Big Brother 12: Week 6 Popularity Poll

The Big Brother 12 HGs often wonder what America (and the rest of you out there!) thinks of them, but we don’t have to wonder any longer with our handy-dandy Big Brother popularity poll that’ll show us just where they stand.

Go ahead and pick your favorite Big Brother Houseguest for this week in the poll below. I’ll run this each week and we can keep track as HGs’ stock rises and falls. You can also check out where all the HGs ended up last week in the poll. Once again Britney took the top honors while Kathy brought up the rear. Meanwhile Hayden became second from the bottom. Let’s see who wins (and loses) this week!

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Share your thoughts and tell us why you voted the way you did.


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  1. This is the worst season of big brother yet as for as the cast goes. They are all so self centered. I feel really bad for Brendon #1 he has had to fight every step of the way. If anyone in that cast even had a brain the size of a pea they would know That Brendon must have a very lonely and sad life when it come to his family. Just watching him for 5 min and you know he is a people pleaser and will do what ever it takes to get people to show him just a small amount of kindness. People are so evil

    • I agree with you! He is like a little boy begging for someone to. Notice his deeds and love him.

    • Self centered? If anyone is self centered, its Brendon. Every conversation he has comes back to him! How he could or couldnt do this and how these comps are suited for small people or how everyone is out to get him and the “love of his life, blech!” Its all about Brendon, Brendon, Brendon…Its really quite annoying. The way he is clinging to Rachel and sees right past her “oh so obvious” ignorance to the fact she “was and is” everything that Ragan tactfully said she was…he is just plain ignorant himself. People as self involved as Brendon and Rachel are gross. Man Up.

      • where you watching the same feeds that I was, you must not have been, How can you use the word “TACTFULL” and ragan in the same breath, Ragan wasn’t tactfull, he let his emotion get the better and showed the world that he had no class at all, No p[lease don’t use the word “Tactfully when talking about ragan.

      • that is great. class after the stuff he has said blows my mind. granted i think very few if any have class this season, but he has none at all. i think once he goes back and watches this season he is going to be quite disappointed by how this game changed him and how he allowed it. i do think he is stronger than what he gives himself credit for tho. but yea, in this game now, no class what so ever.

  2. Brendon seems to be the only one playing the game. Even though he is going after people it is about the game. The rest are just mean-spirited back-stabbers who don’t really have any game about them. Brittany has to go! She is the meanest of them all and from all indications this has nothing to do with the game but her true character. Being a hypocrite and a liar come all too natural for her. She must go! I hope Matt makes sure this happens. Then the games will begin!

    • I agree with you… Britney needs to take Kathy with her.. I can’t stand either one of them… Kathy is not playing the game, she’s too busy flipping her hair around.. she’s in a house full of young players, flirting with those young guys makes me sick… why did BB put her in there… she really stands out in a bad way…

    • What do you mean Brendan is playing the game? If nominating two floaters (when Matt and Brit were more of a threat) and having little flare ups of douchebaggery makes you a game player, then he’s the best.

      • I wouldn’t say the worst, but she’d probably somewhere up there. She’s also entertaining, and that’s why she has been consistently the 1st/2nd most popular on these polls.

      • Agreed. She is not a woman me or any of the guys I hang with would find attractive. Not only is she vile, pathetic and revolting she is disgusting the way she is always picking at her scalp, neck, stomach, arms, ACK!! It gags me just to watch her picking off herself. Get in the shower and scrub the scabbies off already BiTCHNEY! This is not what we tune in to watch. The bitch needs a flea dip!

  3. My girl Britney is a wild child!! She tells ’em like it is, she’s a mouthy little individual and is a riot in the diary room with her oh so random quotes!! Team Britney wishes her all the best in the house & hopes she wins the 1/2million bucks!

      • Agree with you Betty. Hypocrite and liar were best I could do without stooping to Brittany and Enzo’s potty mouth verbage! LOL! Gotta love this show!

      • I’m not that much of a lady, Betty, but hate to waste any good insults on that trash… :)

      • Really I thought Big Brother was a game isn’t that what she is doing. You go Britany, Everyone thinks it is Ok for Enzo to talk trash lie and back stab.

    • Way to go Britney. The brigade falling apart is the best thing to happen for her. For being so mouthy and mean, she is still there and people like her. She really is very funny. I’m glad that Brendon put up Matt. That almost got my vote for the week. He lit the fuse to blow up the brigade that will make it easier for Brit to get farther into the game.

    • I don’t understand people who can enjoy the level of vitriol thrown out by this child. It should be an unacceptable form of human behavior. Those of you who say, “this is just a game” “get over it she is just having fun”, are obviously more like her in real life than you care to admit. Kudos to you for at least no eating your own.

    • The Britney haters should just quit the self righteousness act. There’s nothing wrong for wanting a bitch to win in a house full of sinners. :)

      • I love fun catty bitchiness just as much as the next person (thinking Karen from will and grace) but then there is a line of outright cruelty and hypocrisy that exposes a person’s true self which is both shocking and repulsive. “Look at Rachel, she is such a whore, it looks like she spreads STDs through the air” – if you find that sort of childish personal attack about another person she DOESN’T EVEN KNOW on national television good fun, then we will have to agree to disagree. Its nasty and totally unnecessary.

      • Umm…. She’s just as much a sinner with the swearing on all that’s important to her then confessing in the DR she has no intentions of keeping her promises. And she is by far the biggest trash talker in the house. I put her on an even level on evil with the rest of the house.

    • I am with you Nanny, again I guess I am a floater fan ahaha I have to toss my vote to whomever actually played the game each week. it kind of bites Id rather be defending my fav player or something but as I cant pick one I have to go with the one who got on my nerves the least and fought to win a comp..

  4. brit got my vote although i almost voted for matt

    i think after next week matt will be the one i have no choice to vote for if u catch my drfit

  5. i like ragan he isnit afraid of sticking his neck out instead of loating like most of th brigade. although cathy floats she sticks by her friends.

    • Ms. Dorothy, Reagan has only really stood up to Rachael. Outside of that, he did the opposite of sticking his neck out there when letting Matt win those 2 HOH’s. He threw the comps to Matt.

      Kathy is as fair weather as Enzo is. She just says whatever people want to hear. She is a master munipulator!

      • BG, Im gonna catch a LOT of flack over this one but just peering into my crystal ball I am seeing Bren and Matt in the final 2.. Im just saying. We shall see if I am right or not.

      • Kristi….If this were real world life there would be no question whatsoever that you are right…unfortunately, with this cast of social misfits coupled with Productions never ending manipulation of events,no telling what will happen…

    • He won’t because he is making himself a big target, and after thursday he’s going to be even a bigger one, Matt say’s he’s smart, but he’s not, if he was he would put up britney after he saves himself, but matt is stupid he will put up kathy.

      • Ehh! I’m on the fence with Matt’s pick. He’s obviously gonna use it since he’s mouthin’ off about it (some genius). I’m just not sure who he’ll put up. Using it is gonna upset the Brigade because he never told them, BUT they can still keep 4 of them safe. So right now the Brig would prefer Brit to go so he may just do that to win back some trust. However he should know by now, he’s the low man on the totem pole of 4 and should really reconsider aligning w/ Brit and Reagan.

        I honestly hope he doesn’t use it. I can’t stand him!

    • I hope he does too!! And the SMART thing to do would to put up ENZO. I’m just hoping that he figures out what he and Hayden are up to! That will prove that being a diabolical super genius is actually worth it’s wait in words!

      • LUV LUV the Format!!! Now when we first get on we can comment on earlier posts without confusing everyone!!

        THANKS MATT!!

  6. No wonder Hayden and Enzo are so low on the popularity poll, the way they have “sided” with Brendon is turning people off. You can just tell by watching Brendon that he is a total control freak, likes to control every situation, those people are a little scary to me. I can’t wait for Thursday when Matt uses the DPOV! The looks on people’s faces will be priceless!

    • was going to ask were you got control freak from, but then i remembered, you got it from his EX, and we know EX’s don’t lie,

      • Please! I am sure this ex did not lie. I am in the mental health profession, Brendon definitely has control issues. Likes to control every situation. I think I will send him my bill!

    • The even more annoying thing is H/E’s witch hunt on M/L’s friends in the house, but they see it as okay to make a side deal with Brendan. These snakes float by the whole time and are becoming less desirable every week.

    • Brittany > Lane > Kathy > Matt > Ragan > Enzo > Brendon > Hayden

      Yours is pretty good. I really think BBNetwork should have a ‘Who is least likable’ poll. I don’t think Kathy would be at the top, she’s just not anybody’s favourite. ;)

      • Brit > Lane > Matt > Kathy > Ragan > Hayden > Brendan > Enzo…. I used to like Enzo and Hayden but recently cannot stand them!! I think Hayden would still be likeable if Kristen hadnt been voted off!

  7. You know you know where you stand with Brendon I feel kind of sorry for him I do not know what he has done that is so bad to anyone .So he thinks he is in love big deal

    • That’s it, he fell in love, and people can’s see how that can happen so fast, didn’t know that falling in love had a time on it!!

    • I dont think it is just that he fell in love…. personally i didnt find R&B to be one of those cute couples that you like to watch like Jeff and Jordan. I would have much rather been watching Hayden and Kristen than R&B

      • Also I think in the real world it would have been really fast but when you are around somebody 24/7 feelings develop faster than say a date that lasts a few hrs every wknd. For me though Rachel and Brendan would have never been my favs even if they didnt pair up…. i guess they just arent the kind of people i am drawn to… i find them to be irritating (together or apart).

  8. I;m so tired of how they treat brendon they think they are so much better. I hope carma is a b cause when they need the votes i hope they give it 2 the floater this year. They are not even given him a chance 2 be in the game and be nice 4 real they are all 2 face and backstabbers, give the guy a break and be a real friend.they keep forgetting thats 2 votes what makes them any better then brendon at least he has been fighting so hard 2 stay in the game even with how they have been treating him disgustinly mean. Good luck brendon u have this americasn vote 4 sure

    • most yrs unless u are a power house…dr will, janell, evel dik…. floaters normally float to the top and take the cash.

    • He hasn’t fought hard the whole game. He was trying to get himself out last week. That’s an automatic dislike in my books.

      • All he does is whine, whine, whine!!! So what they dont like him…. not everybody likes each other and he is annoying!! Of course they pretend to tolerate him, it would be BB suicide not to when he is HOH

  9. My two questions:

    If the eviction is thursday and its a surprise to the HG’s(matt using his DPOV). How do they tell everyone to pack their bags and not cause panic?

    I’m trying to figure out what Brendon got that was good coming out of Pandoras box (chance to see Rachael – and he didn’t?). There has to be more to this.

    • Not sure the exact procedure, but this won’t be the first time that a “surprise” nominee will be evicted. I think they just get someone from Big Brother to pack his stuff and send it out.

      • You know I keep hearing that Bren’s good was a mini-vacation. But this is my theory. For the whole season, I have noticed that Bren wears a back brace. I think the reason he did poorly in the endurance comps was b/c
        the surfboard and paint can were painful for him on his back.

        Also, during the first HOH, he looked in pain when trying to get Kathy across on the hot dog.

        So when Bren won HOH in rope comp, he may have damaged his disk. He had to go to back specialist and that is why Rachel was there for 24 hrs. Just Saying I think Bren was hurt.

  10. Are you people insane? Brendan???? He JUST started playing this game last Thursday. He is a sorry excuse for a man. At least Brittney and Lane keep things entertaining and funny in their DR sessions.

    Agreed that by far this is the lamest BB season ever….but come on…you people think Brendan is the best? Ick!

      • No B/R were playing rach won 2 HOH and bren won 2 veto’s and 1 HOH that makes 5 win’s

        matt 2 HOH ( given to him 0

        Brit 3 veto’s ( 1 by mistake )

        ragan 1 veto

        hayden 1 HOH

        pretty good game paling to me GO team bren/rach

      • not really a rach fan bg just glad to see that he can actually man up and win. meow meow (kitty kitty) or ya know the other alternatives for kitty couldnt do it he was in the back of the pack with the other kittens. please tell me he didnt finish behind brit someone?

  11. Matt knows how to relax and let the game play itself. It’s funny how people act when they do not know each other and it’s just a game. So, you basically let other people argue while you sit back and relax.

  12. My vote goes to my namesake, Matt. It’s going to be a quiz HoH this week I bet, so hopefully Britney or Ragan can come through for him.

  13. Do ya’ll think there will be another sab. after this week? Ragan was it for two weeks correct? Thanks.

    • I think they just asked him bcause Annie was out so quick. I dought they will keep this going after Ragan.

    • dont know jig but i say it go. if he was actually chosing the good taunts then id say keep it up but he is doing mainly beneficial things for himself. or should i say things he can tolerate doing

    • All he’s had to do was keep a straight face. For all we know, it’s a crew member doing the messages. Maybe if he actually did do the bikini or extensions, but he disappointed.

  14. I always go for the underdog, and right now that would definitely be Brendon. I feel that he is playing a pretty honest game right now and I hope he makes it far, if not to the end

    • chris, one of us, needs to add something to thier name, so you know who’s who, So to make it easy I will, So i am no longer just chris I’m

    • Im not looking for who is playing an honest game…. im looking for whoever is playing the BEST game…. I think it is probably Matt, maybe Brit but I would have to see what she would do as HOH first.

  15. Interesting. Not reading any of the other comments I’d have to say all us men like Brit cause she’s a sexy beast and the women all like Brendon, though I don’t know why.

    • NOT ALL WOMEN – I prefer real men.. Not whimpy needy ones, it takes away from his looks. Superman lost his MoJo!! and early.

    • I’m a guy and I stand behind Britney. Even if I was a woman, I don’t think I’d vote for that bad Jeff-Knock Off (In case anybody forgot, J&J were the couple we ACTUALLY liked.)

  16. I voted for Ragan. I would like to vote for Matt, but his lie about his wife having an illness really isn’t cool. Brenden is a Russian roulette of which head he is using. Brittney is a good competitor too. Mainly I just don’t want to see Lane or Meow Meow in the final two. Those floaters need to go the way of the Hindenburg.

  17. I can not stand Britney. Why is she so popular? I wish they would get her out of the house. Such a manipulator.

    • I cant stand brit either she is a mean girl,but she is playing the game and everone thats what this is about how you play the game not a popularity contest or evil dick would never of won.

    • As a Britney fan, I’d say her biggest quality for pulling in fans is the DR sessions.

  18. Matt got my vote, anyone else thinks that once Matt uses the DPV the brigade will turn against him fully because he lied about not having a power?

    • I don’t think so. It’s not like he lied on purpose… he couldn’t tell them, or he’d lose it. I think they will understand that. Especially if Matt puts a spin on it like “If I’d have told you, I wouldn’t have been able to use it and then I couldn’t have saved the Brigade and kept us intact.”

    • Wouldn’t have thought so but now that Enzo is a sell out maybe… I think they will have to consider that he had to keep it a secret in order to use it and has had full intensions to have it help them. I am keeping my fingers crossed that Matt clues into Enzo in time!!

    • I am hoping that he turns on them first and puts up Enzo!!!! Then let em scramble!! LOL

    • He’s not so bad without Rachel…he’s just super emotional..If she had never been there i think we all would have a different perspective on Brendon.

      • I agree~ he’s so NOT my fave…but the kid is so impressionable. He’ll listen to anyone in the house because he’s seemily starving for approval or attention. I don’t know he’s young and seems to have some insecurtiy issues…Thus why he’s so whipped by queen-ick Rachel. His poor family must have been a bit red-faced about their showmance.

      • We would have definitely seen a different Brendon, considering every win, loss and play have been fueled by ‘my girl.’

  19. BB Mat where are the other responses it says there are 72 I only see 28 cant access from read more comments.thanks

  20. She was able to avoid being put up by Brendan, and survived lying with an Enzo/Rachel attack. Big props to Brit again.

    Plus she gave herself a boob massage last night!

  21. Like many others from the poll taken this week I am really starting to like Brendon. I could go on to list the reasons why he far exceeds the others as the most likable or tolerable cast member, but for me it comes down to this: He (and Rachel) have been a target from day one, him before Rachel actually, if you remember their wanting to backdoor him. Yet, he has lasted longer probably than anyone else under the same circumstances, Ragan for instance would have been shattered into a billion little pieces, crying himself into a bony husk (even more so). Sure Brendon has said some unsavory things, but it has been completely exposed and open. Compare that to the behind the scenes hypocrisy and broken promises others have made, its ridiculous how someone like Brit can look herself in the mirror knowing she accuses others of the same thing she commits to a greater degree, yet she is a baby in terms of life experience what are the others excuses? Glasshouse anyone?

    • Oh my god! I could not have said it any better. You just wrote everything I keep saying in my head!

      • Watcher…Agreed….I would be willing to bet anyone on this forum anything they wanted to bet, that 80% or greater of all Britney fans here are below the age of 24…They will either learn later in life or continue to sell those Big Macs & Fries forever….

  22. I think BB needs to bring Rachel back. It’s not the same without her. She makes it more exciting. As far as Matt he needs to go and take wimpy Ragan with him. Matt has to use his power before they vote on Thursday. Brit is a little girl trying to act like a big girl. It don’t work like that. She is what Brendon told her on eviction night. All she does is backstab them all. She’s a spoiled brat n a liar. Get Rachel back.

    • This is true. But i think the reason that I like britney is because she makes thing interesting. You don’t watch a reality show to see the guy that does the “right thing” you watch for the drama, the fights, the backstabbing and all that fun stuff.

      • Yet when Rachel did everybody thought she was an awful person. I guess its only ok for certain people to act that way, right?

      • Rachel was loud and constantly fighting. I did enjoy her, but not as much as Britney. Like in last night’s BBAD when Brendan went to play pool with Lane, she looked directly into the camera and mimed a noose around her and then mimed getting shot in the head. It was too funny.

        Carol, I can agree on wanting Rach back. She played to win, unlike Lane, Enzo, Hayden, Brendan and Kathy.

      • Rachel had more drama than any of them. She made the show. Without her it’s boring. They need to bring her back so heads turn.

      • When Brit does that stuff it is funny, she just has that personality. To me Rachel wasnt likeable like Britney… I didnt necessarily dislike Rachel (just found her annoying)but I didnt enjoy her either. I do enjoy Britney and I dont believe her comments are meant to be malicious.

  23. Brenda is a TOOL!!! Every conversation goes back to him, and he knows everything! Watch Enzo talk about him, it’s sooo funny! Speaking of funny, Britney and Ragan are a laugh riot on After Dark. We laugh out loud at their comments. Lane is also funny, if and when he talks. I know it’s not the point of the game, but this year we are going for the comedy factor, not the drama. (because with most of them…well there isn’t any.) Hayden is not popular here, but he is befriending everyone, playing all of his options, and I believe will be in the final 2.

    • I think the rest of the cast suffers from a severe case of irrational mob mentality. Who hasn’t said some crappy stuff about others? To even worse degree. Who hasn’t lied and to a worse degree? Its sad to see grown adults get lost in their own self-hatred and guilt to accuse another of the crimes they themselves commit daily to a greater and greater extent. It would seem you and your friends are also suffering from a similar ailment or perhaps you enjoy venom, lying, moral depravity and mean-spirited backstabbery as a way of life. We get it. Its big brother, throw the moral compass out the window, but lets not kid ourselves either.

      • Yes, the Venom and sarcasm is what makes this show so good (and the outlandish challenges.) If I wanted to see Captain America defeat the baddies, I’d get a comic book.

    • Ragan is to wimpy. Give him a pity party with a lot of ice cream. Maybe he will take that to his room and cry. He has no backbone without another present.

  24. Brendon is a pussy! Duh! He whines that he’s all alone in the house and has to fight everyday. News flash loser. U wanted to be with Rachel. U isolated urself. It was ur choice brendon! U could have made a deal with Enzo and hayden from the beginning but u didn’t. So srry. And everyone fights everyday to stay. Not just u brendon. I believe Kathy and Matt have the best game. Kathy Is going to the finals. She better bring it at the finals. Matt wins lots of stuff. Winning the dpov was good on his part cuz he controls who goes this week. He better put up Enzo. Enzo is annoying! He’s full of himself and it’s really annoying! Go Matt!!

  25. I voted for Brendon. He has more class than the others do plus he is helpful. I also think he has more integrity and empathy for the others. He’s just a cool guy trying to play the game while the others sit on their thumbs staring into outerspace. They have that stupid look like what’s next, what do we do, etc.,etc. They need to chill and wake up. It’s just a shame none of them figured Ragan to be the SAB. could they be that far into left field?? Nahh —they are in cyberspace… Such losers. Does anyone agree?? Plz. respond and thanks.

    • I like brendon too, but i def. don’t think he has class…especially not when he was trying to get voted out instead of Rachel. I like him more now. It seem as though when Rachel’s game ended, his began.

    • He literally just started playing it. When Kristen came to him warning of Hayden’s ‘friends’ he didn’t even give it a second thought and assumed she lied. Just last week, he wanted to go out so badly he was bullying people. That doesn’t sound like St. Brendon of Hard Workers…

      Also, guessing the SAB seems too hard, considering all Raga has to do is give one liners to the suggestions and keep a straight face.

    • Tottaly, both he and Rach. have been kind to everyone, even when they were on the block. Their game is based on who is playing the game not floating. They both were hated before the game ever started. It is unbelivable how Brit, Rab, and Kat acted on their “show” calling Rach names, and Rag on the floor with his legs up as if her were Rach stating something like it is easier for all the world to have some If I just stay like this. And ya notice they dont have their little show anymore. All you Rach/Bren haters need to go back to her 1st HOH and see how she came to the conclusion of who to put up, and actually listen to what she says. Brit with her constant picking of her nails, hair, fingers, body is just gross, and Matt used to be a fav, but he turned to an ass real quick, why is Rach in another planet, when they had the talk in the hammock she never said she did not laugh, she keept rwpeatibg she was kaughing fron the diary room I mean think about it,

      GO BRENDON!!!!!

      • And she was totally lying too!!! Gimme a break watch the clip…. sure she may have been laughing about what she said in DR but it was most def. about them. She was totally taunting them and then couldnt take the heat when called out re: her behavior… as usual… Im with Brit and Ragan, She is not from this planet or living in reality!!

  26. I feel Brendon is an honest player. He is a genuine and competitive player. I am happy he found Rachel and fell in love. I wish him luck in the house.

    • I honestly dont think they are in love… the way they have been living in the house is nothing like real life…. it will crumble quickly once they leave… I have a feeling precious Brenda falls “in love” quite easily!!

  27. He’s not in love with Rachel. He’s known her for a month. Maybe he likes her a lot. But he “loved” his ex fiancée. Pshhh that guy is overly sensitive and he’s not an honest player. He makes me sick.

    • no one is honest in this game, and no, not any of them. as far as falling in love that quick, my husband told me he loved me after 2 weeks and that was in 2003. the only person that knows if he’s is in love with rachel or not is brendon. the rest of us are just speculating.

      • I think in the circumstances under which they have been living they dont even know if they love each other or not! It is nothing like real life… completely altered. No friends. No family…. they just totally clung to each other because they had nobody else and thats not healthy for a relationship, especially one with no foundation between 2 strangers.

  28. My vote is for Matt. Now that Matt has the power to use his DPOV on himself and who ever take his place on the block. Matt will know this week just who is on his side or not and then he should know who to put on the block Thursday night, the bad thing about this is that nobody will know who to vote out.

  29. I voted for Brendon. Although, I do not think he is great at strategy and game play, I also feel that he is despised by the house for no good reason. For the most part, he has not said or done anything against any of them and he always tends to give others the undeserved benefit of the doubt. Still, it is as if once they got it in their minds that they wanted him out, they are unable to think independently and consider any other options. I hope Brendon goes far in the game.

  30. Brendan is not playing any game. He is a loser who needs to get over himself! oh yeah, btw I voted for Lane. He is awesome! He is the best! SUCK ON THAT BRENDAN:p

  31. I love how Kathy is last and Brendon is 1st. This comes as no surprise to me. Brendon has his core support while everyone else voting hates him but they have no solid opposition to Brendon so he still remains in 1st.

    • Which is why we need a ‘least likable’ poll. Everyone’s too busy hating Brendon, Brittany, Matt and Enzo; so Kathy wouldn’t get too many votes.

  32. if matt was smart and used his dpov instead of taking himself of the block , take lane and than put up kathy this was he stays in everyones good graces

    • Sorry Kev but IF matt did that, he’d be able to have Marcellas move over as the worst move ever.

    • Hayden and Enzo are already getting Matt’s coffin ready, that would be a huge risk.

      • EXACTLY Dylan, that is still classic NO ONE has made that move AGAIN thank goodness.

        Kev, welcome aboard wished you had a better year to be exposed to BB for the first time. As a long timer since season 1 this isnt the best one. I wont say its terrible but the HG’s this time around arent nearly as tough or fun to watch as some of the past ones.

    • but than again you can put up britteny too she wins more than kathy, she is more of a threat than kathy and she acts like a 8 year old

    • but than again you can put up britteny too she wins more than kathy, she is more of a threat than kathy and she acts childish

      • I know it’s a strategy and all if you choose it but I’d much rather see Kathy go up than Britney. Kathy is useless.

      • sorry for the double post, Dylan i just started watching this season ,i never watched big brother before until this season

    • I have read my posts, but if you name a specific one I would be glad to clarify it.

      Also, when you say popularity votes, are you referring to the poll in this post? I’m guessing this is about my comparison to Jeff, who was wildly more popular than BB12’s HGs (including Brit, who has led the polls for three weeks now.)

  33. I can’t believe they’re going to give Ragan 20K, has he sabotaged anything? Does anyone know if he has to stay the Sab after this week?

  34. @cdnBBfan, talking about ragan being (sab) it was he had to be the (sab) for two weeks and not get cauth, Please tell what he has done the might have gotten him cauth, He has don’r really n0-thing at all, easyest 20G’s ever made.

    • A slip of the tongue will get him caught or one of them is slick enough to get it out of him. He gets no money if they find out. Look at Annie.

    • I agree… how can you get caught if you dont do anything!! He records the msgs in the DR and never even pulls pranks in the house, there is no way they could figure out that its him… They should have just GAVE the money away!! LOL

  35. i sit here and read all these comments about people not liking a certain house guest, well that normal but to say their not playing the game that’s just wrong and immature, sure some are floaters, some are throwing comps, some whine and some are just plain mean but that doesn’t mean they are not playing the game every one of the house guests has their own way of playing sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t the object is to do what ever posiable to stay in the house and that does mean kissing a** if they need to this isn’t no 40 hr job its a chance for $500,000

    • I agree up up to a certain point , i recall seeing brittney when she saw brendon cooking bacon one morning that the oil splashes him in the eye blinds him perm disfigures him, and another time wishes him dead thats crossing the line to be honest

      • well yeah that part i agree that wasn’t called for but not to get off the show she just hoped that would happen to him she didn’t do any physical harm but yes that was on called for mabe deserved a penality vote yes i dont like britney shes hot but a royal bi**h

      • maybe its just Me maybe u guys are write but the reason why i said she should get the boot is because i have a 8 year old and she saw that and she asked me why she said that and i said i dont know she is wrong for saying that and maybe she should be not on the show

      • Kev….Don’t worry about it…What you need to hope for is that all these Britney fans here are fortunate enough to hook up with someone exactly like her..They deserve each other…Just try and imagine the life from hell…

      • I really feel like yall take her comments too serioulsy! I really dont think she wishes him dead… she is just young and overdramatic. I mean really, Im sure she would feel bad if something actually happened to him, shes just being sarcastic!!

  36. You may like Matt, but be careful, he is very sneaky. Matt lies to much and he needs to use his laast power before they VOTE for eviction Thursday or he loses any monnies. Once he uses it his power is through.

    • matt is another one who i cant wait to see gone he should rot in hell for what he said about hie kie about is wife, personally i dont think he is married im starting to think matt and regan is a item becacause when matt was hoh regan slept up there every night while matt has his hands down his pants

  37. This week as well as many other weeks, I voted for Jeff… I mean Brendon as my fav guest for the week. It’s quite interesting to see how much the rest of the house guests have been doing what the majority does rather than what is best for their game, except for Brendon and to a degree Rachel. How events, targeting and drama is so much like what Jeff went through last season.

    The rest of the house guests need to look into the mirror before describing how “disgusting”, “vile” and “Poor-sport”. I’m not saying Brendon is not those things, but other house guests have said and done things that warrant those terms to be used to describe their actions as well.

    Also, Brendon has been an “underdog” from day 1. Before you all scream and yell that he isn’t, hear this first. He was a target from day 1, go back to the first convos around the house and when Hayden was HOH, there was no other target than Brendon except for the Saboteur.

    • You have a right to your opinion…but please don’t ever ever compare someone as great as Jeff to a TOOL like brenda! Thanks!!!

    • I’d say everyone has been doing what is best for their game to a T.
      Kathy – Staying under the radar and being the one “everyone can beat”
      Ragan – Staying under the radar and being a floater
      Brigade – Playing to keep the brigade a secret and in the house (in question this week tho).
      Britney – Playing nice with people she hates who kept being in power, while also being cool with the rest, winning POV when needed, but avoiding the target of HoH
      Brendon – Winning POV (and an HoH).

      Everyone has some kind of game they are playing, even if you don’t think so. If you watch the live feeds, BB after dark and the DR sessions on the show, you see it. If you just watch one of those, it prob seems like a house full of floaters who are scared to get on anyone’s bad side.

      Only thing I didn’t like about Rachel, was she WAS the only mean spirited person in the house who couldn’t stand it when the tables were turned. She would call people floaters and say they need to go. Change what people said to get them in trouble, even beat people in competition and gloat. But the second someone celebrated beating her, nominated her and lied to her she cried and picked fights. That is a poor sport in my book. You can’t walk all over people and not expect the same when you’re not running the show.

      Brendon. Like everyone else said is gonna lose because he chose Rachel and was obnoxious with it. His only saving grace is that this week is double elimination and britney goes home followed by a brigade member and he wins HoH.

      Brendon is a cool dude tho, but he’s gonna go down defending the honor of the girl with the famous “guys are so stupid I can get them to keep buying me drinks all night” video on youtube. Google it.

  38. I am really disappointed that folks would consider Brandon a vote & it is more than any other houseguest!!!!!!! He & Enzo only have one word vocabulary which is disgusting. Haden, Lane ^ Ragan do not carry on like those two. I am sure they do not in front of daughter or nieces so why on TV?

    • Are you kidding??? Ragan has the worst mouth in the house. Do you watch BB after dark and all the trash talking that Ragan and Britney do about Rachel and Brendon. It’s discusting.

      • Yes Karen, I watch it late 2 and u r correct, Ragan is very trashy. A big potty mouth amongst other things. He is so 2 faced he stinks.

      • Karen—I agree with u. At least u have the guts to speak up. Thanks, I like Rachel and Brandon. I think they both make the show what it is and they do add a lot of drama to it. They keep everybody thinking and wondering, plus making them angry. I think it’s funny. I miss Rachel.

    • What a joke! Ragan’s mouth and vocabulary use make him a prime example of education gone wrong. What does he teach? Scatology?

      • He is actually a Ph.D. and teaches Communications at Cal State Long Beach, LMAO!!!!!

      • Yes. Ragan Fox is a faculty member at California State University, Long Beach. He is a professor and teaches communications there. He is currently on the faculty directory. His picture is on his webpage as well so that should clear doubts of confused identity.

    • I’ve liked rachael and brendon from the start..they are the only two that have EVER played this game,,,,physically and mentally…hated to see rachael go but at least brendon still in there to pull off the win…..

  39. I really don’t understand why ppl like britney. I hate her so much!!!!! She is an evil two faced self-centered bitch. She needs to go already!!!

    • I totally agree with you Daniel. All she does is trash talk. She never has a normal conversation with anyone. When she’s not trash talking she’s playing with her bleached hair or biting her fingers.

      • Who spends hours picking at herself — You don’t even need to watch her for more than a minute before she starts it up again. It doesn’t even matter what she’s doing or where. She does it in the jacuzzi, while playing pool . . . it’s just non-stop!

      • Britney is the only entertaining one on the show without her it would suck just like all of you idiots!!

    • i’m hoping matt puts britney up. i can’t stand her ass!!! can’t wait ’til she goes home.

    • Daniel i agree with you i cant stand Britney she is an evil B**** who talks so much S*** about everybody like she is so perfect…ugg i cant stand her someone please please boot her out of the show already. I love brendan and Rachel they were my favorite at least they played the game.

    • I agree. She is a 22 year old hard woman with not only a filthy and repulsive mouth and an ugly character but also, she is mean and vicious and not very bright. I felt numb when I heard in what manner she wished she could hurt Brendan. I wonder how her family feels after hearing it. I think that BB should have terminated her contract immediately.

  40. Ok MATT, I gave it a day and the one thing I really dislike about the new format is when someone reply’s to a post that post goes to the top and we end up reading the same post sometimes several times. It makes it harder to read what people write in the right sequence. What do you think?

    • Do not like format either. I just keep reading the same thing..Maybe i am just not computer savy..please go back to the other way

  41. “YES”!!! I’m so happy that Brendon is most popular…
    Britney in second like,for real? Oh well. Interesting that Matt is looking at targeting Enzo..Um maybe Matt is using his head in this game.

    • I hope he is going to put Enzo up. That would be great. Didn’t Rachel tell Enzo that she doesn’t want to see him in the jury house? I hope he goes. He is a troublemaker. He can’t shut up. Things change so much, but I hope he sticks with the plan.

      • It will just be nice to finally break up the brigade they (other then Matt) have gotten a free ride in the house.
        I think Rachel is smart I think she will be on the right track then maybe she second guesses her self and makes the wrong choices but she has good intuition she just has to stick to. it!!

      • Only because some boys think she is nice to look at and funny in the DR blah blah blah!!!

      • Ok u guys are all idiots!!! Britney is amazing and she is playing a great game and is a great competitor! she is the funniest person ever, and the house would be so boring without her!!!

      • brit does play a good game, well at least compared to who’s left in the bb house…but she’s shooting herself in the foot by trash talking so much–she has lowered herself to ragan’s antics and the hg who go to the jury house will remember all this if….she makes it to the finale….

      • the only person she ever trash talks are brendon and kathy..and kathy is in love with britney and everyone hates brendon so its not even a big deal that she is..but even though she is my fav. i dont expect her making to the finale cuz the females are dropping like flies this season!

  42. @SummerToo I don’t care for this new format either…This is why I wont reply where it says Reply lol..Imma stick to the old way its to frustrating to go through every thing and yeah gives me a headache…

  43. I watched BBAD last night and heard Matt say they will let him know sometime before evection what to do. What was that about???

    • I just don’t want to get in trouble so maybe we will just get use to it..This just reminds me of fb always messing with the format witch I don’t use no more but the first fb was wicked.

    • Honestly all the hg’s talk a big game but so far when it comes to making big moves its been all talk no action just look at the votes so far they have all been majority.Its like no one has a mind of there own…

      • Kathy (can’t stand her, she & enzo are major floaters, but she is the only one that will vote against the house

    • I honestly can’t wait to see Matt have the diamond POV backfire on him. The remaining guests after the eviction will see that he lied about Pandora’s box and they won’t be compassionate, other than Ragan. He’ll use it this week and get someone else back-doored, he won’t have a vote from any of the remaining guests other than Ragan next week if he goes on the block.

      • Yep for sure he has burnt his bridges hes a snake in the house and everyone is about to see that I can’t wait for him to use the DPOV it will be epic!!! I’m smiling at the thought of it.

      • Hayden and Brenden will be mad but others will be happy their safe this week eveyone kind of suspects Matt was lying about Pandora’s Box

      • I think more will be mad except Ragan and Brit. Unless Brit is the one he puts up, and I don’t see that happening. But you never know.

      • All he has to say is that part of the deal was that he couldn’t say that he had it. He can act like he was hinting around about it because he wanted to tell but BB wouldn’t let him.

  44. Brendon has had to fight from day one to stay in the house. What has he done to anyone? NOTHING. He blew up at Ragan because he was sick of Ragan thinking he is better than everyone. I think Brendon is genuine. And why is Britney getting so many votes? Her and Ragan are the worst when it come to trash talking. They both think they are the greatest…I can’t stand either one of them and hope they go soon.

    • I am so relived u said all that because that is my feelings too..Really Im thinking its boys just voting for her cause she looks cute, but she is the poster girl for looks can be deceiving!!!

      • How true Erin. And her looks aren’t that great…she’s cute I’ll give her that but she needs to quit putting black magic marker on her eyes…LOL

      • Im a chic and I think Britney is ABSOLUTLEY, HANDS DOWN the prettiest girl in that house this year!!

      • That is my feelings and have been since day one! OH so glad to see you Erin (my nine-nifty buddy) and Karen that you two think so too!

      • Britney is beautiful and funny! every single one of her dr’s are hilirious! and there wouldnt be much going on in the house if she wasnt there..i hate ragan but love britney..and if you think about it the only action and excitement that has been going on in the house is cuz of britney and ragan..if you took the two of them out of the house all you would have is kathy smoking her cigs, the idiotic birgade playing pool, and brendon sucking up to everyone in the house! LAME..(but this season is pretty lame to begin with)

    • I voted for her because I don’t care how poisonous someone is, they’re on television, which is supposed to be entertaining. Brittany is funny, especially in BBAD and DR sessions.

      I always thought Brendan lacked a personality, and that was confirmed when Lane said he was surprised that Brendon wasn’t man made. Also, calling people ‘brats’ and ‘midgets’ is just getting down with the dogs.

      • So it’s not ok to call someone a brat, but it’s ok for Britney and Ragan to trash talk Rachel and Brendon. And believe me they have said some horrible things about them.

      • I didn’t say they were good people, I’m just going against the notion that Brendan is an honourable guy. Ragan and Brittany have proved to be very wicked, but their fans aren’t denying it.

      • britney and ragan’s fans aren’t denying it, are you fore real, all you have to do is read, and you can see how it is, britney is great, britney is the best, ragan was tactfull, ragan wass great, come on get real, britney and ragan have no class, but thier fans can’t see that.

      • Oh come on…. Ragan was absolutley tactful when he got into it with Rachel in the Hammock… I would have treated her exactly how she acts…. like a total B*t*h!!! She wants to whine and cry when her powers gone I would have given her something to cry about!!!

      • KemBrad so does Ragan. He cried and cried and whined when he was put on the block. He kept saying how dare Brendon put him up. REALLY? Anyone in that house would have put Brendon up in a heartbeat if he had NOT won HOH. Now that Ragan has won POV he is back to his holy than thou attitude and thinks his shit doesn’t stink. I really use to adore him till he got mixed up with Matt and Brit. Now all they all do is smack talk. I don’t think Brit and Ragan know how to do anything else. Ragan is many things, tactful is NOT one of them.

      • Brenda and Rachel are every bit the trash talkers that Ragan and Brittany are. Brenda only talks about people smaller than him because he is afraid of the guys. If you join and alliance on day 2 and then make it a romantic relationship, then you put huge targets on yourself. Rachel and Brenda only have themselves to blame for there situation with the house. I seriously doubt that their relationship will last beyond 2-3 months because Rachel is so mentally unstable. The interview with Brenda’s ex fiance was very telling.

      • I just don’t get it. How could anyone fall in love pretty much just when they entered the house. In the beginning I liked both Rachel and Brendon, but as time went on Rachel seemed to have hissy fits and my feelings for her changed. This is not a criticism but I think Brendon may be one of those guys who always has a woman in his life. Will it last? No way.

    • The crap about B & R fighting to stay in since day 1 is bacause they bacame a couple. Had they ever watched before you know this makes you a target.
      This isn’t rocket science; it happens on all reality shows.

      • LOL i guess thats why they couldnt figure that out… since its NOT rocket science, their speciality!!

      • Not always Moonpie, in April and Ollie’s season they were part of the majority and they were a couple. Yeah they finally got voted out but noone really targeted them like they have B & R.

    • Britney can do no wrong- she is the best game player … others want her gone because she’s a 3 time POV winner

      • Um Yes this year in the house Britney is the prettiest but her two face attitude makes her ugly..Cause if your ugly on the inside it show on the out side true beauty comes from with in and Britney is ugly inside!!!

  45. So Matt is complaining to BB that Rachel left a pretzel message to Bren…..Matt is also asking BB not to have OTEV this week b/c he feels that Bren would win hands down.

    Now lets see here Matt: you were handed 2 HOHs and a DPOV. And you continue to talk about a power that he knows someone has. But BB does not penalize him. But he thinks the game should be catered to him!!!!!!!!!

  46. I am not a fan of this show, my wife is a devoted one. However, what i get sick of is the constant talking and plotting. Just play the game and stop the kid stuff. I would like to see a gay relationship started in other words see a gay guy get mixed up with a straight guy. See Ragan, who is gay get it on with Brendon or something to spice it up.

    • The plotting and scheming is what keeps this show afloat, especially with this year’s HGs being boring. Also, your request for gay-on-straight-action will happen as long as Ragan and Matt remain. :D

      • Right on Dylan! But I don’t see a BB gaymance this season, but would put it past them in the not to distant future… also, matty-boy is gong to be in for some bad karma with deceitful lies about his wife…Matt is a Bad, bad boy!

    • AHH sorry that is a bit disturbing to think about eww! No offence but if u don’t care for the show watch something else most of the ppl on this blog r true fans to bb!!!

    • Cheers to that, Regan is getting really annoying. Btw Annie did a much better job as the Sab…
      He needs to change his game and make some real moves…

  47. @Kev, just tell your 8 year old, that’s not how nice people act, tell her that she want’s someone to like her for who she is on the inside, not fore how she looks, Its what’s inside a person that makes him want they are,

    • I told My daughter that too .we had a long talk about it ., I told her thats not how you treat someone

      • Good for you, we sometimes go by how someone looks or act’s, and when we find out just how wrong we were about, him/her it’s sometime to late, It’s a hard lession, that we learn sometimes, at the cost of others.

    • @Kev – at least you gave the show a chance. Personally, it’s been a favourite of mine since season 1 because of the premise of the show. There is an actual reward/target that all members are “fighting” for. Unlike the majority of reality shows that bring people under one roof to co-exist in with no prize to play for but 15-minutes of fame.

      Thanks for trying the show.

      • thank you for saying that, personally out of all reality shows i would say amazing race to me is the best ,you get to go around the globe you dont get to see the bashing on there than on the others

      • Kev, Im glad ya gave the show a chance as I said before I am a long timer from season 1 and sadly your not getting your 1st exposure in the best manner. With that said however I did watch Amazing Race last season just to see Jeff/Jordan on there as they were the sweethearts from Big Brother last season, and I have to disagree to an extent on the bashing.
        I agree its not as bad or back stabbing BUT there were some pretty mean things back and forth between the couples on that show who know and are suppose to love on another. It has been my experience if you ever really want to test your compatabilty with a person travel with them, and in this case do it while taking challenges an see how well you get along after. Just my take on that show.

      • Kev, agree with you about The Amazing Race – it is one of the best. My favorite is Survivor, followed by TAR and then BB. Sometimes I think it’s generational. The young brats in the house can wear on my last nerve and make me want to scream “Grow the hell up!” Or I find myself laughing until my sides hurt. But mostly it’s just a summer guilty pleasure and the only thing on TV to watch until Survivor starts!

      • Kev- No need for sorry I wasnt disputing what you said about the show in the least I appologize if it came out that way. BB does have A LOT of bashing, this season has seen more then its fair share, as I stated you first experience with it was not the best. And your right the bashing isnt to bad I was only pointing out that I have seen ppl that know an love each other say hateful things to one another out of frustration and in BB house they are strangers so the frustration is a bit stronger an the emotional attachment is not there. LOL Maybe its my sick way of trying to defend my beloved show HHAHAHA.. feel free to roll your eyes at me an shake your head I just did it at myself LMAO….

      • Kristy IM a new yorker there is nothing anyone can say or do im not rolling my eyes you actually made me smile just now me personally there were times i wanted to punch my tv because of the show but what would i have to show for it , a broken hand, lol no harn no foul

  48. Kristi u would change to 4 20K. That kind of money talks. $20,000.00 is a lot to offer someone in a game just to shut up and do nothing.

  49. I don’t get her popularity given her trash talk and meanness. Bitchney is definitely not a woman me or any of the guys I hang with would find attractive. Not only is she vile, pathetic and revolting –although kinda cute at first glance, after a minute she is quickly repulsively disgusting the way she is always picking at her scalp, neck, stomach, arms, ACK!! It gags me just to watch her picking off herself. Get in the shower and scrub the scabbies off already BiTCHNEY! This is not what we tune in to watch. The bitch needs a flea dip!

      • Okay so Summer has established that SHE tunes in just to watch Bitchney pick at herself. Okay, well at least there is an audience tuning in to watch that particularly gross activity. LOL! Enjoy, Summer. I’ll think of you each time she flicks each scab! Gotta love these boards. So entertaining

      • Well he speaks for me so the “we” can stand! Richard you were right in every thing you said. Loui get over the 3 POV thing, ok? You are as annoying as your girl!

  50. I gotta do some running around I hope when I get back I can read some interesting theories y’all have on whats what in the bb house. ttyl peace :)

  51. why does everyone hate ragan a brit just for trash talking rachel? she deserved all of it for being an annoying whore and picking fights with everyone. and by the way, if trash talking is such a horrible thing in your eyes, why are you insulting brit and ragan? so hypocritical

    • If you can’t see the differants then you have a problem, but I will tell you the differants,

      1. I’m giving you my opinion

      2. I’m not calling you names

      3. I’m not saying mean and cruel things about her

      4. I’m doing it to your face, not behind your back.

      5. I don’t act like I’m better than you.

      now this is just my opinion, when ragan and britney talk about people they let thier emotions do the talking, when taht happens, they lower themself, all i’m saying is “do it to thier face, and have some class when you do it.

    • All the trash talking behind people’s backs happens all the time in real life. I’ve been at my company for 25 years working in different groups. And in every group people trashed talked others. Work is like a fishbowl, which is exactly what the BB house is, only their’s is the most extreme situation possible. We work in cubicles and everyone hears what every is saying, and let the trash talking begin! I think it’s human nature. The same with keeping secrets. It’s hard to keep a secret a lot of the time. But I thought all that is part of the game.

      • I was on the Britt bandwagon…saying she’s adorable. But, I don’t think I’ve responded in the correct place.

      • Mindy , I agree there seems to be alot of Brit haters on this sight. Quite frankly i don’t care if she’s cute or adorable. she’s just a smart player and some people are threatend by strong woman, especially the so called men of the house. Like her or hate her she is quite a little firecracker!

      • Hey Trish, It’s tishe. Our little briitles is so cute and infectious , she reminds me of the “bed bug out-break” tee-hee!!

    • Matt brings out the bad in Rachel, and Rachel brings out the bad in Brendon which causes him to god crazy and bring out the bad in everyone else, while Matt sits there and just enjoys.

  52. Matt has done so much hinting about his “Special Power” and in fact has all but told Ragan that he has one — ragan has guessed that he does – that BB should penalize Matt and take all of it away or at least half of it — the portion where he gets to choose his replacement. That would be the correct thing to do. BB has got to stop manipulating this show as they are. WHEn the rules are violated, they should penalize the contestants. Matt has blown his cover.

    • Agreed, he should be penalized. It doesn’t take long to have a hint grow into suspicion to belief in the Big Brother house. He wasn’t supposed to reveal any of the platinum POV powers at all and should be penalized for it.

      However, having to use the POV right before the live eviction will dig his grave deeper for next week. Everyone will see he lied about Pandora’s box and will make him a larger target than Brendon.

  53. I voted for Brandon…I like him better without Rachel. Can’t stand Ragina, Bratney or Matt

  54. The winner should be Brendon! He and Rachel made this season. The rest of these people are all little creeps. I find it hilarious that they call Brendon “Neanderthal”…since that is exactly what they are. Sounds like jealousy to me.

      • no, brendon was right also, both word are right, but have differant meannings. look them up in the dic.

      • me….Incorrect….Either spelling or pronunciation is considered correct….Check Websters

    • Yeah Enzo (who has won NOTHING) is talking on the live feed to Lane about how Brendon walks like earlier man ie. “Neanderthal” and he won’t win so we, the brigade will win. Enzo, WTF have YOU won? You are all talk but no action buddy!

      • Enzo is actually sickening in his actions and pathetic in his attempts to master the English language. Where does this jerk get off thinking his decisions are “ORDERS” and that he is eviction proof?? He talks crap about everybody else backstabbing what a crock…Enzo has so much crap up and on his nose from kissing the asses of Brendon and Rachel that he will never get it clean..ENZO IS A BLOW MOUTH DO NOTHING JERK…I will be soooo glad to see him go..I have no favorite but I dislike him as a person and as a wanna be player..

  55. I know there are a lot of Brattany fans out there but isn’t anyone else tired of seeing her continually picking and her fingers and hair?

    • I guess a lot of people are, you’re not the first. I think the over-the-top insults is what gets to me. It seems like she would be better suited to be on the old MTV Show “Yo Mamma” than Big Brother. She went from Monet to Kathy to Ragan so she can have a sounding board for the crap she says. She of all people in that house should not be the last calling other people vile, disgusting or poor-sports.

    • Not anymore than I am tired of seeing Matt’s hand down his pants, Kathy’s abuse of mascara, Ragan’s gas problem, Enzo’s chewing and his hand’s down his pants, Hayden picking at his zit, and 3/4th’s of the guests who are unable to chew with their mouth’s closed.

      • I guess it slipped the HG’s minds that, you are locked in a house on camera 24/7 maybe you should diligently practice keeping your worst habits under lock and key. (shrugs) I can handle the ones you cant help, people snore, people have nervous habits that they dont even realize sometimes but the ones YOU know about, well makes you wonder how they act when NOT on camera???

      • Big Brother or not, chewing with your mouth open is one of the worst habits. Every season on the live feeds, people are constantly doing it, I’m starting to wonder if I’m the weirdo for being so mindful of chewing with my mouth close…

      • Im sure after being there all this time they dont even think too much aboutnthe cameras…. I mean think about it, if cameras watched you 24/7 what would they capture!!

      • LOL KEmBrad – Touche’ Still Id TRY to at least remember dont pick my nose, my zits, my butt or anything else withing picking distance. But thats just me as I said I am sure its slipped thier minds and they forget they are there. There are a few people I think that after they see themselves are going to be going I DID THAT ???????

      • OMG, summertoo, I am so grossed out w/mattls hand down his pants. Its bad nuff on BBAD, but on the (fake) live shows BB shld be editing that out. Bet his wife and mom are so proud!

    • I am! I turn off the live feed when she does that and FF thru BBAD also. I can’t stand that! Last night you fellows were have liked her “class act” of massaging her boobies on live TV and on the live feed. Ragan kept laughing at her, he couldn’t believe she was doing that. Um neither could I!

  56. i hate that bitch Britany hope she goes up on the block replacing Matt there is a good chance that she will

    • No kidding! Like I said in an earlier post it’s disgusting to watch her do this to herself the entire 3 hrs of BBAD! Gross! The girl needs a bath! Give Bitchney a flea dip! Hopefully before 9 pm pst!

      • She made the comment one time… “I can’t stop picking (plucking?) my hairs….”
        So, she knows she does it and can’t stop!

    • i know it might be gross, but picking is also a sign of depression and boredom. and the looks of that house and how there isnt anything to do, she’s bored. i do the same thing, my hands need to be doing something, i’ve picked up painting but she cant do that in the house.

      • Maybe she could do laundry or maybe even do dishes once in a while, that would keep her busy! We all know the Princess never does any of those things.

      • very true trish. she doesnt seem to do very much to help her situation.
        how did nat and kevin get the play-dough last year? i’d be askin for that or modeling clay…lol

  57. Sorry, but has anyone else noticed the hate Rachael had for everyone when things didn’t go her way? but when she had it going her way it was a different story. I for one don’t miss that irratating laugh!!

  58. Brittany is Playing the Game.
    Lane is Playing the Game.
    Enzo is Playing the Game.
    End of story.

    • Out of the 3 you just mentioned, I could only agree with 1 and hate to say it’s Brittany. She is playing the game, in her way. The other 2 aren’t, at all! I’m interested in hearing how Enzo and Laine have been playing the game…

  59. Chris, are you serious? I mean her picking stuff out of her hair, and off her fingers is totally disgusting.

  60. I do think she is throwing the comps though… It will be interesting to see if Kathy can pull out a win when she needs to… so far she hasnt really HAD to win to Stay, but I think she is tougher than she seems!!

    • I really don’t see that happening. Hell she can barely show life on the feeds. Although she did do good at the bowling comp. So who knows.

  61. Chris, I think Carols comment about Big Brother reading these post was directed at this same person you were replying to that has obviously been deleted for that vulgar post but since it was removed it kind of dumped the replies to that thread into thier own threads.

  62. I voted for Enzo because he cracks me up I love watching him on BBAD and of course because he is from Jersey

  63. Pick my favorite? Whew, That was a hard question considering I have no favorites this year. :-??

  64. One interesting thing I picked up from BBAD that I wished we saw more of on the aired episodes is the actual Big Brother booming voice when someone is doing something that the producers don’t approve of. They only did it last season because Chyma brought it to a point where she got kicked out. For example, last week Ragan and Brittany were sitting and talking about how Ragan hadn’t been called to the DR in so long. The voice was telling the house to stop talking about the production, it would give a better sense for the casual viewers that they actually are watched 24/7 while in that house. The BB followers know, but casual fans don’t.

  65. It makes me laugh when people only point out that this person or this person talks trash. Everyone talks trash about each other. They have nothing else to do. *Rachel’s snotty voice*: This is Big Brother. I can’t stand listening to Brendon. When someone as “educated” as him ueses the word, SO, to begin and end a sentence bakes my noodle. Sometimes he just says that and nothing else. So….ah…..So, you know, so. OMG shut up. At least with Brit, Ragan, Matt, Enzo & Lane their conversions are entertaining. So, you know, so. UGH!!!!!!!!!

  66. My choices on the “live feeds” right now:

    1) Watching and LISTENING to Enzo eat
    2) Watching Ragan and Britney sleep in the Have Not room

    Ugh… It’s pretty bad when the best choice is watching people sleep. Time to sign off.

  67. I’m hoping Rachel and if Brendon comes back,Brendon will be voted bcak in the house. I really like the fact that both seem totally different from my first impressions. She did say she’s Las Vegas and she appeared to look like she was ditzy and Brendon seemed like a guy that knew he was good looking and would play that to his benefit, but when she came out being an intelligent and threatening player, I had more respect for her and she didn’t play games with people being phony. Brendon also never seemed devious and to see a good looking guy head over heels over Rachel was something you don’t see very much. I hope they win, even though Rachel is out, but hopefully comes back

  68. Matt just made a comment that if he had the power
    he wouldn’t be allowed to tell anybody. In my
    small mind that would be breaking the rule as he
    is telling them in a way that he has the Power

  69. I am surprised ab Brenda being voted #1. He is a wimp and needs to grow a pair. He has no game without Rachel. Her visit actually did his game more harm than good. I so hope Matt puts up Enzo this week. Him and Kathy are the weakest players without a doubt, and the ego that Bozo has is unreal!

  70. I voted for Kathy even though I knew she would get the least votes. I respect that she is more mature than the others. And I understand why she “floats”. How else would she stay in the game?

  71. I see alot of post pertaing to how mad the other HG’S are gonna be at Matt when he uses the DV. Some saying how the Brigade boys gonna throw him out. DO U PEOPLE THINK THAT MATT WILL ACTUALLY CARE AS LONG AS HE DOES NOT LEAVE?? Do u really?? Matt is not going against the Brigade ..the Brigade (Enzo & Hayden)turned on him…Enzo has been backstabbing him for 2 weeks or longer..Hayden joined in..Matt knows they working against him. Why should he care what the Brigade thinks?? He is still gonna be in the game but one of them might have to go spend a week with Rachel.. DHU!!! Matt lucked out on all counts…Why should Matt care what Enzo Hayden Brendon or anybody else thinks..He is in the game for another week..

    • I too, think Matt sees through Enzo and Hayden. At best the “bro-gade” soso and I think this week will be the end of the bro-gade. Hopefully, Enzo will be gone and then Hayden and Lane will be lost.

  72. Matt should have his “power” stripped. He has given way to many clues that he has it. BB needs to step up and enforce the rules!

    • There was no strict rule against it. There was only a “risk” that he’d lose it. Production has too much at stake and, come on, so do we the viewers!

  73. Is Matt in trouble of losing his DPOV? I have been reading he has been giving clues. Thanks.

      • though it might be funny to see his reaction when he goes to use it and bb says nope, you talked to much, you lost it.

  74. I picked Brendon because from the outset both her and Rachel didn’t do anything to anyone but were targeted from the outset. Before anyone knew anything about Rachel they were already saying extremely nasty things about her. Especially Brit whom I have no time for. She’s just one of those spoiled mean girls that you see in highschool. Same as the ones that targeted Janelle during her season.

  75. Peopl, please, lets face it, the house brings out the worst in most people. That is part of the attraction to watching the show.

      • Agreed… to a certain extent. But, it’s no excuse for people to completely degrade their existence. Like there is a level of immaturity and making fun and going crazy that is acceptable, but then there is a level of pure shock in seeing how cruel some people can be. And i dont think cruelty is something that originated in the BB house. I think it could be amplified… but I think Britney and Ragan, are bitches… BB house or not.

  76. I love how people say that certain HGs are trash talking each other…. Ummm it’s BB I have yet to see a season where the HGs don’t talk sh**!! It’s all apart of the game and it seems to be the best part because that is all some of you talk about! I just don’t get how you can judge a particular HG for bad mouthing another HG when ALL of them do it!!

    • we aren’t talking about bad mouthing, we are talking about what level some people get down too, you can tell some you don’t like them and talk trash, but use some class when you do it. on a level of 1-10 1 being the lowest, britney and ragan have been a 1 sometime.

      • I agree with you a 100%Chris they have brought the trash talking to a all new low. The other thing is they talk about not being able to trust Bren and that he made deals with everyone.For one who hasn’t made deals with more then 3 people in the house and then he did not put up Brit so she has no reason to say she can’t trust him and he went back on what he said but she says it anyway

      • in britts defense she does make it pretty funny! i mean everyone talks bad about people at some point in time… and she did have the big ones to say it to his face…and honestly if i had to live with “brenda and rachell” and hear that laugh every 5 minutes i might be just as mean…

  77. this week Brendon won my vote because he grew a pair and whether we like his motivation or not, it worked

  78. Skinnie Minnie — now THAT would make for good TV!! He SHOULD be penalized. they jump all over the Have Nots and penalize them for eating something not on their “menu” — but Matt practically tells Ragan he has a special power and is telling everyone that there is a special power and gets everyone speculating — no one will be really surprised that he has it. I can’t stand Matt — I want him and his gross hands, and his arrogant smirk gone from the house.

  79. Why does everyone keep saying that Britney has money?? What money? Is her family wealthy? Too bad they didn’t give her grammar lessons. She doesn’t speak as though she has a moneyed background. She misspeaks in the way that people with less education often misspeak.

    • Well, she speaks and mispeaks an awful lot like Kathy when K awakes occasionaly from her coma state). I may have too quickly dismissed it as an Arkansas trait.

    • I don’t think that britney’s family is rolling in money, But they have money and can live better than others, you know she was a cheerleader, house had a pool in the back, ran with the so called cool people. that’s all

    • sugar us people from the south just talk like that. we talk slow, its doesnt actually mean we are slow. I think anyone with an education, especially one of those higher ones like mine, can see she is witty. all that private school education didnt beat the ya’ll out of me. it is what it is. funny how people with less education misspeak, but some people just speak and can sound like a real peice of work. she might not have money, and she might not talk really “purdy like” neither matter to did she put it… i might be a brat but you are a class act…..

      • Marigold, If you think Britney needs grammer lessons, what do you think Enzo needs? I think Britney didn’t misspeak even a little bit, when she told Brendon’s butt off! I live in Arkansas and we speak just fine, thank you very much. I am proud of both of the ladies from Arkansas that are still in the BB house. They both have faults and strengths just like the rest of us. The south doesn’t have a monopoly on stupid!

  80. I’m with you Marigold. He has this smirk I’d like to wipe off his stupid face!! How can someone like hime teach at college level??

  81. Who is the two people who are supposed to be friends before coming into BB? Nothing has ever been said except for one or two times!

    • Okay…I wouldn’t be surprised if Andrew and Brendon were actually brothers, myself.

      But, I don’t think there is anyone that knows each other in the BB house I think it’s a lie started by the first Sabby ,Annie

      • Yes, I’m sure it was a lie put out by Annie as the first saboteur. Regan is just keeping the flame alive.

      • OMG if Hayden and Kristen are brother and sister–there are sserious issues in that family. He is still covering his ass from mhis showmance……….

  82. I am sick of hearing all the Brit bashing that is going on , even matt has been going along whith it, wish they would just give her a chance… the bg makes me ill too, this whole year
    has been a waste of time if they win and i won’t watch next time at all,……ty for letting me vent…

    • I guess he was most competitive when he decided he’d bad mouth everybody to try and get him out. What a competitive drive that guy has.

  83. Are you serious about Brendon? He jumped in a fight that he didn’t know anything about, he’s stupid enough to think that Enzo and Heyden like him. LOL (Didn’t you see his Ex?) He’s a big bully. You’ve noticed he only fights with girls and small guys. What Ragan said about Rachael being the common denominator in all fights….well now Brendon has that honor. Doesn’t he realize he can’t play next week, but he still threatens everyone. And did you notice how quickly he started playing the game after Rachael left. When he said he didn’t want to be there if she isn’t there when all he has to do is hit the “EXIT” button.

    • do you hear everything that is been said, or do just hear what yu want to, rach and bren talked things out. who ever stayed would fight as long as they could, So bren won HOH, And as for next week all he is saying that he will fight hard to win the POV, and if he does watch out, I just love people who hear only what they want, and then come up with an opinion of someone.

      • The houseguests actually did Brendan a favor when they evicted Rachel. They certainly lit a fire under him and they are going to have trouble with him now.

  84. I think Kathy is going to surprise us all. Nobody plays BB and just watches what goes on around her and no get in on it. She did show some spine with Rachael last week, now that was good!!! Can we all say Cat Fight with claws and all??? lol

  85. I choose Brendon. Brendon has something far more entertaining going for him other then smack talk. He is real, and that is something there is a definate shortage of in the Big Brother House. He plays his heart out. He is darn competitive. He is socially savvy and in any other circumstance would do quite well for himself. He tries so hard to humor and work with others who obviously are jealous of him and his abilities. Plus he is so darn hot! Once he goes who will BB have? A twitt named Bitchney who smack talks. Blah, blah, blah, snooze. You can find that Bully in any highschool across America…in the detention hall or counselors office for bullying others. Bitchney should have been terminated at the start for her venom. Her comments are slander.

    • Real? He lacks a personality so much, Lane made a joke of him being made in a lab and not developing in a family. Everybody has a personality (Kathy: Easygoing, tries to befriend everybody Britney: Sarcastic, sharp-tongued, catty Matt: Deceiving, intelligent, slightly egotistical Enzo: “jersey guy”, fun Ragan: Cerebral, articulate Lane: lax, crude, fun Rachel: Loud, Independant, Emotional) besides Hayden and Brendan. From the beginning, Brendan showed lack of social skills by closing himself to Rachel exclusively and specifically going after three of the smallest- Britney, Matt and Ragan.

      I’m a Britney fan who can easily say she’s a bitch and says things that I would never want said to me; but I thoroughly enjoy watching her. She’s human (not the best of ’em) unlike Brendan, who is man made. The self righteousness and blind love from Brendan fans is too much.

    • You got that totally right. And yet they think that Bren is a bully when all they do is talk about him and Rash all the time and not just talk but just say thing that are personal attacks not just game play attacks.IMO their the ones who are the type that talk about people to hurt them and that is a bully

  86. I really think he a good guy.He has been respecful to Kathy,and others.Brandon is a horney fool.Matt a lier Kathy, not playing,Britney,tho amusing..Quite telling her how to act BB.Was it ur idea to make Rachal such a slut.When you brought her back my husband won’t watch the show with me..Lane dosen’t need money,I Love Reagan…

    • every body uses that word, slut, you should look it up in the “DIC” before you start useing it, Just because rach, doesn’t dress, or act, talk, or all the other “little things” all of you don’t like about, doesn’t give you the right to use words like tramp, slut, Ho ect.

    • Carol, is this certain? How will double eviction work in this case? Who will nominate the HG for the 2nd eviction; Brendan or Matt?

      • Evictions are always on Thursday when someone is voted out. Matt has to use his power to take himself off the block and he may take Lane off too. HOH puts someone else on the block, usually 2.

      • Probably Brendon. He still has the power. The page I was writing flew away, I lost it. Must have hit the wrong button.

  87. Is anyone else SICK of seeing Britney groom herself like a freaking monkey – either picking at her hair – her knees or her nails EWWWWWW

  88. I don’t think some of you are watching the same show as I am. First of all, this is a $500,000 game. It’s not about whose pretty or popular with viewers. I’ve been watching this show since it’s inception. Does anyone remember my favorite player of all time, the incomprable evil Dick? Everyone in the house hated his guts,yet he and his daughter both walked away winning! these people have no entertainment but to talk about each other. It happens in schools, social situations and the workplace! It is human and the stakes are high. 45 days of isolation from the world would make any one nuts! Matt is a strong player, whether you like him or not and so is Britney regardless of her nervous habits or looks which are unfair to judge! In closing I have a doctorate in Psychology and have actually used this in my course curiculum and it was very popular. In closing, Ragan is very intelligent and articulate, I hope there are not as many homophobes out there as I fear and yes ,his credentials are completely legit. Brendon and the rest of the Brigade are weak players, and that will become more obvious in future weeks and Rachel was just ridulously immature and insecure, She and Brendon deserve each other. Look up the word Mysoginist in the dictionary and you’ll see a photo of Brendon. These people are here to win, npt make lifelong friends. Remember, no one liked Jeff And Jordan either!

    • First let me as that I really injoyed reading your comments, and your opinion, Yes ragan is intelligent and as you say legit, you say good thing about matt, and that it’s unfair to judge britney, you make it sound like it’s ok to act the way they do, because it happens in social situstions, at school, and at the work place, you also use big words to make it sound OK, like isolation, you tell us that you use in your class as a teaching aid, you use a big word “Mysoginist” tell use to look it up and we well see brendon and you call rachel, ridulously immature, and insecure, last you tell use that you have a doctorate in pshchology, All this was to make use believe that what you are saying is true, My questions are,

      1. why no-thing about britney being immature, and insecure and letting her emotion get the better of her.

      2. ragan might be intelligent and articulate, but he is also immature and emotional insecure.

      3. And no I wouldn’t find a picture of brendon if I looked up Mysoginist in the dictionary, I didn’t have too.

      4. If you are going to judge one then judge them all, and please try to get it right the next time.

      • @ Mary- What show are you watching? Who did not like Jeff and Jordan? Jeff was chosen to win the $25k by America and Jordan won the $500k by her housemates. With that being said I will not take up your time on how crazy the rest of this message about BB12 sounds. Please read what you wroye.

      • To Chris the Great, in response to your astute observations, let me emphasize it was more or less from an analytical point of view. None of us can really understand how we would react in any given situation including isolation and having to remold your personality in the BB forum with cameras following your every move,, Not even Superman could withstand that pressure without cracking, Cliques are a natural yet unfortunate part of the human condition; that is why there are jocks, bullies, outcasts etc. in the human arena that starts very early on. My comments were geared toward those observations. Yes, we all have our faults. I cannot blame Ragan for his emotions, it is obviously his outlet, yet i don’t believe it makes him weak. On a personal level I probably judged Rachel because she clearly has some narcissitic tendencies and I do think she needs help. Britney is young and yes a ,bit foolish as I also was at that age. It is natural to assimilate to those with whom you have commonality, especially under stressful situations. I hope this clarifies some of my comments and I appreciate your feedback. Remember this is akin to a human chess game!

      • First of all, check your spelling and grammar. Secondly, in subsequent interviews they both admitted they were not popular with their HGs! thirdly, if you bothered to not read the rest of my crazy messege, how did you get to J ana J at the end? I never said they were not popular with America!

    • This is in reply to your reply to Chris.

      Get real! You are a snooze fest just like your dear Bitchney. I can’t actually believe someone who calls themselves a psych professor responds in print, in such an immature fashion. Trust me, you don’t come off intelligent, or even open minded. Just ridiculous!!! I mean a psych professor excusing a bully as immature. Yikes!! That’s preposturous! By the way you made spelling and grammar errors also. I suppose yours were typos. Now who is the narcissist?
      Oh, by the way psych genious 101, A narcissist is exploitive, snobbish,disdainful, patronizing. More Bitchney than Rachel.

      • Very mature! I’m at least pleased you have a dictionary. If you can,t take the heat , get out of the kitchen. You obviously didn’t understand anything I said, but you seem familiar with narcissim and bullying Hmmm

      • Also , just for your info thanks for calling me a genius (spelled correctly , not genious). I no longer teach Psych 101. I teach Tntro. to abnormal psychology and Forensic psychology. Thanks for the complement!

    • I just think you should try to maintain some integrity. I don’t like Brit because I think she is a snob. It isn’t talking about people, they all do it, it is how she talks about them I feel she is probably a nasty person outside of the house. I get you have to lie, and pretend to like people but as in the game the people watching also judge and decide who they like. People complaining on here are like the people in the house, forming an opinion and deciding from that who they want out the house.

  89. Brit works hard every week to stay in the game. She wins the power of veto everytime and stays pretty true to her game

  90. Brendon is honest and nice. Rachel was voted out, it was very exciting when she was in the show. She expresses her thoughts and feelings that is why she is honest. Wish that Brendon and Rachel can both be together in BB house. Yes, they are full of drama but they are honest and spices up the show.

  91. Lane is hot & I would like to be in the house with him. I would like to go hunting with him.

  92. Also to Chris the great , I will try to refrain from using “big words” such as isolation in the future. So I’ll break it down in a more pedestrian manner-oops I did it again! Enzo is useless and a pig, you know how I feel about Britney , Rachel and Brendon. Kathy is playing alittle smarter than I originally gave her credit for. Lane is also playing a silent but possibly deadly game,’I never said I liked Matt’s tactics, but I still think he’s smart but he’s in the game. Haydon is just a good looking kid that’s not too bright, but I give him kudos for his social game

    • This is in reply to your reply to Chris.

      Get real! You are a snooze fest just like your dear Bitchney. I can’t actually believe someone who calls themselves a psych professor responds in print, in such an immature fashion. Trust me, you don’t come off intelligent, or even open minded. Just ridiculous!!! I mean a psych professor excusing a bully as immature. Yikes!! That’s preposturous! By the way you made spelling and grammar errors also. I suppose yours were typos. Now who is the narcissist?
      Oh, by the way psych genious 101, A narcissist is exploitive, snobbish,disdainful, patronizing. More Bitchney than Rachel.

      • you seem to like to repeat yourself! Take your blood pressure medicine and let other’s speak for themselves1 Honestly

      • Mary

        Don’t you know that resorting to sarcasm is the verbal equivalent of grasping at straws? Despite your verbosity, much of it redundant, you lost.

  93. @ mary #22, Yers I understand, But I know that letting your emotions take control, can be harmful to others, When britney and ragan let thier emotions take control, they haave no control over themself’s, They need help as well, The stress that the HG’s are under is no-thing, I have been in more stressful situations than being in a house with 12 other people, Are emotions can either make us or break us, It is each person responsibility to control them, To make excuses for people who can’t control them only makes more people just like them, until we start making people responsible for thier actions, We will have people doing wrong, because it’s not thier fault, If it’s not thier fault then who’s is it?
    Man or women have to be held responsible for thier actions.

  94. My vote goes to brendon. I think he is a good guy and playing the game and not floating, that said I do not agree with some of the things he has done as he appears to be a sore loser at times just like all the others in there but expresses it differently. I like him much better without Rachel.
    Brit and regan are by far my least favorite. I can not stand the way the talk about other physical appearance . Everyone talks about each other but they can not help it if they walk different or have a deformity in their physical appearance. They have even gone as far as to wish grease splatter in Bren face and eyes and disfigure him for life. That is a bit much for me. Bren attacked Brit yes but did anyone bother to notice how many times he tried to walk away and she just kept egging him on til he had enough and then she cried for sympathy? I think de deserved it at that point and he had the heart to tell her he was sorry. I don’t think she would have done that. Then regan is by a long slide the biggest baby of all seasons. Now days I tend to fast forward when those two are talking. He is getting 20k for doing absolutely nothing to get caught. Anyone in that house could have done that. Big BB screw up there. Anyway we all have opinions and this is mine and again I proudly vote for brenden

    • My vote goes to Brendon also! He is Brad Pitt in Troy! But BB should make steel heeled shoes for him. Because Brendon is too amazing to have a weak spot to send him home, epecially over the other HG’s who are left. They are low brow!
      Rachel was Brendon’s Briseis. Check out TRoy on the internet. It is a superior flick!!!

  95. Chris the Great It’s a game in a fishbowl for money! People woudn’t watch if everyone sat there , twittled their thumbs and had a church revival! This is why CBS goes to great lengths in the casting process! It’s only my observation, nothing personal

      • sure tishe just send your money to: ?
        haha, Mary makes some great points, I like a good debate, make me think, And true it is a game in a fishbowl for money, And you are right CBS does hand pick these people, Also other than the fights and the trash, I have been to church revival’s excitement than this BB, You should watch BBAD, If you can stay awake that is.

    • I know, never thought it was, And I wasn’t lying I did injoy reading your opinion,

  96. Also to Got it, I’ve obviously touched a nerve in you that put you in attack mode. There is no need to get nasty and personal. I should not have even extended you a reply as I do not like to lower myself to those levels. Chris the great is intelligent, makes valid points and seems to be able to speak for himself. I thought people wre supposed to discuss and observe without being attacked. I apologize for offending you.

  97. Chris the Great I’m really not that old! I do watch BBAD. School’s still out! Thank you for your insightful commentary. You really know your stuff

    • Age really has no-thing to due with how we think, I know old people that act like britney and should know better, And then I know people who young think for themself’s, If you are watching BBAD, did you hear ragan tell lane that just the thought of lane hitting brendon after BB is over would make him happy, you would think that with ragan intelligents taht he would know better, but he has let his emotions get the better of him. Now I’m not gay bashing by what I’m going to say, One would think that ragan being gay and all the crap that he’s had to put up with would make him alittle more understanding. but as i have said ragan is let his emotion due his thinking.

      • Sorry Chris, I’m not excusing anyone, all I did was give my opinion on basic human actions and reactions. I haven’t condoned anyone’s behavior. I’ve just tried to reason why people may do and say things they may not normally given a specific situation, i.e. the BB house. People can act uncharacteristically in different situations. I’m not excusing behaviors, I’m just trying to understand the reasoning behind it- this extends to all the players in the house. Just an opinion. P.S. I was really just joking about the age thing!

  98. Brendon hid behind Rachel, Rachel was the one who caused all the drama in the house, and Brendon could do nothing but support her, or else she would get pretty bitchy. Rachel dug herself and Brendon a hole, If Brendon played by himself or if he had an alliance with someone like Lane or Hayden, he would have been in the clear and probably in total control of the house.

  99. Brendon hid behind Rachel, Rachel was the one who caused all the drama in the house, and Brendon could do nothing but support her, or else she would get pretty bitchy. Rachel dug herself and Brendon a hole, If Brendon played by himself or if he had an alliance with someone like Lane or Hayden, he would have been in the clear and probably in total control of the house. Those are my thoughts

  100. Aww, Jennifer, no there is not!! I like the little poop, but she has a way about her that reminds me of a high school cheerleader! The only thing she has, is a tootsie pop roll” stickin’ out of her mouth!

  101. I cannot stand Brendon or Rachel. I will be happy when Brendon goes next. Lane is my favorite.

  102. Brendan is alot more his self now that Rachael is gone…..I think his game will really pick up now…routing for him to go all the way!!!

  103. Could it be possible that Kathy and Brit are mother daughter or aunt and niece? I think something is fishy about the two of them. Why is Kathy so under the radar? I do like them both and they are so different in personalitys, but just an observation.
    My e mail is so busy, best season yet. fun to read everyones take on the show. Miss the darn show when it comes to an end,can’t stop watching and my house is behind with cleaning because I waste my time on here. My bad!!!lol

  104. Enzo continues to lay the game under the radar sleeping throuh the controversey and beeing a positive New Jersey figure as aposed to the “Jerse Shore ” crew………..he is not mean,cutting or nasty and a real male shovinist,part of the part I also like Hayden they just seem like 2 NICE guys…………….Kathy SMOKING CIG gets me, this is a sherrif what a dumb cop A CANCER SURVIVOR THAT SMOKES………but then again they all must be dumb NOT 1 HOUSE GUES HAS ADDRESSED IT……

  105. Svetlana, I’m thrilled to pieces that you enjoyed my sarcasm and verbosity. I will be happy to provide more of the same in the future! Thanks

  106. Why are we all turning on each other because we don’t all agree? Everyone has a right to have their opinions and love to read the e mails, but lets not fight and act like Rachael and some of the others who are in the BB house. Lets just have fun gossiping about them. Can you imagine Rachael if she sees Brenden walk into the jury house.OMG XXXXXX ratings for sure. EWWWWWWW

  107. Reagan is playing this saboteur right. They really have no idea that he is the one. I want Reagan to stay longer to see how many more games and tricks he can do.

  108. I agree with Marsha. We need RACHEL back. She and Brendon fought from the beginning to stay in the house. The show is nothing without them. The others sat back while they worked and won. Brit only lied, backstabbed and mocked. When Rachel came and confronted her about her lies, she couldn’t answer Rachel. Her tongue hung out. Brit hasn’t any guts, she’s a put on, plays on the weak. Get rid of Brit. She’s no good. Matt and Ragan too. All Hipocrits. Ragan makes a poor Sab… cause he don’t know what to do. BB has to tell him what to do. No mind of his own. Cry baby Ragan. Give him a pity party. Get Rachel back and watch things happen. It’s starting to get depressing without her.

  109. i believe lane would give up brit before brendon would seems like she has her trust in the wrong person. lane wouldn’t save brit if she was on the block enzo wouldn’t allow that to happen since he dictates to everyone what to do.

  110. Brittney is the worst person I have ever seen on BB. If she doesn’t go soon I can’t watch. Her little stunt with acting like she’s hanging and the gun in her mouth I resent.
    I have 2 children in my family who committed suicide . one with a gun and one by hanging. does she ever think past herself. Brendon and Reachel are not people who deserve her wrath. All she ever has to do is WIN. Problems solved.
    I can’t watch anymore until she is gone.

  111. Soooooooo boring, no drama…I don’t like how cocky Matt has been this week. We know he has the Diamond POV…whatever!! I really don’t agree with the lie he told everyone about his wife, that’s really a horrible lie. I don’t think he is as smart as he thinks he is….Anyway….I guess we will find out on Thursday….

    • hmmm I wonder if ragan will think Matt has so much integrity when he finds out about the lie!! HOw can he justify that when it is far worse than what Rachel and Brendon has ever done.

  112. I loved how Ragan gave it to Rachel after she came in the house like such an ass and continued to act like and idiot until Ragan kept putting her in her place and left her speechless and looking like the biggest FOOL! ” The only real thing on you are the pimples on your chin!” Hats off to Ragan for bringing it! YAHOO!

    • I so loved that too, especially when he copies her crazy laugh with his tongue sticking out, it was hilarious!

  113. i don’t like what matt said to brendon at the dpov eviction, if he uses his head and talk brit into putting up his brigade alliances hayden and enzo he can keep his hands clean. this could make up for the mistake of putting kathy up and wasting a good dpov.when are these people going to start using their heads.they need to stop thinking they have true friends in the house and play like they have their eye is on the prize.

  114. I personally will miss Kathy, she is an honest true blue player. She did fly under the radar screen for most of the game, but they all have their way of playing the game. Brittany is a cutie and knows how to play the game best. Enzo? Well he’s a dud!!!

  115. I voted for Brendon not because I like him but he is holding on..I absolutely cannot stand ragan!! I watch the afterdark shows too and I cannot understand how Britney and Ragan say they are so much better than Brendon and Rachel when they talk more crap than anyone!! Enzo does but he does it in a funny way..Honestly, I didnt love Brendon and Rachel but I cannot figure out what they did exactly to be hated with a passion like they are!!

    • Both were hated cause they were not only smart when it came to the games , but they fought to stay in the house from day one when noone else would. Ragan(wimpy) didn’t do anything but blab. No one cleaned up the place only Brendon and Rachel. Matt lied about his wife and is still thinking of another fake lie about her. That’s no man. Is that what he thinks of his wife. It will all come back to him one day. He never won anything. Twice Ragan let him win..So he only won once. Enzo, Hayden N lane were downright lazy and dirty and so was Brit. She never lifted a hand to help all she could do was pick at herself. How sick is that?? And Enzo bit his nales off. Hayden needs a haircut bad (shaggy dog). Can’t see his face. Get rid of Matt,Ragan and Brit n things should come together. The 3 stooges.

      • well said!! Yes, it totally grosses me out that Britney picks everything on her body!!! I just cannot understand why Ragan thinks he is the almighty..I hope BB has us vote on like a phone call home so they see who most of us really like..

      • Tracey—We can phone in if it was Am. Idol, but BB is real strict, we won’t be able to vote at all. BB probably gives some coaxing I am sure. After all who wrote ‘I know your secret’ when they are not allowed paper or pencils. Someone did. they r all kissing up 2 brit now, and the only way Brendon will be saved is if he wins the pov next time. in the jury house there will be 7 voters. It will take 4 to win the money.If Bren gets thrown out that means he, Rachel and Kathy’s votes will be 4 the same person. They only need 1 more person to get. Not hard to do once they see all the video’s of what went on they weren’t aware of.What do u think of that. There has to be a dbl.eviction next Thursday. Lets see what happens. They really need Brendon 2 stay. I hope he wins the comp.

    • Rachel needs to return to her little whore house in Vegas (you know she has the same job as Rachel Uchitel) Hated by the house because of “bring it bitches” and “floaters get your life vests” and when anyone played the game she would tell them that what they were doing was wrong and they would be targets. She was just were psycho,and Brendan seems to be rather odd, but decent without Rachel in the house. I don’t see that relationship lasting very long outside the house. Rachel is an extremely cruel and self centered person.

  116. My plea to Big Brother is to bring Rachel back for the remainder, I know the show must go on, but she sure helps make it. She is an asset in every way.

  117. Brit promised Brendon she would back him up and not put him up if she won. Now let’s see how good her word is……I don’t trust her.

    • She’d gone into the DR just after that big promise and said something like: I would have promised him the moon, her first born…whatever it took to stay another week. She’s playing a great game!

  118. I’m so glad Brendon won pov. everyone left are a bunch of backstabbers. britney doesn’t know how to use her own mind to put people on the block.I am sick of watching matt &enzo with their hands down their pants. I have seen enzo actually playing with himself 3 times. eewww.

  119. I really like Brit and Regan, they are good people, Lane would be third, however I do not like his dishonesty towards Brit.
    Enzo is gross, a dishonest creep, who has nasty manners and is just as ignorant as they come I can’t wait for him to be evicted. What is it with people from New Jersey?
    Matt not so great because of his dishonesty.

  120. I do not understand why Britney is so popular as she is such a backstabbing bitch. She has badmouthed everyone in the house including Rachel who she said some pretty vulgar things about, & she is a lady??? I hope she goes this week!! She should have been gone weeks ago.

  121. MATT’s lie was HORRIBLE! Using the ploy that his wife has a disease, and even laughing about it in the DR is DESPICABLE! I understand it’s a game, but you don’t have to sink to such a low tactic to play a good game. Says lots about his character, or lack thereof. I hope BRENDON WINS!!! At least he played a fair game.

  122. Man! I can NOT stand Britney! What anyone see’s in her is beyond me. I swear if she wins this season or is even there past Brendon I think I will puke all over my PC so that I am never able to watch BB again!

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