Big Brother 12 Week 2 Power of Veto Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 episode! There’s no mystery now for who’s on the block after this week’s Veto Competition. Either Monet or Matt will be evicted on Thursday and we get to just sit back and watch it all explode into fights.

Fire up your Big Brother uncensored cams right now and watch the live feeds to see the noms scramble to save their butt. It looks like Matt should be safe this week with the vote count. But remember, BB fans, Big Brother is a fast moving game where things change on a dime so you never know what will happen.

Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show and who you think is in the most danger of being the evicted from BB12! Also be sure to note that tomorrow’s HoH comp appears to be shaping up to be an endurance battle which you can only watch in its entirety online using the live feeds. Be sure to have yours ready for Thursday.


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  1. This season is really much to do about nothing… Did Rachel really say she’s in love with Brendon? Already? is she dumb or just acting dumb? if its the latter, do you guys think thats a legitimate strategy?



  2. “If you really were a black man/woman/kid you would know that your comment suggests that.”

    Omniscient much?

  3. Hey yall! Gosh I hope this whole thing backfires in Matt’s face and he gets sent out the door tomorrow!

  4. im so ready for Monet to be gone. Ugh all the black females they put on BB are a disgrace to us African Americans… FAKE ASS BITCHES! (Monet, Chima, Libra…)

  5. I think Britney should have used the POV to save Monet and that would have saved them both this week. Now, I will be totally shocked if Monet stays in the house. She doesn’t stand a chance.

  6. I really hope Monet goes home. She is so annoying. She and Britney remind me constantly of why I can’t stand hanging out with girls. They are so prissy, catty, annoying, and whiney. Please let Monet go home.

  7. I hope that Matt goes he was in the storage room talking to Andrew and was telling him that his wife has a disease in her leg. He does not know that Andrew is a doctor and he said that he has never heard of that diease. I hope that he will go and tell Rachel and Brendon and a few others. How can you lie on your wife like that. What a douchebag that is awful I am sorry.

  8. Gotta wonder why Brendan was so against the Doctor going on the block. Perhaps lifelong friends……Hmmmmmm. I am so ready for Monet to leave.

  9. Yeah but Matt screwed himself big time because everyone knows that he is now trying to play both sides. I think Monet still has a very little chance.

  10. @brigoode

    Please! Shut up. You are not black…no black person would woefully references themself as an African-American on a “Big Brother” blog. You’re obviously a fake who doesn’t want to be seen as a racist criticizing a black woman. Monet may talk like a ditz but that has nothing to do with her race, there are two other women in the house who act like ditzes and they are white. So what’s your argument?

    All the hate towards Monet is unjustified and she does not deserve to be the target everyone is making her out to be. She is not a threat mentally or physically to Rachel so all the hate she’s been receiving is ugly.

    I like Rachel but I do NOT like all the members of this “Brigade” and I hope Britany or Brendon get HOH next week

  11. Monet has NO CHANCE. Matt has the Brigade. Thats 3 votes. Brendon is going to keep Matt too so thats 4. Ragan and Andrew are going to side with Rachel & Brendon: 6. && Hayden is going to persuade Kristen to keep Matt as well.. Thats 7 votes to keep Matt. That leaves Brittney & Kathy. & We know who Brittney’s going to keep

  12. @Ample12334
    … um i dont understand why I would lie about my race. But i have no time to argue with you. && I wasnt pleading an arguement. So you can shut that ish up.

  13. I like Monet, despite some of the things she says at times. I also liked Libra. Chima pretty much self destructed.

  14. Ample: I disagree. I don’t think that anything has to do with the color of her skin. That being said…she has done NOTHING to try to make any allies in the house (except brit) she has ignored most of the hg’s the entire time…she is JUST NOW starting to talk to other hg. If you watch the l i v e f e e d or BBAD you would see that she is conniving and has nothing nice to say about anyone. She IS a threat physically and she is just plain RUDE and thankless to almost everyone in the house – brit excluded. If i had to live w/ someone with that kind of attitude, I would want her gone too!

  15. matt didnt screw himself at all. he put himself in abetter position. he has more ppl on side i think. for some reason that hole thing last night, the end result among the majority of the houseguest was “well lets still make sure we vote out monet”

    to “brigoode” ur a disgrace. i dont know how monet is fake OR a disgrace. same goes for libra., but thats not the point. ur comment holds no water. if u were going to say that outlandish comment, u need to back it up with some type of …. substance.

    anyway can someone tell me what Enzo is doing? he is shaving his chest dry, and i do see any hair coming off haha

  16. @ Jess
    That wouldn’t matter to me though if the person was weak and isn’t going to win many competitions. So what she came close to winning HOH last week. I don’t think Monet would even come close to winning an endurance comp. I’d let the girl talk as much crap as she wanted if I knew I could beat her in competitions. She does have a really nasty attitude but I think Rachel had bigger fish to fry this week. There are way stronger people than Monet in that house who are coming after Brachel!

  17. I am disappointed by the way that Britney and Monet act. They act like two little teenage girls insulting people the way they do. I would prefer to see both of them go home.

  18. Where was Kathy? I didn’t even see her sitting on the couch during the veto meeting.

  19. Monet is not weak physically. if it were a physical competition or an endurance competition I think she would be able to do well.

    I agree w/ the fact that Rachel has ‘bigger fish to fry’ you are completely on target there! but…rachel wants her out for a personal reason I am sure…I was just commenting on the post that was about “all the hate about monet being unjustified” she is a sneaky girl with a bad attitude – people dislike that kind of person so, I think in someway people disliking her is justified – but nothing to do about her race.

  20. i want Monet out of the house,it will make Brittany but who really cares i really don’t care 4 her. It will help her to get Rachel out of the house which she needs to go!!!!

  21. I DISlike Kristen though – I don’t see how all of a sudden she has a stronger voice in the house. I think she is just as shady as the rest of them…. She is campaigning for Monet to get out too , for whatever reason.

  22. i dont understand why everyone is lashing out on brigoode. Everyone on here is just to voice their opinion. So why is everyone calling her out??

    In my opinion, I dislike Monet & Brittney’s game play. Matt did a good job by gaining the trust of Brendon (i dont think Rachel trusts him yet)

  23. Rachel is just so flippin fake! on the f e e d s and BBAD she is NOT as ditzy as she ‘pretends’ to be in the diary room. everytime CBS broadcasts her she is talking in a higher pitch, saying like a lot, and like squirming around in her chair like a fake valley girl. On the f e e d s and BBAD she is NOT that bad…she’s just trying to play a part… can’t stand her.

  24. I don’t think anyone was lashing out at brigoode – I think sometimes when things are “written” and not “spoken” they are open for interpretation! I hope no one was being outright mean though :-)

  25. Like I was saying on some other threads yesterday while the house meeting was going down…I think it was completely uncalled for for Rachel to ‘call that meeting’… Matt was completely right when he said she was on a power trip and that she was bullying everyone. This is not the ‘honesty game’ or the ‘truth show’ or whatever…why have everyone sit around the living room to try to call people out for their lies! that is the game!!! i don’t know who rachel thinks she is!!!

  26. Britney & Monet are whiny crybaby bitches. As much as I want Monet to go I hope it backfires on Matt. Don’t lie on your family. I hope Andrew busts him out.
    Kathy was MIA this episode. I think I remember seeing the back of her head. I also realized why they don’t show Lane talking too much. He isn’t very bright. Love the show & the drama. Wish it was on everyday!!!

  27. okay @Jess1 now that I can understand and respect.

    But it is ironic how that I dislike Monet, Chima, & Libra.. Their game play was very similar. Well (Chima & Chima’s) Monet hasn’t shown any type of game play so I dont see how she can stay

  28. Jeffrey: funny you say that about Kathy..I don’t think she is very ‘interesting’ in fact, I can’t stand Kathy! she is just as bad at talking about people and backstabbing as the rest! she drives me nuts! she just says the same stuff over and over! in the very beginning i really liked her, but since watching the f e e d s and the afterdark she is just NOT a nice person…well, let me rephrase…she is FAKE nice! just like the rest of them! I can’t hold it to them personally b/c they really are just trying to play a game. Brit & Monet DO do A LOT of bitching…A LOT! lol! it’s like they can’t just have a regular conversation….it has to be bitching about someone/something.

  29. @Brigoode

    Your comment was out of line because you brought her race into the equation. If you don’t like her because she’s a ditz (which she is), then say so. Don’t try to pass on the “angry black woman” stereotype that people on these forums and millions of others have tried to establish.

    If you really were a black man/woman/kid you would know that your comment suggests that. Its very immature.

    In short, if you don’t like her then just say so. But her race has nothing to do with that.

  30. Anyone else noticed that they didn’t show Kristen tonight? I for sure thought they’d show the showmance that’s brewing with her and Hayden!

  31. Okay i guess I am immature being the 18 year old, freshly out of high school student that I am. But that is my opinion.Point ___ . I do not like her because I dont like the way she represents herself… or maybe its the way CBS presents her. I have nothing else to say for that matter.

  32. Just reading over the comments and here’s my 2 cents, for what it’s worth (about 2 cents?)lol….I don’t know about other people, but my reasons for not caring much for Monet go back to the beginning with her snotty, better than everyone attitude…. And I disagree that Matt is playing well…. what????….He is his own sabateur!!!!….I do not dislike him at all, but feel he just keeps screwing himself….The whole paranoia thing that he thought was so brilliant was completely opaque….Rachel saw right through it!!!!….And everyone says that she’s so dumb!….Then with the whole story about his wife, and telling everyone….If he was so smart he would have only told one or two people whom he might think would then tell the others….Him telling everyone makes it so obvious that he is just trying to secure his save….I’m not saying he’s going home this week, but he continuously screws up his game all the while thinking he’s so smart….Again, I don’t dislike him, but I think he’s headed for trouble in the near future unless he really changes his game, and the others are less intelligent than they are supposed to be….

  33. Matt will be evicted.He is just to smart for his own good, I think the “wife lie” is going to be his “Waterlow”

  34. I think Britney is Kathy’s daughter. The saboteur said two people came into the game knowing each other and you NEVER see the two of them together talking. Time will tell.

  35. Oh and I think Matt is going. I think his buddy buddy thing is gonna backfire. I think Monet is gonna become “friendly” and cash in on some votes. I am just ready to see Britney gone. She is definitely a big whiner!!!

  36. How the heck did my comment wind up as #2? It should have been #42.

    FYI, it’s “Waterloo”.



  38. arby23, Britney is not Kathy’s daughter. She is a friend of my brother and she only has a son.

  39. I really hope Monet goes home!!! Britney & Monet are the biggest bitches in the game (even though Britney is very pretty!) and I wish they’d just kick them out. Rachel is actually playing this game strategically, but doing it all wrong. @Jess1 (for your comment about Rachel being fake): Rachel doesn’t pick the clips that are shown on TV, you should know that. She’s either being fake the whole time or real the whole time, she can’t just switch randomly.

    Hopefully once Monet and Britney are out of the house, the stupid Brigade can be torn down! :)

    — Lan

  40. Mensa must have lowered their entrance requirements if they allowed Matt in….. but he’s safe this week

  41. i dont understand why brit and monet need to get out of the house. who do they a threat too. i dont get why hayden wasnt put up. there was two reasons he should have gone up. 1) he put rach and brendon up and 2) hes a huge threat.

  42. @Dudemus:
    I was wondering how you commented on what she said before she said it! Lol!

    Yes, it’s Waterloo. I love everyone on here but I have to say that your grammar and spelling is atrocious!! Lol, at times it is so bad that I cannot comprehend what you guys are trying to convey!!

    And another thing, can we please not waste our conversations about BB12 on such off topic BS as race and personal attacks? We have enough people to talk ish about than ourselves!! :)

  43. By the way, I LOVE all your atrocious grammar!! Let me make that clear!! It’s fun to try to decipher the mess! Lol!

  44. I didn’t see Kathy at all this week. I think her and Britney are related! You can hear a slight accident in Brits voice, the same one as Kathy, not to mention they look alike!

  45. This is becoming the Rachel/Brendon show. I cannot wait for someone else to get some power and get rid of their a**

  46. Woops! I said accident instead of accient. My bad! I think Matt is TOTALLY safe this week, I hope it doesn’t backfire! He’s attractive! And Brendon and Rachel?! All the show is about is their showmance, and Rachel jumping on him with no pants on! I mean, who wouldn’t though! I can’t wait to watch the show tommorow and see Monet go home! I seriously don’t like her! Sure, say what you will about Rachel, but shut up! I honestly think that Monet and Britney are very backstabbing people and should NOT be trusted!

  47. @ Kelsey….I love it! I love that you said that Brit has a slight accident in her voice!!!!….I am not making fun, I just think that’s great!!!!….:)

    • No the sound thing was bugging me so I’m headed to bed. If it doesn’t rain here tomorrow I’m headed to the river, so I’ll talk to you tomorrow night after the feed if your on. If it rain I’ll be on around noon. Hope you have a good night.

  48. @ Joyce (post #28)….No Rachel doesn’t trust Matt….Because Rachel really is smarter than people give her credit for….There are all different kinds of smarts….and Rachel really is not an idiot….:)

  49. I just wonder who Brits going to jump on once Monet goes. I think she’s made it pretty clear she hates every1 in the house & no one is saying anything because they don’t want the drama. That’s all I have for tonight, so you guys have fun & a great night.

  50. Matt is on an ego trip, I hope he goes home on Thurs. I don’t care for any of the girls, gossip, mean to each other, you would think they would be smart enuf to team up and get the strong guys out. They are all too busy trying to look good for the guys. They need to remember why they are there. You can bet the guys know what is at stake.

  51. As sad as it may be for me, Monet is likely going home. However if some of the houseguests realize that Matt volunteered to be used as a pawn, this could backfire on matt in the future or maybe even in the current eviction.The #1 rule of bib Brother is to never feel safe and Matt should remember that rule

  52. Hey, did anyone catch exactly what Rachel said at the end when she put Matt up??….I know she said something about him being a pawn, but did not catch exactly what she said….

  53. Lan: rachel is absolutely being fake. she knows that not everyone watches afterdark and the f e e d s…so she is knows that most viewers are watching CBS – so she “up-plays” her ditzyness in the diary room b/c she knows she is being taped. perhaps when she is just ‘hanging out’ she loosens her guard a little more and acts semi-regularly. it is BLATANTLY obvious that when she is in the diary room she acts A LOT more ‘ditzy’ than any other time in the house. if you watch and f e e d s online you would see that clearly.

  54. chick from louisianna: i completely agree – I am sick of it being the ‘brendan / rachel’ show! i can’t wait for someone else to be hoh so that we get a break from those 2! sometimes on the f e e d s all 4 cameras are on them! bleck!! I don’t know who I want to win the next hoh but dear God I hope it is not brendan, only for the fact that i don’t want to be watching those 2 nonstop for another week!

    Every season it’s the same…whoever wins hoh almost all the other hg’s will kiss their ass at some point and be in the hoh room even if the people who are up there w/ the hoh dislike them…that’s just the game!

  55. Jess1- just out of curiosity, why do you put feeds like f e e d s?? Just wondering.

  56. Matt has made it all the way down to scumbag. His imitation of Johnny Fairplay is sickening! Vote his ass off the island pronto! Hope he feels really, really, really bad some day when a REAL bad, bad, bad illness strikes his wife -and it will, you know!

  57. I hope they send a barber into the house soon to cut Hayden’s hair! Lol! He’s starting to look like Bobby Brady!

  58. Christopher: when you type it out ‘regularly’ the comment doesn’t get posted right away – it goes into ‘moderation’ and sometimes doesn’t get posted at all! something about ‘linking’ i think or … something. i used to type it plainly and then realized that none of my comments were getting posted! lol ;-)

  59. Abby: LOL!! I think a lot of people feel the same way! he needs to get that hair cut…bad. ! lol!

  60. I’m re-posting this because no-one has answered me yet, lol….Does anyone happen to know?….Did anyone catch exactly what Rachel said at the end when she put Matt up??….I know she said something about him being a pawn, but did not catch exactly what she said……..Anybody??….:)

  61. I do not believe that Andrew will vote for Matt due to his knowing the truth about the :lie: Matt told concerning his wife.

  62. Rachel is as fake as those nails. Watched the last chunk of the CBS show and she seems to talk really strange for the diary sessions. She thinks she’s gonna be famous after the show. I just can’t wrap my mind around it – Brendon must be playing along… That it! No other guy could tolerate her. Now that he’s stuck in the house with her –

  63. Nic: I COMPLETELY agree about Rachel! I am praying that she goes next week b/c I am sick of listening to her!

  64. I don’t know why Brit is whining about having to eat fishsticks…i’m 26 and I would eat fishsticks everyday if I could…lol. she should be happy that she doesn’t have to eat JUST slop! at least she got something else!

  65. AND those brown/black? ‘boots’ that rachel wears are freaking hideous! I mean..I can’t tell if they are some whack version of ‘uggs’ … they’re just freaking nasty and she wears them all over the place! even on the bed while her and brendan are getting it on… someone should throw them away!! lol.

  66. honest opinion…Brendon is using her..I believe that both think that if they portray a relationship (yes like J&J) that they will somehow get farther in the game. Good idea except for one thing…J&J were a real team and honestly did like each other..But B&R are playing for the viewers..They both need to stop playing for the cameras and start playing the game…

  67. I don’t understand the changing of the outfits like she’s going somewhere. Last night on BBAD right at the end.

  68. well put connie. I didn’t think of it that way – about R&B playing for the cameras. i think they are both using each other, too. I think SHE is really obsessed w/ the cameras and really likes the attention…and I think you’re right about them thinking that if they are a ‘relationshi’ (blah) they will get further in the game. hopefully it backfires this time and they get split up soon!!

  69. Nic: LOL! I know right?! My favorite was when she wore that yellow/white bra and put on that horrible black dress! good GOD! maybe the dress wasn’t terrible (couldn’t tell it was black!) but it was ill fitting and so was the bra she was showing under it… too bad that girl thinks she is so sexy…b/c she’s just not.

  70. I have watched BB since season one and this is the first time that I do not have a “favorite” that I want to win. Actually, I could really care less who wins – I think all of them are equally undeserving. All of them are a bunch of pigs – the bedrooms look like they’ve been hit by a hurricane as none of houseguests seem to know how to pick up their clothes or make a bed. I’m glad I don’t have to live with any of them.

  71. well she had so much trouble keeeping on the (or in) the first outfit that I think when she went to the diary room they told her to put some clothes on. At least today she has wore something closer to covering her self.

  72. Thanks Connie….Yeah, I just didn’t catch how she worded it….I agree that am not sure about the Andrew & Matt situation, but am also wondering if Andrew will say anything to everyone else though for fear of exposing himself….He should try another angle that Matt’s story was inconsistent and he’s just very suspicious that it’s a fake if he does say anything….But even that is risky for Andrew at this point because I thing the HG’s may still believe Matt’s story over Andrew….Hmmmm….

  73. Charanne: I’ve seen almost every season and normally I can pick out someone who I really like … but you’re right – this season I haven’t found a “favorite” i am hoping that as the show goes on someone will ‘pop’ out at me! On the other hand, it is VERY apparent to me who i do NOT like! lol ;-)

  74. The reason I want Monet to go home is the way she has repeatedly used violence to express her feelings “I want to hit Rachel”, “I wanted to throw the suitcase at her”, “I want to kick somebody’s a**”. I know she frustrated and worried about going home but she seems so angry and mean. It could be she is being portrayed as a more violent person than she really is – but that’s BB’s fault if true.

  75. Me too, Jess, I know for sure who I don’t like and that is almost everyone who has had decent air time. I’m hoping somebody likeable will surface soon so I will want to keep watching the show.

  76. WELLL Andrew is playing his own verison of the game….n’ I have to tell u..if I was playing for 500,000 g;s n’ I could scoot..slip.. slide..bypass..n’ outlast at least 12 other players I wouldn’t give a hairy rats rump who liked me n’ who didn’t..

  77. By the way – does anyone know, or have a good idea, what the vote count is right now? Last night I thought it was 9 – 0 or 8 – 1. So much BS is being thrown around I’m losing count.

  78. And as to Monet’s temper…that is the reason I could not be on BB…I would get put out of the game for attacking some dumb jerk off that I could no longer stomach…I could take some of the peeps that have been on this show for the last 5 years (at least) AND RAM THEIR HEAD THROUGH A WALL AS THEY ARE SO ANNOYING N’ STUPID…I don’t agree with Monet voicing her thoughts of violence but I do see where she is coming from..

  79. I ask that question earlier…I am not sure of who is in the lead for “VICTIM” of the week..

  80. I think the vote is much closer. I didn’t even know the vote was anonymous. Monet has Brit, Andrew, Kathy, maybe Lane, and if Brenchel really wants to go after Matt then she has them too. Would seem the brigade would want to set him loose… 5-4 one way or another.

  81. Could it be that Matt actually outsmarted himself? Is there a real movement to keep Monet? I would think that from a “change things up” standpoint it would be cool to have Monet survive, but I don’t see how that could happen…. right?

  82. Matt was okay untill last night. He told Brenchel that everyone is after them. They so wanted Money gone but they can’t trust him because he explained to Rachel how they are a target in this game and will always be. Brit has sold Monet well and Rachel is comfortable with Monet. Matt got hammered last night and now hes wearing Annies shirt. He is scared.

  83. Thanks Nic – I wondered what was up with the girls clothes. I thought maybe he switched sides.

  84. Expect the un-expective in reverse: What if Monet decided to drink/eat……. Penality would be most likley that she would be on the block next week! That action would bring up the game playing big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LESS BLOOD ON THE NEXT hoh……….
    JUST A THOUGHT. If only the up on the block pair could read our comments. (:

  85. Monet needs to go home so she can go back to math class: 60 seconds x 60 minutes = 1200 seconds!

  86. No just saying Monet could maybe stop her exit if she eat and incur a penalty of auto being on the block next week. That would mess up the Alliance and others in the house!!!!!!!!!! Thus causing people to re-think their votes.

  87. Is it possible for Kathy to complete ONE SENTENCE without saying “you know”!!!

    It’s driving me nuts – I can’t watch it another minute if she stays on camera.

  88. Nic: Include Rachel in that “grimy” condition.
    RACHEL = all about her and the center of the BB12 house!!!!

  89. I absolutely can not stand Rachel and Brendon. They should’ve kept Annie, they could have at least persuaded her the first few weeks. Rachel and Brendon are just… ugh >.> and Enzo, “Meow Meow” you’re calling yourself a pussy, stop please? Okay, I’m done. xD

  90. I know JM. Imagine on any other day in Vegas shes grimy and she smells like casino carpet and cigarette smoke on top of it. With a splash of Patron.

  91. On the positive side: tomorrow is another day with Rachel/Brendon among the non-HOH.
    Thus the GRIMY will combine with FEAR SWEAT!

  92. Im so glad she picked Matt instead of Andrew. I do think Andrew is EXTREMLY ANNOYING but I think it was in her best interest. I think it will be better for Matt to go than Monet (even though I also cant stand her) because of Bergade. Theyre getting too strong and theyre all still together.. Getting rid of matt is a start but we REALLY need to get rid of Enzo and Hayden.. And I agree with MANY of you that this season of big brother is LAME!! (The person who was the twist gets voted out FIRST WEEK?!?! come on! lame!!!)

  93. Good thing Rachel has a washing machine in the bb house, not a winger washer like we used years ago, b/c if she leaned over with those puppy’s of her’s ,,she would get her titty’s in the ringer. ” My awful dream last night ” Now that’s sick. And Matt just made his own bed. Ya gotta go Mr. Matt after a story like that. My grandson has c/p & wears braces on both leg’s. Shame on you !! Yup, Johnny Fairplay you are Matt. Copy cat.

  94. I hope things get turned around and the majority votes Matt out of the house. I think it would be funny to see the Brigade dealt a swift kick. As for who the two ‘real life’ friends are, my bet would be the two doctors Ragan and Andrew. Either they went to med school together or they are partners in the same practice

  95. Calico 747, OMG you could be right !! No one has come up with that one. Good Thinken Lincoln !! I mean Calico 474, lol, wow-wow that’s awsome.

  96. The Brigade needs to get smart for once! They should be taking in Andrew and Ragan and then just blow through the entire house to a final six! None of the women are worthy of this game and Brendan can go with them since he’s such a wuss too. Get em all gone and then let the men play it out….all this whiny assed, cryin’, beggin’, crap is ridiculous!

  97. Rachel needs to go because she’s simply playing this game for post-game fame and fortune. She knows she can’t win. She’s using Brendan (dumb ass that he is) cause she knows the showmance will get airtime. And her entire previous history is one of taking advantage! Send her ass home now before her plan can take hold.

  98. @ Larry, I don’t need to say a word today, ya,all are doing a great job, all I need to do is set back @ read this stuff. Keep it up !

  99. I want Monet to stay for the simple fact that she would really go for Rachel and Brenden’s showmance jugular. Imagine watching Rachel and Monet go at it next week if Monet or Britney win HOH. The fireworks would be AMAZING. I feel like Monet hasn’t gotten a chance to do anything yet, so I’d like to see in what ways she can turn the house upside down. But I think she only has two votes, Britney’s and Kathy’s, and I say Kathy’s because of how upset Kathy was about Matt’s behaviour and how he hurt his friend Monet. I think everyone else will vote to keep Matt in. Sad but seemingly true.

  100. Ugh, watching the scene last night with Brendon and Rachel in HOH room and she’s crying,Brendon trying to help, etc. was horrible. I had to look away.

  101. I don’t have the live feeds at all, but i like Matt and i hope he stays. However, i like him a lot less after the lie about his wife.

  102. Someone alert me when Rachel or Brendon get voted off…..then I will start watching again!

  103. I hope matt goes home and i hope rachel and her man get set up, she is so unlady like on tv and on showtime she is worse.

  104. Lizzy, Britney looks so much like Kathy. Same eyes and same smile. Oh well, guess I was wrong. Thanks for the info.

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