Big Brother 12: Week 3 Nomination Episode Tonight

Big Brother 12 returns tonight for its week 3 nomination episode of the season where we’ll have confirmed for us who Matt, the new BB12 HoH, has nominated for eviction on Thursday.

If you can’t wait for Julie Chen to deliver the news then you can go ahead and take a peek at the HoH nomination spoilers. It gets better though because the Power of Veto competition has already taken place leaving things even more up in the air. We’ve got the PoV spoilers for you too if you really want to get ahead.

A lot can happen in the Big Brother house in just a short period so stay up on the latest events with our Big Brother Mobile apps and Facebook updates.

If you missed yesterday’s events then you can use the live feeds “Flashback” feature which works like a DVR for your feeds. Pick a day and time, then the feeds will time warp you back so you can watch the hottest events of the summer all season long. This is definitely one feature I’m getting a lot of use out of again this summer. Sign-up now to watch it all live and uncensored for fifty cents a day.


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  1. About Matt’s left arm ?

    Forgive me if this has been asked before but has anyone noticed that the upper part of Matt’s left arm always has some kind of covering on it?

    I have seen a black arm band several times, at other times a patch and I’m sure I’ve seen areas of his tattoo’s “pixelated” at times.

    Any ideas? I think he either has an obscene tattoo on his arm or has some kind of product name or logo their.


    • I think they cover his tatoo because maybe it has something sexual on it or some brand logo (like a band symbol) they can’t show on tv. Just a guess

  2. I guess Kristen is auditioning for Survivor. Can’t believe she ate a spider.yuk. At first I was upset at Matt, but his HOH is not a waste cuz he took any heat off the brigade if Brenchel wins HOH next week. The Brigade will be safe cuz the “power couple” is so engrossed in each other they are oblivious.

  3. I still say that if Matt were as good as he thinks he is, he will convince Brendon that Rachel is safe if he takes a nom off the block. Then backdoor Rachel anyway. His only real enemy will be Brendon, who will no longer be in a strong alliance as Kathy can’t win anything, and Andrew sways…
    I’m just sayin’ let’s see some REAL gameplay…

  4. @ bebybe
    I agree, he’s always got his hand in there… Maybe it’s because there’s a ‘weiner thief’ in the house; Rachel already stole Brendon’s!

  5. It was really fun to see the entire house playing the flip a cup game last night. And Andrew came to life! Still don’t know what it is he did to ignite the ire of the housemates. He seems like a very nice, sincere, quiet man who is just trying to do his thing and be as inoffensive as possible. WHAT did he do???

  6. @ Marigold,
    I’m not sure what else he may have done, but in the first week, he did something offensive to Annie. She was wearing revealing shorts with her legs up under a blanket, he made a crass joke of putting his head under the blanket and offered to give her a papsmear.
    She cried foul and got all the other hg against him.

  7. Has anyone noticed the profiles of Brendan and Andrew? I think they are brothers!

  8. With the hg this season it looks like all of them are connected some how. If not we all just have realy good imaginations because there was speculation before annie even said anything about the life long friends.

  9. So true Kristi, I think it’s our minds working overtime I have checked out a lot of other websites, and I cannot find any connection between any of them, so I think it was one of Annie’s tricks.

  10. Hey torch! Missed you guys. I’ve been so busy. I have to run out for an hour, but I’ll be back up. Hope to talk to u then.

  11. Not sure where to post this but is Matt aware that he keeps his hand down the front of his pants all the time.It looks soooo stupid

  12. He is just making sure the wiener thief doesn’t get it. You like it got Brendens.

  13. really boring day today, biggest highlight of the past 24 hr’s is Kristen eating the spider.

  14. I am sorry for Kathy but come on stop laying on the poor me sick card. I am sure she is sick, but that is no reason to keep her there over Andrew. He atleast tries to play the game and win, Kathy is a floater……sorry but she has got to stop all this sob story BS or I can’t watch the l i v e f e e d s much longer….

  15. I am really shocked that they accept HG’s that are sick or could get ill while in the house. I thought they would have to pass some kind of physical standard to participate.

  16. fyi race fans; mcmurray just won the brickyard. daytona this year also. history making stuff here.

  17. when i saw it last night, thought of you and laughed. you just said that a week ago. lol

  18. william i’m not sure but i don’t think so, but i’m still trying to catch up on the feeds. heyden is playing a good game

  19. Hey Kristi I was doing the same thing, watching the race,l i v e f e e d s ,and chatting we are so good.

  20. @kristi ,i always knew bb reads all of my posts !! haha ….there are so many drinking games they could play !!

  21. Multi task. We are good torch. We did the drinking game with the words like & litterally Saturday night dany & I was trashed!

  22. Yes torch, completely bored!! Hey torch, what’s your first name, if you don’t mind me asking?

  23. I think I’ll go to the store and get some capt. Morgan and mountain dew to mix with, haven’t had a good buzz going for awile.

  24. @Kristi: It’s Cecil, it’s just on the internet I’m used to using my biker road name,

  25. Can’t but hard liquor in Wv on Sunday. Granted after last night I don’t think I could drink a wine cooler right now.

  26. yeah torch im not paying attention really to whats going…im watching a movie at the same time,and talking to you guys

  27. In mich. you can buy after 12noon, by the way I ride with a christian ride group.

  28. Ty torch, my husband was wondering & I didn’t know. He laughed because I invited you guys to our house without knowing your first name. Lol

  29. i’m watching a match box 20 concert. live feed. talking to you guys and my husband. im awsome like that. lol

  30. im goin to take my dogs for a walk. i’ll talk to you guys later. missed you guys. we have alot of rain coming so i should be able to chat more.

  31. Last night was more entertaining. Maybe they should be on lockdown more. lol Anyway now watching HOT Brendan sunning himself…not much else going on!

  32. I now get it! I think the main reason every HG seems to want out Brendan and Rachel is because they get the most attention by CBS and BB. Wow jealousy…….green anyone?

  33. Last night was great. But now I don’t get these people. The whole house is based on Brendon’s concepts. First two evictions were based on people who were a threat in some way, now they want to get rid of the weaker people that dropped? Regardless of the theory, its seems to originate from that Brendon. Why have a brigade if your just going to agree WITH THE SAME GUY YOU WANTED OUT ANYWAYS?? WTF is up with this cast?

  34. Really, he can stay. He seems like a stand-up person. I really want him to kick Rachel to the curb on TV. He should tell her she needs to keep up with the Botox, Juvederm, etc,!! Only a matter of time before they fight.

  35. im really hating kathy. alot me to hate on her a little bit haha

    all she talks about is being like loyal, and truthful to everyone. l cant stand that. all she does is go around like a damn reporter, making up stuff, and telling what everyone has said.

    then she goes with the theme “well if ur gonna lie, and not play this game with honesty, and truthful-ness then thats great im not going to do that. thats not right. im not going to ever campaign against somebody”

    like wtf? go be on Wheel of Fortune or something. i dont know why they keep casting these ppl would arent going to campaign for their own arse.

    she is floater who WILL NEVER win a damn thing. she tries, and she finishes last. she had cancer for smoking, and lost her mother cause she smoked, but she STILL smokes like 3-4 cigs a day.

    how does old people with no personality, and no chance of winning anything make it on the show? i love when enzo and lane clown on her for being somebody’s mother in the house.

    like when they say “when kathy goes in the diary room, they dont ask her about game, they say ‘how’s the laundry, and are u guys low on toothpaste” haha she is more of a maid then a player in the BB game.

    i really strongly, overwhelmingly dislike andrew for a number of reasons, but atleast he will be gunning for BRachel.

    Kathy needs to go. all she does is throw britney under the bus, but wont campaign for her own self to stay in the game because “thats just not right”

    she CACA YO

  36. and another thing. why on the live feeds do we always have to see only 2 views. only when everyone is sleeping do we get 4 different views. like all day there is only 2 different views, but its only on 2 different things, just with 2 different angles.

    i hope that makes sense. im saying like out of the 4 cameras, they only have 2 things on, its just 2 different views of each thing.

    like now we have to look at BRachel sleeping, and listen to kathy and kristin who are atleast talking, but why cant it be 3 or FOUR different views. there is surely enough ppl in the house

  37. I think it will be better to vote Andrew out of the house over Kathy. Andrew is a much bigger threat than Kathy. Also, if the Brachel alliance stays true, wouldn’t that mean that Ragan, Brendon, Rachel, Kristen would keep Kathy in the house? I also think Britney would vote to keep keep Kathy as well.

  38. Thats what I’m trying to point out. Sometimes its because somebody is a threat like with Annie and Monet, but now its weak people. Which ever way it seems the ideas come from Brenchel/Ragan and it trickles down the house. Andrew is a bigger threat than I thought. I really don’t care for the guy. Kathy agreed to play this game so she shouldn’t play the victim card. She should point out how she can benefit everyone else other than Brenchel. They keep talking about the house splitting, as long as they go after the weak, it will never split at this rate. At least till all the women are gone which is what it looks like is gonna happen.

  39. @Nic. I agree. I am starting to seriously doubt that a woman has a chance to win BB12. With these endurance challenges, the women will appear to be weak players.

  40. @ Trish. It would not surprise me at all if Andrew wins HoH (if he survives the block) and puts Brendan up along with Britney. Brendan is smart and athletic, so he is a major threat.

  41. He won’t go after Brendan. I am telling you either they are brothers or life long friends. They look so much alike!

  42. Maybe Andrew and Brendan may be friends, but I do not think they are brothers. Who do you think Brendan will put up if he wins HoH? Britney, Matt?

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