Big Brother 12: Week 3 Friday Live Feed Highlights

Nomination Day arrived in the Big Brother 12 house and with it came the drama you’d expect. Brendon and Rachel were hot to make deals with the new power in the house but will that really keep them safe this week?

Read on to find out what happened and be sure to stay close today because the PoV Competition is set to take place Saturday afternoon.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 23, 2010:

10:00 AM BBT – Hayden recalling all of Rachel’s drunken behavior. She had more than a bottle of wine and was stumbling around telling people around her future plans with Brendon.

11:00 AM BBT – Matt and Brendon in the HoH room going over his plans for nominations. Matt explains that he’s promised the other HGs that if the Veto is used he’ll renom either Brendon or Rachel. Ohh, don’t give away too much of your plan, Matt! Brendon claims he saved Matt on Thursday. Hmm, you mean right after you campaigned to get him evicted? Matt tells Brendon he was safe without his help. Aww, snap.

11:30 AM BBT – Britney explains to Matt that she’s discovered which HGs are lifelong friends: Hayden and Kristen. Not only are they friends, says Britney, but they’re family! She explains that’s why they never hook-up… Genius theory indeed, Brit.

2:00 PM BBT – HGs discover their Have-Nots’ food for the week: baby food and Bok Choy. The baby food isn’t just mushed peas but includes juice, cereal, and some other pretty decent stuff. The Have-Nots really lucked out on this one.

2:15 PM BBT – Hayden tells Kristen they should consider throwing the PoV Comp if they’re included. They don’t want the heat on them for removing one of the noms so Brenchel can be nominated.

6:30 PM BBTLive Feeds return to reveal Matt’s nominations: Andrew & Kathy.

6:45 PM BBT – Matt lies to Ragan and says Enzo/Hayden didn’t know his nom plans. Ragan was convinced by their reaction. Matt is doing a good job of keeping his alliances separate.

7:30 PM BBT – Matt assures Andrew that he wants him to stay in the house and that the other HGs know that.

8:00 PM BBT – PoV players were selected: Brendon, Rachel, and Lane with Enzo hosting. Well crap. There was no Player’s Choice pulled. Matt was not allowed to look in the bag. Hmm…

10:45 PM BBT – Matt apologizes to Andrew and Kathy for the disaster this turned in to. It’s not a disaster yet with a 2/3 chance of Brenchel not winning the Veto, but it’s still risky.

So Matt’s plan to backdoor Brendon is definitely in jeopardy but it’s not completely lost at this point. He’ll have 4 of the 6 players on his side of the battle all planning to use the Veto if given the chance. Worst case scenario for Matt: Brenchel wins the Veto, it doesn’t get used, and Kathy goes home.

Stay close by today and we’ll let you know the results of the Veto Comp as soon as we find out what happened. Be sure to have your live feeds up and running so you can see what happens in the house uncut and uncensored.

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  1. So funny how things eng up…Love to see COCKY Matt sweating bullets…
    What is up with Brit last night with the guys gathered around the pool table. Please, she looked like their freaking barmaid…
    Also, if Andrew knew about Matts intentions for the nominations, why is he upset with Rachel?
    I absolutely love Ragan…I hope he wins it all!!

  2. Is it me or does anyone else feel like you are watching a bad episode of Sopranos, or one of Rocky’s uneducated responses everytime Enzo opens his “meow meow” mouth….what is up with that???

  3. I really don’t think there’s enough brain wattage in that house to power a christmas tree light. Of course being the super genius that he is, Matt must broadcast his evil plans to everyone in the house. I mean isn’t that what the James Bond villains all do?

    Ragan is definitely the most “BB savvy” in the house imho. If he’d just get a clue he might pull off the win or at least top 3.

    Go team “anyone-but-Rachel”!!

  4. Probably Brittney was hanging out with the guys due to guilt by association.. They all live in the same house for the time being..The girl ain’t the favorite horse in the house…bUT WHAT DO YALL WANT HER TO DO??? Do u expect her to cower in a corner or go to bed n’ pull the covers her head cause her friend got the boot? I said yesterday on when someone else made reemarks bout her talking to the guys that she “lives” with them. Kathy n’ Kristen are always laying around with their heads covered up..While R&B are making fumbling attempts at kissing..If u were in the house n’ had ur choice of where to spend time I bet it would be with the up n’ moving group (GENDER ASIDE) or the jokers that can’t get out of a prone position?? It annoys me that sometimes people can try to make something out of nothing. I worked as a “barmaid” n’there were more (many more) days n’ nites that it was just “me n’the boys” hanging out than I could possibly count.

  5. why did he not put at least one of them up? that guarantees one of them is goin home. Now Rachel and Brendon will both probably be here for another week.

  6. I want BRachel to go home not Kathy!!!!!!!!!!
    Worst comes to worst send home Andrew. Andrew is more of a threat than Kathy at this point!

  7. This BB is crazzzzzzzzzzzzzy now it seems everyone who is on the chopping block and gets off then wins HOH hmmmmmmm seems fishy to me but heh. Now Matt didn’t put up the showmance. But yet he wants to backdoor Brendon. Then both the showmance get picked to play pov which i suspect one of them will win. Its like BB is steering this to be the Brenden and Rachael show. Pathetic and then to see them making out like on National Tv so soon speaks of their character but heh do what you have to do I guess. Either way Matt is playing both sides.

  8. Will there ever be a BB season when the women band together to get out the men and then battle amongst themselves. I mean whats with doing all the dirty work for the men and then boom the women are out next. Makes no sense. BB please get some intelligent and sensible players in the house who play strategically and not personally geezzzzzzz

  9. @Caleb: That actually wouldn’t guarantee one of them would go home, but it would guarantee a 100% chance of them playing in the POV. Unfortunately both of them were pulled in to the Veto game anyway.

    Don’t forget that BOTH of them were nom’d in week 1 and they both survived. Matt was hoping for the chance to backdoor them, which is now going to be more difficult to achieve, but still possible.

  10. At this point in the game, i think the brigade would definately vote out brendon or rachel against kathy because she is not a threat. So why not put up rachel and kathy and if rachel wins you put up brendon and if kathy wins you got both of them on the block together. Its not a 100% guarantee, but its pretty close

  11. For Matt to supposedly be such a genius, he dropped the ball big time on this one. You dumbass, if you want to get one of them out, the lovebirds, that is, you have to put them BOTH on the block!! You are stupid.

  12. I agree with Caleb. Put both girls up and make Rachel think she is being a pawn like she did to matt. Then backdoor Rachelel so she can get the hell outta there!!!!!

  13. BB always has lots of twists & turns. My fav so far is Ragan. I like Brit too. Hope they are in the final 4.

  14. I knew it was gonna blow up in Matt’s face. Then again Matt might just want Rachel and her tool to stay cuz of the “deal” he made with them. I am sooo starting to like Andrew right now.

  15. @ Connie:
    Then you know what I am talking about…

    It’s one thing to hang out with the guys because you have no choice, its another to trash talk…
    She trashed talked w/ Monet, and now she is trash talking w/ ANYONE who will join in…
    She may end up riding tails till the end, like Jordan…but HIGHLY doubt she will come out the favorite.
    Brit is funny at times, but very fake and 2 faced…kind of like Matt :)
    But hey this is the game…

  16. YES!!! Finally, something INTERESTING! I hope Rachel or Brendon win PoV cause then they get to stay another week, even though I’m not exactly fond of them. If Brendon & Rachel go home, I seriously will be let down by this season. The Brigade will then begin picking off everyone one by one and that’s very boring to watch. -.-

  17. AS much as i like the brigade, i highly doubt they will last very long. Eventually when the imidiate threat of brendon and rachel isn’t tehre Haydens gonna realise matt has aliances with everyone and their gonna start going at it, wich will proboly lead to both of them getting evicted. my top 5 guess is still Lane,kathy,ragen,kristen and either andrew or or enzo in the last spot.

  18. Guys brendon and rachel are going to dominate this game, im against anybody who i with the brigade

  19. very, VERY INTERESTING that brendon AND rachel are selected to play for POV, and their was no players choice and matt’s restrictions

    i mean the chances of brendon AND rachel both being called to play was a slim chance at best.

    not throwing anything around, but it would not surprise me if the producers wanted BRachel to stay in the house a little bit longer.

    whoops did i just toss around something?

  20. @Marcus: I agree that the chances were stacked against them to get even part of Brenchel in the game. Not impossible, just not very probable.

    There’s still 2/3 chance that they won’t win if the comp is flipping a quarter and calling it, but I don’t think we’ll be that lucky.

  21. I must admit that I like Brendon & Rachel (but the constant kissing is killing me) and I do not like the Brigade. I love the show and for that I think Brendon & Rachel should stay and I Andrew should got home. That way before Andrew walks out the door he can reveal Matt is lying about his wife’s illness (which is so horrorible) plus that Hayden and Kristen have a showmance. That will shack the house and the alliances and the real game play will begin. Its still early and the season will suck if the Brigade runs things to the end!

  22. I don’t get how Brendon thinks he has Enzo, Lane to go his way when he spends no time with the other guys outside of the HN room.

  23. I have a question for who would know:
    How come there is only a selected few to play for POV? When it used to be the whole house


  24. because the purpose is to fight for the two nom. Its a chance to fight to get off and u can have help but it is seleccted

  25. i want racheal to go home they need to split her and brendon up its not fair they are the couple that has known each other outside the house

  26. my fav person right now is reagan hes so cute i would love to have him as a friend<3

  27. I so hope either Brendon or Rachel win POV. then Matt can wipe that stupid smirk off his face. Liars usually wind up with the lies biting them on the ass.

  28. Does no one realize none of them know each other prior to the show, it was a sab tatic that seems to still be in the minds of fans.
    It would be a unfair advantage for the 2 if they where life long friends and doubt CBS would cast 2 that know each other.

    Cannot wait for the POV results, then we will know if we have to endure another week of Brenchel.

  29. Would love to see Brendon or Rachel win POV and remove Andrew….. the “Brigade” is a snoozer!

  30. Marcus #2O. I agree, but I am not surprise that BB will give a hand to keep the “power couple” in the house. Remember CDT last season.

  31. Rachel or Brendon winning POV would put them in a bad place. If they chose not to use it they each risk losing an ally. Andrew, the stronger of the two would go home leaving Brendon left with Ragan (who can double cross), Kathy and Rachel as a team. A very weak one. Crazyness.

  32. I agree I am sick of Matt’s smirk……. Also I do love Ragen I think he is sooooo cute. Wish they would announce POV winners.

  33. @Goldenmisty
    Every HG is a liar at one point. That Is the number one strategy of this game, so if you attack Matt as a liar might as well attack the whole house

  34. I didn’t like tha lie Matt told about his wife. But as Jamie #35 said that is part of the game and they all lie.

  35. Does anyone know what Rachel was referring to when she said something about being a grown ass woman and admitting something about the toilet? I missed something there.

  36. I know lying is a strategy, but about your wife? It might backfire at him at some point.

  37. Lying ends up backfiring on all the HGs at any given point during the game, wether its a profession or any of the sort
    Look- Annie gave away someone,s profession,
    Matt’s lie will come through when Andrew decides to reveal it
    I guess this is what spices up the game!

  38. Anyone know how long the comps usually take? The feeds have been down now for two hours.

  39. This is longer than the POV. But they put the POV on the live feeds. Seems like a waste to me. Should have choice of every cam in the house and see this. I guess this is such a pivotal time they prefer people to wait.

  40. @Jenny: Last week the live feeds were off for 3+ hours for the PoV.

    @Nic: PoV competitions and ceremonies are not shown on the live feeds. CBS makes the call to restrict viewing.

  41. Yeah Matt, evidently they don’t show the POV. Not sure of the term to use, I don’t want to get political… If were to want to start a blog about this show, I’d do well to allow a button to sell this $40 product. Would seem the payment wouls suffice a few less ratings on a Sunday night. Besides, I’m sure the competetion is much more interesting after its been edited. Gosh, it just looks like after bubbles and trivia its more 15/7…

  42. They’ve never shown the PoV comps/ceremonies.

    9 hours a day of Trivia? You’re heavily exaggerating that one.

  43. You know what? I think the strike might have played a role here. Someone had to put this POV set together. Did they walk off? Scabs?

  44. Either Brenden or Rachael won the POV…Enzo is mad Matt did not put one of Bren Or Rach on the block…so now Kathy is scared it will be her going home over Andrew!

  45. Hey Matt, chat room says feeds are up and Brendon won. Is this true? I hope so.

  46. YES! From what I read at another site, Brendon’s photo has the POV stamp across it and only Andrew & Kathy photos are marked NOM so guess Brendon took Andrew’s advice and left the Noms as they were.

  47. i am sick of listening to rachel talk about “her man”. like in both the goodbye videos to annie and monet, she mentioned “coming between me and my man”…like honestly, nobody wants your sloppy seconds, are you 14 years old. and everytime i hear her laugh i cringe. my fav player is def ragen. and even tho she is catty i like brit. the brigade is prob the stupidest thing i have ever seen. matt is the most disgusting player i have ever seen and his smirk makes me wanna turn the tv off whenevr i watch it. i hate enzo cause he swears he is so hard. lol….sorrry to vent but nobody i know watches the show so maybe people here will understand where i am coming from

  48. HEY…maybe some of u know this but for those who don’t..Matt HOFFMAN was lead singer n’ or guitarist for fairly well known punk rock band called SHOOTING BLANKS..The group made videos n’ released a few recordings..they were well known in some of the eastern regions..Just a bit of info..

  49. Okay, have we forgotten we have 2 showmance’s on the show. Brittney is the one that has got to go and Matt they are so annoying. The show will not as good if they take the couples out. Jersey boy can got to. I mean really we have to come up with a name for our group and then nick names for the rest of the group. He has got to go.

  50. not that I want to see Andrew go yet, but if he does I would love for him to tell everyone that Matt is lying and that Hayden and Kristen are gettin it on, that would make the game good, especially for Brendan and Rachel.

  51. If a POV winner gives the POV to one of the noms, can he then become a renom? or is he exempt?

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