Big Brother 12: Week 5 Eviction Predictions

The fifth eviction of the Big Brother 12 season is upon us so let’s get to our eviction prediction! This season I’m going to offer up not only my prediction but also the thoughts from a few of my other favorite Big Brother websites. So check out our Big Brother predictions and then share your own in the poll below.

Ashli Rae will be once again interviewing who ever is evicted tonight so let us know what questions you’d like either Brendon or Rachel to answer. Post your questions below in the comments section and we might use it in the interview!

Big Brother 12 Week 5 Eviction Predictions:

See ya, Rachel! Now what do you think? Share your guess in the poll below!


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  1. Rachel, I bet you think America loves you and Brendon, but they actually hate you guys, how do you feel about that?

  2. Rachel, did you know that there are hair extensions out there that can actually match your hair color?

  3. What is your stance on using degrading women? you told Monet that you don’t usederogatory names, but then you called Kristen a “trifling ho”

  4. If they are influencing the game in any way, they are in violation of US Code TITLE 47 CHAPTER 5 SUBCHAPTER V § 509.

    Look it up.

  5. Rachel is good tv. This season has been boring so far. Without her and Brendon’s shomancicide,what would we talk about?

  6. Rachel MUST go. I imagine if we were in the UK show right now, the crowd would chant “GET RACHEL OUT” as they did back in 06 with Grace. And they would rejoice at news of her eviction.

    @Paul (#10): We’d talk about how bad this season is and we’re looking forward to next year. =P

  7. PAUL – there will still be plenty to talk about even IF Rach leaves the jury house will been shown and the reactions to what happened after they left, plus the drama in the house, Brit Hopefully will get bored with pretending to be her and find other things to do.

  8. i really cant stand rachel. but without her…you have to admit the shows going to be boooooooooooooring.

  9. Call me psychic, but I predict rachel will leave heheh.

    If theres a twist or something tonight that prevents them both from leaving the house I will turn off the tv and not watch this show anymore. I’d rather watch last season again when Ganatalie was HOH her robes of cowardice.

  10. We will wait with breath bated
    To see, Brenchel, not fated
    Paul’s new creation
    Shomancicide: abation
    Will be for what we’ve all waited!

  11. I hope when rachel leaves she gives brendon his balls back. Or maybe he didn’t have any to begin with.

  12. The BBAD talk show was so funny, but not as funny as Rachel going over everything, like she is staying in the house. It is kind of mean to backdoor Brendon, but he showed his true colors, saying nobody has game, they just sit around bashing. Isn’t that what he & Rachel are doing every night ? They are a disappointment as a “shomance”..At least last yr., Jeff&Jordan made it cute and cuddley. Not a sloppy , drunken, half-dressed mess. They are not that attractive to act the way they do. We shall see what happens tonight. But, if she doesn’t go..I am getting on a plane and shooting all of them, and then myself, so I do hear that fake laugh or see those fake tears anymore. Just my opinion…….

  13. Rachel needs to go. She is too much drama and come on she is such a fake crier. I hope they all vote against her.

  14. Alone in the DR they sit
    Julie asks who to evict
    They say without pause
    The reason and cause
    Of strife in the house, “Red’s it!”

  15. @I Hate Rachel, USC Title 47 Chap 5 Subchap V Sec 509 Prohibited practices in contests of knowledge, skill, or chance? Whatever that means.

  16. I don’t like Rachel and want her to go. Here is the thing: I think Brendon is even more dispicable a human being than she is. He is truly a nasty person. But the best way the house could get to them would be to send Rachel out. Brendon is not a formidable competitor and that would infuriate him. He won’t be able to muster the strenght to fight in the game like Rachel would. I loved it when she was saying in the DR that even a monkey could get more pins than he did! Wait until he sees that. LOL

  17. Brenchel will die another day. This season is due for twist, I am hopeful it involves Rachel and Brendon staying!

  18. I know most of everyone seems to think the show will become boring once Brenchal is gone. I disagree, it will finally start to become entertaining. The past few weeks the entire house has been concentrating on getting Brenchal out of the house. Now we will finally get to see the other HGs start to play the game. The Brigade talks about Kathy being the secret 5th member, but I suspect that they will split before then. I can definitely see Matt stabbing someone in the back. Will Reagan, Britt, and Kathy finally start trying to build alliances. It will be interesting to see what happens if they try to start once with a Brigade member. Will the brigade member join 2 alliances, start a fake a fake alliance, or stab the brigade in the back? Things will finally get interesting in the house.

  19. I hope they both can stay somehow too!!! I mean atleast Rachel is playing the game and not just a floater! She’s earned all of her hoh’s becuz she constantly quizzes herself on everything that’s happened. I hate Brit all she does is hate on brenchel! Get a life and find something else to talk about!!! Anyway hope somehow they could both stay but Rachel will be going to jury. Hey does anyone know if we get to see them in jury??? Like do we get updates on then and can they watch what’s going on in the bb house currently???

  20. Rachel really needs to be evicted. She has turned into a very unattractive girl–self-centered and showing a complete lack of sportsmanship. Brendon would really show a lack of intelligence and good character to pursue her any further.

  21. Rachel, you were the most self centered person in the house. Your fake tears and sobs were a joke. Did you really think being a bully would get you further in the house ? You came off as a self centered,low class woman. Your showmance was sickening.

  22. Robin – We only get to see the Jury House when the newly evicted house guest go in so we wont see till the 2nd person goes into the JH, we will then see the first Hg’s arrival an them great the 2nd HG’s then a little game talk about what happened after the 1st left and they watch a tape of what happened when they left. This is how is goes till the last JH member is there. Not much Sorry

  23. Thanks Kristy!!! This is my first time ever watching so still don’t know how everything works! Lol thanks again

  24. I think there’s too much hating going on here. It’s just a show, and these are real people we are talking about.

  25. While I can’t defend Brendon and Rachel’s actions in the house, if you can imagine yourself in their place for a while it is a bit more understandable. Everyone in the house targeted them from the start. They feel isolated and picked on with no friends except each other. They could have handled things better and should have attempted to make friends and allies, bad game play on their part. Rachel can be annoying but she has been on camera more than anyone else, give some of these other house guests that much camera time and see how annoying they become. I have no favorites in this season, probably time for Rachel to go for her own good and without her I hope to see Brendon improve his game play, or he will follow her next week. Just my two cents.

  26. Big Brother 12 Drinking Game. A shooter every time Rachel says (whines) “Brendon”. I guarantee you;ll pass out by the closing credits.

  27. @Cyndi Post #40 unfortunately you are going to see a lot of hating going on in here, most seem to enjoy that, see if you can look beyond it there are many funny and interesting posts also

  28. Robin- your welcome.

    Cyndi- valid point these are real people and while we can all come off as judgemental and crude I think going into the house you have to know that you are setting yourself up to be publicly judged right or wrong. Im not saying its ok in either case but ppl are passionate about this show some of us have watched it since Season 1 myself for one. With that said if you know your on a show where your watched 24/7 ALL your action maybe you should rethink if you should be on the show OR be thicker skinned.

    DD- Valid points, I think if R/B had spent a little more time with the house in the beginning and not making out all the time the HG’s wouldnt have targeted them so quickly but they played thier cards an some times you have to know when to hold an when to fold. Sorry for the poker pun.

  29. LMAO Torch _ may have to see if we have Tv at the river tonight and suggest that to the other girls. Ill be out by 7:15 hahah.

  30. Big Brother would never cancel an eviction on a Thursday (barring an expulsion), and they would never introduce a twist that would stop an eviction. Unless they want to piss off 95% of their fans.

  31. Hmm I wonder, every time Julie Chen has interview Rachel she has had that annoying nervous laugh. If she is evicted tonight will she be laughing during the interview?

  32. When Jeff and Jordan were on BB Jeff stated that he and Jordan were FRIENDS FIRST, then Showmance.That made sense.R they kidding The Brigrades want the house to print their names on shirts as Meow Meow,The Brains and so on.Enzon has done NOTHING! Sunday this was suppose to be the biggest BIG BROTHER EVER.I waited and waited and I am still waiting.The house don’t know who to evict. They say Rachel but at the last moment it may be Brandon. After Dark Matt was pushing hisself on the block[ We know he has the GOLDEN VETO] but the house doesn’t.Read between the lines since THE BRIGRADE suppose be smart.

  33. Hey Lucky Lou, lmao, that is so the way I feel. What happened to Brendans game plan. He saw Rachels big boobs and lost his mind. What the heck. Boys, start thinking with the head on your shoulders not the other one. Stick to the game plan. I was for Brendan but all that sucking face really turned my stomach. Goodbye Rachel, and as Lucky Lou said, give Brendan his balls back please, he may need them later.

  34. This put to who ever is evicted by the House* I care for you both * Brendon and Rachel* I wish you both the best* Be happy you have eachother* Tell them this for myself* Sincerely* caring Joey Keeling

  35. Ic are for Rachel very mich* VERY MUCH* AND BRENDON TOO* SINERELY, JOEY KEELING* I would love to take Rachel’s place* I am the bitch from hell *** hahahhaha

  36. This show will never be without all the nasty drama..Where R/B leave somebody will take their place…I say, lookout for Enzo, I think he’s a time bomb waiting to explode,cute lil Britney is just as vile as Rachael.
    In the future,a twist to the game would be nice. Siblings ? Older players, the older the wiser, seasoned and full of knowledge, maybe sneakier game play..

  37. Rachael, it seems to me that after winning two HOH’s you’d be more concerned in forging alliances in the house instead of alienating all of the other house guests. How did you think that would help you, or Brendan for that matter, advance you in the game?

  38. Late last night Enzo was talking to Hayden abouthow it may be smarter for them to keep Brendon around since he thinks they are in an alliance with them and would never put them up if he won HOH. There might be more drama coming after all. Can’t stand Enzo’s ego for someone who has done NOTHING but talk trash.

  39. sorry all, but i would like to see Rachel in there, alone without Brendon. that would be good drama.

  40. Rachel do you truly believe that you & Brenden are comparable to Jeff & Jordan?
    she of course would say “I think it’s totally OBVI, like, LET’S BE HONEST HERE, me & Brenden are totally BETTER than them.”
    BB please NO TWIST, let Rachel GO!

  41. I feel SO bad for Julie Chen! To have to deal with Wrenchel’s departure while also having to keep track of the House-Guests, specifically Brendon! As he’s bound to be “fit to be tied”!

    I can’t wait!!!!!
    CYA Wrench*!!

  42. I started out really liking Rachel…but dang, if she’s not on some heavy duty meds, she should be. Plus, really I think she have a little alcohol issue.
    Poor Brendon, to be so smart, he sure is ignorant.

  43. Thanks to Rachel I have to watch BB on mute so my ears dont bleed from her RIDICULOUS voice. GO HOME ALREADY.

  44. I would like to know why Rachel had double standards. why would she celebrate her wins but would become enraged when anyone else celebrated their victories. Her goodbye tape to Kristen was very tasteless and vicious, why would she degrade herself on national t.v. , is this her normal behavior? She leaves a horrible image for the world to see, how does that make her feel? I was rooting for them at first but was then so happy to see her go. What does Brendon’s family think about her? As a mother I would be motified to see my son with someone like you.

  45. Kathleen- Rolling laughing at that OBVI!! I am so anxious to see the drama unfold regardless I am glad for whatever reason the house has picked up its hilarious how many post keep talking about how boring its been but ummmmmm according to Network the viewers are up from last time, cant wait for them to announce that we will in fact have a BB 13

  46. Brendon, it’s obvious you haven’t dated much. It shows in your showmance with someone like rachel. what you have is not love but lust, learn the difference and put that education to work!

  47. Rachel,
    why get so upset when Kathy beat you in a competition, when you said all floaters get a life vest after you won HOH? what’s the difference.

  48. Unfortunately i think it will be Rachel going tonight. I am also team Brenchal. I think Britney is funny but her and Ragans rants are always the same. Love the talk show they have going on – what are they going to talk about when Rachel leaves?? And Brendon – ugh – digging his grave sooo deep!!! Stop trying so hard!! I hope hope hope when she leaves that it makes him fight harder for HOH!! I can’t wait for the rest of the HG’s to start turning on each other.

  49. Brendon, or Rachel
    Do you honestly think the two of you can remain a couple outside the BB house, when obviously your struggling in the house when things don’t go Rachel’s way?

  50. Hope all is having a good day!! My question is, who is everyone going to hate next? Who’s going to start the next bandwagon?

  51. I really was a fan of Brenchal. But her voice makes me want to jump from a building. And seriously…Brenden…Are you that desperate? She will be a husband-beater. Jump now!

    Then again, the only thing he has to offer is that he is ‘book’ smart and looks decent. Seriously no common sense and NO, dare I say…male anatomy.

    I am for Team Brittney now. She’s funny…albeit a $%^&* too. But still, funny.

    I could care less which leaves tonight…as long it stops the “spousal abuse”, I’m good.

  52. Who is she trying to fool ? herd Rachel trying to explain her JOB ??? to Brenden he’s an IDIOT ! she’s working at a brothel in Navada . proves how dishonest she is, time for her to go………and my guess Brenden will try to start a new showmance to stay in the game.

  53. @Kristi…I want to hate Matt…but he is playing the game well. I vote that we hate “Kathy”. I think she would make a good fighter…and would keep some drama in the house.

  54. Jp, I agree with Kathy. She’s looking Better than the first 2 weeks. She creates drama & seems to have some fight in her. Reagon & Brit are good for drama also. I have it down to those 3.

  55. Im not jumping on a bandwagon.. Ill drive it though. Just tell me whose name to paint under HATERS OF ……. Ill have to paint a red line thur Rachels once she’s gone..

    Cracking up at the spousal abuse comment, Im not sure Id call it that but that was funny.

    (please note I am NOT saying spousal abuse is funny)
    I am stating the comment and the context in which it was used was amusing.

  56. Oh yeah…didn’t mean the “spousal abuse” comment to sound insensitive. Sorry if that offended anyone.

  57. I think the game will be a snooze after tonight. The rest of the hg’s are a yawn (especially Kathy) and Brit and Ragan are just ugly, nasty, mean mouthed unnecessarily cruel people. Rachel and Brendon are not favorites to me but were at least somewhat entertaining. And while they certainly badmouthed people,it was never with the venom used by Brit and Ragan.

  58. I can’t stand Kathy!!!! She is a big floater!! She is making fun of bren n rach then going inside and saying r y’all ok? She’s just trying to get their jury vote!! I really hope they don’t keep overlooking her!! I think it would b cool to leave both tonite then have a double eviction next week!!

  59. I am a social worker, and I’m curious to know if Rachel has ever been diagnosed as bi-polar, manic or borderline personality disorder.

    I see serious signs of it in her.

  60. If Brendon goes home: Will you re watch the show to see if you realize how controlled you were? OR do you not feel you were controlled?

    Rachel: You ran that house with out everyones consent sinc eyou had many wanting to lie to you to keep you happy and from evicting them, do you act this way out side of the show or is this who you are…basically did you change who youare on this show?

  61. Rachel we be off then Brendon will try hard to win hoh of course if he wins he will put up matt and Matt will laugh because he knows he has the diamond POV so end up with Kathy on block. I like to see Lane on the block because he a big floater. Some kind of relationship Lane (son) of Kathy something

  62. I read on another blog that BB allowed Kathy to eat REAL food for an hour last night because she was so weak. Hmmmm, maybe she’s not playing “weak lil Kathy”. Made me think.

  63. This is the WORST season of BB yet. What were the casting people thinking when they chose this group of uninteresting pathetic losers??? It’s so hard to keep watching. Everyone I know has quit this season but me. I must be nuts.

  64. Does the diamond power of veto give Matt the
    power to put Brendon on the block should he
    win POV next week? My understanding is that
    Matt virtually guarantees Brendon and Rachael
    will follow each other into the jury house.
    Don’t have a bb handbook….what ever happened
    to Rachel going thru Matt’s suitcase? I don’t have the live feed, however, perhaps that did
    actually happen. Can’t wait for tonight’s eviction ceremony….please don’t mess this one
    up bb…..Rachel must go.

  65. Messed up. Actually meant to ask if Matt’s new
    power could put up Brendon should he win HOH.

  66. Rachel, you kept insisting that the men were the real threat, but sent home women both times you were HoH. Why is that?

    You were in a strong two person alliance from day one basically. You sent home or voted against anyone who tried to get between you and “your man.” Why did you play an insecure two person game when you had multiple opportunities to pull in people to your alliance? Why did your social game not work?

  67. If Rachel goes tonight I don’t think she’ll handle being in the jury house alone for a week. I picture a neurotic wreck. Any thoughts?

  68. Rachel is fun to watch. Why would anyone want her to go? There are only two girls left. The guys are not interesting. I’d rather watch a bunch of crazy people fight it out than a bunch of lazy guys siting around and talking about how hard they are working to stay in the game.

  69. I am confused. I thought whoever was evicted tonight WAS NOT going to the jury house. It was my understanding that the HG that gets evicted next week would be the first in the jury house.

  70. I certainly hope it’s a vote of 6-0 that Rachael is evicted. She needs to go. Offering $5,000—–REALLY!

  71. oh well people we keep saying things about all the other HG’s but we all seem to forget lane enzo and hayden we oversee them just like the HG’s

  72. To Rachael: How will you handle it if you find out that not only are you and Brendon not loved by America but actually hated?

  73. If Matt were to use the Diamond POV, the only safe HGs would be HOH and POV winners. Everyone else is fair game. So if Matt chooses to change nominations, he could put Brendon on the block unless Brendon were to win the HOH or POV.

    Note, on BBAD, Hayden,Lane, and Enzo were saying they would throw HOH to Brendon. I am pretty sure Matt does not know this.

    If Brendon is HOH, he puts Matt up for sure and then Matt’s power might be exposed. But since Matt has 3 guaranteed votes to stay, he probably would not use it! Just Saying!!!

  74. My questions are these…
    Rachel: Why did you put others down for drinking when you work in Las Vegas as a cocktail waitress?
    Brendon: Why Rachel? She is by far the least liked!

  75. You gotta give Rachael props…..She really plays a good game and if it wasn’t for her Brendon wouldn’t be where he’s at….

  76. Well the night is finally here. Rachael hopefully you will be evicted. Yes Brendon will go ape on the house guests. The BB drama will continue. Just some one else in the limelight for a change. Who knows what evil lurks in the walls of BB12. Some one else to dance on the table???
    BB production knows that if Rachael stays it will be very obvious that the fix is in. Not good for CBS to upset their viewers. Ratings could take a nose dive. The porn on BBAD is questionable?? Did some one say we had 4 cams to choose from? Hmmm. I’ve turn off the live feeds with 4 cams focused on the slurping romancecide. Yes I learned a new word. Mom and Dad will greet Brendon at his eviction and pull him by the ear all the way home. Rachael… Will the audience boo her entrance/exit? No they have to be polite. Or do they? CBS control your audience. Make sure they don’t have any rotten eggs and tomatoes to throw. Or darts.

  77. Y’all are haters! I don’t LOVE Rachel, but she IS entertaing and I watch BB to be entertained. Actually they have played a good game and I’m sorry to see the humor gone! Now we have to live with lying little smartie pants Matt, I have never been so offended as to his enormous lie of his wife’s ‘terminal illness’! That repulses me! As for all the “back stabbing” why is it that America and the contestants can’t see that the game IS about backstabbing. Yes you can be true up until a certain point. Brittney should shut her f@#$&* mouth. Rachel and Brendon were open to forming alliances and really did work with some people, thats why they are hated, because they have succeeded, unlike some others. Now Enzo not too bad mouthy, but he’s lazy sitting back having the others do the work, he’s the meow meow, that means pussy to me!!! Maybe Brendan should move over haters!! Simple game, bring down your opponants, after all they are strangers!

  78. @lilrascal #104. can’t answer the rachel question. the brendon question i can think of a cOOuple of answers.

  79. @todd #98. did i miss count? 2 girls left… some would say 2 +Ragan and +Brenda, that would be 4. now true, Brenda is on the fence, he could actually grow a pair this coming week and then there would only be 3.

  80. Rachell has played the game and has done more than Enzo and Lane and Kathy have done. Matt claiming to have a sick wife is disgusting and Enzo is an idiot and Haydan is dumber than a box of rocks.

    If Brendan stays and wins HOH I hope he puts up Matt and Enzo and if the POV is used puts up Haydan.

  81. rachel will get VOTED OUT, but something will happen with the saboteur tonite that allows both her & brendon to stay in the house.

    no one will be evicted.

    ragan will then win HOH.

    rachel & brendon will once again go on the block.

    brendon will win POV – use it to take rachel off – lane will take her place.

    matt will then use the diamond veto to also remove brendon – putting hayden in his place.

    hayden will go to jury house.

    it will be a double eviction week.

    britney will win HOH.

    brendon & kathy will go on the block.

    brendon will go to the jury house.

    matt, rachel and enzo will form alliance against britney, ragan & lane – kathy will remain the floater.

    NOW we FINALLY have a GAME!!

  82. I wanted one of them to win veto!
    Not that I like Rachel’s personality and Brendon being pushed around by her… but both of them make the show more interesting to watch!
    Now that one of them is going home… they show is going to be BORING!!!!!

  83. Bonjour BB Post-ers & Nifty 9 Crew! :)

    Question for Rachel – what is the ONE thing you wish you had done differently?

    Question for Brendon – what do you think your family & friends will say when you get home?

    #18 (team abr) :P too cute & funNY! clearly this is YOUR b*day! :)
    your ultimate enemy goes home (maybe) this eve!

    @abby- you’re so hoping there’ s a twist that will result in her staying aren’t you?
    same here lol, the house would be so VEX it would be gr8!

    @cyndi – i know it’s true, when the game ends everyone will remem that,esp when brenchel show up in da tabs, believe it or not they will and the rest of the cast NO one will remem, save Britt & Ragan maybe!

    @torch – he he he, wobble, stumble, drop! that will be a FAST drunk!

    @matt b – u r right, but pissing off fans is also what brings about ratings!
    we shall see, i hope there’s a twist of SOME kind, that keep rach and evicts bren!

    @mary – i thought the t- shirt thing was ridonkulous as well, not sure what they are
    thinkin’ there, not DAT famous budd! just b/c you gave yourselves a stupid nickname!

    @torch & mary – i call him ‘meow man madness mix’ :P *ZIING!*

  84. @kristi – hating will then turn to britt or ragan…they’re not as beloved as they think….

    @kristi w/#’s – i’ll hop in the front seat too! i call gunshot! ( on the front seat that is dont’ get crazy now ppls it’s a phrase not a threat :S)

    @patafterdark – if bren wins HOH, matt can’t use his d-pov to put him up, HOH’s are exempt are they not matt? what’s the whole pt of being HOH if you’re on the block from a veto power? Perhaps Ashli Rae or Matt can explain/confirm details. good Q!

    @steve – that right? all of them agreed to do that W/O Matt knowin’?

    OHHH boy guess that means those 3 will vote for bren to stay then. course those guys are figurin’ its best to allign with Bren in case he wins HOH so they’re not on his radar! I sure hope Matt finds this out, then FINALLY the bro-gade will be broken up! hee* :D


  86. not likely a double eviction tonite or next week unlees Matt uses the DV ..usually if something like that is in play it’s nothing else going down..But u never know with BB..

  87. Rachel must go! However, I’ve never seen such a weak man as Brendon! He must have never had a girlfriend before because how do you fall in love with a complete stranger after 30 days? Plus, I think Rachel is going to dump him once Big Brother is over and they are back to reality. He is so soft and pathetic! I could not believe they were practicing memorizing POV, Head of Household events and games like Rachel is actually going to stay in the house!
    He will be the next to get voted out and they can be together in the Jury House. We they will be together real soon.

  88. I don’t think for a minute that Brendon or Rachel are scientists. Brendon should drop Rachel or she will cyr and order him around for ever how long they stay together. Love the show,

  89. Rachel should go home with that attitude and laugh. She is a pain in the — to have to listen too. Just go home and take a chill pill.

  90. I have never written a comment to BB but I couldn’t resist my comments about brendon and rachel.

  91. I predict neither will go home this week, but their will be a double eviction next week. They will get a chance to save themselves & one of them will, forcing matt to use his diamond veto to make sure they both go home during the double eviction.

  92. Now it’s going to get interesting…. after (if) they get Brandon out next week, they will have to turn on one another. That’s when it will get REAL interesting! I don’t think it will be boring at all…

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