Big Brother 12: Interview With Evicted HG Monet

I caught up with the second evicted Big Brother 12 HG, Monet, today and was able to get her thoughts on what went wrong for her in the house and why she and Rachel never got along. 

Ashli Rae:  Hi Monet, what was your strategy going into the game and how did that change once you got in the house?

Monet:   My strategy was to not win HOH the first week and I didn’t want to win any prizes because that puts a target on your back. I also wanted to align with other strong guy competitors. That changed when I won the money because that put a huge target on my back. 

AR:  Do you think aligning so close with Britney and no one else hurt your game?

M:   It could have. It very well could have. I should have been friendlier with the girls. Maybe I should have been as fake with them as they were with me.

AR:  Rachel didn’t seem to like you from the beginning, what was it about you that rubbed her the wrong way?

M:   I don’t really know. I think Rachel honestly didn’t like me because she felt threatened by me. Maybe because I was better looking than her so she thought Brendon was going to like me better. I don’t know why she thought I was going to break up her and her man.

AR:  From past seasons of BB, what player do you relate yourself to the most? 

M:   I do really like Janelle. She was a strong player. Right now, I think people view me as a Jen because this last week I think I cried about everything.

AR:   Who do you think is in the best position to win the game?

M:    Maybe Lane. It is hard to say this early on.

It sounds like Monet won’t be keeping in touch with Rachel outside of the house lol.  How do you feel about what she had to say?

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  1. Sweet! Nice interview girlie girl..I can’t believe she thinks she’s SOO good looking! Well, wait yeah I can…she’s an “All about me” person…AWESOME work ASH!!

  2. Hard to get into Big Brother this year cause there are so many unlikeable people. I can’t stand Ragan. Eveything about him iritates me – his voice, his mannerisms, EVERYTHING. Maybe when he leaves, which I hope is SOON, I will watch the show more. Don’t care too much for Matt, but he is a player. My favorite is still Hayden.

  3. At least she realized she had not much of a strategy and that she should have sided with a few more people earlier on
    Rachel jealous? Perhaps.. But not because of Brendon I don’t think.
    Its unfortunate if ppl went aftre her because she won the money. Its a game- and there will be more opportunity for prizes later on I am sure
    I hate how jealous people are of others
    And the fact that HG,s are afraid of revealing their background professions is pathetic. Who cares what people do we are here to play a game people- yes it is about the grand prize, yet this is a game and its not about who deserves it because of how much money they have or about someone,s ‘wife having a bone disease’

  4. there was no real chance of starting up a monet/bri + alliance becuase everyone sucks this season!! Kat kisses ass and looses, kristens genius plan is to get all the girls out…so Monet was screwed raychel only cares about her man and only wanted
    To get to the jury house…so money had no chance at all

  5. The fact that Monet chose to blame others for her demise, be critical and condenscending of Rachel proves her complete weakness, immaturity and childishness. STOP blaming others and fight! She believes the other girls are fake but to pride yourself as being targeted due to your self professed beauty is just as fake. Her “stripper” “skank” comments are no different than if Rachel were making racial slurs….I am glad to see Monet gone. “Pride goeth before a Fall” and Monet, you have NOTHING to be proud of.

  6. Well said Jeffrey!
    Miss high and mighty has nothing to talk about. She is NOT pretty, and Rachel was not worried about losing her man to Monet, she was worried about Monet voted either one out, seperating the two.
    I guess she really does need to be still living at home, needs people around who really love her to share the load of her HUMONGOUS head…

  7. I’ll be so glad when Rachel is out this house. She and her douche bag bf are ruining this season for me. They have got to go. Soon

  8. I agree with Cynthia. This romance is a bit too sickening for me and will ruin the season!!!!! They must be split up!
    Rachel doesn’t even care about the game anymore! She admitted telling Julie she would choose ‘love’ over the 500 000!
    Wait till the real world hits her..

  9. I think Monet is a sweet girl, it would of been nice to see her stay longer in the house. I liked her from the beginning.. I think when you get in the house you really don’t know how you are going to react and do, you can come in with a strategy and it can totally change. I think Monet was a good addition to BB12, I wish you the very best in life Money, much love <3 <3

  10. no video? where is that ross robinson guy?

    if monet would have stayed, her and britney would have lasted awhile. they wouldnt have won, but they would have made a little ways

    live feeds are kinda boring now, because monet and britney together were funny as heck

    if one of them only would have HOH…..

  11. Monet, was a spoiled little brat.trash talking as bad as she did about Rachel,when she didn’t even try to know her.Saying it’s personal because she did like her,What about if Monet was in the drivers seat.She didn’t like Rachel and would’ve voted her out.If anybody’s fake it’s her and her Brittany!!!!

  12. Why do “losers” always think they are perceived as being too pretty or too strong a competitor? Why don’t they see that maybe they just didn’t like your personality?

  13. Trash talking in the BB house is what makes it funny and interesting, everyone in there does it at some level, Monet was taken out of the game for personal attack and was not strategic at all from Brenchel. Personally I think Monet is hot and here and Brit funny comments about the other HG will be missed

  14. Beauty within Miss Monet…. you judged on looks of Rachel, called her a hooker. How childish is that? You left because you were unfriendly to the others, like you were better than them. You appointed yourself to be the commentator of BB about the house guests. WHY? You forgot the cameras were filming something forever on tape. Buffoon, so wise aren’t you!!! So glad you are gone! You became so exhausting to listen to. Like an infant crying continuously

  15. BB would be hard pressed to find anyone more spoiled than Monet, but I’m sure they will try. But in that ridiculous house meeting, she was the only one who was effective in calling out Matt.

  16. I was sick of the nasty comments of monet and britney—but–I can’t watch the porn of rachael and branden any more I mean come on bb there has to be something –bc an hour at a time of them slobbering on each other is making me throw – up I keep turning it off and going to bed then that’s whats in my head please I don’t think any of your viewers wants the live feed to be 90% them checking each other for FLEAS!!!!!!!!!

  17. People it’s a game. Things are going to be said and done. Now it’s not up to us to say what one things simply because we are not in the house and only see what the editors choose for us to see. They wish for us to percieve brit and monet as the catty girls, kathy as the but kisser, rachael and brendon as the showmance etc etc,.Now Monet was targeted but why is only in Rachaels mind. 10grand ok and what. My thing is when is the players going to start playing strategically and not personally. I do not like how alot of them are playing the game but they are doing whats needed to get further in the game. IF that means lying and backstabbing then thats them. It’s their character that will be on display…

  18. Great interview Ashli! I think Monet was evicted as the “lesser of the evils”. She had an alliance only with Britney and failed to connect with anybody else in the house. I think she is much better looking than Racheal who looks like a man who has had a dramatic sex change. I hate the Brenchel showmance kissy kissy blah. BBAD showed very little of it last night except when Ragan walked in on them doing something under the cover. I guess production realizes that America doesn’t care for it. I agree with Summer that Ragan’s voice is annoying (like nails on chalkboard) but I love his knowledge of the game. Losing Monet is the best thing that could happen to Britney. She is now forced to move towards the guys in the brigade which is her only hope to go very far.

  19. Monet was talking smack about racheal when she first met her. Monet had zero strategy – she should have been given the boot.

  20. The brigade is strong for the first part of the game but is unrealistic as the final four. It is just a matter of time before they have to slit each others throats unless Big Brother changes the rules and pays the last four equally. They will end up as enemys before it’s all over.

  21. One more thing and I’ll shut-up. The most annoying thing on BBAD last night was lane chomping on ice into the microphone for fifteen minutes. He and Britney were having a seroius game conversation but I had to mute it. I was hoping BB would tell him to stop it.

  22. Monet was so fake and boring so glad to see her go, she will NOT be missed by America.
    I can’t believe that she has the nerve to be mad at Rachel when she put her on the block Monet would have done the same. Monet acted like a spoiled brat talking all that trash about Rachel saying she is a hooker she should look at herself – O wait a minute she is Butt ugly noone would want her. Go Rachel and Brenden get Brit out of the house then Monet and Brit can be together again so sick of seeing Brit Cry.

  23. I’m sure Monet is alot prettier inside and out than half the people here commenting on her.

  24. Monet and Brit are young and immature. Monet is the lesser of the two evils. Rachel is blinded by lust and that will be her downfall. I believe all the ladies have good hearts. This season they are getting along better than past seasons. Boring! They need to send someone back to the house. Someone like Janelle or Evil Dick,s daughter. I forgot her name. Both pretty and strong players.

  25. If people would look up Monet they will find out a lot about her and stop bad mouthing her. I don’t blame her for the things that she said about Rachel. One question to everyone how would you feel if Rachel was your daughter and was acting that way on TV. Monet does have a lot going for her and I wish she would come back. And yes she has been a model since she was 11 yrs of age. And yes she was right about what she said about Rachel I think the same thing how can you be all over a man that quick. As my wise old Grandmother use to as there are thing out there that Ajax can’t take off.

  26. @dchyrisse who cares to look up Monet? She protrayed herself like she did, so she is being judged by that not by her past experience. Monet is a selfish, spoiled, self-centered little girl who needs to take some responability for her actions. If anyone is bad mouthing her it is what she deserves after all the trash talking she did on there. All her and Brit did were to sit there on the lawn chairs outside and bitch about anyone and everyone. Hell they put Kathy down so much behind her back but were nice to her face. Come on, stop with this poor me Monet and GROW UP! Last time I looked the world did not revolve around you!

  27. Very sad that monet did’nt get to stay in the Big Brother house last week.

  28. First of all to: ANGELIKA, Your first comment made actually no sense at all, completely out of context. Nevertheless, “pudgy nose”, oops..I mean Monet had a bad attitude from the start. Her and Britney were like the “mean girls” in the house, and that is nothing to be proud of. As a black woman myself, I am ashamed and embarrassed by her behavior. She belongs just where she is….OUT!

  29. I don’t think Monet is very nice but she and Britney were absolutely hilarious together and their rapport will be missed. Rachel is so loud and annoying and most likely did target the other girls to get them out of the house so that “her man” isn’t checking them out. If I were Rachel’s size I would probably feel less confident with someone who looks like Monet or Britney around.

    What it comes down to for me is that Rachel and Brendon bore the hell out of me and it’s so sad that they split up one of the only entertaining pairs in the house.

    Oh and to whoever mentioned it up there, you’re right, Rachel does resemble a post-op transexual.

  30. lol 60×60=1200, i’m glad she’s gone. Calling someone a stupid hooker, then not knowing simple multiplication is priceless.

  31. Awwwww I Loved Monet. Rachael Was Mean To Her 1st & Monet Was Barly Tha 1 TrashTalkin Her It Was Britney & Brandon Didnt Help Either Talkin Bad About Him She Hardly Mentioned Him & She Never Was Tha 1 Who Said She Was Hotter Than Her It Was Britney Yet Again That Said That & Rachael Said She Tried To Come Between Her & Her Man Like She Said 2 Annie & They Only Show Rachael Wit Brandon They Never Show How Mean She Was 2 Monet & All Tha Nasty Things She Said But Yall Hate All U Want Rachael Had It Out 4 Her 4 Personal Reasons Shoot Id Cry 2 Knwn Thats Y Im Goin Home & Monet Was Strong But Nt A Total Threat To Her Or The House I Do Wish She Put All That On Tha Back Burner But Britney Was The WORST Monet Was Just A Name They Put Out There Just To Throw Around & The Only Excuse Was Tha 10k & Like I Said Rachael Rolled Her Eyes @ Monet 1st @ Tha POV & Seriously IDK Y Rachael Never Had It Out 4 Britney More They NEVER Talked Monet Talked2 Rachael More Like I Said It Was Personal Point Blank + Monet & Lane Wuld CUTE!

  32. I Do Agree Dnt Judge The Exterior But Half Of These Comments R Really Mean & That Pudgy Nose Comment Watch What U Say That Is A Racial Slur &What Yall Said She Was Doing Was Wrong About Making Fun Of Someone Look @ What U Guys R Doing To Her Im Nt Trying To Excuse What She Did But Every1 Wants To Make Rachael Seem Like This Poor Lil Victm & Shes Nt + Rachaels No Longer Playing The Game All She Wants 2Do Is Get2 The Jury House Wit Him & All They Did Was Portryed Monet & Britney As The “Mean Girls” If U Look Back Half The House Was Against Her & Monet Maybe 75% Of The Time Kept Her Mouth Close & Calling Monet Fake I THINK NOT Rachael & Britney R Especially Now & During Rachaels HoH Britney Was Up There A Lot& It Sucks She Went Out 4 A Personal Hatred & Monet Had A Reason 2 Keep Her Distance Tha 1st Week Rachael Clearly Didnt Like Her & Monet Was WAYY More Prettier Than Rachael! Speaking Of FAKE Um Rachael Head2Toe! Fake Red Hair Fake Cheast Botox Restalin Need I GoOn Bt Hope Lane Wins Hope He Hooks Up Wit Monet

  33. I am so glad that that fake Monet is gone, she is really NOT pretty. I think she is jealous of Rachel, and so is Brit, Rachel is getting all the attention, she is out going and soft hearted.
    I feel sorry for her, and that stupid goofy Ragan
    is so mean to her, why don’t he go home. He acts so childish and stupid, I have gay friends, and Ragan is an insult to gays, they sure don’t act like that. his voice, his actions, his silly faces. he really thinks he is wonderful, I am glad he does not teach my children.. poor class.

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