Big Brother 12: Week 6 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

After an explosive episode Wednesday night and watching the fight between Rachel and Ragan for the 5th time, I have to say that things in the Big Brother 12 house remained relatively calm just like the past 3 days and I’m sure it has NOTHING to do with the fact that Rachel is no longer there lol. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 18, 2010:

10:20 AM BBT –  HG’s are up and Brendon goes to see the note Enzo received from the Sab last night.  He tells Enzo he took a handwriting analysis class and can probably figure out who wrote it.  Oh puhleeze!!

10:30 AM BBT – Kathy and Brendon outside talking about the Sab note and trying to figure out who it could be and both agree they don’t think it’s each other.  They move onto other things like Kathy owning a timber business before becoming a police officer but going bankrupt.     

11:04 AM BBT – Brit is outside in the hammock talking to the cameras.  Says that Kathy is really nice but different and hopes everyone still watches and cares about her.  That was a nice statement for a change.  She talks about the house being gross and dirty (well get up and help kathy clean it!  Damn you don’t do anything to help out.)  She then moves on to talking to her mom and Nick.  Brendon asks if they are still good for the next HoH and she says yes but when he walks away she says yeah we’re totally good, can’t wait to nominate you.  The one good thing about Brit staying in the house is she WILL go after Brendon.

12:13 PM BBT – Everyone be sure to go back and watch this because you’re not going to believe it….Britney is doing dishes in the kitchen.  

1:19 PM BBT – The live feeds are back after going off for close to an hour and there were messages from BB that the hg’s are trying to remember for a possible comp.  It was BB says and they are talking about stuff they had to do like hand stands, group hugs, mimicing etc. 

1:46 PM BBT –  HoH camera time.  Say cheese!  :)

4:13 PM BBT –  Brit says her birthday is Monday and Matt wants to know if she gets nominated by a CDT Thursday if she’ll be pissed lol.  Could this be foreshadowing?

5:38 PM BBT – Matt and Lane talking about a little spat between Lane and Brit that was NOT on the live feeds.  Lane said something about Nick and how he puts up with her and she runs off crying.  She can dish it but can’t take it.  Lane calls her a fiesty chihuahua.    

7:48 PM BBT – Hayden tells Matt he can’t believe Kathy is the Sab and Matt agrees but there’s too much evidence against her.  LOL I can’t wait until finale night when they all find out it was Ragan.  No one ever expected him. 

8:02 PM BBT – Hayden is now telling Lane that he thinks Enzo has the CDT.  Hayden has been asking him all day but can’t get him to say yes or no.  Lane asks who Hayden would want out and he says Brit. 

8:26 PM BBT – Brit gets in a fight with the ice tray on cam 1 while Enzo, Hayden and Lane are in the hammock trying to figure out what to tell Matt about voting him out.  Since they have turned on Matt I don’t see how he will have any choice but to leave the brigade and get in an alliance with Ragan and Brit.    

9:07 PM BBT –  Another pool tournament going on and when Hayden misses his shot he swings the pool cue and hits other pool sticks breaking some and immediately gets called to the DR. 

11:04 PM BBT – Ragan tells Matt he thinks he has a good chance to stay but he needs to campaign which Matt claims he’s been doing at night.

11:48 PM BBT – Ragan is questioning why Enzo and Hayden are in the HoH with Brendon.  Matt thinks it’s recon and getting study help from Brendon.  Matt is not getting the fact that Enzo and Hayden have turned on him. 

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Get ready for the live eviction tonight and see who Matt nominates when he takes himself off the block with Diamond Power of Veto.  I’m thinking he’s going to go with Kathy since she is the safest person to get out and the guys think she is the saboteur.  Who do you think Matt’s going to nominate?

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  1. Though I think he should, Matt won’t put up any brigade member in his place. So let’s just pray he only takes himself off & throws Kathy up there tht way he won’t burn a bridge with anyone & it’s an easy decision BUT knowing him, he’ll do something completely stupid just to make a bold move!!

    • matt was SUPER annoyed with enzo on bbad last night. if looks could kill? – enzo would be dead right now!
      i really think matt will nail enzo tonite.

    • I’m with CT on this one, NAIL HIM… Kathy goes up when the HoH only has friends to put up.

      Plus the Matty/Ragan friendship has Matt on the outs with the Brigade and he knows that… time to make a surprise, game changing move.

      that’S what us bbfans love and look for… it would actually sway me not to be mad if Matty won (though I hate the wife-lie).

      and i don’t have a fav to win.

      i’m already chanting for tonite’s episode… NAIL HIM… NAIL HIM…

  2. I think he will put up Kathy but you never know.. This group is sad. I can not believe noone has heard others talking. Either dumb or just do not get the game. Ragan says it is about friendship but wait until all hear he was the Sab.

    • Hg’s won’t find out about him being SAB until after the Winner is voted on… plus no, target for winning $20,000, if he indeeds wins it.

      and he can still win the $500T, much better deal then Annie had, i must say.

      • BB was forced to offer him a better dealas the game was already in motion and 20k vs 500k no one not even that selfcentered fool would have taken the role as sab. They needed to make it a side bet as it were.

      • NO WAY fly!

        ragan will be GRATEFUL to matt for not telling him – because the alternative would have meant that matt would LOSE the dpov and most definitely be evicted – and as we all know, THAT is the LAST THING ragan wants!

  3. I don’t think him being the sab & not telling people is necessarily a bad thing & at the finale I think they’ll all laugh abt it bc nobody even suspects him. What I don’t think people will react so positively to is Matts lie about his wife. That’s the most disgusting, vile comment anybody could ever make & it wasn’t necessary– clearly nobody cares either way bc they’re voting him out still!

    • now Dominique i know this will make your day… i agree with you 100%.

      i’d say jonny fairplay still is high on my sh*t-list. for those that don’t watch Survivor, he played the ploy using his visiting buddy, that his grandmother had died – it was a lie meant to advance him in the game.

      the finale should be *FUN*, if they could wrap duct-tape around Rachel’s head over her mouth so we don’t hear that laff or voice it would be even more-better and fun-ner.

      • I did not say it was fine for Matt to make up a lie about an ill wife..I don’t agree with “anybody” making up stories about being ill or saying a family member is when their not. I got over when it became apparent that his wife was okay with the lie. What happens now is between Matt, his wife, and’s their problem

    • Maybe a bad choice for a lie but they are ALL guilty of lying and last time I checked…a lie is a lie is a lie…no such thins as little white lies…get rid of ENZO…ewwwwww

      • I AGREE with Lisa! Sorry, Greg…this is the very first thing I don’t agree with you on.
        How can you compare Matt with Johnny Fairplay?? That’s like comparing a mischeivious child with the devil himself!

      • Lying and telling me you’ll keep me safe another week & doing it anyway is no big deal.

        Lying & telling me your wife has a rare disease where she’s in so much pain & they may have to take her leg….not so cool! It was an irrelevant lie, Matt is smart- he knew he was smart coming into this game you DON’T say something like that abt your wife! THAT level of lying is a true testament to his character

      • kimmy… i’m okay with it, you’ve probably been wrong before. LOL!!!

        the compare is one lied about a loved one dying and the other lied about a loved one with a disease, i think it was non-fatal, can’t remember for sure.

        fairplay is just a scum, sucking slime-ball, so far beyond the lie, the only thing disgusting with Matt, is his hand down his pants and he might pick his nose, wait… that’s Bren.

        not sure which one is the child and which is the devil. i’d say devil is fairplay but i got a feeling you’re opposite on that but i’ve learned not to assume.

        now if you really want to know what i think of fairplay…

        has Matty had any knockdown fights with anyone?

      • what if you ask some one “Does mu butt look big in this?” and they say no not at all even if they think you look horrible. Is that the same as saying my wife has an incurable disease?

    • I agree he never should have made up the lie but it did help him somewhat because reg and bren (who hates matt) both said that if they were in the final two with matt that they would tell people to vote for him cause he needs the money more. I hope matt does not make it to the final

      • Exactly. Nobody “died”…imagine the giggles from Matt as he tells the other HGs about his big fat lie…with a big fat CHECK in his hand!
        Too funny…but I’m still for Brit…

  4. Has Matt not caught a hint of what enzo and hayden are planing ?
    Are they really that good at keeping it hidden ?
    Have they said if and/or when they will tell Matt ?

    • Just hints, BB doesn’t want us to know in advance if it’s a sure-thing that Matt will put up Tickle-Me-Enzo or Surfer-Boy-Hayden.

      BB looking for that Shock-n-Awe factor.

      Can’t wait to see the faces of each & every Hg… I’m pausing my dvr/pvr (whatever) so I can count the fillings in everyone’s mouth.

      • You are so funny GregH. Love the names you gave them. I think if they tell Matt today that Matt will probably put up Kathy. If they don’t tell him at all he will feel double crossed and put up Enzo. He knows they are voting him out. He wants to know if they have the guts to tell him and why.

      • Mary… can’t take credit for the names… some clever posters came up with those. maybe surfer-boy was mine but that one’s obvious, surfer-dude would have been better, also obvi.

        you may be right, had not thought of that “guts” part.

  5. He will put up Kathy :/
    But I am still hoping for him to nominated either Hayden or Enzo and get rid of one of them

  6. Does anyone know if Matt uses the DPOV if he could put Ragan back up, how cool and crazy would that be????????

    • william Z and Lee Mn i didnt realize that there was a rule book available? how about you two profession BB rule posters put up a link so we all can be privy to your rules? no one has said one word about whos safe YOUR ASSUMING this is dont know lol..

  7. after house guest find out who the sab. is, I would think he would have a HUGE target on his back for next week. He will have to win hoh to stay in game. he now has 20k and caused a lot of crap in the house. I think he is a gonner next week.

      • I think they will tell them that there is no more sabo, but they didn’t evict that person. It will keep them guessing for awhile, but I think will be forgotten in a week or two.

  8. It would be crazy if he could put up Brenden…however I think it would be more fun to keep Rachel and Brenden seperated for another week. >:)

  9. Why does no one think matt will put up brendon? They said he could put anybody up, that includes HOH

    • The HOH is safe as well as the POV winner. Don’t know where you think he could put up anyone. He can the others but not those two. And only one person.

      • I was under the impression that the HOH can be put up since his rein would be over.
        Also, what does “CDT” stand for? It was mentioned in the highlights above.

      • Jealous? Nope. I guess we have different views of beauty. She could have been pretty if she wasn’t so nasty on the inside. That makes her repulsive to me. Maybe all the men on here who don’t like Brendon are jealous also because he is no doubt hot, sexy, and the only eye candy on the screen in the BB house.

  10. poor hayden. i felt sooooo sorry for him when he accidentally broke the pool cues…
    he went straight to the DR to explain to them; apologized to the guys over & over again; offered to forfeit his spot in the ‘championship’. it was obvious that he felt really bad. not to mention EMBARRASSED.

    and then brendon, of course – wouldn’t let it go – kept razzing hayden about his “anger” issues… brendon is a prick.

    • Well, the only way Brendon knows how to insult someone is to call them short, so he was probably confused as to how to talk to Hayden.

    • Did he really? Brendon said that to him after he nearly hit Jeff / Jordan in the head with a bowling ball?? Oh Brendon, haha, such a hypocrite.

    • Do we know this from a reliable source, all I heard when he got the DPOV was he could remove himself and put up another nominee?

      • I believe the only source is the fact that there has never been a power in the history of BB that allowed the HOH to be touched. Just my guess.

      • Suze Exactly, I dont forsee them letting this one put the HOH/POV holders in danger or Julie would have mentioned it by now that with DPOV no one is safe not even the HOH.. but as you stated in 12 seasons Ive never seen a secret super power be used against the HOH or POV holders.

      • sheesh heres another big brother specialist, Mary how could you possibly know the rules of the DPOV? you say its so just so people try to make people think you know..when in fact NO ONE knows except BB and Julie.. sheesh quit speculating..or pony up with actual DMAN rule book all you knowitalls seem to have?expect the unexpected right? always twists.. and this would be a major twist if ragan or brenden could be put up..maybe a double eviction? too tonight?

    • so moon pie there is absolutely positively no reliable source actually stating that brenden cant be put up.. or ragan for that mater.. i really would like to see the proof no one in BB production has said he cant and no one in BB production says he can..therfore expect the

  11. I want Britney out, if it can’t be Ragen. She is such a back stabber. Sick of her mean words.

      • keep britt…. she is the only funny one here! i am so tired of everyone saying they hate backstabbers…. you should not watch this game if you dont want to see people turn on people.

      • Britney is nothing but a snotty little bitch who can dish it out but not take it; hence the Lane fight. She has bad mouthed everyone in the house, including her new allies. As soon as Monet left she tried to be everyones best friend and suck ass. She is worse than Enzo and needs to be put in the jury house where Rach can put her in her place (with no cameras).

  12. Oh please tell me that Enzo and Hayden told Matt that they were gonna vote him out over Lane!! If they did he would probably put Hayden up as replacement because he’s a stronger competetor. Enzo is annoying but he’s the same kind of threat Kathy is…likeable. So it would most be an issue come final 2.

    I’m still hopin’ Brandon just stays in the game. I like him more than any of the others.

    • I’d rather Enzo go. Hayden is a good competitor, but Enzo is a troublemaker. And that is worse. It was his idea to break up the brigade. He can’t stick to any alliance. He can’t be trusted.

    • How come we have heard nothing of matt talking to enzo and hayden about their votes. They only know that matt or lane has to go. They have to vote for one or the other. The question has to be asked. WHO ARE YOU VOTING FOR ?

  13. I got so tired of hearing Ragan’s whiny voice last night on BBAD, I had to turn of the TV. If I were in his class, I would switch to shop or home economics. Hayden and Enzo must have sore lips from their constant kissing of Frendon’s backside. Like him or not, Matt is a player and tonight will be priceless when he plays the veto.

  14. One more thing – I never thought there would be a blond dumber than the winner of last season, but Kathy couldn’t win a contest if it were fixed in her favor. She is too stupid to be a sheriff. I sure wouldn’t feel safe in her town knowing she was in charge. Also, Britney is funny, but she is just plain mean.

      • Brit is an affront to all women. Her meaness is not to be excused no matter how funny she is.

    • britt has been two faced to almost everyone. but kathy did have it coming when she said “im gonna take my time” ok its a flipping contest not a test at school in the 8th grade. did she think it was an accuracy comp and time didnt matter? i hope her logic was to coast thru the game and see how far it got her.maybe she is the 1st person on the show to truely meant that “if i can just make it to the jury house…” stupid is the correct word. good choice of words

  15. So.. If Matt uses the DV and puts someone up in his place and gets voted out…how will people be able to send their goodbye msg to that person?

      • I don’t think they get good bye messages. Just like on double eviction. They don’t get a chance to pack their bags either. If production had everyone say good bye messages to someone that isn’t on the block, they would know something is up and they can’t spill the beans on Matt just as Matt can’t say he has it.

    • Well, in some previous evictions they have used regular DR confessions rather than formal speeches. Big Brother has probably scrounged up some confessions about all of the Houseguests. Big Brother has probably asked Matt to tape a confession for the person he plans on putting up as well.

  16. comments on Matt (BBN)’s report – Hayden and Matt talking about Kathy possible being the SAB, come on guys wise-up.

    KATHY? Her title is just plain SAD.

    I’d question that she hasn’t burned herself smoking a cig yet. Come on.

    If anyone thinks Hayden’s a serious player, answer me this… why would he be breaking cue-sticks and not thinking about winning $500T?

    This guys spends less time then Enzo thinking about anything outside the “World of Hayden”.

    Has he even mentioned Kristen lately… yeah, that was true love… the real question her is “where’s the next one he can hump”.

      • I thought Hayden told Enzo and Lane that him and Kristen were brother and sister? Was he joking or was he telling the truth?

    • yeah… they did some real suck face noises and andy got a chubby.

      could they be half-bro-sis or kissing cousins… just joking. you have to know surfer-dude really loves her… he talks about her all the time… NOT!!!

      • thought she was pretty… but that she could be a bitch if she was mad at you… and she had evil eyes, the stare that says “wish you were dead”.

        when her & Rachel had words & stared at each other, i thought the winner would make the other one’s head explode.

  17. 3 ways to look at what Matt could do, 1, if he puts up Kathy, she goes home and he has 2 strong alliances left. 2, puts up a brigade member and has 1 very strong alliance left, 3, puts up Brit and has one weak alliance left. At this point in the game, he should get rid of people who are strong enough to beat him in competitions (Brit and Ragan) and he should be able to coast to the finish.

    • judy… you were right on until you got to (Brit and Ragan) and coasting to the finish.

      He ain’t coasting to the finish with the Brigade… it would 3 against 1, he’d have to win every comp and that’s not cruising.

      • the brigade WANTS brit put up. I think it would realign him with the brigade. and get rid of the vile about killing two birds with one stone

    • Matt is smart he might keep Brit around because no one wants her to win the money because of her age, and be good to be up with in final two

  18. we will see matts true colors tonight. is he with the brigade or a snake charmer? what amazes me is no one is concerned at why he isn’t trying to save himself.

      • Regan is doing the “SAVE MATT” campagin.. AND>> When Matt was HOH he would tell everybody to vote for whoever they wanted..He is operating on the same scenerio being on the block…BUT He does want to know where Enzo’s & Hayden loyalties lie….keep watching we will see..

    • amazing isn’t it, nanny? BBN’s Matt said in his report that Matty told Ragan he’s campaigning to stay… but why would he? He knows he’s safe.

      Also some ppl think Matty doesn’t know the Brigade is flipping on him, I think he does but why would he let anyone, even us know he knows. Get my drift?

      Get ready for the fireworks tonight… if Obama preempts tonight’s episode I will be so pissed…. just joking, don’t anyone get all excited. Settle.

      • also did u watch on bbad where hayden swung the pool stick and broke all the other pool sticks? why? what was he thinking? i’d do a lockdown and take the other 2 sticks if i were bb

      • He didnt mean to hit the other pool sticks with it… he was just swinging it but he accidentally hit the others and they both broke.

      • well, that’s okay then, no intent no harm!!!

        Yeah, officer, i didn’t intent to pull the trigger…

        not a good comparison but pool is a game and bb is a “$500T, i’d do anything short of pulling the trigger to win” comp.

        for those Survivor fans out there that’s why Russell couldn’t win… he’d pulled the trigger if he could get away with it.

        and he couldn’t understand why he didn’t win, he played the game harder then anyone… hem… maybe Rachel had the same problem in BB.

    • Matt didn’t break up the brigade, Enzo did. Why would Matt want to stay with them? They couldn’t win a veto to save their life. He needs an alliance that is strong enough to watch his back. I think it’s best to stay with Regan, Britney and get Lane in on it,too.

      • If Enzo is put up and voted out it would help Matt get further in the game, while taking his little sidekick Ragan qith him to the end. However, if they make it that far…Matt will have been the first one to have openly split up the brigade, and will probably lose the votes of the jury.

      • at this point Enzo or Hayden would be out so Matt would have the brigade bros left in the house to work on their vote for later and maybe forming a non-brigade alliance with.

    • ENZO..because Matt knows that the Brigade will eventually have to be dissolved. Matt knows that he has been backstabbed by both Hayden & Enzo but ENZO being the instigator would be more likely choice. Enzo’s mouth is running way toooo much to suit Matt..We will see..keep watching

      • Enzo will keep shooting him self in the foot with his mouth. Hayden has also done nothing but talks less and stays in the background.

    • Lane is already mad at Enzo and Hayden for spending so much time with Brendon, so if Matt puts up Enzo Hayden will probably be mad about it, but I think Hayden is a follower and he will get over it. Brendon won’t be too happy, but who cares. He will be going after Brendon next week. Putting up Kathy is probably a useless move to make. Putting up Britney will get Regan mad. Right now he needs strong players on his side, because he still needs to get out Brendon. I can’t believe there is only what 4 weeks left?

      • No Hayden won’t..if u have paid attention Hayden began distancing himself from ENZO when Matt went on the block…hayden did the same when Kristen was put up with him..He spent less time with her and around her..Hayden knows how to cut ties when necessary

    • are you implying Matt (BBN) is prejudice? LOL.

      now Barb don’t get paranoid on us!!!

      @Matt (BBN) – you best defend yourself bro.

      wish i could do Rachel’s laff right here!!!

      • you guys are correct, i miss spoke. sorry won’t be the 1st time, i’m new at this board.

        i’ll take notice next time and give AR her due… great report, AR.

      • Don’t get me wrong – I appreciate the report- but there is lots of opportunity to comment without editorials, if it is highlights it should be just that -highlights- not an opinion piece.

      • caught it, now i know who ash is, thanx nanny.

        Barb… i can live with it, the gist is what i want. i can think for myself and figure when the person writing the report is wrong. LOL!!!

    • Brendon is a moron. If you don’t agree, then don’t bother reading the post. The rest of us will continue laughing.

      • i just don’t think you can say “Brendon is a moron” enough times.

        Doesn’t he realize that ALL of Rach is fake? When will a guy realize if a gal uses that much makeup she’s covering something up.

        And she gives great advice, she’s been out of the loop/house, doesn’t know what’s going on.

        She’s blinded by revenge and forgets Matt opened the p-box. A new SAB released on BBHouse, what was the GOOD THING Matty got Hg’s? Are you playing the game – think. Rach, you’re so smart, HELP Brendon.

        And she tells Bren, “MATT” using the secret message pretzels and now of all times he’s smart and figures out “my gf is telling me to put up Matt” and he’s all smiles, what an effing moron.

        It’s comical, isn’t it… you could not make this up. I’m laffing as I’m typing.

      • On BBAD, Brendon, Hayden and Enzo were questioning if Lane had a crush on Brittany. Brendon was soooo stupid saying that at his age he has no patience for someone like her. Hello, earth to Brendon…Rachel is 26, a raetress, and lives for her tequila. Come on you neandertral…when you watch this back, you will see how you’re portrayed as the fool that you are and “the woman you love” is not going to give you the time of day in the real world because you can’t afford her. You two are no Jeff and Jordan but just keep living in your delusional world. I cannot stand how he bullies the short people but kisses up to the brigade. And Enzo’s crude comments about Brit are repulsive (this coming from the father of a daughter…ever heard of karma Enzo???) He’s got to go! There has never been a DPOV so wouldn’t it be AWESOME if Matt could get rid of Brendon tonight? That would be a classic BB moment. bahahaha

    • Since this isn’t CNN but a BB fan site created by a bb fan, who hired me, another bb fan, I’m sure I’ll continue to throw my 2 cents around.

      And thanks! All you guys ROCK!

  19. Oh My, Last night when Ragan was telling Rachel what he thought about her, I LMAO! He so described her to a tee and her comebacks were so lame…….haha She makes me sick!!!!!!!! No favorites in the house but so want to see Brendon and Enzo go!!!

    • Tonya… I’ll second everything you said.

      I’m still giggling over how he stopped her in her tracks so many times… I’m totally convinced HOW SMART SHE IS NOW. No, doubt…

      If she got good grades, if she even went to college, what did she do to get’em??? That would be a good topic to ponder.

      • Brendon: Are you pondering what I’m pondering?

        Rachel: I think so, Brendon, but where are we going to get a duck and a hose at this hour?

      • LMAO @ Dean OMG Hilarious. I dont even want to ‘ponder” what you would do with a duck and rubber hose.. Thats just sad.. and I think after last night we were all wrong in that Rach does not have Bren’s ‘family jewels” in her hands Ragan has them, maybe thats why all the animosity between Rach/Rag hmmmm.. Infact I think Ragan collectively had ALL of them in the house that night No one else said a WORD… Im not a ragin Ragan fan but I did applaud him last night..

      • My “pondering” quotes are an homage to “Pinky and the Brain”, which, if re-worked slightly, could do well here. For instance, your new theme song:

        “It’s Brendon…
        It’s Brendon and the Ra…Ra…Ra…Ra-Tress.”


      • OMGosh… what a string of FUNNY stuff. I gonna do a repeat read of all of them.

        DEAN, way to get it rolling… I can not for the life of me get that picture out of my mind.

        Brendon & Rachel & a duck standing there by the pool and Brendon’s got a hose in his ____ or Rachel’s got it in her ____ or they take turns and one of them says what do we do now… quack… quack.

        Have we been banded from the board yet? I’m thinking Dean, should be he thought it up.

      • Sure. Blame the new guy to the BB boards. Always clauses in the Posting Agreement I miss. Or ignore. I can’t remember which.

      • Kristy, you could be right but Rach doesn’t know… otherwise we’d be hearing “Ragan, you know no one gets between me and my man, bitch”.

        Meanwhile BB is manipulating to make sure Ragan is not put up and evicted… else they will be part of the murder trial of the murder that would happen in the j-house.

        A referee needs to be evicted first, Enzo might be good at that, as long as it requires little effort and no sweating.

        He’ll just be saying “okay, make a clean break and go to opposite corners then resume fighting”.

        He’s GOT to be good at something. *Lighbulb just turned on*, wouldn’t Enzo & Kathy make a nice couple they’re so much alike.

        Doesn’t mention that they’re married in their bios. It could happen.

  20. after tonight’s eviction it will still be all mellow afterwards, these people know no drama, they don’t have a backbone or the guts to talk shi^, so this season of players straight up suck, bring back rachel at least it was entertaining. if you have super pass BB should be paying you to watch this

  21. some might not agree with this Matt’s game in some ways reminds me of dr will winning just enough, not making major waves, and being freinds with most everyone. and if ya think about Matt and dr. will both have that same cocky attitude.

    • The players today know so much more about how the game can be played. Dr will’s strategy would not have worked as well if his fellow players knew this much about the game. Each group is different and the style of play must be geared to the group. Matt’s style may be a winner this season.

    • Will never won competitions, on purpose, in two full seasons. Matt has won 2 HoHs already. Will also told many, many more lies than Matt, and Will always had a grasp of who was doing what in the House. Do you think Matt would be sitting pretty right now if he didn’t have the DPOV?

      Will is the greatest HG ever. I like Matt, but he is not even close to Will.

      • you got that right Matt B.

        ‘Ring’… ‘Ring’

        Boogie: hello.

        Will: hey, boogie can you believe this matt guy lying about his wife… whoa, I can’t stomach a liar, can you?

        Hands down the best liar ever, Dr Will.

      • OMG GregH I MIISSSSS those DR calls. I know we all said it before but that was classic.. Never to be repeated..

    • ogf course your right but i believe Matt GOT a lot of his game from watching Dr Will he is not that smart to think it up on his own

      • Matt is a pup, Dr Will is a legend that Matty may never measure up to.

        The only smiliar thing is they both think for themselves so give Matt credit there… unlike Brendon, who needs someone to tell him what to do.

        You never know, if Matt blows up the Brigade tonight… and makes some good moves down the stretch he may at least make the Hall of BB Fame, but it can be a fine line separating a player from the Hall of BB Shame, like the wife-lie.

        Matt will be a legend in his mind, no matter what, the thing that might keep him from it is the wife-lie. Dr. Will would be appalled and yell FOUL. LOL!!!

      • :P Torch Luv ya buddy, I have said that a few times I dont think Matt is quite at the level the good Dr was but in this season he has laid low when needed, played hard when needed, and actually had a few thoughts of his own an acted on them all the while convincing the others it was their idea. Kudos to him but his REAL test is tonight, will he play it safe or REBEL… cant wait to see

      • As per Wikipedia’s BB7 entry…(ahem…clearing throat):

        A new Coup d’état feature was announced at the end of the August 3 episode, in which HouseGuests can possibly take away the Head of Household power from the current holder by replacing his or her nominations at a moment’s notice, excluding the veto holder and head of household. The winner of this power, Mike Malin, only had 3 evictions to use it; however, he could not use it in the end, as he opted not to use the power for two weeks, and became the Head of Household the third week.

    • i played that one smart… i had no idea… did not want to ask a stupid question… but it was killing me not knowing what that meant… thanks all.

      Thanx Torch, and here i live in central date time zone. “coupe d’etat”, man it’s not rocket science.

      sometimes it’s good to feel like an idiot… get knocked down a peg or two, be put in place. LOL!!!

      Hey, now I know how Kathy feels ALL the time. sorry, that was just plain mean. i’m just going to ‘flutter’ out of here or is that ‘float’?

  22. Does it bug anyone else that Kristen’s butt in a thong is always on the right hand of the screen for the live feed ad?

    Change it to something else! Lol.

  23. I think Regan will be happy about Matts power. He would know Matt could not reveal what he has just like Ragan can’t reveal he is the SAB

      • yea, i agree he might ‘blow’ it.

        you know after Ragan completes the 2 weeks SAB contract he might confess to Matt about being the SAB.

        though he could hurt his chances to win the $500T because Matt or others that found out would know he got something in return.

        i tend to lean toward him NOT telling but WANTING to tell someone could win out.

        surely BB wouldn’t reveal it?

  24. Enzo is gross, he plays with himself constantly and all the farting and burping is hard to take. At least my boy Matt is not touching his privates when he sticks his hand in his pants. Luv me some Matt cuz he is sooo calm.

    • lmao bg! i think he and matt are both looking for a buried treasure. what if rach, brit and kat sat around playing their panties? boy would the boards light up. lol

  25. DPOV Nom will be a surprise, regardless – Enzo, especially. However, as it has been stated numerous times, Enzo is about as effective as Kathy in winning comps so he is no threat in that aspect. And who cares if Kathy is the Sabo? They discussed some of the Sabo’s “lies” so (like it or not), as Brendon said last night: Who cares about the Sabo? We find out who it is and ignore them. There are more important targets.
    Brit is a comp threat. Matt was saying as much last week. Brigade wants Brit so if Matt wants to keep Brigade votes in the house while he practically single-handedly wins comps to the end, that is an option for him. Enzo/Hayden can’t evict Matt cause Brendon has to win for Matt to even be put up and, until that happens, Matt can rely on Brigade votes for evication noms. That is the Brigade’s saving grace. Rachel returning hurt Brendon actually, because it caused Brendon to put up Matt with the DPOV instead of sure thing Brit, and it put a bigger target on Kathy’s back with DPOV Matt.
    Kathy/Enzo are not comp threats and Enzo is a sure vote for Matt’s noms so why worry with them now? Who else will get Brit out if Matt doesn’t? Brendon seems to believe her “deals” so he may not. And if Matt gets his way, next week Brendon is gone so no one else to take out Britney and no one to help Enz/Hay on their anti-Matt alliance.
    I think Lane leans more toward the Brigade but if that blows up beyond repair, he could swing over to Matt-Ra-Brit easily.

  26. Britney hasn’t talked any more smack or boo-hooed any more than any of the other houseguests…why is SHE so awful?
    IMO Britney, Regan, and Matt are the alliance to beat (assuming Matt plays his DPoV right). They’re the three strongest, smartest players in the game BY FAR!
    I agreed with someone yesterday on how UNbiased the blogs are… a bit too soon I see.

    • I like Bitchney, and the fact that she backstapped Rachel and dislikes the golden boy makes me like her even more. She is so darn funny.

      • Heck yeah she’s funny! My friend with LF and afterdark says Lane is just as funny, and they just don’t show it on the show…I have my doubts!

      • Perfect example of how we know what CBS wants us to know about the houseguests. I’d have never guessed that Lane even HAD a personality! Perhaps we’re seeing much of Brit’s bitchiness, and not so much of her “kindness”?
        I will have to pay more attention to Lane now…as long as he’s a help to my pick! hehe

      • Nope, she’s not very kind. But who in this house IS?
        Who are these people at all for that matter? For all we know on the outside Brit is a candystripper on the weekends for a children’s hospital…who are we to judge?

      • I think you are 100% correct!! I think Lane’s comment about Nick was absolutely dead-on. Brittney has an ugly personality….. she definetely is not a nice person. I believe what you see…is what you get. Anybody who thinks she is something different outside the house….is just plain nuts. Rememeber, we saw Jordan as a “nice” person, in the house, and she truly is the same person outside. I pity “Nick” that he might actually marry this girl.

    • I agree with that alliance and I also like Lane. Not only is he a cuttie but he’s funny too!

  27. I so enjoyed the fight that Ragan had with Rachel–they were hilarious and poor Rachel didn’t have a comeback. Two snaps for Ragan!!! However, I did not like the Ra-tress joke…I thought it was an insult to waitresses in America. On the other hand, if goofy Brendan doesn’t put on Brit, because he THINKS she will commit to their deal, and Brit call him ASS, not neanderthal, and BB should find a photo of a donkey and the Saboteur should put it on Brendan’s pillow…heee, hee!!!

  28. Hayden says that when he swong at the sticks he didn’t mean to break them..he also didn’t get called in the dr right away he went in on his own to say he was sorry and that he did not mean to break them he was to close to them. if anyone has seen him do it before he has never hit them..he said it was to close someone had to have moved them.

  29. That backstabbing B* Britney better backdoor Brendon because he if he gets veto, she is grass. I can’t wait to see her bleached mop walk out the door. She’s disgusting. If she doesn’t walk out the door thurs, I hope she spends her bday on the block. And for once I can agree with Lane, she does look like a Chihuahua, I’m happy he sees through her crap. Everybody else thinks she is so cute….Not!

      • Jealous? Nope. I guess we have different views of beauty. She could have been pretty if she wasn’t so nasty on the inside. That makes her repulsive to me. Maybe all the men on here who don’t like Brendon are jealous also because he is no doubt hot, sexy, and the only eye candy on the screen in the BB house.

      • And when I referred to cute, I wasn’t talking about her looks. I was referring about her smart comments and attitude.

  30. Go Ragan!! What I luuvvd about his tell-off was you could really tell that he felt sorry for her (Rachel) and what she was portraying herself to be. Putting a little bow on it letting her know that her behavior has put her in the place she is now. Avoiding the personal name calling, with the exception of the occasional ‘witch’ comment of course. But overall fantastic! He was so good she couldn’t even argue with him!

    “‘duh duh duh, come a little faster” lmao

    He’s my new fav this wk. I’ll admit I too am a floater (with a life vest)…only between a few of him who I like best!

  31. I love when Rachel ask Ragan are you a big bitch because your GAY!!!!!!!!!!! Lol that was so funny too me. Ragan is annoying and he needs to go to the jury house. Brendon needs to win POV next week

    • You think it’s funny to make fun of someone’s sexual preference??? WOW!

      I thought that comment just proved how Disgusting and Hypocritical she is!!

      I was pretty sure I felt every jaw in America drop at that moment!!

      But,,,,,I guess there are plenty of people still out there with simple and closed minds.
      Sorry for you and Rachel, pretty sure that will keep her out of the 15mins she was hoping for! Or at least I HOPE SO!!

  32. There is something not quite right about Matt and Ragan. Three nights ago on BBAD, Ragan was joking about production saying, “Ragan, you cannot talk about production with Matts penis in your mouth”. Or something very close to that.
    Two nights ago on BBAD Matt refered to Ragan as his CUDDLY MUFFIN, then procedded to drape his legs over Ragan as Kathy rubbed his back while he (Ragan) cried. Perhaps Mrs. Matt is a lie. Just because a woman appears on television claiming to be his wife, that doesn’t make it true.
    Maybe I am paranoid from all of the deceipt.

  33. Ragon,and matt will be targets this week because Matt will use the DPOV,and Ragon winnig the 20,000
    plus I think CBS will want to keep females in the house to keep up the ratings.

    • How creepy would it be to be the last female left in the house with a group of unfulfilled men.

      • how creepy would it be to be in that house period! This board is as close as I’d ever want to be to any of the HG’s this season they are revolting. I am embarrassed that I even waste my time watching but addictions are hard to break. I smoked for years too and I knew that was bad for me.

  34. if it’s gotta be kathy so be it. but why is the brigade turning on matt i mean i really thought that this was a cohesive unit apparently i’m mistaken it’s too bad too because i really liked the brigade and i will be happy to see brendon go to the jury house it’ll be a little awkward with kathy and rachel in the house but rachel will be excited to see “her man” next week.

  35. Hay CT and Blackgirl, Havw you held that BB is going to bring back rachel, so they can have a double eviction?

    • You know what people DONT understand, and Im not “ragging on you”, But no HG in the house except the Brigade themselves, know there is a BRIGADE alliance. So…. you cant expose something you don’t know exists. So this is an IMPOSSIBILITY!!

  36. Ragan is so annoying!!! And is it true that Enzo/Hayden rold Matt thatthey were voting him out?

  37. Matt has played a wonderfully strategic game so far. Morally and ethically he would recieve a “F” grade, but…..(you need to lie in this game to survive) I believe he will mess it all up tonite by nominating Kathy to replace him. Kathy has to be the WEAKEST BB HG ever!!! Leaving her in the house will be the BEST strategic move for him. Strategically, he should nominate Brittney, which wont happen. What sucks is he will waste a GREAT opportunity to change the game favorably for himself. Good bye Matt, you “f’d” this one up!!!

  38. I have never seen anyone be as ugly as Ragan was to Rachel on Big Brother. She may not be perfect, but his rudeness was uncalled for – enough that he should have been reprimanded.

    • Im not a Rachel fan, at all….. But Ragan’s actions were much more over the top than Rachels’. I some small part, Rachel egged it on a bit, but his retaliation was uncalled for. For a Professor, and America’s selection as the sabatuer, he hurt himself considerably. The unfortunate thing,….. I voted for Ragan as the Sabatuer, but NEVER, NEVER, saw this side of his character? I lost all respect for him, if I knew, what I know now, I would not vote for him again.

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