Big Brother 12 Week 1 Eviction Predictions

The very first eviction of the Big Brother 12 season is upon us so let’s get to our eviction prediction! This season I’m going to offer up not only my prediction but also the thoughts from a few of my other favorite Big Brother websites. So check out our Big Brother predictions and then share your own in the poll below.

Big Brother 12 Week 1 Eviction Predictions:

So there it is. 5 votes against Annie and none against Rachel. Things do not look good for Annie. Now what do you think? Share your guess in the poll below!

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  1. Oh I really hope that Annie gets evicted this week! I’m so tired of hearing her whine. Somebody get her some cheese.

  2. I think it is going to be Annie But I really really hope it is Rachel!!!!!She bugged me the very first day! I hope it is a last minute switch!

  3. What is wrong with the Brigade? They NEED to keep Annie so that she can get information for them to stay in the game. There is no way that they are going to stay together if they keep Rachel and Brendan together. I just think it’s so funny how it’s only the 1st week and they ALL think they’re running the show. These people are driving me nuts!!!! I hope that there is some last minute change of heart that they decide to keep Annie.

  4. I would like to see how the romance goes with Brendon and Rachel. Annie talks to much and is getting on my nerves. She has got to go!

  5. I think Annie will be voted out,because Hayden knows that if Rachel is gone Brendon will come after him.

  6. sup Annie should get voted of i mean she told rogen or ragen that she had a girlfriend plus with rachel gone brendan will be going after hayden

  7. I think it’ll be Annie, because ya gotta get rid of the stronger players early, but i gotta ask…Where did they find some of these people…Last night Annie referenced the trustworthiness of Britney, by saying, ” I wouldn’t trust her… with a teen foot pole….LOL.. Then Britney says ” I’ll get off “Scotch free”….LOL…..It’s killing me….

  8. I WISH it would be Rachel that goes home. I can NOT put up with her laugh much longer.

  9. I wish Rachel would get evicted…she is not the best looking and that laugh…if you don’t drink you probably will by the time the show is over. I think homeboy is kinda playin her also…he could have chosen someone else in the house….what was he thinkin.

  10. For those of you who said Rachel will go home obviously don’t watch the shows and live feeds. Annie will be lucky if she one vote to stay…

  11. so Malia ur cool with the brigade boys(an alliance made to decieve the house), but ur not cool with BRachel(a couple that fell in luv and cld play good).

  12. I hope Annie goes home tonight. There’s something about her that irks me. I think it’s because she acts like she’s all that times 10. I don’t care for Britney, either. Kristen is very sweet and keeps a low profile. Maybe she’s the saboteur although my vote for that goes to Enzo.!

  13. I hope they get rid of Rachel. Every time she talks or laughs I want to pull my hair out, plus she comes across as very trashy

  14. @ mabalsa, LOL I noticed the EXACT same thing last night. They’re all half-retarded.

    • So ur fine with annie boshit? Aren’t u tired of hearing that bitch whine in ur ears?

  15. if the houseguest what play the game right thay will evicted Rachel but if not it goin to be like last year on big brother11

  16. Rachel has to go. It would be much more interesting if Brendon is mad at Hayden, and besides, Annie is sure she is going home, and Rachel really thinks she is safe. It would put a nice twist in the game.

  17. @Cliff: exactly right. We have Enzo the annoying, Jersey version of Ronnie who went crazy with power and let it go to his head and got evicted earlier then he should have. There will come a point in the game where Matt and Lane will leave the Brigade *like Russell* and team up with Brendon and Rachel and others.

  18. No doubt Rachel goes in my mind. I don’t care for either too much, but Annie and her whining make me sick. She really hates…particularly Rachel. I could have sworn she was calling her gross last night for having shaved pubes or something. That comment was just…hateful and too personal for someone she barely knows. Isn’t Rachel a bikini model? Anyway, Annie has whined so much she will either easily stay or peeve too many off and get booted. It looks like the brigade has her back for now.

  19. Please dear god let it be annie to go home- 3 months of her – why me and crazy actting -will make me sign my self into a nutt house.And i still say annie is the rat in the house.

  20. annie might be whiney, but at least she is not trashey and has a very bad, annoying laugh like rachel does!

  21. Annies going, forsure, I’m not sure why everyone seems to think shes a ‘strong’ player. I haven’t seen anything to come to that conclusion. Rachels laugh is awful but I believe the romance could bring some entertainment, besides doesn’t anybody remember the “dumb blond” who won everything including her season!!! How annoying was she! Hate her! What I wanna know is…who are “life long friends”?

  22. Not sure who I want to see gone…. at first I thought definitely Rachel, but then I realize that I like watching her & Brendon…. so I wanted Annie to go…. now I kind of like that Annie would stir some junk up…. but I still think Annie should go…. I think LOL IDK!!!! Why couldn’t Andjew be on the block!?!? LOL

  23. How the heck did brendon find a 13 letter word to win POV. He had help and knew which pinatas held the right letters…..I smell saboteur.

  24. I don’t care which one goes because they are equally annoying. I mean Rachel’s laugh is seriously irritating and Annie whines too much and always thinks that everyone is out to get her. As long as one goes that’s one less annoying person in the house.

  25. Rachel needs to go, point blank. Rachel’s laugh is as annoying as she is looking.

  26. I think that Annie will go tonight but, they will be sorry later for keeping to lovers she being Annie is very sneaky and a trouble maker so could keep the game going,,,,, right now they all think the game is theirs but, the house changing all the time

  27. I think Rachael should go home don’t think she will though. But who knows the house is full of surprises! :) That laugh just has to go and well her bouncing that she does with it as well!! Eeeewwwwwww

  28. Ok.. If we’re talking game? If I were in the house? I would vote Rachel off (if i were anyone but Hayden). We saw what a ‘weak’ woman and a strong competitor can do most recently in the last season. Jordan winning, when she did absolutely nothing significant but ride on Jeff’s back was a slap in the face to the major game everyone else brought. I would break up Rachel and Brendon.. As a viewer I want Annie gone because she is annoying- untrustworthy, neurotic and reminds me of Michelle. Not a good thing..she’ll freak out soon. But You keep Annie around she will eliminate herself later but Rachel and Brendon are too strong..and i would want Brendon gone ASAP if i were in that house.

  29. HI ALL-Well i feel good-got ANNIE OUT and she was the RAT-so i was RIGHT-now i do know who Are LIFE LONG FRIENDS-its Hayten and Kristen-Pluse Kathy and Rachel are Related-Rachels Mom is Kathys Sister -next to get out of the house is Britney or Monet- one will go soon.

  30. not quite sure if it is just the network choosing what to show on the show in regards to “brachel”….but seriously if I have to see them suck face one more minute ( B) needs to smarten up , Rachel needs to go, I can’t stand her laugh, poor attitude she gives out to everyone and the make- up!…..woah! do u have another job?…..ANNOYING!

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