Big Brother 12: Week 6 Monday Live Feed Highlights

After staying up all night listening to messages from the Saboteur the HGs were pretty tired in the Big Brother 12 house today.  They speculated about a possible eviction or comp Monday but nothing happened except the usual POV ceremony

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 16, 2010:

6:27 AM BBT – The HGs are all awake and waiting for another sab message except Matt and Ragan who are in the have not room talking about how Brendon’s word means nothing.  

6:40 AM BBT – Hayden tells Brendon that Matt will be much harder to get out of the game later and then they go over the order of all the Sab messages.  Not sure why he’s on the Brendon bandwagon. 

7:15 AM BBT – Hayden and Britney believe Rachel is the Sab because one of the messages say being evicted isn’t so bad.  The house guests all go to bed. 

8:35 AM BBT – Ragan wakes up Matt to go outside and talk.  They are in the hammock and talk about Brendon putting up Matt and Matt saying he will have the votes and go after Brendon hard. 

10:54 AM BBT – Brit swears on her boyfriend Nick to Brendon that if she wins HoH she won’t put him up.  This is to keep herself from going up as the replacement nominee.

11:38 AM BBT – POV ceremony is over and Matt is the replacement nominee.  Matt tells Hayden that there could be a special power out there and to keep hope alive.  Matt is talking a fine line right now and needs to keep his mouth shut. 

2:50 PM BBT – Matt and Lane talking and Matt gets pissed when Lane tells him he doesn’t think Enzo and Hayden would put up Brendon if they won HoH, that they would probably throw the comp.  I’m so sick of these people throwing the HoH comps not that Enzo could win anyway but at least he could try. 

4:03 PM BBT – Hayden and Enzo agree to tell Matt on Thursday they are voting him out.  This could be a great thing if Matt will grow a pair and put up Enzo in his place. 

4:25 PM BBT –  Enzo making fun of Matt for thinking there is a power out there to save him.  Please keep running your mouth Enzo. 

6:05 PM BBT –  Hayden now says not to say anything to Matt about voting him out because Matt could have the power since he’s talking about it so much and he doesn’t want Enzo put up.  Way to go Matt, they’re onto you. 

8:51 PM BBT – Now Enzo wants Brendon and Kathy to go after Matt and take Brit and Ragan to the final 5.  This guy changes his mind constantly.

11:46 PM BBT – Enzo saying again that Brit is only 22 and doesn’t deserve to win the money.  ummm she plays a better game than you buddy and in my opinion deserves it way more.

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I’m so sick of Enzo thinking he’s running things in the house.  What has this guy done?  Absolutely nothing!  He talks a lot of smack but never backs it up so his words mean nothing to me.  Now he’s going to throw the HoH comp again?  I think he says that because he’s so bad that it’s his way of trying to save face. 

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    • Yeah, they’re frustrating now and almost zero entertaining. Matt needs to hold his cards closer to his vest, or I’m afraid of what might happen to him.

    • me, too. He is all talk. Lane told Matt that if Enzo or Hayden won HOH they wouldn’t put up Brendon, so I hope that’s a clue to Matt that there is no longer a brigade and to take Enzo out. People are always laughing at Kathy because she can’t win anything. Well neither has Enzo. He should go.

      • Pleaase Enzo you don’t deserve anything!! They should let you win the pool game. I hope one of the books he gets when he goes to the J house is a childrens book about closing your mouth when you chew!! He is GROSS!!

  1. If Matt doesn’t keep his mouth shut ….it may all blow up in his face and not be able to use the dpv and he will get voted out…it would serve him right

  2. Omg! i totaly agree..enzo hasn’t done a thing except talk i still don’t get why they made an alliance ‘the brigade’??there’s a big question mark on my part the members of this alliance can’t seem to agree on anything

    • I was getting aggrivated the other night with hayden and enzo and how they keep saying the brigade this and the brigade that when these 2 bozos don’t do a dam thing EXCEPT run their mouths! I would love to see Enzo go at this point.

  3. I agree with you COMPLETELY! The “Brigade” irritates me to no end, and I think Enzo is the worst one! He’s a floater, he does NOTHING but talk, and he changes his tune depending on who’s in power. I wish Matt wasn’t such an idiot and didn’t give them a clue about his power so that he could finally wise up and realize that Hayden/Enzo/Lane are against him. THEN maybe this game could get interesting and he could put up Enzo. However, I fully expect this to not happen because they are all unbelievably dull, and instead I’m sure Britney or Kathy will be headed out the door next. Le sigh…

      • The Brigade served its purpose and kept them all safe for the first half of the game. When the numbers dwindle, though, they had to know that it wouldn’t last. They started it before they really knew one another, and their loyalties have shifted. It makes sense that none of them should trust the others too much at this point in the game.

  4. The “Brigade” is a joke. Enzo started that whole thing himself, too. Gave evryone ridiculous names…I don’t like Enzo at all.

    • OMG! i agree 1000% ever since they started ‘the brigade’ alliance its been doing no progress at all

  5. Matt should have waited to see what the rest of the brigade would do if it were just him and Lane on the block…then make his decision.

    • i agree nikki. if he were really a genius that should be obvious. if he already has a hint that they wouldn’t honor his wishes to put up Brendon then he should see how they react to him being put on the block. but i don’t think he has the balls to put up anybody from the brigade.

      • Lisa, I agree! I’m a Jersey girl but Enzo is an embarrassment to the whole state. Britney is the one I can’t stand. Ragan was where he was because he stood up for himself against the whiner. It was OK for Rachel to bust on other people, but when the tables were turned all she could do was cry. “All I’m trying to do is play and stay!!”

    • Talking to people and laying low is part of playing the game. There are multiple ways to win Big Brother. This is not an Olympic event or anything else that requires a linear set of rules to follow for success. You do whatever it takes to win and his plan is working. He is playing.

      • Ok, you have a point. But Enzo is a phoney who can’t hold an allience…What is it you even like about him? Every time he sees a new HOH room he just sounds so ridiculous, i’m surprised they can’t read right through him..

      • Well he has to pretend like he cares about Brendon’s HOH because he has a side alliance with him. Why do I like him? He’s a cool guy with a likable personality.Perhaps he’s a bit phony at times but who hasn’t been phony in BB? And maybe they can’t read through him because he’s hiding it well. Being liked goes a long way in this game and he is playing it well.

  6. The *hit will hit the fan once Matt reveals the DPOV and gets off the block, forcing Brendon to put up a replacement nominee (I sure hope its Britney or Kathy). I can’t wait to see the brigades faces. Let the games begin!!!!!

  7. omg i hope some 1 will put up a person from the brigade then we will see if they wake up

    • That would be funny, but it looks like they’re not going to let him know that they’ve turned on him before Thursday. If he’s as smart as he thinks he is, maybe he’ll catch on.

  8. If Matt can keep his trap shut long enough, this would be the perfect opportunity to GET ENZO OUT!

      • Any guy or girl for that matter who can’t go 1 minute without using the “F” word shows their stupidity. Sadly, that will probably be his baby’s first word…no respect for him!!!

      • exactly Jesse…i notice that there is always a bandwagon that everybody likes to jump on and gear all their hate towards. first it was rachel, now that she’s gone, everybody will talk about how annoying enzo is and how a disgusting person he is. i like him too. he’s not winning comps but he has basically controlled the brigade, therefore influencing the votes of any side alliances they have also.

  9. I don’t think Brit deserves S***…its one thing to smack talk behind peoples back..but wishing harm on them is another thing…

    she needs to be smacked down a few notches…

      • what hasn’t she said lol

        the comment about hopeing the bacon grease would pop in brendons face and cause him to go blind and disfigure him…

        that is just pure evil…

    • I can’t stand Brit. She is the worse person cast in BB history. She is so evil. She is so good at it, i’m 100% sure that she is the same outside the house. they talk about how dumb it is for brendon and rachel to have fallen in love in a month but how can you have so much hate towards somebody you’ve known for just a month?

      • That is an excellent point Rose!! I was shocked that someone could be so mean!! I wonder if her parents are watching the afterhours? Would they be proud of her?

      • Thanks ladies! Lets just hope lil miss she-devil goes home quick. Before we witness her foaming at the mouth next…lol

  10. I was rooting for Enzo at the beginning, but now he needs to go. As much as I don’t like the lie Matt made up about his wife I’m on Matt’s side.
    Enzo needs to go. Brendon needs to go. Ragan needs to do bigger things as the Sab.

    • Enzo knew coming into this that he didn’t know crap… So he got two strong guys and a brain…he’s a loser in life and I hope Matt kicks his filthy mouth out the door YO.

  11. I wish Enzo would go. I have not liked him from day one. He wins nothing but yet thinks he is running the game. Kathy would be my other choice to go home this week.

  12. wat kind of guy calls himself a ‘meow meow’? OMG dat was hilarious when he said that

  13. I want Enzo to be put up so bad. That would be the best move of the season. I hope Matt finds out everything!

    • I think that it would definately make things more exciting. Putting up Kathy would be the safest thing to do, but lets shake things up. I wonder if Lane could trust Matt after he went against the Birgade. It is hard to try and form alliances with Lane and not let him know that they are probably both safe.

  14. Guys, Enzo is playing the game how he wants to play it. He’s floating around, throwing comps. So what? That’s his way of playing. and for all your guys’s information, it seems to be working. Has he been safe throughout this whole entire game? Yes he has. So what ever stradegy he’s doing, seems to be working pretty good.

      • I don’t think he is throwing comps I think he can’t win and is LAZY!!!! I did like him before but the way he flipped in Matt…. not good.

        Amy you are right! I hated that stupid lie about his wife. It is funny how quickly we all change our minds. lol

    • clearly he’s been doing that for like weeks…the result?: nothing!..yes he has been doing good so far but you never know whats really gonna happen later on

    • I don’t think Enzo has a stradegy other than suck up to whoever is in power. He hasn’t won any comps because he mentally and physically is unable…what a BIG joke!!!

      • Kathy does that better than Enzo. Kathy has sucked up to whatever HOH is in power. She was so far up Brendon’s azz you couldn’t see her head. Now that nominations are over (or so they think) she has abandoned Brendon and is back with the smack talkers talking her smack again. She will be surprised come Thursday.

      • Lisa; by that logic Jordan from last season was a ‘Big Joke’ as well. She didn’t win any competitions (besides the one Jeff gave her) until the very end until she needed it. And guess what? Everyone still loved her. Maybe Enzo is also waiting until the final comps to do his thing. This game is about manipulation more than you people thinks. If you can get people to vote the way you want and run the house without winning anything…isn’t that a more of a genius than a joke?

      • I don’t like Matt at ALL! He needs the DPV to be taken away. He is an arrogant jerk.

        Enzo has not been playing the game well at all. He is running his mouth and riding coat tails. He needs to be evicted.
        Brenden is still the best and will whup all the HG.
        The only other worthy person to be in the final 2 is Britt. She has been the most entertaining outside of Rachel

      • nikki did u not see how he started the game lying that his wife had a deadly/laming disease? ya know the story about the lil boy who cried wolf? and of all people for him to say it to he says it to a foot surgeon. too funny. the other 2 funny parts were where he says well he (andrew) isnt a dr… lmbo really a shoe salesman. and then andrew thought the disease was fake…no the liar is fake. dont lie about family having diseases is my motto

    • I agree with the hands down the pants being annoying but as far as the LIE goes…every person in that house has lied…if I’m not mistaking…a lie is a lie is a lie…they are all guilty of that!!!

      • yes lisa they are all lying. but to me personally i dont think lying that your wife is dying/going to be paralized is a good thing. just my opinion i would hate to think that she would get this disease due to karma or worse yet actually die

  15. I think Enzo was the first one to figure out that Matt was not loyal part of the brigade. How can yo hate him for that? He has played the game by staying under the radar and being smart about who he talks to. Britney has dug her own grave by talking *shit about everybody! Kathy has bashed Britney and Ragan and everyone is chiming in. Matt is walking around cocky as hell smiling everytime they talk about him getting evicted….who’s the dummy now? Not Enzo! And I agree with him that Britney is a spoiled rich brat who has always gotten everything she wants. She doesnt deserve to win the money.

    • I know. I don’t like the schedule change. I wish it were back to Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don’t get live feeds, so I need my BB fix.

      • And there is abosolutely nothing between now and then! Can’t even listen to Matt strategizing because he can’t talk about it, ugh. That’s gonna make it feel even longer.

      • hey matt can you get the schedule straightened out for us? get your magic wand out and clonk the one who changed it in the head. after 12 seasons my brain thinks woohoo its tues and my bb is on….then i realize nope i have to wait until wed and really there isnt anything good to watch on tues now. ash is doing a great job! thanks for appointing her my personal leader lol. ;) have a great day my friend.

  16. I agree if Matt keeps flapping his lips he is going to lose his DPOV and I so want to see it used & their faces when its played, especially Brendons. Sadly probably Kathy will get put up, not sure what she adds put hey only Brit left of the female gender if she goes.

    • If Brendan were smart he would put up a brogade member…or Brit because they would be harder to beat in any upcoming physical comps….Kathy is not presenting herself (so far) as a threat……..however, Brendan does not know what we know so it is harder for him to make a wise choice.

  17. People can hate on Matt all they want, but he’s the only one in the Brigade that has done anything.

    The smart thing would be to put up Hayden. Matt has been loyal to the Brigade; he’s single handedly kept them going. And now when the tough got going for Hayden/Enzo, they tucked tail and ran.

    • LOL exactly Andy, its hilarious. We all know Matt IS going to use the DPOV Thursday, I am just hoping he sees his alliance has failed and does something NONE of them expect. Everyone thinks the house will be mad over him using it, I doubt it NOT the whole house just who he uses it on. We shall see I personally am looking forward to the DRAMA,about to unfold.

      • If I were to be Matt I would’nt give a dam who got mad over my having a DV. Matt was in the right place (HOH) at the right time and I don’t see any of the others turning down a “power” if it was offered to them. Brendon and the replacement will be the whiners but what they gonna do? lol Brendon put Matt up..forcing him to use the DV so Brendon has no one to blame but himself for the situation.

  18. Matt better shut his mouth and put up Enzo and Hayden they have been no help seriously? They cant win a thing. So im hoping Matt puts up enzo and hayden.

  19. I’m sure that Big Brother has talk to Matt about the DPOV and told him he will need to stop telling the other houseguest about another power out there, so that America will see Matt use his DPOV on Thursday night Big Brother show.

  20. Bredon is going to be none too pleased on Thursday. His primary and secondary targets to be evicted are both going to stay. His HOH has been for naught.


  21. Yeah, BB wants this to happen. Its much better TV if it does.

    “Meow Meow” is gonna be need a litter box on Thursday. :)

    • A great big one. I hope he puts Enzo up. He could not win a comp if he was playing it by himself.

  22. I’ll admit I liked Enzo at first. I thought he was funny, nice guy but now not so much. Matt has been saving his butt the entire game and now he decides he wants to back door him? Enzo is a yoyo.

  23. I dont think Bren will be to mad IF the Bri gade his Exposed. IF Matt is truely as smart as he says, he will catch on the Bri gade is throwing him under the bus, he will OUT them tell the house how they all RAN the house on who to vote out an so forth while staying under cover, Lie an tell Bren it was their ( Enzo, Lane, and Hayden) to get Rach out and they let him win everything. The house will THEN MAYBE put 2+2 together re allign and They ( Bren, Brit, Ragan, Kathy and Matt)can take out the Brigade LMAO.. Im just saying Kathy will go with whomever has the most power and wins, thats Brit, Matt and Bren as of now. SO we COULD see a shift in the house. OR Matt will weazel out, thinks his Bros have his back an put up Kathy waste another power move and the bridage members will float into the finals some how.. that would BITE.. Just my two cents off course

    • Matt knows he is being backstabbed by Enzo & Hayden..He was taalking about it to Regan yesterday. Do not think Brittney told him (do not believe she knows about the Brigade)) I think he suspected it from conversations with Lane ..Hayden is already trying to distance himself from Enzo (same as he did Kristen). Matt is not angry he is on the block(not a worry with the DV) THAT IS AN ACT..But he is mad about Hayden and Enzo backstabbing him..Hre carried those 2 guys half way through the game and did all the dirty work and won the comps and he is repaid by them 2 throwing him under the bus..I would be pissed..but have to see how it plays out.

      • I think Matt fully expected to be put up so I agree he is not mad about it in general cause he has the DV, but I would be mad as spit as well KNOWING I did all the dirty work for the Brigade, as I have said already its time for a few ppl to put away the chips on thier shoulders and work together this week to take out the hidden alliance, then step it up an start playing for themselves. Bren, Matt, and Brit have done so, they can take the ones that have THROWN comps out and then fight it out. Thats what I want to see. Im not on anyones bandwagon I just want to see the ones who dont want to win HAVE to if they want to survive.

      • Fly. After I stopped laughing at that post. IF they were to step up an START winning HOH, or a POV and made it that far THEN and only THEN will I say they played the floater game to a TEE an fooled us all BUT for that to be even possible one of them would have to WIN the last HOH. Thanks for the laugh though.

  24. i am still laughing at how everyone thinks their fav is the best and has played the best game. i havent been able to latch onto a player so i see all of their faults vs when i have my favs (jeff and jordan) i saw no wrong and saw it as strategic play. too funny. theyre all lame peeps

    • Nanny, I have to agree with you this is my first in 12 seasons I couldnt pick a fav player. There is TO MUCH floating and throwing comps happening. There was a discussion last night that BB should have some kind of penatly in place for players who INTENTIONALLY throw a comps, it wouldnt be so bad if it wasnt so obvious but come on. And I am not talking about it coming to the last 2 and making deals that happens but if its the SAME 2 then there is a problem. Dock then the compensation they receive for the week or make them a have not for the week or lock them in seclusion anything to make the HAVE to fight to win. Its just sad, Kathy made the comment she just wanted to make it to the jury house UMMMM you dont WIN in the Jury house. I am ready to see people doing WHATEVER it takes to win an stay there.

      • I agree also! This has been a dissapointing season! They all seem to be worried about whether they are loved by America outside the house!! I don’t get it at all! I did watch some of the live feeds last season, and I don’t remember anyone talking so much junk as Britney and Ragan! They are just mean girls to the max!! If Britney says she wants to shoot her face off one more time, I will scream!!!

      • exactly thats what i was discussing with ash. it makes me sick to think of all the people who would trade their souls to be on the show and play and win. id fight with all i have in every comp. just win a crumb of bread knowing i might need it later, but im not of the same mentality as these folks it to win it would be my motto.they can rewind and review the results of a show so if u see them floundering and laying down then take their cash, immediate have not, send them home, penalty pts, something please!!! on survivor and amazing race u dont throw comps. bb has to come up with some solution and please folks throwing comps isnt a real strategy. winning is the goal…throw the last hoh comp for the half mil…i think not

      • They should do all the comps. like they did that one where the first however many lost they were a have not for the week. I think they only did that for one comp. and all the rest have been dropping like flies ever since.

      • HEY CRAIG where the heck you been I have needed a laugh an you WERE MIA gald your back and I know they only did that once but I think with the eay these HG’s are throwing comps it needs to be a stimpulation going forward

    • Nanny and Kristi I totally agree with both of you. I too have watched since the beginning of BB and have always had a fav…not this year. Throwing comp`s makes me wonder why they bothered to apply for a spot….play the damn game or get out. Maybe Kathy wanted to make it to the jury house so that she would be assured of compensation for the whole summer…and a nice vacation to boot. If she went home before the jury house she would have been back on her cops salary.

  25. Although I don’t like Matt I have to agree with the majority here…..Enzo should go next. He has done nothing but throw all comps which to me is crazy…But heres a thought maybe he is not really throwing them just maybe he is that horrible of a physical player and floating is the only way he can make it through.

    Feeds were boring yesterday heres to hoping today may be better….after all we are paying for entertainment not snooze-ville.

  26. Yo, yea, fogetaboutit, yo, for real…. only idiots from North Jersy talk like that.

    Im from Jersey & Enzo is a total floater. My vote is for Matt to put enzo & end his sorry “game”


      • LOL Stacy I know right, I swear they needed to put him on something like Jersey Shore I have seen 10 mins of that show an CAN NOT STAND IT I have friends form all over JERSEY none of them talk like that.well at least not the smart ones..

        Even with Lane and his story about spot lighting I was going great now all of america is going think Texas id full of idiot rednecks that shoot at things that glow in the dark HAHAH thank goodness the intelligent part of the population knows we dont and we know not EVERYONE from Jersey sounds like him..

      • Stacy didn’t say EVERYBODY from NJ talks like that…she said NJ is the only place where people talk like that and those people are “idiots”.

      • Yea, that what i got out of it too Nick. That people from North Jersey talk like idiots.

        But whatever, i know its not true. Just wanted to point out how people sterotype.

      • I think Nick was pointing out she wasnt stereotyping or saying ALL people in North Jersey talk like that , He was stating she meant that the people that DO talk that way are the idiots.

  27. From watching the show on CBS during the week, I thought Britney was a beautiful girl…but then when I watched the Showtime BB Afterhours…boy did my opinion of her change! The terrible words and conversations that leave her mouth, definitely show what dwells inside of her! I don’t know which person is worse though…her or Ragan. He is nothing like the CBS version shows during weeknights either! They definitely prove the old saying true…”Misery loves company!” It is sad to be so bitter and angry!

    • editing for prime time is good/scary huh? my mom hasnt seen lil miss innocent calling people sluts, hos and ect and doesnt think blondie has a potty mouth lol

      • Boy would your mom be surprised…like I was!! I couldn’t believe the garbage coming out of her mouth! It is scary how they can show only one side of something and totally mislead peoples perceptions of someone! I think America would be surprised to see the real Britney! I hope that someone has this recorded where Britney can watch and listen to the hate coming out of her mouth. Sometimes that’s a wake-up call. I don’t know whether to feel sorry for her fiance’or suspect that he is the same? That is what is scary…

  28. Looking at After Dark Enzon is called to the DR.After which he is telling Matt that he has to make a big decision? Matt is asking about spliting the votes. Brit has told Matt about the alliance between Lane,Hayden and Enzon.Matt needs to choose carefully who he put up. Break up the brigrade. Listening to Enzon talk about pool, that is all he knows how to play. He admitted he can’t the games. He wants a pool comp and Kathy wants Pinball table.This is B/B not what you want to play game.

  29. If Matt uses the diamond veto, then the results should be the same as when Jeff used it to over rule Chimas noms. And Brendon should be able to compete for HOH as did Chima the next time. So wouldnt it be great if he again became Hoh.

    • Joni, that question has certainly been up in the air lately. I think you maybe right but it seems we will have to wait till Thursday to find out, I am not sure I am for or against it but it would be amusing to see. I think there may be a shift happening here and we are definately seeing the bro mances come to an end HAHA.

      • NO the DV does not change the HOH. Brendon will not be able to join in the HOH comp.

    • That would be awesome! :) The other HGs would be furious…I can imagine Brit’s crazy eyes bouncing around and chewing those raggedy nails apart…lol

  30. I have read all your points of view and I just laugh…think about the game not the lies etc(that’s what the game is about) really Brendon is the best player,people hate him because of Rachel..But who else in the the bb house has gone through the game this far by THEMSELVES? nobody!! he isn’t a floater and not a liar..he doesn’t have a dirty mouth and yes is upset because of rachel(wouldn’t you? that was his only alliance)I’m proud of what he has done….AGAIN by himself. As for Matt he will get his…of course I’m sure he will win HOH!!! that makes me sick but Brendon will win the pov and then HOH again!!! Matt”s time is limited..Besides even if Matt was to win to the final 2..DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE HE WILL GET THE VOTES???? He is going to show the whole house on Thursday and they are going to be pissed!! As for this year on BB it’s really boring!!! who cares about being a meow meow when you have a filthy mouth!!! He has no respect and shouldn’t be on TV…really nobody does ANYTHING exciting except matt, brendon and the Rachel …come on BB you couldn’t cast a better house then this?? I’m bored!!! it’s the same ole same ole every week!! Let guess???? Matt will be HOH this week and he will niminate Brendon and Brit…uhmmmmmm I guess Brendon will win pov then what??? let’s throw something in there that “AMERICA” is interested in!!!

    • I have to agree familyguy. As much as I don’t like Matt, he has done way more than most of the house. It has been the Matt vs Rachel/Brendon show. Everybody else sitting on the sidelines running their mouth.
      I can’t see how people don’t understand Brendon’s frustration. The whole house as been literally gunning for him since week 1. And he is the only one you can really trust which is the sad part. They’ve all admitted that.

    • I totally agree with you. I have read other spoiler sites. The language isfoul and not for me. Enzo shoud leave just for his language and smells he emits. Not to mention that his goal was to keep up with kathy in pov. Meow meow!!!!

  31. Julie has said numerous times over the past 2 days AND BBAD scrolls it , that the eviction will be Wednesday this week, NOT Thursday

  32. I like what Brendan said about people actually having to compete to stay. I think that would make it interesting. I personaly would like to see Kathy or Hayden go. They bring nothing interesting to the show. (boring)

    • If Brendon really cared about getting out floaters like he claims then why put up Ragan and Matt? You can throw Lane in the mix as well since he came in second in the last hoh comp. Brendon is playing a personal game and not strategic just as Rachel did.

    • Lane and Ragan are floaters. And since Ragan won, it would be smart for him to out Matt since thats his strongest competition not to mention that the house played personally the entire time. They wanted Brendon and Rachel out because they didn’t like them. So, why shouldn’t Brendon get to do the same? The whole house is his enemy so it doesn’t matter who goes, they all have been gunning for him.

      • I wouldn’t call Ragan or Lane a floaters since they have come in second in comps more than once. Rachel has won 2 hoh’s and Bren 2 pov’s and an hoh so together they were a huge threat in the game which is why people want them gone. Brendon said more than once he wanted floaters out but targeting Matt is not getting a floater out. If he really wanted floaters gone he should have put up Kathy and Enzo.

      • So how is he playing personally when he trying to backdoor Matt, who has won two HOHs?

        I mean who should he put up? They all had a hand in Rachel leaving so no matter who he puts up, it would be personal.

        Ragan won veto because he had no choice to save his butt. He didn’t win HOH because he is a chicken and scared to make moves on his own, therefore a floater in my opinion. Lane has almost won but he hasn’t won and has yet to prove that he would be able to make any solid decisions on his own. He goes along with the crowd, therefore is a floater in my opinion.

        And why would he try and get rid of Kathy? That would be a complete waste of his HOH. yea, enzo and kathy are floaters but he knows enzo wants to jump ship and kathy can be persuaded into anything. plus, kathy has been nominated already. neither lane or ragan has felt the hot seat yet.

      • putting Lane up was a smart move because he knows that no matter who goes up against him, the likely-hood of him getting voted out was slim. So he gave himself an option of getting out a useless floater (to him) or back-dooring his biggest threat (who will keep coming after him).

      • All I’m saying Rose is that Brendon went on and on about getting rid of the floaters but when he had the chance to do that he didn’t.

      • I understand what your saying Ashley but i think he trying to get rid of floaters he has no use of. And since that plan didn’t work, he is going with the best plan which would be to backdoor Matt (if he actually could) lol. It would have both personal and strategic. Sadly, that won’t happen :(

  33. Hasn’t Brit won POV 2 or 3 times. So she is not a floater. She has done more then Enzo Kathy & Ragen

    • i don’t think that would make sense…they still haven’t showed the veto comp…unless they do it all in one night..

    • i just re-watched the ending of sunday’s show and they didn’t say wed was a eviction night. its gonna show what the pandora’s box open –rachel’s return, brendon’s vacation.

      • Rose, I think your right. I hate Wednesdays we already know whats going to happen, I just watch to see how its been edited HAHA.

  34. Matt should put up Hayden and align himself w Brit & Bren.Keeping The Bayone bore and deputy dog around as pawns because they pose no threat to win anything.The Bri-FADE is played out and Matt has fulfilled any obligation to those 3 deadbeats.Wish Kris was still around.

  35. JUST IMAGINE>>>>the season ending of BB…all the evicted HG’s gather in the jury house to question the final 2 >>>> “KATHY and ENZO” Do u realize how dumb and inept that those on the jury would feel just knowing that the 2 people in the house that did the least are in the winners seats. Can u picture this scenerio in ur mind???

      • The questions all JURY MEMBERS will be asking is:
        WTF happened in that house ???? How did we end up here and those 2 there??

      • They would be pissed! Lol. I’d imagine Enzo would get the money out of the two. Kathy doesn’t compete well, she doesn’t bring ideas to the table, she is scared of everyone. Well, she is just a waste of space there. I wish we could swap her out with a former HG, I’d take anybody. She doesn’t deserve to be there at all.

  36. Hey Matt(BBN) like the new site, it’s great!!!! liked your write up also, So matt ran is mouth to much and hayden, now no’s that matt just might have a power that he can use to save himself, way to go matt, I would really like to see matt put up kathy, because that would be his down fall, If he does then I see hayden, enzo, lane going over to brendon’s side, enzo and company aka the ber-egg minus matt, would really believe that matt has an alliance with britney and ragan. His best move put up britney, be smart matt like you say you are. but I don’t think you are!!!

  37. The HG’s also have to ask why is Ragan and Matt spending so much time together. Do they know each other outside of the house???? The sab should say something about the brig. guys spending so much time together and raise the HG’s suspensions.

  38. I am so OVER the “Enzo. Show”, he’s the laziest person I’ve ever seen on Big Brother! He does NOTHING! Please let Matt catch on and put him up already!!!

    • Im with you Joey Lee Please send him packing ahaha, so many want to see Hayden as the replacement that doesnt make sense, Hayden can be swayed and hasnt talked as much as Enzo. I say let the punishment fit the crimes. Enzo, has a result of you throwing all the comps, being the first bro gade to toss Matty under the bus, and do nothing but run your potty mouth. You are sentenced to spend a week in the JURY HOUSE ALONE with Rachel LMAO. Oh and you know that 3-d big screen… Fa git about it! we are taking that back and giving it to some one who played the game YO! LMAO (sorry I got an a roll there)

  39. i agree enzo must go as much as i hate to see it because i like the brigade but i guess good alliances have to break up sometimes. i like this new format of sunday,wednesday,thursday for me it works out i can watch bb and then all my other shows.

      • Why? She is one of the few left who have any brains whatsoever. She talks bad about people–but haven’t they ALL? That girl knows her Big Brother–you gotta give her props for that!

      • I have to disagree. I think both Brendon and Matt are both smart. I dont see how she knows BB that well. She hasn’t made any major strategic moves. All she is good at is running her mouth. She has won vetoes but she hasn’t turned the game around with them. She is just following everybody else like the majority of the house. She is predicable as the rest which is boring.But since she is such a lil witch, I would rather her walk out the since Matt can’t. But thats just my opinion.

      • And the only other people that have talked about people in the vindictive way that she has is Ragan and Monet.

      • Rose, Apparently, you haven’t been watching the live feeds very much or you would know how vindictive and hateful Enzo has been. And Rachel and Brendon make bad-mouthing an art form! And I have heard ALL of the houseguests bad-mouth each other at one time or another. Yes, Regan and Brendon and Matt are smart too, but that doesn’t take away that Britney is too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. matt will use his dpov and take himself off and i would like to see enzo go up because he’s stirring up the brigade.

  41. Went on Thursday Night CBS Schedule it says one houseguest to be evicted. I doubt if they would change it because viewers would plan to watch it that day.

  42. Matt is basically flaunting his power in their faces. Albeit, in a subtle way, but he’s still doing it. He should lose the power, he wasn’t supposed to mention anything about it – directly or indirectly.

    • When did it say “directly or indirectly”? It said he had to keep the power a secret. He has done that.

      • Not really, Hayden told enzo to say no-thnig to matt because he believe’s that matt has a power that can save him, and hayden believe’s this because matt has been talking about it so much

  43. As far as I’m concerned, the only ones who deserve to be in the BB house are Britney,Brendon,Ragen and Matt. The others are all talk. Enzo makes me gag especially when he eats and smacks in the microphone! He needs to GO!!! He is useless–he won’t even help cook or clean. His wife must be a saint!

    • Patti, No lets get, brendon and kathy, then we can see who is going to cook and who is going to clean, should be fun to watch lol

      • I wouldn’t ever be friends with Brit she is AWFUL, but sooo funny to watch. Her diary sessions are hilarious. I loved hating Rachel and I would hate to see Britney go it would be boring!!! My favorite line from Britney: “When Rachel wears a dress and no panties, I feel like thousands of STDs are air born!!”
        Hopefully Ragen will calm down and stop crying.

  44. Cool I have service. Ashli Rae, you had me I’m stiches from this one.

    I think matt is walking a fine line with this one. Also have to give to hey for thinking matt has something, granted matt has said all but yea I have this power. Enzo thinks he has the brains, I’ll give him good imagination. Still want brit up tho. That girl is plain mean in my opinion bit will just think she’s funny and cute.
    Can’t really speculate as to who matts going to put up tho. Maybe he has hinted to it and I’ve just not seen it. If someone has let me know. If not production should tell him to talk to the cameras and let America know what he’s thinking when he’s alone. Lol

    • Hey kristi, I think matt is going to be stupid and put up kathy, I hope he does, because if he does, enzo and heyden and lane, might just come over to team brendon

      • I want them to jump ship also, but I would love to see him grow a pair also just because Kathy is to safe. Put up Britt. The only person that is going to piss off is ragan. I think lane will get over it.

    • Whether you like Matt or not, his best plan would be to nominate Kathy if he can still use the DPOV at eviction. The Brigade would realize that he acted out of allegiance to them with the intent of keeping them together. Matt would have to take the higher road and disregard any planning by Enzo,Hayden and Lane to get him out. Then, by not replacing himself with Britanny he wins her confidence. Finally, Ragan is loyal to Matt anyway. That would unite all remaining 6 HG to go after Brendon next week. From there out it will be stronger players competing for the final 6. In addition, Matt will look like a complete genius to the remaining houseguests. He will virtually have all 6 siding with him for the next 2 weeks. If the HG really want to get rid of Brendon, they need to strike while he is most vulnerable which is next week. He can only try for POV and the numbers should be stacked against him. Just my opinion….I am not rooting for anyone in particular this week. Looking at it from Matt’s POV….

      • think about this, If you were enzo, lane and hayden would you want to go up against matt, ragan, and britney, I think that if matt puts up kathy, that will scare enzo and company, all It did will do is SHOW enzo and company that matt has an alliance with ragan and britney.

      • But Matt could always come to the Brigade and state that he had a master plan to keep them intact but could not divulge it due to his risking the ability to use the DPOV. By doing it this way he can play both sides of the house for 2 weeks. The brigade has linked up with other HG to get info and bring it back to the group. Matt/Ragan…Enzo/Brendon…Lane / Brit…etc I don’t think Hayden cares or thinks that Kathy is a threat so no one is tapping her for stategy yet.

      • In addition, Matt has to start post-eviction ceremony with the attitude that everyone was protecting their collective asses and he can play the “I got rid of Rachel…foiled Brandon…saved myself …and am ready to squash Brendon” card. He seems to calculating to hold anyone’s planning against them (for the short-term). I feel bad for Ragan, he got himself off the block and Matt was there to tell him don’t give up. Meanwhile, his coming off put Matt up there not knowing about the DPOV. And securing $20K to boot….

  45. Could CBS rule that Matt speaking about this special power violates the terms of having it? Could you see the look on his face if he tries to use it and Julie tells him it isn’t valid any more? I think the votes would then line up against him and he would join Rachel in the Jury House.

      • I would totally laugh my ass off if this happened..I cant stand matt, I think he’s the kind of guy who walks around like his shit doesnt

    • Why would they do that and ruin a huge game changer on a live eviction?

      Come on. Use your head. Obviously CBS wants Matt to use it.

      • but mattB you would have to addmit that looks on britney’s and ragan’s face after matt stands up and say he is going to use, would be all smiles, and then when julie say’s he can’t use it, the looks on thier faces then would be great. Also like it or not it too would be a game changer.

      • Chris, I think I would die of laughter if that happened…lol. Matt’s butt would kicked out of the house so quick, his head would spin.

      • hye, It could go like this

        slop a buck 50

        pool table $500 dollars

        “D” veto 0

        look on matts face pricless

        fore everything else their’s the door

      • Lol..that would be sweet. I can just hear my girl Rachel’s annoying ass laugh as Matt walked through the door.

  46. Whether you like Matt or not, his best plan would be to nominate Kathy if he can still use the DPOV at eviction. The Brigade would realize that he acted out of allegiance to them with the intent of keeping them together. Matt would have to take the higher road and disregard any planning by Enzo,Hayden and Lane to get him out. Then, by not replacing himself with Britanny he wins her confidence. Finally, Ragan is loyal to Matt anyway. That would unite all remaining 6 HG to go after Brendon next week. From there out it will be stronger players competing for the final 6. In addition, Matt will look like a complete genius to the remaining houseguests. He will virtually have all 6 siding with him for the next 2 weeks. If the HG really want to get rid of Brendon, they need to strike while he is most vulnerable which is next week. He can only try for POV and the numbers should be stacked against him. Just my opinion….I am not rooting for anyone in particular this week. Looking at it from Matt’s POV….

    • That would not be the strongest 6 HG’s! Lane, Enzo, Hayden, and Kathy have not done anything with 1 exception Hayden did win 1st HOH! Keep Brendon all the way!

  47. Ive missed a few shows. Did they say who the 2 are that knew each other before entering the house?

    • No, most people believe that the “lifelong friends” message was just a trick from the saboteur to mess with everyone’s head. It is most likely NOT true, or else Julie would have said something about it a long time ago.

    • I think that Kathy and Brittney are related. Could be the life long friends..who’s more lifelong than an mother and daughter team?

      Just a thought

    • That would be getting someone out that Brendon wants out. Matt is best off with either Kathy, Hayden or Enzo. Any of the 3 wastes Brendons HOH.

  48. Enzo is all talk and absolutely nothing else. He even complained the other night that his pool game was off because his butt cheeks were sore from dog paddling in the pool. I used to like him, but lately he’s gets on my last nerve, especially when he says things like, “I swear on my —-‘in wife’s life.”

    • Amen to that, Tilly. All he does now is complain and blame someone or something for his poor game performance. He makes fun of Kathy for not winning comps, but he is no better. And he would throw his Grandma under the bus to win the game!

    • Enzo hasn`t been scared once this season, has he…he may be playing his game with his game face on, however…he has done nothing!! He needs a good scare…or maybe just feel the door hit him in the a$$….just my opinion

  49. The only way I can see that Brens HOH was wasted is that He didnt get out Brit or Matt which were his targets I THINK, and not I am not a Bren fan but maybe his odd noms were so he could infact backdoor Matt or Brit. Now then granted he didnt manage that thanks to the DPOV HOWEVER in the long run, this could be in his favor. Matt will have the target on his back even more so now. Bren showed he would go after those who wronged Rach. Now if his is SMART he should let the drama play out with Matt and the Bro gade, see who is actually going to try and use an alliance with him to take each other out and still do his best to stay safe by not rocking the boat to much right now. Just my 2 or 3 cents.

    • Exactly, matt is up and he uses his DPOV and then Bren puts up Brittany. Or does Matt get to choose whole goes up.

  50. Honestly I dont see anyone this season with the knowledge of the game. they are all just floating around making one mistake after another. BB12 a waste of time BB13 hopefully the HG’s for next season take a page out of this one and dont screw themselves.

  51. I really like Enzo, but he is making a huge mistake this week.

    All he needs to do is to tell Matt nothing and maybe tell him that they are voting out Lane.

    And i believe that he is throwing the COMPS because he doesn’t want blood on his hands. He puts it all on Matt and once he’s had enough (which i think Enzo means now) he throws him in the trash….

    Enzo seems to be very stupid to not realize about Matt’s power, but what can you do?????


    He has Brenchel’s vote for sure if he makes to the Final 2….

    Maybe The Brigade jurors also….

    Maybe Brit or Ragen unless Matt is in the Final with him.

    Just pointing out the facts

    • Hayden knows that matt has a power that will save him, hayden told enzo to say no-thing to matt that would give them away, hayden said because matt has tlked about a special power so much that he believe’s that matt has it.

  52. Does Matt have any clue that the brigade is going against him?? I didn’t like it when Enzo and Hayden said that they wanted to split up the side alliances, when it they are in their own lol. I want Matt to stir up some drama and nominate one of the brigade, but it doesn’t look like he would.

  53. Hayden and Enzo sucking up to Brendon makes me sick!!! Enzo gets on my last nerve–please somebody send this idiot home!!!!! He can’t win anything and talks about Britney gossiping–he does the same thing! He is just gross in every way and the way Hayden throws Kathy under the bus when she was there for him and treats him like a son–his family should be ashamed of him. They both need to go!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Just my two cents, but it seemed to me, even from the beginning, that Enzo sized up the houseguests, and figured out that Lane, hayden, and Matt were his tickets to advancing in the game with minimal or no effort from himself. Enzo was the guy that brought that group together, if you remember.

    That being said, I sure hope Matt can read between the lines and get rid of Enzo. He brings nothing to the table and just leeches off the Brigade. Matt keeping Enzo, even as I’ve read above, to maintain the Brigade is ludicrous. Why would Matt ever consider keeping an alliance intact that is working behind his back?

  55. omg…..everybody complains about Enzo not doing anything! Half the people in that house havent done a thing including Ragan and Britney…Ragan spe4nds most of his time kissing Brendons a$$ and crying (note the box of tissues next to his bed)and Britney spends ALL of her time hiding behind the boys and playing touchy feely with Lane. (Hmmm…I wonder what her fiance thinks about that?) Enzo is playing the game without making any enemies and is hilarious to watch at the same time….give the guy a break!

    • I totally agree with you Mama, I think enzo is playing a great game of “friends” an I think he’s hilarious with all his comments..

      • I totally agree with you. Enzo realizes the rules of the game and he is playing it the right way….And yes he is funny. And everyone gets caught up when he starts his BS tlaking…especially when he starts ranting.

      • OMG-You’ve got to be joking! The monkey that Kathy sleeps with is smarter and has better manners than Enzo. He is just a repulsive human being. He used to be kinda funny, but now, he’s just disgusting. And he can’t win a comp to save his life.

      • Patti, I understand what you are saying. But all of us need to remember their really are not any rules for this game. And everyone is trying to play the best they can, even though it is very disgusting at times, to win the $$.

  56. Matt was told to keep the power a secret. Hayden has figured out that matt has it, therfore it isn’t a secret and he should lose it.

    • Those weren’t the rules at all. BB’s instructions said that Matt would “risk losing” the DPOV and not that he would lose it if he revealed. So it was an empty threat and Matt called BB’s bluff.

  57. I personally would love to see matt not use the dpov thinking he had all the votes over lane and then see the look on his face of failure…since he’s so smart and everything…:)

  58. @jeremy
    I said the same thing last night. He has a huge ego and may decide that he is safe and would rather not risk admitting to any power. On the other hand, his ego may drive him to use it, just because he can.

    For those who keep saying Enzo is doing nothing, remember there are two main parts of the game. Comps and socializing. Enzo has not made any enemies and after this long, that’s pretty darned good game play.

    But I still haven’t found anyone that I can latch onto as a favorite. But I don’t like Brit or Ragan. Lies are a strategic part of the game. But constant talking ABOUT people and ridiculing them is just low class.


    • Kristin really needed the money…I feel bad for her. Brittany needs to definitely go and Brendon should do it. Matt might do it if he feels he needs to prove to the brigade he is still on their team, despite the DPOV he lied about.

  60. Could someone tell me what happened between Brendon and Kathy? Two nights ago she was sitting in his bathtub giving him information.I then watched last nights BBAD and she is back to bad mouthing him. The same with Brit brat, every time he walks into the room, she walks out. Like to see her go!

    • My guess would be that since the Veto ceremony has already taken place (Monday) and Kathy wasn’t put up as a replacement, she no longer needs to be nice to Brendon or suck up.

  61. I too cannot latch on to a favorite this season. I have been a BB fan from about season 2 and I personally feel it gettingworse. Last season was pretty bad to me. Jourdan winnning, give me a break. This season is worst. I really dislike Matt because of his arrogance and would really like to see him go. Does anyone think because Matt can change Brendons nominations that Brendon will get to participate in the hoh competition?

  62. it’s a great opportunity for Matt to show his faith in his followers and take lane off the block with the dpov and suggest brittany instead… then hopefully matt goes home.

  63. What happened with Brenden? They are all openly pissed off at him again. I heard them saying that he had an ‘deal’ with everyone. Did they out him?

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