Big Brother 12: Week 1 Wednesday Live Feed Highlights

Today brought an inside lockdown for the hg’s and they had some fun with the hoh camera while Annie did her best to fight to stay in the house, unlike Rachel who spent most of her time with Brendan.  Keep reading to see what happened in the house on the last day of the first week of Big Brother 12.  

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Big Brother 12 Live Feed Highlights – July 12, 2010:

9:45 AM BBT – Britney wants to steal things from the hgs in order to auction them off on ebay.  She thinks Enzo’s hat and meow meow shirt will be valuable.  

10:51 AM BBT – Annie and Lane lying on the hammock discussing the questionnaire they answered before coming into the house.  One of the questions was what animal do you sound like when you’re having sex.  Lane answered a t rex and Annie said a llama (what?) 

11:46 AM BBT – Ragan is talking about a possible all star season again and says they can’t use anyone from season 9 because they’re all in jail lol. 

12:39 PM BBT – The hgs have received another message from the Sab.  He/She told them he has escaped eviction this week which shows that Rachel and Annie couldn’t be the Sab.  Some are speculating it is Brendan because of the Sab using the phrase “escaped eviction” 

12:54 PM BBT – Andrew talking to Hayden in HOH trying to get him to change his vote to Rachel. (Don’t think this will happen)

1:55 PM BBT – Hayden has received his hoh camera and they are taking group pics in the cabana room and on the outside couches. 

3:29 PM BBT – Annie is once again pleading her case to Britney and Monet.  (Give it up girl, you’re going home.) 

4:00 PM BBT – Kristen and Rachel arm wrestle in the cabana room.  Kristen wins and someone suggests mud wrestling next.    

5:34 PM BBT –  HG’s have been on inside lockdown for a while and now it’s over.  They go outside to find an oversized golf set and they are taking turns playing with them. 

8:48 PM BBT – There’s different noises in the house now.  A stop watch sound in one of the bedrooms, the crickets in another, a hearing aid type beep in the kitchen.  Rachel thinks they could be for a competition and not the saboteur.  She is trying to pick up a pattern.

11:39 PM BBT –  Game talk is going on big time all over the house.  The brigade is in the hoh room discussing the possibilities of keeping Annie over Rachel but ultimately decide to vote out Annie and set up a plan to get out Brendan, Rachel and Andrew.   Britney is running  her mouth as usual and Annie is talking to anyone who listen about how they will benefit from keeping her in the house.   

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 The Brigade has discussed their plan to take it all the way with 3 of them winning some money.  Annie has proved she wants to stay in the house way more than Rachel in my opinion but if you’ve been watching the feeds, you know she’s coming across a little crazy.  The Sab will be revealed to America tonight as well as the live eviction.  What is your best guest on who could be the Saboteur?


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  1. I’m really perplexed by why “The Brigade” won’t save Annie if they want Brendon, Rachel and Andrew out so bad. Wouldn’t they want to strike first against Rachel since Annie is no longer allied with them? Something fishy is going on here.

    • Ok so this is what I am thinking, what is wrong with these ppl… rachel needs to go home. She is so annoying. Not once has she campaigned to stay and if I were them that would totally worry me. That’s always been 1 of the biggest mistakes of this game, if I were a hg I would at least make it look as if I were worried because that is 1 thing that puts a huge target on ure bak. I like annie she is tryin to dig herself out of the ditch that she and enzo put her in. I can’t stand this showmance anymore!!!! I think they need to stop sleepin on kristen, she needs to b watched because at this point why don’t they just call it a nite and give her the money


  3. I hope Annie goes. I want Brendon and Rachel to stay. I agree that something may be up with Kristen. She IS way too quiet and reserved.

  4. Rachel needs to go. I can’t stand to watch her speak in the diary room or watch her and Brendon, yuck. besides if the “brigade” was smart, they’d keep annie. If their goal is to get rid of brendon, get rid of his closest and possibly only alliance with rachel. Annie will be easy to persuade while rachel will always take brendons side.

  5. I agree with people when they say that voting Rachel out is best for the brigade. She and Brendon are both smart (the two top words in the POV) and Brendon is a beast physically. Separating them is a smart idea. Of course, I’m rooting for the showmance. What fun is the Brigade is they don’t have an equally dangerous group working against them?

  6. I’m all for showmances, but rachel looks like a 5 cent hooker and brendan could do much better. Besides the game just started, and I don’t see the brigade lasting very long anyways. I’m still going to hope for rachel to go home. I have a feeling brendon will be around for a while with or without her.

  7. I have this big gray bar across my screen and I can’t get rid of it. I have already paid for the live feed, why do I have to have this jumping on my screen blocking me from reading the blogs?

  8. Ok they say we will find out who the sab is tonight. Again bb that list isn’t working for the sab. Most of them think it’s part of the game. I still think he/she should go big & ask for bb’s help. Just that & telling the houseguests the he/she also enlisted bb to help will rattle the guests. Brendon is pretty quick to try & get people not to look at him as the sab. So is Andrew. Kristen is way to quiet & most of you seem to think it’s Kathy. So I narrowed it down to them. Watch and be completely off with it being reagon. He hasn’t once popped into my mind until writing this.

  9. I think Kathy is the sab! She is too quiet and just layed there in the caramal while other contestants where still playing. I think Rachel should go as well she will be a hanger on if they do not get her out early

  10. Just 2 cents BUT, Andrew stated he will not complete on the sabbath and he cant eat foods that are not kosher(fasting)to limit yourself in this game this way would make it almost IMPOSSIBLE to win and knowing the sabotuer is NOT playing to win this is my theory that Dr A is the one, who would suspect an good jewish Dr? The others are WAY to obvious. We will find out tonight right? The “Brigade” has me cracking up I think Enzo has Howie envy he is trying to recreate the 4 Horsemen ( Cowboy, Jase, Howie and Scott BB5 ) Give it up “E” you can not repeat that one..

  11. Morning chick, did you watch anything last night? I was in bed by 10 & forgot to set up dvr.

  12. @Kristi- I tried, but not too much was happening, so I think I fell asleep about 15 minutes into it, LOl

  13. Ohkay the Sab is obviously Kathy. Think about it people. She was the one to say that the sabetour was a girl, she stayed in that caramel stuff not even attempting to get out, she was trashing Britney and all signs just point to her. If she is the sabetour she’s doing a really bad job because she isn’t..being inconspicuous enough.

  14. It’s a tough one, Hayden seems to be flip flopping. i still think Annie is the one going home, but it seems like a few people have changed their minds. Things change so fast in that house, lol

  15. @18- Lol, i agree. That’s why I hope it’s not her. I would hope, BB would pick someone who could go under the radar a little better.

  16. He’s been doin that for a while. I hate that they didn’t show the pov until last night. It’s messing with everything for the people who don’t know.

  17. Ragan is the saboteur, he wears glases alot in the house to hide his emotions. He’s also the only houseguest to have a substantial amount of info on their career on wikipedia, he is the host of a podcast and nobody would suspect the homosexual is the saboteur.

    Kathy and Britney are sisters, obviously.

  18. If the so-called brigade had any brains they would get rid of Rachel to split her up from Brendan.

  19. Can’t wait for tonight’s episode to finally bring this Rat thing to rest. Its driving me nuts but I still think its Brit. I vote to evict Rachel, why cuz I kinda like Brendon and she will ruin his game.

  20. @ mack- I agree. Annie is aggravating, and I really don’t like her, but I think they really should get rid of rachel while they have the chance. Brendon is a srong player, and he is gonna carry that girl to end (like jeff&jordan) if they don’t get rid of her now.

  21. @ kristi- I know, I hate that too. Seems like we are waaaayyyyy past the things they are showing now.

  22. When are we supposed to find out the ” long time relationship” thing?

  23. I realy never considered reagon as the sab until writing earlier. Not one time. So it will probably be him.

  24. I haven’t heard. It could just be the sab but that seems highly unlikely. It seems quite a few of them could be connected.

  25. I agree this Wed stuff is a killer dont care for it myself, I dont get the feeling Ragan is the Sabo tho, and Kathy again its to OBVIOUS, @ BRAD Ummm I think its a better call Kathy/Brit are Mother/Daughter not sisters LMAO.. but either way they have to go they both get on my nerves more then the rest of the girls. I think Bren can go A LOT further without Rachel, but as we have seen in the past if the two somes are not broken up FAST they always make it to the end.
    Now for the Brigade I laugh everytime I read some thing about IF the Brigade was smart ??/ UMMMM IF being the Key word there, I keep saying it Enzo is trying to recreate the BB5 4 Horsemen thing here and IT IS NOT WORKING.. and what MAN in his right mind WILLING nicknames himself Meow Meow? ( shaking my head)

  26. Enzo is definately all caught up in himself. I think the only reason he’s on this season is they are trying to bank off of the jersey hype that is goin on on the tv networks.

  27. Can someone please tell me why CBS wants to ruin the surprise of who is the sabatour by telling us tonight who it is?? I think that is a stupid idea. Isn’t it better to keep everyone in the dark and guessing until the sabatour is evicted or wins the 5 week time limit. Telling the home audience immediatly takes the viewer out of the fun.
    I think it’s a huge mistake and wish Julie would take a moment and really think about it.

  28. I think that the “Brigade” is ridiculous.

    Enzo is probably the biggest tool of any big brother season.. come on “meow meow” he is an idiot. BUT Hayden actually feeds into what he says and follows him which makes Hayden an even bigger idiot!

    Brendon and Rachel. First of all; Brendon actually seems smart (besides the fact he is clinging onto possibly the ditziest girl in the house)… and Rachal; a.k.a ” im like, like I am , like a chemist! I like love like chemistry and science!” I swear if that girl saus ‘like’ one more time followed by a 5 year olds giggle… ugh

    I wish they let Canadians play and enter the house because I think 95% of the population has more brains then the morons on the show right now.

    Saying this; I think Lane and Kristen are smart for laying below the radar right now bacuse it seems to be keeping their names out of possible block nominees.

    and I think Kristen in the Sab…and if there is a ‘connection’ in the house I believe she is apart of it.



  29. The sabo has a real good opportunity here after Britney stated that bit about selling items on Ebay. The sabo should steal one item from most of the other houseguests over the next day or so. The sabo should then kind of hide them, but let a corner be intentionally visible, under a blanket in the corner of Britney’s bed. Hopefully, someone walking by would notice and then the sh*t would hit the fan.

  30. Ok, the sab said that 2 of the houseguests have either been longtime friends or have past BB alliances. What about the past BB alliance part? Could that mean that possibly the sab is connected with someone from another season and that person is helping him carry this out? I hope it doesn’t mean we will be getting someone back from the previous season. ( NO MORE JESSIE)

  31. @Chick from Luisiana

    If Jesse comes back im done watching. I refuse to be tortured by him for any longer.Two seasons was more than enough!

  32. The Brigade needs to wise up. Annie is set up perfectly to become a part of their alliance. Offer her a deal in return for not evicting her and she would be great to get info from the girls side of the house. Right now The Brigade doesn’t have a female they can trust and that could really hurt them down the road since it appears they may not be all that “tight” to begin with.

  33. I think that pointing to Brendan or Andrew as the sabateur is too obvious. The way they drew attention to themselves during the first sabateur act was a really unsabateur-y thing to do. The really sab is way slicker than that. I think it’s somebody who doesn’t really make a huge deal about the sab acts– and i like Kathy’s theory on a likable girl that few will suspect, that sounds like the kind of person bb producers would get to screw with people. Right now I’m thinking Britney or Kristen. Britney’s performance in the have/have not was horrible, it was just eclipsed by kathy’s incompetance.. and brit didn’t even finish the first hoh. Idk, just my thoughts :)

  34. Chick, it’s quite possible. They always bring someone in (atleast since I’ve been watching) & if someone dropped out right before the show (someone stated) maybe 2. So maybe jeff & Jordan.

  35. My guess for the sab is either Matt or Andrew.
    Matt seems a logical BB choice since they promoted him from the beginning as being a genius, and Andrew’s religious restrictions fit into a 5-week game for him.

    As for the lifelong friendship, I think it is either Hayden/Kristen or Kathy/Brit.
    Hayden and Kristen are not siblings (Hayden’s bio on the ASU Baseball site shows that), but they have something going on (maybe just an alliance) since they said “I can’t believe no one has figured it out yet.” I don’t believe Kathy is Brit’s mother, but they could easily have a long time connection through law enforcement or geographically.

  36. @ kristi- The sab is obviously getting help from either BB or someone outside the house. And how would he know about 2 people being connected if he were not part of it? Unless someone is feeding him info. ( or her)

  37. @ danibear, I 100% agree!

    And they really do need to make a Big Brother Canada, I would do anything to be a HG.

  38. @ rico- That’s possible too. This one is really tricky. I can’t wait to find out.

  39. LOL @ Chick on #40 OH GAWD PLEASE NO JESSE I still have night mares of him in then pink and blue shiny pants (GAG) he is sooooo full of himself, and since we have this conspiracy Theory happening if they were to bring back an houseguest from the past I think Id LOVE to see Janelle ORRRRRRRRR if we really wanted to shake em up with the sabo How about…… wait for it………. EVIL DICK ( HAhahahah

  40. Annie is like the girlfriend that won’t let you break up with her. My God woman stfu already. Britany and her wandering lazy eye should not be so damned judgmental.

  41. If theres any houseguest I’d love to see come back (even if its for a third time) I’d want to see Dr. Will. I loooooooooooved him!

  42. @traza that’s so funny & kristi281 that would be funny but didn’t he go to jail for not paying taxes the first time around.

  43. @52 T raza- LOL, Annie is so like the gf that won’t let you break up with her. That’s a good one

  44. Kristen is the sab. In three aired episodes she has only said two sentances in the dairy room. She also seems to be playing her own game in the house. Her targets are different than everyone elses and she is the only one nobody in the house wants to win HOH.

  45. That would be crazy if dr. andrew and dr will were working together, lol

  46. LOL No problem @ kristi there are alot of us to keep up with and LOL @ his plite yes, he did but thought Id throw it out there @ Chick On # 60 OMG that would be the best hahah I have to admit Im not a Huge Dr Will fan but I gove the man credit he is the top all time greatest player..

  47. I think Kathy is the sab. If you watched the first show again you will notice a few things that point to her. First, she makes a comment early in the show to some of the guys in the cabana room about the sab making them eat slop. Second, when the lights went out and the sab locked the food room Kathy was not on the couch but when the lights came back on she was on the couch. Third, if you are the sab why not put an “X” through your picture so no one suspects you. Lastly, at the end of the second show BB specifically shows her when they say “tune in to find out who the sab is”.

  48. You guys are great!! Everyones imagination is awsome. I can’t wait to see who’s predictions are correct & really hope bb listens to us. Who knows we could be the sab. I think I like that one best but don’t see any of us getting 50g’s for our blogs. Lol

  49. I bet this site will be blowing up tonight after we get the results. Hope everyone comes back. @ kristi- wonder what happened to dany, haven’t seen him around lately

  50. I haven’t seen dani today or atleast I don’t think I did. I’ll be back up after the show. It’s pretty sad tho. It took me, you, torch & dani to get my husband to start watching. He has some realy good thoughts. I’m going to try to get him to post, but you’ll probably just hear it from me. Lol

  51. Just heard matt was casted on the average joe 4. What is that show about?

  52. @65- LOL, my husband just started watching last nite. He has been working alot, so when he comes home and I’m watching BBAD, he has no choice but to watch it. he’s now starting to get in on the debating the sab theory.

  53. It was on a while ago on NBC. I don’t think it did very well. I have noticed that alot of people have ties to people that have been on other shows. Makes me sad :( I’ve always liked that bb was just normal people for the most part.

  54. It is driving me crazy not knowing who the sab is !! And this new twist with ‘lifelong friends’ in the house … i’m thinking it’s not true, it’s a sab trick to promote paranoia.

  55. My BF cant stand me in the summer and has learned to leave me alone if he isnt going to watch with me, plus he derives a sick pleasure in taking the side of whomever I hate the most an chosing to cheer that person on, (IE Ronnie,fan) He has some kind of sick death wish I think but after 4 years is SLOWLY learning I will go for blood HHAHAHAHA. But he was supportive when I tried out this year LOL, I think he was ready to see me gone for 3 months hahaha

  56. Ok, guess i need to do something else today, besides BB all day. LOL @ kristi- I will def. be back later, hope to see ya!! Bye everyone! ( the suspense is almost over, lol)

  57. Aahhh kristy281- sorry you didn’t make it this season. Keep trying as you see then men in our lives are slowly coming over to the dark side aka bb. Hopefully one day we will see you on there!!

  58. LOL @ Kristi and Chick, yea he will go just maybe not willingly. Thanks I wasnt upset heck at least I tried my friends were like YOUR NUTS but hey if you make it we can say we know ya hahah ( they deny it now?) I better drag my addicted self off here for a bit an actually work AT work. I will see you ladies and gentlemen later on. Thanks for the post! So much fun. Have a AWESOME Day!!

  59. What if there is no saboteur. I think it would be awesome if it were no one, and they were just messing with the HG. This seems the the perfect group of people to do it to.

    Expect the unexpected.

  60. ChiBrad
    July 15th, 2010 at 7:50 am
    I’m really perplexed by why “The Brigade” won’t save Annie if they want Brendon, Rachel and Andrew out so bad. Wouldn’t they want to strike first against Rachel since Annie is no longer allied with them? Something fishy is going on here.

    That’s EXACTLY what I think! Enzo is the one who started in on Annie. if Annie goes, this eviction will bite them all in the ass. Matt, I think, is smart enough to jump ship early. I don’t really find Annie all that annoying. I think the people whinning about how annoying she is trumps any talking she does. Now you want epic, blood-curdling annoying, then you have to talk about the Natalies (bb9 & 11). Now those broads ARE ANNOYING! Annie is not even in their galaxy in terms of being annoying, jeez! My how quickly we forget…

  61. I think Brendan will win HOH… Kristen and Hayden I think have a alliance,shomance(kristen has a boyfriend),or they know each other outside of he house. I think that b/c the had a little talk last night on showtime afterdark. I think there is something there between the two! Who knows????? Annie needs to go she just talks way to much about everyone….. Brittany is just mean she talks about people and makes fun of them behind peoples back and I think she is just rude


  62. um… i think Annie needs to go. I dislike everything about Britney- Kathy is lame and seems like she is the saboteur- and I’m glad Brendan won the POV- haha suckas!!

  63. Okay, so my take is that Kathy is Brittney’s mom and threw the have/have not to help her daughter. As for the Sab – something makes me think it is Matt, as he is too active in the Brigade and trying to hide there. Or it is Kristen, who has been too quiet and no screen time, heck I had a hard time remembering she was even a contestant and her back story.
    Don’t have live feed, so maybe I am missing something important, but this is my guess.

  64. Some perceptions…Hayden is tha sab, Kathy & Britney are the ‘life long’ mother/daughter.
    How convenient Hayden won the 1st HOH after Britney ‘hurt’ herself & Mom came to her aid. Hayden has been dumb, like a fox.

  65. Wow, an afterthought, in BB, expect the unexpected, what if the SAB was both Kathy AND Britney, then the SAB could survive longer?

  66. If they are evicting Annie to keep from pissing him off by keeping Rachel, that’s stupid. All of them against just one. Vote Rachel out, make him mad, he will make everybody else mad so out he goes. Get Rachel out. One week and she is willing to just throw the competition for this guy, she doesn’t deserve to win if she is really that stupid.

    I think Kathy is Britney’s Mom.
    The saboteur is somebody small built. I think it is a female and they’ve made her voice sound male.

  67. I forgot…Hayden, what is up with him? Letting 3 guys he just met tell him what to do, he is as crazy as Britney! He knows nothing about them. Also, why did he put Anna on the block. He should have put one of the big guys who are actually a threat. Enzo for example. You would think he is HoH instead of Hayden. Bragades? Haven’t we already had a group of guys that called themselves Brigades? I might be wrong about that.

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