Big Brother 12: The Andrew Interview

I caught up with Andrew today via email, as the evicted hg’s are still sequestered and was able to get his thoughts on why he did some of the things he did and what he would change if he could go back in time.

AR:  Why did you choose Brendon as your closest ally?

Andrew:  Me and him had the most in common. He’s a swimmer. He’s intelligent. I saw him as me. 

AR: Why did you decide to go after Kristen and start an argument with her and do you really think she is running the house?

Andrew: She has an evil side to her and I didn’t want her to win the money. I knew she had turned on me. Therefore, I wanted to give her up.

AR: Why didn’t you call out Matt on the disease his wife has if you believe it is fake after you realized you were getting evicted?

Andrew:  Great question. I had other things to worry about as I was walking out the door and everyone was screaming at me about Kristen. 

AR: Why didn’t you try to talk to anyone in the house besides Brendon and do you think you took playing the loner a little too far?

Andrew:   I may have taken it too long. I tried to reconcile with Enzo, but it was a little bit too late. 

AR:  If you could go back and change one move you did in the game what would it be?

Andrew:  Making sure Matt gets out of that house. Convince everyone to vote him out. 

AR:   How did it make you feel that Brendon didn’t vote for you to stay after what you did for him?

Andrew:   It did hurt a little bit, but I understand the game play and I still have the utmost respect for him.

Is Andrew right?  Is Kristen really this evil person living in the big brother house or was Andrew just hurt by her lack of attention to him the last few days before his eviction?  I still don’t quite understand the affection for Brendon but obviously they had quite a bond.



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  1. Andrew is a sore loser and I glad he is gone. Kristen had his back more than Rachel, did he not listen to her goodbye speech. Buh bye loser.

  2. no andrew is so dunb black mail was the way to cuz hayden would have gave his and kristen and then told enzo,matt,and lane that andrew knew about their alliance so keep safe so he wouldn’t spill the beans

  3. I think if one of the evicted hg’s are coming back it would not be fair for it to be Andrew and he should not even be sequestered with them because Julie told Andrew about Matt’s lie. I don’t think Matt should have ever told that lie however it is not fair for her to tell the hg’s about it.

  4. damn i rly like andrew and was mad he left. the other hg dont do crap, they just go with the flow. this season is kinda boring…

    BB needs a huge twist and not that sabateur crap… i would personally put back annie, monet and andrew in the house because they were all atleast funny and i would love to see the faces of the other hg. then have double eviction two weeks in arow… that would stirr the house!!!

  5. Janna you are wrong about matt’s lie it should come out because he got help from is wife who lied in you letter to him to help the lie, Hg’s are not allowed to get help from outside the BB house and matt did, thats just wrong, he told the lie and its up to him to get away with all by himself!!!!!!

  6. I truly don’t think Kristen is as evil as might be portrayed (she hasn’t done anything…at all, period, except kiss Hayden and befriend the House Mom!) but I do think Andrew was right in his assumption that she had turned on him (but probably only after he cornered her in the washroom), and I respect his choice to destroy her game – them’s the breaks! Andrew definitely made his bed and had reached the end of his BB road, but that speech was as gorgeous and dramatic as it was totally awkward and polarizing! I loved it!

  7. Andrew has what it takes..He should be chosen to be the next sabateur..He sure poured it on the other hgs..They all were shocked to say the least..haha!! What a BB moment.!! Way to go Andrew..leave em with plenty to mull over..Watch now, they will all be turning on each other..

  8. well let me start by saying this season of BB is far from boring i can’t get enough. I want Brendon and Rachael to find out about the Brigade. They know everyone in the house is after then but do not know who is exactly in an alliance. That would really make things more interesting. ohh yeah and to comment about Andrew he should not have panic, he would still be in the house.

  9. Anderew’s speech was what Big Brother is all about! In REAL life, sure it was way over the top…but the houseguests are a bit far from reality.
    I was also expecting Andrew to go home this week, but I give him props for his last ditch effort!

  10. I agree with Andrew’s decision to shake things up a bit. Rachel’s not my favourite person in the house, but it’s not fair that she and Brendon are the constant targets when they’re not the only showmance and have literally done nothing wrong. I never liked the way they get bullied, so for that reason I hope they make it far and Kristen and Hayden get split. I just wish they were smart enough to see the ridiculous alliance.

  11. Andrew is clearly in love/lust with Brandon. Even Rachel knows this in her goodbye speech. There is a Brokeback Mountain romance there.

    According to the FCC, BB is NOT a game show, it is an entertainment entity, like professional wrestling. The producers can do anything they want to manipulate the show and its outcome. So, putting back Andrew even after giving him the information about Matt is totally acceptable in the producers eyes.

  12. I agree totally with Hamilton Bear. I also have a cousion that is a podiatrist. He is smart but has NO common sense. Glad he’s gone.

  13. Andrew being given information is NOT unfair. When players are evicted, they get to watch the show anyway, so Andrew would’ve found out either way. This is the point of bringing someone back in the first place; shaking up the house.

  14. Julie has told sequestered players about things in the past. Just because she told Andrew about Matt’s lie doesn’t mean they will keep him away from other hg’s. After-all she did it last year too. I can’t remember who she told Jesse or Russell but one of them were told that Natalie lied about her age. That’s how Natalie lost the game. The person she told was heading straight to the jury house. So it does happen and if Andrew goes back into the house….Oh well, it’s Matt’s problem he told the lie.

  15. @Janna (4), I agree. And if the sequestered people do get to watch the episodes, then that’s how Andrew should have found out, not from Julie.

  16. Matt mispronounced the disease when he first told Andrew about it – he called it Melorheotosis. That is not a real disease (it’s melorheoStosis), so Andrew was actually right when he said that he did not believe that Melorheotosis was a real disease, because it’s not. But Andrew was too innocent for this game, and didn’t run with his suspicions because he wanted so bad not to be the Doc.

  17. Could they really let andrew back in after JC told him about matt’s wife’s disease not being true.

  18. I remember now it was Russell Julie told about Natalie’s lie. He went straight to the jury house and told Jesse and Lydia. Jesse was mad.
    Lydia just hated her anyway and Russell was mad she lied too. And when Jeff got to the jury house both Russell and Jesse told Jeff about it.
    The only one’s who didn’t know was Kevin and Jordan. Think about it….Jordan and Kevin weren’t the one’s voting. So the lie came back and bit her hard

  19. opps and Michelle didn’t know. But when Michelle got to the jury house they told her too

  20. I believe its kinda unfair bringing someone back in with extra knowledge of whats going on. The disease thing was a stupid lie, but the Brigade has done great at hiding their alliance and if the sequester hgs get to see whats going on. They will out them right away and it won’t even be their fault.

  21. @ Scott but the lie doesn’t have anything to do with the brigade. That’s Matt’s own thing. It’s still a brigade But that’s BB. Having the saboteur go back into the house wouldn’t be exactly fair either. She already had a target on her back and she would just get voted out again immediately anyway how would that be fair.

  22. Nic #16…. Since when is BB about fair?? Brenchel are targets of everyone not only becaue they are a shomance but also because they are the biggest threats at this point. Rachel keeps winning HOH and Brendon has the POVs. The HGs would be stupid not to go after them. Krayden havnt done anything to be a threat to anyone really.

  23. @Gwen, I think Jury house is different than someone being reenstated in the game. The Jury finds out about most everything (each new jury member brings in a copy of the past week’s episode)and then they make an informed decision about who to vote for to win… they don’t get the opportunity to use that info to go back in and further their own game.

  24. It isnt about being fair. was it fair that matt’s wife mentioned her illness in the letter he received when he was HOH? Or was that considered an outside influence?

  25. I agree with Anna. Jury house should know everything going on to vote for who they think is playing the best game, but for one person to go in and out just about every lie thats been told is not right. Whats the point of sequestering them? I thought it was to keep them from finding out whats going on.

  26. #31… Matts wife never specifically mentioned the disease just kinda played along by saying she has been doing good and all the neighbors are checking on her and stuff…. if that matters.

  27. I think they allowed the letter cuz she never mentioned the illness she just stated everything was going fine and everyone was being supportive. She could have been talking about anything.

  28. Monet and Annie are the only HG’s eligible to come back they wont bring someone back that knows about all the alliances and lies notice annies and monets interviews compared to andrews. these ppl have no idea what they r talking bout look at the past

  29. My thought was most likely Monet comes back and it would be interesting to see if she went after Matt or Brenchel. Also, would Britt go back with her after kind of sucking up to Rachel lately.

  30. kristen is an evil girl to the core…shes a true mean girl that laughs at you and says “I would never do that”…as she sits on her high horse thinking shes better…anyone who has seen her on the live feeds has seen her true colors with how she dealt with andrew pre blow up, and how she lies lies lies…including about her and hayden, which is just SILLY to lie about

  31. if monet came back she would convince brit to team with B and R…she already said that would be her strategy if she could tell brit after she left, she told julie

  32. Teaming with Brenchel is just stupid at this point. The only way they keep moving forward in the game is if they win EVERY HOH.

  33. man !!!!! I missed thurs epidsode I am pissed!!!!! This season is starting to get good

  34. @41 Ya I like the show, but kinda ridiculous how producers control so much. I loved when Janelle was in her season, but she got so much help.

  35. Did anyone else notice that Rachel came out of the DR room and said “I bet this week’s challenge will be a take two challenge. where two people are up against each other and the loser is knocked out”

    and then… like magic…

    that is exactly what happened?

    Rachel is so magical. She should be wearing a pointed black hat or something.

  36. @KEmBrad #29
    You actually sort of made my point. The whole point of BB is not about fairness, it’s about the twists & turns, and bringing someone back in the house is just a part of changing the dynamics in the house so I don’t see it as unfair. Julie didn’t tell Andrew anything he wouldn’t have found out anyway, and the point of her mentioning it was to get his live reaction.

    In regards to Hayden, I disagree with you. I see no difference between him and Brendon other than he’s flying under the radar, so I was glad Andrew outted his showmance with Kristen (the snake). Hayden’s done plenty to become a target, but unfortunately nobody knows his role in the drama yet.

    What I was getting at in terms of fairness with Brenchal is that the Brigade targeted them from the start ONLY because of their showmance (Brenchal has been fighting to stay in the house from the start), yet after finding out that Hayden lied about his showmance with Kristen, they cut him slack. To me that’s dumb and has obviously come back to bite them. I hope Rachel is smart enough to evict Hayden, but I know she’ll probably target Kristen because she plays personal and has no clue of the alliance – something Andrew should have told Brenchal before leaving.

  37. @ Nik – I think that Rachel has it coming because she HAS done something wrong. I can think of two things:
    1. She started a lie (and argument) that Monet and Brit had said that Kristen had Monet’s vote.
    2. She called Matt out in a house meeting when she had made a deal with him.

    Don’t get me wrong, she’s smart and all but they will be A LOT of cheering in my house as soon as she is evicted!

    P.S. I use caps in emphasize the word because there is no bold, italics, or underlining….not because I’m yelling. So, don’t get all “personally insulted” (haha) ;o)

  38. AND I would like to give Andrew Kudos for his speech. He really got things going for us even if it didn’t help him. Too bad he didn’t use the info for blackmail though. I thought it was so funny when Julie asked him why he didn’t and he was like “I didn’t even think of that”. I would have liked to see him around longer for sure.

  39. Brenchel is not a target because of the showmance, the HGs could careless(well except Enzo he is kinda hardup). They are a target cuz they have a strong alliance that is obvious to Stevie Wonder. Unless other HGs are not in it to win, why would they not try to break it up. Its not about the showmance it about the alliance.

  40. @nadine7601 #46
    Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m not a Rachel “fan”, I just don’t like watching anyone get bullied so I’d like to see the bullies get what’s coming to them lol. That said, I like Brendon, but Rachel… I suppose I appreciate that she goes against the grain and I know what that’s like so I respect her for it, but I can see how she might rub others the wrong way lol.

    She’s played the game, so I don’t see anything she’s done as reason enough to make her a target over anyone else to be frank. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying she SHOULDN’T be a target, I’m saying I don’t think she should’ve been THE target from day one. I’m with Andrew in the sense that everyone is targeting Brenchal for their showmance while Hayden is having his cake and eating it too… Not cool, so I was happy Andrew blew the lid on that one – but he needed to out the Brigade too.

    Right now Rachel is proving that she’s a strong player, not just some silly floater like everyone thought she’d be. I give her props for that, but she really needs to dive a bit deeper and take a look at the dynamics of the house and stop playing personal. That brigade alliance is hiding in plain sight and she’s eliminating folks who don’t matter.

    No worries about the caps. I do it too lol.

  41. @Scott #43
    What do you mean that Janelle got help from the producers in her season? What role do the producers play to manipulate the game? Someone fill me in! Thanks :-)

  42. @Blackgirl
    The Brigade said from the start that they wanted to target Brenchal because they are a showmance. That was their words, not mine. Obviously, the fact that they’ve proven themselves to be strong players after having to fight to stay in the house every week has made them bigger targets, but the INITIAL reason for going after them was the showmance alliance… Something that doesn’t make sense to me because they did nothing after finding out that Hayden’s been lying about Kristen. To me the Brigade is the dumbest and most useless alliance I’ve seen so far lol.

  43. Well Nik, that is stupid if the brigade is after them cuz of a stupid showmance. I doubt that. As for them being a dumb alliance i have to disagree partly. They are dumb yes cuz they failed twice to break up the showmance but they have kept a 4 people alliance a secret so far without being targeted so i say that is brilliant. The house is oblivious and that is great game in my opinion.

  44. Let me cast my vote of approval for Andrew having the cahoonas to call out Kristen and SurferBoy’s showmance! He was a goner anyway; why not go out with a BANG!

  45. I’ve told every1 b4 Andrew needed a 5150… Although it was very intertaining to watch.

  46. @Blackgirl
    It’s actually not as stupid as you think, and their logic was correct. If you’ve got a showmance, that equals an alliance. So their logic was to rid the house of any alliance other than the Brigade. If you look back to their earlier discussions, that was the whole point of targeting Brenchal and Andrew (they thought he was in cahoots with Brenchal after he got so excited about Rachel winning HOH the first time – he wasn’t then).

    So here is why this alliance is useless and dumb:

    1) Other than keeping their alliance a secret, they have not ousted ONE person they’ve intended to.

    2) They say they’re going after alliances, but cannot see that they are being played by one of their own members (Hayden – who has told Kristen he is aligned with her).

    3) After finding out Hayden was lying about Kristen (and they were suspicious long before Andrew spilled the beans), they did NADA.

    4) After winning HOH, they were presented with a GOLDEN opportunity to rid the house of Brenchal, and once again did NADA. Now you could say this was Matt’s doing, but if you look back, no one in this alliance insisted Matt put up Brenchal and sort of left him to his own, so IMO, stuuupid.

    Other than keeping secrets and successfully turning the house against Brenchal, I have yet to see the potency or brain power of this alliance. They were right to vote Andrew off, however, because he was the only one who had the guts to pick them off and shake things up, but he was still not their intended target so they don’t even get credit for that lol.

  47. America’s voting for the next Saboteur, so it won’t be an ex-hg. * vote for Lane. I have also thought that Rachel and Brendon have done nothing to be as disliked as they are. Just because he’s good-looking she’s got big boobies doesn’t make them horrible people. And it’s true – they’ve never done anything dishonest or evil. I think the long-time friends are Matt and Ragan…at least, that’s my opinion this week. I agree that Julie (love her anyway) shouldn’t have been the one to out Matt. I hope the next houseguest off the show is Matt. He really is in love with himself.

  48. Here is my opinion. which is worth as much as it costs. (I love that saying)

    I dont mind the Hayden/Kristen hybrid because they keep it behind closed doors, like adults should. They werent flaunting it in everyones face

    The Brandon/Rachel thing is creepy to me cause it is like 2 high school kids running around coloring each other’s names on their notebooks and wearing each others clothes. Are hickeys on the neck far behind?

    WHAT IF…

    2 gay men were on the show. (or gay women) and they had a shomance like B/R and were all in America’s face? What would the producers do? Stop it, or promote it? I sit up alone at night and wonder these things.

    I dont watch the feeds but i try to read them every day. Has Rachel ever invited anyone to play pool? Or talked to any of the women other than in the HOH room? It seems like Rachel sits up there like it is her palace/throne/kingdom and waits for the servants to come to her and beg for an audience with the Queen.

    Again. My opinion on the shomances. And it is worth as much as it costs.

  49. @ Nik #50 comment – I completely agree with everything u said there. The caps comment was a dig at the last secession of chats but sure did chuckle when I saw u doing it too! lol

    not sure if we r in full agreement though – I will have to catch up on the rest of ur post first =)… also a dig (not at u) ;o)

  50. @Hamilton
    I agree that Brenchal may be a bit more open about their showmance, but you do realise that the only reason Hayden and Kristen were so secretive is because they didn’t want to become targets don’t you? It’s not like their keeping it behind closed doors says anything about their moral compass – they stay lip-locked as much as anyone.

    I may not like public displays of affection, but I still don’t think I’d vote someone off over something so stupid. They’re in love (or like or whatever you want to call it lol). I’m happy for them. There’s so much hate in this world, I think it’s great to see 2 people happy and wish more people would stop targeting anyone who’s happier than they are or different.

    Maybe I’m sensitive because I’ve been a “target” most of my life and know what that feels like. I’m not on team Brenchal, but I’d like to see them do well if only to put the bullies in their place and let the haters wallow in self-pity. I’m not sure I have a favourite in the house yet… I’d like to see more individuals thinking for themselves that’s for sure!

  51. #59 HB you have an EXCELLENT POINT there in regards to a ‘gay shomance’. They have totally played out this ting with them on the show with all the air time and I BET they wouldn’t do the same if that were true!

  52. It’s because, as much as folks don’t want to admit it, this country is just as racist and homophobic as ever. I just wish shows wouldn’t reinforce just a detrimental mindset. Even animals don’t discriminate over something as stupid as colour or sex practices.

  53. What bytes me is that this edition had to have their “token” gay man and “token” ethnic woman. And the gay man had to be a big nelly queen. Not that there is anything wrong with it. But they had to go as stereotypical as possible with Ragan.

    How great would it have been if Lane were the gay one? And no one knew it until the very end?

  54. Brendon and rachel r the worst looking sho-mance ever!! It is excruciating to watch

  55. Considering BB’s motto to “expect the unexpected,” I fully believe they would let Andrew back in the house with the knowledge Matt was lying. I also believe that this would make him the perfect New Saboteur. A Saboteur who doesn’t live in the house, but pops in by video to tell the houseguests who’s lying to whom, etc. Part of the gig, if Andrew did do it, would be that he wouldn’t be able to favour his alliances so he could go after Brendon and Rachel, too.

    I all honesty, I think the idea to offer up the job to someone who could win half a mil by promising them just $20,000 to stir up shit and be evicted immediately a la Annie…not a good plan. Anyone who would accept the job is crazy – they’ve already given up their whole summers to play this game, why take a massive pay cut and go home early? Doesn’t sound like much fun to me…

  56. @Hamilton
    I would’ve liked that and totally agree. Gay men are always portrayed as queenie as possible and the gay men I know are nothing like that. They’re professionals and you would never even know they were gay unless they told you.

    They do the same with “black” characters. It’s always someone who’s “ghetto” or has plenty of attitude, when the “black” folks I know are absolutely nothing like this and no different from anyone else.

    These shows, while entertaining, do actually poison the minds of those who don’t know any better and it’s sad.

  57. @Hamilton Bear – perhaps this just really is who Ragan is, inspirational, kind, into kinky sex…in the world of reality TV casting, picking blatant stereotypes is just good business sense. It gives you a chance, before you really have a sense of who the HGs are, to creative a narrative and sell it.

  58. I reckon Rachel would have more fans if she didn’t try so hard to be whiney and “cute”. I think she’s an attractive and intelligent woman and her actions at times are beneath her. I would expect this nonsense from Brit, not her.

    That said, I’d like to see Brenchal do well just to squash the haters and put an end to this ridiculous bullying in the house.

  59. #64HB – you hit it right on the head. Casting stereotypes may make ‘good biz sense’ but this is suppose to be all DIFFERENT personalities. Looks like the cast ISN’T all that different from eachother. I really wish they would have mixed it up with looks and ages. And certainly not just token players as you mentioned.

    I completely disagree that the sab should show up to out evry1’s lies. If the person lies to get ahead and the other players are dumb enough to believe it then that IS their advantage. Kinda the concept here isn’t it???

  60. @Nik – funny that you would expect that from Brit,,, she’s turing out to be quite a little player and I have always liked her. She’s a little mean, but in a fuuny way and she’s cute without acting or shouting about “her man”.

  61. @manic – all the BB epi’s are on CBS (USA), Global (Cdn) and megavideo ofcourse! ya gotta see it! Recaps do NOT do it justice my friend!
    @hamilton bear – if you’re tryin to imply the HOH comp was rigged, whatEV, I mean she went up at least 3 or 4 times for those knockout rounds, ANYone could & should have won and they weren’t fast enuf! Ya snooze ya lose, and these HG’s have been in dreamland for a longggg time! (save Matt & Ragan) there are so many floaters in this game who all VOTE the same and try to be so LOW under da radar, it’s ridiculous! :S. Now with Captain Dru’s speech, hopefully the house will be ready to rumble!

  62. About gay house guests being on the more obvious side of things, remember BB10 Steven Daigle. He wasn’t around long so you might not remember him, but he was very much like Lane, they could be brothers in appearance. I don’t think he got around to revealing that he was gay, think he got voted out second, but he sure didn’t fit the gay stereotype.

  63. @ nik (#50) i agree completely! well put! Not a huge fan of Brenchal, but I completely respect their game, esp. Rachel I mean 2 HOH’s in 4 weeks! The only reason she didn’t win the 3rd was b/c she couldn’t compete and the 1st one we all know was luck by Hayden b/c it was a team event. (Hayden didn’t outwit or outplay he was the last guy to cross for his team lol). I have NO idea why NO one can see that brigade hiding in plain sight it’s weird. They’re so focusing on the obvious they’re not reading ‘b/w the lines’ so to speak. Bizzzare!

  64. @nadine7601
    Yes, it’s funny I say that because it’s true. Brit is every bit as whiney and totally unappealing, and as far as gameplay; WHAT gameplay. She’s done nothing but float so far and can’t win a challenge to save her life. Every challenge she’s whining about being injured and can’t finish. Such torture to watch – hardly “cute” or sexy (real men prefer women and not whiney little girls), but again, I expect this from her and can tell she’s never made it out of kindergarten. Rachel does not have to stoop to such antics and looks ridiculous acting like a 4 year old.

  65. @Jules
    It is bizarre. I’ve often wondered why no one’s gone over the numbers, and how did Rachel not see the Brigade pow wow’s while HOH? Haven’t they got camera’s in there? I would be suspicious of anyone who tries to steer or influence nominations, but I think Rachel has made this game so personal she can’t see the forest for the trees. Brendan needs to step in a bit more and remind her to focus on gameplay.

    The Brigade has tried to steer votes a few times now and NO ONE has ever asked why these 4 men (in the same room!) are telling them how to vote and whether or not they’re aligned… Seems bizarre.

  66. @Nik – I guess I can’t really make an informed commet about her yet since I don’t have live fe-eds and all the air time is taken up w/Rach’s @ss hangn out and kissn face. I just think that her DR comments are toooo funny! BTW how do u know that Rach is stooping? Seems like a pers trait to me!

  67. @ RickDD #75
    He was definitely portrayed as gay… after he was voted off, he started doing GAY PORN. He is now a gay porn star. Not lying.
    It just sucks how the “minorities” are always the minorities on the show. How many Caucasian people do we see compared to Asian or Black? There was only one Black person on this year. One gay and one bisexual. It IS a business to get their target audience, but still!

  68. @Nadine
    I’m pretty sure she isn’t lying about her degree, and I have seen glimmers of intelligence, so to me it’s just an act to get attention, which I say is totally beneath her.

    If you’re referring to her boobs being fake, I’d have to disagree with you there. They look pretty real to me. Rachel is hardly an ugly woman, but I reckon her antics make it hard for some folks to accept her as she is.

  69. Actually Nic , Rachel,s boobs are implants and rather sizable one’s to. I know because I seen her in a Hawaiian Tropic video before she had her implants, and if you ask me she looked a lot better before her implants.

  70. @Torch
    Well her doctor did a fantastic job because I’ve never seen fake breasts with that consistency, and she’s even got a natural sag. I’d be inclined to believe she just got bigger after putting on weight, but that’s just me. It’s really no skin off my back if she does or doesn’t lol.

  71. I know what ya mean Nic but look up that H.T. video and you will see what I mean.

  72. Yeah Nik – boobies on the Vegas ‘VIP’ are fake, and her hair, and her laugh, and her annoying self in general. I believe that she has a degree and I have NO PROBLEM with fake boobs. I actually wanted to like her. It’s just she makes it soooo hard to!

  73. thanks for the info Torch… I have a question though, did she have the same hair then too? just wondering…


    found it and you are right!!! MUCH better.

  75. Interesting, I’ll have a look later on…

    I never felt Rachel was fake. I reckon she’s insecure and obviously tries to get attention by trying to be “cute” and dingy, which unfortunately, has the opposite effect. That said, some folks obviously find her appealing so don’t hate lol. She’s a beautiful girl either way. Not my favourite player, but I don’t think that makes her ugly.

    Nadine, I know what you mean. Given the dynamics in the house, I would love to like Rachel, but for now I just hope she and Brenchal continue to do well. So far, no one’s emerged in my mind as a “fav”… Well I liked Andrew quite a bit, but that’s over and done with now lol.

    I want to like Ragan, but he’s just so darn cliche… ugh, what to do!

  76. Ok… to me her breasts look about the same size relative to her figure. I think I was right and they just got bigger because she gained weight. I think she looks great either way. I never thought she was unattractive and the red hair doesn’t bother me personally. That’s just about personal style IMO.

  77. You know… BB would be A LOT more interesting if they’d stop casting all these stereotypical characters and just put real folks in there again. I know they try to get these characters in there for ratings, but obviously it doesn’t work or they wouldn’t need all the “twists” in the game. If they put everyday folks in the house, I reckon it would spice things up a bit more, as we’d get the added element of trying to figure everyone out and watching REAL dramas unfold.

    Besides, I’m tired of watching all the same folks every season with a token gay, Latino, or “black”. It’s not representative or even interesting. They need to go back to basics and remember why folks enjoyed the show to begin with. The minute you try to MAKE ratings or ENSURE drama, you’re losing the battle and it becomes boring and predictable.

  78. I agree also Nik! I really thought that their concept was to have ‘strangers’ and regular ppl. I never knew that they used ppl from prev reality shows or publicity hoes!

  79. I read somewhere sometime in the past that California has laws requiring a cross-section of the populace be included in shows. A “gay”, a “black” are required. Anybody else ever read this?

  80. @Bullavard
    That’s partially correct – and they do that so we don’t spend all day looking at Barbie and Ken (while that may be great for some, it’s not representative of the populace or even interesting to most folks), but I was referring to stereotypical characters.

    And when I say “token”, I mean just throwing any old stereotypical “black” or “gay” or Latino in the mix for good measure. I can’t be the only one that finds the dynamics borderline offensive at times, i.e., “angry black” / “flamboyant gay male” / “dumb childlike blonde”… It’s getting old and stupid.

  81. @Nadine
    Exactly. I can’t remember the last time they stuck with the original concept and just put everyday folks in the house. And why does everyone have to look like they just left a frat party? Ok, Kathy’s a bit of an exception, but once again, she’s the “token” older person and is hardly representative of her age group.

    Instead of them throwing in a “token” this or that and trying to adhere to a frat party concept, I’d like for them to go back to putting everyday folks in the house. It’s not the end of the world if you get more than one “token” lol, isn’t the point just to throw everyday strangers together and see what happens?

  82. you can catch the HT vid on youtube
    clearly its the rachel
    and clearly those are the best implants I have ever seen
    still rooting for britney
    or the very redneck lane

  83. blackgirl, I post some here and over on Big Brother Spoilers with Chibrad and Skotie.

    ARae – Really loved this interview with Andrew.

  84. I think Andrew, just before walking out the door, should have said that he and Rachel have been friends since the tenth grade and her real name is Robert!

  85. I feel that brenchal is a strong power couple and I feel they will make it very far in this game. On the other hand they should aim to get Hayden and Kristen out because if Hayden had to chose between a brigade member and Kristen he would leave his alliance and also because it would break up the brigade which is a very strong alliance but falty at the same time. Matt is a really strong competitor in this game he claims to be with the brigade but when he won HOH he did his own thing without consulting his alliance. Right now I see the final four as Enzo , Brendon , Ragan , Matt and Kristen getting eliminated will only make it worse on Brenchal because then Hayden will be out to get them even though no matter what gets tossed at Brenchal they always make it through. They have been targets since the beginning and there still fighting in week 4 they’re too powerful and unstoppable .

  86. I bet Rachel shocks everyone and gets even farther than Brendan in the game. He’s still yet to win HOH, but I see the 2 of them making it far with the way they’re playing if they would only realise they can’t trust anyone lol.

    Kristen will be eliminated next, but I personally think it should be Hayden. I don’t think Matt will make it to the F4. He’s not as smart as he thinks, not by a long shot!

  87. Even though Matt continues to play both sides . If Matt was nominated this week he would have most of the votes because he does what he wants but is still considered in his alliance.

    All and all the brigade is dumb
    Matt is playing his own game
    and Hayden is more concerned in Kristen then the brigade
    Enzo and Lane are the real brigade and they’re not acting smart enough to see it.

  88. Pardon if this has been mentioned before, wondering why Andrew did’t tell Brenden about the Hayden/Kristen nightly under cover(no pun intended) showmance?

  89. It doesn’t matter whether Andrew knows that Matt lied or not. It won’t effect anything or anyone if they knew. It never does. Sure they’ll be mad at first but then they’ll just think they wish they came up with some lie like that.

  90. Rachel is the bully! She was an idiot for displaying her showmance with brenden. They created the target on them. Kristen and Hayden are smart and classy for the way they are handling their emotions. The brigade so far are in tact. The houseguest have no clue they exist. Even though they are pretty much in their face with it. So the guys are doing a great job.

  91. The brigade is not going to last we can see that by the way Matt did his own thing while he was HOH they told him to go with Brenchel but he went with Kathy and Andrew and Hayden will fight for Kristen more than he would fight for the brigade the only true members are Lane and Enzo but they can not see that the others are only for themselves.

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