Big Brother 12: Week 2 Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll see what happened in the second PoV competition and have confirmed to us who won the Power of Veto. If you’ve been following the spoilers then you already know who won!

The mood in the house is all over the place after last night’s huge blow up with Matt getting called out by Rachel and Brendon in the first big House Meeting of the season. If you haven’t been watching the feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on the live feeds new Flashback feature which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Try it for free and then keep it for just 50 cents a day.

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  1. so the drama has finally begun! thanks matt for posting it and for allowing us to come here and post our ideas. woohoo let the backstabbing begin…im so ready for bb not to bore me to sleep

  2. We can finaly see what they don’t show on the feeds. We know matt put himself up as a pawn, but can’t wait to hear the speeches. & matt I Agee with nanny thanks for this amazing site & ap. You are doing a wonderful job!!

  3. Did anybody else notice that Brit wasn’t wearing any panties the morning of the 19th. She is sitting the couch and you can clearly see her vagina. Being there is cameras every where, shouldn’t she be conscious that we (America) can see more then they think?

  4. it was almost comical because you see her reach down and she feels that she is exposed and she moves like nothing ever happened.

    • maybe she was wearing a tiny thing and it moved when she sat LOL or some girls don’t wear underwear if they have on tiny shorts

  5. jker..are u talking bout Britney or Rachel?? Rachel lives to be “exposed”…Britney does (most of the time) wear clothing that covers her.

  6. both girls have showed there vajj on tv. bein on national tv there is no reason not be wearing panties. they both should show a lil more respect for themselves and there family. as far as the cleavage, well i have real and huge boobs so unless i have on a tshirt to my neck, your goin to see the cleavage. so atleast that part i understand.

  7. No, I could talk about Rach alot, but this time it was def Brit.
    Look at the 19th and like 0712 am.

  8. Its soft porn in the BB house this season. Its like an audition for playboy. Yuk

  9. annie wore no panties also. remember when andrew gave her the pap smear on the first bbad show as it opened…the show not her legs? it must be a pantyfree zone all the girls go commando lol is the motto for this yrs show. bg do u have panties on lmbo. i do i am at work

  10. i cant believe i am chatting about a pantiefree bb lol. where is jeff when we need him lol

  11. bg maybe we need to invite the female hg to join us on our bus trip out to see june and lav lol then we wont have to flash the entire trip out west we can put the hg in the back of the bus to flash the other end lol

  12. Does anyone think tomorrow might be our first endurance competition? Or is too early? I am asking because the houseguests say they are hearing a lot of building outside and they are on lock down inside the house.

  13. have yall seen the preview for the c word show coming on where the woman gets a waxing and then she wants to show off her “wares” to the man she works with like its her new toy? too funny

  14. blackgirl i hope you read my post on the other thread. that realy ticked me off. you have alwasys stated your opinion and without racism. sorry again you had to got thru that

  15. hunter i hope so. i want to see who the strongest is in the house both female and male but they will probably make deals and not tough it out.

  16. nanny,yea ive seen the previews. i personally am not a fan of that actress but the show seems so funny i will watch anyway

  17. bg is my sister in chat and id defend her honor to my chatting death lol. who else would i drink coffee with from july to sept. and where in the world is june?

  18. Wow, from this conversation, I can tell I’m not missing too much. LOL

  19. do u watch united states of tara or nurse jackie? it looks like it will be along the same line of humor and drama.

  20. I was hoping to hear there was some drama going on, instead I know who wears panties or not, lol

  21. who do u like dislike and ect. i am a return chatter from the past. i live in nc, and manage a jewelry store…business is especially slow this wk after everyone has blown all their $$ on vacation. so how is your life lol i have yet to choose a fav or a unfav for the season. these mensa peeps are boring me to stiffness. cant wait to see the drama matt spoke of

  22. I haven’t figured out a fave or not yet either. There’s not a real likeable character in the bunch. I think everyone knows where I live, lol and life is good Thanx for askin. My husband owns his own company, so between the kids and running errands for him, I’m pretty busy- in and out- And I too am ready for some drama. Haha

  23. hi chick, yea not alot goin on in the house. they are keeping the guests inside so we hoping endurance. most of the chatter has been about when monet leaves and who will be put up based on who wins.

  24. my favorite is kristen and I dislike matt.
    enzo is funny, he looked liked a character from the godfather movies trying to get his own family when he was organizing the brigade.

  25. i like rachel but it may be because few people do and i normally choose the under dog. now i really dont care for her due to her laugh

  26. hey nanny, my husband and i are going to new your in october. He always gets be a new diamond each year for when we started dating officaial and our wedding anniversary. maybe we can check out what you have. i would love to help support my fellow bb friends

  27. chick id have never guessed where u live lol i put ncnanny on mine sometimes but sometimes i dont lol how about ragan winning? or lane, hes sooo quite

  28. woohoo i have a sale pending lol gives me something to look forward to i work at the mall in statesville nc…wont be hard to find me being there are only 2 jewelers in the mall

  29. @ Kristi- hello, long time no chat, lol.
    @ nanny- I have no clue who I would want to win. How about, anyone but Rachel or Kristin, LOL

  30. chick, i dont know if you read my post last night, but if we can work it out we are inviting you, dany, torch and maybe a couple others and their family’s down for the finally. i hope we can work it out and everyone can come.

  31. have they changed casting directors for bb? maybe they need to hire that jackazz from the bachelor that puts people on the show knowing they dont want to hook up and get married just they want to be in the limelight and get famous for 15 min.

  32. nanny if you myspace check me out and add me as a friend. im in west virginia and you’ll know its me because i have a couple blue streaks i put in my hair for wvu football plus my id is very unigue.

  33. not by god wva? when i win the lotto i will be the 1st north carolina girl to move to wva. most peeps from wva move here. i will have 2 houses 1 in ghent and 1 in snowshoe.

  34. Kristi..I have (in my opinion) a decent set of boobs n’ the clevage is good…but I have enough self respect (as I am sure u do) that in public I wear clothes that cover me n’ it would be the same if I was on national TV. Rachel has no self respect evidently n’ I really can’t comment on the Britney thing cause I did not see it. Maybe Rachel is going for her own reality show..”The Boob Has Boobs”.

  35. you too chick, i would love to keep in contact with you guys after the season is over. i cancelled my FB because you have no privacy on there.

  36. Ok, I’m outta here. Kristi and nanny I will be back later, probably around the show time. Bye everyone.

  37. i have a nice rack myself and it does come in handy some times but i dont flaunt it or let more hang out than i have covered

  38. pavarti used her charm and good looks to win survivor once and almost won it again. whats wrong with the bb girls doing it? GO KRISTEN!

  39. lord have mercy as my mamaw would say we have covered the intimate body parts of the ladies today

  40. @ kristi- I got rid of FB and Myspace, because of viruses. 3x’s my computer was infected.

  41. nannie i live in clarksburg, it’s about 30mins away from morgantown and a hour away from pa. i love it here. we spend most of out time camping, hiking goin to the rivers. it’s just so beautiful here.

    connie, i am so bad that even when i do wear tank tops or stuff that is a lil revealing that i pin it to the top of my bra so if i bend over the don’t flop out. lol

  42. not a thing wrong with it if thats her strategy go for it. she does have a lot better bod than pav has

  43. Ok, I’m really leaving this time. Oh and Kristi we will figure out a way to stay in contact after BB ends. Bye again, LOL

  44. that’s another reason i got rid of FB. MS has amped up the security and i have had no problems in almost two years now.

  45. bye chick. i have to go shortly also, but ill be back around 11 if not before. i check in alot on my phone thru the day

  46. lol..yes understand…but>>> there is cleavage..>>n’ then there is letting ur jugs hang out there for the world to see..It should be an issue for CBS to take care of as the shows airs during the family hour. CBS really should tell her to tone it down…

  47. when i went to ny with a friend we went thru morgantown, i have never seen so much road construction in all my life as in pa. so when we got to morgantown i was elated lol i felt at home

  48. yea it is but we travel the entire state. there is so much history here, lot’s of things to do and like i said beautiful.

  49. pa is always working on the roads. im 35 and i cant remember a time when they haven’t. and it seems like the sames roads and just never get finished. back to bb tho, it looks like lane is hitting on brit now that annie is gone.

  50. i agree c b s should tell the girls to tame it down when it’s live on primetime. when they show stuff that isn’t live they have the ability to blur those parts out, but it’s kinda hard when it’s live. the person has to be quick on their feet to cover that stuff up

  51. torch pretty much nothing, as you can see we have been talking about our boobs. lol

  52. In response to Nanny….I have to say that my unpopular favorite is Rachel….lol….I too tend to route for the under-dog, and also tend to gravitate toward those that just be who they are regardless of what others think….The free spirit, if you will….I have to say that Brittany is mean, but I do find her funny….Can’t say that I would want her to win….I also have to say that Monet rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning by behaving like a snob, which is disappointing because I’m all about diversity, and there isn’t much of it among the HG’s really in terms of major culteral, social or otherwise differences….I don’t find either Hayden or Kristen nearly as attractive as everyone else seems to….I haven’t really placed everyone else yet….:)

  53. just my opinion but i do think there are alot of dif people in here, with diferent backgrounds. just because the majority of the house in color is white, some are irish, italian, ect… why can’t we just come together and just be people. i’m not saying not to be proud of your heritage because i know i am, but i realy am sick of all the racism and personl attacks that have been happening on here over the past couple weeks.

  54. Kristi #18, Thanks. Its all good maybe he is not a bad person just having a bad day.

    Nanny so you like Rachel, cant stand her. I like the Brigade alot so I vote to evict Money.
    Yeah where the heck is Junebug ,hope she shows up sometime soon.

  55. kristi, I have chatted with bg for a long time and NEVER has she ever been racist and as her friend i have to defend her when she has been wrongly accused. she is a very sweet lady and even though we dont always pull for the same people…ie jeff and jordan lover here… she didn’t down me she let me love my sappy sweet dingy nc girl. so i have to respect her and her choices of who she pulls for like she has done for me. i feel like the moma hen sometimes defending my friends and my choices of who i like in bb…and she allows me to do just that but she has my back also. we all need friends like that in life.

  56. im not a “rachel” fan just she was the 1st one i kindda liked. her laugh drives me insane. didnt realize you were back lol i just need to find someone to latch on to to root for and am having a hard time finding my groove this season. so i shall pull for janell and jordan lol

  57. Hey-i’m 67 & I also have a nice rack, 5ft. 110lbs. Snow white hair & tanned nice, & a kind heart the size of Texas. I,m from good ol’ Michigan { Go Blue } U of M is not far from me & also MIS. I just read all above & I had to butt in. Just having fun with you. But all is true. Can’t wait for tonight, easy dinner & walk my Yorki so she’ll sleep. Ha-ha. Enjoy ya,all !

  58. nanny im not talking about blackgirl, she has been realy nice and not racist in the least bit, i’m talking about the other people oh here with the racist comment and personal attachs.

  59. nanny, you sweet thing you ! Her name is Nutmeg Grace, named after a spice. I love to cook southern food & i,m as good as Paula Deene.

  60. and i also took up for her earlier and will continue to, like i have for everyone on here when people personally attacks them. what that guy said earlier he was trying to make blackgirl seem racist and she wasn’t being at all. with that said, i do have to go, and hope you all have a great day.

  61. what do u like to cook that is southern…butter or lard based foods lol paula deen loves her butta

  62. kristi seems sweet. i appreciate knowing she is here to defend my peeps when im not lol

  63. judy my yorkie passed yrs ago and i have a pom now that is 11 yrs old. no comparison to a yorkie. my poms name is ginger..we have a spice puppy thing going on here

  64. see people come on read and post not knowing what they are talking about. i was here last yr and know how bg felt about chima and russ so i can testify to bg and her character. we do need a chima or a russ on this yr to liven thing up in the bb house. im not the only bored viewer im sure.

  65. I have been watching bb for many years now. Some of it this year has been boring to me as well. My favorite in the house this year is Lane. Love the “country boy” being from the country myself. Nice to meet you all and have a great day.

  66. OK…. here are 10 phrases for tonight’s BBAD drinking game:

    “Like” – 1/5th of a drink
    “F&@#” – 1/4th of a drink
    Rachel’s laugh – 1/4th of a drink for each bray
    “Sucks” – 1/2 a drink
    “Block” – 1/2 a drink
    “Floater” – 1/2 a drink
    “Alliance” – 1/2 a drink
    “Bus” (as in “under the”) – 1 drink
    “Expect” or “Unexpected” – 1 drink (1.5 if said together)
    “Back door” – 1 drink

    Feel free to update this list for more players!

  67. if im the house, i know its going to be endurance. outside has been close a day early? their not setting up golf haha. i doubt their gunna open up the backyard until HOH tomaro. so if i were britney or matt, i’d be getting as much sleep. well not too much, but im for sure going to bed early tonight

  68. at the beginning of this thread everyone was talking about Brit exposing herself… someone said to look on the 19th at 712 am… this is not true…it’s not on the live feed. brit isn’t trashy like rachel she wouldn’t expose herself like that.

  69. Crap ! One drink would put this ol’ lady down foe three day’s. That’s too funny. Tiny Bubble’s !

  70. one wat was lane doin y they said stop it lol n can i ask y they all dislike monet like that but kinda like brit better

  71. so I just came home watched BBAD and let me tell you I want to puke. I ff most of it cause I almost fell asleep. Seriously I used to live for the show and now I could really care less about these non events you call HG’s. Brendan as a teacher you are a disgrace. Rachel has no brain no morals and needs to have the word like taken from her vocabulary for at least a week. BB needs to step it up. Not even giving them more alcohol is helping. Please someone do something worth watching…

  72. Honestly Racahael and Brendan to me wont make a good showmance as JJ. Even though jordan wasnt much of a competitor. Rachael is too thrashy and has to much cleavage.

  73. I wish that Kristen will keep her mouth shut. I will be so glad when she finds out that her new little showmance is in with the Brigade. And how did she get so good with Rachel and Brendon. This whole cast that stinks

  74. For them Rachel and Brendon to be so smart why have they not figured out the Brigade? And why have they not figured out why Ragan is so protective of Matt? God do these people just sit back and think for themselves and quit running their mouth to everyone. I get so mad I think that I am going to cancel my live feeds before I have a heart attack. Have they not watched the show.

  75. Rachel sounds so fake in all her Diary talking thing. I want to slap her everytime they show her talking.

  76. “Like” how could U “like”look Rachel any other way. “Like” I mean “like” (he he he) she is so “like” phoney..”Like do “like” understand “like” what I am”like” getting at???

  77. I hope everyone sees Ragean as a threat..he’s the smartest cookie in there. Did anyone notice that Rac-hell didn’t know how many isotopes were in mercury or one of those chemicals..she probably uses being a chemist in her strip tease act. Go Britney I like her wit

  78. Britney is like the only entertaining thing right now. I dont really like “showmance”. Britney in the diary room is so hilarious. The sabotuer or however you spell it was entertaining too, but got evicted on the first freakin weak. She never got to do anything.

  79. Dear BB,

    To ensure viewers to keep watching you need to cast a surefire bad ass villian like what’s his name from last season…


    Showtime Cancellation Confirmation number 56748390y8ty6

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