Big Brother 12: Week 3 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

Once Matt’s nominations had settled in it was time to battle it out over the Veto in the Big Brother 12 House. Despite Matt’s best efforts to scope, shape, and execute his strategy things didn’t go exactly to plan.

Read on to find out what happened and be sure to stay close because the PoV Ceremony is set to take place Monday so there’s likely to be some vote jockeying.

Try the live feeds for free and use the Flashback feature to see what you missed!

Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 24, 2010:

10:00 AM BBT – The Brigade decides they’ll reveal their existence to the house when they get down to the Final 6. Hmm, The Brigade’s 4 plus Brenchel? They’re discussing how angry Rachel will be if they backdoor Brendon.

1:45 PM BBTLive Feeds return and we scramble to discover who won… Brendon. Once again, Brendon won the Veto. Now the Brigade is trying to decide if they should keep Andrew or Kathy.

3:00 PM BBT – Kristen talking game with Andrew and telling him to go smooth things over with Matt. She wants him to be cool with Matt long enough to keep him here this week so he can help her out with her time comes.

3:30 PM BBT – Kristen and Hayden are prepared to target Brendon and Rachel next week if they have the power. Meanwhile, Matt and Andrew talk things out with the settlement being Andrew will stay this week.

6:45 PM BBT – Kathy and Andrew sharing notes on the situation. They understand the house is torn and this wasn’t the way it was supposed to work out.

7:45 PM BBT – Matt and Kathy discuss how his plan fell apart. He offers the HoH room to her for meeting with the HGs. Seems to be an acceptance of what’s coming her way on Thursday.

9:00 PM BBT – Brenchel review their options with Kathy. Rachel wants to keep her and Brendon wants to send her home. He gets upset that she’s promised her vote to Kathy.

10:00 PM BBT – It’s party time in the Big Brother house! The HGs are playing beer pong and flip cup. Ahh, college. With beer pong you throw ping-pong balls at opposing cups and the other team drinks the cups you make. Flip cup is a group event with a race to drink your cup and then hit it upward to flip and land mouth down.

10:45 PM BBTKristen eats the house spider! The HGs freak out but then the games continue. Definitely worth watching this play out on the Live Feeds Flashback.

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So the whole day pretty much fell apart for Team Anyone-But-Brenchel, but that just leaves us more room for drama later and I’m expect there will be a lot of it from now on out. At least the HGs put down their battle gear and game together for some good ol’ drinking games. Be sure to keep an eye out for the Veto Ceremony results on Monday afternoon, but it should be a pretty safe bet for what’s going to happen unless something incredible happens before that.

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  1. Um, I don’t know about anyone else, but I am sick to pieces of hearing Rachel say the word “libations”. I was so for Rachel and Brendon going as far as they could in the game just to spite some people..but geez. I don’t think I would be too upset if Rachel goes home next week!

  2. im still rootin for brendon i like him i think he sexy hottt so i think he will go far but racheal i cant stand the laugh oh it irks my nerves

  3. Now that Andrew has shown he’s above-average at competitions, what is the rationale for evicting Kathy? Any more insight on which 2 hg are lifelong friends?

  4. @William: Matt believes keeping Kathy will be a vote against him if she makes it to the Jury house and he makes it to the Final 2. He thinks he’s still got a chance to get Andrew’s vote in the end.

  5. If Rachel or Brendon stay in the house, they both will take over the Big Brother game and win.

  6. Smart move with Andrew, Kristen….now she and Hayden need to team with Brendon-Rachel.

  7. Hayden needs to realize that putting up Brendan or targeting him week after week is getting old and it will come and bite him on the ass. He and Rachel need to join forces with them and Rule the house. Forget this Brigade crap, the others aren’t doing anything to help, why should Hayden stay with them to help THEM out. He should be on the lookout for himself.

  8. Hey Matt of this site, do the flashback have the POV competition on it? If so I will watch that!

  9. Does Rachel have any other shorts she has been wearing those blue ones for at least three days now, they must be getting pretty nasty by now.

  10. LOL @Torch. I love Enzo but I think some of his clothes need to be washed. If you have to smell your clothes before you wear them, THEY ARE DIRTY!!!

  11. thats for sure I just flashed back to last night to watch Kristen eat the house spider, it was too cool.

  12. Torch you should watch more. It was very entertaining last night. They all played a drinking game called “Flip the Cup” and it was fun to watch. They were in locked down so everyone had to stay in and the whole house had fun and got along once. Brit even got drunk and I have to admit she was so funny!

  13. They are all. They had a late night last night. Well Brendan looks pretty good! Now Kathy is finally playing the game and telling Kristen some stuff that Rachel had told Brit. Yeah play the game now Kathy…….its a little too late!

  14. I loved seeing my girl Kristen eat the spider without any one suggesting it or daring her. Hayden didn’t get to see it,though. Racheal was annoying as usual by talking about it every 30 seconds for the next two hours.I enjoyed seeing Brittany loosen up a little. I hated that CBS wouldn’t provide more alcohol to keep it interesting.

  15. can’t believe she murdered that spider for entertainemt..!! Just as bad as the douches that feed live moths to the spider last season!

  16. a lot of the seasons have messed with the spiders and the other bugs to them it’s just some entertainment, and I bet sometime in your life you have killed a bug.

  17. Kristen is a smart player. I’m torn on whether her “alliance” for lack of a better word, with Andrew is a good thing though. On one hand, Hayden, Brenchel, Andrew and herself could form a great alliance, but Hayden is still tied up with the brigade. I almost think she should keep Hayden in the dark about the Andrew business. Hopefully Andrew will bring to light his knowledge of the brigade. (Though he doesn’t know their name he does think their in an alliance.)

  18. I agree with the comments. Hayden,kristen,andrew and brenchel need to form an alliance and get the brigades out- they’re too full of themselves. Enzo and lane do nothing but talk bunch of crap, they’re both coattails riders. I’m tired of watching them both!

  19. kristin is a gangsta! haha. she just got a new fan.

    dang im starting to like everyone now. i only dont like brachel kathy and andrew. everyone else i like.

  20. quiet game but I think she will come on strong later in the game. Rachel is a HUGE phoney. She is always playing to the cameras and the fans she thinks she has. I TIVO BBAD so I never have to watch her and Brendon anymore.

  21. As much as I absolutely hate showmances, Brenchel is a force to be reckoned with in the house. I’m by no means rooting for them, but they’re the only ones that can possibly break up the brigade. In other words, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  22. What is matt thinking? Its WAY too early in the game to be thinking about jury votes. On top of that, he’ll only make it to the final two IF he can outlast 9 other competitors. The same 9 people that all know how disloyal and sneaky he is. If he does make it to the final two, it’ll be because someone will take him to the final two knowing they will win against him, because no one likes a snake in the house. Thats the reason why Natalie lost against Jordan last year.

    Kathy is one of the weakest competitors. Why eliminate her? she is someone he can easily win against. If you evict all the weaklings, you’ll be stuck in a house full of nothing but fierce competitors- and he’s worried about JURY votes??

  23. Why does Rachel get so much face time on bbad. Its to the point that I dvr it and fast forward anything with her or Brenden.

  24. You guys are gonna have to get use to the fact that brenchel is going nowhere, they’re here to stay! Whoever dont like them can turn, shut, break or do whatever with their tv I don’t care. They’re having face time bewcause they’re that impotant HGs. Kristen is the one you all should be commenting on how she laughs when those idiots fart and burb, I think it’s just gross! I just hate ppl who laugh at something that idiotic! She’s got to go ASAP in my book!

  25. I think that Matt’s plan did not work. I think that he shoud really think about who would come after him if Andrew or Kathy were to win HOH—-Andrew****He would put him up. Vote Andrew out this week~!~~~~

  26. I hope they keep Andrew sao he can put Matt out next week, or when and if he gets HOH.
    KInda jumping the gun here but…If Brendan or Rachel win HOH next week, who do you think they would put up?

  27. I don’t even want to think about either of them winning… But, I do NOT want the brigade to win. As much as I HATE Andrew, I kinda want him to stay and win so he’ll take some of them out.

  28. @AP: I think they would put up lane and kristen and backdoor matt’s dumbass! Hopefully matt’s plan would backfire on him. Karma is a major bitch!

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