Big Brother 12: Week 1 Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Power of Veto

Tonight on Big Brother 12 we’ll see what happened in the very first PoV competition and have confirmed to us who won the Power of Veto. If you’ve been following the spoilers then you already know who won!

The mood in the house is volatile as the nominated HGs are being anything but civil with one another. Of course there’s also the whole issue with the mysterious Saboteur, though most of you feel confident that there’s no mystery and Kathy is the one causing trouble. If you haven’t been watching the feeds then you’ve been missing the real game and there’s no way CBS is going to be able to show most of what’s been done and said in the house. You can catch it all on the live feeds new Flashback feature which lets you jump to any day and any time in the season. Yeah, it’s pretty awesome. Try it for free and then keep it for just 50 cents a day.

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  1. Thank goodness it is finally getting interesting. I have been rather bored with the mensa group so far. I am ready for some drama

  2. yesterday annie said that brendon wanted to “get with her” she denied him,so he went running to rachel….wow talk about being a sad sad human being

  3. “rachel is getting my sloppy seconds” stand up girl annie ! your parents must be so proud of you

  4. Thanx 4 the behind the scenes tidbits. can’t wait 4 tonight. ( Darn I wish I knew someone else who watched this)

  5. cant take anymore of annie’s crying like a 12 year old girl !!!i wish we were thursday !! got to put up with her shit till then !!grrrrrr

    • Haven’t had a chance to turn on live feed. Hopefully something. Monet was atleast trying to get info last night. I wonder how it will work out?

  6. Isn’t there a place you can vote on supplies for the sab? I thought I heard Julie say that. So maybe all he has is tape and a noise maker. People need to give this person some better equipment.

  7. @dany- yeah, i seen a little of that pathetic attempt at flirting last nite on after dark. I think that was the point I fell asleep. Maybe that’s why I didn’t know anything about the noise in the house.

  8. its almost embarrassing how annie is trying avery angle possible,including flirting! haha

  9. @24- I see that lasting about a week. Watch when the new HOH takes position how fast their little click falls apart

  10. it wont last,britney has a big mouth,monet i dont trust her as far as i can throw her,and kathy,well either she is the saboteur or britney’s mom !

  11. @ dany- you are so right. Brittany’s mouth is going to be their downfall

  12. haha chick we had the same response about the chick alliance,u see u dont need the feeds!! i want a refund !! lol

  13. Torch, I would like to see a final 3 girls but I don’t think it will happen with them. The guys are to strong.

  14. LOL- That’s why I come here. You guys tell me all the good stuff.

  15. I don’t think I could take that much of annie’s whining. Or those ugly shoes.

  16. on a side note,i love they way bb says…moooonetttt please put on your microphone

  17. I totally agree if they get the other two involved it might go but only if annie stays

  18. Or rachel’s laugh for that matter. Last nite on BBAD she wasn’t even on camera, or in the same room and I could still hear that annoying laugh

  19. Thing shoes or that laugh? Based just on that I’m not sure who I would pick! Both are bad

  20. there is so many “quiet” people this season so far
    kristen.kathy.monet.lane.ragan.andrew. thats off the top of my head half of the hg

  21. I want the sab to do something really cool. Something for us to talk about.

  22. Chick we can only hope! Seems bb needs some help. I think the sab should take some personal things.

  23. im watching the feeds,the camera is a bit far from britney and kathy,they are side by side,i swear they look like twins,check it out for those of you who got the feeds

  24. Yea but I’m on my phone so I can’t get them. I’m at the river so thanks for keeping us up dany!

  25. but i swear from where the camera is,they really look like twin sisters kathy/britney

  26. all I got is BBad, my comp. doesn’t like to run live feeds of any type so really thanks Dany

  27. Seriously tho…. Bb does need to do something. The beer didn’t even work last night

  28. please 2 bottles of wine and like a few beers, i dont get it really..i remember season 1 ,the final 2 got 24 beers for being the final 2 !! they were smashed !!

  29. I try. It’s the least I can to being married and all. Lol but my husband is laughing at us. He thinks they need to turn bb over to us.

  30. shoot just give them two cases of wine and a truck full of beer get them totally smashed

  31. The sab needs to do something. It was so easy to get under britts skins with the tape. If he/she just targeted her it would be funny

  32. It’s hot! I’m goin to go play in the water. Check in later. Bye guys!! Dany/torch

  33. at first I thought it might be interesting with the three girls talking about getting info a fourth one but nothing came of it and i fell asleep about 2am

  34. Just be patient folks. They have been there since July 4 with no eliminations. After this Thursday when the first eviction happens AND the new HOH is chosen, the sh*t is going to hit the fan. (Especially if Brandon wins HOH.) And do not forget that from this Thursday on, there is now going to be at least one person evicted per week. This change in the group dynamic after living together for two weeks with no evictions is certainly going to raise the drama level. It’ll happen.

  35. BULL! Omg were your ears ringing? I was speaking of you today and all the heffers and our private pasture! you will love it here. a lot of cool peeps and fun here. Welcome. miss u buddy. my email is the same if you have it if not e matt and get it.

  36. I guess we know the Sab isn’t Rachel Brendan or Annie then cause they were all nominated at one time or another this week.

  37. annie has tried every angle…pity, insulting others, lying, sympathy…it’s not working

  38. just because they were nomd doesnt mean they arent the sab unless i am missing something here.

  39. I am from Iowa. The sab said that he/she escaped being on the block this week earlier today.

  40. I agree Kathy and Brit look like Mother and daughter–but look at the Hayden and Lane–brothers????

  41. is this my friend ange from iowa that used to go to the pasture to chat with a bunch of “heffers” if not bullavard understands

  42. They were alone last night and said they didn`t think anyone suspected anything about them–then Kristen said she thought Rachel knew about them

  43. Going to interesting to find out which conspiracy theory is accurate Kirsten/Hayden being siblings or mother/daughter angle with Kathy/Britney? Both pair have STRONG resemblences to one another. Cant wait till the first eviction and for the game to begin, my 2 cents here but Im about as thrilled about this years showmance ( Bren and Rachel) as I was with Jason an Holly GAG! Speaking of… Did any one else laugh at Enzo’s attempt at resurrecting the 4 horseman angle LOL.. Have to have Nicknames and form the 4 guys alliance? Lets TRY to be original here…

  44. Hey yall!!! This season has been pretty blah so far. I am sure tonight’s episode will be filled with Brendan and Rachel making out! Ugh! Does anyone think BB will try and prolong telling us who the saboteur is and not tell us tomorrow? I really think that us wondering who it is has been the only interesting thing thus far this season!

  45. Hey Jeanne, Hayden and Kristen’s relationship is very suspicious I think they are siblings.

  46. On another board someone said that Kristen and Hayden are siblings… so cant wait to see if thats true –
    Were the HG told that there are HG that know each other – I thought one of them mentioned something like that? –

  47. #125 blackgirl – I am Fandom Jeanne. There are like four Jeanne’s or Jeanette or Jeanie1 on here, so I decided to post under my dog’s name, Roxie. I don’t post here often and forgot to let you know. Sorry about that, BG!

  48. Lane and Steven Daigle are related and since Lane is the Sabatour Steven season 10 is coming back to help Lane act out his sabatour stuff

  49. I wanted to boycott the show this season because honestly I didn’t get picked. So- could the producers have picked 13 more “Beautiful” People. This show is so freaking biased. They didn’t pick anyone that’s older than what–maybe 35? What a crock of crap!!! Hey Big Brother why don’t you pick some REAL PEOPLE???? I’ll bet every single one of these people were football players, or prom queens i their younger days!!! This Hayden character…c’mon-I’ll bet the teenyboppers across the country are oohing and aaaahiiing at him!! So freaking pretentious!!! You want real people why the hell didn’t you pick me? I’m a real person and I wanted it MORE THAN THESE IDIOTS!!!! But this is my life. Unemployed. broke, artist. At least I have a personality and I could have played the game with some spunk and put some much needed personality into that drab old house!!! I hate you big brother!!! Shame on you for picking generic people that are as bland and boring as a box of unsalted crackers!!!!!

  50. That’s a mean thing to say. Sorry it’s just sour grapes for me. I take it you didn’t try out!

    I hope that there’s no hard feelings Matt. I’m just pissed off. I really wanted to be on the show this season and I really thought that I had a good shot at it.

  51. Mike I think you are giving these people with the exception of Britney and Brendon way to much credit when it comes to their looks. As far as personality’s go they are all like you said very generic, except Enzo, I like him.

    Sucks that you didn’t make it on this season. I would love a chance at winning some money. Anyway…better luck next time.

  52. Look at the picture of Lane and look at the picture of Steven from season 10 same eyes they are related. i bet everyone is related to someone from another season

  53. Mike, get over yourself. Thousands of deserving people tried out for this show and didn’t get picked. Getting on this show is like hitting the lottery. Aren’t there better things to worry about?

  54. Hayden dose not have two brain cells to put together people, he can’t think for himself. And B,B left Kristen out almost the whole hour of the show until the end,!!! Makes one ” wonder ” why ! I think the two ” Hayden & Kristen are twins. They sure look alike. They never showed Kristen only sitting at the end of the couch once, up until the D,Room. They even have the same eyes & nose, check there pictures out !!

  55. This one is for Mark. You are definitely a hater of mine eh? Well. I guess that’s your right.

    I’m just a regular guy that’s not in the best place in life these days. That’s all I’ll say.

    I just felt like I had to vent. Sorry if I offended anyone or made anyone mad at me.

    I am definitely a Mike and not a Michelle. I realize that all you see are words on some message board, but I am a real person and you would be offended if I called you a name.

    Best Regards To All of You.

    Good Luck to All of You who try out for Big Brother 13. I’m not sure if I will or not.

    I won’t be posting again because I honestly don’t have a tough skin to take being called names.

    Good Luck and God Bless

  56. Why does the cameras have to spend so much time on Annie? I’m tired of listening to her lies. Do you think the cameras and spending so much time on her because she’s the sab? Also I think she has a life long relationship with Lane.

  57. @Mike… don’t take all that too personally, boyz live to give each other s*it and you really did leave yourself wide open there. I’m sure your feelings of discontentment from not being chosen are shared by many. You never really know who they will go with or what they are looking for with the dynamics between the ppl who have been chosen. Sure seems like a pretty face and a PHD were at the top of the list for qualifying this year though. Super glad the whole “smart plays stupid” strategy held by just about every HG is fading.

    To BB fans and speculators — My first thoughts on the Saboteur were of Matt, but I have to say that Kathy’s poor showing in competitions was a huge red flag and it also makes since that Kristen is the guilty one, with BB giving her hardly any air time at all.
    After reading all the posts,,, the relationship with Hayden and Kristen cannot be denied – it also makes since that Britney is Kathy’s soon to be daughter in law. And what was all that between Annie and Monet and her not remembering her hair straight in college?? Maybe there is more than one life-long connection among the HG’s

    Good job BB on keeping us guessing….. Can’t wait until tonight to see who is right.

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