Big Brother 12: Week 5 Nominations Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 nominations episode!

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Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show. Did Matt make the right noms? Who do you think is in the most danger of being evicted from Big Brother 12 this week?

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  1. lol brendon is the girlyest, whiniest little man baby I’ve ever witnessed. Rachels going home thursday they know that and we know that.

  2. I was watching BBAD last night and was wondering what on earth Rachel was telling Brendon about getting paid to travel etc, sounds like she was describing her being an escort,anyone else see this

  3. Rachel will make even more drama at the Jury house, and in a couple weeks, the focus will be on what is going on at the Jury house, not the BB house…

  4. Yes, Matt nominated the best people. After his back firing back door plan last time as Hoh, he made the right move this time.

  5. Question:

    Can the person with the Diamond POV put up the person who won the regular POV?

    • Let me know if this is correct please. Doesn’t the jury decide the winner? If they do wouldn’t it be smart to keep R or B since everyone hates them so much? On another note I can’t stand Matt and the Brigade will have to turn on each other soon! Also don’t think Regan can pull off the Sab thing he looks so guilty and obvious.

      • Yes,the jury will decide the winner. But even if no one likes Rachel or Brendon they have won the most Hoh’s and POV’s. In the end it doesn’t matter who doesn’t like who, it’s about who played the best game. So it’s really smart to get rid of them now. Not to keep them.

  6. brendon is so blind? he mess his game by sticking with rachel. what she did is coming back to them big time. though she cause drama in the house, think shes better gone than stayin there. i dont have no favorite hg’s this season but hope ragan or lane would win it. by the way, when are they gona start sending evicted hg to the jury house?

  7. Did Matt seriously say that he has control of the house, “as usual”? He needs to re-evaluate his reality. And, Rachel should stop being such a bully. Seriously, once Rachel is gone, the only person that will be gunning for Matt is Brendon. Why would they target him for doing this time what he should have done the first time?? I am personally so very glad that Ragan stood up to both Rachel and Brendon.

  8. Reagan felt obligated to take the saboteur deal. Ugh!! What a slap in our faces. If he didn’t want it he shouldn’t have taken it. These houseguests are annoying the heck out of me!!

  9. The show is boring enough now, imagine how much more boring it will be once a rachel and brendon are gone. Its gonna be a house full of ass kissers and scaredy cats.

    • Ohhhh…ok. I must have missed something important in one of the episodes I missed. Good to know. Thanks! And good riddance if they do get rid of him!

  10. @Indygirl Matt’s not going anywhere as long as the brigade isn’t found out. Its gonna suck to see them skate to final four without having to make any tough decisions.

  11. rachel:
    “i’ve fought so hard, i’m going to have to have another injection of botox for all the wrinkles”..

    omg! she is tooooo much!! roflmao

  12. Matt has the diamond power of veto? The only way he better use that is next week if Brendon wins HOH and puts him on the block, which you know he will. He cockiness is starting to annoy me. I love the way Ragan stood up to Brendon. Brendon is such a wuss, can’t stand him.

  13. omgezzy diamond pov so yea matt ensures his safety no matter what but on bb twist everyone is saying expose the brigade !!!! so here is how i thought:

  14. This is the worst BB season ever. Everthing that happens is completely predictable after someone either wins HOH or the POV like we already know that Britney will NOT use the veto and that Rachel will go home and now that Matt has the special power no matter who is HOH next no one in the brigade will be going home. I predict the boring-gade will make it to the final 4 and who even cares to watch it after that. GEEZ this season sucks!!!!

  15. Question:

    Can the person with the Diamond POV put up the person who had won the regular POV?

  16. OMG….Matt finally did what he should of the 1st time around. Rachel has basically needed to go since day one, and Brendon being her little minion,has thrown his life perserver away weeks ago.I couldnt be happier that their on the Block together, and I will be keeping my fingers crossed that neither of them win the Vito(for once), and here’s hoping the Saboutour can help with getting Twiddle Dee & Dweedle Dum out!!!

  17. i dont think the brigade will last that long, if they do cant wait to see them fighting each other.

  18. When you have two f*rt knockers that everyone hates (Brendon and Rachel), then the rest of the house goes on cruise control.

    Its because of them that this part of the season is stagnate.

  19. Seriously! She seriously made that botoz comment, I think I peed myself I laughed so hard! As much as she annoys me were would we be without her drama!

  20. @Don R #26 — It’s my understanding that Matt can use the Diamond Power of Veto to remove any nominee from the block and to assign any replacement nominee … even the person who won the regular POV.

  21. Here’s an interesting idea for a twist: Jeff and Jordan have another reason for being in the house other than hosting the Power of Veto competition…perhaps Jeff passes the power of Coup de Tat to someone? That would rock!

  22. @Kimberly, #24: I agree that this season has been predictable, but Matt winning the new power does not mean that The Brigade is safe. In the end, Matt is playing for himself, and if he uses the diamond power of veto to save someone, he’ll have a huge target on his back. He needs to get rid of people in his own alliance at some point, so why not let someone else do his dirty work? Using a nig, game-changing power pisses people off and causes you to lose Jury votes.

  23. i dont like big brother season this time. the people on it dont interest me like the other ones

  24. matt is a baby he makes me sick. i didnt see rachael coming after him. he cant think for himself

  25. i think it’s a mistake for matt to not keep rachel… maybe he will use the diamond veto to save her?

    if he does, she seriously needs to develop some SOCIAL SKILLS and stop being such a total bitch all the time. of course it’s good tv, but it gets old after a while – and i’ve reached my limit of watching her BRAG about how great she is – and then having to listen to her whine and cry about this and that when things don’t go her way.

    HEY RACH – you’re “obvi” NOT as great as you think you are or you wouldn’t be on the block AGAIN!

  26. I missed Kristen tonight she was way nicer then everyone said. Also thank goodness that Brenchel one of them will be leaving this wekk!!!!

  27. Question: Supposed Matt and someone else is nominated next week. The other nominee wins the POV and takes him/herself off the block. Can Matt override that and not only take himself off the block as well but put the other original nominee (and POV winner) back on the block?

  28. I’ll have to wait for west coast BB to understand this Diamond POV.

    Rachel was talking about getting paid for personal appearences. She did describe it like escorts/prostitutes do.

  29. @beth i agree, its not as interesting as last seasons cast, rachel is the only annoying hg this season, theres no chima, jesse, natalie or lydia plus ronnie this season.

  30. #1 – All hosueguest are talking/b*tching about is Bren/RAch… they talk about them 24.7 live feeds … why do u have to do that theyre already going home srsly lol

    #2 – Without Bren/Rach show is gonna be boring…

  31. @ #46 — I think with the Diamond POV Matt CAN put any player up, even if that player won the regular POV and took himself/herself off the block.

  32. Im sorry but i was not impressed with tonights bb I think we all know what will happen next. This season is way to predictable…blah blah blah

  33. @ #48 Nic — Would anyone be surprised to learn Rachel was a paid escort (prostitute)? The funny part of that whole conversation was how impressed Brendon was by it all … what a total idiot!

    • Is it possible that people like you start rumors and talk crap constantly about Rachel. My god… What is wrong with you!!?! She was a hawaiin tropics
      model. Models get PAID to be
      somewhere and look pretty! That doesn’t make her an escort, it makes you a hateful person for saying that.

  34. brendon is on the wrong show.. this IS NOT “love connection”. his one and only focus is “everything rachel”! he’s so pathetic – i feel sorry for his parents having to face their friends knowing that everyone has watched all this unfold on national tv.
    how embarrassing.

  35. @beth I know right. I don’t get why everyone doesn’t see that Brittney is the biggest bitch in the house. Beyond catty and sits around making fun of everyone all day

  36. @ #56 Kevin — good question! Matt did not appear to do a good job of hiding it … we’ll see!

  37. Actually this season is not boring IMO since I don’t watch BB to see a showmance. I watch the bachelor for that. When those two fools are gone the others are gonna turn on each other as they always do.

  38. After looking at the comments on this site for the last 40 days or so, I think evereyone has the same point of view (regardless of which player a particular commentator likes or does not like). Unlike the last two seasons where you had several palyers who knew how to bring the drama and play for the cameras (Evil Dick, Jen, Russell, Natalie, Kevin, Chima, etc.) only one player this year plays to the drama and that is Rachel.

    Does that mean she should stay. No! It just means that casting did not put enough explosive personalities in the house this season.

    But after seasons 10 and 11, I will not call for any firings at casting. Just hope they do better next time (especially if it is an allstar season as casting the wrong allstars can make for awful tv).

  39. I don’t understand did Matt win something? I must of missed it! And yes Rachael Botox needs to go!!

  40. @anna b. you’re right there. since the start, esp when monet was still there. kinda overacting when she went matts hoh room

  41. Lane, Enzo, and Kathy are all floaters. They never win anything. Ragan will likely be a good saboteur…gotta make up for Annie’s megafail. I can’t wait to see how Jeff and Jordan react to Rachel LOL.

  42. @ Mel #63 – Matt was given an opportunity to open (or not open) Pandora’s Box. If he opened the box (which he did), he was given the Diamond Power Of Veto … the power to save any player on the block in the next 2 weeks and to choose the replacement nominee.

  43. Matt received the Diamond Veto when he opened Pandora’s Box, but he told the other houseguests he only got one dollar or something like that. When the rest of the Brigade finds out that he lied to them, that will probably break up the Brigade.

  44. I am so fed up with Brenchel!! Ragan should definitely take some itching powder and spread it on Rachel’s bed to mess with both Rachel and Brenden and to see her reaction!! ROFL @ her botox comment…just another example of how fake and superficial she is!

    As for the Brigade…I must say they’ve done an amazing job at keeping it hidden from everyone however I think it would be fun to see it finally exposed. Hopefully Kristen’s comments last eviction should stir some talk. Although I really like Enzo, Lane and Hayden, Matt is starting to get on my nerves!

    My predictions: As long as the Brigade remains a secret then they’ll have an easy sailing into the final four. Rachel will hopefully leave this week allowing Matt to use his diamond veto to get rid of Brenden next week. After that the orders of evictions will be Kathy, Ragan, Britney then the Brigade will be left top four. I would love to see the Brigade break off and have Ragan, Britney, Enzo and Lane as the final four but I can’t really see that happening based on how the game’s been playing out so far.

  45. If a Brigade member doesn’t win next week, expect Matt to make his friendship with Regan a little more strategic.

    However, the complete details on the Diamond Veto are still up in the air, at least to me. Can he use it on anybody — POV holder and HOH included? And when they say 2 weeks, does that mean this week and next week, or the 2 weeks following his HOH reign?

  46. Man… I feel so torn! Rachel really does get on my nerves – but she is one of the VERY few actually playing the game! I feel bad for Brendon, but he’s digging his own hole, ya know? Regan & Kathy won’t make any big moves – they’re afraid of getting blood on their hands. The entire brigade (although I love them ALL) is completely throwing the entire workload on Matt’s shoulders – unfair in my opinion and I think Matt will eventually grow tired of it. Britt – man, I want to love her – I really do; but the ‘mean girl’ antics are getting old too. LOVE BB!!

  47. @61 BG- I agree! i’m tired of the brendon/rachel show. I’m ready for the backstabbing and turning on each other.

  48. I don’t think this season is all that boring… it’s getting better, anyway.
    I can’t stand the person Rachel is, but sure would be funny for her to stay another week! If anyone is boring, it’s Brendon!

  49. Congrats BB for casting the worse BB contestants in 12 seasons. Lets have a multi eviction and send em all packing then the show can start over with some real contestant. Rachel is the most annoying HG ever. Matt, the self ptoclaimed, self promoted, super genius is best HG ever, dont believe me? Just ask him, he will gladly conform this! Brendon is in love with a blow up doll called Racheal and the rest of them clearly make BB a goring show………… I am done watching and would rather watch reruns of I Love Lucy and I hate I Love Lucy.

  50. MATT, can you explain the Diamond Power of Veto. Or tell us where we can find the complete rules. Can he put someone back up if they use regular veto?

  51. You know seems like last year everyone was saying the same as this year. That it was the worst BB ever. Just seems the same to me. I like some and don’t like some of them.

  52. This might put a bigger target on Matt’s cocky ass back and I would love to see him leave because if he use the Diamond power of Veto it could possibly make him look like the Sabetour and have the Boringade thought as far past the Final Four bunch of dumbass dudes and for people who say they have ran the house not really Matt has done just about everything and the only thing Hayden did was boot Annie week one WOW!!!!! Matt is dumb for putting the blood on his hands although I am not a Rachel fan not a real smart choice for him ready for this season to be over with because I hate these people most of all KATHY!!!!!!!!!

  53. @68- Not if he uses it to the brigades advantage. Like to get rid of brendon, or get one of the brigade members off the block

  54. Mainer: I’m sorry that you’re not enjoying the show, but was your comment really necessary? This forum is for people who want to discuss the show and talk strategy. I like the show, and I want to talk to people that like the show and have something to contribute. If you don’t like it, why are you on a BB website at all?

  55. I totally agree with everyone. This season has become wayyy to predictable. I am not even sure why I still watch. I guess because there’s nothing else on during that time. We all know what the outcome of this season will be. The brigade will make it to the final 4. I predict Lane and Hayden in the final 2. They will not want to take Enzo because he is well liked by everyone and they will not take Matt because he has won a couple of HOH’s and those idiots also believe his wife is sick!! Ugh!

  56. Also seems to me the compititions Regan and Matt have lasted in are endurance but it is built for small skinny guys. The bigger guys with muscle can’t stay on the skinny things they have to stand on and the girls even if small have the upper cups to keep us there too. It really is not built for bigger or heavier or built people.

  57. Matt, I am on here expressing my meaningless opionion about these meaningless HG’s! Bring nack Evil Dick to set em all straight! I am out!

  58. I agree with #82. I dislike Brendon but the guy has a point. I am also 6’3 200lbs with a size 13 foot. The surf board and the spinning paint can comp was geared towards smaller people. There’s no way Brendon or even Hayden could have stayed on there a longer time!!

  59. Rachel just sucks. She’s mean. I was watchin’ BBAD last night and she was acting like a true nut job! She needs to go. It’s not even the rest of houseguests are boring. She’s just nasty. She should’ve never made it there in the first place. Blech! VIP Waitress my butt! I don’t believe it at all.

  60. F u all Brendan & Rachel hatters!!!! They are fighters and playing the game honest yeah found each. Other and a relationship has sparked but they play a good game!! I hope the sabator says no one is evicted this week but, next week 2 evictions!!! Rachel & Brendan I wish u two best of luck… Matt u need to grow up!! Sick of seeing u in baby PJ’s plusses u won compitions because the other 4 are weak plays and let u do there deity work so they have there votes in the end… plusses lie about ur wife have some respect!!!

  61. Rach is lucky Matt spared her from being nom when he 1st won hoh. Poor Bren he may have the looks, but this guy is whipped. Wait til he hear the number of times Brit/hayden called him a “douche”!

  62. So Rachel gets paid to go with rich men on trips to be their date??

    Uh yeah. haha…..she gets paid for happy endings. You know she has.
    I AM VEGAS!!!!!!!

  63. I think the houseguests are going to be surprised to see how much they are disliked by people when they get out of the house. Lol. They keep saying how this is one of the best seasons of BB when honestly it ranks highly as one of the worst!! That’s just my opinion.

  64. Lane and Enzo both commented that they did not believe Matt’s $1 story. I think they will turn on him like a dime. I hope so, anyway.

    Also, dynamics always change when each guests leaves. I actually like this season. I quit watching other BB seasons because it was just a bunch of screaming and yelling. If I wanted that I would watch Jerry Springer-lol.

    I also could not believe, although I should not be surprised, at how easily Rachel voiced her disappointment in Brendon’s lack of effort in winning the POV; she also commented at one time that this game was not ALL about HIM. What a great catch, Brendon. Throw her back; there are plenty of good fish in the sea.

    I wish they would all tell Brendon to man up and quit being such a wuss.

  65. @Millicent

    Brendon deserves what he gets from Rachel. He’s not man enough to stick up for himself.

  66. Wow, w/all the bren/rach nonsense, I TOTALLY forgot Kathy was in the house. She’s laying real low. Hopefully she will surprise everyone + win a least won comp.

  67. I really can’t figure out what Brendon sees in that nut job. Fake boobs and the nastiest mouth of any female I’ve seen in the game. Self-centered, and apparently a paid escort. He can do MUCH better … get a clue, Brendon!

  68. #92 – I agree! I don’t understand the fascination with screaming and yelling. My favourite was season 2, and it was all about strategy and deception — the cornerstones of Big Brother! Will is clearly the best HG in BB history.

  69. Yes, Brendon does deserve what he gets, but I hope after he is out of the house he realizes how he was abused and manipulated by Rachel.

  70. I hope the brigade doesn’t get rid of Matt. He is actually the only one of them doing anything. And as I said before he CAN NOT tell anyone about the Diamond POV or he loses it.

  71. @Millicent

    Maybe, but I doubt it. From the way he talks about his relationships, this seems like a reacurring theme.

  72. Brendon seems so naive that I am afraid he won’t understand it even when he watches episodes for himself. If it were me, I would hope someone would slap some sense into me……Oh yea, they did, and I finally woke up and divorced my abusive first husband!!!

  73. When Matt uses the Diamond Veto, everyone will see he lied….he’s a worm!!! Saying his wife is ill, and it will all bite him hard…always does. Reap what you sow….BB needs to say on speaker “Matt hands out of your pants”…

  74. #92 Millicent
    you’re right about lane & enzo – the rest of the house as well! no one believed matt only got a dollar.

    BUT… matt CANNOT tell the brigade he won the diamond veto – if he does, he loses it. i think in the end they will understand and things will be fine. (depending, of course, on HOW matt uses it.. if he SAVES RACHEL, they will be PISSED!)

  75. @Beth

    IF he uses it. Remember, he doesn’t have to.
    And he won’t unless its absolutely necessary.

  76. Did anyone catch when Matt said tonight that he “just put in hand in his pants and sat back…” during Rachel and Ragan’s argument.

  77. The only way this game will get interesting again is if the Brigade gets outted and Kathy, Britney, Reagan, and Brendon will realize they are in deep crap. They will then have to join forces to counter the Brigade. I seriously doubt that will happen though.

  78. i liked will evil and hate to admit this, but matty. i heard he was in jail. hope thats not true

  79. Yes CT
    I keep trying to get that across to everyone he lied cause he can’t tell them about it. He will lose it if he does. He will use it to help the brigade, he is not that stupid.

  80. Yeah.

    He is cocky, but he does keep it mostly to the DR sessions, which are private.

    He plays it pretty cool around the other HGs.

  81. I liked last season more, but I prefer a medium between this season and last. Still, I think we can all agree that even a lackluster BB season is interesting. It’s the best reality show right now, IMO.

  82. @113…..Yes, I know Matt can’t tell about what he received, but they have had a couple of other reservations about him, too. I, too, think he has their back, though, but they had better step it up and win some of the comps themselves.

  83. kristi,

    sorry to say yes evil dick did get arrested. he was high on drugs and assault at a ladies store. story is really crazy. and don’t feel bad i liked him too.

  84. i don’t understand why some fans of bb make such a big deal about hgs lying… it’s a huge part of the game and should ALWAYS be expected. i don’t ever remember anyone winning this game that didn’t tell lies…?

  85. millicent,
    i agree the other brigades need to step it up, but i did make a comment earlier that i think these comps. were geared to smaller built people. it is very hard for muscle and boobs to stay up on those things. and muscle is heavy.

  86. @CT

    If fans aren’t expecting HGs to lie to each other, then they’re just lying to themselves.


  87. kayest, I totally agree. I am surprised nobody puked just from going around and around. I would have been out in two spins.

  88. Matt won’t use Diamond POV this week, he may need it next week; Brit won’t save anyone; Boobzilla is a goner. Would love to see Kathy accidentally win HoH… just to see how she acts… she doesn’t want to offend anyone… she might put herself on the block or let the other Hg’s vote who goes on the block.

  89. The first HOH wasn’t built for smaller people.

    It all evens out. It’ll never be completely fair to all HGs all the time.

  90. Yeah CT, the lying and the backstabbing is why I watch not for some stupid showmance, well maybe the fame showmance with Mike Boggie and Erica. In order to win the game you have to lie at some point.

  91. lol no kathy won’t put herself on block but she would probably get ideas from the house as to who she should put up.

  92. @CT and Poops….So true. I can’t for the life of me figure out how anyone can really play this game with honesty and dignity. One must lie and deceive to make it in the house. That is the game.

  93. yea but CT the first hoh was a group effert. And Hayden won but because he was last to go across.

  94. With Rachel out, who will Brittney have to backstab? Can’t stand Brittney, so mean and catty from day 1. She would have been bored to death with no Rachel. Apparently she is not backstabbing as game play, but is just being her true self according to someone who knows her.

  95. Don’t forget about the “lifelong friend” twist. It’d be cool if we found out something completely unexpected…like Brendon and Britney are brother and sister…or Matt is bisexual and hooks up with Ragan.

  96. Kevin – That was a saboteur lie. If it was real I’m sure CBS would have been playing it up to secure more viewers.

  97. i don’t think there is a lifelong friendship. that is just a lie by the sabateur. made up by the head of BB for Annie to tell.

  98. LOL @ Kathy.

    “I’m gonna jump off first guys…..take one for the team!!”

    Ok Kat, knock yourself out. pun intended.

  99. @Pat

    Here’s how this game goes…..I know Britney too and she’s not like that at all in real life.

  100. #139 – Brendon and Rachel are “in love” after just a few weeks and they didn’t know each other.

    It’s a lie people. Let it die. If more information is shed on the topic, then we can speculate. Until then, let it die.

  101. until bb chooses hgs that ALL have the same build, weight, height, etc., endurance comps are always going to be easier for some than they are for others – common sense.
    brendon needs to stop boo-hooing and accept the fact that he sucks @ comps.

  102. #140

    I think Britney could be a really good player, after they got money out. I think her antics of other people is kinda funny and my husband laughs everytime she smarts off in the diary room and her and lane doing the “soap opera” scenes of B & R is just hilarious.

  103. matt b: me and my husband told eachother we love each other after 11 days, that was in 2003 and we are happily married. so yes people can fall in love that quick. but with that being said, i totally think rachel is just using bren and will until the money runs dry.

  104. Here’s Rachel’s delimma:

    If Brendon stays and wins the $500k, she’ll stay with him. If not, then “Bye Brendon, you’re really sweet and all, but I’m Vegas and you can’t change that. Oh well! Ha HAH Ha”

  105. has anyone else noticed that matt and ragan have two very simular tattoos, the blue stars on there right arms?

  106. Wow! Havent been on the blogs til now. At first I thought how sweet Brendon/Rachel found love. Then I saw the behavior unfold. I feel so sorry for Brendon although he doesnt have much common sense for if he did he would of not got caught up so quickly before he got to know Rachel. He is like a lost puppy looking to latch on and she is so insensitive to anyone but herself! Good for her she won two HOH’s but the way she plays this game and the way she treats Brendon MAKES ME ILL! She is an evil witch and I dont down peoples looks but her uglyness comes right thru and to me she looks like the evil witch with her face. She knows the cameras are on and this act “I feel so bad Brendon that I have to put these people up” IS A CROCK! She was working us or trying to! OmG this girl sickens me and yet I still watch the train wreck of a showmance and gag I think im getting thinner for throwing up as an after affect! Matt Is a Jerk! to lie about his wife What? You cant win this without that on you own Matt? LOW!!! As for the complainers about this season.. Psst.. Turn off your tv They dont predict how its going to turn out and if you dont like then dont watch that simple! I dont have any favorites either this season but I wish Kristen would have stayed as she was pretty much a straight shooter. oh well

  107. hi neicy! did you watch tonight? matty’s secret (from pandora) is the diamond power of veto!!

  108. @kayest
    hayden won because there was NO WAY kathy was EVER going to mount that weiner! LOL

    plus hayden’s team also used the strategy of helping the weaker players FIRST, knowing the taller, stronger men could make it on their own…

  109. Well my husband and I said I love you in about a week, were engaged in 3 weeks and we have been married for 29 YEARS. so it can happen, I just don’t think B&R are there at all. We did not sleep together or have sex until we were married.

  110. Poops@140
    A previous poster who claims to know her from school stated that she is ignorant and backstabbing in real life.
    Making fun of B/R does not bother me so much as her being nice to their faces, like checking in on them to make sure they were ok after the POV competition as she was on her way to the kitchen after spending 15 mins of badmouthing them to the boys.

  111. If Rachel goes (and it looks like she will), Brendon and Britney would be smart to form an alliance to fight the Brigade. But until they find out about the Brigade, I don’t think they’d form one.

    My favorite players who are left: Enzo and Britney

    My least favorite players who are left: Matt and Lane

  112. when matt walks into his hoh room it shows his on the bend of his arm, and with ragan when matt is telling them about the pandoras box you can see his on his shoulder, and now that im thinking its on there left arms very simular!

  113. I missed the comp the other night…can someone tell me if Kathy did say she would drop first to help the others…and be a havenot for the week…take one for the team…really??!!

  114. Hey Steph, yea I watched it. I had to wait to get on here because my other Sunday night tv shows were on.

    Diamond power of veto…hmm…might need that to get Brenda out.

  115. Rachel and Brendon are boring and limited-can they do something more than “act suprised”about their game plan-that now is about to “self destroy”-Couldn’t happen to a better couple:-)!

  116. CT you are right that’s why I said it was a group effert. And we don’t really know what Rachel would do in comp. of endurance, cause the ones she’s been in, first was just lucky guessing. and the second was memory. So she did remember some stuff and was lucky guessing who would do what out of two people. But she hasn’t been in any of the endurance ones so she might have been good or just as sorry as brendan. who knows.

  117. hi steph and neicy!! congrats kayest. reagon needs to do something tonight to make tonight interresting stat

  118. yep neicy…to get brenDUH out or to save himself, but i doubt he ends up on the block unless brenDUH wins HOH

  119. I don’t know, the brigade is starting to feel that Matt is fishy. Especially after the whole PB thing. He might need to save the DV for when his own alliance comes after him.

  120. @ kristi… congrats to you too ;) my man said he loved me after about a month and now we are getting married 5 years later! so yes i think it can happen fast too, but not in a BB environment… or with someone like racHOE, who seems to be latch on to brenDUH for now but i doubt when she gets back to herself (vegas) she will be interested.

  121. Another thing that B&R are doing is whining about being put up on the block. They knew it was coming. And when Rach. was HOH she said she was getting rid of floaters and bring it on. She knew she would be a target so don’t be surprised when you are. And she had 2 chances to get rif of strong endurance players Regan and Matt. So it’s her own fault. Don’t get between Matt and his Men. lol

  122. Maybe Matt will only use that diamond veto only if he was put up on the block within the next two weeks.

  123. The veto that matt got is no good, He only has two weeks inorder to use, So he doesn’t need it this week and but maybe need week if Bren wins, If BB wanted get things going they should have given it to the Sab,

  124. hopefully he uses it before the brigade turns on him then they will see thats what he gained and all faith will be restored (for a minute anyway)lol

  125. I know love can happen quickly when you find the right person, B and R are not right for each other…its not love its just a showmance giving each of them that “15 minutes of fame” …after BB 12 is over they are SOOOOOO over as well…its a given!

  126. Rachel seems to use men to her advantage, then discard them…idk if that is a Vegas thing, but that’s her.

    She has yet to tell Brenda she loves her…I mean him, and puches him away like a five year old who needs a nap…or a spanking.

    Either way, let us pray that next week is a double eviction, not a week for the last evicted HG to come back.

  127. Matt can only use the Dia POV this week or next. This week is kinda set unless one of them gets off and then it just depends if they have the votes. Next week is probably better to save for just in case it’s the brigade on the block.

  128. I like rachel she is the only one playing the gamee… like honestly she is annoying but all u who are saying she sucks she doesnt. she is actually the only one playing the gamee.. like Explain to me who else is playing the games everyone like please tell me everyone is just depending on everyone.. racheal is the only one fighting .. like idun care bout brendon.. like he’s depednign on rachel. but matt needs to go jeff needs to come back and give rachela the coup de’etat or w.e and but on lane and enzo or matt like one of the bragade members. LIKE THIS SEASON OFF BB EVER.. jeff and jordans love was so cutee and rachael and brendons is so nasty adn sexual.. just saying even if i like rachael she’e annoying she needs to bring her science knowleadge needs to go.

  129. The most entertaining competitors this year are about to be evicted. The HOH games are disapointing b/c they are so hard on the tall guys (back pain).
    PLEASE let the Sabateur do something to expose Ms. two-face player: Britney. She has gone from Rachel’s HOH room to a bedroom full of GUYS to hold court mocking, exagerating, while she picks at various parts of her body. YUCK. Rachel, Brenden, and Enzo are the only players that keep their word. I can’t believe America voted for Ragan. CBS, please make him EARN it.!

  130. Lisa,

    Matt is playing the game. His were endurance wins. Rachel’s was guessing wins. Even if she is playing so is Matt. Even if you and I don’t like him. He stays up until everyone else is down. That’s playing hard.

  131. Oh and she put up stupid people when she should have put up strong players like Matt and Ragen, or Enzo, Lane, Hayden. She is afraid to have other girls in the house. She is insecure and wants them out because they are getting between her and her man.

  132. I’ve never watched BB before and I’m about to quit watching. I’ve tried watching BBAD but it is so boring and annoying. Can only stand to watch maybe 20 mins out of 3 hrs by ff. Matt always has his hand down his pants and Enzo gives his balls a good scratch occasionally. Brittney plays with her hair and runs her mouth. Kathy lies around like a dead person, occasionally feeds the fish at 11PM. That’s about as exciting as it gets. I don’t like any of these people. HGs are so stupid. Doesn’t anyone question 4 guys hanging out all the time and not suspect an alliance?

  133. Everyone seems to be exasperated and disgusted with this season of BB.

    I do agree. But I am a fan to the end. Hopefully, they will take our fustration into consideration, and make BB13 better.

    Sorry if I mis-spelled anything, I am tired.

  134. NO here is how it goes, who ever wins the veto takes themself off, the HOH then puts up someone else, then matt can use his veto, but like I said I don’t think Matt is going to have a chance to use it.

  135. Neicy, I like all the BB’s. Every season. I will always have favs and dislikes. Just the way it goes. But I will keep watching any season they have one.

  136. @kayest
    that is true.. i cant like but racheal is putting up people who is tareting her.and matt is putting up people who the brogade wants him tooo.. like you hav to admit racheal is the only reason this season is good. like honestl

  137. I agree Kayest. I will continue to watch no matter what. I just think this cast is kind of boring and sloppy. Everyone is afraid to ACT! Do something!!! I might have to audition for BB13! I know I can spice things up.

  138. Would Matt be able to use his diamond POV on Thursday if he wanted to or only the same day as the POV meeting?

  139. Matt isn’t going to use the Diamond POV unless it’s to keep him safe. At this point in the game, I don’t think he would bother to stick his neck out there to save 1 member of the brigade. (It would also risk exposing the alliance as a whole). But if the Brigade wins anymore HOH’s, it’s going to be The Brigade VS Britney or Ragan in the final 5. So predictable…

  140. Well, when Rachel is playing and even yelling or griping I do like it. But when her and Brendan are making out I don’t. That’s not what I want to see. Please. I do like a little confrontation and arguing but not all the sex stuff.

  141. @ kristi..matt forum??
    and yes i agree this isnt the best BB season that i have seen (and i have seen them all) but i too am a fan to the end and i hope this will just make BB13 better

  142. rachel is a HUGE fan of bb, so she knows that “showmances” are HUGE attention-getters. it’s “obvi” that she CRAVES attention, so i think involving herself in a showmance was her intention on day 1. she doesn’t love brendon. she used him.

  143. go to the top of the page and click on the forum. set up a name and password, it take a while to get verified but you can talk bb and off topic on there. we are in loyalbbfans

    anyone think lane and enzo are getting real close or is it just me?

  144. What the hell is wrong with Rach? She is
    p—ing everyone off. Starting fights with house guests is not the way to win this game!!
    She immediately assumes Ryan is partnered up and starts atacking him.

  145. @kayest
    i totally agreee.. but i just want to brogade ot be exposed they are the softest aliance everlike only matt is working out of the 4 of them

  146. prettyinpink

    If Matt wants to use if I remember correctly I think it’s on Thursday and people don’t have time to talk or think about strategy. I think.

  147. Trish, I can tell you are a fellow southerner! lol My dad says the same thing. How do I join MATT forum Kristi.

    Trish, if I try out you have to as well. That way we have our alliance already. lol

  148. Well maybe without Big Red next week Brendan will “wake up” and see things and maybe catch on? I am hoping……Brit should have already figured it out…….I think Ragan has but is keeping quiet…..and Big Red needs to zip it, no matter what she and Brendan wants the house IS VOTING HER OUT……..LOL

  149. ok kristi.. i signed up… waiting for email
    thanks for the info :)

    i think im too old to be on BB lol

  150. Do you think that Rachel or Brendon will cause a lot of problems with the other houseguest now that one of them will leave the house on Thursday?

  151. Yes Neicy I am a fellow southern, born and raised…in Alabama….in Texas for now. Sure if you try out I will……I won’t sti around like Kathy does that is for sure.

  152. CT @196 I agree with you 100% She watches for where the cameras are …most of the others don’t seem to pay attention to them anymore…I think that is the reason Matt is always down his pants holding his toy…he’s forgotten that the cameras are 24/7.

  153. @ prettyinpink…. i dont think that if brenDUH is the one left in the house (im sure he will be) that he will cause any drama, but im sure he will try to gun for matt.

  154. SOMEHOW, even if production “rigs” it or whatever – i say rachel stays in the house. she’s a ratings-getter, and CBS doesn’t want her gone.

  155. Rachel gotta leave. Ratings or not. Brendan better show some action this week or he can go next.

  156. WHY is it that the gay man is more manly thn Brendon???? Why do we have to see him be emotional every episode?! I’m ready for Rachel to go….her voice annoys me. her laugh. her clothes. her terrible lip injections. the way she eats. EVERYTHING!! P

  157. lol me too neicy… one more thing for me to obsess over instead of study. girl i dont know what im even doing here right now lol. (in my defense i did hit the books last night/today for a lil bit);)

  158. #211 Annie T
    yes – rachel definitely plays up to he cameras. she loves it.

    and her diary room sessions are sickening.
    funny how she never mentioned to brendon that she threw him under the bus during her session after he lost the hoh comp….

  159. I have one more thing to ask then i got to go. Will Rachel if she is the one that leave the Big Brother house Thursday, go to the jury house?

  160. Ok I have to say that Matt getting the Diamond Veto really sucked for just the two weeks. Even if someone does win the POV and take off Bren or Rach, he still has the power to pick someone.

    Bren really makes me mad… He’s Rachels little puppet. He whines about everything! Always about “I’m not doing enough, yada yada yada.” I really want him gone, just to watch Rachel break down! Ha-ha! This is bitter sweet revenge for Hayden!

    Everyone has completely forgoten about there being 2 people who knew each other from outside the game! I still think that its Britt and Kathy.

    With Reagan being the new Sab. I really dont he’s going to be able to keep his cover. He was the only one defending the Sab when it was announced. But all things will be told as things go on? Right!

    I wish next week that Kathy would just dominate at the game and control everything! That would be the biggest twist ever! Ha!

  161. They would all be crazy not to send Rachel home on Thurs. Brit won’t use the POV on Monday.

  162. First @ CT it’s not that the HG’s are telling lies it’s the kind of lies that they are telling. @ Poops McGee at the first HOH the smaller HG’s got help from the bigger HG’s that were on thier team.

  163. @steph
    LOL – rachel’s botox remark cracked me up!
    she seems proud of the fact that she gets that stuff done to herself…
    oh well – to each her own, i suppose!

  164. Hey Neicy I never did get my email approval, I just waited an hour and signed in and ther I was….. Brit is so …….dang girl lay off the smack talk, even Enzo is getting tired of it.

  165. I am sorry Poops but Britney is like that, maybe not all the lying, but the way she takes about people behind thier backs is the real Britney

  166. CT, then way were all the other BB endurance comp from season 1 – 11 alright, nobody said anything like whats being said this season, sorry but endurance comp. can be made fair

  167. Steph I got on to Kristi’s forum but now I am it is gone… that what you are referring too?

  168. i tried to go there but it says i am banned for spam????? i never got the email though so maybe i have to wait?

  169. Whats with Mastt with his hands down his pants all the time. Anyone notice that? He even says it….”just laying here with my hands down my pants!”

  170. I’m glad someone else heard Matt’s “hand in my pants” comment…thought I was loosing my mind! Rachel is so sickening and such a bully! It’s “obvi” that the whole house wants her gone, minus Brendon. It’s amusing to me that Britney can mock her to her face and she doesn’t seem to understand! Funny!! I’m beginning to like Britney more and more! =)

  171. I wasn’t banned, I was locked out of the topic and now it is gone. Oh well. Rachel has to go…….please BB gods.

  172. @227
    maybe it’s just me Chris, but i see hgs lies as nothing more than creative strategy.

    for me, it’s not about “who’s lying”… it’s “who’s the BETTER liar” – who has the ability to play the other hgs by keeping their lies straight and not getting busted!

    but, at the end of the day, i never lose sight of the fact that this is just a game aimed at entertaining me – plain and simple. when i stop being entertained, i’ll stop watching. :)

  173. Hiya BB-Post-ers! I am baccccck! I know it took forEVA eh?…I’m finally caught up! What’s up everyone?
    Britt won POV yes we know, that’s 3x for her, bully for goldilocks! Rach is acting like a hurricane of hell, but this is NOT news, she’s given up, Bren consoles her, kisses her, and she’s given evil eye to everyone in the house (save Bren). All the HG’s are Brenchel bashing, really what will they GAB about when Rach is gone? It’s ALL they talk about! So borrrrrrrrrrrringgggggggggggggggggggg, talk about a waste of space AND time! :P What’s goin’ down on the live cams? DO tell! Inquiring minds wanna know!
    Hollaz to Trish, Steph,Dany, Nic, Indy, Torch, Wiz, Kristi & Kristi w/#’s! :)

  174. Hollaz to super student Neicy too! U go girl! :)
    So what’s this i hear about ANOTHER veto? diamond power of veto? something came outta da box today? what did pandora do now? and what about the sab, I heard there was a message? (a lie i’m sure!) say what? BB lies! But ofcourse!

  175. What on earth happened? I can still get on but the form is gone!! Can some email the admins?? Was that person an admin?

  176. Dang Jadelle!! No shout out for me??? lol Trish, and Kristi, I have no clue how to find the loyalbbfans thing on the forum.

  177. hi Jadelle!!:) right now they are playing their pool tournament… even rachel is playing ragan right now and isnt being moody at all….. bi-polar in action

  178. @231 Chris
    so seasons 1-11 endurance comps were fair, and now this year they’re not? really?

    please tell me who else is complaining this season about unfair comps BESIDES brendon?

  179. They deleted our forum. Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Jad how was work? While you were gone Kristi a member called SRS came in there and asked a question and next thing I know your forum is a locked topic. Now Jadelle Matt opened the Pandora box and he got the diamond power of veto.

  180. Hey CT, I am sorry but I only agree with Chris on that topic on two HOH comps. The last one the board under their feet did not fit anyone with big feet, it feet ones like Matt. He won. The other comp on where Matt won it fit his feet too. But maybe that one was not so obvious as this one. MY opinon just saying..

  181. Rachel can go and the show will still be interesting. Matt did a good job of at least convincing me he only got a dollar. Now we know he will be around. Bye Brenchal!!!

  182. I don’t want to go to Vegas now! She has ruined it for me. Every girl I see there will have Rachel’s face…and will be screaming, “I AM VEGAS WHOOOHOOO!” lol

  183. @ nic… yes he did a good job of hiding the fact he got DV but i was sure he got more than the same dollar he already had… as were the other HG

  184. exactly neicy! and she makes it seem like it is totally normal to be a hooker/hired ‘model’ and everyone in vegas does it… uck, if the girls there are all like her im staying home lol

  185. Rachal has ruined Vegas now. I’ll never buy a girl a drink in Vegas esp if shes a local!! I think Brendan will leave a goodbye message dumping her!!

  186. what question was asked? i sent them an email asking for the information reguarding this and hope to have it fixed soon. please use my private email to send me this info. my house is full i’ll be back later. keep me updated on whats goin on in the bb house.

  187. Nic, I hope Brenda does dump her in a goodbye message….but he is too much of a whiny little girl, with no balls to do it. He is obsessed with her.

  188. Hi I cant seem to find my forum,
    I have a qustion!
    When I left three hours ago R/B was crying nobdy like’s me.
    So what happen now everyone like’s everyone.

  189. i agree neicy. i think that he may be somewhat good looking but is a total dork with little to no social skills

  190. CT, I am if you would just open your eyes and look you would see that the first endurance comp how far the board went in, and on the last how small the standing was and how low the bar was, you would see that if you were small you would have a better chance, Thats all i am saying

  191. also if you had listen to what was being said, all the bigger HG’s were saying how bad thier arms were hurting right off, non other smaller HG’s were saying that

  192. actually chris ragan said he thought he was going to be the First to drop because it hurt so bad… hes a little guy

  193. I am totally locked out of the forum someone is on a powertrip over there all I asked for was an explanation. so MATT what is the deal.

  194. @Trish
    i get that. all i’m saying is that endurance comps are always going to be more difficult for some than they are for others for the simple fact that the hgs themselves have individual strengths and weaknesses.

    apparently brendon’s foot size is a “weakness” for HIM that maybe he should have thought about BEFORE he came on the show!

    lane, enzo and hayden’s feet were hanging over the edge, but i didn’t hear them “crying foul”. brendon’s the only one – he’s a sore loser.

  195. Torch…. it says i am banned, spammer….
    guess i dont get to be one of the ‘cool kids’

  196. Well BB fans we now have a first – Rachel is totally dressed – you can’t see anything but her sparkling Vegas personality. My oh my -things have changed!

  197. I know everyone thinks this bb group is so boring this season. What I see boring is the set and the props. The show used to have a theme each season.

  198. seems production could make endurance comps more fair just adjusting the platform at each hg’s position proportionately to the hg’s foot size, it’s NOT rocket-science and each position could have the hg’s name. there that’s fixed… now can they dumb-down the intelligent/memory comps so Kathy’s got a chance.

  199. @269 Chris
    i get what you’re saying. but other comps that have taken place on bb would be more difficult for the smaller people. such as last year when the hgs had to stand and hold onto a key… MUCH harder for the shorter players! but no one “cried” about it.

    i think the comps HAVE to be this way. if it were easy for EVERYONE – they would last FOREVER!

  200. Torch u were noway disrespectful! We were all chatting and having a great time! What in the world!! I started a new topic at the bottom of the screen in the everything else file! Wow I’m not so sure about the site

  201. Matt does need to start thinking about a new alliance with Britney and Ragan since he would lose a final two showdown with any member of the Brigade alliance… He needs to backdoor Enzo since he’s a dufus and wouldn’t see it coming..

  202. Can they abort this big brother 12 mission it is boring with nobody having any real game play. Britney please go away!!! They need real personalities and not so many floaters.

  203. Sterling, we got in trouble yesterday for posting things unrelated to BB. So, we signed up for the forum and now we have been banned from it for no reason. I didn’t disrespect the site either. So I am at a loss for words right now.

  204. @Loui – I agree – it’s time form the Brigade to start looking down the road a bit – it’s not going to last forever, and the first one to move might just pull it out.

  205. plus the rail could have been attached individually according to the hg’s height. if we’re looking to make it fair and put a similar strain on everyone’s arms. it really isn’t fair the way they’re doing it.

  206. I’m curious. Don’t’ house guests get a nice paycheck even if they are voted out early? Probably not a lot but some thing to make their “visit” worthwhile.

  207. @john I don’t care for Brit ether. after this show I think her only friend will be Monet cuz they are both 2faced.

  208. @Neicy25 – oh – well I suppose there has to be some BB content or everyone could just move to a neutral chat site. But it was BB that brought us all together so maybe we should be thankful!

  209. I want to see some real game play. Someone to step and cause problems to those now not when the vote is going to be read.

  210. Hey Sterling.. We weren’t planning on leaving this group all together but we wanted a forum with less rules as to what we can talk about that’s all. WE could never leave :)

  211. when Rach was the center of attention she wore very little clothes, now the showmance has slowed down…its not all about Rach anymore and I think that is why she is dressing different

  212. Matt needs to put on a shirt and stop sticking his hand down his pants in front of others. That is disgusting. He needs to do that where no one can see.

  213. I almost died laughing at rachel’s botox comment.

    I have so many wrinkles in going to need more botox
    ^ I mean really?!?
    who says that?

  214. Sterling, you are right BB has brought us all together. lol

    WOW in all the fuss of things I almost missed BBAD.

  215. Matt: “Here I am just laying here with my hand down my pants, holding on to my diamond veto”

    Rachel: “I feel like a lost puppy dog, like a shar-pei, you know, ’cause they’ve got wrinkles, and I need some more Botox for my wrinkles ’cause I’m crying so much.”

    Brendan: “I love you Rachel, and I’m sorry I let you down. I’m going to do everything I can to protect you.”

    Rachel: “Why is it always about YOU, Brendan? Who’s won 2 HOH’s?”

    Brendan: “I’m sorry. I should try better. Without you in the house, I’ll have to put my own hand down my pants, like Matt.”

    Kathy: “I think I need a cigarette.”

  216. Brandon, Brayden, Brenden, what ever his name is and Rachel on the block plus Britney’s got the veto, which we all know she won’t use it. Wow!, What a nice way to my weekend here in Denver, Colorado!

  217. @Indygirl – so glad to hear it! We need to stick together – even though this year is a bit less exciting. Ooops _ Rach is doing something under the covers!

  218. I think Matt told his friends and family back home that he would be secretly saying hi to them whenever he had his hand down his pants!!!

  219. I would not advise Rachel to ask Brit to use the veto on her. It might end badly for her….lol

  220. @292 GregH
    this whole “unfair comp” thing reminds of the way little league baseball runs these days – EVERY KID who wants to play gets to whether they’re any good at it or not…
    God forbid that little johnny might feel inferior or get his feelings hurt! ugh

    bottom line = some people are better certain things than others. period.

  221. yah that’s what it is saying to me too… I even posted a new thread in the ANYTHING TO TALK ABOUT FILE to be RESPECTFUL.. What a load of crap.. I guess I don’t get what happened. We were all laughing and having a great time.. Was it because we brought up the Hills? I just wanna no what happened because I’m just not getting it.

  222. BB needs to bring back the gorilla suit. That would liven things up. Maybe Enzo wearing it? :)

  223. @Annie – if that’s the case he must have a LOT of friends and family – because he is doing it all the time. By the way – could Brit look any more bored or disgusted with Kathy????

  224. lol now brenDUH says hes gonna start being a dick to get himself voted out!…. what a complete moron!

  225. I think ur on the ball with hills thing indygirl.
    I love big brother #1 fan dont kick me off

  226. The first HOH :the hotdog game was geared towards the taller guys and was won by a tall guy… plus a tall girl won $10,000

  227. lovely. what fun. they are talking in the hot tub and rachel and bren talking on the bed. i was gone for 30 minutes. someone email and let me know what all was said so i can hopefully work this out.

  228. Brendon is offically bat poop crazy in my book. He might not be a d**k. But he is a tool.

  229. I can’t believe people are harping on Matt for lying about the Diamond Power of Veto. He has to keep it a secret or he forfeits the POV. So long as he uses it to save himself/oust Brendon then no one’s going to hate – especially the Brigade.

    I can’t wait to see the destruction of Brenchel. It’s great to see them squirm.

  230. steph @341 that would be funny and probably exactly what is going to happen for the next few days and she will just let him “be her man” and do it

  231. Rachel admitted lastnight of BBAD (showtime) that her and her “girls” hustle for a living, WHY doesnt brenden see that is what she is doing to him????? I mean I used to like him, as a person, but after his mean things he has said about how stupid they all are, the “midget and gay” comment etc… he is just a mean person inside and out. So if he wants to throw the game for Rachel, go for it. I hate her, but she has pulled him as far as he has gotton.

    Whoever the final 2 are, the #1 would be smart to have Brendon or Rachel sitting next to them, as they are a guaranteed win against them!

  232. LOL Neicy25! He is sooo messed up – although it ooks like he’s going to get some under the blanket – maybe he is ruled by a lower power?

  233. Maybe they are about to, “do it,” again. They both know Rachel is going home and he needs to get lucky for another minute 1/2.

    LMAO @ Sterling

  234. OMG!! I am going to scream. Watching BBAD, if I have to listen to that wuss Brendon get up in Rachel’s ear and do that constant whispering he does, I am going to lose it, he is trying to convince Rachel to tell the HG’s to vote him out, that he will sacrifice himself for their love, YUK! I am beginning to think that production does not want her to go, she is good but god awful annoying TV, so they are telling Brendon to do this, she is sitting on the bed in her bra and panties, flaunting her big boobs, these two are so disgusting. I found a video on you-tube of her doing some reality show where she tries to get guys to buy her shots, she acts drunk, what a skank! I can’t take it anymore.

  235. I no it Erin. BB is my favorite show. I just think a warning would gave been nice and we would of gladly applied to the rules.
    Anyways does BB wake them all up at the same time?

  236. OMG – Brendon just did the search and seizure move on Rach – the cameras moved faster than a speeding bullet!

  237. Rachel: “What are we going to do, Brendan?”

    Brendan: “I want you to stay. Since you took my balls, then all I have left is to be a dick, and they’ll vote me out.”

  238. ahahaha Torch u make me laugh. Why is kathy on the show like for real my grandma could beat her in a comp any day. N e ways has any one won a comp other then B/R Britt and Matt?

  239. OK BB fans – who thinks Kathy actually has game and she has just been hiding it? I really want to know.

  240. “Rachel, your microphone is sliding on its cable!”

    Thats because it is attached to her nip.

  241. Yea! Finally got to watch a BB show. Thank you for this sight and all the comments or I would have totally lost! One sure misses alot when at work. OK, how come all you “kewl kids are banned” I love reading your comments, ya all chat with each other but ya all know ALOT about the game! So, back to the game. YES, rake and whip boy are up on block! I don’t know about anyone else out there, but I’m getting ready to go high school on Matt, anyone else? Yeah Yeah, I know he put up rake and whip boy, he didn’t have a choice, he knew he would be dogmeat if he didn’t. Bye Bye rake! See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya

  242. what has the sabatoge been so far? trying to decide if I want to subscribe to the live feeds..

    As for the 2 friends… I think it is Brittany and … uuughhh just forgot his name.. the dude who’s jacket she is wearing. Lane? Where is my memory tonight! On BBAD, when they were talking about who they miss at home, and she was talking about marriage, etc… her eyes kept getting realllllly big when she would say certin things about “his future wife is out there and would not want to hear him talking like this..” before she went into the police kathy joke bit.. I think they are engaged!

  243. @Erin25 – it’s like when you go looking for something and hope you can grab it when you find it…..

  244. Doesn’t matter what Red and Brenden want the other houseguest have already made up their minds…Big Red now and Brenden next… Matts diamond veto almost guarentees Brendens out next unless Brenden wins HOH but he’s a mess right now

  245. @sterling, I am right there with you. I think Kathy is just like enzo. Losing everything and being friends with everyone. Sitting back and letting the game play itself. Stratgic move, but it is working for them both!

  246. You know, the way Rachel gets all of this publicity, good or bad, BB loves it, I guarantee you they are directing Brendon to tell HG’s to send him home, instead of her. He was just called into the diary room. I am more convinced than ever that this show is scripted in some ways. Rachel is being so catty right now, coming out in her panties and what looks like a bra, she is always looking for a camera.

  247. @ teacherlady – see my comments above, I just posted about those two and their odd conversation on BBAD lastnight. :)

  248. @Sterling I think{I get paid to think but I’m off work now} Kathy is either a sloth or one heck of a player

  249. Yeah who had a “relationship”out side the house Im am leaning with teacher lady about lane and brit cuz she was really upset when she thought Rachel was going to put lane up.

  250. thanks erin25….that part was the part that got me thinking.
    britney gets upset everytime lane’s name is mentioned.

  251. Lmao @ tishe! I think she is a sloth. She says its her game play…but she lyin yo!

  252. no steph and I don’t think I will, even if I was unbanned I don’t think I would go back there to uppity over there, they probably got their shorts in a bunch or something. but if we all could I might.

  253. It’s weird, but I’m actually starting to like this show!!! I know it’s slow and they don’t have the personalities of previous shows – but right now I have no idea who is going to be final 2 let alone win. It’s kind of like the Stockholm Syndrome – I’m starting to like the people who have taken this game hostage.

  254. Kathy (to DR cam): “I took one for the team dropping out first in the HOH competition; I hope they all appreciate that, me bein’ the only have-not. Slop n’ cigarettes for a week’s all this girl needs to fly under the radar gun.”

    Now, in order to win, you gotta have a good strategery like President Bush in Iraq. So, I’m launcing Operation Deputy Cougar–I’m fixin’ to win HOH and POV’s and knock them other two girls out of the house, leaving me with all the young studmuffins.”

  255. wish we all had a regular chat site to go to that we could talk about anything and didnt have to refresh all the time

  256. I don’t think we will ever get back on the forum. If I get banned for just asking a question that I was just kidding about…then my sarcasm is not wanted in the forum. I don’t want to go back. I will just have to keep the game talk up on the threads.

  257. sterling- gotta say – i think i agree with you. I missed Thursday and Sunday’s episodes and I feel like my best friends died. even though some of the guests irritate me no end – i still keep watching and every week seem to change my mind.

  258. @Tishe – you get paid to think! How cool is that. There are a whole lota jobs where the opposite is true. But the point is I’m not sure where Kathy really is – she is opaque.

  259. Torch, Steph.Erin….maybe I will find something for us. Keep a watch on your mail. I am looking now.

  260. So what is up with BBN and them grounding ya all? You guys are fine! No worries,Make your own site or your own forum! OK, am I to understand that people think this show would be boring w/o rake? Nah, I do not think so, we have a lot of game to play yet, heck, we have Brit, Lane, who is starting to grow on me. rake will be fine and so will we!!!

  261. OK, NOW I’ve seen the bloody epi for 2nite! Matt you rat you LIED?! Geez what a shock! And Bren is ON to him too? These HG’s are so ridonkulous, how can u believe dat all he GOT was a $1? I mean seriously why didn’t Bren call that house mtg and put Matt on da spot? But it’s prob good thing he didn’t cause perhaps Matt might save him! Does anyone think he’ll use it this coming week and save Bren?
    Remem Matt does NOT like Kathy! And she proved yet again to make a deal with HERself to fall off 1st! That pitney needs to GAT she is the ultimate floater and deserves NO money whatSOeva! Why Matt is keepin’ her I’ll NEVER know! A good gamer does not respect loafers! Arrrrgh! Rach shot herself in the mouth yet again, what the freakin’ heck was that stupid flight with Ragan? Over a few words and RAgan blows UP! He’s pissed b/c no one HAS approached him about an alliance and he KNOWS there are many about in da house! He completely OVERreacted! Yowzah! :O

  262. Of course Matt made the right noms – I pray this is double eviction! Doesn’t CBS and Alison realize that not all of us want to look at Rachel’s chest in every conceivable position? That woman is such trash all she does is expose herself – on Showtime tonight, she has on cream colored underwear and continues to maneuver in front of the camera – very very classy. Brendon has the IQ of 67 if he is falling for this and I am going to throw something at the TV if we have to see the pout and the fake tears. Get rid of her – can they vote before Thursday? Please??? If they vote out Brendon, who is useless, and keep her, the HGs are fools as well.

  263. I bet kathy does work for the sheriffs dept. not as a deputy but as 911 operator or she might just be the cleaning lady the way she sucks down those cigs.

  264. Hope Brenden goes…he is such a wimp…Rachel is annoying but a good player and keeps the house interesting with her attitude…

  265. @Torch….. Hummm could be right. I know they portrayed her as a kick a** policewoman but you are on to something – 911 operator… with a big ashtray.

  266. matt can’t say anything about the diamond pov if he did he would lose it and the rest of the brigade would understand especially if he was able to get both Rachel and brenden out.

  267. any luck neicy? let me know k? did we add #’s?
    Matt you RAT, that’s all i have to say, now he’s more cocky than eva! that sucks! as for rach, bye bye vegas birdie! as for britt, she’s hella annoying now do not care that she’s won pov 3x…she’s 2-faced to da max and i’m sure her fiance back home is none to happy! we all know she’s jury house bound anyways! enzo’s back to meow mafia man mix style, him & hay are such losers, the brigade is BACK! Back to what? It’s Matt who does all da work guys, y’all fell of SOOO fast! I hope Matt leaves them in da dust and breaks away to hook up with Bren, thing is that’s 3 votes with him, not sure he’ll give that up unless he can find 3 other votes!

  268. well brit did say that there were times when she actually liked rach but that overall shes too bi-polar to be friends with.

  269. If matt is really smart he will have another alliance cuz I think he knows after the few week links r gone the brigade will vote him out first they r already ticked that he didn’t vote the way they wanted in the first place plus Pandoras box tisk tisk Matt Hes burning all his bridges

  270. Kathy the floater will float away during double eviction week … that’s why they’re keeping her around…also we’ll still get weekly updates of Red and Brendum from the jury house so it’s not like they’ll be leaving the show..

  271. Than you Sterling for throwing a big word at me, had to look it up! Not clear, not transparent. Yep, Yup , that’s our girl. Neicy, what did ya do now? Tee Hee. What happened?

  272. Good-eve’s FB Post-ers! :) I forgot my usual greeting! Hollaz to da 9 Crew! Ya know who ya is! :) So Ragan has to do 3 tricks per week, do we get to vote on ALL of them? or suggest them only? Matt do you know? Just curious! I mean he was pretty dramatic about accepting it “when america beckons…” wth? as if he felt it behooved him to comply with the demands on the adoring american public! as IF! buddy this is BB not a political candidacy race! :S

  273. hiya Jadelle :) yes ragan has to sab for 2 weeks…. good thing america didnt pick rach, cause im pretty sure she would be reeeeallly good at (since shes used to turning tricks lol)

  274. g’night erin
    do any/all you guys have yahoo messenger? we could create a chat room on yahoo….

  275. Oh yea, yahoo! duh neicy!!! I found some other website where we could chat for free….

  276. #366, is where i explained the brit / lane oddness lastnight. i wish there was a way to archive it. :( her eyes were reallllly revealing that there might be more to their in house relationship and that they are engaged.

  277. torch?? you wanna talk BB with us on yahoo???
    and neicy did you mail me that chat site?

  278. I think that Kathy and Enzo shold be on the block! The are just floating right along not doing a thing! Keep Rachel she’s a big competitor! I have a feeling Brittany could win BB 12

  279. @Jadelle – I had similar thoughts – the sab is so similar to the “America’s Player” gig it doesn’t make sense to just have voters pull the strings. I think the BB Production crew will sort through the TV audience suggestions (they must have at least 9 or 10 to choose from) and come up with a few good ones like “gosh, what’s that weird noise? what could it… yawn… be?” – or ” OMG look, someone has put tape on two pictures!!! what could it mean??”. Or – they could direct the sab to do something really neat – like NOT vote like they are supposed to – or LIE to someone on something important.

  280. Good night ya all, thank you for the comments and all. Torch, how did you know I was a clown? You folks stay out of trouble, OK? Ya all do help make this sight great. Matt, the moderator, what is going on here? I read this site as a die hard fan, BB is a great game,well maybe not this season, but it has hope. A lot of game to play. These folks on your sight helped make the sight what it is. You know that and I know it. Print that!

  281. I’d like to see Enzo go up just to see the “Jersey” in him come out… we didn’t see the “Philly” in Kristen at all..

  282. Question: is the diamond POV only available this week and next, or the two weeks after this thursday?

  283. steph you know i do yahoo! set it up girl!
    anyone see kristi’s today? either of the 2? and we have a new member? DO tell!

  284. Thank you! The comments that are posted here, pretty much kid stuff compared to what ya all got goin on your life feed with “Rake and whip boy” nough said

  285. CT,, Baseball isn’t the same, on ballball the bats are the same, you you get the same amount of swings and you have to run the same distance, so please how the two comp’s and baseball are the same!!!

  286. Regan should hide Rachels hair extensions :) or hide somthing random like all the cups or forks

  287. @jenn (428) really now? lane & britt engaged! wow that would be sumthing!
    interesting twist considering that she was none too happy when rach wanted to put him up,
    she began talkin’ (if possible) way more smack about rach after that! like she was personally insulted, i’ve never seen a faster 360 than that girl pulled last veto ceremony! that sucks that she won, what I love about pov’s is the chance to change the game and save a potential alliance person or jury voter and at the same time backdoor someone else! keeps da game exciting ya know?

    britt 2x in a row wins but does not use it? ughhhh doesn’t she realize that the brigade will use her then spit her out to dry? she’s better aligned with brenchel and kathy & ragan, that’s 5 against 4! i can’t believe no one KNOWS the brigade is those guys! c’mon holy smokers, they work out 2gether ALOT! it’s so weird they can’t see the forest for the trees! arrrrrgh!

  288. I do agree that Rachel is pretty annoying, but at least she isn’t fake, she says what she feels and doesn’t hide anything…Britney is probably the fakest one there. I’m definitely rooting for Brendon and Rachel. I like Ragan and Hayden too. Matt is a huge rat though. He’ll turn on the Brigade soon enough.

  289. @loui- ohhhh finally! something thinking the way i am – enzo & kathy at the same time, wouldnt’ that be something! lol…yes i wish to see da real jersey come out? why am i thinking as long as brenchel go out he will never be nominated? no one dislikes him nor lane, so its likelky he may coast right on thru unless perhaps matt gets tired of them and bolts! hope springs eternal!

    @sterling – yah its’ so much like america’s player, cbs is workin’ on hinges here trying to save da season after all this hoopla about a saboteur, they’re trying it again with ragan, whom i admit is a great choice, (was it ours or cbs’s lol just sayin’), i mean i have heard all this chat about ragan knowing stuff in advance, so i wasn’t really surprised that he “won” it
    we shall see…..he’s being overdramatic alot lately!

    @aaron – the diamond POV is ONLY good for the next TWO evictions!
    but there was not much details on how it works..does that mean this thursday when they’re about to vote he can CHANGE it up all of a sudden? (like a wierd version of coup d’etat) i mean when does he use it AFTER britt has her veto ceremony? so many unknown varables?! Matt can u shed some light on how it works?

    g’night sterling & tishe..

  290. @Jadelle – I so agree – what is Brit thinking? Wouldn’t it be neat if she realized those guys are not going to take her to the finals. And what is going on with everyone – not picking up on the Brigade?? It is so obvious – even t the unaided eye. Why don’t they suspect something?

  291. Brit and Ragan are the two best game players , they’ll figure out the Brigade and then get Matt to backdoor them..

  292. yea Jadelle I sent you one too.

    Sterling, I agree the brigade is soooo obvious! Even to the unaided eye!

  293. @steph (417) oooh you sneaky one you just really read that post you did, awwhh poor rach, all these posts about her, wonder if she’ll log on and read some?! yikes! she’ll see da same words pop up time & again! i had to ream out another post-er on the last board b/c it was truly gettin’ outta hand! to hell and a handbasket! i was like seriously now, we GET it! hate the chile me don’t care, but talk some game in b/w at least! here’s to hopin’ that brendon’s game will do trish proud by pullin’ a 360 or 720 lol, and becomes the power player we know he can be! Go Bren! There’s still luv out there for ya! ;)

  294. okie dokie! gracias! *bren get those golf titleist balls your “mom” sent you (thanks wiz) and git to the HOH room next week! you can do it! put your back into it! (as da song says!) cue music! :P. as for britt keep on whatcha doin’, b/c if it turns out your fiance is lane, i guess your cattiness can continue right? how did we go from kathy being her mom to lane being her fiancee? wow dem some big time rumours! LOL.

  295. For all those conspiracy theory fans – we have voted on this site as to who we think is the “fan favorite” – wasn’t Regan the winner? Isn’t this a more intelligent voting body than the folks who watch just 3 days a week? Yes we are. So it makes sense that Regan was selected – and he will do a good job if BB gives him something interesting to do.

  296. Brenden’s heart isn’t in it any more…he’s tired of everyone and even BigRed’s starting to annoy him …hope they have an eliptical at the jury house…he’s done

  297. Actually – Regan, Brit and Hayden are doing a nice job with the “talk show” Rach rip. I see a Saturday Night Live skit writing future for 2 of them.

  298. Please Matt change those onsie jammies, they are not cute, or do you wear them to keep your hand out of you pants? Shouldn’t he have grown out of that by now, he is so annoying. Hope he washes them or he will get crotch rot.

  299. Well it’s been real. I’ve got a 7:45 breakfast meeting tomorrow so I gotta get some sleep. Bye all….zzzzzzz

  300. @Sterling

    Yeah the ‘talk show’ was awesome! they should definitely write for SNL haha

  301. I must admit that the “Whar Would Julie Chen Do” bb rules show between Regan, Brittany and Hayden was very funny

  302. @sterlin – ooh i don’t know about DAT now, an SNL skit, where they have to rehearse lines live? for britt? um i surely think not so much! :P. Ragan most defiitely, lorne mikes will not do it anyways, even he knows betta! flash in da pan celebs are not his style! i am a conspiracy theorist, is that what i’m being called? (shrug) it is what it is, i think ragan was ‘chosen’ for a reason, cbs is like all other reality show networks, they will post results they want us to see as long as the viewing public agrees, and since ragan is the best choice it works out for them too. at the end of the day bottomline, cbs needs bb to have mass ratings, so whatever they can do to make that happen WILL happen, whether us bb fans love it or hate it, we just need to keep posting about it! ka-ching!

  303. the talk show kind of made me feel like Brit and Regan have done that together before!?

  304. Ugh! Why is everybody hating on Rachel? She is the only person in BBH that has caused drama and not hid behind anyone (like Ragan AKA the over analyzer w/ Matt) and yes she can be annoying at times, but she stirs it up..Gonna be boring w/o Rachel and Brenda oops! I mean Brendon. :)

  305. Although little Britney is uncouth at times, she is still three steps ahead of this group.She’s a better game player than Dr.Brendum and Dr.Red

  306. why do every one feel safe?they are all like the best of friends no one is safe but matt

  307. @lista – most ppls’ like to jump on the hate brenchel bandwagon online even tho the secretly like them on screen! strange but true! i’m not into calling HG’s derogatory names, or viciously attacking their character, i mean we only know them as they portray themselves on here so what you see is not always what you get! i figure when she DOES actually leave, they’ll be enough drama from the fall-out to fill up the dry times in the BB house. Her name will be said more after she’s gone if that is EVEN possible! :P…Matt use that D-POV man! Gotta know dat brigade is bringin’ ya down!

  308. Does anyone know the exact wording of the diamond veto? Was it Matt could use it two times or for the next two weeks. Why would he need it this week since he is HOH, unless the person he wanted voted off, accidentally won the veto, and we know that did not happen. Also if Matt were to be put up for evection next week, can he use the diamond veto and put the HOH up? When he uses the diamond veto can he take off both people and it only count as being used one time?

  309. I just went to and looked at the 4 minute clip re: the Diamond Veto time line which = the NEXT TWO veto. Also the DV allows Matt to replace a person on the block. Would Matt elect to take either R or B off the block this week? It can be used ONLY ONCE. Hope that answers your question PA. :)

  310. it would be a stupid to use it this week. he should only use it next week it he’s on the block and doesn’t win the pov. that way the brigade doesnt know he lied if he doesn’t have to use it.

  311. I totally agree that Matt should not take either R or B off the block and replace either of them for someone else… BUT we no Matt over thinks the game play. Look how he played the first HOH. That was a waste of a week! :(
    A lot could happen between now and tommorrow. I don’t think he will use it this week but Matt is playing really just for himself and is playing the Brigade for his own selfish reason. Not judging the guy just saying… Wife is not sick put he is playing that card. Matt is listening to his own drummer!!!!!

  312. I get it now. Rachel simply needs validation. Everything that comes up, she was on a billboard, on a magazine, got drunk with, once got paid $3000 to do…and on and on.

    Thought Britney was exaggerating and being mean earlier, but its true.

  313. @ PA… You asked great questions that made me wonder so had to look at the clip. The game is starting to slowing start. The 4some better known as the “B” is also starting to unwind from my perspective. Enzo is also playing for himself and will play any angle to get to the $500K. The guys are looking for a backup plan just in case… BUT are not sharing that info between them. BB is a chess game and this game is waring up. :) Sadly Hayden really thinks he is in a strong alliance. :(

  314. ok rachel is going home. she ha now chance in heck.
    sorry guys i wasn’t here. i was trying to clear things up. spent over an hour writing and email to MATT about what happend tonight. hopefully we will know something in a few days. I know i was gone for 30minutes before i got the first email and don’t know what was said while i was gone. i’m working on all this tho. anyways back to bb enzo and lane i think have a final 2. rachel than brendon the next week they are saying. then brit and reagon. so does that mean they are keeping kathy longer? who knows with this game or anything at this point and you all know what i mean.

  315. wow i can’t type tonight well this morning. so rachel was stripping on the table while she was drunk. take note boys so you can rewind later when you read this. lol

  316. matt read my email and reply back please. it’s 4:31am in the morning and i’m still trying to figure out what happend. now that’s dedication if i ever heard of any. now i’m off to do more homework on this subject. happy posting all but i think i’m the only person on the eastcoast still up!!

  317. Hey Kristi it’s nice to know I am not the only one who watches live feed and blog. To all BB12 night owl!!! :)I love BB and have watched it from Season 1, WOW has this show grown. Chat later people.

  318. 6:46 and still up. the hg’s are sleeping and so should i. head hurts and hubby doesn’t think it’s safe to go to river, so going tomorrow. i hope bb wakes the hg’s up early today.

  319. hi big brother,i am glad your bring out the hooker girl kinda embarace to someone falls in love with a hooker girl already won the hoh /tell the girl leave the big brother house stop play the game ?…

  320. I have watched Big Brother every summer since season one and this is by far the absolute worst cast and boring routine.

  321. Please, please, please don’t tell me that Brendon is stupid enough to walk away from this game and let Rachel stay!!! I hate Rachel so very much! She is such a POS! I’m so over her damn laugh that I have to FF every time she starts to hackle. So, who will the house send home? I’m sure Brit will not use the POV so who are they targeting most? I cant get a feel for it. One minute it seems that everyone is gunning for Brendon and the next for Rachel. Luckily its up to the house to decide cause if Brendon had his way he would leave…oh he is so sickening talking to her about being “her man” and “he has what he wants already in having met her, no money is more important”…blah, blah, blah……

  322. forum friends, i have good news. i will be sending you all an email shortly. please keep the posts respectful. this is good news!!

  323. Linzy..Rachel made it known on BBAD that she travels with wealthy men and accepts expensive from them..She admitted to being a paid escortg.

  324. ss left out the word gifts..and also the paid escort thing has been known for some 3 weeks..

  325. OMG It SUCKS if Brendon leaves. I think he is so sweet and everyone is so mean to him!!!!!

  326. @haha #450 – Rachel not fake… give me a break. think about this… 1) boobs, maybe that should be 1 & 2; 2) “Bren, I’m not mad you didn’t win HoH”… thinking “Bren, you wuss now I’m voted out, you are so lame and weak”. boo-hoo. And she really wants to add “Now, you have to win POV so you can take me off the block.”

  327. Buenos Dias BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew!

    @kristi – Yahhhh! Gosh how late were u up? :P

    @austin – true still even tho i would HOPE Matt use the D-POV this week to save them both, the jury votes will anihilate him for it in the end…so he has to use it next wk..

    guess that means if Bren wins HOH and matt is nom’ed he can take himself off the block and suggest the next person (and it cannot be the HOH at that time so likely kathy)…

  328. pls can we keep the comments clean? and ENUF about rachel and her occupations! arrrrgh! what the heck does that have to do with her gameplay right now! MATT pls intervene on this! thx :)

  329. @knox – i would like to think Bren knows better than that, but from the feeds ppls are saying he looks defeated and wants to GO..i hope that’s not the case, i heard him say he’ll make everyone hate him and vote him out, well likely will happen next week so might as well make your stay count for something, win HOH! and start playing strategic not personal! align with enzo & hay or even matt, ANYone else! it’s a thought….i have high hopes for this boy this week!

  330. yall needto understand one thing in live and that is “Not everyone has an easy live I have been all over the world and I have seen much worse that what Rach does to stay alive, we all do what we must, It.s ok to not like something or someone, but to look down on someone and to call them name and be mean about it is just wrong, as for britney she is just wrong for the the way she acts, but that is how she is, That said I don’t think that matt was have to use th “D” veto, unless bren does something, and yes enzo wants to keep kathy to last because they don’t think she can hurt them.

  331. Seriously I would love to know what the brigade is running….. This season blows if it were not for Rachael it would not even be worth watching. If these people were not so stupid Brit,Reagon,Kathy would join brendon and Rachael and get the rest out then finish the game. I am so tired of Matt with his hand down his pants and those stupid kiddie pj’s seriously. No one in that house has any guts except Rachael and Matt the rest are cowards.

  332. For sure, I only wish a double nom. so I do not have to look at either one. This is truly the most nauseating couple I have ever seen!!!!Brendon is the stupidest . He might be smart (BUT) he has no common sense at all.

  333. everyone causes drama in the house..I don’t why you ppl are so hateful when it comes to Rachel..look at that Brittney and Kathy..they are no better..they are really fake and least that Rachel girl was trying to play the game..who else can say they were actually playing..and sending Rachel to the Jury house is not going to go well for the others..considering NOW they have to persuade her to vote for one of the ppl that stabbed her in the back..serves them right..and I REALLY hope that Reagan wins and I hope that Matt, Brittney or Kathy go to the jury house soon..they deserve it

  334. brendan, ragan, kathy & Brittany would be smart to team together after Rachel goes to break up the Brigade and add some excitement to this house.

    Has Ragan pulled any pranks yet?

  335. I want to know about the friends in the house. I think it might be Kathy & Lane they might be Mom & son. In Big Brother you always have to expect the unexpected.

  336. the whole sabo thing about the liflong friends in the house could have just been a lie, but ragan and matt have two very simular tattoos on there arms im thinking if it is true than they could be brothers or friends! that why ragan always gives the hoh to him and feels so safe! i dunno!

  337. @504

    I agree! The brigade is a joke. Matt has done most of the work and Hayden has helped a few times but Enzo and Lane, GMAB, those two jump off the endurance competitions five minutes in. Time to make their lazy a$$es do something for a change!

  338. I think once Rachel & Brendon are out of the house it’s going to be even more boring then it already is! they’re the onez that are keeping it alive (besides the slurp-YUCK) – let’s break up the brigade! they’re sitting too pretty. I was soo mad when Matt got the power ugh anyone but the brogay member!! They’ve done an excellent job keeping it under wraps – but Ragan is on to them and i wish everyone else would smarten up and do something about it!

  339. Did anyone else see that exchange between Lane & Brit aftr the Talk Show..Rachel came out and tried to join the coversation (shut out&moved aside), so Brit stands up, swats at Lane’s legs and says I’m going over to hear, Lane looks at her and says “No, you’re not, but she goes anyway…like s-thing a fiance would do. It seemed very intimate.

  340. My hopes is that BB reads this stuff.
    It would really make my night if after the HOH game they come in to find a box with a note Surprise and rachale in it. OMG there faces would be worth millions.

  341. I have been BB fan since day 1 & if Rachel goes home show wont b the same we gota have the drama she brings

  342. jus a thought but what if brendon walked out b4 eviction ceremony would that mean rachel stays?

  343. gotta go back 2 work but will b reading comments from phone thanks to all those who have live feeds 4 keepn us updated

  344. OMG i just read the best sab suggestion yet LMAO
    Lock the front door and after the Eviction of Rachael. The Sabator will announce Thanks to Matt opening PB you just voted in the next HOH.


  345. Britney and her gossiping – send her out!
    At least Rachel and Brenndan are entertaining.

  346. Do we have to listen to the whole house keep making fun of R and B.. I mean they do the same digs all the time. Esp. Britney, is everyone else getting sick of her fakeness.. I am a firm beliver in keeping it real whether in the BB house or not.. I would have more respect for someone saying stuff to my face than to be a coward and pretend like they like that person. I kind of cant wait until the Boring-gade puts her up and they start talking about her (karma is a bitch).
    This season is sooo predictible and so is the comments every HG makes in the house. Not to mention everyone votes the same except for kathy.. BTW Kathy’s police dept. should be really ashamed of her I dont know how she even catches a perp she cant even hang in on any of these comps.
    OMG… I sound like Britney!! LOL

  347. About Brit – I wonder if her co-workers,family & friends are beginning to wonder if she makes fun of them behind their backs like she does on BBAD! She eggs Rachel on to make a fool of herself, and it makes me uncomfortable to watch it. Watch her & Lane during BBAD and see if you catch the intimate looks and innuendo that goes on between them. I sorta hope that if Rach or Bren stay, they fight hard for HOH and stir up the hornets nest.

  348. Remember when Britney was on the block all she did that week was cry like a baby. I don’t know about you but I’m sure tired of her ways, and it seems every day she gets worse. If production can offer advice to her why can’t they tell her to SHUTUP. Her voice is worse than Rachels laugh by far. I hear it and I MUTE.

  349. Well I put on after dark last night and to my surprise the entire house was talking about B&R then I turned it off again. Geez when R then B leaves I wonder if they will keep talking about them. I think BB just lost my entire house as BB fans, we are definately tuning in to something else–at this point I would rather watch a turned off TV which is what I will do. Hopefully next season they will do better.

  350. Oh I hear you Kim the bashing is getting so old. This afternoon they were at it again on live feeds. Britney she just goes on and on but what she has been talking about lately is so discribing her self. Brit says she believes in Karma.

    I hope they lock the front door and not let Rach leave just out of spit. Brendon and Rach keep helping other on the question and answer quizzes I tell you it would just rock the house if the sab says because Matt opened PB you just voted for the New HOH and then do a double eviction.

    Oh Oh I would be doing the Happy Dance after seeing them freak out.

  351. Brittany and Ragan are disgusting hypocrites! They talk about how bad rachel is but then they go on and on about her. They say vile and gross hurtful things. I’ve never seen people so purposely mean! The were all saying that the people outside of the house would see Rachel and Brendon’s true colors! Well we have been seeing there’s every night on BB After Dark. I truly cannot wait until they turn on Brittany and Ragan! They will be crying and whining and bad mouthing everybody else soon! BB somehow managed to pick all the wrong people this year.

  352. Sherry so true now after the sab message they are freaking. The sab just said “someone got voted a power …. “love conquers all” and that neither of them has to go home this week” Oh I hope that is true I hope the say thanks to Matt for openning PB and they just voted the new HOH OMG i will so be doing the Happy Dance I want to see them have a melt down. The bashing that is happening by them is so awfull. But BB if your reading these comments then please get Rach some psych help first so she doesn’t go on another power trip.

  353. Does anyone notice that when they air the regular BB shows that they make R & B seem like they are the bad guys and bad sports but then when you watch after dark you see something totally different. I only started recentely watching after dark but before then I was not a fan of R or B but after watching after dark it really pisses me off how they edit the regular BB show. Dont get me wrong it not like I love R & B but I dont think it is fair how they are being treated.
    I am not huge fan of 7 people attacking 2 people that is gang mentality.. I dont care if I dont like someone if there were 7 against 2 I would have to stick up for the 2.
    I can only hope that a miracle happens and both of them stay just to piss the rest of the house off even if they just last one more week.

  354. @bbaddict #528. No, same rule as GPoV. So unless Bren made some friends or deals as HoH, he’ll have to win the next PoV after the next eviction or he’s probably gone.

  355. BBAddict, my understanding is no, it doesn’t have power over everyone… it’s real power is the holder not only removes a hg, he names the replacement.

    Plus the fact that no one knows he has it, unlike the GPoV and secondly it will be a complete shock and awe to the other hg’s sometime during Eviction Ceremony on Thurs.

    On Wed. at PoV, Ragan will remove himself and Bren will replace him… so he’ll feel safe along with the other hg’s not on the block. I believe even Ragan could be put back on the block by DPoV but don’t count on that happening as it appears Matt/Ragan are friends and/or in a secret alliance.

    That’s my take… is it 100% for sure, not by any means.

    I’m hoping to see Matt bust-up the Brigade and have something to do with 2 brigade guys on the block, hopefully Enzo and Lane. We’ll see what happens Thurs, can’t wait.

  356. you probaly dont have any african american viewers,why dont you cast more african american.

  357. Brendon- 1. Neanderthal may be pronounced neanderthal or neandertal. It can also be spelled the two ways. 2. If you are going to correct someone’s grammar, make sure that your grammar is correct. “I” is not used as a object of a preposition. The correct word to use would be “me.” For example, I have to do what is best for me (not I).

  358. Classic manipulated drama, Matt goes up then dpov’s himself after he played out the behavior of everyone in the house, then ablr to judge whether an alliance of the brigade or ragan britney is better, he is going to have to have ragan Britney, Brendon is hot to trot to be an honorary brigade, But the dpov is so crucial that it takes out enzo first, though hayden is better choice strategically, more likeable and stronger than enzo. Then matt can snag another hoh and send brendon home, to rut with his little sl@t ho. Is there a stripper pole at the jury house, Rachel has to wor out those bb pounds.
    At six, all hell breaks loose, Matt and Ragan will fight tooth and nail, but the next of the remaining hayden lane kathy, enzo alliance will target matt/ragan and then rep britney.

  359. I am happy that Brendon won HOH…we (the viewers) need him in the house to stir up the pot and to cause chaos. Whether he picked the right people to put up for nomination remains to be seen. He should have put up Matt and Ragan on the block. He could have used the saboteur’s message to cast doubt to the other players. The saboteur said that there is a strong alliance between people who knew each other and are still in the house. Matt and Ragan are constantly together and people might believe Brendon reasoning for putting them (Matt and Ragan) on the block. It would have also made Matt use his special POV and would prove to the cast members what a lying rat Matt really is. Also, it would have been ironic that the very message that he (Ragan) played as the saboteur could be the same message for his demise.

  360. Sab just gave another message. Since it was not in LF I got that it related to a un-expected occurrance on Monday related to the Veto.

  361. SAB message stated that another game will be played that will effect the outcome of the game. But every Sab messages have been faked. so what????

  362. When Brendon puts up Matt the HG will be in for a surprise on Thurs when he stands up and takes himself off the block and put’s up ????? :)

  363. Not to worry about Brandon people, he will soon have Rachel back to help him in the big house, because if I know Big Brother, they will give her another chance, and bring her back in the game!! And she and Brandon will win the money together. Only some people get a second chance and CBS seems to feel that these two livers deserve it!!

  364. @Alma/549 I sure hope. Rachel was a sad rep for BB12 yesterday. has a feedback form that TV watchers can send complaints. I did for her performance captured on LF at 3PM & 6:14 PM PT on 3/14/10 on flashback!

  365. I don’t get Brendons nominations tonight at all.
    Not happy about this season so far. I wish the shomance’s would have stayed intacked. That makes for good TV!
    Can’t stand Matt, he is a weasel and can’t stand Britney. All she does is wine and pick her skin and hair. Britney and Matt need to go!

  366. Oh sorry I meant lovers!! But really, pandoras box will reveal that Rachel will soon enter the Big Brother House again!!

  367. ON LF they are discussing the SAB message further (Ragan :) , Enzo, Matt, Lane) It seems that message implied that the double eviction will start TOMORROW!!! Could this NOT be from the American Voters but from production?

  368. I feel sorry for Ragan and Britney. To be so young and so bitter and spiteful, their whole game is mocking other people. How sad to be them.

  369. I noticed that y’all had Britney’s pic listed as a nominee when it was Lane and Ragan who were nominated.

  370. matt controls who goes this week, with the brigade fractured, do you think he care what people thin of his using dpov, he has to keep his side allliance safe, now does he take out kathy, who will never be tight with him and repair the brigade to take out brendon and go smoothly to 5 or does he take out enzo and divide the house, brendon has a better chance in a divided house with enzo gone and the brigade in the dustbin of histor

    But as you know I despise Brendon, especially, how tacky saying only strong cometitors when he is strong, no manipulators when he isweak as amanipulator, Brendon is essentially selfish, thus why he was smitten by rachel, grendel stripper ho, dollar bill vegas tequila

  371. i loved it, i think Brendon should have put
    up Brittany instead of lane, can not stand
    Brittany, I feel Ragan and Brittany need to

  372. did anyone have problems with the airing of bb
    i could not watch it because of the golf match
    they completely cancelled airing the show

    • They didnt cancel it here (Ohio) it was on after golf and 60 minutes. Thank goodness we got to see the entire show. I’m so sorry you were not able to watch it, that isnt fair. I just thought the whole country would see it after the golf and 60 minutes. Thats really a shame.

      • We saw it here (philly) but it was on so late…..who the hell watches or cares about golf anyway? or 60 minutes for that matter. I fell asleep before the nominations!

  373. My thoughts he will try and backdoor Matt, Matt will use his dpov, and put Brendon will be force to put to either put Brittany, or Hayden up. He will pissed at Matt. But if he would have been playing the game the first 5 weeks he could started his own alliance and Matt wouuld have been gone>

  374. Bring Rachel back to the big house, it is soooo boring since she left. Matt, is a weasel and Britney just talks about people – that’s not playing the game. Forget the rest – they are floaters big time!

  375. So sad to see rachel gone. Her voice got on my nerves and so did her sportsmanship but the girl was a strong competitor and I was pulling for her. With her gone though it actually looks like brendon isn’t a complete slacker- he finally won a challenge. His nominations were a little off though! MATT- that’s the one I’d be trying to get rid of- I know he has the diamond vito but the house doesn’t know it so they should still try to get him out. He’s to strong of a competitor and those are the ones that need to be sent home. Me personally- I’d want the weakest at the end so I had a better chance at winning! Well whatever happens I think ragan is leaving this week. He’s a great sabator but looks like majority of the house wants him out. My nominations for this week would have been matt and ragan- they’re always together and I find that suspicious. I really don’t like brittney but she’s playing the game and its a dirty game for all contestants. As for the brigade- I hope all lose this game. Matts the only won winning comps- he’s an a$$ and snake and after him its hayden who just looks stupid. Enzo is the weakest but he talks like he runs that house- whatever and lane- big body, funny guy, but he doesn’t seem the be playing the game. I honestly think he’s in alliance with brittney because she is such a strong player

  376. Just to give you all that get these updates. Ragan used the POV well we should know that he would. Matt is now on the block with Lane. Matt is telling the brigade hes not worried matt says I know there is a power and i believe it will save me. Someone here has it but I don’t yea yea we all know you do. Ragan is so upset and it funny he is giving matt advice on how to campain lmao.
    Matt tell ragan I am not campaining until Wednsday so don’t be upset with me.

    Well today in the House will be boring everyone so sleepy because the Sab kept waking them up with stupid messages.

  377. I’m sure Mat will use the diamond veto, what I do wonder is, will the Brigade be furious at him? He may be able to convince them that he wasnt allowed to tell about the diamond veto. I think Thursday will be an explosive night for sure lol. Brendon will have to sit back and watch Mat replace the nominee with one of his choice. That should send Brendon over the edge lol. Finally some real action in the house!!!!!

  378. Glad to see Brendon won HOH. He needs to get Brittany and Matt OUT. Now that Rachel is gone the show is boring. Brittany needs to shut up. No one want to hear her go on and on about Brendon. Sometime don’t feel like watching because of her. I’m sure Matt will use the D-vote. That really sucks for Brendon.

  379. I was so glad to see Brendon win, but I feel he made the wrong choice by not picking Britney. Britney needs to go!!! Why did he pick Ragan and Lane instead? Out of the two, I think Ragan should stay, he needs another chance. Lane should go! He is almost as bad as Britney. Lane and Britney need to be broken up! I don’t want either to win. Does big brother really believe someone like Britney should win that kind of money? I wonder what lie she had to tell the producers to get on the show? She is evil! If she wins, I will no longer be a big brother fan.

  380. I think it’s total BS that Bradon did not receive anything except a spa treatment for pandora’s Boc and Matt receive DPV. Also,, I did not waych the show last night when I read Brittany won HOH because even though Rach is out of house her and Regan r still low lives and talking crap about her. Regan for being a professor is a mean spirited cruel person and I dislike him and Brittany so very much! bredon show have received something like Matt did. without bredon the show is nothing now that Rach is gone. I hope and my friends and family hope he wins POV because no matter who is put up Matt, Trgan, and Vrittany are scum and would of been after him anyways due to being jealous. It’s a shame OI am canceling live feed now because as far as I am concerned the 2 ppl Rach and Bredon made the show better. peace

  381. Matt is a complete Liar as r Regan and Vrittany promising on her first born child and engagement that she will not go after bredon. She is fake, mean spirited,, has an evil soul and anyone who marrys her is really a dumb person. I hope there is a twist where she goes as wellas regan and Rach and Breadon r in house. Honestly they make the show and now it’s not worth watching. A lot of my family and friends agree..So you rach and Breadon haters get a life!

  382. I so agree I still can’t figure out were I missed the parts that makes Brendon and Rach the bad guys. When I listen to the HG say how mean they were I Just don’t get it. Rach said stuff that were a bit off but to make them the mean people I just don’t get it. I to stopped watching as much I will check in from time to time to see whats up. But BB lost me with letting all the bully the others did. Kathy’s exit interview OMG to point the finger at Rach & Bren about lieing and stuff It really pissed me off. I wished kathy could here me speaking at the computer wishing Julie would say “Now Kathy America has been watching for 49 Days your saying you didn’t lie or say crap about people. OMG the women doen’st know the truth OMG everyone keeps pointing the finger at the two love birds went 3 fingers are pointing back at them selves. OMG I wish BB would let us make a comment to the house guest like they did last year. I would pay to just let them know “You think your Hot S**t on a golden plater but actually your cold doggie poop on a Paper Plate.” Just so they know the fans are not to excited about there performance

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