Big Brother 12 Saboteur II Strikes Back At Enzo

Finally! After limping through the past week and a half as the new Saboteur, Ragan has made a bold move in Big Brother 12 by actually done something tangible and chaos-inducing! Grab your live feeds and watch it all on Flashback.

Tuesday night at 8:25PM BBT Ragan put his Sabo-plan in motion as he snaked his way back to the Taj (Sunset) Room and pulled a handwritten note from his pocket. The note, which read “I Know Your Secret,” was placed under Enzo’s pillow after much hesitation and fear on Ragan’s part. Ragan then slipped back out of the room unseen and mingled back in with the rest of the house.

Fast-forward to 3:50AM BBT when already-paranoid-enough Enzo finds the hidden note. Enzo’s reaction? “Oh $@%#!” He scrambles out of the room and rushes to find Hayden and presents the message. After the initial freak-out they want to plant it on someone else to shift suspicion, but it’s too late as Kathy awoke to Enzo’s noisy discovery. The Meow-Meow is pinned to this one.

Enzo wakes Matt and Britney at 4:10AM BBT to share the news. Everyone starts throwing out suspects with Brendon and Kathy leading the pack. Brendon is an easy target because the HGs are normally hating on him anyway, but Kathy has more reasons to be suspected as she was the one making the beds in that room. They decide it must be Kathy and are fearful of what she might do next.

This is exactly the sort of chaos we should have been watching on the live feeds since Ragan was crowned the Sabo-sequel and not that “ohhh Houseguests I have a scary message for you” nonsense. The house is upside down now and no one is quite sure of anyone anymore. Fallout should be intense on Wednesday as the HGs scramble to snuff out the Saboteur and make sense of what just happened.

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  1. Just when we were convinced the Sabo/Mole thing was lame, lame, lame, the Sabo finally does something to really stir up the hampsters! Cool!

    • Hey Roxie, agreed and he did it to the right person Enzo. He is sooo staring to get on my nerves.

      • I would love to see Matt nominate Hayden. Not only would it cause the downfall of the Bregade but it would cause the bromance between Enzo and Brenden to go into panic mode. Enzo should not be nominated b/c he is weak and will never win anything. Making it easy for Matt and his side allicance to slowly pick apart the rest of the house.

  2. Does anyone know where I can purchase previous seasons Of BB.. esp Evil Dick Or Janella’s seasons

  3. I figured Enzo would share it with Hayden, if anyone, but I thought he might sit quietly on it and not tell anyone else, just to see if there was an additional message or if anyone hinted at it. At least this is the type of sabotage that will get the wheels to turning. With Enzo’s personality and Lane saying he thought Matt might have told Ragan about the Brigade, this might reinforce Enzo’s argument that they have to vote out Matt. Even if Matt puts up Kathy or Britney and they go home, I think Enzo will still gun for Matt. I think this sealed the deal for him.

    • Enzo could not keep the note a secret cuz Kathy saw it too and we all know that Kathy never shuts her trap.

  4. This probably hurt Matt’s game with the Brigade. Clueless Ragan probably has no idea it would hurt Matt. But great move anyway! On Enzo of all people! LMBO!

    • Angie… pretty soon we’ll be saying “the Brigade in Season 12, I DON’T remember that, Enzo who?”

  5. I can’t wait for tomorrow nights show. Hoping it’s Enzo or kathy that will go up on the block after the DPOV is used. I hope Britney stays…she is annoying, but her diary room vids are hilarious.

    • Stace… me either.

      it’ll be Enzo, IMO. and i know it an old saying but Britney is a ‘Hoot’… very creative humor, not boring at all. plus she’s feisty and will stand up to anyone…

      how about with Bren, she was like in his face saying “… I’m not afraid of you”.

      His brilliant retort “Oh, really?” then he turned & walked away. LMAO… that little girl has balls!!! Good for her.

      • I was watching her last night and I thought it was cool that she called Kathy out, since Kathy is always talking to Brendan and running to everyone else saying he says we are all going to scurry like cockroaches, Brittany said why is he always telling you this stuff do you have an alliance?

      • Greg, of course Brit has “balls” because she knows Brendon isn’t allowed nor would he hit a girl. Brit has her big mouth because she thinks she is backed up ball all the guys. Hate to tell her but her days are numbered. Atleast Brendon kept his word to her that he would not put her up nor back door her. I can’t say the same for her.

      • Trish, that logic means no one should be afraid of another Hg, the afraid part would be from a floater’s mentality of NOT wanting to lose that hg’s vote in the jury. That fear projects being afraid thus ball-less.

        Look at Matty, NOT afraid and scratching his ALL the time, proof he’s got’em.

  6. @ Matt {Admin}- Thanks for giving us the run down of the live feedback without your bias opinion. I really appreciate that and your work on the new format, which is awesome :)

      • Haha, okay, well my biased opinion would be that the idea of any of the HGs being “afraid” of Kathy is hilarious. Enzo is paranoid and has completely underperformed week after week. Everyone cracks on Kathy, but Enzo barely, barely beats her in comps.

      • Matt, you hit the nail on the head. Can’t wait to see Enzo walk out the house like a cat… meow-meow.

        His interview has the potential to be mind bogglingly.

        She’s not the best interviewer, hopefully the director is in her ear telling her what to ask and say.

      • Matt – Personally I think Kathy is a threat (not physically) – she is worthless and a snake who could easily float her way to all of the money if they don’t vote her out – IMHO.

    • Matt (bbn) I like to read your & AR’s comments whether I agree with them or not. Keep them coming.

  7. I’ll be waiting to see/hear Mighty Mad’s comment on this.

    Just want to see if his opin has changed – the SAB always lies and Ragan hasn’t earned the cash… I will agree he was lacking back then but my point is why would you care if CBS gave anyone money for not doing anything.

    Mighty, don’t get mad… because it they gave you $$$ I wouldn’t care either. LOL!!!

  8. Matt (BBN), one more time, can’t Matt with dpov replace both nominees?? Read on another post that CBS’ site says only one can be replaced.

    • No… but it doesn’t matter he’ll want to have 2 Brigade bro’s on the block to assure the Brigade is blown-up.

      If he could take himself & Lane off, who would you suggest he put up?

      Just remember he can’t though.

      • No. He can either take himself or Lane off the block. He will most likely take himself off and put up Kathy or Britney<3. Hopefully he wil figure out the rest of the "Brigade" has voted to kick him out before Thrusday's Live Eviction and put one of them up instead!


  9. @ Matt (BBN) anyway possible posters could bookmark spots in the thread to find quickly in the future?

  10. Can’t wait to see the faces when Matt uses the special veto. Especially Brendon. I am using my voodoo doll to see if I can will Ragan out. Can’t stand him. If the Brigade is smart they will keep Matt because he is the only reason they are still in the game. But–the Brigade members ain’t too smart, so who knows???

    • So Summer… you’re going to be real disappointed if Enzo is evicted and Ragan wins HoH.

      It Could Happen… percentages are in favor. And against Matt putting his friend Ragan back on the block… you’d see Kathy b4 Ragan.

      And like I’ve said b4, Ragan wants revenge on Bren so bad he can taste it and it tastes like 3 weeks on slop.

      Ragan was skinny b4 but has anyone noticed he is skin & bones now.

      • Greg, I’ve agreed with almost everything you’ve written to date! I love reading your comments…just curious as to who your pick to win the game is?

      • Now you all know that if Ragan had won HOH instead of Brendon he would have done the exact same thing Ragan did. Put Brendon on the block and put Brendon on slop. That would have made it 3 weeks for Brendon as well. Ragan deserved anything bad he gets. Tired of his mouth and his holy than thou attitude!

      • Kimmy, thanx.

        I don’t want to spoil it for you. LOL!

        I have no idea, at this point, it would be a guess, probably a wrong guess.

        Don’t think we’ll be able to tell until after the eviction after this one tomorrow.

        Then we might be able to make an educated guess.

  11. I don’t watch the 24/7 live feeds. Why has Kathy been moping around for the past couple days? She seems to be keeping to herself a lot more lately.

    I’m glad the Sabo finally did something tangible. The messages were getting a bit old. LoL

  12. I disagree…imo, it should have been done to matt…ragen wouldnt have to know what the secret is…and it would make things “off” between them

    instead, matt continues to get handed a map to how to win BB 12

    • sorry Alex…Matt is not going to win

      too many are on to his schrades and tonight when this secret is revealed, the bromance showmance he has with Regan will get em both targeted and ousted

  13. Great Job Ragan..!! Driving Enzo crazy!!! He will self implode…. BYE BYE ,,,ENZO!!!… Matt please put him and Hayden up … and U make a deal with Ragan and Brit… that would be awesome !!!!… If only ‘n my dreams…. SMH..

    • Thats what I am hoping for…. Matt comes down, Enzo/Hayden go up and get evicted. Then Matt, Ragan, Brit and Lane go Final 4!!

      • kembrad –

        So Bren, Hayden, Kathy would have to go yet.

        That could happen.

        Bren’d basically the only one of those 3 that can win a comp, I wouldn’t say Hayden won’t but I’d definitely say Kathy can’t.

        If Kathy wins anything I’ll swear off donuts & cigs for a year. I don’t smoke but i do like those little hostess powered donuts.

  14. Just wondering what made ragan target enzo? was anything said about why he went for enzo, or was he contemplating who he was going to give the note to and it just happens that enzo was the guy…
    lucky guess? lol

  15. I wonder who matt will re-nominate tomorrow night? hayden and enzo?! time for the ho-gade to leave!

  16. Bit of BB Knowledge:
    The DPoV is NOT the same as the Coup D’etat. Matt will only be able to replace his own spot on the block. He does NOT have the power to replace the other nominee. So it’s EITHER Hayden OR Enzo…

  17. Would you be open to maybe posting on the homepage the unusual powers as they are introduced? Keep seeing the same questions and misinformation over and over. For example, with learning of Matt’s DPOV, maybe post something on the homepage that namese the new power and what it is: Matt has DPOV – Duration: 2 weeks to use or lose. Effect: Holder can use only before eviction voting to replace 1 of the Nominees AND name the replacement. Exempt: HoH and POV Winner. Catch: Holder must keep the power a secret or it is void. I just think a brief note on the homepage would keep everyone clear. Same thing with a Sabo or Coup D’Etat, etc. If you agree…

    • Angie,
      Great suggestion however even that wouldnt do to much good. Everyone has their own perspectives on what is happening and when and how. I am with your thought process in that some topics have been over discussed and gone over so many times that its boring to read over them LOL.. I skip A LOT and remind myself just keep swimming just keep swimming.. hahah Plus we have to keep in mind that the homepage doesnt even show the nominees or POV holders untill after it airs. Those of us that are nosey (myself) know before that cause we read all the spoliers. I like your thoughts on it though.

      Poor Matt and the other Admins have a hard time keep us all happy LOL.. Good Job yall

  18. Ragan is a good saboteur to write a letter to Enzo..then put it under his pillow for him to find, then Enzo read the letter and then he looking around to see if there is anyone there spying on him reading his letter. I wonder if this was Ragan or Big Brother ideal of a big prank to pull on Enzo.

    • Definitely BB. I’m not sure Ragan has the smarts. Sorry, but he’s too darn gay. imho

  19. 5:15 Am – Matt, Lane, Enzo,Hayden and Ragan are in the bathroom saying that maybe they should get rid of Kathy now instead of Brendon.

    They are cracking themselves up about getting rid of the sab. They are saying that her DR sessions are long because she can’t remember what BB tells her to do. They are bashing her big time while laughing at the same time.

    The boys decide that the code Enzo uses is what the note was about! Matt says, that’s totally it, that’s what it is.

    Now they don’t want to sleep in the same room with her.

    Enzo says this is crazy, you don’t know what she’s going to do now. Matt thinks it’s America’s vote and she won’t have a choice but to vote the way America tells her to.

    • And guess what? Kathy will migrate right back to Brendon. When noone talks to Kathy that is who she goes to, even after all the bashing she does about him for no reason. He has never done anything to Kathy. Hell he sweets her tea for her, apparently she doesn;t know how. When Rachel came back for 24 and Brendon was gone for 24 poor Kathy tried to sweeten it herself and made it way to sweet. Idiot!

      • Trish….Kathy is truly pathetic..Britney a vile,repugnant, bitch..and Ragan has become totally nauseating..Until all of these 3 are gone BB12 lacks any credibility what-so-ever

      • You can put credibility and BB in the same sentence? Man I want to live in your bubble and the good guys always wins right?

  20. 10:45 on live feeds. Kathy talking to Brendon –
    Brendon: “Kathy, what did you do before being on the police force?”

    “Kathy”: “I owned a LUMBER COMPANY”

    Brenden: “Why did you quit”

    Kathy: “When I got sick it went bankrupt and we had to shut it down theft.. etc..”

    Ding Ding Ding… Layne told everyone he work(ed) in the timber field. Brit was saying how sad, you cut trees down. He said he does not do it anymore, but he did.

    • I still think that Annie only threw that twist in there just to keep people paranoid. Much like what Ragan is doing. Why wouldn’t Julie have said anything about it?

      • There is a supposed “lifelong” friendship in the house. It is either true or a sabatour lie, since the sab is the one who brought it up. Since, everyone is trying to figure out who it is.

        I think, or had thought Brit and Layne were engaged by the way the act on bbad and the “feeds”. However, this morning Kathy told Bren that she used to own a lumber company. A week or two ago Layne told everyone he worked in the lumber field. he and kathy (kathy this morning) described to a “T” the same work they both did. So that to me would be that layne worked for kathy, maybe she is friends with his parents and she gave him a job. They both said they do not do it any longer, he never said why, but kathy said her company went bankrupt, there was theft and such when she got sick. Last, they are both from Texas. (which Brit just reminded me listening to the live “feeds”

  21. Andrew!! Meaning Lane And Kathy could possibly be former coworker and the life long friends

  22. Part of Britney’s monologue: Complaining about how filthy the house is…. counters, floors, etc.

    I don’t recall ever seeing her do any cleaning. Has anyone else? How can she not do any cleaning, then complain that it is dirty? I guess she’s upset that the maid service is lacking…

    • That is so true Rico! The only people I see clean are Kathy and Brendon. Brit leaves her slop bowl out and doesn’t even atleast rinse it with water to better clean later. That girl needs to grow up. WTF doesn’t she complain about?

    • Hi rico, No at first it was andrew, with kathy helpping, after he left It was brendon and rachel, then it was kathy and now it’s brendon, So if brendon and kathy leave, It should be alot of fun watching who does anything, Last matt had some egg-plant, he used a towel to wipe the pan off, then put it in the sink, then he put the towel back on the mico-wave.

    • I must say, however, I am enjoying listening to her thought process about most subjects…. placating Brendon, etc.

      And, she does crack me up at times! Many times….

      For me, taking into consideration that it isn’t real life but only BB life, her entertainment value outweighs the cattiness…

      • Interesting comment by Brit:

        “Hayden is a really cool guy, really nice, a really stand-up guy….. a lot like me.”

      • I’m sorry Rico, but I doubt she is any different outside the house. She has a lot of growing up to do.

      • I think those of you that dont like Brit take her too seriously… she is INCREDIBLY Sarcastic!! Yes she is young and has some growing up to do but she isnt a bad person… put yourselves in their shoes… living like “hampsters” has to be a complete mind f**k!!

      • KEmBRAD….Britney will act exactly as she does now when she is 45 years old..Or worse…She is who she is..That will not change to any great degree..

      • I didnt say she would…. I said she freaking SARCASTIC!!! And you people take everything she says literally, of course yall think shes a bi*ch

      • IMO she’s cute, hilarious and would be great fun to be around, she’s the type that would be a good friend once you were friends with her.

        Lets say she didn’t have a llf in the house, look at her friendships with Lane (he’s easy going) and Ragan (she can be vicious), two diff types. That will probably be her friends out-the-house.

        She’s got a sarcastic sense of humor and thinks fast on her feet.

        I like her, would rather be on her side then against her.

    • Very nice points… I think I will call you Rico Suave! LOL! Just dont fudge up the boards today, ok? :0)~

      • Lol…. that was all you and tishe!

        Funny you say Rico Suave…. that’s what my friends called me after that song came out and it sort of stuck (which is why I use it on the net). Rico isn’t even close to my real name.

      • Worse…. it’s Dean. Before that song, they just called me Dean-o. But then that stupid song came out and it changed to “Dean-O Suave”… then morphed into just “Rico” or sometimes just “Suave”. Some friends of those friends don’t even know my real name! Even my friends now fail to respond when someone calls me by my real name…. “who is that? Oh, you mean Rico?…”

      • OOhh so now we are a part of the Dean a.k.a Rico Suave alliance! LOL! Now I am going to think of Dean, Tori Spelling’s husband Dean!! He is a hottie and a half!

  23. Ragan with the note, couldn’t have happen at a better time, Enzo and hayden, and lane believe that matt has an alliance with ragan and britney, So now enzo believes that it had to be matt that told ragan, Good move ragan wrong person, to give the letter too. So if matt puts up kathy, Enzo and company are going to really believe that matt has an alliance with ragan and britney, Could help brendon alot, So please matt be stupid and put up kathy.

  24. This is great! Should make it easier when DPOV is used and Kathy goes up.

    I don’t think I’d handle being woken up at 4am!

  25. Tilly’s Gripes of the Day:

    I’m personally disturbed by Enzo saying that Britney is only 22 years old and thus doesn’t deserve the $500,000.

    Brendon, gossiping about other’s ‘gossiping’ borders on oxymoronic.

    Kathy keeps whining about not wanting to talk to Brendon, yet she is, at every turn.

    Ragan’s constant bawling is unnerving to say the least. I have to mute the After Dark segments that include him, snotting and sniffling.

    I wish BB would allow the HG’s to remove their microphones while eating, especially Enzo’s. I’m guessing the other HG’s don’t pick-up on the volume of each others lip smacking, like the viewers do.

    • Yes! I mute Gonzo eating ALL of the time! Then there are other times when they are super quiet and I have to turn it up loud, like as loud as the tv goes… then they go to commercial break, I am not ready for the change and have a heart attack! LOL! But now I watch the “feeds” and hear everything and dont watch much bbad. Sucks because being in CA, we have to watch it on tape delay, they are 4 hours from me (im in Napa) and NY gets it before we do!

    • Tilly, From your mouth to productions ears they should have a remote control I understand they cant make them take em off or put them on for that matter as we saw with Chima, but I agree I am not interested in hearing anyone chew food in stereo.

      • An eerie thought comes to mind…since they are supposed to wear these microphones all the time, does that mean that when they are “hooking up” and getting busy, you hafta hear that also??

        might be worth getting feeds for that…free porn :)

      • My ears are bleeding at the thought of hearing Rach screaming sweet nothings as her and Brenda do the deed

      • Id break my Tv if that were the case, but I beleive they take them off at night, to shower, and when that are AHEM taking care of “personal” business.

    • @ tilly, BB could use all that for a comp. ” julie could say OK HG’s america voted on these question’s

      1. who did america say ate like a pig?

      2. who did america say had thier hands down thier pants the most?

      3. who talked to most behind other HG’s back?

      4. who was the biggest brat?

      I think that would be fun.

      • Chris… I think that would be a great idea! Get America to vote for a week on about 25 questions or so and see if the houseguests have any idea about the feel of the public… nice!

      • HAHAH Chris I want to see that happen.. GOOD TV right there and the watch them actually LOOK SHOCKED.. Clueless I swear they are.

      • I think thats a good idea too! Would be a fun comp. to watch for sure… and YES, many of the HGs would be SHOCKED by Americas answers!!

      • hey Kristy Im gonna give the show a chance like you said yesterday probably a bad season for me to start watching it but i wont give up on it

      • KEV- Hey there guy, and good deal your a trooper. I saw it posted some where that you can evidently go on you tube I think it was and watch some the the past seasons, if you wanted to take the time to do that. May or MAY NOT help matters lol. But glad your giving it another try..

  26. Ok, so Bren is working out right now…Think this.. Rachel never wanted to work out, he always had her doing so. SOOOO now that she is living the life, alone in the jury house eating bon bons and drinking her butt off.. When Bren walks in there, she is going to be HUGE (you know she is not working out) and he is going to be like wow, where are my beer goggles!

    • <<have had many beer goggle dates

      when you start drinking early in the night, they are not attractive, but by closing, they are 10's!!!

      then when you wake up beside Atilla the Hun…reality check

  27. I think we should take a moment here to thank Rachel…how many people would have loved to have her as a passenger on the Titanic or the Lusitania??

    She would be willing to let someone have her life vest..hence floaters, get your life vests?? She is a good samaritan in every sense of the word

    of course, she don’t need a life vest with those 2 flotation devices she has…she is highly buoyant!!! :)

  28. Speaking of eye-candy, Britney is rocking the brown boots with the short pink shorts. LOL. I’m no fashion expert, but I could imagine that this is not considered good fashion sense. Regardless, it works for me :)

  29. Wow, it looks like Kathy is enamored with Brendon. How funny. Cougar Kathy. Who knew? Look out Rachel.

    • I totally agree, I just came to the same conclusion after watching the live feeds for a while.

    • I think she thinks she may be playing the game Still can’t figure her out..You can be sure she never watched any of the live feed. Don’t think its brandon.His mind does not match his personality. I think he’s a ok guy as long as he flies solo. Rachel has dumbed him dowm several notches

      • I agree, Blondell. Since he has been in there without Rachel he is a much better person.

    • If she is so enamored with Brendon then why the hell does she go around saying “save me” if Brendon comes around or “why is Brendon trying to start a fight with me?”. I think the others have seen thru her and the her days are like over, tomorrow!

      I do know Lane and the rest (not Brendon) were talking about Kathy and Lane said he sure wish she would stop kissing his neck when he hugs him goodnight. Poor Kathy. lol

  30. I really hope that Matt puts up either Hayden or Enzo, they are floating through this game, everyone else does their dirty work for them. But, I just don’t think he will have the guts to put either one of them up, I think he will put up Kathy, stupid decision if he does. I have been watching the live feeds, Brendon is doing some major sucking up to Kathy and vice-versa, he is such a hypocrite, he is always complaining about what everyone says behind everyone else’s back, he does the exact same thing, and, please, Brendon, go change your shorts!! I cannot stand him any longer. Matt, make the right choice!!!

  31. It seems to me if this pov is sooooo powerful then it could be used on anyone and should be able to pick who will take his seat. Like brendon. Although this show is being run and manipulated by the team at the BB house. Rachal &Brandon=higher ratings.You were losing fans with those 2 there.Look alittle bit longer before you choose A rachel.I know you could have found a “escort” waitress,stripper etc. That would have been more pleasing to the ear,eye or brain of anyone watching.MY ears have been pierced several times this season from that animal call she calls a laugh..Brandon could have, I feel had he not hooked up with this monster. Regan was so right that night he tried to explain to her…HER Noway when a girl has stars in her like that..

    • I don’t think they are losing any ratings. People dislike all the players for one reason or another. None of them are any better or worse than Rachel. And you proved that BB didn’t lose any ratings by casting her because you are on here giving her attention, whether it be bad or good. And Ragan is a self-righteous whiny wimp, so who cares what he says. I’m not impressed with him either.

      • I dont think I would last on the show because if someone was saying crap about Me I would go off or maybe start swinging

      • Especially if I were Rachel or Brendon. That’s why they started reacting the way they did. First Rachel felt sorry for putting Brit on the block then after awhile she was like the hell with it. They all were nasty as hell to them since week 1 and Rachel and Brendon are supposed to back down and play nice. GTFU! Lol!

  32. Sorry got a little lost. didnot finish my thought. Brandon could have been a great player had he not got involved with Bozo..OR not we will never know and he will never be with her longer than six months and that is a stratch..

  33. If Ragan survives this eviction he wins his money. Oddly enough whoever gets voted out will be suspected of being the 2nd Saboteur when the pranks and messages suddenly stop.

  34. Finally, Ragan shows some spark! WTG, Bozo is in the process of self destruction and I love it. Matt better nominate him for eviction.

  35. Or just wait for the Thursday live show and we will definitely know then about the dpv. Love your keeping us so informed, Matt. Enzo reminds me of the people that Jay Leno interviews on the street in LA. I am a senior from NJ and out in the suburbs we are better educated. Unfortunately they aren’t teaching a lot of this history in the schools anymore.

    • Tommy Wooda….Unfortunately it will not be Britney..Everyone believes her to be too cute including BB12 Production (she is actually sickening and should have been gone in week 2 or 3)..Most likely..Kathy

      • Matt is playing for Matt, I think he is privy to the Bro Gade turning on him and I think he WANTS to be known as the game changer, IF that is the case then I think and HOPE he will put up Enzo and expose the Bri Gade thats going to miffed the HG’s off more then Matt having the DPOV. We shall see.. till then we will keep on keeping on with the speculations LOL

  36. Enzo kisses ass
    This we all agree.
    He kisses ass 24/7
    kisses so shamelessly.
    He kisses it here,
    He kisses it there,
    He kisses all around.
    When Enzo goes to bed at night,
    his lips are chocalate brown.
    Brit says “Enzo this ass kissing has got to quit!
    “when everybody goes to bed at night,
    the whole house smells like $HIT!”

    • LOL Craig..I like Brendon and enjoy watching those 3 “study” hayden ,bren, and enzo…and I truly can’t stand that brat Brit and I am so sick of Rags sniffling and holier than thou attitude. But your poem was very funny :)

    • Good one, Craig. Rico does inspire. Here’s a recap of our discussion from the other night:

      Tickle Me Enzo
      Garbage Pail Matt
      Shaggy Dog Hayden
      Britney the Brat

      Brendon the Man-Child
      Ragan the Sab
      But he’s always so cranky
      He’s always a crab

      Kathy the Cougar
      Good ol’ Boy Lane
      But Matt is the only one
      Playing the game.

  37. Trish, I’m starting to wonder if you are the Brittney of this thread, because the way you talk about the HG’s here LOL.

      • I think trish is one of the more intelligent posters on this site especially cuz I usually agree with her comments and i think it is pretty low to compare anyone to that brat.

      • Spikesmom- I am sure Trish will thank you for that one, I like her post to we think A LOT alike an in my defense and hers WE ARE NOTHING like Brit, what is said is said DIRECTLY to the person not behind the back an if I dont like you TRUST I will not waste my time pretending I do..

      • Exactly Kristy…I can’t stand people you can’t trust. I rather someone just be a straight up b*tch in my face then be behind my back talkin crap and then smiling in my face.

      • Its not really always (usually never actually) a smart option in the BB house to be a strait up Bi*ch…. its NOT the same as real life!

      • You don’t have to be. Just be real. It is possible to get through this game without being a damn phony. Just sayin… Think about some of the best players, ex: Janelle, she wasn’t phony. She didn’t pretend to like somebody or take a bubble bath with someone and turn around and talk about how much she hated it. She is a loser! Putting on someone else’s extensions and prancing around like a damn fool. Like I said in another reply, she needs a good smack in the mouth. Maybe smack those googly eyes back into place and smack some conditioner on that bleached mop of hers.

    • Please don’t insult Trish like that. I have seen her blogging for awhile now and she is nothing like that brat. Britney is a one of a kind. Hands down, she has the worse personality in BB history.

      • Rose…Unfortunately I have had the displeasure of knowing more than one Britney type in my life and they’re despicable behavior never changes…It is impossible for Trish to be a Britney because remember Trish is not able to type all of her comments behind our backs…

      • That’s a bit of a stretch. When you say “worst in BB history” it makes me feel like you’ve watched only a couple seasons.

      • Lol @ Spikesmom

        No, Matt, that’s how I truly feel. I don’t like her plain and simple. None of them would be my ideal person to hang out with but I see Bratney has the girl that would get beat up in school for running her mouth too much. She is just nasty.

      • Rose…I agree…Numerous butt kickings early on may have molded a different Britney..Unfortunately that never happened..At age 22 you can bet she’s this way for life

    • @Ok soo you want me to eat that?, um thanks I think? NOT! Please don’t use my name and the Brit the Bitch in the same breath! LOL I talk about what I see on the Live Feed. I don’t make things up! It is just my opinion. I am in no way like Brit. She does it behind people’s back and then all nicey nicey to your face. What I say on here is what I have observed on the live feed. But um thanks for giving me a shout out! LOL

  38. @Matt BB…please accept my apology when board format was changed. After being gone for a coupla days and returning now the new format seems like a huge improvement.

    • although i must add I n commenting rules where it says “debate intelligently” that always makes me laugh…

      • SPikesmom, I think thats merely a suggestion to debate intelligently hahah clearly is subjective. LMAO

  39. TMZ was reporting that Rachel was offered a movie deal to co-star in a film with Rocco Stefani? Does anyone know who this is?

    • Couldn’t help but to enjoy the “get some sleep you have a comp tomorrow”… then msg after msg, waking them up thru the night… then the final one… “there is NO comp today”.

      Well, done, so clever.

      Don’t know details of the note under Enzo pillow but apparently a lot of viewers enjoyed it.

    • forgot to ask… are the Hg’s required to assembly for the SAB’s msg? -or- is it just their curiosity that got them out of bed and into the living room?

  40. I’m sorry a letter to Enzo wow thats so bad…NOT!! Regan, hide Kathys smokes, now that would be funny!!!!

  41. Hi spikesmom, how’re you doing?

    Does anyone suspect yet that Matt got some kind of power? Has he being uber-cocky since been put on the block?

    • That move on Enzo was brilliant, I have to admit it. But it’s only ONE GOOD MOVE over a period of one week. CBS better make sure he’ll do at least tons of other things to justify his $20,000.

      • Yeah no doubt… He is really boring as the Sab and ONE good move ain’t going to cut it for me…I guess I’m just hard to

  42. You want chos? take the DPOV away from Matt for talking about it ansd then you will see him scramble around like the little rat that he is! come on BB, make things exciting!

    • Good idea… now, as he really been talking about it? Or is it just whishful thinking on your part?

      Yeah, I hate Matt too, but he really doesn’t strike me as that big of bonehead…

      • yes, he is leading them to believe he has some kind of power and hayden has already figured out the whole thing. But CBS is not gonna take away the DPOV because that just wouldn’t be exciting enough for them.

  43. i posted this earlier today under another topic – before matt (ADMIN) started this page.
    (my apologies to those who have already read it!)

    for those who haven’t, this is the hgs’ conversations that took place after enzo found the note.

    KUDOS to ragan – great job!


    4:27 AM Brit again says Kathy didnt pay attention to the sab msgs. Enzo says Kathy has never made his bed before. Brit says she went into Taj and Kathy was dusting the windows in there.

    4:29 AM Everyone going over the days timeline. Brit says Kathy was cleaning the room after sun down because she went in there for a blanketcause it was cold outside as it was night. She says the beds were made already
    Hayden and Lane say Kathy told them she made the beds pre sundown.

    4:31 AM They say Kathy is the ultimate floater. BB maybe picked her. Brit says she has no hope of winning anyway so she probably took it.They say all of Kathys double talk makes sense now.

    They mention Kathy saying she only wanted to make it to the Jury.

    They also say Kathy told everyone about the pretzel msg Rachel left that got Matt nominated. So maybe Kathy left that msg.

    Matt says omg thats right.

    They say Rachel gave her the key when Rachel came back so she had access

    4:33 AM They agree not to call Kathy out on it but to watch her. And try and catch her in the actMatt says the first question he is going to ask Rachel in the Jury house is if she made the pretzel msg.

    4:35 AM They wonder if America votes for what the Sab does. And if Kathy the Sab has control of her own votes

    4:35 AM They are joking about the offers BB maybe gave Kathy to accept the offer of becoming the sab

    4:36 AM Now they are saying the past 2 comps Kathy did exceptionally bad, even for her

    4:37 AM Now they are saying that for Kathy to be a sheriff she had to pass physical tests. And that it dosnt make sense that she is so weak here

    4:38 AM Kathy up gets water walks outside back in passes by everyone in CR and goes back to bed

    4:38 AM Matt says they came up with 10 reason to blame kathy quickly. Is it that obvious? Brit says they thought it was Rachel, that was Obvious.Rachel is like Andrew *they assumed Andrew to be the sab)
    And Kathy is like Annie (they didnt suspect her)

    4:39 AM Lane brings up Kathys late DR and that when she came back they asked her and Kathy said something about dead bodies and didnt answer them

    4:40 AM They wonder if they should tell Brendon. Enzo says he will because if a msg comes on the screen saying enzo has a letter he would look bad

    4:42 AM They are recaping on why they think its Kathy

    4:48 AM Matt says Kathy told him that Rachel gave her the HoH key to give to Brendon. BUT Brendon came back into the housefrom inside the HoH room so he wouldn’t need a key to get back into HoH. They wonder if Kathy lied about getting a key from Rachel and what really happened is BB opened the door for her so she could make a pretzel msg saying to nominate Matt.

    They also say its odd the BB says they didnt catch anyone making a pretzel msg then admitted they did see it. They say maybe the Sab got free reign and was allowed to do it.

    Matt says the DR said that it was an oversight and that in future seasons it wont be allowed.

    4:54 AM Britney says Rachel put socks in a funny position and Kathy saw it, so Kathy said that she thought Rachel was the Sab.Hayden says we need to watch her really carefully.
    Enzo says I want to know what my secret is. What could be my secret?

    Enzo says Kathy wasn’t feeding the fish so she was killing the fish too. Britney says she only became the sab a week ago so let’s calm down.

    They are all laughing.

    Hayden says what if she knew that if Annie left she knew she would become the sab.

    They are discussing the fact that Kathy had oddball votes. Britney says she has definitely thrown every competition (Kathy has)

    4:54 AM Britney teases Enzo and says Enzo lost the rope comp to the sab who was TRYING to lose the comp.Enzo says We tied! They are all laughing and teasing Enzo.

    4:56 AM Ragan is sitting quietly smiling. The rest think they should check the bowl against the writing and signatures.

    4:58 AM Enzo says there is a stain on the paper. Britney asks if it’s rootbeer.They all start laughing. Enzo thinks it’s chocolate cause she was eating chocolate earlier. Matt asks if it smells like smoke. Enzo says it doesn’t.

    Hayden: Everybody in the house would get out of bed if they knew the sab struck. They think that because she isn’t out of bed that it points to her completely.

    Hayden says every single night the lights are out when they get into bed but tonight the light was on in the bedroom. Enzo says she wanted us to find it.

    5:01 AM Matt says there was info that Kathy had but didn’t tell him until after the competition.Meaning the pretzel message. Britney says how did she know it was a pretzel message. Kathy says Rachel told her that. They don’t think it adds up. They don’t think Rachel would have wanted anyone to know that she did that.

    Britney doesn’t think it would make any sense that Rachel would tell Kathy the info about the message. They are sure that Rachel would have wanted it to be secret so no one found out about it.

    Enzo: F! I got sabotaged!

    5:06 AM Lane thinks that Kathy has taken Rachel’s spot as the sab.Britney thinks that she does was BB tells her to (in regard to the sab) .. Enzo wonders what she will do this week in regard to the votes.

    Lane and Britney think American tells her what her vote should be.

    Enzo: Now we have physical proof that there IS a sab.

    They are ripping on Kathy basically saying she is the sab and doesn’t even know that she is. They are saying she is oblivious to everything that goes on around her.

    Matt: Imagine if she’s not and how bizarre her actions are.

    Enzo: Well if it’s not Kathy then it’s one of yous.

    Enzo: Could it be BB doing this?

    Matt: No, too much has been done for it to be BB.

    Ragan: No, cause they aren’t going to have someone sneak through the house and film it.

    Britney: Her next act of sabotage is putting a piece of paper and a sharpie in someones stuff to make them look bad.

    Enzo: She’s creeping me out.

    5:10 AM Now they’re all joking about watching everything Kathy does:

    She washed a dish twice, why did she do that? She folds the towels weird, why does she do that? etc.

    Britney says, Good talk guys but I’m going back to bed.

    They all split up and head back to bed. Enzo and Matt are in the bathroom, and Enzo shows Matt the letter and says I have proof, there is a stain. It proves it’s authenticity.

    Enzo goes into the room with Lane and Lane asks if he can see it. They wonder what the stain is. Enzo says it looks more like sauce. Oooh, she had pizza today! Then Enzo says She was cleaning up today that’s why it doesn’t smell like smoke!

    Matt says this whole thing pisses him off and it’s a big load of *****.

    Lane says I would rather get sabotaged by Annie than Kathy.

    Matt says he got dupped big time.

    5:15 AM Matt, Lane, Enzo, and Ragan are in the bathroom saying that maybe they should get rid of Kathy now instead of Brendon.

    They are cracking themselves up about getting rid of the sab. They are saying that her DR sessions are long because she can’t remember what BB tells her to do. They are bashing her big time while laughing at the same time.

    The boys decide that the code Enzo uses is what the note was about! Matt says, that’s totally it, that’s what it is.

    Now they don’t want to sleep in the same room with her.

    Sorry, Hayden was in there too.

    Enzo says this is crazy, you don’t know what she’s going to do now. Matt thinks it’s America’s vote and she won’t have a choice but to vote the way America tells her to.

    5:15 AM The boys all split up and head to their respective bedrooms.Enzo: Yo, the saboteur struck!

    5:17 AM They’re all in bed going to sleep now.

    5:22 AM BB House is all quiet now, as the HGs are all finally in bed and sleeping.

      • Yeah but I don’t have live feeds so I like seeing what I already know play out on TV… :)

      • Yeah, but we’re seeing it LIVE, but comments fromt he HGs about it!
        It’s gonna be EPIC! :D

    • i expect to see rachel’s return to the house on tonite’s show…
      probably in between the pov comp & the ceremony.
      can’t WAIT to see how CBS edits the footage… ESPECIALLY the fights between rach & ragan.

      • WHICH ONE? The first one, with Rachel’s gay bashing, or the second one, when they both acted like 10-years-old kids?

      • lol :)

        i’m more interesting in seeing how they edit the gay bashing argument, but the 8th grade insult throwing fight would probably be more entertaining!

      • That why I am asking myself do I want to watch tonight. I have had ENOUGH of Rachel slut, don’t want to see her and espcially don’t want to hear her mouth. Please if there’s a heaven she was sent out keep her slutty A__ out!

    • Very Pumped! Haven’t seen you in the Nifty nine. Coming tonight?

      @CT that was a gret blow by blow. Things are getting good finally. DRAMA!

      I hope they show the Ragan v. Rachel fight tonight on the show. If not, it will def. be on the live show tomorrow.

      • Neicy Yeah I need a invite cause I cant find it unless I get one …I am slow when it comes to navigating through the net lol

    • thought Wed show wouldn’t be worth watching but the PoV comp was awesome… ZingBot was a hit.

      Brit comment of Kathy saying “i’m going to go slow…” was hilarious.

      Lane saying the turntable was easy just “step left step left… ” as he was stepping right. ‘Your other left, Lane’, country boys are just so real and easily confused but likable.

      3 of 6 PoV players are Brigade; 50-50 chance to win; really MORE b/c Kathy played so 3 of 5 – 60%.

      Then you’ve got mastermind Bren cheating by watching Ragan and following his moves… did anyone tell him coming in 2nd loses?

      Looking back at it… HOW COULD RAGAN LOSE? Trip himself going across the bridge, like the goofus Kathy.

      Bren should cry “FOUL… my feet are bigger than Ragan’s and it wasn’t a fair comp”.

      Could Kathy be even more pitiful? Unfortunately the anwser is “YES”.

  44. Hey Neicy ! you have missed some rather well nevermind you havent missed much today HAHAHA more speculation and banter.

    Oh there is rumour Brit did the dishes I think it was the Sab (Ragan) dressed in drag. (shrugs)

    • 12:33 BBT Britney finished with her slop cleaning up her mess ,doing dishes 2:22 BBT rag/matt/lane/hay/enzo/brit talking about kathy being sab

  45. @33 – Good point about how this week’s evictee may be labeled the Sabo by the hgs since Ragan’s reign is up. Don’t believe there are 2 lifelong pals in the house though. If so, wouldn’t Julie have told Andrew about it when she informed him of Matt’s lie, etc? If the pals were evictees, I think it would have been mentioned. And it seems that BB would be polling America: Who Do You Think The LLFs Are?

  46. Based on CT’s latest recap, it sure looks like Kathy is now #1 on Matt’s hit-list. I wouldn’t be surprise at all to see him put her in his place this coming Thursday.

    Man, the paranoia level in this house is INSANE! And it probably going to get crank up to another level after Ragan survive this week and does another sab-message!

    • That is my fear!! He is going to put up Kathy and Not Britney and of course everyone will vote out Kathy over Lane…I will be pissed if that happens..I cant stand two some times three face Britney!

    • hi MM

      question: will ragan’s reign as the saboteur END now that he has met his 2 week requirement – or will continue on???

      • I became the sab the week of Rachel’s end as the HoH, right? So, technically, he should be done by next week… I’m just not sure what was the exact day Ragan became the sab.

      • ragan became the sab when matt (as HOH) opened pandora’s box.
        week 1 was fulfilled when brendon won HOH last thursday.
        so his 2 wks should be fulfilled when the next HOH takes the reign tomorrow.

        will the sab end tomorrow – or will he continue on?

  47. I think the “life-long” friends are Ragan and Matt. I think they even could be related. Did you see them on the hammock last night? Tomorrow night will be the fun night. I can’t wait.
    I think Enzo is the biggest jerk ever. I’m glad the sabo punked him. He thinks he’s untouchable. Talk about a floater but Brenda thinks he’s a competitor. LOL

    • Yeah, they were all cozy and shit. lol And then one of them said something about sex and Ragan had to tell Matt how he got his rocks off the night before they entered the house. YUCK !! Why the hell did he feel Matt or the rest of the world needed to know that. I just want to PUKE :-(

    • The ‘Lifelong Friends’ theory has been debunked a while ago – it was all along a lie created by both Saboteur to mess up with the minds of the HGs.

  48. Britney is at it again. She’s talking about Kathy. Brit says that Kathy spends all day “sucking Brendon’s balls”, and then goes back to Brit saying how much she hates Brendon. This is getting good.

    • Hey man! What’s up?

      No surprise there – if I was Britney, I would make sure that the target on Kathy’s back end up being bigger than the one’s on mine!

      I may not like the girl, but Britney isn’t stupid… well, not THAT stupid!

      • well at least I am not alone :)
        It’s a better twist than what the sab has been doing…:)

    • Well might as well call it the UBER-COUP D’ÉTAT then – if that power could have touch even the HoH, then it would have made it the most powerful item ever to enter the BB house.

  49. brit needs to cool it she has a better chance with brendon saving her than lane , lane will throw her under the bus for the sake of the brigade, enzo will make sure of that. loose lips sink ships (brit)

    • I honestly don’t think Britney knows how to cool it she has not one loyal bone in her body..She is engaged yet she is always all over Lane and she even flirts with Enzo…She reminds me of that girl Natalee who was all over Jessie…

      • Maybe her fiance is secure in their relationship and told her to flirt if she had to in order to win 500,000. She has never crossed over the line with Lane. That is unless Lane is her fiance, lol.

      • SummerToo, U know what u could be right I never thought of that,that would be cool if that is the case. Other wise she is just trashy!

      • Man, I do not know any man who just got engaged being cool about the future mother of his kids flirting with some other guy just to get some money… unless they’re planning to have an open marriage… or maybe Nick is having his own fun while his woman isn’t around, if you know what I’m sayin’!

      • Thank you MM!! But look at Matt lying about his wife having a disease
        for money…I don’t know where cbs finds these ppl but they all need psychological help..I was thinking if Kathy is really a cop that is scary.Like I cant even imagine her being physically able to arrest any one..Really its a joke and it blows me away what ppl will do for some money…

      • SummerToo….Very wishful thinking…Britney is exactly who you see on your TV screen..There is no acting going on there..Also, MM is totally correct..No serious guy is going to tolerate her actions or her never ending trash talk..Expect to see this fake bitch in less than 12 months on some other reality show MINUS the engagement ring..

  50. You’s think that being a cop Kathy had to do some training, I think she is just playing the weak one and will surprise us all, Lane on the other hand worries me…I think he is more than physically capable of doing the competitions no excuse for him.

    • Well, if the week keeps goig the way it’s gone, by Thursday, there’s the very good chance that Kathy will be the one who’s most surprise…

  51. who ever goes to the jury house will have the ultimate punishment being alone with Rachel and her laugh for a week…That’s the sucker I feel the worst for LOL

    • On the other hand, if you’re a single guy, being stuck with a drunk, lonely Rachel could be quite interesting :)


        If I think about that too much I’ll throw up.

    • pbj… that’s why Enzo being there with her would be very entertaining. Plus Rach is going to hound him “does everybody really hate me?”.

      You could tell when she returned to the house for 24 hrs, she was devastated hearing that from Ragan, man he was vicious with her. I think it’s safe to say he hates her. Karma’s a bitch.

      Do you catch when Ragan told Rach, no one in the House likes you but Brendon, ask them and she did… they all starting scattering and Enzo says “I like everyone”.

      Once he’s out of the money, in the j-house he can show his true feelings and I believe Jersey will, he’s going to be one mighty mad jersey insurance adjuster.

  52. Enzo, Hayen, Matt, Lane, Ragan and Britney are all at the pool talking stuff about Brendon and how they all hate him. Hmmmmm…. No one can ever accuse anyone else of being two-faced anymore. They are all guilty of that so they should just take that card off the table.

    • ***yawn** these people have no game – what are they going to do when they get rid of Brendon and realize they should have been thinking smarter and brought him to the finals as an ally….. none of these people deserve to win.

    • Yeah I agree. This has to be the worst season ever when it comes down to real gameplay. The idiots don’t realize that if they take Brendon to the final 2 they’d pretty much be guaranteed to win the game. These houseguests are not willing to get any blood on their hands and it sucks royally.

  53. Kathy doesn’t win comps. Yes, she’s a floater. But the Brig’s original choice to evict (Brit) is a competitor. I’d think – from their perspective – Matt still should evict Brit and deal with Kathy next week “just in case” Brendon wins POV. Without Britney sneaking around, conniving, Matt’s boy, Ragan, stands a better chance of surviving next week, with the “Sabo” Kathy and Most Despised Brendon available to pick on. What do you think?

  54. apparently the hgs played simon says today?
    will probably be used in future competition…


    2:07 Ragan going over the order of things that BB told them in simon says..

    twelve jumping jacks in the kitchen.
    go outside on your hands/kneee and howl at the moon.
    hot shower.
    go outside and do a five second handstand.
    toilet paper the head of house hold room.
    pledge of aliegence.
    mimic another houseguest.
    exchange shirts with another house guest.
    a group hug for two minutes.
    sizzle in the floor like bacon.
    pose like a muscle man in the mirror.
    come up with a big brother cheer.
    smile until your cheeks ache.
    spin until you can’t stand anymore.

    THE ONE THAT WAS NOT SIMON SAYS was go to the storage room for ten thousand dollars.

  55. I think Kathy knows her days are numbered and since she can’t win comps she is doing what she can to try to stay in the house. Kathy seems very excited about going to the Jury House and sitting and watching DVDs all day and night. I would prefer to see Kathy get evicted and let the rest of them fight it out. That would be some gooooood TV.

  56. God why did I sign up for the live feeds?? I hate Brittany now, I used to like her but man all she does is talk about people! She is so annoying and Roachel’s voice was annoying?? Ragan’s voice is way worse now…..

  57. I agree, evicting kathy is just way too easy I can not wait until it is just the ‘good’ people left, we’ll see how good they really are.

  58. Had to change my name a lil cuz there’s another Sara here.. Anyways, I hope Kathy is not a floater that makes it to final two, that’s depressing. I hate when floaters make it to finals..

    • There are only three people left who have not been floating. Matt, B*?@ Brit, and Brendon. The rest need to go to the jury house.

  59. i LOVE this comment! lmao :)

    2:54 PM Ragan: “Who would ever think that Brendon would be the better half in a relationship?”

    • Britney says there won’t be a double eviction tomorrow. Ragan agrees and says if there was, they would already be locked down. They talk about how to beat Brendon in comps. Enzo says I feel bad for him, he talks about how he is up there and nobody ever comes up. Britney says he accosted everyone in the house. Ragan says who puts someone on slop for a third time? Britney says who tells a 100 pound girl that her boyfriend is screwing around on her. Britney says he brought it on himself. Ragan says he is the poorest sport I have ever met. Matt says I had one of the most unfair things ever in a season happen to me and nothing was done. I don’t feel sorry for him. Enzo says he just feel sorry for him. Britney says but he is nice to you. She says if he told you that Joella was having sex with other men… Enzo says I would have punch him in the face. Britney says he chose to act the way he did. Ragan says he doesn’t learn by example. Matt says I guarantee when we nominate him next week, he will act like a little bitch again. Ragan says they took out Monet and Kristen… we took out Annie, Andrew and Rachel… based on the two of you being HOH.

      • ‘The hell is Matt’s talking about when he said “I had one of the most unfair things ever in a season happen to me and nothing was done” and does it has to do with Brendon?

      • from what i’ve seen on bbaf, matt is not pointing any fingers at brendon with regards to the pretzel message.

        it’s PRODUCTION that he’s upset with, and i don’t blame him. i honestly think brendon would have put britney on the block instead of matt if that message from rachel hadn’t been there – production had to know that brendon would do exactly what rachel wanted – they allowed it to happen.

        matt has good reason to be pissed off about it – it was totally unfair.

      • yea it was the pretzel message, and that every time he asks production about it they act like they didn’t know it Matt said “Yeah, cus your 3000 cams didn’t catch it, right?” lol

      • But we all know why production allowed it to happen, right? They want the DPOV to be played, of course! WAAAAAAY better ratings out of this mess, and Rachel’s message definitely help Brendon make the ‘right’ decision, in their book.

        Matt’s supposed to be a genius, so, yeah, I get why he could be upset, but can he really be surprised?

        … That may actually end up majorly screwing up his game, though.

      • of course it’s a “ratings thing”, MM.

        but i, for one, am growing very weary of production’s involvement in this game. i realize that every season has had “scripted” events happen to keep people watching, but this year BB production is OUT OF CONTROL.

        ENUFF ALREADY :(

      • Just like Matt shouldn’t be allowed to hint about a power in the house yet he still gets to keep that power? What is HE bitching about? All week he has been kinda begging to be put up and acting so cocky. I hope everyone reacts like I think they will and be pissed at him. For me it wouldn’t be that he couldn’t tell it was the way he acted and made everyone (Ragan his BFF cry) act around him. THAT I would remember and be pissed at him about.

      • There was never the stipulation that Matt would have to lose the power if he revealed it. He’s never even revealed it. Hinting around about something no one can confirm is a lot different than getting external information.

      • that’s understandable, but why would they tell Matt that he’s not allowed to talk about it then if there aren’t consequences?

      • here’s the way i see it trish:

        matt isn’t the only hg that’s talking about a “special power” right now – they ALL are. if i DIDN’T KNOW he has the dvop, i wouldn’t pick up any differences between him and anyone else.

        yes, matt is being cocky. but in the house, he’s playing it off by saying he thinks he has the votes to stay in the house = keeps everyone guessing = good game play.

        as far as ragan is concerned: i think matt REALLY does like ragan alot, and it’s KILLING him that he can’t tell ragan about the dpov.

        did u see bbaf last nite? ragan was called to the DR to record his good-bye message for lane & matt. when he came out, he went to the cabana room and was laying face down on the bed, crying like a baby. kathy was there trying to console him when matt walked in. from the look on matt’s face when he found out why ragan was upset, i thought for sure matt was going to tell him that he had the power. it was KILLING him that ragan was sooooooo upset because he’s afraid matt will be evicted on thursday. after sitting with ragan for just a couple of minutes – matt couldn’t take it anymore, and got up and left the room.

        the point is – matt IS NOT intentionally trying to upset ragan. he simply CAN’T tell him the truth – as you know, if he does, he loses the power – and THEN ragan will REALLY lose his friend!
        tough spot to be in with a friend if ur matt right now.

  60. I have one question. Was Lane told by production that he is not allowed to talk? He never says a word.

    • Prolly playing it safe. He’s got Matt in his ear questioning Enzo/Hayden’s loyalty, and then Enzo/Hayden in his other ear questioning Matt’s loyalty, and Brit on her knees questioning his (Lane’s).

      • Lmao Stoker! I know eh he has very little to say but he dose seem comfortable in the diary room thats for sure.

    • LOL @ Stoker…

      Good question! But when he does talk, he is hilarious. I really wanna see Britney go home this week. She is obnoxioius as hell.

  61. Hmm…If Kat goes this week and Brit wins HoH next week and puts up Brendon and Brendon wins POV, Brit has to send someone’s alliance home and make someone mad. Brendon might finally get it that he can’t trust Brit since she will have gone back on her word to him. She will have to nominate 2 people if he wins POV – ??? Does she make a deal with Matt/Ragan/Lane and put up Hay/Enz?

    • … Can you believe that Brendon ACTUALLY DOES trust Britney in the first place?

      Man, that man is dumb!

      • obviously is more interested in ratings than intelligence. They are all pretty pathetic.

      • MM…True…Brendon has ended his BB stay with the Matt replacement..Wonder if the pretzel message was the influence..Still, no excuse for Brendon’s naiveness..

      • i don’t think he trust brit, if she wins HOH and put brendon up and he wins pov she will really have something to cry about. lane want save her.regan will save his/her own butt. and unless matt find out about the brigade he will stay on there side if kathy don’t go up she will vote with the brigade

    • I think she definitely would put up Enzo and her second nomination could be Ragan. She likes Hayden over Ragan. She will put up Brendon for sure.

  62. Right now on live feeds, Britney is picking at her leg. What is her obsession with picking at her body parts ??

  63. It makes more sense to get rid of the brat when they can and then save Kathy if brendan wins pov. then let the chips fall where they may the brat is gone, the floater next, then leave it to the comps to decide the order after that it just scares and disgusts me that we might have to deal with MORE of rags sniffling and crying but I would hope he goes next…please don’t let him win hoh or pov

    • Completely agree with everything you’ve said… ‘problem is: IT’S WAY TOO LOGICAL! You know those damn morons are all going to be like: “hey, Kathy’s the sab! Let’s get the sab!”, and will completely dismiss their long-term game for petty satisfaction on Thursday.

      Basically, there’s no way Matt is level-headed enough to get rid of Britney tomorrow… and that’s why him and the rest of the house SUCK.

      • unfortnately you are so right…but if they were logical what we have to talk about heehee

      • Hey, Dr Will, Boogie and Evil Dick were all logical thinker. Even Janelle could make sense once in a while. But those people?… Man, not even a minute of thinking rationally!

      • Logic ha…Enzo is the only one I see using logical..He may not be winning comps but he has a strong presence in the house and he is a conventional thinker..With a game plan hes not walking around like a chicken with no head!!!
        This doesn’t mean I want him to win I am loyal to Brendon or Lane.

  64. The time is going by so slow and I want to see Brendon lol.. Dose any one know where Brendon was while Rachel was in the house???

      • brendon was removed from the bb house when rachel came back in.

        he has told the hgs that he was blindfolded as he was driven to a mansion in malibu where he enjoyed a personal spa day, personal chef, got to write a letter, read a book and sleep in a fabulously comfortable bed.

        nice 24 hr. stess-free reward for opening pandora’s box, huh.

      • Alright thanks CT..I wonder how I missed that I read the spoilers everyday? Oh well I will see tonight…

  65. Like him or not, Ragan is good at sabateur talk. They are talking about the sab and Ragan has them totally fooled.

    • I still don’t understand why more of them don’t suspect rags? They rarely mention him when they go through possible list

  66. K ppl I’m so bored so after bb I will be back on here to converse some after thoughts on tonights show…
    Peace out!!

  67. I just finished reading some of the feeds on how Brendons upset that no one hangs out in his HOH room. – i feel bad for him . ): I don’t get why no one likes him..

    • It’s the Rachel-cooties still affecting him – nobody wants to be near him because of it. There’s also the fact that those people are scums, especially Ragan and Britney, still bitching on about him behind his back even though he haven’t done a thing directly to them since become HoH (yeah, he put up Ragan, but that’s part of the game!)

      Anyway, if I was Brendon, I would be GLAD not to have those douches in my face 24/7.

  68. Matt, to Rag, voice down as if telling secret, “Okay, I’m just going to say this…” Bubbles

    hm…. what is he saying..??? dpov??

  69. Brit says her birthday is Monday. Matt asks her if someone used a CDT and put her up thursday would she be pissed. She says yes lol

  70. Thoughts on possible pairs in the house.

    Lane & Bratney- Knew each other as kids, but then Lane grew up.

    Ragan & Matt- Both were in the closet, but some how Ragan got out.

    Kathy & Bratney- Both blond,both chesty,and both have a flat ass and know class.

    I’m just sayin

    • Fact: there’s no pair in the house. It’s all lies made up by the saboteur. So, even though it sounds probable, it’s just not.

      We’re passed the midway point of the season – if there were ANY outside alliance in the house, production would have told us already, that’s for sure.

    • lol like the kathy/bratney pair, but there’s absolutely no truth to what the Sab says, so there’s no llf in the house, just something the Sab did to mess with the house guests. Everything the Sab has said or done was to mess with them, that’s why they’re call a Saboteur.

  71. Lane, Hayden and Enzo Leaves. Brit tells Matt it would be so awesome if Matt and Lane could both stay.Matt says he dosnt want to get his hopes up.

    Enzo, Hayden and Lane come back to the have not room and tell them they are locked down and BB didnt even say anything.

  72. Are Hayden, Enzo and Brendon alliance REAL or not? Because reading the feeds again, everyone is trash talking Brendon – even Hayden and Enzo. ..So are they really in an alliance with him or are they just pretending so they’re safe this week..?

    • As far as I know, everybody’s a liar in this game. The most honest person I can think of is Brendon, and that’s just sad…

      The BB house this year is a true snake’s pit.

    • they making bren believe that they want to take him to finals, but only because they don’t really know where Matt’s brain is, and if they want to vote him out before Bren. But things are a lil if’y cuz the house thinks Matt has this power of some kind, maybe a coup’de’etat,(sp??) and aren’t going to risk Matt being p.o.’d and putting them (hay/enzo) up instead. Now they’re thinking of voting Kathy out instead because they suspect her of being the Sab simply because she was in Enzo’s room the morning making beds, and the Sab left a note under enzo’s pillow

  73. lol brat just said to rags “You sound like a catty sab today” paraphrasing quote might not be exact…rags responds “oh really” wide eyed trying to be innocent if she had a brain she might be dangerous

    • lol that’s funny! maybe Ragina will be sent to the DR to have another mental break down and cry

  74. I think Matt should be talking to the “B” about his special power. Reasoning – they are going to lose trust in him. If they are truely a team, they should be making the decision together as to who to put up in his place. I agree there was no stipulation that he could not tell someone about the power he possesses.

      • Ouch! Sorry to hear that! It would suck for Regan if Matt put him back on the block. I guess we will see in the next two days. That would actually be a smart move because ha has won comps.

  75. they kept calling him to the DR after trying to drop major hints about it. I don’t know what they told him. I just believe there will be consequences if he talks about it, or why tell him he’s not allowed to tell the hg’s about it?? It doesn’t make sense..

  76. gonna go out on a limb..i think they are gonna get some sort of prize…grill, margarita party or something from the comp they did today

  77. Ragan should drop a code from a movie on a Sab message just to freak everyone out, like “Blue Horseshoe likes Endicott Steel” from Wall Street. I guarantee that Brendon would claim that he has it all figured out.

  78. Line of the day from the live feeds:

    Brendon to Enzo: “I just think that people should be courteous to each other.”

    Are you kidding me? LOL.

    • says “Your comment is awaiting moderation.”
      Didn’t know it was against policy hope i don’t get banned

      • I guess they have to verified every link first – I just tried too to put up a link, and I’m on moderation too. :(

      • aww, thanks :) I just want to see the POV comp, but I will go make myself busy until then :)

    • They needed to sab the entire house not just one individual. This is getting old. At least they made Ray do something he could have gotten caught at.

  79. zingbot is kinda funny looking but hg moreso dressed up getting ready for POV ceremony

  80. watching POV it really is hard to believe Kathy is that imcompetent…she can’t be for real..if she is how did she get on this show

  81. Did any one see Kathy JUMP off the balance beam my god she is such a joke…I literally think she could care less about winning in this game…Wow unreal.

  82. MightyMad…I have to agree with you…Brendon is by far the most honest person in this house…What has become so ridiculous, is the mind blowing ignorance of every other person in that house (although we should expect it considering the social misfits we are talking about)… Exactly what the hell ARE they going to do if or when Brendon is voted out…

    • Wow nice to see others agree with me. I have been Team Brendon minus Big Red since day one. I almost jumped ship but held on and am glad I did. He is by far the most honest in that house. It wouldn’t matter if Brendon was voted out next week, they still rag on about Rachel and she is gone. They will still rag on about him too. I just hope he outlast them all!

  83. ok I am offically a bb nerd watching lf and wed show and posting at the same time ….save me…heeeeeellllllp!!

  84. just realized i don’t wanna spoil it for you westies won’t comment on tonight show anymore sorry….

    • spikesmom…Correct me if I’m wrong, but all of this is old news…btw if that pathetic lump Ragan is actually instructing students at an accredited college; that school should be reviewed immediately..

      • You got that right. Seriously you would think someone with his career would take the high road. Can’t imagine any employer wanting him in any future job.

      • If this guy is a professor, it is probably an adjunct. Most people at that level definitely have more civility than Ragan does. What does he care about Rachel, she’s done.

        He plays the game way too personally.

      • trish, I’m with you, it’s not That you won the fight, It’s how you won it that counts. In winning ragan showed me that he is really a small person, with no class.

    • Who cares who won the argument? BB is about winning $500Gs. Why would you are if a HG returned? This is a game. Ragan should be concentrating on winning the game, and not personal attacks on Brenchel. All he had to do was smile and walk away. What did it prove? It actually may have hurt his game with other HGs for votes. WTF.

    • Ragan was vicious, she can be like a pit-bull; is it that time of the month for her? WOW!!!

      He obviously hates her and let strategy go out the window. Maybe he felt, I ain’t getting her vote so I’m laying into her bigtime.

      Did Rach strike a nerve on him, she was so obnoxious when she came in, it was entertaining and he had her speechless sometimes or saying ridiculous things in reply.

      I’d venture to say Rach has no female friends and the males she atracts just want to scr*w her… she’s so obnoxious and doesn’t know it.

      Earth to Rachel… you’re obnoxious. Isn’t that what Ragan was telling her? So Ragan was just being a good girl-friend to Rach then right?

  85. Seriously, Ragan is one of the WORST JUDGE OF CHARACTER I’ve ever seen in my life.

    About Brintney: “You’re one of the kindest, nicest person…”

    About Matt: “One of the most upstanding guys I ever met…”

    He can figure out the quite obvious Rachel, but he cannot figure out those two? Lord….

    • I totally agree with you. I cant wait to see how ragan will react when he finds out that matt has been lying about his wife being sick when he gets voted off.

    • MM – Totally agree.

      Do they have a reunion show? (I’m getting foggy with all of the reality shows). Do we get to see the “lie” reaction. That would be pricelles.

      • I do know that while the 7 Jury Members are there sitting on stage beofore they vote or maybe after they vote that the out HG’s get to tell them about what they say while they were off the show, I am sure Andrew will them the lie Matt told about his wife.

      • The last show got a quick reunion recap in it – it won’t be as satisfy as it should, but Trish’s right: there’s no doubt that Andrew will tell THE WHOLE TRUTH about the houseguests!

  86. Rachel is a glutton for punishment, isn’t she? She always starts trouble and then pays for it and feels sorry for herself. Will she ever learn?

  87. for all of you who wondered if Bren really was where he said just showed him getting in pool and getting a massage

    • the two of them, her in the house, him in the spa… running around like little puppies looking for each had my side splitting and I was rolling on the floor.

      Bren: Rach, where are you? Where are you hiding?

      Rach: Bren open the door, I want to see you.

      Just another case of reaping what you sow, Karma’s a bitch!!!

      It was great to see him & her get paid back for how they treated the other hg’s.

      • GH,
        Once again, did you really think Bren was going to get to see Ray? I knew when the picture of her flashed, it wasn’t going to happen. You say Karma – Bren had a very nice 24 hours relaxing away from the two faced HG’s AND, Ray had a great time stirring up the house. What better time could they have had than that. Other than throwing the negative side of Pandora’s box at us viewers by showing them make-out! Thanks BB for not putting us through that!!! (Good luck Bren!!!)

  88. i wish they would show the wrap party, i mean to see ragan face after he watches the show see matt and britney lie to him and wanted him out

  89. Well, she got owned twice…

    Lesson to learn from this mess: don’t start a verbal was with someone that is CLEARLY smarter than you.

    (Even though Ragan’s not that smart!)

    • MM…Problem here is Ragan actually believes in his abilities to judge a persons character…Can there be a bigger joke than that?…Look at him..he’s truly pathetic

      • he’s right in telling her, “don’t you see the way you treat others with no respect is the reason everyone hates you?”

        problem is she doesn’t see it and she doesn’t realize the others hate her. i thought her face showed she was devastated hearing that, a couple times it made her take an extended pause as she computed it inside her head.

        she thinks “I’m playing this game and other need to forgive what I say and do to them in the name of game”.

        Rach: It’s a game and I’m fighting hard everyday.

        Ragan: You’re not in the game anymore, we put you out of the game, why couldn’t you have come back and just be nice?

    • It is horrifying to realize the Ragan is actually A college professor influencing our young ppl…preparing them for RL omg!!!

      • Do you think he has not carried himself in a possitive way? Or is it that he is such a Bad judge of character that makes you question his ability to be a professor? His thinking that Kristen, Brit and Matt are such great people. Khristen big looser as well as Brit and possibly Matt(he really has not been mean to people). Regan stated that Chirsten and Brit are such nice wonderful people. Unfortunately Universities do not seem to care what type of person you are when concidering a possition at the university level. I know this to be fact. A friend’s EX works for a local University and he is far from a role model for young adults or any adults for that matter.

    • It is horrifying to realize the Ragan is actually A college professor influencing our young ppl…preparing them for RL omg!!! a role model

      • spikesmom….You could not be more correct….Whatever college that is needs to undertake a thorough review IMMEDIATELY…

  90. wow just saw how bb knew rach did that with the pretzels bc they zoomed in on it. and then kathy told hayden and enzo.

      • i got that feeling also… b/c that would lead to more drama/suspense w/Matt going up, production let it happen.

        where was the “Rachel go to the DR”?

        when i first saw it, it looked like she said “i ‘heart’ u | MATT”, but she did separate the two with something.

        actually i’ll give her credit, it was quite clever… but just another instance of her leading him down the WRONG road.

        at what point will he realize the cancer that she is?

      • Just like BB made it so easy for Regan to complete his Sabs. They made it easy for him to choose something that didn’t require a chance of getting caught.

      • One final thing Pandora’s Box – Something good/Something Bad. Nice power, but if he uses it, it could be bad for him YES! The power isn’t all that good now is it (only to get him off the block- now he will have to explain himself! Great Job BB!!!

    • And afterward, they said to Matt that they didn’t see anything! LOL!

      Oh BB… why do we expect you to be legit?

    • There was nothing that stated Ray could not leave Bren a message. BB lies in real life, so what makes you think the show wouldn’t reflect the same thing. She had free range in the house. She also told Kathy, whom could have relayed the message to Bren if BB would have destroyed the message. So, it was inevidable (sp) the message would have been revealed. Kathy also, would not have wanted to go on the block, so what makes anyone think she would not ask Bren if he go Ray’s message?? Just something to think about.

  91. How can they all be sooooo delusional??? They will make up excuses for themselves and so called “friends” at finale cuz its way to embarrassing to admit how stupid they were

  92. That’s messed up … they show Rachel getting pulverized by Regan but not her apology/talks with him afterward. Bad editing

    • DD… selective editing… it’s Big Brother and it’s manipulative, that’s what it’s suppose to be.

      What do we think happens when we hear – Hg go to the Diary Room? Production being part of the game w/o us being witness and knowing how they manipulate the game.

      It’s like the gov’t… we’re going to keep secrets from you, it’s better you don’t know, trust that we would only do what’s good for you.

  93. something I have wondered about Matt said Rags was sleeping all through the sabs msgs and they didn’t even pu on that?

    • spikesmom…I’ve agreed with every comment of yours…And yes, the manipulation of this show has become far too obvious…It’s fast reaching the point of not even being enjoyable to watch…

      • and I agree with you totally…paid for lf and wasn’t even watching today it has become so tiresome

      • I agree. I am getting so sick of these bunch of idiots. Brendon is trying to cook steak and other food for people and they are in there of course once again smack talking him. I am tired of Brit, I am tired of these crap and I think I am almost done watching the feed and all the bs. It is bringing me down.

  94. Brit has those short pink shorts on and she has her legs up and you can almost see her thingy…..I don’t want to see that.

  95. no prizes or anything :(((
    if its the last thing I do I wanna show them how to peel garlic the right way

  96. Enzo, your a smacker. You ate a sandwich last night and the smacking was so loud it was enough to drive me crazy. I finally turned the channel.
    Big Brother needs to say, “Enzo, stop doing that!”

    • sand, enzo is nasty period!! I get the “wibbie jibbies” when I listen to him, watch him, look at him!! Is it just me??

      • tishe… it’ll be okay soon, he’ll be in the j-house, mixing it up w/Rachel.

        Now that could be the odd-couple… can you see Enzo making the move on her?

        I know that pic in your head is ugly, think what it would be like if they produced offspring?

        Ok… now I gone over the line!!!

  97. FYI: Matt just said that Brendon washed all the

    HGs dishes except HN dishes. But hey Matt maybe

    if you didn’t lie about your wife having a

    horrible disease, Bren might have done yr dishes

  98. Regan is a brilliant, classy man who keeps his cool in times of crisis. Better Rachel then me to get “told” by him. If Rachel is as smart as she says then why did she not show it once in the house hold. She proved to everyone time and time again that she was a flake. Her luagh alone is the epitamy of the stereotypically “blonde cheerleader” It’s unfortunate that some ppl have book smarts, but however are truly morons when it comes to common sense. I hope Regan wins. He has played this game so well….I know he can get a little emotional sometimes, but that just proves he has a good heart!!!! GO TEAM REGAN

    • anon, i agree… we may see a Matt/Regan in F2 or F3, only problem other Hg’s know they’re tight (at least Ragan’s tight – bad joke) and target is on their backs (especially Ragan in more than 1 way – bad joke).

      sorry, couldn’t help myself.

      i’d said “evil cheerleader”, can anyone picture Sissy Spacek in “Carrie” after the bucket of blood hit her from above? That’s Rachel, and if she’s a cheerleader, she’s be head-cheerleader.

      check out; search ‘carrie’.

      Rach (working out the cheerleaders): Okay, girls now jump up & down make your boobie move a lot… that’ll drive the guys crazy and we’ll be dating football players for sure!!! We’ll have them wrapped around are little fingers… trust me, for sure!!!

  99. Man so many of you are all silly for caring so much about Matt lying about his wife. It makes me wonder if this is the first time you’ve watched BB. It’s a valid strategy with risks that could lead to a big reward.

    I mean honestly he is probably the best player in this game so far.

    What’s funny is that so many people hated on Dr. Will during his season (by viewers and HGs), and yet he is considered the best BB player ever and his tactics have become standard strategy. Now I’m not saying Matt is as good as Dr. Will but he is the closest one to him for a few seasons.

    • I have to agree. Who cares he lied about his wife. They’ll think nothing of it once they find out in the end.
      Matt’s playing the game smart. He’s winning comps and when a fight starts around him he stays out of it which is smart.

  100. Is it me or is everyone in agreement? Why didn’t the saboteur do any sabotaging. Ok I know he’s giving some things to choose from but the suggestions I gave big brother were actual sabotaging people game. For instance
    1)I wanted saboteur to question Lane about being a oil rig salesman or could it be possible he owns oil rigs.
    2)Let the house believe Brenden is really a leader of a 3 man alliance.

    • first of all, the sabs you suggest give OUTSIDE information about people in the house. The first sabs were good because they effected the entire house!! And, Annie could have been caught doing them. I suggested putting blue dye in the pool. Maybe that was impossible since there is chlorine and that may counteract the dye. I am not a scientist, (maybe Ray or Bren would know the answer to that). However, BB could have made it happen. Regan should have had to possibly get caught with his work. Like the letter!!!

      • Isn’t the point for him not to get caught come on. If you are seriously watching BB you would know before you comment. I personally think that Ragan did an awesome job as the Sab man. Especially for what Facebook and Twitter gave him. Can’t wait to see tonite!!

      • Well jbhi,
        I am watching the program and if you were watching, you would know Annie had to attempt something she could get caugt at. As for your Comment about watching BB, I am. I really do not think the things Ragan did were worthy of giving him $20,000. My opinion. You are obviously a fan of Ragan. I do not care if it was a different house guest, THEY SHOULD HAVE done something more dramatic. One final thing – BB gave Ragan those easy tasks and that is OK because BB is in charge. He did a good job with what he was offered. I still stand by my COMMENT – He should have had to do something that he could have gotten caught at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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