Big Brother 12 Shocker: Rachel Returns to the House

Note: I’m keeping this post up top again today so no one misses the huge news!

Hang on to your butts! Pandora’s Box has struck again and with it comes the return of recently evicted Rachel into the Big Brother 12 house!

At 2:58PM BBT (Saturday) the live feeds returned to a square shot of Rachel, back in the house, staring down Ragan as he says, “you’re an absolute joke.” Oh the drama picks right back up where she left off! Ragan storms off and Rachel begins challenging the other HGs. Rachel is angry with Britney for her goodbye-message which Britney says was very nice and Rachel argues “was really bitchy.” The weird thing is Brendon appears to be missing from the house!

Rachel is giving them bits of info that she’s received from the world. Everyone is anxious to hear about what’s going on out there. If she was smart then she’d start making things up to protect Brendon and throw his enemies (everyone else) under the bus. Let’s keep watching to see how she handles this opportunity.

Get on your live feeds right now to see what’s happening. Word is that Rachel is back in the game but for just 24 hours so you definitely don’t want to miss a minute! If you’re new to the live feeds then grab the free trial to start watching.

What do you think of Rachel’s return? Glad to see her back? Ready for her to go?

Update: So it appears that Brendon is trapped in Pandora’s Box for 24 hours while Rachel is in the house. Some kind of cruel trick on him that she could return if he opened it but he didn’t know that he’d never see her. For the last 10 minutes Rachel has been hitting the door screaming, “no one comes between me and my man!” Okay, just kidding about that last part, but it sounded like it could happen, right?

Update 2: Ragan and Rachel are going all out on the live feeds! Flashback to 6:15PM BBT!! She snarkily offered him “soft, gooey” cookies (yes, she was baiting him) and he started chewing her out. Does he forget she’s a jury vote? These are going to be the best 24 hours of the season and you can watch it all live & uncensored!

Update 3: Rachel and Britney start a fight in the backyard. Flashback to 11:53PM BBT. Rachel told Enzo that Britney thinks he’s the Saboteur and Rachel calling Britney out over it. Lots of anger here! Oh, and it seems Rachel is telling the truth.

Update 4: It appears that Rachel has left the building as of Sunday 12PM BBT. But don’t worry if you missed the excitement because you can rewind it all on Flashback! Brendon has returned to the BB12 house and it sounds like he had a mini-vacation.

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  1. This really is a joke, BB must be doing it for ratings, don’t they realize we hate Rachael, not love to hate her.

  2. NO WAY!

    guess we know who matt’s sending home this week….if he useses his DPOV.

    im DYING to see the live feeds

  3. pathetic.

    i love for the drama, but she is so pathetic.

    in MY opinion she was and still is as she proved today the ABSOLUTE worse in the house within the last couple of seasons.

    she is awful. GOOD COMPETITOR, but she played the game horrifically on a interaction level.

    no question about it.

    i like enzo, but dang he is rattling off at the mouth. throwing EVERYONE under the bus.

    i guess it doesnt truly matter, whats rachel gonna do?

    im pulling for britney to make it this week, i really am i hope she can, but she will go up. enzo and the ENTIRE brigade will be in brendon’s ear, and he will do what they say, put up britney.

    britney is gone. but dang man. she deserves to go far, but what u “deserve” is different than what u get in the BB

  4. omg..Rachel is in the house for 24 hours and will not be able to see Brendon because he open the Pandora box. Rachel is yelling at Britney.

  5. Why are the people of BB insisting that we deal with Rachel……..AGAIN??? I was happy to see her go and really really pissed off she is back.

  6. My prediction??

    Ragan will use Veto to remove himself from the block.
    Brendan will then put up replacement, likely Matt or Brittany. Matt uses DPOV to remove a nominee and put Rachel on chopping block. Houseguests evict Rachel. AGAIN. Lol.

  7. i think brit will go this week (aww man) but as a guy, naturally im a BRIGADE fan.

    so within the Brigade i hope Hayden or Matt will win. if those two are in the final 2, then its going to be a toss up

  8. and how do we seriously think rachel is worse when she said

    “ur a bitch because caz ur gay”

    how can anyone defend that?

  9. i’m done! they gave her the boot thursday. big brother really screwed up this time!

  10. @Matt Rachel said she got her cell phone back. Isn’t that a link to the outside world and info could be gotten from others?

  11. NOOOOOO!!!! why oh why would they let that back into the house. the only ray of light is the fact that Brendon isn’t there with her, haha.

  12. omg im glad shes back even for 24 hours oh god what will happen :) everyones game is screwed :)

  13. OMG I can’t believe she is back I literally jumped up and down when she got voted off I have never hated a bb contestent as much as this annoying person. Really VIP waitress aka the worst hooker ever! Wonder how much money she got from Tiger.

    • Well aren’t you just a wonderful human being… And if you can’t tell that’s sarcasm. Everyone is allowed their favorites and didn’t your mother ever tell you if you don’t have anything that’s not misogynistic to keep your mouth shut! If you are a guy no wonder you never get laid and if you are a girl shame on you!! At the end of the day she is just as female and human as you

  14. Oh. My. God.

    >_>. Lets hope Brendon is stupid enough to put Matt as the replacing nominee, and then he uses the DPOV, and puts Rachel up to kill the cockroach.

  15. I’m with old granny. This is ridiculous! If she’s still here in 24 hours, I’m not watching any more. The best thing that ever happened to Big Brother was Rachel getting evicted. I can’t stand her whiny, sucky voice…..

  16. Oh man, not another 24 hours of “nobody comes between me and my man” Rachel. Good to be warned, I’ll have a barf bag near when I watch.

  17. marcus, sorry to tell but ragan is gay, and he is a bitch, and britney is getting what she asked for, All last week yall said ” rachel is getting what she asked for” So how is it differant now that it’s britney and ragan. I watched that thursday night and ragan’s and britney’s goodbye speech was anything but nice.

  18. I have never believed BB is rigged but now I’m not so sure. The game has changed ALOT since she left and now she will be able to tell Brendon what she wants done and we all know he listens to her. Just the fact that she knows Brendon is HOH should be against the BB rules. I thought the only info they get about the house is when they are joined by a evicted house guest. And she told Enzo she talked to someone about the blogs, seems unfair. I’m not sure what to do about BB, if I should continue to support them with my time on live feeds, CBS and BBAD. Thats alot of money to spend on 1 tv show.

  19. yayyy, rachel’s back!!! thanks BB!! i hope she makes them all crazy for getting between her and her man!!

  20. Give a rest people, she only back for 24hr’s She won’t be around for the veto ceremony or the live eviction, but you hate rachel so much you can’t see that.

  21. and I want to add, Rachael saw their DR room goodbys. So that alone should mean she shouldn’t be able to talk to ANYONE in the house except at the jury house.

    • She said on BBAD there were “certain things” she was to “tell” yeah screw over the whole house Rachel!!!!

  22. Rachel want’s to talk to HG up in the HOH as if she stll reigns that role.

    I wish the HG would take a stand and respond .. sure how does Monday/Tues work for you, Ms Thing???!!!!! :)

  23. Really? America last year loved Jeff and as hard as we wished for Pandora’s box to bring him back it didn’t yet one of the worst imature sleeziest house guest of Big brother history and they bring her back? Talk about going down the drain. Bring Kristen back too make it real interesting.

  24. on what day will we see this episode on tv? i dont have the live feeds so i wont be able to see it until then.

    my money at this point might be kathy taking it all. everyone sees he as weak and alothough she is a toss up at every nomination, nobody sends her home. and although she hasnt done anything neither has enzo or hayden or lane so she is just as deserving as those three.

    brendan is a bitch so he needs to leave. if matt didnt make that filthy lie up he would be my favorite. but i do think he is playing the best game.

    britney and ragan are my favorites

  25. Hahaha, oh the drama! BB Karma strikes again, suck it up Ragan and Britney. I was happy she was evicted but now even happier she gets to be back for 24 hours to drive Ray and Brit crazy. ;o)

  26. hahahahaaaaaa , she’s back , i’m glad for it. Britney really piss me off. i’m happy to hear Rachel is telling her off. (:

  27. @marcus…I haven’t commented this year because my life is too crazy to keep up with it! How are you doing? Boy, last year we didn’t agree much but I always enjoyed your posts. However, this year I totally agree with you! I love the brigade (and I’m a girl, lol) but Enzo is kind of bugging me now and I am a huge Enzo fan. However, I love Britney because she is sooo funny. I don’t want to see her go. I hope Matt uses the Diamond Power of Veto and puts up Kathy. That would keep Ragan, Brit and the Brigade happy.

  28. OMG I hate Rachel! She is the most annoying houseguest ever!!! But this is going to lead to some interesting drama for Sundays episode!

  29. Okay, Rachel in the house for 24 hrs. Brendon is locked up somewhere – what good (or bad) could this do for the game as a whole. I don’t see BB’s point in this. On another note – I see Ragan using POV to take himself off, Matt goes up and then uses the DPOV, and then Britney goes up and goes to JH. Wouldn’t a week of just Briney and Rachel be hilarious!!! That’s my prediction.

  30. 24 hours 24 minutes even 24 seconds is too much. I watched bbad last night and I really want to see Enzo back doored. He lets everyone do the work and then dictates their strategy….Yes I guess that is his game but I am still disgusted with him.

  31. i wonder what brendon got for opening pandora’s box??? it has to be something good since he unleashed something considered bad (rachel)for the other house guests. maybe brendon got a power that’s greater than matt’s dpov. hmmm… interesting.

  32. This is pure bull!!!!

    Rachel had her chance. They only did this because Brendon won HOH.

    She is the most annoying nd selfish person I’ve ever seen, and she dug her own grave… Now they just throw her back in, give me a break!!!

    If any other houseguest had left last week, they would not be back in right now.

    Big Brother is trying to control the game, and that is utter crap!!!!!

    • Really, the most annoying & selfish? Meet my ex bff, who almost destroyed my family by spilling crap to my ex, & my mom, non of her buzzy-ness, & won’t admit it was her fault, just because we disagree & she was “approached” for info..that is spoiled & selfish..yet I forgave 7yrs later & she still is playing games..

  33. I’m glad she’s back but they should have waited until next week because Matt is going to use his DPOV to get her out :(

  34. Rachel is the biggest narcisist (sp) BB has ever casted (IMO)and that is saying alot! It is crap they brought her back. I don’t think it has anything to do with Brendon winning HOH tho because Julie mentioned during Rachel’s interview Thursday night. I cannot stand her voice or laugh, ugh.

    • Thank you for showing your dislike in a way that doesn’t perpetuate the hateful way women are treated if they act remotely like an adult with every right to augment your body and have sex if they want to. I agree she is VERY narcissistic, but she could also have low self-esteem.. Who knows? I also agree that even as a fan her voice did get sharp at

  35. I dont usually comment but had to now. I cant believe how rigged this show is. Come on Rachel back in the house??? Big brother did that on purpose because of Brendon. Cant they just leave the show how its supposed to be. Plus this has to be the most pathetic cast ever. you dont even see half of them . Yoy never see lane hayden and enzo cause they have no peronality. Its just a complete bomb

  36. nobody brings the drama and excitement to BB like rachel!!

    all you rachel haters must admit that.

    the “WACKADE” –enzo, lane, matt and hayden are a boring, cocky bunch of idiots.

    and britney and ragan are negative and dispicable.

    bring the fire, rachel!! give ’em hell, girl!!

  37. @ lanefan # 20, Tiger wouldn’t give that woman the time of day, & he’s pretty low call himself. No one would pay 50 cent’s for her at a garage or yard sell. She is bone ass ugly.

    • Please see my response to lanefan… As it now also pertains to you. Stop attacking women on that type of personal level it makes YOU a nasty mean person!

  38. So i wonder what all she is supposed to do for the 24 hours? maybe just to stir stuff up. Hopefully she figures out the brigade so the house knows..

  39. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. . .except herpes. . .that will follow you all the back to the BB house!

  40. This is a stupid thing for CBS to do, takes the enjoyment out of a reality program. This is a control sitcom. I don’t watch sitcoms, their silly, stupid and this is questioing our intelligence. See they changed their minds on the early voted out guests, they think the ratings are because we like Rachel; no its because we wanted to see the Bitch go and enjoyed her misery and crying. What a let down. CBS BB sucks!

  41. when will they air the episode with rachel in the house. i dont have live feedss so i cant watch it.

    go britney!

  42. Just think everyone thought that the only way Rachel would come back into the house to stay…was AllStars!

  43. Does Rachel know that Ragan is the saboteur? If so then that means that CBS and Big Brother are violation FEDERAL law in how game shows are operated. Why? Because it means that she has an unfair advantage. Where’s Brendon during this time and what is BB telling him? Unfair advantages which is against the LAW yet nothing will be done about it.

  44. i know…Enzo is throwing everyone under the bus…Ragan just won the POV, and will obviously save himself,the brigade is already starting to throw matt under the bus, i say it’s time for him to align himself with Brit and Ragan who are competitors and actually do something and take everyone else out,he is already fed up, if Matt finds out they threw him under the bus, he may use the DPOV and make them choose ‘tween Enzo and Lane, that would be game changing, i think it’s time for Matt to align himself with his BFFs and dump those lazy asses

    • She said I’ll miss your hair extensions and then did her fake Rachel” tequila! Dollar bills! Vegas” something like that. Bitchy but not game changing

  45. This move is really unfair considering she got to hear the goodbye messages. It’s really a sad day when a HG is brought back for being an ultra annoying, broke ass Linsay Lohan wannabe. Shame on you CBS, you whoremongers. *I don’t want to live on this planet anymore*

  46. I think this is great that Rachel gets to come back for 24 hours and stir up all the trouble she wants. I really hope she knows about the brigade and gets that information out there. I thought that this was suppose to be a two person elimination? If Rachel is somehow replacing Brendon for 24 hours as HOH, she can’t be evicted. Didn’t Chenbot say that this will be a double elimination? No one is talking about that anymore. What happened?

  47. @ 49, hum ,hum it’s funny, I’ll admit that Rachel’s a whore, & I think it’s funny that she came back for 24 hours, bet she got all excited thinking she was a sure thing back in the house. But don’t understand why they { BB } is playing with her head like that. ” Don’t they know she is crazy already now. I bet she thinks she is going to win something. Maybe they brought her back so she could win some of those ugly ass cloths they give away each year, puke-puke. She did say she really wanted that, after all bb has treated her like gold. pukeing again. This is so wrong of bb to do this, & i,m one that well not look to watch next year. I,m going to watch Nancy Grace, now that’s a real drama queen, & she has breaking news & bomb shell’s everynight without fail, & hell she is the only woman is the world that has given birt & knows how to be ” THE PERFECT MOTHER ” Breaking News Tonight, I was ” Mother of the month in 1976, but please don’t tell Nancy grace !! She’ll cry herself to death.

  48. i really think kathy is going to make it to final 2 becuase:

    1. she isn`t involved in drama so she isn`t really a target. people are playing personal in this game.

    2. she is always an option come nomination yet people always say “she can go next weekk”

    3. honestly i hate that kathy haters who say she is weak. if this is true then so is lane hayden and enzo. with the exception of hayden(and it was just pure luck) neither have one comp and are useless.

  49. You know it doesn’t matter if Rachel knows about Regan being the Sab. because isn’t this the last week??

  50. I hate that Rachel came back….but I’m so glad Ragan won the POV…I wish Brenden would get some balls and put up Enzo because he hasn’t done anything in the house just talk…He is the biggest “Floater” in the house, Kathy is a better player than him….vote lazy Enzo out already….

  51. Heres what BB shud have done. Brendon opens Pandoras Box. This causes the HoH room to be locked and Rachel comes out. He thinks its great get to spen d alone time with Rachel; and boom his ex fiance walks out and for 12 hrs all 3 are locked in then Brendon has to leave and for 12 hs rachel and her are in it.

  52. I thought I was going to get to enjoy BB now that the BITCH was gone, There enough trash on T.V. now without BB adding more to it. I can’t stand to even look at her, but I love BB, so I guess I’ll have to put up with her a little longer. Please someone put her in the garbage where she belongs.

  53. They started out with one less person in the bb house this year, a guy walked out just before the show, so if they let two go this week or any week bb well be one week ahead of players.!!! Remember ? Now I could be wrong but julie was telling about it on the early show when bb started in july.

  54. You know that having Rachel come back into the house for only 24 hours has never happen to another houseguest before. How lucky for Rachel. I think that Big Brother let her come back is because she is a big fan of Big Brother.

  55. Rachel is only back for 24 hours while Brendon is trapped somewhere…then when the 24 hours is over, Brendon will come back.

  56. #1) I find it amazing that since “The Roach” left, everyone has calmed down, they’re competing without

    #2) There is somewhat of a disadvantage to everyone left, especially with her listening to the “Good-Bye” messages.

    #3) Thank GOD it’s ONLY for 24 hours! (Which is still TOO much!)

    Finally, is the HE/SHE gone yet?

  57. so let me get this straight……rachel is only back for 24s and back to the jury house she goes????

  58. Drama, Drama, Drama…….love that CBS brings back Rachel who’s one of the most hated HG of all time! (Actually, I think Rachel has made this season’s BB)….. Would enjoy Matt being put on the block and unveiling the DPOV showing he’s in no alliance, but as he’s said over and over, “Im in alliance with Stacy, (you know his sick wife). But, what sucks is he chooses the replacement! Ugh!! Maybe Ragan will cry happy tears knowing Matt’s safe…. Hopefully the Boogade becomes suspicious of old Mighty Mouse. And I agree with Arias, Ragan sab moves were dull and unworthy of the 20k!

    • Don’t speak for everyone, there are a lot of people who like her. I like drama, who wants to watch people being nice and friendly. Atleast she says what she thinks, unlike everyone else, who talks behind everyones back.

  59. I agree with #71 Enzo is a floater. He does nothing but talk, talk, talk…..He is dumb as a box of rocks. He is so lucky that he was added to an alliance such as the Brigade–whom has only survived thus far because of Matt. If it werent for the Brigade, Enzo would be long gone. I hope Matt ends up the winner & I hope he finds out about how they (the Brigade) are thinking of getting him out and makes a move to start a new alliance. Thank God Rachel is only there for 24 hrs. I don’t think I can take her & Brendan together in the house again….

  60. BB is getting sicker & sicker by the minute. What happened to the way it use to be huh ? I miss the good thing’s, the family talks around the bb table, watching them cook, & yes they all talked behind each others back, but not like this. I think the only PERFECT LADY in the bb house was ” Hollywood ” & George was the perfect gentleman. That’s what I would like to see. Eddie kept ya laughing, George feeding those dang chicken’s. It was clean but fun to watch, then it started getting to the point of no grace & respect for themselves let along others. They got into fight’s , there was drama, if it was bad we all still would not be here after 12 years. BB has started casting people that has a way of making a living, they need to cast people that need money for bill’s , kids college, etc. But the one’s today want big things & a fancy life. Well that’s not gonna happen . My dad hit the lottery big @ 52, he passed @ 76 & it took most of it to care for mom, . The point is these people are still kids, & boy they have big ideas. Just wish we could find out how they are all doing now. Did the winner’s blow it all on big things ? Love to know !

  61. im pretty sure they were going to bring the first HG that went to the jury house back anyway since the 13th HG never actually went on…..idk why though

  62. sent CBS email voicing my disgust with this move and Roachel. They are not threatened by you Roach, they are disgusted!

  63. Just Curious What You Think…..
    Is Enzo A Bigger Azz If –
    A – He Really Is How He Acts ?

    – OR –

    B – He Is Just Acting Like This In The House ?

    Either Way Is Soooo Obnoxious !!
    Effin Meow Meow, Give Me A Break ! Dufus !!
    A Wanna-Be Tha Ain’t Gonna-Be, If There Ever Wuz One !!

  64. I am so glad Rachel is back…even though it’s only for 24hrs. So bummed that Ragan won POV. He needs to go. What has he done in the house other than cry and talk crap with the spoiled Britney. What happened to Ragan playing with his morals and values. Him and Britney are the worst when it comes to trash talking. And why is everyone down on Rachel and Brendon??? They haven’t done anything except having to fight to stay since day one. So what if they care about each other. I sure hope Britney goes up and is gone.

  65. I hope Matt uses the Diamond Power Of Veto to send that WITCH back to the jury house!!!!!!!

  66. Why is everyone againest rachel she is one of the better people in that house and a very strong competior she fought every single day to stay in the game and look at how far she did make it everyone else just seems to be floating by. her,brendon,enzo and lane are the only people that i can stand i cant stand brittany she is fake cant say something to someones face but yet has no problem talking about people behind their back come on thats called a coward and then hayden and matt come on thats just a circus act ragan hes alright but he can be an ass at times what BB needs to do is bring rachel back and not just for a day but to PLAY again i think if she came back she could get rid of those other CLOWNS way to go brendon on the hoh win 2 bad that didnt happen last week but oh well huh GO BRENDON AND BRING BACK RACHEL

  67. Every single house member is a back stabber. I don’t understand why you think Rachel is any different and should be hated more. Maybe because Rachel doesn’t hide her behavior–she is what she is. I guess according to all of you, it is better to act like Britt, Kathy, Matt, etc. I like Rachel and Brendon the best. No one still has said anything about a double elimination. Is that still a possibility?

    • @TJ you got it!! Even one of the best women BB players Janelle, has been rooting for Rach~she is not fake like the others are being, & this is a “game” but they have been so nasty, degrading..not played well @ all!! Rach has made the game fun, provoking & provacative, ~this season has to be rated pretty low comp to others;(:(

  68. I love it CBS! Not everyone hates Rachel. Best case scenario: Britney gets evicted this week, if not I guess we have to settle for boring Kathy. At least I won’t have to throw up if she became part of the final two. One of the three that I cant stand will be gone so I’m happy :)

  69. I think Brendon was offered 24 hours in the jury house thinking Rach would be there. The two of them not being able to talk would make it fair so that Rach wouldn’t be able to sway Brendons nom/re-nom.

    Just my opionion

  70. i think its funny how when the person you want to win gets evicted, everyone else is “boring” apparently. the show is about doing whatever it takes to win if that means hardly playing the game so be it.

  71. I totally can’t wait to watch the next couple of episodes. I bet everyone was about to poop in their pants when she waltzed in. I can’t wati to see it!!!!
    Way to go Ragan!

  72. I’m fine with Racheal coming back for 24 hrs! I hope she stirs up some more shit! Ragan and Brittany are being babies! Then everyone else is acting like Brendons best friends! Just go ahead and get rid of Lane! He hasn’t done anything! I can’t wait to watch sun night!

  73. if rachel was sent by BB to be in BBH for 24hrs then wouldn’t or couldn’t she be a Saboteur with directions to follow?

    And that would mean everything she say is a lie!!!

    So any outside info she tells is false and now we’ll get to see how good an actress she really can be. LOL!!!

    That pic of her @top of thread is priceless… is it only me, I can see PURE evil?

  74. Cameo @100

    I think you are right, and it would be fair to all involved, well except for us [America] who have to deal with her again :P

  75. Not sure why everybody hates Rachel so much. She can be a little obnoxious at times, but guess what? They all are obnoxious at times. I think she’s a good competetor, but maybe doesn’t have the best social game, which was her downfall. I’m glad Rachel is back even if it’s only for 24 hours.

  76. SERIOUSLY? I can’t stand Rachel!!! She is so fake, and looks like a Gypsy! Her teeth are nasty…maybe she can spend the 5k on her teeth?!

  77. Rach may not be my fav, but she has more guts than the brigade guys. All the same bb should not let an evicted hg return, even if it’s for 24 hrs.

  78. @ Robin, exactly. People act like the rest of the Hgs are some kind of angels. They all have something about them that I dislike. She basically adapted to the hostile environment she was in. They were gunning for her and Brendon since week 1. Why wouldn’t she be pissed?

  79. Gperkins, about 5 or 6 seasons ago, they let an evicted player back in the game for good. Its Big Brother, expect the unexpected.

  80. CBS knows how to get their ratings up lol. I personally can’t stand that annoying chick but everyone loves to hate her!!

  81. Hi all, well Rachel back for 24 hours should be interesting but makes no logical sense. She only there to cause chaos in the house, heck forget Ragan , she deserves the 20k. It is funny when peeps talk about someone they have only watched for 40 days and either become a fan or not a fan, but to say they are done watching for the season, come on its addicting and you know you will end up watching it anyways.
    I am not a fan of Rachel, but she does cause drama and its what this season needs since most of the other HG cannot have there own mind and follow whoever the HOH is, but to bring in for only 24hrs is crap, I think if they where going to bring her back it should be for the entire time, what the heck is it going to accomplish in 24hrs.

    I think if she starting to use her brain rather than being personal she could help Brendon advance in the game, but she is selfish and will only help him become a bigger target if he was not already, she has the chance to make stuff up, throw and divide the house and the losers in the Brigade would be broken up.
    If you all really hate Rachel then do not watch for the next 24hrs, CBS is thinking ahead,she can cause chaos but not influence anything to Brendon on who the replacement is.
    Man I hope BBAD tonight is going to be good,

    And on a last note since Matt is DPOV holder, he is this weeks real HOH and hope he replaces the right 2 on the block.

    Sorry some may not like Brit cause she talks shit but is so funny I am still rooting for her

  82. I luv Rachel and couldn’t be happier that she’s back. I hope she fills everyone in o. That stupid brigade and blast the backstabbing britney. I truly hope she messes up everything cause she was the best player this year!

  83. OMG, She’s back with her wicked laugh and it’s so annoying. BB you should bring back the original SABATORA and this will sure rock the house, hee, hee. Then your ratings will go up and the house will have sooooo much drama.

  84. Rachel being able to come back into the house is really a sad thing. CBS must have brought her back because they know a lot of people dislike her. Rather than stirring things up like they planned, it will probably just piss a lot of people off, and maybe even cause them to lose some viewers.

  85. This is a repost from the other topic, but much more relevant here:

    Maybe the video Brendon saw was Rachel pleading with him to say she could help his game by opening Pandora’s box. Instead of Brendon asking questions, it’s Rachel gathering information to report back. If Brendon is gone, assuming some sort of retreat or isolation, he’ll get all Rachel’s feedback at the Veto Ceremony/New Noms.

    That would throw an absolute cluster%#*k in to the game! Rachel spewing information everywhere, just like Andrew’s explosive speech. She ultimately has nothing to lose, and if she has seen clips, has the use of her cellphone AND her interviews…this could completely throw the house in to chaos.

    All I can say is YES YES, MORE!

    If this was the plan all along, unless they rigged Brendon’s ropes, Rachel would have been the “mole” choice no matter what. Rachel means ratings, and though I am biased because I like her, it’s a great way to make those floaters actually play a game instead of mooching off their alliance or just being inactive *COUGH ENZO LANE KATHY COUGH*.

    Excellent twist to bring the HGs out of their comfort zones and possibly pay for their ish talking and backstabbing. Britney and Matt deserve any backlash that incurs from Rachel spewing the goods.

    The b**tch is back indeed!!

  86. For those of you who don’t have the “live feeds”, you just missed a great fight. You might want to do the free trial and then cancel before the 3 days are up, just to see Ragan and Rachel go at it.

    If it was real life, it would be sad. But since it is fake BB life, it is hilarious!

  87. omg go ragan he just totally told rachel off good for him seriously. like wow she got what was told.

  88. I meant mole has an information gatherer for the winner of HoH. He might have had the choice of any evicted HG’s and chose Rachel.

  89. frick i really hate how fake the house is being to her right now. especially enzo towards rachel seriously… they should all stop being fake but that doesnt mean they have to be mean. but ragan did amazing in that fight. and i hate the way she laughs in the house saying oh he just attacked me personally… what do you call saying to him your a horrible gay guy and your family doesnt talk to you and you dont have a bf for a reason. ridiculous ill admit that was a good twist but she really needs to check herself .

  90. Rachel just went to the diary room and buzzed in…. probably asking if she has to stay the whole time or if she can leave.

  91. @mark #72. see what you’re doing here, it’s funny but once Rach knew who this gal was, if her stare didn’t make the ex-fiance’s head explode, she would pop that gal’s head off with her bare hands.

  92. Why is the whole house treating Rachael like a long lost FRIEND except for
    Ragen?!?!?!!? This is to messed up

  93. @ MATT [the Admin]

    Please read topflight ‘s posts.
    Nobody hates Rachel more than I do, but he needs to go.

    One step ahead. Just banned him a few mins ago. – Matt

  94. Thanks Tim.

    He is taking it too far. I’m not even going to respond to him because he obviously has mental issues.

  95. @Ronnie….. no, she is back because BRENDON opened Pandora’s Box. We think he may have been offered something like “you get to spend 24 hours in the Jury House, but it will unleash something horrible on the house” and he opened it thinking he gets to spend it with Rachel. Little did he know that the something horribe unleashed on the house WAS Rachel, and he gets to spend 24 hours alone!

    (this is just speculation…. he may have got a trip, or cash, or anything)

    • Didn’t the feeds go down when she was explaining her mission? I think no matter who won HoH, the results would have been the same.

  96. I have been watching BB since season one, this cast by far is the most self centered, egotistical, arrogant bunch of little shitheads (besides Kathy) that I have ever seen, they way that Hayden, Lane and Enzo are standing around sucking up to Rachel is sickening, they never come to Brit or Ragan’s defense when Brenchel went off on them, I know they are only concerned about votes, but come on, it’s only two votes. You all are a bunch of immature little brats.

  97. @138 Rico

    I love it, you’re right, he did “unleash something horrible on the house” :P

  98. @La Poeta – the WACKADE as you referred to them, and idiots as another choice word, seem to have pretty much control of the house right now, don’t u think ?? I’d call that smart, altho Matt did much of that strategy all on his own and has been playing this game from day one. Doesn’t anyone else see that ?? I know ppl don’t like him because of the lie he told about his wife, but how do we know that’s not something him and her talked about before he enter the house. You never know what some ppl will do for money. Anyway, I still hope its Hayden and Matt till the end.

  99. Wow, where did my comment go? It wasn’t any different from 90% of the other peoples responses. Anyway, I completely hate rachel and her boy toy brendan. I think it’s completely ridiculous that she’s even allowed to come back in the house. She’s not only unintelligent and ignorant, but a horrible person.

  100. shes in the diary room… its been like 15 mins. everyone wants her to be asking to leave early ha

  101. @post 140, they talked to Matt’s wife and it didn’t sound like they talked about this lie ahead of time.

  102. @Rico But when Matt opened the box, nothing bad was unleashed into the house. So I don’t understand.

  103. omg can someone just hit enzo already. seriously so now he comes into the room and talks to ragan like hes your best friend like oh good job. when 2 seconds ago he was telling rachel yeah he was wrong blah blah jesus.

  104. @Ronnie…. the bad thing unleashed when Matt opened the box was the “New Saboteur”…

  105. I knew they would bring her back in, even if its just for 24 hours, maybe they will have something happen where she stays a little longer, lol. I dislike Rachel as much as anyone, but BB enjoys the drama so much that I am sure they will find a way to keep her and I doubt that she was given her cell phone, maybe she wants the other HG’s to be envious, a reason for them to want to go to Jury House. UGHHH,,drama, drama, drama

  106. @BBfan…. Rachel said all she knows is a few limited press clippings and the goodbye messages. (and, of course, whatever she learned from her chat with Julie and the audience)

  107. How could Rachel be upset with people over their goodbye messages when hers have been pretty catty?

  108. @BBfan…. not sure what you mean by “her own tape”, but if you’re talking about a highlight clip of herself in the house, or tapes episodes that America has seen, then…. it doesn’t sound like it.

  109. @Ronnie… Rachel has shown that she doesn’t see her actions as being the same (somehow). I don’t know why. I think it may have to do with her being the center of her own world, and when she makes a catty comment or dirty look it is justified in her own mind. Whereas other peoples comments are not justified.

    Perfect example is all her complaining that she and Brendon were a personal target to be put on the block just to split them up (and she couldn’t understand why they would split up a couple when is was soooo obvi they were in love). Then she turned around the very next day and put Hayden and Kristen up, because they were a couple and in an alliance.

  110. if she’s in the BBH for 24hrs she’s NOT back back >>> she won’t be there for noms or pov or eviction.

    this is a win – win; Rach fans love to see her drama and Rach non-fans love to complain about her drama and every thing about her.

    Might be a bigger win for the non-fans b/c they can bitch about her return and her being-her. And the best is we know she’ll be leaving and we will be happy again.

    Have you ever banged your knee on the corner of something hard? It hurt like Hell than after awhile it feels really good!!!

    Not much different than ‘She’s Back’ then ‘She’s Gone’. Just wait it out, it will all be better shortly.

  111. Ragan, YOU are the most disgusting person in that house, not Rachel. You’re a whiny, backstabbing, scank! No one could argue with a child like moron. All you did is fluster her with repeating everything she said and then make fun of her laugh. Hey pal, have you ever looked in a mirror? A pimple on her ass would look better than your face! People talk about her laugh being horrible, your voice goes through me like dragging fingernails on a chalkboard! You and Britney deserve each other. Also Britney, you should get your story straight! Rachel did not say Ragan’s father didn’t like him she said his family didn’t like him that’s when he said his father is dead. Again stupid Britney, you were wrong! Best to keep your big mouth shut unless you can speak the truth! And yes Ragan, you are a douche bag! A dirty one. Oh and by the way, Rachel is not involved in all the drama, Andrew was at the root of a good one that got rid of Kristen. Again, you are wrong.

    • Rachel is the one who nominated Hayden and Kristen all Andrew did was tell the truth. This is a game. I don’t like Rachel but she was a good competitor. Ragan wasn’t the one going after Rachel she always came at him. Then she would cry and then Brendan would be on his ass. When she has power she abuse it. When she doesn’t she cries and cries. She went to Kristen and told her that Britney and Monet said that they had her vote and when the shit hit the fan with her and Matt….she called and meeting. That was stupid. You can’t issue a challenge to the whole house and when people accept you start to cry. That’s BS! To my knowledge Ragan never said anything about her family. Rachel called him a bitch because he’s gay and his family didn’t like him. Tell me who is the one that is making things personally.
      BB spend way too much time showing Brendan and Rachel that I forgot who else was playing. Some of the HG hardly had the opportunity to play in the POV competion how many chances did Rachel get. Maybe if she had stop trying to get rid of all the female HG then people wouldn’t consider so much of a bitch. Don’t hate the player hate the game. BB is all about lying, scheming, backstabbing etc… I LUV BB still….but I hate to see how they are controlling what’s happening.

  112. For those of you without the “live feeds”….. Rachel and Ragan are now making up and talking and working out thier differences.

    My guess is production had a little converstion in the D.R. and encouraged her to go back, apologize, work it out, and stay all 24 hours.

  113. @Rico at #165: phony all around. Production must have force it.

    Pathetic action from Rachel. Strong rebuttal from Ragan. His stocks are high, hers are worthless…

  114. Rachel is currently using another of her arguments that is is OK for her to act one way, but not OK for others….

    Justifying her extreme happy reaction to winning her second HOH, but not OK for Kathy to celebrate her minor one-on-one win in the bowling POV.

    She’s also bringing up the “she and Brendon were targeted because they were a couple” thing, ignoring the fact she targeted Hayden and Kristen.

    Wow… nice timing. Right after we are posting about it, she starts talking about it!

  115. @MightyMad…. good to see you on this thread!

    Couldn’t handle much more of the Marcus vs MightyMad stuff on the other one! :)

  116. I just wish the 1 of the brigade members would be evicted. The the other hg are all out numbered! Britney, Kathy,Ragan, and Brendan arent in any alliances. Sorry if i got something wrong i dont have live f e e d s.

  117. @Rico: you know what? Me neither!

    But rejoice, my good friend: Marcus and I squash the bitch entirely! Altough I doubt we will ever agree on how evil Britney truly is, we do agree that Rachel’s a despicable creature.

    Seriously, the gay bashing… WTF?

  118. @tj #99. you’re right Rach did not hide her behavior… what’s the nicest way to say this?

    Her behavior was disgusting and despicable.

    She asked for it “Bring It On” and they did, so what’s she crying about. Hell, even Bren knew that was a BIG mistake.

    In this game the less ammo you give your other hg’s the small your target, play to win, don’t lay-down except where it’s to your advantage. And oh yeah… lie your freaking ass-off, just don’t get caught. LOL!!!

  119. wow Rach is back..I tell ya’ this is one banged up season..Rachel is crazy..Brenden is love struck..Enzo is lazy..Lane is a big dumb Goober..Reagan is a drama queen..Britt think’s she’s a princess..Kathy is a wacko sheriff..Matt is a bald face lier if he were my husband i’d divorce him for what he said..Hayden well he got an annoying voice but I have to say i hope he win’s it all…And like her or not Rachel did make the house interesting..cause these loafer’s are boring..she did bring some fire..but that and my man..LOL

  120. I would pick Matt. Dont like the lie but hes played a good game so far. Lets see if he uses the DPOV.

  121. People who want to play AND WIN BB, take notes: Rachel Reilly is giving a clinic on WHAT NOT TO DO IF YOU TRULY WANT TO WIN AT BIG BROTHER.

    Damn, it sure looks hard being VEGAS…

  122. @debbie: not really. I mean, most of them still being fake to her, which (HOPEFULLY) won’t be the case in the JH.
    So, whatever she thinks she’s getting in the house right now has every chance to be completely worthless…

  123. @ Dexter #104. couldn’t agree more… getting to Thurs show will seem like a month. so exciting, i feel sorry for those that aren’t watching anymore b/c the witch is gone. oh wait, she’s back… oh hell, she’s gone again. LOL!!!

  124. @Viola How is Ragan a drama queen when you only has drama with Rachel? Rachel is the drama queen followed by Britney, whom I adore.

  125. CBS is very smart with the idea to bring Rachel back. This is a reality show at its finest hour, or should I say 24 hours. Cheers for Production!!

  126. @caroyl: it’s literally like watching chimps throwing feces at each other – fun and interesting, but not worth much!

    Hey, it’s a fun sociological experience, and most of us got nothing to do in August, so…

  127. @Ronnie: another one struck by the ‘Britneynomia’ fever… That is a sad disease to get.

  128. i love britney, but i have to drop my respect for a little bit.

    well here is the thing. she is buttering up rachel for jury votes, but as a fan, i know only the BRIGADE will make final 4.

    i want her to be honest with rach. she doesnt deserve it, but rachel should be told from britney like

    “i wanted u out, but i still like u”

    u knoe?

    but as the players like britney, ragan, kathy they have no idea that they arent gunna be in a position to get rachel’s vote.

  129. hi big brother,why did you bring back the hooker girl in the big brother house / already won the hoh now your bring back the hooker girl again /put on the live camera now we want to see ?…

  130. It is plain to see that Rachel is an “Escort” , a better word for the other.She was telling Brendon on Shotime,several night ago, that she made more than 2000.00 dollers a day/Night/ weekends,being with men as “entertainer”.MC/host…. whatever?????? this is by far the worse BB ever. I love Brit and Ragen….but hope Enzo will began to play the game.. the guy needs the money …really… he ,his wife and baby live with his mom.I just think Brendon is a sick puppy… Rachel is a B….! and she is also very cruel.She treated Kristen horrble.Kristen deserved to come back into the game more than the “Extendtion broad with the big fake boobs”Just to say! My opinion only. Thel

  131. ok umpteeth stupid question but I had to go out…so was everything Kathy said to rach before i left a lie? or is she lieing to everyone else? I so confuzzeled

  132. well its official im out…done with big brother…thanks production it was a good 11 seasons…couldnt let them play there own game…had to bring rach back…rediculous…i hope that others follow suit and quit watching…here’s one finger up and one to the west CBS…im out!!!

  133. @MM (#197)… not really. Just Britney trying to act like they are still friends and her nasty goodbye message was meant to be funny and she’s so upset that it came across as mean.

    And Rachel seem to be buying it, completely.

  134. This is so dumb to bring back vegas bitch. We should all not watch this week and see the BB numbers tank.

  135. @Rico: well, everybody knows she’s a strong competitor, but nobody will accuse Rachel of being smart or a good judge of character!

  136. screwww this!!! i will NOTT be watching this show ANYMORE if she stays for more then 24 hrs. along with alot of other ppl..whos ever this idea was, was not a very smart person!! this is soooo dumb..CBS will most likely lose alot of my opinion..

  137. CBS you can’t keep changing the rules as you go along!! This season already sucks and the players are weak!! If this continues I am out!!!

  138. Question why is everyone so mad like she is the First person in Big Brother history to be brought back into the house after being evicted remember Season 6 Kaysar he say Goodbye messages and Season 9 Crazy James he say Goodbye messages as well and Rachel talking about seeing her phone see is lying to turn the house against each other and take the target off of Brendon and it is only 24 hrs guys damn just dont watch that night they show her its that simple and dont watch the feeds or After Dark

  139. @GoldenMisty164 – You too are wrong, in defending Rachel’s honor. Andrew was not the root of all the drama, he just added fuel to the fire. If you remember correctly, it started when Rachel won the HOH and the fight with Kristen, because Rachel said Kristen put her and Brendon up against each other. Then told all the floaters to get their life vests on and even said to Kristen she didn’t even consider putting her up until that very moment. So that’s when all the drama started and poor Rachel and Brendon (boo-hoo, get me a tissue) felt like they had too fight just to stay in there. And she my dear gets the award for DRAMA QUEEN !

  140. Don’t worry, those who don’t like Rachel being back in the house…. she WILL NOT stay longer than the 24 hrs…

    It was just an attempt by CBS to spice up the season a little bit, since everyone seemed to be saying how boring it was.

    I must say, it worked. The house got crazy for a little while, even if it is only temporary.

    (and… a lot of posters here had a bunch to say about it)

    But, not to worry… it’ll be over by 3:30pm BBT tomorrow (approx.).

  141. It’s funny reading comments of people upset about Rachel’s return – as if she’s back in the game. All they read was ‘Rachel’s back’ and they’ve start flipping out! Hilarious…

  142. Does anyone know where Brendon is at? Will Rachel leave before the POV meeting tomorrow?

  143. @jjg: Brendon’s disapparance has something to do with Rachel’s return. He’ll be probably DOA ’till she’s gone.

  144. WTF Is Rachel Doing In The House? I Mean, Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Wanna See That Episode ASAP -All The Major Drama And Stuff That Without Rachel Wouldn’t Exist!
    But I Hope That She Doesn’t Know A Thing About “The Brigade” I Want Them All To Be In The Top 4.

  145. its the point that CBS actually did it…stooped that low…shes a jury member…that seems to taint the whole show…quit playing puppet master CBS…grow a pair and let the show play out as it will…cant let a good thing be…she got voted out…if you need her ratings so bad give the “B” a show and leave BB alone…

  146. @GregH178 Is it Rachel’s behavior any worse than Matt lying about his wife having a rare illness as well as lying about the DPOV and what was in Pandora’s Box? I feel that sneaky Britt who is nice to Rachel’s face and makes fun of her behind her back is worse than someone not hiding their feelings. I know Ragan is being exceptionally mean to Rachel and Brendon because he doesn’t want anyone else to think he may be at all sympathetic to Rachel and Brendon. But, I still think he is nasty and gross with the way he alludes to his gay lifestyle. What is interesting to me is that Britt, Kathy, Enzo, Lane, Hayden, Ragan, and Matt seem to overlook anything that is being said about them, i.e., when Andrew pointed out the lies going on, yet with Rachel and Brendon everything they do is a major issue. I hope some of Matt’s deception comes out with him having to use the DPOV.

  147. I don’t think so I think something will happen and she will get to stay. However it would not be long before she got evited again.

  148. @TJ I agree with you about his wife being sick. That lie was disgusting and I don’t like Matt because of that; however he has to lie about the dpov. If he tells anyone then he BB will take it away. That why Jeff didn’t even tell Jorden when he got his power.

  149. What if Rachel is lying about only being there for 24 hours? What if she’s just saying that just to see where everyone truly stands and who she can trust? Hum…

  150. What if Rachel coming back into the house is because the Sab said that they might stay?? Remember one of the speeches said that both might not go! What if CBS is fulfilling the saboteur’s threats! Wait and see! Any thoughts?

  151. Did Brendon get pandora’s box too? What happened that Rachel gets to come back for 24 hrs.?

  152. @ TJ – ‘eludes to his gay ifestyle’

    really? Why does that have ANYTHING to do with anything? really?

  153. Bren opened Pandora’s Box which brought Rach back for 24 hours and Brendon is gone for 24 hours. So he probably has something good as well because Rachel back is bad for the house.

    Diamond POV means he can get himself off the block and eh can pick the new nominee which means he may pick Kathy…which is too bad.

    I still dont like Matt.. the lie about his wife is too much.

  154. OMG…
    CBS sucks….
    Not fair to bring Rachel back….
    Let the players play the game and stop
    with all the outside influences..The
    Sabatour is useless…too…
    I won’t be watching as long as Rachel is
    in the house………

  155. I LOVE RACHEL and I am absolutely glad to see her craziness return to the house. It is entertaining. Let the Rachel show/trainwreck continue. I really do like her!

  156. Why is everyone talking so bad about Rachel when she is no different than Britney who talks about everyone in the house behind their backs but I dont care I kinda like Rachel because what you see is what you get

  157. To all Rachel haters..this is a show and I do not believe for one minute you will stop watching. You will want to see what happens next. Not a Rachel person myself but do enjoy the drama that is in the house now.

  158. People, this is a game show and production is doing what they are supposed to, get the ratings up. This year I can set back and not get mad because there is no one that I am wanting to win. Flip a coin, thats the winner.

  159. Britney is the true “bitch” of the house. I like her a lot, but she’s no more than a “mean girl”.

  160. I think it’s unfair to let Rachel back in the house. She got evicted fair and square. BB is messing up the game. She’s even more cocky and condescending than she was before she got evicted. She’s in there to help cowardly Brendan who picks on women and tries to physiclly intimidate them. They’re two of the most classless people ever to be on BB.

  161. I just do not see that Ragan has had to do anything to win the 20K. So he gets stupid ideas and has the saboteur say them.. BIG DEAL. He has no risked anything, he has not changed his game to try and sway something differently.. he has not done anything. The saboteur was a HUGE dissapointment..waste of money too. Maybe they could use that money to feed the fish. yes I am still wondering if they fed the fish or are we going to have yet another floater.. casualty of BB

  162. All I can say is……

    Can’t wait for BBAD!!! LOL!

    I didn’t know Brendon had a Pandora’s Box?

    I’am on dial up so live feed just doesn’t work well for me, and there is nothing in my neck of the woods….Yep, I live in the Mountains not far from our dear Amish People

  163. The brigade still has all the power esp. Since Matt had the DPOV. He will remove a candidate and it really don’t matter which one with Rachel and she will get evicted again 6-0 its that plain and simple and on the flipside Brendon will not get HOH next week so he will be next if he does not win the pov

  164. @ 239 samE- Lol- I agree. Eenie, meanie, minie moe- as long as it’s not RACHEL. Let that sleeping dog rest.

  165. @breezin

    dial up is difficult at best for anything much less live feed. Thank goodness for these boards to catch me up.

    I rescue horses.. don’t get me started on the Amish

  166. Just checking in due to the mass amount of emails I have.

    Lol rachels back for 24 hours. Ok, so she stirs the pot and goes back to jh for now, But for some reason I don’t think this is the last we are going to see her.

    Also I find it amusing that no one understands what bb is. Come on, we know the name of the show. It is bb & bb can do whatever they want hence the name big brother. The entire show is about bb watching & making hg’s do whatever they want them to do. Just stating the obvious.

  167. Don’t have the feeds- Did Rachel say that she was only there for 24 hrs, and what did she tell the house about why Brendon is not there?

  168. Enzo is the new Rachel. I’ve lost all respect for him. As soon as things got dicey he bailed on the Bro-gade and became Brendon’s new girlfriend. I liked him and thought he was funny, but then he showed his true colors. He got scared and joined forces with the cowardly woman bully. Pathetic. BTW, Rachel returnig destroyed the game. I’ve watched every season, but BB ruined this one.

  169. wow, the zits on rachel are amazing, she needs to invest in better concealer or foundation

  170. @tj #224. I don’t agree with Matt’s lie about his wife, I wrote him off in my book initially but lying is a big part of game, just don’t get caught. So far he’s not been caught.

    The DPoV lie didn’t work, every hg’s knew he was lying… but he was under the gun and he couldn’t tell them about the DPoV or he would lose it.

    To answer your question, ‘yes’, Rachel’s behavior is worse than anything Matt has said or done.

    I think the worse character trait she has is that she can do something and it’s okay and another hg does it to her than it’s wrong or disrespectful.

    Example – her claim that Kathy was disrespectful to her celebrating her win against Rachel in the PoV bowling comp and demanding an apology… yet Rachel on numerous time celebrated and berated a hg afterwards. 1 time in mind is when Rach won an HoH and had a huge argument with Kristen immediately after, in her face, “I won… what have you won…” and on and on.

    She was mad when her/Bren were put on the block just because they were a couple but she didn’t waste anytime putting up Hayden/Kristen – she’s two-faced.

    Hate to agree w/hg Ragan but in Rach’s argument w/him, he was right when he said there was a common denominator in most all of the drama in the house… she said ‘what?’… he said ‘you, every big argument included you’.

  171. How can she blame Matt for Kristin going home, when she was the one who sent her home?

  172. @jennifer s #232. i love it… “did they feed the fish”, who would have even thought of that while all this ‘Rachel’s back, the sky is falling’… OMGosh, now that’s FUNNY. Thanks for that.

  173. Ola BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    It’s a crazy day now that Rach is back for 24 hrs, had to read that TWICE to make sure I read that correctly, and what’s this I hear? Rach & Ragan made UP? Why is Britt making it sound like her good-bye msg was NICE? Um no it wasn’t NICE it was SARCASTIC. What planet is Britt on anyways? The one with POV’s dancing around her head? Seriously now she is TRIPPIN!!! lol. As for Bren well it’s likely he will NOT be seeing Rach which I think is a GOOD idea! Bren needs to stay FOCUSED peoples!
    Course let’s hope he puts up Matt b/c that will force Mad Matt to use his secret power! Then the Bro-gade will be PISSED! I can see Enzo now sayin to Hay & Lane, I TOLD you we shouldn’t trust him, there goes 3 votes for Matt that all switch to Bren, and Kathy too, so that’s 4 votes for Bren right there, so hopefully he’s thinking AHEAD! Britt well she’s goin’ once Matt uses his D-POV. Ragan will still like Matt b/c he can’t talk about his *sab* so he wont’ be so upset (since he’s hiding a secret power himself) but 2 ppl alliance is not enuf to stay in da BB Abode!

  174. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH I LUV IT!!!!RACHEL IS BACK!! even if it is for only 24hrs. wow what a twist..that is awesome. Let’s see what she does.

  175. Why is hayden taking “game” with loser rach who not only got the boot, but also booted his girl??? He knows he has her vote in the jury house. Unreal. When rach leaves, please send hayden as well.

  176. @ 9:02 PM PT Rachel slipped up as she was talking to Hayden. Quote = “I am suppose to ask” then she re-stated her words to …. watch the LF @ 9:02 PM PT.
    Something fishy with strong odor is coming from the production room. This return of Rachel is such a waste.

  177. To sum it all up now, Bren PLS put up Matt as replacement nom to FORCE the use and revelation of the secret D-POV! and watch da eyes pop out! :S hee* so mad ragan won pov, dont’ care if he made up with rach that’s only b/c production in the DR room told them too, pulllezzzzzzzzeeeeeeee! as if they dont’ hate each other still! I see the lines in da sand shifting……this D-POV reveal could change EVERYthing! Let’s hope to God Bren doesn’t put up a girl, they’re droppin like flies! (thanks partly to Rach lol)…it’s ridonkulous!

  178. @ everyone,just logged in, Is rake and whipboy, ever going to see each other? I don’t have the LF so I, like a lot of peeps rely on you outstanding people to fill us in??

  179. hollaz tishe! you’re so funNY, let’s hope not! i dont’ have da online cams either, but I read on bbdish the entire convo/fight b/w ragan & rach! priceless! like a bloody mastercard moment! :P hee* where are sterling & rico & Q with our poems? these ARE poetic dynamo moments, I need some rhymes I hope they are back on Sun!

  180. Is Big brother hurting in ratings that bad. How can a evicted player be allowed to come back in the house and impact the game. Why don’t they just crown the king and queen of the showmance if this is what they want. If I wanted to watch the bachelor or bachorette I would watch those show. .Disgusting move by CBS!!!

  181. Ugh.. I thought this would be a better twist.. The regen n rachel blow out was awesome but they have made up and both apologized to each other. But watching hg’s just go around and kiss her ass like they were when she was in the house is nothing new… Where’s the good stuff??

  182. Ok, so maybe Rachel shouldn’t have started crap with Ragan by dangling cookies in front of his face. But after watching the blowup between those two, I definetely think Ragan is a “vile and disgusting human being” who I wish hadn’t won the POV so his ass could get voted out! It’s hard to believe that little gnome is a college professor. What an embarassment! At least Kathy realises that as a police officer, she should probably play the game without acting like a 5-year-old and tarnishing her reputation upon her return to her job.

    I cannot stand Ragan and I bet a lot of America wishes they never chose him as the sabateur and gave that loser 20 grand. He needs medication, a straight jacket, and a padded room.

  183. I think the ratings are going down. The Brenchal bashing was getting boring and annoying. I wasn’t kidding when I said I stopped watching for a few days I just turned it on and I see Rachel then I immediately logged on the BBNetwork because I knew I could count on you all to know the deal. I was surprised myself but yea I think it is a good idea. It has me watching wondering what she is going to do so ….it worked for me. :-)

  184. I hope the replacement nom is Enzo, screw him and his floater mentallity, He hasnt won squat except for a TV… time for him to be out up for a vote

  185. Hey CBS how about giving rach her own show since you can’t get enough of her? bb12 lame. Don’t shoot bb13 until 2013, this will give enough time to come up with better creative twists.

  186. Enzo telling hay and matt that they’re going to tell Brit that rachel was mad he didn’t put up britney to sway britney to make her the renom.. It would hilarious if brendon was somewhere right now watching the cameras and hear everything! lol

  187. As far as I am concerned, CBS and Big Brother just sunk to an all new low. They already had Pandora’s Box. Since Rachel leaving did not jive with their plans they let her back in. This is enough for me not watch BB anymore. Rachel, BB and CBS are pathetic.

  188. Well on bbdish I saw most of what Raggity Rag said to Reality RAch and mylanta divine! He was trippin’ on some shady vocabs! Forget soapwater in dat potty sailor mouth let’s try Windex, Javex, Tide & Dettol – TOGETHER! He was rippin’ into her one! Apologies they said aside it’s all fake, DR commanded them to do so! :( *meh*

    @tishe – catchin’ up on the online cams it’s been a nutty day, i can’t believe they brought rach back so soon and keeping her away from bren is AWESOME, i really want him to be tunnel-vision thinking 1/2 mil and strategic, no side distractions thanks you very much! :P U?

  189. ayden tells Rachel that Lane knows he’s not the target Less…
    Hayden asks Rachel if Brit really believes Enzo is the sabeteur.
    Rach says yes… and Brit said that Brenden thinks Enzo is the sabeteur too.
    Rach: when I was in the game, Brit and I would share information about everything. I don’t think Brit is the sabeteur… because she tells me everything.
    hayden: Brit and lane are best friends in the house. why would she tell you that lane was stirring up the pot? That doesn’t make sense. and now she’s trying to convince you that it is Enzo. (to take the focus off of her).

  190. wow, hey chick and jadelle.

    this is so much fun!! to bad i don’t have much signal and keep losing it. definately have to rewind the when i get back. thanks for all the updates matt.

    i also keep thinking that something is up with this rachel thing. there’s good and bad with the box. so what she the good or the bad and what did she get for coming back if only for 24 hours?

    this caused all kinds of crazy for the house, but can anyone guess how good or bad this is for brendon. he’s gone for 24 hours. that’s a big thing. things change hour to hour. heck minute to minute in this game. he lost 1440 total minutes. so maybe he is getting to watch this. that’s a lot of time to use when you hoh. could change the game completely and he is rendered powerless this week.

    tomorrow will be as interesting as today i am sure. be playing lot’s and lot’s of cath up.

  191. Thanks CBS for bringing Rachel back! She should earn the $20K instead of Regan. She’s created the entertainment. All Regan’s done is record video’s. Production could have done that without him. He has taken absolutely no risk. Even Annie had to “do” something. No risk, No reward. Give the money to Rachel & let her stay until the end of the game. Without her hg are boring. Otherwise all we can do is sit and watch them sin kumbaya at summer camp as the brogade picks off everyone else. yuk

  192. Enzo and Matt are trippin balls waiting for bren to return to get inside his head before the ceremony.

  193. Jadelle, they are keepin’ rake and whip boy apart?? That is just priceless! Is it the whole 24 hours? Nah, they would lose more ratings!! We really need to not watch this game anymore!! Too fricken bad it’s an addiction!! DARN!!

  194. totally agree cyn…. Sab thing is weak…Regen doesnt deserve the money, i think it was too easy to do the video mental sabetour… I wanted physcial ones, that are funny and actually mess with the hgs lol

  195. Hayden: i don’t think it’s enzo. I have shared a lot with him over the past couple of weeks…and he hasn’t told anyone anything i have said. I don’t think Enzo is the sabeteur. Enzo, Brenden and I have gotten pretty close.
    Rach: stick with Brenden and Enzo

  196. If I am getting this move correctly with bringing Rachel back is to use her as a information sharer with the other HG. She brings each of them to the HOH Room ask question get info and share conversations that other HG have made. Rachel is soooo bashing Britney to Hayden right now. Talk about fueling the fire bringing Rachel back is the fire instrument . When Lane goes to talk to Rachel I bet she will tell him that Enzo/Hayden are in a Alliance and talk dirt about Britney and Matt.
    Hayden just told Rachel that he will put Matt up next week if he wins HOH. What an idiot!!! That is going to get back to Matt for sure. Well Drama is back in the BB house!!!!!!!!!!!!

  197. OMG, the villain has come back from the grave. You’re supposed to trap Brendon in the Pandora box for a week :D

  198. @stoker #251. lol. why not tell us how you really feel. wow, that was good and i agree.

    just relax about the Rachel return, nothing’s destroyed or ruined… it will all be fun and then she’ll be gone… I believe it BB’s way to get Rachel ‘off the ledge before she jumped’, they didn’t want blood on their hands.

    BB asked her if they put her back in BBH to see Bren would her be alright… they didn’t want to get between her and her man.

    She said “yes, but I don’t want to see him. i want to give those f***ing hg’s a piece of my mind, at least what’s left”.

  199. Just my humble opinion: Rachel and Brendon were not just “game playing” with their ridiculous shomance. They will say after the season that they were just “acting”, but I won’t believe it. They were truly pathetic on their own. Brendon has no emotional control and he proved it with his bullying of Britney. Again, he’ll say it was just an act, but it wasn’t. Yeah, I know, all those geniuses out there will say it’s just BB playing with the viewers. No way. These hg’s are amateurs and they cannot act that well. For the sake of the game I hope Rachel goes away and BB will let the game play out fairly. Not that BB or anyone else cares, but if BB messes with the fairness of the game I will also bail on watching this. Too bad. I enjoyed this for 11 seasons, but I guess all good things come to an end. Is it time for Survivor yet?

  200. @ cyndiwic #280 No disrespect to ya, are you for real? I can tell you are a rake fan. I don’t care much for rag boy either, but rake getting the 20K? She should look for a job as a chemist!!!! That woman deserves squat!!

  201. Rachel: I think matt is the better choice to put up against lane NT
    9:34 PM BBT hayden: do you care if i tell enzo that britney is saying that he is the sabeteurRach: i don’t care. i will tell him myself. she was trying to put that in Brenden’s head too.

  202. #288 : At least now Hayden’s doing something. He’s been rather quiet since the beginning.

    #289 : I totally agree with you on this one. If the house is isolated with the world outside, we, the outsiders shouldn’t have any business with what happens in the house. They should settle arguments, love or whatever in private. We should just watch and enjoy it.

  203. @Sara This Monday will be explosive. Rachel is planting a seed in Enzo/Hayden head that Matt must go to follow with Britney and Kathy. I can’t wait to see what she shares with Lane. At least the game has heated up. :)

  204. Ragan needs to use his POV. hopefully Brendon puts up Matt. Matt uses his DPOV ( if he could even use it) and puts up Kathy. no one would vote Lane out. Then next week take out Brendon. He’s the biggest threat in my opinion.

  205. Soon Stoker, soon! Survivor!! The youngins against the oldies!! Our little rake wouldn’t survive the boat ride to the island!!! Tee-Hee

  206. If Brenden replaces Ragan with Brittany do you think Matt will save her and put someone else up?

  207. Did anyone else see the Redhead Ho on TMZ the other day? I wonder how much her chest upgrade cost cuz she sure didn’t have them then!!!

  208. Rachel: you can beat Britney in the next competition. Less…
    it will be hard to beat matt. If matt gets through this week, he will make it to the final four.
    Hayden: I hope you get a chance to tell Brenden this.
    Brit: I think Matt is lying about the dollar thing. BB will not go through your bags.
    Hayden: What if matt was told if you open Pandora’s box.. you HAVE to be the sabeteur?
    Rach: something good happened to matt… he’s lying.

  209. @ Stoker 289, did it bother you when they interfered last year with Jeff & his power? They have also brought back hg back that are allowed to compete. If they only brought her back for 24 hours she is not influencing the game, its really only allowing the other hg to “campaign” for her jury vote.

  210. i can’t wait to see Bren come back, i wonder if he gets to see and hear what’s going on, or if he will be back before rach leaves to see what kind of bomb drops. I like seeing hayden flip on matt, brit and lane

  211. just got home from work immed turned on bbad. WHAT THE F*** IS GOING ON? No. not liking what i’m seeing

  212. Nice!

    hayden and rachel hear yelling downstairsrachel checks it out and says they are having a pagent (matt, ragan and britney)..

    Rachel: “big surprise”
    9:45 PM BBT Rachel said it was brit and matt that was pushing her to get rid of kristenHayden asked her again “so matt was pushing to get rid of Kristen?”
    hayden: “matt’s gotta go”

  213. Big brother from Vietnam, we are watching and we are enjoying and we are posting about it! That is the beauty of the BB!

  214. Wouldn’t Hayden and Enzo have to suspect Brendan now because HE would have to have gotten something good too?

    No way she will have the opportunity to tell all this back to Brendan. Not that it will make a difference. Two of Brendans targets will remain in the house.

  215. A jury member should not be allowed back in. if you get the boot, you get the boot. good bye. nothing like changing the rules as the game goes along. all i can picture is vagina man in a corner sucking his thumb for 24 hrs while the person who wears the pants/work boots/hard hat/strap on/ condom is kicking ass for him.

  216. Nice reports Sara.

    The pot is stirring up. There will be heated debate. :D

  217. @Beth #303 I know!! Were not in Kansas anymore Toto! Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life form here!! Tee-Hee

  218. Tishe, I’m just saying at least she is confrontational & stirs things up. That is what I think a “sab” should do. I don’t think Regan’s done anything to earn $2 much less $20,000. Bad investment. With masked video’s how are the hg supposed to “guess: who the sab is. Better yet why do they car. Not affecting the game at all.

  219. thats messed up how the brigade is trying to get rid of matt. hes probably one of the strongest players keep him cause hes on their side

  220. yeah, it doesn’t have to get back to him, but she’s messing with them pretty good. Enzo trippin balls cuz he thinks Bren thinks hes sab, Hayden wants matt gone now cuz rachel told him that matt was pushin her to get krysten eliminated, Lane still don’t have a clue what’s going on.

  221. People, people, do you not see. Rachael has no cell phone, no conversations. She is there to stir up trouble and she is doing a very good job. this game is about playing the other players. She is lying up the kazoo to these people and they are eating up every morsel. She cannot be evicted again. I am glad Pandora’s box as opened again.

  222. Hayden is sticking to the mind game he and Enzo were playing with Brendon. Obviously he and Enzo are hoping Rachel and Brendon WILL get some time together so she can pass on the misinformation. Doubt that Rachel has gotten ANY extra information, cell phone, etc. She may have gotten a few instructions from production to help stir the pot, but smart as she is, she’s still clueless about what the other players (DUH BOOR-GADE’S) have been up to… Remains to be seen as to whether Matt is forced to use the DPOV (which he will only reveal to save himself). Like Enzo, Matt considers the rest expendable, unless usable.

  223. i was still celebrating her eviction—this just sucks. in fact, i was already disappointed that brendon was hoh. now i’m throwing in the towel—cbs, what were you thinkin’? most of us really just can’t stand her. r-e-a-l-l-y.

  224. #314 : I agree. the “sab” thing this year was a failure. Everything the sab said was wrong and didn’t affect anything in the game. I think the sab should be the one that knows the secrets of other houseguests’ outside the bb house. That should be interesting.

    #309 : BB put her back in to see how people treat her now when they know she’s the first member of the jury :D

  225. @ Nic #308, I agree! If BB lets them get together, wait who cares? You are right, it just doesn’t matter!

  226. No way, hayden and enzo are ready to jump ship on matt, though they don’t mind using bren in the process, they’re not as loyal to matt anymore

  227. I wish Ragan would get 24 hours solitary confinement so he can cry about what a pathetic person he is. Better yet, duct tape his mouth and put a bag over his head so nobody has to hear or see him. Idiot.

  228. The end of the Brigade… we’ve all call it.

    Now which one of them will call them all out to the rest of the house before Thursday?

  229. @MightyMad how so? Its almost certain Matt’s staying home because of his DPOV. if he gets word that Hayden wants to get him out, he’s coming back with a vengence.

  230. lol probably Enzo, he was the one who said he’s ready to out the brigade if any one in the brigade wins HOH next…

  231. Regan: think of all the parents spending college tuition for the kids to be taught by this unstable person. He has some serious issues.

    Sad, he was my favorite for a while.

  232. @ cyndigwic, Oh I agree, Ragan is a very poor excuse for a sab! I voted for rake at first, but then the woman went totally wack!! I just never wanted to see her, hear her, listen to her again! The whole thing has put in a “aagghh mood!”

  233. Good Night ya all thanx for the awesome updates and free entertainment! I really do mean that!!

  234. please !bb stop with the return of the weird loud fake red head please . just let the game cont.. as is please .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  235. @Phil at #328: it was actually about your ‘Britney needs to stay in the house cuz she’s pretty’ statement a little bit earlier.

  236. @cyndigwc: is Ragan actually bitching about Brendon now?

    My God, this season HGs truly all are the scums of the Earth…

  237. Is is just me, or is Kathy gorgeous? There are some pretty women this season, but I never hear anything about Kathy. She’s a pretty lady, especialy for her age.

  238. Gee, Britt being hot doesn’t mean she should stay ppls! As IF! Her potty sailor mouth makes her VERY unattractive, and last time I checked, guys like ladies who can SPEAK too!

    As for the rules CBS seems to be changin on this show all da time, well they can hide behind that tag line ‘expect the unexpected’ and they know full well that their highest ratings puller is gone so they gotta find a way to keep those crazy ratings!

  239. This is the worst back biting shallow group of people I have ever seen, they hated Rachel just because she is different….well different or not, she played the game better than all the other wimpy dull people, I am glad she is back, wish it could be til the end. The only other real player is Matt, the rest are “go alongers” without a idea of their own…if Rachel can’t win, kick ass Matt…

  240. Aww,ragan’s feeling better now. I’m glad she stopped that crying/whining. It was great finally seeing ragan lose it. Can’t wait to see enzo lose it.

  241. Oops @ Mighty Mad,thank you, now it is really la-la land time. Jadelle, take care you!! WPOW, this is really addictive! Thanks a lot you guys!!

  242. okay. wait, i’m confused. Why is the Brigade turing on Matt? Or is it Hayden and Enzo turning on Matt and Lane?

  243. @phil #328. it’s almost for certain Matt is going to get a hint he’s going to be discharged by the brigade.

    Not a wise thing to do, when ALL the hg’s know Matt lied about the $1 he got from opening pandora’s box. Well, maybe everyone but Kathy. Bottom-line they should be playing like he got some kind of power and be afraid of him, be very afraid – it could be something that puts a hg out and into the j-house.

    So the Brigade will be no longer; if eviction is set-up with 2 bros on the block after Wed’s GPoV or on Thur’s DPoV Matt can make it 2 bros then Brigade goes from 4 to 2; with 1 evicted and Matt jumping ship.

    If Matt pulls the trigger, I’ll root for him to win even with his despicable lie about his wife.

    And for some reason I’m getting the feeling Ragan and Matt might be F2.

  244. @ Mary #340 {yeah still here} You’re just sayin’ all that wonderful B.S. to get a rise, aren’t ya?? If this is the “worst” group of people you’ve ever seen, you must be a very sheltered person!!

  245. Can you picture Enzo’s face if the surprise DPoV puts him on the block and then the vote puts him out?

    He’ll be speechless with his jaw dropped down on his chest going ‘meow-meow’ what just happened?


    Being Jersey he may be getting totally *beeped* talking at Matt and telling him where all his body parts will be spread across the U.S.A.

  246. @GregH, No, NOT Matt”dork for brains” NONONONO!!!! Our little Ragman is up against a wall! Matt is the single worst gamer in the history of BB, well beside rake of course!! If and when matt makes it to the final two, KARMA will bite his wussy ass off!!!

  247. Is she back for the rest of the season, or just 24hrs (enough to stir the pot)? I can tolerate her somewhat, but I can’t stand the showmance at all! Brendan is the biggest man child I have ever seen, he really needs to grow a set! So happy that he opened it & can’t even see her, I hope it causes him to go crawling into a corner crying once he finds out.

  248. I love Rachel…she. brings a vivacity to the game that nobody else has. When she was gone the life energy was flat.

  249. I just got back and read Rachel, the arch fiend is back. How awful, how tragic, if only for 24 hours, still 24 hours too long, Go to Hell demoness.
    Rachel is just too awful to bear,
    The question is how can her presence affect the game, what lemonade can be made from those disgusting boobiac lemons.
    Since she is there for 24 hours, She can see and hear how much everyone dislike her, someone just one person who can make final 2 said one decent word to her would get a big boost, because Rachel is going to have ti choose her vote to the person who hates her least.

  250. God, i want to know what is civil on the topic of rachel reilly, she triggers vile hatred on a deep unreasoning level in me and a lot of people I know, just her voice is enough to make the blood boil.
    What amazes me is how Brendon can be her “white knight” At least by tomorrow she will be gone again,

  251. Enzo is pissing me off.
    He and Rachel are both stupid. America actually did vote him right up next to Ragan to become a Sab.
    He is calling Brittany stupid for thinking that?
    Um, no honey you are actually the stupid one. That’s pathetic and this is what CBS has to offer?

  252. Brilliant, Rachel is back! Love it! This is getting interesting now; talk between her & Enzo is turning the tame Meow Meow into a Tiger…What next? BBAD was boring up until today, this is worth watching and not taping.

  253. I am so sick No pun intended but bringing rachel back into this game even for 24 hours has made my AIDS speed up to DIE right NOW is there no GOD to kill this red BEAST of Burden!!! She actually thinks she is loved like Janelle! Ha what a laugh this Vegas Trash will never live up too

  254. To those who would like to complain about the gay bashing that occured at 3PM PT on 8/14/10 as seen on Flashback go to to lower page under feedback and fill out the form. I am not sure how long that flashback will show the event between Ragan and Rachel.

  255. Sorry if my last post was not the most mature but when you have a topic like Rachel it is impossible to act or say anything mature. Ohh she gets under my skin and feel so bad for the house. Matt most likely will blow the lid off of this mess wed night when he VETOs (hopefully) saving brit or regan. I bet he puts up for nominations Matt and Regan, but if matt uses his diamond veto then who will be put up in place? Can he use all three powers of the diamond veto?

  256. im about to lose alot of respect for enzo right now. meow meow talks and talks, but doesnt back it up, now he is bout to blindside britney.

    oh boy. and the thing is, guess who is the start of theis upcoming bout? Rachel.

    brendon DID in-fact tell britney he thought enzo could be the saboteur. and rachel running her mouth saying “no, he would never say that, i know him”

    keep in mind she has only known him for 39 days.

    if this gets back to brendon, brendon knows he said that to britney and i think ragan, so he might put up enzo for starting stuff. but it doesnt matter with matt’s DPOV.

    rachel may have said she was sorry. she hasnt learned anything. she is starting garbage again.

    and enzo’s pathetic ass. leader of BRIGADE, yet he hasnt won anything, but talks so much trash.

    someone’s feeling bout to get hurt. ITS BOUT TO GO DOWN. unless someone calms him down.

    that damn rachel

  257. She’ll soon be gone again yay! BB just wanted to stir the pot.

    I think Enzo got too close to B/R and now has a big head. He had better keep cool and not become this week’s bully. Yes “Consider the source!” Ragan got it right.

  258. No. The game was fine before they let this tramp back in!! The games was going forward with a good twist with the DPOV. Go back to your cave Rachel. Back to your planet where you are only nice to people, and do nothing wrong.

  259. *** WOW *** WOW ***

    It amazes me how personal some of you are taking this game. I thought the houseguests were bad with their name-calling and it is not even close to some of the venom you guys (for those name-calling) are spewing.

    Now with that being said it is still interesting to read some of these comments. Some are entertaining and those are the ones I will continue to enjoy. The others I will probably read and continue that to believe that most people are not saying such bad things about people that they have only known through television for the past 5 or 6 weeks.

  260. Britney just lied to Enzo’s face though. One minute she said that she never had a conversation with Brendon about it. The next minute she did have the conversation.

  261. Ya can get mad at Rachel all you want, Brit did say that to her. She didn’t lie about it. Of course Ragan is going to say “consider the source” when 1. Ragan is her close friend, 2. He is the sab. Come on people I don’t care for Rachel anymore than you do, but Brit does talk smack about people so she should take the heat…..

  262. ugh!! I really do not like that pompous jerk bitch. She plays these fake ass parts like people really fall for her ” act of niceness ” I really feel sorry for the house-quests but I am just praying that someone would at lease do the fans of BB a favor and finally pull out them fake ass hair intentions.

  263. ugh!! I really do not like that pompous jerk bitch. She plays these fake a** parts like people really fall for her ” act of niceness ” I really feel sorry for the house-quests but I am just praying that someone would at lease do the fans of BB a favor and finally pull out them fake a** hair intentions.

  264. But really, Brendan was being civil at least, and people were being mostly honest. Just like Ragan said last week, every yelling episode has Rachel all over it!

    Why is Enzo being so sensitive anyway? Hayden lips are bit too loose too. The Brigade is just going to fissle now.

  265. so glad my honey brought up the labtop.

    lf’s are good tonight. brit is lying to enzo.
    and hear comes the fake tears!!

  266. listen to that bitch rachel!

    go back and listen to the tapes from two hours ago.

    britney CLEARLY she said “rachel i think u were the saboteur” she said that, and i was watching the l.f.’s right when it happened.

    rachel is lying her arse off right now. and i heard brendon say he thought enzo could be the saboteur.

    rachel is stirring up the pot. DAMN RACHEL IS A PIECE OF TRASH

    she hasnt learned anything.

    rachel was caught in a lie, and she raised her voice to get passed it.

    she (rachel) LITERALLY said britney told her britney thought rachel was the saboteur.

    then 20 seconds later she (rachel) said britney didnt tell her tthat. she straight up lied.

    that bitch

  267. Poor Brendon, he will come back to this crap and everyone I mean everyone will be up in his HOH room trying to talk to him about what happened.

  268. Marcus I watched the feeds, I watched BBAD and Brit did say that. She tried to convince Rachel that Enzo was the sab. I don’t know what YOU were watching.

  269. I have not been able to stand Rachael since the beginning of this season, but Britany is not telling the truth here so if the hg’s choose to believe the wrong person thats their fault, not to bright of a group anyway this year.

  270. its sad that rachel literally made it up, and just because she is the dominate female, she got away with making britney look like a liar.

    why couldnt rachel say anything britney said? i mean that should tell it all right their.

    she said “u said all those things about lane”

    then when asked what did she (britney) say rachel goes

    “oh i cant think of it”

    like WTF??? rachel c’mon.

    i mean CBS, really c’mon. ur effin ppl’s game up. like ur putting ragan’s and brintey game down the shetter.

    i mean the odds are already impossible against britney and ragan, and anyone else not in the BRIGADE and u bring rachel in here… wow.

    why dont u give her ammo towards the brigade? their all but claiming the final 4 damn

  271. But none of this really matters. I can see if Ragan had started the argument as the saboteur but he didn’t.

    So Enzo/Hayden go back to Brendan. Brendan is smart enought to know Matt is the bigger threat.

  272. When Branden opened Pandora’s box, he got something good just as Matt did.

    That something good is, he gets to be like a viewer to see and hear everything going on. Which he can use this information.

    I don’t know why people hate Rachel so much, it’s Regan and Britney they should hate more. And why not Matt also? He has lied about his wife, he has also put the Brigade in jeopardy.

    1.When something is wrong, they both become crybabies.
    2.They chaos bs.

    Britney and Kathy are mother and daughter, does anyone else see this?

    As for Regan if hes getting voted out, then he doesn’t get the 20k.For he’ll have failed to be sabatour, for 2 weeks.

    Also why do people think Rachel going on the block agian?? When she is only there for 24 hours and back to the jury house.

    Ug They cut the live feed just when out Rachel and Britney where going at it over Enzo’s question about him being sabatour. Does the live feed always end at midnight?

  273. brit’s talking to lane enzo and matt outside about what happend.

    love fb feature.

    also kathy has been up on her game today. she doesn’t want anyone to talk to rache. think she’s put those cop skills to work and figures rachel is going tell brendon what has happend in the last 24 hours. kathy doesn’t want that to happen.

  274. Hey bb fans,, Im back in action so whats the drama yo?? Can some one please give me a nut shell version of things?? thanks

  275. thats not what i heard trish. i heard britney say enzo could be the sab, after brendon tossed out the idea, and brintey both agreed it could be a possibility because enzo is well liked.

    they said the same thing about kathy. and lane.

    either way rachel tried to run with it. she tried to toss britney under the bus against everyone. against hayden, lane, enzo. like she was saying britney said junk about lane.

    lane?!?! her only true ally? really? so she thinks the saboteur is lane, but she is asking him for her vote, and giving him her’s? and she is telling lane her strategy?

    tell me how much sense THAT makes? im going to tell my best friend in the game my strategy, and ask him and her votes… but oh yeah i think he is the saboteur.

    that doesnt even sound right.

  276. I hope the brigade Hyden and Enzo do what they do keep Braden with them.

    Trish is right about what Britney said, it was on the live feed. She is starting crap, and when she is confronted, she plays the i dont know what you’re talking about card. Enzo for the love of god don’t beleive in Britney!

  277. There are some truth to what Brit says but make no mistake, she did try to convince Rachel that Enzo was the sab. That part Brit lied about.

  278. Hi kristi!!! Sorry if I cant spell I had a few shots lol. I have a feeling that Kathy is going to pull some thing out of her a** and surprise all of us…

  279. honestly, she prolly will throw kathy under the bus hard. and as much as i dislike kathy, i will feel for her because this is what rachel does

    she starts one lie, and when u can disprove her, she will laugh, and raiser her voice. then she will lie about u to other ppl, then ur left with ur jaw open because of the randomness of the lies.

    i mean damn man. i love the drama but production, if u wanna stir up the pot, even the sides and have her start things with the BRIGADE.

  280. either way you look at it. enzos name did come out of brits mouth. yes rachel is trying to create drama but enzo did ask her to bring it up so he wouldn’t make brit cry.

  281. I am having a hard time reading lol so good night bbfans I am off to my comfy bed to sleep…

  282. trish of she rele did say then damn, shame on britney for trusting rachel with that info.

    but im just saying i didnt hear brintey say that. its like a close-nit thing

    she came close to saying it, but didnt say it.

    she said it could be him because america likes him, but she didnt say, oh yea i think enzo is the saboteur.

    i mean in all honesty, she might as well have said it, but those two mean two different things. their close but differeent.

    i mean i like britney OBVI!! but she will go sooner or later sooooo.


  283. It’s no big deal. Brit does what Brit does. She talks smack and when confronted with it she either cries or lies about it. It’s a game, what do we expect the girl to do? I just want RAchel gone before she makes it worse already for Brendon.

  284. Okay, I’m sick of people saying rachel is a strong competitor and fought hard to stay in the game. Yeah, so did britney, ragan, matt, and everyone else who tried their best. The others didn’t make an open showmance and get snobby with power like she did. She openly made enemies on a personal level and annoys the crap out of everyone. This is why she’s hated and not because it’s the cool thing to do. I remember she ruined a strategic move like when she put matt up as a pawn and called matt out because he was trying NOT to make it obvious that he’s on their side which made her even more of a target by the brigade. She wouldn’t last in endurance competitions and she’s no so innocent like her defenders are making her out to be. She competes good and plays like an idiot, the end.

  285. its like that pulp fiction joke.

    the foot massage one.

    “a foot massage can mean alot more than a foot massage”


  286. Bringing Rachel back gives us all something to talk about…and boosts the ratings for CBS. If she was not such an obnoxious houseguest…CBS would not even consider letting her back in the BB house. Ive been a fan since season 1. Athough the game has somewhat changed…the players are the same. We always have the one we love to hate…the one that thinks they are the reincarnation of Dr Will…the token gay guy…the sexy all american boy and a whole slew of expendable characters. Love the game…you bet. Love the way some houseguests play…of course not. But one thing keeps bringing us back…we all know at least one person in “real” life that reminds us of a specific houseguest. Whether its the one we think deserves to win…or the one thats a bitch. To say that life is not fair is an understatement. And BB proves it.

  287. But its not a big deal. Who the f is Enzo to be named by someone? Everybody suspects everybody. Whatever. Britney is better at charming more than anyone else, so Brendon won’t care.

  288. as a fan i know britney is gone. ragan’s time is limited.

    brigade is running things. and then for rachel to basically seal the fate on innocent houseguest who already have impossible odds is kinda bullshet.

    i mean its like she is kicking ppl when they are down. she doesnt know about the BRIGADE, but in fact thats what she is doing.

    she gets a name out of u, and drags u across the lawn with it

  289. Rachel back in the house for 24 hr to stir up trouble…… No surprise there. It just shows how the show is just more rigged every year. Apparently BB and CBS are starting to choose favorites. Naturally this year there favorites are Brendon and Rachel.

    Naturally CBS knows that next week Brendon would be gone, but since CBS put in Rachel to come in ad start havoc between the remaining players…… Well that just takes the target off of Brendon’s back for next week.

    There is no hidden fact, but everyone already knows that after Rachel was gone then it would come down to the only 2 players that have actually been playing the game. So it would of have been between Matt and Brittney, and possibly also Regan ( that only because he has been coming in 2nd in the HOH endurance challenges.

    So by string up trouble CBS very well knows that Rachel can cause the house to turn around in those 24 hrs. Way to sink into a new low CBS.

  290. i mean i wanna see competition. i dont wanna see BRIGADE to have the walk that they have to final 4. rachel is making sure its a easy walk.

    she might do it again. as soon as u say a name. u could be “well lane was talking to me about the saboteur” and she will come blasts in the face and say “u said lane was targeting enzo to be the saboteur”

    like as soon as u utter a name, u have already set urself up to be shot in the bloody face

  291. LMAO THIS IS AWESOME!!! Even if only for 24 hours she is awesome!!!! Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

  292. Anyone else think its double eviction?

    If so, then Britney or Regan goes first. Then he’ll put up Matt and Regen if Regan doesnt go.

    Matt is kinda what Dr.will was!!

  293. Rachel is a STRONG and interesting personality, by far the most interesting person in the house in SEVERAL seasons. Her emotions got the best of her on several key occasions though. She has a tough exterior but I would bet shes actually fragile on the inside. Enzo is just a Jersey Shore wannabe tie-in that I think failed to produce as big as I think CBS thought it would. Hes too quiet, and cant win squat. Hes no Evel Dikc. Britni is the worst, cant wait till she is gone. Can you imagine working with her, what a gossipy back-stabbing snotty little brat. The saboteur stuff is getting old, the stuff the sab is doing is such small potatoes, but they all act like sab is life or death. Lame. Brendon needs to quit being such a girl. Rachel is a bigger man than he is !

  294. The Twists….

    2.Pandora’s box
    3.America’s votes for a new Sabetour
    5.Brandon goes to jury house, Rachel returns from jury house

    What else can they do? but have they had the DPOV and Pandora box before?

  295. Bad Call CBS..Bad Call BB …Rachel has no redeming qualities,,,Bringing her back and allowing her to attack the other Hg’s is wrong..That scene with Regan should never have happened..If Rachel could see her own faults and admit that she made mistakes then ur plan might have worked..but she cannot get past her own self worth..All U HAVE DONE IS MAKE HER MORE DISLIKED, MORE DESPISED,AND MORE HATED..Way to go BB and CBS..way to go..

  296. dont get me wrong Rachel is a bitch but to tell the truth she is the only one that was and caused any excitment in the house. Watching the rest of the hgs is like watching paint dry and Brittney acts like a spoiled rich brat in high school. what a boring season at least there might be something exciting happening for the next 24 hours.

  297. Ok good things are happening, Enzo, Hayden, and Lane are thinking Matt jumped ship to Ragan and Brit, and they don’t trust Brit. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhh there is justice.

  298. Hayden asks if Brendon is the saboteur and Rachel says no. Hayden asks if Rachel is and she says no. Rachel says that Britney was trying to convince Rachel that Enzo is the saboteur. Rachel says that Britney also told her that Brendon thinks Enzo is the saboteur, but Rachel doesn’t believe Britney. Hayden asks what Britney’s reasoning was and Rachel says that Britney said that if America likes Enzo so much, they would have voted for him to be the saboteur. Hayden and Rachel wonder if Britney is the saboteur, but Rachel thinks if Britney was the SAB, then she wouldn’t have left a message saying there were still BFFs in the house that were a guy and a girl pair of life long friends. They continue to talk about possible saboteur Hayden asks Rachel if she cares if he tells Enzo that Britney is saying that he is the saboteur. Rachel says that she doesn’t care, and that she will tell him herself

  299. @ #402 BrEndon isn’t in the Jury House. BrEndon is in the PB room.

    @ #403

    What does it matter if she’s liked or not? She’s in the Jury House, she’s one of the people that will decide who should win.

  300. I am so happy to see Rachel in the house stirring up sh** – that’s what we watch the show for – and all that said bad bb and cbs – really? I wonder how any of us would be in that house – of course we will all say perfect angels but truth is – we don’t know what it’s like to be under that pressure – they are all going through a mind f*** for sure. GO RACHEL !!

  301. ROFLMAO!! Rachel got owned! I officially hate her, and love Ragan. Baiting Ragan like that knowing he is on slop was a low blow, and Ragan once again gave her a taste of her own medicine. Ragan, you are my hero, and I agree with everything that you said to Rachel. She is an ugly person, and what makes her ugly is how she treats others and the way she carries herself. The best part was when Rachel stood out there in total shock afterwards.

  302. @Ale #414. ??? I’m totally confused… what is this about ???

    #415. Where did that info come from, you take that back… nothing like that would EVER come out of our beloved Janelle’s mouth. LOL!!!

    @Thom #357 make a statement that Rach THINKS she as loved as Janelle.

    Thom, you tell me where you heard that *LOL*, Rachel is NOT worthy to have the name “Janelle” pass through her lips.

  303. well rachel is back but dont worry she wont be for long shes only in the house for 24 hours and then she leaves shes just in the house to stir things up and once she leaves brendon will be released from pandoras box

  304. @stoker #338. Kathy cleans up ok, her with the *Brenda Starr* eyes. Let’s don’t put her in a walker quite yet, LOL!!!

    From her bio, she would seem to be more a athletic/outdoors type but basically all she does outdoors is SMOKE. My guess, the only true is her name & current residence. LOL!!!

    Here’s from her bio:
    Name: Kathy Hillis
    Age: 40
    Current Residence: Texarkana, AR
    Occupation: Deputy Sheriff – Sergeant
    Three adjectives that describe you: Tenacious, passionate and fun-loving (silly)
    Favorite activities: My favorite activities include canoeing, riding 4-wheelers, mudding, street racing (at work in my patrol car… Shhhh!), gardening, exercising, target shooting and riding horses. Also, shopping, shopping and shopping.

  305. @jadelle #339. Brit being HOT doesn’t hurt plus she’s funny, I’m not sure she’s as hateful as she comes off.

    She knows how and when to ‘butter the bread’ too… smart little cookie.

    Jadelle, we like’em feisty too and she is that in spades.

    I’m hoping her and Lane live happily ever after, LOL!!! That would be funny if it turns out they’re bro & sis.

  306. CBS must be insane
    To bring Boobzilla back again
    She’s a pain in the ass
    Half empty’s her glass
    Why’d the bitch gay-bash Ragan?

  307. @mary #340. If think Brit has played a strong game and Ragan has the potential to be a strong player and actually win comps.

    Don’t agree with his strategy but it’s fitting if you think about it.

    Non-players thus far, in order of high non to low non: Kathy, Enzo, Lane and Ragan, who also is a POOR excuse as sab.

    In the past, Kristen was way up there, until Rachel dragged her screaming into the game. I think Rachel was too emotionally immature to play the game and there was/is something STRANGE about her, you see it in her eyes. I get the feeling she may be a mass murderer in real life.

  308. @gperkins #342. Good observation of her, speaking of Ragan.

    Think you may get your wish Thur at eviction ceremony about Enzo losing it, could happen sooner but almost certainly at the DPoV.

    This is based on if Matt becomes the player he could be, the power is in his hands… Matt – Feel the Force, Be the Force, You are the Force.

    Don’t get me wrong Matt may not even have to do anything… a lot depends on who Bren puts on the block after Ragan takes herself off during the GPoV on Wed.

    If Enzo ends up walking out that door *please* then it’s a given we’ll hear Jersey say something… it could get quite lively, maybe even somewhat uncomfortable to watch but FUN to watch. IMHO.

  309. @ Matt BBN – any possibility that you could include the comment # in the comments sent to our email address?

    If not that’s fine… keep up the great work, you are appreciated.

  310. I think the two best friends in the house are Kathy and Lane, they probably both work together in sheiff dept!

  311. @kayla #346. My guess would be Matt is not communicating with the Brigade… first he needs to be careful not to expose the DPoV to anyone and secondly he’s playing the game for Matt.

    Others that watch the LFs and BBAD might have a better insight to this though.

  312. Rachel, stripperho, my god just to see her idseased self is enough to drive anyone insane. Thankfully matt has a dpov to take out the trash on eviction night if she extends her24 hour deal.
    If not, Matt will take out kathy, by blindside at the eviction night and use being a rep nom as a way to gauge brigade strength

  313. Rachel was a stripper before she found science. Once you are on the pole, nothing is ever the same again.

  314. Stop bringing them back in. I hated her when she was in the house the first time. Do something original, like bring in Brandon’s ex that they interviewed. That would be good.

  315. How does brit deserve to go far, she’s a backstabber, she talks behind everyones back well most anyways. There is no difference between brit and rach, if there is its that rach is nicer.

    Rachand and bren had most of the hg treating them like crap, most people would react how rach and bren did.

    Last night regan was a loser, he wouldnt even let rach say much he kept cutting her off, he’s a joke. He acted like a 12 year old.

    Bren is gonna go far in this game just for all the haters.

    Bye bye brit then regan will be next.

  316. PEOPLE RELAX. . . I LOVE Raquel. The reason we watch BB is for the DRAMA. She is a good competitor and deserves to there, compared to some OTHER hg (meow) who rides other hg coattails. I want someone who PLAYS the game to WIN! NOT someone who skated by.

  317. @bb12cg #430. if Matt takes out anyone other than a brigade bro, he’ll put the brigade in total control of the game. IMHO this will pretty much seal his fate in the game and he won’t win the $500T.

    If he got this figured out, his move will be game changing and we’ll see a brigade bro walk out the door.

    #431. I’d guess Rach’s excuse for her job would be “I’m doing this to pay my way through college”.

    So I’m curious how do you know… “Once you are on the pole, nothing is ever the same again.”? You don’t have to answer that if you don’t want. LOL!!!

  318. a lanefan i kno u aint talkin atleast my girl rachel won competitions unlike lane who is a floater. it is easy to like floaters who are safe every week but it is risky to like the underdogs who has the whole house goin against them and that is why i have been rooting for brendon and rachel

  319. I want matt to leave the brigade. He is doing all the work! He is the most powerful hg for now. All the brigade is doing is well nothing.

  320. @sean #434. Good one, man you had me going there for a minute. It’s looked like you were serious but the comment became so ridiculous I realized it was a JOKE.

    The best laugh was “There is no difference between brit and rach, if there is its that rach is nicer.”

    OMGosh, LMAO!!!

    I’m on the floor again laughing so hard… you made my day. Oh, lordy. Can’t stop laughing.

  321. I personally feel that any evicted houseguest that has been able to see negative good bye messages, should not be permitted to return to the house for any reason. Rachael has been given an unfair advantage over the other players. That Brendon is not there does not mean she is not going to be able to tell him what she wants him to do. It simply means she will have Enzo or Hayden pass along the information.

    Playing the game from the jury house should never be an option in BB. Brendon should have lost his HoH power when he broke the BB rules and told Brit she was going on the block. As it stands it appears that BB is stacking the finale with its choices this season. What a total disappointment this season has become.

  322. Can’t blame BB for bring Skankchel back cuz its all about the ratings and we all know that TRASH sells. Jerry Jerry Jerry.

  323. does anyone know this question. if matt uses the dpov does he get to replace the nominations (2) or just one of them? I was unclear on how that works.

  324. I really want matt to make an alliance with ragan and brit because they at least won something! Sometimes the brigade is just lazy not even trying to win.

  325. I certainly hope that Brendon and Rachel just pass in the night. They should not be able to have any communication at all. That would be a total advantage that know one else has or have had. other then causing drama what good does rachel being in the house do? so much for being in the jury house…what the heck bb.

  326. I think they should listen to Rachel very carefully. I’m sure next HOH comp will be a quiz. People in jury house are still not back in the world again. They are sequestered and only know what BB wants them to know, so if she has facts from what has been going on in the world then BB told her and that is probably what the next HOH comp is about.

  327. so not feeling this after dark stuff. think bb has made a big mistake. i will be really turned off to this show if rachel and brendon get to talk. brit will for sure be put up just because rachel hates her. not for any game play. too personal this year bb much tooooo personal.

  328. That’s why Brendon isn’t there. Because he can’t compete for next HOH so it would alright for him not to know the facts she’s telling the others. He doesn’t need to know. She’s alienating some people so that they don’t listen to her and will lose the comp.

  329. Matt my man you have got to be careful of your own alliance right now cuz it seems like they are listening to Skankys lies about you.
    The Brigade cannot be that stupid to believe Skanky, of course she is going to tell lies about the person who ended her game in the house. Go Matt.

  330. Someone please answer this question: Why did Britney work so hard in the house to stay on Rachel’s good side & pretend she was her friend (to get her jury vote, I’m sure) only to be a total b**** to her in the goodbye message? I thought Brit was a better game player than that?

  331. @Mary: Good call. I think you’re right…

    I wonder if Brendon is on some luxe outing for unleashing Rachel back into the house.

  332. @Suze: Matt can replace ONE OR BOTH nominees, thus the name “Diamond Power of Veto.” Otherwise, it would just be a “Golden Power of Veto.”

  333. @Martie, right about brit. HG’s know the evicted will see their goodbye messages, so why throw away a jury vote?

  334. @Martie, I thought the difference was with gpov, hoh named renominee while with dpov the holder gets to rename the replacement.

  335. People. Do you not realize that as soon as rachel and britney are out of the house the show is going to be boring as hell. The whole show so far has been the drama, and thats what is keeping everyone watching. Pretty soon its going to be a bunch of guys sitting around talking about the people they voted of. I’m glad rachels back to stir up some trouble. Maybe this will keep the hoopla going in the house. And rachel is there for 24 hours only. You can’t vote her out.

  336. @Suze: Nope, it’s the most powerful veto of all time because he can replace both nominees, if he so chooses.

    I’d love to see Brendon put Matt on the block next to Lane to see if Matt finally exposes the Brigade alliance and takes them both off or just himself.

    It’s time for this show to get interesting and for everyone to stop floating under the radar…

  337. @Martie: you’ve got this completely wrong, buddy.

    Matt can only take out ONE nomination and put back in ONE replacement.

    DPOV ain’t the Coup d’État – you’ve got your powers confused…

  338. @mighty, lol, i got my answer directly from your dpov manual, so i thought i was correct in my answer.

  339. On BBAD last week, Hayden & Lane made a side deal against Matt & Enzo for the final two. They said Matt had too many sympathy votes for his ill wife plus he’s won too many HOHs. They said Enzo was obviously a favorite (since Jeff & Jordan called him the “Meow, Meow”), so he would most likely win the $25,000 America’s Player.

  340. @Suze: yes, follow the Manual – I mean, I made 2 editions of it!

    I just googled the DPOV, and it seems that Matt can only use it at eviction night, not during the Veto ceremony. So, yeah, that would make an interesting Thursday…

    For far, the best week of the whole season.

  341. @MightyMad & Suze: My bad. You’re right. He can ONLY take one player off, but he also gets to pick the replacement nominee. Sorry! :/

  342. @Suze: He was second in votes to Ragan for the Saboteur, so that must mean America likes him. I think after this week America must like Ragan a little less. I know I do.

  343. … Seriously, who would be America’s Player?

    I hate EVERYBODY in the house! Will it
    be some kind of ‘lesser of all evil’ pick?!

  344. @Martie: it’s OK man – its earlier Sunday night… I mean, geez, I’m barely there!

    Need to go get some caffee ASAP…

  345. If I had to pick a AP for this season, I guess I have to go with Lane, since he haven’t done anything to piss me off yet… hell, he haven’t done anything so far, period!

  346. How many games has Enzon,Kathy,and Lane won?Enzon sound like Brandon when they were standing on the surf board ” my feet was too big Ragan and Matt have little feet.Enzon wants them to put in a Pool game. And he can’t play that good. When playing the eight ball if u scratch u lose. Rachel left a lot of gameplay behind and alot of suggestions for Brandon will he use his mind or listen to what Rachel said? And Kathy telling Rachel ” I miss your SMELL” What’s with that? Because Kathy is a floater she floats to whoever has HOH and yet she stays. And he dosen’t know what to do last night to Enzon man when is Hayden coming I want the Bigrade not knowing that Enzon and Hayden has an alliance with Brandon. What is next. Jeff and Jordan, double P box and Rachel.Bring in Evil Dick. This is Big Brother not the Production Show. U compete for money and the best player suppose win not who U want. to win.Four men always together = ALLIANCE. Ragan called to DR just before Sabotuer comes up = U do the math.BRIGRADE is spelled the DUMBIGRADE.They had the chance to get rid of B/B and their own man let them pass, that’s loyalty.There was backstabbing from the start. Now they want to vote Matt off. Who has gotten them where they are now.If Matt has to use the Golden Veto I hope he uses on himself the let them know that it wasn’t money but a prize he could not talk about or lose it.

  347. CBS is changing the concept of the game, a controled enviroment; not what most of us signed up for. What makes reality TV good is the realism, be it off the wall Evil Dick or boring Jeff & Jordan. Watching Real human reactions are the is why we enjoy BB. CBS has been a disappointing network for several years now & getting worse. Bring back realism, nothing is more entertaining than this.

  348. @MightyMad: Caffeine – yes, need some desperately…

    I dislike everyone, too. It’s worse this year because they’re all so boring, gossipy, and floateriffic – at least last season it was all out, in your face disgust!

  349. #473 That would be the way they have us vote for our government leaders. Do you ever see as ad on what a person can do, NOPE, its for why you should not vote for the other guy. Same principal in BB, lesser of two evils.

  350. my wish- Matt gets put on block & then he makes a bold move & puts Enzo in his spot using DPOV. 2 brigade members on the block. That would be awesome.

    But i dont thik Matt will have the balls to be bold. “DRAMAAAAA”

  351. From every post I read from people who got the LF, production have been all up the HGs pretty much on a daily basis. It’s as if they have zero faith in them, which is insane since THEY PICKED THOSE PLAYERS! Or maybe they knew exactly who they got and knew they could manipulate them to do what they want… Anyway, it sure feel like they got puppets instead of actual human beings in this house.

    ‘Kinda make you miss someone like Chima – not in the ‘I’m the Queen Bitch, I said whatever I want, you do whatever I want, or I’ll go cry home!’, but in the fact that she never let production tell her what she could do or say… I guess a better example would be Dr Will, Boogie and Evil Dick.

    Next season, hopefully they’ll pick people more from that type.

  352. I was so happy to see the red headed beast go! For an awful moment or so, I was afraid Brendan would manage to get himself voted out. I like Regan’s comments about sabotage as he makes his choice. She hit an all time low when she actually expected Kathy to apologize for celebrating winning a level towards the POV! To every contestant, the game is naturally about themselves. Rachel seems to think that for other contestants, the game should also be about the ‘great me’ Rachel, the pathetic beast of a ‘woman.’ No one in this game gives nastier goodbye messages than Rachel did. She has a lot of nerve commenting on anyone else’s exit message comments being bitchy. Brendan and Rachel deserve each other, although, I feel a sorry for Brendan if he hooks up with her after the show. What a ball buster! I don’t even hate her, I am just embarrassed for her. I can miss one episode I guess.

  353. Was it really a big shocker that Rachel came back in the house? Julie eluded to it. CBS wants DRAMA. I have come to the conclusion that CBS producers intervenes in the HG diary sessions to stir things up- cause drama. They are only concerned about the ratings. I do believe they rigged the HOH competition so Brendon won. Did HG’s get to choose which lane- I do not think so. His lane with the knots was easier than the rest. CBS for ratings needed him to win—for the Drama. That was why Rachel was brought back. CBS manipulates the show way too much. That is why HG’s are not allowed to talk about production. So start watching the show from a CBS producer’s perspective. (What can we do to get high ratings.) They do not care who wins along as they have the ratings.

  354. @ cybdie- i agree which is why i like survivor sooo much better. this is my “real” 1st season watchign a bunch os spoiled brat whining and crying, but yet i can’t look away.

    at least in survivor- they have to rough it.(well at least they make it seem that way)

    jus sayin : )

  355. @stacy at #493: you got it right the first time – if you can’t eat properly and it rains on you for three straight days, PLUS you got to worry about people blocking you from getting $1 million, you got genuine reasons to cry and bitch about it!

    What’s happening this season in that BB house… it’s just pathetic and disgraceful.

  356. Big Brother has a 1 million dollar budget each year, 1 million, take away 500 000 for the prize, renovation for the house, the amount each guest gets paid, all the rewards, the staff, renovating stuff in the backyard, buying food/supplies, etc, etc, paying Julie, its really really expensive!!

  357. hey folks — wanna go back to 8th grade for a couple of minutes? lol

    here’s the transcipt of ragan & rachel’s SECOND fight last night:

    Rachel “Hey Ragan I’m going to make some really big soft gooey cookies do you want some?”
    Ragan “Rachel…”
    Rachel “What?…”
    Ragan “You don’t intimidate me. You repulse me. You are a pathetic human being.”
    Rachel “Really…awwww…that’s sad.”
    Ragan “Yah really. You are about as classy as your nasty hair extensions.”
    Rachel “ewwwww”
    Ragan “So you can take your homophobic innuendo and get the ***** out of my face.”
    Rachel “Oh what are you doing to do”…. (Ragan repeats her “oh what are you going to do”)
    Rachel “Would you like a cookie Ragan?? I was trying to be nice.”
    Ragan “Why don’t you go back to Forever 21 and return all of your clothing?”
    Rachel “Oh actually it’s not from Forever 21 it’s a lot nicer of designer than what you are wearing right now.”
    Ragan “My work out clothes?? Way to go Rachel. That’s a real big win.”
    Rachel “Anything you own Ragan—do you even know how to shop….Toby. Oh I’m sorry because you look like Toby. It pisses you off.”
    Ragan “Toby??”
    Rachel “Why don’t you go with your alliance” (Ragan mimics what Rachel just said)
    Rachel “Ewww you’re so feisty Ragan.”
    Ragan “Shoot for the roof Rachael. You have a degree and you’re a waitress. Get out of my face.”
    Rachel “And what do you do??”
    Ragan “I am a teacher.”
    Rachel “And so am I dumbass.”
    Ragan “Oh really yah”
    Rachel “Are you kidding me Ragan??”
    Ragan “Do you teach other waitresses how to get glasses and put it on their uhhh trays and bring it to tables?”
    Rachel “Yah Ragan I do and I also travel around the world and I have a really fabulous place.”
    Ragan repeating Rachel “I travel around the world and I go to Vegas and like I lie about $20,000 bottles of wine….and I’m so bad ass.”
    Rachael “Really I lie about it?? What did I lie about?? Tell me three things I lie about”
    Ragan “Rachel you’re….everything about you is a lie. Your boobs, your face is a lie, the only thing honest about you…is the pimples on your chin. You’re a wicked witch. Why don’t you get on your broom and fly back inside.”
    (Rachel laughs….Ragan mimics her laugh)
    Ragan “You’re disgusting repulsive human being and America sees it now too. I can’t wait to watch every single episode of how vile and disgusting you are. I will press play and rewind and pause and just look at how disgusting you are. And I will get a years worth of love and joy from that. So go ahead…keep on talking Rachel.”
    (Rachel laughs…..Ragan mimics her laugh)
    Rachel – “You are so funny”
    Ragan- “You’re so disgusting.”
    Rachel “Is that why your family doesn’t want to talk to you? Is that why you don’t have a boyfriend?”
    Ragan “My Dad who is dead doesn’t want to talk to me?”
    Rachel “Oh no your 7 or 10 or how ever many…..”
    Ragan “My mom who I am best friends with?”
    Rachel yells “Ragan all you do is ***** cry”
    Ragan “My sister”
    Rachel “You’re such a baby. You think you are so high and mighty”
    Ragan “I’m the one who cries?? Mimics Rachel saying “please don’t use the veto …please don’t use the veto” “Bowling competition” (Ragan flings himself on the ground- cross legged “Ok I will throw it” (he jumps up and mimics Rachel throwing a bowling ball” and lets out a whine)
    Ragan “You’re going to call me a crier?? Rachel!!
    Rachel “Oh my god all you do is cry. You go in your stupid have not room and you cry because you’re so emotional and so stressed”
    Ragan “Rachel I cry because I have to deal with something as disgusting as you”
    Rachel “and I cry because I have to live in a house …I had to live in a house… with someone as lame and such a loser that you are. Ragan nobody thinks you’re ***** cool. Get with the program …you’re a gay guy that’s not even good at being gay.”
    Ragan interrupts Rachel twice saying “Can I get two rum and cokes and a margarita?”
    Rachel “Ohhhhh you’re so funny…why don’t you insult me a little more?” You are so good at this insulting game”
    Ragan “Oh you are. Looking in the mirror should be an insult to you.”
    Rachel “Because you won one competition?”
    Ragan “You won two and you’re out of the game. What are you talking about?” You want to compare stats?? In head to head individual competitions …with your boyfriend…you’ve been in six individual competitions. He’s beaten me in one. So please keep running your mouth.”
    Rachel “I beat you in two Ragan”
    Ragan “Oh wow you beat me in two…
    Rachel “and how many did you beat me in?”
    Ragan “I don’t know”
    Rachel “zero”
    Ragan “because I try to keep you out of my mind. You are a vile disgusting human being.”
    Rachel “You’re a worse vile and worse disgusting human being Ragan and I have so many things I want to say to you that I’m not going to say on camera because I have more class (flips hair) than that”
    Ragan “Yes when America looks at Rachel Reilley class is the first thing that comes to mind”
    Rachael “and when American looks at Ragan being awesome and fabulous is definitely not something that they think.”
    Ragan “Oh god”
    Rachel “Would you like an awesome gooey cookie like I came out to ask you?” (Ragan is a have not and is not allowed to eat cookies)
    Ragan “I would love to have one and shove it in your mouth to get you to shut up”
    Rachel “I would love you to shove….. (Rachel starts laughing before she finishes her sentence)
    Ragan “Cat got your tongue Rachel?”
    Rachel “Oh my god, you’re going to shove something in my mouth to shut me up? That is just like…..”
    Ragan (mimics Rachel’s hand movement and says OMG)
    Rachel “All you do is talk about season 10.”
    Ragan (keeps mimicking and repeating what Rachel is saying)
    Ragan “I like your pink hair extensions with your naturally died hair”
    Rachel “Thank you. I love it too actually… and you know what else I love?”
    Ragan “What? The pimples on your chin?
    Rachel “I do love those too thanks…. And laughing…” (Rachel doesn’t get to finish sentence)
    Ragan interrupts and says “and your parrot face”
    Rachel “I look like a parrot?”
    Ragan “Yes”
    Rachel “Oh ok”
    Ragan “You look like a nasty red parrot from hell”
    Rachel laughs and Ragan mimics her saying “Here is my fake laughing”
    Rachel “I’m actually really laughing because this is hilarious”
    Ragan “Then why don’t you get out of my face? If you don’t like me and I don’t like you-go someplace where somebody in this house actually likes you—by yourself.”
    Rachel “Oh and nobody likes me?”
    Ragan “Yah”
    Rachel “Nobody in the house likes me?”
    Ragan “Nope”
    Rachel “Nobody?”
    Ragan “Nope”
    Rachel “Not a single person?”
    Ragan “Not a single person in this house likes you”
    Rachel “and nobody in America likes me either right?”
    Ragan “Probably not”
    Rachel “Probably not? Because I’m a nasty disgusting vile loser?”
    Ragan “Absolutely”
    Rachel “What do you think you are Ragan?”
    Ragan “I think I’m a nice person with friends in this house.”
    Rachel “Who is your friends? Princess Britney is your ***** friend?”
    Ragan “Yep.”
    Rachel “Oh because she was my friend for a week too Ragan. And she was my friend week 2 and week 4.”
    Ragan “Every person in this house is my friend Rachel.”
    Rachel “Nobody in this house is your real friend Ragan nobody likes you in real life.”
    Ragan “Really?”
    Rachel “Ragan come on. This is a game. If this is your game play you really suck at it.”
    Ragan “Rachel you were out of the house last week. The last person I’m going to take advice from is you.”
    Rachel “and I’m back”
    Ragan “for 24 hours. You’re here for a limited time. Because your boyfriend did a Pandora’s box and unleashed something horrible in the house. Wake up.”
    ***silence between the two of them for 10seconds***
    (Rachel laughs….Ragan mimics her)
    Ragan “Your days of bullying me are over. You’re a conniving evil little witch and you got exactly what was coming to you. Out of anybody in this house I was the one person who was in your corner.”
    Rachel “When Ragan? When you were crying and I came to comfort you? When you needed a friend?”
    Ragan “When you were crying and I came to comfort you!!”
    Ragan “You’re absolutely disgusting. Talking to you is like talking to the most vile devil child in the world and I’m done with it baby—because I’m done with you—because your game in this house is over.”
    Rachel “owwwwwww.”
    (Ragan gets up and walks away from the weight bench….Rachel follows him)
    Rachel “You are so intimidating and scary.”
    Ragan “Ohhhh you are. Your face is. Your parrot face with your big ugly zits on your chin.”
    Rachel “Why don’t you try to insult me a little more Ragan?”
    (Both are now walking briskly towards the patio sliding glass door—Ragan walking ahead of Rachel)
    Ragan “Why don’t you try to insult me? Why do you talk about me being gay and me being a bitch and me doing all of these other things to you?”
    Rachel “Because I love gay people and you suck at it.”
    Ragan “Yes you clearly love gay people.”
    Rachel “I do Ragan and you suck at it. Because (long pause) you’re not…” (Rachel doesn’t finish sentence but pauses)
    Ragan (repeats what Rachel said) “Because uhhh uhhh uhhhh—if you’re going to try to come at me Rachel do it a little bit quicker. In a battle of wits this is like me being an Olympic runner and you being a toddler.”
    Rachel “OMG”
    (Ragan “mimics her OMG)
    Rachel “What are you a ***** theater major? Talk about the theatrics Ragan. Look in the mirror.”
    (Ragan sits cross-legged on the ground imitating Rachel “Please take the veto take the veto Ragan please”)
    Ragan “Everything that you have done in here has been such a vile pathetic “look at me look at me look at me.” Rachel one day you will realize….”
    Rachel interrupts “Have you ever thought this was a game.”
    Ragan “Rachel one day you will get a modicum of class and you will realize that the attention that you want is not from negative behavior but by treating people with decency and respect. And if you think that you are going to go through life running over people and treating them the way you have treated everybody in this house—you have another thing coming. The minute you get out of that jury house I guarantee you you’re going to take a long hard look at yourself because everybody is going to treat you the same way you have treated everybody in this house. You will get what is coming to you. Believe me. You are going to be so disgusted with yourself when you watch these episodes. So disgusted with yourself. As I am certain America’s disgusted with you. I have never watched one person leave this house without a single person high fiving them. How many people high fived you Rachel? Done counting already?? Take it as a tip and learn from it.”
    (Ragan turns around walks to the patio door-opens it-slams it shut behind him. Britney continues to play pool (she has been playing the entire time) At 8min 34sec into the fight Rachel stands there-in the same spot-looking at the door. Britney continues to play pool alone…not saying anything to Rachel. Britney glances at Rachel a few times but never says anything to her. AT 9 mins 40sec Rachel finally walks inside.)

  358. @Abbylicious: I was talking about SURVIVOR as compare to BB, you dummy. Follow the conservation properly before commenting on it… moron.

  359. @CT at #497: seriously, nobody looks good in that fight… which is pretty much a BB12 standard.

  360. Yes matt has the “D” veto power, but he also has a big problem, that he doesn’t know about, If he is put up he will use it on himself and leave lane, and put up kathy, If that happens here is his problem

    1. enzo and hayden and maybe lane, think that matt is in a side alliance with britney and ragan.

    2. enzo and hayden and maybe lane wont to kept kathy around for awhile

    3. If he puts up kathy, he will tell him that he knew lane could be kathy, but he could also bet britney, so why not britney if thier so no alliance between them

    Yes matt you have a big problem, your boys don’t trust you anymore, and britney is a bigger threat kathy, So matt hope and pray that brendon puts up britney and not you, so can just set there stay safe

  361. #500 MM


    but i have to admit i was a was a bit taken back by how CHILDISH the whole thing was. remind me again how old these two are.. lol

  362. @Chris: the question is: if Brendon put up Britney as the replacement nominee, is Matt stupid enough to use the DPOV to save her?

    I don’t think he is… but then again, I didn’t think that Rachel would come back! So let’s wait and see…

  363. @CT at #503: obviously, not old enough…

    I told this to my 5-years-old niece: learn to walk away from a fight. There’s no shame in it, it actually prove that you’re the biggest person. If you have to fight, fight, but if it goes on for more than 5 minutes, walk away, it’s just not worth it and you’ll start to look quite stupid.

  364. The only way I see Matt using the dpov is if he is on the block. He’d be stupid to use it for any other reason.

  365. after watching bbaf last night, i don’t think anyone can deny that ragan is at least right about one thing:

    rachel IS THE CAUSE of every fight that takes place in this house. everyone was getting along just fine until she came back in.

    do we know yet where brendon is?

  366. Brenden should have not gotten involved with that horrible Rachael, loud mouth, screechy voice, black roots, boobs hanging out, whore. That put a big target on him. I hope they kick Rachael to the curb the show is all about her get rid of her and let them play the game

  367. @Pat at #510: Brendon would have had a target in his back whether or not he hooked up with Rachel – that was proven since Week 1.

    The thing, Rachel was such a good competitor, his target just got bigger because of his involvement with her. But the Brigade would have gone after him regardless, that’s for sure.

  368. The question is…does Bren have a bigger target on his back now since he is the reason rachel is back in the house?

  369. I think people in here forget that BB is indeed rigged every year. Last year Jeff was given that ridiculous power and he didn’t even earn it. If it wasnt for the coup de tat last year, Jordan’s butt would have went home and not won the 500K. Jesse really should have won last year but was cheated. Don’t get me wrong, I love this show but I am just bringing up a fact

  370. @MoonPie#482….Good observation MoonPie….To follow on that point….I will gladly bet anyone on this entire comment board $10,000.00 that not more than 4 people in that entire house have ever cast a ballot in any type of election….An absolutely perfect illustration of why this country is where it is today…

  371. #510 Pat

    dam pat.. roflma
    “boobs hanging out, whore”? :)

    rachel was telling britney last night that she can’t wait to have access to the internet so she can see what people of her….

    oh man – i think she’s in for a SHOCK!

  372. Rachael may have been a good competitor but she is one of the worse human beings and I use human being as a joke. She is a whore, tramp Las Vegas street walker Don’t know why Brenden would want to hook up with her His family must be shocked to see him with a girl (whore) like that

  373. Jordan has to go down as the most pathetic winner in the history of BB. Her winning last year was a joke and a sham. She was just handed the 500K.

  374. #513 Suze

    i don’t think they’ll be pissed at brendon.

    opening pandora’s box is a always crap shoot… everyone else in the house knows they would DO THE SAME if the opportunity was in front of their face.
    don’t ya think?

  375. I admit that I am a Rachel-hater. I was SO glad to see her gone, and panicked when she came back. Thank goodness it was only for 24 hours. At first, I was furious that she immediately started fighting with Regan and Brit, but later, she had calm, decent conversations with them. It’s too bad she ended up throwing Brit under the bus regarding Enzo though. Brit was only repeating what she THOUGHT Bren was relating to her. Oh well, I’m glad it’s only 24 hours, and how funny that she and Bren don’t get to see each other!

  376. #514 Mark

    there’s no doubt that BB rigs this show. but they seem to be losing their ability to be descreet about it – this year is WAYYY to obvious!

  377. @CT #522, That’s how I would think, but I don’t think the HG’s stop and think that they’d do exactly the same thing, they just react.

  378. #527 Suze

    ok. i can see that.

    but i also think some of hgs – enzo, hayden, kathy – will be okay with it because it gave them the opportunity to feed positive info to rach that she will relay to brendon if she gets to see him.

    if she doesn’t see him, then no harm done for anyone. just the aggravation of having to put up with her for 24 hrs.!

  379. I would not put it past Production to coach Rachel into making this visit really dramatic and visirel – the sponsors of the show love drama, which in turn sells product!

  380. I seriously think BB is a complete joke now!!! This is such crap. Unfair advantages, Productions hands are too deep in the game. Like the Hills wasn’t “real” neither is this. No entertainment just crap pure crap!!!! If this is how the show will be from now I will no longer watch. SOOOOOO Disappointed

  381. #529 Kay

    hayden’s message was about rachel hooking up with brendon, and how that was her biggest mistake in the game.

    enzo told her he wished they had gotten closer when she was there – thought they would have made a good team.

    brendon’s was.. well – you know! lol

    britney’s was about the hair extensions & tequila.

    kathy didn’t have one.

    i don’t think lane or ragan had one either…

  382. The really odd thing looking back is that when I first saw Rachel in the first episode, I thought, well good, at least we won’t have a showmance here with that pig! She came across as a complete joke, a kind of character they had added for grins. Brendan looks good, but obviously has some issues to have chosen to involve himself with this mouthy self absorbed ‘woman.’

    She has surprised me with her ability to win HOH, but thank God she is lousy at bowling in spite of all that practice. Brendan should have simply been tossed off the show for throwing a bowling ball and nearly injuring people. Both this fools need a lesson in sportsmanship. Brendan at one point tried to get on her for not playing nice when she made her “Bring it on comment.” But he soon found out she can not take ANY criticism! She showed that again outside with Ragan and Britney, then they were verbally attacked by Brendan.

    I look forward to Brendan’s eviction mostly at this point. Sadly, they will both be in the jury house voting to keep those who
    ‘wronged’ Rachel from getting the money. I hope the others vote as a block. Enzo is the only one left that I would hate to
    see win the money, primarily because he is a useless ‘player.’ I find myself not particularly cheering for anyone. Big Brother 12 has been more of a dissappointment than anything so far. I did miss the one where Jordan won.

  383. #532 Roxie

    no doubt!

    but i think it may have backfired on them when rachel started gay bashing ragan.

    that’s NOT GOOD publicity!!

  384. @T raza at #534: I’m always surprised with people like you, who seems to be SO PISS about what’s happening this season, yet seems to have completely forgot about BB11. I mean, forcing Jesse back on us, then letting America pick the holder of the Coup d’État without him doing anything to deserve it… that’s definitely production messing up with the game!

    So, yeah, Rachel’s back for a while… a game changer for sure, but not as big as the two other situations I mentionned before. And what are you piss about Ragan getting $20,000 by doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as the sab? Now there’s a reason to get piss!

  385. All CBS/BB did was add one more negative name to Rachel’s discriptive list..”BIGOT” Such a stupid move in allowing her to come back..

  386. Boobzilla E-Vil
    Boobzilla E-Vil
    If she doesn’t scare you
    No evil thing will
    To see her is to
    Take a sudden chill
    Boobzilla, Boobzilla E-Vil

    The curl of her lips
    The ice in her stare
    All innocent children
    Had better beware
    She’s like a spider waiting
    For the kill
    Look out for Boobzilla E-Vil

    At first you think
    Boobzilla is the devil
    But after time has worn
    Away the shock
    You come to realize
    You’ve seen her kind of eyes
    Watching you from underneath
    A rock!

    This vampire bat
    This inhuman beast
    She ought to be locked up
    And never released
    The world was such
    A wholesome place until
    Boobzilla, Boobzilla E-Vil

  387. @GregH, true, still doesn’t discount the fact that BB has increasingly been influencing player moves each season. Which is not how BB started out in the earlier seasons.

  388. I think it’s absolutely awesome that Rachel has returned. She deserves to be there and I hope she remains in the house.

  389. @Fly on the wall #541: and yet here you are, talking none-stop about it…

    Yeah, really bad move, CBS! WE DON’T WANT DRAMA!!!

    • No drama? How boring the show would be with no drama. The drama is what makes the show. Just saying

  390. Can Matts DPOV put Ragan on the block and over ride Ragans pov? I wood love to see that happen,

  391. @martie #457. you answered your own question – for the vote, it’s all about winning the $500T.

    Brit’s msg to Rach was bitchy? I didn’t hear it that way, I thought Brit was being funny and looking for Rach’s vote.

    Now, you want bitchy messages, listen or remember Rach’s msg to Kristen or actually most EVERY msg of Rachel… oh, could that be another reason the hg’s and the majority of America love to hate Rachel or just hate, hate her?

  392. @The Poster Formerly Known as IHR #542:

    … I didn’t get it. Are you telling us that YOU HATE RACHEL?!

  393. @Brandy #547: the jury’s still out on that one. As far as I know, it wouldn’t be fair that the DPOV overwrite the Veto, but, as we all know, fairness has nothing to do with BB, so…

    One thing for sure, though: I don’t see Matt putting up Ragan regardless.

  394. I wish BB would allow Rachel to stay. She was the only one on that was playing the game. She deserved to win this year. Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

  395. Well the dpov is more powerful than gpov, so it stands to reason, at least, that it could over ride gpov. Although I agree it would be terribly unfair as gpov was actually earned.

  396. #543 Kay

    if rachel knows about the brigade, why would she hook brendon up with enzo & hayden?

    plus, right now, she is in the kitchen with lane – telling him she will tell brendon to put matt in ragan’s place – and that lane should trust brendon, enzo & hayden… ???

  397. @Marti #465. not picking on you, i agree with Suze, DPoV is 1 remove/replace not 2.

    Heck if it’s 2, why don’t they just let him pick the evicted a hg (except for HoH)? H could say “I evict Enzo” for example.

  398. @The Poster Formerly Known as IHR: lol. Thank you for clarifying that.

    (I almost spit my coffee on that one!) :D

  399. Omg i love racheal she needs to stay in this house for so many reasons she won how many competitions and that will just save ehr and brendon! and the BIRGADE is not even funny i dont like anyone in the birgrade they just dont belong in th house! RACHEAL STAY IN THE HOUSE PLEASE!

  400. #548 GregH

    i agree with you – i took brit’s message to rachel as a joke, also. especially after rachel walked in the HOH and found brit wearing her hair extentions!

    what i found interesting on bbaf last night was hayden saying that he recorded 4 different good-bye messages for BB to choose from?? seems unfair for production to have this advantage over the hgs.

  401. So sory MightyMad, i didn,t see your answer before I asked the last question. Thank you for your answer. I don,t know that Matt wouldn’t put Ragan up. Matt was sure giving looks to Haden when all three of them were on that room off the hall way and Ragan was saying how good it felt to have won the pov.

  402. BB is all scripted, it’s Bull S–t. CBS and all other “Reality” show’s on TV are as far from reality.

  403. God thru away all parts when he made a woman and made this creature.what a discusting person.Rachel and Brendon deserve each other,really no sense of ruining two other peoples lives.She is what she is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  404. @Brandy: it’s OK, Brandy – no offense taken.

    As far as I know, Matt got Ragan in his back pocket, so burning one side alliance doesn’t seems like a smart move for him. But, as I said, it wouldn’t surprise me either way… but the most likely victim to a DPOV move still sounds like Britney.

  405. Enzo is married with a Daughter, calls a “22yr old c%#@t”
    Rach gaybashing Ragan. Shame on CBS/BB. Hopefully you will lose advertisers. I certainly will not buy products, or continue to watch CBS until an apology is issued to the viewer and fans of BB.

  406. @People are STUPID #562: I’m pretty much am ready to bet you $1 million that Rachel’s gay bashing to Ragan last night wasn’t scripted by CBS!

    Hell, how about $10 million? It’s only sure money to me!

  407. @Mad #487. miss Chima.

    Not in a million years. Wow… I’d hate to live in her world. Here’s hoping she’s back on her meds.

  408. hmmm… looks like matt is trying set things up so he can use the dvop!

    this conversation just took place between lane & britney:

    Brit: Lane I don’t tell anyone what you say to me
    LA: Matt’s going around saying stuff ..
    Brit: Matt told her he wants to go up on the block, because he know he could get the votes over Lane
    Brit: Matt told me to throw him under the bus to bren

  409. @viv440 #565. Please… those people only should apologize to the people they attacked, not us. I don’t see why you feel so hurt by comments that had nothing to do with you.

    People need to get over themselves…

  410. @CT #568: nice move by Matt… unless he uses the DPOV to put up Kathy, then it would be all worthless.

  411. I think the winner of the game will be…..

    the one who needs the money the most….

    Kathy as she really has a sickness and wants the money for her family

    Matt,Brit,Ragan,Branden make good money don’t know about Lane or Enzo

  412. MightMad, I appreciate your thoughtful pause to apoligize to me, I respect your opinion. No harm,

  413. Memo to skankchel and other HGs don’t pick a fight with Ragan cuz he is hardcore. Too awesome how he gave it to the biznatch, she picked on the wrong person to tango with.

  414. @Brandy #573: yeah, Kathy’s sickness is that SHE’S A CHAIN SMOKER WHO JUST HAD CANCER – aka SHE’S AN IDIOT!

    I mean, seriously, if she ends up winning… well, I already find everybody in the house to be quite moronic, so I guess that won’t my view at all!

  415. @Alexander #490 and 536.

    Thank you, finally someone using total common sense with everything you said.

    Even with saying your honest statement of “I find myself not particularly cheering for anyone.”

    I feel the same way but will throw my support to Matt (don’t agree with his wife lie) if he blows-up the Brigade and makes the boldest move of the game having a hand in 2 bros (hoping Enzo/Lane) on the block come Eviction Thurs. And especially if a dumbfounded Enzo walks out the door.

    Imagine Enzo and Rachel in the jury house… that could be worth a few laughs since neither one needs the other one’s vote.

    They can be real with one another… could turn nasty or maybe they’ll become friends. NOT!!! Could find the real Rachel and/or real Enzo, I think it will be revealing if BB let us see that.

  416. #572 MM

    if the dpov gets used, i honestly look for matt to put enzo in ragan’s place, hence 2 brigade members are on the block and one will go.

    i think matt knows the brigade is talking sh*t about him and wants to stick with ragan & britney.

    his best move – imo.

  417. Blackgirl you got to be kidding, rachel pushed the right bottons and ragan came off looking like a fool, you don’t have to say the things he was saying, it just makes you little and low, You can win a vorbal fight without going that low, No ragan went to an all time low, Sorry

  418. Kathy may smoke cigs because what she has will not make a diffence in the out come of her sinkness. Not defening her.
    oh and i ment to write the word bite in last comment

  419. #581 Brandy

    nothing much going on right now..

    brit just got out of shower
    lane is hitting her to “make out”
    brit blows him of and offers to make slop for ragan

    nothing about rachel or the others right now.

    i’ll keep you updated when something happens.

  420. @ everyone, I read what CT put up, So will someone tell where rachel was bashing gay’s, She was talking to ragan not all gay’s!!!! So please tell me when??

  421. @579, Mighty, I know you didn’t, I said “pause” meaning too give thought. Apoligizes not need, just sharing our opinions.

  422. @537 CT – That’s true, but they’ll edit the worst of it out and keep as much drama as possible for the ratings. Why am I so suspicious of Production??

  423. this is the definition of “big brother”:

    an authoritaian leader and invader of privacy.

    the defination says it all. I hope people understand the game more now.

  424. blackgirl and Chris – They both came off looking/sounding like gutter snipes. CBS is doing the happy dance right about now – ratings, ratings, ratings!!!!

  425. @CT #585: well, Ragan’s off the block by the next Veto meeting, that’s a given, so Matt doesn’t have to do anything to save him.

    It really depend on who Bredon will replace him with and how that would affect Matt’s game in the long run. A lot of people said that Matt wouldn’t use the DPOV unless he himself is on the block, and I agree with that. But, if he actually want to move out of the Brigade to an alliance with Lance, Ragan and Britney, well seeing those two on the block may very well make him use the DPOV… but it doesn’t mean that he got the vote to secure Lance safety… or does he?

    I hate doing BB Math, so someone else needs to crack those numbers! :)

  426. CT @586.. Yep my guess goes with ur thinking..Regan is safe cause he will use the POV..MATT goes on the block..uses the DV to take hiself and Lane off..If he is allowed to name the replacements I believe he will name Enzo and Kathy..ENZO has become a liability and can’t be trusted anymore..

  427. #589 Chris

    it’s all about perception.

    in today’s society, we all know that negative remarks about anything related to sexual orientation, race or religion are off limits!

    rachel should have known better – and i’m sure CBS isn’t happy about it.

  428. BB is obviously just doing this for entertaining themselves. There is no way they could have brought her back for anything else, all she’s doing is picking fights with people over stuff that doesn’t matter anymore. And taunting Ragan with cookies when she knows he’s a have-not, then telling him he “sucks at being gay”? New low. Also, the manipulation of DR entries is what’s trashing this season, and a lot of people are gonna stop watching. Hope they learn something from this, and realize they hadn’t brought anyone back until just now for a reason.

  429. @ pat, OMG all you do is bash rachel, we get it, You don’t like, well good for you, So please can you just give us your opinion about the game, If you can!!!

  430. @Roxie #593: CT and I already agreed on that too – they both looked awful. No winner out of that fight… except CBS and its viewers, of course!

  431. @Fly on the wall #595: Matt. Can. Only. Take. Out. ONE. Replacement.

    As stated before, the DPOV isn’t the Coup d’État.

  432. Guess what folks. Rachel is on facebook and has over 4,00 friends. Obviously she has been on it before coming into Big Brother.She also live on the 21st floor of an apartment in Las Vegas.

  433. WOW, who are the houseguest gonna belittle when and if Brendan goes? It makes Ragan and Britney’s self absorbed lives better? Wasn’t Brit saying a couple of weeks ago how much Ragan annoys her? Oh well at least Brit has her winning personality to fallback on when her looks fade.

  434. The DPOV = Take out ONE nominee and put up ONE replacement, period.

    It’s really not that hard to grasp… I really don’t understand the confusion.

  435. authoritarian* sorry

    adj: charateristic of an abosolute ruler of aboslute rule

    adj: expecting unquestioning obedience

    noun: a person who behaves in a tyrannical manner

  436. #594 MM

    rachel (if she gets to see brendon) plans on pushing for matt to be up instead of britney.
    if that happens – matt will remove himself.
    if britney goes up – i think matt will remove her and either way, i look for him to put enzo up as the replacement.

    now – how will the votes fall?

    brendon, lane, enzo & matt can’t vote.

    that leaves:

    britney – will save lane
    ragan – will save lane
    kathy – will save enzo
    hayden – i think will save lane over enzo

    enzo’s evicted

  437. @Chris #589: the gay bashing really was on the first fight – she went at it once, and kinda retract. Still, it wasn’t cool.

  438. @CT #606: but is Hayden not closer to Enzo over anybody else in the house?

    Man, that’s too close a call, and I’m sure that Matt knows it. If he cannot secure Hayden vote, I don’t see him making that move.

  439. @598 MightyMad, you are too sweet. We can agree too disagree, and still be civil right MM? Best friends are often brought together because of difference of opinions. You are my BPF, best post friend. Take care all.

  440. Mighty mad please ignor and refrain from commenting on my post..I did not direct any comments at u..I do not want or need ur input as to what I write..Just leave me alone..

  441. @Suze #614: well it depends on two things:

    1. Who’s Brendan replacement nomine will be.
    2. And if Matt use the DPOV or not.

    Basically, everything is up in the air until Thursday (if the general thinking that the DPOV can only be use before the voting start on eviction night is correct, of course.) The HGs have ZERO idea how truly crazy things really are in the house right now… except for Matt, of course!

  442. #609 MM

    from what i’ve seen on bbaf every night, my impression is that hayden would choose lane over enzo. if you remember, these two hooked up to go to the end at the very beginning of this season. they are both “southern boys” at heart and have a lot in common.

    hayden is actually playing a good game. he’s friends with everybody and keeps himself in the position of having different options (i.e. with enzo/brendon & the brigade) depending on how things are going.

    i think he will stick with lane.

  443. Hello,
    My hope is that Britt will go on the block and get sent to the jury with her fake bff Rachel. The Brigade will get rid of Matt and Brendon will take his place. Or Matt Brendon and Kathy make a final 3 alliance and who ever is up against Kathy will win the paper if the votes r based on game play. I dunno just a few scenarios I have.

  444. @CT #621: Seriously, if Enzo get backdoored, it would be EPIC.

    I don’t see him going out quietly!

  445. Chris of course Ragan is gonna look bad in your eyes cuz your wear a rosery glass when it comes to trashy Rachel.

  446. @Erin25 #625: It is the first time in a while that every scenario could be possible – nothing would surprise me at this point.

    By Thursday though, I don’t see the ‘Let’s get Brendon!’/status quo remaining…

  447. rachel has LEFT the house.

    she left a message for brendon about who to put up in ragan’s place.

  448. I don’t think Rachel should tell him what to do I think hes doing good on his own…To be honest it seems like getting in a romantic relationship while playing a game is just a big distraction I dunno but if it were me I would have my mind on my money always. lol

  449. Seriously, I feel like I’m watching a high school drama. Ragan and Brit need to shut and stop bitching and talking smack about Rachael. They are so jealous of her. But it is so disrespectful and really doesn’t say much for there character.

  450. CT Re: #625
    Rachel left a message for Brendan! Firstly this should not be allowed since has had access to info the other house guests do not. What I would love to have is for Ragan to leave a note for Brendan signing it as Rachel! HaHaHAAA! Oh, the possibilities for true sabotage…

  451. @Marcus brit was just talking about how much she LOVED a reality show called nyc prep. I lol it was about really spoiled rich high school kids in NYC. Wonder why she liked it sooo much? j/k

  452. Well Rachel is only back in the house and causing drama so everyone turns on each other and Brandon gets further in the game but everyone hates her and she is a b***ch so no one will believe her so I think her plan is pointless.

  453. @Marcus I agree with u 100%. Those two have no dignity they are low class…Like for real Britney should have some self respect…Maybe Rachel appears to look trashy but its the undercover hoe u really gotta worry bout.

  454. Oh the drama, hahaha, as much as I dislike Ragan and Brit, I can’t stop watching, another productive day for me…haha

  455. @blackgirl
    How come regan didn’t get in brens face when bren ripped into him, he said one thing to bren then shut up, guess regan can only go after women, britny had to fight regans battle with bren.

  456. i dont think cbs would allow for rachel to leave a msg for brendon thats stupid, and past the point of fair. they’ll probably remove it with like a nice note.

  457. Coulda sworn when I was waking up I heard Kathy hating on Rachel to rags and brat but the feeds show her sleeping but her smokes and lighter are on table near them. was I dreaming??

  458. Btw what was the point of Rachel back in the house for 24 hrs other than the obvious?…I think it was pointless unless there is something I do not yet know, hmmm something to think about…

  459. nvm Kathy just stuck her head out house is finally getting up I think. although there was talk of them staying in bed all day…

  460. Hey can some one tell me what happened with the fight with brit,rach & enzo last night? also what is going on today, is brendon back yet?

  461. Can some one tell me what happened with the fight last night with brit,rach & enzo? also what is going on today, is brendon back yet?


  463. haha hay,lane and enzo trying to decide who to get out Matt or brat….Matt’s trying to get put up. he told brat to goahead and throw mim under the bus

  464. I was wondering too what happened with Brit, Rachel, and Enzo about the saboteur conversation last night. It was getting good and then BBAD was over.

  465. rach is gone bren has not been spotted yet …decisons about who should be replacement are going as they cook breakfast

  466. @Mark #519. first off it shows how social this game is and how if you go to F2 with a more disliked hg you’ll win (good ex. EvelDick and his whacko daughter – even her good looks didn’t win it for her).

    My memory could be faulty and I’m too lazy to look it up, maybe someone remembers… but seems classy Jordan won the final comp, then evicted the gay guy over Natalie. She was liked and Nat wasn’t, her lies cost her plus she rode Jesse’s coat-tail. But Jordan didn’t play a floater’s game.

    IMO… Jordan, played a decent game but more social; this season would have been better if a decent clone of Jordan had played in Rachel’s spot. Definitely would have been less r-rated.

  467. I bet matts plan is to let himself get put on the block use the dpov and put enzo or hayden up.

  468. I highly doubt that Enzo is going to go up as a replacement…That is unlikely but yeah what if Heyden goes up then what will happen???

  469. specualtion is there is a chance he is still @jh and they might get to hook up briefly there but only spec, don’t think cbs would be that blatant.

  470. @GregH #655: BB12 got nobody with any class in its cast. Just a bunch of sociapaths…

  471. imo if enzo or hay get put up as replacement then Lane needs to start packing as he is way to close to brit and rags he flipped on the gade almost as much as Matt.

  472. We would love to see Rachel come back to the house. She is the reason why many people view the show this time. She adds more spices to Big Brother 12; besides, She’s a great competitor and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  473. rachel told kathy that, in the hoh room, she wrote out a note in pretzles to Bren on who she wants gone and that she saturated his room with her perfume

  474. Rachel came back because everyone else in the house is boring!!! CBS wants people to watch and I have talked to people who only watch the three hours a week and do not plan on watching without Rachel.

  475. @GregH This bb I was hoping for a Jordan Jeff situation too… Jordan was a fan fav and she played smart and she also picked her battles wisely ,as Rachel starts shit with every one and any one I don’t fully blame her but she would have more respect if she had just taken the high road.. unfortunately she is just as guilty as the rest of the s**t talkers for feeding in to all there bull s**t.

  476. @CT #528. I agree with Kay, it was Hayden’s msg, Hayden didn’t even tell Kristen in the BBH, she figured it out herself when her and Hayden were on the block b/c he was so not worried and she noticed how the guys hung. Why the other hg’s never noticed, I don’t know, maybe their heads were stuck up in another part of their body. It had nothing to do with the Brigade being clever, for sure!!!

    Btw… CT, thanks for posting that transcript, is that for real? If not and you wrote it it really comes off real, for sure!!!

  477. im so glad she is gone, but im glad she started some more fights.

    however as a fan of ragan and britney, rachel’s antics literally sealed the deal on mostly britney’s game. if u are not in the BRIGADE who have a next to impossible chance of making it to final 5 let alone final 4.

    think about it, u will have to win either HOH like 2 times and the weeks u cant compete, win that weeks POV if u wanna make it to final 2. thats close to impossible.

    when rachel through Britney’s name through the mudd (she could have been telling the truth, i didnt think so, and brit was dumb to say a single name to rachel)that really guaran-damn-tee’s her fate.

    the BRIGADE doesnt need anymore help, and they got it in rachel.

    brendon is back. im actually glad to see him much rather than his other half.

  478. #648 acrazy1

    here ya go:

    11:53PM BBT: Enzo approaches Britney by himself [that is noble]. Britney admits that she told Rachel that she thought she was the saboteur and that Brendon didn’t outright tell her Enzo is the saboteur. Enzo tells Rachel what Britney said and she start stomping towards the backyard.

    Rachel starts to freak out but Britney calmly explains that she just thought Brendon was hinting at Enzo but Rachel keeps saying that Britney said she explicitly said he did.

    “Enzo I’m sorry, Rachel asked me who I thought it was and I told her it was her and I told her I thought she had a power.” [Rachel really does forget things that happened a few hours ago].

    Britney: “Rachel that was a conversation that I had with Brendon and I only told you.”

    Rachel” “I don’t know why you tried to convince my boyfriend that he is the saboteur. It seems like you are the saboteur because you are talking about everyone, Lane, Enzo. If you want to be honest. You tried to start stuff last week between me and Lane and Hayden…”

    Rachel is now saying that Britney said that Lane told her that Rachel said the “I didn’t even have to say anything to him” situation with Ragan but Britney was outside when she said it. Rachel is trying to convince everyone that Britney was throwing everyone under the bus.

    Britney asks Rachel to give her another example of talking about Lane and Rachel says she can’t think of one off the top of her head.

    Britney: “I will not let you make me look like I said bad things in front of the people I have never crossed.”

    Rachel: “I just want to get things straight.”

    Britney: “You are twisting everything.”

    This is another good flashback moment. All feeds on the backyard.

    Britney: “You’re trying to make me look bad in front of all these people! What did I do? I sat there and had a kind conversation that I thought was nice…”

    Matt, Lane, Hayden, and Enzo are all wandering around awkwardly listening to this.

    12:18AM BBT: Britney and everyone is discussing the possibility that Rachel is the saboteur and has only been sent back into the house to cause trouble. Britney continues her tirade about how awful Rachel is, and how stupid she is, and how she couldn’t even remember 1 thing that nit had said about Lane behind his back.

    Hayden reminds everyone that the saboteur’s, last message said, “You have gotten me out of the house, not out of the game”.

    Apparently Rachel is in diary room, as she is nowhere to be seen, now Ragan has come out and everyone just rehashes the conversation from before for him.

    Now, Ragan is taking back the good feelings from his heartfelt conversation with Rachel saying that she didn’t have one tear on her face when they talked and she apologized.

    Britney wants to know why Rachel is picking on her, oh, come on Britney, get real! And Ragan is back to his backstabbing, throwing her under the bus mode.

    Britney does make a good point though, that due to the fight, Brendon will hear, and now put up her instead of Matt for eviction.

    12:33PM BBT: Everyone except Kathy is comforting Britney telling her not to worry about it and that everyone is more logical than Rachel and they get it.

    Lane joking: “I mean, we’re gonna have to kill her tonight.”

    Enzo: “It’s going to go on all night.”

    Britney is now worried that people in the house will tell Brendon all about this to save themselves from going on the block.

    Ragan and Lane start calling each other names like Neanderthal and small brain making fun of Brendon.

    Ragan: “There’s a whole lot more crazy to be had until 3PM tomorrow. We need to avoid contact.”

    12:37PM BBT: Sounds like a lot of people are going to stay in bed tomorrow to avoid her. Britney wants to talk to Enzo privately because she is upset about the situation.

  479. What did happen after BBAD went off last night. Do you really think Enzo could be put on the block..I just cannot see it

  480. No blackgirl I don’t< all I'm saying is that ragan, lets his felling get the better of him and he sink's to a level that doesn't need to be, He could use some class, but he doen't, he's reply's to rachel were uncalled for, No I don't like rachel, I won't date her, but I don't look down at her for how she dresses, or talks, or how she laughts. I was born in 1950 and I saw how people were treated in the 60's nad 70's, for not looking the norm. Never have like people who pick on other people just because they look differant.

  481. only thin i don’t understand is i thought i was on bbt but its only 12:35 here…oops i guess you meant am I was sleeping nvm

  482. Stacy, No I haven’t seen Big Bang, not much of a sitcom watcher. I will be glad when BB posts that the Bitch has left the building & we don’t have to see her face any more. I think these other HGs can provide us with some interesting points to ponder. We do need to tell Ragan theres no crying in the BB house (like none in baseball)& Brit as well. Lets suck it up HGs its a game, Play!!

  483. Why dose any one like Ragan? Or why did he get to be voted sabator? or did he? maybe bb picked him not america. with of all of the hg left in the house how did he win pov? never won anything before…he also picks what he wants to do, as the sabator. only easy ones at that. for 20,000. I would say he has life easy in the big brother house, of all the house guests {except for Matt with the dpov}, Ragan has it made.
    Is that not weird?
    Mr.goody goody thinks, the big brother house is such a great place to hang out and talk trash with his side kick brit
    and that every one loves him being there to talk to. because he has sooo much insite on topics of game, Ragan thinks he is teaching class to every one in the house. all of his disgussting smells he lets lose. dose he do that in class when he teaches class as well. I would bet they keep the windows open in the class room.
    Yup one heck of a guy got it made…

  484. #667 GregH

    kay has been saying that hayden told RACHEL about the brigade in his good bye message.. is that what u are agreeing with?

    is wasn’t rachel – it was KRISTEN.

    if you remember, when kristen was sitting on the bench with julie outside the house, julie told her that hayden had something to tell her…

    then hayden’s goodbye came on – he told kristen about the brigade & apologized for keeping it from her when she was in the house.

    julie then asked kristen if she was surprised by that, and kristen said “no”.. that she thought something was going on…. remember??

    it wasn’t RACHEL that hayden told.

    about the transcript – no, i didn’t make up :)

    as far as i know, it’s the actual conversation.

  485. @MoonPie #680: You’re damn right. I mean, hell, even Bredon cried…

    As a man, after you went through your first break-up, you shouldn’t be allow to cry unless someone died or something hit you!

  486. all the feeds are on Brit WHY WHY WHY? wants to see whats going on with Bren and Hay and Enzo