Big Brother 12: Week 1 Live Eviction and HoH Results

Tonight on Big Brother 12 the results of the season’s first live eviction will be revealed along with the results of the second HoH competition. While we wait for the results be sure to Fan us on Facebook and join in the fun we’re having there!

I’ll be updating this post here with the Saboteur, eviction, and HoH results. Meanwhile, join us in the chat room as we tear apart tonight’s live episode!

Big Brother 12 Saboteur:

  • Annie

Too bad Annie is about to watch herself walk out that door with no $’s…

Big Brother 12 Week 1 Live Eviction voting:

  • Monet: Votes to evict Annie
  • Andrew: Votes to evict Annie
  • Lane: Votes to evict Annie
  • Kathy: Votes to evict Annie
  • Kristen: Votes to evict Annie
  • Brendon: Votes to evict Annie
  • That’s enough. Annie has been evicted.
  • Ragan: Votes to evict Annie
  • Enzo: Votes to evict Annie
  • Matt: Votes to evict Annie
  • Britney: Votes to evict Annie

By a vote of 10 to 0, Annie has been evicted from the Big Brother house!

Big Brother 12 Week 1 HoH Competition – ‘Majority Rules’:

  • Round 1 – Brendon, Kathy, & Kristen are eliminated
  • Round 2 – Enzo, Matt, & Lane are eliminated
  • Round 3 – No one is eliminated
  • Round 4 – No one is eliminated
  • Round 5 – No one is eliminated
  • Round 6 – Andrew is eliminated
  • Round 7 – Ragan is eliminated
  • Tie-breaker Round – Britney and Monet are eliminated

Rachel is the new Big Brother 12 Head of Household! Congrats to Rachel!

Once the live show is over the live feeds turn back on. You can get the 24/7 uncensored feeds at a limited time $13/month discount rate. So far I’ve definitely not been disappointed with the show these HGs have been putting on!

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  1. Well so much for the summer twist. The Saboteur goes out in the first round.

    Hopefully Big Brother doesn’t tell the Houseguests and just continues to mess with them.

  2. Wow….lol. The saboteur is gonna get voted out the first week. Too funny! So much for the lifelong friends. I think Annie just told them that in order for them to be more suspicious of each other.

  3. I really hope they still vote to evict Annie, saboteur or not, she was soooo annoying! ugh

  4. Well I sure as he** didn’t think it was Annie!! Well if she does go this just proves that bb is listening to us. So let’s keep the good ideas coming & see what they use. Good night all! Talk to you tomorrow;)

  5. WOW….this sucks royally. The whole twist for this season is about to get voted out. Lol.

  6. annie? yea she would have never made it to week 5. she talks too much, and has anger issues that have, and will blow her cover.

    glad she is leaving. i’d rather watch jeff n jordan again then listen to her constantly talk and think she has votes. last monet and britney were tossing around the idea of keeping her. hopefully they wont.

    i also cant stand andrew. i dont get why BB cast ppl who cant talk with ppl and dont understand how to interact with people. michelle last season and andrew this season. “i dont have a previous alliance w/ anyone in the house caz nobody here knows about Judaism” like WTH?

    • Seriously!! Does anyone else HATE Rachel?? She is such an idiot. Yeah she is book smart but she’s a complete fake dumb A$$! What’s with the hair?? And that dang laugh UGHH! Jeff and Jordan are way better and Jordan is a wonderful girl!! She’s just real. Rachel needs to go!

  7. why did it have to be annie? why is the sabourter on the block? I was looking for more excitment this season. So much for the twist that big brother had planned. better luck next time

  8. wow, well she (Annie) wasnt there to win the game anyways which is probably a good thing because she wasnt playing very good IMO. I knew it wasnt Kathy but was very suspect of Andrew.. hmmmm we shall see what BB has up thier sleeve next. I dont think they will tell the houseguest untill the end it will keep them guessing and I say if Annie does go WE will become the sabo..

  9. jeff and jordan’s showmance is nothing compared to the real love/crush that brendon and rachel have. jeff didnt even like her really.

    remember on the finale, he was skating around the subject of dating her, and basically denied her.

    brendon and rachel actually really like each other, and you can tell.

  10. Real quick guys just because Annie is leaving doesn’t means bb is going to tell the hg the she was the sab. So let’s keep our hopes up that they don’t tell them!

  11. Wow, these people are half retarded. rachel sould have gone home. BB players seem to get dumber and dumber. And hey CBS nice twist this season. And its already over, awesome.

  12. They sort of wasted that.

    I guess that was a worst case scenario that actually happened.

  13. they were dating, but he didnt have any thing to say at the BB finale.

    now that THATS out the way (sad to think annie actually thought she had votes) its time for HOH. im really pulling for Monet or Britney. get it then backdoor the freak outta brendon.

  14. @ 19
    I know; I am really anxious to see what they are going to do now that this season’s twist is over with. Even if BB tries to carry out the saboteur’s tasks it wouldn’t be very interesting anymore. It’d take away from the suspense of everyone wanting to find out who it is.

  15. I’m honestly surprised that it was unanimous. I figured that she could have pulled Lane or Ragen onto her side.

    I wonder if they’re going to tell them that she was the sab. If so, it completely removes “you could be the sab” as a reason to come down on people.

  16. Im eating my words I really didnt see her as the sabo, give her props for that one but as a HG player well shes is the first one out so maybe she wasnt that strong, but MAN she was funny sloppy seconds??/ REALLY ?? and ummm I do NOT see this showmance making it I think Bren will see how selfish Rachel is hahaha, and he will wish he kept Annie hahahahah

  17. i dont know why everyone is complaining to BB about the sab. going home first.

    wat were they supposed to do? u guys say how awful it is (said it last season) that BB tweeks the comps and plays a hand in the game, and then when they let it fall into the players hands its like u guys want it to be rigged up.

    its just circumstances. and annie didnt help herself AT ALL. it just happened that way.

    we still dont know who the life long friends are. keep watching, its gunna be a great season.

  18. Hilarious.

    The big bad twist for this season has been voted out the first week.

    The producers could have done much better to prepare for this twist.

  19. I personally found it funny. Annie went in there and possibly played the worst game imaginable. I would of voted out Rachel, because you know what to expect from a time-bomb like Annie. But either way I lol’d.

  20. The only explanation for the overwhelming vote is that Annie aka the saboteur,got caught by someone doing something.

  21. Id like brendon to stay, I actually really like him. Its just a shame he has 120lbs of disgusting dead weight hanging on to his coat tails.

  22. So much for a summer twist… they better not tell the rest of the houseguests and keep messing with them!

  23. I did not want to see Annie go, it was way to early for her to go. Oh well. So what is big brother going to do next to keep viewers interested in this, now that their main twist is over.

    Britney is such a bitch, when she was casting her vote to evict Annie, I just wanted to grab her and slap her. Her attitude stinks.

    I actually liked Rachel but damn her goodbye message was so f’ed up. but what annie said after that was so funny. Julie’s expression was so funny.

  24. im sad to see annie to go. everything that annie warned them about will bite them in the butt. i wonder what BB will for another twist this season.

  25. and keeping Rachel backfires. BOOM! I need to get into Big Brother, I would make logical, smart decisions.

  26. HMMMMMMMM and the NEW HOH IS ………………….. I KNEW IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH RACHEL HILARIOUS well its gonna hit the fan now

  27. And now Rachel is in charge. I think Murphy’s law has struck the Brigade especially hard.

  28. I cannot believe that. Should’ve got rid of her when they had the chance

  29. i bet you now all the other houseguests wished to evicted rachel now that she won hoh. i tell you this season is really stupid.

  30. Everything I wanted to happen, happened. Except that the saboteur is out. Hopefully they’ll continue on with the character even though Annie’s not there.

  31. THE BRIGADE f’d up the bikini comp. question.

    How did they miss that??


  32. YES! lmaooo rachel is the HOH… brendon is safe this time i guess.. watch your back hayden…

  33. HAHAHAHA you’ve GOT to be kidding me. I wish I wasn’t so addicted ot this show cause I’m going to be pulling my hair out more than ever watching her be HOH.

    Aaaaaand so much for BB’s “most powerful alliance ever” These people are a joke.

  34. When the guy asked you to vote on what the houseguests should eat while they’re Have-Nots, I swear I heard someone in the background scream “Nothing!” Too funny!

  35. omg. You cannot be serious. I knew it. I just knew Rachel would win it. Everyone is so dumb.

    • Ewwww! That over dye job slut is HOH? The houseguests made a big mistake by getting rid of Annie. You know the whore and p*ssywhipped, I mean Mr. Hard Up, I mean Brenden are gonna put up Hayden and Monet for eviction.

  36. I can not beleive they are going to tell them the Sab is gone DANG IT…. COME ON ALLISON!!!!!!!!!! DONT TELL THEM… LET US DO It hahaha, let america vote on annoying stuff to do the HG’s. There Paranoid HG’s are the funniest!

  37. LOL. Either Rachel’s boobs are hangin out of bra or she’s flashin us her panties.

  38. HAHAHA OMG this is just too funny. If Rachel is as smart as she claim to be then she should put up two people from the “Brigade” and the other two will be backup in case the one of the other two gets out.

    STUPID Big Brother going to tell the houseguest about the saboteur. Why can’t they just fake it for a while.

  39. jeff and jordan were 100 times better together then brendon and annoying ugly racheal.if you dont think that you got to be effing retarded

  40. did anyone else laugh their asses off at the little fight rachel and brendon had. “You make me feel like im stupid” “But what we have is REAL, how could you?” Jesus christ.

  41. Rachel Just won. This is how it always happens. The people you want gone the most are always the hardest to get rid of. The first week of the game. The majority of the house through the HOH sets their sites on the people they want out the house the most. Then those people convince the HOH that they should get rid of someone who wasn’t really a target in the first. Then the HOH convinces the rest of the house that they will get rid of the original intended target next week. People are so easily manipulated into voting the way the HOH tells them to instead of thinking of what will be best for them.

    Now that Rachel has won it is going to be a while before she or Brendon is voted out. I can already picture Rachel being a power hungry bitch during her week as HOH.

  42. Glad that Annie is gone. She was sort of strange. Hope that Britney goes next. I can’t take another Big Brother Blond Bimbo season. Then I would like Krista to go. She is a know-it-all fake. I like people who are real – know what I mean? My favorites remain the same – Hayden, Kathy and Matt, and I will add Jake and Brendan to that list. Later—-

    • They aren’t revealing much about Krista or Kristen or whatever her name is. Her only DR session that was shown was when she commented on the saboteur saying there are friends in the house (which I am now sure was a lie)

  43. I know that I might be alone when I say this. I am starting to really dislike Brandon.

  44. I am soooo looking forward to watching BBAD tonight. Lol. Everyone is going to be on pins and needles now that Rachel is the new HOH! Thats what they get for keeping her.

  45. Melissa

    I agree with everything you said. I don’t want to pay attention to this show especially when it comes to Rachel, but for some reason I can’t turn away. I like the way Brendon looks, but I think the only way for Rachel to leave is if Brendon leaves first.

  46. DANG!!!!!!!!!11
    monet and britney ALMOST won. dang!
    well atleast kristin didnt win. hopefully brendon will tell rachel to put up brendon or hayden.

    im hearing on the live feeds annie made a heck of a speech

  47. I think Brendon is actually really sincere and is going to be a great player. But Rachel makes me want to eat glass, so he’s uhh… guilty by association. haha.

  48. okay maybe not andrew cause he is a fool and u will see why if u havent already.

    maybe meow meow and the brigade are targets.

  49. Mena

    Oh I could stare at Brendon all day! haha
    I think he’s great, he seems so sweet! But I think Rachel will go power hungry and turn most of the house against her. So we’ll see what kind of damage she does before she goes home, which Im praying will be week 3!

  50. Summer of sabotage, Allison Grodner? Summer went by quick! Doesn’t summer usually end September 21st? I have to get a new Calender. This one must be outdated.

  51. @tina- i completely agree. I like him (although i dont watch the live feed) but rachel’s voice and laugh bug me so much…

  52. it sucks the saboteur is gone already i was looking forward to having her around and messin with them.

  53. @ #64 blackgirl you are not alone. i really dont like brendon either. i bet you rachel is going to put monet and enzo.

  54. @ Jerrick

    Don’t worry. They’ll probably be an America’s Player to F with them!

  55. hahaha @ Evan.

    Come on, you’ve watched past seasons haven’t you?
    BB never misses an opportunity to let us down.

  56. We all know Rachael will put up Hayden – for putting her up in the first place – tit for tat! Small brained nimcompoops think exactly like that. Plus the comment that Brendon said to Hayden – ‘Either you’re with me or you’re against me’ I don’t see how Hayden would get out of a nomination.

  57. #68
    You are too funny girl! Brendan and Rachel made a deal with Hayden and Kristen so that they wouldn’t be nominated this week. I am anxious to see if they will go after anyone from the Brigade.

  58. abby – I only speak the truth! lol.

    But when did they make an agreement with hayden and kristen. I dont get live feeds so I didnt even know hayden and kristen were associating with each other.

  59. I like Annie more than Rachel, but I would have preferred her as a player rather than a saboteur. The purpose of having one was pointless to me. If BB wanted to screw with the players they could of done that on their own without the help of a houseguest.

  60. okay. please tell me that im not alone and that you can’t stand the slut bitch racheal too!

  61. But ken #79, that small brained nincompoop is like totally a like chemist, like hellloooo, heheheheheh”

    Please shoot me.

  62. i knew it was her seeing as she, ragan, britney, and kathy were there when kathy put down britney and then they both got x’s. annie was suspicious from the beginning. shame i changed my guess last second to ragan because she was acting so stupid.

  63. I know 4 players that POOPED their pants after the HOH was won.

    Haha…this show is silly, but fun.

  64. Its to bad there going to tell the house guests that Annie was the sab. on Sunday. They should hold out at least two more weeks to keep up the suspicion. oooh well. It was between Annie & Enzo as sab. 4 me glad I got 1 right.

  65. @danielle

    If not for her big fake boobs and the fact that she is easy Brendon would have never saved that girl. Her hair is ugly and commenting on her face isn’t even necessary. Personality wise she doesn’t seem like anyone worth trying to get to know.

  66. Yes danielle I know shes a “VIP cocktail waitress” But she think shes some sort of super scientst for being a chem grad.

  67. Lets see if the BRIGADE sticks together now.

    I BET NOT. Someone is gonna jump ship…lol.

  68. I like Hayden very much, but if they put him up on the block she sure deserve it. What an idiot for not getting rid of the obvious alliance. Boobilicious will put up Monet and Britney.

  69. lmao best part of the night was when rachel told annie off during the goodbye messages

  70. i dont under stand why big brother didnt include that brendon was a chemist too. and i dont know. it makes no sense.


  72. racheal would be even more dumb if she puts britany and monet up. they aren’t the people to worry about right now. i like hayden. hes one of my favorites but she should put him up with enzo. i dont understand how no one knows about the bergade! they talk to eachother all the time. come on HG’s.

  73. God now that Annie screwed up and got eliminated right of the bat, what is BB going to do to let us screw with the house guests?! There really isn’t a twist anymore… Well there is the “two guests who know each other” thing but I don’t see what they can do with that. BB should tell the house guests that Annie was the Saboteur then wait for a week or two then when they aren’t thinking about it anymore just have the Saboteur return somehow “I’m Back!!!!!”

  74. Like somebody else said, that dumb alliance, ‘the brigade’, are crapping their pants now! LOL! Too funny. If Brendon/Rachel are smart, they will align themselves with the rest of the house and kill the jersey wannabe mofia crew. I think Matt will jump ship once he realizes that short bus is going off the cliff.

  75. @Little Doggie

    That she does.

    Seriously people, do you have any idea how much you sound like a gaggle of petty highschool students when you start complaining about Rachel’s hair, or talking about her laugh? The depths of your shallowness (or rather, lack of depth) continue to surprise and shame me.

    She’s a chemistry grad student. Speaking as someone who’s on a similar academic path, you don’t do that if you’re total airhead or if you aren’t willing to bust your ass studying.

  76. Just because Rachel is a chemistry nerd, doesn’t mean she’s smart. She remarked that Andrew wears a Yom Kippur on his head (it’s a holiday) and said that the pinatas in the yard looked like a Mexican siesta (a nap).
    I wish she AND Annie would have gone home. I’m sick to death of watching them kiss, etc…

  77. i think Annie put something behind the chairs before she left. maybe the maggots or something from the have nots room?

  78. LOL if they end up on the final show together I will smash my brand new tv to pieces.

    And hey e-male, welcome to todays society, glad you could join us.

  79. Brendan is a poor excuse for a man. What guy would go on national television and cry. Give me a break. This guy is the most senstive male I have ever seen on this show. He needs to go!

  80. wo,

    You smash that tv set. I still hope they end up on the final and p#*s everone off.

  81. You still need to make a living when your going to school. The tips are great in Vegas!

  82. I was right about the sabetuer!!! This was my post from yesterday:


    July 14th, 2010 at 10:23 pm
    I think Annie is the sabotuer. She started talking game immediately and she talks about everybody. I think Andrew is too much of an idiot to be the sab…although it looks really obvious that he could be, it just doesn’t seem like BB would do something like that. Also, I think they put the lock on the door beforehand so anyone leaving the couch was irrelevant. No one would have noticed that lock because they were all running to find beds.

  83. I don’t think they should tell the guests the saboteur has left until the half way point. That would make things more interesting. ALso, Annie said that her last comment was untrue, obviously because she was STILL on the block, BUT she DID NOT say that the comment about two people being life long friends was untrue. Very interesting. I thought maybe all the comments were just said to screw up the game…perhaps not.

    • I think she isn’t as hot as she think she is.. Kirsten and britt are way prettier

  84. I must correct a previous post of mine I made in reference to Enzo reminding me of Howie, I further stated that his attempt a recreating the 4 horsemen was lame an named howie in that when infact he was the following year Please forgive me it hit me out of no where tha I made such an over site lol I should have my BB members card revoked for a week LMAO

  85. Haha britt said she shoulda kept annie and enzo did too! Glad they admitted it! I fir sure thought britt and monet and kathy were gonna keep her?!?

  86. @Torch101

    Yeah…do you have any idea how much being a grad student pays? MS and PhD’s can be profitable once you get them, but pickings are slim until you earn one.

  87. I’m glad this whole Saboteur twist is out of the way. I personally thought it was a terrible idea and it gave Annie too much power. Luckily she didn’t know how to use it.

    Now BB can be played how it was meant to be played. Hopefully Rachel will put up Monet Hayden, then backdoor MeowMeow…

  88. why would rachel work in a vegas?!?! haha u my friend have never worked in a bar !! $$$$$$$

    • agreed. It’s like they pick the same casts. Kat= shiella or any old boring person. Enzo= howie
      Lane= Adam Britt= evil diks dauther I could go on…so lame

  89. Agree, with ya dany, without Enzo I’d be sleeping through most of BBAD

  90. It’s bull**** that Rachel won. Julie told her like 3 times that she needed to write down an answer…then said “now!” or you’ll be disqualified and she STILL didn’t have an answer written! Brittany should have won by default. Rachel is a freaking moron with bad hair and now we’ll have to watch her prancing around all week thinking she is something special. Can’t stand her!

    • sreiously that laugh is so gross! And those balloons ew and that valley grl voice makes me want to stab my ears!

  91. Just now watched the BB episode tonight. Was excited that I was right about Annie being the saboteur! Glad Annie is gone! Just didn’t care for her as somebody to waste my time watching. Still thinks that Hayden and Kristen are brother and sister (possibly twins)! If not, then they are the friends because of the comment made to each other with one asking,”do you think that anyone else knows about us” the other saying Kathy, but I don’t think it bothers her. So, either long time friends that have grown to favor or related in some way. Guilty of being addicted to BB since first episode!!! love it!

    • I think she meant knows that we are working together or are growing closer. I feel Kris/hay and Ray/Bren will team up -_- even though hay is in the brigade

  92. dany1: I was trying to keep it civil :-) She really does walk around the house thinking she is the hottest thing in Vegas. I hope what Annie said doesn’t “come true”…that Brandon will “carry her” through to the end. I hope this is just a fluke and they get her out, because I can’t stand her fake laugh and fake attitude/personality!

  93. Manic Bloom: Right! Valley Girl is ‘right on’ and I think we ALL know she’s not a ‘real’ valley girl. More like gutter trash!

    • I love it!!! On the last BBAD Mon Bri and Ann seemed like they were gonna team up and it’s be a girl alliance w/kat which would been cool having the brigade and them go at it…but seems like those too bitches were placating annie = : (

  94. can everyone agree with me please, RACHEL IS SO ANNOYING! am i right? I like brendon but i can’t stand RACHEL! URGH shes so annoying!

    • yah! Bren is nice to look at face and body!! For sure but he seems kinda cocky and he wants to screw grosschel so it make me not like either of them…

  95. I bet they are whining about it. Makes me not even want to watch afterdark for the next week because we know exactly what is going to be said the whole time! brit/monet will be crying about getting put on the block and rachel will be gloating about her win … blah!

  96. anybody watching this??monet and britney look like a couple of sad puppy dogs talking trash about everyone!!

  97. while drinking milk and eating cookies !! they r so sad its not even funny ..pathetic !!!

  98. monet and britney in 5 minutes said….annie looked like a 5 $ hooker,kristen clothes were awful,rachel is so ugly and fake

  99. Bri is such an extra bitch…total mean girl for no reason because she is prettyest and has best body so she is just mean to be mean.

  100. Brittani: No doubt! Can’t stand Rachel…Big Brother only put her on there b/c she has big boobs and will walk around with them hanging out half the time… I can’t wait for her to get out! She’s not physically strong…and as far as mentally…big deal – she can crunch a few numbers…I can’t stand her fakeness! AND what she said to Annie (who I didn’t really like either…) but what she said in her exit speach to Annie…what a dumb wh***!

  101. I am happy Rachel won. I don’t really care for her but I do like Brendan and so with Rachel HOH it is like Brendan is. I agree with a poster who said that Brendan and Rachel would never be a Jeff and Jordan. Well they have it half right. Brendan is great, Rachel not so much. BTW Max, Monet also had to be told to write down a number or be disqualified. They both got it in on time so no foul there. I hope Brendan does get back at Hayden, The Brigade is stupid and Hayden had a chance to make it “right” with Brendan, he didn’t so………see ya Hayden!

  102. Trish: didn’t comment on Monet not writing down her answer in time because I don’t mind her. And Julie had to raise her voice to let them know to write the answers “NOW”….so In my opinion they should have been disqualified…Brittany had her answer written down WAY before…how many chances do they get?!

  103. So…that means that Kathy was just that inept and not the Saboteur at all. Pretty sad. So now we await the next “twist” — Annie really didn’t do much as the Saboteur. IMO

  104. I like Hayden don’t get me wrong, but I like Brendan better. I don’t think Bren is cocky, he just knows he is smart plus he can win at physical challenges….so not a bad combo…if that makes you cocky then Brendan deserves to be. Ok Ok yes I AM A HUGE FAN OF BRENDAN’S…….

  105. Ok Max, you are right about not talking about Monet and so I get you. I kinda agree with you but since Rachel is with Brendan for now THAT is the ONLY reason I wanted her to win HOH. I wish Brendan would drop her soon because she is annoying. I do like Brit but noone beats Brendan in my book. :)

  106. LOL! I started out disliking Brendan b/c I thought he was weird…but he’s kind of growing on me (Minus his attraction for Rachel, bleck)…I don’t know what his angle is…he wanted her to ‘hold him’ when he was sad about what happened with Annie – that made me laugh. I think he picked Rachel to have a skankmance with b/c he IS smart and saw that she is pliable…and she will do whatever he wants! so he will ultimately string her along to do what he wants her to do…then get rid of her when it suits him…I say good for him!!! :-)

  107. I just dont like cocky ppl…he seems to be full of himself..Clark kent..not and she said they’re like jeff and jor but better -_- thhey deserve each other

  108. I agree they’re nothing like Jeff & Jordan…they had a real attraction. I think this is fake. I think rachel really likes Brendan, but he doesn’t really ‘like her’ he’s just using her. which makes sense. When the show is over and brenden discards her she will feel like a fool!

  109. i dont like brit either. she thinks she is HOT sh**…too bad her eyes are messed up!! AND…she eats really annoyingly!!

  110. Can Rachel even feel like a fool? I think her act is fake too. I think she is using Brendan to get further in the game. That is just my opinion. I don’t know but until Brendan does anything to make me not like him, I do. I like a strong player. Can’t wait to next week when Brendan and Hayden will face off.

  111. Max now you don’t like Brit? I thought you did? Who is that cute chick who is under the radar? Her and Brendan would make an excellent couple. Ok, enough about Brendan. lol

  112. Is Annie the chick who is Bi? She wasn’t a good saboteur. I wonder what was it she left behind? They were all looking and then jumped at the end.

  113. no…I don’t really care for Brit. She’s the kind of girl who thinks that she can get away with anything by telling everyone what they want to hear. from watching afterdark it seems like almost everyone knows it too. I think unless she wins POV she is GONE next week! AND….how many freaking bathing suits do each castmember bring to the house with them!! just sayin’!!! Roxie: I know…last night when Brit and Monet were eating the cookies I wanted to slice my ears off! AND when Monet was eating the licorice…I had to fast forward!

  114. I have BBAD, I have to watch it to see what you are saying about Brit and her eating habits. Max who is it you want to win then?

  115. Trish: Yeah that was Annie! i thought at first she could have been the Sab. only because she was trying REALLY HARD to stay in the house…I mean…REALLY hard! lol. I think she left something that stunk…b/c I thought I heard brendan say “do you smell that”…maybe some kind of stink bomb?! lol… who knows!!

  116. Trish: don’t know who I want to win yet :-) I have to keep watching to see how it plays out. Don’t smack me…but Enzo does not bother me as much as the rest. Hayden just seems really full of himself, kind of. Kristin has made NO impression on me…it’s like “does she want to be there”…at first Monet didn’t bother me but now her personality is starting to change….Lane is just ‘there’ … he’ll have to step it up. I don’t think that Kathy has it physically to be able to hold out for the longevity of it all…so don’t know yet :-) my opinions change on a weekly basis…lol!

  117. I also like Kathy the deputy sheriff. Notice that there are alot more people that are older this season than the previous? Not many 18 and 20 year olds this time. Kinda like that.

  118. :( I AM DEVASTATED THAT ANNIE WAS ELIMINATED. Not just because she was the saboteur but because she was my only favorite player. I really wanted to see her get into Rachel and Bredan’s relationship. The Saboteur idea was a really nice and it added a lot of excitement. I simply cannot understand why they didn’t use a method of giving Annie protection for the first week. Instead they gave immunity to some boring azz jewish man who absolutly creeps the frek out of me

  119. britts a mega bitch
    Monet is bitchy sidekick
    Katy is long winded and boring
    Ragen is boring
    Meow meow is trying too hard to be jersy
    Kristen is on mars
    Bren is a cocky fake
    Big red is an ugmo fake biznatch
    Hay is super nice
    Cap’n kosher is a random weirdo
    Lane is boring silent southern man

  120. LOL Max I won’t smack you…yet. lol Enzo is growing on me. I love Jersey boys. He just needs to scale that part back some. I love how he thinks he is running The Brigade. I personally think it is Lane who is playing the dump poor boy thing. I don’t think he is as “dumb” as he is playing. :)

  121. AWWWW Manic I see you like Hayden. That is ok. To each their own. I don’t think Brendan is fake. But I do think his romance with Rachel is fake. To me that is smart on his part. You have to play the game to get ahead. I like Hayden, but he really needs to get out of that Brigade and think for himself.

  122. youngest person is 22 eveeryone else is 24+ this cast gas too many psuedo intellectuals and introverts

  123. lol! I liked Annie AT FIRST…but she just went into a downward tailspin…Andrew irritates me…but I think what everyone else said is the case…he’s just socially awkward! lol. Kristin actually irritates me because she’s just not very social…it’s like when are you going to start talking! she just has weird mannerisms. Enzo…oh boy…i think ya’ll are right, he tries to be ‘too jersey’. “YOUR MOTHER” that makes me laugh the hardest. About Lane…I just don’t know! Part of me thinks he is dispensable and should go just ‘whenever’ … but then it’s like “is he holding back?” i think he likes Britany…who knows! he is kind of annoying though…it doesn’t seem like he brings much to the table…besides muscles!

  124. I agree! i think Hayden let everyone walk all over him as HOH. it’s like he didn’t even get to say what he wanted! Did you see the conversation b/ween Brendan and Hayden….everytime Hayden went to speak Brendan started talking over him and he let it happen! Hayden will make it as far as everyone else wants him to, then they will get rid of him b/c he has no voice. Besides physical strength, I think he’s doomed!

  125. hay just doesn’t seem like an ass…yet like most cute muscular guys they cast. Bren is strictly eye candy for me. I’d like him better if he dumped the swamp thing

  126. I agree Manic, I don’t care for that “swamp thing” much either. I think Bren is playing her to get farther.

  127. I don’t think Hayden is an ass…I just think he let everyone dictate all his moves this week… I think he’s sweet at heart….don’t see why he likes Kristin though.

  128. Bren treated Hayden that way? Well crap. I hope he did because he was pissed that Hayden put him up.

  129. predictions bri and Monet go up. monet because she’s atheletic and has money and bri cuz she is a bitch
    Goin to watch BBAD east coast

  130. I think Brendan did it without noticing…like everytime Hayden went to talk Brenden started in with his opinion and Hayden just got shut down! lol…like…he just lets people walk over him. He just reminds me of a college frat boy…

  131. Max that is what I agree with. Manic seems to like Hayden because he isn’t an ass. I tend to agree. I had to rewatch some parts of tonight to rearrange my thinking on Hayden. He is great on his own, but I don’t like him with The Brigade. Just like I like Brendan alone, without Miss “Swamp Thang”.

  132. Manic: I think your predictions are right! I think that’s who’s going to be on the block too. I’m watching Afterdark now as well… Maybe Brendan will change his tune and instead of putting the two girls up he will convince Rachel to put up a guy to try to eliminate his competition… but I think Rachel just really hates Britany (b/c she is jealous of her ….and like someone else said Rachel is insecure) – which is why it killed me when the majority voted for Rachel to be seen in a bikini over Kristin! talk about confusing!

  133. Ooooooh! LOL! I see…she is indeed :-) I swear her hair changed colors and got longer since she has been in there…blugh!

  134. I am taping BBAD, let me know what is going on. I am here and typing an report for work. LOL Why would Brendan let Rachel put up 2 girls? Put up one guy atleast.

  135. I’m recording BBAD as well, but watching it as it records…b/c I am lame. Nothing good is going on as far as I can tell! Andrew is cooking something and the rest appear to be outside…nothing juicy yet!! Even though brendan said to Hayden he is on board to put up Brit and Monet this week…we’ll see if it actually happens…

  136. I’m sure CBS has a backup plan… No one said they have to tell the guests.. No one said they won’t keep messing with them!! Or, they might have something else up their sleeves.

    Btw: can’t stand Enzo… I know some like him, I respect that, but he is really not funny at all… Probably because he’s trying to be overly Jersey. I like Hayden but he let his alliance make his decisions.. An alliance of people made way too soon, I might add!! No one (except 2, maybe) know eachother!! And this showmance

  137. I thought maybe the Saboteur was making up the fact that two people knew each other….so it is confirmed then?!! I wonder who there are just SO many possibilities, it’s exhausting!

  138. And this showmance irritates me!! Not because there is one, there always is, but it started, what, 5 DAYS after they met?! Rachel is a ho, and Brendon is just horny (but I like him though). OMG, just watched Rachel squeal thru the house on BBAD for everyone to see HOH room… Can’t stand her… ***Squeal****hahahaha****Squeal***Scream***hahaha*** yuck! Maybe someone will pull a Showgirls and push her down the stairs…

  139. Christopher – lmao! I’m not at that part yet on BBAD…but i’m sure it’s coming up, she was just called into the diary room 5 mins ago… crap! I think the showmance is weird to, b/c like you said…I mean they have known each other for how many days?! give me a break! There she is…running outside to tell everyone to come up to look at her room…. I love how she is running around in a t-shirt as a dress that is 4 sizes too small…I’m gagging over here!

  140. Hmmm, think Hayden and Britt are engaged/married? I like Lane, he seems like a good ole boy.

  141. Wow I missed alot. How does the Swamp Thang HOH room look like Max? And why does she wear T-shirt for dresses? Like I want to see her panties? ugh…..

  142. Keeping in mind this is a game, what in the heck was up with Britney and her comment about Annie’s eye shadow and shoes? Britney is a cutie but, good grief passing judgement on their appearance. Let the true colors shine on thru Britney! On the other hand…was this her way of letting us know that possibly her and Annie were the friends in BB house and she was the last sabotage that Annie left behind…makes you go hmmmm. Still gotta stick with my first instinct about Hay/Kris being brother/sister or kin at the very least! As far as Lane, I have the same type of personality I tend to set back observe, read ppl and listen. THEN REACT! Less said, the better. Especially, in any beginning! Maybe he is playing a good game and we can’t see it yet. As of now, I am really pulling for Brendon, this may change! Rachel seems to be whatever the guy wants her to be in the moment and dang with that laugh, we could have lived without that BB. Rachel and Enzo are to much of a “no it alls” and knows nothing at all, I do like Kristen so far. NOT a big fan of Monet at all and this was from day one of hearing her speak! Andrew, is all the way around weird and I don’t think he intentionally misspelled pasteurized…I really don’t think he knew how to spell it but, I bet from now on he will. The rest of them IDK and as far as the others this is just chat and my opinion may change. LOVE BIGBROTHER since FIRST season!

  143. she’s an ass. her basket is full of candy & chocolate and a cheese platter that she was way too excited about. she got a mini bottle of Patron and has been talking about it for an hour. I mean…its enough for like 5 shots…and she’s geeking out over it & the excitement of it all…and she’s gushing about Brendan…lol… she keeps playing with her hair extensions which is driving me nuts. OMG! now she’s talking about how she does “a lot of charity work”… the list goes on!

  144. Enzo really needs to put his hat back on… And leave it on… Forever…..

  145. she got espresso in her basket and I swear to God she keeps calling it expresso – I guess it’s the little things…

  146. Margo: I didn’t understand Brittany’s comments about annies eyeshadow and shoes either! It was kind of like a low blow I thought. I think she just didn’t like Annie! lol. I also think that it was not Andrews intention to spell misspell the word! I think it was an accident and he just said that to cover his butt b/c “he is a doctor”… whatever! Also, just to note, if I hear Rachel say OBVI one more time ….

  147. Maybe I won’t watch the TeVo of BBAD later. Ya can just tell me what is going on as I finish last minute work at midnight. lol Not like I want to hear Rachel’s laugh. Annoyinnnggggggh…

  148. Max you are funny as are the rest that is giving great details about BBAD….next?

  149. I really don’t fall into the hype of Hayden and Kristen, yet… Just a maybe… I really think that perhaps Annie has a lifelong friend in the house… To take over just in case she got booted… The only thing that keeps me from being so sure is the infamous Hayden/Kristen Cabana chat…. Hmmmm…

    Update: I still hate Rachel.

    Atleast Annie was interestingly (yet annoying) crazy… Of course she was whining folks, she had SO many votes to get. Not one or 2, but 6! So I can’t blame her for fighting to annoying as it was. Beats Rachel, relying on everyone to hate Annie…which I have to give her credit, it worked.

  150. Yeah, as soon as I heard hayden and kristin in the cabana room referring to themselves as “us” … I don’t know!! I hope BB tells us who the friends are!
    Yeah, Annie could have stayed around. I think (just like she said) she worked too hard from the beginning….trying to talk to EVERYONE and be on everyone’s side etc… i would have much rather had annie stayed than rachel that is for sure! now I have to listen to her stupid laugh for who knows how long! AND can you imagine all the blanket covered make out sessions they will have in the HOH room – GAG ME! poor brendan…he probably doesn’t even want to make out with her, but has to to keep her where he wants her!

  151. Look at Kathy, swooning the HOH already…

    Rachel really doesn’t believe the whole house hates them?? No bitch, they just hated Annie more. And Skank, Brendon is not the most amazing person you ever met, because bitch, YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM! We just had the first eviction and you’re ready to marry this man?! You just want some Brendon dick! Gah! Gag! He was just the first one to show you any interest!! Had Lane stared at your tits like Brendon does then you’d be on his dick instead!!! Rachel says: Say yo’ dick fo’ a dolla.

  152. I’m from Seattle: it’s eSpresso!! Thanks Max, now I can’t stand her even more…. eSpresso bitch!!!

    And Matt, aka Al Bundy, loves to play with his pubic hair alot…

  153. I just laughed and laughed and laughed. I’ve been a fan of big brother for a long time…and if I’m correct, this is the first time a ‘twist’ in the game has gone so wrong. It’s crazy how it just happened the way it did.

    …But I’m sure CBS has back-up plans and whatnot. I mean, the HGs still think the evil sabator is there!!! Lol.

    …And, yeah, whoever said the ones you dislike are the hardest to get rid of…How true IS THAT??

  154. Maybe, I should jump up and down because I have the same bottle of Patron in my freezer…like Right,heeheehee,like Yeah heeheeheee, like ummmmm, heeheeeheee, omg!!!! she gets on my nerves! I guess makes for good TV! gotta have something to talk about. Even if it is irritating.

  155. I know! Kathy is REALLY far up Rachel’s A** right now! They’re both sitting on the floor unfolding all of Rachels Stripper Wear. My favorite was the semi sparkly BRIGHT yellow skin tight ‘swimsuit coverup’…good God I hope she never puts that on!

    I was wondering what Matt was always doing down there..weird…and random! lol.

    I know Rachel is like in 7th grade! swooning all over Brendan…she just met him! grow up chick!

  156. What is up with Monet and Brit coming into Rachel’s HOH and making themselves at home? They did that with Hayden too. What hanger oners they are. I would kick them out. Oh yeah……

  157. 80’s Purple Long-Sleeve Mini… Puke! Please don’t wear that tonight!!

    I’m gay, and TRYING to be objective… But her clothes gross me out… So I guess they are “fitting” so to speak.

    WHAT was stained on the bottom?! Yuck! Let’s hope it’s not what I’m thinking!!

    All these bitches hate Rachel, but now they’re all up her ass!!! Funny as hell how HOH can make someone so “popular”!!

  158. I know……what is up with Kathy being up Rachel’s butt? And where is Brendan? He ain’t up there making out with Rachel? WTF??? LOL

  159. Christopher that was funny……yet true. Rachel is now offically Swamp Thang, thanks to Manic for that. ST for short needs to get a boob reduction, new wardrobe…..and a makeup lesson plus color that hair biotech…….Matt is playing with his pubic hair? For real?

  160. Her clothes are all bad… she’s trying too hard to be ‘vegas’ lol… she doesn’t realize she’s coming off as like…the ugly stripper….the one no one wants! she’s just gross!

    And yes… it’s been like that from season ONE…as soon as someone gets HOH everyone just ‘changes’ for a minute at least…I wish the camera would stop following rachel as she bends over in her ugly shirt/dress!

  161. Rachel is Kathy’s sister. Gotta be. Their makeup sucks and Kathy loves Rachel’s clothes. Bad taste all around.

  162. Agrees with Chris…She killed me on BB live today when it showed her making the comment, “Are you kidding Brendon? really and why are you getting upset about some girl that you met eight days ago, that is trying to come in between you and something that is real. If their not the friends then she is psycho girl, clingy and your right chris, ready to put a ring on her finger after eight days. Just wierd all the way around with them two! after thinking about Rachel and Brendon I’m not real sure if Brendon is stable minded. X my comment from earlier about pulling for Brendon at this point. Wonder….if Rachel had won POV last week do you think she would have pulled Brendon off the block???? hmmmm another couple you have to be suspisious of. Again, sticking with my original thought Hay/Kris since, I was right about Annie being Saboteur.

  163. LOL! Yeah… where IS brendan?! he’s laying low…trying to stay away from her as long as he can…before she hunts him down and jumps on him.

    I know! What is with Kathy being all over Rachel with the compliments etc… give me a break!

  164. THIS COULD NOT HAVE GONE BETTER!!!! YAY RACHEL! LOL but I was not expecting Annie to be the sab that’s kind of a bummer. But i do know this- the brigade better be on the look out! HAHA SUCKAS!!

  165. I don’t understand why everyone is hating on Rachel so much. So what if she has fake boobs and her laugh is kinda repulsing- that doesn’t mean she’s any less of a person. I think she’s awesome!! Though that whole Annie trying to steal Brendan thing came outta nowhere

  166. Finally! They panned to another group!! Hayden says Monet’s win of $11,000 will be her downfall… Hmmm, they’re coming for you Monet! Lol! ($11000? Where did the extra $1000 come from?)

    Enzo is a superstar?! Are you effin kidding me?

    I’m so tired of hearing Rachel swoon over Brendon… What “other” toys did BB give you, Rachel? Let me guess… Um… Does it take batteries?! Oh, nevermind, you have Brendon.

    The Patron has taken center stage… I can’t wait until it’s gone so I can quit hearing about it…. And I hate listening to people eat… Puke.

  167. Brendon just said,”let me mentally prepare myself”. before taking second shot of Patron. Whatever! wonder what he was really mentally preparing for? lol. And the toast was, Rachel… “TO ME AND YOU AND THE FUTURE”. WTF…I hope they know each other previously or this is going to be a crazy season!!! Seriously! did those two come on TV to make out or play a game???

  168. Sabrina: no one is hating on Rachel b/c she has fake boobs – they are so common now who cares? (even though hers are bad)…to each their own though! we are hating on her b/c of her fake hair, fake personality, fake persona etc… She’s just overall a fake ditzy person.

    Poor Brendan is dying in there trying to get her to NOT drink the tequila!! LOL! When Britney said she was going to “leave them two alone” Branden says “NO! You don’t have to leave” …. he is trying so hard to not be alone with her right now! lol …

  169. Yes I can’t stand listening to some of them eat, lol. I want her to just chug it down (tequila) so we don’t have to hear about it anymore…like its the best thing on earth! i think she was most excited for the whipped cream – gag me.

    Poor Brendan, he probably thought at first this was a good idea…he didn’t count on the fact that she is one of those girls who just attaches herself to a guy real quick…like a freaking octopus or something!

  170. dani: i don’t know about Britney and Hayden being engaged…they don’t seem to interact AT ALL…AND when Hayden was talking to Enzo and Brendan hayden had no problem confirming that he wanted britney out next week…so I don’t think that they are the two friends… but who the he** knows!

  171. lol Christopher!!! Uh oh Rachels’ shots just took effect! She’s got her man! lol. love at first sight! them two!
    It’s not a hate with Rachel, her boobs or laughter. She rolled her eyes at Monet when she pulled her name for the POV and the jealousy with Annie thing after eight days of knowing each other. Among other little things during live feed at night, you can tell she is not such a nice person. I am sure the real Rachel will come out. I hope my opinion is changed, I doubt it tho!

  172. Does she really think that her “win” makes her good competition?! LMAO! She won because she didn’t go over the answer 375, but she still only guessed 80! not even close bitch! Not even close!

  173. I agree with Margo. You really do have to watch at least the afterdark to get a better sense of the people…and after watching more of Rachel you see she’s not the ‘sweet bubbly’ person she wants you to think she is. I had to pause tv to make a snack so I am just at the part where they had the first shot…then i looked up and she just jumped on top of Brenden, yikes!

  174. lol Christopher! it’s not like this was a challenge that required mental ability …it was a guessing game! she got lucky, that’s it!

  175. exactly i bet the two friends/ family members are two hg’s we least expect. i just think hayden is one who has the connection for some reason i think his girl friend is with him. like kristen or britany only reason is because thats who he said he was attracted too.

  176. lol,max your dead on with those two and he will have to deal with it for at the very least a week. He doesn’t want to piss her off this week for sure!

  177. it could also be someone who is flying under the radar…like lane and britney or something?! who knows! i hope big brother tells us b/c there is no reason for the viewers not to know!! lol

  178. it would be so dumb to put monet and britany up. me personally i like britany. so what. she was dumb and said a few rude things to annie in the message but come one annie was trying to target her. and rachael should put strong players up such as hayden and kristen.

  179. Margo: I’m still watching this and dying laughing…everytime rachel makes a move he tries to have a conversation. also, i just heard them refer to themselves as a ‘power couple’ which made me almost spit out my beverage. poor rachel…all she wants is some action and Brendan is trying his damndest to NOT do anything! it’s actually kind of awkward to watch…

  180. rachael needs to go. shes so annoying and hasnt done a thing. she barely won the hoh. i think she should have been disqualified. she took way to long.

  181. we never see much of kristen dani. After discussion hayden/kristen had in cabana room I believe its those two and there related. My husband never watches BB with me. He asked me if Kristen and Hayden was brother/sister because of their nose/mouths. Then, BB afterdark showed the cabana room and then BB said there were two friends in the house. So, from that conversation and plus the fact that I put alot of faith in my spouse and his opinions. I have to go with Kris/Hay being siblings.

  182. I think you may be right…i mean they kept referring to themselves as “us”…and hayden said “i’ve been meaning to talk to you all day”…they’re just really hush hush…maybe cousins or something…

    is matt effing drunk or something?!! he’s acting REALLY weird…Lane just looked at him like wtf?

  183. Everytime I see Kristin, I go OH, I forgot about her!! Every single time!! I’m sure she’s going to kick some ass later! I bet she’s got a great strategy and laying low for as long as possible is part of it I’m sure! And I actually like her alot… Just can’t wait to see what she brings to the party!

  184. Now their talking about chemistry, telling us how bored they are and now he is meowing like a cat. LMAO! Be careful eating/drinking over there max. Don’t get choked!

  185. been agreeing with you alot Chris! seems like you and I are on the same page for the most part. I like Kristen too. Okay, thinking this is about time for me to go to bed. YUCK! their under the covers! Patron kicked in for sure!

  186. I agree, I think Kristen is just laying low for the moment…I think when it comes to a physical challenge she is going to excel , and ultimately stay around long enough then pull out ahead.

    Ooooh, good Lord! i haven’t gotten to the part about chemistry yet…I’m still on matt babbling to lane about something… the only thing the other 2 have in common is ‘chemistry’…I can’t wait to hear Brendan meow like a cat…lmao! He’s a grown man, how can he not take a shot of tequila. Also, if I hear Rachel refer to ‘vegas’ one more time I will flip! No one else is saying “it’s probably b/c I am from Arizona….” or whatever….give us all a break Rachel!

  187. Aaah! Margo….gross! I will have to fast forward!! Branden is slurring his speach…(talking about jail or something)

  188. I think everyone knows someone else in the house…CBS just told them it was only those two. Didn’t most people seems suspicious when the saboteur made that statement?

  189. margo, that’s because you, Max and I rock at BB! We know where it’s at!!! Get to bed!!!

    I’m 15 min behind on bbad, I’m trying to catch up!

  190. LOL! I can’t believe I am still awake…But this is hysterical right now… they are both buzzed and talking out of their a**es. Brenden is just trying so hard to not do anything too physical with her…. I think that guy needs another shot!

  191. other than the fact that he is barely giving out kisses, nothing major at this point going on. looks like friendly kisses, with him dishing out deep words. How old are they? Do they not understand their trapped in a house? OMG, sh$$ getting deep! He is still trying to get out of the room!!! LMAO, He is almost begging her to leave the room. She wants him so bad and he is not showing much interest right now.

  192. Yeah we do but Chris, I can’t go to bed. Trying and then even when done here I will have to re-wind. Especially,since THE ONE just made that comment. I don’t think I understand what The one meant do you guys or can you explain it to me.

  193. LOL, now he wants a shower and calling it OUR HOH room, she is so played! hooked, line and sink-HER, how funny! He has her right where he wants her and then some he don’t!

  194. Margo: That is hysterical! if rachel really were smart then you’d think she would realize he is shooting her down!! ultimately branden will realize that she is too clingly and he might just cut her loose so that he doesn’t have to deal with her! she’s so stupid for letting him diss her like this! what an idiot! i mean…he’s not initiating ANYTHING!!

  195. yep! just like lane said…SHE has the key to the HOH room, but ultimately brandon is the hoh…she is so played! awe… i wonder if when she watches this back she will realize…but i think even then she won’t ‘get it’

  196. Max, I think he already knows, she is either stupid or very young. Not sure of her age. It would be nice to find out that immaturity is the cause of her nonsense. I think I am headed to bed…Max/Chris I will catch you tomorrow night. Thanks for chatting with me.

  197. she totally is…i mean, she is in the bed under the covers laying down and he is sitting up, on top of the covers holding a full glass of wine! he totally does NOT want to be in that bed right now!! OBVI!!! JESUS!!!

  198. i must be far behind…b/c they just turned the lights on…i’m trying to stay awake till the very end!

  199. there is no way she is THAT wasted…she is putting on a show…pretending to not be able to walk down the stairs… give me a break! this girl is a bad actress all around!!

  200. The comments on this app should be the most recent FIRST!! Hello developers, who wants to have to scroll through 250 comments everytime we update to see the new comments!!!

  201. lol…everytime i hit ‘refresh’ it automatically scrolls me to the bottom of the page… or else it would be a b***h to have to scroll down that far!

  202. I paid $ for an app for my iPhone that makes me scroll down 250 comments every single time!!! Nice app, and all, but this ain’t even funny!!!

  203. At least last season we had Jeff and Jordan who actually liked each other. Brendan, how far you going to carry this? All the way to the 250 thou~! Rachel can’t be that drunk or drunk at all. She drank that tequila fine, it was Brendan who made the face of someone who doesn’t drink it that much and he ain’t drunk. Come on Swamp Thang stop with the fake “I am drunk” crap.

  204. OMG is it just me or does Rachel have a serious jealousy problem with all the girls excluding kathy.. like I feel like she thinks they’ll take her “man”. LMAO shes so insecure and clingy I think Brendon is starting to realize that but he’s such a sweet talker manipulator he’s totally using it to his advantage. I’m sorry I just can’t stand when Brendon tries to act all corny/lovey dovey sensitive its so fake. Thats the thing with Brendon is pretty on the outside fake on the inside. Its funny how Rachel, Brendon and Enzo and other ppl in the house think they’re just geniuses when their clearly not. I think they’re gonna feel just a tad embarrassed wen they find out they had an actual Mensa member, a doctor and a college professor living in the house.. DUMBASSES.

  205. Julie said she will tell the houseguests Sunday that Annie was the sabo. So they will all know that they evicted the sabo.
    I heard from another site that all the houseguests are being sequestered. Did anyone else hear that? I wonder why?
    I can’t believe that they all evicted Annie. She had a valid point she made during her speech last night. I don’t like Annie, but I think they all were dumb to vote her out. She told them Brendan lied about who he really is.

  206. I hate the bb12 house guests for voting out Annie! They are so stupid! Rachel is very annoying and I agree with the people that say her laugh is annoying cuz every time I hear it I want to die! The showmance is lame! Matt is by far my favorite player! I honestly hope he wins. I hate that CBS is gunna tell the hg about the sab

  207. ugh BBAD was brutal! If BB tells them ann was the SAB it will suck! I mean ann coulda been lying about the life long friends to cause paranoia. Now what twist will there be??

  208. Can’t believe I am on here again in the morning… I think whoever said that Brendan has realized that Rachel is clingly is right on! but what can you do at this point?! he’ll use her till he thinks he doesn’t need her anymore to help his game. That whole drunk act last night was that most retarded thing I have ever seen! She’s from “VEGAS!!” yeay…ah ha ha !! she should be able to hold 2 shots of liquor if she really is a vip cocktail waitress (gag me)…it was all an act to have the attention on her! Whoever said that Rachel is insecure and jealous of all the others besides Kathy I think is dead on as well! she KNOWS she’s not the hottest chick, which is why she wants all the attention and secretly hates everyone else. she’s just dumb and will look back at these episodes and hopefully be embarassed! lol.

    I didn’t know ya’ll were using your phone and having to scroll down! maybe whoever monitors the page will see your comments and fix it?!?!?!

    I agree w/ Mary when she said that Annie made a valid point right before her exit – she totally did and I think the houseguests were stupid to not listen…even though annie became really annoying – still not anywhere as annoying as Rachel!

    Can’t wait for BBAD tonight! :-)

  209. For whatever its worth, im from NJ and Enzo represents about .02% of the NJ population. I hate that these networks are using Jersey Shore guido retards as their NJ sterotype.

  210. I do not agree with the eviction of annie, now the twist 4 the summer is over…I believe they should either bring her back to the show later on or let her in the house every now and then to sabatoge the house and to keep the houseguests thinking there still is a saboteur still in the big brother house…..Do not let the saboteur be revealed to the houseguests!!!

    Also when are they going to reveal who the long freindship in the house are???

  211. Annie is in sequester now so she might be back with the one person that dropped out making it only 13 instead 14 liked planned.

  212. Dani – Let’s give Hayden credit for having brains. I can’t see how he would EVER be attracted to Britney. Is she cute? Yeah, if you like the blond bimbo type. Hayden has too much going on for that. However, I’ve been wwrong before, especially about Annie being the Saboteur. My vote for that went to Enzo. I really think there is a back-up saboteur in the house just in case Annie got voted off. Big Brother is too clever not to have had a contingency plan.

  213. Christopher, it is actually my brother’s app and phone I was using last night. He is at work so I can’t tell you what app it was. I will later when he returns. Hey Max I am here too but not in the AM like you. I was earlier but I wasn’t in bed yet. lol I agree with most of you. Brendan is still my favorite. I know he is “using” Rachel but I don’t fault him for that. She deserves it the stupid b! I think Brendan would look cute with Kristen but I guess her and Hayden are together? People shouldn’t rag on Brendan, if he is using Rachel that just makes him smarter for “playing” the game. Hayden is playing smart too. I just wish he would drop The Brigade and really join forces with Brendan. Put Andrew and Regan in that group and woohoo a Power Group! Matt the Mesa guy can go away.

  214. I will be so glad to see Monet leave. They kept saying last night that she has made this personal. Hello on one hand you can make friends, but on the other hand everyone has come to win some serious cash so no it is not personal it is called playing the game.

  215. I just read that Lane told Hayden that he won 5k out of PD box. I thought they only showed him winning $91.70 did I miss something?

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