Big Brother 12: Week 3 Nominations Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 nominations episode!

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Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show. Did Matt make the right noms? Who you think is in the most danger of being the evicted from BB12?


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  1. Huge mistake. If he’s trying to back door either Brendon or Rachel, he could have just nommed both of them and guarantee one goes home.

  2. This season sucks! No entertainment….just showmances and a bunch of huge egos. Neither Kathy nor Andrew deserves to go home.

  3. I think no I know Matt’s plan will blow up in his friggin smug face. He’s such a smartass and isn’t nearly as clever as he thinks he is. If somehow annoying Rachel and her loverboy manage to stay, not only will they go after him but so will the rest of the house. I bet he’ll be the first member of the brigade to get thrown out.

  4. Matt never said his goal was to backdoor Brendon or Rachel. He said if anyone wins POV then he could do it. Why would he want to backdoor them when they gave him safety if they win next week?

    I think Andrew and Kathy deserve to be nominated. They are both floaters and are doing nothing. What has Kathy done at all? At least being nominated we’ll see her more often.

  5. Matt is a legend in his own mind. If he has a master plan, I sure don’t know what it is. Three cheers for Andrew and his vacuum cleaner. He is just too funny for words. I am adding him to my favs. He is a good guy with good morals. I am also adding Enzo to my favs. He wants to be a tough guy, but he hasn’t convinced me that he doesn’t have a good heart. Hayden needs to be careful, or his relationship with Bimbo Kristen may cost him the game. Rachel and Brendon make me sick, and I hope that one of them goes home this week. It’s still HOT here. Come on Winter. Barney doesn’t move too far from the fan.

  6. Matt should have put them up when he had the chance to. now there is a possibility that brachel could win it all or even make it to the sequester house. to be quite honest, im tired of watching them sucking their faces every 5 seconds.

  7. I think a lot of them could be considered floaters. Lane, Kristen, Hayden, Kathy, Andrew, Matt, etc. While Lane and Hayden may be in the Brigade, they are still playing both sides. Plus they are throwing competitions to avoid being put in the spotlight. If that isn’t a floater then I don’t know what it. Some may think its great gameplay but its still floating.

  8. I don’t think it will blow up in Matt’s face. He’s alot smarter than you people think he is. I agree with Shawn. I hate when floaters win for doing absolutely nothing. You never, never, see Kathy or Kristen. Kristen’s probably still there because of Hayden. I still don’t get that relationship ?? Their making it look like a showmance but yet again maybe relatives, like brother and sister. But…i doubt BB would actually have brother and sister kissing or (pretend kissing) That would really be weird !

  9. Matt made a huge mistake tonight. no reason to go pissing people off- he’s made two enemies he didn’t have before.

  10. Matt is to sure of himself! He thinks that everyone in the house is inferior to him.
    His ego is going to get the best of him before the game is over.

  11. Matt plan was a disaster. Brendon is already targeting Matt anyways because of is lie. At least nominate both Brendon and Rachel to ensure one of them would go home.

  12. I feel Matt is in his own alliance right now, because I doubt the brigade would approve. Even ENzo didn’t know what he was thinking. Of course Brachel will screw him over there is nooo doubt!!!
    He should have put someone up AND rachel, and played them like a pawn to backdoor the annoying couple who are getting on my last nerve

    Then the brigade can vote off brendon no problem afterwards!

    We ll just have to

  13. I feel Matt is in his own alliance right now, because I doubt the brigade would approve. Even ENzo didn’t know what he was thinking. Of course Brachel will screw him over there is nooo doubt!!!
    He should have put someone up AND rachel, and played them like a pawn to backdoor the annoying couple who are getting on my last nerve

    Then the brigade can vote off brendon no problem afterwards!

    We ll just have to see what happens

  14. I’v said it once and I will say it again, Matt and Rachal are brother and sister and thats why she and Brendon did not get nom, also thats not the only relations in the house!

  15. Glad Matt didn’t put Rachel or Brendon up. I hope Kathy goes. It would be great if Andrew gets HOH next and goes after Matt. I do not like Matt. I am so disappointed with this season.

  16. @ Jamie. That would not have worked. Since Brendan won POV, he of course would have taken Rachel off the block. He should have put both of them up to guarantee that one of them would have gone home.

  17. I don’t get it. What is Matt’s game – the Brigade doesn’t support his move – a back door is fine but if it backfires he is toast.

  18. I do not think Matt and rachel are brother and sister
    There was a possibility of kathy being Brit’s mom, not sure of that one either
    Another thing to think about: the saboteur could have made the whole ‘lifelong friends’ think up! Who knows
    Funny how Lane was discussing the whole Hayden looking like Kristen thing- got some laughs there!!
    They’re relationship will probably continue to grow-only a matter of time before people notice..
    Another thing to think about: Hayden’s loyalty to the brigade- as things progress with kristen, time will tell!
    @ASh: yes we only found out that brendon won POV recently… If he didn’t want to be too hated he could have put one of them up to pretend they were being used as a pawn that’s all!

  19. What is this about Kathy needing to stay in the house..I missed a couple of shows during the first/second week…feel out of the loop. I think Matt is way too full of himself and has made a huge mistake, he should have put R and B up to ensure one would go home. They are positivley riduculous with the making out…get a room!

  20. Jamie what was the comment about lifelong friends all about…again sorry I missed some stuff at the beginning.

  21. I think Brendan and Andrew are related or good friends….He was so happy when Rachel won HOH and then when she was HOH and wanted to put up Andrew instead of Matt, Brendan conviced Rachel to go with Matt….something fishy there.

  22. Matt is stupid with a capital S. Brendon will win POV and not use it so either Andrew or Kathy goes home and those 2 kissy-face competitors will still be there. I think Kathy will go home. Hope someone soon realizes the game Hayden is playing – the brigade and Kristen – he should go soon after Rachel, Brendon, and Kristen. I’d like to see Enzo and Britney at the end!

  23. I believe the HG’s made a huge mistake voting Annie out instead of Rachel. At least Annie wasn’t trying to win the grand prize, and she would have helped the people she liked get further in the game, while trying to mess up the players she did not like.

  24. I don’t think Brendon and Andrew have any real relationship other than that Brendon feels threatened by every HG and I think Andrew is the only safe bet for him cuz he has no alliance. I think there is some sort of indirect alliance there..

    @Annie- the saboteur had stated earlier on that there is a lifelong relationship in the house; basically two people know eachother really well outside of the house
    Now- is that really true or was that all made up? Only time will tell, but for now I guess we are still trying to figure out who that could be!

  25. I think Kathy is the most dangerous to matt if she stay because she is going to do want she wants when it comes down to voting. Andrew will go with everyone else just so he doesnt stickout even more than he already does

  26. The have Nots for the week. Is baby food @ Boak food. What is Boak food?. You are doing a Great job on Big Brother 12 it has been very interesting. Keep up the good work @ we will see on tv.

  27. @ Steve. The have nots are eating bok choy and baby food. Bok choy is Chinese cabbage. I personally voted for the have nots to have prunes and pate!! LOL

  28. Personally, I would have like to see Rachel and Brendon put up, but it doesn’t matter to me….but I ask only this: Is there a way to get Rachel to quit YELLING when she is in the diary room? How annoying! It even scares my cat!!

  29. Kathy and Andrew are now on the block, Why did’nt Matt choose Rachel and Brendon to go on the block? Nobody really wanted them in the Big Brother house anyway.

  30. I did realize how cocky Matt was acting. Watching CBS show now. I still like Matt for this show. Even if he put both up to begin with – the target being Brendon – he would be safe by now, and the stupid house would still evict Kathy over Rachel.

  31. Matt won’t be smiling so happily when someone wins POV and decides to keep the noms the same way, thus eliminating his backdoor possibility for Brendon or Rachel. Yeah Kathy voted him out, but only because she was upset at Matt for what he did and also how he behaved with Monet. But Kathy is not an immediate threat; Brendon and Rachel are. Why do people not go for the jugular in this game? If Brendon or Rachel win this game, it is not because of savvy from either of those two. It’s because the other housemates have foolishly missed vital opportunities to get them out.

  32. Gee whiz – I’d love to buy Matt for what he’s worth and sell him for what HE thinks he’s worth. I’d be a millionaire. Idiot!

  33. Some of you are behind with the CBS show. POV has already been won by Brendan and so far he will not use it so the house can vote together to vote out the floaters(Kathy).

  34. The brigade should just change their name to the idiots. Lane’s an idiot, enzo’s an idiot, matt’s an a s s and hayden’s an idiot for thinking his own alliance doesn’t know he’s creating a showmance with krysten. But i’m glad this supposed genius Matt nom kathy and andrew because I’d like to see brachel win! :) Andrew is better off getting on brachel’s good side, and hopefully Regan see’s Matt for the liar he is and solidifies an alliance with brachel.

  35. OK…I watch regularly and was big on posting on this blog last season. I never miss an episode and refuse to be interrupted when it’s on, lol. That being said, I remember Julie saying that two people in the house were long lost friends, have they even announced who they are and when will they plan on it?

  36. What are you guys saying his plan was going to backfire. If you listened his plan was to get kathy out and he said if someone wins POV and changes the nominations he might consider backdooring brendon or rachel.. I think it was a good move because if brendon or rachel they will probably not put him up.

  37. His plan is going to backfire because Brandan has already won POV. Therefore, even IF matt wanted to backdoor brachel, he doesn’t have the power too. Brandon’s not going to use it to take anyone down

  38. I think everyone is playin sooo wrong..they shld have kept Annie n the house because now they will never get brenchel out of the house. I personally hope that Andrew or Ragan wins the game, and that the Brenchel showmance is annoying.I cannot wait until one of them leaves the house!

  39. No idea I think maybe Kathy will go home. because the brigade will vote out kathy and brendon and rachel will vote out kathy to cause andrew is basically on their side. and thats 5 and if its a tie matt will vote kathy out

  40. This season is so different its usually everyone targets whoever wins the competions but all the floaters are getting out. But I hate it when the floaters always win at the end

  41. well iI think I heard enzo say a few days ago that he thinks andrew is the one going so who knows bb better think of a better twist this getting to be a bore fest

  42. I think Brendon and Rachel are abnoxious. They act like they have known each other for months.
    Question: I thought the sabetour was supposed to know someone in the house? Is that still true?

  43. @nicole no, the sabatour is already gone but mentioned that there are life long friends in the house. May have been a lie. Its not been mentioned again and I don’t think there is.

  44. I think Andrew is going to back stab Brendon and Rachel. I don’t think Matt has clue – he is too cocky. He thinks he has it all figured out – has he ever watched a season of BB?

  45. Am i the only one who thought the highlight of the latest episode was lane and britneys impersonation of brenchel. i also feel like brandons argument that andrew is constantly walking in on them is kinda silly, since everyone is complaining taht all they do is make out 24/7.

  46. Stop with the hatred of beautiful Brendan. It is Rachel that makes me want to puke. Get her out and leave Brendan………he is great to look at.

  47. I have one more thing to say about Brachel then I am done for the night. It really isn’t Brachel’s fault that CBS keeps the camera on them alot when they are making out. Kristen and Hayden make out more than we know, there is just no camera on them. Blame CBS if you are tired of the suck face with Brachel.

  48. @ Cindy (comment #34)

    I knew i wasn’t the only person annoyed by that..LOL. Why does Rachel yell in the diary room? Maybe that’s one of the reasons they told her to stop drinking so much. Guess she hasn’t listened…she’s still YELLING. Get rid of her HG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  49. @DD Key word is probably, there is no guarantee that the HO-mance couple won’t put Matt upon the block, why would he trust them after that big house meeting episode. Matt is a dummy.

  50. Brendon and Rachel does not deserve the cute combination names. They are the HO-mance couple. Rachel really makes me sick with that annoying giggle. OOOOH I can’t stand her someone please get her off of BB. I wish someone would strangle her with a piece of Bok Choy. LOL

  51. @ Dani, I’m not sure if I’m ready to boycott yet. Enzo cracks me up. Speaking of crack, he acts like he smokes it, he is crazy funny.

  52. Yeah they are so worried about being nice then why is everyone after Brendan? Noone, not even him is that nice in the house. But of all I think he is. Kathy was till she got put on the block and WHAM she is talking crap to anyone who will listen. She is not the only person who cleans, nor is Andrew, the person I see doing dishes, sweeping the floor, cleaning the pool is Brendan. WTF is Kathy think she is? Brendan even cooks for many even when he can’t eat it. Sorry but this crap that Kathy is pulling is really getting on my nerves. She should have tried to play the game not float through. Now she will probably go home and she is backstabbing her own alliance and anyone she can. She lost any respect I had for her. Please don’t let the door hit you on the way out…….Kristen is NOT your friend Kathy, she wants Andrew to stay……she is only being nice to you so you will feel better but come Wednesday you are out the door…..

  53. Ok can someone answer me this? What are The Brigade so mad that Brachel would put Kristen and Hayden up because they are a couple? Haven’t that what THEY have done to them since day one? I mean guys if you can’t handle the heat don’t start one……..

  54. They are all crazy, why have an alliance if you are not going to listen to them. And don’t broadcast your HO-mance if you don’t want a target on your back.

  55. I don’t think BB/production will allow circumstances to get Brendon HOH next time. They set it up for him. They even took away Matts remote. The eviction survivor has been getting HOH. I think the production knows the HO-mance is annoying now so they may be out to shake things up by bringing out Kristen/Hayden and seeing if Ragan is ride-or-die for the HO-mance.

  56. I just don’t get a good vibe from Ragan. He wore a Columbia T-shirt during the HOH comp. A Kent State tonight. But in between scenes he suddenly had on a hoodie. He pretends to go to bed early, gets back up to shoot the breeze. Enzo is getting smart about the game.

  57. Come on BB, ” We The People Of The United State’s ” are sick of watching The two A–, H—-, clean each others teeth. I,m not sure ,, if you put any body else in the BB house. What is your THINKING ?. All we get to see is teeth cleaning & Rachel’s ugly a– legs wrapped aroung Brandons lap. You have turned a great family show into a PORN show. This is SICK.

  58. Please tell Brittany to stop cleaning her nails it’s gross and tell Kathy to stop saying “you know” she sounds like a moron.

  59. Brittany, please stop cleaning your nail’s & Kathy please stop saying ” you know ! Job Done !!! Let’s see if it work’s. lol

  60. @Cindy, I agree!! SHe needs to stop screraming in the diary room. This show is having a hard time right now and that would be an improvement.

  61. Up & about, my husbands last week of work. He retires Friday after 48 years on the same job. This is so sad, now we know we are dirt old at 67. But he has never been laid off & we have been married 48 years in Aug. But we,ll find something to do !!! We said we were going to grow old together & we did just that. He dose not want to retire.But with a very bad heart, maybe it’s best. Just sad though.

  62. I think Matt is trying to do a bad impression of Dan of BB10. I really don’t want either to go, but I quess if I had to choose it would be Kathy. She admits to throwing comps and I don’t think she’ll get the chance to show us what she’s made of. She could at least win POV to save herself.
    What gets me is, what are the odds that both Rachel and Brendon got to play for POV? And production wouldn’t let Matt look in the bag after the names were picked. Sounds fishy to me. I think after all names are picked they should reveal the other names in the bag. I don’t think Rachel and Brendon are that lucky.

  63. Just rewatched the eviction ceremony from Thursday. Just as Kristen goes into the DR, Julie said “Kristen and Hayden share a secret connection.”

  64. Go Jeff from last year on your trip arould the world. Love you & Jordon . Stop by Michigan, we,ll help you. You have a hell of a lot of respect then this years greeps on bb. Best of luck doing this for the ” Earley Show ” & no Julie is not expecting, no baby bump I saw this a/m.

  65. Julie was making reference to the “secret” romance between Hayden & Kristen…Matt received a letter from his wife n’ she advised him that she was “being taken care of n’family members were helping her”. OKAY..STOP HATING ON MATT ABOUT THE LIE cause his wife was aware of it n’is going along with it. Also there is a something that Kristen n’ Andrew have in common…Kristen is (FOR REAL) a manager for an upscale shoe boutique while Andrew (a doctor) is pretending to be a shoe salesman…but nobody in the house has realized that both are supposedly in the same profession. and no I do not believe (safe to say)that a very large % of the viewers believe that R&B CANNOT be that lucky..The show is not n’should not include segments of “sex education” especially by 2 idiots that don’t know how to actually kiss. I am losing interest in this seasons show..sorry I paid for the feeds..

  66. I just figured that since most in the house know that Hayden and Kristen are in some form of relationship (Hayden has asked others to keep Kristen safe)that she was referring to something else. But then again I have been wrong before.

  67. I absolutely love the show, last season’s show was so neat, as we didn’t have to sit and watch people in bed,and hanging on each other all the time. This year its back to being more of a soap opera then the fantastic show it really is. I would hope that the showmances, would cease and more of the fun and games that the show is really about take place.. Its a great show, but I do not like the mushy crap that is going on this season. Please cut at least some of it out next season, a little goes a long ways.Love the show the contests and no one messes with me when the show is on, I am that dedicated.. Love Julie Chan too, she is a most gracious host..

  68. I agree w/ Tam, Bren and Andrew are the life longers – Bren was so sure that Andrew would vote w/ him and Rach, Rach asked him why and he said, I know him, he will ?? plus they look a bit similar?? and maybe they went to “med” school together

  69. Not a real good season thus far. No more mention of ‘life long friends’. The recaps this year are annoying. Seems like the show is all about showmance.

  70. I can’t help it…. GO MATT!! I see that many of you are hating on him but come on, I love his approach. I seriously was LMAO when he told Rachael that he doesn’t want to make a deal with them since they really aren’t able to keep their word. All said with a smile!! I can see it in his eyes when he is playing them, and he’s very laid back about it too. Not all in-your-face with ego, he just kinda slides it in!

    I also went back and heard the letter from his wife again and she has to be in on it! She says that she is even getting hot meals??? Yeah, the whole sick thing was completely a plan. AND IT WORKED! The only person who said they didn’t believe him was Andrew and after that letter, he was ALL IN!

    I think that he was smart to put up Andrew and Kathy, he has protection from Brachael, and as much as I want them to go, I think it will work out. Kathy is poison for him!

  71. some rumours are goin’ about the HOH comp possibly being rigged? if you look at the comp again at the end, both andrew & ragan said something about how their board just shifted suddenly and they both looked stunned they fell off. matt’s board if you notice never moved when ragan’s did. they’re all supposed to move at the same time right? hmmmmm…who’s workin’ them surfboards….interesting indeed! what do you think everyone? CBS wouldn’t do that right?

  72. some rumours are goin’ about the HOH comp possibly being rigged? if you look at the comp again at the end, both andrew & ragan said something about how their board just shifted suddenly and they both looked stunned they fell off. matt’s board if you notice never moved when ragan’s did. they’re all supposed to move at the same time right? hmmmmm…who’s workin’ them surfboards….interesting indeed! what do you think everyone? CBS wouldn’t do that right?

  73. i think he did a gud job because 1. if next week rachel or brenden wins he is safe from elimination and 2. if one of the brigades win he will also be safe,,and it will least likely for andrew and kathy to win h.o.h

  74. I am a fan of Andrew’s….The Brigade is going to self destruct. Now they see that Matt has lost a golden opportunity to oust Rachel or Brenden. It is time for Andrew to form an alliance. But with who? Kristen & Hayden + Brittney, maybe Brendan & Rachel? Hmmm, maybe if Andrew left the two of them alone to smooch in exchange for their support…:)
    I think maybe Andrew a.k.a. Capt. Kosher should share some of his observations – Matt and his BS story about his wife’s foot (Kristen should be real interested about that)

  75. If there is any truth to this thought that people may be related…here is what I think. I have looked at the pics of the HG’s and I think Bren and Andrew cd be related…very similar facial features, same eyes etc. It could explain why Andrew is always interupting the two making out…maybe he wants to help save Bren some embarrassment with family members…just a thought

  76. I also wondered about Kathy and Brit…again they could easly be mother and daughter. Just because Kathy has a drawl she may be over exaggerating it and Brit has tried to show Enzo how to talk “properly” which means she could be working on not letting her “drawl” out. Again, just some thoughts

  77. Matt may be book smart but his people skills sure are lacking……a little common sense is definately needed.

  78. @searron
    IDK – Matt seems to be able to read ppl and work them pretty well…that is the essence of ‘street smarts’ and a step above common sense. I’m not sold on a fav yet but he is a front-runner for me.

    And YES RACHAEL WE HEAR YOU!! STOP YELLING IN THE DR! If she wasn’t so annoying with the fakeness and the “My Man”ness I wouldn’t mind her staying a little longer.

  79. Please get either Rachel or Brendon out. I can handle them separate but together they make me sick. A little pda is okay, but as Rachel would say, “REALLY, REALLY, COME ON REALLY”.

  80. Matt should have put Rachel and her MAN up. And he should not LIE about his wife having a illness, that is not good thing to do just to WIN money. I think he is playing too many sides.

  81. Who are the two long time friends or companions as mentioned by the saboteur? Kristen and Hayden will probably oust Andrew for always interrupting them making out. Rachel and Brendon are safe again since Matt thinks he’s a super genius. Wait till they find out the truth about his wife.

  82. I don’t get why it is taking so long for Andrew to use the secret he has on Kristin and Hayden? He should tell them to make sure he is safe or he will spill the beans on their make-out sessions. Then let their lobbying to keep him put a target on their backs.

  83. I wonder how many people know that Matt Hoffman was on a reality show in 2005 and that Ragan Fox is a professional entertainer (performs slam poetry and has a podcast)? I think that this is a big setup by the producers and is not fair to the remaining HGs.

  84. I think production told Matt not to put the HO-mance couple on the block this week. Everything fell right in to place for them, that is no coincidence. Either way Matt is gonna get played at the end.

  85. i don’t get why matt put up kathy and andrew on the block, when he should have put up brendan and rachel. his plan is going to back fire on him and someone will go home that really isn’t a big threat right now.

  86. Remember Kathy is a cop so she is used to people lying to her on a daily basis….which also means she knows how to twist things around to get what she needs. I agree she was throwing the comps, for sure, or she is the worst cop with training ever, no I think that was her plan and she is being more herself now. Again, perhaps to protect who she know in the house, I really think she has someone, maybe Brit is to obvious….but as a mother, I see that could be what’s up.

  87. It looks like Andrew is going home. Everyone knoows his POV speech was just crap he said to throw everyone off about his alliance with b/r. It doesn’t add up that he was jumping around like he won the lottery when Rachel won the HOH comp, and then he claims he’s coming after Brendon and Rachel. And then after he said that, Brendon campaigned to keep Andrew. He’s gonna go home because he’s befriended the people the entire house hates. Kathy is sittin pretty right now. I would like to see what she would do if she ever won HOH. Or any competition, for that matter.

  88. what an idiot. you dont say I’m comming after you. and not nominate them to go home. what a coward.

  89. I am pissed. Rachel has made a deal with the devil. Thats why she keeps getting so lucky. Now she is HOH (HO of Household) Down with the HO-mance. Brendon can do so much better. He would be better off with Kathy.

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