Big Brother 12: Week 2 Sunday Live Feed Highlight

We had a lazy day in the Big Brother 12 house with lots of crazy conversations, some I can’t even mention on the site lol.  One thing is for sure, Britney may be annoying but she can come up with some awesome chit chat and has me laughing with her Diary Room sessions.  I’m not opposed to her hanging around just a little longer. Stay tuned for Monday’s PoV Ceremony results.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 18, 2010:

 10:14 AM BBT – The hg’s are up for the day.  Rachel is excerising, Matt in hoh room by himself and Lane, Enzo and Hayden chillin in the Cabana Room. 

10:32 AM BBT – Rachel and Ragan on the hammock discussing strategy.  Rachel is still not sure who to put up as a replacement nominee.  She wants to split the house.

10:43 AM BBT – Monet and Brit in the kitchen hoping Rachel puts up Andrew because that is the best shot for Monet to stay in the house.  Brit doesn’t think BRachel has a real strategy for the game.

11:46 AM BBT –  The hg’s find out the POV ceremony will not be held until Monday.

1:42 PM BBT – Kristen is telling Rachel about her financial adviser boyfriend. (She did some heavy making out with Hayden Saturday night btw)

2:55 PM BBT –  Brendan, Rachel, Ragan, Hayden, Kathy, Enzo and the rest are having a conversation about the educational system in America.  (It’s actually a pretty intelligent convo)

 3:37 PM BBT –  A ten minute discussion on the ten commandments and Monet states that thou shalt not curse in one of them (she is wrong) and Brit says because they are in the Old Testament, you don’t have to go by them.

4:23 PM BBT – Enzo says he pees on his wife while she is in the shower. (Freaking nasty!)

 8:00 PM BBT – Hayden, Lane, Matt and Monet play a game where they are tossing bags into a large cardboard dollar bill.

12:50 AM BBT – Brendon is raising his voice to Rachel in the hoh because she is telling people one thing and then flip flopping.  He tells her she can’t say little lies to people and expect to stay in the game.  Worried she has a huge targe on her back.

1:59 AM BBT – A bell rings and Monet, Rachel and Brendon have to put their heads in blocks for losing the pov comp.

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I tried to bring you all some pics of showmance number 2 with Hayden and Kristen but they are smart enough to stay under the covers and since they are hiding it from everyone else in the house, there’s no making out during the day.  We should find out who Rachel puts up as a replacement nominee sometime today and the site will be updated just as soon as we get that info.

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  1. Hey Ashli Rae, how comes you are not on here a lot. I know Bitchney’s DR sessions are soo funny.

  2. Hey all! Is it just me, or is Kristen annoying? If sh has a bf why is has she been so hot & heavy (undercover) with long hair…ummm…I mean Hayden? (seriously, cut that freakin hair!!!) Why was she pushing so hard for Rachel not to put up Andrew as replacement nominee?

  3. Yeah I kind of feel bad for kriten’s bf having to watch her make out with Hayden on the feeds. She made the comment that she should have broken things off with him before going in the house. So that makes me think they weren’t that serious to begin with.

  4. Imagine how Enzo’s wife must feel back at home in front of her family and friends now that he let that personal item split out to the public forum.

  5. I don’t care in which order they leave, as long as they leave – Britney, Rachel, and Kristen. Britney and Rachel are the typical BB Bimbos, and Kristen is the biggest “Fake” Person they have ever had on the show, and annoys me to no end. I like Brendon, but the shomance is getting to me. Reagan – a college professor? I really doubt that. Hope he leaves soon. Add Monet to one of my favorites, and also Lance. Hayden is still the one that I want to win it all.

  6. Nasty Nat. from last season was the most annoying ever, And Chiapet was the biggest twit

  7. augghhhh I do not like beady eye kristen!!!!Gawd her voice yuck! Making out with hay….dude ur on tv smartness…sheesh soooo brazen and skankish…I<3 bitchney omg she is too effin funny!!! LOL

  8. after last nite I have no one to root for except bitchney jerZy and clark kent ;= ( gawd why do all the girls have to be anihilated so soon????

  9. The truth is its too late to nominate anyone worth while now. Should of nominated hayden and enzo if one of them gets off put up matt

  10. I cannot wait for bren/rach to loose their power. Kristen is annoying, I think she’s becoming more annoying then britney is. BBAD started with her and Kathy in the HOH room talking (for about an hour) I didn’t even finish watching it. I never seen any of the other HG except for Rachel when she joined them. BORING- We need some action

  11. like omg rachel is so lame she shouldnt put up none of the girls cuz they are not really winning anything so she wouldnt have nothing to worrie about, now they got some big guys in the house this year n they are goin to start winning n they all want rachel and her loser gang gone they should of put up hayden who put her up n matt cuz he playing both side really badly, but really im not likin this season becuz no one thinkin of long run on winning the money n just who they dont like i wish i was on their cuz i be thinkin ok who got it to win n easy to vote with me

  12. Kathy will make it far in this game cuz she is not considered a threat. She is kinda bitchy too so she might be Britneys mom after all. I like Bitchney, cuz she is not afraid of thrashy Rachel.

  13. hey big brother , love the show , but i have couple peeves , one is i live in Canada Nova Scotia and we watch your show u make money off us as we keep your shows going as well and i don’t think its fair that we can not vote on things. its not right.2. how come you never have house wife’s , or over weight girls on your show i seen couple fat men but no fat girls this is not right. I get sex sells but i want to say their are a lot of over weight pretty women out their as well..what about putting people on that need the money not doc , etc.. i find this to be a down sized to big. but i do watch the show and i love it look forward to every summer , but id like to see some of what i wrote. Jolie you look GREAT.. thank you fr. country girl, Canada nova scotia

  14. I agree. I can’t even pick a favorite out of this group. The people in this house aren’t even thinking about their own game. They are a bunch of followers. they need to start taking up for their own allies, and quit voting with the house, or they are going to end up all alone with no one on their side.

  15. @16 BG- I hate to even say it, LOL, but I’m starting to like Brit the best out of the girls in the house too. One reason is I liked how she stayed loyal to Monet when they were on the block together. When she was talking to Rachel in the HOH she never once tried to throw Monet under the bus.

  16. i am so confused! i was gathering that hayden and kristen were the two lifelong friends in the house poss boyfriend and girlfriend! is that out of the picture?

  17. Okay im so confused with rachels game tactics right now!! seriously!? okay saturday night on live feeds she was telling Brendon about how everyone has to THINK that Matt is going to be the replacement nominee, and how it WILL really be andrew and everyone will have to think Monet is going home, when really they want Andrew out! And last night on live feed everyone was up in HOH kissing *** and throwing Monet under the bus, now they are all so gung-ho to evict Monet this week, make up your mind people! I really hope Monet stays this week, i believe her and Britney could make it far in this game because they really are strong competitors they just haven’t shown it yet. I think Andrew should be evicted this week, I mean it would be stupid if Brenchel didn’t. He’s a loose cannon and nobody knows where his true trust lies! If Monet does happen to be evicted this week, which i hope she doesn’t, I hope they will sequester her just like they did Annie, and maybe let America vote on who to come back into the game! Monet would so get my vote! In my opinion if she leaves this week, she is leaving way too early to be as strong of a competitor that she is! GO TEAM MONET! :)

  18. She is not one of my favorite game players, but Brit is quickly becoming one of my favorites to watch. Her diary room sessions are priceless. And the comments that spew forth from her mouth when she is just having a regular conversation on the live feeds are hilarious! (she could cut back on the meanness and being so catty, but she sure has some funny comments!)

  19. Hey Matt, you think this site could program the “awaiting moderation” rules so that the words “live feeds” wouldn’t delay a comment? I understand that links need to be checked, but since the site is “auto-linking” those two words (not by our choice), maybe that one could automatically slide through?

  20. Matt… I noticed that when I put it in quotes, it didn’t await moderation…. hmmm? Is that the trick?

  21. Hi everyone! I think I’d have to agree with many of you when you say what a disappointing group this is this summer. And if I hear Rachel say, “expect the unexpected” one more time, I will vomit. She is so full of herself. Does anyone besides me think that Hayden and Kristen could be (step)brother & sister?? Oh well…who am I kidding? I’m still gonna watch just to see who wins and how long it’s going to take to send B’itny home.

  22. Did anyone else see Andrew’s Godzilla impression on the feeds this morning after he brushes his teeth (right before going back to bed (approx. 8:50 BBT)? Then he barked like a little dog. Then the Godzilla thing again. WTH??? There was absolutely no one around – everyone’s asleep. Just Andrew all alone, acting like Godzilla….. Strange dude. (but I like him!)

  23. Hey Country Girl im from Halifax (Nova Scotia)and i get what your saying and i agree with pretty much all of it except for the fat chicks part. lol I dont want to see fat people period! SORRY

  24. How about putting a ” Grandma ” in the bb house ? She would cook, clean & wait on everyone. I would !!

  25. Rachek keeps sayin ” expect The unexpected ” because she & Brandon are man & wife I bet ya !!

  26. @ jeff- LOL, I agree!! TOO many swimming pools and hot tubs for fat chicks. LOL

  27. @ judy- Jerry from BB10 was a grandpa, why couln’t we have a grandma? You should try out next year

  28. Fat people have hearts too, were’s yours at ? People don’t want to be fat. Some people have thyroid problems & had there thyroid removed. Please be nice.

  29. @ chick from louisisiana, I would love to, but I could not be away from my husband of 48 years & my kids & grand-kids. It would not be worth the gold. But I must say, I would wait on everybody & my shoulders are strong at 110 pounds. They would run me out for ” Cleaning Way To Much ” I,m a neat freak, big time !!! I clean house all-the-way threw everyday & i,m going on 67.

  30. id just appreciate an older group. not everyone but a few over 40/50 would be nice. i am ready for some action besides crying and kissing. bring on the feuds, bring jesse back to get in someones face. i have watched/studied every season since the 1st show. this one is rather dull. even bbad is dull.sigh

  31. Hey Big Brother, I love the show, but agree with #17 about having more of a variety of HG. It’s getting old having the same age group & all perfect sizes! Give us more of a true representation of Americans! It would be much more interesting! Grow a wild hair! Spice it up! Shock us! Give us 4 HG who’s fairly fit & over 50 & 2 young ones a little overweight. Then the other 6 young & slim. I dare you to try that & see what happens!:) BB’s choice of HG every season is way too predictable!

  32. @ nanny, older would be nice ! Like the very first B.B. Too much suckie face going on & not enough game-play. The first frw years was a lot of fun, now it’s turned into a sex show.

  33. @ explorer, RIGHT ON, YOU HAVE SAID A MOUTH FULL !!! GOOD THINKING. Im 66-67 & I really could show them how to have a good show & have respect too !

  34. This is the first time I have paid for the l i v e F e e d s and this season is sooooooo boring. Why the hell didn’t I get the super pass last season with Jeff and Jordan? Not a villian in the house. :(

    • kaysar was and is the most sexiest HG on bb llolololl soooo yummy head to toe ;)

  35. I wish there was at least 1 person in the house that did the exact opposite of what everyone else wanted. Shake things up a little

  36. im not a advocate of violence but come on some drama please? heck theres not even anything for summer and i to disagree on haha. hey summer hows your summer this yr?

  37. I haven’t read all the above comments yet…. but Kathy is irritating as sin! she is just as bad as everyone else…being nice to everyone’s face and then talking sh** behind their back. she was so ‘nice’ to Brit before and now she’s up there talking to Kristin for like 3 hours! Kristin needs to GO! she was all ‘quiet’ and ‘mysterious’ before and now all of a sudden she has all these opinions and is trying to sway everyone to her ‘side’. Why the he** is she so concerned with andrew! i can’t stand her! Although I don’t care for britney she was right about Kristin (saying that she is so fake, she was so demure before and now she’s ‘how she is’). I’m glad Brit won POV – I would rather Monet go than her. I wish they would get rid of Kathy & Kristin before Monet – just b/c I am sick of hearing them speak! Rachel is still on my Sh** list – she’s the most annoying person EVER! I can’t wait to see who Rachel puts up in place of Brit – I am thinking Matt.

  38. @42, LOL, I have BBAD but since I got the L i v e F e e d s I have already seen what they show on there…..I do NOT want to see Monet put on her makeup……oh gawd! I am starting to like bitchy Brit, atleast she is entertaining…….lol, Love just love Regan, Brendan is still my favorite but damn he has to lose Big Red…….she is so annoying……

  39. I don’t get the live feeds – only BBAD…are Kristen and Hayden now an ‘official showmance’ ?!!

  40. even ragan is boring. and i ask has bb ever had a boring gay guy? no not ever. marcellas is freaking im sure. guess the people were a lil too wild in the past and bb wanted a meeker milder group of hg?

  41. yeah – these people are all so lame. bb should keep brit b/c she is the only one who shakes things up (with her comments etc…) I’m starting to like her because of this!

  42. Brit is staying Max. She won the POV competition. I don’t know who Swamp Thang is putting up. She keeps going from Andrew to Matt. Matt would be the best choice if she wants Monet to go home. I don’t really care for Monet but atleast she is entertaining. If Rachel puts up Andrew like The Brigade keeps trying to get her to then he would go home and watch for the house to finally get exciting……;)

  43. To BB & ALL: I fell asleep during the show. Why would I want the live feeds? Hey…maybe some one else will come up with a NEW SHOW almost identical and have a wide variety of HG. Sorry BB, I would watch it over what you’ve given us…in a heart beat! I wanted to stay loyal,but you’re boring me to death. I definitely won’t watch next season if BB continues to ignore our “repeated” request for variety in HG ages. See #37 for request.

  44. Hayden sleeps too much. Nice video of him and Enzo sharing a bed. Yesterday it was Brendan and Big Red and Hayden sleeping together. Weird I say………lol

  45. rachel is just a dumba**. she doesn’t even realize that hayden/kristen are promising rachel & brendan that they are safe…but hayden is still gunning for both of them! I don’t know how Matt got caught in the crossfire, lol! he’s just as big of a ‘floater’ as kristen, ragan, andrew, kathy… rachel just wants to be a harda** and she just looks stupid!

  46. Ya, but Andrew has ” Ball’s ” he dose not take any crap from people, he tell’s them off when the timing is right. And ” Big Red Bottle ” she think’s she is ” Hot” & she also think’s eveyone else think’s so. Big Red Bottle has more millage then the space shuttle my friend’s. Won’t she make her children proud down the road.

    • LOL big red thinks America loooves her and her showmance LOL too funny little does she know we all hate her = )

  47. I agree Judy! I liked it when Brit was asking Andrew why he was so excited when rachel won HOH and he was explaining it to her, she wasn’t liking what he was saying, but he said it anyway – then shut the door on her! lol. Can’t stand Rachel – bleck! I don’t know why she thinks she’s so hot! her hair is terrible! At first I thought why is she wearing so much make up! maybe if she took some off she’d look alright…THEN i saw her w/ no make up on and was thinking good God! Put it back on!!! someone should also tell her that she shouldn’t be walking around in those skimpy outfits – who is she trying to impress?!! gross!

  48. Also, it makes me laugh to think that Rachel really thinks that everyone who was in her hoh room is on ‘her side’ (kathy, bren, kristen, ragan, etc…) these people are NOT on her side! they are ‘for now’ only b/c she is the hoh and they are telling her what she wants to hear…rachel is so dumb!

  49. Yup, for sure Manic Bloom !!! I think the ” chicken’s in the first B.B was more exciting . Lol,lol. Bring back people like that.

  50. lol, god, it was more fun watching chicken George even feed the dam chicken’s. At least they showed repect ! Let’s send bb, a chicken for Rachel to take care off. She would probaly take it to bed & under the cover’s !!! Sorry .

  51. Guys I hear you, maybe after the next HOH the game will begin to get entertaining. I mean sex sells but BB is kinda giving us porn. and I agree with the person who said Bitchney is the only entertainment in the house right now. Hope she wins HOH

  52. why are we talking about chickens and past seasons ? enough already…its retarded…we should be talking about this season and these people! i like britney and hope she stays… rachel should be putting up hayden and backdooring him b/c if he wins next week he’s going after brendan…she’s clueless! i also think it is funny that she probably thinks america loves her! ha! everyone is talking about her! from big red bottle to swamp thing! lol!

    • game has been discussed ad naseum ray is gonna put up matt and team mean girls will split

  53. OH! And if I hear andrew say “kosher” ONE MORE TIME i am going to FLIP! we GET IT!!

  54. I dont understand how anyone could prefer Britney(bibo) over Monet.. At least Monet seems to have it going on up there. Britney on the other hand is a bad version of mean girls. SMH!!

  55. Yup, Brit & Ragan, but we got these two married people who’s door’s are going to close on them soon. Rachel well throw a temper tamtrum, when she leaves hoh, & she find’s out she has nobody but Brandon, her hubby that even likes her. After Thursday, she’ll start to fall.

  56. brit is a biyatch, but monet is just lackluster…she just has an attitude and is so ungrateful…and walks around not giving a shi*. I don’t like monet at all. omg… i am watching BBAD right now and kathy is just irritating the crap out of me!!

  57. Jess, you say want ya,all want & i,ll talk what I want. Chicken-chicken-chicken. Can’t talk about this years to much, it’s all about Big Red Bottle & sex, & wearing no cloths.

  58. pretty difficult to decipher what you just wrote judy. talk chicken all you want, you just sound like a jacka**.

  59. no honey, that was a nod to your stupidity …copied and pasted below:
    Jess, you say want ya,all want & i,ll talk what I want…


  60. lmao. “how are you” I am fine thanks! you’re 67, get a hobby , maybe going back to college to get a better education so you can write intelligently. keep on writing you’re just making me laugh harder!

  61. oh please..she can dish it but can’t take it? i just said we should be discussing this seasons show and that talking about chickens was retarded. she wrote back with ‘chicken chicken chicken’…how am I at fault here?! lol, whatever!

  62. I cant believe kristin made out with hayden, she is always talking about her boyfriend! could they be the secret relationship?

  63. Jess seriousy How old are you again??? I just think your being a lil too argumentative thats all :) And Granda Judy learn to spell bc your making your self look bad!

  64. AM, according to what people are posting about the live feeds they have been making out under the covers… don’t know if they know each other from before the show… but they’re definately getting it on now!! lol. kristen just looks like a bigger idiot now b/c she has been talking about her bf and now she is doing this with hayden… that just proves she has no loyalty so no one should trust her in the house!

  65. AM, according to what people are posting about the l i v e f e e d s they have been making out under the covers… don’t know if they know each other from before the show… but they’re definately getting it on now!! lol. kristen just looks like a bigger idiot now b/c she has been talking about her bf and now she is doing this with hayden… that just proves she has no loyalty so no one should trust her in the house!

  66. how do you not know I am older than that? you don’t. people are so judgemental! go back and read all the conversations from the beginning.

  67. Perhaps I am an argumentative person :-) I can’t help it. I swear, all I said is listed above, I just said we should be talking about this season and she antagonized me…I am going to defend myself, period. I’m just here to talk about the show , but if someone has something to say to/about me, I will speak up as well. Just like anyone else would have done for themselves. She could be lying about the fact that she is 67 to get sympathy, b/c obviously it worked, give me a break.

  68. I am so happy Brit won the POV. She is about the only interesting girl in the house. It’s awesome how she gossips about Rachael. It’s also definitely time for a new showmance too. Rachel and Brendan are just too obnoxious and boring. I mean come on, have you ever heard such a fake laugh from a girl? Time to get that phony out!

  69. Sorry about the way I talk, & spell. I,m a retired nurse & I can hardly see these days. I.ll just get off & leave ya’all alone, so sorry for just having fun. I have alway’s used the word ” Ya’all. guess that’s the southern in me. I’m very sorry I have hurt anyone.Maybe I’m to old to do this.

  70. What? How do i know your older than grandma Judy.. Actually I dont.. Matter of fact I was assuming the opposit so you go back and read my comments .. Ms Jesse!!

  71. judy, give us all a break. now you’re just painting a picture as if you are a 22 year old on here lying about who you are… please! we’re all here to have a good time and you’re just making sour grapes. you kept it going just as much so get off your pity party wagon. I’m from SC and I say ya’ll all the time…so not sure where that came from. I could just as easily lie and say I am an 80 year old grandmother with who is sick and on my death bed, so please don’t be angry at me for any harsh comments i may have made. give me a break! leave if you want, i’m just here to talk about BB so get over yourself.

  72. holy shi* all of you are taking everything out of context. just b/c i am typing something doesn’t mean I am writing it negatively. manic bloom and faddie.

    • hehee calm down don’t get so emotional about it I just don’t like overly mean ppl…like making fun of spelling give her a break

  73. judy , I thought you said you were getting off? see how you like to keep it going? …

  74. Kelsey: EVERYONE was talking smack on rachel when she won HOH (well, almost :-) they are all just kissing up to her b/c she is hoh now… once she’s out i think it will go right back to before…everyone disliking her and wanting her out! they are just as much annoyed at her as wel all are!! lol.

  75. thanks Dany!! i thought that’s what Rach was going to do. so now its set in stone … Monet is OUT!! poor matt!! he’s probably like what the heck?!! lol…. i wonder what the other HG would think if they knew how smart he really is?!

  76. Hot damn they put Matt up. I guess bye bye Monet. But maybe not……part of The Brigade are starting to not trust either Enzo or Matt……makes YOU wonder.

  77. Matt is in close w/ Lane though…he would probably go to bat for Matt when it comes to hayden & enzo. Matt really hasn’t been trying to talk to or sweet talk rather anyone! (that I have seen)…so I dont think anyone sees him as a threat. who knows!! I would be really surprised if matt went though… EVERYONE seems to really dislike monet(brit excluded)

  78. Enzo and Brit are such whinners…..they are pissed that Matt was put up and not Andrew like they were told. Give me a break. You are not any better than Big Red. I don’t like Big Red but Brit all that fake crying and spending so much time in the HOH room. Damn but your annoying ass needs to go home. You were entertaining but not now…….

  79. lol Trish! I didn’t know enzo was a whiner! I’ll have to watch tonight :-) I didn’t think Brit was the type to cry all the time, but holy crap when her butt is on the line watch the waterworks go! She is safe now anyway! So i don’t see why she is still so upset! just b/c she doesn’t like andrew doesn’t mean that rach was not going to nominate him! If she was told that Andy was going up and rach put up matt instead that was rachel trying to mess with her mind, and I guess it worked! Brit used to be entertaining, and i still like to hear her gossip… but the crying is irritating… still don’t like rachel though! I really think that as soon as she is not hoh anymore people will go back to being annoyed by her…..

  80. hmmm…I don’t know about kathy being kristen’s mom… kathy has an accent…and kristin just talks WEIRD! lol… it’s like she doesn’t even want to open her mouth to speak… kristen irritates me…. so does kathy for that matter! lol… hayden DOES act weird w/ kristin… like he would say to Matt “she is so hot!” like… he is so proud that they are together or something… don’t know! I wonder when BB is going to tell us who the long time friends are?!?!?!

  81. I didn’t think Enzo was either but I am watching the L i v e F e e d s and he and Brit were sitting there doing just that. They whine about things that other people do but was Brit not up Big Red’s ass not long ago crying and crap? Now she is talking crap about everyone……especially Kathy…..calling her old hag…I really don’t like Monet and Brit….They just called Kathy a hooker……what jealous bitchs these two are…….ughhhhhhhhh so over them!

  82. you’re so right, as soon as rach won hoh brit was up there crying to rachel! telling her she would put up andrew etc… crying, crying… so she’s just the same as the rest in that aspect! I can see why brit woul dhave turned on Kathy. kathy kind of shunned her. Brit and kathy were always talking in the beginning now kathy is talking to kristen/rachel…and wont talk to brit. i dont agree w/ the names that brit is calling kathy BUT … kathy is not innocent in this! she is talking crap behind everyones backs just the same as all the rest! you know?! i dont like kathy and i think she’s a ‘floater’ just like some others! she’s dead weight anyway… i mean first the hot dog, then the caramel…and she’s always talking about how ‘sick’ she was the first week or so…she’s just kind of ‘there’….

  83. I am thinking it is branden and Rachael! They are way too hot and into each other for just meeting! And why would she give him the POV if she would have won? That would have been stupid!

  84. I’m not a fan of Monet but I would rather see the brigade broke up first, but what happens will happen.

  85. @ Jess~Saturday night my husband and I watched the Showtme After Dark and Kristen kept calling Kathy Mom…We rewound it and and put the volume up louder everytime and she kept saying things like “yea but Mom….”and get this they were talking with Hayden in the room. Last night when Kathy and Kristen were in the HOH room the first hour, she called her Kathy a few times and then forgot again and called her Mom one time….So there is some relationships with Kathy, Kristen and Hayden. At first I thought Kristen and Hayden were twins and Kathy is the Mom….But some people have said they have seen Kristen and Hayden make out. I have not seen that…I thought Hayden and Kristen were just playing the game as brother and sister and faking they liked eachother to mess with our head…But if people have really seen them messing around then I would say Hayden and Kristen are bf and gf and Kathy is the Mom…Also on another night they showed Kathy and Kristen eating ice cream with the same spoon.

  86. Wow! maybe i need to subscribe to the f e e d s!! At first everyone was saying how hayden and kristen might be brother / sister…but as soon as I read other people writing they were making out… i thought maybe they were bf/gf…if kristen was calling her mom … wow! I just don’t see the resemblance…but I guess that doesn’t mean anything, you know?! I’m going to watch extra close now to see how the two of them interact. on the afterdark last night they were up in the hoh room talking forEVER!

  87. I think your looking into the 2 people knowing eachother thing way to much. Everything else Annie said was a lie so I am thinking that is too. and People have said that Kathy is the house mom so doesn’t surprise me that peeps are calling her mom instead of Kathy.

  88. i’m so mad b/c i had the afterdark recorded the past 3 nights and just deleted all of them! i wish i could have went back and listened too! darn! :-)

  89. @Angie: I have heard hg’s calling her mom also and more than just one or two. Shoot I even heard witchy brit call here mom once or twice at first.

  90. awe man, really? I don’t like surprises…and if there really is hg’s w/ long term friendships I want to know WHO! lol. They have only known each other for what 15 days or something? i just think it’s weird to call a ‘stranger’ ‘mom’ … I mean why? just b/c she is the oldest one in the house… oh well!! i don’t mind hayden, but can’t stand kristen! i want her to get backdoored already!

  91. the brigade is stupid! (in theory) it was way too early to be making an alliance… they aren’t going to stay together for long if the game keeps going the way it is….

  92. I agree Jess and I can’t stand Enzo he thinks he belongs to the mob or some shit!

  93. I hope someone will wake up soon and put two and two together and get rid of the brigade.

  94. If I had to pick who to leave first I would say Lane. he’s like a lame duck. he doesn’t do much of anything or talk to anyone! I mean I know a lot of people don’t like Enzo…but at least he makes some comments and is trying to play.

  95. I agree Kathy does talk crap too about others. I think they all do. I haven’t heard Regan said anything bad about anyone. I don’t care for Big Red but atleast she does tell you what she is going to do. Brit said Big Red said she was putting up Andrew and she is mad that she put up Matt. From watching the puter feeds I do know that Big Red said that both men were maybe going up, well one or the other so Brit STFU!

  96. Trish: I haven’t heard Ragan talk crap either. In fact, he is quite honest yet still respectful. even when everyone was in the hoh room talking sh** on brit he was being really diplomatic about it. I like ragan. However, I don’t think rachel makes good on what she says/promises. The other night before the original nominations she was “promising BIG surprises” in regards to who she was putting up …and it was just brit & monet. she’s making lots of little promises to everyone…i think she says one, actually many things…and does another a lot of the time. My dislike for her continues! lol :-) on BBAD and during the regular shows they don’t even seem to show that much of enzo..or at least I must be fast forwarding through it! lol… b/c he just doesn’t irritate me…yet!

  97. Hey Max: The only thing that irrates me about Enzo is the shit he talks about with Monet and Brit. Otherwise he is quite funny at times. Regan is a cool guy. I like him. Besides Brendan he is my favorite and I wouldn’t mind him winning either. You are right, Big Red has said things and then didn’t follow thru. But it might not matter, Hayden is gunning for her and Brendan big time.


  99. Trish: Brendan is growing on me! lol. I like him. You’re probably right about Enzo, I think everytime I see him on BBAD i fast forward subconciously! LOL! That’s what I’ve kept on writing – no matter what Hayden/Kristen say right now – they are going to turn on brendan and rachel as soon as they get the chance! Can’t wait for after dark tonight ;-)

  100. I personally LOVE Britney. I feel she is more entertaining than anyone, regardless of her attitude. Personally, I thought they should’ve kept Annie, for then we wouldn’t have to deal with Jordeff Lite drama. I also like Kristen. I personally like everyone but Rachel, Brendon, Andrew, and Ragan. Britney and Monet are my two faves right now.

  101. Hey contrey girl I’m from nova scotia too I am from Sydney doesn’t nova scotia rock

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