Big Brother 12: Week 2 Saturday Live Feed Highlights

Once Rachel’s nominations were revealed on Friday all the HGs had left to do was battle it out in the Veto competition on Saturday. The results of that comp are poised to possibly change the game and realign targets. Read on to see the highlights of what happened yesterday on the uncensored Big Brother 12 feeds.

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 17, 2010:

9:30 AM BBT – Britney and Monet are having a whining session over Kathy and how much they don’t like her. Thirty minutes earlier Britney had been hugging it out with Kathy that they were okay with each other. So much for that. Britney says she sees how Chima did what she did. Oh I’d love to see you try and pull that one off.

10:15 AM BBT – Brendon and Rachel in the HoH room talking about who really deserves the money and how they’d like to use it if they won the game. Like any conversation between these two it eventually leads to hands-on-bodies moments.

1:45 PM BBT – After over 3 hours the live feeds return with the completion of the Veto comp. Britney has won the PoV and Monet is in tears. Enzo discussing with her and Britney who could go up that would keep Monet safe. They’re leaning toward Andrew.

2:00 PM BBT – Sounds like Enzo lost the Veto comp by 14 seconds. Apparently it was another one of the games here you have to guess when it has been an hour. He was incredibly close.

2:15 PM BBT – Ragan giving instructions to Rachel and Brendon on how to make the replacement nomination. Lots of ideas that Brachel didn’t even consider. They’re lucky to have this guy.

2:30 PM BBT – Britney and Monet discuss getting rid of Andrew as Brit’s replacement. Their second favorite option is to eliminate Kristen. They plan on using their time with Brendon in the Have-Nots room to work over his mind.

5:00 PM BBT – Brendon gives Hayden the heads up that they’re considering using Enzo or Matt as a pawn for the replacement nominee to make sure Monet goes home on Thursday.

5:30 PM BBT – Monet continues to plead her case to Rachel and says she’s not coming after her. Rachel admits she’s considering using Andrew as the replacement and seems to understand that he could likely go home if she does that. She didn’t want to backdoor anyone, but if it came to that she’d rather it be Andrew.

6:30 PM BBT – Rachel going over headcounts for the vote and believes she’ll have enough to evict Monet with the help of Kristen, Hayden, Brenden, Ragan, and Andrew’s votes. Only 9 people vote this week, so there can’t be a tie and it will take at least 5 votes to evict.

7:30 PM BBT – Matt agrees to be the pawn. He thinks votes could shift if the HGs are given the opportunity to vote for Andrew over Monet. He’s more likely to keep the votes together for Monet to be sent home. He’s basically pleading his case for nomination. That’s different!

8:30 PM BBT – Brendon and Rachel are seriously stressed over whether to renom Matt or Andrew. They’re leaning heavily toward Andrew at this point, but they can’t decide.

9:00 PM BBT – Rachel and Brendon are fighting because Brendon started to reveal their plan to Andrew. Rachel is furious and Brendon is cowering. Brendon leaves. Rachel cries. Nicholas Sparks writes another book. Brendon returns and they make up.

11:00 PM BBT – Ragan and Rachel talk game in the HoH room. She’s very nervous about nominating Matt because he’s so well liked in the house. Andrew, on the other hand, wouldn’t draw the same ire from the other HGs but should still be safe enough to make sure Monet leaves this week.

11:30 PM BBT – HGs are out back with a few of them in stockades and the rest shooting the breeze. They’re taking a little time off from the BB game and playing some games of their own.

12:30 AM BBT – Brendon and Rachel fighting again. He’s acting like a baby and getting upset when Rachel points out, wait for it, that he’s acting like a baby. She’s upset that he’s not thinking in this game and making bad decisions.

1:15 AM BBT – Brendon wants Rachel to nominate him because he can no longer fake this romance. Rachel comforts Baby Brendon and tells him she’ll pay more attention to him and be nicer to him. They go on and on and on.

1:55 AM BBT – Hayden and Kristen are making out under the covers along with a little pillow talk. They’re looking forward to being in the Jury House together without any cameras around.

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Now that the Veto Competition is out of the way we’ll have to wait for the PoV Ceremony which should be either Sunday or Monday, though I’m guessing sooner than later. Rachel has a replacement nomination plan and it looks it includes either Andrew or Matt, but probably Andrew. The bigger mystery is how much longer before we see Brachel crack completely!

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  1. brendon and rachel are going to fall down fast… they are ridiculous… def not lasting the summer

  2. Brendon and Rachel are SO ANNOYING. they’re really the worst. last night, rachel had the audacity to say, “we can’t be as stupid as jordan and jeff were in the game.” news flash, rachel: JORDAN WON BIG BROTHER and Jeff made it a lot farther than you two have even made it at this point.


  3. Rachel and brendons priorities are definately not the same. She wants to play the game and he has fallen hard for her.

  4. I agree that she’s playing the game, trying to put up Andrew as a strategy to find out who is on whose side… but why risk someone from your alliance when the other potential pawn is a sure thing? That’s just stupid. If everybody wants Monet to go home, then put up someone who will ensure that she does. The lines will be drawn in the sand fairly soon without risking an alliance member.

  5. brendon and rachel arent as annoying as jeff and jordan, so i will give them that. their relationship is more real i think, cause their both nerds and both good looking ppl.

    however i find rachel to really be playing the game. she is very intelligent and she thinking properly so far this week.

    brendon isnt really helping her at all, but tying to get her to do what he wants kind of.

    now personally i hope andrew does go on the block because i think andrew will go home, but rachel is listening to all options, and playing a good game.

    she is nowhere near my favorite, but she is earning my respect little by little this week for how she is thinking everything out.

    and im with u matt, i dont think Brachel will last TOO much longer. i hope not.

  6. what does being good looking have to do with a real relationship? i meant like their both clearly attracted to each other, so that part isnt fake. the natural attraction is there and with jeff and jordan aka …. jeordan haha it seemed jordan really liked jeff, but jeff was just going with the flow

  7. I have been catching up on this weeks viewing. I was kind of disgusted by Racheal at first but after watching BBAD last night, I am amazed at how smart Racheal is. Save for entering in a showmance week one she has a good grasp on the game and really knows her past participants, history, etc. This cast besides being fairly boring for the most part has some really smart people. Ragan is a genious of the game and a good allie to have. Matt seems smart but Racheal saw right through his big play of offering to be a pawn. Friends from last year will not be surprised that my favorite to win it all is (drum roll please)
    Kristen. I am a sucker for the pretty ones and she is H-O-T. She is not making waves in the house and staying out of the daily battles. She has a strong smart ally in Hayden. I can’t wait to see how the season plays out.

    • LOL I liked that beady eyed biznatch untill she started targeting the mean girls I like

  8. i have to agree, i don’t get putting andrew up. he isn’t one of the rest gunning for brenchel. i don’t undeerstand how they are not seeing the real threats like enzo and hayden. i thought rachel was finally seeing the light when she started questioning matt’s wanting to go up but not wanting anyone to know it was his idea. but of course she’s letting ragan talk her out of her suspicions. if she was REALLY as smart as she thinks she is she’d realize that enzo and hayden are bigger threats than monet and brit. brenchel could have made a deal with them for at least a week and then gotten out some of the heavy weights instead. this nomination was not thought out at all.

  9. Marcus- I am in total agreement with everything you said (imagine that LOL) except the part about the Bre-cheal union not being annoying.I have to fast forward through their romantic talks. Their showmance won’t last through this game but will actually cost them the game.

  10. Why is money such a threat to braychel??? I don’t get it pls explain it to

  11. I TOTALLY agree with BBlover. Hayden & Enzo are the biggest threats.I DO not like Enzo. Put him on, but i don’t think anyone would vote him out. Not just yet.I could be wrong.

  12. I can’t believe she can’t see the brigade they hang all the time!! Ragen is the only one really thinking he knows there’s 3 groups

    Ray Bren andy ragen kris (hay)
    Enzo mat lane Hay
    Monet bri

  13. what really drives me crazy about the bad nominations and brenchel’s strategy is that they have just as many allies right now as enemies. ragan, kathy and andrew are on their side (maybe/maybe not kristen) and if they nominated two of the brigade, they don’t even need brit or monet’s support. they should be taking out people who can actually win HOH, like enzo, matt, and hayden and not brit or monet who can be swayed if the price is right.

  14. Not trying to insult anyone here but I’m watching and reading the same stuff you guys are and I don’t get how you are coming to the conclusion that Rachel is so smart. Being able to spell “chemistry” and being “like into chemistry and science” does not make her a genius. (Maybe I should go back and rewatch the 15 minute “expect the unexpected” discussion between her and a couple of the hg’s last night cuz I guess I missed something intelligent in all that drivel.)

    The least annoying guest member is Kristin and so atm she’s my favorite (being easy on the eyes doesn’t hurt either). But overall this has definitely been the saddest cast that bb’s ever had imho. I’m finding it very hard to really like anyone so far.

    And ps: you can boohoo Jeff and Jordan all you want and say yay Brenden and Rachel but at least J&J were very likeable people and their “underdogness” helped endear people to them. A minority of you disagree with me, but polls, rewards, etc confirm this (even Jesse voted for Jordan for crissakes who saw that coming?) I don’t know what their current status is, but they lasted long enough as a couple to go thru a season of the Amazing Race. Let’s see Brachel get that far….any bets? Didn’t think so.

  15. ugh I’m so sick of ppl actin like jeff/Jordan were the second coming of Christ…man I’m over it they weren’t even remotely smart like Bren and ray

  16. Well, I,m thinking again as I have for over a week now that Bren & Rachel are ” husband & wife ” Got way to cozy the first night . Your cute & your cute too & under the blanket they both went. My god I don’t think a kooker works that fast.

  17. B,B fan’s ! Are ya,all ready to watch the Rachel show tonight ? All bb shows is her, we have seen everything but her on the pot. lol, about one more week & I,ll go back to watching Nancy Grace, she is the real ” Drama Queen “

  18. I saw a commercial that Jeff Schroeder is doing a regular segment on the early show. Some kind of travel thing.

  19. if u guys haven’t noticed Big Brother hasn’t black and white Annie’s photo yet..I THINK she’ll be back what about you guys?!

  20. I agree with Texex…. I don’t understand why anyone thinks Rachel is smart… I know I havn’t missed a show yet. I honestly haven’t seen one player I really care for to win. Sure Kristen is cute but very quite as well. So is Lane and he can at least play….So maybe I think I like Lane so far. Not really getting into the group though. I do agree with wanting Enzo gone. I think it would be nice to not hear anyone say meow moew ever again.

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