Big Brother 12: Week 5 Nominations Revealed – Spoilers

Last night on Big Brother 12 we saw power flip back to Matt after the second endurance competition. The man is an endurance comp beast! All day we’ve listened to campaigning from Brendon and Rachel while the rest of the house sits back comfortably to enjoy the show. Did it work? The live feeds are back from the nomination ceremony and now we know and someone is pissed and using a knife!

Read on to find out just who are Matt’s targets for next Thursday night.

Big Brother 12 Week 5 Nominations:

  • Brendon
  • Rachel

Brendon is silent, but Rachel is furious as she slams the knife over and over while chopping the salad. Brendon threatens that one of them will stay and get revenge. Rachel saying she’s the only one who has fought to be here in this game. Now Brenchel are by themselves and talking major trash about the other HGs.

Jump on the live feeds right now to watch their reactions to being nominated. The Power of Veto competition will be held on Saturday, so stay close and keep checking in for those spoilers too. This is going to be a great Big Brother week!

What do you think of Matt’s nominations? Did he get it right this time?

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  1. Thank goodness Matt nominated them. With whoever gets saved (if that happens), the other will go home.

    • Am I the only who loves the fact that everybody hates Brenchel yet they always seem to survive

      • They only survived because Matt made a bonehead move the first time he was HOH. Won’t work again. Haha…good riddance to the skank or the spineless.

    • I cant believe they are on the block. I’m not huge fans of this couple by any means but, unfortunately, they are the only interesting people in this otherwise boring cast. What a pitiful year. Nothing else worth watching for!!

  2. AWESOME! Probably the best move of the entire game, I feel dumber and dumber every time I hear Rachel talk in the house.

    • The best move for who? Matt? Those stupids are going to crap there pants when they find out Matt played them all.

  3. Does anyone know whether or not Matt talked Rachel into giving up her $5000 for a ‘deal?’ he as then going to double cross her and nom her anyway…

  4. Bathroom
    Ragan, Matt, Hayden & Kathy

    A whole lot of whispering going on…

    Matt: It’s safe to say, they don’t have the Coup d’Etat.

    More whispering…

    Matt: I’m not worried. Let them come after me. I can play Veto next week. I’m fine with that.

  5. Jadelle if you moved over here… thanks so much! i think eventually i want to move to hr too.

  6. Looks like she could do some serious damage to that salad she is making…

    and what is with Bitchney being nice to her…
    2 faced skank

    will be an interesting week

  7. I’m so happy Matt decided to keep the plan straight forward and simple this time. I’m very pleased with these nominations.

  8. I can’t stand Rachel and Brendon. He is ridiculous. I couldn’t believe the questions she was asking Brendon about if he would pay for her girlfriends’ drinks and such. What the hell! He needs to get away from that now. Hopefully, when they are separated, he will see the light.

  9. I am so sick of watching Rachel be a bad sport about being nommed… she seemed to disrespect other hg who were nommed, even going so far as to tell them to ‘bring it on.’ now that they did, she’s all cranky, mad, bitchy, etc..
    What a poor sport.

  10. omg the look on rach’s face is so priceless! im totally loving it. then she said to it that she was the only one fighting to be there? wtf… she told them to bring it and now its ‘been broughten’ lol

  11. so looks like indeedy the nom’s are up and it’s who everyone wants it to be! CBS is pleased as punch b/c that means they best milk EVERY ounce out of this week b/c aside from finale night the ratings will be supaDUPA hot!
    is it a coincidence the week they are nom’ed is when pandora’s box AND the saboteur are BOTH unlocked/unleashed? I don’t! *zing* ;)

  12. True Wiz. So true! I hope its Rachel….but then again, I want to see her lose it when Brendon leaves. Either way, I won’t have to look at both of them in the house together at the same time any more!!

  13. knowingly committing fraud is a chargeable offense and BB might be liable if they allow it.

  14. Personally I would be furious if I actually paid for the Live Feeds constantly showing that suck fest Brendon & Rachel, those two are disgusting.

    Hopefully it is Rachel who goes home but either way it is a win win.

  15. now shes crying in the storage…. boo freakin hoo….. you got what you asked for and i hope someone in the house tells her that!

  16. Finally!! Someone with enough balls to put them up. Now I can start watching after dark again.

  17. looks like Rachel can dish it out, but sure can’t take it. I hope Kristen and Monet are watching this and saying payback is a Bit*h

  18. Let her cry. She did that to Kristen this week. Why is she being a poor sport?? What a thunder c__t!!

  19. Now Rachel knows how it feels to really have the heat on her and knowing no one plans on saving her this week.

  20. who wants to bet that rachel will get into a huge argument tonight !! (hope theres wine and beer tonight !! haha)

  21. @steph – yw girl, had to move over to da hot post board now that the hottest nom’s of the BB12 yr have been placed! BB post-ers where you @? c’mon ova!
    SHHHH** oh SNAP can this be true too?Matt: Basically in Big Brother verbage, it said, Congratulations, you’ve won a dollar, and beware of what you’ve unleashed upon the house. I hesitated longer than I thought I would, then I kicked the door down.. It could have been anything… When I was in there, I was asking what I can tell you, and I asked, Can I say final 2 role reversal? And he’s all no, because that makes such a cluster____!

    BB Calls Matt, and he goes inside
    Ragan’s planting seeds in every garden, specifically Rachel’s, as she’s the easiest target. Always has been. Always will be.

  22. i hate everyone in the house except brenchel they are the best i hope they both stay and kick everyone out of the house. the only thing i dont like about rachel is her laugh and she has to stop saying her man!!

  23. Ragan you bad boy u! Britt is acting like she cares about Rachel, so 2 faced, but part of da game right? act like u care when ya don’t – then stab – twist – stab! :S *yikes*

    only MATT would ask for final 2 role reversal!
    That scheming lil liar! I think something else happened too! course if anything odd/strange happens now, (i.e coup d’etat) CBS can blame Matt for opening up the pan-box! Is there something in there to save Brendon?

    sorry trish – bren needs to win his master pov now! :) and if by some wild freak twist of fate, both of them do ,- blame matt & the pan-box! cbs gets a scapegoat now! hee* I hope Bren wins POV! Who will save him but Rach?

  24. okay i am going to be the one to say it. Rachel doesn’t deserve to go. i am slightly disappointed that they are on the block

  25. Way to go Matt, not afraid of them to put them on the block. Payback for all your cockyness last week.

  26. i’m so happy that matt put them up. granted it’s just for my own personal laughs. can’t wait to see tha actual nom ceremony. think it will be funny as h3ll. let’s not count them gone yet guys. they both get to fight for p o v and i could almost guarente those two will fight til the end of that comp.

  27. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Time for Boobzilla to get the axe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    GTFO you four-letter-derogatory-word-used-as-slang-for-the-female-reproductive-organs-starting-with-c-and-ending-with-t five-letter-slang-word-for-prostitute-starting-with-w-and-ending-with-h five-letter-word-meaning-female-dog-starting-with-b-and-ending-with-h!!!!!

    Kick that red-headed loudmouth out of the house! (i wonder if the carpet matches the drapes?)

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  28. torch im up north we are probably driving distance ;)
    brendon just shut her down when she started to talk crap about ragan being a biotch

  29. I hope Rachel’s sweater cows explode and her Botox face melts from all the rage!!!

  30. Rachel – if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen! You did it to yourself. No one to blame, but yourself!!!!


    Good job Matt. Matt played that well, not accepting any deals from Brenchel last week.

    It sounded like Brenchel honestly did not think that they would be put up against each other. They thought one of them would be put up with a floater…too bad!!!!

    I LOVE IT!!!!!

  31. rachel go for the bubbleeeeeeeee!
    uuuuuu caannnnn dooooooo itttttttttt! heck bring a knife too if ya want! :P.

  32. What’s wrong with “Ms. Vegas is me, I am Vegas”? This moron should have known this was coming. She talked big crap last week to come + get her.

  33. See ya Rachael! Now MAYBE Brendan can take back hold of his marbles (in his pants) since Rachael won’t be there to lead him around by them. WAKE UP you fool! She’s a loser!

  34. I’m THRILLED!!! The best move Matt could have made!! So glad he had the guts to put them on the block! This news is enough to throw an impromptu party, tonight! I think I will!

  35. Oh wait people! We’d better tone it down.

    We don’t want to be called ‘haters’ again, do we?

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this completely sarcastic message.

    Go Team ABR!

  36. She thinks she is entitled. Why Brendan and I?. You said bring it on and it was brought.

  37. “the HOH’s hes winning are not freakin brain surgery”….. hmmmm.. then why hasnt brendon won one??????? ugh shes so annoying

  38. Gosh, I guess they really do know how to pick em eh?? Rachel is bat sh** insane! No one would kiss that a** in Vegas sweetie! I mean NO ONE!!

  39. Brandon is telling Rachel that if he wins the POV he will use it on her. She is saying Matt is stupid and yet Rachel said last week that after Kristen that Matt was her next target. Would you believe she just said Matt is cocky. Hey Rachel, look at the what you are calling the kettle.

  40. they bitch got what she deserved.

    it was fine for her to play jealously and personally with brtiney and monet, then hayden and kristin.

    it was fine while she was on her high horse being disrecptpful, and so damn rude and a straight up punk bitch.

    but now its messed up?

    if i was matt, i would have been cussed the BOTH of them out. where is parker from season 9? haha that dude would cuss out his own mother he dont give a freak

    AND DIDNT RACHEL SAY “I dont use that derogatory term” when she just now called ppl “a bitch/bitches”

    and i now heavily dislike ragan. “i just think we all need to rise above it” NAH EFF THAT! ITS WEEK EFFIN 5!!

    start some drama damnitt!! yall dont make endurance comps exciting, and we havent had drama in over a week.

  41. Why does Rachel think anyone would care so much about Las Vegas???

    I’m starting to think she’s an Advertising ROBOT sent out by one of the casinos.

  42. Poops.. I think Brit is hilarious too. Her DR commentary and facial expressions always make me chuckle.

  43. @ marcus… yes she totally said that, but she thinks she is so above it all that its ok for HER to do things she said she wouldnt because she is entitled

  44. rachel just called Matt cocky, come on. she was on power trip over drive. dany i really hope they give them alot and i mean alot of beer and wine tonight. this is going to be a good week. she just told brendon she’s not strong enough to be in this house without him. wt… she came in here without him. or maybe not. who know’s at this point. what a cry baby. patron please?

  45. Kristi I got an R rated picture that describes Rachel and Brenden to a tee want me to send it?

  46. So what if one of them gets POV. I don’t think so this time. Maybe R will be in position to get it more than B. Kathy getting it would be – oh nevermind she’ll throw the comp for someone else.

    They dished out 3 people. Time for payback.

  47. @Marcus

    to be fair towards Ragan, if he decides to become the Saboteur, he’ll need to keep cool with everyone to pull it off.

  48. yowzah *zing*’ers #50 & #54 cool down why don’tcha! you’re goin’ to be modified by Matt! :P so i guess y’all are happy as clams that the power couple is up on the block!

    So many coincidences happening the same tmie as this nomination, lets’ review!

    #1 – Jeff & Jordan (the forever famous BB PowerCouple All-Stars) are paying a visit
    #2 – Sab (Ragan) has been unleashed on the masses
    #3 – Pandora’s Box has been opened by current HOH Matt, so well just about ANYthing can happen!

    @lilly – i’m excited for this week too!
    @jalen – hey i’m not utterly gleeful about them both being up either, but I do know that with this happening, the house will NOT be boring, and the HGs may just START playin’ the game
    ….meanwhile BB is trying to find a Veto comp with a QUIZ on it! :) hee*

  49. Rachel tells Brandon that if the others come to Vegas they will be kissing her a**. Hey Brandon, I thought she was going to move to Cali. Wake up dude.

  50. “poops mcgee”

    nah he has been like that since day 1. but then he clowns on other seasons for not having any drama.

  51. @i hate rachel, i love ya, hope you didn’t take that personal. i’m realy sorry if you did. love your post!!

  52. @Jadelle OH GOD NO!! I hope they don’t get a Veto Comp. with quizzes!!! I will go bat sh** crazy then!!

  53. I would love to be there right now.

    I would ask Brendon:

    “Just curious, what’s it like being a hooker’s B*tch?!?”

  54. As far as being happy about the power couple being on the block, Brendon doesn’t bother me. I couldn’t care less who’s sitting on the block next to Boobzilla.

  55. Thank God! Matt made the right move this time. I am sitting here watching the live feeds and once again wussy Brendon is all up on Rachel telling her she is not going home and she keeps saying that she cannot do it without him in the house, trying her best to get those fake tears to start flowing. She is such a hypocrite, she can dish it out when she (I mean they) are HOH, but, when she is not, she sits around crying crocodile tears saying everyone is tryng to throw her under the bus. Now, I forget, say if one of them wins POV and takes the other off, the one left is still on the block, right? so they will go home.

  56. @Marcus

    Yeah, I know where you’re coming from. I do think his attitude will make him a good and unsuspecting Sab. though.

  57. @marcus – you’re right she DID say that, but now that she’s nominated out comes the pot & kettle & black paint!

    @kristi – yeah rach best watch it, if she wants even a SLIGHT chance at some friends she really needs to just remember she’s a strong player and Bren her MAN is a VETO STAR, so fight that way – actions speak louder than words (well not in the DR room it seems… ;)

    @jcat – bren will say anything to rach to keep her calm, but when push comes to shove i do not think he will. (esp w-that alliance of enzo & lane?) looming..i mean at the end he can say (i did it for us honey, i got us the $ right? it’s all good in da brenchel hood! :)

  58. At last!! BB12 can finally get down with some game. Too long has it been the Brenchal show. Yee haw!!

  59. @Poops McGee, That is also an exellent question.

    Brendon should just ride this out, and wait for that…person to get up out the house to start his game…then again he would probably still be weak with her GONE!

  60. Oh, one more thing, watching Brendon eat those green beans or asparagus, whatever it was, Good Lord, cram them in, Brendon.

  61. @jcat – for once rach has got a small pt there, who would not want to live it up with a suite room and freebie tix to the hot places, esp. since after THIS show they will be mini-celebs- ironically i bet some of them WILL try & find her! :P hee*

    **yes how r we exchanging e-mails!**

  62. you did? well if one of us posts the e-mail they can all message that one and link up that way, doesnt’ have to be all of us! course we should wait til it dies down a bit on da boards…lol. that IS tricky! kristi i missed that! it would be so awesome to keep in touch! :)

  63. Oh ok. I usually quit posting on a thread when a new one opens up, so I don’t think I saw what you said.

  64. @Jadalle, they would try to find Rach because she puts out on national tv…sorry if that offends anyone. Its true though, she does…I wasn’t trying to be funny.

  65. Is Brendan for real, tell her to stick with Hayden and Enzo. Hey Brendan Breaking Newes she booted Haydens girlfriend he is luving this.

  66. No surprise with the evictions. But I have to say this season is already going down as the worst yet, and once Brenchel are off the show I’ll stop watching. Matt and the rest of the “Brigade” are so annoying and the only reason those guys are actually getting anywhere is because of Matt.

  67. @neicy- i’m kiddin’, i’m just being sarcastic about CBS & BB doin’ stuff, but i gather if they want to save rachel, and that would BE the BIGGEST save EVA!lol, a quiz veto comp would do it!

  68. I think Brendan knows this is good for him. I think if Rachel goes home, everybody gets a prize and that start the game over by bringing in two new HGs.

  69. Rachael plays for POV, wins, takes herself off the block, Kathy goes up on the block, Brendon is evicted, everyone in the house is left to deal with the now single, pantyless Rachael, ratings for BB go through the roof!

  70. ok gotcha torch. just wondered cause i would love to be able to exchange more links and stuff with you all ;)

  71. @ANG – that is true, i have NO idea why matt sticks with dat crew, they have done him NO favours, as they have not done ANY work! :P

    All I know from the comp and reading what went down during is that once Brendon fell off (2nd I think) the rest dropped like flies minutes after each other, they were only holding out for him and after dat it was Rag & Matt again! Almost smells of a set-up but whatev! All we can do is hope & pray that pandora’s box has a GET OFF THE BLOCK CARD in there somewhere! :)

  72. I just read that Brendon said if he won the POV tomorrow he’d save Rachel instead of himself….What a MORON!!!! I would love to see what his family is thinking right now!!!! He needs to get away from the gold digging pyscho!!!!!!

  73. @neicy, torch, wiz, connie, steph, nic – it would be gr8 to exchange links, and torch what pic you talked about, where can i find that?.. did anyone post, or does the site moderate those?

  74. Good move by Matt. Send either Rachel or Brendon home. I don’t care which. Just stop the pain of having to watch them together. Soon there will be fresh energy and air in the Big Brother House. :)

  75. night ihaterachel, when my email comes up just make sure you tell me who you are or i’ll spam you and i don’t check it everyday. it’s easier to get ahold of me by mysp@ce. you can find me by my email when it posts. i don’t like the other social site out there.

  76. Those houseguests better get right with the Lord ’cause the “Red Devil” is watching and waiting….. ready to heave some VEGAS on ’em.


  77. I love it matt got it right this time. You all know that bitch rachel should gone home week one.

  78. im a facebookie….i have a myspace but dont ever go on it anymore ( i dont even remember the password lol) too bad causeim dying to see the pic torch lol

  79. @steph – you are funny! lol. i was thinking gee, but then i thought, oh well already typed it! i have than one anyways, just be sure to put BB in the subject line so I know it’s not spam! (thanks Matt) network

  80. Did anyone see my email? How the hell is this going to work? I posted it but they moderated me!

  81. so am i steph! i want to see dat pic too, but my e-mail is awaitin’ moderation and i do not see anyone else e-mail, so i guess none got posted! perhaps another route…hmm…
    “julessa3-AT-yahoo-dot-com” lol. did that post?

  82. I CAN’T WAIT…….to see the HG’s goodbye messages to Rachel.

    What will Britney say?? lol

  83. neicy i’m on FB. but you have my address it got posted! lol, just do not use the @ symbol i think it auto-filters that out! (for good reason i’m sure)….

  84. The way Brendon is acting I hope if there is a double eviction he goes out the door with her…His true wusssy colors are showing ( unless it’s a lie) Please could we use Pandora’s box to getta em out tonite???

  85. d’oh got it neicy! @ kristi – dany welcome to da club! if you’re hot i want your e-mail! hee* ;) j/k. @ poops – yes for SURE ms. chen will allow LOTS of time for them good-bye messages IF it happens this week..starts with a crying ragan and kathy, and ends with teary eyed brendon! but don’t cout them (or CBS) out just yet! so much is ON this week! that darn pandora’s box for one, so ya never know! :)

  86. Brendan thinks she/they have people? You think Ragan’s back on your side? Hayden? Brit? Enzo? You guys have 0 votes!!

  87. I know Rachel is annoying, but how boring will the show be when she’s gone. I mean i like Enzon, but he cant keep the ship afloat himself.

    I hate Matt he sucks and isnt half as smart as he thinks he is. Kathy needs to go she is worthless to the shoe

  88. torch can you email them the pic and give them my email also and my mysp@ce. if you guys use mysp@ace just ask for an invite and tell me who you are. i just ask that no one uses my nickname on here please.

  89. @torch you re soo funny luv dat riddle! i should done that! i got 2 e-mails, one from neicy the other from?….

  90. trish! there you are! follow @torch’s route! lol…yeah the gang is here! :) save Wiz where he’s @?

  91. dany did you break up with your gf. i thought you were kidding. if soo, i hope you get some good action from here.

  92. @ NIC: I agree with you. Brenden and Rachael believe some people in the BB house are on their side. They are completely clueless, in fact, they give the word clueless a brand new definition!

  93. Did anyone think the reason Brit is being nice to Rachel is b/c she’s going to be on the jury?

  94. Trish, Scroll up I posted my email #151. Torch, and everyone else, just send me an email real quick if you can.

  95. @dany – you are soo funny! where have u been all my BB life?

    @torch – sent you e-mail.

    kristi can i get yours from torch? that OK?

  96. Hey guys… WOW seems there is lots of activity …. geee what could POSSIBLY be the reason ??? LOL.. Im going to try an read through all this.. but I am sure all that needs to be said has been cant wait till sunday to see the expression but from what I have read they were pretty good, or bad depending on who you ask LOL

  97. @steph — yowzah lady! :P ooh we are missing also kristi with #’s lol..that’s why i always call her b/c there are 2 of ya! (kristi281 to be exact!) we’ll tag her tm!

  98. Matt YOU ROCK!!! Here’s hoping we will not have to endure that annoying laugh (and her overuse of the word “ho” another week.)

  99. omg! as i call it there you are! kristi w/#’s are you are back yahhh, u have been missed! as you can the crew has been swappin’ characters! :P….

    @ cardesmama – yes yes i am hoping they get OFF the block this week! hope springs eternal here! :) it’s what keeps the BB juices flowin’! ;)

  100. i want brendon gone just to watch rachel have a meltdown & be alone without ‘her man’. so sick of them. be more fun once they’re both out.

  101. gang i posted mine @ 152, just above neicy’s! trish where is yours…just don’t use the “@” sign…

  102. are serious dany. i’m sorry. i’m a huge flirt but that’s about it. my husband thinks we are funny as h#ll.

  103. @tharese – indeedy i truly believe with her out, the house will be MORE boring (if that is EVEN possible to imagine!)

    @equus- you want bren gone (gasp trish!) why?
    you really think rachel would have a meltdown!

  104. So which two HGs are the ‘long time friends’? Somehow I missed that reveal. Does the house know?

  105. I think this a great move I’d take brendon out then watch Rachel try to hop up on somebody elses jock and give the cooter to someone else then they can make a show about who is rachels baby plus I think this week might be a double elimination that’s why Julie Chen said this week will be the most important hoh of the year jmo

  106. @Neicy – Oh, wow, I wanna be part of the cool kids club, lol. Well, I’m opurifoy3 (at) gmail (dot) com.

  107. aahhh on going it…. lol … s l i n k y 1 _ 7 9 7 6 2 @ yahoo dot com… no spaces of course …

  108. Finally Matt did the right thing now Rachel knows how it feels to be on the block. Hope if Brendan win power of veto he takes his self off and not her she needs to go home…bet the other house guest are having a ball watching all the drama that she brings on she is just mean as all get out

  109. So everyone posting emails are okay with learning how I got fit with Acai berry right? Kidding…

  110. i realy am sorry dany but if i wasn’t married. lol but i guess that’s what got you in trouble the first time. so ladies out there, give dany some love for me and remember i’m happily married, i’m just a flirt and my husband reads everything i write.

  111. Every sits around and does nothing while R&B play the game….and MATT is “allowed” to win two HOH’s…give me a break…does anyone think about how much MORE BORING this show will be once R and/or B leave…UGH…no one else has anything to say…they make fun of people and whine and LIE about themselves…not even worth watching once R&B are broken up….especially if RACHEL leaves…she’s the only interesting person on the show!!!!!!!

  112. Rachel is so incredibly annoying. I’m so happy that twit will be gone soon. All of her game-play has been personal instead of strategic. So glad I won’t have to hear about people “getting between her and her man” ever again. It’ll be so funny when she realizes her and B. wasted 4 HOH’s without getting any of the quality players trying to eliminate them. Well done eliminating the floaters and losing two allies you morons.

  113. @jan – i agree they did ALLOW Matt to win HOH, it was annoyin but look here jan it will get better this week fa sure!

  114. Rachel doesn’t have another ally besides Brendon….and what “quality” players…have any of the BRIGADE won an HOH on their own…Hayden only won by default…they haven’t done anything but stand around and flex their muscles and complain about Rachel.

  115. i dont know what happened all i got was torch’s mail. when i try to send it just comes back. its a conspiracy lol

  116. I got Neicy and Kristy… I’m missing a few.

    @Jadelle – Check #200, it’s there.

  117. Julie stated that this week would be a game changer so wonder if a un-expected event will occur and save Rachel/Brendon?
    Any thoughts?

  118. ive only got neicy’s so far. i’m writing them all down so i don’t forget the ones i don’t get. you guys are awsome!!

  119. Give me a sec guys I need to write these down and send I have a house full of company… calling me a junkie…. HATERS ! lol

  120. And Brit is a back-stabbing sneak who will be thrown out soon after R&B…she had a chance to stay if she stuck with them and pulled her friends in with her…she and Kathy will be next….then Ragan….Brit doesn’t use her head at all…those guys won’t save her

  121. got you wiz, torch, kristi & neicy! steph did you fix yours? i shall scroll up & see! hey if one of y’all has hers we can swap it! feel free to give mine! @torch – that link is MAYHEM!!!!!

  122. Wow, amazing! You guys are having way much fun! Is this season that boring? You folks make me smile after a hard day at work. Caught up on the game, enjoyed myself reading all of it!.! Thank You! Neicy, did you get your homework done?

  123. dany i think mine is posted on #179 you mail me if you dont mind since i keep screwing it up lol

  124. Hmmmm…… Double Eviction OR
    maybe the Pandra Box will save one or both of them. Something is brewing I believe.

  125. I thought Ms Chen said that if the box was opened, then Ragean would be “unleashed”, well, the sabatour would be..

    Also, you know we see clips once the jury house is “open” so once Brunchel (lol) get’s in there, we will see a lot more of them.. i bet if they get sent to the jury house we will see more of the jury house than the past seasons. i do not know why CBS thinks we want to see so much of them making out and rachel looking at herself. on showtime i have to mute a lot! yuck!

  126. @kristi with #’s – haters indeed! lol… oh yeah i do not have yours? neicy do yu have everyone? i can get them from u?

  127. ok guys yall got mine right I have Wiz, Jadelle, Trish, niecy, steph kristi torch ummm Im needing help here lol who am i missing ?

  128. Way to go Matt.
    It’s BoobzillaVegas or her Eunuch going home.
    He opened Pandora’s Box and got $1; he opened Rachel’s box and got in between her and her man! Bring it on!! LOL

  129. @torch – ahhh priceLESS baby! ;P
    @steph – enzo is’IR-regular’. :P
    I can just hear him in his jersey accent now! what does he always say? BAM! like he’s from the gangsta version of da flinstones?! *zing!*

  130. @jen – trust me girl the MUTE button has been in use MANY times while BBAD is on I’m told! :P
    and yes you are correct now that da sab is loose, let him do his thang!

  131. I need nik LEB dany if you got mine just shoot me an email and Ill add yall I have to get off here :( grrrrr I have 15 ppl at my house an have to go be social… I THOUGHT I Was LOL luv you guys Ill post mine again ..

    s l i n k y 1 _ 79762 at yahoo dot com

  132. No its “Meow Meow” or whatever. GRENADE. all the loud obnoxious things he can say with his accent. lol

  133. I would like to see britny go. she is a little sneak! ragan better watch out for that one. He won’t have a chance at all with her in the house.

  134. lol jadelle… he said he was going to go ‘smash’ in the HOH but he hasnt he just sat down and started to talk to matt. lmao @ flinstone gangsta!!!

  135. @Q! – LOVE it!Dat was pure gold! hee*
    *zing!* *zap!!! zap!!! looks like matt is gettin’ b/w her & her man! ooh can’t wait for them lines next wk! esp if she get OFF da block! can u imagine ppls?

  136. Ok, i have to get work done, so I can use my “free time” studying tomorrow. I will get back on here if anything crazy happens on BBAD! Goodnite guys.

  137. ok to all my new email buds…. if you guys have any other cool BB sites that i should check out please email them to me :) thanks!!!!!

  138. good idea to nickname neicy made is SOOO much easier! lol.

    @steph – enzo the flinstone gansta! BAM! BAM! :P hee! thanks! :)

    @neicy – grenade! oh my goodness now he’s dropping army terms what IS this guy? he thinks he’s in mortal combat or grand theft auto! make that grand HOH auto or should I say grand VETO auto? hee* oh well i tried! ;)

  139. I wonder how much blanket boinking will go on between Rachel and brendon this week when they know they wont be able to get down and dirty after Thursday!?

  140. Thank you Matt for putting that red- haired witch and “her man” on the block. She deserves whatever she gets!! You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’ ear- bye Rachel.

  141. SABOTEUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

    im so glad we got to see it live, and they didnt cut it out

  142. @ Jadelle, my husband get’s pissed when I have it super loud to hear the whispering and then they go to commercial at 2 a.m. and the t.v. is as loud as it can get!

  143. Question: If Ragan makes it past the next two weeks and takes the 20K for being the Saboteur, does he get to stay the rest of the game or does he leave the house?

  144. Dany, are you on facebook with a fake gun pointed at your head…..wait I was supposed to be doing work. oopps I have sent out friend request…

  145. steph+ crew i’m sending you the sites where i was posting all those date-stamped live action cam words!

  146. Paranoia should begin to grow and everyone will have eyes on each other even more. What FUN/DRAMA to watch on live feed
    !!!!!! :

  147. i’m so glad reagon got it. steph your is the only one i didn’t get. resend if you can or get it from torch or one of the others. now back to bb

  148. Hey Jad! I’ve been at work ! Just got home!! Watching the movie Date Night! So funny!! I”ll gladly a
    dd ya on FB if ya want!

  149. lol me too dany! kristi i just mailed you let me know if you get it!
    also neicy added me on facebook :)

  150. I am pretty happy Brenchel is nominated. Its nobody’s fault but their own. They had the chance to get rid of Matt but they got rid of the weaker Monet. So dumb!!!

  151. i promise the house wont be as interesting with BOTH of them not there! I’m tired of hearing people saying “ughh I dont like them””Rachel’s evil” well guess what with her not there the house if full of boring people! I mean about 90% of their conversations are about rachel & brendon

  152. This screws B/R even more!! They know they have no one, and are forced to try to win votes for the other but the sabetour is out amoung what they need. HAHAHA!!

  153. Thank you Matt. How can anyone want both Brendon and Rachel to stay. Get 1 of them out of the house. I suspect that they are the pair of players that already know each other. They have to be a couple outside of the house because who in 2010 says they are madly in love with each other after just meeting them 3 days earlier….PUKE!!

  154. dany how many times have you said that? lol and i love how all the hg’s are now going to blaim bb if they don’t win. soooo funny. try winning some comps and not throwing them.

  155. @LEB – Oh yeah it’ll be a HOT week! :)

    @Indygirl! Ohh I hear you, sooo much man it’s been insane! As you know Brenchel was nominated, so as can see by the comments, the natives are no longer restless but happy (sorta..) now da REAL fireworks begin! Yahhh!

  156. got it steph. i think the only thing that will reveal reagon as the sab is if he let’s off some gas as he’s doing his sab thing. everyone would know by the

  157. Congrats to Matt for sticking it to Rachel and Brendon. I hope he did get her $5000 and kicks her out the house. Consider it for his pain and suffering for putting up with her this long. She has got to be the most annoying person I have ever seen in the BB House. God I hope Brendon will wise up soon.

    I can’t wait to see what Ragan does in the house. Should be very interesting the next 2 weeks. Does Ragan get to continue being the Saboteur until he’s evicted or is it limited to 2 weeks only?

  158. Ragan is the new Saboteuer. He ought to do a good job; I’m sure he has a lot of experience backdooring…or being backdoored!

  159. Did you see how he brought up looking for the person to be campaigning and such. Just to put attention on B/R.

    This is crazy because Ragan was B/R’s best chance – a source of advice.

    I was cynical at first BB, but you must have convinced Ragan really well.

  160. The Sab is just going to wreck havoc on the other HG, tell lies, make them think one thing….basically trying to eff everyone’s game up.

  161. why are they all in that one room and did they get any beer or wine yet? ok never mind they are all seperating.

  162. I wish Ragan would use that power to torture RAchel all week……..she is one sorry vegas wanna be showgirl…….I notice that others are gearing towards Brendan… this true? They want Rachel out?

  163. ok gang im off. i think the excitement for the night is over. i know i will miss something for sure because it never fails. i know i can count on the regs in here to fill me in though!
    night! :)

  164. @torch- gracias, i found it by accident and next thing ya know i was clickin’ on all the links to see timelines! lol. i love it! :) and i love here too ;) their posts aren’t as delightful sinfully awesome as ours!

  165. If the house is smart, they would vote Rachel out since she wins HOH and starts most of the drama. I rather see her go home and watch the house play a real game instead of playing for personal reasons.

  166. Pandora’s Box also opened up a special POV bonus: a pair of golden balls. If Brendan wins, he can save Rachel and himself!

  167. Dany I asked if that was you on FB? A picture with some dude holding a toy pistol or something….lol

  168. Other than a few pranks, he should lay low. If he makes a move all of a sudden to try to keep R – it will be so OBVI. This just assures Rachel goes.

  169. Thank you Trish. I’ll have a peek at yours soon. I am trying to type homework and be on here, whilst watching BBAD. lol Dany…that sucks.

  170. Well, you seem interesting Dany….I wanted to see the face behind all the badness on BBN.

  171. ok, I cant listen to “brit is playing smart” anymore…shes crossed the line to plain stupidity…she tells lane and the guys everything…why I have no freaking clue, she seems to think that because she has a big chest they will just take her to the end…yeah good luck with that

    now shes CONVINCED rachel and brenden are hiding the sab secret…she goes on to make fun of brenden for related it to the old story of pandoras box, which is COMPLETELY VALID…they continue to laugh at his idea that something good and something bad comes, not just something bad…and hes right, so the one dollar, then the box opening makes little sense if its just bad bad bad.

    she then goes on about rachel nudging brenden to be quiet about it etc…


    how could you think rachel would win a popular vote after julie’s questions?

    I know people say it all the time, but these hg’s are very very dumb

  172. @neicy – i hear you i should be sooo long gone right now! lol. but i can’t resist, BB crew i will e-mail back soon!

    @nic – he did he took it? no way jose!
    sorry am a wee bit behind, my mom stopped by! :)
    so what’s goin’ down, ragan took the *sab* job didn’t he?

    @desha – well who knows there may be bells & rattles come spring next yr! hee*

    @jenn – yeah my fam goes nuts when BB is on b/c they know how i get! lol. i’m like
    clear out non bb fans! i dont’ want to hear it! (how they don’t like the show or how fake it is!)

    @wiz – good q! that wouldn’t be fair if he won the $20K PLUS the half mil? tho’ in previous seasons wasn’t the *sab* type players always evicted before the finale? ragan may BE the exception!

  173. just like with matt’s wife etc…its always “brenden and rachel making it up”…

    or…rachel and brenden believing there is no guys alliance..really…REALLY?

    its just pure stupidity…and at this point brit isnt playing a smart game at all…shes now screwed…

    and does anyone realize that B and R are 2 votes…its like its high school and people want to be mean to them to fit in because its the “cool” thing…or really, its just someone else…

    and ragen, grow up…you and matt ARE a pair, and when he cuts you out…how will you feel then? is he a good guy? good teammate? good sport?

    they are 2 jury votes…sigh

  174. I am leaving in a few. I’ll be up all nite at this rate. typing and blogging. ugh…too stressful. I’m really gone this time. I’m OUT!!

    Night Night

  175. I wish Kathy could go out with bren/rach. Although she’s just as useless as lane, enzo + hayden, he voice is annoying as hell.

  176. @nic (301) – oh yes that is great to hear, now everyone knows the sab is AT LARGE!
    (brenchel are wondering gee what does he/she have in store for us?) things that make you go hmmmm!

    @kristi – those toxic pungent dangerous fumes! oh boy! it’s almost comical that he’s the sab eh?

    @gated – matt can’t take the $5K and then go back on his deal with rachel, i think he was DR’ed that earlier today but it hasn’t been confirmed.

    @steph – hee* ragan – the new poster child for FEBREZE! (the ones BB HG’s recommend!)

    @nic (324) – i know no more advice to brenchel now, which might make that doomed duo suspicous…let’s see how ragan plays it!

    @Q – you SLAY me! :P pure jokes!

    @Trish – apparently it was discussed earlier how they want Bren to stay & Rach to go, course b/w now and the veto comp that may very well change! esp. with Sab loose, pan-box open, and J&J visit pending….

    bye steph!@ :)

  177. The hg’s are so clueless. They think it’s Rachel. An FYI to you all, we kind of put us out there so make sure you run your virus protection.

  178. gracias @ torch..i try! ;)
    @danyboy you have a mischievous typing pattern! lol.. *bb peeps 4eva*

  179. #343-@ty – do you really think da game play would be better w/o rachel!
    i’m not sure if i agree….as are 1/2 the posts here about her, so are half the convo’s in the BB house? she is loved to be hated! (if that makes any sense)

    @Q – hee* *zing* you are quite the zinger Q! LOL. Now dat was funNY!
    Guess they could still be the titleist ones that Bren’s mom sent right Wiz? Re: Letter!

    @Trish – oh read our e-mails lol j/k…yeah we gotta spice things up on here eh?

    @Nic – Can Ragan NOT be OBVI? Perhaps he doesn’t want Rach to go?
    Now that he’s the Sab he can be a pendulum and swing back & forth b/w wanting to rid her or wanting to save her!

    @Neicy – you’re such a multi-tasker! good on ya! was doin’ the same earlier!

    @bren4hoh – yeah britt is sugars if she thinks she’s going to the final ANYthing, they’re using her for info and she’s happily obliging, that girl is good as gone when they’re ready! rach is popular – hated ones usually are! i feel bad for her a degree…her character has inspried NUFF (safe to say hundreds of thousands of online board posts!) i mean w/o her the show would NOT be the same!

    ***@dany – all that wickedness! whatcha got?!*

  180. thanks kristi – true thing!
    @dany – BEHAVE! lol. y’all are crazy! who’s left, kristi, torch & d? when did kristi w/#’s leave? musta been a while ago! oh yeah i’ll send y’all my msn messenger. i got some work to do for tm, so i’m out in a few …..

  181. so das it? they’re all sleepin’? (shrug) OK then. its like 10:30 BBT over there anyways right, and after getting up so early and using all ALL their energy in that utterly EXHAUSTING HOH Comp they’re plum tuckered out! ;)

  182. Finally. If Rachel goes, it’s only a matter of time until Kathy and Brittany follow. It’s a shame that the “Brogade” is the only alliance with more than 2 members.

  183. @kristi – they think it’s Rachel? C’monnnnnnn, so does that mean they’ll be afraid to vote her out or more likely to do so, these HG’s they need a SLAP! All of dem! :P they’re utterly re-donk-u-lous! watching this show back when they get home, they will want to slap their foreheads nuff times!

  184. I hope Rachel goes this week and Kathy and Brit. play with Brenden just to get back at Rachel.

  185. The BB Crew! The Nifty Nappy Narcotic Naughty Narrative 9! :) hee* okay was throwing out words there! lol.

  186. @bethy – we want to stay …um er um go…well i do ponder the possibilities of brendon’s game w/o his so-called love! it may drive him or inspire him to kick some a** and go on a warpath!

  187. Dany I hope sence we didn’t work out lol. We live how many states apart & I’m married, lol that you find a good/bad girl that can keep up with you & know when people are joking around. If not & we do the finally thing, I have alot of cute single friends I can hook you up with.

  188. @torch-barring some miracle that gets rach off da block! she would be the best exit, Kath I would put above everyone, she has done NOTHING, why is Matt keepin her on for so long? I dont’ get it, another two weeks! WHYYYY? And now I gotta say it, why are all the ladies leaving the BB House? The ladies left there should spin a twist and band 2gether, sans Kath..seriously Britt & Rach would be priceless, b/c after Rach this week, is Kath and after her is Britt and then it’s pure testosterone! what the #!!!! that is NOT fair!

  189. Oooooohhh I wanna see this picture everyone is talking about!! If I post my email, will someone forward it?

  190. @dany – you are so jokes! yeah i dont’ live in a STATE of any kind! lol. far far away! hee*
    we don’t have green bills where I am!

    @bethy – rachel annoying b_____ if i googled that, how many hits do you think i’d get?

    ***That girl has got it made in da shade after this show, when she googles herself she’ll be in shock! wonder what her parents think tho’? I mean whoa!

  191. BB will SUCK if Brendon is out of the house he is F I N E fine… All though is wimpyness is kinda a turn off like be a man Brendon. Idk Rachel could pass for drag maybe Bren see’s sumin we don’t lol.

  192. Nope he’s still awake. I actually have him looking up some of the FCC things for me. Oh and dany, my husband apologies on his behalf also.

  193. @ BB crew – all of y’all too!

    @ laura – we do not know, we’re all just guessing at this point! kathy/britt; ragan/matt; matt/bren; all over da place now!, think the hottest one now is britt/lane! they seem mighty cozy of late! who do you think?

  194. Torch/dany/jaddel to be safe if someone asks for our emails again have them go thru the 4 of us so we know it’s safe if you guys don’t mind.

  195. @erin25 – agreed! Bren is f-i-n-e! and the houes will get mighy *meh* after he goes…if he does..hopefully he san save himself by winning pov …though with the J&J visits; the sab and the pandora’s box, i wonder what comp they will interfere with?

  196. @kristi – agreed – since we all know who we are now, anyone else would be OBVI. thanks was thinking da same.. keep posting one liners!

  197. I don’t want CBS to be all up my twitter, but something should happen to the fish. Replace them with a pirahanna or some small sharks or something.

  198. Every year its the same thing. Theres always a secret alliance in the house that people don’t know about. Even when it’s so obvious the hgs can’t even see it when its staring them in the face. Kristen finally saw it when it was to late and noone believed her.If you see 4 housguest always working out & talking together everyday and night. Wouldn’t you suspect an alliance?

  199. nothing happening on the live cams?
    gonna check out the bbdish blog site to see if anything new popped up on there as well!

  200. roflllllllllllllllllllllll, torch whatcha sayin’? kristi, you still got da full house?

    hold up i remem another post-er : tishe? that the name from earlier?

  201. I did want Boobzilla voted out this week.
    But now, BBAD just showed Brendan shaving his tits. Time for the Eunuch to go.

  202. I as so hoping Ragan would get HOH. To bad.
    Lisa-I think Regan sees the alliance he just votes with the house to stay safe. People are playing personally.

  203. oh that was kristi w/#’s…k, it’s after 2am BB Post-ers i’m gone for da night! such fun as always! a get-away from the everday! never blogged so much this week in my life! :P.

    bon nuit! hasta luego!

  204. @torch – yes i did! darn i had to post again last one fa sure! she used her $ to get a complete makeover! do u have a link up or her full name i’d like to see! gracias! :)

  205. her name is Michele Noonan I seen the picture If she would have looked like that last year all the guys would have been drooling.

  206. I’ll have to look her up torch to see. I’m out peeps. Happy posting! Loves ya’s all!! Have a good night & if I don’t go to the river I’ll talk/read you all tomorrow. & don’t forget to run your virus scans!!

  207. im done with the feeds

    I blame CBS for a cast of rude mean people…they really must leave the room because brenden makes tea? rolling eyes, looking like they are dying? Lame is boring, enzo never shuts up, and brit is a backstabber…the way they make fun of people in front of their face…then say that B and R lack sportsmanship…well you know what, you ALL lack any sort of manners or respect for people…its disgusting, and im done with it.

    grow up hg’s, play the game you are there to play, and shut up with the high school drama.

    feeds. ill see you next year

  208. Brendan just told Rachel that if he wins POV, he’s using it to save her, and if she wins, he had her promise to use it to save herself. She said no, but then he had her repeat the words and sealed it with a “pinkie promise.”

    That’s when I went looking for the remote…

  209. Get Brendon and Rachel out already so they can start planning their wedding. They are complete morons. Seems to me like neither of them want to win the $500k.

  210. Brendan is so fing stupid. He thinks he is playing Enzo – that Enzo and Lane will save one of them or something. How did you not see the whole cast in the CR Brendan??

    Even Britney told Rachel they wouldn’t have enough votes. Why is she even thinking she’d get HOH again? You have to expect karma to come back to you.

  211. It would be fun to see Rachal lose it with Brendan going out first. But she can play. She has to go first. Hope Hayden wins POV!!

  212. Can not believe Brendon would even think of giving the power of veto to Rachel, much less make such a promise. Did he just fall off the turnip truck or what? Doesn’t he know if you have the money you have the girlS. If he does this, do not send him to the jury house, send him to the nut house.

  213. Rachel must be a tranny. Her jawline is pure testosterone, and her fake voice would be explained. She’s one unattractive “woman.” Too bad Brendon is such a wimp– he’d actually quite hot, if you’re into pushovers, anyway.

  214. I hate to say it, but BB is going to be incredibly boring with Brenchal gone. Think about it. Non-Brigade members will be picked off one by one, making this the dullest season ever. There are not enough numbers at this point to even remotely prevent this from happening. Too bad, I guess there’s always next season…

  215. Rachel is annoying, yes, but let’s be serious. She does not look like a tranny nor is she unattractive. Why do women say stupid crap like this and basically highlight all their insecurities…? I’m just sayin.

  216. As much as I find Rach annoying. I do agree that BB 12 will end up being just plain old boring if the Brigade just starts picking off people one by one. I wonder if Enzo, Lane and Hayden know that they have to pick off Matt first when it gets down to the final 4?

  217. Yes, Rachel is annoying… BUT just imagine how boring this season would be without her. if she gets booted off the show is going to suck! Kathy is a bore, brittney is just like nasty nate! Enzo, Lane, Matt, Hayden…. they’re not going to cause any drama. Makes perfect sense why CBS chose this week to do the new saboteur… if Rachel goe, they have to do something to keep the show interesting.

    All of you bashing the poor girl need to get over yourselves! She’s one of the only decent cast worth watching this season!

  218. Do we know who’s playing in the POV yet? I’d like to see Brit win again just so that she would have to publicly show her true colors to B&R. Thank you.

  219. OK, everyone wanted Brendon and Rachel out. Now, it’s going to be a real boring show, not worth watching. Smug, sickening Matt. That total idiot from NJ, Enzo. so called meat, the name suits him well, Hayden. that brainless wonder, Lane. the obnoxious, floater ho, Britney, feel real bad for her fiancé. Floater Ragan who doesn’t win so he doesn’t make enemies and last but not least, the worst floater I ever seen on the show, whinny Kathy who cries all the time about her having been so sick and still on meds but still sucking on cigarettes , stupid broad! Wow, nothing to watch there! Rachel is a fighter and I think is the only one in the house with a brain. I do think her looks is a problem with the females, most are jealous. The girl isn’t ugly and she even said that her boobs came out to big and she was going to fix that when she got out of BB. Brendon I’m not to crazy about the way he has let Rachel carry him this far. I don’t give a damn how big his feet are, there was no reason he couldn’t of won that HOH. That tiny little thing you call a man, Matt did have an advantage but come on Brendon, you know what was going to happen if you didn’t win! CBS, you picked some winners this year! Try harder next season, Please!

  220. Good morning to you all.

    FYI, check YouTube episode 12 – part 15 rachel “I am Vegas.” Also tribute to Hayden&Kristen.

    Matt and bloggers here, you are the best. The fans here are funny and keep me laughing and updated on the hamsters.

    Thank you.

  221. “I don’t use that derogatory term.” then she uses
    “Trifling hoe” to Kristen. and then she uses
    “Bitch” plenty of times.

    I’ll tell you what, Rachel or Brendon better be grabbing their ankles this week, and as Hayden and Matt said when they were on the block.. “I’m just gonna sit back and look pretty while [insertnamehere] gets kicked out of this house.”

  222. yes he got it right. maybe this will make up
    for the terrible lie he told about his wife. he
    still needs to come clean to everyone in the house.

  223. Matt is not the only one that has told a lie. I do not approve of the lie he told but think it should be his decision whether it is told or not. BB should not expose him unless they expose everyone else

  224. Goldenmisty how is Brit a floater she has won comps. And since emails are being posted lol mine is this name at yahoo.

  225. YAYYYYYY!! finally the showmance is over and it couldn’t come at a better time i was getting sick and tired, tired and sick however you say it one of them will go home and i would like to see rachel because she has got to be the most annoying person i’ve ever seen also she’s such a ditz but all will be for naught if she wins pov and hope that if brendon wins and hopefully use on him but best case scenario someone else wins and not use it. and rachel will go home and we won’t see her say that anyone coming between her and her man and to see her break down when she sees brendon in the exit comments when she’s talking to the lovely julie on thursday!

  226. This will be one of the best weeks ever! Does anyone know who wone veto… I think the played last night after bbad.

  227. I don’t like Rachel, but if she leaves this season is going to become a snoozefest. Her antics have been the only thing that’s made this season watchable. Maybe I’ll get a few hours freed up cuz I can’t imagine it being interesting at all.

  228. So may be Brendon will leave and Rachel will stay to annoy the crap out of everyone and other HGs for one more week. Can anyone take that?

  229. I would absolutely welcome her staying and Brendon going. Ideal scenario for me would be for her to stay, Brendon voted out, she wins HOH and puts up 2 brigade members. At least that would be exciting. Outside of that I don’t see anything more than a bunch of people laying around waiting to go and sleeping a lot.

  230. Rachel is probably the best at this game,but her nasty attitude(mostly towards the women in the house)makes me want to see her go home and Brendon is a moron so it is not even worth that himbo to stay,so bad attitude or not she should stay over Brendon.

  231. And brittney has become SOOOOOOO boring! Ever since Monet left,mean girls are alot more fun to watch then nice girls(especially when they are being nice to Rachel).

  232. Yay!! Brenchel finally got theirs!! I hope that it’s Rachel that goes this week. She is the most annoying person in the house, and if Brendon can get away from her, he might be able to play the game, and get somewhere.

  233. This could be Matt’s dumbest move in the game because he could have just screwed himself out of two Jury votes to win if he is in the Final Two and I hope Brendan wins Veto and take himself off the Block and that will show the rest of these dumb ppl who Matt is with in the game and maybe we can finally see a end to the Brigade because as of now Matt is doing all of their dirty work for them and making Whack Ass Lane and Enzo look better for not doing a damn thing

  234. just finished watching last nite’s “after dark”, and all i know is, if brendon is an example of America’s future scientists – this country is SCREWED!!

    he’s going to use the veto on rachel if he wins it?? he’s a TOTAL SMUCK.

    rachel was crying and whining and telling him “no.. i don’t want you to do that — use it on yourself – i’ll never be able to make it in the house without you”.. sniff. sniff. blah. blah. blah.

    rachel is there to PLAY THE GAME – period. and right now she’s making her BEST plays against brendon – and she’s WINNING!

    she’ll be her normal, scheming self without him and she knows that tugging at his heart strings (because he’s REALLY does love her) is the best way to GET HIM to use the veto on HER instead of himself. she knows EXACTLY what she’s doing – and sadly brendon is too stupid to see it.

    he said – and i quote – “i’m going to use the veto on you to prove to EVERYBODY that i can TAKE CARE OF YOU” – OMG – REALLY brendon?

    GO HOME brendon. you’re too stupid to play this game. geez.

  235. It would be the best move for the Brigade this week is to get the rid of Rachel beause she would have Kathy and Britney on her side and can cause lots of damage in their game.

  236. Brenden 4 HoH

    August 7th, 2010 at 1:06 am
    just like with matt’s wife etc…its always “brenden and rachel making it up”…

    or…rachel and brenden believing there is no guys alliance..really…REALLY?

    its just pure stupidity…and at this point brit isnt playing a smart game at all…shes now screwed…

    and does anyone realize that B and R are 2 votes…its like its high school and people want to be mean to them to fit in because its the “cool” thing…or really, its just someone else…

    and ragen, grow up…you and matt ARE a pair, and when he cuts you out…how will you feel then? is he a good guy? good teammate? good sport?

    they are 2 jury votes…sigh

    I agree with you these people are not thinking like that at all about B and R being two Jury Votes

  237. Love them or hate them but without Rachel the show will be boring. Have to admit she keeps me watching,,

  238. OMG it looks like BB has found the dumbest bunch of people in the world, Bren is talking to enzo, enzo leaves and going right to the cr and shuts the door, bren is outside the door when enzo opens it, and doesn’t think anything about WTG you can’t be that domb, rach walks in on Matt and Brit in the HOH with her hair pieces and doesn’t understand thier where making fun of her, Brit acts like she there friend but spends all her time with other HGs what due B/R think she talking about? Kathy can’t see that the rest of the HGs would throw her under the bus faster than a new york min. and as for the Br-egg they haven’t done anything and please don’t say Matt bc if it wasn’t for ragan giving him the HOH at the NON-ENDURANCE COMP he wouldn’t has win anything, So please tell whats going to be so great after B/R are gone!!!!!

  239. What is really the funniest thing about these nominees is when Rachel had the power, she was all about
    “Well, even if I won the veto, I would use it to save Brendon. I will tell everyone to vote me out instead of MY MAN”.
    Now…. She is on the block and claiming
    “I am the only one in this house that has fought to and deserve to be here.” Notice it is all about saving Rachel and not “MY MAN” now. That shows her true colors.

  240. Rachel is very insecure. If she is evicted her speech will be “NOBODY Comes between me and my man”. When asked which did Rachel want most the money or Brendon she said Brendon.Brendon is playing for the money.Will he save her?

  241. Wow! I have never written on a message board but have decided to today due to some of the comments made re: house guests. I am a reality fan as are most of those on here. However,I don’t understand the need to personally attack these people or make unnecessary negative and derogatory statements about people I don’t even know. To write the comments some of you have written with words filled with such conviction that who you are writing about is “really” a c*** or b**** when you have NO idea of who or what that person may be like “in the real world” is just mind boggling to me. These are real people who happen to be on a show. They have real issues (as do all of us “watchers”), they have friends & families who probably read this rubbish about them. No one of us is so perfect that we should feel we have the right to call a person C*** or W**** or B**** as per “I hate Rachel” writer and others. I can not believe that it is worth it to write such negative, hurtful, and derogatory statements about another person just because they are on a tv reality show. What good comes out of it? Do we feel better when we put others down? I don’t & I really doubt many people do. Such negativity toward a person not even personally known to me or you accomplishes nothing good. We as viewers may not KNOW them (we watch them). But their families and friends do. I wouldn’t want my family to have to read & hear those types of things about me just because I was on a TV show. Would you? Do you care? These shows are fun to watch but should not bring us down to the level where we are acting and saying things so negative and slanderous. Those types of comments really are you just doing the same things as the people on the shows: Who are just caught up in the game. No one knows how we would be or act if it were us on the show. Would you appreciate being written about in rude and obnoxious language or do you not see it for what it is? It’s reality tv with real people who may or may not be acting as they would normally act. We don’t know because we don’t know them. How sad it is to see people who are probably actually very nice reduced to this level over a Show on TV. Watch the show, get excited or not with it, write about the strategies or lack of, but why bother with the derogatory stuff. Enjoy it for what it is. Don’t take the show so personally it really isn’t worth the damage it can do to us or the people we are negatively writing about.

  242. i think matt defenitly did the right thing by putting brenchel up. One of them have to go home!

  243. Damnit I like that couple, They are cute. I wanted them to go all the way to the end. Like a repeat of last year. Showmance couple rule :D matt I hope you go next! LOL

  244. I think Rachel really screwed herself and now deserves everything thrown at her. In the beginning, I honestly liked her. I thought she would be playing a much smarter game, instead she is using Brendon. She thought Brendon was going to be her brawn and brain guy to manipulate. He wins POVs, never HOHs. I am disappointed in them both.

  245. I think you’re right #494. Rachel took everything way too personal…in her defense, she was a target from the get go and she didn’t help herself by trying too hard while everyone else laid low.

  246. I knew it! Hayden & Lane already talking about Enzo being more popular and would get more votes than them (on BBAD) and sorta agreed with each other about being the final two…then Enzo comes out and they shut up! Now the strategy and game play finally begins!

  247. @ jefloma WOW! This is not a T.V. show, it is a reality T.V. show and most of it is not reality! My friend, you have to lighten up just a bit. I was very interested in your comment, bbuutt, it is a game these people know this game like the back of their of hand, all, except for this season! They know what they are getting into. Lighten up and enjoy the comments! It’s cool!!! Wow, I have to go to bed, take care you.

  248. @454: yes it’s a reality show and i do enjoy reading most comments. comments on the game and i agree they know what they are getting into. I just think the derogatory comments like she’s a C***, W****, & b****, etc. I think the comments on how stupidly or smart they are playing are great just not the personal attacks. thx for feedback on my comment and you take care also. who do you think will win it? any favs for that yet? I still don’t know but think a few of them are playing very smart.

  249. I think Matt is stupid for nominating them. He should form an alliance with them since they are strong players. Show will be boring with them gone!

  250. Yes, Brenchel is annoying. That being said, the show will be booorrrring without them. Realistically, they are strong players and that is what you need. No matter who goes this week, the other will likely be gone next week. With Brenchel gone what’s left? The Brigade steamrolling through the rest of the house. Kathy may be sweet but she is a weak player. She is nothing in endurance comps nor is she likely to score high in cerebral comps. Brittney has her moments but she can’t outlast the guys in endurance either. Ragan can compete in endurance but not strength and both he and Brit can hold their own in cerebral comps. That’s it 4 more weeks and it’s just the Brigade…wooo friggin hoo how exciting is that to watch?

  251. I think Matt should get rid of the floaters first. Kathy, Ragan do nothing – ever. Then Britany makes a joke of herself thinking they are accepting her. Today she says, “Once Brandon and Rachell are out of the house, we can all just relax.” Hasn’t she seen BB??? As soon as they’re gone, it will be time to dump her, Kathy and Ragan. They all just hang out.

  252. you guys do not know what your talkin bout they need to take out the strong players leave the weak links ! cuz u can get them out at anytime so u would be able to win geesh noone knows how to play the game right ! u not a suspost to play personal ! none of there or stragies any good

  253. glad rachel is up I want her gone.. maby brendon will have more brains on winning.. after she leaves..

  254. what a “a hole”.
    i hate matt.
    this show would be nothing with out brendon and rachel , now hes just screwing it all up.
    i dont think im gonna want to watch after there gone. As much as rachel makes me angry every time she laughs and talks, shes big brother.
    whatever, stupid move.
    gotta do what you gotta do i guess.

  255. I think what is annoying to me right now after watching “after dark” is the meaness that britany has in her and then regan continue’s with her. she is constantly stirring the pot.
    they know they are going home so let it be. but brit just picks and picks at them just to have some thing to do or be the center of attention. I would never want her to be a friend or an enemy. pure evil here with this girl.

  256. they seem to dislike brendan as much as they hate her but are constantly trying to be friendly just to find out where his head is at.
    I’m disappointed with enso too. he and brendan seemed to be enjoying each others company and then you find out he is just playing him. where did big brother get these hg’s.?????

  257. What’s with Kathy???? She’s the worst cast member they’ve ever had! She just sits around…she is such a floater. what is she snubbing Rachel for? She and Britany and Ragan are acting like little kids in school, when they don’t like someone. What a waste of air time.

  258. well andi, my guess is that rachael asked kathy to apologise to her for something that happened during a comp. kathy said no. so they were hardly talking and kathy is not happy with rachael because of this. I did notice they were talking some on after dark but barely

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