Big Brother 12: Week 2 Thursday Live Feed Highlights

It’s the live show today for the Big Brother 12 hg’s and things seem pretty laid back as all the players hang out together in the hoh room and spend several hours primping and getting ready for America.  We all saw Annie as the saboteur walk out of the house last night after a 10-0 vote to evict but what was everyone’s reaction to Rachel winning hoh?  Check out what you missed by not having the feeds for this season of Big Brother 12.

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Nominations are today so check back tonight to see which two hg’s Rachel (and Brendon) have put up on the block for eviction.

Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 15, 2010:

10:21 AM BBT – HG’s are up for the day and dreading the hoh lockdown. 

10:37 AM BBT – Rachel is packing her bag.  Andrew reassures her that she’s not going home.   

11:00 AM BBT – HOH lockdown. 

3:26 PM BBT – HG’s are getting ready for the live shows.  Girls trying on different outfits.

6:07 PM BBT – Feeds back from live show and Rachel is hoh, says she is carrying Brendon in the game.  

6:23 PM BBT – Rachel tells Brendon she’s putting up Britney and Monet.

6:44 PM BBT – Enzo letting everyone know they messed up sending Annie home.    

7:12 PM BBT – Lane and Britney playing pool.  Lane is messing with her big time trying to get her all pissed off, aggravating her and it’s working.

7:58 PM BBT – Rachel and Brendon laying on the hammock.  Rachel is comparing them to Jeff and Jordan (please) and saying America must love them. (ummm no)

9:28 PM BBT – Rachel’s HOH room is ready and she’s got tequila in her basket.  She reads her letter from her mother outloud and the hgs are looking at her pics and hanging out.  

3:00 AM BBT – All hg’s are sleeping except Hayden and Kristen who are in bed together.  He tells her what he like about her and they talk about their secret alliance about maybe pulling Lane into it with them.   

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So there you have it.  The majority of the hg’s know they messed up now sending Annie out.  Britney and Monet pretty much suspect that they will be put up and I bet they will spend some time today kissing up to BRachel.  Should be interesting to see if Rachel changes her mind and picks a couple of the brigade guys to go on the block or if she’s goes with her first instinct to get out Monet.

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  1. I watched BB After Dark and from what I understand it will be Hayden/Matt vs. Monet/Britney on the block.

  2. Hayden and Kristen have a secret alliance?? I need to get the live feeds…why havnt they shown this on TV???

  3. So Britney goes after Andrew for being excited Rachel won HOH?

    She’s an imbecile. Her mouth and attitude are pretty horrid.

  4. I hope she puts up Monet. She does nothing for me and shes a kiss a$$. I really can’t stand Rachel. Brendon is so smart for playing her the way he is. And really, nobody likes u Rachel. Get over urself!

  5. i dont know why she would want to put up the girls first they arent doing anything to when they pretty much suck as players, i throught this game was to be played as who wants to win not on who you dont like now sayin that she need to put of hayden n i love momma kat but her becuz she not playin she just being everyone friend n players like that gets on my back cuz they go to like the top 5/4 spot without doin anything. also i hope monet go far cuz shes being sucked down by brit who runs her lips to much, i think if she get away from her she would be good

  6. They know damn well they should have kept Annie! How pathetic to leave Rachel in the game with Brendon. Now, she’s the most powerful person in the house.

  7. If Rachel really wants to further herself in the game she needs to target Hayden and Enzo. Eliminating Britney/Monet will do nothing for her and Brendon at this point in time.

  8. OK so Hayden and Kristen are not siblings as I thought. Now it is even better that they are attracted to each other. People say that Brendon is playing Rachel but I think its the reverse where Rachel is the playa. I think her game is to hitch on to a strong guy and ride him to the end. Just hope Hayden is safe this week.

  9. Bren has been bitching about Brit and monet!!! They vote on emotion the first couple of times. Ann is annoying let’s get her out! Bri/Monet didn’t say thanks for cooking…makes no sense. Bri/Mon are morons

  10. Is it just me or does anyone think Rachel the slut is putting up Monet because she’s black? Also, do not ever compare yourselves to Jeff and Jordan…they were way classier than the ugly worn out whore and the undercover homosexual!

    • No she’s putting up monet cuz she annoys Bren. And she wants to please her man

  11. I don’t think Rachel is putting up Monet b/c she is black. But people like enzo and Bren are saying how “pretty” she is…like a ‘model’ and that she has a great body…and Rachel hears all that and is so insecure she just wants her out b/c she wants all the attention! Oh! And YES! I can’t wait for Britney to turn on Monet…you know it’s coming!! if they are put on the block against each other watch the claws come out!!!

  12. Rachel wants to protect her showmance with Bren at any cost. Voting out either Brit or Monet means there is one less attractive women in the house to catch Bren’s eye!

  13. She’s not playing smart. I don’t know how she hasn’t figured out that the brigade is together. They hang out all the time & are talking. & as much as Enzo talksi cant believe she hasn’t ever heard the name yet.

  14. I’m a little surprised that no one in the house has called Enzo on his flip-flop about Annie. He was the first one pushing to put her up in his conversation with Matt in the HOH room. Now he’s saying what a mistake it was, ignoring that it was his idea to begin with!

  15. I hope Rachael is smarter than that, if she doesn’t get rid of someone from the “Brigade”, she or Brendon will go home next week!!

  16. I agree with Roxie. But I want Rachel to put up Hayden and Enzo. I DO NOT like Enzo.he need to go.

  17. Rachel is the HH and she should put the very one on the block that put her up! AND enzo with him..Hayden and enzo are morons! I think Brenden is a Player and so is Tachel..Those 2,Monet and Brittney,need to go but first, break up the brigade! Bill totalley agrees with the guy that says Hayden and enzo need to go. Not a good choice to choose the gals this week..Also..Andrew is the best and so is Ragan,,,,I do not care if heis gay..he is a good person…as is Kathy……….Thel

  18. @Rico really the other guys in the group should call him out @sue15 one HUGE mistake if she doesn’t!

  19. okay first of all, seeing brendon and rachel together makes me wanna throw up in my mouth.!!! eww! and i find it stupid to put Monet up!! okay she has $10,000 dollars…SO WHAT!! it happens every season!! and besides she didn’t wanna win the money she did it because kristen kept falling off the hot dog and she wanted her team to win the comp!! and brendon, if he says another word about how britney and monet don’t help him clean up or how they don’t say thanks for cooking i will come through my own TV and smack him in the face!! omg and did you see brendon taking those shots last night?? what a wuss!! you can tell that he has been heartbroken sometime in his life…i hope rachel makes a fool out of him…he is so weak and has no backbone! and if it does come down to britney and monet being put up on the block i hope monet wins and takes herself off.!! rachel and brendon have no motive behind their nominations! what they need to worry about is the REAL people who are going to be coming after them if brendon doesn’t get HOH next week.!! I can’t wait til next year when i audition, i will show these people how to really play the game! and you can take that to the bank! :)

  20. @Kristi… You are exactly right. I can’t believe they haven’t done it yet. (if nothing else, just to shut him up about it)

  21. Please oh please let Rachel nominate Brit/Monet so that the Brigade will be safe. GO BRIGADE. LOVE HADEN, ENZO, MATT AND LANE. If Ragan could joint the Brigade that would be awesome. BTW i like Monet just dont like her mean friend.

  22. @ Rico it will be the death of Rachel & Brendon if they don’t. Even if every one of them promise brachel the world, one of them will get backdorred the fallowing week

  23. For some reason, Brendon thinks it is better to keep strong players in the house (so they can “help you get through to the end”)….

    Does anyone else see this as a completely backwards strategy??? Keep strong competitors around in a game that is based on deception, backstabbing and competitiveness??

    Are you kidding me? Get rid of your biggest competition, I say. I find it amazing that he would adopt that kind of strategy.

  24. the alliances are so Obvious! Lane enzo and matt hang out all the time and lane only kinda talked to annie. Bri/monet are a team and the two cutesy couples are together. There around each other 24/7 yet know one knows for sure where everyone stands??? I would be eavesdropping and spying all the time! LOL

  25. I could understand Brendon’s strategy if other competitors could be counted on as allies, but in this game, they cannot.

  26. @ blackgirl, I like the brigade also. Most of house actually but when write it’s more about whoever is hoh at the time & what’s best for them. So you’ll see my comments change as the hoh changes.

  27. last season most eveyone played agressively and there was lots of action/drama bb12 cast seems comatose minus swamp thing

  28. Ok, why would brendon take Rachel downstairs last night so the other houseguest could see her drunk. They were tucked in nicely in the hoh room and she clearly was not interested in going downstairs the question is why wasn’t he interested in get busy with her?

  29. I think BRi/Monet go up and neither win PoV and BRi goes home unless they target someone else. Rach will prolly want hayden gone but Bren thinks he is in an alliance with hay and will talk ray outta nom him.
    Votes will prolly be another landslide since no one thinks for themselves
    Another boring week

  30. If he were smart he’d get Rachel to put up Hayden. But obviously he’s not smart. They r gunna put up Monet and Brit brat. Hayden and Enzo should go up because they r strong competitors. But Rachel plays all on emotion. So yeah. Maybe she should put the two males up, but will she? No.

  31. @ manic bloom I think you pretty much summed the the week up, cut let’s hope that something big wil happen & rattle the guests!

  32. @#22 K.L., I TOTALLY agree. You hit the nail on the head with every point.
    @#26 Rico, again I TOTALLY agree. What is wrong with these people? This is Big Brother, if they’re not in your alliance get rid of the stronger people first. Do you really think keeping the stronger players is really going to get you far in the game. The Brigade would have done so well this week and possibly the next few weeks if they had listened to Annie. She would have done anything to stay.

    I’m all for a little showmance but come on is it just me or did anyone else get sick to their stomach with BBAD and having to watch “the power couple that is a force to be reckoned with”? I was very tempted to channel surf to a better movie or anything else but was afraid I might miss the cameras finally going to the rest of the hgs and catching them talk and hang their heads for not keeping Annie.

    And I just love how Rachel swears to Kathy that she will never put her on the block not even as a pawn and then tells Brendon that she likes Kathy alot but she has to go because she’s a floater. People it’s only week 1!!!!

    As for Monet, I think she’s wrapped around Britney’s little finger. It seems like Britney is making all the decisions.

    This is going to get interesting!!!!!

  33. Ok it’s taken me everyplace else but were you sign in for the live feeds!! Uurrgggggg

  34. @ K.L #23 Im with you I tried out this year but as you can see I didnt make it but Next year HA maybe we should form and alliance now, and agree to final 2 HAHA. Im over this Brenchel stuff I spit water all over my lap when Bren said, I just need a hug? Ok really? We (women) dont mind a sensitive man, and if his fav pet had been hurt or some thing SERIOUS had happened this would have been ok but…… OMG because another girl hurt your feelings? Gawd, please do not let this continue, I like Bren I do but if he keeps that up Im gonna have to flip and gawd forbid support one of the Brigade.

    Rach, sadly isnt going to do anything this week Noms wise to shake things up (yawn) but it is only week 2 and we are still weeding out, so there is hope that it gets stepped up. OH HA HA at the Kristen/Hayden thing I knew there was no way they were related. But I was ALL wrong about Annie. To bad she couldnt have played the game as well as she did the sabo she would still be there.

  35. Unless something strange happens to change things this morning, here are my predictions…

    BRachel will put up Monet and Brit. Neither will win POV, and Monet will go home.

    (by the way, I had to brush my teeth twice last night because I was watching BBAD and threw up a little in my mouth with the nauseating showmance – but I can’t stop watching… it’s like seeing a train wreck)

  36. @Kristi: Once you’ve signed up for the live feeds you just need to point your browser to (there’s no www. before that) and there you can login to your account and watch the feed.

    • Ty ! I actually a telephone poll got knocked down on my street but they have it fixed. Ty Ty

  37. wat is wrong with rachel she is so dumb first her boy toy dont really like her you can see it when he looks at her n i think he likes brit oe monet becuz he want them to go so bad if they really want to win at this game they should put up two guys n i like evey guy their but lets be real they all are running the show n their own way n tellin ppl wat to do n its more them then girls, rachel n her gay boy toy need to start thinking about winning the game then who they dont like

  38. I hope Brendon gets on a team that becomes the have noties so that he’s stuck sleeping in the “have notie” room and not in the HOH room. Wouldn’t that suck for the “power couple”? And then he can eat his slop with grace and dignity like he’s playing his game.

  39. @Kristi281 i would be up for that LOL! :) and i really hope that Monet gets POV this week and proves herself to be a force to be reckoned with…she is really one of my favorites, the only reason she has a target on her back is because of the stupid money!! did you hear hayden on bb after dark last night when they were all talking about how much money they have? he was like Monet has 12,500 dollars! he said that’s going to be her downfall ugh!! and his downfall will be keeping rachel over annie!! these people are so clueless!! does the bb house really make u that dumb? lol

  40. the 2 pple who r supposed to no each other, i think it could be rachel and kathy because: last night when kathy was in the hoh w/rachel, she hugged her really close and keep telling her i am so proud of u , and it seemed as if they were very,very close, i mean it struck me as odd and racels mom s picture is a blonde just like kathy, i think rachels mom and kathy are sisters, and what really got me to thinkoing was when they were going through rache=ls goody basket and looking at what she got, kathy looked at rachel and said:”i bet i know who put this together” talking about the basket, unless they are close with production then what else could she have been talking bout, i dont know but seems fishy to me…..

  41. Honestly, We should start a big brother with some of US in the house. I can’t believe how smart we all are! hahah. Too bad there’s no BB Canada, I would fight ot be on it!
    I agree with just about everything intelligent that has been said here. It’s so clear Brendon is slowly realizing how insecure and what a stage 5 clinger Rachel is. I actually really like Brendon, he’s just got to get rid of that disgusting dead weight grasping on to his ankles. The brigade was a disaster from the start, don’t even get me started on these idiots. They set themselves up. The only REAL smart person is probably Lane, since he knew they should have gotten rid of Annie, but souldn’t persuade the other idiots.

    As much as I love to dislike Rachel, I’d rather see her gone. But if they couldn’t do it the first week, I doubt they will. watch the showmance end up in the finals together. Good lord, help us all.

  42. Brachel is playing this like survivor keep the strong at first to help you, but BB is the totally the other way. So I would target Enzo and Matt first.

    • Thank you!! Those idiots are already wanting to bee on amazing race talking about they’d be better than j and j cuz their better competitors but are targeting two harmless ppl bri/monet

  43. @liz… I agree. I noticed that too. A strange conversation to have for two people that have only known eachother for a month or so. Unusually close.

  44. @ Liz#45, I TOTALLY agree. I had the same thoughts. Plus Kathy kept telling the camera that she promises she wouldn’t let any friskiness happen. I think they are related some how.

    Also, everyone keeps talking about the $10,000 that Monet has. Monet didn’t get that money because she was the first to cross to the other side during the 1st HOH competition, she got it by default because she was the second person across and the 1st person (Kristen) was sent back because of Britney dropping out of the competition because she supposedly hurt her knee. Kristen was the 1st one with the money.

    All of these hgs are a bunch of geniuses!

  45. Hahaha, Id like to see Brendon take Jeff on. Jeff may have not been the smartest, but he seems to be a much bigger man than Brendon. And Jordan may be, well dumb, but at least she was cute and very likeable. Unlike (obviously) Rachel.

  46. Torch, maybe he wants a fair fight. Maybe this season let’s get out the floaters. Have good comps & strong competitors!

    • if they want floaters out then send Kathy ragen andrew and kris home! At least Bri/monet lasted till the end of the comp and try hard unlike kathey who almost had death by Carmel!

  47. as I predicted ray want to work w/kris and hayden. Monet/Bri are likely going up…LAME

  48. Just a thought… but the Matt on the show is a webdesigner and the Matt here is a webdesigner. Any possible way our Matt is in the house right now and somebody else is doing his work for him? Just a crazy thought lol

  49. I like Monet she is playing the game..I think Brit and Enzo need to go.. Racheal is a nasty ??? I wont even go there… but anyway last season was a great group..Nothing will ever compare to Jeff and Jordan.. Jeff was a great guy Brandon has NOTHING on him..

  50. It seems strange that someone called Rachel “dead weight”. Really? She is the HOH. People are also saying that Brit and Monet are not threats. They were a hair’s width away from being HOH. People say to get out Hayden and Enzo. I agree about Hayden if it is a physical challenge, but they both would be next to useless in a mental challenge. Don’t get me wrong, I am not a Rachel, Brit, or Monet fan. I also don’t know why people are Monet fans. She is a complete follower without original thoughts.

  51. i love brendan and rachel!!! the bregades are the ones i hate their the idiots bragging about how their running the game when its only been on for one week. brendon and rachel are stronger than all of them brendon already won pov and now rachel won hoh so who r u 2 say their dead weight their the best hg in the house. i hope brachel makes it to the final two and who knows who rachels putting up nothing even happened yet.

  52. WOW I just can’t believe how stupid people are being this season. First getting out annie who was actually an easier person to take down then rachel and who didnt have any clear alliance with brendon. Rachel is so freakishly obsessed with Brendon like her only game plan is to please him. Honestly thats like the only reason she wanted to win HOH so Brendon could be safe. Seriously.. start playing the game for YOURSELF. Another thing, why does she have this serious hate for Monet its like absurd, the eye-roll thing and now nominating her. I swear I think from the moment they came into the house I think Rachel saw Monet/Brit as two girls who were more attractive than her. You’d think after Monet voted to keep her she’d at least feel some gratitude towards her or something.

  53. I think Brandon & Rachel are married, they were way to cozy & easy going with each other from the start. I,ll maybe eat a crow sandwich for thinking that but all they said to each other was ” your cute & your cute too ” & BAM under the blanket they went. They act it’s old hat stuff to them.

  54. First thing I said to my co-worker and fellow addict this morning was “all the HG’s will be patting themselves on the back and saying–I knew Annie was El Salvator we are so good that we flushed her out in the first week.” LOL. THEY WERE AND ARE STILL CLUELESS!! They had no idea!! Gay men usually are funny and the life of the party but this Ragan is a dope and a bore!! He can’t compare to Kevo!! Kevo was hysterical!! I will take Russell/Chima/Lydia/Pig-Pen and Kevo any day over these walking stiffs!! Gaygan suffers from a severe case of “penis envy.” Wearing a V-neck down to his balls? Yeah, right- doubt he can even find his balls without tweezers and a magnifying glass!!Lane/Hayden/Kristen share one thing in common–NO PERSONALITY!!! Big Red Boobs is so delusional!! She has a BS from Western Carolina?? Is that even an accredited institution–your kidding me, right!! Graduate school–so funny I could just die. I wanted to put my friggin fist through the TV when she won HOH! I want to strangle her when she opens that ugly mouth–and that laugh is beyond awful!! What a BIMBO!! She makes Jordo look smart!!If she won HOH in one of the easiest comps in BB history what does that tell you about the other HG’s intelligence level!!

    • I actually went to Western Carolina University. It’s a great school that has the misfortune of being represented by the most obnoxious house guest in Big Brother history. At least Britney is entertaining.

  55. How was it the easiest? Everyone had an equal opportunity. It was mental. The people that you like just do not seem to be as able to win HOH.

  56. yes this season do suck they need to stop it n start all over these ppl plans are so crazy to me becuz they want to get out first the
    floaters n weak ppl,who would want that if your playin to win big money n i wish hayden could get backdoor cuz hes tellin ppl wat to do in the wrong way i just hope monet win the pov today so she can have one more week

  57. oh, come on brandon and rachel may say they like/love each other but, it is a total showmance. their relationship is over by christmas, for sure.

  58. it’s true about this season. doesn’t compare to last’s or any other season. brandon and rachel definately bite the big bullet. never cared for hayden, enzo or britney. has enzo done anything besides look cool. hayden and britney only want to play with each other. lane seems ok, but not very imaginative. I actually like ragan but, after he became sabateur i thought he played too safe. what’s so Genius about matt? Really?

  59. ok, a comment or two about BB. why can’t canadians or europeans be on BB. I would love to apply (as a US citizen) but as a wheelchair disabled person i would clearly not be able to compete. but, why can’t others whom are able bodied allowed to enter? should it really matter to which country you are a member thereof?
    as long as you meet the physical and mental perameters?

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