Big Brother 12: Week 3 Sunday Live Feed Highlights

Sundays are the laziest days in the Big Brother 12 house and it was no exception today.  HGs spent their time tanning, eating and talking about who to vote out between Andrew and Kathy.  Rachel and Britney are acting like BFFs and the brigade boys seem closer than ever with the exception of Hayden who is still all about Kristen. 

The HGs may be friendly now, but wait for the Veto Ceremony fallout this afternoon. We’ll post those spoilers as soon as they’re revealed on the live feeds.

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 Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 25, 2010:

 9:44 AM BBT – Brendon telling Matt that he’s not happy with the players who dropped out of the hoh first just to get food and be have’s for the week.  Those are his new targets. 

 10:37 AM BBT – Kathy told Kristen that Rachel let her and Britney know that she and Brendon weren’t the only couple in the house.  Kristen and Hayden were also a couple.  Kristen asked if she had proof and Kathy said no that she was trying to get the target off of her and Brendon.

 11:33 AM BBT – Brendon is talking about Britney and how she is from an “entitled” background.  He is surprised she has such little respect for people since she has traveled and studied other cultures.

 1:43 PM BBT – Brit and Rach laying out together and laughing and talking like they’re best friends. 

 1:45 PM BBT – Matt is burning a bee in the backyard and catches the plastic grass on fire.  They don’t show it on the feeds but Rach and Brit are sitting up watching and talking about it.

 3:06 PM BBT – Andrew and Kathy are talking about being on the block.  Kathy wonders if it’s because of their strong religous beliefs and Andrew is quick to say no.  They spend a lot of time bonding.  She feeds him a jar of baby food and talks to him like a baby and flies the spoon to his mouth like an airplane. 

 4:26 PM BBT – The start of a long conversation between Kathy and Kristen.  Kathy wants to stay in the house and is pleading her case.  She tells Kristen that Rach is telling people that she and Hayden are probably married and the life long friends. 

 10:50 PM BBT – Enzo and Lane talking about getting rid of Andrew this week, how the brigade’s suppose to be running things and it’s embarrassing to just take down Kathy.  ummm you guys don’t think something fishy’s up with your guy Matt?  Hello? 

 1:20 AM BBT –  Ragan is trying to give a straight guy impersonation to Matt and Brit.  It’s pretty funny. 


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The brigade boys are ready to make some power moves to prove they are some kind of bad a$$ alliance. Matt admits he should have put up Brendon and Rachel together and Enzo is making a push to vote out Andrew. Hayden thinks they should keep him to help take down Brendon but come on, you got 4 supposedly strong competitors within the brigade and you need Andrew to get out Andrew? That’s pretty lame on Hayden’s part.

Today is the veto ceremony so be sure to check back and see if Brendon uses his power take someone off the block.

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  1. The idea of Hayden & Kristin being the lifelong friends/partners doesn’t seem possible considering the nature of their conversations when they are alone.

  2. Now this is why I love BB so much. Changes in the house keep it exciting…Kristen and Kathy, Rachel and Brit, Brendon and Matt…and now the Brigade turning into an alliance of two between Lane and Enzo, since, Hayden is questioned by his relationship with Kristen, and Matt is questioned by his actions as HOH.

    Personally, I think it would be best to get rid of Kathy, she is a little more backstabbing then Andrew is.

  3. Brittny is the backstabber. She has talked bad about every person in the house since day one. And she has thus influenced others. Her & Ray-chel need to go next! I am hoping Brendon is going to use the POV this way he will backdoor one of them.

  4. Kristen is not at all like I thought she would be. In the first CBS promo interviews, she seemed out going and aggressive. But she actually is a very reserved and sweet person.

  5. Dirtiest game of BB i have ever watched! Do not finish watching any shotime episodes. To much filth and to much perriest and so to much of Rachel showing off her body.So sick of the way production allows this mess to go on. See ya!

  6. As I recall, wasn’t Kathy’s vote a protest vote or something? I thought she told Brachel that she wasn’t going to vote for Monet as a way of saying you can’t always tell me what to do. Seems to me that she should explain this to Matt and it might improve her chances of staying in the house.

  7. I think that Kathy is definitly a better player. I don’t feel like Andrew is really playing the game. I want Kathy to stay and see what she has up her sleeve.

  8. @ ashli rae, um i agree, how come lane & enzo haven’t realized somethin’s up with their brigade guy matt? i mean he SHOULD have put up Bren or Rach but didn’t, gee doesn’t that ring ANY bells in their supposedly brigade bombin’ brains? :P. Hay doesnt’ care he’s all up on Kris (literally & figuratively) so he’s distracted and feels he has now work to do, since Matt is HOH. As for Lane he’s coasting…and Enzo’s he’s yappin’ that’s IT. Matt seems disillusioned by the Brigade, if you hear him talk, I mean he didn’t even listen when they said who to put up, good to know he has a mind of his own, crooked and wicked as it may be. lol. Kathy feeding Andrew baby food? Huh! Can’t wait for VETO comp. Bren – let Andrew worry about himself, you need to keep your ally off the block. Matt is so cocky he must think he’s ‘Boogie’ from a previous season, or ‘Dr. Will’. what a JOKE that is!

  9. there is something not on the up n’ up with that girl Kristen..she is one more sneaky broad…n’ I have never understood why the HOH tells people ” vote my way or get out..People can vote for the person of their choice..On what season was the ‘vote my way” rule started??? And CBS should curb the sex antics it is actually sickening to watch (constantly) Rachel lap dance Brendon..The girl has no self respect n’ is acting like a total sleeze. To think that CBS got protest letters for airing Victoria’s Secrets fashion show n’ (at that time) did not air it but yet they allow R&B to act trashy…go figure..

  10. Can Bren put Brit on the block with his veto or can he just pull someone off and Matt put someone up

  11. Time for the Brigade boys to have a heart to heart with Matt. This wildcard act of his is going to mess them up big time. Since there is no way Brendan is going to use the veto and expose himself and the dumb redhead, Matt’s nonsense leaves them no choice but to take out a VERY WEAK Kathy! As I said last week the Brigade needs to use this to secure Andrew since they obviously can’t trust Matt and hope they can win another HOH next week and take care of some real business! Matt is an idiot!

  12. Is that Rachel stupid or she is stupid…Does she really think because she n’ Brendon have slobbering fest n’ grouping sessions n’ are a “showmance” is why the HG’S want them booted?? Nobody cares if they are hooked up is their actions especially “HERS” that is going against the 2 of them..Brendon better wise up or let her get voted off..

  13. OH lets do a poll How many of u think that Brendon ( if it comes to making a choice) will give up a shot at $500,000 just to bed Rachel?? My vote is He go for the bucks…lmao..

  14. I agree with you Connie. Rachel told Julie she would take Brendan over the money. I bet Brendan (I love him to death but he is a man) would pick the money. Get rid of Rachel Brendan, she is the one making everyone not like you.

  15. kathy says she wont throw anyone under the bus, yet thats is exactly what she is doing.

    she is pathetic is all forms of the word. her gameplay is non existent.

    britney is trying not to make the same mistake monet did by ignoring rachel. because clearly if u ignore rachel, u are coming after he and one of the strongest players in the house.

    the brigade should be embarrassed. u guys were going to get rid of kathy? really? REALLY? ur going to get rid of the person who does NOTHING, and will never win anything? honestly she will have cancer again before she wins anything at the rate she be smoking.


    and brendon is an idiot. i dont know how someone who doesnt talk to anyone feels the need to criticize everyone other houseguest like he is the real deal.

    it was so funny last night when enzo, and lane were pokin fun at themselves for thinking to get rid of kathy. somebody’s hella cracking. no food for almost two weeks? lol


  16. This season is hard for me. I usually have already picked a favorite, but I have none. I can pick who I don’t like. Normally, the players really don’t start playing till the evicted go to the jury house. It seems different this time. It seems they are getting rid of the weak players first. Aren’t they going to keep anyone who they are sure they can beat? Too bad Kathy, but I think her days are numbered in the house. That’s what you get for not competing. She could have at least won POV and tried to save herself.

  17. You know, this season seems so not there. The only “real” player this season is Ragan. He will probably win and I hope so!

  18. I don’t know what everyone is talking about when it comes to the Brigade! So far, the brigade has been successful in everything that they have attempted to do – not to mention that they have pretty much stayed together and loyal to each other. All of them, at least for what is shown on TV, have done a perfect job at leaving no hints of an alliance, that alone is a feat that most cannot win. Matt should have listened to them, however, just because he didn’t doesn’t mean that he isn’t loyal to the alliance. For the simple fact that they (so far) have been loyal to each other and kept their alliance a secret, I’m rooting for the Brigade – most alliances, esp. when started at the beginning of the game, would’ve fallen completely apart by now!! The Brigade are the best alliance thus far, Brendon is one of the best physical players and Ragen & Andrew appear to be the most honest ones in the house.

  19. Also, even though it seems to be stupid to most, even if the Brigade can ‘only’ take out Kathy, that is still a plus! Every season up to this point, weak players have slipped through under the radar and EVERY SEASON houseguests towards the end WHINE about how so-and-so didn’t win anything yada yada yada. Well, this season it appears that weak players are getting the boot. If Kathy is evicted, though it may seem “pathetic” now, at least at the end stronger players will be left. I never did understand the theory of leaving weak players, I mean almost every season has proven that not only will they slide through, they often get far for DOING NOTHING and sometimes even win!! Switch it up, kick out the weaklinks early and see what happens, it’s never been done before and at least you know your opposer EARNED their seat next to you and just didn’t float.

  20. I SO hope somehow Matt can get Brendon to use the POV, Brendon is dumb enough to fall for a lie but I can’t imagine what Matt could come up with to encourage him to use the veto. If by some magic the POV is used, one of the best backdoor strategies in the history of the game could ensue.

  21. @jlg
    THAT’s what I’ve been saying for two days. Matt needs to get Brendon to use the POV, by convincing him that Rachel is safe, and then put her up anyway. The only way to get them out right now is to trick them into believing that you’re on their side. Matt could tell them that he wants to put up Hayden, Kristen or Lane because they’re being dishonest…
    If he could do that, the game will finally start being played the way it’s meant to be played. And, I might find somebody to root for, instead of rooting against…

  22. is anyone hearing kathy right now?!?!?!

    is she freakin drunk? or is she high, which one?? she is talking how rachel was being buddy-buddy with HER, um NO it was for sure the other way around.

    she said she is a big threat, anda tough competitor. umm wait a minute.. WHAT? the only thing she is in the game is a pawn. that a the house maid

    how dare she think she will win the HOH. the questions could be about history, and she’d still loose.

    she said she voted against the house (voting for monet to stay) because she can think for herself. once again, UMMMM NO! u werent going to vote for monet to stay until the house meeting, and u only changed ur vote because matt looked “shady” in house meeting.

    u turned ur back on britney and monet, the chicks who took u in like the old looking dog u are, and BRachel didnt even put up, and now ur gonna for them? oh yea thats cuz its the popular thing in the house right now

    go check the laundry or something, go make the beds.

    she wouldnt win a smoking comp, and she smokes like 5 cigs a day. there must be NO CRIME in the town she is a deputy for, she wouldnt stop anyone, even in a dodge charger haha

    again i ask, how did she get on the show?

  23. I think the brigade will eventually be split into two with just lane and enzo, Hayden doesnt care and Matt is a liar (not to mention Britney,Kathy, and Andrew said they will be after him) kudos to Britney for making herself not a target anymore. honestly i think andrew might be going. even though a lot of people like him (?) he is still a stronger competitor than Kathy. Lane, Enzo, Hayden want him out (kristen wil most likely vote the same) and rachel wants him out becuz she thinks she is a target to him. I noticed a lot of people are saying Kathy is weak, this is questionable. she has been purposely throwing challenges to make herself seem weak and thereby less of a target. If she makes it to jury, im sure she is going to be playing at full strength (she said it herself she will keep throwing challenges) the only reason she is nominated is because she voted against matt during the week monet was evicted.

  24. @ Marcus
    I know, right? Kathy saying how she’ll win HoH next week and put up B/R. REally? how the h*ll does she think she’ll win? (The smoking contest cracked me up, Lol.)

  25. Matt is the clearly the dumbest player this season. Yet thinks he’s so smart. The brigade should drop him for Andrew. Brenden is prolly the best competitor on the house bit won’tale it far because or Rachel. Regan is def playin the best game so far he’s playing well and under the radar

  26. Matt may be book smart but his people skills sure are lacking……a little common sense is definately needed.

    Of course its easy to judge from my recliner…..may not be so easy in the BB house!!

  27. This season so sucks. Last season was much much better. I am still waiting for some real game play 2 start.Matt could be a good player but he is so cocky and the whole lie about his wife is pathetic. Pretty soon all of his stories r goin 2 come apart he can’t even lie with a straight face. He should’ve put up bren&rachel 2 ensure 1 of them goes home what a waste of hoh.So was Rachel’s hoh Monet? really? she was just jealous of her. I cnt stand Rachel she is so annoying i dislike everything about her her laugh, her nasty lookin boob job her fake crying ugggh!! This show has got 2 take a turn 4 the better they need 2 bring back a player from last year or the year b4 2 show them how it’s done.

  28. No Matt made a mistake…He should have put one of the R&B set. His reason could have been it is what the majority of the house wants then lie n’say that he/she is a pawn…Has Brendon decided to use the POV on Andrew…???

  29. …Matt’s letter from his wife was>> she advised him that she was “being taken care of n’family members were helping her”. OKAY..STOP HATING ON MATT ABOUT THE LIE cause his wife was aware of it n’is going along with it. Also there is a something that Kristen n’ Andrew have in common…Kristen is (FOR REAL) a manager for an upscale shoe boutique while Andrew (a doctor) is pretending to be a shoe salesman…but nobody in the house has realized that both are supposedly in the same profession

  30. I was watching bbad and Rach. was wearing her purple “day dress” Im sorry Im a Vegas native and the only time you see someone wearing a “day dress” like that is at astrip jpint or maybe as a cover up at a pool. There is something wrong with that grl fo sure.

  31. The best thing that could happen concerning this weeks eviction is…The front door does not open n’ both are saved..

  32. I personally dont like when they bring back people from other seasons. When they brought in Jesse 2 seasons ago I didnt like it at all. Even though I cant stand Jesse, it wasnt just that. I say either have ALL returning houseguests or none. It just seems unfair to me. The HG’s that have played before have a leg up on the others.

  33. I think that Enzo should go soon, I don’t like him. I hope that Brendon doesn’t use the veto, those two are my favorites

  34. That broad does not own “any clothes” that actually fit..maybe when they have the clothes comp BB will put items in it that she can wear..

  35. OH PLEASE…I could not stomach another return of Jessee…I think BB learned that his return last year was a big screw-up and pissed viewers off..Then again maybe even tho he is bisexual maybe he could pack Rachel off somewhere out of sight..

  36. I think you guys have a great perspective on this show. There is so much time to use Brit, Kristen, Matt to convince Brendon to use the POV and use Rachel as a pawn to surely get out one of the other two. Then vote Rachel out. I think Brit not been as mean as she was the first two weeks.

  37. I really do hope that Kathy was just holding back. I would hate to think that with all the training one has to go through to be in law enforcement that she is that weak physically. I hope that Brenden does use the veto and takes Andrew down and Rachael gets put up. Brendens game would be much better without her as a distraction.

  38. talk about gross..would production advise Matt to take his hand out of his pants or let Regan jump him now…such tacky actions by supposedly scholars n’ well bred people…Bottom of the barrel pickings huh CBS,,noboby else apply???

  39. I want Brendan to use the veto on Andrew and they put up Rachel and she goes home………yeah! He could play a better game then…….well maybe not……she did kinda help him in the POV competition and that is one more vote that would go for him…….damn….

  40. Connie #35 that would be great – not that I like either; that would be a good twist

  41. NOW ..Regan wants to change his name to B J Fox.. whatever would the B J stand for???

  42. #46 would make pissed off viewers happy n’ also get Matt outta the hole he dug for himself..

  43. BJ stands for Bl*w J*b……come on Connie how could you not guess that? LOL I don’t know for sure but I figured it does since Ragan is gay and………:)

  44. I don’t want that to happen…….Brendan earned that POV…I do wish they had something though…….let one Nom go out and another come in………like let Rachel go out and Annie come back in……..oh Big Red would be so pissed about that!

  45. lmao…yes Trish I knew what the letters stood for but I could not spell it out…

  46. NOOOO would be better if it was MONET…whoa what a total slap in the face for Rachel..that would be awesome to see..

  47. It looks like Kathy is finally starting to play this game. She’s alligned herself with Kristen and she’s been pleading her case to hayden and lane. She even threw rachel and andrew under the bus! She told Hayden and Lane that Andrew has an alliance with B/R. I don’t think Kathy is hiding under the radar anymore.

  48. Dgirl..if u making refference to the girl that needs clothes Rachel of course is who I talking about..

  49. If the rumor is true that the first four HGs are being sequestered for America to vote one back into the game, let’s hope Rachel stays in the house and America votes for Monet to come back in. Will we then have “Chima the Sequel”?

  50. seems like the feeds have been off for a long time now…lol maybe it wasnt a short and sweet POV ceremony….. you would think that brendon saying he chooses not to use it wouldnt take this long… ive got my fingers crossed that he makes the stupid mistake and uses it then big red will go up (i know it probably wont happen but a girl can dream lol)

  51. Brendon would never use the POV. Rachel is his alliance. He wouldn’t risk that. Well, that and other reasons. It seems strange that the odds were against Rachel and Brendon from being picked to play for POV and both were picked. Did you notice that production would not let Matt look in the bag of names after they were picked?

  52. yes Mary we had this conversation on here the other night about there being no houseguest choice and matt not being able to see the chips that were left in the bag. odd.

  53. #60 Steph
    Ur dream is my dream too. Maybe if we all holds hands and wish together it will come true….keep wishing…

  54. Oh, well, looks like POV wasn’t used.
    Well, looks like maybe Kathy can go home now.

  55. Something big just happened in the house. The feeds have been on the “We’ll be right back” screen for the past hour. They are finally back on and Kristen and Kathy are discussing something that “Just happened.” It sounds like Andrew blew up on Rachel and Brendon to make it seem like he isn’t on their side so the houseguests keep him because everyone wants Brachel out. Kristen, Ragan, and Kathy are doubting the fight. Wonder if its real or not!!

  56. @67 Laura: spoilers please! not that i care anyways, but if you wanted to point that out, you should have wrote that in the recent post by bigbrothernetwork.

  57. Matt and Brit were talking about who should go, and that the smart thing for B/R to do would be to root for Kathy, but vote to keep Andrew. Interesting. Would be a cool game move.
    Now Andrew is talking to Matt about not gunning for him, but not to tell people that.

  58. Wow, this is starting to get exciting. Don’t know who is with who now. They all act like they hate Brachel now. I know some don’t, especially Andrew. I know him and Brendan are long live friends. They are just cool about it. Unlike The Brigade. But I think the alliance of The Brigade is falling apart. Lane and Enzo are starting to wise up and although they still “act” like they hate Brendan and want him out, I have seen them both go into the storage unit with him and whisper things you can’t hear. Dang that whispering…..

  59. Damn it looks like Andrew might have been found out. Kristen is saying to Hayben she is 100% sure that Andrew is “acting” and he is in an alliance with Brachel. Damn if they keep weak Kathy that will suck…….she is NOT a player……she is so damn weak……uggghhh! I did like Kristen but I am not liking her or Kathy at this point…….Come on Annie, come back in!!!!

  60. I think Brendon and Andrew are life long friends because they both have medical educations and could have gone to college together. Brendon keeps trying to convince Rachel that Andrew is on their side without a doubt. They aren’t acting like old friends, but when they had the competition with the briefcases, as Andrew finished, he walked by Brendon and they did a hi-five instinctively, like teammates. Also, Andrew keeps interupting Brendon and Rachel’s quiet time with a smile on his face as if he already knows Brendon won’t be angry. He will want to use the POV on Andrew but has to get committment that Matt doesn’t put up Rachel. Has anyone seen that happening?

  61. Kathy keeps saying she wants or no make that needs to be in the BB house because she needs the money because she is going to be sick. Would BB really let in someone who was going to be sick? I wouldn’t think so……this is starting to sound like Nat the Rat and her lying about being 18 yet she still drank……what do YA think? BB needs to stop Kathy and her saing that, true or not.

  62. Lyimg is part of the BB game… I am surprised to see so many people get bent out of shape over it.

  63. KEmBrad, of course there is going to be lying in the game. But you should pick and choose. Lying about being sick, or lying about your wife being sick is not a good lie to use and it makes others pissed off. That is just wrong, sorry!

  64. @69: it says at the top off each thread on this site that it is a spoilers site so if ya don’t want to know, find another site that is not a spoilers site, most of here like it being a spoilers site.

  65. @ Torch… i was wondering the same thing about #69 post…… we watch the feeds and of course we are going to talk about it, thats what this is here for!

  66. I’m not saying thats how I would play at all… also I dont necessarily agree with that strategy but it is a strategy and I dont think it makes him or any of the others bad people just playing a GAME and want to win. Some people are willing to do anything to win, others arent.

  67. @steph: back when I didn’t have the feeds I loved it when someone with feeds let us know.

  68. Yes KEmBrad I agree. That is why I don’t understand all the crap being thrown at Brendan and Rachel. Yeah they are not hiding that they “like” each other. So what? Unlike Kristen and Hayden who sneak around but others DO know. I just wish people would stop making up lies about others to try to get further in the game. I DID respect Kathy, but now she is using some BS about being sick, ok if she really is sick then I am sorry for her but why should that figure in on her staying? Hell they might as well hand over the 500thou to her or Matt. Everyone in the house wants to win. It shouldn’t matter the REASON.

  69. Hey Torch and Steph I agree with you both about the #69 post. This is a site about spoilers and I do have the puter feeds but I miss alot and I come on here to find out what. If that poster does not want to know things DON’T COME ON A SITE ABOUT BB SPOILERS. I mean come on!

  70. i have the live feeds, but i also go to college so i miss alot and i LOVE being able to hop on here to see what i missed during classes so…bring on the SPOILERS!!!!! lol

  71. i have the feeds, but i also go to college so i miss alot and i LOVE being able to hop on here to see what i missed during classes so…bring on the SPOILERS!!!!! lol

  72. @steph: so what are ya studying to be, my nephews girlfriend is starting vet. school this fall.

  73. im working on my bachelors in business administration. im almost done and cant wait!! lol

  74. you go girl, and Enzo needs to go see a proctoligist with all of his backdoor problems.

  75. Trish # 83 I totally agree with that. If I was voting it wouldnt matter, but yes, sympathy votes are their goal. I dont think it will work though. I dont think people will really even take that into consideration when voting… Hopefully!

  76. brendon is not making his case right now… i mean andrew supposedly called him out, yet brendon is defending andrew to the house, and saying he might vote kathy out…horrible game play. i dont think he could be any more obvious!!!

  77. oh sheesh and now andrew is digging a hole with reagan! reagan is not stupid and can see right through all that BS andrew is trying to feed him!

  78. Andrew is blowing it. Thanks Torch I do get “heated” when someone riles me up. LOL


  80. It’s official, Rachael is the one you love to hate,but will we miss her when she goes? (that is if certain people pull their head out of their jockstrap) Anyway, in this case,no, she will not be missed. She is an insult to the game.

  81. Have you noticed how much Brendon is putting Rachel down? He has done it at least twice, once about his parents not liking her and the other time about the clothes she would wear to church. I think he is a big fake when it really comes down to her but needs her to stay in the game and for a teddy bear!!!

  82. i do not get the live feeds so i love to here what happens when i cant see well i must say i love the show its my fav big brother rocks racheal i think shows off way to much i love that there is a gay guy and smart people and dumb but i am wondering why dont they ever have a person who is over weight i mean like 200 lb not to huge but not a modle i think that is more an isue than the fact women show there boobs and ass it just bothers me that they have all rases and smart and not so smart but like everything but i have never seen an over weight person

  83. That Dairy Room interview on Jokers between Evil Dick and Lane is HYSTERICAL–is he really that dumb??? Or is it an act — and he’s actually dumb like a fox??

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