Big Brother 12: Week 6 Power of Veto Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 episode! The Veto competition was exciting, of course, but how about the return of Rachel?? That was nuts and not what I expected.

CBS didn’t show half the fights Rachel caused during her return to the house this weekend so if you want to see all of it uncut and uncensored then get your live feeds free trial and read the full details on what to watch and when using the Flashback rewind feature that lets you turn back the dial and watch it all over.

Fire up your Big Brother uncensored cams right now and watch the live feeds to see the noms fight to stay in the house. With the Diamond Power of Veto in play we won’t be sure who is in danger this week until it happens on the live show! There’s just four weeks left in the show so now is a better time than ever to sign-up and watch the whole season with Flashback to see all the best highlights.

Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show, the return of Rachel, and who you think is in the most danger of being the evicted from Big Brother 12!


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  1. God… Kathy the most PATHETIC HUMAN BEING I’ve ever seen on a reality show… and I’m being nice here!

      • I agree with you too…glad she won’t have my back as a cop! It is disgusting that she even made it through training…which makes you what kind of training they have their in AK.

  2. im listening to hayden and ragan;’s convo about last season. they both agree last season was jeff’s season to win, and kevin, jeff, and jesse deserved to win more than natalie (didnt say anything anything about jordan hmmmm)

    how can anyone possibly think that? i knoe production painted them in the best light, but my god give credit where credit is due. i still dont know how natalie and jesse, well more so natalie became the most hated houseguest in BB history.

    anyway, thats the past on to the future

    i thinking of a possible fight between enzo and britney because during the much needed brendon bashing section enzo was giving his real feeling along with brintey, ragan, matt, lane and hayden.

    but enzo who has done NOTHING BUT talk crap will go to brendon, and probably throw britney and ragan under the bus, like HARD.

    brendon who britney promised would not go up might comfort her, and say like “oh ur saying all this junk about me blah, blah, blah” and britney will be like “u said it to” and all that good stuff.

    however only ragan will be able to back-up britney. maybe matt but he still thinks he is in the BRIGADE

    speaking of which, iam also hoping enzo runs his mouth (its his only asset)and tell matt.

    BUT the tone of the convo has to be like yea u did the work but we gotta get rid of u. like it has to be a “getting rid-of” type tone. if its “well if we split the votes it wont matter” then matt still might gun after britney.

    however… again if im matt i would think “i did ALL the work for the BRIGADE, carried u guys and u cant even respect me enough to spilt the votes (if it so-called doesnt matter)?!

    so tomaro is the crowning day. we can only hope.

    wew i think i just blogged

  3. Regan is the absolute worst. He’s a stereotype and very toxic and I totally hate him, he’s such a bully – you’d think being marginalized by homophobia would make him more sensitive to being so evil and vile. Regan is the biggest jerk in the world, I hope his karma is gnarly.

    • I agree and I don’t think Rachel’s comment was offensive at all! Reagan has acted so cocky since the moment he stepped into that house. He’s such a jerk!!

      • abby, you are totally right. Rachel has class, Regan is pure evil. I wish he would shut up. Regan is toxic and disgusting – he’s so ugly and so rude. The fact that he’s gay is the only interesting thing about him… he really makes gay men everywhere look like bad – like stereotypical bitchy queens. He has no class or discretion – I don’t miss his lame comments about how yada being strung up to wall is a typical evening for him – getting slapped in the face with goo is just par for the course… Good God man, stop being such a demonic skank.

      • just saw the ragans fight with rach boy whose calling the kettle black he was horrid to her way more than she was to him he deserves to be back doored if ya know atleast she tried to patch it up

      • I completely completely agree. Reagan is vile. He thinks he’s so smart and spews his demeaning remarks…like he’s the best person in the world and he can decide who is worthy of being called a good person vs. a bad person…I can’t believe I ever liked him…if he would have stayed quiet/ignored Rachel, he would have been the bigger person…but NO he had to be a jerk…and I agree, I did not think Rachel’s comment was that bad at all. Soooo many worse comments have been said in the house and BB doesn’t make a big production of it. Can’t wait for Reagan to go. Don’t you love how he keeps saying “all the work” he’s doing for the Saboteur? Wow, he posts anonymous videos… that’s worth $20K?!?!? Keep your day job.

      • do you think Reagan will find out just how bad he is disliked by America and how horrid he is. Glad I have no children he would teach

    • Sandy, you have a lot to learn. Rachel is evil for her discriminatory statements. Ragan all the way to win.

      • Kimba, I totally agree with you. Rachel needs to grow up! Seriously. She has this attitude about her that she’s greater and higher than others but as Regan told her, who’s out of the house by a vote of 6-0? she says she’s a nice person but I find that hard to believe. I believe that she acts the same way out of the house and I don’t think she has many friends at all with the attitude she has. I hope once she sees her behavior, she will take a step back and make some changes in her life. She’s the type that can give and wants to be in control but the moment that everyone started fighting her back, she was boo hooing. Regan got with her and I am so proud of him. He stepped all on her face. He stood up to her and spit it back in her face. she could only stand there like a fool as she truly made a fool of herself once again.

    • I agree. Sinking down to someone else’s level is the worst idea. It was painful to watch. If he doesn’t like the way she treats people, he shouldn’t treat her the same way. Absolute insanity.

  4. Barf! @ Ragan and Brat pity party. Is this the same guy who thought it was stupid for Brendon to want to avenge someone he only knew for a month. And now he’s sobbing over two people he has only known for a month. Shut Ragan!

  5. Wow Rachel. That comment was low, even for her. Did you see the looks on the faces of all the houseguests after she made that gay comment?

    Also, Ragan made a great zinger. Get me a drink! LOL

  6. What did Rachel just say.. Oh No she didn’t!!!
    Why does BB allow discrimination? He has to be that way because he is Gay.. really Rachel!

    • That’s an entire high school career of bullying being unleashed in one argument right there!

    • I think Rachel was trying to attach Ragan by getting a laugh from the other houseguest. I think she was trying to win points when she said that but seriously, it only made her look stupid and immature. She just made a huge fool of herself. It was no sense in her comment at all.

  7. What’s wrong with CBS? No one likes Rachel…and yet for ratings purposes for drama you bring her back. Wrong! You are not making this a fair game anymore. Not watching it next year if you last another year if you continue to do this. Shame on You. REALLY?????????????????????????????

  8. I will stop watching Big Brother if Rachel doesn’t come back – her and Brendan are the only players with integrity and balls to be real… the rest are hypocritical sheep. Matt… who gave his wife an imaginary deadly disease to win support is so immature and he will get real life karma for that.

  9. can’t wait to see rachel go home tomorrow……….why would they bring that b back…kathy is such a kiss-ass

    • She is in the jury house already. So she can’t be eleminated. She went back there after her 24 hours back in the bb house.

  10. Rachel is a better person that Regan – y’all seem to like wimpy hypocrites. I’m not going to watch BB if Brendon goes home – Rachel has to come back. Regan is anti femme and a total byotch. Regan is an a**hole!!!!!

  11. i am so glad rachel attacked ragan’s person…and it is his person not his sexuality…

    i am so tired of having to tipy toe around homosexuality…they are people just like everyone else…if i can be insulted as a woman, then he can be insulted as a gay man…

    he needs to just to be bitch slapped…

    • Wow. It’s not about having to “tipy toe” around homosexuality. She basically linked her assertion that he is a bitch to his sexuality. That’s not tippy toeing, that’s blatant bigotry.

      If I were to say “you’re a bitch because you’re a woman” that makes me a sexist.

      This isn’t that hard to figure out.

      • And there have been innumerable sexist comments from a lot of the house guests, but come to the forums & no one is outraged. Sadly it’s contrary and many forum members agree with & continue the misogynistic comments.

        If sexist comments on BB go unpunished, then other bigotry should be too.

    • Lol!!! yes….! That is some truth. Everybody mouth is wide open like he can’t get insulted. People get insulted everyday for being a certain sex or race.

      • Sandy, did you not see it last week when Rachel got EVICTED? She rules nothing. She’s gone! lol

    • ragan’s person that rachel attacked was his homosexuality.

      u can be attacked as a woman, like called derogatory terms, and be fired for such in the workplace because its wrong to say that about someone.

      dont act like she said “ur dumb” and just told ya mamma jokes. she went after his homosexuality.

      so yea u can be attacked as a woman. but just because tis not homosexuality doesnt make it right

      calling him a bitch is nothing. i dont how anyone can still call ragan a bitch when he lit her up, and clowned her where she stood still holding burnt cookies lol.

      • who gives a shit if he is gay…

        oh my gosh she called out his homosexuality….what is the world coming to…

        please…so he is gay, and he is a bitch…and a whiner…and a cry baby…poor poor ragan…


  12. anyone who thinks rachel’s comments (note the plural) were not offensive are clearly missing something. maybe the full context of the argument, or the first 3 weeks of the season, or…..

    that comment was clearly offensive. OBVI!!!! lol i love saying that

    im not gay and when i heard her say that, i was like OHHHH NOOO. and clearly it was because production made her go to ragan and apologize.

    • I don’t get it, CBS makes Rachel apologize but airs the attack anyway, but doesn’t air the apology. Doesn’t CBS owe an apology?

      • Bet he went back to the room and cried again. Don’t care what his sexuality is but he is a whiny, crying, bitchy hypocrite. I must admit I don’t see many people EVER act like that but of the few I have seen, I’ve never seen a man act like that. So I also wonder why he acts like that. I think Rachel had a valid question. Of you don’t want your sexuality discussed don’t throw it out there. Initially I wanted Ragan to win, but now he disgust me. At least Rachel was amusing. She is”acting” poorly yes, but Ragan is taking the game way too serious. And he has a man crush on Matt, a married man. Not cool. And in real life he actually has serious issues with relationships. “nobody likes you” how high school is that.

        And if you want to see vile and disgusting read some of Dr. Ragan Fox publications & blogs.

  13. I thought I would enjoy the argument but the tone of his voice is annoying me. Can we move on to other things? Let get to part where Matt starts to catch wind that something fishy is going on with the Brigade. This argument is boring the hell outta me.

    • That was impressive indeed!! He told Rachel everything she needed to hear! And all she could do to defend herself was attack his sexuality? Classy.

      • Drumz, yes Regan did. And I had the JOY of listening to him and watching Rachel the low life’s face. She has no class at all. She proved it tonight.

    • In my opinion, it was a dumb argument and a waste of a show. Devote the whole time to hearing him argue like a little woman…. Next!

  14. Big brother needs to find a way to get Rachel back! The house has been so boring without her! Team Rachael!

  15. Rachel got Burnt!!! Regan is wicked mean..Rach should have just quit when she was ahead lol. I like how Britney pretended to play pool in the background…so phony.

  16. You mad Ragan? You seem mad. Calm your britches, it’s just a game, she’s only trolling you.

  17. OMG! Still laughing at that fight. Reagan is so hypocritical. He talks about Rachel when he has been just as nasty and mean to people. He needs to get a clue. At least Rachel did play the game while she was there. She didn’t float her way through.

    • totally agree abby blow ups like that blow up right back in your face, reagan needs to remind himself its a frigin game he’s a money mongering biatch!

      • I think you got that wrong. Boobzilla is the High priced call girl who BRAGS about charging men 2,000.00 for a weekend. And talks about vomiting into 100.00 bills on national TV. Nothing but class in that girl – NOT

    • Well first off they left ALOT of the fight out. They didn’t show Rachel make a disgusting comment abt Ragan father….who BTW is dead!!! The second fight didn’t even have to happen but she just had to antagonize him with the damn cookies. I cannot stand her, she always wants to play the victim….shut up already!! “you tell me to get you a drink trying to talk down bc I serve drinks even though I have a chemistry degree” GUESS WHAT tht degree is collecting dust, you’re a cocktail waitress…..fetch the drinks! Not mean, just fact

  18. I laughed hard when Ragan said to Rachel “the only thing real about you is the pimples on your chin” haha that was great

  19. Reagan was ‘right on’, when he told Rachel that she was an evil person and should ride off on her broom. She is without a doubt the nastiest and meanest person I have ever witnessed in the Big Brother House. Best thing that ever happened was when she was voted out!

      • Oh puleeze… Rachel’s the type of person who probably had nothing but a tumbleweed for a pet, because she’s so heartless (and my heart would definitely go out to the tumbleweed…LOL)

    • Okay am I the only one that watched Rachel get snotty and cocky EVERY time she won anything? Then flip on Kathy when she got excited when Rachel chose her because she KNEW she would beat her! And then Rachel cried and whined after she got a taste of her own medicine!! And now again she attacked Reagan and he sticks up for himself, and puts her in her place and he is vile!?! NOO sorry! Rachel came in there with an attitude and towards him for the most part and got what was coming to her and in a much more respectful way than she ever could do it! And After her and Kathys blowout they were both fake as can be tonight with each other lmao

  20. Matt & Lane in Have Nots room… sounds like Lane and Britt got in a bit of a fight and he might have taken a jab at her bf

  21. I think you should have a game where Rachel compets against the rest of the house and if she wins then she gets to pick someone to take her place outside the house and she gets to stay. If she loses then things stay the way they are. That should get the rest of the house guest really sweating.

  22. Aaaand that’s why you don’t bring back evicted houseguests. That’s basically cheating.

  23. After tonight, I officially love Reagen. Racheal was put in her place, and every bit of what he said was true.

  24. I am not thrilled that BB allowed message to be passed from former houseguest to present houseguest. But who said BB can’t violate its own rules

    • Hey, they’ve been doing it steadily for the last couple of years, so no real surprise here!

      • Like we all learned in grade school, just because you can dot it doesn’t mean that it’s right.

  25. Way to go Ragan! Its time someone told Rachel off. Really Brendon what are you thinking.

  26. Arrrgh! So it was for Rachel? He only put up Matt because of Rachel?! WTF?????

    Hey Erin: are you still into that DOOFUS?!

    • Obviously it wasn’t just because of Rachel. He would have been a fool not to take the opportunity to backdoor Matt. He made a smart move (even if Matt has the DPOV)…lol

      • Alright, I’ll give you that…

        It’s just that… man, Britney’s such a bitch! I would probably stop watchging BB if she end up winning!

        Seriously, I truly dislike all the females that appeared this season – if this is the current state of womanhood, we need the return of HARDCORE FEMINISM ASAP!

      • I agree MightyMad. I am so disgusted with this whole cast except for Hayden maybe and Brendon.

  27. Loved watching the Zingbot! The comment about Enzo was fricken HILARIOUS! Ragan was almost as funny a second time around (watched it on live feeds)! Great episode today!!!

  28. I want to scream!!! Brendon should just stick with his gut but no hes going to do what Rachel wants…Ahhh that sucks.

  29. Rachel is not back in the house for good. She can not be voted out again. She was only brought in for 24hrs. I hope Matt puts up Brit or Kathy. Kathy hasnt done anything in the house and Brit complains alot and talks about everybody behind there backs. Better yet Enzo should go up because he does the same thing as Brit does, and it will start to break up the brigade!

  30. This season, all the houseguest are so horrible. The person who selected these houseguest should be fired. Big Brother has gotten worst and worst as the year goes on by. Sucks that I am addicted to this show. Screw it, reading it is better then seeing it. Again the houseguest are horrible. Rachel, Ragan, Britney are all B******. Enzo is just full of sh** that it is so annoying. Lane and Kathy has never done anything exciting. Hayden and Brendon are just stupid pretty faces that are so annoying. They all just suck period. *sigh* I have no idea who I am going to vote for to win that one money prize at the end. They all don’t deserve it.

      • i agree reading it is better then seeing it. Sucks we have to watch on thursday night to see who gets kicked out.

      • I agree. I turned off my live feed. I just couldn’t take those nasty people any more. They are just bringing me down and I hate myself because I am still addicted to BB but can’t stand the nonsense on the feed. I miss last season so much! :)

  31. I think Big Brother only allowed that pretzel message to stay because they want Matt to use the DPOV. I mean, they knew it was there, and obviously someone had to lead Brendon back to the house. They could have just stepped in before hand and messed up the message.

  32. hmmm. im on the west coast so i have not seen the show yet, but i watched the entire fight saturday 3 times.

    it seems u guys are mad at ragan for his comments, and how he attacked rachel.

    that leaves me to think BB edited in someway making ragan look like the aggressor.

    the fight was about 5 minutes so i dont expect them to show everything, but rachel came out to taunt ragan. rachel pushed and pushed the issue. keep in mind also ragan has walked away from rachel’s comments like 3 times.

    it was only after that, ragan struck back. and rachel made hurtful gay comments to ragan before he went on the attack.

    i will give my “new” point of view on the topic, but if u go watch the uncensored fight, i think u can come to the conclusion ragan had had enough of rachel stepping all over him. and since he has been bullied time and time again as a kid, and young adult, their is alot of built emotions.

    • Who’s mad at Ragan? Yeah, he looked like an immature child most of the time, especially on the second fight, but Rachel was really the instigator on both fights, so nobody in their right mind should feel sorry for her.

  33. Actually, I bet the producers asked Rachel to leave that message in order to force Matt to use the DPOV.

  34. here we go again…tip toeing around homosexuality…might insult someone…

    so much for free speech, Matt…

  35. Lisa,

    Haven’t gays been fighting for equality? He calls her a whore and slut, yet she can’t call him gay? Pot meet kettle meet receptacle.

    • I totally agree with that. If you can call some one a whore and a b!tch and the most evil vile then you can tell that same person they’re a bitch because they’re gay. Period, they both went tit for tat, they both deserved the mud slinging. He’s no innocent party in this, when Rachel came into the house Ragina said “Come in Rachel, nobody likes you here. You have no friends.” She didn’t even walk thru the door when he started sh!t, he gets no sympathy from ME.

  36. LOL! Go Reagan!!!! EVERYTHING he said about Rachael was so true…I really don’t understand why they brought her back for 24hrs, what was the point? Because she got evicted?? waaaaaa

    • To please both the Rachel fans, and everyone else. Rachel fans got to see their beloved queen, and the rest of us got to see our beloved queen (Ragan) tear her apart!

      • LOVE it! Ragan’s MY queen! I can’t understand how there are people who actually think that Rachel has class…I couldn’t believe some of the things coming out of her mouth! Classless, insulting and just plain MEAN. The complete OPPOSITE of Ragan, who has kept his wits about him this whole time. Take Ragan’s advice and learn how to speak intelligently, Rachel. Maybe then someone will listen to you…or not.

  37. Lane: “I used to see Matt as a brother, but now he’s more like A STEP-BROTHER to me!”

    LOL. That dude’s awesome.

  38. but lets be clear. well for me atleast. rachel deserved every single second of what she got.

    she got clowned, and she got some life lessons on how to treat ppl. even if u dont like another person.

    she got punched in the face. she thought ragan would just sit their, then walk away or not say anything.

    he stood up for himself. she called him toby, called out his dead dad, made fun of him and guess what? when the tables were turned. she couldnt hang.

    she got lit up like a texas bbq on the fourth of july haha.

    ragan didnt attack rachel’s sexuality, or call out her parents. it was a simple case of somebody having better jokes, and using them.

    lines like “rachel, ur boobs are fake, ur hair is fake, and the only thing real about u is the pimples on ur chin”

    and “yes when ppl think rachel riley, class is the first thing that comes to their mind”

    rachel could have made jokes like “oh ur head is big, ur face looks like it melting, and u got twice more head than u got body” but she didnt.

    • I agree that Regan should stand up for him self but the name calling is just immature attacking each other looks and sexuality is just low on both sides…Sounds like Britney oh yeah but Britney wont say s**t to ppls face only behind there backs!!

      • know what if i was called all those things reagan said to rach i would be a bawling mess her not so therefor i think they are the long time friends any one else think that

    • Matt,

      He attacked her sexuality constantly. She was the competition.

      By the way, I loved the 2 gay guys from a few seasons ago who wanted to paint a W on both sides of that one big guys butt to make a WoW. That was hilarious.

      • Sorry, forgot to add. 2 of my 4 roommates and best friends in college were gay. Ragan is just a little bitch hiding behind his protected status. He can do no wrong.

    • hey erin yahoo me so we don’t use matts thread for chit chat.

      i think matt is going to play it safe and put up kathy. that way he can them all for another week.

    • The way things are going, I’m expecting Kathy to be put on the block tomorrow.

      Annoying moment of the night for me: agreeing with everything that was said by bitching Britney about Kathy’s pathetic performance in the Veto comp. Anyone that force me to agree to anything said by that SUCCUBUS deverses to be take out!

  39. UGH!!! Tonight’s show is unnerving!! Was really hoping to see Regan go… the fight with Rachel was immature!!!
    Can Matt use Diamond Veto on Brendan?

      • N O… no, no, no for the millionth time.

        i love this format, it’s so works easier.

        i don’t care if anyone reads my comment, it just that i get to blow off steam. yea!!!

    • i kind of see where it would be hard to hold back on Rachel… she definitely has set the record for arguments in the house.

      her visit back to the house really set Ragan off… not to make an excuse b/c Rachel deserved it but maybe his nerves are on edge from his SAB duties (fear of being caught; fear of losing $20T; etc).

  40. CBS didn’t show Lane’s speech!….

    I don’t remember that ever happening before.
    Maybe it was because his speech was unconventional and had nothing to do with saving him from the block? (I seem to recall him telling Brit something like that on the “live feeds”)


    Season 11 Kevin was the best.

    This excuse for a man is a low life and thanks to “America” he has 20,000 because he tried to ruin the game.

    I hope someone kicks his butt so far out of the house. I’m tired of seeing his gay behind on my screen.

    • Why did you put quotation marks around America? Americans voted for him to be the saboteur. Are you questioning that?

      • I just might be. I surely didn’t vote for him. He’s a good for nothing.

        Playing pranks on people isn’t sabotaging the GAME. It’s just weak and he doesn’t deserve money for this.

      • You said you loved Kevin from last season but in the same post you insult Kevin, Ragan and many others sexuality in America. If that’s the way to love someone, hate is much better!! #teamragan!! Ragan has the ability to win this game with his careful and calculated gameplay. Ragan has been in the last 2 standing for the last 2 HOH endurance competitions and only fell off because he was in no apparent danger of leaving. If he was, he could have won guaranteed. Please evict the nobodies like Enzo and people who lack a brain like Brendon

      • Matt B: America’s Player in S8 actually had to put his neck out on the line to do it. He mimicked Dick, he tried to get out people cause the US told him to and he even tried giving his Showmance partner the silent treatment. So far, Reagan has put an envelope under a pillow and keep a straight face on when the SAB strikes. Heck, Annie at least had to lock the door.

        Hypocrisy Fighter: The notion that Reagan is such a great player is getting old. He didn’t make an alliance or a power play, so what makes you think he’s such a wise player? He doesn’t even have a clue about the Brigade, which Kristen caught on to. Reagan is too emotionally invested. Lastly, what makes you so sure he could have beat Matt?

      • I liked Regan early in the game – I thought he was the best of a bad bunch but I have changed my mind. I know Rachel was pretty bitchy but I thought Ragan out-bitched her for sure on tonight’s episode. Is he so arrogant he can afford to turn his nose up at a jury vote (or two if Brendan is voted out)? I did vote for him to be the saboteur and now I’m sorry. I think he’s done a rotten job of that too and I’m sorry he won’t be leaving before he call collect his $20,000.00.

    • I hate Ragan, too, but not because he’s gay. It irks (and saddens) me that this seems to be a deciding factor in why you dislike him since you bring it up so often in your original post. I hate Ragan for sitting high on his “I’m good to people” perch and then stooping to the exact same lows as those he angrily calls out. Choosing to be the Saboteur for $20,000 is low considering how much flack he gave Rachel for being horrible and disgusting to people. It’s too bad Rachel has no wits about her, she could have totally won that argument with Ragan over the weekend.

      • Abby, I’m with you, Britney runs down, rachel, brendon, kathey, and ragan just lets it go, but then when he’s talking to matt, he says he’s getting tired of kathy talking about brendon, Please.

    • That kind of commentary is homophobic and hateful. Maybe it makes you question your own sexuality or manhood. Being gay has nothing to do with the game! Your immaturity and insecurity come across loud and clear- complete cowardice!

  42. Well, that was a waste of an episode.

    Does anyone else agree with me that the Pandora’s Box decisions should not have anything to do with an upper hand in the game? Seeing a loved one, leaving the house, being isolated, etc are all fine. Giving someone a diamond pov to use is an unfair advantage. Even if it was Rachel who won it (yes, I’m a fan of her) I would still be opposed to such a powerful item.

    On another note, I wish the saboteur never came back. Whats the point of it? Keeping everyone up all night? Woo0o0o what a saboteur move! It’s pathetic…

    • What is your opinion on the fairness of former houseguets passing messages to present houseguets?

    • I agree! Pandora’s Box shouldn’t have anything to do with changing the course of the game! I think it is very unfair for Matt to have an upper hand in the game 2 weeks in a row. He got the DPOV and unleashed the saboteur back into the house. It clearly wouldn’t even have mattered because Reagan has done a terrible job as saboteur. He really hasn’t done anything!!

    • Luck plays a huge part in Big Brother. Matt was lucky enough to win HoH when the DPOV was available. He wasn’t favoured; Julie mentioned a secret power before the HoH competition started. I think this is more fair than giving the Coup D’etat based on votes (last year). But giving the Coup D’etat to Boogie in S7 seemed completely fair, as the entire house got to compete for it.

      Also, your complaints about the saboteur may not be warranted when you find out what he did yesterday…

      • putting a note under the pillow…big deal. He has had almost two weeks to do something..He does 1 thing and we are to get excited…no way..go home suck

      • Yes. I agree Connaddy and putting a note under Enzo’s pillow. How is that sabotaging the game. Come on!! It doesn’t matter if it was Matt or any other player; I don’t think the DPOV was appropriate to give in Pandora’s Box!!

      • Matt B you must be new to the site. There is a whole thread about Reagan putting the note under Enzo’s pillow on here. This is a spoiler site!!

    • I’d join in a heartbeat! I’d mostly love this show for the chance to compete in the comps- they look like so much fun.

    • Great idea! Maybe have half the HG come from the US and the other half come from Canada!

    • Not only BB, but Viacom should let Canadians in Survivor, The Amazing Race, etc. I mean, geez, if MTV’s RW/Challenges can let Canadians in, why can the big network CBS do the same?

  43. Matt is a snake and should go home. Anyone who tells everyone his wife has a terminal illness should be asked to leave the show. He is dispicable. Then theres Ragan….He can dish it out but unable to take it. Too bad nasty Matt has diamond power of veto.

    • First of all, I’m pretty sure he said it would just cause her to lose a leg. If it was terminal, people would wonder why he’s spending his wife’s last days on a reality show. :D

      Nonetheless, it was a terrible lie, far worse than Johnny Fairplay’s. Worst of all, he has trouble keeping a straight face. I would be done with Matt, but he’s won two comps while the Brig grazes in his glory. That shows he’s at least backing that lie with solid gameplay. (Also, he has Ragan so far down his [rabbit] hole, he has enough supporting votes without the lie contributing.)

    • He certainly let Rachel have it with guns ablazin’ which actually left her speechless for the first time because she obviously was not quick enough to respond. He doesn’t care about her jury vote and instead of leaving it alone , she followed him around the house goading him. He said alot of things the rest of the house didn’t have the guts to. He’s right ,she’ll get what she deserves

  44. I hope Matt putts Enzo up after he uses the Diamond POV. Getting tired of seeing that guy, he’s just as useless as Kathy.

    • If Matt play his cards wright I put Enzo or Hayden up just because, for one they are not winning anything,,and this will make a better move for him. Because sooner or later the brigade so going to be no more,,That would make for a great Thursday night show. but will have to want and see what his has plan are or if he get’s a hint for what Enzo n Hayden are up to. Would that be a blasts

  45. ugh!!! I really hope Matt does NOT use the dpov on any of the useless players like enzo hayden or kathy. That would be the dumbest move ever!!!! He should soooo take out Britney shes really the only strong player that he can put up!! But he will probably put Kathy… sucks…

    • I don’t understand the Britany haters I think she is one of the better players and very entertaining. Lets keep Enzo so we can watch him play with himself and talk about pooh on live tv

      • I’m a Britney fan, but I think she has haters because she says mean things. I love her mean jokes/comments, and at least its not like Reagan who jumps on bullies when he’s one too.

        Also, I think it’s good to kick out a Brig guy, it weakens their voting power and will make Brit/Reagan see him as not attached to Hayden/Enzo. Also, it would be the best play so far. I kinda wish I didn’t go to BBN so I’d be surprised tomorrow. Kinda, ;D

    • I’m not a britney hater I could care less about her honestly the only person I kind of like is Matt (I don’t like how he made up a lie about his wife but whatever that’s his business) He has almost everyone on his side except Brendon and I think it would be in his best interest to kick her out because she is one of the only strong players left that he can like i stated he has Ragan who happens to be another ok player left wrapped around his finger you can’t trust anyone in this game but u sure as hell cant trust her out of anyone and I don’t know why he would if I was her I would so put him up for eviction she doesn’t have any loyalty to anyone (except maybe Lane but that seems one sided) and I like how she talks crap about everyone makes it entertaining but like I said the only person I really even kind of like is Matt and I would like to see him win it the only strong players left are brit, ragan, and possibly brendon but he will most likely be out next week out of all of them brit definitely has the best game strategy and that’s why he should give her the boot because she most definitely can win this thing.

  46. Did anyone else notice that CBS didn’t show Lane’s speech!….

    I don’t remember that ever happening before.
    Maybe it was because his speech was unconventional and had nothing to do with saving him from the block? (I seem to recall him telling Brit something like that on the “live feeds”)

      • Not true, Sarah. I’ve seen it many times before. All with the same result, of course… “I don’t really expect you to use it on me… etc., etc., etc….”
        Plus, wasn’t Lane talking to Britney on the “live feeds” about his speech and how entertaining it was?

    • Yes Rico, he told Britney that he doesn’t think it was relevant for his position on the block, must be why Producers cut it. lol Maybe they want to keep portraying Lane as the country idiot that doesn’t speak much, but when he does, it’s funny.

  47. I hope Matt would Ragan up but of course they’re butt buddies. Can’t get between that.

  48. @Mama Grizzly

    Matt cannot nominate Brendon.

    He won’t nominate any of his brigade, unfortunately. I don’t think he will nominate Britney because of Ragan, so the only left is Kathy. This would also make Brendon’s reign as HOH pretty useless, as he sent Kathy home. Big woop.

  49. @ Shawn i agree with you 100% i do not think that someone should get the diamond power of veto especially someone like Matt he is very much a little sneak to me. On another note Rachel did shake the house up and she is a strong competitor in the game (which is sad b/c she was voted out), but I AM SICK OF THE FLOATERS (kathy, matt, brittney, ENZO), and the Saboteur sucks now, it should have ended in the beginning and they should have came up with something a little better!

    • I totally agree. I’m actually leaning towards voting for Rachel to get the 25K @ the end…

    • Not sure how you can classify Matt and Britney as floaters… Like them or not, they have played all parts of the game (won competitions, made multiple social alliances, and have deceived the other houseghests as to their true intentions – that’s the game).
      Kathy and Enzo on the other hand… definite floaters.

      • You’re right about them not being floaters but does anyone else feel the same this season about most of the houseguests just being really egocentric and pretty sickening in some way? My husband and I are huge fans and not really big on Brendan and Rachel (she’s crass to say the least) but at least they have game. Matt is a Napoleon complex (zip the jacket already!), Enzo a zero, Lane is cute (but really, did he grad high school?), etc. and how the heck how no one figured out the Brigade by now is unbelievable. There is no one guest we are rooting for (not one redeeming character I guess). I think having to pay for live feed to get the gist of the program stinks too and noticed this season that the editing on TV is done to entice people to get it..very choppy.

      • I guess i do agree that Matt and Brittney are not floaters they have fought thru their games but i am sick of both of them! and i agree with everyone when they say that the ppl on BB this season are not interesting AT ALL!

      • I guess I enjoy the malicious ones, because Rachel, Matt and Britney were the only ones keeping this going. The floaters are Enzo, Hayden, Lane and Kathy. Ragan seems to be in a half floater/half fighter gameplay. Brendon seemed lifeless, even after winning two vetoes, it was this week when his Rachel Rage occurred that he really got proactive.

        Seeing Andrew’s final speech and Kristen seeing signs of the brigade makes me wish Kathy and Ragan were voted out long ago.

  50. Is Brendon safe from Matt who is holding diamond power of veto? Matt shoul not be able to use it on Brendon

  51. I loved this episode. Couldn’t stop laughing. Rachel looking for Brendon; Brendon looking for Rachel. Good One Big Brother. Although I can’t stand Ragen, I did like the way he gave it back to Rachel. She is such a numbnut – she doesn’t have a clue. And speaking of people who don’t have a clue – how about Hayden and Enzo who think by getting rid of Matt that will make them look better. Talk about Dumb and Dumber, and speaking of Dumb and Dumber – I don’t think that Kathy is smart enough to give a sobriety test. To me, this was one of the best episodes ever. Good thing, since this season has been very disappointing, at least for me. Now, if the whiny weasel Ragan would just go home, I would be very happy. I’m sorry, but the guy makes me want to throw up.

    • I agree with you…Rachel’s best come back ooooohhh I loved the look on her face when he was sitting there tearing her apart and then she said why don’t you do it a little more, what you didn’t get enough the first time. She was way out of her league and then she had to tell everyone how smart she was oh brother.

      • I was kind of disappointed that Ragan jumped off his high horse so quick. Not to mention his insults were thought of in advance, probably in anticipation of his time in the Jury House.

  52. Matt can not use the Diamond POV on Brendon. Brendon is safe. Hope that clears things up.

  53. @Lisa RN

    Thank you! Even if it was someone I liked, I would still oppose of such an unfair advantage.

    I don’t think Brittany, Enzo, and Matt are floaters (floater to me is someone who isn’t aligned with anyone). Matt and Enzo have the brigade, and Brittany has Ragan so I guess that’s an alliance. Kathy is a 100% floater, and that’s why shes going home.

    • Kathy will not go home simply because she is not a threat to anyone at this time in the game

  54. The damn saboteur idea is EPIC FAIL.

    And that’s not fair for Matt to win the diamond power of veto. I wish America had the choice.

    I miss the coup d’etat?

  55. Truly, I am not a Rachel Fan. I think she got what she deserve as she was/is a straight up witch. She came straight in the house with attitude. Attacked Regan but he told her the truth and nothing less. SHE WILL GET HER’S. Until she learn to RESPECT other’s, she will not get respect in return. She had a look on her face to die for.

      • Ragan,The saying goes ” Practice what you Preach” At least Rachel said what she felt to Ragan & other HG face to face, but Ragan & Britney aren’t any better after giving their nasty Late Nite shows and saying all those vulgar things on TV about Rachel& Brenden,they didn’t have the b*lls to make those DISCUSTING Character Slurs up front, and I was shocked that BB did allow it a few nights. If they Knew I believe that Rachel and Brenden would’ve had a Major Confrontation with the both of them.I know this is a game but to go on National TV & call someone a WHore and smear them, WOW they went beyond game play! I know if that happened to me I would be Pi$$ed OFF BIG time! Really Wouldn’t You?

    • While I agree that Rachel was pathetic (and seeing Brendan’s ‘teaser’ made me want to barf) I will also say that it was petty for Ragan to attack first (from what I remember, correct me if I’m wrong) and to think up insults like that to have for disposal. Not to mention he would refer to Brenchel as low class types, but then he goes ahead and makes fun of her pimples, which have nothing to do with Rachel’s personality. While I agree she needed to be put in her place, I think Reagan lost his reputation as a normal and calm person with morals.

  56. @ Summer 16

    About Hayden and Enzo wanting Matt out…how do you think that makes them dumb and dumber? If it’s about playing competitions, then I agree, they are horrible. But if it’s strategic play, it would be a great move for them to let Matt out. Matt has the brigade votes and ‘the others’ votes. He has proven himself worthy at competitions, and as far as they know, he has a sick wife.

    Those factors alone make him the new threat to anyone in the house. If they manage to get Matt out, I would say that is the smartest move in this season.

    • (S)he called them dumb and dumber because they were saying ‘It would make them look better.’ Which is basically making them look like more of a pus*y than they were when they bent over for Brendon to have them too.

  57. I think Regan is sooo funny! I cant stand Racheal! Her laugh, her fakeness make me sick. She dont care about Brandon, shes a user, loser! Go Regan, hes the only one who had guts to tell the tramp the trueth!!!! You go guy!!!!!!

    • hit enter and saw what i typed in your comment you are my type of blog user wink keep it real racheal give cock tail waitresses a bad name only chemstry she can do is mix hair product up and sh1tty job doing that

  58. god i cant believe anyone can like rachael her voice, slutty dress,annoying laugh,bet the people who llike her like fran dresscher to god i cant stand to see or hear her. and enzo is such a goofy yankee kathy and enzo need to go up in place of matt and lane come on dpov matt rules

  59. “I’m back, bitches”, she said–
    Rachel, wicked witch in red.
    Pandora’s Box opened,
    Her “man” sure was hopin’
    He’d have one night in her bed.

  60. I Enzo and Hayden go through on their plan for giving Matt a heads-up about being “kicked out” of the Brigade BEFORE the vote tomorrow. That way, he can make a smart move like nominating one of them after using the DPOV on himself! Enzo’s worse than Hayden, but they both have done NOTHING in the house besides float under the facade of “The Brigade,” which Matt led 100%. He won all competitions and did all of the dirty work…why shouldn’t he get a shot at them?

  61. I loved how no one really said anything when Rachel asked the HGs who liked her or who was her friend. Except Enzo “I’m friends with everybody…” XD Yeah right Enzo.

    • No kidding I almost gave back my dinner what a kiss up liar….you have to be nice to me I am in the jury house….What a bimbo

  62. I know it’s a pointless question because it wouldn’t happen – but can Matt put Regan back up? because i think that would be pretty funny.

    • I don’t think that he can because Regan one POV, but I am not 100% sure. Although in reality why would he want to, Ragan will always vote to save Matt.

      • I know he wouldn’t want to – really was wondering about the power itself. Are both the HOH and POV holder safe? Or is diamond pov stronger than either? Like I said, it would be funny to me if someone took themselves off yje block only to be put right back on by dpov holder.

      • I think it will be so funny if Matt put’s Reagan back up on the block, wow the looks on everyone’s faces will be hilarious!!

      • Oh the sparks would fly if Regan was sent to the jury house…might be to much for CBS to handle!

  63. @Diane
    I completely agree!!!! Ragan is the best. Rachel is sooooo “in love” but she never once said it back to Brendon until she thought that his lame speech saved her. They ARE NOT going to last like Jeff and Jordan! Brendon is gone next week.

    • awful rude of you to assume you know someone based on the past two months of TV viewing. what any of the houseguests do outside the house isn’t really any of your business and has nothing to do with the show, nor will it matter. Big Brother is for summer viewing and nothing more; don’t let yourself get so heated about two people in a relationship you’re not even a third party in.

    • also, she said “I love him” over and over in the house when she returned over the weekend. She was no longer playing the game AND her pretzels said “I LOVE YOU” AND “Matt”. Implication here is that she was not just saying it, and though she was evicted and cannot win, she still does feel love for Brendon. Check your facts before you devour TV characters like that.

  64. My suggestion to Ragan on Facebook:

    “Make paranoia in the house by saying two houseguests have an alliance with Brendon.


    This would make the house go crazy.

    • Would the houseguests believe it, though? I’m not so sure, they all hate him so much and are totally united in their desire to evict him.

      • Yes, it would be even better like you said.

        They all dislike him, so if two people are trying to make deals with him they could be huge targets. It would lead to alot of finger pointing i’m sure.

      • You think they are united? Enzo and Hayden want Matt gone this week. Matt already is suspicious that those two have an alliance with Brendon.

    • Or if Ragan went ahead with the ‘There’s a secret alliance’ instead of linking it to the ‘long lost friends.’

  65. Once the Brigade reveals themselves to the house, let’s see how much of their limited time Britany and Regan devote to “zinging” Brenchel :)


  67. Go Ragan! Finally someone shut Rachel up.. That girl is a disaster thank the lord she’s history. I think Kathy w/be the next one to be evicted. How is she a sheriff???? Don’t you need skills and determination to be a police officer. She has two motions SLOW AND STOP…(I’m sorry but its the truth). Again, Go Ragan and Matt. I hope they

      • Yes you do need skills and determination to be a Sheriff,I know,she is an embrrassment to us Female Cops! She can’t even figure out who the Scabo Sabateur is in the house. DUH! I figured Annie out after the second time she popped up on the tv. I focused on the pattern of the body even though the picture was frazzled! She must be one of those sheriff’s from a small hic town & related to OBIE ! lol

  68. I always enjoy watching the hgs get “cabin fever” right about now, But Rag went way too far with his insults to Rachel. (And I’m not a fan of Rach)

    I don’t think the brigrade will split up just yet. So I think either Kathy or Brit will go home. I hope its Brit; although she’s a good game player, but an aweful human being

    • I think Kathy will just because Matt is connected to Ragan, and Ragan is connected to Brittany. Brittany=one more vote for Matt. Kathy is a random floater who has no place in the house anymore. Matt will see that.

      • I think Hayden is going home figuring Enzo and Hayden will probably tell Matt they’re evicting him, then he’ll put one of them up on the block.

        The more of a competitor is Hayden, so he will be evicted.

      • I believe Enzo has pissed off Matt and I thought for sure Matt would put Enzo up. With the message on Enzo pillow now I am fearful that the attention has re-focused towards Kathy. What a waste using the DPOV on her.DPOV when used should split up the house. We will know in 24 hours. :)

      • I think Matt will put Reagan back up on the block, no way will he go after Kathy, she is not a threat to anyone! That move would be a total waste of the DPOV.

    • I agree on your thoughts of Ragan and Brit. Except for her going home. She’s a terrible person, but I want her to win.

      • @Bryan58 not sure what BB12 you are watching but the current show has Ragan and Matt has friends + Ragan won POV so can’t be put up.

    • lol i was just thinking about mightymad.. I was going to ask for mightymad to post the latest MANUAL on the dpov questions we keep getting lmao

    • I went out for awhile… needed to get some booze!

      And please: NO MORE MANUAL! Seriously, I cannot wait ’til Matt finally use it so we can all move on!

  69. Matt isn’t going home. And if Enzo knows what’s good for him and his allies, he won’t say a word to Matt about ANYTHING (though it may be too late for that) and either Britney or Kathy will be leaving because Matt will protect his four to further his own game.

    But if Matt thinks that any of the four are gunning for him, he’ll likely evict Enzo first, for his big mouth. Hayden, though, has always played both sides somewhat, even if my instinct says he’s not going this week. He’s definitely going to be next. Lane is definitely the most loyal to Matt of the Brigadiers.

    Next week, Brendon is gone. Unless he wins POV he doesn’t have a chance in hell or a single ally. Ragan has been allied with Matt all season, even though the live feeds or the show have never confirmed an actual agreement between the two. I’m certain that if the two of them get far enough, the Brigade is falling to pieces.

    Also, those pretzels – I wouldn’t doubt if producers TOLD Rachel to do that, knowing that Brendon was totally clueless about Matt and the DPOV could be wasted if he wasn’t put up. (I know, old news, I’ve been away!)

  70. Kathy, is the one going next…….Unless the Brigade tells Matt that he is going out the door….

    Tomorrow is the turning point in the game…

  71. That was some fight, but they did make up and that was even better. Hope BB shows this on the next show. All seemed to be forgiven. Shame they did not show the talks that Rachael had with the houseguests. There was some good stratagies and brain storming going on. I saw a different side of Rachael now that she was not playing the game. Once she calmed down things got better for everyone.

    • Just curious Eileen, are you Faith’s mother-in-law? I’m a friend Claudia’s from high school. Glad to see Cape May County has another BB Fan, I was beginning to think I was the only one!

  72. LOL @ Regan. He constantly whines about ppl bullying and picking on him. He is just as big a bully as anyone has been in the house.

    • he is a bully as well! I feel so sympathy for him in the ragina/rachel fight. He descriminated against HER sexuality as well!

    • I absolutely agree. If I only watched the episodes on CBS I might actually like Reagan, but after watching every single Showtime After Dark episode (it’s great to watch while studying) there’s a completely different side to him.

      He has used some of the most hateful disgusting words to put Rachael and Brendon down just to make himself fit in with a group of people who, in all honesty, could probably care less about him. I was truly pulling for him in the beginning, but anyone who has to put people down to make themselves look better are despicable. To me, he gives gay people a bad name, and that makes me sad!

      • I also agree, that Ragen was DISCUSTING, on After Dark!! He is just a whiney SISSY LA LA :)! I think when Rachel & Brenden see the BB tapes they will be very upset with him & Britney!

  73. the real drama getting ready to unravel is if matt will ditch the brigade and put up kathy tomm cause it seems to me that he is getting awfully close to brit i just cant see him putting her up the brigade is now down to 3 after thurs and matt is joining the bitchgade with ragan and brit. thats the way i see it. btw i never seen a grown man cry like a girl as much as ragan, its just a game your all not playing for your lives! geez what a bunch of weirdos. everybody hugging eachother after nom’s like they were sent to death row or something its all so odd

  74. That’s O-K, I love ya Ragan & I thought you did an outstanding job getting back at Rachel. Everything you said was TRUE. Everybody in that house has dogged each other, there’s nothing else to do ! Ragan you have a great BACK BONE. You don’t take any crap from anybody, ya tell it like it is. You shoot stright from the hip.

  75. I love what regan said everything anyone with class would say to that nasty girl who gives Vegas a bad name!

    And bendon you look normal, what do u see in that nasty nasty girl. Really a neon skirt, trash trash trash.. She’s an animal.

    Thank you regan you might be a floater but great with your words.

    • I’ll isolate everything wrong with that post:

      I love what regan /said everything anyone with class would say/ to that nasty girl who /gives Vegas a bad name!/

      And bendon /you look normal/, what do u see in that nasty nasty girl. Really a neon skirt, trash trash trash.. She’s an animal.

      Thank you regan you might be a floater but great with your words.

      Class? Ragan gave up his class ownership card when he did all of this.

      Vegas already has a bad name. I was there a month ago, have you not seen the many people handing out ads of nude women, or pro beer pong or the drag queens? That’s Vegas, and it’s also Rachel.

      Brendon is most definitely not normal! If I met all these people and heard their comments, I’d say Kathy and Hayden are the only normals (and I dont even like them.)

  76. Rachel left her “I love you”-“Matt” pretzel message and told Kathy to keep it safe for Brendan. Then, Kathy says ok and locks the HOH door. Then, walks Rachel to the door, and immediately tells Hayden and Enzo–“but don’t tell Matt.”

    What’s up with Kathy? She votes against the house, kisses up, floats, whatever. Is she trying to play the whole house in case she nakes it to the end? Is she thinking about jury votes?

  77. To all of you who stuck up for Ragan thank you. He is a caring person and not afraid to tell the truth.Wait until the Brigade starts to save themselves. Especially Enzo. Because he’s everybody friend.

    • Yeah, definitley agree with you.

      Except for the fact that if Hayden and Enzo tell Matt they’re planning to evict him, Hayden is out the door. If they don’t, the Brigade is safe for one more week or so.

  78. I really don’t understand why Ragan is being ripped on so much by all of you bloggers here. I love him. He went toe to toe with “RA-Tress” which everyone else was afraid to do. Standing ovation and bowing at his feet by everyone in my house for him tonight. My hero!!! My entire family is Team Ragan.

    • No one else needed to go toe to toe with her. She never attacked Hayden, Enzo or Lane. Brit got the last word in her good bye message and Matt evicted her. It’s Ragan’s crazy need to fight back in his head that caused this.

      Also, “I’m back b!tches” wouldn’t be counted as bad to me, but perhaps some people felt it was rude.

      • perhaps Regan was good at his speech because he’s praticed it in the mirror tons of times talking about himself! he is no better than her or Birt. they are all horrible people. would you ever say ugly, disgusting things to people like the 3 of them have? if you said yes, i feel sorry for you. there is no reason to speak to or about people the way they do. it is a game. to spit hate at each other over a game is inexcusable!

  79. So does the Diamond power of veto allow him to put Brandon up?? I didn’t get it? If so that would be awesome, except would we have to watch Brandon and Rachel make out in the jury house? I am sick of those two!

  80. Regan is the biggest hipocrit in the house, everything he chastised Racheal about he should look in the mirror though he might not be able to deal with whats staring back “a beep sucking flamer” hope he cries he heart out everynight. I bet Lane from republican, conservative Texas just loves Regan.HA HA

  81. When Matt uses the diamond veto tomorrow, does he get to vote? And if not, does that mean Brendon gets a vote? Or do neither one of them vote??

  82. Ragan- what a sore loser!!! He is sush a a**- telling Rachel how everyone hates her- just speak for yourself Ragan!! You LOSER!!

      • Look, Ra-tress (I loved that) picked that fight and loss. She thought she could go after Ragan and that was her mistake. The whole house DOES hate her. No one voted for her stay. She’s cheap and disgusting and I am glad Ragan ripped her to shreds.

      • They voted Rachel out because she was a STRONG & SMART player!! The Hg feared her, didn’t you listen to the BAFFOON BRA-GADE,they were worried she was too smart for them to get further in the game !

      • Nope… She “lost” as you say b/c she was a threat inthe game, and therefore got voted out! Oh snap that bitch!

    • I thought everyone did hate Rachel O.o Lol. Except for Brendon. But then again you can’t blame Ragan, he was only sticking up for himself she was the one who attacked him 1st.

      • Amen to that! The live feeds show what really happened.The show tonight did not!!! Rachel was the instigator! She should be ashamed of herself. If BB had aired all the “gay bashing” she did she would receive hate mail for the rest of her miserable life!

      • I agree, not one of them told her that they hated her except Regan! All of them acted like cowards and ran away from her and sucked up, but he stood up to the witch! And guess what she did, she flew away! lol!

      • Ragan is the bigest loser, when he finds out that Matt has been playing him, talk about break downs this will be a classic, Ragan will be crying for the next month or longer. his “great moment to shine”.
        Enzo will most likely win it all.

      • You are sooo right! Rachel started that & Reagan finished it! I’m gonna check out the live feed cuz I know just how Rachel has behaved in the house the whole time, I know she started it! She is a trouble maker & a sore loser & I’m glad she is out of the house. I just wish she wasn’t in the jury house! That is why she came back trying to intimidate everyone! I’m glad Reagan stuck up for himself.

    • Uhhh she spoke ‘for the house’ too telling him no one liked him & he had no ‘friends’. I’m glad he stood up for himself & her little cause drama plan backfired in her face. Serves her right.
      Is she the only one allowed to attack? No one is allowed to defend themselves? God forbid they do stand up & dish out the same crap. It’s a lose lose isn’t it. He’s a ‘loser’ for standing up for himself & I’m sure people would have the same crap to spout had he took her crap & done nothing.

  83. with kathy as sheriff you would think that her town would have the highest crime rate in the nation. she’s a dope and for sure couldnt run any criminal down. After bb12 criminals from across the nation will flock to katy’s town in hopes to rob every bank and business and will most def get away with it. get ready people lock your doors an be afraid be very afraid

  84. I say pull lane and himself off tomorrow lane loyal and strong but dumb as my exwife who thought she needed a passport to leave virginia… and put up enzo and hayden get rid of the dead weight and work brendon out next week but enzo needs to go un loyal oh im friends with everone bu11 sh17er he is just like every other jersey douche’ i know !!!!!!!!!

    • The Diamond Power of Veto can only remove one person from the block, so lane will be left there while matt takes himself off. Though i doubt lane will go home.

    • hey i am from NJ shore born and raise and people like Enzo and the jersey shore cast embarrass the hell out of me! believe me, those types are the minority, not the majority! come meet the real people before you pass judgement on us all! we are really quite nice people! most of us anyway! ;)

      • i agree with oogiet, i too come from jersey and ack no where close to the jersey shore girls and come on that accent that enzo has alittle too much lol

  85. i was rotfl when brenchal looked for eachother and failed. matt and reagan are the only two playing the game with guts there not scared to step on toes and go head to head. enzo and hayden act like they run the brigade but like the robot host said all they do is “bomb”. hayden won hoh week one and it was a team game so really tht doesnt count. since then enzo,lane, and hayden have one nothing!!not even a veto. matt has one 2 hohs and has dpov. mat brit and raeg should form a final 3 alliance. take out a gade member 2mrw then it will jus be 2 left minus mat. so brit mat and raeg would have the numbers on there side.

  86. Ragan is an absolute and complete jerk. It’s hard to believe that he is a college professor. Way to show the students how he treats women.

      • Hey I thought…good for you Ragan!! He said what others were thinking…did you not see how they all were listening at the back door and then ran when they thought that someone was coming inside…bunch of sneaky spineless people.
        AND for weeks so many on here were posting about how much they hated Rachel…she was speechless and it looked good on her!

      • She is down right nasty, mean, conceived and too many other things that would take me well into the night to list. She started it by saying hey bitches, IM BACK. Poltergist all over again. I do admit Ragan acts way to gay and constantly talks about it, was acting childish imitating her, but every single word he said to her was SO TRUE. Three cheers for Ragan !! Hooray

  87. Yeah, whoever is saying they don’t like Ragan is obviously:

    1. Doesn’t like gay people


    2. A fan of Rachels. Even though what she did turned many people off, including people who liked her before.

    • i’m not a fan of rachel or ragan. i think they have both played the game on a personal and ugly level a long with brittney.

      • Lol what has Ragan done, like ever?

        I didn’t like Brittney at first too, but if she hates Brendon she’s ok in my book. Same with hating Rachel too.

        If anything, the person you shouldn’t like are Brendon and Hayden. Brendon is a poor sport when he loses and a total jackass when he wins, expecting people to come and suck up to him. Hayden is just a floater, he floated to the Brigade, than he tries to float with Brendon.

      • Exactly, the only brigader that does anything strategic, smart or accomplishes is Matt. He should team up with Britney, Kathy and Ragan and oust Enzo and Hayden who are gonna gun for him. Lane’s going after Brendan and that’s fine by me.

      • I would say floaters would also include Kathy (big time), Enzo, Lane (but i do like him alot) his one liners are great ! It’s just so obvious how much he flirts with Britney, and I really don’t see her getting upset about it either ?…hmmmm ?? So, if a floaters going to win I pretty much would like Lane to do it.

    • My daughter is gay so that point is mute because I love her and I have said from day one I don’t care for Rachel and I don’t like Ragan and his nasty attitude so your two points are stupid!

      • Congrats Trish, I guess?

        Maybe if you had some intelligence you would see that Ragan was being bullied by Rachel and it was good for him to step up for himself.

        If your daughter is really “gay” than ask her what she would’ve done if someone had said that to her. “Are you just being a b*tch because your gay?”. It’s like telling a black man “Do you just hate me because i’m white and your not?”.

        To even argue otherwise is stupid.

      • Brad, stop talking for all gay people. I hate Ragan so does that make me a self-loathing gay? Get over yourself. He’s whiny and annoying. Rachel is ridiculous but at least she makes things interesting now and then. Ragan just cries all the time. Who wants to watch that?

      • Seriously Brad? Get over yourself. Trish is intelligent, I’ve read many of her posts, so your pathetic insults are childish. I’m glad you have an opinion, but this isn’t the forum to be dissing others for having one either, get lost if you can’t be a grown and type like one.

        Ragina and Bratney have called Rachel a whore, is that not attacking some one’s sexuality there? It’s no different than what she said right back to Ragina. Ragina is no saint, just because he defended himself better with the cheap shots being thrown back and forth.

      • exactly brad, so glad BIG BROTHER exposed her homophobic comment ! She’s going down with Natalie now as the most disliked.

      • @BradD, yes my daughter is gay. Why don’t you get off your high horse and scroll back to the two points you said up there? I answered those.

        Um let me copy and paste for you for you:

        Yeah, whoever is saying they don’t like Ragan is obviously:

        1. Doesn’t like gay people


        2. A fan of Rachels. Even though what she did turned many people off, including people who liked her before.

        What does what I answered have to do with what you have later? I wasn’t answering anything about Ragan’s and Rachel’s fight. I answered exactly what you wrote up there and I pasted to remind you. So if you had any of that so called intelligence you are accusing me of NOT having you would read before you reply. What an idiot!

      • Hey Trish my daughter is gay also and I still think rags is a poor excuse for a human being

      • Well Ragan’s Late Nite Show was a nasty BITCHY – HATE show. Does that make him a morally & upstanding Professor or the Better PERSON Why didn’t they invite Rachel to their show? He would’ve not been so brave and he knew Rachel would’ve BITCHED SLAPPED his silly face and Britney’s :)

      • I’m gay and Ragan is a huge disappointment as a human being. I’m also not a fan of Rachel’s though either. If you’ve been watching Showtime After Dark and seen his true colors, you may feel differently. Especially when they do their little show “Just the Tip”. Again, if I just saw that they played on CBS, I would probably like him, but that’s not completely his personality. I truly don’t have much respect for anyone on the show actually!

    • I don’t like Ragan or Rachel and I have no problem with gay people. Maybe you don’t see this, but not liking one of the biggest hypocrites and most whiny people might not be for your foolish reasons.

    • I do think Rachel has a problem with gays. Every time she speaks to Reagen she mentions his sexuality. She uses him being gay against him, and that is just sad.

      Plus remember her speech when Andrew was evicted? “no one is coming between me and my man, especially a gay..ew” I think that that speaks for it’s self on what kind of a person she is.

    • i don’t like either of them. they, and britney are all horrilbe people! yes, play the game, but there is no reason to hate on each other the way they all do!

      • good lord..what is this world coming too when you cannot say anything cause someone will take it wrong..

      • I agree that Regan, Matt & Brittany are very horrible people. Brittany talks about everyone in Diary room and then Ragan thinks she is so wonderful. Needs to go back to her trailer.
        About time Ragan finally man up and really earned his money. All this stuff on the TV was stupid.

  88. i would love to see regan, britney, matt and lane start an allience, and get the others out starting with enzo and hayden, i think regan is a crybaby but i love him and britney both they keep it interesting would hate to watch it if them four were gone, how boring would that be?? brendon ugh he drives me crazy with him im doing it for rachel!!!! get a life she is so fake! yeah i give it to her shes a strong competitor, but that dosnt always win the game!

  89. maybe enzo hayden and lane should lay off the everyday pull championships and focus on there game and stop letting matt do all the work. sickens me how he is the only brigade member that has done anything for there lil team yet they want to turn on him?

  90. Bravo, Regan! Well done! Rachel had that coming for being the wicked witch that she is with her third-rate pornstar hair! Brendan is only into her because you all know she gave it up to him probably the first night in the house. She is suppose to be very intelligent but when she opens her mouth, she sounds like a dumb@ss. So glad she is not in the house anymore!!! Hopefully next to go is Kathy. She is nothing but a floater and needs to go! She is not even trying. The brigade needs to step it up and start winning before they go and throw Matt under the bus. Matt may have fibbed about his wife’s health, but at least he’s has been HOH and won the DPOV, unlike anyone else in the Brigade. Hopefully someone else besides Brendan wins HOH, then they can vote his @ss out of there! After he is out the house, the tone of the house will change drastically and we won’t have to hear anymore about Rachel…

    • It was sweet when Ragan totally owned her, leaving her speechless. Maybe you shouldn’t act like a diva sometimes Rachel, it blows up in your face sometimes. Maybe.

      • Yes well what part of game play was all of that tirade. I don’t like either player but having to watch that BS on national TV was ridiculous.

        I think all of the HGs this year, except Matt, play on a personal level and they evict each other in a mob mentality.

        Again what part of game play was that?

      • Left her speechless because when she tried regan would just mock her, he fought like a loser, how come he didn’t go on like that when bren had it out with him. I guess he can only fight with women, what a coward.

  91. Ragan may have overdone it with his insults of Rachel (some of them quite funny), but she initiated it. Ragan tried to stay away from her, but she went out of her way to get in his face. The first thing Rachel did when she came back into the house was insult Ragan. She started with him again in the kitchen and again in the backyard. Ragan grates on my nerves, but Rachel deserved what she got in my opinion.

    • From what I have seen Ragan and Brittiny have spoken nothing but the truth where Rachal is concerned. I have two daughters. If either of them treated others like Rachel does I would have to whack them on the head. Maybe ragan and Brit talk abou Rachal in an insensitive manner, but after 3 days with that nut I’d either have to laugh at her or kill her. Making fun of/laughing at doesn’t carry a jail term, so that’s what I’d do to keeep my sanity!

      • Stoker you are right. She didn’t need to come in guns a blazing! Just like her hair…fake fake fake…another moment when RacHell was looking for that 15 minutes of fame.

      • …but saying someone has herpes is against the law (Slander) and you can be sued for it. There is truly no defending what either of these HGs have said about each other. If anyone does try to defend them it would make absolutely no sense.

    • You could be 100% correct. However, on the live feeds that tirade was not how it went down. I think CBS edited this version to their liking for whatever reason. But to me it didn’t do anything, it really wasn’t drama b/c Rachel is gone and Ragan had POV!!!!

    • The best was calling her Ra triss. Now don’t get me wrong been there done that. I have much respect for the job not easy. But the look on her face when be said it. PRICELESS

    • Stoker you are right. She didn’t need to come in guns a blazing! Just like her hair…fake fake fake…another moment when RacHell was looking for that 15 minutes of fame.

  92. I cannot stand Brandon or Rachael!!! No wonder Brandon`s parents did not write him as they are truly embarassed. Kathy needs to go she is going to sneak right in & be the last standing playing her best (LAZY). I hope somehow Lane gets to stay.

    • Brandon didn’t get a letter from his parents, because he asked BB, if he could get one from rachel instead, That his parents would understand.

  93. Ragan you ” Rock ” you shot stright from the hip & Rachel stood there with her dumb look on her face. Great job. You have a strong back bone & you layed her out in colors. I think you really said a mouth full & every bit was the truth. She lie’s like a rug about herself & want’s the world to think she’s all that & more. ” NOT ” What she dose is make ya puke just looking @ her. She is one ugly woman, & really I don’t think a bit of what ya said sunk in.

    • ragan and you must be one of a kind, If you think what ragan did was great, then you have a proble, No-one has the right to talk to an-other person like, And for someone to say that what he did was right, makes me want to puke.

    • I totally disagree. Regan is suppose to be a teacher. I sure don’t want my kids being taught by him.

    • You don’t need to insult people to have “backbone”
      rachel did instigate it all but ragan didn’t need to insult her outward appearance to appear the better person, by mimicking rachel he sank to a level lower than hers it was so disgusting when I saw this on the feeds
      Ragan is bad at being gay because he is bad at being a human let alone a professor

  94. can anyone answer these questions?
    1) can the diamond poser of veto be used on brendon?
    2)can the replacement for diamond power of veto be regan?
    3)how do diamond power of veto nominations work? will we find out today or only during live show?
    4)who do you think the replacement is?

    • 1. No.

      2. No.

      3. It will be during the “make your case” speech. Matt will take himself off the block and put up a replacement nominee.

      4. If Enzo and Hayden tell Matt they’re voting him out, Hayden.

  95. Rachel over did it! She’s being a beotch! She personally attacked ragan! Come on u fake loser Rachel! Hasn’t ragan had enough of that Bs in high school! Ur so immature. I’m sure any gay friend Rachel had probably hates her after what she said to ragan! I love that ragan yelled at that hoe! Go ragan! New respect for u! Rachel needs to be pushed down the stairs.

    • No, one doesn’t attack like that. It is totally inappropriate. He is suppose to be a teacher. I wouldn’t want my kids to learn from him.

  96. I honestly believe that what Ragan did was awesome!
    Nobody in the house has the guts to stand up to Rachel and tell her how it is.
    Ragan is an intelligent guy, and he wouldn’t just of said anything considering he was on Rachel’s good side until she just started assuming Matt and him were an alliance.
    I personally LOVED bringing Rachel back because it brought fire to the show once again.
    I know there are people that think Ragan is just a jerk, but you don’t present yourself into a house full of people who all voted you out by saying “I’m back BITCHES!” I’m glad she’s out, I think it was a great way for the house to see that Brandon is a fierce competitor.
    Maybe Ragan went a little out of line saying somethings, but hey- the witch of the west deserved it and that’s why she’s out!

    The game just keeps getting tougher and tougher.
    I’m for team Ragan and team Matt!

    Also, what is with Hayden and Enzo going against Matt?! If they kept Lane over Matt, even though he has the Veto they would be making a worse mistake I believe. Lane hasn’t proven himself worthy, especially since he got close to winning HOH and then Brandon won it. How does that prove he’s trying to keep the Brigade safe?
    If they were smart, they would keep Matt.
    But no need to worry about it this week I guess.

    • Yeah, Hayden will be going home if they tell Matt they’re voting him out. I have a feeling it’s going to be like:

      Matt, Ragan, Brittney teaming up against Enzo and Brendon. Ragan and Brittney are a bit iffy on the alliance Matt had but they have to trust him to survive in the game and take out Brendon and Enzo.

      • Yeah you could be right,
        honestly the game just gets crazier each week.
        I think that Matt shouldn’t use that power of veto yet and use it to his advantage, but he’s going with the easiest way to keep him safe.

  97. Go Ragan………Racheal got everything she desearves and you put her in her place. You are my new favorite HG.

  98. It was so cool to see Rachel back into house again. It was such a shock to see Ragan and Rachel into a fight. Ragan was so upset over Rachel being in the house, i’m just glad that he did’nt hit her. Brendon will be in shock when he has to put another person on the block Thursday night. Brendon will not have time to think who to put on the block. I think that Enzo or Hayden should go on the block. Lane is a very good person and i hope he will get to stay in the Big Brother house.

    • Cool to see Rachel in the house ?? please..That fight was totally her fault for what she said as she entered the house. Who the h*** does she think she is ?? Ragan gave it to her good, and she deserves every word of it. BB should make her apoligize for every cheap shot she took. She teased him about the cookies, made unneceesary comments about him being gay, and numerous other stupid things she said. That girl is pure EVIL.

      • I guess you haven’t been watching what Britney and Regan has been doing all season about teasing how Rachel and actual others in the house are. They are not good people at all.

      • David people know what is going on. Their hatred of Big Red overrides that though. Not everyone has the live feed so they don’t see what we see. How Ragan and Brit have sit on their azz and badmouth every single person in there. I mean for no reason. So pathetic!

      • you are so right Trish I read these posts and wonder what theese ppl have been watching then i realize it is cbs manipulating what ppl see and try not to get so angry

      • Hey Rico, I think they’re paying productions salary, they have to make cuts on the finer things of life!

      • Yeah, tishe… I’m still mad. As you can plainly see, your “potty mouth” post is still doing it’s evil deed and making the posts fall out of order again today…

      • Tishe I was good till about a hour ago and some one from this blog that I befriended started s**T for me with someone else who goes on here…Oh well never trust any one lol

      • Here’s a duplicate to test my theory…

        For those having trouble following the posts…. what do you think about my theory in post #25? Is that what you’ve been experiencing, too?

      • picks at her hair picks at her face picks at her legs etc etc how am I talking about?

      • Ok, folks… the constant scrolling to find the posts is driving me bonkers, so I’m gonna call it a night.

        Look forward to everyone’s posts tomorrow!

      • Me too – I’ve about had it. I’ll still be here tomorrow but Matt at BBN has to do something about the flow of the messages – it’s killing the site. I know there were server issues but this is bordering on impossible to follow.

      • Goodnight. Suggestion to avoid scrolling…. Write the #/page that you either make a comment OR respond to a comment. That way you have a reference point!. :)

      • Your right at this time of the night. It appears the server post our comment out of wag. I made a comment above #44 and it not only out of tme sequence but the reply feature didn’t work. Take care.

      • Yeah, but keep in mind that the numbers keep changing if it is after the Marcusmotz cutoff…

      • Britney . She will be shocked when she sees herself on the feeds. Always picking or biting her face nails and hair. Yuk not very attractive

      • Yep, Yup, I did all that by myself!!
        Say Hi to Stoker!!
        Do not make fun of this! I tried for ya all!
        It’s a given, BB is an addiction
        We wait and speculate about eviction
        We post & comment all week long,
        then we are P.Oed at each other when we’re wrong!
        We comment, we post, oh, we debate
        It’s all about their morals & personal traits!
        Member peeps, it’s only a game, but all our little
        H.GS crave that Fame!
        The grand prize, the Grand Daddy, of it all!
        Money ,money!
        Who will walk away with it ALL?
        Rico,I know you are messin with me, I wouldn’t even begin to know how to mess up this format!!

      • Thank you, cra-, that takes way too much thinking!! It is fun tho! I am trying to think of one that involves ragman and kathy the sloth!! I will leave that to the experts!! OOPs gotta go for a bit!! Chat at ya all later! I hope!

      • Nice one, tishe!

        By the way, did everyone see Hayden absolutely demolish the pool cues with a grand slam swing after losing a pool game? Pretty funny (it was an accident).

      • Lane just said “I think I’ll get a lot more fans tomorrow after they see my speech…”

        Little does he know, CBS didn’t show it!

        Makes me very curious as to what he said. I hope we get to see it sometime.

      • Yes Rico – I saw the “mis-cue” by Hayden. It looked like he swung right into the stack of cues. Not very accidental.

      • Erin…. here is a short one for you. I can’t take credit for it – a good friend of mine came up with it – but it applies to all the female houseguests and BBN posters….

        No te abaje los chones
        Si no es amor sin condiciones!

      • @Erin…

        Basically, it means… “don’t drop your drawers if it’s not unconditional love”

      • Yea! I agree! I tried to put a little diddy together at work, Did not quite make it! Need a little inspiration! @Rico, still mad at me??

      • I know. I have never seen covered ice trays before, I think I would take those covers and throw them in the trash, Brit was funny trying to get the lid off earlier on feeds!

  99. Ragan is such a cry baby- I hope if its possible when Matt uses the diamond POV that Brenden can put Ragan back up. Can he?

    • Actually, nobody knows for sure… although it’s very unlikely, given that Ragan and Matt are very close – hey, didn’t you see Ragan calling Matt the ‘most honest person he ever met’? Now there’s a good judge of character!

      • You know if Matt had not told that lie about his wife and his wife backed it up in her letter, I would definitely be on Team Matt.

  100. Matt won’t go against his boys, but he keeps mentioning in the DR that he keeps pulling his weight for the 3 guys in the alliance.
    However, he would be an idiot to put another one up. I’m 99% sure he’ll choose Kathy.

  101. @ Brad D, No, Hayden told Enzo not to say anything to matt, that would give them away, As matt has been talking all week about a special power, that Hayden believes that matt has it.

  102. The Meow Meow only looks after himself, and apparently It’s Hayden, Lane and Him now.
    I can’t wait for Matt to win another HOH and they’ll be like oh yeah brigade strikes again we’re getting Brandon out!
    They suck up to power, and I’m personally getting tired of it.

  103. so ugly. no one needs to talk to others like this….just walk away with dignity….both of them!

    • So true,makes my blood pressure spike.Now we know when they say, there are two sides to every story and then there’s the truth.We see it in this game between all the hg’s.

  104. I’m reading the comments from the pro-Ragan/Britney and the pro-Rachel out there, and that makes me fell quite alone… ‘CUZ I HATE ALL OF THOSE DAMN PEOPLE! And Brendon! And Enzo! And Hayden! Oh and Kathy – man, do I hate Kathy! the only person I can stomach is Lane, and I suspect it’s mainly because he doesn’t talk alot, and, when he does, he’s hilarious… however his gameplays SUCK and the man cannot win a comp to save his life, so I can’t respect him!

    So I know I ain’t alone… I know there’s TONS of people out there who wish CBS just null this season without giving the half a mill to ANYONE!
    Am I right?… Holla at me if you feel me!

    • Bet he went back to the room and cried again. Don’t care what his sexuality is but he is a whiny, crying, bitchy hypocrite. I must admit I don’t see many people EVER act like that but of the few I have seen, I’ve never seen a man act like that. So I also wonder why he acts like that. I think Rachel had a valid question. Of you don’t want your sexuality discussed don’t throw it out there. Initially I wanted Ragan to win, but now he disgust me. At least Rachel was amusing. She is”acting” poorly yes, but Ragan is taking the game way too serious. And he has a man crush on Matt, a married man. Not cool. And in real life he actually has serious issues with relationships. “nobody likes you” how high school is that. And he brought his dead dad. Rachel just said his family, who most have nothing to do with him. He is an embarrassment to them.
      And if you want to see vile and disgusting read some of Dr. Ragan Fox publications & blogs. Check out how disgusting his blogs are in real life, make you want to puke. He has no room to talk about Rachel or anyone else. And he is a college professor on the tenure track. Yes Rachel is a joke, too bad he isn’t.

    • I have no favorites. I dislike some of the HGs more than others and at best, I’m maybe indifferent to everyone else. The game-play of most of the HGs also annoys me. Brendon is playing as if Rachel is in the f*ing house and seems to not realize that in order to play strategically, he has to acknowledge that she is no longer relevant.

      Matt will have my respect if he stops pulling along his useless, floater brigade and does something that is actually game-changing. Otherwise, if he continues with this joke of an “alliance” (really just a non-competitive block of voting floaters), he doesn’t deserve to win.

      Kathy…why the hell has she even made it this far?

      Yep. Disappointed. Pretty much all evictees have left because the HOH’s have been laying too personal (with the exception of Rachel’s elimnation). I’m already at the point where I’m bored to tears with this season.

    • Mighty Mad, I feel ya. I have said this once and I’ll say it again “THEY ALL MAKE ME SICK” especially Matt, Reagan and Brittney. I liked Brit at first but now she gets on my nerves. Reagan is a whiny little Beotch and Matt is an arrogant little a hole. Brendon needs o play the game with his big head and not his little one, Enzo, Hayden and Lane all suck because they go anyway the wind blows. Always talking about the brigad and neither one of them worth a penny.

  105. As a g-man myself I have never been so embaressed in my life – Ragan is a real poo poo head. It is a game not a life or death situation – his tirade against Rachel was totally unprovoked.

    For the respect of the game the HG’s need to remove him as soon as possible

    • I agree 100 percent. He acted like a child. To call rachel a discusting person, while all he has done in the game is belittle and attack people is rediculous. He has shown the person he truly is.

      • Leb come on. How can you respect Ragan? Because of the things he said to Big Red? He did get the better of her but what about all the other times and all the things he says about everyone else? Come on.

    • For the respect of gay people everywhere he should be removed. He puts them back several hundred years. I’m thankful I know and respect enough people with sexual differences to know they don’t act like Dr. Fox.

      • re-staingmy thoughts = Re-watch both LF on 8/14/10 @3PM and 6:14 PM. I am not gay BUT so respect Ragan.

      • Only way you respect what Reagan did is too so hate Rachel. Iam not a big Rachel fan and I think Reagan was over the top. Now, I bet if Rachel and really started calling him names, he would have broke down and cried (like he always does.) Only reason he was so cocky is because he won the pov. If he had not he would have already been in a corner crying if not hanging from the upstairs banisters.

  106. I keep saying it: there were no winner out of that fight. They both looked ugly-as-all-sin afterward.

    • I agree that they both looked ugly, but I really think that Rach started it by attacking Ragan first. She IS an evil, vile creature…

  107. Honestly I think Ragan had every right to tell Rachel off. She taunted, bullied, and degraded him.
    She has also called Kristen a trifling ho after saying she doesn’t degrade women by calling them those type of names. She is a hypocrite and needs to be put in her place.
    Good for Ragan for sticking up for himself!

    • Yeah I agree with u!! She was over the top with how mean she was to him..But some of the things he said was to curl and there was no need for low blows!!!

    • So glad to read other who support Ragan! Re-watching both LF on 8/14/10 @3PM and 6:14 PM so showed how CLASSLESS Rachel is.

  108. I think that alot of the people this season were just acting like disgusting pigs!!!!! Everyone on here bashes Rachel, Who I am not defending, But they think that the way that Ragen and Brittany are respectable!!!!! Really?!?! Where was I when our mothers taught us that it was ok to CONSTANTLY talk negative about people on a personal level that we dont really know?? And using the comment about floaters getting a life vest was NOT a personal attack!! And yes in here 24 hours back Rachel made comments that were equally offensive! But were they not provoked by Ragen?

    • No they were provoked when Rachel game in with attiude and said: I’m back! What’s up BITCHes!!!!!!

  109. This season has been awful, the hgs are too stupid to see the alliance right in front of them. They hardly talk game, only about each other…

  110. Ragan is not a mean person it was rachel who started all that becuz britney told her he was a havenot and started picking with him about some damn cookies. She really had that coming and i betcha she feel so dumb cuz she kept picking and she didnt know what was coming. And thats good for her. U go ragan!!

    • Sooo AGREE she had it coming I am so gald he stood up to her and put her in check I love Ragan!

    • Awwwww, was Rachel bullying Ragan? I mean doesn’t EVERYONE bully Ragan? And such an easy target IF he was being bullied. I am so over this whinney, sniveling, useless crybaby! I have NEVER seen ANYONE cry so much on a show! OMG, RAGG errrr Ragan, stop it already!

      • If you breathe a little too loud at the direction of Ragan, you’re bullying him – you know that, right?

    • Did u see she looked at ragan when she first walked in? That was a dirty look. And didnt have to tease about the cookies!!

    • get real, If ragan was all you think he is, He would have just said NO, OMG Just say NO and let it good, But know ragan had to be big and bad, you’re not going to bully me anymore, Get a life ragan,

  111. Rachel went into stir the house up and Ragan fell for it, he is a horrible example of a human being. It’s a game he’s supposed to be playing ,but making fun of wait staff or anyone below his teaching degree is a bit too much. Bratany and Ragan are out of control with what they say and I’m sick of them both and hope by chance she goes tomorrow night. Sorry BB you’ll need more tissues for Ragan if it goes my way. I wanted him to lose POV and the 20 grand ,so odds are I will not get this one either. If we wanted the “drama queen”, they could just do a HS/mean girls BB and we can stop watching this crap.

  112. I am so tired of hearing Raggy errr Ragon complain about being bullied. He overuses this word as well as the word “vile.” I belive a five year old could bully Ragan and to be honest, I think he likes it . . . . . . .

      • LEB you have tunnel vission as well. Reread some of your comments regarding Ragan. That thing with Rachel is just one thing. Watch Ragan and Brit every day and how they are.

      • LEB i am sooo disappointed in your tunnel vision rags never stops he doesn’t need a rachal she is just an excuse for his disgusting tirads

      • Tish I stand by this comment. Today response have been few soooo not sure what you are referring to that I have made that are negative toward Ragan. State page/# and game on!

      • spikesmom Sad to read you are disappointed in my condition. I will state my thoughts and not get down to a personal attack. Your thoughts are read and respected. :) But did you see the 8/14 3pm & 6:14 PM flashback. If not, please watch.

  113. I LOVED the way Ragan responded to Rachel (Witch).
    Who the hell does she think she is? She came in SOOOOOO defensive! And NOW Brendon thinks the house is his? Mayy pulls himself off and puts up Brittany! Brittany needs to go! She has PLAYED everyone in the house. I still think Matt & Ragan are brothers!!! Rachel gives ALL woman a bad name, she’s nasty and slutty, go back to Vegas cuz nowhere else wants you!

    • I totally disagree, Regan is inappropriate in his actions. He doesn’t even like himself for what he did but he continues to do it.

      • Amen to those that saw the FULL event. :) David did you watch the full flashback on 8/14? @3 and 6:14 PM.

  114. Rachel was sent back into house TO upset everyone? I thought she was supposed to make everyone miserable for 24hrs. If so Job well done, maybe she should get the sab’s money!!

    • Hey Mighty mad, I was wonderin the same thing I’ve been trying to catch up! Great debate tho!

      • I am waiting for Hagan/Enzo to tell Matt that it will not be a split vote. They discussed it earlier that they were going to tell him. I believe they are looking for their balls. Once that occurs they will meet with grim and be upfront. Please don’t hold your breath. I will update if balls are found and Haydan/Enzo tell Matt. :)

  115. This is for all you people who think taht ragan was awesome for the way that he talked to rachel. You all say it right because of how rachel talked and treated other HG’s, Yes she talked some trash, but never at the level that britney or ragan have, You really need to take a good look in the mirror, No-one has the right to talk to an-other person like that, And to say it was awesome makes you as small as ragan and britney. Now I know that some of you won’t like what I just said, but stop and think about this. If you are and upset about what I just said, Think how bad the person on the other end of ragan’s cruel talk must have felt.

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks Ragan and Brittany have said some terrible and awful things about people..
      I hope neither one of them wins this game.

  116. I think ragan showed his true color in that fight. Matt might be good at endurance but saying that lie about his wife can’t be forgiven. He should apologize to everyone affected by that disease.I


    and wow!!! Big Brother edited to make ragan look terrible. if i didnt have live feeds i would hate ragan

  118. I just have to say that after watching BB for 12 seasons..this group is the biggest set of whiners I’ve ever seen. I cannot stand Ragan or Brittany–I hope that their families are proud of all the nasty things they’ve said about people..Rachel is NOT the only one that makes nasty comments..At least Evil Dick constantly played the game. These people haven’t even started playing the game.

  119. wow that is not really how the fight happened.

    they made it seem ragan came after rachel with nothing but personal attacks like it was one sided and un-solicited.

    and i figure out where the jury house. its the same housed used for VHI’s I love Money, Rock of Love, I love New York, and Flavor of Life.

    the house is in mexico.

    damnn mexico?!?!

    but anyway the edited version of the fight does not represent the true way the fight happened. to see the real one, i would go to l.f.’s before i made up an opinion.

    • Well said. So glad to read another who support Ragan! Re-watching both LF on 8/14/10 @3PM and 6:14 PM so showed how CLASSLESS Rachel is.

      • Must say Chris-the great that is a good point. If someone was in my face attacking I am just not sure I could have walked away.

  120. I think that Regan and Britney are inappropriate in their actions. Rachel is no angel but Regan and Britney are attacking personally. Regan has to go back teaching. I don’t think his students are going to be appreciating his actions. I am ashamed of him. Thank God, not all Gay people are like him. Britney has been inappropriate for long time making fun of people. She is not a good person, period.

  121. Oh and I love how Hayden is against Matt now that is awesome..Finally the brigade is smartening up!!! Now if they could win some comps that would be

    • that would mean that they would have to actually compete. i’ve been waiting the entire game for that to happen and not holding my breath now. as far as i can tell they are going to throw the comp to ragan.
      did you catch my note up top?

  122. @Matt With BBN. I have heard several comments made by the HG’s that there was no food for the fish. Kathy said in her dr session that she has asked for fish food and still has not recieved any. She said it was cruel and sad to watch them die. Do you know if the producers have given them food to feed the fish.

  123. Key word if he “was” smart but he is a stupid smart guy! I think he is going to put up Kathy and that bugs me!

  124. Regan deserves to win this whole thing after this night, he is now my hero, I can’t believe he had the only balls in the house to stand up to that b*tch, bravo Regan, bravo

  125. I kinda think Regan likes being backed into a corner. He plays the victim very well, and almost seems to relish in the fact that people feel sorry for him.
    Just because he’s gay doesn’t make him weak, but he definitely pretends to be weak to seem like he’s not a threatening person.

  126. I thought this episode would be a snoozer because we already knew everything that happened, but it still turned out pretty interesting. Live feeds can’t replace Britney’s DR sessions and Matt ridiculing the Brigade’s ineptness.

  127. I pity the next hg to be evicted Being in the same house alone with Rachel for the week is worse than anything the Sab or even eating slop…

    • I agree Jamma! That’s going to be one heck of an uncomfortable week for whoever is in that position!

  128. I cannot wait for Thursday’s show. When Matt uses that DPOV, the looks on their faces is going to be priceless, especially Ragan and Brenda. Ragan, because Matt is going no where, and Brenda, because someone knew something that he didn’t. Love it! On the feeds right now, Brenda is trying so hard to have a conversation with Hayden and Enzo, you can tell that they just wish he would shut up. He is like a little lost puppy just roaming around looking for friends.

  129. Rachel could not even come back to Regan. Ragan did a good job telling Rachel how she is a wake call.

    • I don’t think Regan is a good judge of character if he thinks Matt is a “stand up guy”. Regan will definitely get his wake up call when he gets out of the house and finds out Matt lied about is wife.

  130. I pity whoever goes to the jury house that is the ultimate torchure being in the same place alone with Rachel…I will quote Britney I rather shoot myself in the face lol

  131. I notice, when reading previous posts, that “Q” graced us with one of his gems today.
    But haven’t seen him since… wher u at, Q?

  132. Wasn’t there a fight between Britney and Rachel? I wish they showed that too :(

    • Yea, rachel asked britney my she gave a very bad goobye message, And britney looked at her and said ” No i didn’t BB must have made a bad one and showed you that, Mine was a good one.

  133. I didn’t see that Rachael attack Regan for being gay. I think it was that he wasn’t good at it and to tell you the truth, he isn’t. From what I see he isn’t a very good teacher either.

    • tishe broke it… there are about 11 or so posts right now that are stuck at the end (more will be if any of those get a reply).

      • Interesting! SO I know you favor Kathy as a nom – but what a game changer if he puts up Enzo.

    • I don’t really favor her as a nom… I don’t think it would be his best move. I just think it will be his choice. (I’m not convinced he’s fully aware of the Brigade Betrayal and will take the easy road)

      • I thought he was sort of warming to the betrayal – if he counts the votes he can make a game changer by getting one of the Brigade out – since he probably has Kathy and Regan fo sho.

      • I agree he COULD do it, but he doesn’t exactly have a history of making bold or risky moves…

      • Matt is spending very little time with the brigade these days…. gives a little indication Enzo could go up?

      • I so hope he does – I’m sure you’ve noticed that Matt thinks a lot… he really sometimes just thinks and thinks and I think he feels he is very clever and smart and he might just do something very odd… I hope.

  134. I was right about Rachel coming back to the house!! And yeah, way to go Reagan for being the only real person to stand up to Rachel!!! Everyone else were all a bunch of ****ies! As for Rachel no need to feel sorry for her because the big brother money she doesn’t win will all look like chum change to her when she poses for Playboy for double the money!!! And on top of that she won herself a wimpy loser of a boyfriend!! She is going to dump his ass as soon as she is on Playboy, unless of course he wins big brother, she will first use him, take his money and then dump him!! Not hating on Rachel but her personality on tv spoke volumes!! And the real loser here is Brandon!!

  135. Ragan is such a terrible judge of character. Britney, kind? In what world?

    And the way he was going off on Rachel made him just as horrible a person as she is.

    It’s getting to the point where the only people left are either terrible game players or just plain mean. I’d rather the terrible game players win at this point.

    • I do agree! I seriously think Ragan has deep seated hatred and evil which was just waiting for a circumstance to let out..Rachel is bitchy,but i think it was only for the would you feel in her position? seriously? i really dislike him now..he disgusts me!

      • Rachel start arguments and then she can’t finish them. Beside the fact that Ragan doesn’t like Rachel I think her comment “R u a bitch b’cuz ur gay?” really put a twist in his underwear. Plus she made it sounded like he was pretending to be gay or something… When he started on her I couldn’t believe I was shocked… All I’ ve seen him do this week was cry.

    • I almost feel out of my chair when he called Britney “kind”… I like Britney, but are you kidding me? She’s anything but “kind”.

      I don’t like Rachel, but Ragan went a little overboard on the whole thing.

  136. Hi Sterling!! I think I have been 86’ed as a poster!! Not! How are ya? Yes, it is a little hard to keep up! WE got yours!!!

    • Man – it’s hard to follow unless you have a thing going on with people on your post reply. I guess it’s OK but the flow is harder to follow.

  137. I’m not so sure I want any of the “house guests” to win. I don’t really like any of them at this point.

  138. Anyone notice that Matt has been covering up his devil tat? I wonder if they got complaints about it?

  139. Mighty Matt is “pretending to pack enzo is trying to open Lanes eyes…the endless pool tourny continues…aparently hayden broke a stick etc etc lots o complaining as usual

  140. I’m not taking up for any of them, but for the people who like Rachel, it shows your character. She is nothing to like and is everything Ragan accused her of. The way she came into the house was immature and childish. She deserved to get ZINGED for that homophobic remark she made. Then she tried to reword it with some lame attempt to save face because of all the hate mail she is going to receive after the show. LOL. It’s always the biggest bitches and the biggest hypocrites that are the biggest bigots despite the fact that they are a walking judgement.

    • Ronnie i don’t think evryone applauds her behaviour but i don’t also think she deserves Ragans taunts,they were so personal,seriously,Rachel was just been bitchy intheir faces just to spite them,and her comment about Ragan been bitchy because he’s gay,don’t know where that came from .but clearly Rachel never run such sickening remarks about other HGs as Brit and Ragan did..they were unwarranted.

      • There is a fine line to what you can call people and attacking them b’cuz their gay or otherwise just shows you how low a person will stoop. Brit and Monet; Brit or Ragan did say somethings about other HGs, but they didn’t say it to any of them. Brendon sticks up for Rachel regardless if she did something wrong.. Why is it ok for Rachel to do something and get away with it butif someone else do it…it’s war???

    • You should know, the remakes you just made show your true color, the last two lines say alot about you, You talk about othr people, and call them hypocrites, bigots, for doing just what you just did.

    • Ragan is a bitter gay male. Idt Rachel was homophobic n her remark, although, perhaps better left unsaid. As a gay female, I am ashamed to have Ragan within our “family”, and wish it could’ve been me in the house he called himself going off on!

  141. Buenos Noches BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Ragan is a wuss of the highest order!

    Matt is crazy!

    Bren believes all these peeps are friends but they are foes (hay, enz & lan)

    Britt is a TWIT!

    Kath is furniture…..not really seen, no one cares!

    Bro-gade peeps are one pup short of a litter!
    And yeah no hands down da pants! Yowzah!

    • Enzo is so GROSS! I’m watching BBAD he always has his hand down his pants! He needs to go!!

  142. everyday in everyway they prove what losers they are and it makes me wonder why i am watching this crap

  143. Yes Sterling we be all here! night crew in effect!
    Tishe dat was awesome! you are good girl! Rico & Q, where y’all at? Need some rhymes for the night to start us off right!

    • Hey Jadelle – I had to go huntin’ for you – what’s your 12:35 post doing way up here???

  144. BB camera please stop focusing on Enzo’s hand down his pants playing with himself. I just ate.

    • I know he always has his hand down his pants! Then he says I’ve jerked off twice here already! He is so gross! Ready for him to go!

  145. I thought it was odd about dat zingbot!
    Course the way he was makin’ fun of Meow Man Mix was priceless! Enzo really IS all chatbox still!
    He keeps sayin’ he’ll win HOH and drop his ‘grenades’ when he has to, but we all dun noe, that grenade is NEVER goin’ to land! (let alone be activated!) :P hee* *zing*

  146. Is it just me or are all the posts jumbled in strange order, I just posted what I thougth was #46 and it’s up in the 20’s! Guess the times are not in order! Strange tings…I thought my post didn’t go but they did, just further upsteam lol.

  147. I keep on trying to reply to ppl 44 was to Sterling and 45 was to Rico!!! I don’t know why its showing up down her but it looks like I’m flying high lol…

      • It seems like any “reply” to a post after the one by Marcusmotz will show up as a new post at the end.
        Any “new” post will show up right before the Marcusmotz post (and change the remaining numbers)…

      • Rico – you must have a degree in Cryptology to figure that out. I mean String Theory is easier to understand than this posting logic.

      • A couple of more tidbits…

        1) When you reply to a post prior to Marcusmotz… it will repy properly.
        2) When you reply to a post after Marcusmotz, it will post at the end AND send you to page 3!

      • Wow – Rico – you are unbelievable! That has happened to me several times but I thought it was random! I guess the site is like BB – expect the unexpected…

  148. These guys want to throw another HOH comp? Win! You want to win, people!!

    Why does Enzo talk about doing his business so much? Who is this guy?

  149. If Matt uses the dpov will he get to vote for eviction since he go to nominate? Will Brendon get to play in the next hoh? For the coup d’état the user did not get to vote and the hoh got to play again in the next hoh. Will it be similar to that?

  150. Good comments today on the game play. As a side note I read today that they are holding auditions for “BB12-The Movie”. Not sure of the details, but I heard the frontrunners are as follows:

    Andrew Dice Clay as Enzo
    Keanu Reeves as Brendon
    Justin Bieber as Hayden
    George W. Bush as Lane
    (enter your favorite XXX porn star here) as Rachel

    Haven’t heard about the possibilities for Britney, Ragan, Kathy or Matt. Would love to hear some suggestions :)

  151. Anyone wonder if BB is scripted? Seems funny that the game was getting a tad boring and now Matt is on the block and has the DPOV? Also, the “fight” with Rachel and Ragan. Ragan is a big cry baby.

  152. For those having trouble following the posts…. what do you think about my theory in post #25? Is that what you’ve been experiencing, too?

  153. Rachel is a bully, and it’s about time someone stood up to her. Everyone else just talks behind her back, at least Regan had the gumption to tell her off.

    • The “gumption” b/c she’s no longer in the house, and can’t be there to win HoH to out his sorry ass up. And also b/c he won veto, so he’s done (for now) being the cry baby bitch that he is. Ragan isn’t special, and certainly has no balls, so don’t try to give credit where credit is due!

    • Sterling… when you say “responding” do you mean you typed a new message that normall should show up below? Or, did you click on a “reply” link?

    • Oops! I posted after but it came in just before – perhaps it’s a time warp.

      Now for something more related to the game. What does everyone think Ragen is going to do when he finds out Matt has the DPOV. Yes – Matt had to keep it quiet – but he could had said things to Ragen that would have made him feel better – maybe cry less.

      • He’ll be so excited to have Matt staying in the house, he’ll probably fart uncontrollably. He will understand completely about Matt not saying anything, because Matt did tell him to “always keep hope” and “you never know what will happen”, etc. Also, he thinks Matt is such a great person and so he’ll overlook anything negative.

      • This conversation between Regan and Enzo – is blowing my mind. Does anyone notice how the two of them – if combined – would turn into the GEICO Caveman….?

      • I am waiting up to see if Haydan/Enzo find their balls and tells Matt that the vote will not be a split. I doubt they will have that talk. If only they knew what Thursday will bring! :)

      • Leb – I agree would be nice but not likely.

        I’m out for the nite – this is too stressful

  154. I enjoyed seeing rach back she is the only one really playing the game to bad she had to go this season is soooo boring non of the hgs are playing reagan thinks this is nursery school where all the kids play nice – bb dont let bren go otherwise you might as well end the bb season now

  155. The predictability of the show gets on my nerves, but I love the diamond veto twist! Can’t wait to see it, lol. Ok, Enzo grosses me out! I cant bear to hear him eat, it’s like hearing a hog eat slop!!He shouldn’t be allowed to eat on mic at all, or better yet give him manner lessons!He doesn’t know how to speak other than strings of curse words.. and scratchin himself and smellin it on tv???? Come on!! I hope Matt sends him packing, go team matt and reagan at least they actually do some thing in the game. W/o them I wouldn’t be watching any more.

    • As much as I hate to say this – Matt has to forget the winless Brigade and hitch his wagon to Brittney and Ragan. Atleast with them total they have 2 HOH, 4 POVs and one DPOV.

  156. Hi Ya All!! Still out there in cyber space??? Shoot, it is telling me I spelled cyber wrong?? @ Trish, Whats up?? Sterling, Darling, have you started counting sheep yet? Rico, still mad at me?? Erin? This is very hard to follow!! I have been gone an hour!

  157. @73/74 this happened on the first night with the new format. I replied via the reply feature to Rico and it created a new comment. Just like the first night. I guess late at night the SERVER dictates how the replies fall. OH well! :(

  158. Come on and give Kathy a break, she has ben talked about so bad, she works, unike some, has morals… get Brit outta there, rally liked her until she turned into this catty girl, grow up and let’s see a ral game played

    • i agree Kathy is a nice gal… problem is she’s no fun to watch, she has a lame game, socially & physically. BORING, we only talk about how pitiful she is.

      $10 says after she watches Season 12’s dvds, she still isn’t embarrassed for herself.

      the town she’s from must be crime-less, how would a crime ever be solved. look for a bunch of theives/crooks moving there once BB12 is over. LOL!!!

      now Brit’s got game and is FUN to hear/watch and being blonde may be a plus for her, it doesn’t hurt.

      PoV Comp:
      Kathy: I’m just going to take it really slow… don’t want to fall off.

      Brit (sarcastic humor): OH REALLY, what’s new, it’s a game you’d need to go fast to WIN!

      OMG, I was LMAO and then Kathy falls off the balance board and I fell on the floor. Could she be anymore pitiful a player???

  159. please help! I missed something. Reading updates last week, when Matt came off HOH and went to HN room. Brittany was in the HN room and Lane came in and asked her “where is it?” she responded “he brought it down from the HOH in a black garbage bag”. Does Lane and Brit know Matt has the DPOV? someone please let me know

    • # 47 Nope, they do not know! Matt should be pooped can! He practically gave it away! He was supposed to keep it a secret!! Lane may have a clue, but our little brittles is “clueless” what is new?? She is soo funny,tho, what a brat!!

  160. @ jordash, are you there?? Wanted to make one thing SIMPLE for you!! We love this game! How dare you come on this site and make a “little girl post” There are peeps on this post that would make your undies wrap your brain around the pinkie toe you stumble over every day!!

    • crap must be another thread… don’t want to waste any more time…

      yeah, jordash, you heard her, how dare you!!! your brain… around your pinkie toe.

      way to go, tishe… see i told you, most us guys like fiesty!!!

    • I’m sorry I offended you so much, I really am….BUTt…what does the whole undies brain pinkie toe thing even mean?

      If anything you proved my point for me….thanks tishe :)

  161. 11:09 PM PT Haydan/Enzo keep testing Matt’s decision making power. Matt was making a protein drink and Brit told him that the two went up to the HOH. Matt’s eyes showed a lot of heat!!!! :)

  162. I come here wondering if anybody else sees Brendan as a hopeless hypocrite in need of a personality, which may lead to friends. He complained of Brit not respecting elders (she’s 22 he’s 30) yet just last week he called Matt (who is two years his senior) a midget.

    He gets so boring to watch on the feeds.

    • OMG you are so right! I can’t stand watching that man. Rachel has pretty much cloned him! Watching him is like watching paint dry! He is so childish and immature. Matt should have gotten rid of him or Rachel 1st time he won HOH! Now both of them will be in the Jury House!

  163. I’ve had enough of Kathy! She spends time with people, goes to the next group and talks crap?! WTF? I hope she goes tomorrow!

    • Well, Brit and Regan are the biggest complainers, wieners, criers, and backstabbers of this whole season bar-none Matt the biggest liar of them all. Their plan is to bore everyone to death and finish with making us all wanting to puke. Kathy is a lousy player with no game can’t win anything and is trying to survive in any way she can, backstabber yes but not close to any of the above. Regan’s whole game now is all about “integrity, honor etc.” but he has none, unless it’s to build himself up in front of others and to make himself feel good about calling everyone the worst names possible. He talks about standing above others and then bullies them with words, slut whore, cave man Etc the list would be 3 pages long. Brit Regan and Matt need to go. The game is like watching forth graders calling each other names on the playground. PhD, BS! Brit Oh My G*$, Talk about being a spoiled little B*$#@, she and Regan are the two that are involved in veryyyyyyyyy issue and Matt just eggs it on. Almost every entry on this site evolves those to basing none stop; “I hate this or that, etc.” Just win comps and put people up and out and do it without all the 10-year drama.

      • In regards to Ragan, he started calling names AFTER Brendan and Rachel insulted HIM. I’m glad that Rachel is gone. In her head (and in Brendan’s as well), she does nothing wrong! According to her, she treats everyone with respect and is nice to all. Brendan’s strategy to get everyone to vote him out was lame! When Rachel came back she told Ragan that he was bad at being gay? WTF? I’m glad that Brendan stood up for himself and if he doesn’t get their votes, oh well. At least his words will haunt Rachel for a while, even if it’s only for a minute. And of course when she finally sees Brendan, she’ll whine to him about what Brendan said!!!

  164. Brendan Thought He Had Power,
    Then Came The Final Hour,
    Matt Caused A Shock,
    Took Himself Off The Block,
    And Brendan Was Very Sour.

  165. Good evening friends. :0) I have missed a lot on the boards today.. anything interesting? I see Rico broke the reply’s again tonight! LOL!

    Tonight’s show ROCKED! I had to pause every second explaining to my family what is going on, and after 12 seasons, I think I finally hooked my mom – because she could not help but watch the train wreck called Rachel!

  166. @40 tishe and the feature is not working. Oh well. Still waiting for Haydan/Enzo to get out of the HOH room and talk to Man. I don’t think they will man up and let him know that they are not splitting the votes.

      • Funny.. Still watching LF. Matt is really getting pissed. Brit/Lane/Matt are not happy knowing that Haydan/Enzo are still upstair. LOVE it. I hope Matt putts Enzo up tonight!!!!

      • Oh Leb, #4 Pick one!! Double dare ya! Why is matt”dork for brains pissed off? By the by I am rooting for Lane

      • Not sure what the double dare is but game on!!! :) @ 12:09 AM PT Bri/Lane/Matt are wondering why H&E are still in the HOH. So hope Matt puts one of them up. I too like Lane but still don’t have a favorite, except maybe Ragan.

      • Yep Yup @ Laugghickphewy! I give ragman 2 points for getting in rakes face!! NOT one of the HGS seem to have the balls!! So, your boy has my vote on that one!!Other than that, I am going with Lane! He is under the radar, still watching his back, but, playing a very solid game on his part!! Kathy, the blonde sloth, can go back to her desk job, and continue to have no memory!!!

  167. Hahahahaha…in the HoH room : Brendon, Enzo, Hayden, and Kathy going over everything preparing for quizes….Kathy>> ” I honestly don’t remember what happened with the middle team” The guys crack up and so did I…They were talking about the first HoH Comp. and Kathy going through each team and who won what—But she couldn’t remember the middle team…

    That will keep the guys chuckling for awhile. I can hear Enzo from now on when talking about kathy questioning what planet she is from….lol, but it did make me laugh

    • The longer Haydan/Enzo stay up in the HOH the better their chances of being put on the block. Watching the LF and Matt is not happy about them being up there nor are Lane.

    • @ Breezin
      Kathy, the sloth, our sloth
      we are stuck with her,
      doesn’t matter much!
      She will burn her own butt
      then say
      “what the F—”
      I have no energy
      I have no fight
      I am a desk cop
      I am on top!
      with all my might!!

      • Good night. LF is getting interesting. Enzo is so cockie and Matt is so seeing Enzo’s play. Haydan is still up in the HOH.

  168. @12:40 AM PT Tension is building… Enzo finally came down from the HOH. Haydan is still up there. Matt/Lane have noticed. Eviction night will be interesting. Enzo is now out of the shower and talking to Matt. Enzo is playing the HOH close to his vest. Matt’s eyes are priceless. He is sooooo pissed!! I wish I could copy/paste Matt’s expression.

      • I posted this earlier…I am in Pacfic time….LF @2:57AM PT The scene…Hadan/Enzo/Lane and Matt. Matt is playing the guy exiting the door. He is a spider planning how the web will twine. Sure hope Enzo can take the pain.