Big Brother 12: Week 5 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

Tonight the reign of Brenchel will end as one will be sent alone to the jury house.  On Wednesday there was much time spent going over the timeline of events in the Big Brother 12 house as most of the HGs believe this will be a game of skill.  Be sure to watch tonight to see who goes home and who will be the new HoH.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – August 11, 2010:

9:29 AM BBT –  Matt and Ragan in the HoH once again.  Do they sleep in there together lol? Matt saying he wouldn’t discount a double eviction because they (the production team) are setting something up.

10:11 AM BBT – Ragan talking to Matt about how much he adores Britney.

10:22 AM BBT – Matt saying he put a hoodie on his suitcase in a certain position and when Rach came in to use the bathroom, Matt came in after her and it was moved around.  Sounds like someone is a little paranoid to me.

11:11 AM BBT – Apparently everyone is sick of Rachel’s stories about Vegas.  Enzo says she makes him not want to go to Vegas lol.

1:26 PM BBT – Matt has HoH camera and is taking pictures.  They do their usual group pic in the cabana room.

3:15 PM BBT – Enzo says his fans will love him if he takes down Brendon.  Well do it then and quit talking about it.  Show us what you got Jersey.

3:42 PM BBT – New sab message that says True Love Conquers All, don’t sweat who may leave tomorrow because neither may go.  Please don’t find a way to keep them in the house another week.

4:04 PM BBT – Rach and Bren are really happy because they think America has voted to give Rach some kind of power to save them from eviction.  ummmm no!

5:30 PM BBT – BB lets Kathy eat for an hour.  That was really nice of them!

6:00 PM BBT –  BB throws a half-way point party for the HG’s.  Too bad they turned off the feeds so we didn’t get to see any of it.

7:32 PM BBT – Ragan alone in the HoH and says the sab message from today was a lie.

8:52 PM BBT – Brigade meeting and Hayden says they should probably put up Ragan and Brit with the pretense of backdooring Brendon.

12:24 AM BBT – Make out session for Brenchel.

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It still looks like Rachel will be the one headed out the door tonight unless Matt uses the Diamond Power of Veto which I highly doubt.  I’ll be interviewing the evicted HG so let me know if you have any questions you’d like me to ask.

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  1. Yawn…glad I recorded all this on DVR while I was playing spades last night while this was on. As expected, same old, same old…nothing new…I see I didn’t miss anything constructive…no rush to watch it on the DVR..I can now list this behind the Cowboys game tonight :)

  2. I want to evict all these lamers and bring back some excitement…some Janelle, Danielle, Jen, Chelsia, Jun and Alison female types

    and some men like Dick, Boogie, Will, Howie, James, Kaysar and all. I would say Mattie to toughen people up but he is the pen for slapping his pregnant gf around and wanting to kill her…what a class act

    this tribe in there now is weak they bore me and make me wanna sleep

  3. “True love conquers all”, Sab said
    And makes Brenchel smile in bed
    They think others will pout
    Not true, y’all are out
    Her face will match the hair on her head

  4. where did Grodner dig up these weaklings?? This is the worst cast ever…the only thing that can make this season any worse is if the Chenster dons that rug she had last year,,,that slanket thing…talk about hideous

  5. hopefully something will go down and rachel will stay and get that stupid matt and ragan out because if matt uses the dveto to save him and ragan, the brigade will be annoyed and target him

  6. I am totally geeking out on Big Brother this season and it’s due to Rachel. She can’t go! Season 12 is due for a huge twist and I am hoping it involves keeping Rachel and Brendon in the house!

  7. Why does anyone want Rachel to stay? So they can see her crying, whining, bitching and just plain being an idiot to everyone? I can’t stand her and the faces she makes get on my nerves so bad that I turn the channel when she is on. She is NOT a nice person and I don’t get why Brendan would want someone like that at all.

  8. Hoping the door stays locked tonight!! Locked door and double eviction in 2 weeks!!! You haters, be careful what you wish for. If she goes, this show is toast. No one else has the personality to keep this show interesting. Britney is close, but not ‘on’ all the time.

  9. Ask Rachel why she likes to degrade women such as Kristen after telling Monet she doesn’t do that type of thing.

  10. @Matt (site procter)
    heres my question for rachel:

    Rachel was my favorite houseguest this season! Do you think teaming up with Brendon so early in the game may have effected your gameplay?

  11. If Rachel leaves tonite Brendon is supposed to go next week.(if no HOH or Pov win)… Which under ordinary circumstances means that all remaining are supposedly safe for 2 weeks…But Matt is thinking of the having the brigade throw the comp n’ let Brendon win who will put up Brit, Regan, or Matt who thinks he will be safe cause of the 3 for sure votes he has also he has the DV..So if REGAN or Brittney go it was not his doing. He wants somebody else in charge these last few weeks so that he looks good in the jury house if he makes it to the end. His biggest worry would be the double eviction cause he may not have backup then as he can’t be sure when it’s gonna happen. Matt is playing strictly for MATT..I do wish that Enzo or Lane would wise up and ask more questions about MATT’S plans and actions..They gotta realize that all 4 ain’t gonna win..

  12. Interview question for Rachel: Do you regret not forming the “super alliance” with you, Brendon, Hayden, Kristen, and Brittany?

  13. The Brigade is a joke. I cant take any of them!

    Brendon is such a whiny little boy with a puss on his face non stop

    Kathy needs to turn to dust or something

    Ragan is starting to annoy me a little

    Rachel is my fav and the only hg worth watching

    Brittany has a good chance at winning… but im suprised that no one wants her out since shes just as strong as rachel in the game. maybe she is just well liked but thatll get her to the end and get everyone else out haha.

  14. Rachel and Brendon make the show interesting. When their both gone the show will be so boring. Don’t care who win after that

  15. seriously Duck face psycho Biotch must go, i wouldnt hit that with anyones package i can imagine how many naked lap dances shes done with 70 year old rich men..what a cow and a S_ut

  16. Ask Rachel where she gets her hair done so we can steer clear of the place if we visit Vegas. Or ask Rachel where she buys her clothes so we can steer clear of the place if we visit Vegas. Ask Rachel her home address so we can steer clear of the place if we visit Vegas.

  17. That had to be one of THE WORST episodes in BB history. Rachel fake crying in the DR with that high pitched voice of her. ughh Then following Kathy around demanding an apology for exactly what Rachel’s done to others in the house “floaters get your life vests on” she can dish it but can’t take it. Brendon and her stupid romance, how can he actually kiss her fsce with all her pimples caked up with that goo to hide them (not working) When Brendon lost the POV, biggest sore loser EVER,
    hot tempered, when he throw that last ball and almost hit someone, it should have, so he would have got evicted immediately. He should be totally embarassed for his childish behavior on live t.v. He needs to go home to Mommy and Rachel needs to go back to her johns in Vegas. His comment about being her knight made me wanna puke. Yeah, the headless one. Don’t get me wrong, the other houseguests aren’t the best either, Britney’s mean, Kathy’s useless, Ragan’s toooo gay, the brigade’s ???, Matt’s too full of himself, but this whole thing with Brenchel is so distracting that it’s hard to focus on the game that should be what’s its all about.

  18. Been wait’ng like a cat for a mouse
    Will this be the end of the grouse?
    Tonight’s the night
    The end of the fright
    Boobzilla’s goin’ to the Jury House

  19. Last nights episode was terrible! The only good part was seeing Jeff and Jordan again and some drama. It was 45 minute cry-fest because Rachel felt sad for herself. Anybody who can’t finish their own words does not deserve to win so good bye Rachel. Thank GOD!

  20. after observing brendon’s bullying in the past few days, and then last night’s ball throwing episode during the veto comp, i’m surprised that CBS is allowing him to remain in this game. whether it’s stress or true violent character coming thru, this behavior far exceeds “game strategy” – look at his eyes… they glaze over and he truly looks like a crazy person.

    brendon is a TICKING TIMEBOMB in this house that i predict will explode at some point after rachel gets evicted tonite. the writing is on the wall with this guy, and CBS is going to be held liable for his actions when he snaps and physically hurts someone.

    it would be in everyone’s best interest if production asks him to leave.

  21. I’ve been following this blog for the entire season and one thing still sticks out to me. There were originally 14 HG’s that were supposed to be on the show and the fourteenth withdrew at the last minute, so the season began with one less member, putting the show a week ahead from the beginning. If Rachel was called to the DR for something she couldn’t tell Brendon, and Matt wasn’t told of the bad that Pandora’s Box contains, wouldn’t it make sense for the door to be locked as Matt’s curse for choosing the Box? The Sab. was a different event chronologically because of the America’s Vote so aligning the three separate incidences into one makes the most amount of sense.

  22. I wouldn’t wanna be the one who didn’t do well on the Butterfly, Breatstroke, or the 400 meter individual medley…this swimming coach would try to drown me or something

    what a lunatic

  23. True dorks says that Survivor season 21 will get the first boot

    the name has been deleted because some people do not want to know spoilers ahead of time. Please keep discussion related to big brother and not other reality shows. Thanks!

  24. if wonder if Coach Brendon “waterboards” those swimmers who do not perform up to his expectations?

    Maybe he is the “mad scientist”

  25. Rachel needs to be gone yesterday! I can’t believe all these Rachel boob huggers come on she is being treated no better than she treated everyone else! Rachel is needed in that house about as much as the gulf coast needs the BP oil spill!
    Go team ABR!

  26. They all act like they’re all going to win as a group or something. Rachel is irritating, but so is Britney, always picking at her skin and being very hateful, Kathy is a big time back stabber. I cant stand to listen to Britney any longer. Regan needs to shut up and quit acting like he’s god and the brigade guys are all stupid except for Matt! Although I do think Enzo has a cool personality, they need to wise up!!!

  27. question for rachel:

    “in the real world, do you always cry & pout when things don’t go your way?”

  28. I have to agree with Trina (above.)For the past three weeks,I have watched BB with my Mp3 in my ears. Whenever Rachel comes on (and she gets tons more face time than any other houseguest), I hit the mute button. This cast is so lackluster. You have to wonder if we’re back in elementary school, when the three biggest outcasts are the Gay, the Jew and the 40 year-old woman. Come on, people!
    BB, please stop loading the house with 20 somethings. Shake it up – how about putting in more than one (sitting duck) 50 year old?

  29. I hope tonight’s episodes starts off by Julie telling us that Brendon was asked to leave by production because of his violent and childish behavior on last night’s episode.

  30. Brendon,Rachel, Jeff, Jordan, Britney, and Ragan all in one episode? Makes me want to check into a rubber room.

  31. What’s up with those extensions?
    They’re really silly inventions
    If she just can’t grow
    Hair like a hedgerow
    She oughtta be happy with buns.

    Ok, that one pretty much sucks.

  32. I don’t know. I was watching the live feeds late last night and it sure sounded like they think that Rachel has some kind of power. They said that first Rachel got called to the DR, then she snuck away from everyone, then she laughed like a loon. I think that this all happened at the same time that Matt’s things were gone through. If production told her about the dpov and she took it…. AND will be allowed to use it, I’m done for real. I get that a lot of reality tv is scripted, but changing the rules for ratings and screwing players over in the process is just wrong. Here’s hoping that I’m wrong.. you guys are a lot of fun and I’d miss you if I stomped off.

  33. “I’ll talk more with Rachel tomorrow on the Early Show”

    up next, the power is back up for grabs

    she is such a bot

  34. If rachel stays and brendon isnt there she might be crying worse than ever. I wish all the houseguest would step up on their game.

  35. Andy, I was thinking the exact same thing, lol.
    Her facial expression would be priceless.

  36. just listening to Brenchel makes my ears bleed get rid of her fast like as in don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord slit ya.

  37. @CT

    I agree. After his little tantrum at the bowling competition he should be sent packing.

    Both Rachel and Brendon should be sent home together.

  38. the only HG in recent memory more annoying than these 2 was that natalie chasing “Mattie” around like a puppy dog

    talk about nails on a chalk board

  39. I can’t imagine why Britney thinks winning veto comps is a good thing for her. Isn’t she worried the others will look upon her as being too strong? That’s really what got Brenchel in trouble in the first place along with their showmance.

    Rachel is not a smart player. You can’t go around lording it over people and throwing insults out right and left then thinking that an apology is going to clear the slate. Really stupid, Rachel. I will be glad to see the end of you mainly because that shrill giggle of yours has the same effect on me as fingernails on a blackboard. I much prefer your tears.

  40. please let her gooo cause if she stays and wins HOH or POV I might have to watch a big boobed redhead in skimpy clothes running through the backyard yelling “this ones for u Brendon”!!!!! OH JUST THE THOUGHT

  41. Cant wait to see Brendons face when he hears how much Rachel trashed talked him in the diary room WHAT A PAWN!!

  42. I find Britney’s imitation of Brenchel’s cheering each other on during comps totally hilarious. You would make a wonderful stand-up comic, Brit!

  43. Throwing the ball in disgust?
    I guess Brendon felt that he must
    Did’t have a prob’ with him
    ’til he got that whim
    Now he’s gotta go… or bust.

  44. LOL Summer the only good part of the show last night was seeing J/J. Well and seeing Kathy stand up for herself I had that same stupid look on my face thr Rach did when Bren was fumbling through that lame speech he gave last night. I couldnt beleive she wanted an appology cause her poor little feelings were hurt that some one actaully did good in something FOR ONCE I might add, but its perfectly ok for her(RACH) to jump up an down with no panties on wrap her legs around Brenden and scream an whoop it up and then tell all the floaters to grab a life vest? HYPOCRISY?? hmmmm get a clue I couldnt feel sorry for her if my life depended on it..

    And I thought Bren was cute at first an would be a good player now I just wish they would make him hand in his manhood and put on a dress. He is pitiful, Knight in shining armour? UMMMM GET REAL maybe he can go to Vegas and work at the Excalibur. (rolling my eyes)

  45. you know rmneimee, what kills me is the uncomfortable feeling i get every time Brendon does something violent, seriously i can imagine how many of the tough boys want to beat him down, we have all been in a situation that regardless how big the guy is the thought of kicking the living S_it out of him crosses our minds, these are old tactics and your right CBS is playing with the safety of the house guests..and that i deplore..

  46. Brendon has made a complete fool of himself.. Tonite we get to see his family’s reaction to his ignorant decisions..That is if any of his family want to claim him…If Rachel leaves He may spend the next week talking to her shaded pic on the wall that dude is seriously in need of a therapist..

  47. good morning summer, ash and others. summer did you enjoy seeing jeff and jordan as much as i did haha just kidding. jordan has dropped a few lbs. how’s barney? i did enjoy seeing the fight on bbad from yesterday. i can’t find anyone i like this yr. who are you rooting for summer?

  48. Rachel will go in a landside vote, because nobody in the house has any balls, their all followers, and floaters!

  49. They fuzzed out her backside on the show when her legs were wrapped around Brendon’s waist and her dress/skirt went up to *her* waist.

  50. He wasnt that violent it was a temper fit an I am sure he was warned about it regardless, but there has been many others instances that were a LOT closer he didnt direct it AT anyone. But I agree Bren is letting things get to him a little much, If he continues they very well may ask him to leave but we shall see. BB has never let anyone stay in the house that was a “danger” to the other house guest.

  51. i personally liked rach at the beginning but that didn’t last long then i liked britt but im over that now too. and the same for ragan. guess i’ll pick lane. kristen was growing on me then she got the boot. enzo is a fabricator he says stuff to the hg that he supposeably said to brenchel but he didn’t exactly all of what he says so he’s off my list of favs. ready for survivor and amazing race here

  52. I don’t think you can call Britney, Ragan, Hayden, and Matt floaters. Britney has proved she is a strong player, and this is the second time it came down to Ragan and Matt in a comp.

  53. maybe he will make out with Rach and put a knife to her throat…like that romantic Justin did

    will u still love me if I kill you…what an idiot…he should be incarcerated

  54. Yes No eye candy she has on more then one occassion gone commando. My thing is this YOU ALL KNOW your on camera 24/7. PLEASE keep your personal habits in mind an try to do them out of site or something GEEZZ and please guys and girls DO NOT go Commando in the BB house.. LMAO

  55. the only reason it has come down to Matt and Ragan in the 2 comps is because the comps were fixed to small fragile people which both of them are. The fact remains that when the going got tough in those 2 comps, Ragan bailed out on both so he wouldn’t break a nail…he has no stones..he is a wimp and floating. Neither one of these 2 can do anything in a real endurance comp and BB stop fixing the comps for the small wimps

  56. awww this is the best site. thank you!!! so excited for the show tonight, it’s gonna be a doozie!!! :D

  57. I agree @kristy281 bren needs to hand in his manhood and get a dress what a whiney lil whimp give me a break lol it was like they switched roles

  58. Interview question: Hey Rachel….guess what is gonna come between you and your man tonight???

    6 votes


    c ya

  59. Torch I was sick to my tummy last night after her (Rach) little act. I am really embarrassed for Brens family and friends, they have to watch him go through all this, and MAYBE will seek help when he gets out cause after he sees the DR sessions and what Rach had to say he is going to be really bad off.

    Im almost betting he wont be at the Finale. But thats just my speculation at the moment

  60. Note to Rachel – Rachel, if you are going to bawl and sqawl and cry in the DR, please try to muster up some REAL tears – it’s much more convincing that way!

  61. I started this season liking Rachel, but now she has become so annoying so kinda happy if she goes home tonight. The way she went off on Kathy trying to force her to apologize! and she was telling Brenden to be classy? Hopefully, when she’s gone Brenden will smarten up and play a better game, but doubt it.

  62. I wonder if Rach and Kristin will “bond” at the jury house??

    now that would be a showmance I wanna see


  63. Sorry guys didnt mean to go off in a bashing tangent. I dont hate anyone is the house, they all have annoying little habits that work my nerves, thats life. I just dont get playing the victim when your the one holding the weapon. Rach has fought I give her that she wins comps, thats what you have to do to stay there. But like so many have said if you cant take it dont dish it out. Learn to play a little nicer and low key OR be who you are and not let what the others say an do bother you but you cant do both.

  64. @NEC #82 – LMFAO!!!

    @NEC #86 – Tonight’s evicted HG will be the first in the Jury House. Kristen is either home or sequester.

  65. NEC – WAKE UP ! Kristin isnt in the Jury House.. Tomorrow night will be the 1st JH member.. LOL (shaking my head at you) Are you sure your not Howie from season 6th >>> LOL you sound alot like him (JK)
    Rach will have plenty of time in there to rehearse her break up talk with Brenden.. All by herself then when he followers her in there they can make up till she dumps him for real at the end of the show.

  66. loved it when kat asked are you going to make me apologize and she said yea…ok how are you going to make a cop say sorry. with my experience most cops dont say sorry too often. but rach was determined she would keep it up until she either said sorry or went insane. but she did whoop it up when she won and glare right at rachel. she should have been happy about winning i will give her that being she hasnt done anything since comnig into the house. but on the other hand rach is tried and convicted for doing the same. each should be held to same standards but rach and bren are held higher than the others. still im not a brenchel fan let me repeat that lol

  67. I have a lil secret….I watch the show but really don’t buy into it…to me the lock down value of these lab animals is what makes for nice viewing..kinda reminds me of the the Planet of the Apes..and Grodner is Roddy McDowell of the apes and these hg’s are the stranded astronauts..

    so the jury or sequester means nothing to me…I am disappointed bc I was hoping for a lil make up lez action but hafta shoot for reunion show now…or maybe when Brit joins her there they can take some more long baths together….lol

  68. The Brigade and Brendon need to get into a 5-person fist fight so all 5 can be removed leavin just brittany, kathy, ragan, and rachel!

  69. #89 nanny – Either one of them is fine with me. I saw the first Survivor ad last night and I’m about ready to move on to Nicaragua!

  70. Rachel can’t leave tonight, D’: She was the only reason I watch Big Brother 12. Hopefully there will be a twist and they can both stay. Well I can only hope Brendon will be extra mean and go home this week. If I were Brendon and trying to get myself eliminated I would try to act like the sab.

  71. also everyone seems to be firm that brendens family is ashamed of him. maybe they aren’t. #1 this may be his first real gf so they may be delighted that he has chosen someone/anyone to procreate with haha and #2 maybe he was raised to be a knight. he has defended her honor and stood up to those who hurt his woman hehe. bless his heart he should have chosen to not attack the gay guy and the bleached blonde before getting info

  72. Rachel should stay! She is the only reason why im watching this season. the rest of them are just fools and dont deserve the money.

  73. morning Kristy still waking up but it’s going to be a great day and even better evening when Rachel goes out the door.

  74. Just a bunch of lab animals anyways…once CBS gets down pimpin em, they cast em to the does it really matter who leaves? At least if Brendon goes, he can get back to swim coaching when the kids return from summer break….lol

  75. Im going to miss it tonight I will be in a drama free zone with some friends getting ready to hit the river and imbibe myself on adult beverages LMAO. But I will be checking updates VIA the phone cant be to far from the real world.

    NEC- Noted Sir, hope ya didnt take that in a negative way I knew you were eluding to the ummm g/g thing:P. Just has to sling some your way. Maybe when all is said and done Rach an Brit will have a make up session just for you :P

  76. Brendon is such a whiny a%%. My Children are swimmers, and he gives swimmers a bad name. Hopefully he doesn’t rely too much on his coaching job, cause if he was my children’s coaches, I would be transferring them to a different team. I think both Rachel and her weekly comment of “if you try to come between me and my man (wimp)” is also disgusting. I personally think the show will be much better without them. And they were the only two I liked at the beginning of the season, now they are the only two I dispise.

  77. After reading all the comments 1 thing stands out form all. The name Rach comes up more than anyone else in the bb housing. To keep good ratings it sounds like bb needs to make sure that rach stays or that she returns next week. You may not like her (I do not) but, she is the show this season.

  78. I could not under any circumstances condone the actions of Brendon if he was my son. I am sure that his mother instilled the importance of decency and using common sense in his life. On BB he has shown no sense of decency and common sense is null and void as to his decisions and actions. Rachel is not his first GF as he was engaged at some period. Rachel
    is using him there is no love there on her part..get real..the love is as phoney as her hair extentions and the dye job..All I can say is for him to be acting as he is she must have some really powerfull stuff between her legs or somewhere..He is coming off as a total is pathetic to watch him continue to make a fool of himself..

  79. NEC – None taken its an ALL GIRL weekend trip. LOL @ Deliverance, we were thinking more about the fact it was Friday th 13th tomorrow. I am hoping that proves to be the luckier of days.
    We shall see if it has effect in the BB house too. That day does strange things to ppl. HAHA Lets see how the HG’s react being locked up.

  80. @BBfan: once bigred is gone we will just go on one person does not make the show, and myself she has caused me to turn off BBaD and live feeds on more than one ocasion. she just needs to go and tonite.

  81. I hate to bash people, but “Brachel” are just pathetic. Look at Jeff&Jordan, they had class. She was cute and shy and made him chase her :) Rachel jumped right on Brendon, because he is a “Scientest”..LOL He isn’t to bright in the romance dept. Did he even have a girlfriend before this, because he has no balls whatsoever. And her DR antics are pitiful. I am sick of the fake cry & pity. Chasing down Kathy last night was just weird. Kathy is a grown women, why would she apologize for winning after losing at everything. “you know I am at my lowest, and you rubbed it in”..get real… (unlike your boobs). Next wk. Brendon can leave and they can spend the rest of the time in the jury house doing whatever they want(you know what that is) then when the show is over, she will dump him, go back to Vegas and be a VIP hostess/scientest….LOL

  82. Tonight is the night we will see if Rachel or Brendon leave the Big Brother house. I bet it will be Rachel not Brendon that will leave unless he did anything to upset the other houseguest last night or any time today before the Big Brother show tonight.

  83. Well…my girl is going to the jury house. Dammit jim!!!! It’s okay- she played a good game!!! I will miss the drama

  84. girls and alcohol at the river…makes me wisdh I was a fish or a frog :)

    the stories I would tell

  85. TORCH – :P

    Graves – I dont think so, even though they know she could be a vote in the JH I wont say is till she is sitting next to JC, but there is still so much animosity there I dont foresee the HG’s editing thier goodbyes. In past seasons RARELY do they, its their way of getting the last word, and human nature has given us ALL that desire to have it.

  86. I went back and watched Rachel’s goodbye video speech after Kristin was evicted. This is what Rachel said: “Kristin, you are the definition of the word ‘bitch.’ Who do you think you are, trying to talk to Brendon behind my back? Don’t ever, ever try to get between me and my man! My man doesn’t get manipulated by trifling ho’s like you.”

    Wow! Rachel knew that Kristin would hear that message soon after being evicted. So instead of saying “goodbye and good luck,” rude and mean Rachel verbally and deliberately kicked Kristin while she was down and feeling sad.

    And yet the unbelievable irony is that Rachel expected an apology from Kathy for being happy about winning their round in bowling. It made Rachel feel bad when she was already down and feeling sad. Well, Rachel, that’s just karma coming back to bite you in the butt.

    I’m so looking forward to when Rachel gets kicked out the door!

  87. Friday the 13th…Maybe Jason is at “that” river…

    you know you cant burn, shoot, stab, or drown him (he has already been drowned as a kid), even Freddy couldn’t kill him….and he has an old school hockey mask that goalies he is tough…better go on the power play…or Jason will get ya on the 13th ;)

  88. Rachel didn’t jump on Brendon cause he is a “scientist” she jumped him cause he was of the male species..It could have been any of the other male single HG’s but Brendon just got unlucky.

  89. Kristy..what river are u going to? Maybe Torch and I can get a submarine in there if it is deep enough and spy cam on your girlies through the perviscope :)

  90. @graves – Actually, she did say she was interested in him because he was a scientist, and he seemed intelligent. IIRC, that was in the first few days in the house, in one of her DR sessions.

  91. @128..well the scientist thing might hold water..but his appearing to be intelligent is out..most assuredly..

  92. NEC/TORCH- Nothing to see here keep it moving HAHA LOL.

    Graves- LMAO yea I guess the other boys ducked and she missed.

    ADELLE- Applauding your post. My point EXACTLY I am not and have not attacked any person but I have said if you cant take it dont dish it out. And she dished A LOT.

  93. Well, back then his vocabulary had more words in it. She seems to have sucked the brains out of him.

  94. We still might wanna judge for ourselves thru the perviscope…if nothing to see with

    what about your friends???

  95. @ No Eye Candy re: #78

    So did Brendon do so poorly at the bowling game because the balls were small, and not actual blowing balls?

  96. he isn’t used to holding his own “balls” because he obviously gave em away…Rachel has em

  97. @Kristi281 – maybe violent wasen’t the correct word but temper tantrum could lead to more serious behavior. I lose ALL respect for people like that. Even Jeff made a comment when he did that, something about insurance. Brendon needs to leave ASAP (but Rachel first) with his tail bwtween his legs, head hanging low, and Rachel, there’s too much to say about her i can’t even waste my time. Both have RUINED this season of Big Brother, it’s a disgrace !!

  98. No, Brendon did so poorly at the bowling POV competition because it was geared to little people and the lanes weren’t long enough for his size 13 feet!

  99. NEC- if you have FB you can add this..

    slinky1_79762 at yahoo dot com

    I agree with you I wasnt defending his behaviour in the least it was childish, but as I said there have been past guest that did way worse that was the only point. I think tempers flare and more so in there but thats where I think screening should come into play you need to be sure the people you lock in that house are mentally stable and there are a few I have questioned

  100. I have a question for those of you have the live feeds. Last night on BBAD, Brittney and Kathy were commenting on how Rachel used Matt’s bathroom and left skid marks and draped a long red hair across the toilet seat. Does anyone know if she really did that or was that set up by the Sab to make everyone think it was her? Either way, if it did happen, that’s just nasty!

  101. how can someone maintain their sanity when u r locked up like a rat and peeked at 24 hrs a day by snoops all over the world??

    not to mention being in there with Brittany’s and Chimas and Natalies and Brenchels and on and on and on

    that is worse than an asylum!!

  102. i still laugh at people that dont realize what dancers like Rachel do in Vegas,cmon take off the rose colored glasses and see boy george like she really is, the only thing that Brenden is along for is the RIDE she ussually charges for, no other reason DUCK FACE GOODBYEEEEE!!she reminds me of those aliens off of mars atacks spewing words that no one can make out meeep meep meep meep brenden meep meep meep im a loser and no one cares meeep meep meepp your after MY GUY , ragan shopuld suggest to Britney to make a pass at brenden and see the sparks fly..lolim betting brenden and rachel leave tonight..

  103. @Malia – hehe that was funny !! @Kristi281 – yeah sorry if i made it sound that you were defending him, that wasen’t my intention at all either.

  104. note to brenchel fans

    both are scientists?
    yet have violent evil tendancys…
    Brenden is about to be an unemplyed one,,as no school would tolerate his antics..

  105. Brit should have taken the $5,000, split it with the rest of the house,take off Bren, ask Matt to put her up,Rachel’s out 5 to 1.

  106. Trish- Ummm you mean some one did her hair?? LMAO sorry.. I guess ummm Ragan? Lane maybe hahaha

    rmneimee- No worries at all.

    NEC- we already KNOW your not mentally stable, but I think you would make an VERY good HG. The chaos would be crazy.

    I know there is plenty of speculations going on about the game changing tonight, no one walking out I have to say that would be a twist but I cant remember a time in the last 12 seasons that happened without JC telling us in advance that the HG’s would be shocked or something. I hope thats not the case tonight.

  107. See video of Rachel on TMZ’s website. She was tring out to be a swimsuit model!!

  108. FINALLY “boobzilla” is going to the jury house and she won’t have long to wait until brendon walks through the door there’ll be a little somethin-somethin at the begining but then the house will become split rach in one side and brendon on the other until the next evictee comes. yes i’d like to see rach go back home to being a chemistry grad student and vip waitress she’ll do very well…not!!

  109. 500K is not enough scrilla for me to be in that house…double it..and I’ll consider it

  110. ummmmmmmm Kristy 281 I don’t do FB or my space or any of that stay in touch nonsense…lol

    I am a messenger or email type…K.I.S.S. is me

    if that is ur email I will drop u a hi

  111. My thinking tonight could be cool. That they vote to evicit Rachel but, when she gos to the door is locked and sabator says u just voted for the new HoH. Then Rachael puts two people up & house votes again that one gos home. Then play HoH for a double eviction this week

  112. prolly that started with Justin the throat slasher..then u had Chima and a few others

    so therapists are needed for that show

  113. I hate that Rachel will be evicted (i’m assuming) as she is the only HG that is interesting (yes, including the fake tears and laugh, etc.); Brendan is booty-whooped so he can’t help it; I guess it will be fun to watch the brigade starting to turn on one another. @ #10, Matt is not gay but Ragan was definitely getting turned on by that slap on the butt!

  114. I so want Big Brother to make Britney & Ragan stop all the vile and slander things they are saying about Brendon & Rachel. Granted I do not believe Rachel or Brendon will win and they have indeed made some unwise choices, but please stop all the derogatory statements. Enough is enough, don’t they have anything else to talk about. I am really surprised at Ragan, he should know what it is like to be slandered all over the place, yet he continues to follow Britney. Not one of the other house guests have said please stop talking in a vile way.

  115. to spice 55
    personnaly i find Brenden a vile and disgussting person with a 12 year old temper and apparently very easily led away by the sight of boobs and empty headed promises, that being said he is a child.. and no doubt im guessing a BULLY in the bar and was in school he deals with jelousy and lack of skill with predominately derogitory remarks about p[eople he does not know (ie midgets and gays) i think hes homophobic as well..

    rachel is a self centered egotistical slandering vain VIP waitress that has the mentality of a 16 year old girl she is also insecure and aparently believe that what she has everyone wants.. Word to rachel its not your house you lost it with all your comments, i picture her sitting in the jury house crying till the game is over, matter of fact? im guessing she will not make it to the final night as she will need to get back to the streets of Vegas and work her trade..

    My opinion of course like yours except i see people the way they are in all of thier falcitys, this is no act by brenchel this is thier true selves..

  116. and also i might add they brought the whole house down on themselves. Matt and Brittney are true to the game and are running things perfectly.. to bad Brenchel couldnt muster up some self control and keep the violence and derogatory statements to themselves.

  117. Everbody who is saying that Rachel is the only reason worth watching the show should go ahead and stop watching. I hope Britney gets far. She is a strong player and she is well liked in the house.

  118. @spice55 , so you want Ragan and Brittany to stop with the comments about Rachael and Brendon, but what about the comments from Rachael and Brendon, if you gonna dish it out take it.
    question for Racheal : Do you Regret the floaters get your life vest comments , or your attacks on other house guest when you won? and thought you were on top of the world, when the whole house played you?

  119. Is there anyone else who finds it hard to believe that Brenchel (in real life) are professional people as in scientist and chemist? Their conduct on this show totally belies that and I think they are both going to be a little embarrassed when they watch the show after BB is over for the season.

  120. The casting this time around is not that great. There are too many people who have no game play or guts. At least last year cast members weren’t afraid to play the game. “Going with the majority” of the house is boring and THE WORST game play a person on the show can have. I wonder what Evil Dick thinks about these conservative players?

  121. PLZ…….can anyone not see that Rachel is as fake as her hair? All this whinning and crying and then going into the interview room and dogging her man one minute and then petting him the naxt. Seriously even though the other house guests are not as dramfied as Rachel at least we will not have to see Rachel and all her fake tears.

  122. If I were a houseguest I would keep either Rach ar Bren to the end, because no one other than themselves would vote for them I woudn’t be surprised if Matt hasn’t thought of that,

  123. If you interview Rachel, ask her if she can hold her head underwater for 45 minutes.

  124. Brendon wont be kicked out of BB for throwing the ball. Remember when Evel Dick put a cig out on someone’s arm and he stayed. E.D. was more of a lunatic then Brendon is…. And I wish he were on this season, it would make it more interesting to watch. I also hope they don’t lock the doors tonight. Get rid of Rachel!!

  125. #169

    Hookers in LV don’t go out on the streets anymore since it is illegal – and besides they all have websites with online ordering now LOL

  126. THese house guest are so so boring.You always need alittle drama in the house to stay awake for BBAD. Bring back the DRAMA QUEEN BB. Too quiet in the house.I wish everytime the HG look in the mirror Rachael pops up in their face,lol Oh my BB is switch the lights off and on! Woke up the house guest they think its the Sabteur playing tricks on them.

  127. The Hg guest were just informed that there were some electrical problems going on behind the walls.They thought it was the Sabateur so they all ran into the living room. They all got fooled lol

  128. It’s hard to believe that the two camps of people in this discussion are watching the same program. Amazing psychological study – both in there and out here.

  129. Now the realgame is going to begin. Yap, it may be dull…But it is funny watching Brendon be played by Enzo. Who is Brendon going to talk to now. I wonder if he is going to take on Rashel’s personality.

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