Big Brother 12 Evicted HG Sequestered – Return of the Saboteur? – Updated

Sequestering early evicted Big Brother Houseguests is nothing new to this game. We’ve seen the return of HGs once thought lost forever (What up, Kayser!) so the news this morning that last night’s evictee, Annie, had been sent to sequester shouldn’t be terrible surprising. Let’s take a look at why and what it may mean.

Just before the Big Brother 12 season launched we learned that the 14th HG had decided to leave the game and avoid the chance at a half-million dollars. Now that production lost a carefully planned member of the game it would make sense that they’d look for a way to put the show back on schedule. So could we expect to see one of the first few evicted HGs return in the next few weeks? Yep!

Should Annie be the one to return I doubt we’ll see any more Saboteur activities considering Big Brother is planning to reveal her secret identity to the HGs on Sunday’s episode. Now should they change that plan and keep it secret then maybe there will be a few more pranks. Are you ready to retire the Saboteur?

Heads up that new HoH Rachel will reveal her nominations later today so you’ll be able to catch all of that aftermath uncensored on the live feeds which give you direct access to the cameras inside the Big Brother 12 house. Might be worth checking out if you’ve missed Monet’s extremely revealing shower scene the other night. Poor girl is too tall and is rather exposed over the shower doors.

Then of course there’s the fact that the season’s biggest showmance just got a private room for the week with Rachel’s win last night! Sign-up now to get your Big Brother Live Feed Free Trial and join the rest of us seeing the real game.

Update: Big Brother has revealed to the HGs that Annie was the Saboteur. They’re all relieved to have that drama out of the house.


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  1. Wow, BB producers must really be killing themselves right now. How did the big twist they planned end up crumbling in just one week? For a show with producers as notorious as BB, they really screwed up this one. Hopefully (and that means undoubtedly), they have a lot more twists up their sleeves this season..but, man, oh man, what a disaster.

  2. So will BB tell us who the two life long friends are, or will it die with the Rat. I was wrong about Hay/Kris so I am clueless, but what else is

  3. Ohh I totally think CBS shouldn’t tell the house because the hg would bring Annie back because they feel so bad about voting her out in the first place! Come on CBS!

  4. Here’s to hoping Annie doesn’t come back & they wait a couple of evictions & then they have a comp to come back into the house!

  5. Well, surprise, surprise! Little Annie of all people. Looking back, I guess we could have figured out there was something up with her. I thought she was just weird. I hope Rachel puts Britney on the block. She is one irritating little girl. Also, do you see a physical resemblance between Hayden and Kristen? Last night I thought they might be brother and sister.

  6. No, i think if they reveal the secret bib brother will go back to its original and this summer’s twist is down the toliet!!! Don’t tell the houseguests….either bring back annie or let her back in the house every now and then to continue her job to sabatoge….reveal the secrete during the finale!!!!!

  7. YES YES YES, bring back some drama and chaos, No Im not saying Im an Annie fan but still, and I was OFF about her being the SABO but I was right about Hay/K, we shall see if I was correct in the others with Kathy/Brit, or I still say Ragan/Bren know one another hmmmm

  8. Britt up there now & saying she will never put brachel up & that Andrew is all hyped because he doesn’t think he will go up. It’s a game so who knows.

  9. please no more whiney annie. she did not get the job done the first time so give one of the other HG a shot at the 50K.

  10. I made that observation awhille ago regarding Hayden and Kristen, but there were asking questions to each other because there is chemistry between them that is brewing!!!

  11. I think they should “bring back” the saboteur. Let Annie sabotage things, but don’t let her back into the game. If she gets caught, then she loses the $50,000, but if she doesn’t, she’s in the money. The HGs will keep blaming each other and will have no idea! Keep them guessing!!

  12. Bring back the saboteur! Interesting to see how Annie would play after hearing the good-bye messages, lol.

  13. Please no more use of the word chemistry. Got enough of it from stupid Rachel!

  14. I hope Rachel puts up Hayden and Enzo. In fact, anyone she puts up at this point I wouldn’t feel sorry for. How in heaven’s name can you keep a showmance together? Brendon will always have a definite vote from Rachel and Rachel will always have a definite vote from Brendon. I thought for sure Annie’s plea before voting would have made people think. She noted how Jeff carried Jordan, and it’s the same thing that will happen again. The housemates were not thinking strategically at all and I was quite surprised that not even one person voted to split the duo apart. I hope Rachel stirs things up because so far nobody in this house has proved to me they’re thinking very smart.

  15. i dont think she will return right away. they might wait to bring back a future evicted houseguest that would be more entertaining. like if brendon or enzo would somehow be evicted, i feel they would bring them back.

  16. idk! If they bring Annie back the HG may put 2 and 2 together and figure out she is the sabo! And as far as the life long friends I think she said that 2 through everyone off!! But I would make for good TV if she come back.

  17. YES, please bring back Annie, as I would like to see more of what she can do to disrupt the house guests.

  18. Why did they wrap 13 days in the house into one week on-air? Just how long did Hayden get to be HOH?

  19. Just a quick note to MATT, the masterful organizer of this site. You do an incredible job, my dear! Thanks for being the best out there! This is why I return every season :)

    Go Britney!

    Well thank you very much, Samantha. And big thanks to you for being a reader here! – Matt

  20. I hope they dont tell the housequests annie was the sabeutor, becuase then it would suck and be boring, now i do love watching bigbrother, but once i heard about the sabetour i was so excited becuase it made it more interesting, now i found out annie is gone, i was so mad, i feel like if something else doesnt happen with the sabetour, then it would be boring, so i think they should still playoff that the sabetour is in the house, and make someone else do some pranks, that would be fun and interesting (:

  21. I think they should bring ann back but not a a SAB and reveal she was a sab at the finale. The SAB twist has been boring to me.

  22. Yawn, this whole sabotuer thing got old real quickly. The fact of the matter is, is that they picked somebody who had a bad temper, played people and all other crazy things to draw attention to herself. She might as well have had a sign that said, “I’m the Sabotuer! Vote me off next!”

  23. There will be another saboteur, and I think Big Brother had a contingency plan all the time just in case what happened last night actually happened. I don’t think they’ll bring anyone else in – I think the back-up has been in the house all the time without knowing who the original saboteur was until last night. As they say, expect the unexpected, so Britney and Enzo and brother and sister – now that WOULD be unexpected!

  24. What if Annie (sab) did tell the truth when she said life long friends and she was with her life long friend that is on it too>> The deal might have been two go in as life long friends one of you will be the master sab and the other will be the one who does the dirty work. So is the sab #2 life long friend now taking over????

  25. KEEP ANNIE AWAY!! She had her chance and she failed! I LOVE the idea of letting everyone know who the sabo was, and then letting them know they will give it to another HG based on an America vote…but no one will know who :)

  26. Nolie@ LOL thats too funny seconds apart making the same prediction good thinking!!!

  27. I don’t understand why Rachel wasn’t the evictee. The point of the nominations was to break up a known team. Could someone please explain the strategy?

    Rachel’s nervous giggle makes me want to go so far as to turn off my TV! She can’t leave soon enough.

  28. AnnaBanana: How can you say that Brenden is carrying Rachael. She just won HOH.

  29. I don’t understand why CBS had the sab say that they “escaped” the block. That was purposely deceptive, because Annie was on the block at the time. Looks like they were just trying to throw suspicion on to Brendon. So if the comment from the sab about escaping the block isn’t true, then the life long friends thing could easily be another deception.

  30. Now Rachel is comparing her alliance to Chill Town. WTF. Thats the greatest alliance in BB history.

  31. I think telling the hg that the sabatour is no longer there is the best thing. It would suck to be sent home b/c they thought u were the sab when there’s not even one in the house. Just my thoughts

  32. I got to thinking overall Rachel has done good on all comps. overall just as good as Brenden the only one’s they didn’t do good on was when they have been teamed up with Kathy, Rachel didn’t cause the loss on the have/havenots comp Kathy did, and Kathy was the one who couldn’t hang onto the hotdog. So I say go Rachel & Brendon.

  33. @blackgirl, ya and they never won any competitions either, well boogie might’ve won the veto once but I dunno.

  34. Like who does Rachael think she is comparing her self and mr.sensitive to chill town just cause she won hoh, chill town won both there season and all stars by basically persuading them to do what they want I’d like to see Rachael do that.

  35. Chilltown was the ultimate alliance, win very little but get everyone else to do your bidding and include fake showmances to, they are the KINGS of Big Brother to this point.

  36. yes bring back Annie, she is the only one with the natural big brother personality. also when you got dull people and you put them on HAVE NOT they definitly have No personality. they just sit like bumps on pickles and complain. PLEASE

  37. WTF Rachel gimme a break! Stop trynna ruin mike boogie and doctor wills good name by saying ur like chilltown! Chilltown was totally the best alliance ever!!! Rachel is so fake it honestly makes me wanna throw up! Brendon has a good game, so the house needs to realize if they want him out, they gotta backdoor him!

  38. OMG, If I have to see Jessie one more season I will be DONE with BB forever! Seriously!!

  39. Keep Annie’s saboteur identity a SECRET. Keep her in sequester and bring her back in a few weeks while she keeps playing saboteur pranks. The house will go crazy!

  40. They should do the dog thing again like in season 1 that was to cool, but use a Jack Russell this time

  41. they should bring back the huge mystery box and annie would be inside. She actually wanted to play BB kat/kris/ragen suckkkkkkk

  42. the reason you don’t evict rachel is simple…annie LOOKED to be playing the game hard…rachel is obsessed with her shomance, you know where she stands, where she will stand, how she will vote etc….Annie was a wild card who would turn on you….they know brenden/rachel…for whatever reason people seem to hate them and root for the brigade? yeesh…the brigade is pathetic.

  43. I would keep the sab a secret, and just have BB mess with them using the “sab” as the excuse to do so…

    its a VERY boring group…with only one side playing…there needs to be another alliance…people hated jessie, why dont they hate hayden’s stupidity? at least jessie played the game for more than ONE week

  44. I think that one of the othoer guests should be offered the positiion Annie had–it would be neat to have everyone know that Annie was the saboteur and yet the new person would continue the pranks. It would cause a lot of drama and anxiety in the house.

  45. i really dont know why people need a gimmick (saboteur),it was boring,and what made it worst was,knowing it was annie,she didnt have the charisma ,witt,or charm to pull it off…..

  46. Once again I agree with Manic. I don’t know how I will be able to keep watching BBAD, everyone is soooooooo borinnnggggg! Why so much time on Brendan (who I love) and Rachel (who I dislike)? Brendan tried to carry that conversation but with a “Swamp thang” like Big Red how could you? Big Red wouldn’t be so bad if she lost the laugh, did her makeup better, had decent clothes and actually acted like how smart she says she is. This dumb bimbo Las Vegas act is getting tiresome! The most excited moment between her and Brendan were when they talked “smart”. That was actually entertaining. BTW yes Matt the site person, you are doing an excellent job!

  47. @Miss Red: I totally agree something needs to goad them into action, a wet blanket has more life than some of them. Matt would be good at it or Regan

  48. I liked when Dan was America’s Player. He had the smarts and energy to pull that off. Jeff was great too and we, the viewers got to pick him. We should get to do that again. Pick for a week or two America’s player.

  49. I am so glad I missed that if I had heard ANYONE compare themselves to Chill Town Id have tossed my tv. Say that AFTER you win the come back and do it AGAIN in the same manner or better (knowing that wont EVER happen) then compare your self..geeezzz and I wasnt even Chill Town fan but I give credit where credit it due..

  50. matt saying this season is great for the viewers,they are a good cast!! yeah ok,keep telling yourself that buddy,wait till u get out and read what people been saying about the hg ..

  51. Yeah Dany exactly! I was really pumped for this season. Last season we had the cute couple (who were real) and we had Chima’s drama and Natalie as the snake. Nooone can even compare this season. Well except Hayden and Brendan. Andrew is growing on me as is Regan. The women this year suck, well except for Kristen and maybe Kathy.

  52. Maybe they should bring back a person from last season. That would be totally awesome! They needed a 14th player, so come on CBS do that again and let it be decided on a contest. Just don’t bring back Natalie. Her sidekick might be good.

  53. i dont know about u trish,i know people got fed up of jeff near the end,but i must say,he was my reason to watch last year,i mean him and russel offcource…

  54. LOL Dany Id have to agree I like Jeff yes I was a JJ fan but I like Jeff better withOUT Jordo, but Russel would be a FUN add to this years cast its still early though they may surprise us. I am to addicted to stop watching regardless. There is something else coming though with the Sab out and 1 HG short thats a given, Im sure we can drive our selves nuts speculating with BB will come up with. hmmmm

  55. I can’t believe Annie was the saboteur. I honestly thought it was Enzo. I mean why did it have to be Annie? I was extrememly disappointed for two reasons. One, I wanted the saboteur to last throughout the show. Two, I wanted Enzo to be the saboteur because he seems like the strongest player in my opinion. I really hope Annie is brought back or their are more twists. If not then the show will just be boring.

  56. Dany I didn’t get tired of Jeff but I would have liked him to have dropped Jordan. He might have won if he had done so. Russell would be a great person to bring back. I so loved that guy!

  57. annie was in already,wtf did she do except annoying the crap out of all the other hg…no one with the feeds wants annie back because we know how boring annie really is…

    • how could annie be more boring than all the other comatose HGs? LOL (minus Big Red)

  58. i agree with the “jeff should have dropped jordan”
    jeff was ooozing charisma…

  59. I don’t want Annie back couln’t take her the first time. But I think their maybe something with Matt & bb. After dark he was in the taj room talking to the camera saying he has everthing under control. Did anyone see that?


  61. What?? They might bring Annie back?? Damn, I’m lost. What the hell happened today?

  62. I liked Annie because she was smart. Same reason I like Matt. I don’t think I need to stalk the houseguests 24/7 in order to make a decent judgement call. Annie was voted out because everyone knew she was the saboteur. Sounds like a CBS mistake to me, not Annie’s.
    Let’s all remember that we all have very different opinions…and IQs…and will all view each houseguest differently.

  63. I don’t like when they bring evictees back cuz usually its the person I hate. If you got the boot, stay out allready.

  64. Ok Kimmy. I don’t know about anyone else but it is not “stalking” when you watch the live feeds (which I don’t) or BBAD (which I do). What does IQ’s have to do with how you judge or think of the HG’s? I don’t have to remember any of that or how anyone else thinks of the HG’s, I say what I think. Anyway I don’t think Annie was all that smart, if she was she would still be in there. She was the saboteur so she shouldn’t have flipped out like she did when she replaced a nominee. Smart, no, emotional, yes.

  65. if there was supposed to be 14 peeps WTF couldn’t BB fill in the gap??! This cast is soo lame a new person would be great.

  66. I have been saying for day’s now that Hayden & Kristen are twins, & how they look a like, butttt, also the life long friends could be Brandon & Rachel, they sure got cozy to fast. Your cute & your cute too,& unger the blanket they went, & they acted like old buddy’s. Maybe there married !!! Hum-ho-Hum.

  67. @ kimmy u saying that all the houseguest knew annie was the saboteur prooves my point about you knowing nothing about whats going on in the house….

  68. stalk the houseguest 24/7 ?? wow talk about being ignorant….keep up the good work kimmy…u seem to know alot about the game…paying for the feeds helps keeping the show on the air…. numbnuts !!!!!!

  69. Hayden and Kristen are NOT related! (I, personally, don’t see where people think they are twins – they look nothing alike) At 4:17am (PST) Hayden and Kristen were in bed together and were “spooning” – again, don’t think that “twins” would be that close! Also, I think the “lifelong Friends” was a complete lie. Maybe that was Annie/Saboteur’s way of making the other house guests nervous. Just my opinion!

  70. Dany1 I like how you think. I too commented on Kimmy’s comment but it is in moderation, why Matt? Anyhoo that is all I have to say on that.

  71. When are the nominations gunna happen? and who does it look like Rachel is gunna put up?

  72. BaB, sorry I was not up @ 4:17 a/m, but good to know. OMG, now I’ll be awake all night thinking.But it’s fun.

  73. I thank you Dany1 and all who have the live feeds to keep us informed I personally wish that I had them to but, so keep up the good work.

  74. Dany1 I think Kimmy is a female. I don’t know and well you know the rest…..I couldn’t figure out why IQ’s have to do with how people react to the HG’s and why it mattered. Anyway I want to know if Hayden is really that guilable? His best bet would to be have a secret and real alliance with Brendan not with The Brigade. Hey BB12, listen to your fans, bring back Russell from last season to liven this season up!!!

  75. Marcus you must have the live feeds. Dang I was going to get that. I hope BB12 show that on BBAD tonight! I cancelled a date to watch this stuff…….and no Kimmy I am not a stalker of BB12, just um a HUGE FAN! :)

  76. WHAT? this article thingy says she will reveal her nominees later today, well that sucks and it also sucks that Britney mite be the target she’s the only good looking chick there but atleast the brigade will escape the block, hopefully.

  77. Ok people, don’t use the word L i v e F e e d s in your comments, every time I do I get my comment in moderation……:(

  78. Richy cute chicks do NOT make a fun watch. Ok Ok they do for males……hell even I would be ok with that if the cute chick wasn’t all mean and a B like Brit is ……..

  79. I dunno how the people act I only see what they show, they don’t even show have the stuff you people talk about.

  80. im enjoying enzo the most really,lane is funny in a weird kinda way,but unless u have the feed u wouldnt know that lol matt is ok also…u trish ?

  81. HOPEFULLY this will change up brandon’s i mean rachel’s thinking for the noms.

    i really dont want monet and britney aka team money (came up with that myself) to go. they compliment each other well and britney is hilarious.

    hopefully monet and enzo or somethign like that. worst case scenario is monet leaves this week, then krisitn wins HOH next week, cause then britney is gone.

    philadelphia always ruins everything haha jk

  82. richy i understand you…its hard for cbs to show everything in 45 minutes…and they edit so much that sometimes they fuck around with a hg character….

  83. marcus team money is a great name !! guys im just letting u in on whats happening for u guys,if u dont want me to tell u guys whats going on in the house i wont,not a big deal..

  84. damn I want the live feeds even if alot of you think it’s boring cause its prolly usually like that at the beginning, it’ll get better but I gotta wait till I get my computer fixed should be by next week :)

  85. I don’t have the live feeds so……even in BBAD you don’t see what Dany1 is talking about…..Brit funny? Really? Do they really show nake people on the live feeds?

  86. no don’t stop telling thats the only reason I go on this site is to find out whats happening.

  87. Ok I use that L i V e F e e d s word again, I don’t have that so I don’t see what Dany1 is talking about….dang it! lol How does the computer feeds show how Brendan (my favorite) really is? Dany1?

  88. as far as monet goes,i hope she leaves..she brings absolutly nothing to the show..except for yesterday when we got to see her boobies while showering !!! haha lmfao !!

  89. NO DANY1 Tell us what is going on…….that is why I come here too….until BBAD starts….and even then I am here….lol So Dany1 please give us a play by play……:)

  90. damn I want the LF even if alot of you think it’s boring cause its prolly usually like that at the beginning, it’ll get better but I gotta wait till I get my computer fixed should be by next week

  91. I think on payday i’m going to get the L V ‘s so that I can enjoy the scenery too

  92. u not missing much on brendon really….he is always,and i mean always with rachel…right now all he cares about is his alliance with rachel hayden and kristen….

  93. holy shit Hayden’s with Rachel and them, does the brigade know about this? and is he still more loyal to the brigade?

  94. honestly guys,its only 39.99 even if half the time not much is happening,its well worth it…we had bb in canada,the feeds were..get ready and sit down for this….145 $ for 63 days !!!

  95. no enzo,matt and lane know nothing about that alliance..but rachel and brendon dont know either about hayden having an alliance with the brigade..

  96. as far as hayden being more loyal to the brigade,im not to sure,i guess it will depend on how things play out in the following days….

  97. hayden should let the brigade in on this and play rachels aliance cause the person who try’s playing both sides usually gets runned outa the house unless there really good, but to me the brigade would be the smarter aliance to stick by.

  98. @dany1 #130….. The “Would you, for a guaranteed spot in the final two….” conversation alone was worth the price! Hilarious!

  99. i forgot to mention that andrew is with rachel and brendon…rachel just told hayden in the hoh

  100. i think either no one knows anyone and the sab was just saying that to make everyone crazy or everyone in the house knows someone and everyone is lying (i think that would be great) so when the hg’s found out everyone was actually lying they would be shocked. that would be a cool twist (they should have done that instead of the 1wk sab)

  101. rico just that alone tells me u have the feeds and yes it was sooo funny !! remember when they asked britney if she would give a handjob for final 2 ?! i was lmfao !!

  102. brendon talking smack about enzo to hayden in the hoh room,not knowing about the “brigade alliance”

  103. I want the brigade to run this game that way people in bb 35 will still be talking about how dominating they were.

  104. Ok I just got the L i v e F e e d s, I didn’t know you had 4 cameras to pick from. So exciting…….watch HOH and Brendan, Rachel, and Hayden….

  105. Wondering what will happen to Hayden if any of The Brigade or Big Red and Brendan find out what Hayden is doing……

  106. Let’s bury the Saboteur idea forever. Have mercy on it’s soul! And plese do not consider bring Annie back–she’s a total annoying disaster. Bring someone back with a strong personality and fun.

  107. Dany1, is it really true? The Brigade don’t know that Hayden made an alliance with Brendan and Big Red? I thought Lane talked about it earlier… I thought they knew….thought it was part of The Brigade stragey….

  108. @dani (or whatever)
    No, I don’t watch every move they make. I have a job. But I did watch the show last night, and heard the houseguests say “oh, guess Annie isn’t the saboteur” after the mystery message. Pay attention now…

  109. @dany1… That whole conversation was just splitting my sides!! I’m gonna watch it again in a few days, just for laughs…

  110. And if you’ll send my your address, I’ll send YOU a dictionary. Most of us don’t understand ebonics, sorry.

  111. Dany1 what have I missed on puter feeds? I just got it and found out Brendan is on Slop? How did that happen? And is Brit really on Brendan’s side?

  112. @kimmy before making fun at the way i write…
    “and if ull send my your address”
    keep up the good work !!lmfao !!!

  113. oh ya hey you can watch replays awesome so when I get it I’ll be able to see that convo and…and Britney in a towel this is so exciting Ima go to push ups.

  114. Well I see you messed up my mess up. Good work to you too, honey.
    I’m bored with you now. Later.

    • Big red flat out told Monet she was on of her targets bitchney should expect to go up too. I hate the arse kissing it’s pathetic

  115. Kimmy, WTF? The commenting rules state “Keep the conversation civil and on topic. If your comment does not add to the conversation, it will be removed.” The commenting rules also state “Insulting the author, Big Brother Network, or other commentators will result in comment removal and possible ban.” How about you follow the rules Kimmy and quit putting down anyone here on the boards. I am surprised your comment even made it here. Now back to the fun:

    Hey Dany1, The Brigade does know about Hayden’s alliance with Big Red and Brendan. Freaking stupid Hayden……

  116. @Dany1 how did you know??? LOL Yes I am watching him in the shower……..sorry I missed the boob thing with Monet….nope not gay but appreciate a nice bod, woman or man. :)

  117. I know I would be watching that shit no homo just curious of how other people shower I’ve only seen my self shower and my ex… oh and when they have shower scenes in movies, well I guess I’ve seen alota people shower before I dunno what I’m talking about I’m just high sry I shouldn’t even submit this comment but it took awhile to type it so I’m gunna.

  118. Richy you are funny…..I love this group here minus the mean ones (Kimmy anyone?) :)

  119. every year its the same story,people writing that they have a job/life and i dont…i used to it !! that and the fact that i write like a 5 year old !! haha

  120. Richy… lmao!…. you’re more gone than Rachel after 2 shots of tequilla and a glass of wine! Where can I get some of what you’re on? lol

  121. You know I would suspect that Hayden, Lane, Matt and Enzo is part of some kind of an alliance because they hang out so much…..come on Brendan figure it out…

  122. OHHHHHHHH LANE!!!!!!!!!

    lane just sold out britney and monet.

    through them under the bus in a heartbeat.

    why is everyone scarred or rachel and brendon? rachel is basically asking for NOBODY to come after he OR brendon till week 6. WTF?

    she saying that she wants the good players like the “real competitors” to stay.

    First off its week 1 still in a honesty. she is basing her decision primarily if u have won something in the game yet. So by her point of view only Hayden, Brendon, & herself are real competitors. (crazy right?)

    didnt andrew bow out the first competition, and doesnt kathy suck at every challenge? hasnt Lane never finished close to runner-up?, what about matt and ragan? i mean based off her logic, their not playing the game or being “real competitors”.

    who was the first person over the grill in the first HOH competition? (although it was a dumb move to win the money)

    and who finished second/third in the last HOH?

    who guys knew who. im just saying she is contradicting herself, because rachel is saying she wants ppl who are “real competitors” to be in the end of the game, yet the reason she will nominate britney and monet is because of personal reasons and outside influences.

    its a game. but im just sayin

  123. Dany1 and anyone else, who cares about what people like Kimmy says, noone cares if anyone doesn’t use proper english or punucation or misspelled words….this board is for fun and entertainment….am I right? :)

  124. I’m sitting here typing crap and watching internet feeds of total strangers…. either I’m pathetic, or tv programming is horrible. Yes, I know…. both.

  125. lmao, and I’m wishing I could be watching the strangers, but I will soon enough.

  126. Bad day for Brit and Monet…. sleep on lounge chairs, eat slop, get put on the block. Kind of a grand slam of bad BB days.

  127. im glad rico !! but i wished they would take monet out,not britney,monet puts me in a coma

  128. Damn got called out….will be back in an hour….you crazy BB fans keep me informed so I can read when I come back……:)

  129. Has anyone figured out exactly what they did for the have have-not competition? Sounds like they got into three teams and duct taped one team member to a wall, with the last one up winning. (while getting sprayed with water, maybe?)

  130. i know there was some height involded,kathy said she was scared cause it was so high…

  131. I tell you what I read all the comments so far and if they bring Russell, Jeff or chilltown (even thow I can remember who it was) it will be hilarious if they do it because the house will be sabotage out in the open and it sure will be a lot of fun to watch!!!!
    fight fight fight!!!
    Bring back the man in the banana suit!!!

  132. @Judy – I’m on East Coast time. I was on the Big Brother app and reading all about it. (I was still asleep) I seriously don’t think that they are twins and spooning, but again, I could be wrong!

  133. BAB… Hayden and Kristen are NOT siblings. The bio page on the Arizona State Baseball site states that Hayden has a younger sister named Terryn. No mention of a twin, no mention of any other siblings.

    • yea itd be cool if a twist was they were related! Their both from Arkansas so who knows?

  134. I agree that a appearance of Annie as HG would certainly add more adventure to this year,s BB. Bring her back and let the sabotage begin….more excitement is required with these HGs.

  135. ray is koo koo! Don’t put me or bren up for 6 wks? Lol omg and their agreeing to it! I’m so glad bitchney and sidekick money got put on slop and maybe nom! That’s wat they get for dissing annie. Karmas a bitch and so are they = )

  136. This is the most boring cast in the history of BB! For Big Red Boobs to even compare herself and Big Dumb Brendon to “chill town” or “Jordeff” is beyond pathetic!! That ugly, moron Hayden and that walking stiff Kristen are boyfriend/girlfriend and Brendon and Annie are lifelong personal ass lickers-PALS! If Matt gets any more boring and lifeless his heart will stop! Genius??? Wonder how many geniuses are in the unemployment line with him each week?? I can’t stand the Israeli laughing at his own boring jokes in the DR. Christ where did they get these stiffs??? Twitney amd Kathy must be related as they share the same IQ–Zero!!

  137. Brit and Money are crying and saying that it was purely a personal decision Rachel made…. must be them.

  138. Brit and Monet are crying about the noms, and saying that “It’s not like we didn’t see it coming…” So, I guess it was them

  139. Brit is bawling her eyes out and then says “I don’t even care”….. if you don’t even care, what are you so upset about, Brit?

  140. Enzo is saying that he doesn’t know how he’s gonna act around them, or what he’s gonna say to them (Brit and Monet) being that he is in the same room with them.

  141. BAB, I,m the old lady from ” Michigan ” Go Blue. They could be playing games, but I,m welling to eat that crow sandwich . It’s getting late here , going on 11p/m so enjoy the night people. I was waiting to see who Miss Bottle of RED put up. Night My Friends.

  142. I new it! I new it! I new it ! I new Annie was the saboteur! But I will miss all the drama that Annie caused. My favorite thing that Annie did was lock all the house guests out of the pantry! Now that was pure genius!

  143. @ Rico – that is what I was saying in an earlier post. They are NOT siblings. I just keep reading that everyone sees a resemblance, which I do not. Could be some “connection” there, we shall see! :)

    @ Judy – I believe that it’s Monet and Britney, I saw that on another site.

  144. So now Britney is attacking Kristen saying “she hates her and her fake spread out boobs” – why is Kristen to blame for Britney trash talking everyone in the house? I can’t wait to see BBAD and Britney balling her eyes out! :) SHE NEEDS TO GO!!!

  145. They just did… I started to throw up a little, then they switched the feed to BRachel doing their smoochie smoochie stuff and that pushed it over into projectile vomiting…. I gotta go brush my teeth now….

  146. Brendon just said.. “There are probably people throwing up right now watching us…” Hilarious! At least he recognizes the situation!

  147. oh i see what u mean,i tought u meant they will show it on sunday,didnt think u meant on the feeds

  148. So little miss Brit has gone off the deep end, but I hope Monet goes home. Brit has some fire where I haven’t seen any in Monet.

  149. bri said she wasn’t gonna kiss big reds ass so why is shocked she’s on the block? Not that it woulda mattered.

  150. Those 2 dummies will be whining all week about being on the block!! They know they are both too weak and dumb to win POV! They got exactly what they deserved for kicking the wrong HO to the curb!!

    o to the curb!! Red BIMBO shocked even herself by winning HOH!! I hate the fake boobed bimbo but the fact that she won HOH (on a wild guess, no less) serves the rest of them right for not kicking her whorish ass to the curb!!! They deserve everything they get!! At least Annie has a personality!! Why the hell would you leave this fake showmance couple in the house!!She is just so selfish,self-centered and phoney and I cannot believe if Brendon is supposedly so smart why the hell doesn’t he see right through her bullshit?? I would love to see these so-called Master’s degrees and Ph.D admission letters for these two idiots–I just cannot fathom either of them even having a GED for christ sake!!Unless of course it is from “Western Carolina College!” LOL!! And Kathy–someone please tell me where the hell she is a sherriff? Because I am going there and robbing every bank and liquor store in town and I will be across state lines even before she gets her fat, lazy ass in the squad car!! Of course here in Pittsburgh, the sherriff is an elected position and all they do is serve warrants and escort prisoners to court and jail–it is not like they are out chasing bad guys! Must be the way it is there too because I can’t see her passing the physical requirements it takes to be a cop!! And if Brenchel is so smart they will take this opportunity to backdoor Hayden because that is the only way they aregoing to get him out–we shall see, but I doubt they will figure it out!!

  151. Yeah, I want Brit to stay too. If for no other reason than the fact that she started the “Would you, for guaranteed final two…” conversation! To me, that earned her the right to entertain us for another few weeks!

  152. So now Britney is accusing Annie of taking things and saying she will sell them on Ebay. Does this insecure brat ever shut her mouth. She is a weak player and a weak person! Good Riddance!

  153. rico!! i second that….so britney what would u do to stay in the house?!?!? hahahahah

  154. I am back Dany1, so the nominees have been announced it seems… I am watching Brit crying her eyes out in the HOH…….please…and Lane and Matt and Hayden are hanging out……does NOT anyone notice this?

  155. We talk about floaters look at Lane and Matt also their in the floater category also what have they done.

  156. Bring her back annie!!Am already tried of seeing brendon and rachel making out.They make me sick….it makes me not want to watch after dark.Give us some thing worth watching!!

  157. I think they should bring Annie or Russell back. We need more sabatage in the house. I think Matt and Ragan are the life long friends.

  158. Bring Annie back by sneaking her in the house when everyone is asleep and setting up pranks. We need some excitment that make the hgs wonder what is going on. We need them to get paranoid.

  159. I think Britney and Kathy are mother and daughter and I really think they shoulds bring back Annie, its to early to let her go…Lynn (Canada)

  160. OMG!how DUUUUUH!!!! is Brendan? he looks like and is as CLUELESS as Austin Peck from Days of our Lives…..Why the hell is he even giving Hayden the time of day after Hayden shot him in the foot when he went to the H0H room with his Hat(with the points and bells on it) in his hand and practically BEGGED for a chance?!!Stupid! Stupid! Incredibly Sexy! But Stupid! Stupid! Boy!!

  161. I think that life long friends are kathy and lane. lane being a buddy of kathys son shane

  162. bring annie back and hide her in the pandora room and let her still sabatauge the house guests
    she was a great person and likeable and is missed even by some of the houseguest

  163. Showmance my butt….more like a porn movie she plays to the camera everytime there togeather…tired of seeing them …love jeff and jordo they were cute discreet and fun these to are not i hope she goes soon

  164. If Monet is voted off this week I hope that she is brought back. Rachel is just mad because she did not kiss her butt the first few days. She is so slutty I hope that Brendon see’s through her. How can you meet someone and in 14 days you are calling him your man. She was crazy to put up Britney and Monet when they are not the ones that put her and Brendon up in the first place. It was Hayden and the so called Brigade!!. I would love to see her face if she walks back in the door and kick butt. I understand Monet she had to sit back and see what was going on before she made friends. And Big Red is just on a power trip she thinks that she is all of that and everyone is talking about her. She got so drunk the other night it was just plain stupid. Do these people not think that their family is watching? If she was my daughter I would have a very long talk with her and her behavior. Act like a lady and not a slut

  165. If Britney and Kathy are mother and daughter then shame on Brit for making fun of her last night. Even if she doesn’t want people to know you don’t act like that. So no I don’t think Brit and Kathy are Mother and Daughter. I think Kathy and Rachel are the friends though. They need to put up Matt as the pawn, not Andrew. Otherwise Andrew will go home.

  166. I hope Lane or Brennan win, I think that Enzo is funny but he is so full of himself, he has never
    won HOH but he sure trys to tell everyone who
    to put up on the block, and what is this, him always putting his hands down his pants. please give him something else to play with. it is sickening. What does his wife think.
    P.S. get rid of Ragan and Matt,

    Thank you CBS
    and Showtime for all your hard work in entertaining us each season.

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