Big Brother 12: Week 2 Live Eviction Episode Tonight

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll have our second live eviction in the BB12 season as either Monet or Matt will be evicted. I had been expecting a blow out with the votes but after Tuesday night’s drama it might be closer than I was thinking.

The live eviction will be followed by a new HoH competition and I’m hoping for an awesome endurance comp. I’ll be here posting all the results live during the East coast broadcast show so keep checking back for the latest updates.

There’s been a lockdown for the HGs to stay inside since Wednesday and we saw a glimpse of a large metal stage on the feeds so I don’t think it’ll be a quick quiz style HoH comp. If it is an endurance competition then Big Brother will make the whole thing available to watch uncut on the live feeds as it happens and I’ll be here all night to discuss it as we watch it together. Be sure to have your live feeds signed up and ready to go in case the endurance comp arrives.

Share your thoughts and tell us why you want to see either Monet or Matt go home. Be sure to vote in our Eviction poll too. Don’t forget to join us tonight in the Big Brother Chat Room during the live eviction show at 8PM EST!

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  1. Hi I just wanted to point out that at the begainning you said this is the first live eviction. Was it not live when Annie was evited or was it a typo.

  2. i think annies eviction was live, but they had been in the house for a few wks prior to the eviction.

  3. kinda off the subject but how is it some hg wear no shirts or tank top and others are wearing pants and sweatshirts.
    I think Brit may be prego, she is always crying and eating, anyone with me on this

  4. Hey Matt love the new l i v e f e e d system this year, my computer wouldn’t run them last year, so I missed out on so much action last year so thank you for the new ones.

  5. I really would like a double eviction. Monet is just too catty and bland, Matt on the other hand copying after that other show where the guy ‘s grandmother suppossedly died and he got the sympathy vote, he is too cocky, and if he is a Mensa member they should revoke his membership. Andrew should reveal that disease is not true, be honest Andrew tell them you are a doctor and call Matt out.

  6. Off the subject………is anyone tired of seeing Rachel & Brendon’s sex capades?! I think next BB they should say NO SEX while in the house. Anyone agree?

  7. @Ap: people have different body chemistry, myself I can sit in 65 degree airconditioning and my brother-in-law is in sweats and longjohns in the same room.

  8. @Patti

    Why would Andrew do that? Let everyone in the house know he’s a DR.?? That would be suicide for his game.

  9. There is nothing wrong with Brittany, except for the fact she has PRINCESS SYNDROME.

    She just a spoiled little brat, so is Monet.

  10. Tammy: she is manic, calm, crying, could be just for show it was just a comment not to offend anyone.

    Andy: Matt called him a shoe salesman, and I think if he knew Andrew knows more than just “selling shoes” it would drop him down a few notches. Again just my opinion

  11. if andrew has to come clean then everyone else should also…brendan, matt, ragan, and rachel should fess up too

    • So should Kathy and Brittany. I think they are mother and daughter. They look alike and they stay away from each other. I think it is on purpose.

  12. @Patti: do you no what bi-polar is.If not I will tell you, it’s where you can be the the nicest person around but without the correct meds. you can turn 180 degree’s and be the meanest person on the earth. I know my nephew has it at age 13

  13. @Patti.

    It would, but it would also kill any chance of him winning. No way in h*** they would allow a doctor a chance at a half-million.

  14. Torch, yes I do know all about bi-polar, besides having a family member living with me I was a mental health nurse for years.

  15. Monet needs to go! she kills me saying that R is threatened by her. What a troll. She looks like she has been hit in the face by a frying pan. Ugly in looks and behaviour.

  16. Well having bi-polar myself and my 13 year old son has it (as well as a deep family history). The fact that she has cried (Many would under those conditions) and is calm at other times is not bi-polar. If she were bi-polar she would be so severely depressed that it could border on suicidal. I also know that on the BB application it ask and if you have any form of mental disorder you are denied.

  17. bi-polar is possible I suppose, I don’t know the symptoms of that, never been bi-polar but I have been pregnant 3 times.
    @Torch- gotcha, makes since

  18. I was not offended, just wondered the rational behind the comment. People tend to throw bi-polar out as a catch all and it is not.

  19. i just think britt is an emotional person who also may be getting ready for or having her cycle. or she may just a cryer lol ive seen brendan cry too

  20. Tammy. now that I have taken my foot out of my mouth, I admit I used it as a catch phrase, but I do think she has a mental disorder in there somewhere. I saw Brendan crying too many times, sensitivity is nice in men, but he is close to just being wimpy.

  21. @Andy- not everyone gets nauseus or sick, and it may or may not stop around the 3rd month.
    It was just a thought
    @Nanny- true Brendan has cried and Monet has cried and Rachel has cried, and I’m sure more that I didn’t name. I guess anyone can get emotional locked in a house with a bunch of people u just met a few weeks ago.

  22. Torch – don’t they lock them in the HOH to prepare for the challenge? They have been locked inside for a day now, and they usually put them in the HOH room to get ready, if they have to carry things through the house for the competition being in the HOH room makes sense.

  23. Matt needs to stop trying to emulate Dan and go the hell home already, followed by R/B–hopefully!!

  24. I have a question about the live feeds. If you get the live feeds on one computer, can you access them on other computers? How does that work. Considering getting them but I am away from home more than I am at home.

  25. I would like to see Matt go home after that HORRIBLE LIE he told about his wife! Its going to bite him in the BUTT if not now, SOON!!!

  26. I would like to see Monet go home just to stop the rude talks that her and Brit have….But I think Matt should leave for being stupid to offer to go up. I know he is supposed to be super smart but what about common sense?

  27. that lie about matt wife was awful and each time you see him tell it he say it with a smile on his face if my wife had something wrong like that woudnt that like make you want to cry about it or atleast fake a frown

  28. @Kentboy: I know if I wasn’t already a widow, I would be one and in jail when he got home. T

  29. please, please go home matt you lying, ronnie like, low slug. making everyone think your wife is sick with some made up disease. you better hope nothing happens to her you rat. If only someone would wise up and tell the other house guests what a liar he is…..GO HOME MATT

  30. In my opinion…I believe Matt was a fool to put himself up as a pawn. Now you can see that Kathy is thinking of knocking him off the show…explaining why to Brandon…who in turn will bring that point up to Rachel and the list will go on. Monet, I feel will hang in there having Matt take a fall due to Kathy breaking down the Brigade. What a dweeb.

  31. yeah bash someone that not even there to get you out when there ton of there trying to

  32. I would love Matt to go home and when they announce his name that stupid grin would be wiped off his face. Then he will have to deal with his wife and the Mensa Membership. He is annoying with that superior attitude he thinks he has. Monet is just a catty bitter young woman. I hope Matt goes.

  33. i’d be an emotional case too until i went into beotchmode.then heaven help them and me. i am not too fond of matt due to his lie about his wife. why didnt he say he had a disease instead? i loved it when he said about andrew…its not like hes a dr. too funny. YES HE IS A DR and one that deals with bones even if it is in the foot he had to go to med school like everyone else does.jokes on u

  34. I think Matt needs to go, and will. I hope the brigade will see him as a liability and let him go. Brit is evil, but she is cute,funny and has the best facial expressions – one liners. If Monet goes, all the remaining girls will go too for next few weeks. And I think the point has been made and they just don’t need to stay on the Brenchel making-out all night. Turn off their mics and lets hear Brits vagina jokes!

  35. poor annie. she didnt stand a chance. i personally would have laid low and not peeved anyone off just to attempt to make it to the 6th wk or closer to it. and i wish bb had kept it a secret that she was the saboteur. and pulled some pranks of their would have made the show more interesting

  36. They have been released from the HOH room. I really don’t have a favorite right now, but I would like the brigade to be broke up.

  37. Please, please, please don’t let Brendon win HOH tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. @nanny: Britney does seem obsessed with the other females parts. She has dished Rachel’s boobs, and butt, Kristen’s “camel toe”, there is enough material in that house for a stand up comic, Hayden’s hair, Enzo’s meow meow and his yo bro’s. Just to name a few. In between her crying bouts Britney does have a few good one liners but she is a catty person.

  39. Chick # 55. Ditto.
    I cant stand any more of the power trip those two are on. I hope Britney Matt or Enzo win the next HOH comp.

  40. Okay, brit is a little immature and catty and likes to gossip about people, but come on in that house you have to find something to do. But I have to say, that I’m starting to like her a little bit more than I used to. One reason being how she handled herself when she was on the block.She had one on one conversations with Rachel and never once threw Monet under the bus. She never campaigned against her either. She has one ally in the house and that person is leaving, of course she is emotional. Just my opinion

  41. I originally wanted to see Monet leave, but after I saw Matt talk about how he’s lying about his wife having a horrible disease, I want to see Matt go. I think that’s an awful thing to lie about. Obviously he’s never had someone close to him battle a disease or a terrible illness. Not something to joke about!

  42. I would like to see someone not in an alliance win HOH tonight, like Andrew,Kathy, or Brit.

  43. @ Torch- I think anyone but Brendon or Rachel would be great. LOL I wonder what kind of HOH Andrew would make. The only bad thing with that is he and Brendon have something going on. I haven’t figured it out yet, but Brendon really trusts him for some reason and he was always trying to talk Rachel out of nominating him. ( If that long time friend thing was still a possibility, I would be leaning towards them right now. Isn’t Chemistry a requirement for Doctors? Makes sense)

  44. @Chick: your right again, brachel has gotten so annoying I click off the feeds whenever they are on by themselves.

  45. the brigade has to get kristen as thier 5th member if they want the power couple to go home.Heydans a pussy!!

  46. Maybe Brendon is Jewish…if so he may not be as open about it as Andrew. The pregnant Brittney is not an option due to the rough and rugged challenges..CBS would not go for that at all.

  47. BBAD has so much Brendon/Rachel crap, I’ve been falling asleep on it.
    @BG- I agree they must have some type of an alliance.

  48. anyone else think enzo’s remarks on showtime while showering w kath and kris there ,really vulgar? He’s funny ,but i think hes cracking fast…..

  49. Well I’m outta here, but I will definately be back tonight. (Probably bitching about the new HOH, LOL) Bye Everyone

  50. @64 Blackgirl- LMAO- Did you call Brendon, Brenda. That is tooooo funny. That’s his new name from now on!

  51. Okay, I’m really leaving this time, LOL. Hope to see everyone later.

  52. I hope Monet is voted out of the trailer park tonight and then Rachel next week. They are both annoying as HE>> At least Bitchney is playing the game somewhat. Monet just sits around poor me, while Bitchney tells her what to do and Rachel pretty much admitted that her relationship with Brendon was more important than the game.

  53. @billy I think Enzo was being a bid strange last night with the shower. But, why would they want to stay and watch him anyways? Then Lane like to play around with chokeing Brit, he might hurt somebody.

  54. Hope the sleezzzzeee Matt goes home. After the comments about wife’s illness. Not a good way to “play the game”. Shades of “Johnny Fair Play” on Survivor a few years back. The same garbage intellect!!

  55. Does anyone know who was fighting in the house….That was posted somewhere….Anyone??

  56. Okay, I looked around for some info about the rumored “fight” in the house….Looks like all it boiled down to was a bunch of back and forth amongst Rachel, Kristen, Kathy, and Monet, and ended with “Rachel’s hostile approach toward Monet causing Monet to tell Rachel she was going to “walk away” and that Rachel was “lucky.”….

  57. Haven’t heard much about the 2 people that knew each other before show. After listening to Brendon earlier in week, I’m wondering if it’s Brendon and Andrew!!

  58. Hey Blackgirl! I agree with the whole Kathy Rachel Brendon Andrew alliance. I am rotfl at ur comment… calling Brendon Brenda! That should be Brendons name from now on! LOL You also called Monet money the other day…made me laugh alot!
    My opinions/observations:
    1.Matt is getting a bit too cocky-he has watched too many other reality shows & is trying to be a “charachter” as opposed to playing the game of BB (hmmmmmm Ronnie the Rat perhaps?)
    2.Just for kicks & giggles, Id like for Matt to be voted out tonite so that he can get a welcome home ass kickin’ from his wife!
    3.I am crossing my fingers that Brenda wont win HOH this week…I swear I will hurl if I have to see them(B & R) on BBAD for 1 more minute! LOL BBAD is now the Brenda & Big Red show!
    4. I would love for Brit or Monet (if she stays) to get HOH just to get some excitement in there! They are catty, but the comments make me chuckle sometimes
    5. Kathy plays both sides of the fence
    6. Hayden needs a haircut
    7. I hope that Kristen (or Christian a la Kathy) wins a phone call from home & her bf dumps her on television for the whole Hayden thing
    8. Andrew is one strange puppy!
    Cant wait to see what happens!!!!!!

  59. Matt is my favorite!! he is hilarious!! He’s playing a smart game! His lie about his wife is working too. Go matt!!

  60. So what did Matt do that was so bad to the Brenchal and Monte..After Dark keeps talking about it but they never say what he did. Just that he is basicly an Ass…+ does anyone know who “the friends” are or if there are really friends in the house BB has never let us out of the loop this long.

  61. I still hate the whining cattiness of Monet and Britney. They can both go, but AFTER Matt is evicted for his despicable lies about his wife’s illness. Playing the game is one thing, lies like that are just wrong on SO many levels.

  62. Sharon I was thinking that too brendon seemed scared when Rachel threw Andrews name in the mix.

  63. Starting to wonder about Brendon & Andrew too….As someone else said earlier, Brendon could also be Jewish, but not as strict or open about it as Andrew….Also….This could be one reason for Brendon’s statement that his parents would not approve of Rachel….She’s not Jewish….Hmmmm….

  64. @ Sharon & Shauna….I totally aggree with you about Brendon & Andrew. When Rachel mentioned Andrew as replacement, Brendon was acting a little shady. Also, what do you think about Matt & Ragan? Both of them stated that neither one of them will vote against the other

  65. Brendon isn’t Jewish. He mentioned not being one of those hispanics that doesn’t know Spanish. He’s actually Latino – could still be Jewish by religion, but not ethnicly.

  66. “I mean you know, I really care about Brendon” If I have too here her say that one more time I think I might die. And she thinks that his parents are gonna like a “girl like her” when she goes into the next sentece with “oh I need to wa my grimmy bathingsuits they are getting really grimmy” TMIyour gross…..I wish she could go home this week I hope Andrew wins HOH.

  67. I hope Monet stays the others r just to blind to even begin to know how to play the game. they see people trying to save eachother and they don’t beleive they r in an aliance? Unbelievable.

  68. i think Andrew and Brendon could be the pair…Brendon has stuck up for Andrew since day 1, he keeps making excuse for Andrews behavior, says he hopes Andrews wins HOH, Brendon says not to worry he can “control” Andrews vote…Brendon seems way to confident about Andrew for only knowing someone for a couple of weeks

  69. Loonylox
    I thought that about Ragan/Matt but not sure anymore….I thought it was Kristin/Haydan because on one of the BBAD the were in the cabana room and talking about how Brit said that Kristin was a floater and they both laughed and She (Kristin) said of all the people in the house I am the least to be a floater

  70. i hope Monet goes, but it won’t bother me if Matt goes either, especially after his lie ..i know it’s a game and people lie, but you have to draw the line somewhere, IMO

  71. First 1/2 day liked Brendon & Rachel (I live in Las Vegas) and now I gag just hearing their names. Don’t really like any of the players this year. Enzo JERK. Just a wierd group.

  72. don’t think pair is Brit/kathy ; it’s just too obvious.. blonde, both from Arkansas,right age difference…BB is more clever than that

  73. Whatever happened to the “two life long friends” in the BB house. I think it’s……
    Ragan and Matt are twin brothers, Andrew and Brendon are brothers, and Hayden and Kristen are twins.

  74. blackgirl, you are too funny! I was watching Brenda on BBAD and nearly gagged! He’s trying so hard to be BB11’s Jeff – got news for him – he ain’t no Jeff!

  75. If u wanna figure out the “duo” thing ( if it is true)then u gotta go about it in reverse…Instead of watching the HG’s who hang together watch for the 2 who are going in opposite directions..the 2 that have very little contact or interaction with each other. They know they are connected but they would not want us to know…

  76. i also thoght that Ragan and matt could be a pair; but on BBAD this week, when Brachel was considering putting Andrew on the block, Ragan said Matt would be a better choice. i don’t think he would say that if they were the “pair”

  77. exactly Connie… Andrew and Brendon haven’t really been together that much, that is one of the reasons i think it’s them.

  78. that’s true connie…that’s why i wonder why Brendon thinks he knows what Andrew will do….unless they are the pair

  79. Last nite during the “house games” was the first time Andrew really interacted or spent more than 5 minutes with any of them.. I am an “underdog” person…same way with Michelle last the end of the day she had nobody…

  80. I already told yall…Brendon n’ Rachel are playing for the cameras..They think that faking a romance will get them farther in the game…just watch what happens when one of em gets the boot…Their true colors will show…After all Brendon did not use his power of veto on Rachel…DID HE??? That should have been a red flag for her..but she is just as phoney as he is…

  81. when Matt and Ragen were on the couch just now, did’nt they look like each other?? (brothers) or maybe I should stop wondering who the pair is… LOL will the joke be on all of us who have trying to figure the pair thing out. LOL

  82. @Tammy I had the live feeds last year there is a toolbar icon you click on I used it on 2 computers, but be sure to cancel it after the show is over or they will keep charging you, I got my money back but could not figure if the show was over why would I still use the live feeds?

  83. if i was enzo or lane, the perfect plan would be to replace matt with kristen in the original brigade and keep monet and offer a final 4 deal with brittany and monet. so they would have 6 votes and enzo and lane would have two 4 person brigades. thats what i would do, but matt is goin to stay

  84. @Patti: SuperPass runs year round and Big Brother live feeds are just one small feature of the overall service. That would be why it’s run as a subscription service instead of just for the time that Big Brother is on.

  85. Rachel is VERY aware of the cameras, and this year more than ever I am sure that the Diary Room and the Producers are steering the whole show around Rachel and Brendon, who are actually BORING to me. And Rachel keeps hinting this is “TV”. (We know sweetie, we have to watch you give hand jobs to Brendon on the LIVE FEEDS…
    I shouldn’t be surprised at whats going on – the Producers help with whatever houseguests that they want with the tie breakers and when the HG’s have to write down a number. It’s obvious the last 2 years, thats what happened to ensure the winner was who the Producers wanted…..and I used to think this was Reality TV, now its come down to Rachel and Brandon performing for TV. Thanks Big Brother!

  86. Shauna
    I was also thinking about Kristen/Hayden too! I wouldnt be surprised! Too many of them are getting waaaay too close in such a short time! LOL Time will tell!
    13 minutes & counting until show time!

  87. Indy Diva, I thought the same thing about Kathy & Britney after the first episode. I thought either mother/daughter or related in some sense….(Aunt/niece?)

  88. Rachel is a performer, and has lost herself in front of the camera. Poor thing….
    And need I say that the ONLY reason why she put up Matt for eviction, was because it was her “2 week boyfriends” idea….

  89. i just hope Brendon doesn’t win HoH this week. i can’t take another week of “brachel” kissee time on BBAD ….PLEASE BB show the other 10 HG’s

  90. Well Brendan didn’t win HOH, Matt did. Big Red and Brendan will probably put up or maybe just Rachel and then I heard talk of backdooring Brendan. I love Brendan, why all the hate? Use that hate for Rachel, she is the annoying one. She needs to go. Brendan is better off without her. BTW, some of this “hate” should go on Matt, he is lying about his wife having a terrible diease so he wants the sympathy vote? Really? If he is found out once again he will not last long in the BB house.

  91. Brendon and Rachel have to stay! It makes great TV to have people on you love to hate!!! Last season was so much better! There were so many to hate Jessie, Natalie, Chima, Russell, Lydia, the list goes on.

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