Big Brother 12: Week 4 Thursday Live Feed Highlights

Yesterday the Big Brother 12 drama unfolded as Andrew made his final plea to stay in the house.  The brigade’s worst fears came true as Rachel was crowned the new HoH once again and Kristen didn’t take the news all that well.  It looks like it will be a long week as the couple on a power trip will once again rule the house. 

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 29, 2010:

8:33 AM BBT – Rach and Bren are up and she tells him about Hayden and Kristen making out last night.  She’s worried about what Andrew is going to say before the vote about the two of them. 

9:36 AM BBT – Rach talks to Andrew and tells him Hayden is voting to keep Kathy.  They agree that Kristen backstabs everyone and she and Kathy are both biotches.  He tells her his speech tonight will be epoch.  (He got to do his little speech and his boy Brendon didn’t even vote for him)

10:23 AM BBT – Enzo and Ragan are talking about Andrew’s speech.  Enzo told him not to do it, to go out with dignity. (obviously that didn’t happen)

10:45 AM BBT – HoH lockdown.

11:02 AM BBT – Kathy adds herself to the Big Brother 12 Nude list with some shower exposure of her own.

3:42 PM BBT – Enzo talking about Andrew going crazy.  Andrew is telling everyone to keep an open mind about what he is going to say tonight.

6:10 PM BBT – Andrew is officially gone and Rachel is the new HoH (get ready for some big time power trips this week). 

6:25 PM BBT – Hayden tells Kristen they are screwed.  She is upset because she tried so hard to win.  They can’t believe Rach won again.  Hayden still doesn’t think America likes them.  (you’d be right about that Hay)

6:33 PM BBT – Hayden talks to Rach and keeps asking if he is a target.  She says you put me against Brendon and you’re suppose to be our friend.  Asking why he would do that.  Hayden apologizes.  Brendon tries to apologize to Kristen as well but she tells him she doesn’t want to hear it. 

11:10 PM BBT – Rach walks into the cabana room where Kristen has been this whole time and gives her a smirk.  Kristen jumps up and goes off telling Rach not to make faces at her.  They do a little yelling and Rach says her middle name is drama.  (it’s going to be a long week)

12:00 AM BBT – People in hoh with Rach.  Not sure why the hg’s are kissing up to the hoh so much this season.   They don’t have to do everything Rach says.  Come on people!  Don’t give in to her power trip this week.

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It looks like Kristen and Hayden or perhaps Kathy will be headed for a week on the block.  We’ll have those results later in the day so check back in for all your BB spoilers.  Is there anyway Kristen can redeem herself and avoid this situation?  I’m thinking not.

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  1. Matt, Thank you for all the great updates last night & today. I hope there’s a way Kristin stays. One of the few adults in the house. By the way, it’s “epic” not “epoch” :)

  2. Inflated egos? Hayden throwing Brendon and Rachel under the bus in the first round? (yeah, he should have been more subtle? Catfight? The Brigade furious at Matt for letting Rachel walk, angry at Hayden for hiding Kristen and wondering how much of what Andrew said is true.

    Best. Week. Ever.

    Thank you Andrew!

  3. I hope stupid Matt is the one to leave this week. He had the opportunity to break up the “power couple” and didn’t. Best scenario for the brigade is for Kristin to not win the veto and she goes home.

    Ragan is playing the best game and should make it far if he continue to conn the homance that he is with them. I vote for Ragan to be the sab.

  4. @William: You’re very welcome. Thanks for being a reader!

    And big thanks to Ashli Rae for the awesome updates this morning.

  5. Looks like as much as Matt’s tactics come into question, his plan owned. Brendon and Rachel aren’t even looking his way. He is so far away from the block right now its not even funny.

    Write me to agree or disagree as I need friends :P

  6. ” Hands” in the Pants Matt suck’s . The guy is a little ” TRUP ” I want to smack the back side of his head so bad, but he already has a ” Brain enjury ” It’s empty. Bet the guy can’t change a tire or paint a wall. Wait until he get’s found out. ” Matt “read my lips” You need to go take care of your wife that’s just as bad as you are. For her to play along with you is not a true love. She should have said how sick you were for saying that & said the words ” I’am So Sorry to anyone out there that my husband has hurt. I promise you I’ll see if he WIN’S he well hand over the complete check. My heart is sick for what he said & I,m nothing like him or my family. We are shameful for him. I apoliage to all he hurt.

  7. Couldn’t believe last night. Rachel,again? Oh boy. Well she earned it. I’ve only seen 2 seasons, but it seems like the people who have power the first half of the show usually get successfully backdoored later on. I don’t know why Matt thinks Brendon is the threat. Rachel is the one winning HOH’s. Sure vetoes are important,too, but he not a threat for HOH. It’s funny how Rachel can’t understand why everyone is after them just because they are a couple, but she was’t very happy to find out Kristen and Hayden are, too.
    I don’t think that the one who will be the sabo is exempted from winning the game. For Annie I think it was, but with the America’s Player they could win it and did(Dan,BB10) and he got money for being America’s Player. The sabo just has to do it for 2 weeks. I’m not sure if Rachel will go for Kristen and Hayden, I think she will backdoor Matt.

  8. I am so mad rachel won again!!! matt is stupid for not getting her or brendon out. what was he thinking. i was sick to see her win again, she is so arrogant!!!!

  9. Matt should have been telling the House his wife needs medical care for her teeth not her legs. It would not be a lie then.

  10. I really do not understand why or how, Rachel won HOH this week. I have seen the video where Rachel slap that button even before she got the Question from Julie Thursday night Big Brother. This is a set up by Big Brother. Just how would a person know the A/before the/Q…I say go back to Big Brother video take a look then tell me what you think.

  11. finally, some fighting in the BB House. There was a bit of a lull their since Annie left. Rachel is having such good luck… she can’t go wrong.

  12. LOL Good one Bob, that is exactly what I was thinking when I saw her :)

    I think Rachel has every right to enjoy the next week as HOH. Smirk in Kristen’s face some more, that B***H needs to go!!

    I am sure we will see Kathy going back and forth, kissing whoevers ass will listen.

    Rachel needs to put both Hayden and Kristen up, because I am sure neither one will win POV, and most of the house will vote out Kristen over Hayden.

    Hayden is there to play and win…with or without Kristen…

  13. Did anyone see the fear in Kathy eyes when Kristen and Rachel was fighting, look like she did’nt want to get into that cat fight.

  14. Rachel and Brendon are going to ruin my taste for big brother , Rachel is ugly and desperate and a drunk

  15. I’ve been watching BB since the third season, and it’s just not clicking for me this time. A month in, and I can’t seem to care about any of them. In fact, this group is somewhat boring compared to the vibrant personalities we’ve had in the past. I hope next time, they get a more diverse cast, (not just “20 somethings”), to spice things up.

  16. I think that Brendan is great!!.. RACHEL, not so much.. But as long as she is an ally of Brendan’s , I want her to stay until Brendan can get into a solid alliance and figure out about the “brigade”. I wish that Rachel would put up two of the brigades.. As for Kristen and Britney, they will self destruct because they are so silly ….. Btw, the greatest player in history .. It is a tie : Dan and evil Dick!!

  17. @Jennifer # 16, I agree the Dick is one of the greats but you forgot the greatest. ie Dr Will. The best ever.

  18. OMG I can’t take Rachel, I literally have to mute it when she is on cause she is just sooooooo annoying. BB must be dying trying to spice things up and then she wins. There is no need to be that way to Kristen. No one was that way to her. Even though she deserved it. Now I have to hear the word like 6 billion more times. PUKE

  19. Poor kristen, what did she do to deserve that venom from andrew? I hope she escapes eviction this week.

  20. We finally got some drama in the house. To many people trying to play close to each other. Never seen a house like this before. With Rach winning HOH again, can make a difference in the house this time, and hope she shake things up. Please don’t be a Matt.

  21. Kristen is a total bimbo. Can’t wait to see her go! she started all this drama now she can take her plastic body and leave!

  22. hey like ovi heheheheheh eh puke!!!! Rachel please stfu you are sooooooo annoying and what is that rat nest sex knot in the back of your head. Please please please someone save Kristen and get that fake nasty skank out.

  23. kristen agreed with brendan about the prenup agreements. Is that the big reason racheal all of the sudden hates the poor girl?

  24. I Love Rachel and Brendon,, They were picked on from the first week and have never been given a chance to be come friend with any one and here’s hoping Kristen gets her dues,,

  25. Bob I’m with you. Rachel is gross and she hasn’t a clue. Drink your Martini and Rossi, cheap just like you. I pray that Brendon gets HOH so his letter from his spanish mother (you know how they are about their sons) tells him that she will never approve of such trash.

  26. Several seasons ago the producers helped one of the HGs(forgot his name, it was the Bunky season) with stop-smoking therapy (patches). They should make a simlar intervention vis a vis Rachel and her devotion to “libations” and other vices.

    Hang in there Krayden! :)

  27. Please, if you will, avoid personal commentary on the HGs you don’t like during your recaps in an attempt to make this site ultimately user-friendly. Some of us do actually like and appreciate Brendon and Rachel and it’s sort of offensive to read every other sentence in a daily recap saying that “America hates them, those power tripping fools!” In a recent poll I saw somewhere online, Brendon was actually the top vote-getter for Favourite HG, which would indicate that while maybe not in your brain, in others brains this PDA couple is not necessarily public enemy #1.

    Brendon and Rachel come alive during competitions and that should be respected. The fact that they chose to wear their feelings on their sleeve from the start should have sealed their fate earlier than this – that it didn’t is commendable in itself.

    The brains these two use (yes, Rachel is actually intelligent while also being ridiculously dramatic) are much more valuable to the kind of Big Brother I’M happy to watch than a show where all we get to see is Enzo’s heritage exploited by a girl who was very possibly Born Yesterday, and a bunch of squirly, overconfident guys dominate the house with what seems to be an impenetrable alliance. Matt said himself that he was fine with dragging Kristen along to the final five, which would mean that this season is already over – unless we have Brendon and Rachel around to a) drive the houseguests crazy and mess with their games, and b) potentially, possibly, crash and burn like most flash in the pan romances do. Most relationships in the BB house are a product of being in close-quarters and have nothing to do with the kind of relationships you can sustain outside the house.

    Long story short, Brendon and Rachel are helping make a lacklustre season entertaining and unique from previous BB seasons, and just because there are Monet-types all over YOUR boards saying they want to punch Rachel in the face, does not mean this feeling is ultimately shared by every visitor to your site. As someone offering the feeds whom I just discovered this year, I anticipated that your recaps would be a little bit more like Switzerland, and allow for your visitors to make their own conclusions.

  28. Come on people! This is a freaking game show. I can’t believe the lies that some have posted on here. I watched the HOH competition and I did not see the so called buzz in before the question. Kristen is just upset because her and Hayden’s showmance got out in the open.

  29. I like both Bren and Rach!! Well i like Rach cause she will take her man as far as she can !! Matt is a twit , and I hope Rachel puts up Matt and Hayden this week!

  30. There was talk yesterday about an evicted houseguest coming back later on. It can’t be andrew because julie revealed to him that matt was lying about his wife.

  31. I think the comp was fair however Rachel and her nastiness is so uncalled for. Kristen isn’t doing anything and Rachel keeps making her snide comments and starting it on purpose. Makes for great TV but only if people liked Rachel. Remember you will eventually lose your power Brenchel. people in this house seem to favor the underdog.

  32. Also I’m confused about the letters the hoh recieves. I thought in a previous season a huoseguest said a family members letter could not reveal or even secertly send a message to help a houseguest in the game. matt wife admitted yesterday that she did just that by implying thaat she was being taken care of to help matt’s lie?

  33. I wonder if Brendon/Matt could have known each other before – why else would Matt have been so protective of Brendon/Rachel? His facials were so insincere anytime he talked about ‘back dooring’ them. AND Brendon talked Rachel out of putting Matt up when Monique went out. Just wondering.

  34. @Abby: While I appreciate your perspective that you want things neutral it’s worth remembering that this site was started by a die-hard BB fan as a place for everyone to come together and discuss what’s going on in the house. So just like other Big Brother fans we also have opinions and perspectives on the show.

    This site isn’t intended to have a journalistic approach to coldly reporting the events of the game, but rather more like an opinion column. I’d never tell readers to not have an opinion on the show, so I think it’s unfair to expect us to be Chenbots when it comes to discussing a show we rabidly love.

    We’re not saying our perspectives are the right ones, just that they’re opinions and everyone is welcome to disagree and discuss.

  35. If Rachel is a chemist and her sister and her are driving around Vegas and saying the chemical compounds in fake tanning lotion. Oh my lord I just decided that I’m god and I’ve realized I knew all of the lottery numbers for the last twenty years this bimbo skank slut hooker call girl escort prostitute. Also anybody can go buy a pair of goggles she is such a dumb ass and also who sends there dog to Canada for dog training

  36. OMG, What kind of ” Drama ” GoldenMisty ” has Kristen started ?. The only drama queen’s in America are # 1- Nancy Grace, & we know she’s not in the bb house & # 2, is the Biggest Whore in the world ,Rachel. Now she’s the only one who gave herself that rep. & it well follow her threw the rest of her life. BB set this up-again with her winning HOH, but maybe they think giving it to her was for the best, because the other house guest are gonna find her out real soon & ship her out to sea. She love’s herself so much that she has no room to let anyone into her life, it’s Me-Me-Me- & oh, Me-Me-Me, until you puke. I cannot see for the life of me how Brandon would even think about taking her home to meet Mommy & Daddy, unless he has no dignety & grace. I can’t even think what kind of a Mother she would be. She would put make-up on a baby girl, & by inplants for her by age 3-months. She makes me sick, but i,m sure there are some out there that adore her !!! And that’s just gross.

  37. Rachel needs to leave that house! And is there such a word called SMAM MURD Rachel sounds WEIRD. And she is not LADY like. Drinks to much. This year BIG BROTHER is not as good as last year.

  38. @Hitsuin I agree with you! haha. I still like Matt. I guess it’s cool to hate on him for not doing what the rest of the house wanted him to do, but he was looking out for number one and it’s starting to pay off. If Hayden and Kristen end up going up, I hope no one uses POV cuz Rachel might focus on Matt again haha. I don’t know who else would go up instead unless some new stuff goes down.

  39. Thank you Matt for explaining that everyone is entitled to his/her opinion on this site. Yet people come on here to attached their fellow bloggers cuz they differ in opinion. There are people who likes Brenchel and that is so OK just dont attack others cuz they cant stand the skanky one.

  40. How many people think Rachel is a alcoholic all she talks about is drinking she is like a crack feign when it comes to liquor I bet a 6 pack of Milwaukee best and your oh so deep in guts get a life

  41. Well said, Matt (#38)…. keep doing your thing. This is the best BB site out there. Opionions are welcome from EVERYONE… including those behind the site.

  42. @Matt – thank you for replying, but I feel there is also a right and a wrong way to editorialize public blogs (it’s public when advertising or ‘cam-kickbacks’ help you run it). Recognizing (and stating) that Rachel is in many ways quite obnoxious is one thing, but very obviously choosing sides is a whole other fishfry. Also, blatantly stating an untrue fact (“America does hate Brenchel, Hayden”) when not all of America or even all BB viewers do hate them is irresponsible.

    In the end, if you’re fine with discussion leaning to the side that you’re on, within your public blog where you are the authority on the show, then it will. In blogs, OP commentary to current events, news stories, etc. almost always lead the conversation directly towards the commentary – it’s baiting. You’re bringing out your supporters and highlighting the dissenters.

    But I do respect that you won’t tell people like me that their opinions are wrong. Because at this point I could spend my whole summer watching Brendon and Rachel bulldoze the HGs until their the last ones standing, because of all the house plotlines, theirs is by far the most entertaining and interesting.

    Andrew said last night that he knew the Houseguests were trying to stick together – no one wanted to be the outcast, which is why they all voted Andrew out. I’m going to hate an entire season of high school cliques without any military-style strategy.

    Plus I really don’t like to hate on TV characters. They’re products of editing, too much alcohol, “I’m on TV” egos, and a desire to be remembered – dramatics are all part of the game and obnoxious players shouldn’t be hated because they just won’t get off your TV. Matt’s lie was a fail because he actually called it the wrong name when describing it to Andrew – that’s why the Doc didn’t recognize the name. Unfortunately Andrew was not a good player, because he could have used that, especially on his way out.

    Alas, no, our biggest drama still remains Brenchel. I’ve committed my summer, I want it to be juicy!

    (I swear I am not trying to start a fight, I am actually appreciating this early morning mini-debate and do not think you should not have opinions.)

  43. Rachel is the smartest one in the house, she will win all the HOHs and Brendon will win the Vetos, and they will make it to the finals. She needs to hurry up and knock out Kristen and hopefully Brendon can win HOH next week and they can put Hayden and Enzo on the block, then Rachel again and put more brigade members up, and just get rid of the brigade. Hayden is a spazz and Enzo is a moron. Kristen is a slut and I hope Rachel boob smacks her like Jordan did with Russell.

  44. @ Abby, I love your posts and I agree with you 110% but it is a little hard to read when you write so much. It is almost overwhelming. I love hearing what you have to say though.

  45. Brendon is one of the nicest guys in the house and I cant wait for him and Rachel to knock everyone else out, Kathy is pretty good too because she is laying low but the problem is she needs to try and win a comp now because she has a target on her back. She threw the last HOH and she even said at the beginning she started off by throwing comps because she wanted pepole to think she was a dumb cop.

  46. I hope that Kathy is chosen to be the Saboteur, she had cancer and she had to get strong chemo which might give her other deadly diseases later on, and her son is in college, she can definitely make it through 2 more weeks because of the Rachel powertrip after Kristen/Hayden, and she will get 20 grand which will help her son so everyone please vote Kathy she can pull it off.

  47. I really like Rachel and Brendon… and to the people who say that Rachel isn’t smart, she totally is becasue the HOH contest was testing people’s memories, and she won. Also, she may have buzzed on the final question before Julie was finished saying it, but thats probably because she had enough clues to figure it out, since the only contest where they were “flying” was the first HOH contest. People should stop hating on Rachel, she may be melodramatic, but she seems really nice.

  48. haha ok for clarity – I’ll take credit (or licks) for posts 30, 47, 51, and this one, I swear I am not spamming this page with even more Brenchel love to try to prove my point (48 and 50) – and yes, I am super, ridiculously long-winded sometimes. I’ll try to keep it shorter as I go!

  49. Hand’s in the Pant’s, is going to get his due ! Hope it’s soon, but most ” Of All ” I hope he go’s out because of his lie, & nothing else. I hope it takes his ” Breath Away ” I hope it’s not because he has got into fight’s or losing HOH, or POV, I hope he has to live knowing, I lost because of what flew over my “Tongue & past My Lip’s, & if he did end up winning, he should give every penny to that illness, & he can’t afford a gallon of Milk. But we all know that’s just “ME” being mean today. I have a big o’l granny Heart & I Love everybody dearly. Butttt- he should learn his lesson. $ 000000000000000000000000 zero money for him & he should be made to clean the building every night with a tooth brush for life, or until he grows old. I sure feel better now , my husband retired today after 48 years on the same job. He worked there from right out of high school,ended up becoming the boss & never laid off one time.Been there ever sence we were married. So now we don’t have a clue what to do with ourselves @ 67. Have a great day all.Gotta find something to do so I can stay out of trouble here !lol

  50. @other Abby, I totally noticed too, at first I was like, “Did I post that…noooo,” but hey, you have a very good name ;)

  51. Im confused. Abby if the discussion is slated to Matt’s point of view, then why do they not delete post that do not agree with the sites “opinion”? If you want a completely neutral website, check cbs or start your own. In my opinion, Rachel is far from the smartest in the house. The sleaziest looking but not the smartest.

  52. I like Rach and Brendon. They are more real than some. Kristen is just strange. Wish I could get the scissors after that dust mop Hayden calls hair. And pleeeeze Matt, get some grown man PJs.

  53. @35 BIGBROTHERBOB I, too, am curious about the letter HOH’s receive. Matt, can you give insight on why Matt’s wife was able to “play along” with his lie?
    The HOH comp seemed fair to me. However, as I was watching, I wondered why they did not have the houseguests keep their hands on the podium/stand as each question was read. Rachel’s was bouncing all over the place, which would have been a big distraction to me. I am an avid game player and am used to rules, I guess. Just a thought.

  54. O-K ‘ Big Brother Fan’s, let write our own bb song. Like ” Pant’s on The Ground ” Start out with ” Hand’s in His Pant’s, ” Hand’s in His Pant’s, Matt’s got his hand’s in his pant’s, Go People, you young people are good @ this kind of thing- Hell- Turn it into a ” Rap Song” I,m just trying to waste this day, husbands home now & I just gotta do something. Guess I;ll do some free work foe the ” Homeless ” or go back into nursing for free ! God I gotta find something ! Fun sounds good.

  55. Rachel should not put up kirsten she has not even done anything. I don’t understand why no goes after the birgade. It will be a waste of her hoh if she just gets kirsten out

  56. @blackgirl #17 – you are SO RIGHT, greatest player was Dr Will. And his cohort Boogie(?) is a close second… the two together were unbeatable. Btw… evil Dick only won because he didn’t play to win and everyone thought “I want to be in the final with Dick, “who would vote him the winner?”. Of course that’s what happened with Dr Will the 1st time but he was smart & FUNNY – he kept saying “I’m lying my a** off & those idiots believe it.”

  57. @DD i kind of agreee….as long as ragen doesnt get put up im cool with whoever she puts up.

  58. Yeah Greg, Mike Boogie was awesome too. remember his fake showmance with that girl. cant remember her name. Chill Town best alliance ever.

  59. @Tammymomoftwins, I didn’t say Rachel was the smartest in the house, I said she was smart and ridiculously dramatic. Smartest in the house is, probably, Enzo (at least for now – he, like everyone, could melt down before our eyes). Right now, Enzo’s playing the very best game – making Brigade deals (ie. actually playing, not floating), laying WAY low, and earning respect from all his competitors.

    As for why I would come here even if I thought Matt was being one-sided, th operative word here is: spoilers. This also happens to be the cleanest-looking, easiest to navigate BB Spoiler site, and in general I feel the posters here are intelligent and as into BB as I am. Stimulating conversation.

  60. @blackgirl – Boogie had two fake showmances, one even ended in a disastrous proposal on the finale – remember Krysta – the one who got the knife to her neck by beefcake Justin in Season 2, I think it was?

    But I think you’re referring to his fake showmance with Erika in the All-Star Season.

  61. NOOOOOO!!!! NOT RACHEL!!! I was sooo mad when she won. And BTW when her and Brendon went up together he motioned to her to take it. I thought that was weird since she has already been HOH. Guess we know who wears the bra in that relationship, and it’s not holding up her tankers!!

  62. thank goodness things have gotten a shake up…was about to start watching reruns of Leave it to Beaver….now we will get some action…should make for a better week. have a great day all.

  63. Rachel may look sleazy but she isnt the one that is making out with another guy when she has a boyfriends. I was so glad that Rachel won HOH. And I was so hoping that Andrew would stay. I cant stand Kristen or the Brigade but then again I usually go for the underdogs. Yes Rachel is annoying especially with her “no one comes between me and my man especially another man ” LOL but at least she is loyal. Cant wait to read more about the live feeds and to see who she puts up on the block. It would be great if she put up Kristen and Matt.


  64. @Millicent #60 – I think because Matt’s wife was not specific to Matt’s lie she got away with it… think about what she said, it was pretty generic. I agree it seemed Rachel was overly anxious, antsy or really had to go to the ladies room. And that’s saying it in a nice way, you’re welcome Judy.

  65. After watching BB After Dark last night I didn’t think it was possible to despise Rachael more than I already did but, I really despise her way more than before. I am trying to figure out why Brendon “loves” her. Is he the type of guy who gets totally whipped by women or is he just stupid?

  66. Rachel will nominate kristen because shes afraid kristen will “take her man” She is trying to get rid of all the girls. She is a jealous beeotch who needs to be evicted…fast. Shame on you matt for not puting her up

  67. @Summer – I think both when it come to her. At first I thought he was too good for Rach but after weeks of being a whimpy boy I’m going with whipped and stupid!

  68. I cant believe they gave rachel more spirits,she definately has a problem with drinking.Hands in his pants needs to go he is as smart as Ronnie haha.Abby its a game show,get off your horse.

  69. @blackgirl *Yeah* Chilltown the best ever “ring.. ring” and Enzo says the Brigade will make history as the best. Hey… maybe closer to worst would be correct. @summer #74 – here a hint, he goes completely goofy stupid because he can’t look her in the EYES, if you catch my drift.

  70. OH and BIG SUPRISE on Rach good bye message. Who doesn’t come between her and “her man” ???Yet another reason that I can’t stand her.

  71. I have switched my name I am Abbylicious the other Abby I never post that much but Abby is the other smart girl with good ideas. But yeah I love Rachel she is the best HOH!!!

  72. I’m just glad that my girl Britney has gone back under the radar for a little bit. I hope she doesn’t get put on the block again by Rachel. I am loving this relationship envy.

  73. @holly dog – if it’s a fight you want, look elsewhere, please and thank you.

    @Summer – I have to admit it sort of shocked me to see a guy who at first glance I would have pegged as overconfident, practically perfect, and loving women kissing his ass to get in his pants turn out to be such a chick about relationships!

    Isn’t it funny that this totally loyal boyfriend who works with kids and actually says what he’s feeling is too much of a loser for us women!

  74. @Sam…i am becoming a fan of britney aswell. I hope she is the one to backdoor rachel. It would be great if they become “bff’s” then Brit stabs her in the back

  75. @Vicky…That would be spectacular. It would be the best to send the drama queen out with the ultimate betrayal, but Brendan will never do it, so a fake “bff” would be the next best. I like your style Vicky.

  76. @Abby #47 – PLEASE back at you – if you don’t like the way this is ran then go to another site. This one is my fav and you are taking up WAAAYYYY TOOO MUCH room with your righteous banter.

    (BTW Matt, great come back)

    Go watch CNN and see if you can’t tell how they feel about what they are reporting. And they are SUPPOSE to be non-bias unlike here.

  77. TO BOB#9: lol I also thought that the second I saw her interview. OMG poor lady. He should have said he needed the dough for teeh makeover and it wouldnt be cheap. Believe me I’ve been waiting 2 years to save for 3 implants. My dads’ “redo” cost 25000 for new teeth and i dont mean dentures. I worked for dentist and see that Matt’s wife needs her upper and lower canines removed and then some braces…She can’t help how her teeth look and it’s sad that we all joke about it. I’m mortified I have one tooth missing you can’t even see so I’m sure she’s embarrassed that her parents didnt give her dental care before she became an adult. Oh Bbrother.

  78. @nadine7601 I wasn’t personally insulting a soul, but thanks for personally insulting me. As a matter of fact I haven’t added fire to my original point for hours now and have moved on to talking about the show with other posters. I don’t see how any of my comments relating to the show are in any way righteous – you’re right that I was being fairly righteous in my original two posts regarding the OP bias but I know when to let something go. Please don’t yell. And when did I juxtapose this site to CNN’s?

    Directed right at Matt and Ashli Rae – if I was out of line, I do apologize, you guys are doing a great job on the look of the site as I have mentioned previously, and I appreciate the amount of content and to-the-minute spoilers very much.

  79. @Abby I agree I love this site, but I dont appreciate the personal commentary. I happen to like Brendon and Rachel because they add lots of spice to the show otherwise we would just be watching the brigade take down all the floaters!! Thanks for your comments Abby and I didnt feel like you were out of line at all.

    It was very tastfully done.

  80. Come on people, lol, Cnn & MSNBC & FOX, HLN, & Showbiz, are all nothing but gossip & to see how hurtful they can be. They ” all stations ” make big money kicking people in the head over & over when someone is down. They poke-fun & are hateful. The news today is not news—it’s hurtful gossip.I don’t watch any news anymore, just my home-town good o’l news, were everybody love you & knows your name.

  81. I hope Brendon comes to his senses. When he gets out in the real world he will see how stupid and outrageous rachel is. She is nothing but a vegas call girl slut and ho. His mother is probably so embarrassed by now she will probably dis-own him when this is over.

  82. HOw come whenver something exciting happens on BIg Brother After Dark, they cut it and go to a dead room. Like when they were having the jam session, they cut over to Kristin just sulking around.
    By the way the jam session was hilarious.

  83. @Abby: No worries at all, you weren’t out of line. I get that feedback each season so I’m used to it. But all the same, we’re going to stick to our guns on who we like and who we don’t. The site is definitely public as I pay the bills to put it out there for everyone and I never silence those who disagree.

    We’re all just fans of the show and I’m thrilled that there are so many readers who choose to make this site their BB home for the summer. It’s a blast to share the experience together every season and I look forward to it for as long as the show continues.

    As far as who America likes, our poll (and site commentary) indicates that they love Brendon, dislike Brenchel, and practically despise Rachel (she was nearly last out of the remaining 11). I think I’d have liked Brendon way more if the was playing his own game instead of being so focused on cuddling 24/7 w/ Rachel. He was my preseason favorite pick and then went quickly downhill once the showmance began.

  84. I think there was a real big clue as to what makes Rachel tick on BBAD last night. She does well regarding the mechanics of the game, such as the actual HOH comp. But her personal interaction with the HGs is where she is lacking. On BBAD last night, she wanted to go in the cabana room to get Britney out of there simply because she was angry at Kristen. Have to give Brendon credit for keeping her out of there in this one instance, letting her “look” like a grown-up. Her high school jealousy mentality is probably going to her downfall. Having said that, it is precisely this kind of personal interaction that most BB fans look for and generates the most drama in the house.

  85. Right on Judy #90- u got my point exactly – and BTW ‘abbey’ I was referring to you original post and was commenting on that.

    Personally insulted?? Okay then. Well, I guess you got ur feelers out. And I can’t help you with that!

  86. @ MATT: Hey Matt, Just wanted to let you know that I love this website (My ULTIMATE favorite by far) and your constant commitment and dedication to Big Brother is SECOND TO NONE!!! I fully rely on you and this #1 website for all BB news and the spoilers are extremely accurate and immediately posted as soon as they happen! A big KUDOS to you Matt! I don’t have a favorite person i’m rooting for this season, but I am curious who you like this season (If any) and why, if you don’t mind my asking.. Again, thanks Matt for your continuous round the clock commitment! It’s greatly appreciated.

  87. Oy vey Nadine, the correct spelling of my name is very clearly available to you.

    Though I do find it interesting that you would bother saying that CNN is nothing but hurtful gossip and then come at me with your typing fingers and your caps lock button and your rude ‘tude. Considering nothing of my point had anything to do with CNN and their gossip cops and this seems quite important to you in validating your point…a point which I’m still searching for, sorry.

    Oh well ma’am, you do you, that’s fine by me.

    @DeFerret and @Matt, I agree with your points 100% about Brendon/Brenchel/Rachel. She is totally in high school, Brendon has game – but Brendon can’t use his best game because he’s too afraid of hurting his girlfriend’s feelings.

  88. The picture of Britney & Rachel hugging is priceless. Rachel has proven an excellent mental competitor, but her emotional game is what will hurt her. Brendon has to overcompensate and forge friendships in hopes of seeming less a target. He’s trying to bring people in, and Rachel can’t share “my man” with anybody.

  89. Oy vey Abby Abbey Absent- i could care less about how to spell ur name.

    If you are going to quote someone then at least take the time to get it right. The point that seems soooo liusive to you is that ALL comintators convey an opinion if even in tone.

    Seems like ur just out to prove me and others wrong. I’m not here to point out the wrongs of everyone, just talk about the game. I guess your game is to do just that however, as shown by your first rant – I mean post #47

  90. why thanks for your response nuhdeene – I hope you can read my tone.

    I never said you insulted me, by the way, I said you were insulting. if you are gonig to quote someone then at least take the time to get it right.

  91. OMG, here we go again, back in school ! Why in the hell do people feel they are smarter then the next. There are Doctor’s who can’t write & spill. Who gives a crap who is who on here anyway. We are supoose to enjoy ourself’s & have fun, but then you get these ass,s who want to stay & teach. Enough of this crap. As long as you can understand it, SHUT-UP,. Many many time’s you just hit the wrong dang key, or someone in the house is talking to you or the dog need’s out. So back off or get off & don’t get back on. Are ya perfect ? I,m not. God get a life besides making yourself look stupid. Enough said I hope. My husband has alway’s made ton’s of money, we have wonderful thing’s & he can’t spell worth the powder to blow him up, & I,m not to far away myself, & I made it threw 67 years of my life. God almighty you college nut’s.

  92. Just another note : No one get’s on here to go to school ! But maybe the complainers, don’t have any common sence on how to enjoy this blog.

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