Big Brother 12: Week 5 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

Once Matt’s nominations had settled in it was time to battle it out over the Veto in the Big Brother 12 House. Even that wasn’t enough to settle things because fights broke out in the house after the comp and the night didn’t go quietly.

Read on to find out what happened and be sure to stay close because the PoV Ceremony is set to take place Monday.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 7, 2010:

9:00 AM BBT – The HGs are waking up. Matt and Lane discussing how over the top Brendon is about the competitions and complaining when they don’t go his way. Brenchel were out until late, late in the night practicing the mock-up bowling game.

10:00 AM BBT – PoV players were selected: Ragan, Kathy, Britney and Enzo will join Matt, Brendon, and Rachel. Ragan decided to use his Veto Ticket to inject himself in the game. Brendon selected Enzo as his “player’s choice” and Enzo is laughing at his poor selection. Rachel seems to have picked Kathy.

12:00 PM BBT – Britney and Matt discussing all the tricks Brendon and Rachel may try to persuade them to keep them in the house. Both agree even the $5K money won’t work.

3:00 PM BBT – Live Feeds are back and Britney has won the Veto again! Jeff and Jordan surprised the HGs by entering the house and being hosts of the game. Matt, Britney, and Ragan don’t think Jeff and Jordan were big fans of Brenchel.

3:10 PM BBT – Brendon wants to call a house meeting against Matt over Pandora’s Box. He doesn’t believe Matt only received $1 for opening the box. No one else seems interested.

3:15 PM BBT – Rachel and Kathy are yelling at each other because Rachel wants her to apologize for being excited about doing well in the competition. Kathy refuses because Rachel picked her since she thought she could beat her, but when Kathy knocked out Rachel it proved she could compete. Rachel is furious and Kathy is refusing to back down. “I beat you! End of story!” Good for Kathy. Rachel comes off looking like a complete child. Again.

3:30 PM BBT – Hayden points out the obvious and tells Rachel that Kathy celebrating her defeat of Rachel was no different than Rachel celebrating in Kristen’s face and taunting.

4:15 PM BBT – Britney, Ragan, and Kathy still going over the Veto Competition and how awesome it was. This should be great to watch on Wednesday!

5:45 PM BBT – Rachel tries her hardest, but Britney is refusing to use the Veto to save Rachel. She won’t even do it for $5K.

7:00 PM BBT – Brendon’s plan for next week is to get everyone in the house on his side so he can get Ragan and Matt nominated. Good luck with that one.

10:00 PM BBT – Brendon tried to talk things through with Matt. Matt promised this wasn’t a personal situation and it’s just part of the game. Rachel tells Brendon that she hates Matt and doesn’t care what he says.

12:15 AM BBT – Rachel giving Brendon some send-off advice on how to handle the game and HGs after she’s gone. Yeah, I don’t think I’d take her advice on how to do anything in this house in regards to the other HGs.

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Very exciting day in the Big Brother house! Britney holds the power and it doesn’t sound like she has any plans to use it. Luckily, for us, I don’t think Rachel is ready to go quietly out the door this week and we should have lots of fun stuff to watch on the live feeds!

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  1. Ragan saying that Rachel is the common demonitator in all fights and that once brenchel are out of the house, there won’t be any drama, everyone will have fun and compete to win…BORING!!!

  2. These HG might think it’s the best move to evict Rachel but CBS know that without her the show will be crap.
    i’m hoping there is some twist with pandora’s box that will get her off the block.
    All you ever hear Hayden, Lane, and Enzo talk about is the BriGAYed but they never win any challenges either. They need to go! Those big dudes only have big mouths.
    When is Regan going to do anything good? I don’t think he’ll do much as the sabature, the producers need to make him stir the pot. I still think he is life long friends with Matt. That’s why they are so close.
    This week sucks!!!! Oust Brenda and keep Rachel!

  3. Hope that the veto is not used and that the lovebirds go home, then, maybe we will see some serious playing of the game. Hope Ragan is the next to go. I used to watch BBAD all the time, but now I find it so boring, especially with the ever iritating Ragan, that I just fall asleep. Please, o please, I hope we don’t have another blond bimbo win his year. Although I don’t find Britney as annoying as I did Jordan, I do find her to be very mean.

  4. I agree I think it will be boring once rach leaves…maybe CBS will do something to prevent her from leaving that we don’t know about yet!!??

    Do we know what the ‘mystery power’ is yet??

    I don’t like rachl – but like everyone else has said…once she’s gone so is the entertainment…unless we want to sit here and make fun of kathy! lol – even that can’t go on forever!

  5. That door better open thursday to send rachel out…if she stays, this game is rigged in her favour. Not cool

  6. It’s a game. Rachel lost and she should go. If there is any mystery power that saves Rachel this week, I’ll be very disappointed. With Rachel gone, I’m sure there will be alot more drama. No more kissy face. Yippee

  7. The game will be boring once Rachel is gone, Yeah right. The other HGs are starting to plot against each other. Rachel will not be missed by the majority of viewers only by her fans.

  8. I find Rachel so boring. I can’t stand her voice. It’s like chalk on a blackboard. I mute the sound when her face comes on the screen.
    Go Rachel, Go. Down the hall and out the door. Go Rachel, GO!!

  9. Julie has been known to blow things out of proportion in the past. I believe that Pandora’s box may be the only twist this week. As for as HOH goes, his rein is over. POV carries all of the power now. Anyone heard if Jeff and Jordon have entered the house yet? This could be the only other twist.

  10. I agree with Carol 9. The only thing I would add would be
    Go Rachel, Go. Down the hall and out the door. And don’t come back no more,

  11. is something going to happen with pandora’s box cause if there is, they better keep rachel cause she is one that makes everything fun with her drama and with out her it will be boring

  12. What’s with all of the downers in here? What, once Rachel is gone all nominations are going to stop and the houseguests are just going to split the prize amongst themselves? Please.

    Brendon would be able to make waves if he wasn’t so stupid. He’s probably going to try and form an alliance with someone in the Brigade and get shot down. Then he will lose in the HOH competition because of his big feet.

  13. Rachel is not only a sore loser. She is also a sore winner. want to bet she throws a major temper tantrem as she walks OUT the door on Thursday?

  14. Jeff and Jordan hosted the POV competition. I don’t know if they stayed the night. Jordan went up to Enzo and said Meow,Meow. He liked that.

  15. @ 14 . The brigade is NO where near dominating the house. They’re so dumb the shouldn’t even be considered an alliance.

  16. One, I do not find Rachel entertaining. Whining, crying, pissing and moaining… no, definitely NOT entertaing. Two, I am not looking forward to seeing her conversation with Julie on Thursday. “OMG! Like they soooo cae between me and MY MAN! What, like, bitches!!!” Thank God for mute.

  17. i love it. it makes me happy to see “boobzilla” lose it because the was just mean and thought she could could run the whole house and she thought she did for a couple of weeks when brendon was hoh along with rachel but thems the breaks and it’s true about karma it does come back to bite ya she can go back and to her studies and make her tuition being a vip waitress because that now is her only source of income now.

  18. I am hoping there is no way to keep them in the house. One of them has to go. I know the live feeds won’t be as gross as with the 2 of them in the house. But, get a life people. You don’t need to watch those people have sex under the cover. I hope it’s under the cover. Smodest Grodest.

  19. How is the brigade not running the house @18? Even the moron floaters go along with their decisions. This year is going to get boring after Brenchel are gone. It will be the Brigade, and floaters. And the floaters do what the Brigade wants. There are more sheep this season than ever before.

  20. @brenchelsupporter no. rachel played the role of superbitch because she thought she could cruise right on through but now that’s not going to be the case because she dug her own grave to play the mean bitch with a showmance that was totally skanky. she can go back to being a chemistry grad student and rely on her vip waitress tips.

  21. Yeah a twist where Rachel doesn’t leave would be great. The house will definetely be boring if she goes! Maybe after she’s evicted she’ll go up to the door and the door won’t open…

  22. After Rachel is gone no other HG will go into an alliance with Brendan. Why should they he never just hang with the guys cuz he was too up his girlfriends butt. If he wins HOH next week the other HDs will just pretend to be with him until his power is gone.

  23. The Brenchel supporters will have to change their channel back to the Jerry Springer Show. I am so glad Rachel (and Brendon soon) are leaving the house, but I hate that we will have to see them again on the jury. They had a good run though. Rach won five grand and Brendon can tell his friends that he is no longer a virgin. He has the video tapes to proved it!

  24. Wow, what a whiney baby Rachel is!! After watching last night, I think she is losing her effing mind!

  25. After they are gone, it does not matter. The Brigade will just pick them off, AND the floater idiots will help them.

  26. @3 Summer – My greatest fear is that no one will have the guts to evict Kathy and she’ll float her way to $500,000 just like the Jordumb!

  27. My favorite line of the season so far was Brittany saying that if she had to listen to Rachel’s laugh one more time she was going to cut her wrist with Brendon’s toenail

  28. The Birgade is deffinitly running the house. Sure they’ve gotton nominated but everyone knew they were safe because there were bigger targets on the block. Both times the Birgade got nominated; were when Rachel was HOH. So of course when Matt wins (a BIRGADE member) He’s going to put up Rachel, because they can’t rsk her taking one of them out. and look how many HOH compititions there were; Hayden won the first, Matt won the 3rd, and then Matt won the 5th. 3/5. and everyone votes with the birgade. and plus they all vote together, so whoeevr they wanna vote out, is usually the person who goes.

    So what if rachel leaves? It wouldn’t be fair at all for her to stay, just because of the entertainment. she lost, that’s it. The game has to be fair.

  29. Ragan has turned into a dick as this goes on. He has turned into Britney’s little bitchy friend like Monet. She is getting bad again.

  30. #8 blackgirl – Hasn’t there been talk from the Brigade that they’ll throw the HOH and let Brendon win it, then make him put Matt on the block?

  31. Britney, Ragan, Kathy are floaters and won’t even make it to final four. The floaters need to win a HOH competition if they want to stay in this game. No one is as talented as Dr Will from S2 to get by throwing HOH competitions week after week.

  32. I will not watch the rest of the season if one of them doesn’t go home. Don’t fix this please CBS. Let the game be on the up and up. Let Roachel go home.

  33. Logan- I agree except that you can’t count Brittany out. She has won more competitions than anyone in the house and she hasn’t been pushed into having to win(except week one). She is thinking about the end already and would put up Enzo and another Brigade member Hayden or Matt if she wins HOH because they would get more jury votes.

  34. those who say once rachel is out there will be no drama r wrong, infact it will be even more entertainment, glad rachel is going.

  35. It would be a dumb move for Brit to put up Kathy. Kathy is a jury vote for her and can be beaten easily at any time. Next week it would be Brendon for sure and a pawn.

  36. Brit said last night to Lane that they don’t want to be beside Enzo in the final two because everybody likes him. She is pretty smart about the game and I don’t think she would take the easy route of evicting Kathy.

  37. Frank- Brendon this week but after that it is anybodys guess. Maybe Kathy but the way things change in the house everything will change soon. They have swore that they would vote out the new sab. so if Ragan gets exposed he will be the next target, even before Brendon.

  38. One more thing, the brigade will splinter before final four because only two people get prize money and someone will step out on their own. The other three all say that Enzo would win the half million over any of them. For the ones who say it will be boring without Brenchel, the real game is just getting started and should be fun to watch.

  39. On BBAD last night, Hayd & Lane talked about Enzo being more popular & could win more jury votes – that they need to go to the final together – then Enzo comes out – you could hear the crickets chirping! Except for R&B, the HGs think they are safe for 2 weeks. Finally, the game gets interesting. Anyone know where Kathy was last night? She did not make 1 appearance on camera.

  40. No more BB for me,cbs. this yr sucked,rachel needs to go home,she made her BED now SLEEP in it.brit,ragan are two school girls,mean girls can’t wait to see them go home.and i wont be sitting in front of the TV anymore at 8…THIS YR SUCKKKKKKsss!!!!!!!I HOPE THEY ALL GO HOME AND I NEVER SEE ANY OF THEM AGAIN

  41. Hey Roxie #33 – the blond bimbo I was referring to was Britney, but you are absolutely right to include Kathy in that cateory. Hey Budman, good to see you on the posts again. I missed ya.

  42. Pandora’s box gave Matt 1 dollar and it did not tell him exactly but it said it will change the house! So it lead to a Saboteur and hopefully it cancels this weeks eviction so Rachel can win HOH next week because NEXT WEEK IS DOUBLE EVICTION!!!

  43. i effin love britney. she is playing a great game.

    i like how she was honest with rachel, and how she stood her ground.

    the only thing i wish the houseguest would do is stop being nice to rachel and brendon. hayden, and ragan have lost their patients.

    enzo, who i like but who clearly always talks trash, and wants to be the power house never says anything up front. thats kind of dumb.

    i mean anyone in the brigade could say anything he wanted. they have insurance. maybe enzo is trying to secure votes for jury.

  44. @52 Summer – Agree! Britney does, in my opinion, have a really sharp sense of humor, but her cadiness just turns my stomach. Why do women have to be so cady and shallow? Not talking about you and me, of course!

  45. Summer – “cady and shallow” – not talking about you and me and blackgirl and all the cool women peeps on this site. Just wanted to clear that up.

  46. I am liking Brittany more. Her jokes about the toenail and her talk with lane last night about him needing to change the kind of girls he dates was too funny. I don’t think she is a bimbo or a floater. When Rachel leaves I think you will see the house guest start to pick up their games. You can start to see it with them knowing she is now going to be evicted. Now if they can get the HG’s to chew with their mouth’s closed…..

  47. Rachel and Brendon are too much drama in the house. Rachel will need to be the one to leave this Thursday not Brendon.

  48. Where is all of this great play by the HGs? Brendan, Rachel and Matt are the only ones playing hard. Everyone else wants this to be like 1st grade where everyone gets a blue ribbon. Did you hear the lovefest last night where they all were saying let’s get Brendan and Rachel out so we can just play the game and have fun. Each one was talking about how they love each other and how much better it will be once Brendan and Rachel are gone.

  49. Once the slutty redhead leaves I am sure we’ll have more drama. Just not gutter trashy drama. People do seem to change where $$ is envolved & I’ll bet we’ll see different sides to the other HG’s. With her gone it gives my “MUTE” button a rest.

  50. Expect the unexpected..that’s what R said the 1st few weeks..with 1 gone, either R or B need to get their heads back in the game and quit pouting..I don’t think B has a clue how the other HGs feel about naive & trusting, or is he playing his own game?

  51. It sadden me to lstn all the hate tht brendon hs meaning thngs 2 sd snce hm being an schl teacher-(coachng kids) 2 show sportmanship n an gme…tht why kids r trble

  52. There may not be a double eviction since they are down one HG then when they cast the show and set the schedule for it. To keep it on schedule to end when it was suppose to there would not be a double eviction.

  53. I hope there’s no double evict, ’cause that’s all the HGs talked about to get rid of R&B at the same time…won’t they be surprised if something else happens instead! It would be wickedly funny. Anybody know what Kathy has been up to?she’s realllyy laying low.

  54. Whats ironic is that Britney doesn’t want to use the p.o.v because she doesn’t want a target on her back. (Hmm… i guess winning the most P.O.V competitions (3 total) doesn’t make you a target. Yeah, Brit. You’re sittin’ pretty. Wouldn’t want to mess that up with using the P.O.V and alligning yourself with the strongest chick in the house. Its much safer to be the 5th person in a 4-guy alliance.) I would hate to see Britney screwed over by the brigade, a group of undeserving guys who are only in power this week because the HOH comp was thrown to Matt(again), because i think she desevres to stay since she has won the most competitions, but it looks like her fate is sealed.

    I hope America tells the sabetour (Ragan) about the brigade so he can out them to the house! Cuz right now, after Rachel and Brendon go to the jury house, The brigade will dominate from then on and it’ll get boring because we KNOW whats gonna happen after Rachel and brendon leave. Britney, Kathy, and Ragan have a chance if they just allign with the power couple. But they won’t think with their brains; its all about emotions. They aren’t thinking long-term. They just want to do what the house wants, not what they NEED to do for themselves. And because of that, the hiuse(the brigade)will screw them over.

  55. I for one am so sick of Britney and her stupid mocking “schict” of everyone behind their back. On BBAD it seems all they show is her annoying droning on and on and on. I was thinking about subscribing to the live feed…..but I couldn’t stand any more of her constant camera time and I don’t want to wear out my mute button. I can’t wait for the time when the HG’s get sick of her and give her gummy toothy ass the old heave-ho!
    On a pleasant note….thanks for the constant up dates. Being on the West Coast, we always get screwed by the 3 hr time diff!!!

  56. MeowMeow is Enzo’s code name in the Ape a hint to the others. I agree that Brit deserves to stay, but does she have to be so catty – and that’s an insult to cat lovers everywhere!

  57. thanks Cynmatty for answering. I just hope BB gets a little more interesting..starting to get a little difficult to watch

  58. Could someone tell me if Matt opened the Pandora’s box before or after nominations? My theory is his nominations will be void.So by putting B/R on the block he satisfies the house, by them being voided out satisfies B/R. Did you catch Matt/Brenden in HOH room where Matt tells Bren to stay calm and try to keep Rachel calm? I can not stand Brit or Kat. Go Brenchel

  59. If CBS keeps that so called woman ” WHORE ” in the house & they find a way, thats it, i,ll never watch another year of BB, as it’s all a ” PUT ON “. Nothing real “.

  60. Wow!!! People this is just a game. No need to call people names, that is just wrong. How would you like for someone to call your daughter a name “WHORE”. If any of you look at soaps, then there are alot of whore’s on them and I am sure some of the favorite shows you may look at. Come on stop calling people names when you don’t really know them. TV people.

  61. Rachel, NO! Kathy has been doing terrible in competitions, so let the woman celebrate for a few moments. You celebrated your HoH win for a WEEK! That’s why you’re going home instead of Brendon. Brendon, ENOUGH with the house meetings… My God. Brenchel turn Big Brother into “Oh Brother!”

  62. Way to go #74..been wanting to say that, too! houses and he who is without sin and be careful what you wish for

  63. Kay was sure up celebrating with Rach on her first hoh reign Did Rach tell Kat that everyone wanted her to replace Hayden with Kat but she did not want to?

  64. jif or 72 the pandora’s box was before nominations but does that make a differene but i think noms will be void as if there is a double eviction, it will make the season to short as 3 are in the final now so i hope rachel stays and she is entertainment and not a whore ok guys :)

  65. Rachel needs to be evicted. Her goodbye message to Kristen was rude & embarrassing. She acts like a like spoiled child and seriously needs counseling – Brenden is the biggest wussy I have ever seen…Britney and her trash talking behind people’s backs is awful – she has done it the whole game – with Monet, Rachel and now Ragan..she truly is a mean girl. Not really sure who I am pulling for – Enzo has the most personality for sure…but I predict the end of the Brigade after Rachel & Brenden are gone…should get very interesting the next couple weeks.

  66. Breaking News, Rachel is a whore, hands down, instead of getting ” BOTEX for her Face ” she needs to get it for her wussy, because it’s no dought the size of the Grand Cannon. The girl is a HEAD CASE, BIG TIME. If she is sent home, sure hope bb has the EMS standing by with O2.

  67. @79 thanks for the update. I am with you. I hope some how both end up staying. Maybe Saboteur? Just finished watching tonight’s show. What happened to Reagan? He just tore into Rach when she went in to talk to Matt. Who now has the diamond power of veto and sitting good for the next 2 weeks It was terrible that no one went up to them after nom. ceremony. She basically put up who the house wanted when she was hoh(s)

  68. Britney and Kathy need to go so the brigade will be like snakes and start attacking each other

  69. Man… I feel so torn! Rachel really does get on my nerves – but she is one of the VERY few actually playing the game! I feel bad for Brendon, but he’s digging his own hole, ya know? Regan & Kathy won’t make any big moves – they’re afraid of getting blood on their hands. The entire brigade (although I love them ALL) is completely throwing the entire workload on Matt’s shoulders – unfair in my opinion and I think Matt will eventually grow tired of it. Britt – man, I want to love her – I really do; but the ‘mean girl’ antics are getting old too. LOVE BB!!

  70. Oh, by the way Cynthia, Rachel herself called Kristen a Whore last week in her GOOD BYE MESSAGE, so what makes her any better ?

  71. i need to know who got put up on the block, the tv station messed up the last 7 min. and i did not get to see who it was, probably know who they are but would like to know, thanks for any help….

  72. @beth – i am hoping the SAME thing, CBS do your thang, even they have to know that once rach is gone their ratings will DIP like a stick! (no pun intended! :P), so they gotta find a twist that will allow them to keep her one more week! that alone will have ppls tuning in b/c the house will be turned on its rear!

    @frank – amen shepherd! way more sheep – you called it precisely! the flock is huge and it’s aggravating! arrrrgh! bleep bleep!

    @roxie – pls do NOT compare Kathy to Jordan, Kath has no plans to win ANYthing, she like Enzo keep sayin’ they’re waiting for the right moment and staying low but that’s BS!
    Jordan won her HOH’s when she HAD two, the most important ones to secure her right to da $, she never floated off giving up right away on comps the way Kath does, Kath doesn’t even TRY! and she is so foul-mouthed! Jordan NEVER spoke that way about anyone!

    @jlf (73) – that true? matt told bren to keep rach calm? no way jose! that’s rather interesting?
    any more info on how dat convo went? in the HOH room?

    @judy – can we talk about gameplay pls and not name-calling that word every second..its getting ridiculously repetitive..we know you know the word and how to use it, can we pls move on to another topic thank you very much – Matt pls assist!

  73. @ Jadelle, She’s a ” WHORE ” deal with it, or don’t read my comments, skip right pass judy name !! She made her ” NASTY BED & HER NASTY NAME “

  74. I am sooo looking forward to Thursday and seeing Rachel go home. I can’t stand her voice, laugh or face. They named roads after her “one-way” she expects everyone to bend down and bow to her needs and feelings yet she has no problem being mean and cruel to other house guests. I totally disagree with those who think the game will get boring without her. Once she is gone and the brigade have to start competing against each other, it will get nasty. Plus right now, all they are focusing on is getting out Rachel or Brendon. These people are not quiet and when they have to fight for their survival, fights will arise. It will be interesting to see the brigade fall apart.

  75. @ 92, OMG, you really said a mouth full ! Rachel is what she is, peroid, end of story. But there are people out there that ” Say she is someone’s daughter ” guess what ” a lot of us have daughter’s & we raised them to know the difference between keeping your legs together & self control, the difference between self respect for your own body & what you do with it is your own outcome in life. You can make big bucks in other ways, you don’t have to dis-yourself to get a real gentlemen.If you sleep with the team, you make money on your back or knee’s then you don’t have ant repect for yourself. Maybe you didn’t get any up bringing by a Mother who could really help you understand, you don’t use your body like Rachel has. And Rachel should learn this on her own if she is as smart as she want’s America to think. It’s just self control & respect.

  76. Loved the show last night. Did you notice how clean Matt and his board were, until it was just him and Ragan? Set up? I think so.
    I want Rachel gone Thursday. I can’t see how, she can be stay. Unless, Matt decides to keep her and use the VETO on her. I hope not, but with Matt, you never know what he is going to do.

  77. Hope the HOH gets discovered and somehow Rachel gets to stay. Rachel is the show stopper this season no matter who likes or dislikes her, she is very entertaining :-)

  78. German, Rachel in not entertaining, she is irritating, boring and a bother. I will be so happy to see her gone.
    She said: “BRING IT ON!” Well, it is on, and she can’t take it. She is just like every bully. Bully the people and when the tables are turned, cry like a baby.

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