Big Brother 12 Week 1 Power of Veto Episode After-Thoughts

You’ve watched it, loved it, and soaked it all up so now tell us what you thought of tonight’s Big Brother 12 episode! There’s no mystery now for who’s on the block after this week’s Veto Competition. Either Rachel or Annie are going home and there’s no way to stop it, not even the Saboteur can stop this train!

Fire up your Big Brother uncensored cams right now and watch the live feeds to see Annie scramble to save her butt. It looks like Rachel could coast right through this one and isn’t too scared. But remember, BB fans, Big Brother is a fickle game where things change in a heartbeat so you never know what will happen.

Tell us your thoughts on tonight’s show and who you think is in the most danger of being the first evicted from BB12!



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  1. Brendon did a good job at saving his butt, but I stiil don’t like him. only 1 more day of annie, that’s good news. But we still have to deal with rachel’s spastic laugh, that sucks.

  2. Ugh! I think Hayden will make a big mistake by keeping Rachel there. If Brendan or Rachel win HOH next week he is screwed, even though Brendan offered him amnesty. He has been listening to Enzo and Matt but ultimately he will be the one with the most blood on his hands and they’ll come after him.

  3. I believe Kristen and Hayden are brother and sister…anyone else think this may be true??

  4. I agree with that. I don’t like annie either, but I would have rathered Rachel get the boot

  5. i think the life long friends are kathy and britney, as in mother and doughter, they both look alike and they are both from arkansas.

  6. Tomorrow, when they announce Matt as the sabateur, everyone is going to say that BB is feeding him information.Otherwise how would he know that Kathy and Brittney are mother and daughter!

    • Darren, I hate to burst your bubble, but Britney and Kathy are not mother and daughter, I know her mom, her name is Teresa.

  7. I think Monet is the saboteur and Lane and Kristen are the lifelong friends. Those two are waaaay too quiet and remember when Julie first mentioned there was a saboteur??? Lanes face got so red at first I thought he was the saboteur but when the lights went out it was confirmed he did not move…but he still acted as if he had a secret and I think the lifelong friend thing is it!!!

  8. Thanks blackgirl#10…I thought this even before the lifelong friends was announced!

  9. but lets say kathy and britney arent mother and daughter i wonder why they would’ve had the X’s on their pictures???

  10. Can someone tell me what happened on tonights show? Our stupid weather forcaster prempted the show because were having a little thunderstorm.

  11. At first I thought Kathy and Brit were mother and daughter, then I decided that BB would not make it so obvious.

  12. @Patty: Tonight was the Veto episode where we saw Brendon win the Veto, save himself, and Hayden nominated Annie as his replacement.

  13. If you check Hayden & Kristen out they really look alike….I think they are brother & sister and are fraternal twins…hence the lifetime relationship…from the womb!

  14. I think that the sabatour is just messing with them and that no one knows eachother in the house. if you think about it, its a briliant move, the point of the sabotour is to cause chaos in the house, and by making this announcement, they are taking the heat of people trying to discover their identity and instead trying to find out who is friends, its really smart, and so it makes sense for it to be a lie to stir up some trouble!

  15. On BB Afterdark-I think it was last night…Hayden and Kristen were in the cabana room talking. I heard Kristen say, “I can’t believe no one has caught on.”

  16. OMG I DON’T LIKE ENZO. he is exactly the type of person I avoid in my life. he clearly loves drama, and talking about people. calling names. argrg.!! and Hayden has nothing inside is brain if he even ahd one. HE IS DOING WHTEVER ENZO’S TELLING HIM TO DO. a puppet. urrg!
    I am liking rachel and lane. Lane is smart. so far. and rachel is nice. :) annie is alright too.

  17. I dont understand why majority of the house wont vote for the most obvious alliance(brendon and rachel). everybody wants to vote the person who hayden wants out of the house, instead of voting on the person that could be a personal threat to them. i guess thy are doing this to keep the blood off their hands, but by not voting rachel out now is soo going to bite them in the butt later.

  18. @10- We think alike. I’m thinking that is too obvious. I really think it’s going to be life long friends or something

  19. Yes I agree with #19. I don’t think BB would make it so obvious and I don’t think they would both tell everyone they are from Arkansas. I think Brendan and Ragan may turn out to be the lifelong friends.

  20. @ Sandy
    You are right. I noticed when they said that too. I thought maybe it’s cause they are in an alliance. It could very well be because they were friends already.

  21. okay i think that Big Brother hasn’t decided who the Sabotuer is…otherwise why would they be having people text in to vote who they think it is…what’s the point…i think they are going to take the votes and pick a sabotuer from there…either the person with the most votes or the one with the least amount of votes

  22. I think there’s more than one!

    Matt and monet- married
    Kathy and Brit- mother and daughter
    Hayden and Kristen- brother and sister

    I can’t wait until annnie leaves! I have never hated a hg so much.

  23. yeah they talked about an attraction for one another then … nothing.Seperate ways sort of speak

  24. Rachel they have already begun having people text in to guess who the saboteur is.

  25. I still beleive the sab is matt, he’s the smartest person in the house , the most logical choice for BB

  26. I agree that Hayden and Kristen are brother and sister, possibly twins. I also hope that Annie gos home. She is sooo annoying!

  27. I like Annie, but i like Rachel more, the vote comes down to how the houseguests feel about rachel and brendon.

  28. @# 33 Rachel
    I was thinking the same thing. Why would they ask us who we think it is. What is that going to prove? I think BB is really the saboteur. Lol.

  29. Please if u guys do anything else …,, Put Rachel Out!!!!! Leave Annie and Brittany to battle it out….. We need some more excitement …. I think Kathy and Brittany are the secret alliance…..

  30. @Paul we dislike Annie because she is annoying. If you watch afterdark all she does is trick people into getting alone with her and talks their eat off for atleast an hour. Everyone is in a group contributing to a conversation and she pulls someone away to talk their eat off. I can’t stand her…

  31. Monet and Brit could be life long friends, they are about the same age. Don’t like mean girl Britney and from night one I think she is the rat.

  32. ty ronna, it was bugging me , they both have heavy eyelashes although i think britt’s are fake

  33. I think Hayden & Kristen are twins ! They never showed Kristen until the very end of the show tonight, now thats fishy yo me !!!

  34. I can’t believe that Enzo referred to Annie as a @#!%*! it just slid right out of his mouth like it was second nature. That just shows his true character, he is an insecure balding dude with little mans syndrome! Code name Meow Meow…LOL who says that?!?!?

  35. I definitely think that Monet and Kristen know each other. They’re both models, they’re both 24, and neither of them have been causing any stir in the house.

  36. That was only exciting to us. The hg have been dealing with it for a while so I don’t think that episode has changed annies fate but this is bb. I guess we will see……

  37. Kathy is Britneys mother. The first show Kathy said she had a 22 year old child. Britney is 22. They are life long friends. The 2 green X’s on their pics. The saboteur said it was easy to figure out if you think about it.

  38. Monet is the sab. I watched the footage when the lights went out and she wasn’t on the couch when they were cut, but magically she was there when they came back on. The same is true for Kathy. Additionally, if you watch after dark, whenever they start talking about the sab and Monet is in the room, they pan the camera to her face to show her reaction. Seems suspicious to me.

    At the very least, Monet is the sab, although Kathy might be working with her as well.

  39. Kathy is a deputy sheriff in Arkansas. This is where Britney is from. She is Britney’s mother.

  40. my 1st choice is matt for sab , my second is kathy, i’m still spooked about her reaction after the announcement of the sab . she hid her face with a pillow??, she’s a cop, well deputy sherriff , hardly a way to conduct a investigation!

  41. Kristen and Hayden aren’t siblings. They both admitted their attraction towards one another in the first episode…

  42. Monet and Kristen are models together for sure! BB wouldn’t make it that obvious. Kathy and Brit def aren’t mother and daughter.

  43. Nope, there twins, just playing the B.B game. They showed attraction, because they started there ” life long friendship ” together like Julie said. Butttt,,I,m also guessing people. This is so much fun. Like playing cops as a kid, & hell i,m an old lady. Thanks for letting me join in your chats.

  44. they may look like eachother

    but does anyone remember the first episode where Kristen and Hayden both called each other cute and Kristen said she was gonna try and hook up with Hayden.. where Im from siblings dont talk like that about each other lol

  45. as far as kristen and hayden, other than at first no connection, it seems perfectly logical to me

  46. Okay everyone… let’s start from the beginning and abolish some of these rumors!

    # 1 Hayden and Kristen ARE NOT siblings. If you watch the first episode, Hayden talks about how “hot” Kristen is an alludes possibly hooking up with her in the future. Kristen, also talks about how hot Hayden is! Despite putting on a facade for the BB house, I doubt they are really siblings.. that would just be gross!!

    My picks for friends….

    Annie and Rachel – The Saboteur said that the friends were “quite obvious” seems like when Rachel isn’t with Brendan her and Annie are attached at the hip. Neither, Annie nor Rachel have commented directly about the other. Both are bartenders, Rachel said she’s ” a Southern girl at heart,” and Annie is from FL. We still consider FL the South.. ya’ll…

    Hayden and Lane – Lane is a Oil Salesman/Farmer , Hayden is a college student who used to rodeo. The two could be hometown buddies or rodeo buddies. Their the same age, 24, and Arizona and TX aren’t too far apart.

  47. I’ll tell you one thing this is doing, we are all getting to know the houseguests quicker than ever before

  48. Kathy is NOT Britney’s mom! They showed Britney’s mom on camera the first day they were all picked. It’s obviously Hayden and Kristen. They talk, act, and look the same. Also, I ALSO heard them say in the hot tob something to the effect of, “Do you think they’ll figure it out?”

  49. Hm ever heard of a diversion? Hayden and Kristen are so similar looking. They are twins end of story.

  50. Kristen and Hayden said they were attracted to each other, so they can’t be brother and sister.

  51. I think Annie is the sabotuer. She started talking game immediately and she talks about everybody. I think Andrew is too much of an idiot to be the sab…although it looks really obvious that he could be, it just doesn’t seem like BB would do something like that. Also, I think they put the lock on the door beforehand so anyone leaving the couch was irrelevant. No one would have noticed that lock because they were all running to find beds.

  52. And if their soooo attracted to eachother why haven’t they acted on it? It could be either way. I guess since I have no brothers I don’t really know but… Still they look so similar

  53. When they announced the whole thing about the Sab. I immediately remembered Ronnie from last season and thought that maybe they picked him last year to play that roll…or maybe Russell. Either one.

  54. I think Hayden and Kristen, because on the show when Hayden was HOH, Kristen was no where to be found and when Britney was talking to Monet and Annie they said the only people up for eviction could be Annie, Kathy, Monet and Britney but not Kristen and they didn’t explain why. The first show Kristen and Hayden said they like each other to throw people off.

  55. i loveee birtney, i hope she stays for a while and is gonna be a huge threat when it comes to persuading

    and the kathy britt mother/daughter thing is to obvious
    so is andrew/brendon sab thing

    BB just aint gonna make it that simple for the viewers

    ragan is the sab

    and maybe brendon and rachel are the life long friends, they walk around the house all over eachother and wanting to pretext eachother and its only the first week

  56. I’m not sold on the brit/kathy thing or the hayden/kristen twin theory. There was a little flirting going on with hayden/kristen- that would be gross if they were brother and sister.( but I could be wrong because last nite on BBAD kristen told rachel that her boyfriend looked just like brendon) And I don’t think Kathy and Brit are anything but 2 look a like blondes. ( why would BB make Annie dye her hair brown because there were too many blondes on the show- you think if they were trying to hide a connection with family, they would have made either kathy or brit dye their hair.) Just my opinion. But I don’t think it’s going to be that obvious.

  57. If Hayden and Kristen are not the lifelong friendship/relationship, then to what were they referring when they said “I can’t believe no one has figured it out” or “do you think they will figure it out?” I have not seen anything to indicate they formed an alliance while in the house, has anyone else? I don’t watch feeds constantly, but from what I have watched there is nothing. Maybe they made an agreement before the feeds went live? If not, then they have to be the lifelong friends (or siblings) and the comments on day one were a cover.

  58. Well you gotta remember they had Haydens family pics in the HOH Room. Obviously they could of made sure kristen was in none of these pics but i dont think they are twins

  59. I think they are hooking up and don’t want the house to know or it will be like it is with brendon and rachel- they will be viewed as a team a be the next targets- but like i said i could be wrong she also told rachel that her boyfriend looks just like brendon.

  60. We “should” know by tomorrow. & no matter how boring the show has been. It has helped the fans know them sooner as earlier stated, so if for nothing else thank you bb. You did something write!! Now if the sab starts stealing shoes/hats, hides all the pillows or just targets Brit for a Lil while like with the tape. It worked

  61. He also told her to come back to his room when everyone was sleeping so they could talk, so they definately are hiding something. I don’t know

  62. They are goin to be outside for a while tomorrow during the hoh comp. Stands the reason that the sab could enlist bb’s help & as them to take certain items while they are out there. He/she could even say he/she needed bb’s help on this one in his video to the guests. That would definately stir things up. Sab “giving order” & bb helping. That write there will stir them up!!

  63. It’s fun to vote on the things he can do in the house. he only has 10 things on the list he can use. Crazy things like food coloring, and glow in the dark ink pens.

  64. I don’t think Hayden and Kristen are siblings… The Arizona State baseball bio says he has a younger sister named Terryn. No mention of a twin, no mention of any other siblings.

    However, they are still hiding something and could have some other type of lifelong friendship…. or maybe just an alliance.

  65. I am starting to think that the sab is Andrew. The 2 people that were “x”ed out in the second episode were brittany and kathy (both razorback fans). A razorback is a pig and Andrew has talked alot about being Jewish…seems strange to me!

  66. Yea, it doesn’t mean the list is the only thing he could use. Lists can be changed & hopefully bb listens to us & offers there help or what ever needs to be done, because the list isn’t working.

  67. @benstate- woah, never would have that about that. That’s a good theory. He is sorta freakish about being a jew.

  68. I’ll be back for my morning update- during coffee time, lol. Good nite everyone

  69. I was thinking Kathy was the Sab, but now I’m questioning Matt after this pic posted on twitter of the upcoming cast of ‘Average Joe 4’:

    Since BB12 is a real-time show, Matt was already on another reality show before BB, on NBC. Very curious.

    • I know that looks like Matt, but the only way it could be was either he got his arm tattoos after that show or they covered them up for the other show. He has tattoo sleeves on both arms!

  70. I know. The lifelong friends thing seems like an act of sabotage to put the houseguests on edge to me. Maybe no one is actually friends or lifelong friends.

  71. @angel… we don’t know for sure. The sab said so in a message, but he/she could have been lying.

  72. I was thinking Kathy was the Sab, but now I’m questioning Matt after a pic posted on twitter of the upcoming cast of ‘Average Joe 4′:

    Since BB12 is a real-time show, Matt was already on another reality show before BB, on NBC. Very curious.

  73. If it was a lie, it was a great act of sabotage because everyone is thinking about it…

  74. Several of the hg’s this year have ties to other reality shows (either being on them, or having friends that were on them)….

    Has that been the case in the past? Is this not unusual… serial reality show participants?

    • Matt has tattoo sleeves… Maybe they covered them up for the entire season of average Joe but I doubt it. I think it just kinda looks like Matt.

  75. im not sure, i called kathy as the sab from day 1 … but im questioning it now. it could just as easily be matt or monet..

  76. It is totally Brittney and Kathy, they look identical, and are both from the same state.

  77. Has anybody watching the feeds noticed that the houseguests are not really concerned about the so-called lifelong friends. Only those of us on these websites are the only ones speculating….I’m just sayin’

  78. I have found it very curious that Kristen has hardly been seen or heard since this season began??? Don’t all of you? She is either the saboteur or one of the “lifelong friends”. Curious indeed.

  79. i agree karen #14…from the very beginning i’ve felt like monet could be the saboteur and lane and britney are the friends cuz they spend lotssss of time together joking and messing around like they’ve known eachother forever and they know how one another are

  80. @Abby Yes, apparently he was. NBC just announced the new cast. It hasn’t aired yet, but they put out a full cast picture and Matt is in it. I just find it curious that BB decides to reveal the Sab tomorrow when this picture surfaces today. Matt may not be the Sab, but it’s making me think twice.

  81. What makes you think the meow meow is not the sabatour? He sure seems to be running the show!

  82. The Sabateur is Kristin without a doubt. Has anyone noticed she hasn’t had any airtime for the last two episodes? No diary room sessions, no close-ups (except for one which finally aired), and the lowest of the low profiles. My money is on her entirely.

  83. Oh, nevermind. Average Joe 4 aired back in June of 2005. LOL! Since I didn’t keep up with that show, I didn’t realize it already aired 5 years ago. Haha! Disregard my earlier speculation of the timing of the revealing of the Sab.

    But, it might make sense that since the Sab is only going to be in BB for half the season, he could be somebody that was on another reality show. Maybe? :)

  84. Thanx boba! Monet is too quiet! Also she was recently on the Young and the Restless! My money is on her to be the sabatour!

  85. I don’t think there are 2 people who know each other. I don’t have the live feeds, but don’t you think they would have talked to each other about it and been caught on the feeds? Any thoughts?

  86. @lovejones you welcome :)
    monet is one of the people who i think that is the sabo. i heard on another site that the sabo left a message to hayden saying something about the sabo is no longer on the block.

  87. Did anyone watching After Dark just notice that Hayden just said that “his sister” lives in the same city as Lane, even though he said “I live” and then corrected it to his sister? Perhaps Hayden and Lane know each other?

  88. Ok here are my 2 guesses…i say the friends are enzo and andrew. And reason being is their reaction to being outed. Or rachel is someones sister..whose im not sure? I think if enzo isnt the friend hes the sabotuer. Just my guesses

  89. I love that everyone hates Annie. Thin skin, kids! RACHEL GO HOME! SHOWMANCES ARE THE ANTI-GAME!!!

  90. I saw this on another site about the lifelong friends. They said that maybe Kathy and Britney are soon to be in laws. Britney was just recently engaged and is the same age as Kathy’s son…maybe they met because both of their parents are in law enforcement or something…just a thought

  91. Brit is OBVIOUSLY Kathy’s daughter. The first thing Kathy said was that she had a 22 year old daughter. Then after the caramel competition, they fought just like me and my mother. Trust me: Kathy and Brit are mother/Daughter.

  92. here’s my thoughts-annie is going home.

    she is becoming pathetic. well is aid that 3 days ago haha.

    and tomaro night we will find out that kristin in the saboteur

  93. and brit. isnt kathy’s daughter. wth? they showed brit. mom when introducing her

  94. My strongest feelings regarding the Lifelong friends are Hayden and Kristen. Just basing it off a conversation they were having in the Cabana room. It just seemed like they knew each other. They were also complimenting each other on doing a good job, and no one in the house catching on. That seemed rather strange to me for a couple of people who just met.

    Then again, its possible they were talking about an alliance, but they were just acting like they’ve known each other for years.

  95. Kathy said son, she doesn’t have a daughter, hayden and kristen r not siblings, his baseball bio says younger sister no twin. Kristen has been under the radar so something is up with her and andrew spends a lot time to point out he is not the sab The sab said avoided the block this week, so I think it is someone who was never up, since they avoided the block, I think that rules out rachel, brenndon, and annie. Andrew and hayden r the only ones who avoided the block cause they couldn’t go up. Bb is going to edit what aired for everyone to read into who was where, we didn’t see everything. I think by process of who is not the sab, it means andrew is more likely the sab.

  96. The brigade? The bro-gade – got to be the dumbest alliance in bb history. Hayden should have taken the deal with Brendon “just in case.” Seriously where are the brains in this alliance? Go Brendon!! I predict he will go far in the house

  97. Who is Kristen? Am i the only one who sees her? Is she a ghost in the house? She gets absolutely no airtime at all

  98. What if all of them but one are paired? Here’s what I’m thinking…
    Andrew and Ragen (brothers)
    Annie and Matt (siblings)
    Britney and Kathy (Family friends)
    Hayden and Kristen (siblings)
    Lane and Rachel (relatives)
    Brendon and Enzo (brothers or cousins)
    Not sure about Monet.. but one house guest did have to back out before the show started.
    Too many of them looked too uncomfortable when the sab. announced a pair. I think there’s more than one. I’m not sure how I feel about Big Brother not letting us in on so many things this season, though. They’re supposed to let us in on the secrets so that we can enjoy the confusion instead of suffering it, yes?

  99. Here’s why..

    Andrew and Ragen (brothers)
    Sometimes when Andrew says or does something
    strange, Ragen gives him a “shut up” look, like
    there’s an inside understanding.
    Annie and Matt (siblings)
    When they started talking about backdooring
    Annie, Matt got very quiet and nervous looking.
    Britney and Kathy (Family friends)
    One of her parents is in law enforcement… same
    state… probably old family friends.
    Hayden and Kristen (siblings)
    They look so much alike.
    Lane and Rachel (relatives)
    They avoid each other too much. Never say
    anything, good or bad, about one another.
    Brendon and Enzo (brothers or cousins)
    It’s the chin

  100. It’s monet and annie! not last night but night before monet was talking bout her hair being strait in college and annie’s like i dont remember it being strait and Brittney didnt even realize she meaninglessly spilled her guts! haha

  101. Whats with LANES black tank top? That is not a mans muscle shirt is it? It looks like a womans dress top, even with a v cut.

  102. Enzo while maybe not the stupidest player in BB history is surely the stupidest player who doesn’t realize how dumb he is in big brother history.

    Really painful to listen to him talk to the camera sounding like he knows it all when it’s pretty obvious he knows nothing about what’s going on or what to do.

  103. Umm we paused the dvr when they showed Britney sitting next to Kathy at the end of the POV ceremony…DING, DING, DING. Brittney looks just like her! Blonde hair, both from the south, both short, big boobs, eyes are also similar. There is your mother/daughter relationship!!!

  104. #152 40LASHES I am seeing the same thing you are with Lane. He seems to be wearing Ladies shirts. I’ve noticed it several times but that Black shirt was even slightly scalloped at the top!

  105. Also, BB conceals things but I don’t think they would actually out-and-out LIE about there being “lifelong” friends.
    My thoughts – Enzo is related to “Russell” from Survivor! Its the hat AND the attitude! LOL

  106. I think that the saboteur is just BB. I think that it could simply just be the twist itself that there isn’t really a player in the house that is the saboteur and that there are no life long friends, that they are just trying to make another distraction. Let me contradict myself though and ask why then would big brother be asking people to vote on who it is? lol that’d be a lot of really angry fans haha
    If there is a saboteur though I don’t really think there is a pair of lifelong friends. I think it is just a way to distract people from trying to figure out who the saboteur is for a minute at least.
    But a lot of you have some very good ideas on who the lifelong friends may be. I don’t think Kathy is Brits mom but they could be family friends. And if that’s true about Annie and Monet talking about college that is def a possibility. I don’t think Hayden and Kristen are siblings considering they both stated the interest in banging each-other in the first episode. They could just know each-other though, or already be banging outside of the house. Brit and Monet could be model friends… OH BB how I love thee LOL
    I can not friggen wait for tonights episode! I want Annie out she is so freaking annoying!
    PS I think Enzo is really funny, but it could be because I live in NJ lol

  107. @ Christopher An easy google search for Matt Hoffman brings up his Average Joe 4 Bio. ;)

  108. Oh and just saw Kathy and Britney are BOTH from Arkansas??? Come on. When have they ever had 2 contestants from that state lol. No offense to people living there but it all adds up to Kathy being Brit’s mother. i’d be very surprised if that isnt the relationship.

  109. Hayden and Kristen are the two that have known each other all their lives. Not sure if they’re siblings, but very possible. Watch a feed the other night where it was only Kristen and Hayden in Cabana and heard Kristen say, “Do you think they know about the two of us?” At a minimum they’re life long friends but I also lean towards being siblings. Faternal twins? Maybe.

  110. I agree with Paul, Kathy and Brit mother and daughter! Freeze their faces with TIVO pause when you see them next to each other at veto competition and they look SO much alike!

  111. This so far has been a very boring BB, I hope someone puts a fire under these guys soon. I wouldn’t trust Brittany any further than I could throw her. Lane might surpirse you, and maybe Kirsten would. I really would like to see Enzo and his “active anus” out of the house. I love Ragan.

  112. I totally agree that Kristen is the saboteur.

    I think Brittany and Monet are best friends and I think there was something going on between Rachel and Brendon before they entered the house because they have been together from day one. I have watched all BB seasons and there has never been a romance that early in the show

  113. I think Kathy might be Brittney’s aunt.. I’m from Arkansas too, that doesn’t make me Kathy’s daughter. :) However, I also feel like that the saboteur put the Xs on their pictures to create controversy. The houseguests are more likely to believe a relationship between Kathy and Brittney if they’ve been “randomly” targeted together. So in that sense, i think the Xs were just for drama and Kathy and Brittney are just easy targets–but too obvious. I would buy the Hayden and Kristen thing.

  114. BUT if you’ll remember back when Brittney got hurt. Who came rushing to her? Kathy. And she said her motherly instincts took over. Eh, who knows. We’ll find out. Haha.

  115. I agree with the other commenter who said they couldn’t stand Enzo. I am not a fan of his either he rubs me the wrong way, the houseguests better watch him closely. I believe he might even be the saboteur.

  116. ok I have it now.Someone said there was a transgendered house guest but they backed out and Lane is wearing scalloped edges on his shirt.Brittany and Lane are brother and sister.because they act like they know each other while playing far out would that be?

  117. Kristen and Monet are the same age and they were both child models. The two people are life-long friends. And Kristen is a boutique manager and Monet LOVES to shop. And they are both really athletic.

  118. Britney could also be engaged to Kathy’s son ! They might’ve been family friends in Arkansas. And think about it, LIFE-LONG. Kathy might’ve known Britney since she was born.

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