Big Brother 12: Week 2 PoV Competition – Spoilers

Power of Veto

Big Brother 12 presses on through its second week of action in the house and on the live feeds. After finding out who Rachel had nominated last night it was time for the Veto competition today where the nominees could fight for their chance at safety.

Read on to find out who won and what that means for the game this week.

The Week 2 Power of Veto results for Big Brother 12:

  • Britney has won the Veto Competition!

The players in this week’s PoV competition were Rachel as HoH, Monet and Britney as the nominees, along with Brendon, Enzo, and Lane. I’d be willing to guess that 4 of those 6 wouldn’t even consider using the PoV if they won, but of course Miss Brit had to go and win.

The Veto ceremony isn’t far away so we’ll soon know whether or not the power will be used. Stay close by and we’ll let you know as soon as that happens.

Who do you think will be the replacement nominee?

Jump on the live feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored. Brendon and Rachel have their big date tonight so don’t miss that on the feeds.


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  1. Holy Shirt Britney won the veto. So she is a competitor. I like that. Bye Bye Money.

  2. what?!@?!?!?! i read from those mew-mew’s said that rachel won. i can only trust matt now lol.

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 britney won!!!!!!!!

    so britney can use it on herself and andrew can go up, and monet will stay. NOBODY wants andrew in the house.

    the votes would line up like 5-2 or 4-3 but i think andrew would leave.

    HOWEVER. if britney uses it on monet (just saying?) then rachel would put up maybe andrew, or kristin. or somebody else.

    but thats not even gunna happen so there is not point talking about that scenario.

    britney and monet can stay this week. its possible. this can work. but only if someone pulls and annie, or andrew is himself. andrew will shoot himself in the foot. he has been doing it the last 2 weeks, but annie and brachel have over-shadowed it.

    the brigade would vote for money to stay. well lane wouldnt. dang. this is gunna be a VERY interesting week

  3. Andrew and Rachel is tight right? So i say Enzo will be the replacement nominee.

  4. I don’t think Rachel will nominate Andrew, because Brendon likes him a lot. Andrew also isn’t coming after them but who knows. I am sure she won’t make a strategic move though!

  5. my bad. on the votes. i forgot 9 ppl were voting, not 7. maybe 5-4 or 6-3.

    and kathy is starting to annoy me. she is the weakest player in the house, aka NEEDS TO GO, but she is being buddy buddy with kristin and rachel…..and monet and britney.

    floater. the bad kind of floater.

    and u know what? SHE’S OLD! haha

  6. Marcus your girl Monet is a goner. These HGs are whimps and will do what Rachel wants them to do. I hope she stays thought.

  7. Yeah. I like Kathy but I despise her gameplay. Players like her usually float to the end of the game! Rachel really has the opportunity to redeem herself and make a better strategic move. Looking forward to seeing what she does.

  8. rachel and andrew are okay tight. but the house would HEAVILY influence THAT decision.

    plus andrew pulled a DUMB move cheering for rachel when she won HOH.

    brendon would vote for monet to leave. so would hayden, kristin. i think britney, matt, kathy, enzo, and lane would vote to get rid of andrew

    but who knows.

  9. yea. i hear u blackgirl. i think she is gone but its not solid.

    if britney and monet can both stay (unlikely) then them AND the brigade will HUNT DOWN brachel like a pack of ravaged dogs. haha. i just made that up.

  10. Really not sure who she will replace. Maybe Andrew because he was so cocky about being safe

  11. ray is thinking of matt as a replacement. Hahaha brigade alliance will disintigrate as expected

  12. i think that matt will be replaced and hopefully monet wont be evicted, was hoping for monet to win and brit to leave but no its hopefully going to be matt. from the begging they should have put enzo and hayden up and if one of them one then put matt up to replace them

  13. I don’t think she will put up Andrew, he is their friend. If Cathy goes up, I think Monet will leave.

  14. monet needs to stay, if she stays shell stay even longer in the game shes a good player, shes going to play just like how michelle played last season and hopefully she doesnt go home matt needs to go only way or possibly kathy

      • OMG finally!! I was so sick of the omg I love u I would never put u up kathey/ragen/kris….phoney now lane who through bri under the bus or matt wwho said their bitching might go up!!! ;= )

  15. Rachel needs to grow some and backdoor Hayden, who should have been put up from the beggining!?!? He put you and your strongest ally on the block, and is blatenly coming after you.. So you go and put up the weak players? If one of them go I hope Hayden wins hoh again and evicts Rachel

  16. I agree #20. This is the perfect opportunity for her to take out a stronger player.

  17. Matt can’t leave! He’s a great game player! Grrr if he leaves I may not even watch this season anymore. These stupid hgs are pissing me off!

  18. Lane & Kristen just entered. Before they came in she was leaning towards matt. She just lane she wouldn’t put him up.

  19. Yeah Matt is the only houseguest I like this season. She won’t put Hayden up because they made a deal to keep Rachel.

  20. Exactly, his expressions crack me up! And how he like hides behind the brigade is just funny! I for one hope she puts up Hayden. I like the guy but it was stupid of him to win hoh the first week!

  21. Is it just me!!! But why is Rachel playing emotionally? I think it would be vest to backdoor a stronger competitor ( Enzo or hayden). But she will put Kathy up and vote out Monet!!!

  22. She is playing very personally and emotionally. Not strategic at all. She isn’t going to last much longer the way she playing. You can say the same thing for Brendon because he has a big influence on the decisions she makes. It makes no sense to leave stonger people in the game at this point. Especially when those stronger people nominated you during week 1.

  23. if she isn’t putten up matt you guys said then who??? She promised everyone minus b/m they wouldn’t go up…if she was a smart girl and didn’t wanna make waves shed put up kat or ragen cuz no one is alligned with them so no one would care…but she played stupid and now has 2 vengeful b!tches coming after her.

  24. if she puts up matt/enzo shell have Bri/m after her and the brigade!! Next wk…good job braychel..

  25. I am not sure who the chick is going to put up. She and Brendon are very close with Ragan and Andrew.

  26. The brigade is probably going to be after them regardless if one of them go up or not. Lol. They have said it numerous times. Hayden would probably throw all the HOH comps because he wouldn’t want them to know that he is aligned with the brigade and with Brachel!

  27. Ugh! Idk either but if she puts up Matt, I think the birgade will protest to keep him and Monet will be leaving this week.

  28. Kathy may be put up but she won’t go anywhere if Rachel can stop it. Rachel n’ Kathy are the 2 that have a life long connection. Caught this when they were moving Rachel into the HoH room.

  29. All I’m saying is she better not put up Matt or else! She needs to be smart here and put up like, Enzo. But we are dealing with an idiot so..I just dnt know. I hope Monet leaves this week since Brit brat is outta the question.

  30. HOH persons have a bad habit of going on a “power n’ ego trip”. Most do not consider the consequences of their actions while being HOH. They are blindsided by the status of being HOH. There have been soooo many times that the nominees were put up for “personal” reasons instead of game play n’ when that happens it usually backfires. We will see how this plays out but I do not believe Rachel will come out to the good.

  31. Chick on the LF she is only talking about lane , matt & Enzo. The rest of the house is saying Andrew

  32. Rachel is too busy playing cutsie to think strategically. She should put up Hayden, who put her and Brendon up, but I think she will put up Kathy or Matt with the hopes of Monet going home. I don’t understand her logic in keeping stronger players, that always backfires. Wonder if Big Brother has any infleuence?

  33. Enzo & Monet think she should put up Kristen because they think she is a floater & is just kissing rachels @s’s because she’s hoh or kathy because she’s weak.

  34. the life long connection I believe is Hayden and Kristen, they had a conversation a couple of nights ago where he said, “I have been tryin to talk to all day” then one of them made a comment that they suspected Kathy of knowing they were the ones with the connection. Think about it, how many times have you seen them hovering together talking game when everyone else is about doing their own thing.

  35. Hay thinks braychels showmance is ‘”disgusting’ and ‘in bad taste’ Lolol I <3 him even more! So I know hay is double crossing Bren/ray.

  36. The house won’t vote for any of the strong players cause for some reasontheu all are playing personaly rather then competivaly.

  37. I hope they are thinking this through. They should back door one of the stronger male players and let the girls know this was the plan all along.

  38. The way Rachel was talking on the LF it’s lane or matt & she was really leaning towards matt.

  39. anyone know if nom are 2day or later 2morrow??? I’m tired of checking to see who shell pick

    • Rachel put up Monet & Brit. Brit won pov which I’m sure she will use on herself. So Rachel will have to put up someone in Brits place. So far Rachel is saying lane matt & Enzo. The rest of the house wants her to put up Andrew or Kathy.

  40. Last night, Rachel was the one pushing in the relationship and Brendon was the one demurring — she is the more aggressive one of the two. He wanted to stop and go downstairs for water and she wanted to stay in bed. the role reversal is funny and makes Brendon look like a wuss.

    • so if a girl was in bren position would she be a wuss? Or is that her rightful place..weak?

  41. Put Up hayden!!!! if she does that though, the other hg’s may not vote for him, and then she will have major blood on her hands. shes gonna have blood on her hands either way. brendon is being jordan and rachel is jeff. brachel is screwed people.

  42. cant wait for sho after dark =) i wanted to see them getting wasted.. its gonna be maaaajor game talk

  43. why does everyone hate britney?? She’s cute I’m glad she won. Rachel should get rid of enzo or hayden if she’s smart

  44. no just what I’ve seen of Brendon with his crying and the way he acts with Rachel I would say he’s a wuss or a better word for him is he is a bitch.

    • Me & husband fell in love in just two weeks. We’ve been together since 2003, married in 2006. He cry’s at sad movies is 6’2 250 ex mma fighter & no one would ever call him a bitch. So I don’t think what you said about Brendon makes him a bitch.

  45. No, but rachel is the more aggressive of the two of them and last night there was major role reversal going on. Why, please, does everyone dislike Andrew?? What has he done that is so awful??? He seems like a nice, quiet guy who keeps to himself most of the time. What did he do that made him such a target???

  46. Someone in my family is friends with Kathy and I can tell you she has no connections in the house. I know it has also been said that Kathy and Britney may be related but that is not true either.

  47. OMG Brittney Won! Well this changes everything! I dont like neither Britt nor Monet. I say put up Andrew because if she puts anyone else up it may stir up drama. >>Kathy Ragan or Kristen could also go up but i doubt that would go well..

  48. Please oh please don’t put up Matt! God she needs to put up Hayden! Can we all agree on that? Hayden needs to go on the block and go home!

  49. I’ve never seen the andy/bri fight so I don’t get why ppl don’t like him much considering their all weird.

    And I don’t like sterotypical gender roles so I don’t like brendon being called a bitch just cuz he’s being vulnerable which takes guts to do. Plus he’s yummy so who cares :)

  50. I am sorry but real men are just not that sensitive. Their is absolutely no reason a grown man should be crying in that house. It’s just a game! This isn’t life or death. Brendan needs to grow some or get off my t.v.!

    • men can be just as sensitive and women can be just as agressive gender doesn’t dictate one or the other. It’s just how u grew up and environment. Men aren’t robots!

  51. Well mark I’m sorry u think that but it makes him more of a man because he can. He doesn’t cry boohoohoo. He sheds a tear. & I’m prett sure, no I know if u saw him in real life & not over chat you wouldn’t say it either. Don’t understand why people have to be so mean on here.

  52. @Kristi: don’t fret over marks statement just goes to show you how insecure of himself he really is, I feel sorry for that kind of person.

  53. hey i agree with you kristi, i think mark is the dork. nothing wrong with a man shedding a few tears. shows they have a heart. mark must have lost his.

  54. @ day Was doin to great dany until certain people started making rude comments. @ torch true true & Ty

  55. I am not trying to be rude but just honest. That is what is wrong with our society today. Feminism is taking over and men are not acting like real men anymore. Men are suppose to be strong and not emotional like women. That is what makes us different. That’s all I am saying.

    • feminism is just about men and women having equality I don’t see what blaming feminism has to do with someone being emotional on tv

      -a feminist

  56. @MARK: you need to read the commenting rules and obey them before you comment again….

  57. It’s my opinion and you don’t have to agree with it. Just stating facts. Sometimes the truth hurts. I would be worried if everyone on here agreed with me. Then I would know that I was in the wrong.

  58. and not trying to get religious but Jesus cried wept a lot of tears. back in the day years ago.

  59. Ty kayest!! Dany I’m glad you grew up. Lol so back to bb. Is it goin to be lane, Enzo or Karly?

  60. Don’t compare Jesus with Brendan. That’s not my point. This guy is on national television crying about a game! I understand there is a time to cry, I am not ignorant. Brendan is acting like a wuss. If you are going to cry at least have a good reason.

  61. I’ve seen my share of hardcore bikers cry in certain situations. my opinion is it takes a bigger man to show his emotions than one who can’t

  62. @Torch: Please mind your own business. I wasn’t talking to you. This was between Kristi and I.

  63. yea matt might go up too. he has no ties with them. except hayden might try to sway them away from him.

  64. I am not attacking anyone. I am just stating a point. If you can’t see Brendan is a wuss then you are just as blind as he is. Open your eyes please.

    • Omg seriously being sensitive is not a bad trait. Get of his u know what sheesh…it’s like ur jealous his perfect looking and smart ; )

    • Well of course, your a real man. That’s why we get along. + my husband & I think you awsome & funny

  65. well maybe less drama. but would there be a lot of drama if andrew went up? idk. there would be if enzo went up. he would probably cry….

  66. Realy mark calling my husband a b*thch isn’t a personal attack. I think it is & as you can see so does everyone else!

  67. hi…I have a question…

  68. and mark when you attack someone who I consider a friend you attack all her friends if you don’t like it get off that’s all I’m going to say.

  69. @dee there has been punishment before, but I can’t exactly remember what they were. if you’re on the block you can get votes against you.

  70. Huh??? what did I miss??? Why isn’t surfer boy hayden on the block??? why don’t they hate him for putting THEM on the block? Monet & Brittany are throw-away players! gah!

  71. Thanks Dany…today i heard Rachel say brendon had to do something, and it sounded like it was a punishment or something. I was wondering if it was because of food or drink. So if Rachel shares alcohol with him, he would get a penalty?

  72. yea brigade will be upset if one of them go up. so i think hayden will try to sway them away from any of them without revealing. that’s why andrew seem the perfect one. and hayden and brendan made a deal to keep kristen, hayden, rachel, and brenden all safe for each other this week.

  73. I think I almost feel sorry for Mark….Although he seems like a real twit, he must have had a difficult childhood to have the opinions that he has of what a “real man” is….And THAT my friends is what is WRONG with society!….As he would say, “I’m just stating the facts”….Also, there’s no need for these personal attacks here, and nothing is just between 2 people here….Obviously!!!!….

  74. bigg boob Jen (evil d season) was on the block and a have naughty LOL she ate and got vote against her as punishment

  75. @ dee ,what they were talking about was some enveloppe that was part of the pov comp,whatever was in the enveloppe (a bad thing but we dont know what yet) they will have to do it….

  76. I think they stay on slop next week & again Thank you everyone. You guys & girls are why I keep coming back!! ;)

  77. no some guy took a sip of something without thinking until he did it and he got extra days of have not.

  78. when he drank that was it not amistake?? HE THOUGHT IT WAS SOMETHING HE COULD HAVE??

  79. matt ragan brendon and rachel just agreed to put matt up on the block with rachel making sure to tell the hg that hes only there as the pawn

  80. can’t remember why jeff drank it. i just remember immediately he regreted it but it was too late and they gave him an extra day of have not.

  81. @heyjupiter04: Good comment I’m prior military, currently a biker, I get emmotional and I like a fellow MAN who can show emotion.. now I’ll get back on subject overall this year’s H G ‘s arn’t all that bad, through all of the seasons iI’ve seen a lot worse and might I add Ragan is the coolest gay guy they have ever had on here.

  82. yea well i think mark got upset cause we all agree with kristi and he had to get off and go have a good cry. lol

  83. Matt just said he wanted the night to think about it tonight & let them know tomorrow.

    • Huge, I would be mean & say bigger than certain people we know, but I’m a nice person so, I won’t.

    • I think he’s goin to do it. I hate when they put up we’ll be back. I miss the fish tank

  84. I liked kevvie from last yr LOL last yrs cast was so animated and memorable for the most part.

    I hate how eveyone wants Monet out and she’s clueless :(

  85. #! If I do not have a friend as HOH for the next two weeks what do I do NOW to be safe for the next two weeks?

    #2 If they were on the jury who would not vote for me no matter how I played? Make sure they did not make the jury.

    #3 Is there anyone unseen pulling strings against me?

    Does Rachel have and answer to these questions?
    How would you answer these for Rachel?

  86. i dont like enzo, who calls themselves “mew mew” hes pretty much admitting on national television that hes a pussy! He thinks hes so hardcore and so smart but hes an idiot and needs to go

  87. It’s not a good idea to let yourself be a pawn in this game, history has a way of reapeting itself.

  88. good grief, matt is wanting to talk to enzo, lane, and hayden later alone. he better be careful or they will get suspicious.

  89. seriously i would never,and i mean never ever offer myself as a pawn !! i would put my mother on the block before offering myself as a pawn !!!!!!

  90. I think Matt might have just really screwed up the brigade’s game with that request.

  91. Here I am doing two of my favorite things talking to fellow BB fans and watching nascar good race by the way.

  92. Sombody please “splain” to me the connections between Haydon and Kristin? I heard them taling on BBAD and Kristin said she suspected kathy knows about them but has not questioned them. And PLEASE what is with Haydon’s hair? Is it real? Is he wearing it that way because (possibly) he and Kristin are twins? They both have the same beady eyes and sharp nose ? ?? ? And sombody else said there was a connection between Rachael and Cathy? Really?

  93. edwards won but he might get put on probation again or possibly a suspenson this time for spining brad into the wall real bad

  94. get used to the fishy its getting worst every season…a few years back they almost never had the fishy,the last few years its been really bad,last year was the worst !

  95. no only twice atlanta and tonight even Rusty said it was to much and not (boys being boys).

  96. All right. I’m headed out. Thanks again everyone for having my back. You guys really are a great group of people. Dany I guess it’s just not us anymore. Lol. But seriously love you all hope to see you guys tomorrow evening unless I can’t sleep tonight. Lol

  97. rachel is so ditzy. she won’t listen to brenden. she wants to put up andrew cause he’ll be safe. wrong. brenden says no keep it matt. if they want andrew in the house she better put up matt.

  98. @tabby: Hayden is in two alliances one is the brigade and the other is him,Kristen,Brenden,&Rachel

  99. backdoor hayden is correct. They can get the votes. P.s. We’re calling them brachel now? That was a fast showmance

  100. Hey guys, my husband suggested, we all keep in contact even after bb. I don’t face book but I do myspace. Look for kristi or Beeshit in Wv & ask to be added as a friend. Would love to keep in contact with you guys!

  101. Since when were Brendan and Hayden in an alliance together? I thought Brendan was after Hayden and was surprised that he wasn’t one of Rachel’s original nominations. Then I thought that maybe they were hoping to backdoor him and now the opportunity is there. I would like to see the “Brigade” broken up – they all are just too smug for my likening.

  102. Hayden got scared when Brendon won the POV, so the deal was if Hayden kept Rachel during week 1 then Brendon wouldn’t be coming after him.

  103. I think ( and i hope) that Brachel will put up Kristen since she is a close friend of Hayden and is a strong competitor who is making friends with every body in the house ( which might take her far) Plus it wont get evertbody mad because she didnt have any other stong ties with other players in the house other than Hayden .

  104. So… after watching BBAD I have come to a couple of conclusions…
    a) Matt and Ragan have some type of “weird” aliance…
    b) Andrew is a floater
    c) Does anyone understand why both Kathy and Britney are wearing GO HOGS t-shirts currently??? That just tells me that they may be mother/daughter???

    It’s either Kathy/Britney or Ragan/Matt that know each other before the house…

    Please share your thoughts!!

    • They are only wearing the shirts because they are both from Arkansas. They are not mother/daughter. Kathy has a son, no daughter. :)

      • And I agree that there is something “weird” about matt/ragan… Matt is kinda protective over Ragan… Even said there is no way HE could be the one to put him up.. Why not?! This is a $500,000 game… You supposedly just met him 2 weeks ago… Unless you have some tight friendship with him then why couldn’t you put him up?

  105. Did anyone else notice on the CBS BB webpage when they did the “you ask they tell” how Andrew mispronounced ‘Tigger’ as tiger for the question sent by ‘TiggerPooh’? He called him ‘Tiger’ twice! I don’t like him.

  106. I know for a fact Brit/Kat are not mother and daughter. Her moms name is Teresa. I am beginning to doubt the previous connection is even real.

  107. Christopher: They only “say” that she has a son… he’s 23 and Britney is 24.. so it could be that she had her first!

    BTW: Speaking of reviewing tapes, did you guys notice that the first thing Britney says on the tape is that she and her “mom” bonded over watching BB… ? Come on, no one else mentions their family on the tapes!!!

  108. Jenny: What if Kathy’s middle name is Teresa?? BB is sneaky like that!!

    Also, if Matt and Ragan are brothers (since they look alike) they may be twins because they are both the same age!! And they are also supposed to be Super-smart…

    Did u guys catch Ragan mentioning the strange coincidence of where Lane is from?? That made me think slightly of a bit of a connection between Lane and Hayden….

  109. Also, did you guys hear about Annie being sequestered??? that is so weird!! I thought that having a Saboteur was awesome…

  110. Omee, the CBS page says Britney is 22 not 24 and it says Kathy is 40 but didn’t she say she was 45 or 46 when she introduced herself on the first day?

  111. It also says that Matt is 32 and Ragan is 34, not the same age. Did you hear that somewhere else?

  112. Mallory: Been thinking about all this for over a wEek now!! I love this game!

    Jenny: So, as a distant relative can you confirm ort deny that they are even related?? In any way? Sorry, I just have a strong hunch of either them or Ragan/matt..

    Kristen and Hayden have flirted.. So, they definitely aren’t related for sure!

  113. Oh I love it too – have watched every season. But the flirting could also be staged – right?

  114. Mallory: I’ve been reading “unofficial” forums and I think ppl have been misposting ages.. It threw me off because BB could be trying to throw us off too by posting it on CBS’s page.. Remember Nat saying she was 18 last year!? Kathy could’ve said she was older also to throw off the HG’s..

    “Expect the unexpected”. That completely makes me think deeper into EVERYTHING!

  115. Oh, and the flirting looked genuine.. Hayden told Lane he had a crush on Kristen and that he was going to align with her cuz she looked hot in a bikini.. LoL such a BOY!

  116. True, but the official page did have Nat’s correct age posted on her profile. And that is what I think Kathy did too – but why? There does not seem to be a reason for her to do that unless it is for “old lady” sympathy lol. I am 46 and I don’t get any!

  117. Yes he did say that but for half a million dollars wouldn’t you play the game too? I think the more seasons of BB – the smarter the HGs are to see what works and how to manipulate – which is what wins the game most of the time.

  118. Very true! But, did u hear how Annie called her “Mama Kat”? maybe she wants to play that up.. The “I could be your mama” card! Who knows why? She’s also a cop! Cops tend to be sneaky!!!

  119. oooo Didn’t think of that! She acts like Barney Fife but that could all be just an act… hmmmm I actually thought she was the saboteur.

  120. Very true! But, did u hear how Annie called her “Mama Kat”? maybe she wants to play that up.. The “I could be your mama” card! Who knows why? She’s also a cop! Cops tend to be sneaky!!!

    Boys will be boys! Money definitely could be the largest true influence I guess!

  121. I thought she was too! Because the first comp she fell off the hotdog and then got stuck in the caramel! Very sneaky! Its weird that she has yet to align with anyone!

  122. Looks like it! Maybe Jenny didn’t respond because she knows “something”! LOL
    Nice chattin with ya ’bout this game! Its gonna be interesting! I think Monet’s going home! LoL

  123. Yeah and I thought cops had to be physically fit too – so she should have been able to get through the caramel without giving up like she did.

  124. Sorry Omee you got me thinking, I’m from arkkansas and I’ll be the first to admit everyone is related here in one way or another. I can only confirm that Kathy is not Brits mom. But could she be related in another way? Possible.

  125. Jenny: They both have dimples and they are wearing HOGS shirts on the same day!! That definitely rang an alarm in my head! The only thing is that Ragan stuck his neck out for Matt and Matt called Ragan a “solid” guy… So, I’m definitely shifting back and forth.. Remember Evil Dick and that weird twist!!! Wouldn’t put it past BB to do that!

  126. I know, they look a lot alike but that could also be BB trying to put ideas in our heads as well. At least with dick and Danielle BB told us the twist even though the HGs didn’t know exactly what was going on. I feel like it’s off that BB hasn’t aknowleged in any way that there is a possible previous relationship. AND I feel like in the past everything comes to light in the DR. Why is no one fessing up? Everyone just speculates as to who could have the connection.

  127. Honestly, I think Brenden is a big wus.(30 y/0.Seriously? He can’t even do a shot of patron…R u kidding me?? omg…Rachel is trying to really “play”..she is much smarter than I initially thought…Put up Andrew…get him out..enough with the “special treatent”..Monet/Brit are pains, but the they are fun to watch!

  128. brit and kathy could still be related first off i have read somewhere that brit has said her family is like a web???? what does that mean? also her parents are divorced and both remarried(i have not seen anyone mention that so figured i would), so maybe stepmom. or could be kathys sons bride to be… they are the same age both 22

  129. i am still thinking there maybe more then 1 pair of hg’s who know eachother, alot of these hg’s dont live far from eachother.

  130. this is what i found at blog

    Super Complicated Family

    Britney said she has a super complicated family. Her family is a “tangled web” because her mother and father are divorced and have remarried and there are step children in the equation. However, when it comes to her participation in Big Brother 13, her family is “super excited.” Her whole family is rooting her own.

    Britney and her mom have been watching it since the first season. Consequently her mom is super excited to see her daughter now on the show.

  131. I know it’s been asked before but I must have missed the answer, why is everyone wanting Andrew out, what did he do?

  132. This season is starting to piss me off. I like certain players and then they go and backstab even their own “alliance”. Brendan is still my favorite but if he and Rachel don’t start playing smart they will both go in the next 2 weeks. Right now Matt and Enzo and Hayden are talking about how weak and mouthy Brendan is. I hope that is just part of Brendan’s game plan. Matt, the squirt needs to shut his mouth, Meza or not his talk is cheap and I can’t see that weasel winning anything. It is now for all those MEN to put up or shut up! I now have new respect for Brit. How the hell did she win POV?

  133. I am beginning to wonder about brenden and Rachel. He does not seem to have alot on the ball. I think rachael will dump him soon. she is already calling him a wimp and a baby.
    remember annie talking about some guy in the house that takes care of himself sexually. could this be brenden? He sure did not seem sexually attracted to rachael the other night.
    who kisses a babe like that with bird pecks. He seems to be running from her when she gets affectionate. he is all talk and no action. I don’t have the live feeds so maybe I’m wrong.

  134. Debbie I think that andrew caused a stir in the house when they first got there the week we did not see. something about him using special pots and pans to cook in and someone using them to cook meat in. He was complaining that he has to have his food cooked in a pot or pan that has never had meat in them. it is because of his faith. He is jewish. correct me anyone if I’m wrong.

  135. I hope the house will get rid of Enzo before he becomes this season’s Ronnie. Rachel is the smartest player in the house and knows exactly what she is doing!Brendan is a boy toy for her.

  136. I think she should get rid of Brendon. I think he is using her just to stay in the game. I get that feeling just from watching Ater Dark. The way he talks to her and the things he says, I’m not convinced he’s sincere. I think Rachel really cares for him, though.

  137. Since Britney won POV, I would be surprised if Rachel doesn’t put up Matt. I was surprised in general that Rachel put up Britney & Monet for eviction. It just makes sense strategically to put up the stronger players like Lane, Enzo or Hayden. I think the Rachel/Brendon alliance made a huge judgement error that will come back to haunt them later…

  138. I think that Enzo is such a phony mouthy idiot. People of New Jersey should be embarrassed to have him represent them. He starts off tonight by saying that the saboteur left them another present and he can’t wait to find out who it is and get rid of “him”. When Annie was revealed as the saboteur he said that he knew it, you can’t get nothing passed the Meow Meow, “I sniffed her out”. How ignorant is that?

  139. rachel could nominate matt, whom she was thinking about putting up originally. enzo makes me gag every time he is on screen. i would love to see his ass gone.

  140. @Hank: I agree about Enzo, at this point he is the only one that would piss me off if they won.

  141. If Brachel is smart, they will put up Hayden as payback for putting them up the first week. Even if Monet will still be the one that ends up going home no matter what (majority vote- brigade + kristen + Braden= 5) it’ll be like they’re taking a stand.. The house is divided and brit will stay in the game if she aligns herself with the brigade.. Andrew and Kathy are the next targets..

  142. Britany should use the veto to take Monet off since she is well liked and it’s obvious everyone is jeoulous of Monet. Who ever is put up as a replacement is guaranteed to go home. Now that’s a real twist.

  143. WOW I have had a little catching up to do BLAH :( been busy busy, Hiya Kristi ! You ok girl? Well lil Ms Brat won, maybe she will step up and play the game, Im not bored yet but I am waiting to see who shakes the house up. Loving the double showmance too cause I am just not sure Brachel is gonna last to the end of the show we shall see though.
    Rachel is a lil wishy washy so there is NO telling what she will do till she does it but my guess is that if its NOT want Brenden thinks she should do there will be some words HAHAHA..

  144. In watching after dark last night. rachael and breden had hayden in there room and Hayden did all he could to keep them from putting up one of his “brigades men”. they were going on with kathy and I think it was Kristen too about their whole plan. Hayden is the enemy!
    too bad they don’t see what we do. hope they catch on soon.

  145. Rachel, Brandon, Kristen, and Hayden should get in a alliance and take out Enzo, Monet, and Britney. those four would make it to the end for sure.

    michele- i totally agree with you!

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