Big Brother 12 Live Feeds: What You Can Watch This Weekend

Update 2: Pandora’s Box has been opened in Big Brother 12! Matt was presented with the choice and he decided to open it. This should be great to watch on the live feeds and see what happens! The HGs are freaked out about what will happen.

Craziness in the Big Brother 12 house really hits the fan each weekend with the fallout from the HoH comp. This week Matt has again traded off power with Rachel, but will he make the same mistake twice? We’ll know this weekend!

Since there’s no way CBS can show everything that happens on the uncensored house cams I thought I’d give you a rundown on what to expect over the next few days and what you can watch on the live feeds from within the BB house.

Friday will feature the build-up to the nomination ceremony. The targeted HGs (Brenchel, right?) will be arguing and deal-making to save their butts which is always fun to watch. You’ll learn who Matt is after and why. Friday night we’ll get to watch the fallout from the noms which is always a loaded situation.

Update – Looks like we’ll get Pandora’s Box on Friday as well. HoH has been locked out and Ragan was called to the DR. This should be fun to watch on the feeds!

Saturday will bring us the Power of Veto competition as more deals are made and tensions run high amongst those put on to the chopping block the night before. Brendon has proven a repeat threat at these events so if Matt wises up and nominates him we could see Brendon fighting like crazy for his safety. Bigger mystery: if Brenchel is nominated and Brendon wins the Veto, will he save her?

The Veto Ceremony will be held on Monday which means you’ll get two days of HGs’ battling it out for their safety and majorly stressing out all along the way.

If you’re new to the Big Brother Live Feeds then this is the perfect time of the season to jump in and start enjoying what the rest of the fans are already watching. There’s even a free trial period if you’re not sure it’s right for you. The BB Feeds provide an unedited view of the real Big Brother game as it happens so you’ll know the real story and not just what CBS wants you to see. Enjoy!



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  1. Can’t understand why these guys are still being so nice to Brendon…

    Enzo, you’ve got the power on your side dude…cause some drama!!

  2. Mat the rat is the worst for using wife. big brother after dark so boring this year.More libations

  3. Brendon is the biggest wuss I have ever seen, All he keeps doing is complaining about how unfair that HOH competition was, said it was only meant for small people. What an ass. You lost Brendon, get over it. Someone else has power in the house now, deal with it, you and rachel can’t throw your weight around this week. If I have to watch anymore of those two kissing, just talking to each other, I am going to throw up, these two are awful. Crybaby Brendon and Slut Rachel. Matt better put both of them up, not one, both, so at least one will go home. PLEASE!!! P.S. there is something odd about the way Brendon walks, he tilts forward or something and his knees are all bent, looks stupid.

  4. I don’t agree with what Matt did as far as his wife is concerned, and when the other houseguests find out, and they will, he will pay. But, I at least have hope this week with him being HOH that he will put both Wuss and Slut up, especially since Britney told him everything those two said about him. I love Britney, the little spy that could!!

    • I’m sure you do love Britney, you seem very much alike. Hateful and ugly, didn’t your parent figures ever teach you that if you don’t have anything nice to say..don’t say anything at all. I’m not sure what exactly qualifies as a slut, but I don’t think an ADULT in a monogynous relationship deserves to be called that derogatory term. Try to see past yourself and remember that. You are also representing who you really are with every letter you type. It’s not your opinion that bothers me, it’s the hateful namecalling…is it necessary for you to be cruel to get your point across?

  5. What power? Matt has it and didn’t do it last time. Maybe the guys just aren’t sure where Matt stands with them. Matt wasn’t going to backdoor Brendon last time anyway. I think if Matt doesn’t put Rachel and Brendon up, then he’s out of the brigade. Enzo said so. I don’t think I want Matt on Brendon and Rachels side. They are winning everything. I wish the guys would start doing something. I would like to know if they can win anything. When it came to watching that movie those guys moved their butt.
    Couldn’t help laughing at Britney when she was caught in HOH with Rachel’s extentions and making fun of her. I don’t get live feeds. Some people say she’s annoying. I think she’s funny. She’s not my favorite. I have none. Wish I did. Nobody’s doing anything.

  6. unless the brigade gets broken up mat especially britney doesn’t have a chance she is the best player brendon seems to be a good guy and stud muffin guys turned on him at first and rachelis showingsigns of a big hurt for him. Get rid of her now

  7. @X-tina – I don’t think anybody has a real problem with Bren other than his relationship with Boobzilla; a relationship which will hopefully end with her eviction next Thursday.

    So far he’s done pretty good with the Veto comps. Maybe that’s why they’re being extra nice to him.

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  8. wait i herd a rumor that the birgade want brenden in their team and get rid of lane…is this true or what??

  9. Enzo wants to make a side deal/secret alliance with Brendon, I don’t think Enzo trusts Matt and feels he has his own agenda with Ragan and using the Brigade. POV should be interesting..


  11. Brendon has LIED to Rachel but as of yet she has put what he said out of her mind or she was not totally focusing on what he said. Brendon and Rachel were in HOH room discussing their fondness for each other (general conversation) when Brendon told her
    ” You are my first girlfriend ever “…Rachel’s reply was a giggle then she said “SERIOUSLY?? He replied yes..
    I DID NOT MISUNDERSTAND HIM as to what he said. Then a week later he is telling the HG’s about his broken engagement..What does Brendon consider a “girlfriend”?? DUH!!!!! Brendon is playing the game and possibly using Rachel to get ahead but it could get him voted out as well..He may have let things go toooo far before the cut off with Rachel…As for Hayden he seems to be doing really well without Kristen..

  12. Matt is purely evil, there is a BIG difference between strategic game play and down right immoral ploys. His wife is just as bad for going along with it in her letter.

    I like Brenden….Rachael may be his downfall in the game, but he’s happy and being honest. Rachael is a smart girl but she needs to play with a little less emotion (ie: use her poker face lol)

    It’s inevitable that people will bond and create friendships in the house but everyone is making such a big deal about Brenden and Rachel that they are neglecting the fact that most of the competitions are endurance related and there are 3 other strong men besides Brenden ( Enzo, Lane and Hayden) that will have no trouble winning competitions later in the game…going after Brenden/Rachael and “floaters” every week (especially when they’re only 30 days in) is probably not the smartest move. Remove some of the strength now.
    I like Enzo and Lane but the alliance between the Brigade is fairly clear and others in the house need to open their eyes and stop it now or it’ll be the “four horsemen” all over again.

    Hayden hid is relationship with Kristin from his alliance members yet all they wanted was to get HER out…what about him? isn’t his betrayal worse? Matt, Enzo and Lane are going to be furious when they see the goodbye message Hayden left for her “I would have chosen you over the brigade” WOW talk about disloyal!!!

    Kathy was upset and crying when Kristin got evicted but she shouldn’t have been…kristin felt no way about trying to convince Rachael to replace Hayden with Kathy…..Kristin is EVIL! That was proved again last night when we were told that she was cheating on her man at home with Hayden…and the entire world got to see it…like I said EVIL!!!

    I personally believe that Brittany & Lane are the two lifelong friends in the house.

    At the point in the game I’d say that Ragen is playing a very good game….he’s not throwing competitions, he’s not causing any drama and he wasn’t greeding about the $5,000, he made the right move, and he has a good heart!

  13. @ Lynn #4-“P.S. there is something odd about the way Brendon walks, he tilts forward or something and his knees are all bent, looks stupid.”

    I think Brendon walks that way because he’s always bending over for his “love” Rachel…

  14. THEL…Get over it (said in a nice way)..Matt’s wife is going along with the lie..

  15. Hayden did not chose Kristen over the Brigade.. When Andrew spilled the truth HAYDEN N’ KRISTEN BOTH DENIED A RELATIONSHIP..Hayden immediately began distancing himself from Kristen..He did not chose her..go back and listen to his diary room session about making the choice betwen her n’ the money..He put money

  16. LMAO..Brendon’s walk or stooped posture may be due to Rachel’s “jump humping” him. He may be experiencing back…just a thought..

  17. i know i said i was going to continue with my homework today with f cc rigging bull shiz but my heart just not into it today. last night was such a disappoint ment and not because matt won. i miss seeing playeres that actual play the game to win. hand in there for hours until every body part hurts. and bb well you guys need to step up your game also. with all of the resources you have, this is the best you can do, i think not. maybe your just disappointed in the hg’s as much as we are :(

  18. sorry for the miss spelled words typed to quick but you get the point and i will continue just not today

  19. I agree Kristi I had to duck out early I had nothing nice to even post about the Comp.

    Maybe once the Noms ceremony takes place an we get to see the wheeling an dealing take place there will be something more to speculate and discuss probable out comes ( I HOPE)

  20. Hayden. What a stupid message to leave for Kristen. Yes, I am in alliance, but, if I had to choose between the alliance and you, I would pick you. If that ever gets back to the Brigade, you are “dead meat.” You are not thinking. Hope that Matt nominates the love birds this time, cause I am really sick of both of them. Time for the “trickster” to get back to turning tricks. Once the love birds leave, then I will hope that Ragan is close behind. He is so irritating that I don’t watch BB after dark cause I can’t stand him.

  21. BB10’s Michelle was hanging on a wall with April for hours. I watched it yesterday. Michelle was in agony. She fought so hard. And to see these men throwing comps is sickening. This show is so boring. Less talk and more action please. If the brigade is so great, they had better win the power of veto.

  22. @ LYNN: please don’t use derogatory words/names against women no matter how you feel. and..maybe Brendon has an injury “you” don’t know about. can we pick you apart now?

  23. When n’ if “R&B ARE SEPARATED” the game will definitely change for the remaining player(s)…I would prefer Rachel over Brendon to leave (of course)..But untill one of them goes the game is gonna stay the same…And on live feeds.. Poor Rachel is running down all the other HG’s down…talking crap about what losers they all are..OMG…whoa if yall got feeds turn em on oh She is soooo full of herself..oh just wait…she gonna have a melt down before getting nominated..She is gonna go off on em before hand..

  24. Can we dial down the drama and stop calling HGs “EVIL”? Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Jong Il, and Saddam Hussein are good examples of people that are evil. Matt, Rachel, and Kristen are NOT evil….they are human. Is Matt tacky for using his wife’s BS illness for sympathy? Yes, but that doesn’t make him evil. Is Rachel’s childish behavior immature and tacky? Sure, but not evil. Is Kristen evil for “cheating” on a guy she dated for 2 months? Hardly. None of these contestants are evil…they are playing a game that is competitive and requires shady behavior (if not outright lying) to get further into the game. You may not like some of the behavior from some of the HGs, but none have yet to exhibit any evil.

  25. What exactly is so bad about Matt “lieing” about his wife.

    It’s a strategy that has pros and cons. It’s a way to get sympathy from other HGs so they don’t target him as much but it can also easily backfire and send him packing. Lieing is a difficult strategy because if you want to win you have to keep up the lie for a LONG time with no slip-ups, hope others are not more informed than you (aka Andrew not believing it) and hope that you sound beleiveable when it is ever brought up. In addition it probably ensures he will NOT become America’s favorite player, decreasing his chances of getting a nice payout.

    Once its found out he is probably evicted the first chance they can get. I’m sure we all know how difficult it is to keep up a lie, and as seen by the feeds Matt is not an expert. he stumbles slightly and given enough time and alcohol it probably will not hold up the entire game.

    Honestly the risks outweight the benefits in my book, but look at the facts. It’s probably one reason Ragan has become close with Matt and securing an additional allywith the Brigade behind him is a smart game move.

    I don’t understand why so many are up in arms. It does no harm to anybody with the disease or any causes for the disease, and if anything has increased awareness and donations just due to its exposure to millions. And honestly the HGs are idiots if they believe anything another HG says withouy questioning. The game is built on subterfuge, deceit, scheming, alliances, lies, omission of truths, manipulation along with winning competitions (which are in turn influenced by the said factors).

    In the end, matt is playing a good but risky game. A better game than anybody in the house.

  26. @Mary: I went back and read the play by play on that BB10 endurance comp this morning as well. Nearly 3 hard hours for those HGs. Now that was hard work from some serious HGs, unlike these clowns.

    @KnilJa: You might not like other readers’ attitudes about HGs, but we don’t need to start targeting other commentators.

  27. why is coloring your hair or having big boobs a reason to hate on women? it’s so two faced. Hair dye is a multi-billion dollar industry and boob jobs are booming so why do women hate other women who do the very thing they admire or want? Women need to unite instead of fight.

    • Well I have big boobs and I color my hair and I cannot stand Rachel. Her fake laugh makes me cringe and I’m sorry but any girl (or guy) that has sex for all to see is slutty

  28. @Matt: I’m targeting abusive language towards women..there’s no need for it. doesnt match your “rules”. I thought this forum was to find out about what’s going on in the house, not what people want to “rag” on to make themselves feel better.

  29. @ ERic & @Matt: I just got reamed for what Eric also posted. Wise up Matt, others don’t like the negativity either. whose side are you on?

  30. @ 15

    How is Ragan not throwing competitions? He threw the comp last night to give it to Matt… Last time Matt one he gave it to him. Is that not throwing the competition?!

    Now, I do actually like Ragan, but I feel throwing comps is how he’s staying under the radar. He’s freindly with everyone and seemingly has no enemies.

  31. Cannot believe Rachel is talking crap about how much better N’ smarter SHE is (not including Brendon) than all the other HG’S..She is calling Brittney trash n’ saying how 2 faced Brittney is..Wish everybody had feeds to hear what she is saying…I will use a derogatory name for her… Total BITCH..She is sooooo jealous that Brittney will not be nominated she is pathetic…The girl needs a reality check…She needs to go…

  32. @ERIC: Thank you Eric your comment is a refreshing bit of intelligence that makes me feel I havent wasted my time here.

  33. Boobzilla is hated partly because she is a self-involved narcissist with no compassion for anybody. Everybody is out to “get between ME AND MY MAN!” therefore everybody is a threat.

    That’s my contribution; BG/Kristi/y, your turns!

    I am I Hate Rachel and I approved this message.

    Go Team ABR!

  34. @Matt I’m gone. This website is just getting too trailer trash for me…example #34. think Karma Connie…hope no one thinks you are one.

  35. @Connie Last night wasn’t she saying that she wanted Britney to be the third wheel in her alliance?! What a two faced…. insert mean word.

  36. I believe it is the moderators job to moderate, not a poster who finds this or that offensive.

    • That’s because you are hateful and don’t want to be called out in it. All the other poster was saying, was can’t you get your point across without the namecalling and misogynist behavior. We get it!!! You HATE Rachel! Now can we please move on?

  37. Get over it Knilja. There are many comments I don’t like myself but I will not put down any poster here. Matt the site advisor knows when to step in and calm things down or let people know what is what. He doesn’t need you to do that. Please calm down and enjoy this wonferful site. Most of us do!

    Ok, I now see Brendan making a smart move. He is thinking of taken that 3 person alliance. He is questioning Rachel and she is once again shooting her big mouth off about why people laughed at Matt’s letter, that it wasn’t funny and what a bunch of losers and soforth. Hey Brendan let her get drunk and make a fool of herself. I think Brendan would do better in teh game without her distraction. I sure would like to find out how good a player he really is and how he would change w/o her there.

  38. @KnilJa: Eric put out a request to avoid calling HGs evil. You targeted a specific commentator in your complaints which I asked you not to do.

    Wise up? Careful there.

  39. “This website is just getting too trailer trash for me”

    In other words, there are those who don’t agree with you, and you do not have the skills to debate effectively.

  40. OMG……Rachel just found out that Brit backstabbed her. How funny is that? I wonder how that happened, I miss that part. Anyone know when that happened?

  41. @Trish I think it would be smart for Brendan to take it. It seems like Rachel is the aim this week (hopefully).. so he needs some sort of back up. If he’s smart, he won’t stay with her ’til she’s gone either. He needs to take the offer ASAP and show his loyalty now! I would love to see him play his own game and stop being her lap dog.

  42. matt doesn’t want posters attacking other posters. say what you want about the house guests. alot of the posts i personally do not like but as long as it’s not about the other posters, state your opinion. as matt said these hg’s are useless clowns. i’m hoping this changes and we get to see some seriouse game play soon. no offence to anyone, just staiting my opinion and like i said before this is the first time i haven’t been able to pick for a single player to cheer for.

  43. wow!!! are ya realliii getting mad over bb??? its not ya playingg its them..true might be the most boring season of all but sooner or later this are going to get more fiestyy..n suspensful..its almost dead road for some people lets see what they will do to keep staying in the house>?

  44. I have to say I am surprised by the Rachel hatred. I find her comical – when she won HoH last week I was literally jumping up and down. Now, I don’t truly respect her but I find her entertaining and if I were in the house I would NOT be getting on her bad side. I would probably play my game like Ragan or Britney – cooperate when she has the power but otherwise make fun of her behind her back. Unfortunately Rachel’s paranoia overules her solid knowledge of the game. If she could have kept Kristen and Kathy under her wing she would be headed in the right direction, but her big personality makes her hard to ignore. As for “hating” anyone in the house, I find Kathy the slug intolerable. Luckily the editors have basically edited her out of the shows…she is such an energy vampire and Ragan joked that whoever she befriends gets evicted! She’s like that cat that goes to dying people in a hospital…and I’m glad Britney called out her hypocrisy (cancer survivor who smokes) when she had bathtub time with Rachel. Lots going on in the house they never show, sadly.

  45. @That Sarah Girl, that is what her and Brendan were talking about. She said that she can’t believe Brit turned on her. Brendan tried to tell her he said.

  46. WOW I go to lunch and come back and we have more excitement and drama here then the house LOL. Thank you Matt.

    TRISH- Hiya Bosslady and to all the other fun posters!

    Trying to catch up now an re – read all the updated stuff.

  47. ok aparently matt is going to strike a deal with rachel that he won’t put them up if they give him the $5,000…and then he’ll put them up anyway and donate the money to charity…I like this plan

  48. agree brit deserves an oscar for that!! can’t say i’m not happy rachel found out. hopefully this will get interesting and again some good game play.

  49. Ok now they are talking about Matt going and telling Brachel that he won’t put them up if they give him the 5000 dollars that Rachel won. Then Matt is going to turn around and still put them up and donate the money for charity. Brit thinks this is so funny. She is so mean. I can’t wait till the game is turned on her. She is so devious. Yeah lie to play the game but to personally do it? She complained that Rachel only put up her and Monet for personal reasons, well how what YOU are doing Brit any better? It is not! You do this because YOU think you have the “boys” alliance but hate to tell you that you will be gone as soon as it comes between you and one of them. Make no mistake. YOU will find OUT how YOU got played by The Brigade and then see how “smart and funny” you are then. Sorry that “thing” gets on my nerves worse than Rachel right now. Mean spirited for no reason is ignorant and idiotic!

  50. Hmm I know Brit can’t stand her and makes fun of her and crap… but in the end… She didn’t use the veto.. which isn’t backstabbing. I guess I just think Brit could be way worse and screwed Rachel worse. So I didn’t think of it as back stabbing.

  51. @That Sarah Girl what are you talking about? The only reason Brit didn’t use that veto was because she thought there might be a chance that Rachel would put Lane up. She wasn’t doing it because Rachel told her not too. The backstabbing I am talking about is how Brit “pretended” to be Rachels friend, I mean she as far as go in the HOH tub for 3 freaking hours with her and then she goes right around and tells her other “friends” what was said. Don’t pretend you like someone and then be mean behind their back. Yeah lie if you must but to be mean like she is doing is uncalled for. They all talk behind each others back, and that is fine but Brendan is not going out of his way to do mean things to the others for the hell of it. THEY are. Makes no sense to me. I really hope Enzo and Brendan and Hayden do form an alliance and pay back those who deserve it.

  52. Please, please, please let Rachel go home this week!! I can’t stand the sight of her. Her laugh is so fake, it’s ridiculous. She always has to be the center of attention. I can overlook the lie Matt told if he will just get her out of the house. Viewers will get their fill of drama when she finds out that Britney has hated her all along!! That should be a great moment! Britney can be just as catty as she can but with a little more class.

    • Did you ever consider that she may have an unfortunate natural laugh and that her fake laugh is her way of coping with it? I’m just saying that I know it can be annoying, but should you really be negative to another
      human being over the way they laugh. And I could be completely wrong about it al but I personally hate my own laugh

  53. haven’t these hg’s watched the other seasons. actually isn’t that why they are on here. you can’t play this game without telling a lie. sorry not going to happen. granted some of the lies i would never use but that is upto each individual player and i’m sure some of them will feel the backlash from them when bb is over.

  54. Damn Lane just streched the truth alittle bit. The boy does have some game play. I still don’t get it. Brit got caught in a lie, and now she is mad at Brachel because they found out and called her out on it? REALLY? Noone should get mad at getting caught when you all do it. Ragan and Brit and Lane in there getting all mad that Brendan and Rachel talked about them, WTF are YOU all doing? And Brit said when she was in the HOH room she was carefully to NOT say anything bad about anyone. REALLY??? You talked crap about Kristen for over 3 hours you stupid biotech!!! I gotta get off the feeds, they all are making me frustrated including Rachel and her poor me attitude and Brendan (my boy) is such a wuss around her! Ughhhhhhhhhh

  55. I am sorry Brash what Brit is doing is not class to me. Yeah lie all you want to but when you go pass that and are mean for NO reason? I am sorry I see no class in that. But remember that is just my opinion. No worries.

  56. Knilja it is obivious that u are a friend of RACHEL’S ..that is fine.It is good too know that Rachel will have a friend(s) when BB is over because she made none in the house..She made no real honest and true effort to gain the trust n’ respect of the other HG’s..U can cheat lie talk jive backstabb or whatever in the BB house..BUT when a player acts like they are above n’ better than the rest(from day 1)somewhere down the line they get evicted..Rachel’s problems (I said it before) are of her own making not the viewers or the other HG’s. She has been on live Feeds talking about how great “she” is and how much above the other players “she ” is..Again I AM HAPPY TO KNOW THAT RACHEL WILL HAVE A FRIEND WHEN HER GAME ENDS BECAUSE SHE NEEDS AT LEAST “ONE”

  57. Bitchney was part of the mean girls in HS…

    don’t think she realized that HS is over. B & R are over and one will be evicted, and she is STILL talking shit…

    Not just talking shit, she is complaining about them being 2 faced, when she is Queen 2 face!!

    Open that back door, and get these losers out of this house!!!

  58. It’s mostly Boobzilla’s attitude and her treatment of others that makes her ugly.

  59. trish i always love your opinions!! i just think it’s silly that people don’t think they should lie, it’s what the game is about. and yea some are not classy at all if a lie can be. lol or were you just talking about the person? lol

  60. It was obivious the R&B were using Brittney to get info n’ gain knowledge as to what the other HG’s were all about as to game..GET REAL..SOOO the players got played…As too Rachel making an alliance with Brittney doubt it would have happened anyway..But Rachel’s reasoning in doing that was Brittney (in Rachel’s eyes)is such a floater n’ low life that nobody in the jury house would vote for her against “one ” of the power couple if that happened..Brittney is no worse when it comes to using people than R&B..Could yall not see that?? When Rachel was packing WED nite she made remarks to Brendon about her distrust n’ dislike of Brittney..Again..The players got was bound to happen..

  61. tammy i agree with you. i have real and natural boobs. my hair is brown but i have blue streaks in it (go mountaineer) and most people would say i have class i think. lol but rachel is who she is, maybe she is trying to get into another career from beeing on bb. i won’t mention what career.

  62. Kristi I was talking about anyone about the lying part but I was mainly focusing in on Brit. I know lying is part of the game, I get that, but being callous and down right mean? For no reason? It is like Brit and the others are taking the lying to another level and that doesn’t set right with me. Oh ok, do that with Rachel if you must but why Brendan? Because he is thinking with his d*ck and not his brain? LOL

  63. didn’t reagon just say he was going to remove himself from the situation meaning (brechel) to lane and brit. yet he is laying in the room talking to them now. did i misunderstand his statement anyone?

  64. @Connie THAT is not what I am talking about. I am talking about lying to be mean for no reason. How hard is that to understand? Like how they were talking about taking Rachel’s 5000 for Matt to lie to them about not putting them up and then go right around and put them up. Why is that necessary? Because Rache said something stupid about donating her gifts to charity? They all talk about stupid stuff, but doing what they were planning is down right mean. Do you get that? I think Production told Matt he couldn’t do it because he went in there to ask and he came out and nothing else was said.

  65. I don’t think Rachel ever had any girlfriends and she probably doesn’t know how to act around them. I hope she goes this week, but I think she is probably hurt with Britney and maybe all the girls outside the house are like that to her. I feel sorry for her, but I’m also looking forward to seeing her go.

  66. Donating stuff for charity is not stupid, they said something about Rachel saying donating her kids gifts. That is what I meant.

  67. jees it is the same old talk. For those of you that like Rachel that is fine, we just don’t and for whatever the reason, it is our right to say it. She was a bully, she said bring it on so here we are bringing it. She shouldn’t act like a slut, lose her top, get wasted drunk, and boss everyone including “her man” around and maybe she would be likable. The fact that she laughs for no reason and flaunts her junk and I emphasize the word JUNK, makes her that much more unlikable.

  68. trish, oh i completely agree with the lying this year. totally over the top and in my opinion just wrong in some cases.

  69. Take the money Matt then backstab her. She would be livid. That would be too awesome, I think Matt is starting to be my fave.

  70. I think these HG’s are all just too soft for lack of a better word and it seems wrong that the lie and manipulate, BUT IT IS BIG BROTHER!!! That is the whole concept of the game.

  71. You know what I think? I think that if The Brigade or Brit had only themselves the whole game like Brachel have and had to fight for themselves the whole time, they wouldn’t be sitting up there making fun of Brachel and being all cocky…..Nope! I kinda understand Rachel;s thoughts. I know here and Brendan ARE so tired of fighting the whole freaking house……guess they should have thought of that before being a showmance…….but how can 2 people be that much against 4 guy alliance? Come on….

  72. Trish, Keep in mind that I said Brit can be catty with “more class”. I didn’t say she was classy. If you met Rachel outside the house, she would still come across as a skank. Brit, on the other hand, would not. She is lying to Rachel about being her friend in order to stay in the house. She still hates her for what she did to her friend. She is playing her for revenge.

    • Brit cannot be confused with classy, she is so incredibly cruel and you can’t hide that kind of character defect.

  73. OMG….So many haters…I happen to love Rachel and Brendan….They are funny and entertaining…I will be sad to see either one go…

  74. I don’t care about the lying crap. It is the meaness I am talking about. I usually agree with you BG but taking someone’s money is wrong. I don’t care for Rachel but taking the money and then stabbing her in the back, I am sorry that is crossing the line.

  75. i dont remember the last time that,after over a month,there is still no huge blowout fight between 2 hg..(and please people do not say kristen and andrew,that was weak !)

  76. If anyone is stupid enough to offer money in return to backstab someone else then it is their fault. She being Vegas and all should know you shouldn’t bet on what you don’t intend to lose.

  77. Trish it alright if you dont agree not worries but it is the BB game, not Sunday school.

  78. LOL..I cannot feel sorry for Rachel..SHE BROUGHT ALL THE SLURS, DEROGATORY COMMENTS, n’the being treated like an outcast to the surface….What part of “SHE DID IT TO HER SELF” do people not understand..Rachel put herself on a pedstal that she is possibly going to get knocked off of…Rachel is her own worst enemy..I would bet if the end result is her losing the game that somewhere down the line in an interview that she will blame Brendon n’ being in a showmance is the reason for her loss and of course how all the other HG’s were (especially women ) were jealous of her and her great game play..excuse me..I gotta go vomit…

  79. we are all entitled to our opinon of the hg’s bad or good. the rest of us do not have to like it but please respect the other posters opinion and debate maturely without personaly attachks. let’s not waste matts time today. i’m sure he is busy enough.

  80. Anyone would offer 5000 up to buy their safety in the chance of winning 500,000. I can’t think of a single person in that house who wouldn’t do that. It isn’t just Rachel. But I don’t think Rachel would do it, I don’t think she would believe Matt in a heartbeat. Ragan stop playing with Rachel. You are trying to get info out of her and she isn’t playing that game. SMART Rachel. I am starting to like her right now. So there you Rachel Haters! LOL

  81. if rachel and Bren were smart they wouldve formed an alli with bri rag kat and destroyed the bro gade but now it’s too late everyone hate ray and wants her out. She has no chance

  82. hi dany!! missed you!! i’m sorry but yea i would love to see knock down drag out fight. tired of everyone just talking behind each others back.

  83. I know BG, but dang! Ok off that rant….you are right in some respect BG, this season is kinda boring……I guess my main thing is if you are going to talk dirty about someone do it to their face so there will be drama and catfights and so forth……..this all behind the door crap and being nice to the face crap is old……and very boring……

  84. The thing about this Rachel hater, I dont give a shirt who likes her, to each there own. So i will not come up in here hating on the non rachel haters .I cant stand her and will post shirt about her no matter who likes it.

  85. I’m just curious to know if all you Rachel lovers have Showtime and the feeds???? Cause I am certain that all us Rachel haters do and have seen the real Rachel.

  86. Hello posters!! Hope everyone is having a good day!
    It would be stupid for Rachel to give the 5000 upfront. It’s not rocket science. Give him the money after noms! I hope Brendon opens his eyes and starts playing the game!! I’m pulling for ya Brendon!! Don’t Disappoint me!!!
    Btw Trish I’m totally with you!

  87. Hey lady’s i’m back love the comments, and Kristi Joker is the name of the dog in the picture and his name fit him good.

  88. i got the feeds and showtime..i hate “brenchal showmance” but other then that rachel dont really bothers me

  89. @Kristy281: on the other new stream you talked about a showmance season you forgot about (ollie & april).

  90. ok torch, yea he’s a big dog but cute.
    i agree with dany, i have all of the that stuff too so i may not like the things rachel does or any of the hg’s but i just don’t have it in me to hate anyone. strongly dislike yes, but hate no.

  91. @# 38….lmao…my goodness in my 50 + years I have been called a total bitch soooo many times….And u know.. they weren’t guess it was because I was sooo awesome as a person..people were jealous of my looks, my brains, my snobby attitude, the world owes me mentality…oh welll some people just don’t know great when they introduced to it….hmmmmm

  92. ya Kristi I agree also, I don’t think I have it in me to openly hate someone, but some of them disappoint me.

  93. Wow this site seems to have more drama then the show I love it Wait to tak kare of business Matt

  94. TORCH – Hi guy, yea I was thinking about putting them in there too, just tossing things out there see who had the stronger game players as couples.

  95. that’s a good question k&j. i never quite understood that one. if you don’t know the person in reality how can you be jelous. side note, and for that matter how can you hate someone you have never met? just stating my opinion again, so haters don’t get mad at me. i love all your post and opinions.

  96. I have never said that I hated Rachel..I do not like her. now…IF U MENTION NATALIE FROM LAST SEASON I WILL USE THE TERM HATE FREELY AND OPENLY…no qualms about my feelings for that past never to be heard from again HG..

  97. Gee Whiz – there’s been a lot of chatter here about “hate”. Well, hate is an extreme emotion very closely related to the extreme emotion of love, IMHO. I don’t “hate”, but I certainly do not RESPECT the play of people like Kathy – poor, pitiful Kathy, who won’t get up off her a$$ to do anything. I don’t “hate” Rachael, but I’d never be BFF with her. She has, however bumbling, sort of played the game. By the way, she can’t be voted out next week because it’s her turn to be HOH! Then the following week it’s Matt’s turn to be HOH again. No, I don’t “hate” any of the HG’s, but for the most part they are a pretty pitful bunch of whiner’s and do-nothings!

  98. Mary I agree, why would you throw and HOH comp? You can never take anything for granted in this house. I don’t care who I was aligned with I’d want HOH. I don’t understand why Ragan gave it up again?! Hopefully he can do some damage as the sab this week.

  99. connie you can use that word all you want along with the rest of the posters. i just don’t use it. and i realy disliked natalie from last season.

  100. my favorite part of last season was the night jesse was evicted and and the nat, lydia, & chima balled and got drunk that was so funny.

  101. @ Kristi Im not leaving i was just correcting my spelling from my last post but thanks for saying bye anyway. I hope the box gets open like matt says hes gonna do It better be better then last years

  102. oh sorry tommy. torch that was funny. jesse was not worth that many tears in my opinon. did you read the short book i sent you? lol

  103. Does going to the diary room play a part in this game? Because in After Dark they suggested an all men alliance. Then they called Matt in to make a deal with Rachel.If this is about ratings then the people we want to go home will remain.

  104. Kristi..I have used that “word” twice..once in describing Rachel’s attitude at the time n’ once in reference to a comment about what my own sparkling personality may be about..I could say Rachel is “bitching” but that spelling of the word means “something good” which I cannot find any good concerning Rachel…

  105. i hope he opens the box also. i wan’t to see how good of a sab reagon can be. he can’t be any worse than annie. i just hope bb gives him the freedom he needs and just not some office supplies and joke store pranks. would also love if they would let us give him some suggestions.

  106. OR Kristi if u were referring to the “hate” word I have not used that much this season..

  107. TORCH – I was sitting there looking at my TV dumbfounded that night. That is for sure one of those moments of BB history that will not be repeated (I HOPE) I had a conversation with a friend about EVIL DICK and RACHEL being in the house together, something tells me that the police would end up being called in.

    Or CHIMA and RACHEL going at one another that would be dangerous as well.

  108. Ya Kristi I read your book and thank you for sharing. and if they would have given annie better stuff to work with it would have been better, and yes they need to make sure Ragan has some good stuff to play with.

  109. ED and Boobzilla in the house together… that would be great! I’d LOVE to see that! Dick would piss her off so much that she’d go completely nutso!!! She’d freak out more than Jen did.

  110. connie i use the word hate alot just not in terms of i hate this person, but i must also apologize because yea, there is one person in this world that i hate and that’s me exhusband, so sorry for the lie. it wasn’t intentional. but my husband now is wonderful. he put’s up with all this bb

  111. My favourite HG of all is Dr. Will
    My least favourite HG of all is stupid Marcellous.

  112. IS IT HAPPENING NOW?? DO NOT HAVE FEEDS ON..cannot take Rachel’s egotistical bragging n’ mouthing off…

  113. I think Regan will take accept being the saboteur. He loves this game and knows everything about nearly every season. I can’t see him turning it down. AND I can’t see Matt not opening Pandoras Box. See…we don’t need Rachel around to keep the show exciting!!

  114. connie I heard brit say about a half hour ago that it would be in about three hours give or take a little.

  115. lol my post got removed for sayin julie was hotter then kristen whats up with that

  116. no not yet. rachel is trying to make a deal with matt with reagon in the room. now rachel and reagon are fighting. it’s quite funny you might want to turn it back on.

  117. I don’t think anybody’s gonna vote for Rachel to win the $500,000…So the next best thing is for her to spend the rest of the game in the jury house with her boyfriend….Also, here’s hoping the Sabatuer hides those damn pool cues

  118. luis that would be priceless. what would they do if they can’t play great one!!

  119. @Connie lmao Thats great thanks for keeping me in check its just hard for me to hide my love for Julie chen

  120. everyone is listening in on there convo. can’t make deals when your fighting and everyone else is listening. lol

  121. Luis, that would be so cool! He could also throw Rachel’s extensions in the toilet!! Is that mean?

  122. oh yea Rachel is going to explode in a couple of hours. this is going to be fun today. did ya get a kick about Brenden finally getting a pair and trying to defend Rachel.

  123. Nice game play Rachel, Ragan the only player who sorta would of have your back is now your enemy. she has no social game. just Brendan and I.

  124. Man oh man Rachel is good at dishing it out..but she can’t take it ..can she…lmao…

  125. that fight was so much better than than comp last night. if they would play the comps with that much passion, this would be a great season. just don’t see it happening.

  126. Let’s remember what Matt did last time he was HOH. His moves protected himself the following week – they were not about doing what the brigade wanted (or what most fans wanted). Don’t count the chickens before they’re hatched because he still may not put up Brenchal if he thinks he can stay in the game longer by nominating someone else again. Matt is playing personal to win, not emotional or not necessarily to make the rest of the brigade happy. Enzo’s side deal with Brendan may be pivotal, depending on who Matt actually nominates this week.

  127. #155, I agree Mensa Man is playing to get himself protected for next week. Which is what an HOH should do, so its not a given he will put up Brachel.

  128. Matt is actually smart..His meeting with R&B is open to the rest of the house…He can’t be accused of backstabbing the brigade lol..have to give him kudos for thsi play..The whole house is trying to listen..

  129. I have the feed, but my work computer doesn’t allow sound. Yea! for me. Could someone tell me what the other hg were talking about while B/R and Matt are talking?

  130. matt’s playing for himself, that is for sure. none of us will know until after the noms. but it is fun speculating.

  131. If Matt doesn’t put up Brenden and Rachel then the Brigade can’t trust him anymore and he becomes a target so he’s going with the Brigade this week… the whole house knows it that’s why they’re turning on Big Red

  132. Now that Matt has won HOH, he will be able to put up Brendon and Rachael. If Brendon or Rachel won POV this week and took theirself off the block, then who should Matt put up..? If he put Kathy or Ragan up on the block as a pawn, something could go wrong [just like Andrew] and one of them would leave the Big Brother house. However the best bet would be to put up Enzo or Lane then all of us will know for sure that Rachel or Brendon would leave the house.

  133. PINK – the only thing that scares me about that is with them both up they both play for POV and if either wins they are taking Rach off, with the way Brens been acting I wouldnt be surprised tho I’d hope he would take himself down like last time he wasnt as under her wicked spell as bad back then as he seems to be now.

  134. kristy I think Brenden would take himself off but the reason for putting both up is if one does win pov the other would still go home they all want both gone Rachel is the preference though.

  135. For Bren’s on sake he should get the boot next. He’s looking more and more like a total joke everyday. Heck, useless Kathy has a better chance to win BB than he does.

  136. I used to like Rach but now not so much. She is very immature. She does not treat Bren like she “loves him”. She is not very smart afterall. dumb game play. Cannot handle her libations.

  137. well it looks like the nominations will be coming sooner than I thought feeds are on trivia.

  138. Honestly, if I had my “druthers”, I would like to see Brendan leave first because it would be fun to see how Rachel would act since she would then be all alone. Would she freak out and yell at everybody or get quiet in a corner like Kristen kind of did. Either way, she would probably get very drunk every chance she could and say things that would dig herself into a deeper hole with the other HGs. Now THAT would not be boring.

  139. Okay first of all, I don’t think Matt really has a wife. I think all of that was played up by CBS. I think him and Ragen have some sort of connection, ie; the ones in the game with a long term friendsship. Did you all see the photo they showed last time he was HOH it totally looked photoshopped and when they interviewed “his wife” she did’nt look the same. I can not stand Rachel anymore. She is ridiculous. Did you see how she was rolling her eyes when Brendon was telling her he loved her on Weds. show? Also he is dysfunctional and used to dysfunctional relationships he talks to her like a baby. I guess we will see how it plays out but this is my theory.

  140. True about Rachel staying being good to watch. But she is good, at comps – bad person and should go now! We will get to see the real Brendan.

  141. Cindy I agree with all but one thing Matt’s wife is real I seen her on another site with him.

  142. Matt will def not win this game even if he made it to the final 2 because when the house guests are told about the lie he is a dead duck

  143. I agree they both need to go up it still scares me that she will win, but if its ment to happen it will happen IM out for now heading home will check on yall in a bit.

    Bye everybody.

  144. Matt opened the Pandora box? What did I miss? Did Brachel get nominated? Is Ragan really mad at Rachel now?

  145. @trish …nominations are later today..basicly while the feeds were out matt chose to open pandora’s hg are speculating what the repercutions will be …

  146. DAMMM LOL.. GONNA RUN TO THE LIQUOR STORE…this getting my nerves..need STRONG.. libations

  147. does anyone know when the nominations are going to happen? I want to make sure i hop on the feeds!

    before I go back and read ALL of the above comments…did I read correctly that Matt opened pandora’s box and that Ragan was already called to the DR?!

  148. Good Day F-B Post-ers! :) Dang y’all are fiesty & fierce on this board!

    @Matt (from BBNet) – oh Bren would not save her, love or not, its a game, even she has to understand that! yahhh the pandoras box opens too 2nite – FANtastic! (CBS you betta make sure it is!)

    @lynn – yes i heard he was saying it was not made for his type & build, um come again…what the! indeed – brittney is the new harriett!

    @mary – yeah i do not think matt cares about the brigade period! i think even if he nominates them both B&R he has a plan to get bren off! he does not seem to be gunning for him…

    @marie – i heard that on another board so it IS true, wow meow man mix is ACTUALLY making a move on da side w-o his boyz who woulda guessed it! yeah enzo! i hope he does it, i love that alliance idea!

    @thel – CBS wont do a thing, not the first time a BB HG has lied so it will just be the shocking twist that the network hopes will drive viewers to keep watchin til it comes out!

    @connie – he SAID that, bren to rach – how can she be his first GF, when he just HAD a fiancee. thats like ALL over the web about how it was a messy breakup! even SHE knows a guy that hot can not be single until now!

  149. @platinum- the reason Ragan gave away that $ is b-c he did not want a $ target on his back the way Monet did! no goodness of his heart there! :P

    @kristi – i know eh, it was so dissapointing to see the HGs just flutter off and not TRY!
    hate to say it but if rach was up there, (im sure she was seething watching them all jump off! like scared rabbits!)..she would not fail to Matt, she woulda given him run for his $!

    @kristi – hey remem no spell check on these boards, you know how i type! practically 1-4 slang! :P

    @summer – yeah i was thinking gee, wonder what the alliance would think about that good-bye msg, but this week i think da brogade will crack!

    @knilja – yeah i keep hearing about brens back and since i do not have online cams or BBAD, i am not commenting on that til i know more, ya never know…Trish have u heard anything…FB peeps whats the deal with his back…and his so-called strange walking pattern….i hope hes OK…

  150. *** BTW this is a posting board, so dont take what they say personal its a matter of opinion, not all of us agree, but we can posivitely and maturely debate it!
    trust me we have been doing so all week long, debating like mad! Its all good! :)

    @trish – really how did rach find out about britt…UH OH! Oh no way did matt really offer them that to rach for the $…oh no, she will take it too!

    @sarahgirl – what offer did bren get that the one from enzo..

    @kristi w-#s – i know eh..i was gone all day due to work and i come home and the postboards are ALIVE! :D gotta luv it!

    *** BTW this is a posting board, so dont take what they say personal its a matter of opinion, not all of us agree, but we can posivitely and maturely debate it!
    trust me we have been doing so all week long, debating like mad! Its all good! :)

  151. does anyone know if ragan accepted it?!! b/c right now he is talking to matt about what pandora’s box might have meant…does Ragan already know?

  152. Brit is smart – everyone is speculating about Pandora’s Box and she is the only one who is saying that P.B. never has a huge impact on the’s just like a ‘fun’ thing or something that doesn’t really impact gameplay…

  153. Beth honestly unless something does happen we won’t know if he accepted until sunday.

  154. omg as soon as matt lays down in the bed…hands down the pants… gross! what is wrong w/ this man!

  155. lmao!! well, its just gross…especially since Brit was laying down with him! i’ve been watching this for over a week now… maybe he forgets he is on national tv! his hand is ALWAYS down there…someone needs to put a montage together and broadcast it! lol…

  156. It would be great if CBS told ragan about the brigade and about matt’s lie… That way he could totally use that as ammo if he accepts the saboteur job!

  157. i was just gonna say the feeds are on trivia…so what are they doing?! normally it goes to we’ll be right back… they aren’t doing the nominations right now are they??!!

  158. I don’t know what happened Jad. I really don’t. I have alot of work so I missed alot. Stuck at work expecting a big UPS shipment…..kinda sucks. So anyone know anything???

  159. no Trish they still have nominations yet and matt did open pandoras box and we still don’t know if ragan accepted.

  160. i figured it was noms too, but it seems kind of early…its only 4 pm there… i thought they did it later , at like 6 or something… we’ll see!!

  161. Bren is so hot ray doesn’t deserve him!! Ugh she doesn’t even say
    I luv u to Bren :|

  162. i am anxiously awaiting the look on brachels faces…. and the drama that will follow. weve already seen one cat fight (rach and ragan) finally SOME EXCITEMENT!

  163. glad your back Kristi been kinda quiet since ragan and rachel got into it, and matt opened pandora’s box, but we don’t know if ragan accepted.

  164. @ torch..ive been here but havent posted much. so do you think that ragans last very long DR session was them telling him about the sab job? would they have told him about it not knowing if matt was going to open PB?

  165. ok they are playing this secret game. wouldn’t it be cool since matt opened the box, because it could be good or bad) he lost the power of nominations and now the game is to find out who the two noms will be. or if he opened it and lost h o h all together and they are now doing another h o h comp game. just wishful thinking

  166. no steph ragan wouldn’t be asked until matt opened the box. and Kristi it would be cool but we are in the time frame when the HG’s said the nom. ceremony would be, so I think that’s what it is.

  167. @cindy! – whoa that IS a bold statement, you think matt has NO wife…oh wow!
    well i mean many ppls commented that the woman CLAIMING to be his wife didnt really seem his type, but ya theyre lookin on da outside I gather….still that would BE one helluva secret!

    @nic – das rite rachel is good at comps, none of yall can call her a floater! she has not coasted or tried to flake out a comp or dodge a challenge – she is definitely IN it to win IT!

  168. steph it said on the lf that they were playing a game. so i don’t think the noms have happend yet.

  169. Jeff’s in LA right now and is in Tokyo next week so maybe him and Jordan will pop up tonight!!!

  170. ok..yall said Regan got called to the Dr,,possibly about the SAB thing..After that was over do u guys recall Enzo being caled to the DR??? Cause if they called Enzo after Regan then Regan may not have accepted…

  171. noms haven’t happened yet. the hg are speculating that rachel is getting some kind of power b/c matt opened the BOX. matt , ragan, and kathy are saying that it is ‘weird’ that rach is the DR for so long…she keeps getting called in…so they think something fishy is up. they’ll prob be doing the nomination ceremony soon!!

  172. torch… so very weird. i really will be disappointed if rach doesnt go home. and connie you make a good point, that is a possiblity.

  173. they had a lux comp this week so i don’t think the game was for that. what ever is going on has everyone rattled

  174. Good Eve my FB Post-ers! :) How is everyone?

    @brash -(#145) – yes that would be sooo mean! (tho i am sure most of the post-ers wont think so – really its unnecessary b-c it doesnt prove anything!)

    @torch – yeah thanks torch, but on another board, someone said that pics online could have been planted, b-c they know that viewers will be googling them from like july! gosh i dont think so though that would be utterly scandalous! hired actresses to play your fake wife for BB – dats a new one! (not to mention sorta desperate!) lol

    **Glad to know that Bren got a pair (hear that Trish – hope DOES spring eternal!) :) and
    so that letter Wiz wrote worked out SOOOO well! Its almost like he read our brilliant minds on here! :P Where is WIZ 2nite anyways…he would be SO proud!

    @beth – oh no say it aint so again! MATT with his happy hands! this has gotta stop!
    what is UP with that guy…that poor HOH room cameraman – his eyes must be GLAZED from all that um stuff goin on in there! :S

    what are the online cams sayin ppls…..Noms are goin on now right….or maybe its something unleashed by the pan-box!

    @steph – there was a CATfight b-w the Rs – when did that happen and what caused it!

    @kristi (#231) oooh i love that mind of yours! now that REVOKING power to the HOH Matt would be hilarious! my wishful thinkin too! (again we should write cbs about these ideas – riveting!)

  175. maybe Rachel is mad because she is going on the block and is trying to leave the game and BB won’t let her.

  176. but what about julie annoucing that the HOH this week would have the most power ever .. or something like that

  177. buenos noches BB Crew! torch, kristi, steph, connie! :) where is trish, nic, wiz, kristi with #s etc…and abby & neicy….

  178. Jadelle, it happened when rach approached matt in the talk about noms.. then ragan said he would leave so they could talk, rach then said you dont have to since you guys are a pair anyway. ragan got upset she said that and then rach popped off and then voices got raised. then stupid bren comes in to ‘defend’ his woman

  179. ty jadelle. the rest are probly at work or on way home. i told torch and few other i use to work in the tv biz earlier in life and locally behind the seens , but just a house wife for the last 8 years, but yeah i would get back into it just to liven bb up. lol torch ;)

  180. Connie, I think they would only have offered it to Enzo if Ragan was the one voted out last week since last week was when America voted for the new saboteur. I don’t think they are going to offer it to anyone else if Ragan declines. That’s how I understood it. Plus, if Ragan declined, he would notice that Enzo was in the DR for a while and then things started happening around the house. It would be obvious at least to him that Enzo was the saboteur.

  181. Hello..Jadelle..Well I am here but that is probably because my Friday nite life does not start till midnight… rightt now I am unpatiently waiting on the BB

  182. the house just got put on lock down. the box has to do more than just sab. matt said he was going to go in and request for the noms to be soon. what is goin on with bb. are they finally listening to us and shaking this show up. i for sure hope so!!

  183. ok i guess my wish for the game that’s secret didn’t happen so maybe my wish will come true now and that’s why no noms and they are on lock down. again just wishful thinking. please please please do something big!! please ok i’m done with the please. omg rachel can whistle she needs her botox stat. her words not mine.

  184. Rachel is SUCH a drama queen…she is eating those raisenettes and interacting w/ Brandon like is is 5 years old…she needs to grow up! how lame. keep it up chick b/c you’ll be gone this week!

  185. lockdown?? maybe pan-box released a new HOH COMP and everyone but matt(maybe brigade too lol) gets to compete in it.

    i know alot of people dont like brendon and rachel but if they were gone the house will be so boring even though its already boring lol

  186. @steph – oh thanks for the deets! wow open mouth – insert foot rach! alllllrightie then!!!

    @kristi – fa real! dem HGs sure need a firebush up their arses asap! CBS can only do so much! at least with Jeff & Jordan coming back to visit it might proPEL some of them to start fighting for the $, b-c Jury house votes are EVERYthing! gotta think AHEAD not just day by day! this aint camp! its BB House!

    @connie – ooh girl you are a firecracker! da night owls unite! :) am waiting on da BB Noms too!

    *** so question to those who have the online cams, was there any audio on why rachel was in the DR so long…i saw other posts about first ragan, then enzo, and then rachel …a LOT! ****

    @kristi – i am excited #263 and thanks steph on the update LOCKdown! Oh boy oh boy! I am anticipating with glee! :D

  187. isn’t that the trueth steph. i’m so glad i got all my house work done earlier. my husband even said he would walk the dogs for me so i can watch. granted i’m doin ten million other things while on here like paying bills and getting stuff together for my mom and dads 50th wedding anniversary that’s comming up.

  188. i’m on a different chat board too and everyone there is saying that Ragan accepted the SAB position….don’t know??? he IS trying to make some others be a little paranoid about her being in the DR and stuff…don’t know!

  189. Oh the suprise may be J&J n’ they are a part of Pandora’s box.. whoa..too bad we won’t see them on feeds..if that is gonna happen…

  190. ohh congrats steph! and congrats to your parents kristi! :) 50 yrs wow! :) that is “golden” :)

    @torch – they are in some kinda lockdown! this occured after the box was opened, and word is that Jeff is in CA right now so I’m wondering if he & Jor have something to do with the lockdown! hmmmm! good pt @ connie!

    yes we shall keep ya posted steph! :)

  191. i think reagon took position of sab and is just laying down the foundation to keep it hidden. granted we won’t know until matt or bb tells us, unless reagon goes in a room with no one in it and tells us who watch the lf’s.

  192. In the beginning…”secret relationship” was mentioned. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if all the HGs had one, thinking themselves the only one with a secret…the possibilities boggle the mind! Can’t wait until tonight’s BBAD to catch all the fall-out of today’s goings-on.

  193. Connie, if Ragan refused the Sab job the idea is dead. It cannot be offered to Enzo unless Ragan was evicted last week

  194. yeahhh da Wiz is here! let the magic begin! :)
    hey i didnt know that lane told matt that britt saved his a** last night! how did he know? and why is he telling matt that? apparently it was on the live feeds this morning…along with brendon cooking yet again! that guy is a chef master! luv HIM! :)
    what’s new BB peeps?

  195. Trish I’m on your side, say what you want about rach, but at less she does it to your face, unlike the rest that do it behind your back, and alot of it just mean, and uncalled for, a wise man once said ” people talk bad about other just to buils themself so they can fill good about themself, and I hate to say it but ragen is the worst!!!!

  196. evening wiz glad ya could make it tonight, anyone else get updates and stuff from BBBlogger.

  197. Torch they have them on ld from the outside. Every1’s in the hoh I think but they just said they are not aloud outside unless they came back & told them to go to the hoh. Alot to keep track of at this point. I even have Chad talking about it. I turned him overe to the bb side. Shame on me. Lol

  198. @KnilJa#26…..Mind your own damn business. I can post whatever I feel is the truth on here from watching BB. Rachel is a slut. No, we will not pick me apart right now because, I AM PERFECT!!!! So there! Have a wonderful day.

  199. @Lynn – Rachel’s a slut? I thought she was Vegas. I’m so confused. LOL!!!

  200. lane apparently has joined the bashing (learning from britti suppose!) so now everyone has heard about scamming rachel out of her $5K by pretending she is safe,ragan is the only one who says its not a good idea!

    then lane tells ragan that brendon called him a “cockroach”? whhhhhhhhat?

  201. Oh SNAP SNAP SNAP! I just heard that production or DR told Matt that if he takes the $ he MUST follow thru with the deal! :O (sorry my sis just found a blog site that is posting all these minute by minute live feed spoilers!) this true Matt?

  202. relax Lynn..that person been at it all day..She (he) tried to bash me n’ several others..her (HIS) perogitive she is evidently a friend of Rachels

  203. The Diary Room telling Matt he has to follow through on the deal is very hypocritical. Get me right if I’m wrong, didn’t Ragan say that the DR was trying to hint about the Brigade. Or, is it because money is involved?

  204. things are getting interesting indeed. trivia again, so noms or what? i’m hoping for what. i realy want them to shake that house up worse than an earthquake

  205. @TheWizardofOz..Rachel is Vegas and a slut, oh, or maybe “ho” is a better word to use, like she did with Kristen on national TV. When Kristen sees her, I hope she beats the shit out of Rachel.

  206. ya Kristi on another site a little while ago nat. from season9 ripped Rachel apart it was real cool.

    • Gnat the rat needs to step off! Does she not know ppl prolly hate her more than raychel? At least raychel won stuff

  207. BB influencing the game is lame as hell!! They realize this cast sucks so much they have to help HG cheat? Rofl sook sad!

    Bb6/7 best seasons ever!!! ^_^

  208. May Matt is lying cuz he doesn’t want to do it. He is trying to be cordial in order to get jury votes. Matt is a liar but he aint stupid.

  209. no kidding torch. can you give me the site so i can see it. also i think chad turned to bb side for the other reason that i told you about in my email. he says i have my spunk back. lol

  210. Kaysarjanelle I was talking about Natalie from the couples season ya know the one done in the winter.

  211. “99 bottles of Patron on the 99 bottles of Patron if one of the bottles of Patron happens to fall 98 bottles of Patron on the wall

    SING ALONG ON THE BBN..feel free to add ur voice anytime..

  212. I’m bored out of my mind. I wish I had the feeds right now… anything remotely interesting happening right at the moment?

  213. 95 bottles of Platinum Patron on the 95 bottles of Platinum Patron… if one of those bottles happens to fall –

  214. watching detroit and angels play will typing hunter and the manager both just got ejected from the angels side.

  215. if one of those bottles happens to fall –

    I hope it hits Boobzilla on top of the head!

  216. torch that was too funny. still laughing. yea trivia is still up i hope it’s the “what” and just not the noms

  217. Yall keep singing n’ drinking…just leave the key under the door mat n’ the porch light on..I will be back in a bit…

  218. If one of those bottles happens to fall, its better you wasted $1000 in Vegas than getting drunk on a few $10 beers… because its Vegas!!

  219. yea torch i will but only post on here. MATT your my favorite site and will always be loyal to you.

  220. I hope so I’m not looking forward to BB withdrawels in a few weeks, but then again I will only have to wait a few weeks for the new survivor to start.

  221. yeah KRISTI..I HEAR THE REHABS IN VEGAS ARE AWESOME…slot machines n’ a fridge full of tequilla n’ Patron…I am soo outta here for a couple hrs…lmao

  222. If Matt had taken the $5000 knowing that he would not honor the agreement, he might be investigated for a fraudulent scheme. That is why BB told him he had to honor the agreement. Also, didn’t a HOH think about doing this in a past season and was told they couldn’t.

  223. I’m hungry!!! I want a Philly Cheesesteak, French Fries and a HUGE piece of Cheesecake!!!! OH! And a DIET coke!!!


  224. hee y’all are funny! 90 bottles of platinum patron…..if one of dem bottles happen to fall… :P

  225. I wonder what Big Brother is up to now that the box has been open, will this be bad or good thing. I hope it’s not another HOH..out with Matt and in with…Brendon or Rachel, then i will know that something up with Big Brother.

  226. hey all im back. i see the feeds are off again… noms? or another comp? and @jcat matt got 5000?

  227. jcat that happend in another season maybe 9. not sure tho. anyone else know? this is why bb has to be so careful with the legal shiz. and everything i’ve looked up so far about the rigging, bb is fine with the reagon thing because production told reagon, reagon told the hg’s and we all know. not saying i agree with what they did, not at all, but from everything i have read so far bb is ok. i’m still researching it tho and will let you know if i find anything else out.

  228. :40pm BBT
    Ragan, Matt, Enzo, Kathy…

    Ragan continues on his quest to cast suspicion upon Rachel…

    Ragan: You know how America votes for things like a coup d’etat? I have a bad feeling…
    Enzo: Why’s she sleepin’ in the Have Not room?
    Matt: I know.. And without Brendon? He’s always around her.
    Enzo: She’s probably doing it so someone will feel sorry for her.
    Kathy: Where’s Brendon?
    Ragan: Hopefully at the bottom of the pool.
    Kathy: You’re funny, Ragan.

  229. @steph
    No, he thought about telling Rachel he would not nominate her if she gave him her $5000. If she gave him the money, he was going to nominate her anyway.

  230. Probably had to stop shooting the nomination ceremony, and start over after Rachel thought there was another Rachel in the house on the block and she told her to “Bring it on!”

  231. 4:50pm BBT
    BB: Houseguests, this is a lockdown. Please go inside and close the sliding glass door.

    Matt takes off, leaving Brendon and Rachel alone.

    5:15pm BBT
    The Screen now says Nominations Today. The HGs are aware. They are locked inside, and with the exception of Kathy, they are all currently gathered in the HoH Room, speculating about what’s going on outside. They definitely heard building noises…

    Ragan you are so WRONG! “bottom of the pool”? wow Yeah nom’s sign is up! :)

  232. thanks torch! and kristi… what ragan thing? ugh i hate having to go away and then come back and be lost lol… i think the feeds were a bad idea for me cause i have been literally addicted to them. i will say though that you see so much more of the game and how the hg’s really are and not what cbs edits you to see!

  233. Hey guys, I’ve been holed up all day since my finals are next week. I haven’t had time for BB posting today. Let me catch up. What have I missed on the feeds?

  234. @connie, that’s some kind of celeb rehab! :P hee* did lindsay (lohan) go there b4? *zing*

    assuming online cams (l-f e e d s) are off?

  235. @ lou… i dont know what it says (ragans tat) but he did say it was lyrics to a liz phair song.

  236. @torch – i am…. lol..i got those from bbdish site…its like a play by play right up to the minute, so i thought i’d share! :P….since i can’t watch or hear, next best thing!

  237. As someone that has a bone disease (non fatal) i find it insulting that Matt would lie about his wife being sick. his wife should be ashamed as well. They are newlyweds aren’t they? They should have a long and happy marriage, they can just lie their way through life to get what they want!

  238. @ jcat ok gotcha, thanks… i knew that matt had said that i just didnt know thats what you were refering to
    @ jadelle thanks, i scrolled ;)
    @ neicy hi;)

  239. I skimmed through…ya’ll are a mess!!! I missed sooo much, and I can’t even stay on here that long today! I still have homework and studying to do :(

    So, we are waiting for 99 bottles of platinum patron to fall on Rachel’s head???!!

  240. i’m talking about when reagon told the hg’s about the brigade the other day and said production told him.

  241. Big Brother needs to bring back the entire cast of BB 11 to replace these guys or maybe have Evil Dick pop out of Pandora’s Box. Something needs to be done to get some excitement into this show.

  242. @Neicy – Good luck on your finals. I just finished mine.

    @Nic – That’s right. Not even an imaginary clone can keep Rachel from her man.

  243. @ WIZ and Neicy…ugh finals….. BB will be the end of me this semester lol (mine are next week)

  244. Has Rachel been sleeping alone in the havenot room??? Awww man!!! Is she drunk yet? I want her to get geeked up and flip out on random HG. Go ahead RachelVegas, make my day!!

  245. the Rachel-Ragan shouting match was kinda cool,she was just showing her classless self to one of the people who actually kinda liked her.

  246. I will watch Big Brother Afterdark tonight, I bet there will be a lot of talk going on tonight. I wonder what’s happening right now.

  247. so how long have the feeds been off anyway? as sad as it is… i stayed in on a friday night just to watch feeds!
    maybe rach had a total melt down and the police had to come in the house… or men in white coats with straight jackets! lord knows we would never see anything THAT cool on the feeds

  248. I hope Bren-doh(!) dumps Rachel after he realizes what a bioootch she is. WE realize it already…why hasn’t he?!? Doh!

  249. @Steph – Good luck to you too. BB almost did me in because I did minimal work until the night before my finals… needless to say, I didn’t sleep for about a day or so.

  250. hi neicy and wiz sorry didn’t see you guys. was watching whale wars. omg is all i’m going to say. if you guys haven’t watched it, you should especially this last episode. crazy shiz. way worse than anything on bb. ok i guess i said a lil more than omg. lol

  251. @ torch… and did you think that when she went in there to talk to matt in the first place she came at him (matt) with an attitude? i mean for someone that was basically asking to not be nom’d, she seemed rude. then poor ragan just got the dragon’s breath!

  252. Did anyone pick up on the conversation that Rachel had with Britney about Britney having her bachelorette party in Vegas. Rachel said brit could stay with her and her roommate. brit asked about the roommate and Rachel said Kristen knows her. HOW?

  253. @wiz- u’re too funNY, not even a clone! *zing!*
    @torch – that would be a delightful thing to behold – ms. red on patron & tequila (connie’s fave! :)hee*

    tho BB house seems to have a bounty of spiris
    this time around! :D

    @kristi – right back atcha!
    perhaps they tink the only power moves will happen while tipsy & discombobulated! D’oh!

    p.s neicy good luck on your exams!

  254. @ wiz ~ thanks :) seriously i have to make it through, then one more semester and i have a very very expensive piece of paper lol

  255. she was really stupid about it and she thinks Matt and Ragan are in an alliance then brenden walks in and adds fuel to it, you have got to go back in feeds to watch it.

  256. @ jcat… i saw the convo but i must have missed the part where rach said kris knew her roomie.

  257. I want Matt to try one of his “genius” plans again that allows Brendon and Rachel to survive another week.

    Then, Brendon should win HOH and nominate Rachel for eviction. After that, we really get to see a show.

  258. Feeds up and Rachel looks pissed. Hayden tells Matt that Rachel has a knife in the kitchen so he better lock his door tonight.

  259. lol poor rach is chopping the crap outta something…. maybe they should take knives away from her

  260. Connie, that’s what I think too…by the way she’s hacking whatever it is she’s cooking, she seems to wish it was Matt’s head.
    Did he take her $5000 in trade for a fake deal?

  261. I wonder what Annie, Monet, Andrew and Kristen are doing right now. I bet they are all having fun in the sun.

  262. Okay, before I get back to work…what was the yelling match between Vegas and Reagan? I thought they were cool???

    Thank you guys for your happy thoughts. BB is going to do me in fo sho! Trying to get all this work done while thinking of BB is giving me a headache!!!

  263. @stinky fish lips – rachel was talking to matt and ragan was there, and she goes ‘well u ca stay ragan since you two are together anyways! *zing* and so ragan goes off on rachel, he leaves, brendon comes in and he & ragan leave to another area and get into it (defending his WOMAN! :P)…and yeah so it seems ever since ragan went to the DR about the *sab* position, he’s been raggin’ on Brenchel! witness my post #339.

  264. @prettyinpink
    Another site said that CBS released Annie, Monet and Andrew from the Sequester house and sent them home.

  265. I don’t know why Rachel is so upset since she told everyone to “bring it on” and Matt did.

  266. @torch & dany – what is she doin’ with that knife?UH oh! She probably DID get nominated!

    p.s that’s great news steph, i did busines admin too then moved into HR. love it! :)

  267. Amazing!!! LMAO @ Jadelle #339!!! This is finally getting goooood.

    I gotta go again. opefully I will be back for BBAD. Pray for me!!

  268. That bitch is gonna actually take her anger n’ bad ass attitude out on Brittney n’ blame her for the nominations…She is sooooo skany..she is such a self rightous piece of shit…I swear..Hope Brittney gives it back to her..

  269. Alright Matt!! Bottle are still falling off the wall. Don’t know how many but the Patron glass must be worth something.

  270. damnnn rachel is a whiny bitch. “i fight hard” well guess what, u woudlnt have had to fight so hard if u would have not disrespected and power tripped on everyone in the house.

    i love her mad, im she pops off, cause anyone in that house will clown the die out of her hair.

    when ever she doesnt get her way, its because of floaters or w/e. shut the front door (u knoe what i rele mean) and play the game. take the shet like a real woman.

    its week 5 stupid, u shouldnt have that big of a target on ur back. but u do, THATS where she eff’d up.

    ima love tonight. and then when she nor brendon DOESNT WIN veto.

    rachel this is for playing the game like a jealous, insecure fool that u are.

    u might as well pack ur bags now.

    u got monet out over some B.S., u called out hayden for no reason and didnt accept a deal, u got out kristin for no reason.


  271. Hey Ya All, just logged in. Tried to catch up on the 400 plus comments, but was in awe of a few. @ Matt “our wonderful moderator” Quick ?? How did KnilJa know that my trailer was trashed? Just curios. Now I must go back to #30 , oops I forgot where I left off. Saw a picture of our little raskankal, geez she looks miserable! Is this whole scheme of Matt and her 5000$$$ for real? That would be GREAT, but it better go to a darned good charity. Jadelle you are FUNNY, Neicy 25, go do your homework. I’ll be hear all night catching up. Ma

  272. Heelloo, is anyone there? I know I’m not in the loop, but ya all got me hooked on this.! It’s late but I work late and I must in a different time zone. Did I offend??

  273. the game is rigged. why would anyone find fault in brendon saying that it is? ridiculous. both the surfing game and the paint game was destined to be won by a smaller person… but not necessarily matt… however, why would production allow matt to receive a letter from his wife in which she goes along with the “sickness” lie and not allow rachel’s family to warn her about the lie the next week???? no, matt’s wife didn’t say “pray for me, i’m dying”, but she admitted on the show that she wrote what she did to help back his lie up… if he can be given that advantage over the whole house then they all deserve the money… game over!!! i’ve always been a fan of the game, but this was a deal breaker for me. i don’t ever really care that matt lied, but to have help from outside of the house means that cbs needs to pay each hg the prize money… and they can afford it. i hope the others realize this and litigate once they are out.

  274. @doubtful It’s a game, a social experiment, a $ $. Matt and his wife may have screwed up their Karma, but they are looking at the $ $ Reality T.V. is the hot ticket right now! I want to know what you think about Kathy, the sloth? Yeah, they are pushing the envelope here, but people are watching! $ $. Please tell me you know that? I am with Torch, waiting for the next “Survivor”

  275. Aloha Trish, it’s tishe, are you studying too? Wow, how young are you people? I am old cuz been there, done that! You and everyone here on this site have way much more than the lame duck season 12 HG’S.I LOVE Big Brother, but this is the first season I really have ??’s. It is also the first time I have a computer! Can ya tell? I want to know, is raskankal going?

  276. will someone tell why it’s OK to talk mean about the BB HG’s, but not about a poster, why is that, If is OK to talk mean about one group of why not another group, I can’t believe that it’s Ok to down talk Rach because she on BB and be mean but OMG you can say that you think it’s wrong which it is about poster

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