Big Brother 12: Week 3 HoH Endurance Competition Results

Here we go! It’s our very first Big Brother 12 Endurance HoH Competition!

The endurance competition is called “Hang 10” and it has all the HGs on surfboards elevated over a pool. There is water pouring down over them to make things slippery on top of the boards moving around. The first 5 HGs to drop get to be the “Have’s” this week while the rest of them will be the “Have Not’s” this week. So there’s the incentive to drop quickly while the big prize is to be the last HG standing and become the next HoH!

So here’s the deal: if you want to watch this competition live as it happens then you have to have your Big Brother Feeds up and running. If you don’t have the feeds then this is exactly when you need to sign-up with the free trial and see how they work. You’ll be able to watch everything live and uncut as it happens!

Big Brother 12 Week 3 HoH Endurance Comp Results:

  • 6:07PM BBT – The live feeds return and Kathy is already down
  • 6:08PM BBT – Lane is down!
  • 6:10PM BBT – Kristen is down!
  • 6:15PM BBT – Hayden is down!
  • 6:16PM BBT – Britney is down! Only guys remain. Maybe BB made this too tough… The remaining guys will be Have Not’s except for the one who wins HoH.
  • 6:20PM BBT – Brendon, Ragan, Enzo, Andrew, and Matt remain.
  • 6:25PM BBT – Ragan is making gross, but funny jokes. The rest of the guys are holding on well.
  • 6:30PM BBT – BB has really turned up the water that’s pouring on them and it appears to be freezing cold. All 5 manage to endure it.
  • 6:35PM BBT – All 5 still remain. The surfboards are sliding in and out making the HGs walk the plank while holding on for dear life.
  • 6:38PM BBT – Whoa! BB shook the boards and really spooked the guys, but they held on.
  • 6:39PM BBT – Enzo is down! 4 remain. Enzo is the first Have-Not.
  • 6:45PM BBT – Brendon is down! 3 remain: Andrew, Matt, & Ragan.
  • 6:50PM BBT – BB is pouring ice water and sliding the boards all at once.
  • 6:55PM BBT – Andrew, Matt, and Ragan all remain and look solid.
  • 7:00PM BBT – Andrew is thanking BB for all the exercise. These guys are holding up well and could be in for the long haul. No one making serious attempts at cutting a deal just yet. That should happen when the peanut gallery disappears inside.
  • 7:05PM BBT – More ice cold water and it sounds like high-speed fans blowing on them. Fun!
  • 7:10PM BBT – All 3 remain on the boards. Enzo, on the sidelines, is sweating another week as a Have-Not. He’s really hoping he can eat regular food tonight so he can stuff up and then go to slop after that.
  • 7:15PM BBT – Andrew, Matt, and Ragan have their stone cold game face on. No danger of falling anytime soon.
  • 7:20PM BBT – Matt looks like there’s nothing too it. Meanwhile, Andrew looks like there is a flesh eating bacteria in the water below. The man is petrified!
  • 7:25PM BBT – Ragan is asking for rule clarifications on what the Have-Nots are allowed to do. Think positive, Ragan!
  • 7:28PM BBT – Andrew is down! Only Matt & Ragan remain.
  • 7:30PM BBT – Ragan and Matt are starting to talk deals now that the peanut gallery is gone inside. Matt says he’d put up Kathy and Brendon. Ragan wants to tell Rachel and Brendon before he drops down.
  • 7:35PM BBT – Ragan and Matt keep trying to figure out what deals they should make. Ragan is nervous about dropping down too quickly. Looks like Matt will be the HoH because Ragan wants to drop soon.
  • 7:40PM BBT – Matt and Ragan were talking deals when the feeds cut away. Waiting for them to return…
  • 7:45PM BBT – Still waiting on the live feeds… Did something happen that they dont’ want us to see? I’ll let you know as soon as they return.
  • 7:49PM BBT – Live Feeds return! Matt and Ragan are enduring water pouring over them. Both remain in the game.
  • 7:55PM BBT – Matt & Ragan are silent as they endure the cold water and moving board. The peanut gallery has returned and Rachel is cheering them on.
  • 8:00PM BBT – Both are in good spirits despite the conditions. Ragan is cracking jokes. I think the extended break in the feeds was to swap out Ragan’s mic.
  • 8:05PM BBT – Back on a feeds break again. Grrrr….
  • 8:10PM BBT – Sorry guys, still on “bubbles” and waiting for them to get their act together.
  • 8:25PM BBT – Scribbling a very stern letter to CBS & Real…
  • 8:40PM BBT – And we’re back! Everyone is back inside and Matt has the key around his neck. I’d say he’s the new HoH until we hear otherwise.
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  1. Can you put a ustream of the live feeds up???

    No, absolutely not. That’s illegal and you won’t find that here. If you want to watch then try the live feeds right now.

  2. i hope Brendan or Andrew wins!!! I kinda feel like Matt and Reagan are the ones who are “life long friends” it seems like people in the house forgot about that too because no one has mentioned it.

  3. i too hope that Brendon or Andrew wins…..I think that Brit and Kathy are mom and daughter???

  4. anyone out yet i am on the west coast
    kathy will drop first or second she doesn’t want to b a have not

  5. I really hope some one from the birgade wins They should change there name to the big brother mafia

  6. I Sooooooo want brendan and rachel to be put up for eviction just to see how they react.(: and I want Kathy to be HOH but I would settle for brit.(:

  7. I hope Rachel and Brandon get put on the block. They are so stupid. Did they even watch earlier versions of Big Brother? I can’t believe how dumb they are! Jeez.

  8. If anyones watching the live feed, did anyone drop yet? And if so, who? I would really appreciate it!<3

  9. @ Jaime or anyone: So there IS a “life long friends” twist this year? I was so busy with the Saboteur, I missed that, and they aren’t focusing on that. Hmmmm.

  10. i don’t like Brittany, her and Monet were so mean with the comments they were making about people in the house, i’m glad Monet left. Rachel is a bit annoying but i really feel like Brendan and Andrew are genuinely nice people, so i’m rooting for them!!!

  11. i hope Britney wins and take revenge on Rachel & Brendan. But i dont think she will want to be have not this week.

  12. Live Feeds are on!

    3 ppl dropped.

    No UStream, that’s illegal. Get the live feeds if you want to watch.

  13. @DJ yes, they mentioned it a few episodes ago, but no has mentioned it since, it’s like they forgot lol but i cant stop thinking about it lol i wonder who it is, the brittany and kathy thing does make sense only because i did think it was a little weird that Kathy didn’t go along with the rest of the house to keep Matt, but i’m still leaning towards Matt and Regan!!

  14. So I think andrew and Brendan are the life long friends that’s why they act suspicous around eacth other plus they are both from Cali

  15. Dang 3 people down this fast! This cast sucks. Bring back hurricane howie and janelle!! Letthem show this cast how BB is played

  16. I hope Britney doesnt win. She needs to leave the house next. Rachel gets a bit annoying but Id still like to see her and Brendan stay in the game.

  17. Britney’s message was actually kinda sad to Monet, they were good for eachother. Weakling matt should drop fast tonight I hope

  18. hhahahahahaha kirsten acts
    Like she’s all bad ass and drops after 18 min

  19. Yay! Stupid meow meow WTF ever he calls himself. Reppin jersey in a badd way. He needs to go next

  20. @ Jaime: I was thinking perhaps, Brendan and Andrew. Remember, Rach was like she didn’t know why Brendan trusted Andrew so much and didn’t want her to put up Andrew?

  21. I agree Michael. he calling himself that ridiculous name meow meow. whats up with that?

  22. I have been saying the same exact things to my friends, Kristen is hardly on camera? this is a 1st to me. I wonder what’s up with that? I thought it was just me?

  23. Yeahh kristen isn’t being focused on at all and when she is, it’s not her alone it has to do with that horse face hayden

  24. lame Bren will prolly win and umma have to hear valley girl gigles all

  25. @Dj yea that’s what my sister said, we were thinking that too, and someone said they are both from California, but i could of sworn i saw Andrew wearing a sweatshirt or shirt that said Brooklyn on it at some point so i got confused on where he was from, but that’s a good possibility too!! Watch it be like Enzo and Rachel and we are all just totally off lol

  26. I pray that brendon does not win!! He’ll probably go after kathy cause that’s what he and Rachel like to do, go after the weak players that will never win hoh

  27. Who’s still on? Tell me who wins, I’ll find out tonite on the live feeds but I wanna know so bad right now!!

  28. @ Michael:… horse face Hayden, good one. He was cute to me @ 1st, then I was like, he looks odd…. now that name fits, horse face lol

  29. For those watching the feed and posting the updates for us without the feed. THANK YOU!

  30. @Sam: I’m making live updates up above in the post. Keep checking there and you’ll get all the info you need.

    No, Andrew did not fall.


  32. I want Rachel and Brendon on the block this week! Too bad brit fell, woulda loved for her to be HOH
    Feeling Matt possibly going up this week!

  33. Oh enzo is still in according to these updates.. He sucks. With his wanna be jersey shore self. I think he signed up for the wrong show

  34. I think that everyone thought that since the saboteur said there was two life long friends it must not be true but I hope that twist is true….

  35. I do not like Rachel! She’s not nearly as hot as she think she is. She spends too much time checking out her own chest and she seems pretty mean. She was just salty of Monet’s natural beauty. She needs to go down! I wonder if Brendan’s parents are freaking out at how slimy she is. Blech. Yuck. Gross.

  36. yes thank you so much to the people who are posting for us who have the live feeds, it is much appreciated!!!

  37. @ LOLA: So do Brit n Kathy know each other? Like mother, daughter? I swear I totally missed that “twist” in the show of “life long friends”. The house guests don’t seem phased by it either. hmmmmm

  38. Yeah ever since stupid Rachel didn’t put up hayden who was clearly coming after her I mean he put her and brendon on the block.. Yet she said Monet would put her on the block so she went after her.. Uh Rachel instead of picking people who may put you up. Pick people who AlREADY DID. For that move I hope she goes

  39. People keep thinking that Britney is Kathy’s daughter… I don’t think they are mother-daughters

  40. Go Brandon I hope he win or Andrew but the secret friends I know is mat and the other guy for got his name

  41. Bring Annie back atleast she brought some drama. But, than again, once the house gets shorter there will be more drama.

  42. @ I-am-me: I think rachel is real superficial. Her hair is fake, hair color is fake, breasts look fake. And almost every time she hits the camera, she has to have head shots cause her clothes are so sleazy…. she didn’t pack too smart that’s for sure!

  43. @asharmywife I never even thought about that!! You are probably right, because even Julie hasn’t mentioned it at all, so maybe it was just part of the Saboteur’s plan to stir things up. If so that stinks, because she left and that means there is no more twists booo.

  44. I reeeeeally DONT want brendon to win. And I think the life long friends are either britt and monet or brendon and andrew cuz thats why brendon didnt want to risk andrew by putting him as a pawn OR kathy and britt can be mother and daughter?? I wonder when we find out…

  45. The Sab lied about that! She lied about escaping the block. She lied about the secret alliance

  46. Just tryna figure out the “life long friends” theory. Be it Kathy/Brit; mother-daughter, I think Brendan/Andrew myself. Then again, I think it was just a ploy to get everyone rattled! and i’m rattled.

  47. they said life long friendship so i would say mother and daughter or aunt and niece would fill that.

  48. hey guys. just reading here the two im thinking of might be annie and brenden. but i might be totally wrong. lane and kathy sound like they could know each other.

  49. there’s no reason a parent/child relationship can’t be refered to as life long friendship! i’m just saying that’s what i read about kathy/kristen on a spoiler.

    • I think Brit is Kathys niece. They showed Brits mother in the first episode. And she looked just like Kathy. Just a though.

  50. i think that rach.and britney need to go super annoying. i dont think anyone knows each other and it was just annie trying to mess up the house becuase she also said that she escaped the block and she was on it. to take the supsion off of her so i dont thinkka nyone knows each other and it was all bs

  51. @ DARSY

  52. i would think it’s kathy and brittany. i hope matt wins cause i really want “brenden and Rachel to be the target next week

  53. ugh. i hate brit with a passion! she is so freaking annoying!!! she is such a bitch. I would kick her ass if I was in that house. I hope Enzo or someone like that wins!

  54. if rag wins he’ll wimp and put bri up
    Andy will do wat braychel
    Bren will go after bri or mat
    Mat will put up braychel

  55. i was big on Brenden until he hooked up with Rachel. she just really annoys me to know end.

  56. Brendon and Rachel tryna be toooo much like jeff and jordon the only difference is America hater B&R and we loved J&J

  57. I dont think brendan will put brit up. I think he might put up matt or enzo or even hayden. Brendan is ALOT smarter than rachel and I think he will try to go after stronger players

  58. I hope Lane or Matt wins. Lane is cool as Hell. And if Matt can win with all his lying that would be crazy. Its a game win how you can. But, does Brendan look like, he is tired of………BIG RED.

  59. well if he’s smart. the weaker ones will squeak by and then he’ll need brains instead of strength.

  60. Enzo & Brendon are struggling the most out of anyone, probably because they are bigger. As I type this Enzo fell lol.
    Matt, Ragan, & Andrew, as they’re skinny & stuff, have the same strategy of moving on the board. They all look good. I haven’t heard Andrew or Brendon speak at all, so if Matt or Ragan lose it’ll be because they’re chatting instead of concentrating!

  61. Thank god enzo dropped! I really would like to see his dumb self go next thursday

  62. As long as Brendon does not win…I cannot take anotther week of red n’ dead…oh god there is not enough antacid or dirrhea medication for another week of those 2…

  63. WAIT. Ragans a college teacher and haydens a college student! It might be them???

  64. I definitely hope Andrew wins. He won’t put up Brendon AND he won’t have to suffer anymore without kosher stuff.

  65. Lol @ connie!!! So true so true!!! I’m def. Starting to like britt for her hate of Rachel!

  66. Even though that this would put a target on their back I want Brendon to win. Maybe the rest of the seasons HOH winners could be Brendon (on endurance challenges) and Rachel (on the mental ones.) I also know Brendon is a smart player too.

  67. OMG thank god Enzo dropped he really gets on my nerves. i would be pissed if i was from jersey and have him represting me. what the heck is a name like meow meow? not very manly if yo ask me,

  68. I’m getting tired of the b/r showmance but I kind of want Brenden to win cos for sure if he doesn’t, they’re both on the block next week!

  69. i would like to see brandon to win but he needs to focus on the game and not rachel. Rachel needs to go!

  70. Yesssssss brenbot fell! He needa go home already! Guaranteeeeeeee brendon and or Rachel WILL be nommed

  71. Andrew or Ragen NNNEEEEDDDSSS to win. I like Matt but he can’t win… COME ON GUYS!!

  72. Breden is down And I am happy. I don’t care who win. Whoooohooo!!! And he’s a HaveNot again. WhoooooooHoooooo

  73. I’d like to see matt win, put up Rachel and brendon, then Brittany win pov and tell Rachel she’s gonna use it on her, and then NOT use it. And Rachel goes home and double eviction brendon goes too!! Ahhhh my dream episode and then janelle from bb6&7 comes back and wins

  74. hey i am from the jersey shpre & none of these jerks truly rep nj! they are all soooo embarassing! jersey shore is a great place and has great people! its too bad no one gets to see the real NJ!

  75. @Ash: I’m with you there. and to think they became targets, because they have a connection: Science! Wasn’t even talking about the game. SMH. Andrew, will probably expose the other showmance, Kristen/Hayden!

  76. wouldn’t mind brenden stay but rachel can go. he can focus more on the game instead of his booty call

  77. since brendon is down, i really hope ragan or andrew winss! :D
    im glad britney is down though! i cant stand her!

  78. i dont think brendan is a bad guy. i just think that rachel brings him down. they jumped into a showmance waaaay to quickly

  79. @Trish: Lol…lol… hey! she giving up the booty to someone she knew what, 3 days? Lol…lol….

  80. go ragan !!
    it would be interesting to see who he would put up.. they havent really shown him getting close to anyone or making enemies with anyone.

  81. who looks in bad shape??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  82. i am glad to see soo much support for andrew! i do like him even though he sees a bit loopy at times!

  83. i figure that about jersey what is he thinking. i family around that area and they say he’s a joke. Meow meow what a joke

  84. I really would like to see Andrew win but, he will do what Rachel and Brandon wants. They do not know that he is a tri athelte.

  85. @Inv33: I agree with you. It was tooooo quick. But remember, they have Science in common. I think Rachel flaunts it too much, and it’s going to hurt Brendan.

  86. Listen mat has no reasons to revege anybody he said put me up lik an idiot he sucks and it’s a lyer

  87. lol lol, is it really called for??? Its so friggin annoying, just like Raychel LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL URRRRRR

  88. Matt was just trying to play the game and was doing damn good until he got exposed, which sucks but he made a fine recovery with Monet being voted out and not him. It will be way less fun to watch without Brendan and Rachel together..

  89. oh thank goodness Brendon fell I do not have to see those wanna be seen/ phoney/ jerk off/ idiots for an entire week..thank the Higher powers of Big Brother..thank you..

  90. And Andrew will expose Matt with that fake disease his wife has…. remember he’s a foot doctor NOT a shoe salesman and Matt lied to the house about the disease his wife has that deals with her feet!

  91. I am so HAPPY to hear that Brendon FELL OFF!!!!!!!!
    Time to party!!!!!!!

  92. i am glad to see so much support for andrew. i like him even though he is a bit loopy at times!

  93. exactly DJ. i would be happy to see ragen when. not sure about Andrew right now he seems like a puppet. friends with whoever is HOH

  94. Andrew is shaking. Matt looks the most solid at the moment, but Ragan is showing no sign of falling either. I believe it will be between Ragan and Matt, and they have an alliance together so neither of them should be going up this week unless Andrew pulls it off!!

  95. I hope they go for the RED HEAD!!! i think brandon and rachel fell to faar to fast… :(

  96. His name is BRENDON, not Brandon!!!!

    Ragan, Matt, & Andrew are still on and talking about making a deal for HOH!

  97. Rachel knows science? wouldnt think that by the way she doesnt know colors or how clothes fit. just kidding

  98. Matt said in the HOH that he’s gonna act like he really pissed and she said OK so when it came out i dont she why she was shocked. what did she expect. i would of done the same thing. it’s a game about lying and cheating and using so i think he’s playing good.

  99. thats to funny, Matt talking about how sick his wife is. Andrew’s face was awsome.

  100. What is the deal their making!? Please don’t tell me their thinking of letting Matt win!!!? NOOOOO :(

  101. They are all 3 steady and look as though they could stay up all night!

    I hope Matt falls, he is the biggest lier!!!

  102. @Darsy: You see how Matt got out of the lie? They almost had him… Rachel made a smart move confronting him, buttttttttt, he is a smart guy.

  103. these guys need to make a deal to keep each other safe and guarantee Brendan or Rachel’s exit next week. PLEASE…

  104. I heart you, Britney! Those who don’t just hate the confident/pretty/intelligent combo.

  105. @ Hello: Matt is playing the game real good. I just knew his lie was gonna get him caught up! Nope! lol…lol…. The Brigade should be leary of him…

  106. Britney reminds me of a knock off version of Mylie Cyrus, especially her mouth n teeth…..

  107. i think Rachel needs to give that chicken back it’s neck. i really hate to watch her talk she can’t do it and keep her head still.

  108. @Brandon. Because I feel like she is just bringing down Brendon, he would be better off w/out her. I liked her a lot in the beginning but now not so much.

  109. brit & monet are just mean girls. and that’s what happens when you are nasty! brit’s day will come!

  110. @Samantha…whatever, Brit is a flake and not even very pretty.

    @DJ…yeah, I can not believe they are all falling for that BS. The only one on to him is Andrew.

    BB is Still pouring water on them. They don’t look as comfortable now…..

  111. I hope Andrew doesn’t drop because he thinks it’s too ‘early’ to win an HOH….Come on Andrew!

  112. Okay…lemme retract my statement…I like Brendon…just not his woman. He would never have put her up. I think she’ll go! She’s kinda like a half chewed caramel! She’s not smart and she tries to act like she is. I was watching BBAD and she was getting lost when he was talking about science!LOL

  113. @Alex: I think Rach is bringing him down too. She is always all over him, like its them 2 vs the house. She should be more discreet like Kristen n Hayden.

  114. Go Andrew or Ragan!!! Break the Brigade up, expose the undercover showmace, and shake things up. I’m tired of all the attention being on the brigade or Brit’s crying and whining or the Brachel showmace!

  115. Water stopped, boards are still.

    Andrew looks like he might be taking a swim real soon.

  116. @ I-am-me: Rachel was getting lost in the Science convo? Wow! Lol…lol…b/c she’s a chemist right? Wish I could’ve seen that. But, I agree, it was too soon to be all lovey dovey….

  117. The boards just got pulled almost all the way in then pushed back out.

    all 3 still standing.

  118. I like Kristin and Hayden – although she should’ve broken up with her b/f before she went into the House! Rachel needs to stop announcing to the world that Brenden is her ‘man’ – Ugh!

    It’ll be a bit boring if Brenden or Rachel goes since the majority of the rest of the house is on the same side…for now…

  119. that wont last long though. they have put a tragert on their backs when their gone it will be someone elses turn

  120. @Tammy: you made some good points. If Rachel/Brendan go, its gonna be boring b/c everyone else ARE cool. AND! Rachel is really putting claim to “her” man a little too much! She’s making them more targets like that… Her boasting about it.

  121. please make a deal already! i am exhausted after an hour and :15 and i am just sitting watching!

  122. OMG, RAGAN FELL AND TOOK OUT MATT WITH HIM, What a Cowardly move. Andrew NEW HOH WOW

  123. Yeah, I do not know why a guy as gorgeous as Brendon is playing around with a dog like Rachel. He is hot and smart. Although being very dumb now.

    3 still standing, no water, nothing….kind of boring. Oh, looks like they are standing on boards on 1.5′ long. They were pulled in again.

  124. @DJ. YAAAA!! I like Brendon a lot if Racheal stays he’ll be f’d. There was times on BB After Dark where she would treat him like s***! It made me mad. She would roll her eyes at him. Ugh, and her saying tonite that she would choose Brendon over the money. WTH then she should just go home and wait for him to get outtttt >:/ RAGEN OR ANDREW NEEDS TO WIN… Or Brendon will be screwed.

  125. How can anyone like Rachel and Brendon? They have known each other 2 weeks……….. I mean really?

  126. man o man i cant believe brendan is out…i like the whole shomance…they are a really good couple like jeff and jordan and i hope there relationship lasts!! and i really hope they can win BB!

  127. @ Lynn: And the weirdest face. She is quite odd looking. At 1st, I was like, she’s decent, then I saw what little of her they show, and I’m like, naw she looks odd. Eyes are too close? It’s something?

  128. Brit’s after-thoughts to Monet were priceless. I was LMAO!!!
    I think it is the Fish that are the lifelong friends. Think about it. A few seasons ago they did the same thing and the hamsters were the friends. It was just a Sab ploy.

  129. Is big brother going to allow that? Ragan deliberately knocked Matt off? I thought there were rules

  130. ok so what’s the truth i need to go to bed. George that’s not nice i started to text everyone…brat

  131. i actually want Matt to win…reason being i actually love Ragan…and if he wins …i think he is going to make enemies…and Matt will keep him completely safe

  132. @Nick: There’ll never be another Jeff n Jordan.… thats what Rachel wants, but thats not what she’s gonna get. Jeff n Jordan were cute and everybody liked them BOTH…. These 2? Nah! Wannabe’s. Rachel will go on to pose in playboy and Brendan will be the next Bachelor….

  133. Dont think that Brit and Kathy are together i am from brits home town and i know that they are in no way related

  134. @ Lynn: LMAO still! don’t give’em kids lol…lol…. close set eyes, no upper lips, blonde hair, block heads, and their mama’s body! Lol…lol….

  135. @lynn, hayden & kristen kinda look alike but that would be sooo wrong if they were related!

    @george…you are a bad boy! look what you have done! lol!

  136. 3 are still standing…boards are going in and out.

    Everyone else on the sides looking board out of their minds.

  137. I think Big brother is going to redo the competition with just Matt and Andrew, Ragan knocked him out!

  138. the update up top hasn’t said anything about Andrew winning so did he win or what????

  139. The next to go has to be Andrew. He is top heavy and keeps changing his footing which is causing his board to start to peel. Go Matt or Ragan!!!

  140. ok just cause you change your name does not make what you said any more true.. from what i know from like 3 websites my sister on the phone watching live feed and here there are still 3 ppl up and no one has fell as of yet.. even though matt should just drop already so that they can break up that BRO mance lmao

  141. OMG who is this fake Matt guy? Why am I banned? I’m coming for you next Matt. Andrew WON HOH everyone

  142. The guy at the top probably hasnt said anything because he doens tknow if BB is going to let Ragan do that..

  143. ok all guys in here who really thinks that Rachel is good looking? Do her twin watermelons really do it for a guy? Has anyone looked at her face?

  144. dont worry jen i dont think any guys think shes hot cause well to be honest brendon could do a lot better

  145. Sometimes she is somewhat attractive. The clothes and hair are ridiculous. But, I think if it wasn’t for how she acted, many would find her more attractive.

  146. Matt and Ragan are making a deal. They are trying to figure out who strategically would be a better HOH.

  147. Hey Everyone,

    Just to Clarify, Big brother is in the process of evaluating a situation that has happened during the HOH competition. Feeds will no longer be live, and we will update you when we know more.

  148. @ Jen: Girl, breasts TALK, face walks! Men LOVE breasts! And with her clip-on hair extensions, she almost looks like a girl! Lol…lol….her teeth r jacked up, I do see that.

  149. cathy and brit are related!!! that’s obvious!
    Look at their lips and their noses have slight red turn or was it left? I’m not sure :)
    I thought they are related even before annie revealed there were 2 LIFELONG friends.
    Only parents can be from birth your lifelong friends. Get it?! :D

  150. They are literally going down the line seeing who would be on eachothers side.

    Ragan just asked Matt if they could call rachel and brendon up to ask them. hahahahahahah

  151. @dj ha maybe with a paper bag i can see…… but with her face showing come on really…..

  152. They are talking about who they would put on the block and how everyone would react. They want kATHY TO GO NEXT WEEK. tHEY ARE COUNTING HOW MANY VOTES THEY WOULD HAVE. OOps, was in caps, not yelling.

  153. ok jack off quite useing other ppls name to post fake chit!!! @ admin can you please do something about this guy useing other ppls name ?

    I’ve banned the person doing it. – Matt

  154. @ Jen….Well I am not a guy, but I am sitting here with my guy, and my nephew, and we all think that Rachel is attractive….I would probably try something different with her eyebrows, but yes….We think she’s cute….

  155. @ Jen: Hey! I’m just saying, men are crazy for breasts! I don’t think she’s that cute either… but her breasts are running the show, probably how she got selected lol

  156. lol prolly……. im just not seeing it i think they need better man candy this year if they get rachels triple Q breasts we whould get way more then what we have to watch!

  157. Boobs are NOT everything. They are a bonus but if you have a wreck of a face no boobs can make up for that exp fake ones!!!

    Matt just told Ragan that he could stay up there all night.

    I would not make a deal with the menu selections for the have nots this week. Yucky!!!

  158. ok look you lame jerk quite using my name seriously … are you that lonely that you have to take other ppls identity to entertain your self?

  159. WOOT!! Matt or Ragan are going to win! ANd that means they are both safe for another week. My favorites are still in. Go ro-MAN-ce!

  160. @jen ithink brendon is really an eye cather. damn he’s hot ;) the others are not that goodlooking


  162. @ Hello: Oh I agree totally! But men, really seem to be into breasts and butts (some). Rachel to me, flaunts her breasts. If you notice, her stuff is sooo skimpy she has to be shown from the neck up. And oh! how bout when she wore the shirt/dress with what? a thong so they had to shade in her butt? Really? Playboy centerfold next winter!

  163. @frank, yeah probally but hers are over the top and she is really annoying and ugly but thinks she is hot.

  164. Looks as though Ragan is going to let Matt win. He wants to wait 15-20 minutes so they don’t think that he threw the comp!

  165. @DJ I don’t think she is hot enough for playboy!

    @related I AGREE!! He is super hot!! :)

  166. Since Brendon is down, I would like to see Andrew win HOH! Everyone is gunning to get him out and he hasn’t done anything to anyone. GO Andrew! :)

  167. @Brandon: I know he is married but they joke about being gay together all the time and they say they have a ro-MAN-ce, and I think its funny. I love their friendship and hope they make it far in the game!!

  168. @ related brendan is hot but glued to rachel all the time its hard not to vomit when looking at him

  169. what the heck. why am i paying 40 to see ‘we’ll be back soon’ for the past 5 minutes…this is ridiculous! last i saw there were only ragan & matt left and ragan is talking about dropping off…. and they cut the live feeds…this is BS!

  170. what the heck. why am i paying 40 to see ‘we’ll be back soon’ for the past 5 minutes…this is ridiculous! last i saw there were only ragan & matt left and ragan is talking about dropping off…. and they cut the l i v e f e e d s…this is BS!

  171. @ Jen: I agree with you. But with the exposure from the show and her body, she’ll be somewhere else after this show. Playboy will airbrush her over. we haven’t seen the last of her…. I don’t think so. Hell! Trump gave Omarosa a show, smh.

  172. Seems to me that almost anyone who gets POV will save Kathy, plus Kathy will suck up tonight I bet ya!! Kristen and Brendon should be put up.

  173. Why would they want to send her home? She’s not much of a threat is she?

    @DJ You’re right. There will NEVER be another Jeff and Jordan. Loved them! I dislike it when she says “If you mess with MY man!” BLECH, YUCK, GAG! She’s not cute at ALL even if she was nice! The most chemistry she sees is the chemistry between the dudes tryin’ to pick up chicks when she’s servin’ up drinks!LOL

  174. matt is smart for putting up kathy if he does…she voted to get him out to ‘teach him a lesson’ she is a snake and a two-sider and needs to go…can’t stand kathy! i don’t see why matt wouldn’t put up rachel or brendan against her… it wouldn’t hurt! to get any one of those three out would be perfect! f e e d s are STILL not back up! REFUND!!!

  175. i hope someone is reading this b/c it is B.S. these HOH competitions are half the reason people subscribe to the f e e d s. still off! it will probably come back in like TEN minutes and the competition will be over…stupid.

  176. @ I-am-me: Now that is beginning to annoy me. “MY MAN blah blah blah”, you tryna break up me and MY MAN! WTF? Are you serious? AND, he hasn’t been saying jack! She’s bringing them down…. he needs to tell her to chill with that….

  177. Rachel looks like a bird with a bad dye job. She has an awful laugh and is very annoying. Why anyone expesiially someone as hot as Brendon would give her the time of day is beyound me….

    Finally they are back with water pouring on them

  178. Someone said they were going to stop:

    July 22nd, 2010 at 10:30 pm

    Hey Everyone,

    Just to Clarify, Big brother is in the process of evaluating a situation that has happened during the HOH competition. Feeds will no longer be live, and we will update you when we know more.

  179. lol she is hot from the neck down…tape her mouth shut…wait…remove vocal cords would be better

  180. If RACHEL N’ BRENDON are so sure of their safety this week why is Rachel so worried about who gets HOH…In fact I do not recall hearing Matt promising not to put up either of them this week..He may have n’ I missed what is the end result..The HOH is ???

  181. Glad I did not pay for live feeds. Why? If they can turn them off when they want?? Should be 24/7 but I bet they use cheap servers…

  182. @ Rick: They probably wanna drag it out so everyone will stay tuned in and won’t post the winner til after Connie chung talks with Monet live tomorrow….

  183. @Rick: I agree! Kathy is the snake and I do not like her either. She is an ugly, cigarette addict that puts on way to much eye liner. She is the floater and plays both side. She is the one who loses most competitions. I say put Kathy up against Rachel, then back door Brendon. Perfect scenario.

  184. Rachel isn’t even attractive. As far as her job at the pool in Vegas, she was a ditz and none of the runners wanted to be her helper.

  185. @ okc lol i think im just president of the i hate Rachel club she is one of the most annoying bb players ever! aside from janelle of that is

  186. jeff and jordan werent even a real couple. jordan was insurance to jeff. thats why at the finale, when they jeff was put on the spot, he practically denied her.

    i dont rele like rachel and brendon but u have to admit, because its OBVIOUS they truly like each other.

    i dont why u guys look down on their partnership just because there two nerdy type ppl. just because she isnt as reserved as jordan doesnt rachel is any less of truly liking brendon.

    i mean after jeff and jordan i thought u guys would appreciate brains a little bit more since jeff and jordan were CLEARLY lacking in that field.

    either way im so glad brendon, and andrew dropped. best case scenario is rachel and brendon go home next week. then andrew. then the other half of BRachel left standing.

    just so they cant talk in the jury house.

  187. When Julie was interviewing Rachel in the HOH room and Rachel said she would pick Brandon over the money, did anyone else have this picture in their head:

    Brandon and Rachel are visiting Brandon’s mother at his mother’s house. Immediately after Rachel uses the restroom, Brandon’s mother rushes into the bathroom to disinfect the toilet.


  188. i wanna know what every one has against brendan i understand not like racheal but seriously

  189. jeff and jordan werent even a real couple. jordan was insurance to jeff. thats why at the finale, when they questioned jeff and he was put on the spot, he practically denied her.

    i dont rele like rachel and brendon but u have to admit, because its OBVIOUS they truly like each other.

    i dont why u guys look down on their partnership just because there two nerdy type ppl. just because she isnt as reserved as jordan doesnt rachel is any less of truly liking brendon.

    i mean after jeff and jordan i thought u guys would appreciate brains a little bit more since jeff and jordan were CLEARLY lacking in that field.

    either way im so glad brendon, and andrew dropped. best case scenario is rachel and brendon go home next week. then andrew. then the other half of BRachel left standing.

    just so they cant talk in the jury house.

  190. @ Brandon….Yep!….Me, my guy, and my nephew all find her attractive, and I love how she addresses things head on,….I’ve been a fan from the start!….

  191. @ Connie: Rachel is worried b/c she and her MAN as she likes to advertise are targets. The house wants them out! She needs to be worried. and after exposing Matt as a liar, she needs to be worried. She’s playing with her heart, so worried about staying on the show to lay up with her MAN, not playing toooo smart. Bringing them unnecessary woes.

  192. Yeah, when you are locked up in a house everyone looks better then in real life. They need to remember why they are there….for the $$$$$$$. Not a few quickies!!!

  193. sunshine…brendon will move on after competition and get someone a lot hotter…probably a cool guy if she wasnt around. freakin annoying, but if you were able to hit that body, i would too. been 20 days, a LONG time!!

  194. @ #469: I think Brendan has become a target by association. Everyone is not liking Rachel, and since he’s HER MAN, they don’t like him. What he needs to do is kinda “fake” a break up and distance himself from Rachel. She’s ultimately gonna bring him down. I bet next week, they’re going up again.

  195. @DaFerret….Good One..i swear if she says “expect the unexpected ” one more time this season , i’m going to come unglued..even Brendon called her out about saying it all the time

  196. They are still up there. Probally for the rest of the night.

    I would be after seeing there choices for food this week for the have nots.

  197. Brendon will realize he’ll have to play for himself and join the guys/The Brigade or look like a bizznatch since Rachel wants everyone to be happy and friends.

  198. @ Nic: I don’t think the Brigade will want Brendan. They formed the alliance without him right from the jump. Unless, Hayden plays both sides and he’d better slow that down before he gets caught up too. You gotta be smart to play all sides of the house…

  199. did you see the post, was possibly to swap out ragan’s mike? wonder if they get to get down and relax for a sec

  200. Hunter: oh yeah! kathy is the one who plays both sides for sure! She just sucks in general. lost the hot dog comp, couldn’t do the caramel, was first out when rachel won the hoh comp, was first out for this one… she needs to freaking go! lol!!

    They will def. show who wins the hoh tonight, b/c you can bet on the f e e ds and BBAD they will show the hoh room…well, maybe not tonight actually b/c the competition is running so long and they might not have time to ‘make up the room’… we’ll see! but we’ll definitely know who wins tonight :-)

    Just for the record, they cut the feed again. This is the first year I paid for a subscription and at this moment I’m uber pissed about it! lol!!

  201. ha i mean hes fun to watch a wild card reminds me of eric from a few seasons back funny……..

  202. @frank I don’t get why people dont like matt. He is playing a pretty good all around game, decent in the comps and a decent social game. He has made one mistake so far and that was trying to lead monet and brit on to think that he was surprised about being nominated

  203. Sunshine: I would def. stay in to win b/c of the terrible food choices this week! BUT the hg’s have NO CLUE what the choices were :-) I’m hoping for the sardines…but that is just plain MEAN! LOL!!

  204. Come on people I’ve got to go to bed but I’d like to know who wins. I’ve followed this far.

  205. connie: i don’t think Ragan doesn’t trust matt. Did something happen? I think ragan trusts matt completely.

  206. im ready to push both those guys of the surfboards already . can someone just make a side deal and have a winner already

  207. jd, matt is playing the game, but if he isnt careful, he will get himself booted. he played it wrong but i bet he learned from that mistake. he will get better at it. but when you get in front of the camera when they are talking to you, dont act like a fool, reminded me wwe wrestler or something lol

  208. okc, the best option for matt is to let regan win and lay low for the week. he needs to let the target on his back go away. winning hoh would just make things worse for him in the upcoming weeks

  209. Rick…The distrust happened at the “HOUSE MEETING”..When Rachel called Matt OUT FOR PLAYING BOTH SIDES OF THE HOUSE. Ragan was not aware of Matt’s plans till then…

  210. WTF??? These feeds are killing me. Why did I spend the money if they are going to take down the feed for 15 freaking minutes during the end of an endurance comp? The breaks are almost intolerable on a regular night, but this is worse.

    This is the first time I spent the money on the feeds and I think I’m getting ripped off. Has there always been this many breaks in the feeds?

  211. tbh i want matt to win so he can finally break-up that annoying showmance between rachael and brendon

  212. I am hoping Matt doesnt win.

    spoiler alert *** andrew & brennen are childhood friends!

  213. Ragan still supported Matt after that though. He talked to Brendan and Rachel about keeping him.

  214. i agree jd..that would be his best bet. but he doesnt see it that way. he gets hoh he will put brendon and rachel up if they arent safe and rachel will get booted. then brendon will play the game like he is supposed to.

  215. This really sucks that w can’t see the rest of the comp. What good are these “live 24/7” feeds if they are always cutting them off.
    This is not what I pay for

  216. Putting up Kristen/Brendon or Rachel will force the hangers-on (Ragen, Kathy, Hayden, Andrew) to choose a side finnaly. Save one put the other one up.

  217. connie: i thought that too about ragan not trusting matt, but when they were talking about 30 mins ago ragan was saying how he would drop out and matt could win and they were strategizing together about who matt should nominate etc… so i think they’re still ‘together’…ya know?

    yeah, the feeds are still out.

    Grrl: This is the first season i paid for feeds too and I’m just as pissed. like you said this is the END of the endurance comp to see who WINS hoh and they cut them! they’ve been out collectively for at least 45 minutes! its complete BS. it says we get to ‘watch’ 24.7 they aren’t holding up their end of the bargain…i’m not ‘watching’ anything broadcast…i’m watching a freaking powerpoint!! lol. PLUS I will have this ‘theme song’ stuck in my head for a good long while!

  218. 522 how do u no annie also said that noone on block was the Sabetour she lied i dont think anyone knows anyone.

  219. I’ve been trying for about a half hour to send “feedback” but their screen cuts off and doesn’t allow you to send your message. WTF????

    Does anyone have an e-mail address? These breaks are just not right.

  220. okc i agree that he would put up rachel and brendon but if neither win pov brendon will be the one to go home. They would only need 4 votes to cause a tie and let matt send him home. They already have 3 in the brigade and hayden can control kristens vote to give them 4

  221. i agree with okc… i hope matt wins so HOPEFULLY rachel or brendon will go home! i’m already sick of those two and ragan WILL NOT put them on the block.

  222. since we seem to have all night …….. who is everyone’s fav bb player ever past or present season?

  223. I don’t recall him getting involved in helping Matt “after ” the house meeting..I may be wrong but I think he backed off for the most part..

  224. jd, you dont think that everyone including the girls are so tired of rachel that they wouldnt send her home?

  225. oogiet: lmao!

    I have asked this before – b/c annie was the sab she could have been lying about people being childhood friends. Julie has not mentioned anything about this…so…how do we know this is a true thing. By now wouldn’t julie have said something to the ‘audience’?!

  226. @ Susan Andrew is almost ten years older than Brendon. That would be a strange childhood friendship.

  227. This year favs: Rachel, Brendan & Kathy

    Last year Russel and Jeff & Jordan were kool till they turned on Russel

  228. CT: I agree…i like Ragan to a degree, but think he is completely STUPID for not wanting to put up rachel OR brendan or both! i mean… someone needs to break those two up! i would rather see rachel go before brendan though.

  229. hey all, thansk for the heads up on the live feed probelms. i was actually going to subscribe but now i will not waste my $$$$$

  230. okc, the brigade holds half of the votes with kristen voting how hayden wants. They are actually playing the game smart and would easily send brendon home over rachel. it doesnt matter if the rest of the house wants rachel out more.

  231. Ragan talked up Matt in the HOH room on BBAD. Then he had Matt go up and talk to Rachel.

  232. this is NOT WTF i paid for.

    unless someone fell by BB’s fault then okay, but c’mon this is nto cool.

    30 bucks aka 10 dollars a month isnt the end of the world but DANG

    they cut off the feeds when ppl are in mid conversation to other houseguest doign nothing…. or sleeping from the night before.

  233. holy crow! BBAD will be on in 30 minutes…so if the feeds aren’t up by then they can’t broadcast dead air!! at least showtime will show something!

  234. i like brach hey annoying but they are not bullies like the brogayyyyyd i like enzo lane but not mattor hayden

  235. oh ok jd…i understand now. he would be the stronger competition…and rachel would crumble without him. poor thing…not

  236. Quart… how the hell would we know? Live feeds are STILL down. Going on a half hour. This SO isn’t worth it. I’ll find out tomorrow who won.

  237. im getting really sleepy and annoyed that no one has won yet i just want one simple answer did matt or ragan win ?

  238. i think by the time Afterdark comes on the competition will be over. :-(

    I dont think it is a complete waste of money, plus it IS only 40 when you think about it… but MAN they cut the feeds out at the most inopportune moments!! lol.

    the feeds have never been out this long since i have been watching them… i mean normally they are out for a second or maybe 2 minutes TOPS…this is really weird, and not in a good way, lol

  239. i always thought eric was hilarious plus i thought him and jessica made the cutest couple ever! and the time he gave her his woooby for americas player i laughed so hard i cried

  240. Wow. I can’t believe the feeds are still down. I would be highly pissed off if I paid for it

  241. ?: everyone wants that answer! the way things are going it looks like no one will know till midnight EST. unless the feeds miraculously come back up sometime soon!

  242. okc, if brendon goes i could actually c the brigade going final 5 with kristen still there.

  243. The comp is most likely over by now. Ragan was going to wait 15-20 minutes and then take a dive. The feeds have been turned off for longer than the time at which Ragan made that statement.

  244. Last night on BBAD I was able to watch Hayden do situps for 5-10 minutes. That was also a waste.

  245. I know Frank..but the house meeting happened after that…While Ragan still talks to Matt he is leary of him..He is gay not blind or

  246. Haven’t heard much house chatter on who the two are that know each other- It’s Brittany and Kathy the cop. They look alike, same accent. It’s mother and daughter. It fits!!
    Kathy kept a low profile all last week. Her vote… think about it.

  247. RICK: i 2 would prefer rachel out first… but if brendon gets the boot, rachel will self destruct, and THAT would be very entertaining! LOL

  248. Big Brother where are the Black people? The only one that had some blcak in thim got kicked off. I guess your show has to reflect he real world, huh. Either racist or scared?

  249. excuse me, I was so frantic that I misspelled a few words. But, yall know what I meant.

  250. @Melody I think that the HG that dropped out at last minute may have been a person of color – possibly a black male. Who knows… Hollywood… whatchagonnado…

  251. now Melody, why do yuo gotta drag race into it? Keep your racist rants to yoruself. I am sure no one wants to hear it. i don’t! I don’t see any Mexicans or Asians either! there must be a racist casting this show! go away.

  252. CT: “tushay” …I would love to see rachel fall to pieces! she would latch on to someone hard though..probably Brit.

    Melody: Jesus C. why does someone always have to make something about race! maybe there went a lot of good candidates or something. get over it! i’m sick of people putting race into something! monet was out b/c she had a BAD ATTITUDE and pissed everyone off, NOT b/c she was black! and there aren’t any other ‘black’ people on the show b/c they weren’t chosen for other reasons – maybe none were ‘dynamic enough’ … enzo is latino…he is a minority – so what is your problem? Andrew is of jewish faith, he is a minority…what is your problem? you have no argument, you just want to be argumentative.

  253. nope don’t think soooo..Ragan was not aware of Matt’s deceptions till the house meeting…His (regan’s) mouth fell open wide as the RIO GRANDE river… using smarts Ragan would have to step back and distance himself from Matt to keep people off his back…i DID NOT SAY THAT HE WAS TOTALLY ANTI MATT ..I said he knows Matt is not to be trusted..

  254. to pick one all time fav is too hard but my top three would be evil dick, janielle, and dr will

    I also think Andrew and Brenden are the 2 childhood friends. Andrew was very sure Andrew wasnt a threat and became very offensive when Rachel considered putting Andrew up. It also makes since that Andrew would get so excited when Rachel won HOH- he knew Brenden would keep him safe

  255. from the convo rachel is having w/ matt i think Matt won… but this is not confirmed yet :-)

  256. @angela i agree with two of your top three, i would just switch janielle with dan. And i agree that brendon and andrew could be the lifelong friends. Brendon fighting to keep andrew off the block was pretty fishy

  257. @568 I know everyone wants that question answered but its sucks that the feed isn’t working right now . on the bright side i’m not wasting my money seeing nothingness :(

  258. I can’t believe that I am still talking about this. On the day that the “house meeting” happened, they talked about it extensively on BBAD. Ragan sat up there telling Bren and Rach that he knew what Matt did was not right, but then he told them how good of friends they were and that Matt would probably make a sweet deal with them in order to stay.

    He then went downstairs and convinced Matt to plead his case upstairs, which he did, but Britney interrupted them. Ragan was fighting for him after the meeting.

    It did happen.

  259. hunter: apparently my eyes are broke from watching ‘well be right back’ for an hour…i did not notice the key around his neck… call me retarded.

  260. I wanted matt to win…i hope rachel & brendan are shaking in their boots right now! i wish he would put the two of them up against each other… but he wont … i hope he doesn’t let rachel’s yapping affect any decisions he will make!

  261. ugh…the circle continues! as soon as someone wins hoh the majority of the hg will kiss their ass even if they were talking shit on them the entire week prior! and here it starts… this is the game, i don’t know why these people (RACHEL) take things so personally! She is the worst 2 talker of them all, telling everyone “I don’t lie” … please…she’s been called out for lies several times already!! can’t stand her.

  262. hopefully matt puts up kathy and rachel and backdoors brendon. the big risk is that if brendon wins pov him and rachel would both be safe

  263. the feed is back on so matt might have won i hope he actually did and put brendon on the block so he breakups the showmance and then put britney up cause i find her annoying everytime she opens her mouth

  264. @Rick: That came by as me having attitude, I didn’t mean it like that. I was more saying it in an excited voice because I really wanted him to win so I was scrutinizing the feeds to see any indication that he won. Sorry for the misinterpretation of the text.

  265. if the hg’s cannot tell that matt is lying they are stupid and deserve to lose! matt cannot even say one sentence with a straight face, he’s always smirking/laughing and it makes me laugh!! the hg should most defanitely be suspicous… lol…

  266. Jen + Idiot like Matt.

    Was I talking to any of YOU? This is a free post, I can say what ever I want. Ooogiet you’re probaly illegal and just glad to be here. Race is in everything and until you all pull your head out of you buts it’s gonna stay.

  267. i, for one, HOPE matt has the balls to put BOTH brendon & rachel on the block… one of them HAS TO GO.

  268. I think the life long friends are Andrew and Brendon.
    I am tired of Brendon and Rachel’s so called Showmance and Showtime giving them most of the air time. They are both so fake!!!!

  269. Matt’s main plan is to backdoor Brandon. He said he will nominate people like Kathy and Andrew then take Kathy off and put up Brandon.

    (I’m happy that he is leaving Brittany alone, she and Monet had a friendship like me and my bestfriend. Why people are mad at them for saying things about other people to each other is a stupid reason to dislike them. Everybody talks about everybody and when you are mad you don’t say nice things but, at least they were talking to each other so what is the big deal!? Friends do it all the time they were fairly nice to people when it called for it. I mean Rachel was lying to people to ensure that her target went home…..a stupid target if you ask me but hey I love BB and will continue to watch.LOL I went off on a rant LOL)

    It’s funny how whoever is not voted out wins the next HOH competition!!!!


  270. jen: lol! apparently i had a blonde moment, my bad! who cares what that moron says – i hope everyone ignores his further posts

  271. frank I really don’t care…lmao…Just see how it plays out…and so folks the night ends with Rachel kissing the new HOH’s ass…his hair ain’t even dry n’ she jumped him…lmao…See u guys tomorrow….

  272. Okay, I’m back, Booooooooo for Matt as HOH. Idon’t like him, he is such a cocky liar. I liked Brendan and Rachel at first but they are soooooooo stupid. I haven’t decided out of this bunch of folks who should win.

  273. kathy’s talking about how “this was a great competition….no bruises no bumps etc…” well DUH! your freaking idiot! you were the first one out… like ALWAYS! kathy! you irritate me!!!! “you old hag” LOL! – that was a nod to britney ;-)

  274. almost time for showtime here on the east coast – gotta go!! thanks for the updates – i love this site! nite all :)

  275. I think Rachel will soon see that her week as HOH was a waste. They were so dumb to leave Matt in the game after all he did. BBAD tonight should be very interesting!

  276. awe…now where will bren & rachel cuddle?! you can bet matt is not going to let them get busy in his hoh bed! (gross!).

  277. I don’t think Kathy and Brit are mom and daughter. Rem that 2nd or 3rd episode, when Kathy kept telling Brit she was not giving a good effort going thru the caramel pool and Brit said on camera that she (Kathy) was an idiot or something like that. If they are she was putting on an act, but I dont know if you could say that about your mom , but ya never know.

  278. msm – give it a rest… shut the hell up. don’t you have a welfare check to pickup or something? this website it about big brother not freaking campaigning for the NAACP!! get a life.

  279. i dont know what else they could possibly do…if they ‘bring someone back’ at somepoint…i think that is lame and a cop out…

  280. oh no what happeneddd i thought Andrew won?!? i leave for an hour and all hell breaks lose lol. Sucks Matt won, although if he wants kathy gone that would be good, i mean she did vote for him to go so he wouldn’t need to think of an excuse to put her up.

  281. Now Rick that was not needed. I agree this website is all about BB and Msm made some comments that have no place up here. Really people lets not act like this. Its ruining it for people who just like BB

  282. Run away Matt don’t listen to Rachel’s crap!! I say Brendon/Kristen. Hayden will save her. Brendon goes up. Guarnted to send one home. If Rachel is left she will self-distruct.

  283. true it would be lame they need to get really creative like the year the twins played that was a good twist…………… and thanx rick

  284. Jen
    Im sure they will have more twists since the saboteur left so early, you know BB they have to have some tricks up their sleeves :0)

  285. brooke: haven’t seen you post on here the entire night, you are probably another pseudo name for Melody aka msm aka brooke?!

  286. Annie has been sequestered all week, since they had someone drop out before the game started someone will probably come back in.

  287. @ Brandon

    Yep nothing wrong with Brittany in my book, she is by far my favorite girl there now since Monet is gone. Kristin is ok but now that she is with Hayden I worry that her gameplay will change to fit his needs, women tend to lose sight of the game quicker when they enter into these relationships while the guys can still try and stay true (for as long as they can) to the guys they were aligned with first….. Ex. Rachel is so gone over Brandon that I am just like uugghhh how long have you known each other lol she would turn down the money for him.

  288. Um no not a made up name, I have just been reading and really been enjoying until that crap. I agree with you the comments from here were stupid but be a bigger person dont say something racist and play into it. Anyway I really cannot stand Rachael, if I have to hear her laugh one more time…

  289. I really think they shouldn’t allow the comments on here that doesn’t pertain to Big Brother. I think it is so immature for people to argue on a website. Geez! Exchange emails and duke it out that way but leave this site to the people who really want to talk about the game!

  290. torch , are you saying that when the show started they were one person short? sorry! i don’t understand about annie being sequestered etc… why wouldn’t they just let her go on the morning show and then back to regular life?

  291. Its not even the laugh….. if she would just wear some clothes….. sorry guys, but alot of girls want her to be dressed for the show

  292. Abby: sometimes a person will say something that crosses a line and needs addressed. period. i’ve been on these chat boards since the show started and i’m not going to be ‘chased’ out of a chat room b/c someone is talking about racist people. so….

  293. Abby you just did the same thing.

    Jes yes I agree, she has a beautiful body but cmon really do you have to be half naked the whole time. SHe would be much prettier if she didnt portray herself as a slut. I miss Jeff from BB11. I had such a crush on him, Brendon and Rachael are nooooo comparison.

  294. brooke: lol! you’re right!

    rachel DOES need to put some clothes on… brit made a comment about “everytime rachel wears a skirt i feel like stds have gone airborn” i died laughing! if rach wants to show off her body she could find a more classy way to do it…she’s choosing to do it in a very trashy way and its unappealing…

  295. Yes Rick I agree but sometimes you have to be the bigger person. There isn’t much you’re going to be able to do about it besides get your blood pressure up. Lol. I just love the game and it ruins it when things that doesn’t pertain to Big Brother are being discussed.

  296. Amanda: there was also some speculation that RACHEL could be kathy’s aunt! the photo of rachels mom looked almost identical to kathy … and when rach won hoh her and kathy were having a really ‘in depth’ chat… who knows!!

    I wish (if it is true that there are lifelong friends i nthere) that julie would tell us! there is no reason for the viewers not to know!! ;-)

  297. @Rick: they originally casted 14 people to be in the show, one of them dropped out at the last min. and it made the cast one short. This happened before and they will sequester the first four evicted and then bring one back. last time it was America’s choice who came back.

  298. I think Torch was saying that because Annie is in sequester, there is a possibility that she could come back into the game. I hope so! This season needs some more excitement. There were supposed to be 14 houseguests but one dropped at the last minute so there were only 13.

  299. torch: THANK YOU! wow! then i think its safe to say at some point SOMEONE will be coming back into the house… i hope its america’s choice again!!! BB will probably hold off until a ‘dramatic’ person is eliminated…giving ‘america’ the chance to vote said person back in… clever, clever….

  300. Spoiler Alert**** there are many diffrent sources saying thay hayden and kristen have known eachother outside of the house buuuut there are many other sources saying brandon and andrew are childhood friends. Maybe there are two lifelong friendships in the big brother house this year???

  301. Also…I mean…you’d think BB would have an ’emergency back up plan’ in case something like that were to have happened…lol! I don’t know if I would want Annie back in the house though…I didn’t get a real feel of her personality b/c she was campaigning so hard to stay!!

  302. I think that Brenden and Andrew are the life long friends. How else could Brenden trust him 100%? And did you see how upset he got when Rachel wanted to put him on the block? I can’t see him getting that upset unless he’s known him for a long time…and not to mention how excited Andrew got when Rachel became head of household…hmm…

  303. oh no! LOL! on the feeds ragan and everyone are talking about how “this is the most exciting season ever” PLEASE! if they only knew that 90% of people think this is one of the most boring seasons ever!! these people are all nuts!! setting aside the fact that rachel thinks america wants to see her and brendan’s relationship! BLECK!

  304. so are the lifelong friends something BB said? I thought Annie made that up. That would be great. My best friend and I always talked about how great but hard that would be

  305. I know huh! To me this has been one of the most boring seasons ever. It really got boring after Annie left. No more bashing from Brit or Monet either! Lol. I guess we’ll just have to settle for more of Brachel and Kristen/Hayden. Ugh!!!

  306. brit is totally fitting in w/ the rest of the hg right now…its like they are all a happy family! i knew she would as soon as monet left…i just wonder how long it will last!! lol! i love her comments!

  307. I liked Monet, but I think Annie would spice it up more. And I did some searching and I can’t find where any two of the cast where friends or related if there was info it’s been blocked or buried real deep.

  308. I think what BB should do is cast a bunch us superfans from this site and put us into the house. That would make for great TV! Lol.

  309. im hoping that bb doesn’t add a person until a couple more people have been eliminated! ya know?!

    p.s. completely unrelated…how would you like to be hoh after brachel was in there?! i wouldn’t just request NEW (not washed) sheets, but i would ask for a new mattress! LOL!!

    hayden & kristen will be next…. they were gettin’ busy the other night under the covers…

  310. I agree Torch that Annie would spice things up. You could tell that she would get fired up easily and cause some drama

  311. rachel is ‘so upset’ that she hasn’t been able to eat or drink! OMG! maybe if they gave her some more tequila…yeeeeeay! ah ha ha ha! yeeeeay ah ha ha ha! she makes me sick. she is really playing the ‘depressed card’ right now.

    she’s talking about how ‘this season is crumbling’ how the other seasons ‘weren’t this hard’… she’s freaking mental!! lol

  312. It would serve Matt right if they didn’t, I’m sorry i can’t excuse that lie he told about his wife.

  313. was just rereading that Kathy is 40 and Andrew is 39. I feel like Kathy looks so much older than Andrew

  314. Torch: I was saying the same thing to my husband, how terrible it was that he said that about his wife. Karma Matt

  315. i was saying that to my husband too! that was a low blow Matt! PLUS he can’t even talk about it without smirking/smiling! i can’t believe these people actually believe him!

    although…remember the guy on survivor who lied to everyone about his grandmother passing!? that was low too!!!

    i guess Matt just figures ‘do whatever/say whatever’ to get the win!! although…i don’t agree!!

  316. Brooke: YES! Lane came into the room to tell them there was beer and he asked if she was drinking and she said “no! i;m so upset i can’t even think about eating OR drinking”…wah wah… pity party for rachel!

    now she’s in brendan’s ear telling him how to act around matt so that they don’t get put up on the block! she’s just lame! lol.

  317. PLUS she is wearing these ridiculous knee socks right now! lol…i just can’t get over them!

  318. I would have to be honest too, b/c lies seem to ALWAYS catch up with people…at one point or another something will slip and people will put things together…they have nothing else to do put to listen, remember, and talk about everything everyone says!!

  319. It would not really matter who came back between Annie or Monet they are both angry at the same people. LOL I think Annie would cause more drama though but Monet might last longer the second time around with, Annie it could possibly be another Kaysar situation….

  320. if annie came back she would be gunning hardcore for rachel to get out! she would tell EVERYONE what rachel said about her and “her man” in the exit interviews… whoever said that annie would cause a lot of drama b/c she gets worked up real good, i think was dead on!

  321. I agree Susan. They’d probably nominate Annie as soon as she got back into the house. Lol.

  322. why does everybody on here like britney? she is awful! i wish her and monet could have gone home tonight! I am so sick of hearing britney complain about rachel! she is so jealous of her. and britney is so two-faced! i just don’t understand why everybody on here likes her, i can’t stand her and i hope that matt goes after her this week!

  323. sure she might go right away if she came back but think of the chaos she could create.

  324. Something to think about if Annie came back – would she then continue the role of Saboteur? Also, would she then get her $50K if she lasts for half of the season or would she be playing for real at that point, going for the big prize?

  325. does anybody know if there are two houseguests in the house that actually know each other or does anybody think it was just something annie was stirring up to screw with people?

  326. i used to dislike brit like many others…but she grew on me…i like her catty comments…it keeps things interesting. and i DO NOT think brit is jealous of rachel…what is there to be jealous about? hands down brit is cuter than rachel. rachel just thinks everyone is jealous of HER b/c she has the biggest boobs! (which aren’t even attractive). brit is 2 faced, YES! but so is EVERYONE else in that house…. kathy, rachel, kristen, hayden, pretty much everyone…except ragan.

  327. If Annie came back she couldnt be the Saboteur because the houseguests know it was her

  328. i think if annie came back she would not be able to be the Sab any longer…also i think she already failed, so she forfeited the 50k. Although…remember that one season where there was ‘america’s player’? maybe cbs would do something like that with her… don’t know!!!

    “expect the unexpected” BLAH! (that was a nod to rachel; who says that every freaking day!!!!)

  329. It would be cool if Annie came back and BB asked one of the other HGs to take up the role of Saboteur. Would the other HGs think it was her or someone else?

  330. Hey Rick some time ago Rachel was a Hawaiian Tropic model before her boob job and she looked a lot better then. Now she looks like she got beat with an ugly stick.

  331. DaFerret: I was thinking about the same scenario!! although, how would they know who to pick to ask? they wouldn’t be able to ask everyone…maybe it would be ‘america’s choice’ who they asked… but if BB DID ask someone to do that and they said “no”…then what?!! so..i doubt that will happen

  332. torch: didn’t know that! too bad she got those big sacks! i bet she would be cuter (her body at least) with a smaller chest. i really don’t think her face is that pretty though… and when it comes to her choice of make up and HAIR…holy crap! i know she thinks she’s hot and she works in vegas…but wow! that is NOT what I want to look at! lol!

  333. @Racine

    Rick, took the words right out of my mouth!! Jealous NO, Playing the game Yes. Her biggest ally just left what is she supose to do? She needs to start finding her place in the game all over again and that means making some new deals. As I said before everybody talks crap about everybody.

  334. also, i think it was just a model search…i dont think she won anything…. you are really up on your background work ;-)

  335. did my previous comment post? I posted the link w/ her model photo…just wondering…it says my comment is awaiting moderation….

  336. What Brit needs to do now is retreat a little observe then get into it again with a stronger alliance.

  337. torch: you’re right…kind of what andrew did…he was acting all crazy the first couple of days and he laid SO low this most previous week…but Brit is talking to everyone tonight, being really friendly, etc… so i think she is just trying to ‘fit back in’ and will ultimately align herself w/ someone! we’ll see!! :-)

  338. I think Brit can float this week. Unless Matt and the Brigade decide to listen to Brendon. I’m so glad their power is gone. Brendon should save himself.

  339. Brit and Lane are getting close, but more a big brother,little sister thing because he likes to pick on her a little.

  340. I guess they call it the Taj. Kristen, Hayden, Rachel. Brendon went in trying to get her to go to the have not room. Everybody just got up and let them have the room!!

  341. AND…rachel is crying b/c apparently she was called to the DR and told she couldn’t get drunk!!! HA HA! now brendan is saying that she can ‘probably’ drink as much as she wants after they are done calling her in to the DR for her sessions tonight! lmao! what a stupid whore to be crying b/c she can’t get DRUNK! (her words!!) and having to hear brendan kiss her (a million pecks per minute) is making me nauseous!!

  342. i agree, they shouldn’t have let them stay in that room…they should have to hang out in brendans room!!!! can’t stand rachel!

  343. ugh, I wish tomorrow he would just be like sorry Rachel I dont like you anymore. haha and we could watch Rachel self destruct

  344. Yeah. Brendon should say,”Reality Television babe. Expect the unexpected. I’m out!”

  345. HI. I love BB, but new to t his website. I have a question though. earlier it was mentioned that if brandon won the POV and used it on rachel to save her, that he couldn’t be put up. So basically he can use the POV to save two people? if that is the case, why didn’t Britney use it on Monet then, knowing they would both be safe? I’m sure there is a logica reason, and i’m just not seeing it.
    thank you for the response.

  346. Brit and Monet were both on the block, the person on the feed was saying if Rachel and Kathy were on the block and Brendon won he could use the POV on Rachel

  347. I can’t believe Matt lied about his wife being so sick. I know a lot of people lie, but you should never lie about being sick. That is just bad karma.

  348. I want Rachel gone!!!!!!!!! Sorry Brendan. I love Brendan and want him to win, but get rid of Swamp thang! That girl does NOT know how to put make-up on or dress. Those shorts are like underwear. Man. Matt, you are a dick for lying about saying your wife is sick. Yeah people lie in this game, but THAT lie will come back to bite YOU on your ass! Andrew is on to you bud! I hope Regan tells Matt to save Brendan!

  349. Looks like they will put up Rachel and might have to pawn again to backdoor Brendan. Better to get rid of him. Rachel will crumble on her own.

  350. rachel said she hates being around drama and starting drama and she ALWAYS claims to be real, not fake and upfront, yet she made up a lie to start drama between kristin and britney.

    plus she said to monet she doesnt “use that derogatory term” to women but she calls monet and brtiney bitches all last week

  351. For those of you debating Rachel’s modeling career, I have worked a lot with her. She does/did model for Hawaiian Tropic. It was not just a model search. She is well known for not only competing in bikini competitions in Vegas, but winning them! Vegas loves her cartoon/Jessica Rabbit look. While it is different, it has everyone talking. I agree the boobs were WAY TOO much, but she is a unique individual and that stands out. She loves that she leaves people guessing. That was the whole point.

  352. Well that is all good for Rachel and her modeling career but not for this game. GET HER OUT!

  353. Vegas is a night and indoor town. I’m sure she looks better in dim lighting with glitter on her eyelids and all. Every girl thats is at least a 6.5 has been with Hawaiian Tropic.I honestly think Kathy could win a pagent over her. LOL Enzo referred to her as ‘Boy George’. I’ll give her a break and say its a video camera thing. But really Brendon? You could walk blindfolded in L.A. and do better. Really?

  354. Hahaha! I try to stick up for her, but it is hard. I do agree with what a lot of people are saying. She does look better indoors because I was always wondering how she did as well as she did. But it is usually single old men that are the judges. I think that has something to do with it. She will be VERY upset when she realizes how America perceives her because not all viewers are single old pervs.

  355. Looks like the HOH room got ready. Same bedding. Matt’s gonna wake up in the middle of night with a cherry red hair in his mouth and hurl.

  356. loL@Nic. I agree. Brendan is a very handsome man, well educated, smart, why oh why does he fall for a woman like Rachel?

  357. I’m going to go ahead and close the comments section on this post since it’s got so many right now and that’s a drag on the server everytime it loads. Feel free to continue your discussions on another post, in the Forum, or using our Chat room.

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