Big Brother 12: Week 3 PoV Competition – Spoilers

Power of Veto

Big Brother 12 presses on through its third week of action in the house and things are finally heating up on the live feeds. After finding out who Matt nominated last night it was time for the Veto competition today where the nominees could fight for their chance at safety.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

The Week 3 Power of Veto results for Big Brother 12:

  • Brendon has won the Veto Competition.

Jump on the live feeds right now to watch the house react to Brenchel’s survival.

The players in this week’s PoV competition were Matt as HoH, Andrew and Kathy as the nominees, along with Brendon, Rachel, and Lane with Enzo as the host.

The Veto ceremony will be held on Monday so we’ll soon know whether or not the power will be used. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

What do you think of the PoV Comp results? There’s really no chance of Brendon using it as Matt would renom Rachel. So much for the backdoor plan this week…

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.



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  1. Are you kidding me?! The game has to be rigged for the showmance to stay for ratings. If not, they have some major luck. I was really looking forward to the showmance being broken… shame shame shame.

  2. UGH!!! DANG!!!

    go figure brendon or rachel won.

    lets be honest, matt’s strategy was a good one. but its the same thing that plagued monet last week. “the worst case scenario”

    thats what keeps happening to everyone other than brendon or rachel.

    matt’s plan was good, but the worst case scenario happened, and now only andrew will go home.

    i hate andrew so im not upset, but i think i speak for most ppl when i say, BRACHEL needs to be broken up. hopefully next week, so one of them doesnt make it to the jury house, thus their separated.

    why does all the comps and stuff happen before sunday? that leaves sunday through wednesday is SO boring.

    hopefully britney or someone from the brigade can win HOH next week. kristin or kathy would put up britney in a heart beat. which is a dumb move on multiple levels.

    one more chance houseguest. u got one more chance to break them up

  3. Matt should voluntarily exclude himself from all future HoH competitions. He obviously over-thinks when it comes to making decisions. This isn’t chemistry class.

  4. I’ll be sorry to see Andrew go. He’s one of the more entertaining HGs, especially when he related his half-mile-club experience on the after-dark episode.

  5. I’m smelling a little Leslie Moonves having a little fun for himself. But Brenchel still looses an ally.

  6. I am so freaking happy!!!! Yeah!!!! Now let the REAL games begin!!! Ok I don’t care for the make-out sessions of Brachel but I like how fair they are in the game. Yes sending Monet home was stupid on Rachel’s part but atleast she told her what she was doing. I don’t see either Brendan or Rachel sneaking around and stabbing anyone in the back. You can like them or hate them but I love the way they play the game…….so far. Matt the liar piece of crap needs to go home just for his evil smirky ways, the way he would throw anyone under the bus (that includes his alliance) and for the awful lie about his wife being sick. That was way over the line for me.

  7. I think it’s hilarious that Brendon won the PoV competition… kinda serves Britney the brainless crybaby wonder right for badmouthing them so much! That’s karma!

  8. Tough decision for Brendon. Either to save his lifelong friend Andrew or to save Rachel. If he saves Andrew it’s going to be really suspicious.

  9. @Ray: It definitely failed, but he covered his tracks enough in advance that it won’t hurt him. He can continue to pretend like he was going to uphold his part of the deal w/ Brenchel.

  10. Beth I agree with YOU! I couldn’t get over the face of Brit or the alliance when Brendon won the POV! Brit is a backstabbing b and her and Matt deserves to be gone!

  11. Are you kidding me? Brendon wins. This so called game is rigged by CBS. I cannot take another night of BBAD watching these two stick their tongues down each other’s throats. Rachel is such a fake, something is off about Brendon, can’t quite figure it out yet. Matt is an idiot, probably lied about MENSA too. If you wanted Brendon out, you put them both on the block, since he did win POV, then Rachel would be going home. Dumbass!!!!!

  12. @Trish,

    You don’t like Matt because he lies, yet you’re ok with Rachel spreading rumors? Rachel is absolutely full of herself by the way, she thinks she is so smart yet she basically almost fell for Britney’s mediocre “everybody hates me” speech. Personally, I find Rachel to be annoying not just for these reasons:

    Her dyed red hair
    Her laugh

    But also how she can be manipulated so easily. I honestly don’t know who I dislike more, Rachel for being a push over or Brendon for using her like a puppet. There is a reason they call her Brechel.

  13. @Lynn: It’s a backdoor plan. The idea was to let the odds play in their favor of not having Brenchel play at all. Yet somehow both got their names drawn. It was highly unlikely and the odds just continue to let them down. If you nominate both then it’s 100% chance they’d get to play, which of course happened anyway, but there was no guarantee that they would.

  14. Yes! Yes! Yes! Tough cookies Matt! Trying to always look so innocent, jerk. Maybe telling a horrible lie about your wife came back and bit ya! I would be scared that it would come true to ever say something so horrible about someone you supposedly love! I feel for your wife.

  15. The fact that the producers would not let Matt look in the chit bag after the POV participant selection ceremony speaks volumes here folks. Especially after this result, given the fact that a majority of the house wanted Brachel split up this week.

    I just want sexy Brendon to stay a little longer so I can look at him.

  17. Why does everyone hate Brendon and Rachel so much? they never really did anything to anyone. They may be annoying by making out all the time but they aren’t bothering anyone. Rachel is so funny and entertaining i love her laugh and energy. I hope they stay for a long time. Rachel will be nothing without Brendon.

  18. WELLL..Hopefully this will be the week that when the evicted nominee tries to open the front door it won’t open…And seriously CBS EXECS.. Do u really believe that a major part of the BB audience wants to see to fake wanna be’s slobbering n’ groping each other for another 10 days??? I THINK U NEED TO DO A VIEWER POLL ON THAT CBS!!!! OK folks…off to the market to stock up Gas-X n’Pepto Bismal for another 10+days…..

  19. YES and its not rigged, you just cant handle that the brigade isnt “running” the house…

    this was BEST CASE for the audience…r and B will only last so long…they got an extra week, we lose kathy, and it gets good

    stop whining.

  20. I find brit and co’s rude and cruel taunts to be far worse than the make out sessions…bbad chooses to play that…why? because NO ONE IS ACTUALLY DISCUSSING THE GAME…they just want to diss B and R…BORING

    this is awesome…now its up to Brenden, Rachel or Andrew to win HOH, and REALLY shake it up!

  21. HEYYYYYYYY!! Hahahhaaaaaha haaaaaa ;)

    VEGAS HERE…..we ain’t going nowhere, so y’all can just get used to our beautiful faces
    for a while. Love ya!

    Oh, and did you know I’m smart? I’m a chemist!

  22. at least rachel and brenden will poke fun at themselves and what they do/say…they arent malicious like many in the house.

  23. I don’t see why everyone is hatin on “Brachel”. aside from being really annoying, and I wish someone teach Brendan how to kiss and stop pecking like a bird !!! that aside they are playing the game. and have deflected everything thrown at them. and Matt is an A– hole for lying about his wife. and for another thing will andrew go out holding on to the dirt about Matt lying about his wife ???

  24. When the producers would not let him look in the chit bag, Matt should have immediately turned the bag upside down, thereby spilling the contents and exclaiming, “Oops I spilled them!”

  25. Not only did they not let him look, Ragan for some reason could not sleep all of sudden last night. He walked in on the Brenchel (sounds like a monster out of Beowolf)and told them to think in terms of this poker madness. He is smart about the show – but he was tipped off.

  26. and matt talking about how smart he is wasnt annoying? I am STOKED they will curb that BS for awhile

  27. Andrew’s best chance to stay is to go to Matt and use Matt’s lie about his wife’s “disease” as leverage. Andrew tells Matt that if he, Andrew, is voted off he blows Matt out in front of every one.

    Too bad Brachel won. I wanted to see her melt down next week.

  28. they may be a bit much to watch however at least they are not lying like the others. im so glad that backfired in matts face. i lost all respect for him when he talked about his wife

  29. I don’t see why everyone hates Matt. Sure, he told a lie that was pretty messed up about his wife but it just a game people. Just because he said that doesn’t make him a horrible person or anything.

    Everyone in the house except for Matt and Hayden are not very smart as far as i’m concerned, maybe you could put Ragan and Lane up there too.

    Andrew makes himself a target

    Kathy if she is Britney’s mom is doing a terrible job covering it up

    Britney makes herself too much of a target by being loud and annoying. She argues with everybody.

    Kristen thinks she’s “in love with Hayden”, puhlease. You’re both the two good looking house guests in the house, it’s like the prom king and queen thinking they actually have something (most of the time they don’t)

    Rachel is gullable and is played like the real fiddle

    Lol, what is wrong with some of these HGs! I’m going to root for Matt, than Lane, than maybe Haden. Everyone else I’m not hundred percent will even make it halfway through the season.

  30. It’s funny how mad some of u r because Brendon won the veto. Haha I love it when the plan doesn’t work out! It makes the game/show really exciting!

  31. Maybe because Brendon and Rachel are incredibly annoying. The only thing that is really going to get me excited about the veto is that if Brendon takes his lifelong friend of the block (Andrew).

  32. YAY! Brachel, Andrew, Kathy, Reagan are my faves. For Andrew to save himself, I hope he blurts out that Matt is lying about his wife’s medical condition and that Kristen and Hayden are having a showmance!!!

  33. Hi, First Time Poster here :)

    Could someone elaborate on the whole “Matt was not allowed to look in the chit bag thing” ?

    Did He ask to look in it and they stopped him?

    What do you expect might have happened, that there were only enough chits to bring about this result ? There could not have been duplicate chits for BraChel as that could have led to 2 of the same chit being pulled right ?


  34. I guess I don’t understand why everyone hates Brendon & Rachel??? I absolutely love them and they are the reason I continue to tune in and have followed up on BB on the internet! I have never watched any prior seasons of BB and Brenchel has me absolutely hooked!!! BB is my new obsession all because of them!!!!! I love their showmance and will be heartbroken if they get torn apart!!! Viva Brenchel!!!

  35. Matt’s plan is stupid. He is too over confident and cocky. He just made himself a biggest target in everyone’s mind in the house. So if either Brendon or Rachael wins HOH next week, they will put him up and he could be going home.

  36. I knew it was a stupid plan. Mensa my butt.Can’t take much more of skanky Roachel.

  37. No Brad D I am not alright with Rachel doing that. I don’t care much for her, it is Brendan I like. I have stated before I didn’t see Brachel do anything back talking. If Rachel did spread rumors then that is NOT ok either. But to me none are as bad as what Matt lied about. YOU don’t think it is that bad a thing what he did? I am, I have a family member who is really sick and so anyone who would lie about something like that to get further in the game just makes me want to puke. Sorry you don’t think it is that big of a deal…….We have our own way of thinking, and that is OK. We don’t all have to agree. Like Rachel rubs you the wrong way Matt does that for me. His smirks, his lying to everyone about stupid things, he is another “Ronnie” and I can’t wait for him to go.

  38. @Tim – If that is the case, what other reason would there be for him not being allowed to look in the bag? It would make no difference right?

  39. If they wanted Brandon and Rachel out, they should have nominated them both and then just used a pawn if one of them won POV.

    The brigade is the most pathetic alliance of all time.

  40. They are NOT suppose to look in the bag anyways. What is with the talk that they wouldn’t let Matt look in the bag? You are not suppose to know who you are picking. What some of you are bitching about makes no sense! THEY NEVER LOOK IN THE BAG!

    • They mean he could not even look AFTER they chose the pov players. I think maybe one name was missing.

  41. I’ll rewind & watch, but I realy don’t see bb fixing a comp. They would get in legal trouble & know that. With that being said, go brachel. Ever1 is after them & so far they have escaped for now. The brigade, yea cool know one has figured it out, but that’s the only thing they are accomplishing. I know matt apologised to his wife about making up that lie on tv but I do feel sorry for her. She had to recieve tons of calls & explain what her husband did. That’s all for now. Have a good 1 guys!!

  42. Personally, I favor neither Matt, the Brigade, Brachel, etc. At this point in time. I am more upset at production allegedly skewing the game process to gain favorable ratings points than over who stays or goes.

  43. Ugh what a disapointment. I just wanted to see brendon go to see what would happen to rachel. She would have gone nuts! Which would have been fun to watch. Although I like brendon, he just needs to cut rachel loose, she’s going to be the down fall of his game. I don’t even understand how there are poeple saying they actually enjoy watching them together, yuck. You must all be 14 years old.

    As for people complaining about the lying, backstabbing etc etc. Ummmm is this your first BB experience, this game would be nothing without the lying and backstabbing, you gotta have the evil players and the good ones, that’s what creats the entertainment. If matt wants to lie about his wife, who cares? I don’t like him any more or less for it. If that’s his game then oh well, get over it.

  44. @Trish: Look in the bag to verify the # of balls/names in there, NOT to pick who they want. Of course they couldn’t look in the bag to select names, silly.

  45. Oh, and those who think the network doesn’t fix or screw around with anything……lol.

    Its TV, if they know how to get the ratings they’ll do what it takes.

  46. OMG, Kristen is so stupid! She just told Andrew that her and Hayden were in an alliance. LOL I guess noone has figured out that Andrew and Brendan are life long friends?

  47. OK, for the really smart people (not Matt) back dooring is a great plan, but if you rally want to break up a couple put them both on the block, even if one wins the POV and takes them self off, send the other one home (flash backs of the first week) then there broken up. you only need the get rid of the other. I can’t believe how this game gets played every year…. as to the game being fixed… you never know, CBS could be stuffing the bag with duplicate names to up the chances they play and keep the noms the same.

  48. @45 Trish – I was under the impression he wanted to look in the bag after the selection was over. Of course they can’t look in when they are making their picks. No disagreement there. If I am wrong about him wanting to look in after the selections were over, then I have been misinformed and I admit my ranting is null and void at this point.

  49. Okay has to been confirmed that brendon and andrew are the lifelong friends? I thought that sab message was a lie

  50. Matt did not do so bad. Since Brendan was the overall target; even if he at least put him up Brendan would be safe already. The house is not really against Rachel as much as him. I don’t care man, Annie is turning out to have been right. She knew this house was stupid. She would have made a great contrast to Ragan who seems to know a bit too much.

  51. I really thought it was Andrew & Brendon until I saw a conversation between them on the live feed where they said things like “I think you’re a good guy” etc. things you don’t say to someone you’ve known forever? idk it was weird.
    Then the other pair I’m thinking is Andrew & Kristen, & they just had that conversation & I’m still suspicious of them because, how are they all of a sudden so close? she said she’s gonna fight to keep him no matter who is up there… that was weird

  52. @jenny,i was thinking the same thing also about kristen and andrew,that was really weird…

  53. Deferret, I don’t think your rant is wrong. I just said I didn’t think they ever look in the bag. Matt might have asked, that part I don’t know. But Matt should know YOU cannot ever look in the bag.

  54. I hate to see Kathy go, but, I would rather see her than Andrew. I hope Brendan takes Andrew off and the snake puts up Rachel! Please! lol

  55. I don’t care for the lie Matt told about his wife, but that was his strategy. At least he has one!!! He seems to be one of the only HG’s to be playing the game! At least he’s coming up with plans and trying something. Andrew, Kathy, Kristen, Britney, Lane, and (even though I like him) Ragan… ARE DOING JACK CRAP! Enzo is.. ugh.. seriously? He’s an idiot and not doing much either. The only thing he did do was get an alliance together… and what’s he doing with that?! Nothing! All Hayden seems to have on his mind is Kristen and doesn’t seem to be planning much either. Rachel is too focused on “her man” to focus properly on the game. I think Brenden would play the game a lot better if he wasn’t with Rachel. Did I miss anyone?? I also think it would be interesting if Annie got to come back eventually… the whole missing a player thing that was discussed in previous threads… I don’t think she got a proper chance to play the game and might make it interesting. Wow.. this ended up long for a first post ever! Sorry! hah

  56. my thought is that when one of the people in the pair is voted out, they’ll say it to julie on the show, so then we’ll know. which means Andrew could get out this week & it might be exposed, or if kathy goes out maybe she’ll reveal if she’s britney’s mom or whatever.

  57. @Ken
    That was my point,they could not “double up” the names because that could lead to the “same” name being pulled first !!

    The only way they could rig it would be to put in less names.


  58. Lori that is what I want to happen. I really do! LOL But then the house might be so shocked about that, they just might keep Rachel in and she would then be mad as hell at Brendan!

  59. By the way, I want to throw in my 2 cents on Matt.

    He is sneaky, conniving, manipulative, and evil :O

    Of course, I mean that in a good way :D

    Go Matt Go


  60. Ha! Rachel wants to after Kristen. Stupid people here. They need to just stop, have all the great reallity winners from several shows school these people on game. You need her Rachel, shes not after your man!

  61. I am so happy about the POV results. I ready for Matt lies to be revealed. Come on Andrew, use the info you got on the other players to stay in the game this week.

  62. Had anyone looked around online to see if the disease Matt is talking about is real?? Didn’t he say he researched it first? I can’t remember now…

  63. Okay, I LOVE Rachel and Brandon. I am sooooo happy he won. They are the only reason I watch the show.

  64. Thanks, Fan.

    So at least it sounds like it’s a real thing… so really what leverage would Andrew have? If anything, he’d be outing himself as a Dr. which he didn’t want to do.

  65. When did we find out that Brendon and Andrew were life long friends? UGH Now I don’t like Andrew. Andrew should go home. Then we can worry about BRachel and then the Brigade can duke it out among themselves.

  66. yea but i think Matt said something about he didn’t know if he was pronouncing it right, so idk.
    BUT i don’t think Andrew would call him out on that anytime soon.

    So do we know for sure what Brendon is going to do? Do we know for sure if him and Andrew are friends? I think that there may be 2 lifelong friends, but maybe they don’t know it. like that one year when Nakomis and Cowboy were siblings and didn’t know. maybe something like that is happening this year, or maybe they’re like penpals or something and don’t know.

  67. Andrew already outed himself as a DR to Matt, who also told mentioned to B/R that he’s a DR. So It’s already out there.

  68. If brendan leaves the noms the same.
    andrew has bren, rach, kristin and may be hayden and regan.
    who does kathy have?

  69. As far as the lifelong relationship goes I swear that at the live eviction Julie made a comment just before Kristen voted about would she vote like her longtime friend. I’m gonna rewatch that episode as soon as I can.

  70. I’m happy that Brendon won. I think it is terrible that Matt lied about his wife being sick. You should be careful what you say because you never know. I like Rachel. She is a very kind hearted person. I think a lot of girls don’t like her because they are jealous. Don’t be haters.

  71. I doubt Andrew will call him on it either. The whole not knowing thing would be interesting as well. Penpals! lol I haven’t thought of those in awhile…

  72. andrew may not have bren and rachel if he keeps talking about them. he better watch himself. i like him and hope he stays.

  73. @Temmymomoftwins

    Are you sure? Cause I thought she said something along the tines of, will she vote like hayden/boyfriend in the house/whatever.

    • I remember it catching my attention but will rewatch and post. I could be wrong but I don’t think so.

  74. Whoa – it sure is HOT here in Virginia. Don’t come here unless you want to SWEAT your tush off. For the past week it has been over 100 derees with heat indexes in th 120’s. Today was 104 and tomorrow is supposed to be 108, and then we are supposed to get some relief. Barney is spending his time sitting in front of a fan. He’s no dummy. Sorry that Brendon won POV. That showmance is making me nauseous. That needs to get broken up soon.

  75. lol who could be jealous of rachel? There’s nothing to be jealous about. I was kind of jealous that she got brendon since he’s extremely nice to look at, BUT then I found out he has a vagina, haha.

  76. I don’t think that there are friends in the house because Julie Chen is not the one who announced it. It was the sabateour. I think she would have brought it up again last Thursday.

  77. wait who was julie talking about when she said that to kristin?

    I <3 Jason Derulo!!!!

  78. Big Brother After Dark is soooooooooo boring. its hard to hear what they are saying

  79. so are we all ready for two more weeks of the Brenden/Rachel show I’m not! they make me so sick I want to just plain out barf.

  80. ugh! I think it’s unfair that braychel keep skating by (because of shear stupidity) and they only want to makeot to the jury house so they can screw in peace…while ppl like annie and money who wanted to play have gone home!

  81. YAAAAAY RACHEL AND BRENDON STAY ANOTHER WEEK! <333 Now we need one of them to win HOH next week and control the house once more <3

  82. lol torch. I know I feel the same way, but in a way they’re kind of fun to hate.

  83. I read that Annie did not go home. She is in sequester. I wonder if the first 4 players that will be evicted , that one will come back.

  84. If you work in the tv business you know Bb has to tell us things like the sab, but to fix a comp would get them in legal trouble. Sorry not goin to happen.

  85. @92 I agree,

    when rachel said last thrusday that she would take Brendon over the $500k, it made me like her even less. It’s not fair to people who were there to play Big brother (like annie and monet who I actually liked. But oh well, they wont make the final two I’m sure of it. They’re too caught up in eachother.

  86. Ok this is only my second year, so im not to sure on all the ways bb works, but if brendon won veto he might take andrew off the block since he has all the unanswerd trust for him.. if that happens, can brendon be put up? or is he safe too because he won?

  87. this batch of women on this season are so hateful to the other women it’s unbelievabale specifically Rachel I think she hates all the women, and the twit is jelouse for nothing, the others don’t want brenden after her trashy hide has been all over him, she has totally contaminated the poor guy, no would want him now.

  88. umm matt did u notice last night that it really looked like brendon and rachel were finally … getting “frisky”? i did. they were under the covers, and i dont think rachel was riding pillows.

    it was only like 3 minutes, then kristin walked in, and then brendon went to bed.

  89. i’m so glad brenden won the pov.i don’t like the other guys guess they r jealous of brenden.

  90. I am so happy Brendon won the POV. Matt is a little weasel. Just looking at him makes me want to puke. He is the type of idiot that probably got beaten up a lot when he was in school. Just watching how he acts makes me want to turn the channel he is such a dork. The brigade is a joke. I would love to see Matt and Enzo leave they are the two biggest idiots in the game. Hayden is alright but Matt has to go.

  91. “monet wanted to play the game” r u guys serious??? wtf did monet do in this game?!?! all she did was working on her tan and sitting with britney bitching and complaining and crying !!! “monet wanted to play the game””get the f** out of here what your nonsense!!!money was useless!! a waste of space!!!she has the personality of a freakin brick wall!!!!!

    • uhm so if money wasn’t play the game then who is?? Ragen nope..kat..nope..andy..nope..kris..nope..hay…again nope she tried to make deals but everyone stonewalled her so how could she have played more?

  92. @Marcus: brother you are way behind the times they did it last week in the HOH and minutes later Kathy walked in.

  93. this BB cast is sooo uninteresting this yr…lane You boring!!!
    Kat WTF are u here??!??
    Kris I can’t stand u your that boring!!! Hay ur personality is non existant!! I hate bb this yr
    At least Bren is nice to look at enzo is kinda funny and bri is too. ;_; BB dynamic plywrs like
    Dr will
    Mike boogie

  94. I think Brendon and Rachel are not playing the game with their heads, which is very disturbing. You can’t be too trusting on BB. I am hoping Andrew will stay to balance things off and give Brigade some competition. I hope for a change that one of the floaters win HOH next week and puts some brigaders on the block. It will be awesome!

  95. Yea I don’t see how Monet was playing the game. Maybe 1st couple days but then nothing but sh*t talk with brit about the other guests. She even mentioned in an interview after she was evicted that she should have got to know the other hg’s.

    What a joke Matt is…

    Another 2 weeks of Brachel is ahead to drive the HG and viewers CRAZY :)) hehe

  97. im sorry,but hayden and kristen are becoming really annoying ,seriously ,as much as brendon and rachel…i swear sometimes i feel like kristen and hayden are not human!!! like a couple of robots !!

  98. Mat aint stupid though, he secured his safety with Broachel if they win HOH next week.

  99. When it gets time for the jury house, bring back the evicted houseguests for the HOH comp and everyone plays. The evicted with the best finnish stays. If that is HOH that would be a power shift. The rest of the evicted are done and gone.

  100. I thought about canceling the live feeds because of the BRachel show, but like everyone else I’m to addicted to this game to cancel ya gotta take the bad with the good.

  101. It’s never “her and Brendon”, it is always “she and Brendon”– the way you can tell is to ask yourself, is it she or her who did whatever?
    Just sayin’…

    • I hope u weren’t refering to me because I’m not in English class and my comments are more comprehendable than others here..

  102. Hey BB, you know why people (not moi) liked Jeff and Jordon last season cuz their relationship grew in the house. They didn’t start kissy kissy on day one, actually they were very classy compare to this fake ass showance.

  103. wow manic chill out!! who cares how people write !! im the worst,ask me if i give a flying f *** !!

  104. Me too don’t give a shirt about spelling and grammar. It aint english 101. Come one peeps.

  105. im so bored right now!!! somebody pick a fight with me!! tell me how monet was great so i get pissed off again !!!

  106. Monet is the hottest HG ever she was so awesome in all challenges so smart. (just joking) she was so ugly her mama had to tie a pork chop to her neck to get the family dog to like her.

  107. Monet was the smartest in the house. She snatched the 3rd place money ($10 grand), got National TV exposure and got the hell out of there to spend her summer and money in peace.

  108. What’s funny about all the upset you all feel, at least they all are PLAYING THE GAME!!! We aren’t in the house with them, so give them a break! Of course seeing X rated stuff is boring but no one is bitching about the other romance Kirsthay, no one is mentioning how they hate that. Finally we have people to root for, and people being tacky, using wifes (NO) illness. Like Johnny fairplay sayin his grandma died!!!

  109. I am aware of that Matt and thank you Ken. Even if they were both put up which means they would play for the veto, if one of them wins the veto, then the OTHER ONE would go home! I know what a backdoor is, Matt. But, in this kind of game, I would much rather take my chances on a FOR SURE eviction, in this instance, Rachel would be going home. I know my BB, dude!

    Dear Dude, please see Week 1. Nothing is “for sure” in BB. – Matt

  110. OK everybody ready for this, I think EVERY hg either has a friend or relative in the house. We all know Brendon and Andrew are life long friends, I think Matt is Rachal’s brother, I think Kathy is Brittney AND Lane’s Mom, I think Haydon and Kristen are old friends, and I think Enzo and Ragon are friends. Have I missed anybody?

  111. Nice to hear from you man. I know you always go for the hott brunettes, you must be disappointed this season.

  112. i dont think anyone’s related. where do you guys get that assumption? All I heard was the sabateur say someone is lifelong friends with someone else, and even that could’ve been a lie, because we all found out that after Annie was sabateur, she could lie.

  113. blackgirl- I had to settle for Kristen. I really like her. She is the quiet tomboy type. I like that. Her game is a little weak but at least she has Hayden to look out for her with a little help from the brigade.

  114. matt aka jonny fairplay should def go home! what a sleeze! I love the showmance, and i don’t think the house would be half as interesting without brachel. what would be left to watch?? seriously?

  115. Everyone who says that Bren will take Andrew off the Block are stupid… he will not take him off because he knows that Rachel would be the replacement Nom!

  116. Interesting comments everyone! It’s so weird reading the live feed spoilers! Have been watching BB from Day 1 (it premiered on Canada Day many years ago and since we were all OFF, it was the hot show to watch! :P. Now I know the results of the Sun & Tues show so the only reason to watch now is for the alliance & power shifts! This argument about the ‘looking in the chit bag’ has no merit, b/c in all yrs past you didn’t even TRY, but Matt being the skeeze he is was probably in shock that B&R got chosen! LOL. As for Brendan & Rachel, I agree even us Canucks find the making out a bit *meh* but you know it’s all about ratings! CBS knows if there’s no Showmance or “secret relationship b/w 2 players” there’s not much reason to tune in for the ENTIRE hr! I mean they barely show the diary room convo’s anymore! I HOPE and I wrote CBS about it too, but they wont’ read it : that they have sorta like the ‘America Player’ option where you can REVOKE the nominations just before the VETO comp, anyone remem that power? It’s crazy but true, one year someone was able to take the nominations and wipe them out and put 2 NEW ppl’s on the block or keep one and ditch the other! It was fabulous and I loved it and with Annie the Saboteur out, it would behoove CBS would re-instate that power again later on! Just a thought, what do y’all think? (sorry for long post!)

  117. I was hoping anyone BESIDES Brendan or Rachel would win the PoV, so Matt’s backdoor plan would work. Rachel’s laugh just annoys me to death. And i hope someone from the Brigade will win the half-million dollars.

  118. i can’t stand the brigade! My favorite duo was britney and monet. not the crying whoa is me bit, but when monet would say something like “god, rachel is such a slut” and britney would say “monet, rachel’s a scientist” all sarcastic. That was funny! I’m starting to like the Kryden dl showmance, hopefully, if those two had a brain, they’d team up with Brachel

  119. everyone despite all we don’t like about this season at least we don’t have anyone on here like chiapet or nasty nat from season10, those two where the most mean spirited HG’s I have ever seen.

  120. The brigade is very dom,britney is a very smart and funney she play the game better than all the girls in the house she came second in one hoh she won,pov and she stay longer than all the other girls on the surf board.

  121. Brendon won the veto! You have got to be kidding me. I am so tired of him and Rachel’s soft porn show. Anyone who likes watching these two needs their head checked. These are the two most annoying bb players I have ever seen.

  122. Did brendan take andrew off the block after he won POV?? Cuz that would be stupid for his alliance with rachel. Can anyone tell me please?

  123. Glad Brendon Won! Their kissing and such might get old but people on the other side say horrible things. Monet wanted to always punch someone in the face. Real lady like!

  124. brendan can’t take any one off the block because they will put up his honey rach.

  125. i just thought that i read that brandon was actually considering taking andrew off, just didn’t know if that was true or not

  126. did anyone watch after dark last night when brit says to enso while he was holding the cue stick. have you ever had thoughts of taking the cue stick and stabbing it in the eyes of some one you don’t like in here. lane was there too and he did not even look surprised.
    enso said i don’t hate any one in here and i’m not angry enough to do that. just asking because I was so surprised.

  127. sara, there is no eviction yet plus it won’t be until next week that the pov will be on. we have to just wait and see.

  128. I’m wondering if brendan knows how to kiss a girl. I don’t think he dated alot. no deep kissing for these two so far.

  129. Hope Andrew is out. Kathy needs to stay. I want to know if Britney and Kathy are mom and daughters.

  130. Did I miss a show ? The last one I saw was the surf boarding contest for HOH………….so was all of this seen on live or did I miss a show ?

  131. Something funny is def going on with Branden and racafakel for them to both to so hot and heavy so early on. Maybe they are the life lickin long friends, unless that was a sabatore lie. Those two are the most annoying people to ever have been on this show.

  132. I’m rootin for Britney. On the hoh surfboard contest Rachel wasnt in the competition so we wouldnt know if she will last longer than Rachel but im pretty sure she will.

  133. Rachel is getting annoying. I wish Annie told her tht Brendon asked her out before Rachel. I wonder what will happen if Annie does tht.

  134. @ladybug, with the live feed, ppl are able to see what’s going on before the actual showing, wed thur sund. This is a spoiler/update site. SO far, we know that Matt won the HOH, and his noms were andrew and kathy. I was pretty sure that the POV comp has already happened and brendon won it. please correct me if im wrong :)

  135. @Katie how could you like someone like Brit? I mean all she has done is talk trash on everyone in the house. I am getting so tired of all the freaking backstabbing. It has got to stop! Freaking play the game and stop the trash talk.

  136. Andrew is a genius if he is pretending to hate Rachel. He is a better ally to Brachel than Kathy who is weak. If Andrew stays the house is:
    brigade (4)plus Kristen
    Brachel( 2) plus Andrew, Ragan, and Britney if she’s smart.

    Thats 5-5 they have a 50/50 shot of winning HOH. Andrew increases their chances of winning much more than Kathy. Otherwise the Brigade has ALL of the muscle and Brachel have most of the brains. If it’s physical they lose, if it’s mental they might win, but maybe not. I do not think Rachel is as bright as she thinks she is.

  137. @ sara, what exactly did you like about annie??? she was annoying as hell,she kept on repeating the same crap to every hg that would listen,even the ones that didnt want to listen !!!


  139. @dani, her just being the sabateur is what i liked, if she lasted longer, it would’ve made the game more interesting

  140. Andrew doesn’t like Rachel, Ragan is buddys with Matt, and Brit. would go with the guys.

  141. @ tina,its a known fact that bb tries to influence players decision about what they think is good for the show….

  142. I hope Brit wins this year. She is by the far the most entertaining person on this year’s show. I can’t wait for Brendan or Rachel to get eliminated. Their act is getting tired.

  143. Tina please take off the caps. nobody likes all caps. and it comes off as being real mad.

  144. i don’t know why the brigade would trust brit. brit was the one who talked about what their plan was about annie to her. they knew brit was the only one who wouldve said anything

  145. Torch- Earlier today Andrew was saying that he was faking the “I hate Racheal act” to throw off the other side of the house. He even said that he threw the veto competition to Brendan in return for safety. Pretty smart move if it saves him this week.

  146. This is one of Brendons problem and why he is so targetable. Either he believe he can get someone to agree to not put them up, or he thinks he can get them to vote his way. Brit, please don’t make a deal with him. Enzo, don’t sell out the brigade. Brit is cleaver to cling with them. They should make sure things patch-up with Brit and Kristen without them becoming a pair. The Brigade and the girls can wipe Brendrewchalgan out!

  147. clarification- Brendan told Rachael about Andrew throwing the comp to him. It could be a lie.

  148. if the brigade was to find out andrew is double dealing them that might seal his fate.

  149. speaking of hg throwing comps…hayden aint to shabby in that department also !!!

  150. Brendon and Andrew are life long friends… that explains Brendon not wanting Rachel to put him up. Keep going strong Matt… LONG LIVE THE BRIGADE

  151. It seems like the whole brigade is trying to keep blood off their hands and float through until they have the numbers.

  152. Yes @ sara #166 and for anyone else who wonders about the POV & HOH results. Matt won HOH nominated Kathy & Andrew and Brendan won POV.
    SPOILER: The BB12 Wikipedia site apparently updates the same time as the live feeds do days in advance, so if you look now, Matt’s name is highlighted in the green HOH colour and Brendan’s name has the golden POV symbol beside it. :P. So yeah spoilers online everywhere all around us!

  153. Wonderful show … Been a fan since season 8.

    Matt : Oh dude, your plan was brilliant but the fate decided otherwise. Hope the Brigade will be in charge next week so you can still have power in the house.

    I love showmance on BB, except this season. Please, have Brendon ever kissed a sexy woman before ? God has no idea. And Rachel, OMG, it’s your natural laugh ?, like natural ?, cause it’s so annoying. Can you talk for 10 seconds w/o laughing ?. Houseguests, please, do me a favor, kick her laughter out of the house.

    In terms of strategy, I think Matt outplayed other people. He’s smart, now he can pretend like he is going along with the plan to keep Brendon and Rachel in the house. If one of the “BRECHEL” wins HOH next week, his butt will not be on fire. He now has the trust of the Brigade, the BRENCHEL, and to other people, he is definitely not a target, even to Kathy. While everyone in the house seems to hate BRENCHEL, I’m sure he will make it to the half way.
    Enzo is playing really hard but noone noticed him. He was the one who told Hayden about Annie allying with Brechel. He was almost the HOH in Week 1 cause Hayden did everything he (Enzo) suggested him to do. But I have the feeling that his mouth will bring him down in the game.

    Lane, Kathy, Kristen, they’re not playing the game at the moment. Seems quiet there.

    Britney. OMG, I hate backstabbing, badmouthing, and you have all of the above. In this game, to make it to the finish line, you have to use your brain, your strength, your mouth and your luck. You just have your mouth and you were lucky to get off the block last week. Hope to see you talking to Julie soon. I will be laughing watching that moment.

    So far, so great …

  154. @Katie…………I think you are right
    July 24th, 2010 at 8:39 pm
    I want to know if Britney and Kathy are mom and daughters. (They look alike :)

  155. @Big Brother from Vietnam…….I am like you, I hate Brit’s backstabbing and trashy mouth. She needs to shutup or put up. In that way I mean try playing the game and stop lying and trash talking. Last night and today was the first time I have actually heard them bad talk Brendan. I know he is not that bad, he doesn’t deserve the trash talking he is getting. They can keep putting him up, and he will keep winning POV. I hope to God he wins HOH next week. Andrew has got to stay and he has got to tell Brachel about Matt……come on.

  156. I think we all agree that something else should be going here. At least hope that there is an existing twist that has not been exposed because the season/cast seems so boring. I’m going far out and say – since the people that make “The Mole” produce this show, that production has an insider. Just someone that can win everyone over. Ragan to me is on the inside track. Gives contrasting advice to people. He’s gonna get caught, that why he has been crying…

  157. @Trish : Andrew seemed to lay low to bind his time but sometimes laying low is not a good strategy. Then, somehow, he connected with BRENCHEL and that didn’t make his situation better. But I hope he’ll stay too cause Kathy’s doing nothing in the house.

    @Katie,Ladybug : I think Hayden and Kristen are brothers and sisters. They look alike and saying good words about each other to cover their tracks. That’s my opinion.

  158. yeah 4 BRENDON N RACHEL i agree they r the only 1’s not stabbing ppl n the bck…i dont like MATT after he made up the lie about his wifes leg gng 2b cut off if he dsnt win the money its just wrong..this cast is just terrible…

  159. @Big Brother from Vietnam, how can Hayden and Kristen be brother and sister? They kiss and act like BF and GF.

  160. @Trish : I dunno, just a gut feeling. They look really alike. Maybe the kissing scene was just fake.

  161. Enzo calls himself the Meow Meow but the real cats with nine lives are Brendon and Racheal. If Brendon hadn’t won the first POV the nominations would have stayed the same and one of them would be gone. But for Annie getting exposed, Racheal would have got voted out. If Racheal hadn’t won the HOH Britney in second place would have put them up had she won. Now Matt’s gamble goes to hell in a hand basket and they have survived again. It reminds me of when they were trying to get crazy James out a few years ago in the couples show and he kept winning.

  162. If you are a fan of Rachel or Brenden please explain to me why?? Brenden acts like a woman. I have never seen a guy act so weak. Rachel is just a slut. These two need to go now!

  163. BB from Vietnam- She got out of bed with him last night or the night before and had to put her breast back in her shirt. That’s over the top even for this guy from Alabama LOL

  164. AWESOME! I am so happy for Brendon and Rachel but sad for Cathy and Andrew. I can’t stand Matt since he lied about his wife being sick. That is just low and he doesn’t deserve to win on a lie like that. You never know when it may really happen.
    I really dislike Enzo and Lane also. At first I thought they were ok but Enzo is a one man cursing machine and Lane always looks dirty.

  165. i hate brendan and rachel, especially rachel. she is the biggest waste on the show. the minute she gets evicted, i swear ill celebrate. followed by ,matt, enzo, hayden, kristen, brendan, lane, andrew, kathy, brit as runner up and ragen as winner! thats my wish

  166. @barbra

    i could not agree with you more

    i also hate kristen cause she is on hayden like white on rice.
    and rachel cause she swears she is hot
    and matt cause he is malicious
    and enzo cause he swears he’s hot Sh*T
    and hayden cause of that face

  167. I cant stand Britney either. All last week all she did was whine and cry now she thinks she is all that. Why does she call Rachel a stripper? Britney is a blonde idiot.How does she know Rachel isn’t a scientist? She doesn’t know who she is most of the time and please stop eating your fingernails!

  168. @Budman : maybe I’m wrong. As i said, just a gut feeling.

    @Mark : I agree. Brendon and Rachel need to go. Rachel acts like Brendon is the best man in the world for her, oh phlease, he’s just using her. And Brendon, you’re a swim coach, had master degree but this game is not for you. You better hope you will win HOH or POV next week

  169. i am sick of listening to rachel talk about “her man”. like in both the goodbye videos to annie and monet, she mentioned “coming between me and my man”…like honestly, nobody wants your sloppy seconds, are you 14 years old. and everytime i hear her laugh i cringe. my fav player is def ragen. and even tho she is catty i like brit. the brigade is prob the stupidest thing i have ever seen. matt is the most disgusting player i have ever seen and his smirk makes me wanna turn the tv off whenevr i watch it. i hate enzo cause he swears he is so hard. lol….sorrry to vent but nobody i know watches the show so maybe people here will understand where i am coming from

  170. Sorry I am still a big Brendan fan. I think he would be so great w/o Big Red. I remember from last season everyone was not caring for Jeff and look at him now? So it doesn’t matter what we think, Brendan has a future somewhere…..

  171. @Mark brendon is just a nice guy n smart what is sooo wrong about being a nice guy? Rachel is a girl w a crush n probably hasnt had the best of luck w men in the past n has found 1 who treats her good who is very good looking, n is very book smart, he is going to b a dr. n he is trying to find a cure 4 cancer…Mark dont b jealous/ u really cant say he is a bad guy because he is too nice…rachel has big boobs dresses a little different n red hair…they like each other isnt that what 2ppl do when they like each other make out n r all over each other its not like they can go out on a date…so y not make out makes time go by quicker…they have gotten 2knw each other mentally better n faster by being locked up n the house..

  172. @ barbra….

    i kinda like brit….even tho she is whiny. she is more interesting than rachel or any girl in the house for sure.

    @ blackgirl….dont kill me lol. i used to like lane, but i never hear him talk. but it might be good gameplay for him. i could see him making it far in the game

  173. YES!!! Something INTERESTING! Thank you Brendon or the producers for this. :) This season was getting so boring and now the stupid Brigade won’t kick them out for a week. :)

  174. @jailyn : what’s so good about ragen ? Gay guys usually don’t do well in the game. I dunno why. Kevin last season seemed to be the most successful one when making it to the top 3. I don’t hate him, but not love him either.
    I just have one question, why’s Brit ? I thought noone likes her.

  175. Looks like the pattern of CBS’s script will result in Britney getting HOH next. But I’ll mention again that this show may be in danger if the Teamsters – strike. They’ll just have to re-cast and start all over again.

  176. people lane is one funny dude,believe me !!(even if hes never on the prime time shows)

  177. If Rachel was a chemist like she said whys is she not working in her field. In her bio she says that she works in Vegas as a bartender. There is something in her past that has stopped her from doing something in her field that she went to school for. She does think that she is all that but she is not. And Brendon is only using her and she is to stupid to see it. I have watched him over the last few days and I really think that he is getting tired of her and her drinking all of the time. His parents are not going to approve of her and he know it and I hope he drops her like it is hot when it is all over.

    This house is going to go to hell none of them clean up after themselves the house is a mess. At least Andrew and Rachel will clean. And Kristen only goes upstairs to talk to the HOH when someone wins and she thinks that she is hot shit and she is not.

  178. that is the one problem about trying to back door someone you have zero control over who gets to play in the pov competition

  179. @big bro for vietnam

    this is true. it would be nice to see a “miority” in that category win, although i wouldn’t wanna label him as that either. i just think he is funny and witty.

    and yeah nobody likes brit, but there isnt much ot choose from

    brenchel: losers
    brigade: ughhh
    kathy and andrew: chilll but dont stand out
    kristen: ughhhhh as well

  180. lane is funny in a big dumb guy kind of way ….lol….they really do need to throw a person from another season NOT JESSIE WHO SLEPT THE WHOLE TIME….how about chima or russell……

  181. i hate enzo. “meow meow” wtf is that.

    rachels laugh is quite possibly the most irritating thing ever

  182. @azcarrgirl NOT CHIMA!!! Well, not like she would come back anyway, lol. I wouldn’t mind Russell but I really want Janelle back! She was the best houseguest in the WHOLE Big Brother show imo!

  183. @ BB from Vietnam, I agree with you on that one, Brit is horrid but again CBS likes those comments b/c they bring ratings! Everyone (okay maybe not everyone, but many tune in to see what malicious comment she says next! Remem her goodbye msg to Monet – ppls were lovin’ it all over! :P) Lane & Kristen are laying SO low it’s epidermal! Talk about staying below the radar! Lane just agrees & smirks with everything this “so-called awesome brigade” decides! Enzo’s just runnin’ his mouth like he’s some kinda gangster from the east side? Really now?! A JOKE! Hayden’s the typical college student out to have fun, he’s pretty laid-back, still he LUCKED out winning HOH#!, remem it was a group comp and he just happened to be the last guy! Haters for Brendon & Rachel, we’ve only had 5 comps and they’ve won 2 POV’s and 1 HOH b/w them, they’re good competitors hate’em or love’em!

  184. @azcarrgirl…You must be blind. Brendan is very weak. He has fallen for a bimbo in under 2 weeks. Why would I be jealous of that? If he is so smart why is making out with this woman on national television. His family must be proud. I am sorry but real men don’t act the way he does. He is just too sensitive and weak. Just my opinion.

    • you sound like a caveman! Don’t be a hater because he is soo goodlooking head to toe and is brilliant and nice.

  185. @Jailyn ENZO is a cheater..he is the weakest “tuff guy” i have ever seen..”Meow Meow” its because he is a p ussy cat…..u knw…he has been eating regular food all week..

  186. Only and hour and a half away from BBAD on Showtime 2. Gross make outs, whispering, and work-outs!! Check you’re local listings. Everybody has to take a shot of something if it turns to be ‘legs’ work night for Lane and the boys… LOL!

  187. @azcarrgirl….i agreee….and he swears he is on jersey shore or something. i coud go on for days.

    but i gotta log offf.

    night all. cant wait for tomorrows episode

  188. @Mark real men are not affraid to be sensitive..y do u think rachel is a bimbo seriuosly? r u judging her by her looks? do you think kristen is a bimbo she had a boyfriend coming into the house and has done allot of touching n getting off with hayden maybe u have not seen the feeds late at night……to me matt n enzo r weak..matt is a wanna be…enzo cheated allot n complain to much……

  189. @azcarrgirl…Rachel is a bimbo because she runs around half naked on the show. Have you not been watching? If she was so smart she wouldn’t walk around looking like a street hooker. Brenden is weak because he has fallen for this type of woman. I am not defending any of the people in the house. You are right about Kristen. She isn’t much better than Rachel. But that’s not saying much.

  190. I love it! Brendon has denied the Brigade bores again….. CBS has to love this drama….and if the competitions are rigged, as has been suggested on this site, CBS has done a great job! mwah!

  191. If the show is rigged then why don’t they shake it up and continue to let the current HOH plan in the HOH competition until they are beaten? Imagine

  192. Brendon’s wins do keep the house shaken up…. and he is smoking hot….RAWR….FIERCE!

  193. yes finally some
    Brunette guys! They have been lacking since dr will and kaysar! But brendon aka clark kent makes
    Up for

  194. @mark i knew it, u were judging her by her looks, sad…yes maybe she could watch out 4her boobs a little better or not wear such a little shirt..but she is a nice girl n probably the nicest n most genuine on the show..monet n brittney were the worst….BRENDON is a great guy n its nice to see 2 people who like each other n make each other so happy, there r people like u that dont like 2 c happy people n just try to rip them apart because u dont have the same…it says allot when people judge other peoples happiness n looks…

  195. NOO!! Brendon won?! Dangggggggg
    I guess if he’s really close friends with Andrew he will be stuck with the decision of helping his friend Andrew or keeping Rachel (like someone already said before)

    But I hope one of Rachel or Brendon go home this week

    They are REALLY getting on my nerves now!

    The constant ‘make-out sessions’ and Rachel’s stupid LAUGH! So annoying!

  196. Did anyone catch Brendan making a comment on BBAD last night about telling his and Rachel’s grandchildren the story about how they met on a reality game show?

  197. @DaFerret yes I saw that. Then Rachel said something about their children/grandchildren being cute. He did not respond,she had to repeat herself a couple of times. HA!!

  198. Somehow I missed whatever it was that Andrew did or said to cause all the anti-Andrew sentiment in the house. Anyone know what it was? AND, if he and Brendon are indeed the lifelong friends, Brendon is in a dilemma because if he takes him off the block, how will he explain that move to the house? And if he doesn’t, how will he explain it to Andrew? Andrew so far has struck me as a nice man who is quietly trying to do his thing and not bother anyone else.

  199. Every hg has their own game plan, whether it is to lay low (Lane and Kristen) or be vocal (Rachel). Lane really is a funny guy and I expect him to fly under the radar a couple more weeks. He has a dry sense of humor and I love watching his “thinking” look. He seems to be taking in as much as he can now to use in the future. If his name is not being talked about to be put up on the block, why should be call special attention to himself by causing problems in the house? The same for Kristen. I love the hg’s this year. We seem to be having fun trying to figure them out. Who knows? maybe Matt’s wife’s illness was a plan he and his wife made before he went into the bb house. You know these people discuss what they would do if they got on the show. I know I do, and I usually wrong – lol.

  200. Well clearly the only way to rig the bag is to exclude some of the houseguests, because if you put more than 1 of Rachel’s name in the bag, it could get pulled twice.

  201. I know Nic……but it is hard to just let my “vison” of what I see Brendan go…..I am half way convinced…..especially since you told me about how he first went for Annie… will take time…..damn but if he wasn’t so hot……..:)

  202. FYI to anyone interested: I know Brit personally & Kathy is definitely NOT her mom.



  205. Please tell me they didn’t give Rachel a bigger bed!! Bed looks bigger. Is it just me?? Just for the fraudmance??

  206. I didn’t think Kathy was Brit’s mom. Brit is too upper class for no better words and Kathy seems down home and country. And Brit doesn’t talk to nice about Kathy behind her back, I can’t see any daughter doing that to her mom game or not.

  207. Nic it isn’t like Rachel got a bigger bed for the showmance, that bed was Andrew’s and Rachel took it after her HOH was done. Andrew is in the half-nots so he had to move in there. There are other beds empty but she took the bed that was closer to the half-not room. She just got lucky about the big bed.

  208. Good thing about the bed. Just wondering. Ragan is so friggin wise, but he’s playing the house. But he gives honest advice. He does seem – and there he goes – to know what game types are coming up. Mole. Insider.

  209. If Ragan is the “mole” or the twist then he will get caught if he don’t stop with all the freaking BB advice. I do believe that Andrew and Brendan are the long time friends. They are cool though about how they play that. I am getting tired of Big Red telling Ragan and she also told weasel Matt that she has mad respect for him. For Matt. And as soon as Rachel leaves Matt smirks and tell his alliance that he will put them up as soon as he can, or Brit said she would. And those two know that Brachel are not coming for them. Ragan has just done one thing that pissed me off, he told Matt that if Brachel come after Matt he will go after them. He can’t play both sides……..come on Regan, wait tell you find out your good buddy is lying to you too.

  210. Funny how reality trumps reality. Somebody was playing music and smokin the herb outside. They had to go in. Irony!

  211. OMG, I forgot to say when Ragan was talking to Big Red and Brendan and his butt (back, lol) was facing the camera he um picked out a wedgie… Now that is reality TV…..;)

  212. When the show BBAD came on. They were all outside talking about smelling skunk. Kathy identifyed it as weed and not a skunk skunk. Then the Brigade were on the ground working out and could hear music which can’t be on air so they locked them down inside.

  213. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. I am Tevo BBAD so I can be here and watch the LIVE FEEDS. I like it that Brachel are trying to interact with the other HG’s. Brendan is with Matt, Kristen, Kathy, Brit, Ragan, Andrew and Hayden on the big beach looking house. Nice………

  214. Ohhhhhhhhhhh. I am Tevo BBAD so I can be here and watch the L i v e F e e d s. I like it that Brachel are trying to interact with the other HG’s. Brendan is with Matt, Kristen, Kathy, Brit, Ragan, Andrew and Hayden on the big beach looking house. Nice………

  215. Brendan and Andrew are brothers, I wouldn’t be surprised if they are twins

  216. @shaynamouse, that is funny you say that, when they were outside earlier sitting on that couch and Brendan was beside Andrew, their profiles were so similar I was thinking they looked alot alike.

  217. Hey dany, you got your wish. BEER PONG!! Lol hopefuly be able to chat tomorrow. Hope everyone has had a nice weekend.

  218. Oh so now everything is possible about the twist. Let me remind you of the saboteur. How many of you thought that Annie was the one? So I think the mysterious couple must be startling.

    Ragan, Kristen, Brit, Kathy are in the middle now. Why didn’t they form an alliance ?

    And now comes the showmance between XXXten and HATE-den. Showmance do no good for them

  219. awwww it is fun on the l i v e f e e d s seeing them play “flip cup”….laughing and having a good time as a house. Nice..

  220. what’s so special about the brigade? Enzo p ussy puss, er meow meow is a tool, Matt is even worse, i hope Karma comes back like a b!tch, Lane is the dumbest bumbling fool who is unfortunately just there as man power and a vote. If someone told him to vote out the pink elephents there, he’d be sittin up in that diary room sayin “julie, i vote to evict the pink elephents”. hayden is no better than brendan, he will flip on his brigade, there’s no doubt about that. CBS knows this season isn’t half the ratings it is without the genuine brachel! Go brachel!

  221. @Sara : Brachel are genuine. Bredon talked to Hayden the first week that he was willing to take him all the way to the end. And he suggested to take Annie. He’s using Rachel, without a doubt. Have you seen the way he kissed Rachel, ugggh, like a bird waiting for his mother to do the work. He’s the most disgusting man in the house. Even more than Matt.

  222. for all of u saying the game is rigged then your full of it. if u dont like it that somebody you dont like wins a comp. then quit watching and another thing is leave rachel and brendon alone they didnt do anything wrong they are just 2 people that likes each other get over it. you all wouldnt like it if you were put down because you liked somebody now would you i think not

  223. @Big Brother from Vietnam, let the pass go. Because look at Hayden, he is NOT about Brendan anymore and not taking him anywhere. Brendan is NOT worse than Matt. Go and wash your mouth out with soap for saying that. lol

  224. Why is everybody so bitter all of a sudden? Chill out. Its not about being mad about the wrong person winning, but the strange occurances and ironys too good to be by accident. Ragan’s on inside. Working for the production.

  225. I think so. Its not formal. They will not announce that there is a mole. But I bet he was amoung the first hired and is asked to play up everybody. He seems to know which challenges are coming up and of what type.

  226. Just speak my mind out. There so many people I dun like this season. There’s no my favourite, just the least hated person :D

    @Trish : everyone has an opinion. I really find him disgusting. Now I feel pathetic for Rachel.

  227. YW David. And Nic now that you say that. He does remain neutral and he gives lots of advice to both sides and he knows way to much. I have watched alot of BB but I can’t tell you what season played what game like he does.

  228. If Matt were as good as a player as he thinks he is, he would talk Brendon into using the POV on either nom, (and convince him that Rachel is safe) and then put up Rachel anyway… What a burn THAT would be!!!
    It wouldn’t matter if MAtt burns his bridge with Brendon, ’cause most of the house probably wants to break up Brenchel anyway and would think Matt’s a hero.


  230. I have never enjoyed the l i v e f e e d s so much as tonight. First the flip cup game, then now Ragan and Enzo, Brendan and Rachel they are all making me laugh my butt off. I need to go to bed but I am enjoying watching them too much!

  231. Everybody gets along, gets drunk better TV. Matt escapes a night of getting cussed out.

  232. what have we learned tonight? Kristin is DOWN FOR THE SET! ahaha. she ate….a damn spider. she just score alot of points in my good.


    rachel is sha sha sha shmamered!…again

  233. I want to throw something out here,
    When Brenden and Rachel was on the block and Brenden wond the Pov.
    I asked my husband what he would do he said he would save me and campane for votes for himself.
    that is what I would do for him.

  234. Kristen considered eating another spider too!! If they killed it first. Hayden won’t be going in there tonight…

  235. He care’s nomore about her then a pice of is a mean’s to get to the final.
    and he want’s her in the jury hourse.

  236. OMG!! They made it without making-out the whole show! BB lock them in every night and keep them boozed! 10 points for Kristen!! All the girls got to bond a little. All they have to do is use to POV on poor Kathy and send Rachel packin’. Go snort, and schmammer your heart out back in Vegas you (insert Mel Gibson terms here)!

  237. Matt’s plan was dumb! He should have simply put bren/rach on block up front. Even if one would have won veto (hint-hint like it just happened), at least he would have got one of them out.

  238. I think the best thing for everybody (except Rachel) is for Brendan to save Kathy. She may be scheming, but maybe (not sure how it works) she needs to be able to stay long enought for financial reasons to pay for her healthcare. In reading another blog, Enzo is making fun of her going to people for votes. If this Brigade doesn’t make a move to evict Brenchel, screw em! They need Britney to pull off something to convince Brendon for save Kathy, and hope people oust Andrew over her (Rachel).

  239. i wish that we could evict houseguests like we were able to in the first season and like they do in other vesions of Big Brother. I would love to see Enzo go, he gets on my nerves

  240. I am Happy that Brendon won the POV!!! Good for him he really needed that win and he got it.

  241. While i dont like the outcome, like many of you, this was a solid move for Matt. If he put up Brendon and Rachel and Brendon wins the POV, yes they get Rachel out but now 1 of the strongest players in the house is gunning for him. The only way he could get Brendon out without making himself a target is to do what he did. Unfortunately, not only does he get picked for Veto, he wins it. But look, now Andrew or Kathy goes and Matt still sitting pretty. Hate the outcome, dont mind his decision making.

  242. If Hayden and Kristen were siblings that would be disgusting. They kissed each other before. I wish Annie would have stayed. Things would have been more intresting.

  243. I am glad he won..He is a good player and is playing the game like everyone else. Its funny that no one is upset with the other alliances in the house, they are all backstabbers because it’s part of the game people. Hayden and kristen also have a showmance going on byt behind the scenes..I hope Brendon wins the money in the end, at least he isn’t backstabbing anyone and knows how to play the game!!! GO BRENDON……

  244. say what you want about rachel, but she is quite accomplished and I believe she knows exactly what shes doing… and It may be more about her life outside of the house and future career plans. which would explain the outfit choices. google her and tell me I am wrong. this girl has a lot going on !!!

  245. Brandon is so dang ” stupid ” he’ll win & say “” Here Rachel”” i,m giving you the money. Now give me your V–JJ. Hik.

  246. Forget about Brendan and Rachel, doesn’t anyone get sick of two faced, cry-baby, whinning Britney. She talks about everyone and anyone. She is the typical “mean” girl and can only kiss up to the guys who she believes are in power. GET BRITNEY OUT OF THE HOUSE THEN THE REAL GAME BEGINS.

  247. Not one thing in that bb house is pure or clean, & bb should hang there heads. It is not a family hour show anymore, it’s a porn show with Brandon & Rachel cleaning each others teeth. This year is just plain “SICK ” & it’s far from having fun like it was years ago. I hope they lose rating’s after this year.

  248. I agree @ bill, rachel is very smart and I have a feeling her & Brendon know precisely what they are doing and its’ all for show! No matter how much you hate Brenchel, fact is they keep winning comp’s and no offense to the brigade but they are ALL talk! Matt luckily won HOH (b/c he lied to make a deal w/Ragan). poor him will be blindsided when he realizes Matt is a good for nothing jerk! As for kristen being siblings with ANYone I doubt it, fyi if you google 1/2 these players some of them dyed their hair for the show (ie.annie is a blonde but the producers said too many blonds on the show) and a few are wearing contacts apparently so you’d be surprised! I’m hoping everyone that they re-introduce that ‘america player’ power from yrs ago where one person can replace the current nominees with new ones! It would flip the game on its’ rear! I so hope they bring it back! @ Nic you are right, Brigade needs Brit and they know it, sooner of later one of the Brigade’ers will turn, I’m guessing Matt! :P.

  249. Oh, Rachel know’s what’s she is doing alright. Trying to get a movie deal with porn.

  250. I believe Andrew and Brendan are really brothers (life-long friends) so watch out for Brendan making some bold -possibly stupid- move to rescue Andrew this week…

  251. @137,160,222
    I know BBnewbie said that Kathy and Brit are not related if you look back or remember at some of the comp. i don’t know which one was first when Brit fell Kathy was the only one to run over everyone saying are you ok.
    the way Kathy went to Brit when Monet was evicted.
    at the eviction Julie said Kristen and Hayden secret connection how will Kristen vote

  252. This is great!!! Back and forth.. between Matt and Brendon/Rachel… Ha Ha Ha…. I just laughed when I heard Brandon won POA. It would be nice if Andrew is with B/R, only thing is he is so weriod, esp the way he was jumping up and down when Rachel won HOH.
    I agree with others (esp Sara)about the brigade; Lane such a dummy is this an act? Looks like they are floating along until the numbers decline.
    I like ragen hope he sticks around for a while.

    Whether or not this is the best cast, we continue to watch, laugh, get annoyed and it keeps us entertained for a moment.

  253. someone in the house needs to tell matt to take his hand out of his pants the only time he removes it from his pants is to sniff it!!! gross!!!!

  254. i dont think he should use the pov because matt could put up rachel and the showmance could be split

  255. Hayden, kristen, andrew and brenchel need to join forces and take the brigades out! the brigades(esp enzo and lane)do nothing but sit and talk bunch of crap! If hayden had sense he’ll realize that targeting brenchel is no use given the fact that they always escape the block somehow. The brigades think no one can touch them but i think when britney is given hoh she’s going to shake things up with the brigades. Britney’s got game and she knows better than to target brenchel- just give britney hoh and the brigades are dead!

  256. HA HA HA HA I don’t know why so many people don’t like Brendon and Rachel, other than a bunch of band wagoners going with the “Brigade”. Stupid. Rachel is a dingbat, but Brendon hasn’t done anything wrong, he was wrongly singled out from the beginning. I can’t wait for cocky Matt to go, then the Brigade one by one, starting with Enzo the stupid “meow meow”. That has to be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!

  257. I swear! If I hear Enzo say “MeowMeow” one more time…. I will hand him some flea powder & a kitty litter pan! lol

  258. I say let Rachel & Brandon stay!! They are 2 people with no other alliance. At this point they are no threat to anyone. Get rid of the dead wood and use those two votes. They will vote as a block and I think someone should use that to get rid of the stupid “blockade”. I mean it is way too early in the game for those 4 idiots to think they are in control!

  259. @marla: i think you’ve made a great point there. If the HGs(not the brigades) are smart they’ll leave brenchel in the game and go after those idiots who call themselves “the brigades” Brenchel can go only so far because they’re always going to remain a target. I say go after people like matt who thinks he’s got this whole game all figured out. Andrew is being observing lately and he threw the pov comp for a reason. My bet is on andrew or brit targeting the self proclaimed, retarded,S.O.B “brigades” I’m sorry if any of you guys are fans of theirs. i can’t wait to see them dissipate one after the other- it’s all a matter of them keeping andrew.

  260. I hate to say it but this season of BB has to be the most boring one yet. Give some other players air time rather than just Rachel and Brendon. They are just too boring. We need to see some game, not make out sessions.

  261. Heard Julie emphasizing that is is a family show and does the showing of the contestants smooching, gyrating under the blanket looks like a family show???? Cheap publicity and hopefully, the host will walk her talk about it being a family show!!!!

  262. If Matt really wanted Brenden and Rachel gone, he would have nommed both of them. Simple decision. One is guaranteed to go home.

    If Brenden or Rachel win next week, Matt could either look very smart or very dumb. If he is able to influence their noms next week, then he has guaranteed that the Brigade will live for another week. However, they might just turn on him and nom him.

    The thing is, the fact that the Brigade is a secret gives them a huge opportunity to influence votes without creating a big target. If Matt does get nommed next week, so long as he isn’t up against another Brigade member, then they can work the votes for him to stay.

    People who are insulting the Brigade need to appreciate the incredible position that they have found themselves in. An alliance of four that has maintained secrecy? That’s powerful.

  263. The show tonight was sick. Matt is so into himself & cocky that I can’t wait for the guy’s to find him out. Rachel & Brandon are nut,s & for some reason bb has really gone to a new low.I can’t find anything that make’s one to want to turn in & watch anymore as they never showed a lot of the other house guest. It’s like watching paint dry now. Sucking lips & cocky Matt. Were in the hell are the other house guest ? Not sure if I want to see anymore of it. The show is a waste of time now !

  264. I think Matt really messed up the “plan” of breaking up the main showmance. Anyone with a brain knows to get closest to lock in breaking up a pair you need to put the strong one(brendon in this case) up as a nom and hope the weaker one does not get pov which in that scenario is the ONLY way to save both

  265. I watched after dark last night and it seemed that everyone got involved with the games. so it was nice to see everyone having fun. rachal I think may have a drinking problem. she seems to get sillyier by the minute. even whinny brit played got a buzz. hope they are not sick today.

  266. OMG, was that Matt on the Newly Wed game. I just saw a preview & it sure looks like him. It was on & off so fast I can’t be sure. If anyone see’s it tell us ! I think it’s on tomarrow night !!!

  267. I think Brendon and rachel are hilarious. nothing wrong with having fun while being there. why should they win, they are playing the game….

  268. Hmmm
    So did Brendan win POV again??
    I kind of like Brenchel
    But I am rooting for Britney or Lane
    Does anyone know for sure that there is a “life long friendship” in the house??

  269. SO SO HAPPY that bradon won veto!!! YES! Who cares that him and Rachel r together?? i mean really…they’re gonna have a future.Their both great ppl who r honest and play the game great! I am so happy they;re staying!!! Ha Ha Ha!!!

  270. Hayden and kristen….brother and sister lmfao they were making out, do you think bb would allow incest on national television

  271. this is the first time ive ever watched Big Brother and I loveee it I think Rachel and Brendon are great! Everyone wants to hate on Rach but all and all shes very smart and knows what shes doing, im so happy to hear Brendon won Veto!!1 Wahoooo hope they make it to the end and win!

  272. Really, another two weeks of Brendon and Rachel. They’re like watching a really bad porno movie with everyone else in the background. I have been watching BB since Season 1 and it amazes me how stupid some people can be. Get out the alliances first.

    Secondly, the brigade are the weakest guys I have seen with the exception of Matt. I don’t particulary like Matt but he seems to be the only one really playing the game right now.

    Too bad Monet and Annie were voted out because I think Matt, Monet, Annie and Brittney would have made a great alliance.

    Lastly, BB is a game and there is always backstabbing and trash talking. Last season Evil Dick trash talked everybody and I can’t remember anyone he was even remotely civil to except his daughter and guess what, they made it to the final two.

    Go Matt and Brit – hope they make it to the final two.

  273. A BBad conversation in the jacuzzi with Hayden and Kristen talking about skiing verified that these two are sister and brother. I think it is somewhat creepy to have them pretend to make out under the covers.

    Did you every think that perhaps CBS is playing us and throwing in more than two HGs that are friends/relatives? Kathy and Brit sure do look like mother and daughter. Then there was a BBad episode with Ragan talking to Matt where Matt stopped him from saying something. There were only two of them in the room so it was something he didn’t want the viewers to hear. Interesting…..

    Then there is Matt. I do believe he is intelligence and teetering in a safe place between the brigade and the other HGs. He knew what he was doing when he nominated Kathy and Andrew. He just told that back staging story to the Brigade to convince them that he was still in the brigade. Quite smart. Only error so far was confiding in Andrew about the sick wife. I think that he is the strongest HG and is out to win at any cost. I don’t condone his tactics but think that it is a strategy that just about every guest tries in order to stay in the game.

    Brachel — stop! stop! stop! I don’t want to constantly see and hear those kissing noises for 3 hours on BBad.

  274. Okay, how come no one has thought that it’s either matt and rachel or matt and brendon. there have been plenty of times either combo could have put each other up but didn’t.

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