with those pj’s and his hand down his pants…is Matt afraid someones going to steal his manhood when he falls asleep? lol

  220. I thought Lane and Ragen were the nom’s for this week. Why is Britney’s picture up there. Shouldn’t the pic be Lane’s for nomination this week at the top of the post?

  221. I got Annie mixed up with Rachel shes back in the house now so she should be able to help Brendon get to the final 4 with her Brendon Annie and Ragan

  222. Sorry MM. Something in my gut just cannot like Brendon. I’m not saying that Britney or Kathy should win, but yes, I would choose either of them over Brendon. Just a flaw in my psyche. I actually think that Matt has played the hardest of anyone. Brendon has also played hard, but I just don’t like him. I don’t think anyone left besides Matt and Brendon has played the game hard. Britney has won a couple POVs, hasn’t she? You gotta give her that. I admit that Brendon is a player, but he rubs me the wrong way.

  223. Does anyone think that Matt would ever turn on Brendon they seem like they are pretty good friends

  224. Brendon’s immaturity is embarrassing. He’s just a little boy masquerading (and poorly, too!) as an adult. Watching him is horrifingly akin to watching someone pee in his pants.

  225. @Erin25 #314: if there’s one thing I would give to Brendon, it’s that he was a survivor mode since week 1 and still is around, kicking and screaming. It’s stuff mentally for people coming after you from the get-go, so I’ll give the guy props for still be there.

    The HG who played the best game so far, though, is definitely Matt. Dude got more alliances going then anyone else in the house, and, with his heinous lie, he stole the sympathy vote away from anyone else if he manages to get to the final two. I mean, the guy could very well sail to the final spot if he plays his cards right.

    My personal favorite, though, as stated before, is Lane – worthless in comps, and without any strategy, yes, but otherwise a good guy all-around. Now, if he could just stay from Hellspawn Britney before she sucks away his soul…

  226. Yes Randall, I think Matt may very well turn on his really good friend Brendon.

    Now really, put the vodak down! :) :)

  227. Question Please:::: Did Brendon get to watch everything that went on in the house while Rachel was back in for her 24 hours??

    Question 2 Please::: Did Brendon & Rachel get to see one another before she had to leave?

  228. @Randall no worries I mess up all the time thanks for clearing it up tho…
    @Amy ur so right Brendon is the hottest douchbag ever.I heart Brendon lol

  229. Tishe: I agree about Matt’s bad karma. I think his lie was morally wrong. However, besides that lie, he has played hard and has helped keep a lot of the sandbaggers in the game, i.e. Enzo, Hayden and Lane. I agree that his karma will catch up to him, but he is a player.

  230. I am not really in tune with the show that much I have only seen a few episodes and I only catch bits and peices but I got excited after it was on tonight I watched it at 9:15 it wasnt even on the tv guide but it was a bonus to get to see it and i had to give you all my opinion and see what you thought no vodka

  231. @282, Good for you that YOU know him. That doesn’t excuse his behavior on the show! There is no reason for his cattiness and down right rude behavior. He is the moodiest man I have ever seen, gay or not. One day he is happy, the other he is crying. It doesn’t matter how he acts on the outside, on the show his character is in question with alot of people who may know him or not and he should take that in to account. The camera doesn’t lie.

  232. ON LF they are discussing the SAB message further (Ragan :), Enzo, Matt, Lane) It seems that message implied that the double eviction will start TOMORROW!!! Could this NOT be from the American Voters but from production?

  233. We delayed the show just for you Randall and the loss in our ratings was worth your beautiful comments

  234. I was just playin with ya Randall :) Brendon and Matt aren’t really good friends at all, and you kept mentioning Annie ever after you said you had her and Rachel confused…I was semi convinced you may have been playing drunken message board games. :) Weren’t you pleasantly surprised that BB was on at 9:15 though?? I’m just glad I was at home, because if I’d have gotten home to a DVR full of crap I didn’t intend to watch, I would have been soooo pissed!

  235. Erin, you are one of my favorites on this message board, but, Brendon??? Forget Randall… Erin, please step slowly away from the vodka :)

  236. Randall it is a travisty that CBS didnt show us the show we disearved so for that I am glad you enojoyed it pal because the rest of us missed it because of 60 minutes and Tiger Woods

  237. @ Stoker, I agree with you that Matt is a player! We will agree to disagree on the rest! @ Trish you are wrong, the camera does lie!! It adds 10 pounds!!!

  238. I am a woman and cannot stomach Brendon.

    It’s Team Lane for me. Yes, he is a hoot. Definitely not the typical BB hg, so I hope he stays. I think if he gets mad…….well, I guess he would go to a bar, find the best looking girl there, and fight her boyfriend….lol.

  239. Well, it’s 12:34 right now, so I have to bid you all, good people, farewell. MightyMad gotta earn some money tomorrow.

    Don’t stay up too late, you hear?

    Take care, folks.

  240. @335
    This is a question that leaves many many men women and perhaps children confused.
    I think you have to segment the douchiness of a man, you have the douche who treats a woman like crap, the douche who is a cheater, and the douche who is both.
    I think every woman regardless of looks runs into at least one of these in her life, and depending on how severe the mental damage is after the relationship will dictate her future choices. She just has to hope she is still young enough to pull a decent looking and decent acting guy…. I am a pretty hot girl (at least I’m told this lol) and went through douche #1 and #2 in my teens/early 20’s….it made me appreciate the boring, homebody, nerdy dudes I’m into today. Not wanting to come off like an older woman has no shot at happiness, but if you waste your 20’s and 30’s on douches, you’ve likely let the good guys pass you by, then good luck…

  241. BTW, a guy like Brendon will eventually smother a woman to death…I have been there and experienced that! And, he did not start to play the game until he had to; he always relied on Rachel.

  242. Wow Erin and MightMad? WTF did I miss being gone all day? Woot Woot…..hey um Erin MightMad 25>>>>>>>>:)

  243. Brendon Enzo Hayden Kathy Lane Britany vs. Ragan and Matt or the logical choice now is since Ragan is off the block to switch the game plan and put up Britany to take on Lane and send Britany home that way the Brigade stays in tact Enzo and Hayden try to win to make the power move to get Matt and Ragan on the block and get Matt to leave from there Enzo and Hayden are sitting pretty

  244. LOL @ Jemarcus Russell 349…You will get chosen first, then be the first evicted. lol

    BTW – to put my douchey men comment in context, I’m 28.

  245. does anyone know wat just happened to the housegueests ? like the twist their talking about right now on live feeds that their wooried about would change the game?

  246. Amy is funny she got my Jamarcus Russell comment. I Rocko! officially am giving you the spoiler that Brittany is Brendons target and she will be going home this week

  247. I have no idea why people keep saying Brendon is so bad – he’s been nothing but loyal to Rachel, who he loves, so whether or not you like Rachel, you have to respect that. He’s never gone after anyone who hasn’t deserved it, and he’s just trying to stay in the game. He’s been unfairly the target since day 1 just because he’s in a relationship, but Hayden and Kristen did it, and I think Britney and Lane are too, but no one goes after them for it, other than Brendon and Rachel to get even!!! As far as the mean things he said to Britney and Regan, it was because he was trying to get them to vote him out, not because he is truly mean. And besides, Britney deserves every single thing anyone could say about her. She’s a whiny, back-stabbing, b—–y liar, and I can’t stand her!!! At least Regan was going to stand by his deal, so that should be respected. Britney is a liar and doesn’t play nice, so why should Brendon? I wish he would have put her on the block. I still hope she goes home this week, and the Brigade pull Brendon in to their alliance. That would be the smartest move in the house!!!

  248. Hi Trish, tishe here, is it me or are the peeps becoming more entertaining than the show?? @ Rocko, how is ragman going to switch the game?

  249. Lane is a guy’s guy, no doubt
    “He’s a hunk!”, I’m sure Millicent would shout
    He might have a say
    Deciding Brendon’s last day
    Then Trish will undoubtedly pout!

  250. Lisa, I agree that Brendon was trying to get voted out and it was part of his game play, but his mean-spirited intimidation of Britney was not his game play, but it was mean-spirited bullying. He lost his cool and became a punk. Evryone has meltdowns on this show, but Brendon went beyond game play and went beyond what was appropriate. Just my opinion.

  251. LOL Rocko…I’m a sports nut what can I say…. if Brit goes home, who’d have though Kathy would be the last woman standing…wow!

  252. I get what you are saying Stoker. But when you’re that mean to someone who is 10 times as mean, I don’t feel bad for her. She has been a total B from the very beginning. The insulting things she said about Rachel, and the making fun of everyone, first when she was talking with Monet, and every DR comment she makes, she gets vicious and personal with every comment, and I think that’s awful. Britney is a horrible person, and I haven’t seen one nice bone in her body. If Brendon was completely unprovoked it would be different, but she is nothing but a B who talks crap about everyone in the house. Listen to the horrible names she calls Brendon. I haven’t seen one DR comment from him that is negative and person about her or anyone else.

  253. @Erin (#373)…..

    Here’s the complete list of ingredients: Natural oats, proprietary blend of whey protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, wheat protein isolate, milk protein isolate, natural and artificial flavors, vitamins and minerals (vitamin A palmitate, thiamine mononitrate, riboflavin, pyridoxine hydrochloride, cyanocobalamin, vitamin D3, alpha tocopherol, niacin, biotin, pantothenic acid, calcium carbonate, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide, copper gluconate, manganese sulfate, ferrous sulfate, folic acid, potassium iodide), cellulose gum, salt and acesulfame potassium.

  254. Lisa, I’m not defending Britney as much as I had a hard time with Brendon’s behavior. I don’t disagree with you about Britney. She has said a lot of things about the other house guests. I just think that Brendon went overboard and that Britney is genuinely scared of Brendon. Not a “manly” thing in my opinion. Just for the record, I don’t wish for either of them to win it all.

  255. lol guess there’s two Lisa’s on here… I posted comment #274 & I’m anti Brendon & I’m from canada.

  256. @ Erin – great questioned I actually wondered that myself earlier when imagining eating eggplant and snails….like damn slop isnt sounding that bad right now – but what is it? From the list Rico provided it sounds bland as hell but enough to keep you alive….

  257. I really like Lane~I hope Britney goes up tomorrow~I guess it doesn’t really matter cause Matt can change it~I want Britney to go home Thursday~we will see!

  258. Lisa, it doesn’t matter to whom he bullied or why, he did it nonetheless. Additionally, Brendan did not see her as a mean person, or else Rachel would not have been so buddy-buddy with her. The DRs show us the true Britney, but Brendan bullied her for no reason. He lacks morals and is boring. Britney lacks morals, but she keeps it entertaining.

  259. I guess I just see it differently because Brendon has had to defend himself against the whole house, so I don’t blame him for getting a little “punkish”. If it had been anyone else but Britney, maybe, but she’s in need of more than a b-slap! She’s a mouthy vicious idiot, and I’m glad she’s scared. Maybe it will teach her to keep her mouth shut. And I’m sure Brendon won’t be quite as wimpy without Rachel there. I’m still pulling for him, and against Britney. I actually like Enzo and Lane too, but I think everyone needs to start playing smart, and getting rid of Brendon for them isn’t smart. He would be accepting of any alliance right now, and he’s a good competitor.

  260. @ Rico # 384 haha at least I got the oatmeal part right.So if it’s just high protein oatmeal why do BB HG’s wig out every time they have to eat it? Is it for animals or something? I don’t see the big deal about slop now?

  261. And I disagree about Britney being entertaining. Listening to her whine and complain and bad mouth everyone in the house on DR comments doesn’t make for entertaining to me. If I hear her talk about killing herself one more time, I’m gonna want her to go for it! And she has been mean in the house too, she called Brendon plenty of names and laughed in his face, and I think she deserved what she got.

  262. Brit feels the “change” in the wind. She kinda feels that everyone now wants her out. How does that feel dear Princess? Go ahead and cry your little fake tears, I sure don’t feel sorry for you.

  263. @Lisa-Michelle…. I’ve never had it, but I’m sure it wouldn’t be bad for a day or two. Or even every day, if you could also eat something else. But if it is the only thing you ate every meal, every day for a week? Probably would get tiresome…

  264. Brit is a great actress, she should get offers out of this. She is a great at play acting and she is good on camera. God I hated saying that. LOL

  265. @tishe…. yeah, I’m pretty well caught up.

    Some crazy stuff going on. I don’t think the house is boring anymore (execpt maybe the “live feeds” today). This board certainly isn’t boring!

  266. @ Rico #394 I love oatmeal, but I’ll give you the tiresome. I just thought it was something absolutely awful to eat, they way previous HG have whined about it. Now they all sound like a bunch of princesses, now that i know what it is.. Heck I think Slop would beat snails, baby food, eggplant any day.

    I so whish they had a canadian version of BB right now or let canadians on the american version( neighborly love??)I so could play that game it would be fun. I don’t think they’d cast me though…a person in a wheelchair would have a tough in physical comps lol, but i’d find a way to make it work lol

  267. People need to get their facts straight~Lane speaks terribly about women and the stories he tells are sick what he thinks of women. I don’t know why anyone thinks he’s a hunk. Also, he’s Brit’s friend. Whatever? He was talking about getting rid of her!

  268. No way that stuff will knock you on your ars!! Someone should tell Erin!! Where is Q??
    @ Lisa glad to hear your kewl!!I love your opinion! We have a lot of folks from Canada on the site!! That is so great!! I love Canada!! SO, did and whip boy ever get to see each other??

  269. I think it’s nice to have opinions and know there are others who disagree, doesn’t change how we feel! I think just about every person in the house has issues. Not sure who I want to win at this point, but I’m leaning toward Enzo or Hayden, but Matt has pretty good game. Even though he lied about his wife!

  270. Britany isnt scared of Brendon shes playing the game a lot as we speak she is trying to convince Hayden that Matt should go up so she can save herself she was just talking cool to Matt last week she has proven she will do anything to win and that is why Brendon will put her up as the replacement its a better move mostly due to the diamond power but they dont know Matt has that

  271. As far as I know, Slop consists of tasteless oatmeal. Imagine eating oatmeal that is pure grain, very healthy but not palatable.

    Also, the holder of Diamond POV cannot replace the nominees with winner of HOH or POV, so Brendon and Ragan are safe.

    But here is what will happen. If Brendon replaces the nom of Ragan with Matt, Matt will bolt out the DPOV and he can either (a) take himself and Lane off the block and replace with anyone except Brendon and Ragan or (b) he can simply take himself off while putting up Kathy. If Brendon replace Ragan with Brit, Matt will not be exposed.

    Lastly, double eviction this week. The POV ceremony and eviction will occur tomorrow. HOH will follow.

  272. @Tishe #405. Thanks. Love the battle rap going on. Yes, Lane does, but it’s mostly in DR. He actually has intellegent stuff to say…that’s why I personally like brigade,aside from enzo. They’re smarter then they let on, even Enzo, but he still annoys me.

  273. Lisa, good for you for sticking to your guns. I guess you don’t like Britney :) I’m impartial to Britney. I don’t see her as a threat to get to the finals. I like your insight that Brendon has a chance without Rachel in the house, but I just don’t care for Brendon. The next few weeks will be fun. Soon it will come down to who wins the comps. That’s when I can see Matt, Ragan and Brendon battling it out. Good stuff.

  274. I just don’t understand why everyone is against brendon he is a nice guy. Everyone was talking it’s to break upa strong alliance that is bull because there’s a stronger one of 4 the brigade has done really nothing but sitback the only one is Matt other then his lie atlease he plays the game that is worth him winning the $$ as for Brittney is young annoying girl. I do think if Brendon put Matt hes going to use it save him & put Kathy upso he know the votes would vote Kathy out and he will still have his 2 alliances. I just want to see a real game player win not one who gets a free pass by oh & I think if there is a long life friends it’s M/R or B/L….

  275. Brendon still has a chance even if everyone is against him he just need to win veto when he’s up on the block and HOH every other week it would piss everyone off even all the haters.

  276. Brittney is the only remotely interesting person left in the house. Everyone else is boring and has nothings useful to say. This season of BB is WHACK!

    I could throw an apple out of my window and hit someone more interesting to be put on tv than these lame wads.

    Looks like CBS has exhausted all of the interesting characters in America between Amazing Race, Survivor and Big Brother.

    Trust me reality tv fans (myself included) it’s only gonna get worse…

  277. Does anyone know what they are talking about on BBAD about an additional competition tomorrow? I can’t figure it out and I’ve looked every where (I think)

  278. At this point the only person who I feel like deserves to win this is Ragan. I understand this is a game & all that but at some point you have to hold true to some kind of moral compass!!

    Brendon– a quitter. He’s fighting now but had he had his way he would have gladly quit this game. Which in my eyes shows you’re ungrateful for this opportunity so NO you dnt deserve anything

    Kathy. Lane. Enzo. Hayden– have won NOTHING!! If Enzo makes another excuse for why he couldn’t do something thn turn around & talk abt how embarrassed he is about it I’m gonna scream! They are all floaters & hitch hiking week to week on other peoples power!

    Matt– great game player but I am disgusted that he would lie & say his wife was sick as a way to manipulate the other HGs. He is a sad excuse for a man. Period. & anyone who’s a fan of him is also a gross person for thinking thts an exceptable way to get to the end.

    Britney– though I love her, and she has stepped up & won 3 POVs(which is more thn I can say for the other people who are skating through this week) her maturity level lacks soooooo much!!

    My expectations for this season were high & I’ve been soooooo disappointed. At least last season I had Jeff & Jordan to believe in with an optimistic view on someone winning who was actually a decent person.

  279. 1)Why is Enzo so paranoid? He’s the only floater that’s never gotten called out for being a floater. I don’t know how he does it but he’s gonna go far if he keeps playing the game the way he has before tonight.

    2)Does anyone in the house even remember Matt’s lie? I don’t think anyones going to care about that when they’re voting him out.

  280. @ Michael T, I refuse to believe that enzoanoysme will go much farther! There is a lot of game left!! Matt may go to the the last 3!! OH, shit, just a bad dream! Sorry! Eww, cold sweats there for a second!!

  281. I was shocked he put up Regan instead of Brit Regans offer sounded much better and he should know by now that Brits the biggest fake in the house anyway…if brit wins the veto (something shes been known to do) then what.

  282. Britney is mean as a snake
    Her venom can be tough to take
    But she’s funny as hell
    And makes part of Lane swell
    So I guess I’ll put up with the fake

  283. @ Michael T, enzoanoysme, will not go far!! I hope! I liked him at first, but then, Not! He is a floater in the true meaning!! I hope he floats his butt outta there, soon!! Is that better BBN??

  284. @425 LF does not hear the message you will have to BB show on CBS. I just got bites of info about the message from listening to the HG when the LF came back on. The key to remember that American Voters were the ones making the suggestions for the SAB to play out. But maybe this one is actually from production. We will have to wait until later Monday morning. :(

  285. @422 Dominique

    Eugh, people give Ragan too much credit. He’s won one veto (which Britney didn’t get to play him for) and he hasn’t made any amazing deductions. Andrew guessed the Wife Lie, Brendan guessed the DPOV lie and Kristen guessed the Brigade. Ragan just sits there with floaters. If he really did care about gameplay, he would be making alliances.

    Also, if you read/saw his spat with Rachel, you will discover that Ragan can get as nasty as Brit and Rachel.

  286. I wish Matt would go up and tell Brendan to put him up and see what happens! Gremlin!!

    Hayden has gotten slimey. Those three E/H/B are dumb together. Play your own game Brendan lose these guys.

  287. OLA BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew!

    Yowzah, how much has happened this weekend!
    Insanity!..Rachel comes & goes, that fight with Ragan, wow! That was intense…but it also seemed staged! Does anyone else think so? Watch it again, it’s like they were tryin’ to come up with the best zingers possible! :P

  288. Is there going to be a new saboteur on wednesday? I thought I saw something about that…?

  289. Oh peanut butter FUDGE! The game isn’t on! I was watching KKKatie Couric! Waz up with? I give up!

  290. Good night ya all! crap, I know what happened cuz of ya all, but I wanted to see it anyway!! On T.V.! Shouldn’t Couric be in bed?

  291. Brittney got what she deserved when Brendan was yelling at her. She should have kept her mouth shut when Brendan was talking with Regan. No one told her to get up and mock Brendan when she did it. With that being said why did none of the Brigade members come to her defense?

    Lane, Hayden and Enzo were all in the back at the time this happened and they said or did ABSOLUTELY nothing. If you notice they are trying to get her out of the game – so much for taking up for her. Other than Lane the other guys probably felt the same about Brittney – Brendan just beat them to it.

  292. Put the petty cattiness aside bc EVERYONE has taken shots at everyone at one time or another. But what’s your definition of a floater?? A floater to me is someone who doesn’t compete. Kathy who drops first in the paint competition but tries to rationalize it in her own mind tht she actually made a deal to go out first…no you just quit! Like Enzo. Lane. & Hayden who continuesly quit competition after competition bc rather thn playing for themselves they know Matts gonna hang on! Britney tries, she may not be the most athletic but she goes until she can’t go anymore not bc somebodys got her back but bc she physically can’t go anymore!! Ragan the “weak, gay guy” has beat Enzo in every physical challenge there has been yet he has the nerve to talk about him as if he’s done nothing. His personality is great & all but at some point I want these people to realize Enzo is the weakest one who needs to go bc he’s done nothing but throw out all these smoke & mirror screens to deflect that fact an he is gonna win this game and he doesn’t deserve to. Period

  293. does anyone get that the game is about lying cheating and stealing ur way to win?? like omg get over urselves if u think by just lying that person is awful and NEEDS to leave. its a dam game. i bet all the money in the world that 90% of ppl complaining on here wouldnt play a “clean” game. i sure as hell wouldnt lol

    • It’s not the lying, cheating or stealing that makes a player ugly. It’s the way Regan and Brittney (1st w/Monet, now w/Regan/Lane/etc.) have talked constant smack yet sucked up to people’s faces when it’s convenient for them. They are both two-faced fake mean bullies.

  294. @Anthony

    Yes lie if you have to….thats not my point my point is– DO NOT attack someone based on their way of life[i.e. calling Ragan the weak gay guy] whn you cant beat him in ANY challenge. you sound ignorant. stupid. & like a fool but nobody can see that bc you’re the funny guy from Jersey. & to talk about how you want people who are competitors & actually stepping up in challenges whn you’re not one of those people. like its laughable the size of his bark compared to his bite.

  295. @rico – yahh the rhymer has returned, where are the others? :)

    @tishe – i thought rachel’s visit was quite productive (aside from ragan blow-out!)

    @dom – true no need for all the personal assinations, but that’s part of the bb game gotta have thick skin to stay in dat house

    true thing about the floater, kathy has a pass b/c they all believe if put up against her they would WIN b/c she has YET to win any comp or even come CLOSE! lol.

    As for the others well am glad Matt is unknowingly out of the bro’gade! I really hope Bren puts up MATT b/c that’s the ONLY way they’ll find out about his D-POV! Ya know he’ll put up Britt anyway! He wont’ put up Kath or any of the brigade members (whom he thinks got his back!)

    I swear if Britt gets put up, and Matt gets away with NO one knowin that he had dat power, they BETTA bring back the Coup D’Etat!

  296. @Dominique
    i agree. i mean i love ragan and all but its BB… u cant really expect much from ppl.. after all these seasons ppl should be far more prepared for pointless attacking.

  297. Britt hides behind the guys hoping they’d protect her b/c she feeds them all this crap in their ear! That & her 3 POV’s, she prances around like a princess, defnitely NOT a person in need of a 1/2 mil! Glad everyone’s wise onto her now (Kath, Lane, Enzo, Bren & Hay) especially LANE! I want Matt to be the ONE to take himself off (b/c Bren hopefully will put him there) and replace with Britt, that puts up another allied couple 2gether! lol.
    Britt will implode then on Matt! The Brigade would officially DE-LODGE him from their crew!
    Be priceless baby and so fortuitous for Bren’s game, guarantee him another week for sure!

  298. @tishe – arrgh trust me first it was dat bloody pga golf game that ran super late, than 60 minutes, then undercover boss, i swear CBS you are crazy! ever heard of JIP (joined in progress) i couldnt’ believe they were serious about running all the shows in full length as IF they were on time! next time i’m switching my dvr tapings to the canadian channel we have (global) arrrrgh! thank god for timeshift & megavideo! :)

  299. How anyone can defend Brendan’s behavior against Britney, I’ll never understand. It’s not about Britney — it’s about Brendan. Brendan totally exposed himself as a big baby. So what if Britney mocked him. He could’ve responded without being a total punk. Brendan called Britney a spoiled brat and even tried to physically intimidate her. She showed some moxie to even try to stand up to him. I thought it was unquestionable that men (boys) do not physically intimidate women (girls). Brendan will always be a coward as far as I am concerned. The only reason anyone is talking to him is because they are trying to help themselves. It’s cut-throat time and the fight for the money is getting fierce. If this were earlier in the game Brendon would be sent out of the house in shame.

    • Did you see the live footage unfold? Brendon called them out for the constant smack they’ve been talking-which is true. They’ve been very mean. The entire thing lasted less than 1 minute and Brendon kept his composure while they yet again relentlessly mocked and disrespected him-this time in front of his face-finally. His hunches were verified that they are both two-faced opportunists.

  300. I don’t think Brit and Kathy are related… Kathy is throwing Brit under the bus…
    Brit is throwing matt under the bus… Maybe if that gets back to matt he’ll put Brit up :)

  301. ^Britney got what was coming to her. Just because she’s a ~helpless female~ doesn’t mean she’s immune to the wrath of angry man. And last time I checked Britney wasn’t a rational person.

    She sure can dish the hate but can’t take it. She’s a hypocrite.

    I seriously hope NONE OF THESE PEOPLE WIN. They all are flawed and crazy and hypocrites.

    Last year Jordan and Jeff and Michelle and Kevin were awesome.

    This year? I don’t even know. Everyone sucks. And the fans who try to say “oh, well Rachel sucks” or “oh Brendan is a baby” NO. It’s not just them.

    ALL the houseguests suck this year. Very underwhelming, yet all very catty.

    • Well said! In fact, Britney didn’t get even a fraction of what she had coming to her. Brendon was way too easy on her. Oh but she made sure to make a big stink about it and cry her baby self to sleep that night getting as much sympathy as possible. Palease! She is a hypocrite for sure.

  302. When does the DPOV come into play? I think it is eviction night before the live vote, but I’m not sure.
    I think the biggest floater is Enzo. All talk no action. I think the others, even Kathy, are at least trying. If he makes it to final two he won’t win. From what I’ve seen on previous BB is that if you haven’t won any comps, why give them the money? I don’t think he deserves to even win the 50g.
    I think Matt is onto Enzo. He couldn’t believe that he was neck and neck with Kathy. And he will probably tire of always being the one to win comps to keep the brigade together. I would like to see him and Brendon become an alliance.

  303. I can’t wait for Britney to go home. I have never seen anyone play with her fingernails as much as she does. Almost as annoying as Rachel’s laugh.

  304. @ Marine – I know she constantly plays with her nails or looks for split ends….lol

    I was FLOORED by how hard Kathy was campaigning against Brit on AD last night!! She was trying HARD to convince Brendon.

    Also how old did I feel when Brendon was explaining to everyone what garbage pail kids were?? I’m like shit you all are babies! But Enzo is older than me, and he had no clue about them. Did any of you like Garbage Pail Kids?

  305. I am hoping for another endurance competition so that “Dunking Donuts/Rub for Luck” Kathy the Cop can show us how she chases down and apprehends criminals…it seems so unfair to the other hg’s to have such a superior athletic type in there as she is…see what coffe, donuts and smokes will do for ya??

  306. Enzo even mentioned last night that he has
    thrown 2 HOH comp. How or why would anybody
    think that he should win the game..

  307. I see Britney is still the same lying, disgusting, immature, vile, horrible person she has always been. Really Britney, get those lips fixed back to the way they are supposed to be. It does look horrible. I don’t find you funny, just funny looking and girl, flashing around false fingernails, there fake just like the rest of you. Too bad they don’t make false waistes, you could use one of them. Look in the mirror again, your not the princess you think you are. flirting all the time with Lane, Poor, poor Steve. I do feel bad for that guy being engaged to it. Cannot wait to see you go!

  308. If anything Brit is playing a much more aggressive game then Enzo, and as far as hiding I don’t think so. She likes Lane but as far as Enzo is concerned she would back the bus over him, which is exactly what I hope happens. Matt use the DPOV on Lane put up Kathy and get her out. Talk about floater and manipulator. Did anyone see her last night up Brendon’s behind when wasn’t it last week she was behind his bac saying how horrible he was? People just don’t like Brit because she is vocal. I would like to see her go all the way.

  309. Let’s get our hatred on, With Brendon he is essentially selfish, saying he only wants strong competitors in the game when he is a strong competitor, thus also saying and he has proven himself not too good at the subtle mental trickery side of the game. He wants to dominate a group like he does outside, probably with ewaker people surrounding him.
    matt is the true threat, he will save himself with the dpov, know where he stands get rid of Enzo, or kathy, and win hoh and bye bye brendon, you see At middle game all of the annoying people are gone, Brendon is an easy choice, should have been gone in early game. but saved himel. In later game it is almost impossible to run the table in challenges and Brendon has shown that he cannot having lost to Matt twice.

  310. brendon is a baby. There’s a time to be cool and a time to be aggressive, but Brendon will never be anything but a coward. Britney is a bigger man than Brendon will ever be. I don’t think brendon or britney will win, but Britney can hold her head high. Brendon should hang his head in shame. Matt and Ragan are the players this year. The others are just riding coattails.

  311. @Dom

    My definition of a floater is someone who isn’t proactive about making alliances or hopes to slip through every week unnoticed. That is Ragan and Kathy in my books.

  312. I see a floater as someone who just runs to whoever is in power and aligns with them at the time. I think Lane has tried in comps, and was holding his own in the last HOH comp. Brendon said he suddenly found focus to win the game; I think he simply figured out the pattern to the knots because those last 4 or so sections went awfully fast. To me, Lane is the only one who has not played every side. He seems totally loyal to the Brigade even if it means losing Britney from the house. I think he just enjoys word warfare with her, but I don’t see any kind of romantic relationship.

  313. Lane may have laid down and let Brendon win and do the dirty work, knowing that he has the votes to stay and there are bigger targets, He should have beaten brendon easily, In oil and gas, you deal with ropes and knots all the time, Feels like a lay down to me.
    At 6 nobody lays down.
    God I want Brendon out so bad.
    DPOV baby.

  314. The one positive thing I get from Brendan being HOH is that he make me enjoy Matt more.

    @Millicent: Can’t agree more. Enzo and Hayden are just going to bend over for Brendan but they claim Matt/Lane’s relationships are bad for the alliance.

  315. Dominique, you’re wrong about Hayden not winning anything. He won the first HOH and put Brendon and Rachel on the block.

  316. Dominique, you are wrong about Hayden not winning anything. He won the first HOH and put Brendon and Rachel on the block.

  317. @immy he probably didn’t count it because it wasn’t completely based on skill. It was who wanted money and who was persistent on being last. He can still get credit, but not much.

  318. I think that everyone in the house has been unfortunately riding the coattails of the Brigade, and the Brigade is made up of floaters. Did these people ever watch BB before? “The guys can’t be in an alliance. They’re just four guys who are friends and happen to control everyone’s vote.” Really??? Bad players. I hope next year is better.

  319. I agree with Todd’s comments.. the cast this year is a joke. These people are so stupid it’s ridiculous. What happened to the good old Big Brother days. It seems since each season has progressed after Season 9’s writers strike they’ve been getting worse and worse!!! Where do they find these underqualified people.
    So far this Season the only person I seen do anything in this house was Rachel, everyone else has been too stupid to notice not to mention WEAK as hell to win any competitions.
    I’m hoping Brendon opens Pandora’s box and unleashes Rachel back into the house.
    Matt & Brittney need to go and I honestly don’t know WTF Brendon was thinking by throwing up Ragan and Laine?!! Seriosly does he actually think Matt & Brittney have his back?!
    Umm… Hello?!?! Wasn’t it Matt’s move last week that sent your girl Rachel packing!
    I don’t get it.. I mean once a Snake, always a Snake.. and since Brendon based his whole gameplay on Rachel’s shoulders to keep him riding through he’s screwed in my opinion if he doesn’t go after the people that we’re targeting her. LOL what a joke.. the whole time while I was watching him think about his nominations I was thinking “Brendon don’t be stupid.. think… what would Rachel do if she was in your shoes”
    LOL clearly a dumb move.
    Well here’s hoping one of them Wins Veto and Matt get’s thrown up and has to Expose his Diamond Veto for Brittney Ass! Hard to say though.. this could go many ways.
    Pandora’s Box needs to SAVE THIS HOUSE!!! lol

  320. dcj, you say this year’s people are too weak, but you want Brittany and Matt (the two who actually won competitions) out over Ragan and Lane, who had not won prior to those nominations?

  321. @dylan, Well Generally speaking the majority of these house guests are weak competitors.. let’s see… sure Matt has been playing this game and has won 2 HoH comps… Brittney what? Has won 1 Veto? I guess that makes her and Ragan tied then. Laine, and Enzo, haven’t won anything and well Kathy in alone speaks for itself. lol
    Personally this game has no strategy with it’s players since the beginning, and there’s a lot of dead weight in that house. Other than the Brogade which I’m quite surprised no one has sniffed it out yet.. which brings me back to the whole “weak players” ordeal.

  322. Or am I the only one who sees it? I got crucified in the last message board for saying it, and even compared to the succubus rachel!

  323. Brendan is weak, mean,and a emotionally damaged person, Haydon is tow faced, enzo is all talk, and a user these three make my head hurt!! Matt, Lane, Ragen and Britney are the only people worth watching. Kathy is a waste of camera time.

  324. I’m in agreeance w/you, Ahunt! @ Hayden & Enzo… they’re just about the woorrst… So shady! To think I liked what I saw of them, at one stretch. Representatives gone, true character emerges. I get that it’s “game”, but how one chooses to play is a representation of them… in my humble & almost always right opinion. ;-)

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