Big Brother 12: Week 3 PoV Ceremony Results – Spoilers

Power of Veto

The Power of Veto Ceremony is over in the Big Brother 12 house and arguments are sure to follow with the eviction just days away. Crank up your live feeds (Free Trial still available if you’re new to the feeds) and watch the HGs scramble to save themselves and secure votes. Keep reading to reveal Big Brother Spoilers for what happened today at the Veto Ceremony.

Brendon, the winner of this week’s PoV, declined to use the Veto. Matt had warned Brenchel earlier in the week that if the Veto was used he’d put one of them up as the renom. Matt’s plan had been to backdoor Brendon, but now that’s impossible with the way things played out.

Based on the current house mood I think we’ll see Kathy head to Julie Chen’s couch on Thursday night’s live eviction. Matt is nervous about keeping Andrew and Andrew is getting fed up with getting punched around in the house so we may have some follow-on battles there as the drama continues to boil. Kathy is already pushing to secure the 5 votes she needs to avoid a tie-breaker where Matt would vote against her. I’m just not convinced that this isn’t too little too late.

Get on the Big Brother live feeds right now to see what’s happening and catch any fights that are about to come up as the struggle to stay in the house mounts.

What do you think? Which of these two will be evicted on Thursday’s live show: Kathy or Andrew? Now a different question: Which would you prefer to go?

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  1. Kathy is gone Thursday. I guess she never got a chance to show her stuff. Oh well.

  2. One might think that the Brigade should give up Matt. Then Matt outs the Brigade. You’ll have the HO-mance, Andrew, Matt, Ragan together. Kristen or Britney would go up next and would have to rely on Enzo, Hayden, Lane and not have the votes. But if the Brigade can scramble to save Kathy and anyone but the HO-mance gets HOH bye bye HO-mance!!

  3. @2 Mary: what stuff, lol? i have no sympathy for terrible, uninteresting players so she needs to go. in this season it’s too bad we won’t see a player like Dan who put on a clinic and made the game look easy.

  4. LOL! I love it! He completely wasted his HOH. He is so full of himself and way too cocky. I would have bet him the winner of BB12 until I saw how overly sure he is of himself. He is his own downfall.

  5. I understand that Brendon did not use the Veto at all today, leaving Matt’s nominations intact. I have a funny feeling that Kathy may very well be the next houseguest to leave the Big Brother House this Thursday night, according to my predictions.
    Kevin Silvestris
    Worcester, MA

  6. @ Tiffany
    I wondered the same thing until this week played out–didn’t play out…

  7. If Matt wanted to backdoor Brenchel,why did he tell them about it?Ofcourse they fought hard to stay.

  8. @Candle last week after the house meeting Matt pointed out the whole house is gunning for the HO-mance. Nothing personal, but that was the fact. He did not have to tell them anything, but hoped neither one of them would get POV which happened anyways.

  9. From what I just read on another site it sounds like they are maybe thinking of keeping Kathy and getting rid of Andrew. Something about what he said in his speech to the rest of the house and the way that Rachel reacted to part of it.

  10. Matt’s sitting pretty thanks to his Noms. Had he nom’d B/R with Brendon winning POV and Rachel going home, Brendon would be rabid for Matt the rest of the game. Matt has a plausible plan to justify his move to Brigade but also remember that Kathy voted to evict Matt last week. So far she hasn’t shown anything in the comps so what can she offer him if she isn’t voting for him? If Matt stays on the good side of B/R, they can win and protect him without the Brigade knowing and he has the loyalty of the Brigade, as well. No blood on Matt’s hands. Kathy won’t be in the Jury House.

  11. Matt wasted his HOH this week, he talked big about shaking it up and failed to do so. Oh WELL, Next HOH comp SHOULD be skill, we have had a knowledge (LOL Rachel’s lucky guess) and the endurance (surfing)we shall see.

  12. I think Andrew is going to leave on Thursday.Kathy is more crafty than u think. 1. she has been purposely throwing challenges to make herself seem weak (she said so on sunday) 2. she threw rachel and brendan under the bus. Not to mention Enzo, Hayden, and Lane said they wanted Andrew out (kristen will follow hayden) the only person i see voting for andrew to stay is brendon and possibly britney

  13. this weeks HOH comp could be one where they go up two at a time, julie asks a question and they buzz in and answer if they win they stay in the game if they lose their out.

  14. Angie #11…. Thats exactly what I have been thinking!! Everyone is saying how Matt wasted his HOH, but really he just made an excellent move for himself and only himself, without it being obvious to everyone else. Also I think Rachel will keep her mouth shut this time too so he’s sitting pretty!!

  15. kathy should go …she didn’t even try to win anything and keep throwing them away…

  16. But Kathy is a weak player therefore you can easily outbeat her in competitions.
    Andrew on the other hand..he’s a mystery

  17. Well, well, well. Looks like the HO-mance and Andrew blew it. (no pun) Rachel did some bad acting in the POV. Bye Andrew!!

  18. I like both Andrew and Kathy, but smart game play would be to keep Kathy,because like I said a couple of days ago because you don,t need other strong players who are not with ya to stay, in BB it’s just plain smart to get out the strong apponent that way they come after you the following week.

  19. Jalen…Players can sometimes take their acts of being “weak” to far..MAYBE kATHY DID.. Kathy is talking to Ragan n’ I had to cut the sound if I hear her (or Rachel) use the “YIU KNOW” combo much longer I will pull both of em out of the PC n’ strangle them…HOW ANNOYING..


  21. I used to like Matt until I seen how cocky and full of himself he is! And that lie he made about his wife was very tacky and it will come back to bite him in the ass!

  22. I like both Kathy and Andrew, but i know that it will be Kathy kick out this week on Big Brother. Maybe Big Brother will have another twist this Thursday and tell us all who we want to come back in the house, if so who are you going to choose?

  23. @connie

    I definitely agree that Kathy is over emphasizing her “weakness” lol As much as i hate it, i really want to see her try and win a hoh comp or pov. i wanna see what her full potential is. andrew i could care less about. as for rachel i like her………but she needs to shut the hell up for half of each episode lmao

  24. I told yall in an earlier post that Matt’s wife was in on the lie…that is why his letter from her let him know that she had help and that she was feeling fine..

  25. I haven’t read the spoilers yet on the POV, but they’re part of the reason I’m writing. Last night’s (Sunday’s) episode covered only material that was already available on this blog on Friday. Doesn’t that bother anyone else? Why watch Big Brother to get ancient history? As it is, the only night worth watching is Thursday; for the rest, we get more and better information on the internet, even without subscribing. BB has to reschedule its ceremonies or its episodes — or both. At least to my tastes.

  26. Yeah its good to get strong people out, but every season its always the floaters who win.. So really the weaker players are the won you should watch out for cause they always float by every season and win

  27. @29 Steve – You made a very good point. When I watched last nights show, I knew the outcome. However, the Diary Room sessions are fun to watch.

  28. or maybe Production was going crazy listening to kathy say “you know” N’ THEY CUT THE SOUND ON PURPOSE..LMAO

  29. The CBS are too far behind. That’s why somebody is making good $$ on the live feeds. Blog info is gonna get out because the game changes every 5 hours or so.

  30. I’m pretty sure Andrew will be voted out on Thursday. Enzo, Lane, and Hayden are all going to vote against Andrew. Kristen will follow Hayden. Britney doesn’t really even like Andrew. That’s 5 votes right there. And if Ragan convinces himself that those 5 votes are “100%” then he’ll also vote against Andrew, so he can “vote with the house.” No one in the house right now has the guts to stir anything up.

  31. I still think that Bren and Andrew are related. They have similar facial features, eyes etc. Andrew could be something to Bren, explaining why Bren wanted to keep him around and why Andrew reacted the way he did when R won POV…think about it….maybe that is why Andrew is always butting in on B and R during their makeout sessions…maybe he is trying to save B from family embarassment…..just a thought.

  32. everyone is on Kathy about floating, what about Ragan he goes and talks a good game but he will be the puppet of whoever is in charge. I find the puppets are more annoying.

  33. Who really cares if Kathy or Andrew stay??? Neither one have made any effort to stay. let both of them go they are so boring. didi not understand Matt’s nom’s….what the ????? Why not B/R that was the thing to do. Every one aggrees that they need to go….so tired of her laugh I could barf. You KNow !!

  34. So far this BB is pretty tame. No real back stabbing. Etc. Matt is the rat to hate, he’s so cocky you just want to see him fail big time!

  35. I would evict Andrew but i think maybe Kathy will go becasue she is not storng and she is a flooter i think that would be stupid…i hope Britney wins HOH!!!

  36. I thought the brigade was gonna vote kathy out cause that’s who matt wants out……

  37. I dont think Matt cares who they vote out…. I think it will be Andrew because even though we cant tell if he’s playing or not, he is the bigger threat.

  38. Guess I dont have to bother with the show or afterdark,this week just have to tune in around 8:45 see new HOH so boring this year.

  39. OMG would someone please just put both brendon and rachel up at the same time!! one of them needs to leave NOW! noone wants to watch their little gagfest!! the way there playing now, they cloud easily make it to the end..on the other hand i really hope they keep kathy this week.

  40. i hope they hav the haku ..etc this the one that jeff had use last season to backdoor jessyy n natalie,,

  41. I hope (against hope?) that Andrew does NOT go home this week. He’s a decent man who has come to life in recent days. Kathy is a nice lady, but has done nothing in the game at all and appears to have nothing with which to do anything.

  42. @Nic,HO-Mance, too good.LMAO. I guess I am the only one not hating on Matt, I think his HOH is not a waste cuz he Con the ho-mance (still LMAO)into thinking he is an ali so Matt protected Matt.

  43. Kathy is no asset to anyone but a vote. She will go. Andrew needs to “leak” the romance between Hayden and Kristin. That should spin a new house thinking as the brigade is already questioning that relationship. As far as some of you referring to the relationship between Rachel and Brendon as a “homance”, how tacky. Because she is pretty, busty and shows off her body (as does every other girl in the house) and is attracted to another single person who shares her feelings. So is Kristin and Hayden a “homance” too?

  44. This season makes me sad.. it’s not very entertaining at all. The initial twist was voted out the first week, and I suspect that the big twist that’s sure to come will be old news by the time it’s announced. Sounds like one of the early evictions might be coming back into the house at some point, but even that doesn’t add interest right now. I suppose Andrew’s my favorite (today, anyway), but it wouldn’t break my heart to see even him go. Meh.

  45. I think Kathy should go. I nearly choked on my drink when she told us that she’s throwing comps to fly under the radar. Honey, it’s not throwing the competition if you keep losing every single one and you have no friggin clue what’s going on in the house!

  46. Everyone is forgetting the other half of this. Sure the homance stays but….it does get rid of an ally of the homance so its not a bad deal down the road.

  47. AND this woman is a sheriff?!?! Geeez! I could probably talk my way out of a speeding ticket with this woman by lying to her and she’d fall for it!

  48. @ judy, for real, he finds stuff out about the brigade and never uses it for leverage!

  49. @Judy I believe you are right. I think Andrew will spill it if he is voted out. He will also tell everything he knows. Like how Kristen told him she is in an alliance with Hayden, how he thinks Matt is lying about his wife being sick. That man knows too much! If he is friends with Brendan then to me Brendan should have saved him even if it meant his ho went home. Isn’t the saying with guys “Bro’s before ho’s?” LOL

  50. I guess I can’t say he finds out stuff about the brigade perse since no one knows about it, but just watching the brigade bristle as one of their own now has a target on their back would be nice to see

  51. I can’t take credit for the HO-mance term. Someone else mentioned that they don’t deserve a cute term like “Brenchel” anymore. Which is true. There are women who can pull off dressing that way and not expose their ass everyday.

  52. Kathy couldn’t throw a comp if her life depended on it! Pluzzzzzzzzzzz. That made me laugh so freaking hard. I am tired of her “poor me” talk with everyone. Glad the sound went out for a bit on the feeds. I did laugh when Enzo asked Brit what are they talking about up there? Talking about Ragan and Kathy in the HOH room. He said he had to take a crap up there…… That man is nothing else but entertaining!

  53. The showmance sells, I like them. I think the game would be completely boring without them. Who would britney crack about? who would the brigade have competition with? Seriously

  54. @judy, I agree 100%. Why is everyone so against Brendon and Rachel and not Hayden and Kristen? Why because Hayden and Kristen are creeping behind everybody’s back and Hayden will probably end up backstabbing his alliance? What makes everybody else better than them? They only really have each other. The Brigade is playing everybody! Why not hate their cocky asses. And their kissing is only being shown all the time because EVERYONE in the house is boring as hell.

  55. lol I’m glad Brenden used his head. And right on Judy!!! I do hope kristen and hayden are exposed soon enough- the brigade has to drift apart sometime!!! Kathy- sorry honey but looks like you are gettin the boot

  56. I think that Brit and kathy are related. Annie said two people knew each other before and Kathy said (BB after dark) to Enzo she really needs to stay but can’t reveal why now.

  57. Hayden and Kristen don’t throw it in everybodys face. The HO-mance is 24/7 and people have to leave the room, or not go in their own room because of them. Also, early on Rachel was already coining the “Brenchel” term. So she is selling this for fame. She thinks America think this is cute and will get her on Amazing Race.

  58. So what! Let her think whatever she wants. Doesn’t mean everybody in the house should gun for her. None of them are great players. Mediocre at best. They are all annoying. And Hayden and Kristen only do it behind closed doors cause they are being sneaky. They don’t have the balls to let people know about their little alliance cause they want everybody to keep hating Brendon and Rachel. Basically people are just haters. All the only women in there wear bikinis, but they don’t have a body worth looking at so it appears that Rachel is flaunting hers. Stop hating. There are worse players like Matt who is a snake in the grass and all those damn floaters Kathy, Lane, Kristen. My favorite so far is Ragan and Andrew. I hope Kathy takes her rocky the raccoon ass home this week.

  59. @Nic now you know I love ya BUT….you have to admit that if Showtime or the puter feeds wouldn’t have a camera on them 24/7 it seems making out we wouldn’t see it. They don’t control what the feeds show. I know, I am still a Brendan fan, sorry I just can’t seem to let go of that hunk. Now Rachel I can let go now! LOL Right now I am getting tired of watching Kristen and Kathy talk. They were on all last night now they are are on all 4 camera’s, that is to me as worse as Brachel making out! :)

  60. Rose it is funny you mention Kathy’s raccoon eyes. I have noticed that too. I have to admit Brit seems the only girl who knows how to put on makeup!

  61. Lol @ Trish. Yea, thats the only thing she can do besides run her damn mouth whining and crying. She is a hater. I’m so glad Monet took her flunky butt home too. Wasting all their energy worried about who is screwing who or how some other woman look. I personally prefer to check out men and could give a damn who somebody is sleeping with. That’s their business.

  62. I agree Rose that is why I love Brendan, he is one smoking hot man and I love looking at him and hearing him talk. Rachel well she can go away…….I like Brendan playing alone!

  63. I totally think that Kathy is Brit’s Mom! I believe that is why they are saying it is “lifelong friends” just my thoughts anyways! they r both in Arkansas!!

  64. Camera’s are on everybody 24/7 production wise with all 50 of their cameras. I understand because soemtimes everyone else is staring at the ceiling, silently playing pool, wading in that hot tub talking about farting.

  65. Kathy is Britney’s mother. Watch for fireworks if it really looks like Kathy’s heading out because Britney won’t like it.

  66. I really hope Andrew bust out Matt about the lie he told about his wife. And confirms the Hayden and Kristen alliance. Lay everybody cards out on the table so it doesn’t appear that Bren/Rach is the only threat. Theirs is just seen by everybody. My wish would be for Bren/Rach, Andrew, and Ragan to team up. Send the mother/daughter duo packing and pick apart the Idiots aka Brigade. :)

  67. The Brigade is a joke. Lane is dumb as a box of rocks, Enzo is a clown (yet funny, Matt is too cocky for his own good, and Hayden is a joke because he hollering “Bro”gade meanwhile creeping downstairs with his little weakling girlfriend that’s all talk and no game.

  68. Homance at odds?? Another vote against Andrew?? Will Rachel decide to play her own game and not make moves because of Brendan?? Things are getting interesting…

  69. I totally think that if Brenchel either one gets the the boot the game will even be worse. Cant stand them but they are making for all of us to bitc..about ..right?

  70. Also even know I hate it..Im Vegas native.
    Trying to give her a benefit of the doubt. Its really hard though. She gives Vegas a bad name.

  71. I would vote to evict Andrew. He is kinda odd and strange. I think Kathy will go though but you never know. Kathy needs to build herself a strategy

  72. I agree with so many of u Andrew needs to expose everything he knows about Matt and Hayden. The only person who has stood up to Matt is Rachel, I believe she is a good player and needs to start really playing her game and not Brendan’s. The two strongest player’s in the house right now are Matt n Rachel. The rest sit back and let them do all the dirty work.

  73. one of the highlights from the past couple of days.

    britney and old britney

    i love it.

    britney likes to see the good in people.
    olldddd britney doesnt see anything good in death.

    britney likes to drink coke.
    olldddd brintey does coke.

  74. But who would Andrew be revealing anything to?? The Brigade knows, Kristen obviously knows, Britney knows, Kathy isn’t that stupid. Andrew would just be telling Brendan and Rachel and would only be bonding more closely with them continuing him as a target for the rest of the house. Hayden and Kristen are not so together that they can’t go separate for the rest of the season. So what if he tells.

  75. As for Kathy she is not playing the game at all. With her profession she should be able to see right through Matt and also pick up on the Hayen/Kristin alliance. Just being able to read peoples reactions and body movements should give her a large advantage over the rest.

  76. Rachel and Brenden’s shomance is really starting to get disgusting. I hope they can pull this off better next week with getting one of them up out the house…Rachel perhaps?

  77. If we really want to see game play, let Brendon win HOH and put Matt n Enoz up on the block, then the game really begins, we would see all kinds of reaction and diffrent game stragities then, would really shake things up…..

  78. @ Nanna I agree with you 100%! I had high hope for Kathy and thought her profession would be a huge asset in this game. It doesn’t seem like she is using that to her advantage. Or she isn’t a very good cop. I can’t figure it out. She is however spending a lot of time putting Rachael under the bus, after spending Rachel’s whole HOH in the HOH room. Interesting.

  79. @Adeer1, right now I believe the smartest member in the BB house is Enoz. He has been able to take control over 3 men n all thier decisions, supported Matt in his decision to become a pawn to keep the target off his back, has played physical when he had to, be a friend to the females when he needed there votes to save the brigade, he is smart and a great game player. He is the one they all need to watch out for.

    • I like Enzo too Nanna. I am just tired of him talking about taking a s**t and farting and leaving it for others. The house got him some gasx. He needs to use it. I know he is playing a part but it is gross to listen to at times. Maybe it is funny guy talk in the house but in group settings …..not

  80. I wished Andrew would go.. he gonna cause problems for matt.. but Kathy will be the one who goes..

  81. @Nanna I think you have a good point. I did hear Brenden say to watch out for Enzo. But he has so many people after him he probably feels
    Enzo is the least of his worries. Enzo is playing a smart game for sure.
    @Lisa it sounds like right now at
    6:40pm BBtime, that Andrew is the one going home. But there is a lot of time before Thursday.

  82. @nana – i completely agree, sooo what I was thinking! Brendon needs to win HOH and put Enzo & Matt, dat stupid bro’gade bri-gade whatever meow meow mix they call themselves needs to be put on the HOT seat! Then the REAL game begins ;) and the movements and alliances will shift for sure! Luv that idea!

  83. Gotta throw this out there…If what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas what is Rachel doing on BB..COULD SHE NOT HAVE STAYED THERE???

  84. I guess I’m one of the few, but I’m glad Brendon and Rachel are sticking around for another week! How boring if the “Brigade” were to pick everyone off.

    I would like to see Andrew go because for some reason I find him extremely annoying. I like Kathy and hope she doesn’t get sent home on Thursday.

  85. I hope Andrew stays!!

    If Kathy has been ‘throwing’ the competitions why hasn’t she said that once in the diary room?

    Also, if Brit and Kathy are related why hasn’t Brit campaigned at all for Kathy?

    It would be STUPID for Andrew to mention that he’s a Dr. and knows that Matt’s wifes disease is a lie. He better store that one, it won’t do him any good from that side of the fence.

    I almost have less respect for Kristin than Rachael. Rachael is really wranchy and provacative, but Kristin is supposed to be in a relationship and she is on TV smooching it up. It’s no secret to her family or boyfriend. Neither seem like the ‘marrying type’ or the ‘one you bring home to mama’.

    Good luck with your futures ladies!

  86. My money is on Andrew to go! He is just not a dynamic personality on the show either, so my vote it for him to be evicted.

  87. OMG Lane and Matt just lied to Ragan and he believes them! Now he is pissed at Brachel. I don’t get this. Everyone lying. I have seen Rachel lie but I haven’t seen Brendan. Does he know what she said to Kathy and Kristen? I don’t get it.

  88. Just once I would lie others to see how others are lying about them. Like someone from the outside (Annie) to come back and mess it all up. A good idea that Brachel should have thought of, get in a public spat, make it look real and play like your mad at each other. Then some might trust Rachel and tell her things. Smart move if they were good actors……

  89. britney wants andrew to go home….
    olllddddd britney was andrew to convert to christianity and burn in hell

  90. You know it took awhile but I now know what is wrong with this season. Everyone is nice to your face then they talk behind your back. In past seasons you knew who your enemies were. WTF??? Come on house you all are against Brachel, so tell them about it, act like it, stop being nice to their face you fake liars.

    go brendan

  91. I feel for Andrew. Kathy finally got to the house with her sympathy vote. Andrew deserves to stay there…….I hope Brendan goes after them all with a vengence…..

  92. Why is Lane so mad? What have I missed? Something like he wanted to shake a “he” and say how dare you mess with The Brigade? Ok, it is Brendan. See if Brendan was devious he would not be going around saying he wants to save Andrew after Andrew said he was going after him and Rachel. See Andrew and him are life long friends……damn. Kathy you get to stay you crazy woman…….awww pooooorrrr me. I still can’t get over The Brigade getting mad at anyone supposely “lying” and yet that is all they do. I DON’T GET IT.

  93. Trish, I don’t think Kathy convinced anybody of anything. Andrew has made it easy. He’s Brendan’s associate, better the keep Kathy for a vote against you know who.

  94. So the house is finally getting it that Andrew is alligned with Rachel and Brenda. Lets hope Kathy stays. Duh how quickly they forgot his celebration when Rachel won hoh. I hope Enzo wins HOH cus he has the balls to put up Rachel and Brenda.

  95. I haven’t watched the feeds today to know how hg are voting, but Andrew could extort Hayden and Kristen to vote his way by threatening to blow their under cover shomance. He could extort Matt too (re: wife’s illness), but it would likely backfire as matt would think he’s too dangerous to keep.

  96. Marcus
    July 26th, 2010 at 10:23 pm
    britney wants andrew to go home….
    olllddddd britney was andrew to convert to christianity and burn in hell

    @Marcus LMAO!!!

  97. OK…how are the votes falling so far..?? been busy no time to watch feeds..Last time I watched Kathy giving Ragan sob story bout being broke n’ got 5 or people to take care of..

  98. When the house was playing the drink flip cup game and after, Why did Matt have his hand in his pants all night.It was annyoing and weird.

  99. That dude has hand his hand in his pants all day today..and has yet to wash them..even tho he has eat several times..gross

  100. They said Ragan was going to have it out with Brendan about why he is trying to get Andrew to be saved after what he said to them about going after them. Wonders has it happened?

  101. @Connie from what I can see this evening it looks like everyone is voting Andrew out except for Brendon (and Rachael if he can change her mind)

  102. Of the two outcomes brachel winning or not winning veto.
    This is the one Matt wanted most.
    It allows him to continue to play both sides.
    It allows him to to say he tried his best for both sides.
    It allows him to be safer no matter who gets HOH next.
    The last being the most important for next week.
    It allowed an HOH that was good for him look BAD.

  103. well brenchel continues and i hate it this couple makes me want to throw up it needs to get broken up by any means necessary but i’m happy to see kathy go because she was one of the votes to get andrew out so it’s ta-ta for the sheriff

  104. Great decision by Brendon ! Hope Andrew will stay and backfire the obnoxious Matt.

  105. To the people suggesting that Andrew might call out Matt: did you not watch the show on Sunday? After Matt read his letter from his wife, it cut to Andrew in the diary room confessing that he regretted doubting Matt and that he believes him fully.

    He probably assumes that Matt just got the name of the disease wrong or something. But he doesn’t doubt it. And the letter basically convinced everyone in the house that his wife is sick. If Andrew protested at all, he would be viewed as a blatant (and very dirty) liar.

  106. @Kristenn(45) I totally agree with you. Can’t stand listening to them, watching them kiss, etc,etc, and her laugh ?? Complete bimbo! Brendon what the hell, are you that hard up ? Put those 2 up at the same time already.

  107. I really think Andrew should go because he lied about his occupation. If somehow someone in the house finds out he is a big target anyway. Matt also is a butthead lying about his wife. they both need to go.

  108. #121 : The backdoor plan was brilliant at the first place for Matt. But the worst scenerio happened, so we can’t take Matt as a fool for that. Matt was super genius but I just don’t like his lying about his wife. Sometimes manner is important !

  109. Well Andrew knows more than just that Matt probably lied about his wife. He knows Hayden and Kristen are in an alliance. He knows they are a couple, he knows somewhat about The Brigade……that man knows alot. Kathy keeps saying she has not lied nor threw anyone under the bus but that is all she has done this past weekend. I am getting so tired of her saying she threw competitions. She has done no such thing. Kristen is stupid for falling for her poor me crap. That is the only way Kathy will go further in the game is if someone lets her win HOH, or she keeps skating by but nooone puts her up. Atleast everyone else tries to win. Except maybe for Lane or Kristen. Those two are worthless……..Kathy really needs to go but I guess that ain’t happening now. She keeps harping on Brendon will vote for Andrew. Hell she voted for Monet (who talked crap behind her back) so why should she be mad if Brendon votes with his heart. Kathy you are such a liar and YOU ARE A WEAK PLAYER. Stop saying you get mad at people saying that, they do because it is true!

  110. @Trish : I totally agree. I could see her worthless-ness from the start. She didn’t do anything to play the game. Just fooling around, gossiping and showing off how weak she was at competitions. She need to go !

  111. Nic come on! Getting fiesty is one thing, lying, complaining, bitching is another. I am tired of hearing her contradict herself. She says whatever who she is talking too wants to hear. She was all about standing up for voting for Monet against Matt but she is mad that Brendan is doing the same. Brendan did not tell her to go away I am not voting for you. He just told her he is voting for Andrew, he gave his word. Her lying and not winning any comps will come back and bite her on the ass.

  112. I dont think being a floater is a good idea anymore. The houseguest should have seen the floaters from past seasons who won, but not all of the BB winners are floaters.

  113. I think we can agree that Kathy is not a floater at least. She seems more ballsy by asking directly for votes. No one has been this blunt. She’s slick. When it comes down to it you’re gonna remember her sob story opposed the Andrews bad game of poker. Just get Kathy to jury.

  114. I would like to see some of the brigade members evicted and see the other HG would side on. As for Brachel showmance it disgust me.

  115. Matt is playing the game like Russell from Survivor. He is so focused on making it to the final two that he is not accounting for what happens when the jury is made up of people that hate your gameplay (including his so called brigade partners that he is already screwing). As soon as the dim bulbs in the brigade figure out that Matt put his interests above theirs this week, he will get the Russell (survivor)/Natalie (BB 11) treatment from the jury.

  116. I love how everyone thinks Kathy should go when Andrew could easily win HOH!! I think Kathy’s game playing is great! 1. Tell people what they want to hear (everyone does it in the house not only Kathy) 2. She plays the whole “motherly” card ( it seems to be working) and 3. She will go pretty far because people think she is weak and she isn’t ( what town would hire a WEAK Sheriff??)

  117. NO don’t send Andrew home. Kathy is weak. You don’t have to be tough or that tough to be a sheriff. My cousin is and she is older than Kathy. I hate floaters. Nat the Rat was one and look how far she got? Kathy is in no way that bad but I am tired of her mouth.

  118. No Nic Rachel is sleeping. What she can’t sleep? lOL Let her sleep, makes less time for making out with beautiful Brendan.

  119. What Happened with Kathy wanting to play with Integrity? She stated through out the game till this point she wouldn’t try to get votes against Andrew (whis she told to him in the Spa) and yet she is…..She didn’t care BEFORE if she left as long as she didn’t hurt anyone, lie, make up stories, play everyone in the house etc etc….I had respect for her BACK then, even IF it’s a Game. But she sure has switched it up !!!

    • Yep, Kathy slipped up and swore last night then blamed it on being in the house and around it all of the time in the house. She did laugh at herself last night. Kathy IS playing her game. It may be too little too late if she doesn’t start putting some people in their place. I think she is tough underneath. She told a story (on live feed) about wrestling with a big guy and ending up with a hernia but she handcuffed him and took him down. She didn’t give up.Give her some credit.

  120. Those two are trying so hard not talking game because I THINK THEY ARE THE LIFE LONG FRIENDS.

  121. Oh Yeah….and from what I am seeing on BB after Dark….Andrew is leaving. Enzo is funny, but even he said “WTF the Bregade wants to throw Kathy Out? What the Hell Man, She isn’t anything we can get her anytime, get the threats out…Come on man seriously Kathy? The Mom of the house…Oh Man We Have Fans Man, we can’t look like morons and vote out someone that isn’t a threat to us” he said this outside last night to Lane, and Lane agreed…

    Enzo makes me laugh even though the other HG’s have become boring….

    As far as Brendan & Rachel…he is embarrassed by MANY of her actions…Last night she wore a mini dress and said that is what she would wear to church…wow..he is TRYING to get her to understand about his Family!!

  122. If Rachel don’t straighten up I don’t see Brendan bringing her home to meet mom and dad.

  123. if u actually watch the live feeds you wpuld see andrew is going home, w/e speech he made at pov turned them ALL against them. p.s brendon and andrew/long time friends

  124. Why is so many ppl pissed at Andrew for lying about his occupation? Brenden did and so did Ragen. It is common place for ppl to lie about their occupation as to not create a target for having a good career, esp. ones that tend to make a lot of money. I think it’s a bit stupid, but not enough to get pissed about. What’s annoying is when ppl lie about stuff that doesn’t matter and ppl are dumb enough to fall for it, like PITBULL last season, you can’t even say ‘shit’ on TV but ppl were dumb enough to think BB wouldn’t notice an underage person in the house was drinking – wine or not, they wouldn’t allow that to happen!

  125. I don’t know who to trust or hate or root for anymore in the house. They change once they get on the block, don’t they? Brendan will always be Brendan to me! Nic probably puking! LOL

  126. I’ve been quiet because I tried to hold puke and a sneeze in at the same time. Now I have a strawberry seed from my pb&j lodged in a sinus. Put on some leggings or soemthing to workout in Rachel!

  127. LOL Nic you are so hilarious! Hey everyone laughed at Rachel’s long leggings she wore with her shorts but doesn’t Kristen have on a pair now? Did she borrow Rachel’s wardrobe? She has on some skanky looking short shorts too. Hey Nic, are you as tired of hearing Kathy talk and complain as I am? LOL

  128. I am off to bed, this l i v e f e e d s is so boring……..not much of a fight at all. Tired of hearing Kristen and Kathy talk. Night all! Hey Nic I left you a bucket to puke in by the door. See ya!

  129. I guess Trish went away by now, but, I do think Kathy can shut up now, she’s pretty much safe untill they start talking tomorrow. I guess I don’t know the difference between leggings, tights, spandex. She should wear the pants like things or something. Not those thigh high socks.

  130. I think the couple that knows eachother are Andrew and Brendon, they look like brothers to me. He must be in a panic that his own brother wouldn’t use the POV on him, he should be voted out(Andrew).

  131. #148 : I Think so too. At first, my suspision went to Hayden and Kristen, now that they’re a couple, I dun think that way any more.

    Please, houseguests, don’t let Brechel in the Jury House cause they will annoy your eyes all day.

  132. Whether you like them or not Bren/rach make this show. They must stay. I hope Bren wins HoH

  133. Andrew and brandon are def long time friends, if u watch them play pool together u can tell they have played before.

  134. I have said it before, and now others agree. Bren and Andrew are related or the LLF, perhaps cousins. They both have good educations, morals and care about family…it is a game however…and Bren is playing the showmance thing, but may be crossing his fingers that his family back home will understand. Andrew may be playing his Jewish background waaaay up so that people would never think he knows Bren from outside the house.

  135. I like both Andrew and Kathy but I think I would vote to evict Kathy. My favorite houseguest is Rachel. She reminds me of Janelle – just full of life, a bit dramatic and beautiful inside and out. The showmances are a bit much but then Big Brother decides what we see – tone it down a bit guys.

  136. Kathy isn’t playing, she’s just there. I wish it was double elimination this week. Both their butts would be gone : )

  137. I so think Andrew should go home already. The religious antics are not working to his advantage either. Whoever wins HOH this week should definitely put up Enzo and Kristen. That would really stir the pot.

  138. Oh the best made plans of mice and me….. Tough luck Matt, you snake!!!!! Goodbye Andrew. That would be the smart move for Matt to save Kathy and get her on his side.

  139. If the brigade is smart, they ll vote Andy out. He s aligned with his buddy brenden. I believe they are the secret friendship. They both acted suspicious from day one when they were walking around when the lights went out. Kathy is not a threat. She can t win a comp and sits around smoking. Use her vote then get rid of her.

  140. Is this a secret loop? It is my first time on joining anything on a computer let alone a website, I love big brother and the game. I found about this website from my daughter. You people ignore other peoples questions about the game etc. Okay her goes (I know it is late but I work) I do not like Rachael, she is , how you young people put it, pu–y whipped Brendon, and apparently alot of other people too. She will eventually get Mr. dumb a– voted off. She is not a chemist,if she is, I failed life!!!! Please , open your circle and let other people in.

  141. Tishe, you are in! It is hard to believe that Rachel is a Chemist. It’s something about these bios. They definitely seem made-up for some people. Okay, most of these houseguests. I think Brandon and Andrew know each other and I think that Ragan and Lane are high school buddies. Andrew should still go home.

  142. why oust kathy,shes a vote . The brigade needs too sit down and meet more.Matt should have been pressured to put up Brachel.He totally did not seek council on his dumb moves . Enzo shoulda gave him the horns for dat 1…..

  143. I certainly hope that BB comes up with the “unexpected” soon. Just a few short weeks in and already everyone is so bored…nothing to be excited about, everyone wishs the showmance couple would knock it off…they couldn’t possibly think they have found each other and will have a lasting relationship after BB.

  144. This is my first time joining in. I also think that Kathy is Britney’s mom. they do look alike and the fact that they are both from Arkansas leaves me wondering.

  145. lets all not forget the cupelate and i hope brendan or rachel or even andrew or ragan gets and big down the so called regadeswho havent really done nothing but hate on brendan and rachel

  146. i think tonight will be a question game or even a numbers game i would like to see kathy go then matt then brittany then let the games begin

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