Big Brother 12 Live Feeds: Watch It While You Can

The Big Brother 12 feeds are about to heat up again after this weekend’s insanity with Rachel’s Revenge. Three conspiracies are taking form on the live feeds and none of them are pretty, but all of them are awesome to watch unfold.

Just before Rachel was removed, again, from the Big Brother house on Sunday she left behind a message for Brendon: “I love you” followed by “Matt” all of which was spelled out in pretzels from Brendon’s HoH basket. Now she didn’t say “evict Matt” or even “trust Matt” but did she really need to? You might wonder, why would BB let this happen? Because drama is good and Matt is invincible this week with his mysterious DPOV, so why not? Exactly.

The Brigade is on the brink of imploding while Enzo drives the bus. The Brigade minus Matt has decided this is week for Matt to go to the Jury House. They’re worried that they can’t stay ahead of him and now’s their chance. At this point they’d rather see Matt go than Brendon, so how twisted is that?

Both of the previous issues fall upon the last, the Diamond Power of Veto. Matt still holds it and yeah he’s made some huge hints to his allies, but none of them know for sure. If The Brigade follows through with their plan to try and evict him and give him warning on Thursday we’re likely to see a tough decision. Should Matt retaliate and nominate one of his own team members? If he did would he even have the votes to make sure the one he wants gets evicted? Possibly. The real action is still days away but the build up to it will be great live feeds action.

If you still haven’t joined all the other Big Brother fans already watching the live cams inside the Big Brother 12 house then this is your chance. We’re down to just four weeks left in the game so you’re missing some of the biggest and best action yet. Sign-up now to get the free trial, watch everything that’s going on as it happens, and you can rewind to any point in this season plus the last two as well. Still not convinced? Well then, every live feeds sign up also gets an invisible monkey!* (*Invisible monkey not included.)


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  1. Nice post Matt. Made me want to sign up for the feeds, but then I remember I already have them. :)

  2. Enzo needs to calm down. Matt has all but told everyone he has the power. Enzo with his big mouth running just might be Matt’s replacement. He needs to chill out.

    • Yes and Matt was told when he rec’d DPOV that he could not mention it or he would lose it. How does he not lose it.

      Last year when Jeff had coup d etat, he never told anyone, including Jordan.

      And all Matt did was complain that Rachel left a message to Brendon in pretzels.

      Hey Matt lighten up, BB has already decided you are the winner of BB 12, you lied about your wife having a horrible disease.

  3. Please allow “caps” for those of us who want Enzo OUT! LOL! :0) I used to like him, but he is killing me! Wtf? (afraid to use caps!) is his issue, I think he is the new sabatour. He has flipped out within the past 48 hours! And the fact that he has ridden on Matt’s bus, he would be gone by now if it was not for Matt.

  4. ENZO NEEDS TO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOME!!!!!!! I’m SO tired of watching him on the live feed acting like he’s so tough and every other word is the F word!!!!!

  5. Can someone please let me know if enzo and hayden are really on with brendon? are they acting like they are, or are they acting they are, and then acting to matt and layne? I am so confused!! i watch the feeds, and am addicted to this site. however, had to have emergency surgery last week and was in the hospital until sat, so I missed a lot!

    • enzo and hayden and lane think that matt has a side alliance with ragan and britney, and they don’t like it, So they started talking to brendon, just in case, So if matt takes himself off and put up kathy, enzo and company really believe that matt does have an alliance, and I hope they go over to brendon side.

    • CBS knows what they are doing they cast all their houseguestsin the roles they need,but I wonder if they realized they had 2 classless girls this year.I will leave it up to you all to figure out who that could be.

  6. Brendon need to have a house meeting..just like Rachel did, to see what Enzo, Lane, Hayden are up to with Matt to see what side they are really on. I think that Matt should use his DPOV on Thursday and put up Enzo or Hayden. just wish i knew if he could take Lane off the block too with his DPOV so he could put who he really want out of the house. I’m not sure if Matt would put up Kathy or Britney if he took Lane off the block. There is still a few more days to go before Thursday, anything could happen by then.

  7. Ok, so “production” has heard these idiots reherse over and over the sab’s messages to the point where they are more annoying than the initial message. I am sure a few production people have gone mad listening to them! Point is, I will LMAO if there is NO need to know them at all. If the final episode comes and goes and they have never had to used them, I am going to pee my pants then die from laughing SO friggin hard!

    • I don’t get it with this group. They all go back to previous comps played in the other seasons and go by what happened in other seasons and it’s not necessarily true that EVERYTHING will be the same as other seasons like these guys seem to think.

    • it wouldn’t make sense for BB to have a competition about the sab’s messages since Ragan is still there and would have an advantage!

      • So I guess FINALLY the sabator is doing something effective in the game. Having the HG focus so much on this uselessness. FINALLY!!

    • I personally want Brittany to stay. I didn’t care for her at the beginning but she is at least playing the game! You’re going to have to lie and play two faced to get far in this game. Enzo, Hayden and Brendon all need to go!

      • I agree with you Tee re: Britney. Did not like her at first but she is playing the game. You do indeed have to lie and be two-faced otherwise you wouldn’t have a clue what the other hg are thinking. And yes, Enzo, Hayden and Brendon need to go!!

      • Tee, I agree too. With all the Brendan love going around from people who used to be Rachel fans, it’s hard to tolerate him.

    • I agree, I like Brit. I just wish she would have, or maybe she did tell layne that wrenchel told her that if she (brit) used the POV that week, Layne would have gone up. Thus, Brit did not use it, saving the brigayde, and then the brigade would not be so rude to her

  8. Ya know what the heck annoys me about Brittany??? She’s always picking her knees!!! lol WTF could she have on her knees to always be picking? It’s like seeing a monkey at a zoo picking the little bugs off of themselves.

  9. can anyone tell me what happened for the outside lockdown earlier? (dont have feeds just read that there was one on another site)

    • if you know what time it was at, I can archive the live feeds and check it out for you. :0)

  10. i hope enzo is dumb enough to tell matt on thursday. i like him cause he is funny but HATE him because he is a floater, and is a punkass.

    like today he was saying he would go off if anyone put him up. effin pathetic. im not gonna even dissect that.

    but yea i hope he gets cocky enough where he tells matt, because if enzo is on the block Thursday evening. he will be going home no question.

    lets look at this.

    enzo vs lane if it comes to that.

    enzo will have the vote of hayden. keep in mind u only need 3 votes this week.

    lane will have britney, matt, ragan, and kathy

    even if kathy doesnt vote to keep lane, it doesnt matter.

    lane needs to disband with the BRIGADE and hook up with brit. she knows what she is doing, and she would carry him further than anyone from the Brigade would.

    im hoping enzo tells matt. he will prolly start cussing out everyone when mat names him as the replacement because he is whiner and to him, nobody should put him. matt should give him DA FACE when eh does it.


      • Here is how I would like it to play out on Thurday eviction event:

        Matt slowly stands up and announces with a smirk….As I have the DPOV I elect to take myself off the block. Pause…..Enzo I have chosen you to replace me! :)

        If Enzo is evicted (good chance that would occur):

        House will split into pairs with two racing to make a three some:

        Haydan will try to join L&B.

        Kathy will attempt to bond with Lane/Britney/Haydan.

        Brendon will be pretty much out on a island hoping to win the next Veto. :(

        If Ragan or Matt wins HOH:

        Brendon will probably go up with Kathy.

        Lane,Haydan will attempt to mend fences with Matt.
        Britney will just string alone as the Mascot.

        As you notice I elect not to look further in my crystal ball if Haydan, Lane Britney or Kathy wins. :)

  11. Hollaz BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew :)

    @Matt (BBN) love that invisible monkey! :P if only he could be shipped to Canada! Will “Shazam” do that too?

    Well now that Brendon has put up Matt as the replacement nom, OBVI we will see the reveal of the infamous Diamond POV! Yahhhh and that brigade bus that Meow Man Mix is drivin’ is about to get derailed! :S (esp if Matt finds out they’re gunning for him!) course right now those same guys are ‘protecting’ Brendon so really I don’t want them to go! :).

      • Hope that Enzo does tell Matt that he and (supposedly) Hayden are voting Matt THAT HAPPENS IT MAY BE THE END OF Enzo’s imaginary reign and game that he has been playing in the BB house …Let Enzo keep mouthing off like the jerk he is cause when Matt pulls out his DV (hopefully) ENZO GONNA SHRINK TO THE SIZE OF THE PEA BRAIN HE PORTRAYS..His look will be priceless..

      • Hey, Fly on the wall, do you really think that Bozo has another dumb look? I don’t think he has that many brain cells. LOL

  12. Brittany so needs to go home. She is such a trouble making and then cries all the time. Enzo should go too.

    • i understand she’s young, but come on. she cry’s way too much. she acts like she is still in hight school. i will give her credit tho, she can act. lol

  13. @kristi – ohhh i so hope it’s britt!but then at the same time, all the girls are droppin’ like flies on that show, and i just wish there were OTHERS still in da house! lol. I dont’ see why he’d put up Kath, he’s had many opps and has not done so plus he keeps tellin’ her he wouldn’t put her up! U?

    • i want brit gone. i cant stand this fake act of her that she has going on. enzo bugs me but makes me laugh. he is so paranoid. poor NJ

  14. CBS needs to be sued. They are bending and twisting the rules beyond belief. Letting rachel leave a message and then saying “we ll rule on it later…like it makes a F???king difference now?
    production revealing inside info is way outta line as well. some people got po d last yr at the last 3 people standing but thats why its a Game!!!! Sorry ive liked brittney since day 1. Sadly you gotta be 2faced/goofy at some point.

    • I thought Matt knew about the pretzel thing? Someone please advise me on that situation. Thanks,

      • when rachel was in the house over the weekend, brendon opened pandora’s box – thus he was shut out of the house for 24 hrs while rachel was let back in. on her way out, she left a message for brenden on the table in the HOH room, spelled in pretzles… I love you —- Matt. CBS knew it was there, the houseguests knew, because kathy told everyone (she found it, well either found it or helped make it) and now sh*t has hit the fan with it. I hope rachel was sent home and who ever get’s to the jury house arrives and she is gone from the game. :0) there is a twist.

  15. Kathy is going home. Her biggest mistake is trying to keep the pretzel thing a secret from Matt. Ba bye floater.

  16. Why are they only showing Ragan in the live feeds? He was laying on the bench saying, “Idiot, idiot, idiot.” Did something happen earlier with him?

  17. I am so sick of Enzo playing this tough guy character, what has he done in this game, NOTHING, Lane has done nothing, but I really like Lane, he usually keeps his mouth shut and does not cause trouble, which is smart game play with this group, I would love to see Matt put Enzo up, but he won’t, does not want to piss them off right now. I think he will put up Kathy and she will go home this week.

    • I am hoping that Matt is smart enough to see through Bozo and put him. I just don’t think that the bro-gade will last more than one more week.

    • They are outside sitting around. Enzo and Brendon were playing, and now it has switched to Hayden and Matt. Really no game play going on right now.

  18. Ugh. Enzo needs to get evicted.
    Matt needs to be more calm about his veto.
    Brendon needs to be evicted.
    Hayden and Lane need to stay with Matt.
    Is kathy in the same universe as the rest of them?
    Britney might hae a chance.
    Ragan needs to stick with Matt but not make himself a threat

    • Kristi, I am with you on that one. I would love to be on the show and have the chance to compete. Bozo and Barney Fife don’t even try and then Brenda wants to quit for Rachel! FOR REALS!! That just gets me fired up!

      • Come on, brendon did want to quite the show, I know that’s what it sounded like, what he said was that “He wanted to go instead of rachel because he felt that rachel was a better player than he was, all my life women have said that they are mad because men only think of themself’s first, Now we have a man that thinks of other people first, and all you can do is complain about it.

      • Chris, it was nice of him to think of others; but that also means that he isn’t 100% for this game and even felt that not being voted out was like getting spit in the face.

  19. Hello! Awe that is so sweet that Rachel left a msg for her lover boy Brendon shes a lucky girl hes a good catch…It is obvious she meant for Brendon to put up Matt witch would have been a great idea had Matt not have the DPOV, but how was she or any one else supposed to know for that matter..

    • Hi Erin25. Really you want Brenda in the final two? You are so nice and I like your comments, but I have to disagree with you on that. At first, I really like Brendon, but when he became Brenda, and wanted to quit the game for Rachel, I just can’t respect that. I like Lane as a person, but he is not playing the game. I am hoping for Hayden to win, with Ragan in the final two.(I know my choice of Ragan is not popular, but I was with him from the beginning alos).

      • Hey Kimba, I love ur posts!! Brenda lol yeah I see that but I think he redeemed him self after Rachel left the house. He is no longer acting so wimpy and sucky baby hes a man again he has his balls back so I gotta stick with him.

  20. If Kathy goes home this week, there won’t be much commotion because basically, she is just a big dead tree log in the house. If Bozo goes home, they would create even more drama. Sending Bozo home and then the HOH after that, that would be great TV and ratings for CBS, and add life to the season.

  21. Topic, double eviction. Who thinks that there will be a double eviction this year. I was thinking there won’t be because the 14th player dropped out before the start of the season. What are others thoughts on this topic?

    • Where did you hear about the 14th person? As for Double Eviction, I hear it’s this Thursday. From what I have experienced, DE on Survivor/Big Brother usually kicks out a fav of mine.

      • The 14th contestant was talked about on various web sites including CBSs early on. I also think one of them gave the name, but not quite 100% percent on that fact. Ask Matt, he will probably remember. If not mistaken the 14th contestant quite within a couple of days of the first episode.

  22. Brendon or Lane to win it!!!! They are the only ones who I want to win this bb cause NO ONE else is even trying..Sorry I wont acknowledge Matt cuz what he lied about his wife and I don’t acknowledge crying either so there goes Brit and Regan or laziness Enzo Kathy!

  23. Enzo and Hayden need to back off hangin out Brendon (he’s just evil)I am not so sure I completely trust Matt anymore..Hope Brit stays, she makes me laugh!!

      • I guess his eyes kind of freak me out…and his ex fiance sure didn’t have too many nice things to say…I guess evil is ’bout wierd/stange or just plain freaky??!!

      • Kelly how many of our “ex’s” are really going to say something nice on national TV? Come on………especially a woman? Yeah like I believe anything SHE said…..

    • I love Britt and Brendan may be a bad guy, but I wouldn’t say evil. The closest to evil was Matt’s lie.

      • Ah Brendon is not a bad guy…Hayden is way more bad then Brendon. Brendon is just a strong competitor,that shouldn’t make him bad!

      • Well he did try to get Britt and Reagan out because they were close to Matt and Lane, but then started a deal with Branden, which is very snake-ish.

  24. I have still not been able to see Sunday’s episode b/c of the golf. My DVR didn’t record BB. Is it on CBSs web site yet? It is not on OnDemand in Indy.

  25. my prediction:

    matt will use dpov and put ENZO on the block next to lane

    brendon, lane, enzo & matt CANNOT vote.
    hgs will have NO TIME to discuss votes!

    britney – will vote to evict ENZO
    ragan – will vote to evict ENZO
    kathy – will vote to evict LANE
    hayden – will vote to evict ENZO

    BAM!! :)

    enzo will go NUTS! “MOTHER FU*CKER”!!
    (CBS better keep their finger on the 7 second delay button) lol :)

    • I think Barney Fife would vote to evict Bozo, she has talked smack about him as well. I don’t trust anything she says.

    • why wouldnt matt be allowed to vote though?? not that his vote would really matter in that scenario.

      • matt does get to vote he is not HOH he simply has the DV..I nothing of a rule that says he cannot vote..and when he read what the power entailed it did not say he could not vote..

      • i could be wrong fly, but i think a hg who uses a “special power” forfeits their vote.. ?

        jeff didn’t get to vote when he used the coup de’tate —- did he?

      • Jeff VOTED…is s veto with extra he should get to vote..The regular veto holder when he or she uses it on themselves they get to vote..To my knowledge only Brendon Lane and the replacement can’t vote.

      • fly… according to this ‘piece of history’ – jeff DID NOT vote..

        Friday, Aug 14, 2009
        On yesterday’s “Big Brother” eviction show Jeff’s use of the Coup d’Etat meant a quick eviction for Jessie. Right before the houseguests were to vote out either Russell or Lydia, Jeff used his mystery power – the Coup d’Etat – and removed both nominees from the block. He replaced them with Jessie and Natalie and the voting commenced. Jordan, Kevin and Michele voted out Jessie while Russell and Lydia voted out Natalie.

    • Bozo won’t go all stupid if he is evicted. He is really just talk and no show. I do wish Bozo would control his potty mouth, only b/c he has a daughter might some day see the DVDs, that would be so embarrassing for him.

  26. Maybe a dumb ? but Matt using the DPOV won’t the newly nom hg bags not be packed and ready to go? Or will BBdo it for them? behind their back? i dont get it

  27. Matt, I am confused. I like the new format, but on this thread it states there are 113 replies, but in actuality there are only 36. Did I miss something?

  28. i like brendon but i want lane or hayden to britney dont need the money if they are as rich and perfect like she says

  29. 1. Brenden is the stalker you hope your daughter never meets.
    2. Enzo was cool until week 3 and started to show his true colors.
    3. Kathy is clueless or is she. How many clueless officers do you know
    4. Matt lied yes, but thats playing the game not the first won’t be the last to make up a lie (example: surviors Johnny FairPlay) that the rest of us feel is horrible.
    5. Hayden nice guy but no game play.
    6. Ragan is the classic gay man.
    7. Lane is playing the game but sometimes playing a smart game is to keep quit and listen. Lets see if it works.
    8. Britney great game player always knows what is going on. Keeps some form of communication (good or bad) open with the whole house. She will be one of the best female houseguest of all time.

    But this is just my opinion.

    • kykymom

      I agree with you on number 1, Brenda’s ex-fiances mother also said the same thing.

      2. Never liked Bozo, big mouth, not brains, but just wait, “he is going to step it up this week”

      3. Barney fife is very Clueless

      4. I aggree with you about Matt.

      5. I like Hayden and think he has some game play.

      6. Ragan, is an average gay man, (and I am gay so I can say that.)

      7. Lane is Lame, not smart at all

      8. I agree about Britney, but sometimes she talks to much.

      • I like your opinions. I can see Haydens game play but i just dont think it will work. Thats what i should have wrote.

    • I read an article the stated the difference between Johnny Fairplay and Matt. To paraphrase it: “JF had charisma and a character, while Matt (to be brutally honest) is a smug man who always touches himself”

      Also, Matt’s lie specifically said that money was needed for his poor wife. That means everybody thinks that if Matt doesn’t get money, his wife will go on without legs. Fairplay’s granny died, but he didn’t say anything like “the prize money is the only way i can afford a funeral.”

      I’m starting to ease up on Matt though. I’ve decided that if he nominates two Brig members, I’ll absolve him of his sins. ;)

  30. please guys, stop insulting Don Knots or his character barnie by compairing him to Kathy. He deserves better than that.

  31. so anyone know if matt has lost the dpov due to his constant hinting about a power? it should be taken away and he should go home!

    • not that we know of at this point, but he is walking a fine line. i think he should loose it in my opinion, that would cause more drama and get everyone off of the show is rigged thing.

  32. Britney flicks something onto Lane near his Crotch. He begs her to get it off of him, tells her its been 52 days just go near it lol

      • lol I know Lane’s funny, but I can’t help but notice that things are a lil too touchy feely with them. I wonder what her bf Nick at home is thinking when he sees this… And I don’t believe that Lane is Nick, I don’t believe anything the Sab has said to be truth, when it’s all been lies. But Lane still makes me laugh listening to him

    • if you watch bbad, (or the live feeds) she and him have an unusual relationship. there was a conversation about god, sex and getting married lastweek and she was really stretching her eyes at him. i wish i could remember what night it was. it was really odd. there was definatly a lot of subtle flirting and hinting going on. i think they are engaged. PLUS CBS has not “profiled” her finace’ yet. ususally by now they interview family and such… this season they are not, for a reason. :0)

    • things like this is what makes me think LANE is “NICK” !!

      (re: “life long friends – one male, one female” saboteur message)

      • If you noticed Brit wears a jacket with a peace sign on it and lane wears a hat with the same peace sign jmo

      • I posted this over an hour ago, and it shows as “pending”, so sorry if this is a repeat:

        if you watch bbad, she and him have an unusual relationship. there was a conversation about god, sex and getting married lastweek and she was really stretching her eyes at him. i wish i could remember what night it was. it was really odd. there was definatly a lot of subtle flirting and hinting going on. i think they are engaged. PLUS CBS has not “profiled” her finace’ yet. ususally by now they interview family and such… this season they are not, for a reason. :0)

  33. do you guys see the “PREVIOUS…1 2 3…” (page numbers) at the top/bottom of your screen for this topic?

    or is this the only page?

  34. MATT – ADMIN

    are “reply” comments INCLUDED in the “Responses” total?

    when i typed this message, there are “136 Responses” to this topic. but the number of original entries is only 45…

    please clarify.

    thank you

    • It’s including comments on comments.. :0) So if you are comment #12 for example, you need to scroll up to see if anyone commented on your original comment. It’s confusing, but keeps topics all together. i like it, it is growing on me!

  35. On the live feeds Brit is asking for Kelly Clarkson to be played at wake up.. I think they NEED to play “Since you’ve been gone” dedicated to Brendon on eviction day! That would be priceless! “I can breath for the first time, I am so better alone… yeah yeah, thanks to you, now I get what I want…”!!

    • Hey Trish, it’s tishe! I lrft a post for ya a few minutes go. The time I left it and the you posted it!! ABOUT 4 hours different!! OOPS, I have to pay more attention!

  36. Ok…
    A little “Mother Goose” rip-off, as a warm-up to BBAD tonight:

    Hey diddle diddle,
    Rag and Brenda will quibble,
    Enzo is such a big goon,
    Little Matt plots,
    Hayd and Kathy just float,
    Brit and Lane getting ready to spoon.

    • bratney’s on lane’s diddle
      brenda lost his fiddle
      matt’s a giant riddle
      ragina’s the crybaby in the middle
      if enzo and hay are on block,
      they may piddle
      and kathy can’t do anything but clean the griddle

      • We had Rico, Stoker and Sara etc. Rico, did I forget anyone?? Erin it is your turn!! Sorry folks, just got off work, a little bit of, like Spaced!

      • These yahoos had me in tears!!! I was laughing so hard!! It was BB related!! I wished I could quote it for ya!! I can not,alas!!

      • Matt is a Rat
        Lane ain’t the same but hes kinda a pain
        Brit is a twit she thinks shes the s**t
        Kathy the cop makes flops in all da comps
        Enzo Meow Meow Is a kitten who lost his mitten
        Hayden Im hatin hes not worth debatin

  37. Lane/Enzo at hammock. Enzo relaying what Matt said to him in CB room earlier…particularly about Matt saying how he’d vote for Brendon if Brendon made it to final two.

  38. what’s up with this?
    since WHEN are letters allowed in the bb house??

    maybe it’s SABOTEUR thing???

    8:31 PM: Ragan just snuck into the Taj and left a letter under Enzos pillow

    • Yes, it was a Sabo mission. The letter said “I know your secret.” The letter was provided by Production as part of the Sabo challenge for Ragan to complete.

    • good morning all!

      well… it looks like the hgs have decided that KATHY is the sab!


      4:27 AM Brit again says Kathy didnt pay attention to the sab msgs. Enzo says Kathy has never made his bed before. Brit says she went into Taj and Kathy was dusting the windows in there.

      4:29 AM Everyone going over the days timeline. Brit says Kathy was cleaning the room after sun down because she went in there for a blanketcause it was cold outside as it was night. She says the beds were made already
      Hayden and Lane say Kathy told them she made the beds pre sundown.

      4:31 AM They say Kathy is the ultimate floater. BB maybe picked her. Brit says she has no hope of winning anyway so she probably took it.They say all of Kathys double talk makes sense now.

      They mention Kathy saying she only wanted to make it to the Jury.

      They also say Kathy told everyone about the pretzel msg Rachel left that got Matt nominated. So maybe Kathy left that msg.

      Matt says omg thats right.

      They say Rachel gave her the key when Rachel came back so she had access

      4:33 AM They agree not to call Kathy out on it but to watch her. And try and catch her in the actMatt says the first question he is going to ask Rachel in the Jury house is if she made the pretzel msg.

      4:35 AM They wonder if America votes for what the Sab does. And if Kathy the Sab has control of her own votes

      4:35 AM They are joking about the offers BB maybe gave Kathy to accept the offer of becoming the sab

      4:36 AM Now they are saying the past 2 comps Kathy did exceptionally bad, even for her

      4:37 AM Now they are saying that for Kathy to be a sheriff she had to pass physical tests. And that it dosnt make sense that she is so weak here

      4:38 AM Kathy up gets water walks outside back in passes by everyone in CR and goes back to bed

      4:38 AM Matt says they came up with 10 reason to blame kathy quickly. Is it that obvious? Brit says they thought it was Rachel, that was Obvious.Rachel is like Andrew *they assumed Andrew to be the sab)
      And Kathy is like Annie (they didnt suspect her)

      4:39 AM Lane brings up Kathys late DR and that when she came back they asked her and Kathy said something about dead bodies and didnt answer them

      4:40 AM They wonder if they should tell Brendon. Enzo says he will because if a msg comes on the screen saying enzo has a letter he would look bad

      4:42 AM They are recaping on why they think its Kathy

      4:48 AM Matt says Kathy told him that Rachel gave her the HoH key to give to Brendon. BUT Brendon came back into the housefrom inside the HoH room so he wouldn’t need a key to get back into HoH. They wonder if Kathy lied about getting a key from Rachel and what really happened is BB opened the door for her so she could make a pretzel msg saying to nominate Matt.

      They also say its odd the BB says they didnt catch anyone making a pretzel msg then admitted they did see it. They say maybe the Sab got free reign and was allowed to do it.

      Matt says the DR said that it was an oversight and that in future seasons it wont be allowed.

      4:54 AM Britney says Rachel put socks in a funny position and Kathy saw it, so Kathy said that she thought Rachel was the Sab.Hayden says we need to watch her really carefully.
      Enzo says I want to know what my secret is. What could be my secret?

      Enzo says Kathy wasn’t feeding the fish so she was killing the fish too. Britney says she only became the sab a week ago so let’s calm down.

      They are all laughing.

      Hayden says what if she knew that if Annie left she knew she would become the sab.

      They are discussing the fact that Kathy had oddball votes. Britney says she has definitely thrown every competition (Kathy has)

      4:54 AM Britney teases Enzo and says Enzo lost the rope comp to the sab who was TRYING to lose the comp.Enzo says We tied! They are all laughing and teasing Enzo.

      4:56 AM Ragan is sitting quietly smiling. The rest think they should check the bowl against the writing and signatures.

      4:58 AM Enzo says there is a stain on the paper. Britney asks if it’s rootbeer.They all start laughing. Enzo thinks it’s chocolate cause she was eating chocolate earlier. Matt asks if it smells like smoke. Enzo says it doesn’t.

      Hayden: Everybody in the house would get out of bed if they knew the sab struck. They think that because she isn’t out of bed that it points to her completely.

      Hayden says every single night the lights are out when they get into bed but tonight the light was on in the bedroom. Enzo says she wanted us to find it.

      5:01 AM Matt says there was info that Kathy had but didn’t tell him until after the competition.Meaning the pretzel message. Britney says how did she know it was a pretzel message. Kathy says Rachel told her that. They don’t think it adds up. They don’t think Rachel would have wanted anyone to know that she did that.

      Britney doesn’t think it would make any sense that Rachel would tell Kathy the info about the message. They are sure that Rachel would have wanted it to be secret so no one found out about it.

      Enzo: F! I got sabotaged!

      5:06 AM Lane thinks that Kathy has taken Rachel’s spot as the sab.Britney thinks that she does was BB tells her to (in regard to the sab) .. Enzo wonders what she will do this week in regard to the votes.

      Lane and Britney think American tells her what her vote should be.

      Enzo: Now we have physical proof that there IS a sab.

      They are ripping on Kathy basically saying she is the sab and doesn’t even know that she is. They are saying she is oblivious to everything that goes on around her.

      Matt: Imagine if she’s not and how bizarre her actions are.

      Enzo: Well if it’s not Kathy then it’s one of yous.

      Enzo: Could it be BB doing this?

      Matt: No, too much has been done for it to be BB.

      Ragan: No, cause they aren’t going to have someone sneak through the house and film it.

      Britney: Her next act of sabotage is putting a piece of paper and a sharpie in someones stuff to make them look bad.

      Enzo: She’s creeping me out.

      5:10 AM Now they’re all joking about watching everything Kathy does:

      She washed a dish twice, why did she do that? She folds the towels weird, why does she do that? etc.

      Britney says, Good talk guys but I’m going back to bed.

      They all split up and head back to bed. Enzo and Matt are in the bathroom, and Enzo shows Matt the letter and says I have proof, there is a stain. It proves it’s authenticity.

      Enzo goes into the room with Lane and Lane asks if he can see it. They wonder what the stain is. Enzo says it looks more like sauce. Oooh, she had pizza today! Then Enzo says She was cleaning up today that’s why it doesn’t smell like smoke!

      Matt says this whole thing pisses him off and it’s a big load of *****.

      Lane says I would rather get sabotaged by Annie than Kathy.

      Matt says he got dupped big time.

      5:15 AM Matt, Lane, Enzo, and Ragan are in the bathroom saying that maybe they should get rid of Kathy now instead of Brendon.

      They are cracking themselves up about getting rid of the sab. They are saying that her DR sessions are long because she can’t remember what BB tells her to do. They are bashing her big time while laughing at the same time.

      The boys decide that the code Enzo uses is what the note was about! Matt says, that’s totally it, that’s what it is.

      Now they don’t want to sleep in the same room with her.

      5:15 AM The boys all split up and head to their respective bedrooms.Enzo: Yo, the saboteur struck!

      5:17 AM They’re all in bed going to sleep now.

      5:22 AM BB House is all quiet now, as the HGs are all finally in bed and sleeping.

      Sorry, Hayden was in there too.

      Enzo says this is crazy, you don’t know what she’s going to do now. Matt thinks it’s America’s vote and she won’t have a choice but to vote the way America tells her to.

      • oops! while pasting this conversation, i misplaced the last two sentences of the post:

        “Sorry, Hayden was in there too.

        Enzo says this is crazy, you don’t know what she’s going to do now. Matt thinks it’s America’s vote and she won’t have a choice but to vote the way America tells her to.”

        was actually a part of the first 5:15 AM exchange between matt, ragan, lane & enzo in the bathroom.

        sorry! :)

    • since side alliances had formed between matt/regen lane/brit.. since no one believes matt only won a dollar from pb… since enzo and hay realizing that Matt is the head of the snake and he needs to be gone.. And matt being completely frustrated that the guys, mostly enzo, aren’t pulling their weight in comps

      • lol i don’t care what they say about bren, they can bring on every jilted ex gf to talk smack and i will STILL lick whip cream off every inch of him! lol

      • Yeah but I don’t want Rachel’s sloppy seconds (EWWWW) !!! Brendon would need a doctors note first..Not to be rude to Rachel, she just doesn’t come off as that clean ya know what I mean…lol

      • I would not touch that boy with a ten foot pole!! I saw what he did!!!!! Who knows where rake’s mouth has been!!! Oh Yeah!!

      • I think with a clean bill of health I would date him!!! Saying Rakes mouth lol super funy lmfao what a diss!!!!Ouch!!! :0

      • I must be tired cuz I am spelling like s**T lol I meant funny not funy and I meant DA bomb not do bomb I sound like Homer Simpson and God knows how many more typos I made but what ever… so Gnite

    • licking whipped cream of Brendon…lmao…great start to the day…coffee puke in my mouth

  39. Britney mocking the BB voice “Britney plese do not obstruct your microphone” etc.

    lol c’mon bratney, pull a chima!

  40. OMG! Kathy is a grown woman, working in law enforcement and she is such a Trouble Maker!

    I hope her co-workers are watching her behavior and her threats of violence and boot her off the Sheriff Department. She has threatened to hit/punch/shoot ( even saying she wished she had her gun on her) etc etc…Many times over the weeks. If it was ANY other person and she was called out on a call were violence has been involved what would HER JOB make her do?

    Even though she has not done anything…a threat is a threat. And what is it called in law enforcement?

    • lol omg i can’t stand Kathy! last night, she was talking about her late grandmother and said she wished she could remember her last few years better but the chemo erased 7 years of her memories. …wtf?!?!?! I’ve never heard of chemo doing that!

      • Sara chemo does not erase memory, it erases other stuff but not your memory! Kathy is full of elephant dung! She is a desk cop!!

      • Sadly, ALMOST every family member I have lost has been to Cancer and even in their last hours ( like my grandma ) she knew each of us, and her Memory remained in tact.

        I didn’t hear Kathy saying that about her memory…

        If the HG’s got rid of Kathy & Britney we could Actually watch BB and more Game talk and plotting instead of Britney & Kathy’s elementary school rantings on Brendon and Rachel.

        If you have noticed on BBAD, Ragan stopped Britney from her ranting on Brendon…..he did the same just now with Kathy in the room with the fish. Ragan just wants away from it now…I think his eyes have been opened this last week to his own behaviors and he isn’t proud of who has been looking back in the Mirror.

    • Maybe I’ve went ‘Bonkers’ knowing what her job is. I know Many who work in law enforcement, and though no one is perfect, you do need to watch what you say and how you behave. Set an example??

      The only example I am getting from her is she wants to start and stir a pot of crap. Rachel was a poor sport and over dramatic but she is young and immature. Kathy a Mother should know better…UGH

      • i think the pills she keeps poppin are making her believe she actually has weight around the house because she got lucky she’s still in the house…Of course, she NEVER knows what’s going on the hg’s make fun of her daily. Maybe when she’s watching the episodes she’ll see what a freakin loser she is on the show and that her attitude at times was no better than Rachel’s or Ragina’s..

  41. Is there any way we can petition CBS and BBAD to turn Enzo’s microphone off when he’s eating?

  42. One for our Spanish-speaking friends out there:

    Brendon refers to la cucaracha
    I guess he misses his muchacha
    When it’s his time to go
    The other houseguests, you know
    Will “da le vuelo a la hilacha”

    And…. one just for you tishe:

    In the sea, there are plenty of fish
    But none as seductive as tishe
    I don’t know her for real
    But her spirit I feel
    And it sounds like she’s a hot dish!

  43. BB asks them to do something and the boys respond… (FUNNY!!) Less…
    They are all sort of yelling into the sky (as if BB can’t hear them and is in the sky…lol)

    Enzo says something about them using big words (adjecent) offends him.

    Someone says “we don’t understand what you’re saying”

    Matt says “leave a compass in the storage room”

    and (refering to the word adjacent) Lane says “no one named Jason even lives here”

    OMG lane, you’re a riot!!

    • ITA! I tried to rewind it to hear it again, and it is not letting me. :0( I could not even understand what BB said, but Layne cracked me up!

    • lane is too weird for science, but I like him!! I am pulling for him!! Are you a brenda fan too?

      • I ammmm a Brenda fan, lol. But i think we can call him Brendon now, he got his balls back after Rachel left.. lol I like Brenchel at first until I realized she wasn’t playing very smart being emotional and just looking for vengeance. But she got one thing right, she never liked matt from day one and told bren that. I like him better w/o rachel now. He’s very nice eye candy :) Too bad I don’t see him winning this unless enzo and hay keep bren in their back pocket for a while longer and get matt out!

    • Sare, et al. I have house bound for years due to depression, you all make me smile, and even chuckle out loud with your comments and sonnets. Thank you. Am smiling in this moment tnk ta ya.

    • lol I don’t know if Ragina needs therapy after BB12 or what. He always acts like he’s been traumatized by Bren, can’t even hear Bren’s name, he starts freakin out and having a mental break down.

      • Hey Sara, there is a town up in Canada B.C. (I think) ragina, but it is pronounced different! Any of our Canadian peeps want to help on this??

      • All my gay friends are way more solid then Regan he gives gays a bad name by acting like that!!!

      • he does! And rachel even told ragen that in their blowout! I love gay guys, my gay friends are hilarious, but Ragina is…totally a lil girl having a nervous break down.

        lol tishe, He’s a total r(v)agina…

      • Hi Tishe, It is in Saskatchewen, Canada. It sounds just like:
        ridge-eye-na. When I 1st moved to Canada I told my mom that they have a town named (v)igina LOL!!

  44. Lane is absolutely cracking me up!

    “I’m tired of being a cockroach… I want to be a rat or something. How much meaner is a rat than a cockroach?”

    And his dialogue with Britney when cracking her back?…. Hilarious!

    • That was funny. She asks if he is gonna pop her back and he says yeah turn around and take your top off.

    • Oh – so you can reply to a specific post – nice but it’s way too hard to run through the flow of the posts – ya know.

      But I do agree Rico – Lane can be very funny!

    • did something go down tonight with the house and brendon? they were all mocking him (whats new, I would be too!), esp. enzo (aka monkey, gonzo, inko etc..) until he came out to play pool about 30 minutes ago on the feeds….

      can we call Enzo… “Enzo’da’line” (end of the line) because he is at the end of his stay HOPEFULLY this week!

    • Then “drop your pants” and if something pokes you, it’s been awhile! THAT is why I think Brit and Lane are ENGAGED! I wrote all about it on page one, but my post is still “pending approval” an hour later. :0(

      • Yup, it’s actually becoming quite obvious. First, he said take your top off, and then the popping thing and said I heard it before :-) If they aren’t a couple, they sure do flirt with one another ALOT !

      • No No. I’ve seen pics of Nick, he’s def nothing like Lane.. Frat boy type, Polo. Khakis. Sperrys & a Northface

    • this was my favorite comment from lane tonight:
      Britney flicks something onto Lane near his Crotch. He begs her to get it off of him, tells her its been 52 days just go near it lol

  45. Hey what has happened to the posts! I’ve been gone a few days and I can’t figure out sh*t

    • Welcome back, Sterling!

      Yeah, the format takes some getting used to.

      It’s pretty good when following one line of thought, but I still haven’t found a good way of finding the MOST RECENT posts…

    • Hi Sterling Darling! They made it mo’ better I will let you know , as soon as I figure it out!! I went back a page to read Erin 25’s rhyme rap” I got lost!! Oh Erin, that was great! I’m smiling!! It’s not stupid!

      • Hi – Tishe – how ya been. I see Rico sent you a nice rhyme – very cool. The game it gettn’ interesting – Thursday COULD be a great day if Matt does something unexpected.

      • Hey Sterling, missed you! Thought you jumped ship when rake left the game!! tee-hee. I think Rico is a the future of the BBN! My Darling, Matt will do the one thing to keep himself in the game, that is, screw all in his way!!

    • matt is working on this new format. it’s more like his app for the phone. you can comment right to the post.

      • Hey Kristi! So, do you like it?? It is a little different! I am lost! I am new on this computer thing. I just had the last format figured out! Now, I am Alice Lost in BBN!!!!

  46. Another one thats in “pending” I guess b/c i refer to, well, I cant say or it will be pending! LOL! I posted this over an hour ago, but it cracks me up!

    Brit is asking for Kelly Clarkson to be played at wake up.. I think they NEED to play “Since you’ve been gone” dedicated to Brendon on eviction day! That would be priceless! “I can breath for the first time, I am so better alone… yeah yeah, thanks to you, now I get what I want…”!!

    • Jennifer, c’mon now… you’ve got our curiosity up about what you refer to.

      Let us in on the secret! Try putting it in quotes so it won’t get flagged (like when typing the words “live feeds”).

      • l i v e f e e d s is exactly what is getting me flagged! I did not know that there was a trick to getting it through.

      • who me?! never!! LOL! no I was talking about

        b. b. l i v e f e e d s

        I guess even though its an approved l i n k it sent it into pending. i guess I need to be more sly like when everyone “wasn’t” exchanging email adddys lastweek!

      • That is funny!! You need to be up there with “rap rhymes” ask Rico and Sara and Erin25, they will tell ya!! Make it about the BB houseguests!

      • Ok… this was a reply to #20. But now it isn’t doing it, AND it made this one a new post…hmmmm?

      • Ok, I think I’ve got it….

        Anyone replying to tishe’s origingal message that she “rigged” to be last (or replying to a repy of it) will go to the bottom.

        “New” posts will go right before it (the “potty mouth” message).

      • Thanks a lot, tishe, for breaking the website with your “potty mouth” post….

        Does anyone know if Enzo found the saboteur message under his pillow?

      • I think I’ll have to check out -this is just too confusing – maybe tomorrow it’ll make sense again. I’ll be around for the BIG showdown though… I wouldn’t miss it!

      • @Breezin (#45)… Certainly, Enzo’s incredibly, ubelieveably, loud smacking is partially due to the mic being right there. However, all the houseguests have the mic right there and Enzo is BY FAR the worst!

      • My “Breezin” reference above started at #45 and is now over #50…

        Ok…. goodnight all. Gotta go, the site is driving me nuts. See you tomorrow!

      • @Rico you’re right about Enzo & the mic vs the other HG’s. Maybe they won’t film him while he is eating anymore. It is most annoying. And as I said (being the idiot I am) I even tried to eat loud just to annoy myself and Enzo has me beat. LOL

      • What song represents which houseguest:

        Brendan: Kelly Clarkson – “Since You’ve Been Gone”

        Matt: The Devinels (sp?) – “I Touch Myself’

        Lane: dont know the band/ singer but he ties with Kathy and those good ol “Dueling Banjo’s”!

        Enzo: the WHOLE “Greese” Soundtrack!

        (lets see where it lands now!) I think Rico, Trish and I are breaking the website!

      • Jennifer… I think you broke it again!

        How did you not get the “duplicate message” on this one?

      • I didnt break it!! ;0)~ I wonder if the site has unleashed the Big Brother Netwrk Monkey sabatour on us tonight!

      • Stay within the format, while you are doing that,give us one more for the road!!
        @ Trish it doesn’t work,tee-hee

      • MEOW! MEOW! Really?? I really think you are a one heck of a BB fan! Enzo? Let us hope that he has more balls than he has a nose!! Sorry, that is all I got!

      • Enzo is funny…the only bad comment (if you want to call it that) is about his eating. It did aggravate me, but I remembered he does have a mic right there. I doubt if we were eating together we could hear him that loud. I am such an idiot I have sat here chewing and smacking my lips and it isn’t that loud. So i figure it’s the mic

      • how did my reply post #30 at 1:23 show up before your post #31 at 1:22??? things that make you go hummm… i think I am having a kathy moment!

      • Yea – I noticed that too – she had the last post (at 1:03) for like ten minutes! I guess you gotta know somebody.

    • Yes – but I’m so not liking this format – posts don’t even go into the correct time slot. I’m not a fan.

      • I know, I posted a comment to Trish! Wrong page and 4 hours later!! I can stay on top of it, if I stay with the replies, I then miss the comments..I am getting addicted!! It will be ok!! Rico wants Enzo to stop eating while his mic is on! I guess he is somewhat of a pig!!

      • I agree and wonder if his sooo sick and dying wife thinks the same! I can make that joke, because I have a slow killing disease! (Lupus)

      • Maybe Matt’s wife is really his sister and he and Ragan are really a couple so his marriage is really the big lie?

  47. The daily Ragen crying session is getting to me. I mean every freakn’ day? Don’t they run some kind of mental tests on these folks before they let them on this freak show? – he needs some serious help.

    • No, if they did, they prob. wouldn’t have a show!! The only sane people I know that would make it on this game, I’m talking to them right now!! I mean, posting with them!

  48. Awww kathy rubbing cry baby regans back, what a joke they are. I’d be ambarrassed if I was regan.

    When will brit start acting like an adult.

    Why does kathy tattle tail so much.

    • sean I AGREE 110% about Kathy & Bratney…I say get rid of those 2 and let the BB game Finally begin!! I am sick of the childishness

  49. Kathy – Paaleeese stop with the “oh woe is me” “I’m so drained by two people”. She was drained the day she walked in the house!

  50. Hi guys long time no read, had to change my name, thier was an-other chris, and they were saying how much they liked britney, so change my name it was easyer. Did you hear that hayden told enzo not to say anything to matt that might give them away, as hayden believe’s that matt has a special power that can save, Now get this because matt has been talking so much about one, was to go matt.

  51. @ Rico, and Sterling, are you guys there? I bet BBN is getting a kick out of this!! It works sometimes and then it doesn’t! They,BBN, has had a record ## of comments! They can not handle it!

  52. Two Questions I have:

    1) Does anyone know if Matt will be eligible to vote once he uses the DPOV and names a replacement nominee?

    2) If he cannot vote, and the vote is a tie (e.g., 2 votes to evict Lane, 2 to evict Kathy), does Brendon or Matt break the tie?

    Any1 know? :)

    • Q #1 – there is a difference of opinion around here on this, but i don’t think matt can vote because he will be using a “special power” to change the noms.

      Q #2 – i don’t know about this one – GREAT question!
      but my guess would be that brendon would cast the tie vote.

      • Matt needs to put up Hayden and Enzo that way Brendon will have to send one of them home :)

  53. What song represents which houseguest:

    Brendan: Kelly Clarkson – “Since You’ve Been Gone”

    Matt: The Devinels (sp?) – “I Touch Myself’

    Lane: dont know the band/ singer but he ties with Kathy and those good ol “Dueling Banjo’s”!

    Enzo: the WHOLE “Greese” Soundtrack!

  54. Nope but I am glad, when you reply to a post it goes back to the top and you read posts more than once. I hope the reply is gone unless it stayes in it’s original order.

  55. (Since the page glitched, I’m re-submitting my earlier comment)

    Two Questions I have:

    1) Does anyone know if Matt will be eligible to vote once he uses the DPOV and names a replacement nominee?

    2) If he cannot vote, and the vote is a tie (e.g., 2 votes to evict Lane, 2 to evict Kathy), does Brendon or Matt break the tie?

    Any1 know? :)

    • @DD Yes, he can vote,
      unless BBN changes the game!#2Idk, we will see when BBN changes the game

      • tishe – are you sure matt can vote? i believe the user of a “special power” forfeits their vote?
        i know jeff didn’t get to vote last year when he used the coup d’tat…..

  56. There was a wo named brit
    she had no clue
    she acquired some wit!
    I will botox my lip
    never quit!
    I have a role model
    her name is rake
    I will take after her
    that is all it takes!
    Go to bed with whip boy
    he is used to it
    he is a toy!
    I will win Lane
    he is my new game
    Kathy, the sloth
    is she really a cop?
    I give up!

  57. Add an accent and BrAtney being soooo nasal would sound like the actress Fran Dresher and yet brAtney can’t stand looking at Brendon’s thighs? He has his shorts pulled up hanging with Kathy at the hot tub. I guess Brendon should know to run up to the HoH room and put on his trunks to put his legs in the hot tub…

    Lord above, bratney just looks for random things to bust on him about. I couldn’t think up half the stuff she does pick at someone (behind their backs)about.

    Now here we go— Kathy after talking to Brendon at the Hot Tub is running her mouth to Lane about her hate of Brendon. She just wants him to go…she is telling Lane that brendon is wanting drama. Sorry my hearing must be really baaaad. I never heard any such thing from Brendon

  58. Wow, and that is all they wrote!! They are a really bunch of good writers!! Quite the imagination, tenacity, and creative writing! They have passion for a simple social experiment! These posters know this game like the back of their hand! BBN, you folks must be taking most of this and making it part of “Your World” I would. CHA-CHING!

  59. I don’t watch the 24/7 live feeds. Why has Kathy been moping around for the past couple days? She seems to be keeping to herself a lot more lately.

  60. Enzo eating like a pig, Brit or someone flicking boogers on or near Lane’s junk, Matt groping his tool like Al Bundy, Kathy soaking up the suds with Brendon….and Regina being a lil bish…5 more reasons NOT to ever pay for live feeds. lmao

  61. What was with Lane commenting that the HOH contest with rain, mud, chicken feathers, rope, etc was like a Saturday night back home??

    where is he from…Dog Patch?? Goober Town, TX or what??

    this joker needs to get out more…

  62. The brigade wants to evict Matt? The guy who has been saving their you know what every week. Let’s all sing together “How dumb they are.” If they side with Brendon, they will be gone in short order, but I guess they are too dumb to see that either. Please, please evict Ragan soon. I can’t take too much more of that whiny little weasel.

    • makes sense for them to evict him for that reason …if he is winning (as is Britney, POV wise anyhow), you wanna eliminate them so you have a chance to win. If you can’t win anything (Enzo, Lane, Kathy, Regan etc), you need to get rid of people who can so the shot at winning can be between the perpetual losers.

  63. i don’t watch the live feeds because my husband and i watch the show together but i just wanted to say that i am soo happy that rachel is not on the show anymore…i think she cried more than jen did and it was getting very annoying to watch her every week crying over everything. i love ragan as the sabateur and i can’t wait to see what happens with the enzo’s note ( i cheated and read what happens when it comes on tonight).

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